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    W3ll. lIIREW.IfT;Lit,
11!ppid . i . i? advance *1.40
If paid within six months after the time of
stihserihing 1.75
y paid before the expiration of the year, 2,110
And two dollar! and fifty cent. if not ',aid
after the expiration of the year Na paper din.
uontinued until the end of the year ault , crilted for.
I. All anbacriptions are continued until nth
orwise ordered, and no paper will he discontinu
ed until amarages are paid except at the option
et the publisher.
2. Returned numbers are never reeeireei by us.
All ' , umbers sent us in Chit way are fest. end
never accomplish the purpose of the sender.
9 Persons wishing to stop their sulmerietions.
roust pay up arrearages send a write,n or
verbal order to that effect, to the ollice of pub
lication in fluntingthm•
4. Giving notice to a postmaster is neither a
legal ore proper notice.
. _
5. After ono or more numbers of n now roar
bare been forwarded. a new year has cowmen°.
ed, end the paper will not be discontinued until
orrcuroyet are paid. See No. 1.
The shave terms will be rigidly adhered
io ell elms.
Will be charged at the following rates
1 insertion. 2 do. 3 to.
SIX lines or less, $ 25 $ 37a $ rin
one square, (16 linee,) 60 75 100
(33 " ) 100 1 5U 200
3 . 1 o• 6 In, 12 mo.
One Ignore, 13 08 It 00 $8 00
Iwo squares, 600 800 12 00
AI column, 600 12 00 18 00
I do., 12 GO 18 00 22 00
18 00 27 00 40 110
du., 22 00 35 00 45 0"
Business Cards of six Ii n c,. or less, $4..11.
Scrofula, or King's Evil,
I. a oonstitaitional disease, a corruption of the
blood, which this fluid becomes vitiated,
weak, and poor. 'icing iu the•eirculation, it
pervades the whole hut', and may burst out
is disease 011 any part of it. No organ is free
orom its attacks, line is theib one which it may
not destroy. The s.zofulous bdut is viniously
caused by ntimenrial cli,ease, low living, dis•
grdrred or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
and tiltity habit, the depressing vices, and,
above all, by the venereal infection. What
ever he its origin, it in hereditary in the con
stitution, descending "from parents to children
unto the third and tonrth gen—ation ;" indeed,
it seems to be the rod of Ilia who says, " I
will visit the iniquities of the lathers upon
their children."
Its Outs commence by deposition from the
blood cf corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, is tenned
tubercles; in the glands, swellings; and on
the surface, eruptions or sores. This foul cor
ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses
the energies of life, so that scrofulous constitu
tions not only suffer from scrofulous com
plaints, but they have far lew power to with
stand the attacks of other diseases; conse
quently, vast numbers perish by disorders
nhich, although not scinfidous in their nature,
arc still tendered fatal by this taint in the
system. most or the eonsiimption which de
cimates the human family has its origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination ; and many
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or
are aggravated by the same cause.
Ow quarter of all our people are scrofulous;
their persons are invaded by this lurking in
fection, and their health is undermined by it.
To cleanse it from tho system we must renovate
tho blood by an alterative medicine, and in
viwirate it by healthy food and exercise.
such a medliano we supply in
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of our times can devise for this every
where prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from the most active remedial, that have
been discovered tbr the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rosette of the
system from its destructive eonsequenees.
Hence it should be employed for the cure of
not only scrofula, but els° those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Ent:milts
and Sum Dtsu.k.s, Sr. ANTHONY'S Fine,
itotm, or Envairetas, rzstraus, PUSTULES.
BLOTCHES. Ilt.mas and 8e,,,.', TUMORS. TETTER
end SALT lie sec. Sc 111, HEAD, RINGWORM,
0/t IMPURE BLOOD. The popular belief
In impurity of the blood" is founded in truth,
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The
particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
tilla is to purity and regenerate this vital fluid,
without Which sound health is impossible in
‘ontantinatcd constitutions.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
are so composed that disease within the range of
their action can rarely withstand nr evade them
Their penetrating properties search, and cleanse,
and invigorate every portion of the human organ
ism, correcting its diseased action, and restoring
its healthy 'Moline.. Ass consequence of these
properties, the invalid who is bowed down with
pain or physical debility is astonished to find his
health or energy restored by a remedy at once se
simple r.l inviting.
Not o:•:•,: du they cure the every-day complaints
ef ,every iiudy, but also many fonnidahle and
dangerous diseases. The agent below named is
pleased to furnish gratis my American Almanac,
containing certificates of their cures and directions
far their use in the following complaints: Costive
oras, Iteariburn, Headache arising/rota disordered
Ftomoch, Nausea, Indigestion, Pain in and dtorbid
Inaction of the Bowels, Flatulency, Loss of Appe
tite, Jaundice, and other kindred complaint.,
arising front a low state of the body or obstruction
of its functions.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
ran ruE ueriii CORE or
, hs, Colds, Influenza, Hoarseness,
nip, Bronchitis, Incipient Consume.
. n, and for the relief of Consumptive
tratients la advanced stages of the
wide is the field of its usefulness and so nu
:* 4,..uts are the cases of its cures, that almost
t v, iv section of country abounds in persons pub.
I,llip . known, who have been restored front alarming
even desperate diseases of the lungs by its
'ls,. When once tried, its superiority over every
't'.4tr medicine of ita kind is too apparent to escape
.. , :vation, and where its virtues are known, the
r lie no longer hesitate what antidote to employ
&di distressing end dangerous affections of tl e
.ry organs that are incident to our climate.
,11c many inferior remedies thrust upon the
..r.unity have failed and been discarded. this
Pg; gitined friends by every trial, conferred benefits
afflicted they can never forget, and Pt.
c iced cures too numerous and too remarkable re
• forgotten.
DR. J. C. AYER dr. CO.
Jmni Agenta:untineies, Pe.
Iht truntintitin Tformit
COLUMBIA I lift thy starry eyes
And weep o'er ruined hopes no more;
The sun still shines in yonder skies,
Thou Ali lightnings leap and thunders roar;
Then from •hy garments shake the dust,
And smooth thy brow, and smile en care:
Daughter of Heaven 1 't is thine to drool,
And never breathe the wuri despair.
Our tearless sires—uneheered, unshod—
Through fire, and Hood, and tempest trod,
And cuuquered "ik the halite of tiod."
Comrades I the very stars have stooped
Tu light the hero JII his way ;
Thruugh war and pence, in glory grouped,
L'udnu'ed, their beams ut vim!, play .
They the logiuus of the tree ;
They above the sunder's bier ;
They guard our rights on laud and sea—
ls doubt, in darkness doubly dear.
Through }ears of pcatie—'ileath war-clouds
every t'utlier's son
Dei;Jild the flag our lathers woo.
Can We mr4et the men that trod
The ranks of death with iron will?
Can we fue,ei the Wood that flowed
At Losilytua and Bunker Hill ?
Na! By the inoinory a the Bravo
hu !sleep in giory's hallowed bed—
By every sainted mound and wave,
&telt diup ut blond for Fieeduna shed,
Shall prove a seed will rise again—
A harvest vast of inighly men,
Invincible with avoid and pen.
From sea la sea, from pole to pole,
1 he swipes must wave, the soars must bore,
Wilde wouutalos Ilea er rivers roil•
Tu 'hum the wurld's oparessed shall turn,
To them tit oppreesor Wan 41,3,
dad tyrant's arm is clot,
Tlytattt's be,pter but a straw;
And till the reign Wrong gives way,
Above cur Waters' nino)red dust
We swear: Our swords shall right the Just
Ur ever ill their seabt.r.!
.tct:l o.:orrezp:iten.c.
Religion Necessary lo a Niditio , s
[Continued j; oda Oduber 26011
Ilel.ogion is necessary to the trite th vet
upemein of ch. racier and the roost...ming . ol
man's evil missions. flow moucti of tile
e Vll. iii ilia World .nay be di,tinctiVely I raced
to the indulgence of onmi's evil dolno.itinoo?
How many rive feuds, pony brook nod
bloody resolution. have their origin ;to lot
tred„ malignity, ambition and the
whole chain ,if evil passions whioh drag
ut~ni on critue. II be had remained the
Bing he once woo, 111111C11 of die tools. y
nod wretchedness our world ha^ been room
'wiled to witness would never have exist.
ed. Thew would not then hove been One
w.or where n have existed ; no
one murder where there have been tour
ih•rs without nu ..bur ; not a droop 01 b hod
where the earth has been reddened tt fah
core ; not a cry of sorrow where wails of
ar ouisli have gone up from thousands of
broken henris ; not a solitary onormior
where Move been heard the groans of mil
hong of oppressed beings, hu rdened whit
an elm ist insupportable despotism. The
sithieranean murmurs of passion is often
h oord in its heaving rind toss ino to and fro,
threatniiig every moment to boost its bands
aid heave forth, over this given earth, this
land ef smiles and sunshine, the hidden
lour of iniwty and desol o oti,m„ qurnchwo
every noble feeling ; destroying all moral
harmony. rending asunder motions and
making of one loud now mighty, barren
waste. It is only when these passions are
restrained by the nlinlesome inguelees
which religion throws or and them that
they are indite to follow their pr iper C41111,e
and be the dispenser of olotoloiess
of d. solation to tenon The aim of cliris.
tiomity is to restate initu to his hornier hap
py condition ; to Apia 11 over our earth ohs
bloom of the ancient Eden. It purifies
nod ennobles the affections, shows man to
fellow, not a- one to he dispe,sed. hated
and destroyed but to be loved end respected
It seeks to ni ke !TOW like his great creator
meek gentle, long suffering. free of coin
passion, and only when this is uecom•
',hailed has it effected its purpose. Where
truce was a Tierra. , ual volcurni, sending
forth its terrific tunes of fire. scattering
terror and druth, tt lino Caused the green
grass to pro.. the -cented flow. es to blnoni
sad spreads joy and pear, nod glnrine•s
on every ;jot, ti herr tle,Dlat ion and har
rrnnens ru'ed ther.• in now n lax•lrinnt ;
growth. Thus ehriEinuity restrains n o m's
evil des:e •a atul turns Ins nanirnlit ,l9 and
affections min pure and lawful channels.
Meta under such influences commit few
Such the influence• of chriteinnite en
iudivulual ch MICA' Nation., nre hut
collumiun of individuals. II a majority o
the liersms who Inein any con ttttt inity ors
Christians it is easy to necertoin whnt the
character of that community will he. It
the individual 'llllll who determines pub
lic sentiment. We have no!). approached i
the idrn of n gnod government, one which
no storms of annrchy or despotism, no civil
feuds or bloody wars Khali enthrone where
we hove religious spirit Frei vsding the I
hind; in fine viten we have all men
christions. A Christian is the highest style '
of man and a Christian got ernment is the I
only stable one; as other. nppronch this
standard, so will be the duration of their
We have been so long nccustomed to the
religious element pervading society that
we cannot possibly est...file its influence
on the administration of law and stabit y
of government. A ehristion people will
have just lows. They ore those who
know their rights, 81111 knowing dare main
tain. No tyrant can oppress them w i t h
impunity. 'rho bet of a nation having
became a christiati nation. and of having
the lob clicoloted and read among the
citizens presupposes it degree of;ate
geece mamma M prevent any oppression
fa 111 one exercising dominion over them.
When laws are just they are always ready
and willing to obey them. There is no
need it a standing army to compel the
people to submit There is a government
of low and one of mrco. It is for the ad
vantage of every chi istrun to pay a ready
„tiediettee to law. In oilier 11111.1011 S
110,t+ and brkiling bayonets tire of •
ten ilie only resort of rulers In Mai:ital.
hinds evkry man is an mlininktr eitr of
r obieott. lan mid all Ins poo ere mid
rice are brought to bear upon its proper
Suppte, we abolish religinu with all its
aih.ii lull crveuimile, find what will be
reNiih t I). uw Iy with the mud:med.!
piof, , ,iho, mid then de-troy nil it 4 noble
nod vni Hying infliwitreq en
1.4 [l.e clinicl,os which deck the g•ecii
hid side, wheie the we.ii y end heart-hro
live gathered for years. to listen
to the words nl troili, es Liz., 0.. w•
111 (01111 1111• lips of the won of God
to the ground. Let the ehildien who
werkly 'fleet tit the solihath eeltoul unit
are !roiled tin in the truli of dilly tool
ore bought., love their hiline, ilos eonotre.
unit th-ir fled, he turned 10n..• in he
sit , els to watuder worrevez inclination
uy lead then,. Gault, ..11 the bibles and
relig. nits books, Witch fl,md tour he mi. sod
hove ntiorded huh' to milli". id I unlighted
snook illuittimitimr ,1t,,,,,
and 1.1,4.10111 g lite hor zuht of ihoughl. loin
out. have pule. and then horn them. I
it wets possib e, destroy every itifl.terice
every C iuuiott, inert' act winch all the..
h , ve benl le meant of pr during. Let
ali our pinhuuhrupic societies, lot mod for
the pro',,,, tit truth and good will to
oleo, L erisb wan the inhere Destroy all
that revel...nee (1) truth, justice, law nod
litw ; !iver., fur woo awl God, which ham
1:1•111. , d tha peval. nee of religion
in our midst : and whiott Clint only ezi.t tt
minds nrknowleilguig the existiotre of in
Deity. Let the mon cense to hive any
repo , ' for an onth. Lot the Sithbath be
sprat in folly. wickedness and revely.—
It it nene pit suble, destroy all these, end
whet is left worth having.
*fiat `l4tlisccilam).
ill;e 13 ble fec,cnb
It we. here in these wilds of The Wis•
suhikeo. oo the dey of the battle es the
nfeeeley For. Cone shining t hreueh the
thick I , clime red leaves. that Ivo) 1111.1) 11,1
in dewily combo 'They gr.topl .d in
d vulle conflict neer a rock. that roQe—lik,
Ow hog. wreck ist won+ primeval world—
tit lent one hundred ft-et shove the shirk
sonar. of the WisQnliikon.
Thai man with the d ,rk brow. end the
dot ker grey ey«. fl eshing oi.h dewily
beht, tvi.h the minter lar form e!..,1 i, she
blue hooting frock of the Revoltstion. is n
Continental named %Varner, Ili, brother
won MIMI.. red she other night at the Miss.
Porte of Paoli. That other lota with long
block hour. drooping clone his cadoverna
'ore, is rod in the holfmsilitory costume
of a Tore o Thou is the murderer
of Paoli. named .hney.
They h..d met ther •in the wn.•d; nc
cident, and now they f•mght, n•n t‘ith
smnr4 or miflp hut 1 . th I,np mud dewily
linn•inp kroiv , n,, •hn;• in the light,
they gn onnn¢ and 'wining mind twisting Th.. de••.,•drnwo- h.••nth mil t he hue h.•r .
over h • green swar,l. th.. 1,11,1,fr0 of the murderer alone
At last the Tory wee down I Down on ,uisturb the silenee.—The Isiduw end the! INritudd UL:: l: re very carefully
the green sward Mall the knee of the Con (lurk eyed hay ore breathless JERRY SNEAKS. lINDIAN I INDIAN siILIMMIEH,
In the Milo, in article, the Philadelphia There is time just whim the trust
Prepares to pave old Winter's way,
tinential upon hi. barns t—thnt sigra ised Th,t Utile girl onconsciPUS OS she was
knife irtive•ing in the light that dark grey caught a feeling of awe fruts the honor of PittLLETIN hits off so true to life a aiss of ' When Autumn in a reverie lost,
, the countenances around. nod stood brenth• hod' ulna's who are to be found in all coin.
eye (I 'thing death into his lace ! The mellow daytime dreams away t.
When slimmer conies in triusinir mud
•Qwirter—l yield ! gasped the Tory. as li,s, her face turned Aside, her tiny fi n . mutinies, that we copy it entire, with this ' r„ paz.0„,,,,,„)re.'„ hill ~,,id ell, '
the hire wits pressed upon his bernst— gers resting upon the hue of life or death, additiounl remark, that whenever a strati- To mark how many sheaves-they biud,
iSpnre ale-1 yield 1' : At lost gathering courage, the widow ger—be he lecturer, showman, or politi-
And see Vail am ripened well.
• P said the Patriot soldier, bent her eyes to the, m
rige, a! re ad, It citm—iasppens to drop into 16 village W ith balm breath she whispers low
Wl The dyin Y g Bowers look upon ' gi '
Me brother"
in that kw deep tone of deadly hate— , Al u was aline from the N.. 1: Testament, i whiry J.T.Y &teals, are always on the There sweetest incense ere ihgo,
, To Mtn who made their beauties live.
"tot viva" they are sure of thrusting them . '
brother crien for •quarter' on the night of 'Love YOUR ENEMIEs.'
of : She enters 'neath the woal'ands shade,
1 selves right under his nose or lay
Paoli. and even ns he clung to emir knees.' Ali ! that moment was sublime ! Her zephyr. lift the lingering leaf,
you struck that knife, into his heart lOh I ! Oh ! awful Houk of Grid, in whose ' his "coat Oil ' use let hint move out of their And bear it gently where are led
will give you the gainer of Paoli P dread pages we see Job talking face to M ee sight foi a moment imiil, by disgusting eve : The loved and lost ones of its grief,
A.nin his reenter and his throne,
At last old Autumn , rising takes
And his hand wits raised for •he blow , with J,lmvO h. or Ja-eus wniting by S aw , 'ry Wan Of common sense an d CututOOß
and his teeth were clenched to deadly hate ria's t',•' 1l tar wennering hy the wav es o f decency by t heir of "iiitisiiess they drive I With boisterous hand thetr ee h e sh a k e s,
He patted Inv. n moment and then pinion. did( G •lilee. Oh ! Awful Cook, sli ti o ng the s:vitirve ta n .' ;ire place w Intent on gathering all hie own,ith no very ;
flivi , ,,ilile Idea of its citizens. sweet Summer sighing. flies the plain,
lid the 'Tory's arms, and with one rn id to-iiiQ lii, es I speelt. the light of lit wid- And uniting winter grant and grim,
striee drugged him to the verg e o f the rock, ! ow's hm
rite, the 0 Ini vof thin o,,,,;;,unien comooN pEsTs.—Everybody know. ! Sees miser Autumn hoard his grain,
a nd held hint quivering over the Abyss.l sill'', siainiug , cam es aim
here the werld roes , Pall every Claalliarlil V possesses several of And smiles 0 think it', all Air him.
• - ---
. .
"Mercy! ' gasped the Tory turning black t o l oo k on % T n . l„„, n io, o f , h , novio , io tht«e indi, blo a t s w h o , p e . en li artty i, a ! --..sar
A quaiay paper publ.sheti in Ciacintla.
nom ;oil craving for notoriety, no matter Inc 1 The Wife's eensurtudnleuts.
ti, gives the following as a Correct version
and a by by turns, 'lethal awful gulf yi•vii ' his coil, liobiteniii7 the way .5 Cod, even
ed below 'Mercy ! I have it wife—a child over i h„,,f,,,,,, i Ilihh,,. flit ! hook
of ~,, what ood no matter how, so that their :
' role m0 i„,,,, Hod ~:.;1,1.1:1., love, of :, ,, hii. t.. -.61.-(1 iier.onaltites may be incessantly
--spare ne !'
for the use of all doubting husbander,
'Dien the Continental, with his mtpcti • „,h,, Clint (~,,,,.1„, the
.nu! join ow ,. „, .!.•..,, before the piald.c. Where a mon 1. Thou shall have no other wife bat
ler strength gathered for the effort, shook 1„.,„ ‘ . j i nn ,„,.i 0 the i„,„,, wi.h ~.,,,,,,e : is ',tile di.tite,nislied. Whet he occupit, (or.
beautiful graven image of a servant
the murderer once more over the abyss, — vo n n ev e ,. o w , inn , ~,..,0 , -4 , ,i, h., , o . a 111110.•, won ht, exertion of superior intel. '2. Thou shalt not take Into thy boas*
loch, ts heu lie has for years re-•eiv«cf the nay
this hitter sneer between his teeth :
tart, ., Wenn, when yeti hewed that murder.
6;10 it.., here, io tit it louely cot of the
tribu.e« title to superior merit, when acl!til
'My brother had a wile and two chit - girh to bow to her, for I am ajealou
drew !••• The morning after the night of e ,',. lir e ! , *touts, or ptilittcat talent, and tact, or high i wire. s
P.mli, that wile wan a widow, those chi!. F . ,._,,,,,. (1 I tell yon—that mi ,... 3 ,,, e ,.. ' tinted yet tinobstrustee piety have distin.! 3. Th.ou
shah not take the name of thy
dren were orphans 1 -Wouldn't you like to lite t...s 0,10/.11! That widow teem-01,8,d goi,,lied his deeds, we might pardon bi n ,
wile In vain.
go and beg your life of that widow and the fite2et• al Cbal--eteti the stew biother that he feels th t need at that celebrity , 4. Remember thy wife to keep her re •
her children 1' toms atvetl i,i;it sdegl'e. i which has identified with nature. Yet it i , IA
peCte 0.
Th;s proposal. made by the Cominen. The nio•tie,e, weitt his way. is ienntikahle that such men con dispen.e 5. honor thy wife's father sad moth.
i si in the no re mockery of hate. wog taken Now Itto': ye. how woed e rful are th e with celebrity infinitely 1110, lel.1:111). er.
in serious earnest by the horror stricken 15,1 v, of 1-1, . e ,, i. thou those petty mods who without one
a. Thou shalt not fret,
Tory. lie b egged to be t.iked to tint wid. 'filet ve.y nigh,. no the widow saie by spark if 7. Thou /halt find no fault with thy f real ability, hunger and thirst tut i
ow and her children, to have the puiliil her Wel? neat.—'rot oriiittios by her notoriety fur notoriety's alike.
i wile.
privilege of begging his life, aft e ra mo. side...ete brae w;,11 ('rushed heart sod ' Few per•on.see so much of there con. ;
rya balls, ili;olotia oi her hip:bond,B Tbou shalt not chew tobacco.
ceited pe: ses editor,, atid none s••t• more 9. Thou shun not ha behind thy neigh
merit's serious lhoutzi , l, the patriot soldier hot
consented ; he noun I the Vory's arms yet who tio'v ley tionildei jug oil the blood. clearly inevetied t!ie stnalittieheiy to which hot.
tNlit r ;placed him tin the rack .igii;u . clrencli«d teal of Pooh . there was a tap at they resoit, to hoist themselves before the
'lite VP , ' h. of the ruoiseller•
public. The pores is the great means of i h, l , u o, ,i f i r „ h k ou „„ e t h c al o t .„. n .. o , t :h i o sit : o h ::: n uni ko ta e l p e Z ;
l e d him op to the • A quiet Collage, her door.
-runt. nor his brandy, our his gin, nor his
path 'stoned auttut4 trees, nr.die oat hi is She 01 ,,, , , q1 the door, and--;hm has. conferring notoriety and it is occordingty
eye.. band Ovitoj, laving titu.t?,ll coveted with Mt press WIIICh IA lutist plied by them Inc „ 01 ,„ , ,,,. „,,yil,,„g that is behind the bar
'fury entered that cottage. There, beside matt, i,nito ti. vr..s iii In r arms ! smallest crumbs ol notice,
the desulate Iteoitit mime, sat, the WA ,w 11 , 1 1.i11 bi nen tit l'indi ..bitc.nut in de a th. which tome men display for so) tiling
il. Ti.o shalt not visit billiard saloons,
and lier. catidr. U. Sle sat there a man,, ilo Wilt 011V0, his title ley puliuog on his which in the elight.o.i . "...'''''''' 7.: 1- r.. neither for wor.hipping in &bedtime, nut
ly WII.IIIIII Of thirty years, with a face la ,•- . them noloritrus,l4 really loci edible. i i t , y iu ib,. ti.l.
numourr that ii,..
. 4.. . .
d,d by core, a d.'eo clink .r. "--g
That i 51171.1 the e Woe pray ••• IO that titinger evil thirst fur IL P. 10i Lee -- the , ilme.
.... ,
black hair hanging in dishevelled fluks wuud v"'''"'`e' C ‘. a'
d .' "%% .. ,,, L ,, ilLutt '' isll
• At'''' oven " uululd lime ' mu '' u , ccu P' : 12. Thou 'shalt not stay out ICC' lil4o
- ...... 101 , 1 e 10 , i, ill 11.,.11 0 Doller DE a l l, and
upor. h •r shoublers.
• , nine o'clock at night.
Oit niit. ride MIS a d ark haired buy, ar
agate six years other a little g,rl, I The paeaciaer t,ll, prevented ll.m taking
ane year yonaga.r. with Itght hair and blur his in the ceremony, timid a newly
ev. a Tie. iliv -an .4.1 and yew, .ble rtecivd Jun. ce .it toe Peace, anti endured
v iiiiiiie• hit. open (Hn that m aner k lee. 'to tie iit, wos upon w officiate
/Val then that pale I..ced Tairy flung in his place. '1 ne d iiian,• ku rs 611..11
I upon hae kaees CmllMYYrd he to treainie, for ne had never tied tile lona,
blot ['niche-of her livsl.and on the n ght of and did not know wher e lu bight. Ile
Pao i b•gzed tan life at h•r it to k I thadiau tieurgw Just.ce ur any other hunk,'
*Spare me, fur the take iny wife, my slum nbach to read tile service.
child !' Tilecainpany tcur arrriaged in a semi-circle
He land exp..cied that hie pitiful Innen r.nat IMO b aring a ta.naw
would touch the widow's heart • but not thought everything he aid eVel learn eda
ane relenting gleam softened her pile face, even
L test shall j•olsp• between un !' shC Thirty days hall September,
said to i cold icy ono., that froze ilie mar- I April, Jute, and Novelawr."
lThe Bahl , Lays span Jut all in vain, he could recollect nothing
c e.s n
u " p r rn r iy iw k a a r i t e . e . : ‘L th It vats u•', that suited Mr occasion. A suppressed
and then this ha- shall open at, and place tuft!' toil all nl er t6r rn m ball übtcht d
111111, and nt ligfilly al desperation he began:
Know all sawn by three presents, that
hi , Ii •r at rail Ithit upon x hoe, and by
that line you shall bettor die !'
WI,S it strtot!'•• 1,1 , 00.11, made in
full with of a wild and dark suer.titiun o
olden dine.
For a moment the Tor, kneeling there,
lived as ashes, wrapt in thought. Then
in a rallviia4 voice. he signified his consent
Itaisnig her dark eves to Haven, the
mother preyed the 6' HEAT FA fIIER to di
rect the fi.tger o her MI • she clust d the
Bible h Hided it to that but , , whose
yowl- cheek red ietted with lwithiog as lie
gized olo' his father's murderer !
Ile took the Bible •npetted it , . holy pa
Res at rmidein • planed his huger on a
Then there Wes silence !
Then thin Continentsl soldier. who hid
sworn tnsvengo his brothor's
do.oe with eli I.ilitig eves i,.d pined lips.
Then the onl, , rit ktseelintt Millie fl mr,
w i t h , t face Itlte di<colored clay telt hie
heart leap to Its thrum.
Then in n cleu , bold voice, the
rend this line front the Old 'Testament,--•
if wit. short vet terrible:
TNAT MAN elicit. DIN r
k ! The lowlier sprio, forws,l
In plunge the koile loin the inurriereos
heuri, hill the Toil,, pin.oneri ns he in.
chnos to the widows 100 t...! Fle hers that
one snore trio! way he triode by the Hide
glrl. thus child of 67e piing, with golden
tow sod Inorhior eyes
99 . ta Widet• CollSettlEt; the, he n priwte,
With n Futile in her eye, ivithmit know
ing whst sl.e Apra, that lit'le girl Opens
the Bible en it on her twr's ktwe--
rho h r hinghinv foci nway—she
tier 1,11011 w liar.
Tim, as fill eniws
A Georgia Wedding.
Here lie pnarred and leoked up to the
ceilleg, while u voice in thr corner of the
room woe heard to coy:
"He is drawing a dOed fur a tract of land,
and thew all laughed.
..Ii the flume of God, Amen I" ho be.
gaff again wily to hear another, in a loud
sly :
..tle is s n aking his will , I thought he
could not live lung, he looks powerfully
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray—"
urns the next aß,ny, ehen some erudite
..111. 1, nit d.d, but slerpruh."
"Ob. v.," coutmu d the 'Squire.
A row. replied
..0 i, no ! oh, no ! don't let's."
Snow pei,m, out of do , rs sung out :
"Come tow cowl!" and the laughkr was
The bride was war fainting.. the 'Square
was an her from it; but the re bring an la
defait2 ,hle lima, he beg. again:
.'"l'n nll and :Angular the ;her_"
"Let's run he's going to levy on us,"
B+4l two I hrre al once
lirre a gleam rd light flashed icrnss the
'Srpnree tec••; he ordered the bride and
groom is bold up their bonito, .nd in q ml•
ruin vow s
•`•YOu and each of you do ioletnnly swear,
it. (ht. pfet4pliCH 101 this company. thol yao
will perform ',maid each other all and
sing..., the function.' at huabanu and
wile, as the case may 1:1-, to too hem of
yion knowledge and &alibi', so help you
aol "
it , wheat! exrluittied the father
alien at last they have attracted a stinging
allusion with what angry relish and fussy 1 The V inegar Plant,
zest do they run all u , er town with the An exclutege notices. Vinegar Plant,"
paper. r. ailing the piece to everybody, and by ',Has ut which nous! wives are ant
arguing The p. int till their own way Bet able to manufacture II etl!erior article of
haw dele;ltted they are, after all. secretly vin-gar in a vegetable mother, thick
lts their nulls It is n p - cultarity of these and more build than any we have noticed,
sin.ill Nit , t of these itelividtiels who ere all strtingly reaembling tripe, only more yet.
outside Si at they seem to piss throtieh low. mid generally [Mania about one-half
'ife uverly tIIIOOII,CIOns of petiii,e” are inch ill thickness. Those who wish to
known to every one. and that the whole make t iitegar..iike ten quarts of soft water
cuuuuuuity lau9h at them thetA to one quo: of molasses, place them in an
barks, and Ilene in a tacit itgreement to ' open jar or barrel, and put in a Went, Moat
keep a siiicasiie juke by flattering their trill grow, and the vinegar will inerease
vow's. When wealth or Imajle, or situ- or twenty-one days. when the
r considerations, aid these Nothings, plants (for another plant trill have formed
dies (Men ao happily through life. fussing under the n - iginul one, which will occupy
and blowing and omit mg their noises in the area of the top of the vessel containing
every paper and cm erety wall, moil t'ley it)itiust be remov-d, or the vinegar. will,
drop min their graves, when down thet titter this, eat them up. The vinegar has
p n n i. 1 , 1:, a I, ti, into obit- 1 a peculiarly pleasant flavor, and approach.
on—or pe. la ips deeper. for at life sp..iit in es nearer to pure cider vinegar than any
a (eve, ;sit chase far n tiorietv, seldom iii- manufactured wit have ever tasted. The
port, the soul iti reality. no matter what plaid Gilts upon the top, but if reserved.
of vanity mils have been. A • will sink and will rot grow. We do not
for the "poor devils" of this class they know where the plant originated. but has*
beet, told, that it is to be found on a lake
either howl at siert Corners. let their blur
grow long, emigrate to Morinatidon, or li u lowa. (m ei , , h owever, s a y di .,
tt it
ga ;0 the Insane Asylum. It ,'tucks all 1 niaJuluotured by chemists.'
01116,e8 it.dtfl. tet.tly.— Kings have been
afflicted by it, nod there is a Preach twee
dote tit nu archinsliep who would not resi,,n
his suite in his nitiety-filth year, so desi ,
Inns was lie that the werll shoal will
speak of hum as ..Nlon,upa,ur'l Arch
, es ] tie ' and who woule nit see even him
self except—tmisi in pontificaltimt '—
when rolled in pontificals. Even men o
genius have had an itching to be crlehraied
for soniethiug not in their lint —and It is
remarkable by t h e way that men seldom
seek notoriety for their real merits. Who
has not heard of a ct main really great
tragedian, who listened with impatience
to ciimpliiitents which were paid hum on
Ins pet foinnitice ol Richard 111, and then
suddenly excleinied, But, sir—did ?nil
ever roe Inc in my Jerry Sneak? Pity
thin th , re should kt. so ninny Jerry Sneaks
and all proud of their sneakiness
SEN.toLu Aovicc Leinll young men out for wives, follow the own,'
we give bolow. It w.l . sive them a world
fnt uhie: If ever you mum," cold toy
uncle , .11.1 It be a woman vho has judg
nr enough io superintend %he nark of
her b run e enough to dress h , rsell,
pride enough to wash herself before brenk
'ast; and sense enough to hold her tounge
on hen Ow bop r othuz 'use)."
gerT fir 4.11 t tt It g .ot Ws* rivently
g i% mt x fip. i •rfrolic
- -
.111 K I AI Re—Vlnv we kiss all th•
and pleaue all %be girls ae
Editor & Propr ic,or
NO. 46.
The totters System.
By 801111 r Melilla :nn lottery gamblers in
'Maryland nod Delaware have obtained the
names .if many of our citizens whom they
nro vonatantly annoying by sending them
ciiculars, setting forth their "brilliant
schines 'to obtain a fortune. The tolkw•
tog easoamble letter was sent to the mane.
gera of a neighboring town, who had bees
atinilsrly annoyed,and the writer 'anxious.
ly awaits the action of the lottery men in
the premises.
6 •Sitiallwood & Co.:—Your very polite
Incur of the let wet— end, sing a scheme
in Deietvele State lottery. .13 at hand.
law deeply thesiklul to you fur your very
kid feeling toe.•ards tur, Olt enure wan.
gar to you ; nor can I ever be able_io reply
you for the unsolicited otter you make.
You utter we the capital prize in your
lottery of MAJ. fur the trifling sum of
111:!0. I gladly accept it, and beg that jet
will at mice cu.ider ate on having en.
gaged •he package that you assure me
Oust draw this .plealdid prize. If not toe
inconvenient, I would like another pack.
age our u friend. Of course, the price 0
the packages you can deduct out t.. 1 the
two prizes rut $4O WO cacti when drawn,
as it would be inconvenient for me to
raise that amount just now, and I presume
it will make no dillevence to you, who
have shown such disinterested f s siiege
:; v.'r d'rc
Auso"as::Prsl4 are
a dezp tseaandrroiui:h"'e"l.
Mersey to me. W. al&