Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, October 05, 1859, Image 2

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    Auntingben Boniiml..
People's County Ticket.
Itt B. WIGTON, of Huntingdon Borough.
JOHN C. WATSON, of 13rady Township.
HENRY T. WIIIITE, of On iitin Township,
IL F. CAMPBELL, of Union Town,hip,
WILLIAM MOORE, of West Township,
JOHN W. NATTERN, of Huntingdon.
COUNT: eußvwrot:
JOUN F. MEV, of Uuntingdon.
W. L. CO NNINGII Cif, of Clay Township.
GRAFFIK of Alexondrio.
WILLIAM H. WOODS. Dublin t p., Chairman.
J. H. Kennedy, Alex'.'. J. A. Doyle, Mt. Unio 1.
J. B. Clark, Biran'g'm. Adulp. White. Oneida.
J. F. Wilson, Barre, 'Jos. Baker, Orbisouia.
J.Vandevander, Brady. Benj. Hopkins, Porter.
Ralph Crbtsley, Cass. John Garner, Penn.
E. B. Wile ,n, Cass bor. L. Gt Kesster, Pet. bor.
Bend Stevens, Clay. Wm. B. Leas, Sh ir. bor.
T. T. Cromwell, Crom. J. Brewster. Shirley.
Geo. Tate, Carbon. R.Madden, Springfield.
John Kiner, Franklin. It. Wilson, jr. Shae. Ck.
J. Williamson, Hunt. Henry Green, Tod.
J. Fleuner, Henderson. Geo. Wilson, Tell.
J. Eutriken, Hopewell. Sim. Wright, Union.
W. B. Smith, Jackson. Henry Neff. West.
Wm. Dean, Juniata. J.. 1. Patterson. Vt"mk,
Perry Moore, Morris. S. Peightal, Walker.
Jacob Lutz, (ol Jacob) Shirley.
The Sabbath Question.
To the Citizens o/ Huntingdon County.
There are times and incidents in the po
%Iliad world, which appeal in a forcible
manner to our moral principles ; and require
. US itLeismaine of
ask theit frilow citizens to sop the tnunda.
tion of these wholesome restraints which ,et
bounds to that fearful licentiousness which
is au bveaive of all that freedom which man
in his present state is capable of enjoying.
And now there appears to be an alnr
ring increase of that French philosophy,
which was too soon iinported into our
country by Paine, Jefferson and others,
and which is manifesting its insidious poi
son by simultinous efforts to break down
the salutary influence of the ehristian sob
both, and the Bible. The ad vocal, of
Infidelity not content with the liberty of
emitting their virus in the social walks of
fife, are emboldened by their too sue.
cessful efforts to disseminate their doctrine,
successful only because it is congenial
with the of the human heart,
are again in the civil and poli.ica,fi Id, dn.
ring the christian part of our community
to the conflict, And it is for you to decide
and that at the ballot box, whether our
Sabbath shall be suppressed, our Bible de
clared a b ok of fables, and the Al Mi.,-
tent of the. Gospel treated as the refuse
part of moral creation.
This may not appear to be the issue now
made by the friends of Roil Road travel
upon the Sabbath day in Philadelphia.—
But be not deceived, all past and present
history prove that the Sabbath, the
church, the Bible and Ministry, must mond
or fall together; and it is equally demon
atrable that these are Heavens appointed
means for the promotion and and preser•
'alien of human liberty.
interogate the history of France for but
a short period, and you have a complete
illustration of the truth of onr statement.
Clarks the IX Murdered seventy thous
and of his best subjects simply because
they contended for an open Bible and a
tight to observe the Sabbath. Louis XIV
again opened the sluices, delged the: fair
fields of Franoe with Christian blood', tan
ieh-d fifty thousand of his best suhjects
and pulled down their churches, and the
result is recorded in blood.
Satan and the Pope, his faithful ally, had
agreed, till they got the Empire of France
into their own hands. But this was no
sooner done, than, as always will be the
case, his Satanic majisty took the throne
the servants of the Pope to their turn had to
bite the dust, and the very name of Chris
tianity was banished from the land, by ex.
purging the Sabbath from the calender.
execrating the name of God, and by declar
ing the Bible a fiction. And what is the
*harmer of tkat liberty which they here
obtained kt such expense, bat bloody en-
--- - - -
--- - --. ----- -- . .-- --- -- --.----- - - ----- -- --- ---- ------ GG
archer a espotic tyranny te constant IMPORTANCE FROM VENEZULA, ' Important from China.
1 THs LAmcarree BANK.--An effort is TA
ART & FARA t a
Questions Answered.
, At we went to press. last week, •we stop-
now being 'node, which it is thought will
alternation. Who voted for the indefinite postpone.
Capture of Loggia - yam. after a tight
But if you consult such historians as me it of a hill to prohibit the niggers from if
of Twelve ours , ped to give a synopsis of newe. We h ove prove succi•ssfu I, to cotnpel the striclihold.
1 • e
Macaulay D'Aubigne Bancroft, even Hum, , era of this exploded institution to " face the xi
marrying our wives and deughters? Rich-' 1 PUERTO CAVSOKLI,A, Sepl. 6 IS, - ,9 -It more room at present to give the details:
and their lights, and contemplate the his-i is with greet pleasure t that I. , : t rri t ns , tlit
i ti t :
~O u n t the afternoon of the 9th,
when , th , e .. I inn 10, and do justice to its note holders.
, and Benson eV igton, Union last week.
1 you the the news of he Inte. it ter s , Gee E ern was ff flnetings, a f e e
of ourAnglo•Saxton, and Auglo.Amerie , Does the editor of the Union requir e
; this country, so favorable le te. cause et pipe.casing in Pm leeward funnel, which . r 4 -ee• . -le
.an racee, you will find that since the days . the pnssage of a lu w to keep hini from run- I
1 liberty end civilization. had been in,roduced on the ground of now acting for the creditors and depositors -- i •
~ii ., '?t e. y ; ,
Five eminent lawyers of Lancaster are ' .l . i': e . .e . 4 ; ~.....11,_
ED ' f" t'lrie: 7 : re
when our besoted ancestors drank their i nog
filthy liquor from the human skulls, either I will I to have one passed for his ape . • • will furnish details of the capture of Lae, the funnels front the cabin , t•xpleded with
I we wiry
•troops, artnr! terrtfic force, blowing the tat , into the
of their victims, or their sacri fi ce subjects ! cal benefit; but we don't went the rest ef gaayre by the goVernment . I toe' through in all forms that can be brought to C) '•?i e. , ''..' . re' , e.'
bear. They will not top short of the _
, f g .` '.--. q'b 1: -•:.,...
hours herd fi g htin g : the capture of air, and tearing to pieces the grand saloon . veal. li'- 4 ` IP' 4 " '
till the present time, you will find, that the Behest tribunal in the land to obtain just-, ' '' ...‘.._. eV, '',":'
d f f h d I d •k b'
• Mance, and subsequent t• once o t e an lower et. ca les, through which ilie
with the mid of the Sabbath and the Bible ' people of Huntingdon coilitty to be in• "'el"' .
-. ee
suited by the proposition, stone by the troops against its funnel panel, end otherwise doing great . ice for their client.. ,
there has been a regnlnr progress of light, enemies, :he capture of two Dutch vessels dumege to the internal fittings. -
Who voted against reducing the snlarY
liberty, virtue and happiness, until we with munitions of spar for the revolution-1 Great consternotiom p rey ailed on board , New Advertisements.
of Representatives from seven to her !tun- PHILADELPHIA.
....... Famil y Sewing Machines i
. ism; end arrest of the Briush Consul for , but efforts prompt were Made to get at the
stand unrivaled amongst the nations of the , RP;IIANS' COU RT BAL E' . --
eat•th. . I tired - dollars? Richard Benson %Neon.
Union. • implicetion in the revolution. 1 unfortunate men in the erigineoring de- ,
The troops from this city, together with pertinent, who were either buried in the ; I . Fstnte of Enork Chilcote, dec'tl.l i • These 'Machines were awarded the first pre.
But where have the enemies of the Sab. 1 •I'he above is a lie, anti the editor knows the marines, landed at M:aento 400 strong, rubbish or prtistrated by the stetim. Three l o e
Bs virtue:Cif an order of the Orphans' coma ' m i me ; ot 't. th e inniiaster and . Montgomery
Huntingdon County, there w ill b e exposed ; County Fairs (the only
ir f i kid , at which eitin w th i e ti y ,
bath and the Bible planted their colonies Public Sale in Beavertown, Tod OWnship, !
t h l i t l e v V;l e iCt n •lt Y • r e TN l t l ' i i h le t on i ?Singer, n o i m P tt other ma
dof nine sailing vessels soon exp•red, while eight others we, in -1
I it. Mr, Wigton voted to get the bill in and Assailed Laguayra from theenst, while . fire/Ilene/e, foetid tut a dying vtate, and I
On Saturday, Oct , 20th, 1859.
fII with con
and dispelled the heathenish darkness t
d f 'i • I d i ,. le, one undivided h a ir chines. and ere offered to tile public i
I and one steamer , mounting thirty guns, jure , two 0 whom subsequently died.- , At 2 &dock of said , iblenee
us being th e cheers , '
end ~,, m ._
such shape, that he would have a chance di'. fl irt, enm P ase .. .
which pervade all land., save here and '
bombarded the port in ever direction.- One fireman was lORt overboard, having lof fift y five serve ( : )f I. "d: situate
, i n ,;r:d s t a Pc. (~,itio in the market. They are now in eaten
, to vote fur a $5OO salary.
there, a spot of moral verdure made such i ,ive use end have met th i e ra tu t i; i t e ti m ulifiV ii : y lV i r i n r ;
Who c h arge d the Siete seventy miles 2,000 -men from °areas made a sitnulta• ' either fall. into the water or jumped into ' ":I';'": , "l i 4 ; .. i i t ' u t d ° o l o B , a e r r: l i . f 3 _7 l .
11 - s m all dwelling
by the' radiant beams of Divine light!- nexus attlick at various point. to the west ,it to escape 'wilding. The Injured men age
' hiniee and other improvetnnits, belong- F v t a r i ntl i [Vi l a ' s v i l in li' ple i lt v i e co t n r struction, and are not
snore than he traveled? Richard Beeson
of the tent, The bravery of our soldiere were genernlly progressing favorably, el. •
Where have these reformers saved a single ill! ing to Enoch Chilcote, dee'd., .d Mor- mode' to get out of order, as an examination
Wigtun. Urtion.
Iremarkeble and mer , ted the praise though two or three of them were inn pre • Oled ee t t i Chilente deed. will fully satisfy every one. They will do as
human sacrifice front silly immolation , de- , g vessels in port, among them a ' mire). condition. The nume rous guests Also an undividt , d ' interest, being one sixth g reet a early ty of work, do it as well and do
'Phis is another falsehood! His place e t y s t .
meshed the number, of 'diabolical duties,'
I of esteem was a. the mines above u Sparer i man o war.
b • '' E el' "1:' ;' -n f .on board hod only quitted the geiud ~,,,,,,, ' o rt soTet to ii. right of dower to Honor CLIP- Hs much of it . the MO priced machine , can
or enlightened those dark places of the I clout, and his [tillage is correct. The SOURIVe peiti was adopted by our' through whh the fennel passed, mid iti
had been dining, .a few mite e,,, , ,w i , , , , ,, . ? w0 ref J_l tt e n r d ile t c o ni t. C o hi e l e ct i te h lat t e rn e e f is To o d r i l ln A . vs,
sEAmsTRE , sEs
earth which are fi lled with the hnbitations '
Who has a contract to furnish the Penn. troop on this occusAin and utter one die which tey
In but/. ui... before the ex ilosion Wok 'lace But • '
chargethey made Ft terrific tieeenit, a , , . 1 I . , chd,0,,,, deed., ~,,,,,,e h , Ted t o p ., 0„. o ,,, rea r, They will seer fine . he,iiif i good . r
t li P i;(1 1 Into 'the' property of the, sold Mordecai
s of every de
of cruelty. No it cannot be. SII , M , US A, I . 11 '1 d 10 000 tons coal? 1 Quilting
Will find these msaines adapted to their wants.
~ y yenta. at reit co.,
~ scoot'.. won 'J i nni Ist tli y. o . g
mid, not, however, without being ,puktel ler tllis, the coneequences weutil have heen ' w ijei to i ng lands of J.. McNeal, Jonathan B
land destitute of the ordinances of chris. 'purposes they are unequalled. 13y it simple
Richard L eeson Wigton. U.ion. several iiini•s, but, it discouraged,n r, hewed meet serious. The explosion is stated to net and others containing
fleets in sot el the tmeiou, u eticli is made
flan worship, and without a single excep• ' 90 ACRES, ' whieh gathers beatitifolly. The stich is the
Nl'', Wigton is u coal dealer and of course the attack with final success. FiVe hull. ' tom) probably been one of the must ter- ,
tine, we will show you a besotted l elite . Lock . Stitch, i st r ong tg i ft wi 7 ( lt i t i s w tie, o l:::
peoples is entitled to any market he can get.- If, Bred men were placed h ors th. c o m h o f, , n ifie which e• vessel has ever survived, and linv . ing thereon
i er i ec i i d eil ii a . fr i ore e ( i l e tv a e r i r ilii , g ,, :i d ra i r , e :
altogether inctipahle of self government. is furnishing some coal whieh goes to that fourlundri n •d prisoners were
t t t a ie kt c •n h , ,, b i ne w itl i e l > , ' , r , ' , i , l o ic d h s n a tt y l e iti n in st i t h u e , world t coult i l i have with- g ' frame " Toil ii:.ia i f u Li n tilti ' v l ation. ' -lhe other of said ' wl !r i l:e ' il i i i r i e l o l i t tl e ie t r isc i t i llcom e tolls of any shoe,
It is true that Thomas Jefferson was a
t u ab l ori l i i n i' elt ' iritir . cd m:11;111:nItged w esen pi, i st retigt II CIS the (IreutriLt' o f ouc h
"'VI:I'4I tenets adjoitting lands of Henryf Elias, : Tolle es p i t i o u rc e l i t i a o s , !, , i . nt the st i o n r , es, i witl i i ii o .c ut h r t , n -winding.
cmpaity, but his contract is with . dtlether
friend to human liberty; and it is no less
during the night, but was sill:I:m(111..6y °Ply r•sisted it, her frame sustaining no tYw l ' . ' ' IA"
slu lt il ef le A r CTi ' ls '`) , ` . ller' ' ""`"`"'"g t i t?l,ureletsers ' . " ( E c te r ll t moo ' cl i ii i ne IS accompanied
! person. and not with the Pennsylvania
true, that either directly or indirectly, captured and immediately put to d e ath. , injury what e v e r, but it omelet do Ilttl" dir- mostly cleared and in a, good mate of (inkier'• with dircetions,.whi. eye very explicit, and
hl i . 1 Roil road cotneany.
coetein all the itifortmition necessary to tp
i was indebted to the institutes at chrivtieni We lost me of our vessels, which van i lii retwe In . the inovemunts of th e vessel slue, having thereon a log dwelling house and
crate succesalully.
Who voted against the forfeiture of the
own tin a le orchard mai other itnprove•
lured too near, fled was driven aehoreetioe t e al the engines were never onc e stopped log b t PP
V for all his patriotism, and it was not tin. Charter of the Pe nnsylvanie Rath-odd
withstiotding lively e ff ort to save her. till .he reached Portland. It IS assetted "'"""• - No. 103, North Eighth Street; Phila.
til he had drunk in the tnoral poison by company'? Richard Benson Wigton.- TERMS : Otte-half of the purchase money erWe would refer to Gen. S. Miles Green,
ay miinthy with that French Trio of hum- Union. At Niamey, 150 men of our troops. that great objections h i m b e ,.„ wad , , o t h e
in adopting the plsn, tiotivith- to be paid out confirmation of sale at the Nov. ' p . m , Forge , ~,,,
cotninanded by Menendez, captured that cawing areyinfithe funnels, but the direct. be aid 0,„ balance ;„ one ) .„„ e ,
man butchers, 'N'lllea Damon, and Rubin city after a revere strogele. thereafter, with interest, to be second Ly the te,eit. 7, 1959.-ty. Ilinitltie,don, Pa.
This is tr tie, He voted ngninet forfeit.
The city of Haul, defended by two hue - stunding it had been tried und ithandoned bunds end mortgage of the purchasers. .
pierce, that he found courage enough to , ig. , -- --- -
the Charter, because the direct effect L. Vas l
a's, li , the Collins and otlier steamer
dred own, tinder the brave F. q , i ) . ,
try, as in his notes on Virginia, to wrhe '
of it was to increase. the State'
debt to strip- was attacked on the 20th ult. by ilium ,vo. • beta' Russell engages to hove the Great de bents non. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE
down the Bible account of the deluge, the Oct. 5,-4.
five millions of dollars. lutentists. GOO Wrong, under U. Pei z an d 1 Eastern ready for sea ill three weeks. NEAR lIUNTINGDON, PEN.V.A.
is of the human race, and doubt if our Who is now running the Smut machine pulsed with a ' (..tits* --Highly important but meager - ro
In par. of Ordera of the Orphans' Court
'God had a chosen people." But it re- ' Fel x Puente, who Wt•rt, re
los, of 150 men, and . the 28th a now , telegrams, in anticipation of the arrival of ! PUBLIC SALE af the county of liuntingtion, the 'creels of
Union. .
land lax hereinafter described eitutoW Weald
quieted the heart to hecotne' more obdurate , .. :meek met with similar fate, , the China mail, had reached England. i 0 r II oT . I' I FURNITURE " '.', ' .'
Awnswer Wm. Colon, R. B. 1 sullen .I'lle amps from Careds that ma d e the ' The lone dispatch b u d been pub I. ' comity, wet be expose d to public sale on the
before he could make the Sabbath a day of The eulideriber will positively sell nt public premises,
and R. Si.S Se '
peer Lo. aesult upon Lauvre were commanded by lashed by the Government:
Fe end revel, as he dal at a feast given •alti oil Pritlay the i . On 772 tomboy, th e :i9th day v Srpt em ber, 1859 ;
the !lave colonels. U V. Debts Gases and : Minuet Hope arrived off the Peiho riv- : 7th du! of October next, •as !Tie property of John leer, late of said corm
to him by his friends on that day at Fred• Aementut Crave% WAR. -There is fresh J. NI. Rut., those of Puerto Cabello by ,er on t h e Fith 01 June, and rowel that the at COALNION l' . , Huntingdon co., all of the iy, deed., to wit :
ericksburg in the year 1798, or any to his 'trouble between the English and the Chi- by Lotus Ustarix, Among the killed on fortifications had been rebuilt, but no gnus Furniture lielueging to the COALmoNT uo.. - I. All that tract marked (A) in the diegrata
infidel friend Mazzei, in Fining a dilapi• nose goeenteeente, growieg out of a refu. this pension we find young tnen . oLttefiret t l , .or men wi t ;re. s .rsible. The entrance into .
11;;.4 , , i , ,, ei&s in is i t O ii r i i; ,( s, of she l3 r e is d i st eitt i lL s N . l a c t tress i. e i s, l i t i o , i l, ll,, 2 x i e 7 (l to the
andret re turn
3 1):: t ii h r e rc l i tzte i e t t. b c oi o n n it te i i h n r :
dated church 'that it was good eneugh sal of the latter to receive the English rettl'l"'" "f C" ces ' s"1 whose, le ' . ifi h
i , th e river t i erred tytth . bunins and stake: , t el ' 1
Islittliegs, Chairs Tables. Dressing ;t r a P t: . (le, Ma ' Oision Farm of said decd . About one half
rally deplored in the country. Nice as I Ihe Plenipotentiaries joined the equadrm L e ,,,,,, i ,,,, e e t „„, „„,.,
for bun that was born in ainntiger," which Nlinister at Pekin, us promised. By a Into
le ' e l it ' oliethi, .I. ,De J. Gonzales, el,goriu iuu the 2001, and no notice having .been -u " ----- r ---''''' -.'",,,,,,,-1 S p oons , Knives, of 'hie tract is (leered mid miler cult i l l v i ation;
mach resemeles tha t saying of Voltair, arrive! we are informed of an attack upon A ve i t deiii and Elias' Mecum, are among ' unkt•ii of the atitiouti,tuteit of their arrival, i r ' i ' e le s ,: n h ' l7 ' c 'r , s .di e' t eiii ii i i ;e : ele4 3 r.' le "
A ' , ‘ , ' , l , t t ' e ui r ti l , l r a e l a .r t ' ile, 'l ,S w e. i . i i e t l in l y ja h l e n t e 'e a a i rl f ; itina l e u el
"let us crush the wretch." the English vessels while ascending the - them. all attempt wee 'Nude on the 25th le force Fur the TMhliC atecomoilation a Paaseager into almost every field upon this farm. There
Peiho river, from the forts on shore ; and 'rhos we have to rejoice over a victory ; s passage,on a sudden, h et i.. • • Oir on Stumps /tun Branch will tun to Coal-' e r e upon it 11 two stors frame dwellin ,, bowie a
Go to France Spain, Mexico or South
that will undoubtedly Cty the formation Of 'supposedb ya s tern,
,I I p i "I'
b y . Mont on Ilse WO;tiing of the day of sale , con • lar,c brick barn and 'other building; Also , a
the killing and wounding of soma four or , a
America, aad witness the effect of 0 d urable and long p eriod o f p,,,,e,,, ~, this 'l,),.1110 men , tv=itguititu(s)ckceedefLl'aurp'ennield testing nt Sexton with Immo* bolo from good apple orehoird. 1
five hundred of the British ferces Mere Huntingdon. Returning in the averting in 2. All sh ot s tract ?narked (C) . io said (havens
dgsecrated Sabbath, end bike warning miters', once moot under a civilize d and a destructive tire. Aiter a m vere action,
troops have been ordered f rets Ind i n to i i A A . - Unit • lo connect With ham for Remit' don. mettnitime .3 t am. and 08 pci (Ls, and cane.
against trying such a fearful experiment. . e nl i g ht ene d a d m i nistration , composed ol i ! the squadron had to withdraw, with the E-• • , • •• - -"• • • -i • i'' ' Ih a le
..te• LASIUA 1'W.10,1.`, will be soli from the Moore 'arm. ;"oinew int inure thou
. And now if you ask what shall bo done 01unit for a rigorous prosecution of the ' tlie tiret and ablest men of the country,l loss tit the guithoitis Cortitor,nt lee and ii me e, e d,,,,, W. P. SCHELL. of this trset is.cheired and mid ..atidtivatien, ft
whose means embellish mull 11 i ... deeds pioneer, and 401 tidied and wounded. The Oct. 5. , fair a proportion of which is meadow. On at
to prevent such a dreadful evil; the wer•
i every Fine of its history.-../Ve F. H..ralil. I
French hod 11 killed nom wounded out uf , count id the nearness of these two fart. to the
I viewer is plain, elect a proper person to It is further sassed Eliot the Chinese nu•
00. The Plempowentiaries have returned 1 - 1 F re t I. F B.T AT P. IP oit 14 AL 11 . ti o r a u g t, ut : unntininlmi, and the large quititi,
represent you in the Legislature, where thwitiee have placed obstructione iiith4 .
T. t r , srl Vantiatgetaib re „, , en 1
purl rd
71 . , ... , - .L .x. 0..
Le i :, nin e was To .he utersigitcd, assignee of Jonathan 1.1, 0 luvlld".,lll'un each, tint) , would be well
- • - , eetere ,,,,,ed leeitie will o ff er nt public sale, at the Court suited Mr grazing or stock farms.
etr-ca7mnuß man etulnderp hitt', .wlWr Money 1 viettieg Pekin, to exchenee ratifleatimis of ! elondity, under pectilitirly rot...tic me
will be poured out like WateT, with all the the treaty concluded welt the l! curn" " ncea ' A lair I ' l'l ' n ° I '''"`
Wad (itemised in inarrnige by her lather, '
I iitiout Canton, but the tartar troop, have
P hu ' I been diseritted it s a matter el precaution "" Weilne ''' ' ''' -v "" mber I
A I floe. in Me borough of I funtingiliet, • , i 3. All that tract. 'narked (II) in Raid diagram,
t ee, isee, ' COhleibing 185 neres and 132 perches ,• about
at ietio'clock A. :SLR FA 1(31, situate iu Warne one half of this tract is elonred and under cul
corrupting appliance! which the infidel part ' Empire by our Imo Ilinimer, IA I B
•:li•iinn 1 who is a publican, to a country/mail whose ' 'Hu" telogynto ' , tenth , " 'hot ."''''. teen,ltip Shills e ,. e ' i ~ ' tientien , mid has them. erected, two tenant
"fixers were killed and wounded Id • I ' -' ''
' ''
of our great city can bring to bear upoi, ' Reed. All eerie of excuses were made,' abiding place is North Sale Jim.; but the 1.10 ' ' "' lr. " - ler, ACRES, ; i hoaxes.
Elope befog among thb latter . mere tir less, adjijiting the Juniata River tied ! ' •I• All that tract teethed nrked (E) In said (Uneven',
the members of that bndy. Elect Mr, ' though in other respects the best fe lit thuneel loved an elier-u younger and b. ,
(RI •' i
' ig le I k lei tolegret. cuehrin dime pollee. lands ()I Elijell McCoy, David Jetikiim, Sainied ennteitting 214 am,. mid 37 perchem i about
Wigton to represent Huntingdon county, teal manifested by the Chinese officials to • i r tie mg man, whom alone she dechired I k m. „„ d 0„, via 'Priest e dd e the t . „ 1 : 0 „ i n „. wh,iim a,,,t o th ers, having a large Item: Inn acres Of this tract are cleared Red Rader
He is bound by all his antecedents, by the 1 wards the Amerman government. Wheat- should
hie will
,ITIe most c ru be 4 ! .•lit is muted I , ; American
teat ti.o o ailiblt,, , . house. tiii.ti,,i,l,,,i, „„d :• frame b uc k liiiilditig cultivation. No beilditigs thereon.
desire of his Constittwats of 'whom he er Nile Wart! would succeed in gaining nc. ()rived in elle !natter, end on aloodny dote lies beeti admitted to Pekin. 'l'ite , ` ; ',. ; . :., 1 , ~`,1 1 ,,,U , 1 , ,,1n,') . 1 ' t•f. I , l •:, ( e ' r , w ,,, i !i h t i, ".„11,.,,R,',1,1)°„„.b.,7,i,1,',1 ro :3 ,,,,l l ,, l i l n thot ii t i t i r l li a c ,i t i tza . rlL , e ro d , ! d (Q ii i i7 „„id diagreat,
tiny be proud, by the honesty, petniotism, tees M the Emperor, at Pekin, wa s a lt o . ' lurked his daughter up in her room and given ;'' n u ' e t , he ,,,: d r( "n:Y ri l e " . e r r qU i tmed "," 1 l e I mei corn vrib Mulched' thereto ; else . to stone Ili i:Ill that trad, outtiked (K) in said di agrinn ,
and benevolence of his own Min, and he gather unceriain at the last nccounts. started for t his place iti nest of the nuin , ~„,,,,,,,,,:;:e ' ' 1 w ' "tinkl"'d I 81"ing Inure. there are twe nevtir failing vont:outin g 87 nerve soil 147 perches; wood.
' tit his choice. W hile he w. gone the l eee s i; ~ , -
id still, further bound by his faith in n 1. English nod French [mete evert I them !leer Ihe bellSe 'Red lisrn ; aim, an apple ' 7. A 1111. t tract inmiliel (I,) in mid diagram.
lover er the girl stole her thretiett the b f p k • . • . ,
Triune God, and the 1 -eyelet'. of his will ger The Artesian Well at Columbus ~,,e dow _.., . e e ore e in. j orchard contieeing loom 50 to 75 trees. etietioning 118 acres and 83 perehesi weed.
1 bl i nd parenti-aud the twe T , . ' This farm is (rood limeetone hold, about 50 , Ill”.
to stood up fearleesly in defence of that
Ohio, is now two thousand two hundred te Government di
started on a keen run for the J ustice , ri ,„. 1 ,• ~ „, i spatches sny that the '
nen. ,
wo ,, mi . d 7 seme
of which is choice land i 8. Anthill tract nook& d (M) it, aaid ding re,
tittered day, which, a benevolent Create- and fifteen feet deep; and progresetng whose office ie about half n mile from I e . ',..",,.;,;;; ‘ik, - ; ~i;el.l/..wr',., hod the he tin sir, 1 Inn Metivittion. It lies et, the south side of t h e • euetaining 117 acres and 147 perches; w ' o .'‘ od•
has given to us. in order W resuscitate our down•vard at the rote of six feet per day• t 'heroine.. On the road limy wnrn '-'ll"Plu'd I eel Coat, tied tt l '
F • •• strummers, and . tee i Juniata River, Mime utie mile from the New• laud.
I , van officio', pursuit, wttere i I mo the I. ') ' 'e !' r e a c h dud " I.l.l e."''' ton Hamilton Stetion of the Penuoi. Railroad, ,9. An undivided interest in Milnwood Acad•
Mil worn bodies, improve our menial, and The Artesian even nt South Lee, Mass , • i 4 unit a stevoler. Rod the Newton Hamilton: Dem of the re,,,, , „ ; env, h i Dublin Ip., tbe extent M which interest
. eyetitlifill ant, most brave , drew a treat- .I'l L I '
le Om oti tunes says It must be nenrlv 1 canal is hi part upon the premises. A -portion will be made known on thmday of sale.
morel powers, and prime, our immortal hns been uhandoned. Mr. Lauer's wi•II, vet, meet-teed it, and gallately mlc hired a
spirits for the enjoyment of that eternal in this city, has been . bored to a depth of that hi • would elit for n Tone.' quicker fi e
, it, yeor liefore Mt ylnlng d'''-'lfye I'. nUeut-,1 n! . the land lies upon Sue. Ridge, in the Vi. I 1 0.. All h ,, at . trad marked (B) inseid diagram,
r, °Wiling to the insulficii•ticv of the t ire• ' entity of large deposit. of' iron ore, and is tine. contenting -0.1 acres noel 39 perches and called
Sabbath of rest, in anticipation of which. 1150 feet, anc is progressing. :thaw for his grub! ' This settled the (pea-
ea ' ' • 1 e id erte l e geed site for man.), I tirin g estal,lid,• ' the Lefferd or Spring House P.m ; about one
millions of our oppressed , and trodden non .of intervention, and the To '
It i • I !Relit,
b sum th at there will not be any 1 ' . half of 'hie tenet is denred, and has thereon a
, lovers vi•re allowed to proceed. Reach - • - pie Far. will b e soda e s th e propm ty (,r dwelling holism daW mill, tine Mt exnellentspring
down race have borne the iron heel Ir. 1 SECRET MtNEMENT.- It iS said that 'the i 1 Intel rop:lui. tu the Chinese trade.
ing the abode of the Justice, woo Wild hap , 'the oliiid Jonathan leslie, Mr the benefit ~f his of water. To' he sold its the real estate of
runny, and oppression, and served their' Lecolocos have.organized a sem. t ;neve- ..• ......„ . mod Imre. Jusleta W. Ker, dee'd., ender his last Will.
, ;oily not mite, they were at Once united in --
day and generation faithfully, whsle merit lo gel out their vote at the October 1 the holy bonds of wedlock, endzturned to 'I !AIMS : Ono half of. the purchase money , 11. All Reit Irma marked in said diagram
tube paid on the Met miry of April next, w i,,,„ with letter (F), containing 170 Acres at d 124.
wretched less would have been tel election, and thus steal a march on the i Cherekee in less hnste than they left it peeeeeent will be given, and tke (Aber half in F'i'ches,
,• and called the Creek Flaw about 80
had it not been for 'lint sacra day of real, one year, with iiiterme to be secured by ho e d acres thereof ere cleared, and a dwellinghouse
and mangoes. • • ; therei] meted ; the uncleared part of this
The Christians of Philadelphia a, now T11E0.11% OREM - F.11; Assignee. I It'lle't le ,lInnyLIV tilltbured. To be null as the
appealing to the rural districts for help to Huntingdon, ~. et. sth, '59.-4t. rent estate of Henry M. Ker, doted., under hie
I last Will.
preserve the .Sabbath; and let us C r ee to it, •
THE CELEBRATED COPPER TOO l'cii `ill the,. 'nude, except Ifiln,ood, lie in one
that old Iluntingion shall put he seal 1 Mitelitill'ii Patent Metallic Tip, designal eS- bu m: near the borough of RuhttAgdon, and will
at the BalIM box, that she reveres her God, 'pecialle• for Boys', Youths' and Children's ,Id together . nepartitely, eie as to nett
perches., l'lellelS.-Olie thitid of the per
and respects the institutions of his worship, BOOTS AND SIFOES. chase money to he paid . conflateation of the
An' IMPERVEMEET has been applied to. Boots sale, and the residue to be payable c with inter.
.. deht ,,, e, by wh i ch a sav i ng oe expense to est, at such times as now be agreed upon on
the customer, of tan-thirds is realized, by ~,,„,,I. the day or (tele. The unpaid purchase money
cop riment. I to be secured by Bonds and Mortgage,
The 'rip ens -isms ors piece of- copper 'or nth- I 'Batelo commence el l° o . eloOk ou said day
er indestructible material, neatly fastened t o j Attendance will be given by
the toe of the hoot or shoe, forming a complete DAVID S. KEIL Trustee.
protection. 'Phis invention is now presented ' August 31st, 1859.
to the public. with the fullest knowledge of its ' ' ------...
prettiest mility, having been tested over twofI . HADWICIC & BR O,
years, end ,s destined entirely to supersede the N.-) (Successor) to Nernan 4- Wartack.)
C1111.1 , 1t,5 . 8,11011i ' AND Yo , llls ' llooTii AND 8110.1. RAfeeE'STItEETB, ,
• ''thee importance of this invention will be
notelily a ppreeitalid, as it is well known that PliltAttEliVlCZA.
children Javo.viably wear nut Rink' boots an d Manufacture., Wholesale it Retail' Dealers is
shied Ilealers, Ventilators, Rabies and
and, with this protection, they will upottedninv• 810YeSpittil
°rage wear nt least tot) to three times es hilig if e 111,0, '
as the old styl e , Whil e ibo expense is but a nal, itieliregor's Celebrated Seaters and Stoves.
more. With a great variety bf*the 'latest patterns
This invention id ItISO ef3pßeially applicable to of Donk and Peri. Store's ; elite 'Quen'. Pat-
Miners' Boils, and till occepatioes subjeetele ent Portable Fitt.. Pooh
the toe of the boot hum shoe to be cut . wen'. I Amp. a"'ls9' i 'el
Merchants, and the nubile generally, will see 1 el'OliCle TO COI I ECiZt4 l"
~, , ,,-Collectora of
the importance of (obtaining these goodaltine- Ilig 1858 0 d p ee ' ''' y
(Widely ; es they ore destined Mr general " t ' i.I 1 • d ''''
" - em"":114" not
Ude, 9 rent y issue against '
supersede all other, kinds. , iyou are :hereby requee
aed to have your duplientesi /mid 'off, on or be- .
The Goods out be obtained of nea rly 11 ' • '
II i i y ,
.. .y a ; kite the firAt fey of November mite or the b 1
le to esti e t ealers in tLe principal c oke, of
.I lone of
of the Bubscribeetee - : - - ' your metiUnte will . hp ei ' a.
I lowa of the Sheriff Mr •II ' 'sl ut lab°
, ctiAsE, IiIeKINNEY et 00., i The collectors of 1859 ' 4 "e" '
. 3 I ,
(OWNE. or TRE ,1 ENT.) e reqneetee to have
Angled elst, I e59.-GM. i Boston. i the one heir of their duplientes priid a ainet
" l
,be Novembe r court, and to hai,t;them g fully
- , settled up on or beeMe the firm, clay of April,
1.80. If not paid by that titneeeehe bal ance
of their accounts will be immklliely placed
in the hands ;of the Sheriff for is r tion.
By (seder 01 Culls. 01161'e; i-•"'
~ pr . . ty i yi ithER, Clerk.
ekugtieb•-14, el-85S tn.% ,
BtfIVIREW ilti r effi r akCAAVEßS, of tke
beet quality; fbesal6 4 ,lll 44nt Fariety at
BRUIVN'S Ifitedware Stone.
i tor.
But if you wish to try n fearful experi
ment, brenk ]own the Sabbath, seal up,
tr Lltlish the Bible, close our church doors,
and cast the ministry of recocoflntion into
corvempt! And they are now living, who
will see our proud civil institutions give
place firstito vigilance uoininittees, then to
mobocracy, tvhich would too soon give a
pretext for Crone sneer, or Napoleon
to seize the reigns of government to pre
vent the effusion of blood, which would
flow 'from such madness and folly-
Beware of the Union
American Republicans, let not the era ,
cles that appear there, effect you. They
are oat fur political purposes. This week
ends the campaign; the editor will doubt
less array himself against our whole ticket
this week, as he knows that his foolish
tales can not be corected in any other issue
before the el,ction.—vote the whole ticket
land nothing but the ticket,
QIICAtiOIIII for the Vision,
Did not the editor of the Union say
before the nomination that ho could not
support 3. Simpson Africa? Yes.
Did not the same editor say that he
would like to giro the public the lull his
tory of .1. Stmpion Africa by a series of
letters, flint the people might know how
corrupt this office seeker it.- Yes.
Opposition. 'The only trouble is, the pony the outwitted • father jawed them
is so fur gone in a galloping consumption li , i r c i t: o x it pe k c f t. m a t tit ti, f t r il lt e il e , i t:
d l earned that
that it hen not many votes to get w m
“flts spirit as treend:us and fierce.
Still, it would be well for our friends to be to behold," and the feelings of the rlisii'p•
prepared. Let us make-it a point to Toll pointed !oven can be 'oiter imagined than
every one of our vet es, and then the,secret dezcribed.
organization plan of the Lecofoco
411 SENT FROM Has PosT.—Per seine
clans will be to fail in the accent p . lish.
ti.e. - ks past H. L. Dieffenbach, Epq.. the
ment of its abject.
present Locofoco Deputy Secretary of the
fth, has been absent trout the
MURDER PARDONED.—G U n iinn " uwes
ov. Parker has
Capital, editing the Clinton Dryngenit and
pardoned n man named !locker. convicted ,
trying to engineer the party though in.
in [Muir county. two or three years ago
for the murder of o men in Williamsburg' Ii "" G4'"Y' The people pay Mr. Diefl
unhitch fur his services here, and coininon
The Governor in exorcising the portion:
, honesty should dictate to him the faithful
ing power with a "perfect lons miens." and
turnings precious set of scoundrels at' large perfurinance of them. Gov Packer is
upon society.
censurable for permitting his official un
derstrappers to neglect shier busitiens and
REMAINING ELECTIONS. —ln October, meddle with politics in distant Countle9.-;--
elections will occur in Pennsylvania, Ohio, , Office ho'aers should, .'keep, themselves
pure and unspotted" from the political
Minnesota. Mississippi, Georgeia. Inwa
world, end do the work for which the pro ,
and Kansas. In the early part or November
the following States will vote:—New York ple pay them. Return to your post Mr
New Jersey, Louisiana, Maryland, Mari: . Deputy Secretary, and let the people titan'
sachusetts end Wisconsin. ,oge the elections!
soon as it was announced in
Ber In the newly published A utobing•
papers of Saturday afternuon, tbat
raphy of Col. Crocker, that eccentri, per.
Imlay & liicknell's Bank Note Reporter
soilage records his reniarking in a stump for October was out, 11 desperate effort wan
speech, that he ..was ,tai go with
made, all over the City, to push into circu
General Jackson in evewlittig that I be
lotion it very dangerous Five Pallor Co /11-
Hayed was honest and right, lint, further
terfeit Note, on the Lock haven Bonk, well
then this, I wouldn't go for him, or any
executed, and a perfect /ace oitnile of the
other roan in the whole creation ; that I
genuine; had better refuse nil notes of this
would sooner be honestly or politiCally ,
uennininntion for the:preaatit •
d—d than hypocritically'immertalixed."- 1
• gr - r We will try and make room in our
gerNext Tuesday is the election, We next issue for the Coininutications of
Lope to tee a good turn oat. • I.f/eerie,"
nowt' w:Tit 13ciew.—A correspon dent
writing from Oceold, Clearfield county,
Po., soya: of our citizens, G. A.
Westbrook and David Coulter, started out
the other evening to watch a (I,r lick.
Afterthey had proceeded a short distance
from the 'town they parted—Westbrook
taking one side of the hill and (1 ()lifter the
other—WWl the intention•or Meet ing at the
lick. Shortly after they had parted, West
brook saw three cub hears, which he treed
and billet'; but while he wee despatching
;hem, the old she bear made her appear.
once, having her' 'buck up" oonetderably
at this wanton destruction of her faintly.
Unfortunately for Weetbrook, his gun was
empty. and the old bear wouldn't gi hint
time to load! Ilturw was a pleasent predic.
ament.indeed, ler a "nice young man to .
bate, - lle soon saw, however, that his
only chance was to fight the bear with his
knife, and at it he went in giudd earnest„
and came off conqueror, but not without
getting eomewl at used up" in th- scrim
mage, Toniter hearir,g the shunts from
Wesibroorr's gun, concluded to go and as.
rennin the canoe. He found the old bear
and the thre cubs all dead, and Westbrook
very much cut up 'though not l ieriouely in
jured; the clothes were nearly all torn
from his body, and one of his arms was
badly lacerated; however, he is now rapid.
ly recovering, arid is !rally laughable to
hear him tell of the fight. Ile has the
bear skins nailed up Against the side of his
house, and no money. I suppose, could buy
them, as be intend,' to have st - sheigh'rohe
made out of them. 'Westbrook was for•
rnerly n citizen of Huntingdon, Pa,"
Efir'The commit tirivion over the sig.
natorp "Tone of Eliqu,nce p " is laid aside
because of the inFeness of the tsfitson.
13A1111E4S a i atl LOCKS, II large assort.
U nient at the Ilarthxare store of
A'. BROWN,''
IV' 5000 AGENTS WANTED—To sell 4 new
inventions. Agents have made over $25,405.'
o tt ono,—better than all other sitnilat agencies
Send tour stapps and get fill, pagempartieulars
gratis. EPIMAIM BROWN, Lowell, Mans