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    T[u- |Jcrfhi ; 3a it nui!.
l imsty worfiig, §cfi. 3, 1857.
pAVIO WiLMOT. Of Bradford
yyiLLjAM hfilLj-WARO, of PliiJaddjdiia.
JAMFS VfECH Of Faveue.
jUSIPH b LEY/IS. Of Chester.
for Assembly, JSAAC BENSON*.
For Proihonotary, fIEN'RV J. OLMSTED,
for Recorder, A. H. BUTTERM OUTH
For L. H. KIXNh \
For Auditor, JOHN* C. BISHOP.
Harper'i Magazine, f>r September is
on out'tai,le already, and is particularly
interesting to jPennsylvanians —the sec
ond article ih it being a loug one on
"The Coal Mines of Pennsylvania."—
This is, altogether, au exceedingly good
Gov. RoglNSpN, V ;ho was urraigned
before the Border Ruffian Court of Kau
nas on a charge of Treason, was acquitted
last week. The jury acquitted him be
cause they feared that by convicting him
they would recognize the Topeka Con
toS"*We would call the particular at
tention of our readers to the "Pollitical
Antiquitities" wheh are developed on
pur first page. The first article under
that head vyas doubtless written by some
cne of the most prominent political char
acters of that day, and of which, at
Jltne, the old " Bay State" was prolific.
But written by whom it may have
been, it certainly presents a series of
strong arguments for the principles en
tertained by the Republican party of the
present day. But what we would must
partiouiwly invite our readet.i to observe
is the fact that Massachusetts then cast
her electoral vote for a Democratic Presi
dent, Mr. Jefferson—a fact which, when
compared with her present political char
acter, is certainly a conclusive argument
against the presumption of the so-called
Democracy of the present day, in claim
ing to represent the principles of that
worthy man in their current policy. We
have not room to notice more particularly
the article, and invite our readers to
peruse it and draw their own conclusions.
The Couufy Ticket,
Under the head of "Town and County"
will be- found the authorized Proceedings
of tho Republican County Convention.—
Amor harmonious Convention lias not
jimt in this county before, and not a sin
gle action of that body was marred by
any waut of union or propriety in the
members—everything being conducted
by fair ballotiugs.
In its proper place we present the
Ticket placed iu nomination, aud for want
of room to notice it more extended!}*, wo
will briefly notice the claims of each can
ISAAC BENSON, Esq., was unanimous
ly re-nominated for Representative, which
action of the Convention precludes the
necessity of any further remarks from us;
and we havo no doubt that the People of
fotter and Tioga counties will give an
equally hearty approval of his course last
winter, when election day comes around.
U. J. OLMSTED, the nominee tor Pro
thonoiary, and present incumbent by ap
pointment, is well known to the voters of
tbe County, and will be heartily endors
ed by them at the polls.
A. H. BUTTER WQBTfI, the nominee
tor Register and Recorder, is a new char
acter in the arena of candidates, but is pcr
bouaily well known throughout the coun
ty, and xyill b.e elected by a handsome
party majority. He will make a good
and faithful officer.
L. 11. KIN NEY, the nominee for Coun
ty Commissioner, is u deserving candid
ate, and will make an efficient aud hon
est officer. He is well known through
out the county, as a live Republican, de
serving of an enthusiastic support.
With JOHN C. BISHOP, the nominee
for Auditor, we have not much personal
acquaintance, and we Relieve this is his
flrst appearance on the political race
course of this county. Those who do
know him, assure us that he is every way
worthy of the support of the party, and
we heartily commend him to the good
will of the I reeruijfl 01 the County.
With the above brief uotice of the
Candidates separately, we for the present
leave the subject, in the meantime eu-
; fining upon all honest voters, who value
welfare ofr.he county, to five it a cor-
dial support,"and let each and evei-y Re
publican regard it as his duty to labor
lor an increase of tlio majority given to
our ticket last fall
ASSEMBLY. —Gen. P K. J.-tckiuuu, OLJ
Clinton, and Col Thomas W L<>vd, of;
' Lvcomincr, are thd Democratic nominees
. f o r Assembly, iu this district. Now that
!we are happily rid of the pestilential i
]county of Cotter, the election ol our Hep 1
j resentatives may be looked m f> t tis !
' conclusion. — ('/< ipji Ptmocrat
i \Vc do not wonder at the above expres
sion of 1 hefteiibaeh s feeling towards
" " Von are happily;
rid of her, PiotV, and we are sorry you
did pot permit, your name to go before
the cou>,eniiop 0' J our district —yon!
might possibly have been elected in a i
thoroughly black Democracy district, not
ynrhstanding \<>g ran behind your ticket j
there last fall Perhaps you feared that!
you might run further behind this time,
mid therefore came to tin- conclusion not
to run at all, considering that ''discretion
is the better part of valor."
More Honest A*owals.
The Fcnnsylcanian denies authorita
jtivelv and emphatically that "the course
of the Federal Administration is direct
ed towards the admission of Kansas as a i
Free State f and adds that it is "glad to •
sec that its neighbor, the Times, don't 1
believe iu ,tny sq-h nonsense" —Fx,
The Fennsy Iranian knows which side
of its bread is buttered—it knows well
that the strength of its party is all in the
aouth, and that unless it heartily sup
ports southern measures, the party will
soon cease to exist anywhere. The hon
est voters of Pennsylvania will show the ■
democratic party, south and norths" trick
with a hole in it," at the October election, i
We wonder if the small-fry organs in this
section of the state won't deliver their i
opinions soon, to accord with the llas/i
-injtou Star and the 1 cnnsylvanian,
" lie Wins, Wijo Works,"
Brother Cobb, of the Welbboro Ajita
tor, always writes some good things fur
his paper, but his article last week ou
" the price of Liberty" is capital, and
needs to be read by the Republicans of
this county. Here is an extract from it,
which we commend to the serious atten j
tion of everv friend of Freedom:
" Does any freeman loan upon any past
success achieved by the noble efforts of
tho friends of Libert;, ? If so, docs he
dream that the successes ot the past, how
ever brilliant and how signal soever they
may have been, cau guaranty like glori
ously signal and brilliant victories to-day,
or to-iuorrow ? Filch a man leans on a
rotten stick. Success yesterday is not a
guaranty of success to-day. There is no
victory without labor, no true defeat
without apathy on the part of the defeat
ed. lie wins who works, ho works who
wins, lie works best who is ever alive
to the importance of action : and he is a
drone who leans on past endeavor. A
thousand such could not do the work of
one truly vigilant freeman; and ten
thousand such would lose the best .North
ern State to Freedom It is the crying
evil of the time in Pennsylvania, that the
Republican hive is cursed with drones—
men who lean on local successes and do
nothing. The X nth and center Counties
look vy to the Mont hern tier and 'float
orer our monster majorities, forjettinj
their duty. The ]Yifmot Fist rid h ujs
its majority for Fremont and cries—
" Oh, if the lower part of the State
would but do somct/iiuy handsome /"
Now this is all bosli— bosh without a
whit of its crudity purged off-—unmitiga
ted, political lovesick fiddle fad die.
The lower part of the State has no
right to lean upon our majorities. Mind
your own business, and mind your own
feet. Go to work and redeem the lower
part of the State—the upper part of the
State will get along without your lauda
tions. The Wilmot District need not
wait for the lower counties to do "some
thing handsome." We have something
handsome to do ourselves. We must
not expend all our strength in
hugging that Fremont majority ; we
must (jo to work and do 500 better.—
That is what we have to do here in the
Banner County. We do not thank any
croakers to put on a Sunday-go-to-meet
iug face aud say that Tioga cau't do bet
ter than she did last fall. She ran do
better. The votes are all here, and if
they do not get into the ballot-box ou
the 13th of October next, then the Re
publicans of the several electiou districts
must settle with their own consciences.
There is no escaping the conclusion that
if voters fail to come out, their Republi
can neighbors will Uayo neglected their
Just the Season. —lf health follows the
administration of a remedy for discasej
almost without cxocptjpu, though it is
prescribed in a million of instauees, and
in all formes of disease, all the doctors 011
the globe could not make the people be
leive that it was not a good remedy,or that
the in yen tor was not a public benefactor,
iluiley s Sarsaparilla is expressly design
ed to act on those organs whose functions
are essential to health—the stomach, liv
er, lungs, kidneys and skins, restoring
their deranged functions or uses, and
thereby purifying and cleansing the bleed
—the very fountain of life
Statement of n lUtnmi* VU dni.
[We publish the folk wing experi
ence of e Free State man among the Bor
der Ruffians, by request of tbe person to
whom it ii addressed, who ha:: recently
returned frotti Kansas to this county, to
prepare for a permanent MctjJeiTumt J' l
that Territory. This added to the ex
tracts from Hr. Gihon's hook, we think
should eonvinee every honest mind that
the intelligence from Kansas during Kit
veai's campaign, was not all trot up for po
litical effect against Mr. Buchanan in
the North—but that is was got up for
political effect in his/inor at the ,South.
Kf>. Joflt-N'rih J
Fails in Bclutiou to nig Capture and
Imprisonment among the Pro-Slav
ery Men last Summer,
Council City, July 7, 1857.
T started from this place, (Council
City) in the employ of Mr. 11. L. Jones,
for Leavenworth City after a load of pro
vision, about the middle of August., IBSG
-—just before tbe troubles broke out,
The excitement was such after 1 got to
Leavenworth, that I deemed it prudent
to stop a few days, and consequently did
not start out till the 25th, 1 had m>t
proceeded but about 8 miles before 1 was
overtaken by three horsemen, who cock
ed their guns and ordered me to stun.- —
They searched my load, and then tuld me
[ must go back to camp with them, ay
they had received orders not to let any
one pass on the road. 1 was kept in
Capt Emory's camp, closely guarded, two
days and two nights, then he (Capt. Em
ory) delivered me over to Capt. Miller,
who marched me some twenty miles,
when overtaking Col, Clurkseu, a coun
cil was hold and I was discharged, not
to go home, but sent back to Leaven
worth City where 1 staid till all the Free
State men were ordered off, when 1 fled
to the Fort (Fort Leavenworth), With
Cant, Emory, I was well fed, but with
Miller, we did not fare so well, as it was
with considerable difficulty that he could
got his men to give us any food at all.
Capt. Emory has been rewarded for bis
gallant service in robbing and murder
ing men, (I helped layout one of his vic
tims, \\ r m. Phillips,) by a lucrative posi
tion in the Land Office, Capt. Miller is
a notorious gambler of Leavenworth City,
and Col. Clarkson is a merchant of Leav
enworth City. Capt, Emory, was hold
ing, at tliis time, a mail contract from
My horses and wagon with my load,
amounting in all to about $5OO was taken
and appropriated to their own use.
yours Respectfully,
111 HAM 1). PRESTON.
That lIF.NRY S. MOTT, Canal Com
missione, CHARLES R. BI?CKAJ,EU>
Chairman of the Democratic State Cen
tral Committee, and others of the same
ilk, plundered the Treasury of $3OOO !
That JACOB FRY, Auditor General,
and HENRY S. MAORAW, State Treasur
er, both Democrats, connived at the fraud
and paid the money out of the Treasury,
in direct violation of law !
That if they desire to protect the
Treasury from plunder, and save them
selves from onerous taxation , they must
elect honest public officers to guard the
treasure of the Commonwealth, and pro
tect it against the leaches who have been
sticking to it and sucking its life-blood
for years past.
That the leaders ol the Democratic
party, from PACKER down, are a gang of
swindled (ho Common wealth out of mill
ions of money, wrung from the sweat
and toil of honest taxpayers, and will
continue their depredations upon the
Treasury so long as they are placed in ,
high position and entrusted with power!
—J la rrisb u r<j Ttl'jrajih.
—Among the noticeable things on exhi
bition at the crystal Palace, we saw the
contribution of A r ew Pills, from the La
boratory of DR. J. C. AYER, the author
of the widely known and valued Clierrv
Pectoral. As it is against the express
regulations of the Palace to admit any
tpiack medicines, this fact shows that his
remedies are not {'laced it that category
by the authorities. Indeed we have be
fore known that his Pectoral was highly
appreciated by scientific men. and have
seen lately that his Pills are held in great
estimation by those deeply learned in the
healing art. — True Reformer, Mass.
COL. BONNERVI LLE, of the Army,
Commander of the Gila expedition, writes
to the War Department, from his en
campment on the Rio Gila, June, as fol
lows : " The expedition is developing
one of the most beautiful, fertile, and
healthy regions of our country, in all
places finding evidence of a former nu
merous people, more civilized, more in
dustrious, and no doubt more docile than
the wandering Apache who now desolates
it, In some localities are found irriga
ting canals, cut ton feet wide into the
sides of the mountains, conveying water
miles to irrigate valleys of the richest
character > some of which are able to con
tain tweipy thousand inhabitants."
THE Surrogate has decided against Mr?.
Cunningham's claim to the Burdcll Estate.
' Sotoit antt Scunty.
J g ■ - =-
r In pursuance of the ealj of the Chair
, man of the County Executive Committee,
the Delegates of the Republican Electors
jof Potter County convened at tbe Court
; House in Coudc report, on Thursday, Au
gust 27, 1857, to uomiuute Candidates
ibr County Offices.
The Convention was called to order by
A Ij, Olmsted Esq., {Secretary of the Co.
Ex. Committee, in the absence of the
Chairman. Lewis Maun, Esq., was ehut
"OU President, The roll was then called,
and the following gentlemen presented
; their credentials and took seats:
| Allegany —{?. M, Mills, J, C. Bishop,
H>. N. Jeuks. Bingham —A. llarvey,
M. I>. Briggs, J. L- Books, Clara —
jSala Stevens, Wni, B. Graves, C'ou
iFrsport--Eli Bees, A. F. Jones, Lewis
Mann. Halalia —John Taggart, N.J.
| Mills, Genesee —Stephen ilurd," John
Heekhow, l>e Witt Adams. Harrison
A. Ellis, S. S. Hector —John
L, Gibson, A. A. AWbry. Homer —=•
Jacob i'eet, A. L r , Crosby, Edwin Thatch
er. ll'Lron —Julius Baker, Wm. lly
dorn, 11. M. Bathburn. Jackson — Da
vid Crowell, Bufus Thompson, -V. Bur
dick. Keating —Jason Lewis, E. L'in
'gee. Oswiryo —N. 11. Bice, 11, 11. Ly
man, J. C, Wilkinson. Hike —Samuel
Brown, S. 11. Martin, J. Q. Merrick.—
HI enfant \ alley — Julin Clark, J>. P.
Huberts, Lewis Lyman. Houlct —John
Lymau jr., John Maltby, Seneca Pome
roy. Sweeten —G.L. Catliu, 11. L Bird,
, M. Ostrauder. Summit —Merrick Jack
sou, Win. B. Boss. Sharon —O. C.
Warner, B. L. Nichols, T. J. Burdiek.
Ulysses — M, IF. Halloek, A. Corey, S.
|A. Slade. IKcsf Branch —.James Ives,
James Bunnell, M. X. Trask.
Oil motion, Messrs. 11. L. Bird and
George Kstes were chosen Vice Presi
dents, and Messrs. S. A. Slade and Ed
win Thatcher were chosen Secretaries.
On motion of J. L. Books, ISAAC
BENSON Esq., was unanimously nomina
ted for Assemblyman.
Oxi motion, the Convention proceeded
to iioiniuate a candidate for Prothonotary
and Clerk of Courts, and the following
gentlemen were named as candidates, viz:
11. J. Olmsted, D. Baker and Win, Per- 1
On motion, the Convention proceeded
to bullut, with the following result;
Ist Bal. 21 B. 3xl B. 4th B.
11. J Olmsted, 23 23 18 30
I). Baker, 11 10 11 withd'll.
Win. Perry, 17 18 23 20
When 11. J. Olmsted having received
a majority of all the votes of the Conven
tion, was declared duly nominated for the j
office of Protkuiiutoarv and Clerk of tbe
i C ourts.
On motion, the Convention proceeded
to nominate a candidate for Register and
Recorder; and the following gentlemen
were named as candidates viz: A. 11. j
Butterworth, B. Baker, O. Chamberlain,
i E. C. Jones and L. B. Cole;
On motion the Convention proceeded,
to ballot with the following result;
Ist Bal. 2d B.
1 A. 11. Butterworth, 19 28
1). Baker, 18 19
O. Chamberlain, H i
> B. C. Jones, 3 0
j L. B. Cole, 0 3
AVhou A. 11. Butterworth, having a
majority of all the votes, was declared
,duly nominated for the office of Register 1
I and Recorder.
On motion, the Convention proceeded
to nominate a candidate for County Com
missioner, and the following gentlemen
i were named as candidates, viz: L. 11.
j Kinney, A. U. Crosby, Edwin Lyman,,
' Martin 1). Briggs, Jerome Chesebro,
George Kstes, 8. A. Slade, J. .Q Merrick.
On motion, tbe Convention proceeded
to ballot, with the following result:
Ist Bal. 2dß. 3rd 11. 4th B.
L. 11. Kinney, G 18 24 37
A.U.Crosby, 17 20 18 19
E. Lyman, 8 2 1 withdr'n.
M. I). Briggs, 5 withdr'n.
J. Cheesebro, 4 withdr'n.
' (t. Kstes. 3 2 withdr'n.
S. A. .Slade, I withdr'n.
jJ. Q. Merrick, 9 13 12 withdr'n.
When L. 11. Kinney, having received
a majority of all the votes, was declared
; duly nominated for the office of County
On motion, the Convention proceeded
to nominate a candidate for the office of
County Auditor, and tho fallowing gen
tlemen were named, viz: John C. Bish
op, 8. A. Slade, 1). N. Jcnks and George
The Conventiun then proceeded to bal
lot, when John O. Bishop wa.s numinated j
on the first ballot by the following vote :
J. C. Bishop. 30 |
S. A. Slade, 11
I). X. Jenks, 7
| George Ksteg, 4
On motion, Messrs. Lewis Mann and
S. M. Mills were elected Representative
| Conferees.
Ou motion of N. J. Miffs, the PresjJ
dent appointed the following Committee
on Resolutions.
N. J. Mills, A. A. Arnsbry, A. F.
Jones, J. C. Bishop and W. B. Graves.
On motion, the Convention adjourned
uutil 7 o'clock P. M.
Convention called to order at 7 $ o'clock, f
by the President, when the Committee
on Resolutions introduced the following, j
which, ou motion, were adopted :
i Resolved, That in our Candidate for Gov-'
ernor. the Hon. DAVID "VYILMOT, we have:
i the man fo; the timer. Early devoted to the :
! principles of Liberty and Justice—the princi- !
; pics of true democracy—he was compelled to I
j oppose the encroachments ef the Slave Potrer
i upon the rights of Freemen, and upon territv-
Iry consecrated to Freedom. In all contests
j he bus been fully equal to the emergency, and
proved h i niseit one ul the juost reliable as well
j one of the ablest, champions of Republican
1 principles.
liesolred, That the refusal of Gen. Packer
to meet the HOIK David Wiluiot on the stump,
and canvass the questions at issue before lite
People, shows conclusively that he is afraid to
I have the truth told and trust his cause upon
its own merits ; and his attempt to shuttle the
, responsibility of the refusal upon the L'oui
j iriittec, is a pit liable dodge that makes it more
I contemptible.
Jiesolued. That in the opinion of this Oon
vention, the doerincs promulgated by the Su
preme Court in the "Died Scott case" are de
i parture from the time-lionored doctrines of
; the framers of the Constitution ami the Fa
thers of the Republic, and that wo deem them
! dangerous to our Free Institutions and in op
i position to the decisions of all the Courts, both
jot Free and Slave States, since the orgunizn
: tion of our government,
Jlesolred, That the course pursued bv our
National Administration in reference to Kan
sas, is the most forcible commentary that
j could be made upon the professions of the
friends of Buchanan in tbs last campaign.
lie sol red, That the Administration of the
present State Executive challenges our respect,
for its purity, ability, and earnest devotion to
the interests of the Commonwealth.
J/r soloed, That the Candidates ibis day nom
inated are every way worthy of the confidence
1 of the People, and we pledge them our earnest
j Remarks made by N. J. Mills,
A. A. Am-bry, A. Corey and J. L. Rooks.
On motion, tue proceedings of the Con
vention were ordered to be published in
On motion, Convention adjourned
sine tlie.
E. THATCII KR, ) c .
o *. ' - See vs.
S, A. Stadk. )
The Courier? port Academy opened its
Pall Term a week ago last Monday, with
45 students, and more have since coinc
in, making about 02 scholars in ill thus
far; and we learn that more are expected.
This augurs well for the popularity of
the School under 31 r. Ileudriek'a pre
We are also pleased to learn that Mr.
Ilcndrick has secured the services of
.Miss ANNA LEWIS, as an assistant, and
who will teach French, and give instruc
tions in Oil Painting.
For the last Wee/:.
G. L. Catlin, Sweden, Si 25
H. L. Bird, • 1 25
Lewis Lyman, Pleasant Valley, 1 2f>
Mrs. L. Chescbro, Homer, 1 25
i Dennis Hall, " 1 25
jS. M. Mills, Allegany, ] 25
S. A. Slade, Brooklaud, 1 25
Total, $8 15
paktiaLT>EAF2s I:SS
DR. HARTLEY b-g, to announce to those
, of liis patients with whom lie has in com
munication, that he has, in compliance with
their special requests, made arrangements to
establish his Ear Institution in New York ;
and he generously offers to attend all persons
I suffering from affections of tke Ear, without
: charge, until cured —thereby provisg his suc
cess unequalled, and protecting the deaf from
being swindled, by paying self-styled Aurists
exorbitant fees in advance, and the infliction
I of still more serious evils, by permitting the
application of dangerous remedies by inexpe
rienced and unskillful hands.
Dr. If. may here state that lie has no con
nection whatever with any person advertising
to cure deafness ; neither has he gi"cn per
mission for the publication of a certificate,
purporting to emanate front him ; and can not,
therefore, be responsible for any alarming
consequences resulting from rashness and des
peration. The loss of money may not be ma
terial to some persons, but the deprivation of
one of the most important of the senses, ought
to be regarded and treated with more than
ordinary solicitude.
Deafness, noise in the head, and all disa
greeable discharges from the Ear, speedily and
permanently removed, without causing the
least pain or inconvenience. A cure in all
cases guaranteed where malformation does
not exist.
Thirteen years' close and almost undivided
attention to this branch of special practice,
has enabled hi in to reduce his treatment to
such a degree of success as to find the most
coufirmed and obstinate cases yield by a steady
attention to the means prescribed.
The destruction, by fire, of the Philadelphia
Ear Infirmary—of which Dr. HARTLEY was the
head—having released liiiq from his duties in
that city, lie l\aa established permanently his
Institution, for the exclusive treatment oi' Ear
Diseases, at TOO Broadway, New York.
Consultation and Examination each moning.
Hats, Roaches, IJecl Hugs, In
s;e£ts, &c.
Insects, ice. (The ONLY INFALLIBLE
REMEDIES known.)
' '•€QSTAU" sends by mail, prepaid, a
Sample B'.x of the Rat, Roach, Ac. Ex. to any ,
address in the V. S., on receipt of $l. or the
Electric Ponder for 65c. (The Bed-Bug Ex., 1
being a liquid cannot he sent bv mail.)
will fqrnbh/IHU GGISTfv
Sample Package of his various preparations
[assorted] with Circulars, Bills, Posters, Ac. !
on receipt of s•*>, (leaving hal. $5 due when
sold,) in ufdef that they may tc<tf ,ts
{jisir'Sce Advertisement. For Circulars, Ac.,
.ltrires* " C'OSTAR, " X. 3.SS
Broadway, A'. Y. lo,li—it.
TIFUL COMPLEXION —can be acquired by using
the ••JJahu of a Thousand Flower*." 1 What lad v
or gentlemen would remain under the curse of
a disagreeable breath, when by using the
frice, would not only render it sweet, but leave I
the teeth white as alabaster? Many persons
do not know their breath is bad. and* the sub
ject is so delicate their friends will nevor men
tion it. Bo ware of counterfeits. Be sure each
bottle is signed FETRFDGE & CO., N. Y.
tor sale by all Druggists. 9:37-t>ma.
Sold by SMITH A JONES, Druggists, Con
crsporf, Pa,
rj OH Saturday, the 22d iust.~*Mr Job,
"' Roberts of tilis town caught in a trap anj
® killed, a bear of uucommou size, fh
I tnost experienced hunters thought he
n would weigh six hundred, if iu'ug^i
condition, but uufortunely he was "L
1 and of little value. He seemed to havli
been an old soldier, as some lead
0 | found to his body, having apparently beta
ii deposited there some years ago, li e
e i not easily conquered, making a mere jest
*| of three good dogs, while a smart ti&i,
c | and clog were hanging to one fore p :i J
-i He was an old gormandizer, having wit| (
- his accomplices selected aud destroyed
- .of Mr. Robert's best sheep, and was jq
j hot pursuit of more. lie was greatly
u (Opposed to "agitation." ]{
.1 SWEDEN, Aug. 27th.
'•; *
Con 3 e i\sp oHf iv £q m t|i,
r. (Jo free ted II eeicly jur the Journal
L ' Dealers in Fry Foods, (Sroceries, Hats ,y Cuj>t
Boot* Shoes, Crockery, Fork. Flour, 1
e , N"d, Sot ions. Jr., .jr.,
FI.OLR. suoeefioe, bbl., - - $9 00
" extra, 44 - - V
1 1 ORE, " ....
1 S ILT, " " - - . . _3 6U
CORN MEAL, "p 100 lbs., - - - 300
, BUTTER, tb., ... W
ILARO, " " . - . .12^11
TALLOW, " U - - - - 14(5.1 TI
WOOL, " " - - - . 27(A3T
> i 1 AMs, "
SHOULDERS, *|> It., -
{ DEER SKIN, " " - - - 21
MAI'LE SUOAR, lb., ... 10(,l2
DRIED AI'I-LKS, " U - - - 14
14 44 Bui>hitl, - - 2 so
WHITE BEANS, V " * " - 350
BUCKWHEAT, 44 44 C 2
GATS, 44 44 - - COGU
s CORN, 44 44 - - - 125
Rrt, 44 " • • - L",
1 POTATOES' ..„ 21
' FUGS. Doxen, - - - - 15
s IJav, "pI Ton, - - - $7 (<y Suu
• •■■ ■ 1 " ' J ' --''IL . . W
- gtbi gtjfafrtismmts,
1 I pursuance of an order of the Orphaat)
5 Court of the coiity of Potter, there w ill b
exposed to public sale at tlie Court House in
Coudersport, 011 TCESDAY, the 22d day of
! September. 1957. the following descrilied r*aL
estate, situate in the township of Sharon, ia
\ said county : Bounded 011 the north by tlio
hi'/hway leading from Millport to Gabriel!
1 Barnes', 011 the east by lands of J. Barne. and
' Gabriel Barnes, on the south and west by lsnd*
' of Mann k Nichols, containing eight acres
' more or less, about two acres of .\hi< h is irn
' ! proved, and on which is erected 011 c frame
1 house and one frame barn—also some fruit
' trees thereon. CHAS. $. JGNKS,
Administrator of the estate of Harry l.ymn h
' deceased. 10-10.
rrillE following accounts liave been filed at
X. the Register's Office of Potter
Pennsylvania, and will be presented at the
September Court, on Tuesday, September 22d,
1857, for confirmation, nisi, to wit :
j Account of Joel Hendrirk. administrator of
the Kstate of William Lyon, deceased, late of
: Sweden township.
Account of Charles 3. Jones, administrator
'! of tlie Kstatc of Harry Lyman, deceawd, late
of Sharon township.
Account of Clark Orum, administrator of
' the Kstate of Philander Hawley, deceased, late
I ' •
| of Bingham township.
All persons interested can rttend at Faid
time and place if they think proper.
A. JACKSON, Register.
(kmdtrsport, Aug. 22, 1857. / 10:11
American Safely-Paper >lauu
fuel 11 ring C om]any of
\en lorli.
C APIT Al. Br>oo,o< >o.
A. NICHOLAS, President. Office oWall-St.
' A Perfect Security uyainst all manner of Fraud
ly Counterfeiting on l'aper.— To Present
Photographs and Anastatic Counter
frits, Erasures, Transfers or Al
! teraliun*.
H AVING purchased the Patent for the ex
. elusive right to manufacture and **'ll (Us
I i new Chemical Paper iu Aineiiva. invenl"d*¥4
patented in Kngland by HENRY GLTN*, n eel*-.
brated chemist and oHicer in the British army,
it is hardly necessary to say that the Paper is
recommended by Mr. Kent. Assurer of the L\
1 S. Mint. Mr. Lyman of the New York dearth
House, and Meade Brothers, extensive aud
skilful photographers, 2!TI Broadway N. ,
The latter say that no imitation can bo made.
011 a check or bank note printed on the Safety
' Paper. Below is our list of prices :
1 Bank Checks, 35 cts. lb.
1 Bank Bills, for 1000 sheets.
Bills of Exchange, $25 for 1000 sheets.
Promissory Notes, 40 cts. lb.
Sight A Time Drafts. $25 for 1000 sheeu.
Insurance Policies, 40 cts. "p! tb.
Railroad Stocks A Bonds, 40 cts. "pi lt>.
Bank and State Stocks, cts tb,
Bonds and Mortgages, 40 cts. "pi lb.
Wills and Deeds, 40 cts. lt.
F<AT .vilks and othey artrclei
it is excellent, as it prevents moths. 40 cts
{4 lb.
For Isdcnturcs aud Agreements, 40 cts.
i lb.
j All State aud County Records should always,
be printrd or written on this Paper, as tlie
chemicals inserted in the pulp not only pre
vent erasure or transfer, but make it lasting
as time.
For Southern Climates it is excellent, and
much superior to any .other ; as the inoistness
of the climate docs not destroy it, —the prop
erties Inserted in the pulp being a, plenty!*.
In aR the southern states, Cuba, the Wet
Indies and the Central American States, no
public records can be k.ept oyer 20 years, writ-
I ten on the ordinary papor, while the oils nnd
' other chemicals inserted in this Paper makes
it indestructible by the ravages of time. It is
also proof against moths, ruts and other ver
min, which feast on and destroy all other pa
per now in use.
The Company have now in operation Mills
in Morris County, N. J. of about 300 horse
; power, and are able to fill all orders for Paper
at the shortest notice.
All orders for the Paper must be addressed
to A. NICHOLAS, President of the Company,
No. 70 Wall Street. 10:10—3 wo.
SOME CLOTHING of Cheney's manuf*'tnr®
on hand at L. K. SPENCER'S,
i 10:3 P. W, S., Agt.