The Potter journal. (Coudersport, Pa.) 1857-1872, August 06, 1857, Image 4

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Tpll: , Tsrritoiy9f4 r ahitic , t9n, ia. abed
to hold aid we obsetve with
ple: 4 s),lle, that. the I.epubliCan party has
)30e *k:ialze4l rthireja; -arid has noniinaz
Led a
,).tr. Aberneiliffer Relegate in Con,
ress.* t a=is Mr: Pierce.'
orernOr.: : ,Ste*pns, who will
protaly:'Aiieek.ted;thOngly,there is some
,tlf-iJanka of his :own
I a ay; ,f 9 I, as the Governor has had
).nostof the. politicians by trade un4er 11411
natrenade 'as - Speciallndian'- agents,ex-
arcs; rjrleri:::i
helpers in one or azioth- .
eapAc.ify;ilYe: : preSiune that he will he I
phi° ,Coui pass , own, glegion :
he: 'Republican ' pity is-henceforth a ti x
ed `fket''ini.Y o raWiington Territory, and
asill giSSW - .With the i iicispasing intelligen 1
pt •.reople.,',-.;with; Schools,. Journals,
tlhurelies, We hope yet to see Wash- i
pigtoti-jii - stify Yet' 'position on the .north
iuc eflhe.t.Tilited States, .•
. .
Thelli pi.iiilieati'lithvement was not or ,
sanls - edl N tionally one : day too
Bad- it Overborne old party lines ten years
4nro,'We •siOnld:.-haF4 had a far more
pollfi..eal opinion and ae
,,tion-in lUnion 114 in 'we now have.—
.1•': • Tribgpe. ;., •
Gura.j.zha A. • errow, 31. C. from
Poinsytrairio,. has 'just returned from a
buffalo•bUilt, be:;•and the Big Sioux river,
in ••Baeotali lerrit'ory.. • 11e
. &pen't the
Fo.tirth.witli 'Col. Noble's wagoh road ex
perlition. at liole-in-the,3lountain, where
lie' delivered' achlits, and his auditors
kept•:,up the honored' titaitum of burning
. de .rv&e, . •
. •
•SQs7.l"he ollotriiig is Prentice's last
. upd
,641 ti tiTo. up in Henry is
pemocratte papers . she eau
her 11:intls on, 10 malesoap of. She says
tlesput sight better th..n ashes—they
nre ; tuust . asgootlas elear "
7 1 1? .g Jr E .N . D 9 US . R CT 8 II I ;
- - 4 - 11dtlier Cary, of Cools ac.
VOlr,iniglit as well undertake to dam up
the waters of the Niattara- with bulrush
as to, try to convince 'the Inultitudi! that
, :th•ire-is any, other place in town where they
!att. get such great bargains in the line of
es it, the Old TlCgulator which has so long
been.,the.Great, Emporium of Trade in this
We hare done
l.J.the..conclusion that there is only pie way
tfiScil Goods, end that is to let the people
know we hare illem to sell, land sell them at
prices which *ill be up imincement to those
inWant to buy of us: and for - thiS purpose we
have chartered a column in the JOuroui where
we Inteinl.f6 keep I.bp people posted as to
whatnia:y pc found our estab:ishm[ent.—
'Eiery body knows, (or'at least ought i 4 kur,w)
where the Old Regulator is ; and for the bene
fit of , those who don't know and who wish to
know. we Will just ihforM them thus , it is lo
cated_ight ,
ron the
tinty;:it few rods front the Depot, and is always
open for customers and all. who wish to save
2:i per cent. in pufehasing the necessaries of
Itf ;for it is the only plop in town whe're
you can expect to have a !!itte chtine left after
purchasing your necessary supplies, notwith
standing the comthon assertion of evur one
that they sell cheaper than their nerijithors,
\.'e don't boas: of selling goods at or below
post, hut we hir:e adopted as our tantlard to
)';We old Let1.,,, , r," and to sell as c4alt. as
the `cheapetl; for when people advertis'e to
1.e11!below cost, you may easily conclMle that
- they:are Only- “throwie4 ont.bait." ld order
that the people may know what we keep to
=t - eel, we 'will enumerate ti few of the most it:l
- ; pirtAnt. articles,'
G-R0 CE f t I S
otie'examinink our stuck of Groceries,
toudent will at once CODIC to the con
thiiiozci.that u. -bette.l and more complete as
imrtiil6nt`.iTaquQt be ftniu4 ix this fiFctiou, pn
sisting of - •
•. • •
.•COFF.E.g • • : -
--- ' SY R U PS.
:t.llustard,•Saleratus. Cinnamon, Pepper-Sauce,
• Catsup,. Yeast and Soap Powders, Vinear,
• Oil,:Camphene i Fluid, Chewing and Smoking
Tobacco, Snult, Segars t Candy, Nuts, RaiFins,
.. , ,Crackers,..llerring, Soo, Candes, and an
less 'Variety .tother y titles Which it is un
necessary. to mention, may be found in this
- -department, and which will be sold at a trif 7
- *ing'adianco from cost to, ready pay. ,
• Just take,rt look ot :95r large stock of Pro
;:ryisions; and see if we have not got the whi•re f .
:With to relieve: the nuf f ierous ' wants of :the
and enough to keep pin all from story
:. ing,through the long and dreary winter. It
. is impossible for Iti:to enumerate one half the
iirtieles :we keep. in a single , aVertisenient,
but we will mention a few of the most impor
tant; which may he found itt ahundance and
in great variety, consisting of
- • • - BORN,
_ . ILAMs '
• •
• • LARD,
• COR. El) BEEF,
fLOUR. •
. - I.'OTATOES 4
• .1 1 . 4 ?Et t NS,
-R!id.a host of otligartiele,s ia the line of pro
visions. Also kelit constantly on hand a good
assortment of -•-• •
eueti .
ttißrOdmi; Washtuks end Boards, Mops,
Dinner:BOsef,...',4lrushes,,'&6.,•together with a
',geUerallairsorttnent of *pc Ware,. which we
14111sell'vely 'cheap' for eAs.h:' A general in
vitation is extended to all ; and to the People
of Potter; particular to, call at the
Regulator before purchasing elsewhere.
'Wellsville, Dec 10, 1856.- 7 0 34-Gino.
Proposing linelxdrnenits to: the:
1 t.:outolltation,of ithe 439 m .,
. • ,
.• •11,
Esa4 .77,D • ! Sen - Ftera? Ifni a of
it,,Rewesadalires of the E'onyt!?ntcialth
ftt,, general ~:lt s .:te-‘ , Olp rivet.: Tltat
;11 - e following tonedulevsttie . pr,uposti"to
tOnstitatio4 the couuunwettyla i iii accord
duce mith the procisiuus of thq:teuthTurtiele
There. shall beno additional article to eititl
egostitution to be ttesiguated as glticle eley,en,
as ruptnve;.....
, . .
SeCTION state tray COVlllet debtg, to
• supplicasnal deficits' or fadnres in re
or to meet 'e:ypemes not otherwise provided
for ; ;but, the aggregate amount of such dehts
direct and contingent, whether contracted• by
virtue of one or wore acts of the general as- .
r sembly, or at dillerept periods of time, shall'
never exceed seven hundred and lifty thousand
dollars, and the money arising from the tires
. tiutt of suet)debts, shall •be applied to the
purpose 'for which it was, übtained, or to repay
the debts so ceutraete . d,•and to no weer pur-.
posel whate.:er.
ECT lON atlctition to the above limited
power the state may contract debts to repel
invasion, suppress insurrection, defend the
state in war, or to' redeem the present 014-
standing indebtedness of the state ; but the
money arising from the contracting of such
debts, shall be applied to the purpose fur which
it. was raised, or to repay such qebts, and to
no other purpose whatever.
81::12TION 3. Except the debts abore specified.
in .;:options one and two of this article. nu debt
whatever shall created by, or pu behalf of
the state.
SECTION 4. To provide for the payment pf
the present debt, and any additimial debt eon
' :Tamed as aforesaid, the legislature shall, ah
its first session, utter tips adoption - of this
amendment, create a sinkiritg fund. which shall
be stillicient to pay the accruing intereq op
such debt, and annually to reduce the princi
pal thereof by a sum not less than taro hun
dred and fifty thousand dollars ; which sink,
ing feud shall consist of the net annual in
come of the pubic from time to time
owned by the state, or the proce:eds of the saje
of the same, or any part thereof; and of the
income or pi occeds o r sale of stlekS owned by
the state, together with other funds, or resour
ces, that luny be designated by law. The said '
sinking fund may be increased, from time to
time, by assigning to it any.part of the taxes,
gr - Other revenues of tlte state, not required for
the ordinary and current expenses of ,govern
ment, and unless in case of war, invasion or
insurrection. no part of the said sinking fond
shall be used or applied otherwiSe than in ex
tinguishment of the public debt, until the
amount of such debt is reduced below the
ent of five millions of dollars.
z..i.rterms 5. The credit of the commonwealth
shall not in any manner, or eyent, be pledgad,
or loaned to, any individaal, company. coulo-"
ration, or association; nor shall the common
wealth hereafter hee9tne a
.joint owner, or
•stoeknolder, in any company, association, •ot
SECTION ti. The commonwealth shall not ;Is
sume the debt, or any _mut thereof, of any
county, city, borough, or township ; or of ally
corporatlon;,ur association ; unless such debt
sln9l have been contracted to enable the state
to repel invasion, suppress domestic insurrec
tion, deTend itself in thou 'of war, or to u3sist
the state in the discharge of any portion of
its prorent indebtedness.
SEcTius 7. The legislature shall not at,thor
in any county, city, borough, township, or
incarpuratcd'di.triet. by virtue of a vote of its
citizens, or otherwise, to become a stockhold
er in any company, association, or corpora
tion ; or to obtain money for, or loan its credit
to, any corpocatiun, association, institution, or
There shall be an additional ankle to said
constitution, to be designated as article XII,
its follows
• No county shall be divided by a line cutting
off over one-tenth of its population, (either
to form a new county or otherwise,) without
the express assent of such county, by a vote
of the electors thereof; nor shall any nehy
ermlity be established, eohtaining less than
four hundred square wile,. -
From section two of the first article of the
comtitutiou, strike out the words, "%f the dig
of and of each *county recpectir4
from section live, same article, strike out the
wards, "of Philadelphia and of the several
ti:r; from section seven, same article, strike
out the words, "neither the city of Plaadelphia
nor only" and insert in lieu thereof the words,
-and no;" and. strike out "section fear, same an ;
ticls," and iu lieu thereof insert
,the following:
"SEcriux 4. la the year one thousand eight
hundred 'qua sixty4ottr, and in. every seventh
year thereafter, repreSentatives to the number
of one hundred, sliajl, be apportioned and dis
tributed equally,
.throughout the . state, by
districts, in proportion to the number of taxa
ble:inhabit:tuts in the several parts thereof;
except that apy county containing at least
-three thotisand live huudred taxables, may be
allowed a separate representation ; but no
more tharl three countic.l shall be joined, and
no county shall be divided in the formation of
a district. Any city containing a sufficient
number of taxables to entitle it least two
representatives, shall have a separate repre
sentation assigned it, and shall be divided into
convenient districts of contiguous territory.
of equal taxable popglation as near as may be,
each of Which districts shall elect one repro
-At the end of" section seven, same . article,
insert these words, "the city of l'hiladelphia
shall be divided into single senatorial districts,. of
contiguani territory as nearly equal in taxable
population as possible; bid no ward shall be di- 1
eided in the /invitation thereof.
The legislat - pre, - at its first session, after the ,
a/option of this amendment, shall divide the
the city of Pailailelphia into senatorial and
representative districts, in the manner abovd
provided; such districts to remain unchanged
until the apportionment in the rear one thow
sand eight hundred and sixty--four..
There shall he an additional the
first article of said constitution, which shall
be numbered and read as follows : •
SiirrioN U. The,legislatur! -ball have the
power . to alter, revoke, or annul, any charter
of incorporation hereafter conferred by, or un
der; npy special, or general law, whenever in
their opinion it may be ininriotm to the citi,
zens of the commonwealth; iri.such manner,
however, that no injustice shrill be . done to
the corporators.. ••
IN SENgE, 3fare4 27,' 1857.
Raofrefi, That this resolution pass. On the
Airats24olo 4 3., 7; seer
(l, enduraiti ;my ; 1 1 1 .ii,;.: ; p,pv0.8-59f11,?thyd
men:dilate, `Yells* 24, 114-y3...trq4' tlle. fpurtli
.i.paentline.ut,yois 23; nays 4: '-': •;. •
tioid Journal:3
4pnZ 2) =
Rotolred, ThaVtltisresolutitntliSits , On e
first dinuntirnent; j4l; the ses
'ond :itnen'iluten t , vetis tile third
ntnenchnent; yelis 72, nays 22; ,the fourtit
atneudutent,..reas ts 3, nay. 4 7.:
11.4.trag;. froin thp .1611 . 11U:111' '
Filed ig Sc:cretury's office;; Mgy I 8,17."
' .4. G;
- • ' Secretary of theVoihosootrealth.
- • SECit
Ihignsuenu, Julie 22, Pi5T.
Pel)7M/11 ; 1711;a : rs :
• do certify that the abuye and foregoing is
a true and correct copy of the original
lutIoti proposing amendments to the Constitn
tiotrof the tpitrionwealtti;" with the cute in
each braucl of the l i egialatore upim the final
passage theFeuf, as appears from the originals
on tile uiliee.
• In teatimony whereof I have hprenn
• •
s '• l l9 set my hand and caused to be Atlixod
the seal of the Seeretury'S Qilice, the day and
year above tvritien..
• ' A. G. CURTIN,
Secretory of the Conifoonieealth,
IN SPATE, March 27, 1857,
T 1 ;csolgtion proposing arn,endi;uents to the
Constitution of the Cornmonw9alth being un
der consideration,
On the question,
Will toe tieniite agree to be first =lend
inent ?
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the iirovisions of the Constitution, and were
as follow, viz
YEas—Messrß: Brewer, Browne; Coffey, Ely,
Evans, Fetter, Flennikea,,Frazer, Ingrain. Jor
dan, Ki'linger , Knox., Laubaeb, Lewis, Myer.
Shuhiu, Steele,. Straub,
Welsh, Wilkins, Wright and Taggart, 4`ipeakee
NAYs—ltessrs. Crabby Cresswell, -Pinney;
Gregg ? 11an1.. Peni-obe and Souther--4.
rio the que4tiou wtni dcteriniuml- in the
t.htthe question,- !,, „ .
Will the lieuate agree to the second 'a:
'L'ne yeas and nays were taken - agreeably t 9
the provisioas: of the L'onstitution, :And were
as follow, viz : '
. .
. .
Yr-is—Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Cresswell,
lily, livens, Fetter, Finney, Flenniken, lngram,
.Ipr(leh, Nnoy,'„ Laubaeb, Myer, Sellers,
Shuman, Souther, Steele, Straub, IVelstt, \Vil
hhti, Wright and Taggart, Speaker-23.
N.ivs—Stessrs. C;oirey, Vraub, Frazer, Gregg,
Harris, lcillinger, Penrose end Seofieltl—§.
_ .
ttiq the quesliclu nay determined in the
On the question. .
Will toe Senate agree to the thirst =end
The yeas and nays were lnkeit agreeably to
the previsions of toe Constitution - , and Were
as follow, viz:
Yuan--Messrs. ,Brewer, BroWne, Crabb,
Cressivell,,Ely, Evans, Flenniken, Frazer, In
grain, Jordan, Kiilinger, Knox, Laub:Leh, Lt>lVi3,
.11.yer, 8::ofield, Sellers; Shuman, .)uther,
Steele, Strauu, WeLin, - Wilkins and Wright
Nars—Messrs. Coffey, Gregg, Harris and
So th,e question was determined in the
. .
On the question,
tae Senate agree to the fourth amend
ment ?
Tile yeas and nays were taken ag,reeably to
the provisions of Lue CoustiLution, ahcrwere
as follow, viz:
YEAS —Mossrs.lrewer, Browne. Coffey,
Cresswell, lily, Evans, Flenniken, Fraser; In-
Knox, Lauinteh, Lewis, "dyer,
eoheld. Sainhou, Souther, Steele,
Straub, Wash, Wilkins and Wright-23.
NAYs—Alessrs. Cribb, Haney, Jordan and
So the question was determined in the
frinqat ve.
April 29, 16:.7. -
The resolution proposing amendments to the
constitution of the Lununouwealth heing, mi
ner consideration, -
in the question,
Will tue Liouse agree to the first amend
i yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the ptuvisious of toe Constitutioll, uud were
us foilow. viz:
YEAS--Messrs. Anderson, Arthur, Back
house, Ball, Beck, Bishop, Bower, Brown, Cal
lionu, Campbell, Chase, Cleaver, Crawford,
Dickey, But, Eyster, Pausold, Foster, Gibbo
ney, Gildea, harper, nes, Helmand,
Billegaii, Hoffman, (Berks,) Imbrie, lnnes,
Jacobs, Jenkins, 'Johns, Johnson, Kauffman,
Kerr, Leisenring, Longaker, Lovett,
Manear, Mangle, M'Calmmt, 3111v:tin, Moor
head, Mumma, Musselinan, Nichols, Nicholson,
Nunemacher, Pearson, Peters, Petrikin, Pow
nail, Purcell, Ramsey, (Philadelphia,) RamSev,.
(York,) Roamer, Reed, Roberts, Rupp, Shaiv,
Sloan, Smith, (Cambria) Smith, (Centre,) Ste
venson, Tobin, Vail, Vanvoorhis, Vickers,
Voeghley, Walter, Westbrobk, Wharton, Wil
liston, 'Vitherote, Wright, Zimmerman and
Uretz, Speaker-78.
NAYS—Messrs. .Backus. Benson, Dock, Ham-
Btom Hancock, }Hue, liolYw,tn, (Lebanon.)
I_erkrtithers, Thorn, Warner and Wiutrode
So the question was- determined in the
un the question,
• Will to,e !louse agree to the second amend
isrlent '
The yeas nna nays were talten.agreenhly to
the pru}•isigns of the Constitution, and were
VEAs-- . -Messrs. Anderson, Back-house , Beck, Bower, Calhoun, Campbell, Carty, But :
Ftpisold, Foster, - Gildt a, Hamel, Harper, lieill6,
Heistaud, Billegtis,:llotrman;• (Berks,) House=
keeper, Imbrie,• Hines, Jenkins, Johns, John
son, Kauffman, Knight, Leisenring, Longuker,
Lovett, Menear, • Mangle, - Milvaiu, _Moorhead,
MUSSOlinail,.ittllolS, LSiChOl:3Oll, ,X eutacber;
Pearson, Peters,. Petrikin, human, Purcell,
Ramsey, (l'hilaerlphia,) Barkley, (York.) Hea
vier, Roberts, Rupp, Shaw, aloau, Tolan,
Wilter,.Westbrook, Wiirtdit, Zim
merman and Spea-ker7-5.7.
INAvs--,Messrs. Arthur, Augustine, Backus,
lienson. Bishop, BroWn, Chase, Clearer, Craw
ford, Ffyster, Gibluiney, Hamilton; Hancock,
Gill, Hine, Hainan, (Lebanon,} Jacobs, Kerr
Lebo, realmont, Mumma, Reed, Smith, (Cum
bria,) Smith, (Centre,) Stevenson, Struthers,
Thorn, Yanvoorhis, Vickers, Wagmiseller,
Warner, Wiutrode, Witherew and Wright- 7 3C,
So the qqestion was 'determined is the af
Un the qapstioa, ,
Ntilitue house agree to ihe' third am'end
meat? ' • , , ,
The yeas an 4 ',lays wire taken agzecabiy to
the"picsvisit4ifor t4e tuulwere us
;, • .
YEAS—Me M.Antl9r3on, Deckhouse, 40,
4worl;:l9wkriArcoli,callieun, Catop
frell, Chase, Cleayer . ,,Crawihrtl i 'Dlykey, 40 7
'Voter,. ,Fatii.ohl, GittboneY;',4laniel;
liayper, Hein3, EleistanA, Eiill, liillcgus , Ijoff;
(llerk:4,) (I...ebanon,)
keeper, Imbrie,"lnties',..Theolis.-Jislins; Johnson,
LutjuiM , lcerr, , kgbli; L6n,gayer,-Lovett,,
:neai, Naugle, realmont; Moorhead, 3jAknua,
u ssoitha Nipholson, nernathe r
Pearson, ;Peters Petrilsin. Pownall,
fl',' l lro%e:4l; (York.} 'teener, Reed, Rupp, Shaw,
Sloan, Smith. tCalnbrja,) Smith, teentre,j
S . t i evensolf, Tojan, yasl,`.,V.anroorhis,- yi.*er ;
vuegilJeS, Wagon:34yler, 11 estbrouk, ICi Liston,
IYitlierdw, Wright,' Zimmerman, and Metz,
Spiaker-72. • •
N t iYs—Messrs. Arthur, Augustine, Backus,
Bishop. Carty, Doak; Hamilton, Ilan
emit. Hine, Jenkins, Knight, Leisenring,.
ruin, Re ins ey. ila de Ipaia,) Roliert.6, Struth
ers, Thorn, Walter; Warner, Wharton'. end
61.1 the . question was determined in the
Pflimpitive. •
On the question,
:Will the ileueligree to the fourth amend
ment ?
The yeas and nays were taken ntreeably to
the provisions of the Constitution, and were
as tallow, viz.:
Y.ts--11.essrs. Anderson, Arthur, Back
house, Backus, Ball, Beck, Benson, Bishop,
Bower, Brown, Calhoun, Cdmpbeil, Carty,
(Lase, Cleaver. Crawford, Dickey, Eut, Eyster,
Faitsold, Foster, Gil2bouey. G,ldea, Hamel,
Harper, Heins, Ilcistand, Bill, fiiltegas, Hu r-
not). ( Berks.) . Hoffman, (Lebanon.) House
keeper, Imbric, runes ' 'Jacobs, Jeukins, Johns,
Johnson, Kauffman,, Icerr, Lebo, Lei,enring,
Lovett, Stanear, llaugle.M'Calmont,
NPllvain, Mumma, Musselman. Nichols, Isylicli2
elson, Spitemacher, Pearson, Peters, Petrikin,
Pownall, Purcell, Ranisey, ( Philadelphia.)
Ramsey. It - tirk.) Reamer, Reed, Roberts, !Cupp,
Shaw, Sloan, amith. (Cdrabria.) Smith,Cea
treo •tevenson, Tolan, Vail, V.invoorhis,
Vickers, VoeghleY, Wagouseller,'Walter, War
ner,:We,,t brook, Whartoa, Wittistou, Witherow,
Limhtcrohn and Getz, B,eetsker—tiz. - •
N ' AYS-3lessrs„ hoc's,, Hmilton, 'Hancock,
Struthers, Thorn, Wintrode and Wright-7.
:So the question was determined iu the at
. A
Atunsntato„June loSi.
Penni2ilvanicr, $.l :
I,do certify that the abol'e - and foregoing is
a true anti correct copy of the "Yeas" and
"Nays" Wien on the resolution proposing
amendments to the Congiitution of the Coin
ntonwealth, as the sante appears oa the Jour ;
nails of the two houses of the General Assent
.of this Commonwealth for the session of
1.63 i
S'-i Witness uy hand and the - seal of
said office. this twenty-second day of
June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty
10:5-3m. Secretary of the Commonwealth
Price - G-re;itly Reduced,
So. 333 Bi:ocithccili,
TrIE: Largest Assortment of Pianos, Melo
deons, Musical Instruments, and Musical
Merchandise of nil kinds, in the United•fitates.
Pianos from Ten dithurent Manufactories, emu
piising those of every variety of style, from
the:plain, neat mid substantial 61 octaves, in
Walnut or Rosewood Cases, from 61.50 to 6200,
to those of the most elegant finish up to One
ThtMsantl Dollars, No house in the - Union
can compete With the above in the number,
variety and celebrity of its instruments, nor
in the F4tremely low prices at which they are
PIANOS, with or without Iron Frames, pus
sesing in their improvements of over-strings
and action, a length of scale and compass of
tope (Kola! to the Grand Piano. -united with
the beauty and durability of structure of the
Sqnare Piano. They are justly pronounced by
the; Press and by the first Musical Masters, to
be equal to those of any other manufacturer.
They are built of the best and most thorough
ly Seasoned material, and guaranteed to stand
the' action of every climate. Each Instrument
gtotranteed to give satithction, or purchase
molter refunded.
.great bar
emistptly in itore,—price from S3U to
pprior Instruments in touch and durability of
nait:o. (Tuned the elptal temperament 4 Me
lodeons of all other style:: and makes. Price
$45, $6O, s7s '
$lOO, $125, sl4o—double
and two banks, of Keys,. $2OO----lessa
discount. Clergymen upd. Churches,
an extra discount. - • •
and Musical Instruments of all kinds, at lower
priiies than ever before offered to tha public.
A large discount to Teachers and Schools.
The trade supplied on the" most liberal terms.
IiIUSIC..-Une of the largest and best se
lected catalogues of Music now published,
comprising many of the choice mid most.pop
ular air:.,'of the day, and will be sold at one
third orfrom the regular prices.
Masia sent by mail to all parts of the Nun-.
tryl post-paid. Particular and personal atten
tion paid Ito all orders received by mail. Sat
isfaction guaranteed in every instance. Pianos
and Melodeons for rent and rent allowed 'on
pnachase. Pianos and Melodeons.for sale on
monthly payments;'; Second-hand Piapos ta
ken-in exchange, • General and select
Catalogues and Schedule of prices foratifded
to nli parts of the country by mail.
' • Great in . klucements offered to AGENTS
in all parts of the country, to sell the Horace
Waters' Pianos, Melodeons, and 6italeigue of
Mosio. • '8:40,
A 4ctircd Physician, 75 years of
age, having lost his Father, two Brothers,
Daughter. Son-in-law. Nephews anti Nieces, by
that dreadful dise'ase, CONsptmos, and suffer
ing with a Cotigh, himself, detirmined to visit
the East Indies, Egypt, and where he
discovered a Prerefitive and Certain Carejor
Colds, Coughs, Bronchitis, Connunptfott,': Ner-
Debility 'and Asthma. -Ills., cough was
cured' immediately; he returned, cured his Rel
ativiii, who inherited the disease,' and in con
nection with his son have employed itin their
practice, curing thousands of cases considered
hopeless by others.' For' the purpose of resell-,
ing as many of his fellow beings as possible,.
lie is' sending the Recipe to all who wislfit for
10 cents; 3 ofit to pay.. the 'postage,. and-,the
balance printing.• Address
...1)r. , liss.rit:A 01
Spring sheet, oppaiited st. Nicholak. Hotel,
New Yort.,,
= DIILLPORT icaiLD-tiVA)Mpai ,
THEinhsoribers take this anethOd'.of,
- -farthing their frientls.that the; ,:}re` in' re
ceipcot, fled are- nom' opettingi :a choice and
,ciesirable-stock of•\ ' '
to which,the3,- invite the attentk or ; ah wlio
desire to make purchases. Our stuck is large
has been selected with great - pare. b Par
ticularly adapted to. the wants of th's section
of our country. Oar stock: Diy.l).)odscOn
-sists ,
• ! SHIRTI OS,_.
anal a variety of other articles, too numerous
to mention', We have alap a. complete Ussort
meut of • • :
' CROCKERY• . • -
nll of which will be . sold'unconumily chenp
for ready pity, p.m/ ftir approved credit on 114 .
reasonable terms as auy other establishment:
Nillport, Aug, 1/, 13/:+ti.-9:13
43 13roonie Str 46t,
04e Door East of Broadway, [Late tks BrOa
- .
.t 1 edio/lei,l A. 1), 1833.:
IrNVITE Vn etaminatioi) of their great. vtiri
etz. r .anB. superhir assortinent oh CHAIRS,.
tuanufaettired at their own cstublislintent.'und
under theirinimecilitto ohservation ‘ ud direc
tion. inelqding
CHAIR. !! • . 011
11/1111r3IATIC, SPINAL AN.1.1
Embracing the most complete assortment,
and choicest kinds for Parlors, Draw,: 11Gonta,
Chambers, Gardens, Libraries, Coantina ',buses,
UStees, Pal.; lie institutions, Dentists, Bitrbers,
together with every desirable sort a i dapted to
the comfort, - convenience and lux pry of the
Sick, the.l, , lgrd, the Indira, the Lai/team' Lazy.
In point of ingenuity of design,. e l legiince of
finish, quality and richness of thateriili;
tulness ofjexecution, durability and tilivapuess,
these chairs are unsurpassed. Pori them, 31.
Sr. KING & SUN, were awarded the first and
only Prize. Medal, and the faculty rieommend
them as far preferable to beds or couches for
patients afflicted. with Spinal Asiltnuitic ur
To either arm of the chair may be attached
a convenient reading or writing: Dr.s.:, and any
combination desired will be manufactured to
to order. ! •
A Circidar with -explanatory cuth, will be
sent by mail if requested, and °Mari: [with re
mittances:,] promptly forward.d to tiny part of
the world.
KING'Si "NEW CH/ R. 4 ' IS YOU, LliE .IT," -
An Arm Chair, IteclininF Chair, 71)ueli and
Bedstead,! [costars h it; ox ,] is sus c eptible ut
twelve ditlereat positions or ehange i s, to meet
the varied requirements l't.ty comfOrt conveni=
ence, luxury and economy. rin spa .e as well
as price.]' Whether in siekpess or , malh, tlii
celebrated CHAIR -As YOC LIKE ivi excels in
many respects, any chair perhapk,ever manu
factured ia this or any other counttiv:
The price varies from lAfiun to ' !drill Dol
lars, according to ffinish. , ,
To Public fustitutions, as well asp individ
eats, thisq3llAlß is a very desirable article,
and will :he supplied in any nutaltr on the
most liberal terms: Apply to or a. dreSs
1 - M. W. KING'S SON,
438 BrCrome st., One door ea , tt. of . Int'uttlway,
NEW Tonic. (Late 468 . Brew/lefty. itt:44—lc
'V, EVIOOODS—A Fine _1:-sort ,
-LI reee i ived at OLM!
est Therapeutic
ever Introduceet
. 4.4 , " is ex lung; he
iabsorhitig atten
tttion ot i the Medi
f" cal Profession and
a litrg E portion of
; .....--------, the int Iligentlay
men of tle land. It is now clea. , ly demon
strated that the lancet, mercury, and all other
internal 'f drug medication" may bb laid aside
with perfect - safety to the patient! and abi&
ing benefit to posterity. ' Whereviir these nr
chines Intlve been introduced, they excite the
highest IVonder and praise, The! apparatus
is adapted to prevent, - relleve and cure every
d in
disease incident to humanity.—re pit:Alien-
Ilarly all those painful and formid?ble dtteas
les which Ilmve for centuries hated the pro
foundest learning and skill of phyiicians.
From IVhatever cause there mak ) be nn ex
cess or deficiency of the nervous filuidpro
t clueing an excess or deficiency- 9 1 the acids
and alkaline secretions—the magnetic princi
ples:of the system are deranged, Itild can on
-1 ly he' safely restored to their nom al condititib
by on aP plication of magneto-el •etricity, by
I ELE,CTIII.O MACHINE. This apparatus will
j positivelY ; pve.vent, and speetlilyj relieve . and
I cure Consumption, Scrofula, - Rheumatism,
Palsies, Neuralgia; Spinal Disantes, and all
other -paibful maladies, however 1 opeless and
iof long standing.. They are emi eutly useful
jin all sexual, and urinary disoyd rs, particu
larly where the Constitution has
,icen, broken
down and ruined by unnatural solitau habits
to ivhichltoo many of the young (i f both sexes
are so lamentably prime.
!MACHINE is without the datigekons coinPli-
I rations of batteries and aciii,s—whielt filet alone
I renders ii sUperior to all others 'on the score
of neatness, cleanliness, safety and utility.-
llt is, in fact, a handsome' parlor ornainent;
may be applied by 4 Child; an will last. a
life-time,: to the great saving!of Doctor's
1 bills, Arc.; - • • . -1 •
It.will! be' safely • packed and sent to any,
part of the United States. , . Sol wholesale
and.retail at the Medical Office,l,3BNOßTH
'SEVENTH Street, Philadelplat. Address,.
A. c.
for sale by - JCISE.§..MANN
CculdeisPort, June
I rec'eiyed .0
ti ILL
X..) Just
the- C 7
tea' pest an4lllantreonlegt_ll::l94:
“)•• • catiri-Ilte.
V I VOIllat 1 0 1 :C 1 00;9P°'
, - •
msELEdkvt', AND
MAGAZINE -SloBpl,o - 4i vtildnie in - June
nests D uring he ,fe" w. brief Mentlis
tea'ee it , has uttnined
in nunali of the l'inss, ' •- •
, 'The,publi4tirs •
fOr_l.4)ol . tli literwry etfortN - IMailes,.
Romances, Eisitysi I?patry . , atid ether ttimil
ling•-and inicrqsting reedit* wits, conimeneell
iu January, Last, - and, ate being 41111 reddish.
cel in the V hitter.. • -
"The Ne7.Volttiite,wilflieTgoinitietiedlit:le.-
h 185:7 ; • greatly: haproved `anti "eplarQrd:
lqaeli number will contain tlifitYttio extra
large sized royal tadavO pages,,initking a na g .
nitinent yuluule . of .nearly ! tog :pages for-the
. year—pr , , presenting an autonnt of the chei.
cot renditig on ) all %tha t
%Could cost in die book stores M.' le:114 fifty
cents, payable ilivaritt.W. itt advance.
Some of the most popular, and brilliant a l o e
and female conirihutore tire regular ciaj p i r -i
butors and . the publishers:will spare tin pc
or expense : to:n:ll(l6% r ib° IN - eh:owe - 1T lat 4
every. .way_acceptable Iti'a refined and
gent community. . "
The publication is adapted to ell cgs/ of
peoides—the young and : the - old•—und where.
ever seen cud peruSed; r . iiieets wits - tinivetsti
acceptation. •. • .
a:ff" No* is . the to subscribe' - ,to , th 4
Sew. Volume. - •
*.4*, The.back - , nambers . may be had. (r
complete sets Or 3 cents etieb, bribe whoi a :
series of 12 nuMbers for TiliE:4l - -mt cents,
Liberal iudueetitents to Clubs and c an ,
vassers. - •
e-Remetilber, our terms Are Fifty ents
'for one year, fur zi siugle'copy, or three cup.
ies will be seat un4eioue eover.or addres. for :
Oue Dollar. . Arldress,,
ciiispEN &COMPANY,
Pub Miller!. N0.,38. North .51;renth Shoitt,,
stairs.) Philadelphia. 10:1*
CHAIP. , 3.
I!' will find a supply at ." ,
9:43. JONES, NS k .ONES,
ONES, MANN rv. JONES, ,pisy the highest
OP- market prier for all kind's pfProdace,
THinE has long existed n' Public demand for na
effe,tive purgative pill which could be relied on u
sure and perfectly safe in its operation. This has
been prepared to meet that Amend, and an oaten•
sive trial of its virtues has conelnsively shown with
what snecessit accomplishes the purponelesigned.
It is CM' to make a physical pill, but net east
, Make the he of elllas— one which should have
none of .th . 6 Objection.. loot all the advantages, of
every other. :This ha, been attempted here, and
with what suLeess we would 'respectfully submit to
the pnblic decision. It has been unfoi.tunatelti
the patient hitherto that almost every purgative
medicine is acrimonious ondlrritating to the bow.
This isnot. Many of them produce so mach
griping pain and revulsion in. the system as to more
than counterbalance tho good . to be derived from
them. Those. pills produce. no irritation or pain,
carless it arise from a previously existing obstruc
tion or derangement in the bowels. Being purely
vegetable, no - harth can nrise.from their use rn any
quantity ; but Wm better that any medicine ',lama
be taken judiciously. Minute directions fur their
use in the seveial diseases to which they are ap
plicable are given on the box. Aiming the tom
plaints which have been speedily cured by them, we
maionention Liver Complaint, in its various forms
of Jaundice, Indigestion, I.anguor nnil Loss of Ap
petite, Listlesdness, Irritability, Bilious Headach..,
Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side .
and Loins; for in truth r all these are but the con•
sequence of eseascd action In the 'liver. As as
aperient, they afford prompt and sure relief in t.!ng.
tiveness, Piles, Colio, Dysentery, - Humors, Semi.
ula and. Scurvy,'Colds with soreness of the body,
Ulcers and impurity of the blood; in shortiesy
and every case where a purgative is required.
They have also produced some singularly oar'
cesefirl cures in Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsy, and,
Erysipelas, Palpitation' of the Heart, Pains in the
Back, Stonmelvand Side; They should be freely
taken in the spring of the'Yeat, to purify the blond
and prepare the system for the change of seasons,
spa occasional dole stimulates the stomach ati
bevels into healthy action, and restores the ape!.
tite and vigor. They purifYthe blood, and, by their
stimulant action on the circulatory system. mum
yam the strength of the body, and restore the
iynsted or diseased energies of the wholo organism.
}lance an occasional dose. is advantageous, ever,
though no serious derangement exists; but we
necessary, dosing should ne'er- be, carried toa far, -
as every purgative medicine reduceslthe strength,
when taken to excess. Thethonsand
a physic is required cannot be ennmeratolhere.but
th st themselves to the reason or every_
bed:, ;andit is confidently believed this pill will
answer it better - purpose than any thing which has
hitherto been available- to mankind. When their
virtues are once lorown, the publie will no lancet
doubt what remedy to employ when-in need of
cathartic medicine. Being sugar-wrapped they are
pleasant to take, and being purely vegetable, no
harm can arise from their use in any quanta , .
For minute directions-see wrapper, on the .}3ol •
anent just
Practical and Analytical Cikeinisi
Pride. 25 Cents per Box. riprn Bore&foi
• Fur the rapid Clare Or
Tars remedy has won for itself , finch noteddi
from its cures of every variety of pulmonary dl. ll
that it is entirely unnecessary to recount the 0 1
Aences of its virtues in any community whete -11
as been employed. So wide is the field of its use
fulness and so numerous - the cases Tel its or e h
that a lmost every section of the , ee „ unte y - a tiouralt
is persons publicly kunwn. who hav e redot4
.rom alarming and even desperate diseases of tha
lungs by-its lase. When once tried ifs superietl l 7
over every other.mtalieine of its kind is too APIA" ,
ent to escape observation. and where its virtues are
knoien.- the public no longer hesitate what ar.tidots
to employ for the distressing and dangerous afro
tiops of. the , puha - inn:try organs which' are incidisi l
to. our climate. Mid not only hi forinidahle
tacks - upon the lungs, but for the milder varietiet
of COLD!, 'CDROM 114AESENESR, &e.; arid for
CIIILDREN it the p leasantesti and safest uted . o o
that can be obtained. • :
' As it has long been in constant'use ,thrinEtget"
this section, we need not dornore than wen= -the
people its quality is kept pp to:the bested it ere ,
has lieeri, - and that the genuine - article bi 41 by
COTDERSI'ORT; ,Pa 4 and .b.r.ComArylfer
chats tul.Druggisltvever.ywliere.,