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    The following stanzas were banded to us by
Minister of the Gospel of the Welch descent.
If there be any of our readers who can read
and interpret the same, they are welcome to the
benefits derived therefrom.
"Clanwyd i chwi heddy w geidwad yn Muss
Dafydd yr hwn yw Criat yr arglwydd."
Luc. IT, 11.
Theo y Messiah
. Death y Messiah
run Owaredwr y byd
Cafwyd y Tragwyddol air
Yn y preseb gyda mair
Ac addolodd angelion gyd
Teithiodd y doethion Ac.
Caweant ei Ceidwad mewn cuawd
Pan y gweleant frenhin nef
Offrymasant iddo of
01 trysorau, anrlsegion a wnawd
Yn ei holl wyrthiau
Profi ei dduwdod wnaeth e
Gwel ei allu of fel Duw.
Yn cyfodi'r meirw'n fyw
Pwy allasai wneud hyn and efe
Er rr boll brofion &c.
Mynai'r luddewon ei ladd
Ar y groan rhwng dae'r a uef
Hwy a'i Croeaboeliaeant of
A rhyfeddol y driniaeth a ga'dd
Ein cyfe.ill ni oedd &c... ,
Trengodd, fel gallem gad byw
A gogwyddo wna;th ei ben
Pan oedd ar y garw bren.
Ein cynhaliwr a'n ceidwad ni yw
Bloeddiodd gorphenwyd Ac.
Hcriodd y cwbl y nawr
Ond er oynny hwy mewn bedd
A rhoddasaut awdwr hedd
14'y anwylyd rhoddasant o lawr
Er ein Cysuro Stc.
Cododd o'i allu ei bun
Ac er gwaetba'r maen a'r bedd
Fe orchfygodd brenbin bedd
Tr allweddau sydd gauddo bob. un
0 newydd hyfryd Ac.
I'w eiddisgyblion a rhodd
Nac amheuwch my fi yw.
_ . _
'Rhwn fu'tnfarw ac wyf fvw
Ac mae bywyd i chwithau'r un model,
Yn orfoleddus &c.
Dyreh'odd mewn ewmmwl i'r nef
Ar ddeheulaw'r Tad yn awr
Ei dragwyddol orsedd fawr.
Mewn an rbydedd a mawredd mae of
Yno yn &din &e.
Dad'lei rhinweddan ei wned
Droa bechodau pawb o'r byd ,
"!ti ea dan y ddwyfol lid
Oa dychwelant, a fuddeu' fy nhad?
Er mwyn yr aberth &e.
droe holl ddynolryw.
•-.dawal ar ei ewyn
Bfi wra.. -dy fwyn
laddeusf e. . 1 401 ify w.
dent nefoe4d dregwy,..
Yno yn gwledda
_rn gwledda
- Dan ddywedyd "iddo Fe"
"limn fu ferw yn ein He
Bo'r gogoneant e'r eau—Amen.
mirA married man says that when he
was first married (he had been in the hub'
py state of matrimony just rix months)
he loved hie wife to such a degree that he
thought he could eat her up, and now he
is sorry he didn't'
LOOK TO YOUR CATTLE.—Deeisions are
becoming very general all over the court•
try that railroad companies are not bound
to fence aga'rnst the cattle. and they are
requir ed to use ordi nary care not to
vitro) , cattle upon the track. This will
undoubtedly be the rule of action with all
the courts. In the densely populated
countries of Europe, railroad COmpanieta
realize the necessity of fencing their trucks,
for the safety of their passengers and the
general economy of their operations. In
time, ibis will be the rule in our country
but at present 00 roads, of immense length
compared with European roads, travel for
bum) tads of miles through scarcely settled
distrtcts, and the cost of fencing and keep.
ing it in order would be enormous. The
obligation conseqnently falls upon farmers
and graziers to take due care themselves
to keep their cattle off the railroads. The
human or moral obligation to do this in
behalf of human life and property of
others is apparent and incontestable. And
the owner of cattle wbo has not done this
and by whose neglect life and property are
destroyed, incurs an accountability that
reaches beyond the courts of law and the
locums of time.
INIP - An exchange paper says : We re
cently picked up the following memoran
da which we saw dropped by a young lady
!attired in an embroidered velvet mime, an
exquisite Honiton lace collar, a white hat
with plume, and a painfully brilliant silk
dress, with exaggerated Bounces
'I must get a--
Sarceknet, Lame,
Gluvs, Shinamyzet,
Broun hoes,
We confess we were startled at the last
item, but think it means Cologne. The
whole simpl) proves that weelth and intel
lect do not necessarily travel in couples.
Olirßecently a man was arraigned for
stealing a demijohn of whisky.
'Are yon guilty?' asked the clerk.
'Wall, you can call it what you likes ; I
tel the whisky, that I admit, and drank it,
You took it without leave ; did you
'I never waits to be asked when that or•
nele is around !'
"Having had one of Grover & Baker's Ma
chines in my family for nearly a year and a halt
I take pleasure in commending it as every way
reliable for the purpose for which it is designed
—Family Sewing."—Mrs. Joshua Leavitt, wife'
of. Rev. Dr. Leavitt, Editor of N. Y. Independent.
•'I confess myself delighted with your Sewing
Machine, which has been in my family for ma
ny months. It has always been ready for duty,
requiring no adjustment, and is easily adapted
to every variety of family sewing, by simply
changing the spools of thread."—lirs. Elizabeth
Stricldand, wife of Rev. Dr. Striehland, Editor of
N. Y Christian Advocate.
"After trying several different good machines,
I preferred yours, on account of its simplicity,
and the perfect ease with which it is managed,
as well as the strength and durability at the
scam, After l o ng experience, I feel competent
to speak in this manner, and to confidently re
commend it for every variety of family sewing."
—Mrs. E. B. Spooner, wife of the Editor of Brook
lyn Star.
"I have need a Grover & Baker Sewing Mn•
chine for two years, and have found it adapted
to all kinds of family sex ng, front Cambric to
Broadcloth, Garments have been worn ant
without the giving way of a stitch. The Ma
chine is easily kept In order, and is easily med."
—Mrs. A. B. Whipple, wife of Re, Gee. Whip
pl., Nem York.
"Your Sewing Machine has been in use in
my family the past two years, and the ladies
request me to give you their testimonials to its
perfect adaptedness, as wall as labor-saving
qualities in the performance of family and
household sewing."—Robert Boorman, N. Y.
"For several months we have Grover & Ba
ker's Sewing Machine, and have come to the
conclusion that every lady who desires her sew -
ng bet:uglily and guirkly done, would be most
ortunate in possessing one of these rel able
end indefatigable 'iron needle-women,' whose
omhined qualities of branty, strengt and Rimpli
oily. are invaluable,"—J. W. Morrut, daughter of
Gen. Geo. P. Morris, Editor of Home Journal.
Extract of a letter from Thos. R. Leavitt, an
American gentleman, now resident in Sydney,
New• South Wales, dated January 12, 1958
"I had a tent made in Melbourne, in 1853, in
which there were over three thousand yards of
sewing done with one of Grover & Baker's Ma
chines, and a single seam of that has outstood
all the double seams sewed by sailors with a nee
dle and twine,"
"If Homer could be called up from Ms mur
ky hadea, he would sing the advent of Grover
& Baker as a more benignant, miracle of art
than was ever Vulcan's smith. He would de
nounce midnight shirt-making as 'the direful
spring of woes unnumbered."—Prof. North.
"I take pleasure In saying, that the Grover &
Baker Sewing Machines have more than sus
tained my expectation, After trying and retur
ning other:, I have throe of then, in operation
in my different places, and, after four years'
trial, have co fault to find."—.l. H. Hammond,
Senator of South Carolina.
"My wife has bed one of Grover & Baker'.
Family Sowing Machines for some time, and I
am satisfied it is ono of the best laborsaving
machnes that has been invented. I take much
pleasure in recommending it to the public."—
J. G. Harris, Governor of Tennessee.
"It is a beautiful thing, and pate everybody
into a.. bould theist upon Saints Gii - rer din!
Catholic I „. eternal holiday in connnenio-
B aker h av i ng • deeds for horrianity.—Cas
ration of their gooa .
silts M. Cloy. •nt in use. This
"I think it by far the best pat,. =t cambric
Machine can be adapted front theft.- •ozer,
to the heaviest eassirnere. It sews
faster and more beautifully than me eon ima
gine. It mine could not be replaced, money
could not buy it."—Mrs. J. G. Brown, Ndi
rale, Tenn.
"It is speedy, very neat, nnd durable in its
work; io easily understood and kept in repair. I
earnestly recommend this Machine to nil ne
quaintancea and others."—MrE. if, .1. Forms,
Ihnophis, Tenn.
.We find this machine to work to our satis
faction, and with pleasure recommend it to the
public, as we believe Grover & Baker to ho the
best Sewing Machine in use."—Lkary Brothers,
Allisoniti, Tenn. •
"If used exclusively for family purposes, with
ordinary care, I will wager they will last one
`three scare years and ten, and never get out
of fix."—Julio Erskine, Nashville, Tenn.
h ave h a d y .:,;:r machine for several weeks,
and am perfectly satisfiCil that the work it does
is the best and most beautiful that ever
Aloggis slltnisan, Nashville, Tenn.
"I use my Machine upon coats, dressmaking,
and fine linen stitching, and time work is admi
rable—lhr better than the best hand-sewing, or
any other machine I have over w en."—Lucy
B. Thompson, Nashville, Tenn
find the work the strongest and moat beau
tiful I have ever seen, made either by hand or
machine, and regard the Grover & Maker ma
chine as ono of the greatest blessings to our
sex."—Mrs. Taylor, Nashville, Than.
have one of Grover & Baker's Sewing Ma
chines in use in my fan ily, , nd find it invalua
ble. I can confidently recommend it to all per
sons in want of a machine."—G. T. Thompan,
Nashville, Tenn.
"I take pleasure in certifying to the utility of
the Grover & Baker Sewing Machines. I hu•e
used one on almost every description of work
for months, and find it much stronger than work
done by haul."—Mrs. D. W. lVheeler, Nashville
"I would be unwilling to dispose of my Gro
ver & Baker Machine for a large amount, could
I nut replace it again at pleasure."—Jkc. 11. C.
&civet, Nashville Tenn.
"Our two Machines, purchased•trom you, do
the work of twenty young ladies. We with
pleasure recommend the Grover & Baker ma
chine to ho the best in use."—N. Stilloom il• Co.
OLD Garir.—Why don's you do to work
and stop picking your nose?
Box.—lt's nt y nose. ain't it! and its the
Fourth of July too. I'll pick thunder out
on't if I've a mind too.
flr2'ik good many of the flying rumors
of the day would be more appropriately
designated by taking off the I.
110 , 1'he latest iniiiance of modesty is
that of a lady who re lused to wear it watch
in tier boym because it has hands on it.
OgrA young thief, charged with pick.
ing pockets, protested that he did not pick
them at all, he took them as they come.
111111" He that wood sooth sorrow must
not argue on the vanity of the most deceit,
ful hypes.
11.'When you find a house with mod
ern, improvements. you will generally find
the mortgage IS one of them.
---- -
Miscellaneous Advertisements.
New Goods !
New Goods !
D. P. Gwin has Just retornd from Philadel ,
phia with the largest and most beautiful es.
sortment of
Ever brought p punt i.egtlnn,
consisting of the most fashionable Dress Goods
for Ladies and Gentlemen, such as Black Silks,
and Fancy, '
All Wool de Lains, (all colors)
Spring G e piinas Mollie Pelvic,. Berages,
colors) Li evell Cloth, Dobai., Alpacca, Pops
line, Prln ed Berages,Brilliants, plain and fi g .
tired, Ginghams, Lawns, and Prints of every de
ALSO, a large lot of dress Trimmings, Frin•
ges, Antiques, Gimps, Ribbon, Buttons, Braids,
Crapes, Reed & Brass 'loops, Skirt Cord, Silk
and Linen handkerchiefs, Neck ties, Stock,
Zephyr, French Working Cotton, Lines and
Csitton Floss, Tidy Yarn, &c.
Also the best and cheapest assortment of Col
ass, and Undersleeves, in town. Bar'd and
Plain Jaconet, Moll Muslin,vSwiss, Plain, Fig.
ured, Skirt Relit. Marseille for Capes, and a
variety of white goods too numerous to men
Spring and Thihit Shawls, White Delaine for
Capes, Mantillas, &c.
Also, Cloths, Cassimers, Cassinets, Tweeds,
K. :leans, Muslins, Colton Drill, Nankeens,
Ticken, Table Diapers, Flannels, &cs
Also, a large lot of Bonnets, Flat, Hats, 8.. e.
Boots and Shoes, the largest And chew
pest assortment in town.
WARL, Buckets, Tubs, Baskets, Churns,
Butter Bowls, Brooms, Brushes, &c. Carpe to,
Oil Cloths, Fish and Salt, Sugar, Cone,
Ten, Molasses, and all goods usually kept in a
country Store.
My old customers, and as many new ones as
can crowd in are respectfully requested to come
and examine my goods.
All kinds of Country produce taken in ex.
change for goods, at the highest market prices.
April 21, 1858.
The Way to Save Money! !
AND cvitE !LARD Timms
19 tO
FROM Jos. A. BnowN,
exceeds ail others in importance.
Ist. Because it supplies TiM PEOPLEwith
indeverasable articles and mono useful inven
tions, which can be found only in a HARD
2nd. Tho inbseriber pnrebnqing in large
quantities from manufacturers, is enabled to
sell these goods from
20 lo 100 per cent cheaper!
- .
Sinn they are cold by other merchants.
His stock includes a complete variety of
pimatitnnethlha SHlb ai.ottatiSA. of everythi""
A II orders receive prompt attention.
Huntingdon, Oct. 6th, 1858.
It the "Globe" Office Marling, Market Square
• .riper r e :neetfully informs the citi•
The sub, • , d„,, 001 .djoining c
zees of Huntin,„ Now Bo o k
that he has opened a,. •tho "Glob"buil.
Store, in the corner room
: eneml ^."•
ding, where may be found a ,
" ° °l. meet of Miscellaneous and School x. and
Stationery, all of which he will sell at rea.f.m'
able prices. He will add to his stock weekly
all Books and articles in demand, and expects
in a short time to have 011 hand ns full a stock
o f saleable Books, Stationery, Ste., as can he
found in any town in the State.
Having made the necessary arrangements
with publishers, any Book wanted and not up
on his shelves, will be ordered and furnished at
city Prices.
As he desires to do a lively business with
smell profits, a liberal share of rntrOnage i 3
Dee.22,'58.4f. WM.
nal, ADD Vinorrni,
A New Assortment Just Opened 1
And will be sold 30 per cent.
ROMAN respectfully Wormy Ids outdo.
mers and the public Federally, that he has
i n n opened at his store-room in Market Square-
Huntingdon,a splendid new stuck of needy
Clothing for Fall and Winter,
which he will soil cheaper than the same (1;11114
of Goods can he purchased at retail in Philintel,
phis or any other establishment in the country.
Persons wishing to buy Clothing would du
well to call and examine his stock before Ircha
sing aliewhers, Alio,
Hata, Caps,
which will be sold lower than ut any other es•
tablishment in the county,
Huntingdon, April 1. 1858.
New Drug and Grocery Store.
SAMUNL S. SMITH, Hill St., >i doors west
of MontAomery, St Huntingdon. Dealers in
Drugs, Chemicals, Dye Stuffs, Paints Varnish
es, Oils, Spt. Turratine, Fluid, Alcohol, Wine
and Brandy of the best article for medical pur
poses, Concentrated Lye for making Soap, Glasa
Putty Patent Medicines also Coffee, Tea, Cho
colate, Sugar, Maltese., Vinegar, Fish Salt
Flour, Crakers, Nuts, Candies, Fig., Rabies,
Tobacco, Cigars, Syrups of all kinds for sum
mer drinks, in a word every thing usually kept
in a Drug or Grocery Store, those who desire
pure and Genuine article. willl do well hr•
giving us a call.
Sept. 29, 1858•—!)'•
40 mananzi.
../rHY subscsiber lies commenced the GUN.
SMITHINO business at Pine Grove, Cen
tre countl, where he is prepared to manulacture
and repair Goes and Pistols of every descrip•
tio,n with neatness and dispatch.
He will 4140 attend to repairing CLOCKS.
Prices to suit the times.
Dec. 22, 1.858.—tf. JOHN IL JACOBS.
ser mg AGENT); WANTED—To sell 4 new
invantious. Agents have made over $25,000
on one,—better than all other similar agencies
Sand four stamps and get 80 pages particulars
gratis. EPHRAIM BROWN, Lowell, Mane
TAI: undersigned owners of the Huntingdon
Mill, inform farmers and the public general.
ly, that they now have their new mill in running
order, with all the modern improvements in the
water wheels and machinery.
They have put in five of the Improved Jon
val Turbine Water Wheels, and can grinding
all stages of the water, and durins the e'
weather. any and all kinds of gram.
They are prepared to sell, and have on hand
for sale at all times, nt market rates, all kind of
and farmers can have their own grain ground,
and take it hack in a return load, or they can
be furnished in exchange at a moment's notice
an equal quantity of Flour and Bran or chop.
ped feed.
is of. improved manufacture; and they tvil
insure a FULL TURN OUT of superior quail
ty to every bushel of grain left at their
N. B.—The Buckwheat stones are not quite
Huntingdon, December 10, 1056.
Unuringdon r i t , Foundry.
sußscitißEßs TAKE THIS ME
j thod of irdorming their friends and the pub
tic generally, that they hove rebuilt the Hunt
ingdon Foundry, and are now in successful op
eration, and ore prepared to furnish casting of
01l kinds, of the best quality on the shortest no
tice and most reasonable terms.
Farmers are invited to call and examine our
Ploughs. We are manufacturing the Hunter
Plough, (this plough took the premium at the
Huntingdon County Agricultural Fair, in 1855)
also Hunter's celebrated Cutter Plough, which
can't he heat, together with the Keystone, Hill
side, and Barshear Ploughs. We have on band
and are manufacturing emelt, such as Cook,
Parlor and office stoves for coal cr wood.
consisting of Rattles Boilers, Skillets, &c., all
of which will be sold cheep for cash or in ex-
change for country produce. Old metal token
for new castings. By a strict attention to busi
ness and desire to please, we hope to receive a
share of public patronage.
April 30, 1856.—tf.
Chambersburg to Mt, Union
mile undersigned aware flint a suspension°
the line of Sieges over the rued between
Chambershurg and Mt, Union, cannot he but
disadrantogeous to a large section of the coun
try, has, at a considerable expense and trouble
made arrangements to run a line of Stages
Tri-weekly between the too points Good
Horses and comfortable Stages have been pla
ced on the route, and experienced and trusty
drivers will superintend the running of the
Coaches. The proprietorof the line is disirons
that it be maintained, and he therefore ells
upon the public generally to patronize it. et ti
dent that it will be for their mutual advanta r.
Every attention necessary will be given, w I
the running of the Stages will be regular.
410" Stages leave Mn, Union,,every Tu day
Thutsday, and Saturday evenings, urn ag at
pinat i rrm:lttAr.% the next deg at 2 o'dor . Re.
iiiii 114IGI 010 16, 1.110 C 111,4
at to o'clock,' arriving at Alt. Union ho next
evening in time for the ears. 13etwe, Alt, Un
ion and Shade Gap the line will be daily.
irsir Fore through $3; to intermediote points
in proportion. JOHN JAMISON.
Jan. 211th, 1359.—tf
II it, A. Mite helm% Hair Dye
The Original and Best. in the World!
All others are mere imitation, and should
be avoided, if you wish to escane ridicule.
stunt to a beautiful and Natural Brown or
Black, withoti: the least injury to flair or Skin.
Fifteen Medals aim' Diplomas ,
wat ,:led to Wm. A. Batehelo: s lum© 1 839 ,
. end
over 99,900 applications have been ma de to
the Hair of his patrons of Ilk famous Dye.
duces a color not to ho distinguished from na•
tare, and is warranted not to injure in the least
however long it may be continued, and the ill
effects of Bud Dyes remedied I the IL it in•
vigoratedkr life by this splendid Dye.
Made, us Id or applied (in 9 private rooms)
at the Whig Factory, 233 Broadway, New
vnek. Soul in all cities mid towns of the Uni.
red 1,,0ggit; . ,; and Fancy Goods
116$'• The Genuine bnstho name and address
upon a steel plate engraving on four sides of
each box, of IV M. A. BATCHELOR ,
2811 Broadway, Now York.
John Rend, Agent Huntingdon Pa.
Nov. 17, 'OB-Iy.
The Warm Springs at the base of Warrior'.
Ridge, live to north of Huntingdon, overlook
ing Standing Stone Creek, and environed by ro
mantic hills end woodlands, have been leased
by the fro mer proprietor of the Learner !Wyse,
'fire extensive Hotel buildings, bath houses,
he., erected at great expence by General A P.
Wilson, have been completed—and the groves
hove been benetifully laid out and adorned.—
The Hotel parlors and chambers airy and com
fortably furnished; and the prospect, from the
verandahs Mr beauty, cannot be excelled.
For half a century, three Springs have been
celebrated for their medicinal qualitin, and the
great nature of the waters in rheumatic and chro
nic affections. The temperature of the water
being G9f degrees, readers the bathing delight
ful and invigorating. In the surrounding woods
and mountains, game abounds, nod the finest
ash are caught iu Stone Creek. Persons in pur
suit of health or tleasure, will find thin a most
delightful and healthful retreat; and its nearness
to the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the cheapness
of the rates charged guests, give it a decided
advantage over any other watering glace iu the
The Proprietor has had years of experience in
the business and no pains or trouble trill be spa•
red to make guests cumlintable.
Hacks run - from Huntingdon to Warm Springs
on the arrival of the different Railroad trains—
fare 25 cents. Families accommodated at 1110.
orate strata. • JOHN H. HERO,
Warm Springs near Proprietor.
Huntingdon, Juno sth
Mail T. I Fast T.--Ex. T.
Trail,leaves A, M. P. M. A. M.
l'etersboxg, 8.58 10.29 2.29
Iluutingdon, 9.13 10.45 2.42
Mill Creek, 9.24 10.55 2.52
311.Jniou, 9.39 11.09 3.05
lauxs GOINU Weal.
Train leave. P. M. A. M P. M
Mt. Uuion, 4.26 6.36 6.10
Mill Creek 4.41 6.40 6.23
Huntingdon, 4.55 7.00 6.35
Petersburg, 5,11 7.11 6.47
Ilfie - The Passenger train on the 11..1: 11 T.
railroad leaves Huntingdon as follows
7 30 A. M. 3 P.M
Iron City Comm ercial College.
390 Students attending January 1850.
NOW the largest and most thorough Com
mercial School of the United States.—
Young men prepared for actual duties of the
Counting Room.
J. C. SMITH, A. M. Prof. of nook-keep
ing and Science of Accounts.
A. T. Dolma:TT, Teacher of Arithmetic
and Commercial Calculation.
J. A. ilErniticE and T. C. JENKINS, Teach.
ere of Book•keeping.
A. COWLEY and W. A. MILLER, Profs. of
A. need in every department of business.
Are taught, and all other subjects nereasary
for the success and thorough education of a
practical business man.
Drawn all the premiums in Pittshurgh for
the past three years, also *Eastern and Wes
tern Cites, fortk,!hest
Important Information.
Students enter at any time—No vacation—
Time unlimited—Review at pleasure—(lrodn•
ales assisted in obtaining SitMltions—Tuition
for Full Commercial course s 3s , oo —Average
time Bto 12 week—Board, 82.80 per week—
SMtionary, so.oo—entire cost, $60.00 to $70.-
gir Ministers' Sons received at half price.
1• or Card—Circular—Specimens of Business
and Ornamental Writing—inclose two stamps
and address F. W. JENKINS,
Sept. 29, 1858.-Iy. Pittsburg!), Pa
a - cx corp.xcimi.
Premiums awarded the "JOURNAL' Ot
Gee at the late County FAIR, for the hest
Having recently received from the Eastern
Cities, a
and a large variety of the most firslaanable
Printing Material, which makes it one of the
most complete Printing Establishments in this
section. Persons in want of any kind of
work, cannot do better than favor as with
their patronage. We have facilities for execs
ting in a superior manner any kind of
nn the most reasonable tetniti. Mime Who
may wish to obtain any style of
can be accommodated at this establishment nt
short. notice.
CARDS, &c.,
will be furnished promptly, exect.ted in be
best style and at reasonable rates.
IPtir Orders by express, mail or otherwise,
will receive immediate attention.
This ga p e ; i 7 of Art is now open for public
ivapeetion o r gp „;:ens of A mbrotypes, Crys•
talographs, Photographs, Circular and Star
Pictures, also, Name, or Age, o: Residence, ta
ken on the Pictures—letters of differt,:li• colors.
Set in Frames, Cases. Lochets, Rings, Pies or
• ,
Particular often:Z:2 void to taki ng Pktorett
of Children . Time, from one to lour sec:2:A,
Perfect satisfaction giver., or persons aro not
expected to take their pictures.
Pictures token from sick or deceased persons
at their residences. Copies taken from
guerreotrpes or rortruitn, Al o, riuwg of resi•
Lairlies and Gentlemen are invited to mill
and examine specimens, Pictures taken as
well in cloUdy as fair weather.
How often do we hear the exclamation, when
persons are looking at Portraits—"l Would not
value any sum if could procure the Portraits
of my parents—or deceased children I" Rea
der, if you are gifted with this ennobling feel
ing of unity, you have an opportunity to grati
fyit at a small cost, by procuring Portraits,
which, it is known, w il t not Jade.
2.l4Those that wish to learn this beautiful
art cane call ens see ',Y F. Thomas, from Phila.
Prices from 50 cents upwards.
T loniturnmon
subscriber respectfully announces to his
A. friends and the public generally, that he has
leased that old and well establishop TAVFIIN
BTAND, knowN RS the Ilunlingtlon
House, on the cornet of Billow! Charles c - Jr "
street, in :hp Borough of Hunting- ; ;
don. •
He has recently put the house through a Wore,
ugh course of repairs, nod is now equal to any in
this plane.
ills TABLE will always be stored with the
best the season can afford, to suit the tastes
awl appetites of his guests.
HIS BAR will always be filled with Choipe Li.
quors, and HIS STABLE always attended by care
WI and apes tine Ostlers.
ile hopes by strict attention to business
and a spirit of accomodat ion, to merit and receive
n liberal share of public patronage.
Sept. IS, 1858-Iy. I'. MeA'fEEl4,
• • 1? •
surpass all. They 'are elegant. light, easy
and durable.
Fitting to a charm—no turn up behind—no
shrinking ell the head; indeed, this is the only
Establishment where these things are proper.
ly understood and made.
Nov. 17,'38.-Iy., 233 Broadway, N. Y,
1000 AGENT 6 W•XTICD.—For partiou
lan send stamp. C. P. WHITTEN,
Mar. 33. '69. 6re* Lowell, Mass.
Miscellaneous Advertisements. ; Miscellaneous Advertisements.
_ _ A Perfect Substitute
For IlieLancet.Leeches and Blisters lit
when the undersigned, after a long series of
laborious and costly experiments, became fully
confirmed in his conviction, that the ktitiphlrt- •
gistic Salt which he now has the happiness to
present to the American public, wen a
for Blood-letting, Leochen and Blisters, his
mind was so agitated that ho could not sleep for j
many nights. The cause of his agitation was
the striking tact, that the manna, of its operation
like that of the rims in vaccination, could not
be satisfactorialy explained upon any known
principle. How, in whet way, it so effectually
subdued Inflammatory. Disease nail no others,
was at first wholly inexplicable—but, on further I
experiment, it was proved that it equalises the
fluids o/ the body, the want ot an equilibrium in I
which, is the solo cause of inflammation. Such
ie he potency, flint like the vaccine matter, :it
requires merely Oat adheres to the pointofa quill
dipped into a solution of It, to effect the entire
system—hut must be instantly used to prevent
decompos'tion and secure its frill virtue. Three
quills in acute, and two in chronic diseases,
every 24 hours, till the heat, pain and febrile ac
tion have subsided, and a perfect cure effected.
When it takes the place of blisters, ointment
and leeches in Ince, affections, as Brain Fever k
Croup, Toothache, Pleurisy, &c. its mode of
administration is two-fold. (See directiin of dis
solving. &c.)
The discoverer has withheld it from the pub
lic till now, by the advice of a judicious physis
chin end valuable friend whom he consulted—
gentlemen known and felt in the medical
world—and who desired to submit it to the teen
o f experiment. After witnessing under his own
serutinizing rye, its signnl triumph over both
acute end chronic io/lammatory diseases, in re
pented and re-repeated trials, he offered $25.-
000 to come in as a special end equal partner in
the Recipe for its manufacture, but tire propo
sal was rejected.
The disuse of the lancet and blisters, is de
manded both by humanity by humonity and
science. Is it not a mistake, to suppose that
a kettle of boiling water (the inflamed blood)
will reuse to boil, by dipping out a port of R—
oy a cesk of had cider (had blood) he muds
good, by throwing n portion of itt Is it not a
mistake, tosuppose that blisters:end rabefacients
will remove lamination, when they virtually
superedd one inflammation to another t The
late Dr. B. Weterbouse, of Harvard Universi
ty, said am sick of learned qtiackerg„' One
of the most eminent physicians In New England
acknowledged just before Lis death, that nice
has been doubting for ninny years, wether blood
letting nail blisters did not aggravate rather
then west disease." Some who stand
high in the Old and New school, have quite re
cently espousnd his views and now openly con
fess, they believe the lien .et, setons leeches and
blisters injure ten where they - benefit one—
They think them is a miming to Dent. 12, 22
—Gen. it, 4—nndLevit. 17, 14—taut "run
iii.oon is T. LIVE. " It is not the excess of ,
blood (there never is too much) that causes di- ;
scale, but the went of a balance between the
fluids end solids.
The special excellence or the Antiplilogistic
Salt, Is that without the useless loss of blood
and strength, it effectually subdued inflammato
ry (no others) by producing an equili
brium of nil the fluids In the body and n conse
quent uninterrupted circulation. It exertP,l;ite
the vaccine matter, and extraordinary ialluenee
over the v'ens and ark:les—resulting grad
ual decline of inflatnnuition as indicated by the
pulse, which ASSUMES its natural state as the
heat, pain ion cover dissappear.
i t ar Many medicines offered fur• sale, are
backed by doubtful certificates, (their rheif vir
tue) and claim to be universal rem idles, curing
all Illeildiel4-11 burlesque on common sense;
As the discoverer of this Salt, solemnly protests
against having it placed in the categury
frauds and ininotitions. he has resolved that it
shall go forth to the world, like the pare gc,1.1
dollar, with no other phoport than its true val
ue. If tho public find it genuine, they will re
ceive it—if si uriotts, they will reject anti con
demn it. Instead of hoing a panacea far all ills,
it has control over but one but one aim
—accomplishes hat vac Way, to wit, SCIII/VES
iNFLAMMATOIII. I , lSEASE—whatever he its form
or locality—nether in the Lead, throat chest ati
dom., or skin. It is asked, bar
it does tic ht—simply by restoring the lost bal
ance between the fluids and solid,
The ftillowing ditterantjarais which the un
balanced fluids aasinna, and many not here men
tinned that have more or less heat, pain or fever
(no others)are as perfectly cured by tho Anti
phlogistic Salt, as tire is extinguished by water.
1. Cases where the unbalanced fluids affect
the HEAD and TunoaT—to wit , Brain /:Tier,
Fits, Iltadacht, gym, Ears (Ind Nose,
Canker, Neuralgia, Erysipelas, Catarrh, Croup,
Bronchitis, &c.
2. Cases where the unbalanced fluids ofreet
the CHEAT and Mittman—to wit ; Allanad
Lungs and Liver, Colic, Plenri:qy, Coughs, bytaa p
sea, Asthma, Dropsy, Ilearthurn, Grat•el Piles,
Gonorrhea, Venereal, we.
3. Cases where the unbalanced fluids etlhet
the Exvnzativika and &cm—to wit; Mannar
am; Uoul, Serviela, Ulcers
Mara and Small Pox, Sa'll Rheum, with itch
ing and other Calaneous AQecliunx , Sr.
Phis Salt greatly alleviates the inflammatory
reeultir le married !?rhea, (before and at
the time ve confinement) and many Com
laints, and Is very etlienilunt , in Fever, Ague,
Wound'', Nervous and Spinal ittreetlons and
anyother forms of (mark dila) lagammotery
cease, attended with heat, pain or febrile symp.
ar Persons who ha U a tendency of blood
to the head urbeart, or lead inactive lives, or
breath the impure fur of manufactories and the
poisonous fumes of metals and minerals, or lit e
uulieulthy climates, are exposed to o poetic
liar vitiation of the fluids cf the body, which oms
dose without interiCreing with the diet or bpi
ness, once in three months, would invariably
prance,. It is beleived to afford protection from
infectious disease, and therefore travellers;
sailors, and soldiers should supply themselves
with it.
er While many nostrum•ntakers victimize
the good natured and pllkridden public, ny or
dering "from six to a dozen boxes 01 bottles,
to cute any malady." no matter what—the un
dersigned is happy in being able to state, that
the severest forms of recent inflammatory di
sease, was over come by one Acute package,
and the most obstinate and long standing by
one Chu, nic package. It does just what it
claims to do—and no more, or less—equalizes
the fluids by removing from the system all ar
terial and venous obstruc'ims.
ffir Plnnr 10, your neighbors reniriliis.
potoovaapp Axo paoratuToit.
For sale at the Cheap Drug Storo of Samuol
S. Smith, &Co.' Huntingdon, Pa.
Feb. 16th 1669.
Green Willow Foundry.
TWOULD respectfully inform the public that
I have commenced business at the above
place, and will be ready to accomodate all who
may want anything in my line of,business. I
will have on band or make to order Threshing
Machines, and all o.hcr machinery that may be
called for. Castings of ever) description, Cook
and Parlor Stoves, Plows, Hollow-ware, &e.—
All kinds of Turninit, either wood or iron. and
Blacksmithing will lig gone in the hest manner
and on the most reasonable terms.' Farmers
and others wishing to purchase new machines
will find it to their advantage to give me a call.
All kinds of Countiy produce taken in exchange
at market prices. PETER TIPPERY.
Wuterstreo, Oct. 13, 185801 y.
serS. hi. PETTENGILL & CO.'S Adver
tisiu,,,, Agency, 119 Nassau St.,New York, &
10 State St., Boston. S. M. ettengill & Co.
are the Agents fur the "JoonNat," and the most
ineuoutial and largest circulating Newspapers
in the United States and the Cantles. they
are authorised to contract for us at our lower
Sworn statement of David McCrearyb of lqa
pier lownahip, Bedford county,
In April, 1856, ns near as I can rememember
a smell pimple mode its appearance on my up
per lip, which soon became enlarged and sore•
I mod poultiaes at sorrel, and a wash of blue
vitro], without effect. Finding the sore extend
ing I called on Dr. Ely, of Schellsburg, who
pronounced it CANCER, and prescribed a wash
of sugar of lead and bread poultices. Finding
these remedies of nn avail, I called upon Dr.
Shaffer, of Davidsville, Somerset county, who
Mon pronounced the disease Cancer and gavr
me Internet and external remedies—the latter
consisting principally of caustic) bat alt to no
piirpose, as the disease continued spreading to
ward the nose. I next used a preparation of or
sonic, in the form of entre. This for a time
checked the disease, Int the inflammation loon
increased. I next celled upon Dr. Stade:. of Si.
Clairsville, Redford county, who Mao pronoun
ced the disease to he Cancer, and applied a Sain
t ssld to be n never-failing remedy, but it had no
effect whatever in checking the spread of the
sore. In December, of the snme year, the dio
cese had amen away a greater part of my tipper
lip, and had attacked the nose, when I wont to
Cincinnati, where I consulted Dr. R. S. Newton
of the Electic Medical College. He pronoun.
ced the disease ''a cutaneous Cnecer, even*,
dared by an inordinate use of mercury." its
applied mild zinc ointment, and gave me inter
nal remedies. My face healed up, but the
animation wrs not thoroughly removed, In.
February, 1857, he pronounced me cured, and.
I left for home. In April the disease again re
toned, and so violent was the pain that I caul&
not rest nt night. Late in May I relented to.
Cincinnati. and again placed myself under ths•
charge of Dr. Newton, with whom 1 remained.
until September, during which time he used
every known remedy, and partly aucceoded in,
checking the disease, hot when I returnedt
Mme there were still three discharging ulcers,
upon my face. I continued tieing Newton's.
preparations, and also medicine that I got note
• I/r. Ely, but the Dower continued growing un
tit it hod eaten ad' the left side of my nose, the
greeter pardon of my left cheek, and hall attack
' eat my left eve, flusd given up all harm ales
! er beSug cured, since Dr. Ely said liecould only
give relief; but that a cure was impooollsias 1•
March, 1858.1 bought a bottle of "Mood Stea
dier," but I must confess I had no faith in it.
I toes very yank when I commenced taking it ;
but 1 found that I gained strength day by day.
and also that the ulcers commenced drying up.
I continued, and when the third bottle was ta
ken my lace was healed 03 if by a miracle.
noel a fourth bottle and I have bean healthier
since than I have been for the last seven years.
Although my face is sadly disfigured I am still
grateful to a benign Providence who has spared
my life, and which hes been done through the
instrumentality of Lixusev's IMPROVED BLOOD
. . .
Sworn and subscribed. this 31st day or Au
gust, A. B. BB'S, before tile, ono of the Justices
of the Peace in and for the Borough of Uollidays.
burg, Blair county Pa.
Witness— U J Jones. JOIIN (10BLET,
Tieing afflicted with a gresions etter on tLit
twins anti face—after trying many remedies
which utterly failed to cure—l was persuaded
by W. Barris Ss CO. to try Lindsay's Impro
ved Blood Searcher) and now, six-whets after
finishing the s road bottle, pronounce tuysel
The letter broke out, something over a year
ago, on the inside of my mms , extending from
the elbows down to the wrists; also on my f.we,,
immediately round the mouth mid chin, and con
titled to he a perfect torment to me until( cored Llr
Mr Blood Sotreher. My arms, atwe're
utmost useless, owing to tho cracks and sore.
ell them, liable to bleed at any timo on the
kiln exertion to lift or work, and sometime*
so itchy that I could Extreely prevent tooting
on my flesh. I have now been eared nix weeks'
and feel it due to Mr. Lindsey, exit to the pub
lic generally, to make this statement, in hope
that others like myself may be benefited by
using his valuable medicine.
Sworn and subscribed before me, one of the
Aldermen in and for the City of Pittsburg, thin
28th day of July, A. D. 1853.
AND Mt:MASTER Aldermen,
Hollidaysburg, Sept. 22,58• l y.
In all tlistmsea intlarnation 1;;Te or lens pre
dominates—now to allay hill:motion striker
nt the root of all diseases—heave an frarnedi
rite cure.
and nothing eine, will allay inflama ion at once,
and s make a certain cure.
Dalley's Magical Pain Extractor will cure
the following among a gloat catalogue of
diseases t. Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Chafes, sore
Nipples, Corns, Bunicnts, Bruisei, Strains,
Bites, Poison, Chilseys. (lout, Swelling, Rhea.
~,:tist n , Soak! Read, Salt Rheum, Baldnetts,
K r y s id e t us :::""worm, Barbers Itch, Small
Pox Mem& Roth, Sze., to_
To some it may appear incredulous that so
many diseases should he reached by one arti
cle ; such an idea will vanish when reflection
points to the fact, that the salve is a .combiaa•
lion of ingredients, each and every ono apply
ing a perfect antitode to its apostate disorder.
in its effects is magical, because the time is
short between diseases and a permanent cure;
and it is an extractor, as it draws all diseases
out of the affected part„ leaving nature as
perfect as before the injury. It is scarcely ne.
eessary to spy tinit no house, workshop, or
manufactory should be one moment without it,
No Pain Extractor is genuine unless the
box has has upon it a steel plate engraving,
with the name of Henry Dailey, Manufactu.
rer. For sale by all the Druggists and patent
medicine dealers throughout the United States
and Cunadas. Principal Depot,
165 Chambers St.,NetiiiYork._
• C. F. CHASE,
John Read, Agent Huntingdon Pa.
Nov. 17,
New Card-Press.
Having bought after "CARD•PREBB! we
are now prepared to print in the prcportion of
three cards in the same time that any other
press in the county can print one, consequent^
ty we can print them cheaper—it not done well
we make no charge at all. Wor ask your pa.
Practice in the accord Courts of Huntingdon
Blair, Cambria Centre Mifflin and Juniata Coun
ties. March 23, 1853.
Join' 800TT. &mom. T. 13Rows
Z1A0 1 57 DEOWED
Attorneyg . at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa,,
office smug as formerly occupied by J. Scot.
Oe. 19, 1999.
TWO YOUNG MEN to learn the Atnbre•
typing beelines.. Instructions given for the
auto of $1;3.00. For particulars, apply. to
WM. V. TriOMO, iirretromintet.
Auntinrion, Nay 4, 1867.