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C9llflPlEßSri?filr, PA,;'
- ;iffohl;ng, Sept 18571'
!- • FOR doVip.NOBL
[JAM WILMOT, of Bradford
To c4NAkt . commisthoNE4.. 1 1
MCA - *Alyn o
---f JAMES - -yEECHi-cpf fitettq, - -
:,,./.CISEPH 4. !.Elyis. - pf Chester. •
i ~
~ `~i
4 1 1-4)); o.o.4iity _Viaiiiiimiloqs.
or Assemhi' . .l4A.AC BENSON:
or Brotirnotary,S Fr OLMSTED..
i.l4iip.B.eportier, A. IL BUTT4I/iYOIPTH
or Ootamiiouei L. H. RINSES.
; - yor Audifor, JOHN -a. BISHOP.
licpper's Magazine, for September is
ottiqatile already, and is particularly
interesting to peunsylv4nians—the sec
-1:11nd article:lV it being it long one on
!'The Coal Minei of Pennsylvania."—
This is, - alto g ether, an exceedingly good.
coy. _golijxspN, who was arraigned
heforei the Border Rnffnm Court. of Ran
4as on a charge of Treason, was apqnitted
kat week. The jury acquitted him be
pause: they-feared that by convicting him
they would . repogt4ze the Topeka Con
..I.IIWWe would cell the particular at
tention of our readers to the "Pollitical
Antiquitities" wheh are developed on
pa r r first page. The first, article under
that hea4 was donhtlesa written ley Some
cue Qf the most prominent political char
peters of that day, and of which, at that
jiMe, the old "Bay State" was prolific.
But written by whom it may have
been, it certainly presents a series of
strong arguments for the principles en
tertained by the Republican party of the
pr ent day. But what we would mast
p tioularly invite our readers to observe
is e fact that Massachusetts then cast
be electoral vote for a Democratic Presi
dent, Mr. Jefferson—a fact which, when
compared with her present political char
acter, is certainly a conclusive argument:
I- i
• 1
aganst the presumption of the so-called];
D l Dioc T a g of the present day, in claitn-;•
ing to represent the principles of that:,
104, man in their current policy. Wej
have not, room to notice more particularly;
the article, and invite our readers to
peruse it and draw their own conclusions '1;
The County Tlckct.
;Under the head of "Town and Count'
will be found the authorized Proceedingl
of the;Republican County Convention.H
A - more harmonious Convention hus not
niet in this county before, and not a
gle action of that body was marred bY ,
any want of union sir propriety in the
members—everything being conducted
by falT 1 14 110 0 0 P,
In its proper placo we present tan
Ticket placed in nomination, and for want
of room to notice it more extendedly, we
will briefly notice the'elaiins of each can-1
ISAAC BENSON, Esq., was unanimous
ly re-nominated for Representative, whi4h
;talon of the Convention precludes the
necessity of any further remarks front tt;
and we have no doubt that the People of
'otter and Tioga 'counties will ow, 4n
equally hearty approval of his course la!t
winter, when election day comes aroun d
s d.
U. 4, OLMSTED, the nominee for Pio
thonotary, and present incumbent by ap
pointment, is well known to the voters f
the. County, and will be heartily endors
ed by them at the, polls. I
A. BuTTBAYPEcTrt, the nominie
far Register and Recorder, is a now char
acter in the arena of candidates, but is p 4
eonally well known throughout the coon,
ty, and will he eleoted by a bpdsonole
party majority. lie will make a goo d
and faithful officer.
L. H. KINNEY, the nominee for Court
ty Connissioner, is a deserving candid
,and will make an efficient and.hor
est dam. He is well known through
opt ttte MID% as S lII'S 14 1 4 1 ?-lican:
q an ellthgalastiO
With jogN et 131 41 0 .1', IlttZ nomincO
for .Ikuditer, we have not much personal
.444 no taco(*) this is his
tlpPear4PPe tio political rso+
course Of this county. Those who
know him, assure us that he is every w 4
worthy of the support of the party, ani
ae heartily eon:ue-n(1 him to the red
will of the Freemen of the County.
- With the above brief notice of the
Candidates separately, we for the prese4
leave the subject, in the meantime en
viining upon all honest voters, who valne
iittf welito.Te ofthe county, to give it a co'r-
. 7-
pttrblican - ref.tard dttty to . 1a1;oi
for an increase of fl4 , ..piajority giyeu to
°kir: 4oket. last fall. i
p 1
:C.401! Tflq*n 3 W. 't°3 l t of
Ti r 'enitieratio•tOtniOc4
forlAsienibly,. iu this (*strict: ,Ntiw,•that
!are happily rid ,of the
•c oUnty of Potter, thd l election -of our Rcp
.rasintatirca-=may- - bey-looked - upon - 'RS - 11".
10y,c.eop9 eon eln s Peptocnit.
-4 1 itrsdei-Uotroi(d(irat4he'idieV' (Fax. pre,
Sion 'of - Dieffen ;tell feeling ttiiyards
pOtilentheiPot dre - !ippily
.' of her;,•l)ietf:, and..ive ara softy you
wit, permit your . name to go before
0 1 0 entlait , your distriet—yon
might possibly have
.heen. elected in •a
thorou4hly black Dernaergayilistriet, not- -
• e. ,
you ran hind your
there last fall. Perhaps you
. f,eared .that
you:Might run further ; iehind thi;. time,
aud l-
-therefore came to the conclusion not
to ;run at all, considering that "discretion
is the hetter_part.of valor,"
The iPeintsyleUnt'un denies authorita
tively' and emphatically, that "the course
of tho Federal Administration is direct
!ed towards the culytissiuu Kftlii(lS us a
Fref'd State," :and 'adds that, - it- is "glad to
sell that, its ifeighbQr, the j'intes don't
belieyo in any §nii4 uouseuso."4---ke,
The Penn& p knovis , which side
of its bread is btittercd—it knowS - well
ithat.the strenuth of itspartyi's in the
Ybouthoind that unless it. 'heart/ill sup. !
.ports southern measures, the party will
. I soon cease tp exist anyWhOre. The hon-
II .1 •
esti l. voters of Pennkyltaida will Show the
lAemopratic party, ,Southlaud north a" trick
w ith a bola in it," at the October election.
Ne wonder if the stuall r l fry organs hi this
ir •
seetton-of the state won't, deliver their'
.ppinions Soon, to
.accord with ,the IDash
Stl6 , and the nisylccinian,
" lle Wins; Wh. l o Works."
Brother Cobb, of .the!Wellsboro Agita
tor, always writes some good things for
his - paper, but his article last week on
" the price of 'Libarty" is capital, and
need's to be read by the - B.epublicans, of
this county. Here is an extract from it,
which we commend to the serious atten
tion of every friend - of Freedom:
" Does any freeman lean upon any - past
success achieved by the - noble . efforts of
the friends of Liberty ? lf so, -dues he
dream that the successes of the past, bow
-1 •
ever brilliant and how signal socver they
may have 'bean, caii gu,aranty like "glori
ously. signal and brilliant victories to-day,
!or to-morrow ?. Such! -a man leans on a
i rotten stick. Success Yesterday is not a ;
guaranty of success toilny. There is no
i victory without 1:0)011, no true defeat
without apathy on the ipart of the defeat
' cd, , Ile wins who wo4s, ho-works who
wins. Ile work's best is ever alive
to the importanee of action : and he is
drone who leans ob. Past . endeavor. A
thousand such could not dp.the work of
!one truly vigilant freeman ; • and ten
thousand such Would lose the best 'North
ern State to Freedon, I It is" the crying
evil of the time in - r PerinsylVania, that the
Republican hive is cussed with drones—
' men who lean on local successes and do
!nothing, The South'and center Countic.;l
lookup to the J.Vortli c ern. tier and gloat
OrCT oirr moister mojorities, fr»yetting
their duty. The Wilmot District hugs
its Majority for Fremont and cries—
" Oh, if the lower' part of the State
would Ltd - do something handsome!"
Now this is all , bush—bosh Without a
whit of its crudity pUrged off—v i nmitiga-.
ted, political lovesick liddlefadelle.
The lower 'part of the State has no I
right tolean upon our majorities. 1 - Mind
ypur own business,. and ;mind your own
feet.' Go td work and redeem theflower
part of the State—the upper part of the
State will get along without yOur lauda
tions. The - Wilmot_ DiStriet need not
wait for the lower counties to do "some
thing handsome." We - have something
handsome to "do • ourselves. We must
not expend' all our strength in
hugging t 144 I Fremont majority.; we
must go to work and do 500 better.-
That is what,wo We' to do here in the
Banner-County. IWe :do not thank any
croakers to-put on a Sunday-go-toLmeet
ing, face and say that Tioga caul, do bet
ter than she did last fall. She can do
votes are all here; and if
they do not get into the ballot-box on,
the, 13th of October 'next, then. the Re
publicans of the several election districts
must settle with their own consciences.
There,is no eseaping the - conclusion that
if yeters faillto come, out, their Republi-
OR' AololWir,4 kfl"Yci neglected their
duty." 4 .
Just the Season .-- I .lf health follows the
administration of a remedy for disease;
almost without eXecpcfpu, though it is
prescribed in a million of instances, and
in all formes of disease, all the doctors on
thw globe could not make the people be
leiye that it was not's, good remedy,or that
the inyenter.was not a.,public benefactor.
Ilurley's Sarsaparilla is expressly design
ed to act on those organs whose functions
are essentio to health—the stomach,
er, lungs, kidneys and skins, restoring
their deranged _.functions or uses, and
thereby purifying and cleansing the blood
—thd very fountain:of life:,
itt+e i of oril";lCitiYY6 aw ncilin
, pu'l,flish the following -
eng~:'of aXrce State man atuong tile 13nt'- -
sler 10.1ansiliy- , request la,f
tvhci has; iceetitly,
r e i 4 h et t,f r ia4 Kanaas to this ctainty;.:tp
prepare' furft", - ptrinanent , aettlenient , ui
th 4. Ttrritory, ' This added to, the ex
tracts front * Pr. Gihon's book, We
should convince- cveti_honr.!atining i tttat
the intelligence front Katilisi last:
yeaVEresinpzeign, wasnot - alt,*datififfO i lici - -;
litieal effttet agaiitst .tteitatutu in
-the- NOrtlitL--buflilial - - --;ret. up Teti
political effect in - his favor ay the:south.
Facts Yet R.eluttou to viy
Intpristnintent ctidong the
,Pr 9-81017-
• er,y
. 310 last "SunTler,
UOTIN CITY, July 7, 1857.
— I started from this place, (Council
Oity) iu the,eMploy . of 4r. 11.- L. Jones,
forleavenworth City a load of 'pro
vision, about the middlrof AUgusti, 1856
just before the troObles broke oat;
The eNcitenicia was such after Igot to
LeaVenwortb, that - I,tleeMeil 'lt prudent
to stop a few days,•and consequently'- did
not start out till the 25th,' I bad not
proceeded but abOut 8 miles before I was
overtaken by -three horsemen, who cook
ed their gnus and ordered me to stop.—
They searched my load, and then told. inc
I must gO back to camp with them, as
they had: received orders not to let any
one pass [on . the road. I was kept in
Capt Emory's camp, closely guarded, two
days and two nights, then he (Capt. Em
ory) delivered me over to Capt. Miller,
who marched me some twenty- miles,
when overtaking eel, Clarkson, a coun
cil was held and I was - discharged, not
to go home, but sent back to Leaven
worth City where I staid till all the Free
State men. were Orde:red off, When I fled
to the Fort (Fort Leavenwnrth), With
•Capt, Emory, Iyas well fed-, but with
Miller, we did not fare so w(111, as it wa. l
with considerable difficulty that he could
get his men' to give us any food at
Capt. Emory has been rewarded for his
gallant service in robbing and, murder-,
ing Men, (I helped lay,ont one of his' vie
tims, Wm. Phillips,) by a lucrative posi
.tion in the Land o*.e. Capt. Miller is
a notorious gambler of Leaven worth City,
and Cul. Clarkson is a merchant of Leav
enworth City: Capt. Emory, was hold
ing, at this time, -a mail contract front
My horses and wagon with my load,
amounting in all ro about $5OO was taken
and appropriated to theiywn uso.
Yours IlespecCully,
HI MA 3 D. PaEsi . o.N: .
To .Txto. L. Rocas,' (1. , .
That HENRY S. Mom', Canal Com
! missione, CHARLES R. BucKALEw,
Chairruan'of the Democratic State Cen
tral Committee, and others of the same
ilk, plundered the Treasury of $3000.!
That JAcou FRY, Auditor General,
and HENRY S. MAGRAw, State Treasur
er' both Denocrats, connived at the fraud
and paid the money out of the . Treasury;
inclireet violation of law !
• That if they desire to protect the
Treasury from !plunder, and save them
selves from onerous taxation, they must
elect honest public officers to guard 'the
treasure of the Commonwealth, and pro
tect it against the leaches who have been
sticking to it and sucking its life-blood
for years past.
That the leaders of the Democratic
party, from PACKER down,
are a gang of
swindled the Cemmonweelth out of mill
ions. qf meinejj, wrung from the sweat
and toil of honest taxpayers, and will
continue their depredations upon the
Treasury so long as they Fire placed in
high position and entrusted with power
—.Harrisburg telegraph.
—Among the noticeable things on exhi
bition at the crystal Palace, we saw - the
contribution of Newj:Pills, from the La
boratory of DR. J. C. AYER, the author
of the widely known and valued Cherry
Pectoral.. As it is against the express
regulations of the Palace to admit any
quack medicines, this fact shows that his
remedies are not placed it that category
by the authorities. Indeed we have be
fore known that his Pectoral was highly
appreciated by scientific men, and 'have
seen.lately that his Pills are great
estimation by those deeply learned in .the
healing art.—True Reformer, Mass:
COL. BorrNinvimE i _of the Army,
Commander of the Gila expedition, writes
to the War Department, from his en
campment on the Rio Gila, June, as fol
lows : "The expedition is deVeloping
one of the most beautiful, fertile, and
healthy regions of our country, in all
places finding evidence of a formor nu
merous people, more civilized, more in
dustrious, and no doubt more docile than
the wandering Apache who now desolates
it. In some localities are found irriga
ting canals, cut ton feet wide 'into the
sides of the mountains, conveying water
miles to irrigate valleys of the richest
eharactor l some of which 'are able to con
tain twenty thousand inhabitants."
Tun Surrogate has decided against Mrs. p
Cuaninghatn's thin; to the Burdell Estate. p
tifini6 :Coif*
ItEPUB LivAN 4.70t111T1C ;NON,, ',
pursuance of the e3ll of I , he
man of the County EiecutiveCimituittee,
of the - Repnblican gdectOrS,
of P s oiter County conveneil at'thi, °mai
House in Coudersport, on lay;lcu
gnat 27, 1857 , to uoniliutte Candidates
The cfmVgiou was order by
Ex. Committee, in . the absence, et - the
iChalrthair. ann,Lewis aon, E n ., was cho.t
-04-PrasLatit7l:l* roll win; =then — caned;
and the following gentlemen 'Presekited
their credentials and took seats: -
41legany--S, M, Mills, j, C. Bishop,
D. N. Jenks. Bingham—A.' ffarvey,
M I):BrigGS J. L. Rooks, Uftgra—
Sala Stercus, Wm, B. Graves; . (You-,
Versport—Eli Rees, A. F. Jones Lewis
Eilla/ia--Johu Taggart, J,
shills, . Genesee Stephen 1-Curd, - John
' Reckhow, 1)e Witt Adams. .11arrisun—
A. Ellis, si s-. Hosea //ector—John
L, Gibson, A. A . : ANlThry.
Jacob Peet, U, Oro -radniu Thatch.'
cr.. Ilebron—Julius aker,' Nm. Hy- ;
dorn, 11,31. ; Jackson—Da-I
vid Crowell, Rufus Thompson, A.Bur- I
dick.' Keating—Jason Lewis, E. Din-
; gee. • Ostearr—N. 11. Rice, 11; IL Ly-1
man, J, C. Wilkinson. Pike—Samuel
Brown, S. H. Martin, J. Q. Merrick.----1
I'lectimut Vallell Jahn Clark, D. P.
Roberts:, Lewis Lyman. - Rou/et- - Joliu
Lyman jr,, John Maltby, Seneca Pome
roy. Seceden—G-. L. Catlifi, 11.. L. Bird,
31. Ostrander. Summ it—Merrick Jack
son, Win. B. Russ. Shanne-0: G.
Warner, R. L. Nichols, T. J. Burdick.
L'illsses 31, llalloek, A. Corey, S.
A. Slade. West Brairrh.--Jumes )
Ives •'
James Bunnell, 31. N. Trask.
On motion, Messrs, 11. L. Bird and
George Estes - were chosen Vice Presi
dents, and Messrs. S. A. Slade and Ed- I
win Thatcher were chosen Secretaries.
On motion of J. L. Rooks, ISAAC
BENSON Esq., was unanimously nomina
ted for _Assemblyman.
On motion, the Convention proceeded
to nominate a candidate fur Prothonotary
and Clerk of Courts, and the following
gentlemen were named as candidates, viz:
11. J. Olmsted, D. Baker and Win. Per
Ou motion, the 'Convention proceeded
to ballot, with the following result;
Ist. Bal. 2d B. 3d B. 4th B.
I. J Olmsted, 23 -23 18 30 i
). Baker, 1 11 ' 10 11 withtrii.,
Vm. Perry-, 17 18 23 20
When .11,,..T. Olmsted havihg received
majority of all the votes of the Cooven-i 1
Oon, was declared duly nominated fur the
dffiee of Prothouotoary and Clerk of the
On, motion, the Convention proceeded
to nominate a candidate ' fur Register and
Recorder; and the following gentlemen
W,ere named as candidates viz: A.
IGutterworth, D. Baker,
O. Chamberlain,
C. Junes and B. Cole;
On motion the Convention proceeded
to ballot with the following result;
Ist Bal. 2d B.
19 28
18 19
/1 1
3 0
0' 3
II Butterworth,
J. . Baker,
; Chamberlain,
C. Jones,
L: B. Cole, ~
Whoa A. H. Butterworth, having a
Majority of all the votes, was declared
fluty nominated for the Ace of Register
Aud Recorder. -
I I 0n motion, the Convention proceeded
to nominate a, candidate for County Com
missioner, and the following gentlemen
Were natued as ,*candidates,- viz :. L. IL
kinney, A. U. Crosby, Edwin Lyman,
Martin D. Brigg,s, Jerome Cliesebre,
GeorgeEstes,'S. A. Slade, J. .Q Merrick.
On motion, the Convention proceedell
to ballot, with the follOwing - i7esult :
Istßal. 2d B. 3rd B. 4th B
4. 11. Finney,6 18 24 37
Crosby, 17 20 18 19
C. Lyman, - 8 2 1 withdr'n
M. I). Briggs, 5 withden. -
Cheesebro, 4 withden.
Estes, 3 2 withdr'n
1 Ns-ithdr'n
1. Q: Merrick, 9
I When L. 11. Kinney,Lhaving received
majority of all the votes, was declared
uly. nominated for the office of County.
On motion, the Convention proceeded
fo nominate a candidate for the office. of
(bounty Auditor, and the fellowitig gene
thnnen were 'named,' viz : John C. fish
cip, S. A. Slade, D. N. Jenks and George
The Conyentim then proceeded to bal
t, when John C. Bishop was nominated
the first ballot by the' following vote.:
J. C. Bishop, 30
S. A. Slade, 11
D. N. Jenks, 7
George Estelt, 4
i On motion, Messrs. Lewis Mann and
M. Mills were elected Representative
On motion of 'N. J. nilie, the rresis
ent appointed the following Committee
n Resolutions.
N. J. Mills, A. A. Amsbry, A. F.
anes, J. C. Bishop'and W. B. Graves.
Ourmotion, the Convention adjourned
tail 7 o'clock P. M.
Convention called to order at 73, o'clock,
b • the President, when the Committee
on Resolutions introduced the following,
which, on motion, were adopted
IRea6lverl, That. in our n eandidate for Gov
:tor; the Hon. DAVID "iVILMOT, we =have
h man for the timer. Early devoted to the
IrinMples of Liberty and - Justice—the pried
of true demoerly—he was compellcl to
- - I •
_ •
Opiitse3be encroachments e! the slort-p..,
'Amp* the shilits of Freemanomd.oponlerxigg
consecrated o. recios.":'•rata7...t
Iteltasheen fully equal to thOmettArtcY, 'and
p) owed liiinself one of tlie,moat keliahle *ell
bite of thio abtat, 4 ,..cliamplektilli- of Ire - kb.litarl,
; 81: ''')*/ •
il : esoir . ej, That t 4 Octs.:4 l tte.ier
to -meet the lion: Villmeit on thitatomit
citiivas the 'ilizeStiona at issue tlefore:Ate.
rt h eople;1 skews conclusively, that lieLiS`tiftaid to
lave' the . truth told and trust his cans t: upon
its own merits ; and his attempt to shuffle the
.reSiumiAllity.4)Pac, sa .npon—the.,--Poixt•_
mince is a`.prttialile;do e I LAes nio r i,
coi~tempttblj .. • • •
:mlitwaaplirtorrafrthis - Rotr=
ventionl, the docyines promulgated' by the Su
preme Court iu the, "bred Scott case'are de
-part- tirV i _frOin.l.tlie. - .l.iiiii.:l - M - PdrialiPetihiii.;•of
the framers of the Contitutien ,and the Fa
thers otthe.Republic, and We l, we deem them
•dangaretis'tto otir;Free Institutiorra op
paiitiorf-to!the aecisiousolall.tte-Gourts i -loth
of Free, 8,124 Slavi States, since the_ organiza‘-
tion' Of tour . government ^ - - -
.ReArafed, the_cuurse pursued by our
National Adiuhtistrqnou-iu reference to 'Kan;
; most -forcible ,commentary',commentary'that
gpuld made. upon the •professlons •pf the
friends Of Euchanan in:the last-campaign.
Re4o4ell, That the - Administration of the
present S tate Exec uti ve Challenges our respect,
fer its purity, *inty," and_ earliest defotion to
the interests of the Commonwealth.
I. -Reso6i , d, That the Landidatoz thiiilAinom
inated are every way worthy of the confidence ,
of the r pledge the our earnest;
• and we them „
support - • . . I •
• '
•• Remarks sere mnde by J. Mills
l A. A. Amsbry, - 21:Corey and +
On motion, tue, proceedings of the Con-1
ventiur(ivere pillared -to. be published iu
On motion, Convention, .adjourned
sine tlie. I . •
LEWIS . MANN, Pres't.l
S. •*
v LADE: j s'
Tile eondersport Academy opened its
Fall Term a wool; ago last Monday, with
45 students, and more have since come
in, making about 62 soholars iu all_thus
far; .and Otte learn that more are expected.
This ;'augurs well for the . popularity of
the Beliool under Mr. llendrickl
ceptorrhip~ •
We are lalso pleased to learn that -.Mr.
Hendrick I has secured the services of
Miss Arta LElvrs, as an assistant, and
who wiIIF teach Freußlp, and give instruc
tions in Qil Paint4Sg.J
I i For the lust Week.
G. L. 'Calla, SiFed - en., $1 25
:H. L. Pirdi,,. " • 125
Lewis Iyiaan, Pleasant Valley, , 1 25
Mrs. L. Cliesebrti,llomer, •• ' • '1 25
'Dennis ILill, . " - ' 125
`S. M. Mills, Allegany,. 1 25
S: A. Slade, Brooklaud, 1 25
Total; ' .
$8 75
DR. HARTLEY begs to announce to those
Of his patients with whom he has been in com
munication, that he has, in compliance with
theirsPecild requests, made arrangements. to
establish Os Ear Institution in New York;
kind he generously offers to attend all persons
suffering frpm affections of the Ear, without
Charge, until cured—thereby proving his sue
ens nuequAlled, and protecting the deaf from
being swindled, by paying, Self-styled Auricle
exorbitant fees in advance, and the infliction
Of still more serious evils, by permitting the
npplication'of dangerous remedies by inexpe
rienced auunskillful .hands. ,
Dr. H. m:y here state that he has no con
nection whatever with nay person advertising
to cure - deafness ; neither has he gi , en per
mission fur 1 the publication of a certificate,
purporting to emanate from him; and enn not,
therefore, be responsible for any alarming
conseqiiences resulting from rashness and des
peration. the loss of money may not be ma
terial to some persons, bat the deprivation of
one of the Most important of the senses, ought
to.le regarded and treated with more than
ordinary solicitude.
, Deafuessdnoise in the head, end all disa
greeable discharges from the Ear, speedily and
permanently removed, without causing the
least pain or inconvenience. A cure in all
cases guariZnteed, where malformation does
not exist..
ThirteeO years' close and almost undivided
attention toi this • branch of special practice,
has enabled him to reduce his treatment to
such a degteo of success as to finii the most
confirmed and obstinate cases yield by a steady
attention tol the means prescribed. •
The deshiletion, by fire; of the Philadelphia
Ear Infirmary—of which Dr. lilftmEir was the
head—having rleased him from his duties in
that city, Le haft established permanently his
Institution, i for 'the exclusive treatment of Ear
Diseasds, at 'MO:Broadway, New York.
Constiltatlon and Examination each moning.
12. witilden.
Rats ,
"Ouches, Bed Bugs, In
,- • &.A.
Insects, - kc. (The ONLY INFALLIBLE
• RE:U/LES known.)
x*-i."COSTAR," sends by mail, prepaid, a
Samplef Boxiof the Rat, Roach, &c. E. to any
addtess' in the
U. S., on - receipt of $l, or the
EleOtric Po i% der for'tle. (The Bed-Bug Ex., l
being a /NOM cannot be sent by 'mail.)
furnittlk pgIiGGXSTa s
SaMplePaclcage of his various preparations
[assorted] ivith Circular=, Bills, Posters, &c.
on receipt of $5,. (leaving bal. $5 due whela
so(d,) iu °key that thq may teta its %evils,
SEP'Sce Advertisement. For Circulars,ltc.,
Addresi " COSTAR, " 3SS
Broadwnk, N. Y.. - - 10,11-11.
IFUL Comisimos—ean-be acquired by using
the •"21abal of a Tlivusandnwers." What lady
or gentlenien would remain under the curse of
a -disagreeable breath, 'when by. using the
'-' , llsmt or A.THOUBAND FLOWER/4," as deuti
fri6e, would teat - only reader it Sweet, butleave
the teeth l white as alabaster? Many persons
do not know" their breath is bad, and the sub
ject is so 'delicate their friends will never men
tion'it. Bilware of Counterfeits. Be sure each
bottle is signed *FEtRIDGE & CO., N. Y.
For sale by all Druggists. •
Sold by l SMITH 4 - JDNES, Druggists, Con
ersport,,l'a, • ~
t 3peciql ifot;us
k , y
---m-anida, the 2Z -Joh
Mierts l of taw town caught in ;tr aad
bear of uncommon siz e . ir ho
lilost'lperienced hunters thought l it
Itailld -- freigh. six hundred, -if iu a g aw l
but unfortunely hev ials mop
fustof fle feelued to
heetifiat old soldier, as . some lead w as
foliiid,idhia body, 6 ving a PPareutlY beta
ilepoaited there some years ago, u s wai
not easily conquered, making a mere
of4lm . good - dopy ----- Achilirqrsmart-i ssp
and clog iterit lunighiglo - .otie fore in°,
his accompkicenaelceted and dsuitroyed 64 .
ot r inr. Itobereaest sheep,. and _ wa s , a q
li 6 iiii - Witit - 4 -114 4e: - - - 4 . lle'Vfil. ',greatly
oppwsed , to • B.
• SIVEDEN i 27t10-- - .
'PotiOakspoli Tkje - e•-egiteiit,
4rrect&/ Ake J9 . 4rni 4 1 1 . '
I)ealers fajDry ' Goods, Croceries t llatrt Com
- Biote' 4. Sfioe.r, Crockery, fork, Flour,-
1 ' _ Areal, 2Votions 3 . ' . •i ~4'e, ;v.,. -. ' i
PLovit,_suo_ecfioc, TO bbl., • - - - $3 911
" _exira,_ ,1" .-, - -_- -11 W 3 PORK, If 1 .!. ti . . -,--`- , 34 1-4
'S.tim, " "I. - •• - _ 7 ~., 3 4
CORN 31iAL 11 100 - Ibi., -.- -_, iGo
BUTTER,V 4 Ib.,, _'. , 7 _ =. !. 7 - . 101
Luip, . ..‘ ": . — - -12( 13
TYI4.LOW, !I "_. ~ - . - - ,14 ale
Wool., .." ". i: • ~•,, ....- •27 '34
Ihms, .!I " . -••.‘ • -- • 17
SH.oi:Lous,:4o. lb., ,--•- ------. -. • --- - lA
DEER SY:IS i : ."--'' - , . • • 23
MAPLE Sucitn,, l ,- ...! - 10@12
DRIED APPLEI3, , 44 - -1 '• ' " 7 ; 14
ii ii 11 Busliel, -
,-.-- - . 250
WHITE DEANS, Itti " . .' . . • 3 30,
BECKWELEAT, " " . ~, . 1 - " 62,
OATS,_ :` " , ,
1 •.- .! -- C4ls'.
C ' ' - - . .• 1_25,
Rys, ,i si i. -
.1. .
EuGs,l:l. Don , - - - - 12
.1.14.,Y, IP._ Ton, i -.- : ,- $7 €:-,8 Oti
.4t*,.l ; iittt i -so . otis, - _
• - •
• IN pursuance of an order of the Orphans'.
Court of the Coe rity of Potter, there will bP
exposed to pubh.c Sale at ;the Court House la
Coudersporti, oti TUESDAY, the - 22:1 . day, et
September, 185 h the foll Owing described real,
estate, situate in the , Jowl:ship of Sharon, is
said county :, Bounded op. the north by dm
hi; hwnp leading from Millport to Gabriel
Barnes', on theeast by lands of Barnes end
Gabriel Barnes, eh the sootlfand west by lands
of Mann •S: cotdatnini eight acre'
more or less, abOut two sieres of 'a hich is im
proved, and on' Which is
t j erected - one frame
house and one frame b rn—also some fruit
trees thereon. i • CHAS. JONES,
Administrator of the estate on-furry Lyman,
deceased. I I 10-10.
-._l 1
I TIRE ronowin F aceoun, i s have been filed at
_M.. the Registeeit 01110 of Potter County,
Pennsylvania, nd will be presented at the-
September Copr ,lon Tuesday, September 22d,.
ti t
1857, for confirmation, i nisi, to wit : . -
Account of Jok't Ife.ndiirk, administrator of
the _Estate of William Lion, deceased, late or
Sweden townshipi
Account of ClUsrles S.lJoneit, administrator
of the Estate of Ilarry Lyman, -deceased, late
i .
of Sharon township. r -
Account of Clark Crum, administrhtor of
the Estate of Philander Hawley, deceased, late
of Bingham township.
All persons in'terested can attend, at esiti
itite, and place if they 11 ink proper. .
1 A. JACKSON, Register.
Coudersport, Aug. 22, 1857. - } - 10:11
Americanaf ety-Paper Menu.
• thcturing Conipany of
Non . iroFk. -
A. NICHOLAS, President: Qftice Vit Well-St.
[ -
A Perfect Seeznitg against all manner of Fraud
by Counterfeiti !pi on Paper.—To Prevent
Photographs and Anastatie Counter.
felts, Era urea, Transfers or At.
teratiOns. .
.11A c T u IN si C . , Ie p r t i l g rV t isis o ed in ih n e uf P n a c t t e n n re t f a o n r d the e t T le .
new Chemical Paper iu America: inventedstal
patented in England byllissur Casss, a.cele-.
brated chemist audionicer in the British army,
it is hardly necessary to say that the Paper is
recommended b„.l Mr. Kent, Assayer of the 1."...
S. Mint, Mr. I.yo it* of the New York Marla*
Muse, and Meade !Brothers, - extensive and
skilful .photographers, 233. Broadway N. 1,
The latter say flint ho imitation can be made.
on a check or 'milk !note,printed on the Eafet;
Paper. Below it our list of prices.l .
Bank Checks, bets. 'l4 lb. -
Bank Bills, $lB for 1000-sheets. ! ~
Bills of Exchai4ge, s2slfor 1000 sheets.;
Promissory Noes 40 ts. "e lb. : 1
Sight & Time Draits,2s for 1000 sheets,
Insurance Policies , 40 cts.%l lb. _
,LR •
Railroad Stocks'o 'ds, 40cts. '3 lb.
Bank and State Stocks, 40 Os:. V ID,:
Bonds and Mortgagos, 40.05, 1: 0 1 lb,
Wills and Deeds, 40 cis. - {8 th, - •
For al-Appinfigilks and othev. hits astkles
it is excellent, as it prevents moths. 40.cts,
11 lb. . - . , ' . -
For Indentures and Agreements, 40
.ets. 11
lb. • -1 —
All State and County Records should always
be printed or_written on this Paper, as - the
chemicals inserted in the pulp not only pre-,
vent erasure or 1
tranifer but make it lasting
. .
as time. • - - I . .
For Southern Climates it is excellent,' . and
Much-superior to,' any.other ; as the molitiness
or the•climate does not destroy it,-the prep
ertits Inserted in the 'pulp being a, ptuentile,
In 01 the southern! !states, tuba, the Nest
Indies and the Central !American. States, no
public records can he kept over 20 years, writ
ten on the ottlin4ry Pitpor, while the olla and
other chemicals Inserted In this Paper makes
it indestructible by the ravages of time. his
also proof againit mbths,• rats and other vet.. .
min, which feast on and destroy-all other pa
per now in use.. . !
The Company have now in operation Mills
in Morris Countyy . N.!!.T. of about 300- horse
power, and•are able tb fill alrerderelor paper
at the shertest Mi..
tice - , !" • - - •
All orders for the Paper must be addressed
to A. - NICIIOLAS, President of the Company, -
No. 70 Wall Street. •,! I - 10:10--3mo.
' !
1.3 on h,
10:2 1
nd at