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    t&p'fhe following ia a portion of adia
w the Independent Press says
occurred ih Vy iiiia.iispjrt one day lat-t
week :
WlnU ifan,—There's no use arguing the
matter with bj, Cu.l! \ou know that God
sc. u fiO&rk oa C&i&t m.irk, *
was a black 3in, and tuat settles tue question
♦n Q ucgrce- mqst be slaves* - -they aie Cam s
descends sita.
You read the Bible, I believe, sir !
jr. Jf.— Ves, indeed. I know .11 about :t!
Cu£. Well. then, who were S red ia the
ark ? Anybody but Njah s faxn.iy ?
IT. 21.— Notody clae 1
Vuf.—Theu 'all Cain's descendant must
have o.eo drowned, and you and I ar
the same 1 Now, which has the best
fight to en dure ihe other ?
Aithougn tns waite man "knew a.. about
it " he w a > .A the end of his sciipture lea. n-ng-
At tnis one of those men who fly from
oppression ia Europe, and wao, after a warm
and fraternal welcome from us, are meau
eoou 'h to becqaie auvqc ites ct oppression
to pnt iu his word, the negro
quick y settled h.t# w,th,
"Wav, vol sty that you earn? to America to
gt free from the eel of the tyrant oa you.
cwu neck, and row you are not as named to
help a worse oppressor here to pat a.s neei oa
mine !"
It is but justice to remark that our European
friend did look 'asaumed. We nope the suacie
xaay work a reform.
The bod of Henry S. Gun, of Mississippi, ran
O.f a few wecat with Lie father's second
wife. X.v yo—g "-on of a Gun has not been
beard of sine..
I'LOlldu, iOOjl AAO AWIL,
furtyjiV $$
ULc.dilAAiv.iO' UaJ..
Edited and Published by J. A. JS'cuh
and JI. P. Paruh.
FROM its commencement, thi3 Journal has
been coiiaervauTe in pnac-ple, national
in cnaracer, and single in its gieat object o.
c.sva.mj tue I'tUas.rui employ mjiiis — .ijrvcu.-
tarc, Manufacturing and ine M-.cnanic Ar,s.
Regarding Agr.culture as t.ic ijo.nei-A-me
pf national proapienty, we havesougut to ad
v.iuc. in .n.ereai, by an earnest advocacy* of
the iarme.V Oj encouraging a just ae.i-
Caitnre ao tue true nieaus of e.crating his po
sition, and by toe information
for tlie oi the farm, the garden,
the stock, tue dairy, and pertains to
rural ecouomy and tiir.ft.
But deemuig that Agr oaltare flourishes be t
and ifcapa its ieWards, in proxim
ity wuu tue Mecnamc Arts, we uate devo,ed
to the.© a portion of oar,
information of £ tat vniu to me UKeuau c,
and of nearly equal vnluC to the firmer, be
cause more or directly connect 1 w.t. his
employment. G'nr m 0..0 is u 1
only Wi.h I'arming, Oat wiU wuateve. O .vo,
the farmer a quick return uud a fur price 10.
his produce ; and this tue cultivation of the
Mechamc Arts will certainly accomplish.
With tiie.-e pri.iciples always paramount, we
have ever maintained a higu moral position, everything offensive to good taste, u.-
aiso evervtuuig sectarian, or bearing upon
party politics, or sectional i'eelings'or interests,
thus making our work a lit f.imiiy visiter for
all parts of tiie country, and securing for it a
Belecter and wider patronage than often hap
pens to Journals of the kind.
The I'lough, Loom and Anvil is published
Monthly, each Number containing ti-t pages ol
reading mutter, and an Advertising Supple-
SMnt, making in all from 80 ta 3< pages, prin
ted with new type, ou line paper, and done up
in a stylo challenging comparison with any
other publication. Price to Single Subscrib
ers, $2 a year, to Clubs of Four or more, Sl,ho;
to Smgle Subscribers,six months, .>i.
There are two ways of sustaining Periodi
cals ; one by a high price, with a fsw sub
scribers ; the other at a low price, with many
subscribers. We have choseu the latter, bo
cause we would rather speak every monln to
2u,000 families than 5,000. Specimen Numbers
sent to order, gratuitously.
PREMIUMS : —For a Club of Four tr more,
11 The Progressive Farmer," an octavo volume,
worth 75 cents. For a Club of Five to Seven.
\ The Farmer,'' a quarto volume, worth one dol
lar. For a Club of Eight or more, a bound
volume of the I'iough, Loom and Anvil, richly
worth two dollars, will be sent by return of
mail, to persons forwarding money for Clubs.
Reader, loox at our prices, and send us Two
Dollars if you want the cueape.t publication ;
or if you want it cheaper than the cheapest,
join with three or in ore of ye ar ne.gubors, and
seud us U ie Doilar and Fifty cents each ; or.
if you cuoo-e you can eucio.e us One Dollar
for six monlii3.
J. A. NASH <fc M. P. PARISH.
10:4 No. 7 Beekmau St., N. Y.
OF Kiffr.tiuc.KS Or .<IEKCiIANDIS£ in
Potter County, Pa., by the Appraiser of
Man Canute Taxe?, lor year A. D. lt>s7.
fioroujh of Coudersport. class. aiFt.
J. B. Smith, 14 $7 UU
Smith oi Janes, 14 7 00
Jo.ieo, Mann & Jones, 13 10 0j
H. J. Oimsted, 14 7 00
L). 11* O.uioted, 14 7 00
Sea o oaae.- & Jack3on, 14 7 Ou
Jo in M. Judd & Co., 14 7 0u
Emily K Spencer, 14 7 Oo
F. Sahr & Co., 14 7 GO
lleary Andreson, 14 7 00
Mary Goldman, 14 7 00
James B. Jones, 14 7 00
S. £. Darrow, 14 7 00 :
Qtwayo. McDougall, 14 700
S.mmons s. Weds, 2 eto's, 14 14 00 !
Mann & Xichol3, 14 7 00
Bahard a C xaueld. 14 7 oo
Win. ii. &J. 11. Graves, 14 7 00
If lyases.
L) J. &E. W. Chappel, 14 700
Hacket 6i Madge, 14 7 00
Dan Baker, 14 7 00:
A. Corey, 14 7 00
A. lioitou, 14 7 00:
K. W. Mclntyre, 14 7 00
Janes & Hopkins, 14 7 00
Barclay A Brainord, 14 7 00
William Burlesou, 14 7 00 •
S. M. Mills, 14 7 0 q
An.oi lliymond, 14 7 o u :
,V 11. It /get :, 14 7 00
Au Apjxal Milt be held at the Prothonoia
rr •00 m (Jondersport, on the 30th day ol
i ' - u - ' ' o'clock A. M., at warch time '
avd ttiO ; ,i t <;n- ied tnav attend.
U -'li.iii;, Mercaaiile Aiipraiatr
J un H, ic;4-4t
An Ordinance relative to tne building ol
j\ qll, 0 f Borough of Coudersporj, held
Monday, the 25th day of May, A. p. leoi, it
was Ordained: !
p That 3ide-walt3 be made ten leet
Wide 'bv the owners of Lojs on each side ol
Main street; from Water -street to the street
lading to Grand ill lliil.
EVe. Ii. —The said bile-walks on Main st.
to be built ol Flank, live feet in width, plunk ;
to be laid in the center of the side-wulk, and
graded with gravti on both aides, making in
ail ten feej. '
' B.c. 111.—Jhat Sjde-wujks be made on each
sijle of East and West Etrects, tie whole;
ice. IV.—The Side-wajka on East and West
streets to be mode of Flank, Gravel, or flag,
i at tac option of the owner j, laid in the sumo
m inner as on alaju street, eicept across the
Couit House Square.
£ cc . v.—That Side-walks bo made on Ist,
2d, dd, 4th, nth, Oth and Ttu Streets, on botu
sines, iruai East to Weat street.
chc. Vl.—The Side-walks on said streets to
be built of plank, gravel, or flag, (at t,moo r
tion of the owurrj,—except around the Oou. t
iiouss Square—tjn feet ia width, and wheu
plank is used to bo laid iu the same manner as
an Main street.
Sic. VII.— The Side-walksaroundtheCouit
ileu-e Square to be built, in ail puitjcplars, in
' tne same ai inner as oa iuarn street.
Sec. VIII.—The Street Commissioner is
(hereby ordered to superintend tne liuild.. g oi
said aide-wain*, th.m to be built in
accordance with the grade established by the
Borough Purveyor, according to tne specjhcu
i trons Ji this Ordinance.
S c. iX.—Tue "Borough Sqrveyor js hereby
' ordered to cstubli h the g. -de on all streets on
' vihLh crde-w-iks are to be built, und set
j ot-kes to guide owners of lojs ia ui taeir
i aide-walks.
S\c. X.— Ihat or printed notjces be
! given to the owner or owners, or; gent of aucb
; owner or owners of sajj lots, to malse tue
, side-walks opposite respective 143.
Sec. XI.— ; I1 said rdde-wulks are uut
! ouilt on or before the FIRST DAY OF ACG
CSX, next, then tpe Town Counc.l sh >U l<-t
. the same to the Rawest and beA bidder, gi". iag
at ltnat two wee a3' in the I'o.ur Joa. -
n'lt Proposals will lj<f received for the
ambling of tue said Side-waßcs in accord
ance with the provisions of th-a Ordinance,
idling per cent, to the oust of
; 1 tig said Aue-waii.s, and to he cMI-MM us
ae.<ts of like amoq..t; arc collected by law.
s.c. 1-. mid this Oruiauuce oepuoiLhed
j _ii tunes Fotier Journal,
Wsi. ii. METZGAR, i'res't pro cem.
1 .litest : ii. 11. crouKs, Sac'/.
C-jude. jport, May -a, ioo7. —10:1 7t.
Supplement to the Uruiuttuee oi naj ~0,
ISiT, relative to Side-Walks.
cf the Borough of Coudersy art, ucld on
Monday, June btti, 1857,
vju it was Ordaijietf : That the Or
( iinance paso.u .Uny -oin. ioo7, relative to
j oide-Waixs, be so amended as to read, '-from
> Water street to West," instead of ''from East
j to West streets j" and that the usual Notice
: o given id tue J'oilcr Journal, and printed
nonces of this amendment be given to all pei
i sous owning lots between Water and West
j streets. D. W. SPENCER,
i Attest; Rurgess joro tem.
SXJI'L 11. SxoaßS, Sec'y.
Coudersport, May a, 1857.—10:2-( t.
Au Ordinance relative to Xuisauces.
Fussed Monday, June B th, 1857.
VVTHEREAS a Petition has been received
j T* by the Town Council setting forth that
1 Butchering i 3 carried on in the center of the
j Borough to such au extent that it has become
a nuisance, and praying that said nuisance be
1 abated, therefore,
Ssc. I.—lt is hereby Ordained that from
j and this date no Butchering, creating
i thereby a nuisance, be carried on between
East and West and First and Seventh streets
in this Borough.
Sec. ll.—An t if any person or persons shall
create said nuisance within the limits pre
! scribed by this Ordinance, li§, she, or they
t shall forfeit the sum of Five Dollars for \he
first offence, and Twenty Dollars for the sec
! ond and each subsequent offeuce—said for
feiture to be applied to Borough purposes, and
! collected as debts of Rke amount are pow
j collected by law.
Sec. lII. fhat this Ordinance be publish
i ed in the Fatter Journal.
Attest: Burgess pro tem.
Sam'l 11. Storrs, Sec'y.
Coudersport. June 8, 1857.—10:2-4t.
nnilE Proprietor of the " M EKCAXTILE
X GUIDE'' would respcc.fully call the at
tention of the Merchants, Farmers and Mechan
ics residing out of this cAy, to the moderate
terms for a yearly subscription to the GUIDE,
being to mail subscribers oulv 50 C'euls
per annum, making it the cheapest family
newspaper in the United States. Tne columns '
of tne GUIDE wdl contain the usual variety
of original and spicy articles, wrtueu not only
to pie ise but to instruct. In regard to poh
ios, the GUIDE will maintain an independent
tone, and from time to time wdl advocate me t
sures as conducive to beuedt the greater num
A3 an inhu-dmen. ior persons to interest
themselves to obt tin subscriptions for the
MERGANTIuE uUIDE, we oiler tne following
premiums. Upon receipt of the names, pay m
advance, w-' will forward them by express, or
otherwise if ordered, to the address of tnose
entitled to them.
For 300 subscribers, cash, $35 oo
For 250 subscribers we will give a splen
did gold watch, (warranted,) 30 00
For 200 subscribers, an elegaut
locket, 4 glasses, worth, 15 00
For 150 subscribers, one elegant brace
let, worth 11 00
For 10U subscribers, one gold vest chain,
worth. 1Q 00 •
For 75 subscribers, 1 gold pen and h d
der, haudsom dy eDgraved. wurt.i 8 00
For 50 sub.ciioers, 1 gold pen and hol
der, worth 6 00
For 40 subscribers, 1 gold pen aud hol
der, worth 3 Q0 j
For 15 subioribers, 1 medium gold pen
and holder, worth 2 00 i
For 12 subscribers, 1 goid pen and hol
der, worth l 50 i
All c )mmuiiications should be addressed to
W. BLAKELY, Editor and Publisher of the X.
Y. Mercantile Guide, Xo. 103 Greenwich st.,
Xew York.
Newspapers throughout the Union, by I
publishing the above appropriately displayed, I
including this notice, two months,'and ceding
attention edi orially to the same, and sending i
us tne paper, w.ll be entitled to an exchange,
and receive a gold pen and holder worth $2 I
10:4—bt, j
Another Cargo of Goods at
OU might as well undertake to dam up
X the waters of the Niagara with bulrush
es, as tp try to convince the multitude that
there is any other place in town where they
can get such great bargains in the line of
as at the Old Regulator which has so long
been the Great Emporium of Trade in this
ilourishing Metropolis. Now we have come
to the conclusion that there is only one way
to sell Goods, and that is to let the people
know we have them to sell, and sell them at
prices which will be an inducement to those
In want to buy of u.-; and for this purpose we
nave chartered a column in the Journal where
we intend to keep the people posted as to
what may be found at our establishment. —
Everv body knows, (or at least ou-/hc to know)
where theQid Regulator is ; and for the bene
fit of those who donH knou;, and who uuU to
j t';noii\ we will just inform thcuj that it is h>-
! eatcd rigk l on'the
only a few rods from the Depot, and i 3 al^ 4 }' 3
open for customers and who wish to save
25 per cent, in purchasing the necessaries of
life; for it is the only place in town where
you can expect to have a Utile change iefi after
purchasing your necessary supplies, notwith
standing tue" common assertion of every one
that they sell cheaper than their neighbors,
We dvn't boast of selling goods at or
cost, bat we have . dopied as our stand trd to
•• Luc ana Li: Live? and to sell as cheap as
ike cheapest: for when people advertise tu
sell below Oct, yqn may easily conclude tha:
they are only h throwing out bait." In order
that the people may knaw what we keep to
seel, we will enumerate a few of the inostnn
oortant articles,
Any one examining our stock of Groceries,
we are Cuiifid-ut w.U at once c >mo po the con
clusion that a betteu and more Complete as
aortmeut C-mqot ye found in thn semion, CJU *
sisting of
Mustard: sjfalepatus, Cinnamon, Pepper-S mce,
Catsup, Yeast and Soap Powders, Vinegar,
Oil, C, Fluid, C.iewing and Smoking
Tobacco, Suuil, cs g r.-, Candy, Nuts, Riisins,
Cracker.-, lferring, Soap, Candles, til end
less \ ..nety ot ot.*er artmies wuica it is un
necessary to mention, may be found in thi
d pariuieut, aud which will be aold at a tril
ling -dvauce from Cost to ready pay.
P l\ 0 VISIO N S.
Just lake a iook at our largo stock uf pro
visions, ajd ee if \ye Lave not g ;t tue where
with to relieve the numerous vf.uits of tlft
needy, and enough to keep you all from starv
ing iinoug.i the long and dreary winter, it
is impossible for us to enumerate one half the
articles we keep, iu a single advertisement,
but we will ineution a few of the most impor
tant, which may be found in abundance and
in great variety, consisting of
and a host of other articles in the line of pro
visions. Also kept constantly on hand a good
assortment of
such as Brooms, Wushtubs aud Boards, Mops,
Diuuer Boxes, Brushes, &c., together with a
general assortment of Stone Ware, which we
will sell very cheap for cash. A general in
vitation is extended to all, and to the people
of Potter County in particular to call at the
O.d It gulator before purchasing elsewhere.
WelUville, Dec 10, 1830.—9 34-Gnio.
"FMTHEREAS Letters of Administration to
▼ T the estate of RUFUS A. FREEMAN,
1 ite of the County of Potter, deceased, h tve
been granted to the undersigned, all persons
indebted to said estate are requested to make
immediate pay men', and those hiving claims
ogunst the same, will present them duly au
thenticated for payment to the subscribers at
Ulysses, Potter Co., Pa.
M vy 23, 1857. Administrators.
WHEREAS Letters of Administration to
ih J estate of DANIEL IIIGLEY, 1 ite of
the county of Potter, deceased, Lave been
g _:n ed to the undersigned, rill persons indebt
ed to said estate are requested to m ike iin
medi ite payment, nd those having claims
aguuit the same wdl present them duly au
th nticated for payment to the subscriber at
Hebron Pmter Co., Pa.
May 23, 1837. Administratrix.
YATiJS uOJifr/ I\[ JRSiikiK.
WH. OLIN & CO., of the Yates Comm
it Nurseries, have for sale a large aud
valuable assortment of FRUIT
of all varieties usually cultivated. Tuese
Trees are young and of vigorous growth. Tne
qualities are the most choice known, aud are
warranted GK.vyiNE. ALo, a tine stock of
for fall delivery.
orders to C. BEACH. Pen Van.
Yates Co., N. Y. Orders left tyith ROBT. W.
NILES, Coudersport, Pa., will be promptly
tilled. 10:2-6 mo.
E\\ GOODS —A Large and Splendid A=-
LTI received at
BLEACHED MUSLINS aucf a lew other i
tides in tha line of St aple Dry Gccc
low for cash at E. K. SPENCER'S,
10.2 D W. S., /.
CLOTHING of Cheney's manufa* \n
on hand at E. K. SPENCER'S.
\QX D. W. S., Agt, 1
Prices Greatly Reduced,
No. 333 JBroadway, N Y-,
THE Largest Assortment of Piapqs. Mclo,
deons, Musical Instruments. and Musical
| Merchandise of all kinds, in the United States.
: Pianos from Ten different Manufactories, coin
! prising those of every variety of style, from
the plain, neat and substantia? tij octaves, in
W-'lnut or Rosewood Cases,from of at> to $2OO.
to those of the most elegnßt finish up to On-
Thousand Dollars. No house in the Union
can compete with the above in the number,
variety and celebrity ol its instrument.-, ov,r
in the Extremely low prices at wuich tuey are
PIANOS, with or without Iron Frames, pas
sessing in their improvements of over-string
and actioii, a leugth of scale an 4 pom pass ol
equal to the Grand Pktjjo, united with
the beauty apd durability of strnutme of the
Squ ire Piano. They are justly pronounced by
the Press and by the first Musical Masters, to
be equal to those of any other manufacturer.
They are built of the best and raost thorough
ly seasoned material, and guaranteed to stand
the action of every clinjafe. Each Instrument
guan.nteed to give satifaction, Of purchase
money refunded,
SECOND-HAND PIANOS, at great bar
gains, constantly in store, —price from $3O to
perior Instruments in touch and durability ot
make. (Tuned the equal temperament.) Me
lodious of all other styles aud makes. Rrife
$45, SdO, $75, $lOO, $125, sl4o—double
Reeds and two banks of Keys, s2uo —less a
liberal disc .'Unt. Clergymen and parches,
an extra discount.
aud Musical Instruments of all kinds, at lower
prices than ever befoje offered to the public.
A large discount to feaauers and Scliools.
The trade supplied on the most liberal terms.
MUSIC** -One of the largest and best so
ke el c tiloguis of Music now publish..d,
comprising in .my of the c.oice and mist pop
ular airs of the day, and will be sold at one
third off from the regular prices.
Music sent by maii to all parts of the couu
try, post-paid. Particular and personal atten
tin paid to all orders received by mail. Sat
isfaction guaranteed in every instance. Piano.-
and Melodcons for rent and rent allowed on
puachase. Pianos and Molodeons for on
monthly payments. Second-hand Piano; ta
ken in exchange for new. General and select
Catalogqes and Schedule of pr.ces forwarded
to all parts of t ie country by mail.
jgsyGreat inducements offered to AGENTr
in all parts of the country, to sell the Horace
Waters' Pianos, Melodcons, and Catalogue of
Music. 8:46.
J. HENDRICK, Principal.
THE Academic year will be divided into
Tkres Terms of thirteen weeks each. The
Winter Term will commence on Monday, De
cember Bth, 185(3. The Spring or Summer
Term will commence on Monday, April Oth.
1857 ; and the Fall Term on Monday. August
24th, 1857.
Tuition per te.m of thirteen weeas, as fal
lows :
Primary Studies —Reading, Spelling.
Mental Arithmetic, Ac., - - $2 5.
Common E • gboh Branches—G<--. g a
phy, Orthography, Oc n i
Grammar, z , - - - 3 7!
Higher English Branches Natural
Philosophy, Astronomy, Cnem.stry.
and Frst Reasons in Algebra, - 5 00 !
Higher Mathematics—-A gebra, Geom
etry, Ac., ? - - - - 6 0c!
Linguages —Lgtiu, Greek, or French, 6ou j
Drawing, extra, - ? - 250
Piano Jfusic. extra, - - - lo Uo
©Of* I'aytnent Si nelly in
All scholars who can write legibly, w il i e
required to present an original Composition j
once in two weeas, ; and male scnoiftrs to dc- ;
claim once in two weeks.
Board can be obtained in private Fang lies j
iu the vill ige, or rooms can b ha.i in the j
Academy by applying to the Principal,
MR. HENDRICK has had the Proccptorsh
of the Academy for the past year, and it
with great satisfaction we announce that we
nave been able to secure the continuance oi
his services. The flourishing condition o. the
Academy lias been exhibited by a larger at
tendance and more general expression of mu
i.-factiou, than has ever been experienced here
tofore ; and the Trustees flatter toemselves
that in the renewal of his engagement they
are carrying out the wishes of the patrons of
the Academy thus favorably indicated, and!
securing for that statiou a gentleman fully!
compeieut to supply the wants of an intelli
gent community.
KRI REES. President, ]
G. B. U VEUTO.N", Sec'y. j H
LEWIS MANX, Treasurer, [ d
Coudersport, Nov. 10, 15<3.
A Ueiil-cd Pli)>it'iau, 75 years of
age, uaving lost Lis Father, Two Brothers,
Daughter, Scm-ip-law, Nephews ant} Nieces, bv
that dreadful disease, CONSUMPTION, and suffer
ing with a Cough , himself', detinuined to vispt
the East Ind; Egypt, and dapan, wuere he
discovered a Preventive and Certain Care fjr
Colds, Coughs, Bronchitis, Consumpt ion, Ner
vous D b.lity ;tnd fvs COUP I was
cured immediate^; lie reiuined cured ins liet
atives, who inherited the disease, and in con
nection with his son have employed i; in their
practice, curing ,h msands of cases considered
hopeless by outers. For the purpose of rescu
ing as many of his follow beings as possible,
lie is sending the Recipe to all who wish it for
10 cents; 3 of it to pay the postage, and the
balance printing. Address Dr. HEATH LOL
Spring street, oppositcd St. Nicholas Hotel,
New York, M:2—3n^os.
fTjIHE undersigned having bought out all
JL former owners of the Lew isville Steam
liri.t Mill are now prepared to do all manner
of grinding, as they believe, to the sati.-f ac
tion of their customers. Come ind see.
Ulysses, Feb. 28. 1857.-9-38.
INK and staple articles in the Drug 1 nj for
ale by (10:2.) E. K. S.
THE subscribers tak* method of in
forming their ffion<U tflkt tßey are in re
, cfeipt of, and ara now opening, a choice and
desirable stock of
to which they invite the attention of all whq
to njake purchases. is large
has been selected with great care, and is paj
i ticulurlv adapted to the wants of this section i
l of our country. Our stock of Dry Goods con-
I sists of
MLg'l I". S
Stiliti IXGS.
IK-SILi . SUA WES, a v.u .ctv of otnpr .rt cles, too uumoroa
10 icouli' a. *We i- - I ••> a complete assort
i luent ot
groceries hari-ware and
all will be sold uncommonly cheap
{ for ready pay, and for approved credit on u.s
i reasonable terms as aav other establishment.
Millport, Aag 11, 185 d ly.
in, W. KING & SON,
438 Broome Street,
One Door East oi Broad wav, Broad
way,) NEW-YORK,
(Established A. D, 1833..)
INVITE ag examination of their great vari
ety spd superior {issortnivnt o, CiiAilto.
iii"aftufactured at their own cstabLslinun., ana
under their imined:a.e observaucn and direc-
MA. OR Sl-AR .E o TRA •.'r.a.i.NG LWAUD
rPIUNu A. id . AB CHAiR
RilwUMAf .C. ..Pi.Nit... A J A.l
INVALID CiiA.Rs. i.C. - C at..
Ernbra . ng i,- uiuot c-autpl-.u a,0.;.p
and ch jic^o... u- ■' for i ~ a- j u, -j
Cnantotr ,G .. < 4 ... : : , o't - " % j i'.. -it ,
MjMet| tu i lnsit u<. ./. ,Jj i ,A e.
V. II v. i )'i .til C V til \ U'J .j ••41 i . ...v ii .(* C >_4 t
ho comfort, c u un an i . .. ....
, tn ' . ip< <•, ,ic J, J. /.!, li. tU , L 2 .
in u .j. .ngc u., t a g:.. -.i gun. .
liu it, a;Ki . .um.. . ; r.v*. . ; h
it.lii V oi i-'ALvU ih Ly Uc j ali .1 R
il JSC Ck-il il*~ 11.' C • li •*- - U.
M . RkMi u OU.V, R t I' U JL 'civ 4 •. alt.
-•uR P. izv.* dul ant n a.i.i ■ . c .... u
hem a. :a. < lviuel.: .• i. . i . • ..
~au, t}i.s aiiiici.u wi.u
Bronchial aacct u .
To iili.i ii .a .#1 ihe elifti . ..
a conven.t u & i or ri■ rl ,
coinuiUati. u li, Dir.u will u- hjuiisiiut .. cti
to order.
A Circular \vi ii lanatury cuts, v 11
seqi by ma 1 :l and orueis 1 •.
msttauces.) p,> mp'i.' ltdavardeil to an. j.a. t
h.c worfd
An Arm Cllu.;, R , : p ng Chair, Couch an
Bedstead, (coiiiiiNin ox*.,J IS susceptible >.
twelve ditleren. positions or changes, tu met
the varied requirements for comfort, conveni
ence, luxury and economy, space a.- wel;
;i> price.J \Y ..-titer in sickness or tin
celebrated CHAIR "AS voe rirtr. yi.' e._ .4 n
man.' respects, aqy chair perhaps over
factored ,n this or any oilier country.
The price varies from I'tj cn to j/.tV y D 1-
lars, according to finish.
To Public institution-, ps wejl as (o iady id
uajs, this CHAIR is a yefy desirable article,
an-; a 11 be niippl-.u it; any uutnber u h
st liberal tm m.-.. Apply tIJ c, r aucire;s
Ah \\. KING <i SOX,
438 Connie St., One door cast oi Broadway
a- .y i OilK. iii-.i'" 4bb ISioaJtrau. 9:44—1 v.
E\\ uUI.'DS—A line A • ■ Anient just
AN .c eived at OLMSTED'S.
i".v Ucsi ift rajivutic Agtnf
vyei MifruduccU-
F>K. uiCKiNsoN's
-1 litc
•I < xcttiiig i
: e
men u ill- land. It is new clearly d.-an
strated that the lancet, mercury, ami all oth.
internal - drug medieatiou" may he laid asi<i
with perfect safety to the patient and abid
ing benefit to posterity. Wherever these ma
chines have been introduced, they excite lE
highest wonder and praise. The apparatu
is adapted to prevent, relieve and cure even
disease incident to humanity,—more particu
larly all those painful and formidable diseas
es which have for centuries baffled the pro
foundest learning and skill of physicians.
Front whatever cause there may be an ex
i cess or deficiency of the nervous fluid—pro
ducing an excess or deficiency of the acid
and alkaline secretions—the magnetic princi
ples of the system are deranged, and can on
ly bo safely restored to their normal condition
by an application of magneto-electricity, It
ELECTRIC MACHINE. This apparatus w;U
positively prevent, and speedily relieve and
cure Consumption, Scrofula, Rhcumatisi.
Palsies, Neuralgia, Spinal Diseases, and
other. paipful maladies, however hopeless and
|of long standing. They are eminently usefn.
in all sexual and urinary disorders, partic. -
larly where the Constitution has b<_-eu brol ;
down and ruined by unn ffur. 1 solitary hub.
to which too m 'ny of the oung 1 botii sex
are so lamcntabh prone.
MACHINE • .mnti the d mgerous com.
c.; tiotis of batteries and ocl d-<—\v: cuf.iCt al .
renders it supermr to all other.-. c$ the sc
lof neatness, cloudiness safety and. utility -
It is, in fact, a handsome pnrlot -unum,.
. may be applied by a child; •; j will i
i lifc-tim<-. the great, saving of Docv
bills, Ac.
It will be safely packed and sent to a:.} j
• part of tiie United States. S;-d whole sac. |
1 and retail 4 the Medical Office.No, 33NORTH
SEA EXTH Street, Philad; b-u: 1 Adcre.- .
j 10-I—ly.
A for sale by JONES, MANN & JONES.
Coudersport, June 11, 1357.—tf.
) Jast received by OLMSTED S.
The Cheapest and Handsomest Ibicfa
cal in the uorld
Circulation 100,000.
MAGAZINE closes its first volume in J Ua .
next. During the faw brief months of its
tence it has attained a popularity unequaiiJ
in the annals of the Press.
The publishers having offered liberal Pre.
niiums for choice literary efforts, the Stories'
Romances, Essays, Poetry, and other spark!
ling and interesting reading was commenced
'a January last, and are being still publish,
ed in the Visitor,
The New Volume will be commenced in Jo.
ly leb7, greatly improved and enlarge .J
Each number will contain thirtv-two extra
largo sized royal octavo pages, making a un-.
nificent volume of nearly 4ot) pages for thi
year—or presenting an amount of the choi.
pest reading on all subjects, equal to what
would cost in the book stores at least fift?
cents, payable invariably in advance.
Some of the most popular and brilliant m&; #
and female contributors are regular contri
butors and the publishers will spare no paim
or expense to render the " Welcome Visitor"
every way acceptable to a refined and intelli
gent community.
The publication is adapted to all classes cf
people—the young and the old—and where
ever seen and perused, meets wifh universal
gvi?* Now is the tims to subscribe to tht
New Volume.
The back numbers may be had (t
complete sets) for 3 cents each, or the whole
| series of 12 numbers for twextt-fivs ceqts.
Liberal inducements to Clubs Can
firS 3 * Remember, our vQrm3 arc Fifty cents
• for one year, fur a single copy, or three cop.
j ic-3 will be sent uuderone cover oraddrerrfor
! One Doßar. J^ddress,
1 Publishers. No. 38 North Seventh Street,
j (up stairs.) Philadelphia. ltU-1;
will find a supplv at
JONES. MANN V JONES, pay the highest
market pyice for all kin is of Produce.
4 NEW and singularly successful remfedy for th*
.1 cure of all Bilious diseases Costiveness, Indi
gestion, Jaundice, Dropsy, Rheumatism, Ferw*,
Gout, Humors, Nervousness. Irritability, Infiammiv.
tions, Headache, Pains in the Breast, Side, Back,
and Limbs, Female Complaints, Ac., Ac. Indeed,
very few are the diseases in which a Purgative Medi
cine is not more or less required, and much sick
ness and suffering might be prevented, if a harm
less but effectual Cathartic were more freelv used.
No person can feel well while a costive habit of
body prevails ; besides it soon generates serious and
often fatal diseases, which might have been avoided
by the timely and judicious use of a good purgative.
"This is alike true of Colds, Feverish symptoms, and
Bilious derangements. They all tend to become o
produce the deep seated and formidable dutempwt
which load the hearses all over the land. Hence a
reliable family physic is of the first importance te
the public health, and this Pill has been perfect*!
with consummate skill to meet that demand. Aa
extensive trial of its virtues by Physicisua, Profs#-
sors, and Patients, has shown "results surpassing
any thing hitherto known of any medicine. Cure*
have beeu effected beyond belief, were they not sub
stantiated by persons of such exalted position and
character as to forbid the suspicion of untruth.
Among the many eminent gentlemen who have
testified jn favor of these Pills, we may mention:
Htt. A. A, HAYES, Analytical Cb?mist, of Boston,
and State Assayer of Massachusetts, whose high,
professional character is endorsed by the
Ho*. EDWARD EVERETT, Senator of the TL 8.
ItoHERT c. WiNTHitor, Ex-Speaker of the HOUM
®f Representatives.
ABHOTT LAWRENCE, Minister Plen. to England,
f JOHN B. FITZTATRICK, Cath. Bishop of Boston.
Also. DR. J. R. Cim.TON, Practical Chemist, o?
New York City, endorsed by
HON. W. L. MAHCV, Secretary of State.
WM. B. ASTOR, the richest man m America.
S. Lf.i.ank & Co., Propr's of the Metropoliua
Hotel, and others.
Did space permit, we could give manv huadni
certificates from all part* where the Pills bin
been used, but evidence even more convincing thsa
the experience of eminent public men is found
In their effects upon trial.
These Pills, the result of long investigation and
•tudy, arc offered to the public as the best and
most complete which the present state of medical
science can afford. They are compounded cot of
the drugs themselves, but of the medicinal virtue#
only of Vegetable remedies, extracted bv •hemic*!
process in a state of purity, and combined together
m such a manner as to insure the best result#-
system of composition for medicines has been fun
in the Cherry Pectoral and Pills both, to produce a
more efficient remedy than had hitherto Wen ob
tained by any process. The reason is perfectly ob
vious. Whit® by the old mode of composition, ty*
cry medicine is burdened with more or less of acri
monious and injurious qualities, by this each indi
vidual virtue only that is desired "for the curabTe
effect is present. All the inert and obnoxious qual
ities of each substance employed are left behind, the,
curative virtues only being retained. Ilcnce it u
self-evident the effects should prove as they have
proved more purely remedial, and the Pills a surer,
more powerful antidote to disease than my offset
medicme known to the world.
As it is frequently expedient that my medians
should be taken under the counsel of an attending
Physician, and as he could not properly judge of a
remedy without knowing its composition, 1 bare
supplied the accurate Fnrmulte by which both my
Pectoral and Pills arc made te the whele body cf
Practitioners in the United States and British AiW
iean Provinces. If however there should be t-f
one who has not received them, they will be
promptly forwarded by mail to his address.
Of all the Patent Medicines that are oflfered, feo*
few would be taken if their composition was know* 1
Their life consists in their mystery. I have ac
The composition of my preparations is laid open
to all men, and all who are competent to judge os
the subject freely acknowledge their conviUs
of their intrinsic merits. The Cherry Pectoral w
pronounced by scientific men to be a wonderful
medicine before its effects were known. Many fDS '
inent Physicians have declared the same thing of
my Pills, and even more confidently, and are wile
ing to certify that their anticipations were mors
than realized by their effects upon trial.
They operate by their powerful influence or, tj
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate W
into healthy action remove the obstructions oi
the vtomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of
body, restoring their irregular action to health,
by correcting, wherever they exist, such derange
ments as are the first origin of disease.
Being sugar wrapped they are pleasant to <c
and being purely vegetable, no harm can arise from
their use in auv quantity. _
For minute directions, see wrapper on the do*-
I'iactical and Analytical Clienu**
Price 25 Cent® per Box. Five Boxee for SI
COUDERSPORT, Pa., aud by Country
chauls and Druggists everywhere. •