Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, November 16, 1859, Image 4

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.= L-:
As Jacob on trirel was wsary by day.
At night on tistoris for* pillow he lay ;
. .
A vision •,.pearrit, a lathier so high, •
With its feet on the earth, and its topin the sky,
Hallelujah to JCSLI3 who died on the tree,
To raise up a ladder of mercy for me,
Of merry for me. of mercy for nw,
'To raise np a ladder of mercy for me,
The eight was so pleasing. the angelic throng
With deligt to ascend and decend thereupon,
And God, rich in mercy, who eland,' at the top
To embrace all the ratisoni'd who safely got up.
This ladler is Jesus, the glorious God-man,
Whose blood richly flowing from Calvary run,
On his perfect atonement to Heaven we rice,
Tu sing in the mansions prepared in the skies.
Hallelujah, &e.
This ladder is long, it is strong, and well made'
It has mood every storm, and is not yet dectty'd,
It's so free of access, all the world may get up,
And Angels will guard them front bottom to top.
Hallelujah, &c.
Come let us ascend, be bold, never tear,
It has stood every tempest, & always will hear,
Fur millions have tried it & reachA sion's hill,
And thousands by faith are climbing it still.
Hallelujah, &e.
Our fathere upon it have mounted to God,
Hero finished their labors at d reached their
'And wure climbing after and anon will be 'here
Ty juin in their rapture, their happinede there
Hallelujah, &e
,111vo Lave lit
avvtital alterutivo
u t rated extract
,111 , !iti.,1 with other
•..,:,:ltortrve power 419
the di-ewes
c Irts. It is belie,tl
wa:lteti by those ,I ho
anti that ale,
itl 40 Cl.B Ur Mit
,us i. olllpktely
• . .vca br ex, 1-
: tO fle
.... ,
.1. tAE, lhorsY, NEU.
111,H1I.trr, T)Y9-
. •
eeli,h,etl' the whole
‘ . 7 •thg IMVUItITT cc
... P.
•• '.l : : a great prn
•• '.• :11 _:;,ring, to
•,•••r•• • lister in the
••, . • i •••• By the time
:- r•Lild.i.ig disorders
.1 •I•it•nics can, by
7. ci,elleci
fit.:..: ' ~.
rt. 5 •.• • . • .. And ulcer°.
• . • • s. , • : will strive to
• .1!* a , sisted to do
0, e . .i.entels of the body
by 40 live r,,clidne. Cleanse out the
i , tirt(ed whrnever you find its bulimia.
!se rsti g ;1..r.nit.,11 the thi:i in pimples, eruptions,
rc Aire, et t ,lntt, it wh.n y is ob.
Ye.,,te4 nod,,tl,ll in this
sCrieltovla Fnllv foliktgv trill tell
e wit,:,. , tip par t n Lir disorder
felt, hotter he,1(11, lire
linger, fin' clean , in.. 4 ,, the blood. Keep the
blend health v. and all in well; but AOth this
,tlinlinn Or life di ordered, there can ho no
tviting health. Sooner or later something
0,1.1 ge wrong, and the greet maihincry of
te:e tii,tetirrer: or overthrown.
isrotparilla bio, and duserves much, the
• ,nation, of ai-romplishing these ends. Tint
iit world has horn egregiously deceived by
li.tparatione of it, partly because the drug
.c,•!, has not nit tho virtue that is claimed
• it. but tnore Leervve nct,tv prerntations,
+«n.• , ending tv 1.1 •:.iratts ci it,
.44:0 %tut little the ti : - 3ursaparillo,
▪ • IN;ig
'crin,, tat, y , . Leen Mir, a court
(1.! .t.
•,, hav, • • k,for
, •I I A
• foil .n I . ttn,ts If
.1110:1 it. And •• • i • . ...1
ring it box tii • , ' ' 'le
-'he oitlinarr rtui of the di• .• . 1
21 SO ,1:111. 11.1 trder to PC4•,:
.i•lieut ion from thr r•-noni, ti 7r IA
hi ;judiciously taken according tii . • un
SR. 3. C. AYES & CO
Vut el per nettle i gl• rotor. i'nr 4
:dyer's Cherry Pectoral,
r. • 011 fat itgelf cool; n of
rt '1 r .•Ott
.. • . - ••• • 11itt •
f:•. re OA. ,• ker t ep to the hem hits 1., • ,t not, he reitud cu ht
4. , 'ear th,:i ~!• ..;[ it S.a star Leen tottud to do.
Ayz.-r's Cathartic Pills,
7011. TE3 COPE Or
* b:rit:o.atinn,
E•ri HE,;;lt , eh, 01040.,
$. Etilliloll3 YI 111,111.1.
• Drry, Mier, nanars and
• , ”7. Nnaydnia, a
and far Purifying • Igad.
' •.. • sea angar•raet,,d, so that the n eat semi
tins nnn tnke them pleasantly. and they are the
xperient iu the world tet all tt.e proses et a
iittu physic.
es /et U mete per Por; 5 Tone; for 61.00.
!seat numbers orCiernyttwn. Itysicians, S eater,
ltu and eminent pen...sees, hare lent their
.s le 'Wiry the unparalleled usefulness of these
but our space here w ill nut vtimit the
t;ca of them. The .4gen, trim rams(' fur
sti..h ',stilt sue Areettreast I.MA*. iu with h they
are a: ; with vim fill descriptions et. th e ahem
.4,611,4111.. and the treatment that should be fol.
erred fur their aura,_ . . . .
eet ee put of by asprincipled dealers
erenarations they make more profit on
4 , i ud Atatia, and lake no other*. the Birk
eren••ke heat aid there is fur thew, and they stanuld
P.,noilre Ira far sale Ly
imertean Lite Insurance Trull Co.
Capital Stook, 500.000.
("outplay a Building. A omit aireet, South
Ea: cornor of Fourth. Philadelphia.
Inioiranpoi at dui wood
Or „if Joint titoek rates at about 20 rife mint
lefip, or at Total Abstinence Itatfoi, the limpid
Li the World. A. WHILLDIN, ersident.
J. C. SIMS. See.
espr. 38, 19.-1 y F. B. LANE, 4963 t
111Iscellancons Ad' crtisemilits.
Ilaiiirittatlota • rtfittbdey.
/IMF: T.‘KE Tulin VI F..
that of iniorming their triewl.. and the pti
lie generally. thnt they htee rebuilt the 'hint
ingdoti Foundry, anti ore now ili
eriii ion. and are prep.. ed to tarnish rastinu of
all kind, at the hest qaalitv nit Ilie shortest
lice and IlifeS, reammahle terms.
Farmers ale invited In call and examine Oar
,''lough.. We are monalitetarit, the !hater
h, plough took the premium at the
111'1.1mi:don Coant A,zriealtural Fair. in 1855)
airs ('utter l'lough, Willeh
can't lie I , eilt. with the Keystone, Hill
side, and Ilar•hear Ploughs. ‘Ve have on hand
RIIII ore menulitettirmg soot, such am (700 k,
I Varier and °Hive stove:. eaal cr woad.
13OLLOIX -11 Alta
eowtisting of limit,. Ituslrrs. Skillets . &e., al
ut ‘‘ hie]. will Pe .01 , 1 eheuli list +II or iu ex
chu t e fist emmtry ()Id !Herd hike'
for Pew 'listings. lii it shirt attention form 4
iIeSN Hod deshe to ',tense, wa liopo to 1 . 121,1 , e I
ut public pum.ihtge.
I April 10. 1856.—tr.
F;7l l ;kkM
The great standard oud:ones of the present
age, hare acquired their great popularity only
through years of trial. Linbouaded satiVisc
tion is rendered by them to all cases; and she
people hare pronounced 'hem tooril,q.
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Janinlice,
Debility of the Nersous System,
Diseases of the Kidneys,
and all diseases arising from a dimrdered
liver or weakness of the stomach and digestive
organs, are Ppeedi'll apd permanently cured by
The Balsamic Cordial has acquired a
rep&atinn aurpaseiny ,ho ainth'ar
raration extant. It trite Of, aurora FAIL,
the a , tn II
Cough, Cold, o Itourseuess, Bronchitis, In.
tlaeur, C,oup. Pueumoilia, inci,Aout
and has performed the most astonishing cures
ever known
Conf rmed Consumption.
A .6'lo AM.'S 'MI 0140 ul o,•re ,he,k o n 4
cure .he mold zerere Diarrhea p&aellina
ThfSe mr•lwinex ore p,eparell by Dr. C. M
JACKSON & CO, IVO la Arch ..91,e1. Phila
delphia, Pa., and are a...,1 by di noyi.a., pn,l
&alert in medicines everywhere of 7v cr,r:a
per bottle. The e(ynalure M
wilt be on the °wade wrapper or eoti,
In the Ainilinfle rybootra on..hro, r.h he
Trnprietora. Called EV RAI R 1.91 a AI, tN A
yaw will fihd 04 , 11,104 , y 0,. rl 0,11i11•11,0,
notires from oil ports of the counny. 7', c
Almanacs are a"" away by at,' ou.• °yea,.
. • ..i.•t.. 11V .11,11.1 140a1.1 an
S. : s tlii.lllll.l.lltelltel, uf.11,.1 . 1111%
I.ll,llitv. [11,,y I i, 04.19 —I v.
TUE 3111NTrNattON
,) cv •
1 1
UE untleraigard of hr riontioudoi.
Al ill. itorarm farmer,: and the pnldir tretteral•
that they now have their new mill in rattail,
or ter. with all thr modern havroventruts in the
water wheels anti marltittorv.
They have put th.• T,IIIII . IIVPII
val Turhiar Wh. a... 1 out. :fried in,
all ststues 1)f the wnt.•r. "11.1 duriliz the C' ut
weather, any and
Tbey air prrpared to soll. 'tail have rat halal
ear snip at all tix.. .ill tnat•l:ri rate, n 11141.4 ~,
1111 1 1 Cell 111,4. lileie awn ¢rain , 1,1111 1 , 1•
and wise it had: "r thrr 1,11
Ile ill rxrhan,tr ut al 11111ilT
an equal qualitity ul Fhatr 111111 Itrata 0,111/11.
2E33 sMUT
is of an improved malutfaellir; mmn 111, ail
ineure a FULI. TURN OUT 111 . sit i.,•[ i.,r :LI;
ty to every bm.hel if groin left at 1111:11 .
FISIIEIt & uicrictE.
8.--The Buckwheat stunea are out quite
Huntingdon, December 10, 1056.
n the "Globe - 10re ►wilding. Market Square
'fie sulmerilier informs the eiti
zees of Hllll6lBlllOll 1111 C
that he has opened a New I3uok and Stationery
ill the corner room of the ..01olie" hull.
ding, where may he lintel a general assort.
merit of Miscellaneous and School Rooks and
Stationery. all of which he will sell at reason.
aide (noes. lie will add to his stock weekly
all plinks Red articles in demand, and expects
in n rh. n time to bare on band is full a stock
c 1 h/110111.1ie Itookg, Stationery, Ste., as can be
lound iit act tow. itt the Stale.
II ti vilig !Lade the tweessttry Hrratigemputs
with i.nhhehers. tiny Book warned urd .1 up.
nil his nhel.s, will be ordered und furnished tit
city ',rives.
. .
'As he desires to do a lively business with
small profits, a liberal shore of patrofoige is
Dee.22.'58.-tr. • WM. I. E
urptiA, all. la are elegsua. li,da. easy
and durable.
Fitting 10 a rharm—nn turn up behind—tlo
Phrihkilig nil the brad ; indeed, this ie the (Pity
Estithli.thment where these !limp are !wiper
ly and mode,
Nov. IT,
233 Broadway, N. Y
JA( II SON'S 1101 EL. Flenioneirn.
Pn. J. S. MILLER. Pit , .pati,:itit.
Respectfully ialorms hts triehilo it. '4l
the travelling, loathe krerrsllv, that j
has lea,ed the "Jitektam Iloti-e." h.r .ey it
eral years ttet.moied by Wm. B. Z J
(h u t he will he toenaed to receive the calla at
all whit may hie, hie. with theit
We table will hr tuthish.d with the brat the
market exit atilttd. uad e%t.ry attend°, will be
given t , make Omar with him reel ut h tau.
Huntingdon. March :in, 1F59.
A SI'1.1.N1)11) A I 11'
ST()%I, .•.1 .Idr at till. e,
rulytr,l to buru ....141 II Willi. kw II
M eared law.
New Advert's MPII:9
Tl.e Warn, Springs at the 'lase of IVartior'
lint, the in les north of llmiting•lon.overbiok:
hie Standing Same creek. tool environed by ro
mantic hills and woo.thinds, have been Ica , vil
li: the to titer proorictor of the i.e liner Ilan -e. • lron City ( . 4)liaisi ercial ('.. ll lefle.•allit, Ps. - • Curtail. na..t• it t .
'rhe extensive lliael linil ling, bath 1b.., .•••a,
&ii.. lorvoileil Ht Ll'Hoil exti:nee byGeneral A l'.
3111) 81111lettla - 1111I'lliiiIIII: Jilin:ivy iirgi.
Ivo., 1,,,e b., ~ ~,,,dm,, , i —,, , ,J ,1,,, ~,,,- e..
loolvoi I , raill liertili•oillo laid out oto,l a horn,. IVt , f )11' the I.•rgest and most thorintelt ~.
'nu. lintel i orlon. awl eltivii , et , airy in 1 • l i i- 1' i.yrii HI i•••• Loral of the rliiltiol S'attis.-
1 , rtal'lt turinslietl; mot Ow itro-tie,ti 'roan ,„ 0 Yonne melt prt•parell for actual duties al the
verandahs for beauty. cameo I , oix. , lli•il. 'I . 1: , 111110N11 a I.V. rot:ming' Nmint.
Mn.l ('• Santa,A. M Prof. al kook keen-
For halt to voililiti . ., lii.i.o. Sor.ii, have been -it , •eg ! nil ••ne of 11,,,,er linker ' s .. •~
celebrate:l for ll.i.ii v., olio•Ilittl olitHlitt .... o ra l thi. 4 .1 jj,.., j, o, , 1. , ,,,.ir tin. • e.ois a tear and a hall i ',.., "li',.`r" , "' "r Act",:::". 1 . r
(A, Arithmetic great n lore of the w ter. in rlirit.raitio• ..H.l c . 'go.. f 0 j ,j,,,, ~j..•,, , ,,• in voraintorailiiii.i it Ha over,. tray ` i l. i , '" :.. lu t e l T ,' i . : 11 ' le
nic nir,•,•ii. , l,-. Th.. te ........,,, 111 . the , ••er I,V et , ..e no tarp mei..., Mr whelt it i. ,fesigned " I "' ' """'""e '''' '''‘' ell " n".•
lot.ira, 691 i ej...11 . ra1. reii , lei, for Iratliii, .1.i10,1it.. _Fii„,,,t ii ~ ji. u. oo _. J/ i .,
i /„,/,,, i , L i ,„ i .ki . „.if„ .1. A. flit MUCK am! T. C. ILNICINS. Teach
"ld" in
dgi'''''''''. in
l '"11.""".""' in.
°J. l''''
4"1"" '
Miy"r`f ‘ V. " b"l' ' ''''"l"l. e" A "l.(l',' ... ' • ' ; ' , ". ., " :,: i t ' iV. A. MILLER Prof:. „i
RI, Horatilli.ti, polit. &oran 6, and illy lii , ,•,t .„, i . iiiii ,,, s iii,....o,,,,iiiiiti,i, wi th ,rate s ewiii, ,
~,,iiit t • • ' , . .
Mlt ore ettnelo in Stone Cr. , k. Pi 0 ..., in par- •
Al ,elan •. a hieli I ie. berm in my Smolt Mr Hid- ......,"....,%.,,, Ai., 1,,,,, , , ~,,,....
F , "I ! 11. , 1' ; '"ith i :' , I ; . r ".e ' "in '"..1 its
" In" ' it, imititt , . It l„, ah , ,tys been Bawl, lior duty. "1""•
' •
iii•olgoili'llo Oral i•ratio Hull ref 11.111:1111.1 11S ne.llllt , ‘
n 0.,„ nn
00...,,,0„0t, nod i„,
iiii..i i y
p., NEpt•ING ;, a
to the Pennst Iviiitia Ilai 1,11.1 'lll , l the e11ei11.111...1
~ ,, ..i ei
0 , i • diiiiiy
r, in.
.. . ii,,,is.
iliiii id ,lA y , e,
A , r i i i ,., , ,..t i t i , m....r 1
of the rates eraorp. , l gtie.ts. give it a de, ',led
tiiionei„i, the ...,...,,I; of three I " Its. Viv:heth. Ii,‘P . ID
Bits', F : O4 w Tin . ' Nl: DETEcTING
..ivn wage over any atm, watering place ill the .
.„,. /i h.b oo d . oiii , of •R, ii b e. sm i l e /s ai d , /„ . •,,,, iii o f ...,. • • • .
t /I • NTERFS.IT Mt .\' . ) • )• Chr•st•att,lthwatc.
The Proprietor has had years or ex,...i.,,, in , hIEIt(;ANT:',.:: Ci ',',6; vsI , UNDENci_
the business iind no ptiiii• or tontine will be spa. " Ail , If'Sflig ~,,o rahl.trdrAtit c,ml ma !dam+. cwimEnciA I. I. ,v—
-red il) 1111110 gllest, Yolllfortillolo. 1 PrflY.Thi torsi ,on "eie',"'"? of ~"' ' ' '''" i 'iie ''' . : Aro !alight. and all other subjects neeessary
Hacks run from Ilmoinglo tn nto l‘'ar Springs inel th e Pert"' gate "" " "le" ' t i ''' ""'" ' 1, .. 1 • S.r the 9 , e,••••:••• and thormigh education of it
:at the arrival of the dill'. luta 12:jai:4.1 train.— as well Hi• the FlTtraittli nail ilioroloility of the iii.„,.,i i . e l,„,,i ii ,„ e ,„,,.
ha,: 93 rot.. Famiiins nee 0.....”1“,,,i ~, mo - ~C om. After lung exPericeee. I feel competent
ereie !era.. dreliN It. limo) , to speak in thi-• 171+11 . 11113!. oltiol to
c iintident i
. ly re
-11 arm Springs near i .m. opr i c i oi ... comment! it Sir et tip variety t, ol h andle se wing. " .
11 itittliololoto, June fitla i —airs. E. Li. Spooner, a' of the Editor a/ Brook-
. . I /Nu Sh tr.
"1 bovo used ii Groover Sc. Baker Sewing Mt.
elfin:, fior in . ., year:. nail have Mittel it mlatard l i
to all kind: of r.iiiiily sex lig, tram Ciotti:nit, to
Bis , ,,le'oilt. (laymen, have been worn ant
I witliont !!•e giving way or a stitch. The Ma
thine is easily kept In order, and is easily 11,0."
-.1/ , .a..1. 8 1171 i ilde, wife of Rev. Geo. 11 1 / 4 1 1 ,
ph., .Nett 10, k.
PRICE M1 , 1)1 - c1::1) ONE IT \11 , !!!
1 CHIWAII4 , 11.1,111 i %GE tr.l 40!
For sale ut Smith's Drug Slurp, I luutiugoit.ll
Pti Me.s.: reit 1,11
eZ . Purrsou, is o.a I.llr eeek • y ttrt,noe
gltA. POSI llnn engaged it le at 01 11,C
nlilest, writers in the United Ntes,
It ge•ei•rally tlevoteA 1 t'air pot lion of itA nm
to the 111.W.1 a the ,%,•.•14,
I,llllOle, to LellYtS IF.on Po 7•. oil
to Itattik
.toti i t Wvelcly um! ,k e. mote I 'l Cur.
root of the l'rotleve
111, ‘!/ Ni/.g•,: j:///4---$1
t, u 1i1t1.1,1111,0d El.
gLI 11, pries. ul Which iv FIVC
• nallll.ll with the 1 . 11,
ft, 11. t.
;,i:0 Mill 11111, lVt•IltkItIIWII
A1111 . 11 . '0
la etty It", ti, litill.ll,ll,
MAI 1,. lie tour CLIO (•1.
'I I It ~ S.
Ore $2.00 nor
ow• and both
Nia,,grn I , alls. 3,00 "
01, t ~pr ‘,l I lit , and one
Alll , lll ' ,+ ..Illy Mll,llZihP.
01 t tp% til Thl• Posl 7111.1 0110
of tiotie:) .. o I.lld
1 1.1
2 Copies or The Foto,
t 5,00 st yr
4 , (ot.d 000 of tho lito! 2
to ,- . 0 , 11 t:1111.) 5,00
8 1 . 0.1 thou. t ol.y u' in or both
I.ls6 , l,Vingb to f..llt•r ttp .•f
13 " (tool too. copy WM. or lob
Ft.;. MVO, b to getter op of
20 " tot d oto cody extra, or both
ings to getter op or
Club .l 20,00
30 " (foal to copy oxtre. or both
Eturovitigi to getter op ol•
Clob.) 30.00
P. S.—The Postage will he pre pithl oo the
NO. 1:12 South Third >l•.l'nihnlclphio
tar Somplo cop'. s of the Nat bent grotist
when re‘p.o,totl.
r hambersburg to Mt, Union
0 11111 , 111.1,111 i 11U1110 II sit a sl,l
I!, lit e I,i '.111;.1.,•1 11V0r the mot 1.11 W 1 1 . 1 .11
hit. Union vnnnot 1,1. 1 1e1
tlibadrantneenith In II h/l, .t.eijiol,
try, „iii ll 0, Nil
mole forranuenien, 111 1111 11 line of ,14,1.,
Tri.1,1.1.1y the IWII 1.01111 , 1 (;111./1
111/11 1 1,1 , 111.11 011111r111 . 110113 ph..
co , on the mute, and eXperienee.l ond trit.ts
delvers Will niyeeintend tioe running or 11. e
Oaf eltes. The prow ietor or the fine is flkiron.
they It he maintained. and he therefore ,
0.11 the publie generally to patron... if, om i•
that it frill he tilt their mutual
Kvery fittenti,n necessary will he ',iv.. and
the miming 01 the dttige4 will he re,111,1,
Ci` Stag. leave Mt. I:1111511. 0,.1.1 . y
Titur.,l. and bang tiny vi g
eii•tilwr-marl the next day at 2 tl. ,
turhing, I care Chatilhersloirg, Ole 9,1111.1 1/104
at 10 o'.•lek, arriving at Mt. 1111i111 110 'text
evening in tithe for the eann. Itetwe hit, Un
ion Wild Shade Clap the line will he tinily.
lEe' Fare through $3 ; t 1 intl.. ine,th.te point,
In proportinn. JOHN JAMISON
Jan. 20th. 1851 1 .—tf
M. A. Istticiaelorn /lair v
The Ongihal and best in the World !
All (Apr:4 are mere imitation, and
be ttr.irletl. if Vllll Wit,lll to exentw
GRAY. RF.i), OR RUSTY 11A lit Dyed in
ottetotly to It beautiful anti Natural Itrowto tor
without the 'rest injury to Ifni'. or Skin.
Fifteen Medals aid Diplomat; have beer a.
warili.d In Wui. A. bib, 1839, and
orer $ll.OOO applientions hot,. been nel° to
the flair of het porn. of hi.. littootts fivo,
hi. A. BA II:111i DV I.: 1,1,1•
(1111141 i (1/111r 1 .1 1 0 ha dioil.giiishiql from o.t•
tore, noel ix warrittotoll not to iljore It the !rest
hoe,. lung it may be entotieueol, nod the ill
rOre to o Iced liter He it
in•nr by thin splroolid Dre.
hind', too hl or applied (io priv:ooe rooms)
at the 11 . he! Flll.tory, 2:1:1 liroadwnv, Nav
Rii'd in all eiiIPSI 1111,1 11/W11:4 1/1 411.. Ulll
led l, , tittre, by Itrog2isti and notey °otitis
Ady Cenolor bathe unmr nud 11t1 , 11 . .5
Otte eograiriov oo of
tab box. of 11 \I. A.
2:43 Broffilwxy. N., York.
John I:pd, Ave.
Nov. 17. 'sg-Is.
THAI:. Gm. E ,firr.
MIIII T. 1 1•.. , 'I.-•F.x. 1'
Trainlearex A. M. P. I. A. %I
I'lo,Almr,, 8 5i 19.20 2.29
El im11111,1,51, 0.13 10.45 • 2.12 SZANTig.
Mil. C,1,1i, 9.21 10.5.1 2.54 A grin,' oissrlrisortil vf Mink, of all d•
NI ..:66,ii, 9.39 lIM9 3.93 . ~ , i, ti,,,,. j',l related um! Ibi. irate at the
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Train leaves P. 11. A. 11 P. 11 ,
‘.1,1 ~11,1 6.'10 lidereeg. C., ,n,•,, Hand
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.lout( Sr.', 4 ,11 . 141 T. 1111 , ..‘S M,:I 1 lot I. 4.11
6'9 Ii ' 43 t•thime.,,,, Ve,111. ,,
- 8
r !" 4. :T7 4% tj51 1 9 ViPi 0 , I i111:,,,,1i, 1., .1 7 . 1 0 II 3i j.,,,, ...,.. l'is.ittlill'm Sated,
4 tt.4.4 . ney sat Law, ; I'. . ,:i.,,,,, : , .11 7.11 617 ,i. e V •.:616, Sul.i.towis.
I•cialibpcoa, l'a., , 44,:; , I I,c 1'.,,,1.;..1 itmill tl, ilit• IT. 4. r 1. C...., lit a, 11.11..,
tillive• samr . lunuct 4 ; ....upsea 6) . J. Nucl. t.,..1 t..tor. 11.411iipluis 11.3 lUI.1..11: , Wlti 1..., NON _ 004,
rot. IL, 11106. ' 7 311. k. M. 3P. ifi 1 thaatualavuts, /toad to aleutairy C.o. rely, Iv
A. V. Wu ow,' R. Nur,. rt.llllhts
417uk.A Ers .!r -
lit 1.1.
the ouverui Coui. IN IA
. S. Ilan, 2:1, 1853
•'Vonr• Setting Mnehine hne been in we in
flumt feintly the ptist two rnr:, toil the Indira
telpleet HIP ttt eive yen their teStilllePhllA to 4,1
per eel all:tt,te.'ne•g. ae Well 101 lehiw-senile,
in oho twiliafitionee of littni•n told
st•win;.t."—Rohert llopentan, N.
••ror mouth: we 1 1 ,ive (Tuner & m u .
her' , end It:settee!. to the
eifilehl.hou Om every hole who th,iren her t•ew
ing h.,,.11;ji111 N and quirl•Ill .I , llle, Wwehl ha ntt 4t
je l Mlle,' in not,tert,itn, mke of dean rei.91.10
.11 Welefeth,ehle •111. 1 11,411e-women' wii.6
city. are ll' .11,r•-r... do..9lfler
Geo. I'. .llorris. Lililtrr CI 11.. , Asioutl.
Extrom or II lettnr from vitt nn
Atorric•nt• c , init , ition. now in •villins,
wv 12. Iw 11 :
• 1 1 1 , 0 1 n tinit in 11.11 , ii.irtin, in 183:1. in
wliirh trier.. were Over three thii-anil
sess ing (limn itli one of (;rover 13:11tiq's 11. E.
and n sing/ti PY,IIIII oY 0110 !Ins our •1i , 0.1
dri/oh , / , sr,llns sewn.' 1:s suilurn with a nee
,lie .111`."
" It I'4 11 4.r (.4444141 14p eelleol 4411 fr,rn 141.4
I.r had(., 14, 4141 the 44.1e,14t 441 134•44eer
11441.4. r 11,1 morn 1, 1•IIIU11:111t, fedrocle 444 nrt
4 ,•• e(.4•4. 11, would 0,-
4.••••41,i (14141444e14 51iii.(•44,•1,144e 11, '414, dirn
,•,•4 II 01 W4/I•S 1.111111,11 1 11 . 1 . 4 . 11. " —PrOf. .VOP/1/
14:en••ure in saying, 040 41,E 4110 , 4.1 .
Itnk,r S. n log 11i..,411111,4 in,re rho, ..41.•
t 44.44.41 tin ACrer t1y414.: Is rn:444 •
441441.; other, I hoe, tlr..e 1/ ( . 1 . 1111,111
ill Ills 41411 . ‘ rellt 14184.4. , . and. Or. 4. 1444 e
trim. love 1.44 t 444411 t 44 ri,41: 2 —./. I/. 1i,,,,;m0,/,
Srmrloo ql Cm
•'\ll. , /04. 1,44 "cc (14...v0r & 11.11((.4.',‘
1 , 4441.i4:‘ :k1441.44ine: li(r • 444,.. :444.1 I
4, , i .1 .
111:44•11444 I liSli 114. I 1 11 4 11.11
1.1,1.111 T ill 1•••••••11.11iii1o 1 111,
it I • lite 1411 , 11 C
- 1 , is firpi.
II 4N, 111 Id gilt. 1.141144~r 11'4444•
,1,4,1;;I I 4, 4.1:•y .44 14.444,14,444-
3.00 ~
.000 O. 1...1. gooll tieeli. li r i~ultl.titll (q.
sius I.lg.
"I thick it by hlr the lop.t I -toll in Ilse. •rhi!,
Ni . „.1.i„,. t .„,, r 0.11
Ilit. 11.1%1,1 ..55,111.1.. 11s ,
1..-lel . 1110
Ott,. II 111.11 lll. 111 , 1'es
•lo I , IIY it Mrs J. (3. Nit:h
-r;11r. Trust.
i. speedy, v..ry TIP it, ttt•l dix: Ode iti it.
heiol ill Ivim r
(...1111 .- 1 , 11,01111110111 Illju %, I liisl.• 11/ ;Ili 1111 11..
II It .•11,1*.1 celiil .1/
31. I, i , hig 7,1.1,.
••111. morhipe p) k (~ o f ., SAI...
1.11,..11. 1111.1 ph p tpt•liri• reconompifil II til Ilrr 11 , al: I,eiirv.e (41 . 11 V, '1;..1 . 111 Ile I 1 e
111, 1 , 1•“1112 11‘..Iiitie in u-e.”—llutry
‘ 111;50,,i,,, Ten',
Pl:rho:hely for family 1/11111 , 4, 61 , with
ItrililWl . l 1 . . , 11, l ‘ , lll 1111,1 . 11.10 1 , ill lONt 11111.
.1.. q . / , 1111.1 11•11.' 'III i 111,1•, get otit
od . Arskine,
"I mitelline for seveini week,
and ,on the work itie
1,, t h,. „,„I to. in WO that e‘er was.—
llugyie Ai, icon, N.hville, Tenn
"1 u, my rulnrhine alma dre.mak
and fine liiii•ti stitehing. itoil the worl; i 1
rel,lt•—lee he.ter then the lo , t lmil.•eivitig. nt
cull tither nowhine I here ever seen."—/.erg
It. Tlesorsen. Tenn
..1 find the work the =tr..%est and most Lean.
OM I have ov,l 10011, made either hr 11,1,4 er
maelline, the I;rover & Baker ma
chine a% me or the greatest hle,singh to our
st x."—.l/ts. 71w/vr, Nashville, Than.
"I hove one of firover & Doker'm Sewim,
chums in we in my Gi i ilv. nil find it mvolon.
hi, I run confidently recommend it to 011 no ,
sone in won, of a machine."—G. T. Thompson.
Nashrilh. Tenn.
"I tAc pletootre in eettifyinu to the utility of
Grocer & lieker 1 htt e
ti.e.l vitc on idiot,' every tleserip , i , .ti of work
for thouthi. soul 14.14 much r•trouver then k
11.1. by Ilan l."—Mes. D. IV. IVheeler, Nashville
"I %mold he to dispose 01 my (;ro
ver & Volker 111,o•lone Cm- a forge lnouot.
I 100 'plug, it H.
Stour!, ,\cr,liri/le Tenn.
••Our teo Nlachthes. purchased from roe. to
the ,vosk 's one holier. We 11 ills
1/11.11/.••141 reemunieugl the Gthrer & lipker
cnhte 10 he the beat to nse."—N. Stillman C'o.
'l' r•Plim 41 bee tt.e GUN
N.l// /%//,\ Ii ii11,11.e.• at Hill.
tre e4.11. , ty. where 11, sired to niniilllnUllier
.11 11.1 (111. 1.1 I'Vely dvberip
ti,,, .sh litir
iolttiless and diamtvh.
He %In nl s ant till 11. ',pairing CLOCKS.
Vre. 22, 114,18.—1 C JOHN N. JACOBS.
c 7 4.
(2 /././ W
Drawn nll the preminms in Pittsburgh thr
the pa,t three yenrs.lll.o in Enstern and Wes
tern Cites. for the be., Wri
NiT ENffiliVEl) \Vi)ItK.
Important Information.
Soulents ecter ot any tnne—No ratefttion—
Time milli] iew nt vleasure—th•ailti
tites assisted sit' ntious—Tuition
lite Fall Commercial comae s3s.oo—Averogo
time Bto 12 meek—Mama, $2.50 per week—
Waiionatry s6.oll—entire cunt, $6O 00 to $70.-
Cif Ministers' Sonn received at lialrprice.
tnr E ,, itt—Crolltir—Npiteintetts litttiness
awl Oritaiittntiil
owl F. W—IENKINS. Itt, 1538.-Iy. Pittsburgh, l'a
WC)I3 t=o3°.E'LC3o.
Premiums awatril,l t!:” “.1111711NA Ot
five tit the hoe ['unary fle•
:17 NC Y. ;.°R IN
1 recently rt•tvive.l trout the Eit.tere
ratST rovvta PRESS,
1;11:, , 111. 111":“
. POoll.'lll4'
Pal (1110 VIII! of !hi ,
inost emit I I, E-11,!isineols in this
getljuir. 11 , klud ./f
F.I.11:1/4 GE I'ARGY
.1111. (hi Utter 11111.11 with
lititpiteige. We leive for execti
tioinher : , 111 hind of
PBINTINIi 031,02 S
„ th,• Ve:”.M.lldr, 1,111, 'rho,. wt.,
eon I.n ilt..,•tiimuldnisql nt this vsteibliaihment at
-AI. 11
All 'l'l4e\ 111.1.t.5,
LILT. fit•
ILI tl..110:.
,1,5, n.••••
11.1:11. RI. INKS,
rititG It NI 31
C 11111 S,
11 I.v Plim,im , l promptly. pXoo,ll`d in h.•
In al hiV't• 11111 HI ratteB
gfrjr 01 , 11.1 . e, hr • xpro, notil or otlirrwi,,
wail vivt , intowilinte antogiom.
F. TllOlll4,
Mltlloll l'E :INIi
A it 'FIST,
Thin gallery nr Art 14 l'lllW 11111.17 I. r In l fit
it•sl.retinn of A inbrntypa, Cr,
l'lnon,rophs. l'irenlar and Star
Pii•iurr:. Noon•. 111. A• or R.•si.leuer. in.
is. the Picinrea—lettera of different colors.
got in Frames, Cases. Lockets, Rings, Pins or
Poirtietilar attention paid to taking pietnres
of Children, Time, trotn ono to four seconds,
Perfect toasfaetion giveh, or persona are not
expected to take their philtres.
l'i. tot es 11.1,., sick or tierease4 persons
111 their Copies taken from Ito
,iti•rretilvileg or Portraits. Also, views of rear
cleoces. &c.
and flci;ltemen are invited to eall
and PXRII.IIIP specimens. Pictures take n nx
well in cloudy as flair weather.
How ()hen do we hear the exclamation. when
permit's are looking at Pottraits—“l would not
value any sum if I could immure the Portraits
of my parents—or deceased children I" I:ea
der, if you are gifted with this ennobling feel.
ing of unite. von have an opportunity to grati
fy it nt tt ',mil cont. by proeuri tug Portraits,
whit h. 0;4 known, Will 110 lade,
WirThose that wim ao learn this beautiful
art van call ant sea W. I' 'l'hun trim Phila.
Prices Ir 5O cents upwurd.
LHril l ] T) VDT] Mig7l2l-
TIM re•neetrnlly . ~,,,, owea to Eh.
Wen& nn.l the puhli^ eenernlie.'lt it he his
lowed ii it chi and w,•II e. 11.114011 TAVERN
STAND kouon nR the /Pio/int/4.i
theenniet of Cherie,
Street. in the liornugh of Hunting
a a
I lie recently nut the tlinnivh :1 flume
a:A rep.r, and i. TIC equal to any in
the. ela e.
Hi., T A R., will *davit he stwed with the
h" f .he stesaat ells Anort to cell the tasl.
Alel 01.1 , efile 4
Ilu BAR will elway. he tilled with Choir. Li-
your,:. MA ills STAithe elways attended h.) earn
lel and tali, tilt. thtler,
t it 114. e• In strict to n
-pint of 1 1 1 1110111 awl receive
111.crel enlie initrun
Seel. 15, ISIB-Iy. r.'l'l•;R.
Miscellaneous Advertisements.
_ Prirropet •ifiratiforts.
For the I.Rii;.el.i4;erhes 8111 iiiisters
when the tindttrai nc.i, after x how `erica of
10i...h0c:, and pit•tly eltymineetots, brentrP f i lly
contirotitti in hivconviction. that thn tifil , h l ..-
giqtir Si,l .shier, nosy hos the happinesm to
present to V, American wo% a
. .
for ilb.tai-le , ting. Leerhe+ am' lllinters, his
mite , an., so »piloted that he could 110 t sleep fir
many eight,. toinne of his agitation was
tar .rr~kng tart. that the mantic, of its operation
like that or the eh. 's in v ion, rood n o t
ha explained upon any known
1" , " 6 1. 1 e• 110//, in what way. it so effectually
subdue , Inflammatory ,bisease aml no others,
was at tient /sillily ittexpliotble—but, no farther
experiment, it was lirovol that it equalizes the
fluids of the body. the want it on eq in
which, is the wile cause of inflammation. Seel)
is its poteney. that like the vaet•ine matter, it
requires merely wet adheres to the point urn twill
dipped into o .01116011 Of it. to 111EPet the entire
sy•tem—hat most he instantly used to prevent
and !femme its full virtue. Three
' quir.s in acute, nod two in chrenie diseases,
every 24 hours, till lhe lieet. pain end febrile !te
flon hove nolisided, and a perfect cure effected.
When it takes the place of Misters, ointment
and leeches in Inca) affections, as Brain Fever,
t'lastip, Toothache, Pleurisy. &c.. its 'nude or
administ.ation is two-fold. (See clireetiin of die
' solriny. he.)
I The diseoverer has withheld it from toe pnh•
•I lie till now., by the advice or a judicious plivni•
ciao and valuable Friend whom he consulted—
gentleman known and felt in the medical
world—and who ilenireO to submit it to the test
o I experiment. After witne,siiii: under his own
scrutinizing; rye. it. tiitoopit aver ooh
acute and ehrimic inflammatory di-eases, in re
pealed and re-repeated trials, he offered $21.-
Oho to mime in HS II 9101101 and equal partner in
I the Recipe fur its manuhteture, but than prop',
sal was rejected,
disuse of the !anent end Issi•sters, is de
manded both by humanity by Inononity tool
10111110.0. IS it not a mistake. tit , H,He•SO 014
Fettle 01 lioili, water (she intlasard blood)
will cease to boil. by dimly, not a port of it—
or a eicdt or had cider (loci h 1:,od" he made
good, by drawing n t,./1110li of It ? 1. it not
111i.1.1k0. tOSIIIIIoI.e that lili•lnca tool l'itheri. , •ients
will remove intinininatint , when the/
,1101.1.11.111 oar ielhommition to atiothet ?
hoe 1/e. it. of Harvard
ty, •11111“1 1110 .siek or learned
01 .he tot 11 1 , 1 sieltHlS lu yew
iteknowled,i jot I in Hogan, that
11e. II 11111111, I tl. Iltlllly VeitllB. WllllOlll 'mal
low, and iiiknosn did out aygoarate
tit .1.. 11,1,1' ion,ll, 1 0.11111
1,11 ill lie ii .1 ,111(1 NeW
1.1 Vit'WS /10,1 LOW It roa
Ihry heheve the lim. Cf. setons leeches nod
i 7r.. ilijnrrten where Mar audit
Ttlll, 1111111, 111Cle is a o.tairolg to 1 icto• 12 23
• -.4:1.9 9. 17, 14—tote "run
istotsts I. TU., 1.11.11..." It in not the err,. of
Mrs., (ths re never is too mach) that °Josue til
-1 seam. het the want of tt balance bet, elm the
flunk and t.” 11414.
The si.ccntl exeellence of the Aittiphltt;itie
Salt. is Om without the 11 , 1 of hle,Ni I
and strength. it etlectintlly 41, 1,14,1 till 111111310-
ry . diseatS (nit others) hv produch,
broth 01011 the 11.114 in the boll, and a
I,,,h,tecellptell cirenlation. I 1 exert", ii,
thy tayvitie mutter, Hill exliutovilinaty
nvyr thy v and nt grad
ialantinntion n. itnliented hy the
pit -v, 111 e h its.mine4 44 natural Mate 115 the
hen? 011 I IVVVI .
Alany tnetlicities offered for Fide, ere
1 1 01110.1 cert;lieJte... (their vir
ehilin i 1 he tillivei.:4l rot•bljes.
. ti
1 , rilt• pi this Salt, solemnly torttreStit
tyst .114 it 5141111 in the categt ry of
111111 1,.5.11 it i llll, .lthp , Lre.wjviiil w i n i„,it
..,;:,,. with lel of her possport than itS Mie v.ll
- ,11. 1111 11 11 null it gelatine, they will re• ,
4 Ilins will 41je11 :11111
111,1,11 It. 11,11.1 heing, 11 1 , 1111:1,11 1111 all 1113,
if 1 , 4. vontrol over 1111 1,14 Int: 011 e frilll
--.11,0111 1411110,4 6111 the 1111 . 11 y. 11l Wit,
IN 1 . 1.AM31,111111 . 1/I,4I,StI—I,IIHIvIeI. i' it , 611'111 .
(.4 . 1 4iiiity—wether in the Lend. thmat chest all
h.own. ex. emit e: or .kin. It .1 gsk4.l. how
.1014 restorio, the lust hnl
..1.11 the tlllills and 14111111,
TI Mile.P../PWN" "'hi the en-
Mink te-mme, stul mat, nor 111,0 then
11,1 more "Ile,. pfiin "r tvv,t•
St• ti rr i• rxtimotklir.l Lr wsier.
. . ........
- I. WIIYIT litlovt
11 , I iF.AI• , 11.1 TI IT--lo Wit , nrcii/1 E , rer, ,
oth hr. d kips. Ears mu/ ,\ov
hi" A. CrOVI
13101, &C.
xlw:r the 1111b3113110 •ii flui , l. rifest
tl , e rill ST ittid ; Niattred
Liver ; COitr; Dyrp,
(10P0 , 141 IS, I *then al. IL,
3 here the HolmltinCeil fluids elrect
the ExTI, matt, end SKIN—tO wir; ///ovu,sa
limp, Got,. Scroyitho. Ulcers. Chillatius,('Aillritis,
Chick, n curd Snit:// Pox, SO Moe., with iod.-
ing 11.1 Other Illy/I/VHS ,11 , ;
T hi, Salt al. 11 alter ritt Il.e inflammatory
patios reeithir to married liokes. unit et
the time oreolililiensoll) ou , l nu.ny lemuln yarn
plailits. Mill ie ver etliedtious in Fever, Ague,
Wounds, NerVith. ted Sitholl Affections nod
anyother kilos of (yolk it ie)it th ntmntr ry
eeuae, with heat, pain or relnile symp
Persons who have a tendency of blood
to the head nitat t, or lend handier, livet, or
breath tto impure Mr or immulerrnries and :I.e
throes of metals and or Ike
i. nollealtlay edinates, are capobed to a pat tie
liar vitiation of if c fluids i.l the 1....1y. which oho
dote without interfereing with the diet or Itch
ness, note in three months. ut old invnrinhlti
pence,. It as heleived ti ntliwd protection trout
infectious di.rato. and therefore traeeller..,
sal ors, and soldiers should hupply themselves
with it.
IVl.ile mony nostrum•mikl; erg vietimim
tbe good 'timed still pilloithign puldic, toy or
derittg •` 1,111 .ix In II ulu a lumen nr home,
to ritoe att " tote inattsr Itat—the
der•i4oed is lotto to, in being mimic to shit, thst
titto severest Immo. tot 1 . 14,11 t ii , tionatiar , ., di.
srtin. our (IVO' COMO Ity otie Arnie psuittige,
moil tlor mow ukt;fiate mid I.v o•to.n.liccU by
tons Isorloge. It dues ittott what It
rfi,•,4 to du—tittol tut more. tor etimi 'lnci
lice tildes I,m 11.114,11 g front th e ', stets mill nr _
sou jai toul venom.: tiltstroot, 014
OW Pleas let your rei,hl.ors read this.
V. I ELL, M. I).,
1 , 1510,1,1 t PIMP 11,14•11.
For IMP et II e Cheap Ding Store of Soluu.l
S. Smith, &Cu Pa.
iflth 1559.
• ----
1. 1 1
New Clrd-Press.
ITllViiii., bought Itfittit “C i1.1{1) ‘ r . l.i.l•!kEt," WO
are now prepared to print in Ode proportion td
three carols in the game time that any other
wean in the county can print one, consequent
itennectrullY (alarms the equity!. of Hunting- ' ly WP cat' print them eileaper—if not done well
don. rivillits,,,,,,i the ...mounding i•nun- - 1 wi. coke mu elAurge at all. We oak yuur pa
try.that ha has roininenetol ho , •ini•,. in I on It,. e.
the room tominsitu )1. litifinun'N Noir in
I -------.
N+lthET NOAH!, 11114TINopos. .1.1 Green Willow Foundry,
ha, ,e. to reeeiv. a nha,e o r imbu e iuuron ,c. lT V% tel.:1.1) renpeettully inform the MO& that
wxrcliEs and CLoelliS repaired in the .1 I linen commenced husinena at the 41 , 0,0
hen, workinalliite Manner.
in tt
y r, e nod Will to date all who
Ilia stock iii WA I'CIIES and 'JEWELRY is, W a in an, tiling nreadyt tan lineacemm ao banjoess.
of the heat, ad of which he will dial..n of at multi have on hand ur make 10 order Threshing
reasonable prices.
The public generally are requested to
I idaciiinen, and all online ntachinery that may he
him a call and tOunnine his stock. give eati e u tor. C.atings of avert description. Cook
eller 11..59. ! im,i pedon se?ces : Plows, hollow warn, &c.—
All hoots of Tattling. either wood ..r tom. and
WILTS; lattmjp Kul...thing oill he done in Hitt b o ot mintier
the most re
int too.nAle (PM, F , trillfll'a
T" " 1 '''''''' ' ,''''•'' t„ l e.'" 'I. Am, i and
u , . and other,. o leing torehaso tom meelttnett
It pinz lotetheee. it structione given for the Wlli Illitt It to the tt ir adv o
a p ntage to Kiva rue A call.
sun of .1"13.011. For teirtieuntr, tie., apt ly to Al, hunts to Couutty produce taken en exehAno
WM. F. THOMAS, 4101i , rekeiti,, lat untrket prices. I'ETt..ll. TIITURIC,
1100 i 0 1/41 , 6 lit 8 1 iii& Wittenareel. Oct. 14, 18k8.- IP
asp. TO etworcE rrs EqrAl, I
ga"'VHF. Ri ()nil sEmtcrwß
listen eflitenient of I'Mi,l MeCre• ty, of Jr" n 1
pier Townnhio. Bedford county. 4.9
In April. 1856. as near se I can ree”CM,tinbtor
• Dimple made its appearance em my an.
per lip, which strain Immune enlarged and sore.
I used poulti.em to sorrel. lin.l a wadi of ble•
without efreet. Eindin., , the sore extend
ing I called on Dr. Ely, of Scltelishurg, who
pomonticerl it ("ANC!. It. mid preneribed a Wash
of nagar of lead and bread poultice, Finding
these remedies of no avail. I celled upon Dr.
Shaffer. Ihtridsville. Somerset minty, who
nit prilil•mnee.l the diverse Cancer and trace
me Internal and Fxternal remedies—the littee
consisting principal y 0:* eitustie ; but all to no
poi pose, e', the disease continued spreading to
ward the nose. 1 next used e preparation o r p r .
seek,. in the form of salve This fin a time •
eiterked the disease. tut the inflammation noon
inereased. I ,text called upon I)r.Statler. of Flt..
Clairsville. Redford county, who also pronoun
eed the disease to he Owe,. and applied a Slane
1 , 1111 to be a never-failing remedy, but it hail' no ,
• whatorer in chiming the Formic! of ;list
sore. t„ necem b er , of thy, stone year, the dis
ease hail eaten Away a greater part ot my upper
Whim' hod nttileked the nose, when I went to
einCitltloti whore I consulted Dr. It. S. Newts*
O the Eleatic Medical College. ill pronouoj
red the ilineitne., Clltatleoll4 Cancer, superin
duced by an inordinate no, or mercury."
applied mild gine ointment, and gave me inter
nil retnedics. My face healed up, but the in
flammation wAt not thoroughly removed, In
February, 1857, ho pronounced me cured, and
I lett fur home. In April the disease again re
turned, and so vioient Wan the pain that. I could
tilt rest nt night. Late in May I returned to
Cincinnati. and again plamni topsoil' under the
charge of Dr. Newton, with whom remained
undd septguther, during whin% time he tied
ere, known remedy, as I partly suisieolal
• eking the tlkease. but whoa I returned
hem, there were still throe discharging uleerj
neon my face. I enntivined using Newton's
;preparations. and also medicine that I got frets
Dr. Ely. lint the Cunene continued growing an
oil it i ail eate.ik It the lett silo of my nose, the
',Ai, toy let cheek. and had attack
eo ply left rte, I hail civet' ttp All Ito eof ev
er lnn rarest, Cr. Elv said ho could only
give re'it.f; hut that r care teas tmpuvniL%u . In
Nlnvelt, 1858. I bought a lon.. of - Blood Sear
cher," but I o a th mittens I had no Nth in it.
I wit• rely weak when commenvol taking it'
hot I tumid that I gained strungto dty by day,
111, Hind, that thin 11111, 1101111111,111.11,11 allying up.
I eoutioned, and when the third bllllld tvaa ut•
keg my litre was healed an ti by a miracle. I
used n loath bottle end I have boon healthier
sittee than I hon e I.OEII fir t 1.,, last ravel, years.
.•e sadly distil:llMM lUM atilt
g• ntmfol lo a Pluvidcuee who hits +pored
my life. note ti !deli has been dolls through the
he-triunes:a:4y or . .atinsta's I nettoveu ltLlnap
DAVID All , CHEitliY.
Stlliscrib,ll. thin 81st they tat Au
gust. A. D. 1858, helitre me, one sr
ot the Peace in nod for the ltureughur lieltidaya.
Marg. Colli.ty
U J Junes. JOHN °CALI:Y.
Being atlieteil with a gAivious Tatter on the
antis and fare— utter trying many roniedioa
which utterly tailed to etire--I wits put...odd-ad
by \V..11. llama di Co. In try Lintisev's lawn.
%NI Blood Seemlier • nail now, six-witeka altos
linishiti, the s rod bottle, prurioutice cupol
The tetter brake put, !mt.:thine over a year
ego, on the inside or toy atm., extending tram
the ilbutre flown to the, abb. on for thee,
itinedi.dely room! the :moult and Olin. and coo
tined to hen peilivt loon , p , In me wain owed by
the 1%1 unite, at time:, Avßal
blib,unt !! , ; e gitlre u til - bleed at any ti be on the
teast exertion to lilt or work and sometimes
so itch, I hilt I caul! trarrely prevent tearinx
all to flesh. I have now here mired six weekil
nod tel it 11110 t.l Mr. LitulAry, cud to the Imb
lir generall,, to make this stetemen•. in hope
flint others like ney+elf may be bettettited by
...big his valuable
tiwnen and qnliqerihed befm;;;;, - one of The
Aldermen in and for the City ur Pittsburg, this
eBih day of July. A. I). 1854.
I) c AST R A idernos.
ilollislssrcLsrg, Sept,. 22,58 !y.
'l'llll. .
I n
tam. toe
-1 rkatiatttes—aow In alio , intlawation
at ilit• ro,a a all diseases—haute an i • ntaadi•
lile el 11,
nud nothing (31,, will (tray inflatan ion at (ince,
awl multi. a et.rntin
Didlry's l'am Extractor will cure
the Following among it gloat eatalogne of
diseases: litno.t, Sealds, Ong, Chalk, tare
Nipples. Coins, Bunions, Bruises, Strains.
Bites, Poison, Chillers. Gout, Swelling. 'thou
noicis.n, Scald Head, Salt Rheum, Baldness,
cysidelas, Riugwortn, Barbers Itch, Small
Pioc, Meicchc Rash, Sc., &e.
To s o ma it may appear ineredulous that so
molt, diseases should ho reached by one sell.
etc ; such an idea will vanish when reflection
points to the fart, that the salve is u combine
inuredients, each and every one spply•
iuv n pPriPet nil! ittule to its stralState disorder.
11l i. , Oleos is nm,ical, lateen:i the time is
shun Iwtween diseases and It permanent cure;
awl it is an extractor, as it draws all diseases
too of the affected part„ leaving nature XS
perfect as before the injury. It is scarcely Ile.
crustily to say that no house, work shop, or
mattoductory should be one moment without it.
Ni, Pain Extractor is genuine unless the
qcs has hits upon it a steel plate engraving,
unit the name or Decoy Dailey, Itlanulactu
rer. For sale by nil the [frugal:us and patent
medieine dealers throughout the United Cates
and Canada's. Principal Depict,
163 Chambers St., New York.
John Reed. Agent Iluntingdou Pa,
Nov. 17, 'sB.—ly.
WS. M. I'EVITNOII.I. i CO.'S Adver.
Lining Agoricy, 119 Nast , ntl Si.. Now York.
111 Slat, at S. 51. Pettengin 46,, Co.
are the the "Jona and the must
ilathietaiu I oil lar,est circulating Newartivers
ill the 171,iliqi St un, and the Canadus. "hey
are am littrized to contract tor tta at our Lewes