The Potter journal. (Coudersport, Pa.) 1857-1872, August 20, 1857, Image 4

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    ,:it - Zift;c4t:ikN*
VAR P ;CP 0• b r R S Tr! !
?43nOtheef amp et 6'44B at - •
tat -00 REGULATOR.
IViat 101113. vol up4otaie to d'etu up
it Ikt -I§`MviCul . ;4 4'40;4 Tr 44 bulrush.
0. IW -ill -Ps .01)1ciWe m 4111049 that
tai, g
tlar 41 , 14; place in town where they
pus ifeo4 bargains in the line of
J•,4l l tOc ‘ klgig§ ITAQVISIONS,
• •
Pli'lii Wig . 0 1- I.l'llrffilklqr liiiiA has so long
Pm ShO llra4nApriril4lTi of Tra4e pl thi s
tlogrivhiqg - '4vtroqolis. 'Nov we have come
iii 16 . 110444 6 M l iWit flaw 0 gob . Olta Way
frSilt s kw*. 14•01 I that is to let rhg, people
ikuritrwit have theta to sell, and sell them at
Titars which , will lie uu inducement to them::
96 14 tuy uf us; 4n4 for this purpose we
vf2oltaliiitt:4 a golutoty ig 10 ligfrpot where
Vfg Intentl to koop dill PPaPIP pOsteit as to
Leilist war be found at our establishment.—
itstiTholly•kaows, (or at least ought to know)
tritcnrthis tilitßegulator is ; ati4 for tho belle
tof ilisiiiP ffiiu awes knOw, erg} who etch /0
Owe. Ive-Will 444 iliforlli t1i (3 14 th4t it is I°-
004 iioo !?Rip .
firs' calla from the Depot, and is always
i t ioni j,i qi8;41411 - 4 unyj all to save
pereeut. lo‘purelutsiug wicessacies of
tot it is the ouly place in Wwn where
pa ea.ui aspect to have a little change. lift after
purchasing your necessary supplies, uotw ith
-1444144; the ctuatutbu agiertittu - rvery &me
that thrl s;i) 141Y411gr n}aD 1/wir mritfrytw,
W . dui/ 4 ' boss • , 4 01114,i Utlfltis at or iwiovi
eost i -but we tut -e acis4ptesl as ouc titatatrd to
u.idee and. Lit Lire,'4u4 W sett as cheap as
; for wilt;,l ativertive to
pelt you nay Foncittile'tilat
#l.o fatly n dgowitt6 wit it) oFjef
that tjtjt people tleay hoots what we kVell to
feel, we: itiiH enutoentte a few of the must Un
r°rullt MPOes,
_Amy titn3 osetnlaing our etock of Gray.eriee,
we are confident will at once come to the con-
Vittori): that a butte.' and more complete as
iaittneat cannot he fuloiti it klkka 6ectkon, eon
iistiog of - . . .
. . PLI
muLA*sEsR, .
- . 1 ict 7 e.§',
mqvc, .
, umpan,
Ilestar4, Salertttns Cinnamon, Pepper-Sauce,
catsup, Yeast and Soap Powders, Vinegar,
I,4l,Canwhene, Fluid, Chewing and Smoking
Tobacco, gIAtT, Se Kars, Candy, tuts, lt.tisins,
(fralOt'lP 3 l gefriPtis al, tutifies, anti atrem)
loss! Variety of other articles which it is nu
gel.thiary mention,, may he found in this
i lepartiß k e 4 t, agcl, which will be sold at a WI:-
itug ady.apee from 17444 VI ready pay.
[. • rituylsio NS.
41; 1 1C 4 4 icoak 8 4 (air large stock of Pro
-118.10.111t 0 14 188 if wo haTe uut etn tho whore-.
NOtli to, relieve the numerous wants of the:
teeefly, anti enough to keep you all from start-:
ettrough tho long anti dreory winter. II(
to impossible for us to entittlerate clue half the.
irtietes we keep, in a single advertisemenq
tint we will mention a few of the most import
tint, which may bt, found in abund.ance .ant
in great yarietr, consisting of
- P.ORKi,
HrTTI,K, ll
SALT, • li
. • (*RN MEAL, ;
pods host of other articles in the line pro
visions. Also kept hOttitnutly on hand a gpod
fosortment of
PICA as Brooms, Waslituhs and E o ardi. Mom,
Itinner Boxes, Brushes, Sc., together with a
general assortment of Stone Ware, which we
Will 'sell very oheap for cash. A general in
vitation is extended to 'all, and to theptiaaple
pf Potter County in particular to call at: the
Qid Regnlxtor before pureimailig eim-where.
Wellsville, Dee 10, 18:p6.-9 34-e,mo. ''
novisioN STORE.
Offers Great Inducement s
to the store formerly occupied by p. W.
ORNCER, on 3d Street,'N'ortli side of Public
Pquare. -
A good assortment con.,untiyon band, from
wiiic.b i will enumerate a few of tho loading
articles, such as
. Sugar, . Mustard, Cindy,
• Cllffee, Cinnamon, ~Nuts ,
Molasses, Pepper Sauce, Crackers,
%mills, Catsup, • NCO' P. ~
Pepper, . Yeast, C4lt4lles)
Spice, Oils, Shot, ,:
ginger, Tobacco, Lead.: ;
Cluves t Snuff,
"G." C a ps,
Cast.. Sada,. at: O V, C. Tartar,
m:4 Many of things too numerous tit men
tion, will be found in this department,,' which
will be sold tit a trifling advance frotn cost,
for ready. pay. . a
IItQvI,9IO-.)is •
-:ccuastantly on hand, such as
W. satiny othir articles in the tins of Provi
pions not neceasary to mention,. Also,
nick Brooms, Wish-bilis and Boards, &fop.
Dinner Boxes, .te., which will be sold low tor
*ash or ready iiny. Oats, Potatoes',' Butter.
Biegm, Cheese, and in fact alnlaat everything a
rAiker r 3 isesl Kit, be taken ill esieliatie7e tier
tioods, at their cash value: I invitb - the at-
Ilentiou of VillitgixA, l'ariuera and Lumbermen
arbo'dialin to make purchases in the above
articles, and solicit thew to call before pur
-4%0441 414 , 44,44 y, , M. K. si 3 .kNiNic ,
Crin crsport, June 0, 057.-10:2.
111 - 14;4‘10 1 ,14 %11'31,INS and a few oilie r t r
Iff fi#l ,4 4 jH . IHti line of Staple Dry 110edx
r,ro: t Est,J.K.
D. Att.,
pinuatting : . , 1 1 ,i f iettdoielito to I the.
ipQnstitutiou of thp pow.
. . toppliotat h.
sefri3,o74D - the. Senate 4 , 261 ifouse of
11/6protnfatirct e the Voinm'ogitcctlth of
n ri v t dkensa in 44444 distird,lsl *Oa : 7h4t
the fOleVilAil rgite - ;iiittmiats aro propalo4 to the
e uipt4uCiau uf the coinmoulenhl,, i43 - 4 3 : 4:ta rd_
:Ince With the litovi4ioni of die totals article
tliefeUf." •
- l l f = rlfter , AgT:NpNENT.
Thin *4e.ii 4e as aliklitla;tal arliple tc said
corptEttitioa La la: kiplienaLell 43 article eleven,
)14 10/11.3W4 :-•--
l- - .
Ir . -, ARTICLE V.
sEcritil I. T!W state MID. contract tiplits, to
supply- er,sual deficits or:failures in revegnes.
ur ta meet expenses not otherwise provided
for i but the aggregate autumn pr stigh debts'
direct and contingent, whether contracted by
virtu'e pf Roc q r tfk i t ry at uf the general
tir aj Wth:rent Periods '4 time, shall
iteveir esceest scyen littudred ami fifty' thousand
dollar_, end Ot motley itrising front the crea
tion kit . such shill he applied to the
purpose. for which it wn4 obtaiiiini, or to repay
the debts so contracted and to tin otter par
puser. whatet er.
:r,411 . 0 ::.. In ad . diciou to thi al , .ceie limited
powo the state fay cOntiapt dobis to repel
invaSion, s;ppres insurrection, tielend the
'Attie in: war, or tt ted.;ent the . pre,ent oat
indet,,tedUcss ut the. 'omo i but -the
money 'arising %row the contracting of such
debts. shit I.4.4ipfied to the i t qrpose for which
it Wits raised. or tW repay such tit.hts, and to
no knikt'r Vhattiver.
- 4 • l•.:c•rtn: , , J. fk.ctia the dents above sitecified.
in sect funs rote and tvoof this article, uo debt
whatever shalt he treated behalf of
thei stab?.
St.v.llo 4. To proviae furithe payment of
the: present debt, and no' additional debt con
trtieted as stfore,aid, the leiiilature shall. ut
itslf first session. atter thy iistoption of this
anienduntt. create a sinking pul4, tthlrlt shall
bei sufficient to pity the accruing interest tot
sus: li debt ; ;tint nummity the princi
pal a sum nut le.,;i-t4B.‘ t tr 1, 4 1,-
404 p.hil fifty Omani:toil tL%llars ; vhich
twid shall v .kwfott tkt: OA* , net a nisi in
cdpe of the pubttc works, Vino time tot time
oitoiCil by the state, or the proceeds of the sale
of the saute, or any part tm, 1 1 0 4, a n d of the
(nen= ur proceeds of sale of stocks owned by
the state, tag: licrwith otlie,r foods, ur resour- •
ces, that roar be dt.t.4glatv.illv lav• The said
sinking fund may be inere+i,al, from time t%
time, (Cy assigning to irony part of the taxes.
or other re% entois of the state, nut required foe
~he ordinary and current epenses of g o v er n_
mem, and UtlieSS in C:t4C of tr, , tr, invasion or
iltisurrectien qtr p ~,,
, art of the siukiß g rinm
be IlYeti or applied otherwi , e than in ex.-
thignishinesit of the public debt, petit Ihr
" amount of such debt is ;educedbelow the
Odin' of five millions oful
,!! •
Secrtint 5. The cre;lit the comtnonwealth
shall not iu any manner. fir eveut, be pledged,
tryttnt to, any individitid. company, corpo
ration, Or- as7,nriation [wt. eltatt the cutnnton
wealth hereafter ilyCull;1:1 a iVtiAt. owner, 01
stockholder, in any company, association, or
ti, The cuthnonwealth shall not
some the t,c =ar t y part thereof. Cif any
county, city, borough, o' township ; ur of
corporation, or it , sOciatieri ; tin less sue h dein
shalt have been cfaitract l ed to:naWe the state
to repetinyasion. *press domestie insurrec
tion, defend itself in time of war, or to assist
the state in . the discharge of any portion of
its preseut ituichtednessl.,
Siftnom 7. The legislatute. &Witt not author
- 1 -.le any county, city, boroagli, township, or
incurporntell district, t . ) - virtue of a vote of it,
citizens, or otherwi,e, Li) become a stockhold
er its any company, ai4uoia.tiou. or corpora
tiOn ; Or. to Oht.titt,molLby for, or town its 'credit
to, any corporation, as:ii..wiation, institution, or
There shall he an alditional article to said
CWll.litlololl, 10 be (leNfg , ia tol as article Nil,
Ay;leix. ztG
OF NEW 'cousTuP.,s
No county shall be aividcrl he a line enttin;:
taff over one-tenih. of its p.ipolation, (either
to form a tam crtnritt.‘l tar otii3 - kCi:K . . I without
the express assent L4' push vounty, by a vote
of the. electors thereof; n t ir shall any new
eottioy he established , eoutainitig legs than
tour hundred square rniles.
T 11113,11 .01INXIMENT,
From section tiro hf the first article of the
'coustitutitin t strike Out the words. ,•,!/' Inc
of Pialaddria, aad qc . each money r.vectirdy ;"
front section same article, strike out the
words, "(if rhihtddiAjct aud coun
; from section ,teen, sant^ article, strike
out the wurd=, -neither the rily ri l'hil4,l4lFAia
7inr any . ," and iniert in boa tlii-r'eof the word. , .
-and no;" and strike j;Pir f ar
ticle," and in lieu thereof i n sert the following:
" Sncnos: 4. In the year one thousand eight
hundred and ;411y-four, lint in every :•eventh
year thereafter, : repre.ient.ntives to the somber
of one hundred; shall be apportioned and di , -
tribuied equally, throughout the state, by
diAricts. iu proportion to the number of taxa.
Me inhabitants in the set oral halts thereof ;
except that any count,- containing . at least
three thousanddive hundred taxable.. may be
allowed a tAllarato representation ; hint no
more than three countie:., shall be joined, and
no county shall be divided in the formation of
a district. Any_ city containing a sutlicient
number of taxablei to entitle it to at least two
repre:vittativesl, shall hare a separate repre
sentation assigned it, and shell be divided into
convenient dirttriets of contiguous territory.
of equal taxable population as near as may b”,
each of whieh'districts shall elect one repre,...
se Mat Ivo."
At the end of section seven, same article,
insert then worth., "the city of rhil d eld r hi a
shill! be &tided into singis senatorial di , trietg,
fool:I:pour territory as nearly fro( iii tarahlr
pop.4l4tiaii yosaible ward shall be di
rirVri in the fininalion thereof.
The legislature, at itA tirst session, after the
adoption of this .autenfirnent, shall divide the
the city of l'hilAdelphia into senatorial and
rrpro , ,annitile diAriet::, in the manner above
provided ; such districts to remain unchanged
urftil the .tenortionntent in thy year nay
tiundred and sixty,fiotr,
Thcre be an additiwial acction-to the
article of said constitution, which shall
be tinahered and read as follows
Zltio4o:si The legi.2lature shall hate the
power to alter, revoke, or annul, any charter
of incorporation hereafter conferred h . e, or un
ilt.4,,any special. or general law, whenever in
cittittort it nw I t e injuriou?. to the eiti
zom a the eotnntunweattlt; ttt Ny t eh ;yowler,
however, thA s nq injustice shall be done to
tt‘e corpursitork
_ .
ttit ENATI"- % .lirtreN 2.l' t 1R57.
lie4olred, That an.; ru - ecjuti,gu Uu
tr:;1. sutendaier4, yeo 24,1073 73,, ',ott ittie,set , r
and amendment., yeas.4'3, nars iuti the third'
anumihnent, yeas 24,
,nays:;4; on the _fourth.
,veas 23, nays 4. ,
lAtritetfroui the Journall ••
• OLIO. NY. 11,111ERSLY.,
. ,
fiev)lced, 'J. at toolutiou pass. tin the
first iiinvijinent.„ yeht , 11:1y3 12; on the sec
ond nuttautmeid s y,41..3 57 ; navi 34; on the third
sinendutent, yeas I'l,, .uay_s 22; on the ,fourth
-ansentinientjuas 63, nays 7,
itstruct from ;he .(auruaLl
JACt)I3 2:o6l.riti CPO:.
riled I. : Secretary's office, Mar 2, - 1857.
Sst7ttgry of du Cilmtmoitreali4,
ivalPM:3w, Jane 22, 18:;7.
Pentotsivania, as :
j du certify that the aboye and fi,revoing
a true and correct copy of the original "Reso
lution proposing amendments to the'constitu 7
don of the Coininonweidth," with the vote in
each branch of the Legislature Ivan the final
passaile thereof, as appQars Irvin Li 01
on tile in this office,.
- In testimony whereof I have hereuit;,
lu set my laud and enu, , ed to be affixed
the seal of the - rkeremry's Unice, the day and
year above written. •
A • G. ( . I.7nTiN,
SAcretary, of the (.....m.mancreaith
IN SENATE, .Ibre, 27, 1957
The re , :olutiatt prolp,iiog atnelolnwnt, to the
Conmitution of the Commonwealth hying nu
der consideratiuo,
On the linezitioo,
%VW the Senate agree to the lira amend
ypte tutLl nays were taken agreeably to
the prueibinnt., t;,l 6m Culimitation, and were
as 11.411t0v, :
"ti.ks—Xlvsrs. llsewttr, Ilrntvue, Colley, Ely.
Evans, Feder, Fleunikeu. I ,
s s, 11111rIttit,
killing: r, litlO.L t Lett i.. A.l,lvr.
iers, Str.ui b.
1\•,:1111, Wilkins, Wright und Taggart, Speukcr
N 53—lie RS r?... Cresswcill, Finney,
Gregg. Ilarria, 1 1 1.nrclAq titid
Ott the tittti3tWn wan-determined iu the
itirtrtzettiVO ,
On the goestialt>
Wilt the Senate agree to tho s64;tnt a
mendment ?
The yeas and• pay's were taker agree.tilly to
the provi , iong of Am Constitution, and were
Brewer. Browne, Cregmell,
Eviitio, V.:tier, Finney. netiniketi, In rata,
Jordan, Katvi, Latihach.l.inci., Myer, :_•;:iterA,
Shaman, Souther, Steelo, s trant , ) , Vet 4l, 7 Wii
ki,a+, Wright and Taggart, Speaker-23.
NAY3—Aessrs. eulfcv. Crabb, Frazer. Gregg,
6rutit 4 l,(l-8.
Ito t h i vi;ts Livivi . mii%ttl iu iill.
tht the .itt.mion,
Will the Senate agrco tet the third ttuiend
The yeas and nays were taken E.gree-abby to
the proriAons of Use UtonstitlitiOti, :ma were
as fotlo,w, v
Il4ifivt.. Brewer, Breffne, Crahh,
Cresiwell, Ely, Beans, flauniken, Frazer, la
grata, Jordan, Killituter, I.atthaelt, Lee.As,
Myer, Scofield, Sellero, S.RrUGttt, tiontiter,
Steele, Straub, Welsh, Witkitis asst: ‘ti right—
Gregg, tiaras and
i'enrwe—t. •
3 th e questing we.s tioterminetl ru the
(1(1 the itt4e3liatl,
Will the Sella to agree bathe fwirth, amend
ment ?
The yens' and nays were taken agreeehly to
the provitd.llld of, tie Cwoditution, and were
ats 0,11 . 0 W, : •
YEAs Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Coffey.
l.lresswelt, E. Evaln:, l'rnzer, In
;;ram. N,illinger, Knox. Lan lxr,is, Myer,
6),Littier, Steele,
4ir:L: 1 1), WL-I-1), Wilkins :tn.! Wright -1:3,
Crni,n, tiny:L:2J, JorcIALL and
.e. , 1 the 414e.tion Ani determined in the
Lilian:at% e.
April I,a;.
The resolution propciLinvin.endil-nt,, to the
Cum , titqtion of the Conittiuumealth tiviag un
drr eoniiitteration,
On the question,
Will the fluubt, agree to the first amend
ment I
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
th e p,,,‘i ons of tne Coamtitutino, and were
tc4lo-IV x
YEA.s- Messrs. Anderson, Arthur, 1 - 1 :‘,1,
'noise, Ball, Beek, 1;11, bop, Bower, Brown, Co ;-
boon, Campbell, I,:liare, Cle.uer,
Dickey, Ent, ,ter, Fausold, Fomer, Gihbo
?ley, i;thlea, Ila Mel, -Harper, Heins, llei,tan.l,
hill, ll~llcga'. r blues,
Jacobs, Jenkim,, Job Johnson, Kaullinan,
Kerr, knight, I.e.i.,ent tug, Lougaker, Lovett,, M Ilta in, Moor
head, M taunt, \lu , Itout,Nichol, N idod ; oh ,
N unentAc her, l'earion, Peters, Peirikin, Pcm
l'oreell, Ramsey, I;attiwy,
York,) Boatner, Beeo, nolnet:, Rujtp , Shot% ,
Sloan, Soli: li, (Cambria , ) Smith, (Centre.) Ste
venson, Tolao, Vail, Van% oornis, ' Vickers,
Voestdee, Walter, Westbrook, Wharton, Wd
li.,ton, Withei ow, Wright, Zinonermaat and
Getz, Npeal.rr-78. '
NAVS—Messrs. Backus, (Benson, Dock. Ham
ilton; Ilan...tick, Hine, Elullm.ut, (I.eilanon,)
Lebo, Strythers, Thorn, IVatncr ant( IViutrode
estion was deterwiued • iu the
On the question,
i 1 ili tite liott.,e ngrce to the second amend-
Inc nt
The yeas auu nays Averetakpn agreodblx to
the prol,iAous of tue Cougitutioa, and were
as tollow, viz :
Yves—MCiSrP. Anderson, Backhoww,
.Reek, Nmit`r, CAlliwtM Campbell, Carty, Ent,
raautu k iti,'Fo.iter, Galli a, Hamel, Harper, ileias.
fleistoai k l„ Hoffman, (Iterli4,) WNW ,
keeper, Imhrle, lithe% Jenkins, Johns, John
son, litutrinau, Icnigbt, Leisenring, Longaker,
Lovett, Merteae, Mangle, AI Efrain, Moorhead,
Nitrzselman, - Sunernaeher.
l'enn.on t Peters, Petrikin, Powttall, Purcell.
I:olmsey, (Philacelphia,) Rant.,ey, ( York,) Rea
mer, Roberts, Rupp, Shaw, Sloan. Tolan, Vail,
Vovgitley, Waltcr, W.!.Abrook, IVitrton,'Zitit
tit,rman,,and Spoolzer--.4.
Ntvs—M.essr.4. Arthur, .tugu.:tinc, Bacioti,
Benson, Bishoil, Brown, Ch:tee, Cleaver, Craw
ford, Eyster,',honey, Ilani,lum, Bane uc k,
Hine, Hoffman, JwvohS, .Kerr.
Lebo, MCAlmant. Mumma, ( Cam
liria.) Smith, (rentre,) Stevenson. Struthers.
Thorn, Vamoorhi.:. Vickers, v‘% k . g o lls ol t . r . T
%V.trner, Wintrode, Witherow and Wright-3-1.
do the questio4 detertAix,ed tit th 4,1, 17-
Un the question,
Wil-1 inc lionnu agree to the tlitrd amend
ment ?
Tuf! ye4s ang .qv_ , were tAcia
the pros - iiiitt3 or theCon4titniiiin,'srul:Werenz
folluiti; t • • ' : - .! •
Andersim,' Baelthopse,' BA,
Bduk,..llen - s - 01;.1Invier y BroUti.,:Calitonn, Calutr7
Ch.oe; Clan Or. Crawruidi'llikke. - Anti
Poster; Gibbonfiy,
tirtrpor i Zelas;l/eistand, Pill, ,lfillegas, MM.
Min, (Berks.) liotrztioth (Leto:mon,).
keeper. Imbrie, Jaeol;e.luhul o lohustin i
Kauffman, Kerr, I.abti, tougalter, .Lovett, • Bitk
near, :dangle; 3.l*.Calmont,toorlteatt, Itionttul.
Musseltuatt. I\rinere4elief,
Peamon, 'l'eters, Petrikitt,! Kunlun, l'urcell,
Itumsey, (York,) Reamer, Itee 1, Rujin,• Shaw,
Sloan, Smith, (C4Mbria.) atnith, (Catre.)
Stertucort, Tohn,/Yoil, V:turoortii3. Vieker.
Vveghl,yi . ).V.imotazeller. Weitbrot,k,
Witi'roW, Wright, 2.itunietmaii and Getz.
NAY3--Afesi:rs, Arthur, Augustine, •Backu.
Diihop. Curly, Ihnk: "Gihrea, lhiruiiton, Han
eink, liiiic. Jenkins, Knight, I...iisentiag,
vain, Iti t inst , y.( ilattlelph itt. fimiwrt,f;Strutb
i-lri, Thtun , falter, N% amt. Witartuu att‘i
‘Vititrtitte , -;- , 21,
tio the iinesticlu was determined fu the
, Ott the tittetion,
Will the Iluthe agree to the_fourtla azitentl-
Titarit ?
'The yett3'ar4 roy3 were ;sten agreeably to
the provisiOns of We Constitution, and uci•e
; 11 10/1(11i", t iL
Antlerton, Arthur, Back.
hou+e, Backus, Ball , Beek; Bishop ;
Bawer, • Brottu. Catinann, Campbell, Cart•
Chase, ttleaier, tirit% - ao.r.t . „. Dickey, Ent, Ey;ter,
FA113,111, Pogter. Gi4hou.•v. Widen, 'tante!,
Harper. Heirttatul, llell, llillegas, nom
urin, ( Berks. )' H. I Lebanon, ) noun:-
keeper, Intkrie, blues, J.WOIII, Jettkiu , , Aultus,
Aolut , tut. LAIII1111:111, Kelt, L.rL,'4nriug.
10111gAker, LI/Vett. 11:tnear, 11.tuele. M'Calutunt.
M'll %Ilia. Musseltuau, Sick ;
ti•onetoaelter, l'eallon, Peters. Petrikin.
rownall. Purcell, Itant.ey, i
Itat,cy. k Rennuir, Reed, l?..,liert,
Slum, Shunt, Smith, (Cu utbria. 4atitti, Ceti
tre,l Su:venom, Tula n, Vail,
Vickers, Vueghl , y, Wagctnst•ller, W.tlter, War
ner, t V eatitrot: k, rton,
Zitnau,crtuttu and Getz , ii. aker--83,
N It E-- - M,o43rs. llu, kt li tnaitton, lianeoek.
Struttleirn, 'chunk, %.Vintrodt: and Wriglit--1.
the tltt,:stitut waa 41:ivrtuiuud iu tti af
lisnalsat no, %I ilia 32, 1657.
certiq that the above and foregoing i,
et true and eorre,t copy of the I'Veas' and
Nays' taken on the resolution proposkugl
aruetoltnettL, to the Constitution of the Coro
unkuwealth, as the-sa u te appears un the Jour
nals.,of t h e two Houses of th.' General
hly of this•Ctattotonvo.dtkt for the slmsion ot;
li t y hand ain't the. seal eS
L - sa44 (ewe, Ihts twenty- weond day of
Jnnv, one litUltiMiLl eigta litthdred and
A. U.
10:5-3111. SceretaN floe Cumatonwralth.
THE CASII i\ K\l ADur‘l:tiO.
Prices Greatly Reduced,
333 f Broadawy, N. .I'.,
P LIE Large.!, elovq4Atitent of Pianos, Melo
kleon:4, Slusical Instruments. and htusicnl
Nl, , ccliitiolise of all kinds, in the Ceittul State;
rirmos from Ten ilitferviit Manuttetorics, cum-
prising those of every variety of style, from
the plait[, tows atAdi stAstantial tt octaves, in
Walnut or Rosewood Cwses, from 51 fko to $2OO,
to those 111 /he most elegant Itubli up to One
Thousand Oolinnt, to the Union
can compete with the :11 . .0%4 itt the nuirtloor.
variety tind olci:rity'•u( its instilinientft, not
in the Extreoiely low prices at which they' art-
PIANOS, ivitl) tn- without Iron Frances, poi-
Angaing iit their improveineffu or ower-Ntrinp
and action. a length or ' , cafe and comp:frt.; of
tone equal to the 'Grand Piuno, united with
the lieitutv and durability of structure of the
S g tiart, arc Itiot itturt•tuneed by
the, and be the tir,t Masten' Masters, to
he eluut to those.of uny other manufacturer.
They urn iuOit of the heft unit most thorough-
ly oea:oned 'material, and guaranteed to stand
e , ory clilnate. ttt.trumetii
guitrooter.j to k.clte satifuction, or pureha,e
looney refunded.
gains, constantly in store,—price from
.s'3o to
14"Tior Rama macros in Uutch and durability of
make. (Tuned the equal temperament.) Me-
Jotterms of all other styles mud makes. Price
-15, $6O. Si:). $l6O, $125, ...ib411,--tiouble
Reeds and two hanks of Keys, $2410-le;s, at
liberabdiscomit. Clargymeu and Churches,
an extra di,coant.
MARTIN'S GLITARS.' , lug bedelit to posterity. Wherever these ma
A.MOWN S HARPS, 1 chines have been intrnduced, they excite tht
n i rrEs, . ! highest wonder and praise. The aPparatu:
VIsUTINAS. 1 js NI 9 111“1 la . prevent, relieve and cure evert
C-011DNS, 1 disease •
incident to hismanity.—More partica-
VII HANS. ! larly all those painful and formidable discas
and Musical Instruments of nil kinds. at loner es which have for centuries baffled the pro
prices titan ever before ofThred to the pub! c, roundest learning and skill of physicians.
A lariie discount to Teachers and Schorils. From whatever cause there may be an ex-
The trade supplied on the most liberal terms, cess UT deficiency of the nervous Iluid—pro
musle„..t me of the largest and best se- (Dicing, nn excess or deficiency of the acid
lec•cd of Mu , ie now publisht•44 and alkaline secretions—the magnetic Kind
comprising mans of the choice and most pop- pies of the- system ywe deranged. and can on
ular airs of the day, and will be Sold at one= ly he safely restored to their uornai condition
riper, off from the reguLtr prices'. . :by nu application of rungtteto-electricity, 1..
- Music sent be'mail to all parts of the cow -, means of D(t. DICKINSON'S MAGNET()
try, post-paid. 'Particular and personal otter - ELECTIOC MACHINE; This apparatus will
Lion paid to all orders received by mail: Sat- positively prevent, and speedily relieve and
isfamion guaranteed in every instance. Piam s cure Consumption, Scrofula. Rheumatism.
anti .tt.gott6nis- for rent. and rent allowed on Palsies, Neuralgia. Spinal Diseases, and all
puachase. Pianos and Mciodeons . lbr sale ea t olites painfia maladies, however hopeless and
monthly payments. Second-hand Pianos ta- or long Standing. They are eminently useful
ken in exchange for new: General and select in all sexual and urinary disorders. partieu-
Catalogues and Schednio of PriCea forwarded i tarty where the Constitution has been broken
to all ports of the country Ity ;nail, - Irlovim and ruined by unnatural solitary habits ,
fiePtircat inducements rdeved to AGENTS l to which too many of the young of both sexes
in all parts of the comitry, to sell the Horace ! are so lamentable prone. . .
Waters' Pianos ; Melodeons, and Catalogue of i DR. DICKINSON'S MAGNETO ELECTRIC
Music., 8 : 4.;; ; MACHINE-is without the : dangerous compli-
_, --
li ----------- -----4--7- • ---- CittionstirhatteriesaMineitts,:w it kit fact alone
A etired physician, 14 re' ol-2 o r readers it superior to all others on the score
:ig., liavitkV,' ‘ , 43 liis Villtl4 * 'l , Wil ftrotiler s , of neatness, cleanliness. safety and utilitY ,-,
Datightep.tion-M•datv, Nephews and Nieces, by: ;It :is, in fcwt, a handsome parlor ornament;
that dreatifulAi4ean, Cossusterto, and sutler- i „„ : i y bv. ,applied 1.4 . e f child i Apct Will htst n
ing with it Coo://,', himself, detirmincti to visit, lit, , -time, to the great saving of Doctor's
the East Indies, Egypt, and Japan, whert; he bilk. Vic.
discovered it l'rrrentire and . Certain Clire for pi t i cE OF Tim mAcioNE slo.
Cohlt, Coughs, lirorteltiti4, ballsympthm, Ner- . i will he , ,
VOUS DelliiitY and Asthma. His cough ,u - its i t aut oft i le ,. t s T a li e t ` e y a P s ' l e a t i . a s n4 . l ,l.l 4 '"A o t l o v ' a r ' l 7. e .
cured immediately.; he returned, mired his Rd- '
retail at the Medical Office, No, ritt NORTH
'atiree, who inherited tue diiaa4e, an in mist- I andSi:VENT/1 'Street,: 1 1 1tila4t-loltia. :Aare' st
tit-T.6oa with his snit have employed it in their! '
, t 1 .
practice, curing thousands of case:, cowidered A. C. DICKINSON, M.D.
{ • •
hopeless by others, I , ttl. the purpose of rescu- , 10-1 lr. -
------- - -- ---- ------ -
i itio as many of his fetlaw beings as possible, f %TO a LARGE Fall gill)WlN,r t TiIF.NMT
he is sending the Recipe to all who wish it for
.41 Goods just received at - OLMSTED'S.
10 cents; 't of it to pay the postage, and the r-- --- -- ---- - - ---- --- -__
balance p r i o timz,-.. ..Adtt,ress Ur.- lltwrn 101 i. nw . 2 IIOIISE LrMBER-WAGON for
sprimx street, oppc*itect St. Nieliola.. Hotel, !,,JA. for sale by JONES, MANN ,i,: losEB .
New York, 10: - .1--- 7 3tow. ' . Coudersport, June 11, 1857.—tf,,
fru ..Libtritier, tliki: rtoiFod of in
-3."•'-fo ...log!heir friends that Harare hi re
ceipt totlottil re : nowiuyening, tk, choice and
clesirstlo stow. or -. •
to which they.invite - the attention of all who
desire to tal‘keptirchabei. Our stock is large
has been selected, with great care, and la imr
tiettlittiy adoli , ted to the watits of thissetijoe
ilf; our country. l Otir stuek- et Dry apods ;eon
sists of, I1 "-* "
. 41.01115, CASSINIEHES . ' '
' VE - StEitiS, UO-
, r• CMESTICS, ' ;-i'''' -
_ . 2111HTING8, c 4 1 "
. - LINENS, • PRINTS, .1 . :
. 1EOSIE0", - SHAWLS, ":I ' •
„ . -,`
and a variety of 'other articles, too ninnernus
to Mention. ;NV ' have alsi). a compliAt nssOrt
mew-of' . i .
, ._. . - i
. .
1 ' I •IZOCKF.R.I . ; ..
all of which trill' be : sold uncommonly cheap
fur reads pay.. and for iiiiproved credit on m
reasonable ti' c iui4 0f,..- way other c-Aahlkliment.
Millpnrt, 4 1,11 g. 11; IIK:41.•-9:1:1 ty.
- M. XING, 8r: SON,
438 • 13roori4; Strect,
One Door Eli*. uf liroadmla; LCute 41.;6 proad
way.lN Y 0 It K.
E I:statlialtrit 1). 1 831,1
I •
NVITE en eltuniiin.liun of their great rani
._ oy and superior mAenrtuteut ut 01.A.11:6.
nufactur474 at their oat' eetablishuwitt, and
under their innuediate uinceriatioti uLlsi dirvC
tiun, including
liII'IIU~ GU INVALIO (;114"1iRS,
Embracing the rofoit o.turttlete listrortment.
and. ehoietssi kinds for l'Orlurs, iiratriuy
Chnoiters, C lfliy Miura,
Puliticilnititutionsj„ Aurbrrs,.kr..
together with! every
. ilesirable sort adapted to
the comfort, con•:enicace and Itizury of Hit
:Sick, the .4yret, the betiri,n, the Lame and Lary,
In . point of ingenuitylof design, elegance of
liniat iltialisy and rieltless of titaterml, failh
fulnese of etcct./lion..lurnbil itr and clienpnes-,
:hose chairs are elt•11114V:41.11. For them. 11.
W. KING Sr St wet-elle aarctet.! the first and
only Prize ?tied:a, and tto faculty ;7:wont/timid
1111.311 as far preferuifile to beds or clinches tut
patients afflicted with! Spina/ .Idtloatic of
Bronralial affections.
To wittier arm of theellair mac be attached
convenient reading, or writing amt may
euinliitnitiou desired -will he tuattutitiquret to
to order. •1
A Circular with explauatory cuts ; will b..
scut by if repief.N.l, iind order , [with re
inittatwesd prumpity ituy part rit
Lite woad.
ETTX - 171 - tY ECONO:\IY!
,An Arm Clmir, Reclining, Chair, Couch and
Iledstead4Cultlllc u is oS d 1-4 sureeptible ut
twelve ditlerent pa:sit - tolls or changes, to taco
the varied requirentiersts for comfort, couvelti
ence, luxury and economy. Lin space tt. well
as priced Whether in sickness or health,
celebrated CIIAI IL " - AS TOE LIKE exerts iu
many respects, any chair perhaps ever mann
tactured in this or allY other Ettitutry.
TIM price saris from Pitte f o to Thirty
lar:.:rding to iinifh.
Tu Public last iiutious, a' well as to ludirbl.
nal% this UttlAlt is %try desirable ankle.
and will be supplied In a itr number on do
most liberal terms. Apply to or aAtilre,:s
438 lironme at.. UAW Cluo,V ru•t of iirouth‘u.
NIA? YORK. ( bate 46:4 &omit...ay, 1.:44-Iy.
EW GOODS—A Flue ju•l
The best Thernpetatie Agent
ever introduced.
1)13. Dl.CliaNti()N'S
a - :\ NimrsTEToEux
St i r S exciting
absorbing atteil
••,. 3 ion of the
e "
,•.IProte,,ion and
a large portion 01
_ theintelligentlay
inen.of the land. It is now clearly demon
s ratted that the lancet, merenry;huni all othei
.ternal •i . drug medication 7 may ,it laid ai•ide
with perfect safety to the patient and,abid-
..,..•••[ : , :.i . .-1...- :,..,,;--.--,--' `... - ;: , ',. 1,.r: - .- A - y.i.....ii
The..:ol,corst la ii d rifaminiPsosf. 1:4).(1: 7 _
cal iii the 'world I, „ ,. :,- ".
rip lIIS - ELEGziNT • - AND, 1
. - -
MAGAZLNE,cIare.i.. it 9 Ors l ,,v- ittme tti•dkdk%
next. During the few brief int titlt.i of iti es.,
unix, it_haeitt,trtitAte4:a...„Atinatt ity titiequ,44
in the anntißof the.:.Etess..„ - ~ . A ..,, ~ .• •
The pukilishoit titving . o . fre ed IDA:. rtil pre.
rniums for -choice-literary efforts, - ,the ,lode/,
itomtnceS,..r.smaysi .i..f.ket,ry, rtnit , other spark,,
ling anti ititerestitqi reaiding,9lte connuence
iu January last, and. uretleing ..gtill publish
ed in the Visitor..".i
.The New
.Vislitutetvillte e4cartienced:i ii ,i n .
It 1557 . , greatly .. inipilived . nand "eithirged,—.
Each ilunilier will !ebntitin , llll.irtk-tNve eitere,
large sized xoyaluelitre; ititgeic Taal! ing, a meg,
nilicent volume 5.4 - nearlPi :4.0d. ttays for the.
year—or t presenting. an ittz,tfi4 af
t -th.c chili-,
ccs-t reading on on; sitNeete A - Awl to. 'what,
trOuld rust in the 'li‘kik
. .tiore4 et. It aoi, hits,
cent, 'payable itiv4iaidy 'iii ides)eiie.
Some a the nutstipopular ad . iirilliant ticil t i.
and female eontritilature
_are. regiilar eciutri,
htitors and the publishers will-sir - ire no !min;.
or.expense to reud6 the •'Vtli..letanen4ille:`
every way iteetqteallie' to a te i hneit anti/H . IOW
gout community.' .
' - The puldicatiowis ollaptet,
people--the young. find the !
ever seen and perotd, tuga
At:vept:.tion. . I
Bee- Now is The :tinw la
New Volume. i I ~ :•
*,* The hark numbers
complete sets) for p cantina
eerie:: of ill ndudieis Sae we
LlWral itoluccidents to
Ca S'Ne ri.
. '
V r e Rempniber.' nor to ' us are Fifty cent*.
for wit year, I'.,t. AI toittgle .opy: nr three vv.
ire will la. 3ent under one •oter orath.lre'si fult
one Dollar. • I Add se, -4 , -.
- (.I)SIW.N.ISf. (.7()IiI'ASY,,
Plibli..hpr9, No.i 38 . .-.Nortit Se vvittli Street,
(up stairs.) Piiiheileffihda. — - te : t_t y
. _ .
l i -e.t 1211E1:S IV .1 NTIN 0 1' 1... t STEllthr heed
A' will find :14'4111)1c:a I
. A sritlri and sitienlarly- suCcessful remedy for the
LI c u re of all ititinAs cli.caios —Costiveness, bads
,testion, Jaundice, iDrepsyi, Rheumatism. Peters,
Gout, Ilinors,:Nerrommess:lrritaltility, Indultam.
Lions. Hcadrtetm, Pains in the Breast, Side, But,
and Limbs. Female tPlam4yl hats, ,te., die. Indeed,
very few are the dime:ems in/whit:NA l'utgativeltdi
cane is not more MI less ri‘quirek aml, Much sick-
ness and sneering night ..iet preyentues if a karat
less but effeetuid Cittharti veeie mixt dwell met
No person inn Tech well While a cosere III:3 - ot
body prevails; besides it soon generates maim:sea
often fatal diseases; which might have been reside/
by the timely and jiidicions use of a good purgative.
This ix alike true of Coldet, Feverish symptoms, and.
Bilious derangements. 'Ocy - all tend to bemuse Of
produce the deep ste..ited and fortiiidable distempers
which load the hearses all act the
,land. lime, a
reliable family physic is y the first importance to
the public health, and Oils Pill has been .perfected
utith conseimmate Skill tit meet that demand. An
extensive trial of its virtues by Physicians, Profes
sors, and Patients; has illsivim results Rlap.visilig
any thing hitherto ikumayi of any medicine. Curti
have been e ff ected beyond belief, were they not sub
stauthated by peristus (dims+ exalted position and
characeee as to.forbid. thq suspicion of untruth.
Among the matey ensment gentlemen Who bare
testified in favor of these Pills. we may mention:
Pte. A. A. 11. 1 11V4,A111 lytical Chemist, of Ilostfin,
and State Assayer of .1k momehusetta, whose 60
profess.'' cliarneter is etedloaseat by the '
' flex: 'Row A RIFE rnu Tr. Senator of the C. R,
lio Diana C.WlN'runoir,.Ez-SpeAet of the Punic
of Represents tive:4„ 1 - -
A nntrrr Lask . itiNen, :Sibyl...ter Plen. toleennd ,
t. Jon, B. rITZPATRI&., Ca th„ Bishop of Roalt.n.
Also. Dir. J. 11.. i Cut tA•ou r l'ractictil Chcmishof
New Volk City, endorsed by
Bens v. 1.. "4..knet, iSeeretary. of State.
'Wm. It. ARTOIC: the richest 171:111 ill,Alllelifll.
S. I.m.asal , N: t4i1,,, I'inlit's of tie plensystrm
lintel. arstuthers. .
Did melee permit , use could give many hundred
certificateti, froni .all Parts where the 'Pills here
been used, but evidenecl even more convincing thol
the experience of eminent public. men is found
in their effects upon trial.
These Pills, the result of long. investigation and
study, a re o ff ered to the, public as the best and
most conipleie which the present state of moliod
science can alibi& They are con Mounded !lota
the drugs them Selves, tent of the niedieinal,vinsts
only of-Vegetable remedies, extracted byythianical
process in a state of pOrity, and combined together
in , oril a tensmier as to ensure the best molts. 'lbis
is!is.toro of coinposition) for mcdirlites has been timid
its the Cherry rector.and Pills Loth, to produce a
more eflicient remedy than had hitherto-Menl olal
tainedhY4lnv process The reason is perfectly ole
thins. While lir .tlie l iold mode of composition. et•
cry medicintils; burdeped with more or luss of seri
mullions-and hijurionti qualities, by this each indi
sidles' virtue only that is- desired for the curative
Cittti4l if Ttle-s:ey.t, AU itheinert and obnoxious gush
hies of each substance employed are left behind, the
curative yirtires. only Ibeing: ietaiiied. Mace it ii
self-evident. ,thc ctiZra should prove as they havi
proved inorCpUrelyremedial: and the Pills setae,
entire Powerful ; antidote 'to disease than any 01110 ,
medicine knisty to the,world: '
As it ix 'freepteutl ' expedient ihnt my weevil: 1
should be taionn tend r the counsel of -an otteada i
ilk,‘Y.lo4o, and as 1 1 cmdel not properly Judge eh
remedy without k raving its ,ctimposition,l 931 41
supplied the nceurdie Funnulic by which both ell
Pectoral :oidl'ills Are mode to tlw-A l;ol
ic 14 i' f 1
Ppartitionou the lUnitcsi St.,tes and British Ab:biti.
lean l'etiyinces. if however there should be iii i ,
one ;Ulm- ha's not received . them, they trill
ProUtptly ((tetrarch. be mail to, litst y address.
Of all the, paten .kleillitinex that arc aikido 9
few would hp taken iif their coMposition wr bo l d.
Their- life cousista in their Mystery. I to" 4/
mysteries. ,' i _
, 11 ,e e°, mii(),.sitierq of my preparations is hod 0 9%
its All rat it,!end all - who are competent trijudgc. 'hi
the subject - fteell iskprorhicho eliaie ci•sts' 444
of their in trinsielherits. - The Cherry Yettorl
pronnunced by sidentific men 'to he a woad i
medicine before ini effects-were known. 3tan!i
M Physicians Physlca ns have declared the same thing:
m y
Pills, and even more ,cinifideutly, and arr.!'
ing to certify flint .ttkeii. antteipations' trm V i tii
than reallicd by their effects upon trial.
Ther opk.rate b‘.their;posierful influence -0 9 , °!
internal v(meri topurgy the blood and stimulate !
into healthy. action -4 ) orvinove the o bisenctirk,!!"
the Sternal+, bowels,\llYer,.and utilor org*?. 9 \ Ce l
body, restoring.their irregular action ha ti1\1'! .. %4 1 0 .
by corieling, wherever . they exist,- sae% el!'
meats my re the first origin of disease-, i, k ,
'Being Lugar wrapped tkpy arc pleas:nil rr,„,,,,
and beini,tpcircly vegetalde,.noVal:ca nilsr
their 'nri - ini auy. quantity. - . .
Fur mmute. air •.
,direction, nee .wr,awei - on the P 4l '
• . -11 ''•
PR I.4'A It likl *l. I
J IA M.E S - A.
.... , 0 .- Y E 11 1 .
en . te,aoli IkiL,oin.,yut LOW( I.L, ii3; Clic . ti iti
for Si ,
Price.2s Cents per ititS. live Boss
P. SPENCER, prra
rou-nr.igsp)RT,, au ,/ 6)170 1 ,
0111 . 1..1iE and Vritggi6ts etserynliere.
to.~dl-cli ca ot
s with uttiver4A
subscribe to, iha
mat be le,a4 (tie
• ach s• • orthe who,
e.:vre,eitel mots_
Clubs and Cho.