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'Wednesday Morning, September 7, 1859•
ile'We have received a copy of a new des
criptive hand-book of the Pennsylvania Rail
road, compiled by Geo. B. Ayres, Esq., which
is ono of the best affairs of the kind we have
ever seen. It should ho in the possession of
every man, woman and child in the State, as
it contains not only a vast amount of useful
information, but interesting anti instructive
reading matter besides. We extract the fob
lowing notice from it t—Huntingdon, 204 miles
from Philadelphia, and 152 miles from Pitts
burgh, boasts a history which strongly vindi
cates the truth of ita present soubriquet, " an
cient borough." It was a well known Indian
post, where the very earliest traders could nev
er ascertain by Indian tradition how long it
had been a village. Here existed the celebra
ted "Standing Stone," which name has given
to its earliest settlement, and is still retained
by the stream which; flows into the Juniata at
this place.
It is a county town of some business, con
tains a population of 2,000, .d is a place of
considerable wealth and refined society. In
addition to the county buildings, it has several
churches, and academy. The celebrated Hugh
Brady was born here, in 1768 ; who, in addi
tion to his celebrated campaigns against the
Indians, was greatly distinguished by his gal
lantry and bravery during the war of 1812.
About five miles from this ancient .d quiet
place, situated in the valley Of the Standing
Steno creek, are the " Warm Springs," owned
by Gen. A. P. Wilson—a place of considera•
bit; resort—whose waters aro chalybeate, "light
on the stomach, diuretic, and said to contain
Commorr, August. 29. 1859.
Me. Enurom--In looking over your very ex.
celleut paper from week to geek, I discover
that you are without a correspondent from this
place. Therefore, that you may no longer re
main in ignorance of matters and things in and
about Coalmont, I have determined (with
your consent) to become an occasional con.
tributor to your valuable paper, from here.
Nothing very strange, or of special impor.
lance has transpired to disturb the equan int fig
of our usually quiet village. The health of
our citizens is extraordinarily good—as you are
well aware we are not wanting in those two
great necessaries of life—pure air and water.
The leading topic of conversation, and the
only ono which really seems to engage the
public mind—is politics.
The ticket put in nomination by the People's
Convention on the oth of August, meets with
the hearty commence of almost all classes.
True there are those belonging to the Locofo
co party, who never under any circumstances
vote with the Opposition, no mutter how defier
sing they may be. While this is true as to
some, there are others less bigoted in their
principles, who will vote with a hearty will for
the Opposition candidate. Quite a number of
the Democrats here, are very much dissatisfied
with their nominees for Assembly and Sheriff,
knowing that it is but a few years since they
were sworn members of the American party.
Such is the general dissatisfaction in the ranks
of the Locofoco party, that it is very question
able whether some of their candidates will re
ceive half their party vote.
Mr. Wigton, our nominee for Assembly, has
a host of firm friends here in Carbon. Judg
ing by the feeling now manifested, I feel
confident in asserting, that Mr. Wigton will
run two-thirds of the entire vote polled.
In a word, the whole ticket will be eittm.
phantly endorsed on the second Tuesday of
October and Carbon will roll up such an over
whelming majority for the People's nominees,
that those Locofocos who have had the presump•
tion to assert their superiority in number, will
be astounded I Last fall we came off more
Shan conquerors, as we had some very fractious
elements to contend with. And judging the
future by the past, we feel sanguine of the
most consummate success at the coming Or.
tuber election. Rest assured, that you will
have no occasion to be ashamed of Carbon— she will do her work well and gloriously.
Hastily, ADVANCE.
MAtutt.csnotto, Sept. 3, 1859.
DEAR JOURNAL:-With your permission I
will attempt a brief description of the Sabbath
School celet ration, which took place a short
distance from our town on Friday morning
last. About 10 o'clock the procession formed
in Main Street, headed by martial music and
the speakers of the day marched to a beautiful
grove, previously selected for the occasion.
The exercises were opened with prayer by Rev.
A. M. 12 .rnits., after which the scholars sang
one of their sweet hymns.
H. T. White, Esq., of Huntingdon, then ad
dressed the steholars upon the "Rise and Pro
gress of Sabbath School.," which was highly
appreciated, if we may judge by the marked
attention to which it was listened. He was
followed by Rev. Bricker, upon the "Happy
Influences of Sabbath Schools," in a very able
and eloquent manner.
The "Continentals" 'gym place, then sang
one of their soubstirring songs, after which,
both old and young partook of the good things
prepared for the occasion by the fair ones of
For more the an hour, the scholars amused
themselves by engaging in different rustic ex•
ercises, when they again seated themselves,
and were addressed by Rev. S. Barnitz, of
York, in his usual happy style.
The day being advanced, the band discoursed
one of their patriotic pieces, when all returned
to their homes happy—pleased with each °tit.
or and more especially with themselves.
ter The camp meeting of the colored folks
hes been largely attended. It is one of the
most orderly, well conducted tneetin,s of the
kind, we have over attended. Some six or sev.
en ministers are present, and perhaps two hut,
dyed other colored people.
WY - We understand there was a celebration
at McConnellstown, on Saturday last, by the
hi. E. Church. Addresses were made by the
Rev., Barnitz of York, and Gee. John Will
iamson—after which all partook bountiful.
ly of the good things which had been pre.
pared for the occasion. The table is spoken
of by those who were present as exceeding any.
thing in these latter days. The whole affair
passed of pleasantly, and all returned to their
homes, feeling that the day had been well spent,
lterA valuable mare belonging to Mr, Da
vid Rupert, of Lick Ridge, bad her leg broken,
last week, by being kicked by a horse. She
was afterwards shot.
le r Owing to a press of job work we hare
been unable to pay much attention to our local
S6B-The Genesee Farmer, for September,
has been received. Published at Rochester,
N. Y., at $1 a year.
Ilgt..Kennedy's Bank Note Review for Sep
tember, is now before us. We can recommend
it as ono of the very best. Send 81 to J. \V.
Kennedy, Pittsburg, Pa., and he will send it to
you for one year.
iferThe Great Republic Monthly : a nation•
al magazine, devoted to the best interests of
American Literature—wholly original, imper•
sonal, and in no wise sectional or sectarian.—
The September number is now before us. Pub.
Milled by Oaksmith & Co., 112 & 114 William
at., New York, at $3 per annum.
ter Petersons' Counterfeit Detector is cor
rected by the celebrated bankers, Drexel it Co.,
and it is ceitainly the most reliable 'Detector
published in the Union. Everything is fair
about it; that may be known by tho high stand
ing of the publishers and editors. The latest
information is given of all counterfeit notes,
broken banks, the rates of discount, &a. Ev.
cry person in trade should subscribe to it and
have atbp y. The price is, monthly, only ..$l.
a year; semi-monthly, S 2. Address all orders
to the publishers, I'. B. Peterson it Brothers,
Philadelphia, and our Nord for it, you will nev
er regret it. _ _
This invention is also especially applicable to
Miners' Hoots, and all occupations subjecting
the toe of the boot or shoe to be cut or worn.
CHARLES Dicrtexs' Wonas.—The well known Nterchants, and the public generally, will see
first of T. B. Peterson & Brothers, 306 Chest- the importance of obtlittintr these goods imint,
nut street Philadelphia have just commenced diately, as they are destined for general use, to
publishing a remarkabl ' y cheap edition of those i s
all other hinds.
unripproacliable works of fiction. It is called The o may be obtained of nearly all
" 1 '° 1,,, ..5 . Neal' F.riilion. fan /4, .Million, of the wholesale dealers in as principal clues, or
the entire writings of Charles Dickens, noz," of the Subscribers,
and will bo issued complete in twenty-eight CHASE, AIeKINNEY k CO.,
weekly volumes. One volume will be published (OWNERS OF true PiTes-r.) Bost..
regularly on each and every Saturday, until August 31st, 1859.1 m.
the whole number of volumes—twenty-eight— _
is completed. The low price fixed by the pub- MOTIOE TO COLLECTOHS.--Collectors of
fishers for them are only 25 emote a volume, or Jll 1858 and previous yen's who have not been
the whole twenty.eight vulnmes for five dollars, already issued against, you are hereby
A complete set will be forwarded free of post- ted to have your duplicates paid off, en or be.
age, by !Mail, to any Art of the United States, fore the first day of November next, or the hal.
to any one, by the publishers, on receiving a I Ran of your accounts will be put into the
remittance of five dollars for the twentv-eight I hods of the Sheriff for collection.
volumes, or a remittance of three dollars will The collectors o f 1829 are requested to have
pay for the first fourteen volumes; or a remit. I the one halt' of their duplicates paid against
lance of ono dollar will pay for the first four the November court, and to have them fully
volumes. The colonies will he neatly printed, settled up on or bel'ora the first day of April,
and each; volume will contain 160 large octavo 1860. If not paid by that time. the balance
pages, printed on fine white paper, and neatly of their accounts will be immediately placed
bound with paper cover. The revised uniform i n th e hands o f the sheriff f o r coll e cti o n,
Edinburgh edition, from which this is reprinted I By order of Commissioners,
comprises twenty-eight volumes, the cost of lIENUY 51' ; 2111..1.E1t, Clerk.
which is seventyfee dollars; and this edition August 17, 1, , 59.—t 11.
will contain every word of the Edinburgh
tion. We commend the determination of this A 1 . 01 INIST1(A'l Ultti NuTICE.
entesprising Philadelphia firm, to furnish the It jEstate of Joseph Hunter, dee'd]
complete and entire willics of Charles Dickens Notice is hereby given that letters of Adminis
at a price so reasonable, that all persons what.- bullion on the estate of Joseph Hunter, late of
ever may possess a fall set, and direct the es. the township of Jackson, in the county of How
pedal attention of our readers to the fact, and titertion, deed., have been duly granted to the
would advise them all to make a remittance j subscriber, to whom all persons indebted to
of five dollars at once, per first mail, to Clue said estate will make payment, such
;bane mv
publishers, for the entire set, who will send them tug claims or demands against the mimo will
to any one, area of postage, on receipt of that present them for settlement.
, August 17, 1859.—Gt.
ser Scorbutic diseases are the parent stock
from which arises a large proportion of the fa- I DMINISTRATORS' NOTICE.
tal maladies that inflict mankind. They are 11 [Estate of John Morrison dee'd.]
as it were a species of potato rot in the human Notice is hereby given that letters of Admin.
constitution, which undermines and corrupts istration on the estate of John Morrison,:dee'd.,
all the sources of its vitality and hastens its late of the township of Shirley, in the county
decay. They are the Aiwa ) , from which spring of Huntingdon, have been duly granted to the
Consumption, Rheumatism, Heart Disease, *iiiiiiscrilieNt to whom oil Pi , riiinis knowing
Liver Complaint. and Emptive Dis eases w hid i themselves indebted to said estate will make
will be recognized Iv among those most fatal payment, and those having claims or &mania
and destructive to the races of ents. So dread- I against the same will present them duly am
ful,are its consequences to human life, that it thenticated for settlement.
is hardly possible to over estitnato the impor. I EL IJA H MORRISON,
AA/ iv
twice of an actual, reliable moody, that can JOHN S. MORRISON,
sweep out this Scrofulous contamination. Wo I Aug. 111 1859,—Gt..
know then we shallproclaim welcome news to • -
our readers, of one from such a quarter as will - WASHING CLOTHES BY PRESSURE.
leave little doubt of its efficacy—and still more V V After fifty years experimenting, theme
welcome, when we tell.thein that it timely does per attiele has at last been invented ibr women
accomplish the end desired. We menu Ayer's lis their hard labors on the washing day.
Sarsaparilla, and it is certainly worthy the at- i "IT IS EVEN 80,"
tentiod of those who are afflicted with Scrofula Come and be convinced that we are ahead of
or Scrofulous complaints.—Register, Albany, every machine in use. Half the time, h elf the
N. E hard labor, and half the wear and tear is saved.
Little boys nod girls can do the work ter their
mothers. The undersigned here purchased the
exclusive right of Illintingdon and Militia coun
ties, to make and sell J. T. Mt•oot:s
. Emancipator Washing Machine.
We desire the public to .11 and examine this
truly Ittbor•saving machine. It can be sr en at
our shop on Washington street.
riIILAIDEI.I.IIIA, September 7, 1859.
FLOUR—Superfine. pet barrel, $4 50q5 00
" Extra " 5 25(0 50
family " 5 60tu 6 50
Wheat —red, per bushel, I 15@1 20
" White " 1 20®t 28
COrn II 77
Outs . 34
Cloverseed $5 50@6 ?5 per 64 pounds
Timothy seed, $l,BO to 2 00
Flux, per bushel $1 70
Jon. 11. Donssy, " L. It. OnntsoNt
J. S. Moan's, ~ ANNIE E. SCOTT,
LI It ZA. IF it A. ll 1 5 A rAI 1
,;__ _ _ . , CHRISTIAN LONG, E. I l Vii . .unmsox,
U Valuable Farm at Public Sale. i cV.g. l ' l , l ":" , D . l d . ' -' 4- -7 , i( ) Z,
Will be exposed to public sale, on the prowls- :i.,,,, S. 1, / ,,, , L1 , m ' " 11. B. S.mrsox,
es, on
Friday, the '2lst day of October next, M 1). 11. FOSTER, "M. C.
the valuable farm, known as the Bowman Farm, "JENNIE C. MURRAY " ANN E. CAAIINSELL.
situate in Dublin township, Huntingdon coon. Huntingdon, July 21111, 1859.-tf.
ty, one mile north of Burnt Cabins on the pub. -- - -
lie road lending from thence to Huntingdon. Id toliNdl.S.
This *trim is well watered, with a neverfailing A general assortment of Blanks of all d -
Branch of Tuscarora Creek running through acriptione just printed and /kr sale al the
it, having thereon erected a large two storynj oanu a offi c e
~...., D welling House,double log barn, I Appointin't of Referees, Common Bond,
Tenant House, out buildings, Ate. I Notice to Referees, Judgment Notes
exit:: The farm contains about Allgi sunimany, Vendue Notes ,
171 - 171 acres, 149 perches, and JkgaL Executions, Constabli's Sales,
allowance, partly limestone, with fine limestone I Scire Facia., Subpains,
quarries—of which, eighty acres are farm land Coniplaints, Deeds,
and thirty meadow; balance well timbered, Warrants, Mortgages,
with two extensive apple orchards—is admire- Commitments, Bond to idemnify Constable, ,to
bly adapted to raising stock--and within a tulle
of a good market for grain and stock
Vie situation is beautiful and on the line of
theSherraan's Valley, or Pennsylvania Pacific
Railroad, now being constructed, which is ex•
petted to be the groat line of communication
between Now York and the South West.
The owners having removed to the West
when young, are determined to sell. Atten•
dance will be given and terms of sale lands
known on day of sale by
Or by Jamison Kelly, their Attorney in fact.
gerW. S. Morrow, tenant on the premises,
or Jamison Kelly, Burnt Cabins, will give in
formation of the premises.
Aug. 31st, 1859.-ls.
kj (Successors to Neman 4 War:tick.)
Manufacturers, Wholesale & Retail Dealers in
Heaters, Ventilators, Ranges and
A 1.90.
MeGregor's Celebrated ileaters and Stoves.
W itli a great variety of the latest pattern;
of Cook and Parlor Stoves ; also, Queue's Pat
ent Portable Forges.
Aug. 31st, 'O.
living in Porter tp., Huntingdon co., Pa.,
on Monday, August 15, 1859, a colored boy,
au apprentice to the "forming business, about
15 years old, and by name of Thomas Etat.).
A reward of 50 cents will be paid for his re
tarn. but no expenses paid. All persons are
notified not to harbor or trust ssid runaway, on
ny account. JOHN COLDER, Sen.
Aug. 18, 1859.
Mitchell's Patent Metallic Tiiil designed es
pecially for Boys', Youths' and Children's
Ax IMPROVEUNNT lots been applied to Boots
and Shoes, by which a saving of expense to
the customer, of too-thirds is realized, by actual
exp riment.
The Tip consists of a piece of copper or oth•
er indestructible material, neatly fastened to
the toe orthe boot or shoe, forming-n complete
protection. This invention is now presented
to the public, with the fullest knowledge of its
practical utility, havin g been tested over two
years, mud is destined entirely to supersede the
old style, for
The importance of this invention will be
readily appreciated, as it is well known that
children invariably wear out their boots and
and, with this protection, (het will upon an ao•
erage wear at least two to three times as long
anf he old style, while the expense is but a trifle
We, the undersigned, having thoroughly tested
the above machine, take pleasure in recommen
ding the same to the public, assured that they
will find it all that is above claimed.
l'iys,Jyl,lA 13. MILLS,
Antiphlogistiy Salt.
This celebrated medicine is for sale at the
&utiles fkrug Store. For all inflammatory di
seases it is a certain cure. Got a box nee try it,
who are afflicted.
For sale at Smith's Drug Store, Ilooting•
don, Pa.
Dr. John McCulloch,
Pfeil his professional services to the citizens c
jHuntingdon and vicinity. Office, on llill
between Montgomery and Bath.
. _ _
Huntingdon, Aug..
29, 1855.
STOVE tut sale at this office; it Is cal
culated to burn wood or coal. It will
be uttered low.
- LIXECIPTottS' SALE.--Iteal Estate of
)lcfahan, deed.
The underhigned, Executers of John ATeCit
ban, clee'd., by virtue of the power ittel author
ity vested in them by the Will of said deed.,
will oiler at public sale at tho Court House, in
the borough of Huntingdon,
On iredMmilay, the I.lth' day q September
nes", at ten o'vtork, A. M.,
the following described Reid Estate :
1. A FARM in Woodcock Valley, Walker
township, Huntingdon county, now in tenure of
Simon Coulter, about one mile north of McCon.
nellstown, composed of several surveys, con
taining about tau acres of good limestone land
—about 150 nem of which ore cleared, well
fenced and under good cultivation, with a log
house RIO log barn thereon erected. There is
a line spring on this property, cud running wa
ter through the meadow land.
2. A FARM now in tenure of Jonathan Har
dy known on the "Buoy Form," in Henderson
township, Huntingdon comely, about two and a
half miles north of Huntingdon, on the road
leading to the Warm Spring., This farm is
composed of several surveys, containing alto
gether, about 700 ACRES, and the gmater part
of it is covered with valuable white oak, black
oak, hickory and pins timber. About 1110 acres
ore in good cultivation. The improvements are
n good log, dwelling house and log barn, Anever
failing spring of good water convenient to the
buildings. This property will he sold as a
whole, or in separate tracts, as purchasers may
3. A tract of land situate in Brady township,
Huntingdon county, at the head at Kisbaemmil
las Valley, containing 92 acres and Ci; perches
formerly the propetty of James 11,0,5, deed,
This tract is finely timbered with oak, pine, An.
A few acres of meadow land elcareJ, nod
dwelling house thereon erce.e,l.
4. A tract of land adjoining the above, con
taining 183 Arrca, known as the Wiley tract.
This is also heavily timbered.
5. A tract of knit on Mill Creek, near Lane's
mill surveyed on a warrant to Thomas Austin,
containing 404 acres mid 81 perches.
a. A tract of land 13ing on the waters of Mill
Creek, Bratty township, adjoining land, of James
Lane, Dickson Hall and others, surveyed on a
warrant to Samuel Ayres, containing 435 acres
and 85 perches.
7. A tract of timber land situate in Walker
township, Huntingdon county, surveyed on a
warrant to Heorge Cutwalt, containing about
100 acres, adjoining hinds of Benjamin Crating,
William S. Lincoln and others.
8. A tract of land on the Penna. Railroad, in
Franklin township, Huntingdon county, known
as the Freedom Farm, committing :Mat 10(1
acre, adjoining land of .1 oseph Hyattrt and oth
9. The balance of the survey in the settee of
Frederick Ashbaugh, supposed to he abont •:5
items, lying back of the Huntingdon grave yard
odioiniug land, of Daniel Africa, John Glazier,
David Blair and others.
TERMS OF SALE:—One third of Monar
ch:m tnoney to be paid on delivery of the deed
and the balance in Mar equal annual payments,
with interest run delivery of pos:ue , ,ion, to he
seeured by the bonds mid mortgage of the pur
Executors of John 111,,C,,,han, deed,
WILLIAM 11. KINu, Auetioliecr.
Huntingdon, July 27, 1859.
AilomEsTiltD POll $10; 110111 , :-
stead Ibr $ [OO ; Also, liornesteatits fur
SENO and over, situated un st.d :atm. Rupp.,
hanitoA river, abee,,, th d below Freao icht burg,
in Virginia. A new town, ,sll*.si Rapitithan•
noel:, has recently been laid out. in Culpepper
county, in the ntidat of the Gehl Itr, , ion of Vir
ginia, surrounded by mines and Mining Com
panies ; awl hams and tows lots in alternate
divisions or shares, can now be had for a met,
Sung, 81111111 S 10 1, , b,C,
cable region. fit 1,9110 weoak of land to be
divided amongst purchasers or given away as
an inducement to come on and make improve
mews, and the land is of thumiost impruruLlu
qualities. Many have already settled and scores
of others are coming. Good filming land, in
tracts of any size tat snit putellascrs, can also
be had at from it In hi *2ll per acre. payable•in
easy quarter yearly installments. I.l.4nestion•
able titles will in all t .1105 Le ;thell.
ge- Agents are want.; every where to sell
these lands ; littoral inducements will be given.
Fur particulars, address
July 13, 's9.—tim, Port Royal, Iv
RE I - 61,1710N . / 1'1?1 .0 ES !
The tobSeriber respectfully iol,rms his friends
and the public, that he has just re.noved his
store to the old stool, near the earner of Hill
and Smith straits. where he has always on hand
and constantly receiving all the latest styles of
And in fact he can supply any article in the
dry•szood line. Also, trimmings suited to all
dresses and at reasonable rates,
He has also on band Is Itirle, fresh stock ct
.......... FLOUR,
And everything in the teed line.
An Ins stock is almost entirely new, and been
bought at prices which defy competition, put ,
chasers . will lied it to their advantage to boy
lromtnebefore going elsewhere.
. .
All kinds of tMunii.y prodoor at the higheit
market pricer, taken in exchange Ire goods.
Huntingdon, June 15, 1559.-if.
40,000 Volumes of Books for Sale.
$500,00 in Gills for every 1000 Sold,
In order to reduce my extensive stock I will
sell one thousand dollars worth of Books at the
regular retell prices or hiss. and give (5500)
Live hundred dollars worth of presents varying
in value from 25 cents to y 120.00. Or, those
who prefer can purchase at wholesale prices.-.
My stock consists of every variety and style of
Lintlin, School Books of every kind, whole
sale and retail. Sales to continence Dec. 21th.
110 TS , ) Erfkrisr, EID o o
siunal servieci to the citizens ot HUNTINUBUN
and vicinity.
Residence on Rill street, in the house for.
merly occupied by Dr. R. A. Miller.
April 13, 10 9.
Does anybody want to get into good busi
ness, by which they con make from $W to
$lOO a month without hnol labor? If no send
me 5 cents in stamps or money, for return
postage, and by return mail, you will seceivu
circulars of the grandest money-making
•cbomo ever appeared to man. Discovered by
Georgian and proved to be invaluable by
•u million of Southern people. Address,
A. C. DENSON, Mobile Alu.
Sept. 22, 'sB.—ly.
EIRUIT JARS, made air tight by simply tin..
r niag a serew. For sale only at the Hurd.
ware store of JAMES A. BROWN.
Shade Gap, Huntingdon Coun+y, Pennsylvania.
WT. if 117411()!Dm, A. M. P
Mr, F. T. wooDs.
ip , rl or Fe ßudc Peparlmf
J. M.F1;1:.D . 51i.1411::, M. I).,
IlatOilill awl Piiiise.lo9y. Teacher of Mothemotiev.
,t, 7, , ,,hi n y and l'hys. Caw. nark,. in Pr , paralory Deportment.
Tt 101, 61 .110`1 . C. and Ital. Monitor.
ion Pointing and Ner.lte 'Work.
next session of this Institution will op, the first Wednesday of May. P. holds out sop,
rim advantages to those sucking an education. The Board of Instruction is large, and cony
posed of Homo who aro thoroughly qualified (or their profession. To Parents and Guardia!,
who wish to place their children in a secure nod healthy retreat, it holds ens peculiar induce
meets A NORMAL SCHOOL will be focused the present session, to which Mr. Owen, ot,r
worthy County Sisporintenslent, ref I give lectures on the Art of Teitehing nod Physical Geo:, s•
phy. Iss the COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT, young men will be thoroughly qnsilif,l
the Counting Room. TERMS, for SPRAIOII of fire months, Light and fuel also. I
suns in Ylnsie, French, Drawing, Pointing and Fancy Needle Work, extra
Fur farther partieula,
N. B.—lly those desiring places, early application should be mode
:1?..17c:10/ 7 :1111/.1 1 1.1-. F3C52EXC:1 01, C.)3E,-;
© 11 E 0 A 'II Li , ' 19 I 2,1'11
Send for a Catalogue, and Add
X, Ma. W.
rums EIU sacs
Cannot rival in attraction the superb nlu k of
Spring and Summer Co..(11 nom king received
und opened by FisttEtt Nt•MUK'IMIE.
Thul mock been v,ieet,ll with grunt car,
and the public are cordially to call and
exlmine it.
It comprißes all the styl..4 of I.adies .
Drell (}00(1.4, ouch WI l'l , l I ilu Ch.•vra,
Lev.. Organdies, Jaconot, Lawna, plain
an.llierageB. Crain: Mart : tv,, Pt:~iu aril
colored Chintit•s, French and Eng Gin
hams, Amaranths, Valmoins, Alpftetas, 11,,ba :
Prints, tte.,
„ - -
A heautifnl totsortment or Si , ring 31E1 W I.S,
round and square corners. all odors. A lull
stock at Ladle.] Fine Collars, Gentlemen',
Furnishing Goods, such us Co.lars, Cravats.
Tics, Stocks, Hosiery, Shirts, Gauze and Silk
UnderAirts, Dtawers,
We haven fine solect ion or Mantillas, Dress
Trimmings, Fringes, Mitts, Gloves,
Gauntlets. Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Buttons,
Floss, Sewing Silk, Extension Skirts, Hoops
of all kinds,
A Lso—Tiekens, oAD:thing, kleached and on
Beached Muslim at all prices, Colored and
White Canihrics, Barred and Stoics MUSH
Victoria Lawns, Sainsooks, 'linoleum and many
other A rticl e s wi t icti comprise the line of White
and Domestic Qom's.
W 0 have Ilene), t_7100...:, Fancy raSSimeres,
SattinettsJeani, Twved,,Cuttffirclus, Linens,
Denim.: and Rine
or every varjety aml stele. Als9 all kinds a
A good stork of
Wood and Willow-ware,
which will he sold HAr.
We qlso deal in PLASTER, FISH, SALT,
and all kinds of GRAIN, and possess facilities
in thin brunch t•f trade e,iled by any. We
deliver all packages lsr parcels of Nierehandise,
FREE OF ellA Rtili, at the &anti of the
Broad Top anti Pennsylvania Railroads.
Conte one, entire all, and be convinced that
the "I'ds,ruorobrrAst" in the ploce to necure
litsitionahle and desirable goods, disposed of at
the lowest rates.
lan remedy not to he exc:'ih•d thr the relief and
cure of those maladies incident to the Anntner
. senson, viz
Diarrhoea, Dyoentery, Cholera or Cholera Mor.
boo, Vomning, Acidity of the Stomach, be.
Its excellent Cannirtative powers, plensant
taste and soothing influence. renders it a val
uable remedy in infantile diseases, peculiar to
the Second Summer, viz :—Chotera!mount.
etc. It has a reinvigorating anti tonic influ
ence on the system, allaying intiamation where
it exists in the stomach sad bowels—and on
trial will be found indispensable to the well
being of every family. IL will be fttund ao well
adopted to adults as children. Try it.
Prepared only by A. 1..; , EN WHINE,
Pritn2s . cts. aL bottle. Dijensing Chemist.
Ninth t{' Poplar es., Philadelphia.
Sold by J. Read, Huntingdon, and Druggists
and Storekeepers generally. [May 23, '59..1y.
1859. 1859
The undersigned would respectfully call the
attention of our friends and customers, on well
as the citizens of the town and country , general
ly, to our ew and exterprive al,ortment of
_ .
consisting of every article of gentlentene fur
nishing goods. Wu deem it unnecessary to
make a newspaper flourish, being confident that
a call and an examination of our goods, will sa
tisfy all, that our goods are just what we re
commend them to be, well mute, of good mate
rial, and as cheap as the same quality of goods
.con he bought in the county of Huntingdon.
It is nut our desire, as it is sot the policy of
honest men, to deceive, but this much wo will
use, that wo will guarantee to all who ,nay tit-
Tor us with their patronage., entire satisfaction
ns to (polity, tit and price. Should gentlemen
desire any particular kilod or cut of clothing,
not found it, our stock, by leaving their meas
ure, they eau ho accommodated at short notice.
Cull at corner of tint diamond, Long's new house.
Pl. GUTMAN & Co.
May 4,1850.
ro l trof il t?it S & l %tontgomery Streets,
This stand is well known as the "3leCounell
House," The location is superior to any other,
being in the tmtnediato proximity to business;
also to the Bank and 1110, Public Offices
It is the determination el the Proprietor, to
keep this House in a style ,ati=thetory to the
public, and it is his desire, to make all who
patronize him, feel at home, and to make the
'ldansion' rank among the best of Hunting•
don Hotels. He very respectfully solicits the
public patronage. Apr. 13th '59
r Note, Post, Commercial, Foolscap and
Flateap—a good assortment for sale by the
ream, hall ream quire or sheet. at
Lewis' New Book and Stationery Store.
Dec.'_':; 59.4.
• oprictor and Pl'ollCipai.
nveher o/ Me English 'hunch..
W. 11. WOODS,
1; I
ALM, A, N., Cassville, Pa
c; ruND.
- •
Inc nporatrd liyt he Stale ofPernsylvania
I. 'Money is rri ived every day, and in am
amount, kr, or small.
2. FIVE l'Eft. CENT interest is paid f,
'nosey trCIII the day it is put in.
1. The nioney is always paid hark in GOl.ll
Vbeacver it is called for, and without notice.
1. Money is received front Erecidonl, Admi.
ni,trato,, Guard ions and others who desire to
have it in a place or perfect safety, and where
interest ean he obtained for it.
5. The money received from depoNitors is in
vestril in ItE Al, ESTATE, MORT(iMiES
ROUND RENTs, and such other first•elas:
s ecn riii; as the Charter 'directs.
d 011ie. !fours--livery day from 9 till ;
o'clock in the evenin,
lIGN. lIENItY 12 - BENNER, l'resident,
ROBERT SELFRIDGE, rice President,
WM. J. REED. Secretor,.
Hon. Henry L. Benner, F. Carroll Brewster,
Edsvard L. Carter, Joseph B. Barry,
Robert L. Selfridge, Lee,
Sand. I(...lsitton, Jo,plt Yerlea,
C.. Landreth Nlunns, Ilenry Diettenderiler,
Prof. Chas. DeGrath% Electric Oil.
This great discovery is now creating a great
sensation, among the Medical Fecal; jos of Eu
rope and this country. L• will cure the follow
log (nut everything): Warranted to
Cure Fever and Ague in one day, Cure chills
in live minates. Cure Croup in one night.—
Cure Deafness in two to four days, Cure burns
and Scalds in ten minutes. Cure Sprains,
Wounds and bruises in from one to three days
Cure Intimation in one day. Cure Nturad
pin, Croup, Tooth Ache, burns, in le minutes•
Cure hemorrhage, Scrofula, Abscess in ten
( b oy ., C ure Brai s es, Wounds, Totter, in one
to three days. Cure Ear Ache, Still neck,
Ague in one day. Cure Felons, Broken Bren•.t
Salt Rheum, in three to six days. Cure Quin
sy, Palpitation, Pleurisy, in one to ten day,
Cure Asthma, palsy, (lout, Erysipelal, in live
to days. Cate Frostod Curl, Childains,
Chronic Ithvunno into, Stilt S'ore Throat
Scarlet Fever, nail the lame made to wall: by
a few bottles. This Oil (De Grath s) is mild
and pleasokt, and is a groat family Medicine
for children teething. &e. Ladies should all
use it. It always leases you better than it
finds you, and one bottle often cures entirely.
Afflicted Thirteen Tears: and Cued In One
Read letter from Her. James; Temple.
Philadelphia June 9th ,
Prof. De Grath: I have been afflicted fur
thirteen rears with Neuralgia and other pain
fat complaints. and I have been unable to sleep
mndl y or walk any distance for many years
post. Last weak I got a bottle of your "Elec.
trio Oil." The first night I slept soundly and
well, and to day I am like a now roan. My
wife could not'believe her eyes. Your Elec
tric Oil hat done in one week what the physi.
clans of Philadelphia failed to do in thirteen
years. Gratefully yours.
310 South street
New Ilaven, May 19tH, 1856.
, . ,
Prof. De Grath t My brother has been deaf
three years. After trying many things, he used
your Oil a few times, and it cured hint entire.
There are numerous imitations sprung up
tin the reputation that my article has acquired.
Thu public must beware. They are worthless.
For sale by S. S. Smith. Huntingdon.
May 25 1859.
'Respectfully informs the citizens of Hunting
don, vicinity, and the surrounding cone- .,....4 jACK: SON'S HOTEL, Huntingdon,
try. that lie has commenced business in r,,,,,,1 . Pa. J. S. MILLEU, PROPRIETOR.
the roo opposite M. Gutman's Store in ;11 Respectfully informs biz friends and -
MARKET Sizuznu, HurcrttfonoN, anti ,---,---- the travel'ing public generally, that he
hopes to receive a share of public patronage. has leased t h e u,j, t o,,,, eit n e ,,, t0, ,, fur sev . g
cral years occupied by Wm. B. Zeigler, and
WATCHES and CLOCKS rf paired in tho
best workmanlike mnlier.
His stock of WA'fCIIES and JEWELRY is that he will be pleased to receive the calls of
of the best, all of which be will dispose of ut 1 all who may favor hint with their patronage.
reasonable prices. His tattle will he furnished with the best the
'rho public generally sre requested to give market can afford, and every attention will be
lino a call stud examine his stuck. given to make those with him feel at b tune. )1ar.0,'59. Huntingdon. Marph 30, 1859.
WE beg leave to call the atten
tion of the Trade, and morn,
especially the Physicians of the
country, to two of the most popu
lar remedies now before the public.
We refer to
Dr. Chu M 'Lane's Celebrated
Vermifuge and Liver Pills.
We do not recommend them as
universal Cure-alls, but simply for
what their name purports, viz.:
• ...
For expelling Worms from the
human system. It has also been
administered with the most satis
factory results to various Animals
subject to Worms.
For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS,
HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of
preparatory to or after taking Qui
nine, they almost invariably make
a speedy and permanent cure.
As specifics for the above men
tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled,
and never known to fail when ad
ministered in accordance with the
Their unprecedented popularity
has induced the proprietors,
to dispose of their Drug business,
in which they have been success
fully engaged for the last Twenty
Years, and they will now give their
undivided time and attention to
their manufacture. And being de
termined 'that Dr. M'Lane's Cele
brated Vermifuge and Liver Pills
shall continue to occupy the high
position they now hold among the
great remedies of the day, they
will continue to spare neither time
nor expense in procuring the Best
and Purest material, and com
pound them in the most thorough
manner. Address all order%
P.P. D. sits,' and Pln eitiltna ordering from others
than naming Bros., will doxsell to write their orders
distinctly, and take none but Dr. 11'Latte'e, prepared by
ph, Bras, jyteetaryb, lit. To those wishing to gine
them a trial, we will forward per mull, post paid, to nit,
past of (Ito United Slat,. out itox of Pills for twulss
tbrencaut laminas statops. it out tint of Ve...lfyse for
fourteen tits.-sent strops. All ordem from Canada most
be accompanied by twenty rents extra.
For ;We in hluntln,dou by John blend and
S. S. Smith, and det,b rs generally through thu
county. [May 11, 15:59.-Iy.
The great standard medicines of the present
age, have acquired their great popularity only
through years of trial. Unbounded satisfa.
lion is rendered by them in all eases; and sis
people have pronounced them worthy.
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Debility of the :Nervous System,
Diseases of the Kidneys,
and all diseases arising from a disordered
liver or weakness of the stomach and digestive
organs, are speedily and permanently cured by
The Balsamic Cordial has acquired a
reputation surpassing that of any similar pre-
Farallon <chant. It will cure, WIT.. 1,14
the moat tern•c and long-standing
Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, la
naonra, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient
and has performed the most astonishing auras
ever known of
Confirmed Consumption.
A few doses will also at once check and
cure the most severe Dlarrhcoa proceeding
These medicines are prepared by Dr. C. M.
ItoKsox & Co., No. 418 Arch Street, Phila
delphia, Pa., and arc sold by druggists and
dealers in medicines everywhere, at 7b tense
per bottle. The signature of C. M. JACkSON
will be on the outside wrapper of each bottle.
In the Almanac published annually by the
proprietors, rolled EVERYBODY'S ALMANAC,
3100 will find testimony and commendatory
notices from all parts of the country. Them
Almanacs are given away by all oar agents.
For side in untingdun by John Read and
S. S. Smith nod dealers generally through the
county. [May 11, 18.19.—1 y.
cmcome PACKAGE *2ISO I
Fnr Huh, nt Smith's Drug Store, Huntingdon.