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Wednesday Morning, Italy 20. 1859.
WHAT We SEC AND Hain.—A number of
ma have been engaged for some time past in
putting in new tine on the Penn'a Railroad,
through our borough.—Last week we hail
several refreshing showers, which were badly
needed.—We noticed Chief Justice Lowrie
and also Hon. Levi Kline in town last week.--
Some boys of the genus "twee," amused them
selves on Friday last, in drowuing kittene in a
barrel of water on Mifflin street.—The or.
dinance of the Lord's Supper was administered
in the Presbyterian Church of this place, last
Sabbath.—Everybody in town should go to
the Springs at least once a week. We were
there last week, ar.d a "high old time" we had.
—Whoever was eo unfortunate as to lose a
eon,: r last Sabbath evening, can hear of it by
calling on we.— —The lady who favored us with
that hoquet last Monday, will please accept
our profoundest acknowledgments.---We chal
lenge the world to produce a better assortment
of girls than can be found in our town.—
We have been handed by a legal friend, the fol.
lowing anecdotes of the late Judge Burnside,
which he immures ins have never before been in
print On one occasion a very fat and a very
thin man stood at the entrance of the Court
Room, into which the Judge winked to pass.
He stopped a moment for them to make way,
but perceiving they were not inclined to move,
he pushed between them, exclaiming, "hero I
go, then, through thick and thin." Lawyer
Mc—, on another occasion, was engaged in
a cause before the Judge, and tormented a poor
German witness so much with questions, that
the old man declared he was so exhausted that
ho must have a drink of water before he could
say anything more. Upon this the Judgecalled
out to the teasing lawyer, "I thinlc, air, you
must have done with that witness now, for you
have pumped him dry."—Well arranged and
beautiful to behold is Mies ---'s flower basket.
--Some kind soul has sent us a box of itch
ointment, with a "Please notice." Having no
occasion to tent the qualities of the article at
present, of course we cannot pronounce upon
its virtues. We recommend the manufacturer
to send a little of it to our neighbor up town,
at he is afflicted with political scratches very
grievously. From the appearance of some of
our young gents' heads, they too might be ben
gar A letter from B. Bother Swoopo, Esq..
en closing one front Mr. McDivitt, addressed to
the President of the Standing. Stone Literary
Society of this place, has just been handed us,
in reference to the notice made by us of the
lecture on the Literature of the Bible, deliver
ed by him in this borough last week, in which
he positively denies having ever seen the ad
dress referred to, or ever having any knowledge
of eta existence until shown to him. We are
bound, of course, with this assurance, to make
the necessary correction, and regret having
dome him injustice, although the striking re
semblance between certain portions of the two
lectures meat remain to us entirely inexplica
t3ince penning the foregoing, we have recei.
ved the following card from Mr. McDivitt, and
it will perhaps bo more satisfactory to all par
ties than any explanation we can give, or any
thing else we can publish. It must be remem•
bored our assertion was based upon a mental
comparison of the two productions, one of
which, it now appears, resembles the other in
several particulars only as does one pail awn.
ter resemble another dipped from the same well.
For the Ifuntingdpit
Ma. Emelt —Upon a caraul examination
of that portion of my address delivered some
time since, and which was alleged by you to
have been appropriated by Mr. Swoope in his
lecture last week, I would say that although
there appears to be a singular aid almost un
accountable similarity existing between theta
as to style, order and language, enough per
haps upon a mere casual examination to war
rant your assertion, yet this resemblance is per
haps nothing m ore than might occur under eim•
liar circumstances, and having since been as
sured by Mr. Swoope of his entire ignorance
of the existence of my address, of which I am
well satisfied, I can only attempt to account
for it on the principle that the minds of great
men occasionally flow in the sante channel of
thought, giving place to the time ideas as well
an the same language. Hoping that this ex
planation may tie satisfactory to all potties, I
remain Yours truly, R. McDIVITT.
Snuatrr's SALEs.—Sheriff Miller advertises
the following property to be sold at the Court
Home in this borough, on Monday. the 11th
day of August, proximo, to wit :
Ten lots of ground with buildings there.,
in the town of Mt. Union, the property of Sam
uel Eby.
A two story frame dwelling house, in the
township of Tod, the property of Patrick and
John Burns.
A lot of ground in the borough of Birming
ham, having thereon a two story frame house,
known as the Hall of the Sons of Temperance.
Sold as the property of the Birmingham Divi
sion, of the Sons of Temperance of the State
of Pennsylvania.
A lot of ground in the village of Newburg,
Tod tp., with a one and a half story house
thereon. Sold as the property of Amos Clark.
A tract of land in Cass tp., and a lot of
ground adjoining the village of Cassville, the
property of Coo. W. Speer.
Four tracts of land in rod tp., the property
of Michael J. Martin.
One acre of ground in Oraysvillc, with a
frame house and kitchen thereon, the property
of Thos. Jacob..
A tract of land in Henderson tp., with a
dwelling house and barn erected thereon, :he
property of Daniel Thompson.
A tract of land in Springfield tp., with a
house and barn theron, the property of John
Ninety-seven lots in the town of Coalniont,
the property of Levi Evans.
lirAn individual waecommitted on Thorn.
day, by Esquire Snare, on a charge of forging
reeelpte. We have not leernei the particulars.
YOUNG MEN AND LADIES.—An exchange, in
noticing the fact that several of our cotempo
caries are reprimanding the young men of their
towns for standing on the street corners of
evenings and staring at the ladies as they pass,
says t--" Now we car. see no great evil in look
ing at the ladies as they pass; besides there is
no evidence that the Indio dislike to be looked
at. We think they rather like it of the two,
else why so often on the streets but to see and
be seen? We'll venture a dish of strawberries
and cream that if the young men were all out
of town fora month, there would be very few
young Indies' shoes want mending during that
One." Moro than likely.
Aar Hall's Journal of Health, which claims
to be high authority in medical science, has ta
ken a stand against married people sleeping to
gether, and thinks they had better sleep in ad
joining rooms. It says that kings and queens
do not sleep together, and why should other peo
ple? Well, Mr. Hall, if that arrangement suits
you, just practice it, and "dry up" your talk.
You needn't preach that doctrine in this "neck
o' woods," for it won't take. Just think of sep
arating a newly married couple on a winter
night, because Hall's paper says so! It's all
darned foolishness and we protest against any
thing of the kind.
rea.,Tho frost has occasioned no scarcity of of
fice seekers: Any body who wishes to have his
name announced for anything in the gift of the
people, can send it in, accompanied with the
"almightydollar," and we will warrant it a con:
spicuous insertion Don't be bashful—if you
'think yourself competent and popular pitch in
but if you fail in getting the nomination sought
for, don't get angry, but go to work for the
HARVEST HOME.—We spoke last week of
the idea proposed by sume of our farmers of
a jubilee being held in this place, but as yet
have not heard if settled definitely.
Conte, ye thankful people, come,
Raise the song of Harvest home
All is safely gathered in,
Ere the winter storms begin.
t•od our Maker cloth provide,
He our wants bath all supplied i
Come to God's own temple, come
Raise the song of Harvest home
Ntiscritsr.—Wo understand that several boys
or young men living near this place, have been
prosecuted for stoning the ten o'clock passen•
ger train on the Pennsylvania Railroad, on
Wednesday last, immediately below town. It
i s stated that several windows in the engine
*ere broken, nod that the engineer was struck
on the head.
WARM Wxxxnxtt.—We have found it entire
ly too warm to attempt a weather article. The
poet Clare expresses the idea in this fashion
The cricket on the bank is dumb ;
The very flies fchget to hum ;
And, save the wagon rocking round,
The landscape sleeps withou r t'a sound.
The breeze is stopped. the lazy bough
Huth not a leaf that dunceth now.
A Goon Move.—A majority of the store
keepers i town have determined upon closing
their stores at 8 o'clock, P. M., from the pres
ent time until autumn. The storekeepers in
all parts of the county might adopt the plan of
early closing at this season of the year, as
business is usually very dull at this time.
PROFOUXO, VERY.—That,learned 'statement'
in this weekly; Globe.
" I am Sir Oracle ;,
And when I speak, let no dog opo'his mouth."
For the I( u ntingdon hums!
previous arrangements the glorious Fourth was
properly celebrated by the citizens of Fairfield
and surrounding, country. The sun rose clear
and bright on that day, at an early hour the
people began to flock into town, and at 8 o'clock
the Sabbath Schools farmed into procession,
and escorted by the Jackson Guards of Ennis
ville, under command of Lieut. .f. Mcllroy, (au
officer of the war of 1812,) and their guests,
the Union Guards of Petersburg, marched to
the Grove about a half mile from town, on the
farm of Mord. Henry, Esq, The processior
was nearly a quarter of a mile long, and was
truly a grand eight. After arriving at the grove
and being arranged in order, a prayer was of
to the '.t'h'rone of Grace, after which a
a hymn was sung by the choir. The Declara
tion of Independence was then rend by Master
E. W. Hartman, in an excellent style. Prof.
Thompson, of Mooresville Institute, addressed
the Sabbath Schools in an appropriate and elo
quent manner, after tvhich, H. T, White, Esq.,
of Huntingdon, the orator of the day, was
troduced, and in a splendid style and eloquent
language entertained the audience for near a
half hour. At the conclusion of the oration
the crowd partook of a s umpttions dinner, pre.
pared in a splendid manlier by the ladies . Af
ter dinner, the military companies were ad
dressed by D. J. Neff, Esq., and never have
we listened to a more soul-stirring, patriotic ad
dress. At its conclusion the procession was
again termed, and returning to town, the dif
ferent schools, etc., were dismissed. Nothing
occurred to mar the festivities of the day, and
all were delighted with the prJceedings. In
the evening, an excellent supper was served up
at Troutwein's Hotel, of which the yo nag la
dies and gentlemen partook. X.
Fairfield, July Bth, 1859.
Epilepsy, or Falling Fite:
We believe we cannot do our readers a more
important service, than by again calling their
attention to that most remarkable preparation,
discovered by Dr. Seth S. fiance, of Baltimore
Md., which possesses the power of alleviating
and curing that horrid visitation of man—Ep
ilepsy, or Falling Fits. In recommending this
preparation to our readers, we do so with a con.
viction that we are not degrading oor columns
to puff a common patent medicine, but are
placing before them a discovery, which, if ful.
ly known, would probably do more to alleviate
human suffering, than any invention of modern
times. Dr. Hance, in asking us to notice his
preparation favorably in our editorial depart
went, has sent us for perusal a number of let.
tars from persons who have used his Pills, and
have been cured thereby. All of them speak
in the most crateful and eulogistic terms.—
One great advantage this medicine possesses
is the fact, that it can be transported through
the mails, thereby affording every one ac op.
portunity of dealing directly with the inventor
and also precluding all possibility of beinr
imposed on by a counterfeit or spurious imita
tion. Dr. Hance pays the postage on all his
Pills to any part of the country, and will for
ward them by return of mail, on the receipt of
a remittance. His prices are as follows One
box, $2; two do., $0; twelve do., $24. All or
ders for the medicine should be addressed to
BETH 8. Rawer, 108 Baltimore street, Bald.
more ; lifio Im.
E!,\IS 24513 115.04J4042.
Shade Gap, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.
Mae. F. T. WOODS,
Principal of Female Department.
Professor of Anatomy and Physiology.
Lecturer on Art of Teaching and Phys. Geog.
Teacher of Music, Drawing Grecian and dial.
ian Painting and Fancy Needle Work.
THE next session of this Institution will open the first Wednesday of May. It holds out supe
rim advantages to those seeking an education. The Board of Instruction is large, and coin
posed of those who are thoroughly qualified for their profession. To Parents and Guardians.
who wish to place their children in a secure and healthy retreat, it holds out peculiar induce.
melds A NORMAL SCHOOL will be formed the present session, to which Mr. Owen, our
worthy County Superintendent, will give lectures on the Art of Teaching and Physical Geogr.
phy. In the COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT, young men will he thoroughly qualiled for
the Counting Room. TERMS, for section of five months, $65.00. Light and fuel also. Les.
sons in Music, French, Drawing, Painting and Fancy Needle Work, extra.
For further particulars address W. H. WOODS,
N. B.—lly those desiring places, early application should be made
PIXE'S rtax cox
Cannot rival in attraction the superb stock of
Spring and Summer Goods now being received
and opened by FISHER & IgtiWarms.
This stock has been selected with groat care
and the public are cordially invited to call and
examine it.
It comprises all the late styles of Ladies'
Dress Goods, such as Poll do Client. Robes;a
Lez, Organdies, Jaconcts, Lawns, Challis, plain
and figured forages. Crape Maretz, Plain and
colored Chintzes, French and English Ging.
hams, Amaranths, Valentias, Alpaccas, Debage
Prints, he.,&e.
A beautiful
round and squitre corners, all colors. A full
stock of Ladies Fine Collars, Gentlemen's
Furnishing Goods, such as Collars, Cravats,
Ties, Stocks, Hosiery, Shirts, Gauze and Silk
Undershirts, Drawers, &e.
We have a fine selection of Mantillas, Dress
Triminipgs, Fringes, Ribbons, Mitts. Gloves,
Gauntlets, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Buttons,
Floss, Seining Silk, Extension Skirts, Hoops
of all kinds, &c.
A Lso—'fickens, Oanaburg, bleached and un
bleached Muslins at all prices, Colored and
White Cambrics, Barred and Swiss blusli
Victoria Lawns, Nainsooks, Tarleton and many
other articles which comprise the line of White
and Domestic (loot's. .
We have French Cloths, Fancy Cessimeres,
Sattinettsi.Jeens, Tweeds, Cottoned., Linens,
Denims and Blue Drills.
of every varjety and style.• Also all kinds o
A good stock of
Wood and Willow-ware,
which «•ill be sold CIINAP.
We .Iso deal in PLASTER, FISH, SALT,
and all kinds of GRAIN, and possess facilities
in this branch of trade unequalled by any. We
deliver all packages or parcels of Merchandise,
FREE OF CHARGE, at the depots of the
Broad 'Top and Pennsylvania Railroads.
Come one, come all, and be convinced that
the "MgvitoromrAtt" is the place to secure
fashionable and desirable goods, disposed of at
the lowest rates.
Is a remedy not to he excelled for the relief and
cure of those maladies incident to the summer
season, v iz :
'Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera or Cholera Mu',
bus, Vomiting, Acid ity.of the Stomach, Ac.
Its excellent Carminative powers, pleasant
taste and, soothing influence. renders it a val
uable remedy in infantile diseases, peculiar to
the Second Summer, viz s—Cholera Infiintum,
etc. It has a reinvigorating and tonic influ
ence on the system, allaying inflamation where
it exists in the stomach and bowels—and on
trial will be found indispensable to the well
being of every family. It will be ; found as well
adapted to adults as children. Try it.
Prepared only by A. EAEN WHINE,
Price 25 etc. a bottle. Dispensing Chemist.
Ninth & Poplar ale., Philadelphia.
Sold by J. Read, Huntingdon, and DruggiFts
and Storekeepers generally. [May 25, '59..1y.
The undersigned would respectfully cull the
attention of our friends and customets, as well
as the citizens of the town and country general
ly, to our new vitlencttsiveTorment of
consisting of every article of gentlemen,' fur
nishing goods. We deem it unnecessary to
make a newspaper flourish, being confident that
a call and an examination °four goods, will sa
tisfy all, that our goods are just what we re
commend' them to be, well male, of good mate
rial, and us cheap as the same quality of goods
can be bought in the county of Huntingdon.
It is not Our desire, as It is not the policy of
honest men, to deceive, but this much wo will
say, that we will guarantee to all who may fa
vor us with their patronage, entire satisfaction
as to quality, fit and price. Should gentlemen
desire any particular kind or cut of clothing,
not found in oar stock, by leaving their meas
ure, they can be accommodated at short notice.
Call at corner of the diamond, Long's new house.
May 4, 1859.
InCorner of Rill & Montgomery Streets,
CIIRISTAiN Opel's. Proprietor,
- -- • .
This stand is well known as the "McConnell
House." The location is Superior to any other,
being in the immediate proximity to business;
also to the Bank and most Public Offices
It is the determination of the Proprietor, to
keep this House in a style sativfactory to the
public, and it is his desire, to make all who
Patronise him, feel at home, and to make . the
Mansion' rank among the best of Hunting.
don Hotels. He very respectfully solicits the
public patronage. Apr. 13th '69
The subscriber respectfully announees
to the citizens of Huntingdon and vicinity, that
he has opened a shop ou St. Clair street, in
the east end of the town, where he is prepared
to manufacture all articles in hisv oii.
line, on the shortest notice, and
on reasonable terms. After a long
expel ietiee in the Boot and Shoe business. 1
Batter myself that I can please those who give
me their orders. Work dune when promised
in all cases.
Huntingdon apr 27 '59. C. WEAVER.
Note, Poet, Commercial, Foolscap and
Flatcap—a good assortment for sale by the
ream, half ream quire or sheet, at
Lewis' New Book and Stationery Store.
Dec. 22,18.4.
sir All kinds of bleak. for We et the
3sareel Age.
•oprictor and Principal.
Teacher of the Eny'lish Branches.
Teacher of Mathematics.
nacher in Preparatory Department.
#-AA,grdo w FUND.
r4y7 A ot
. 4 0 1
,;,;5•:64: ;SSEETY HET
44 t , 1""Z . •
',# ';; 74,; Company
Incorporated by the State of Pennsylvania
I. Money in received. every day, and in any
amount, large or small.
2. FIVE PER CENT interest is paid for
money from the day it is put in.
3. The money is always paid back in GOLD
whenever it is called for, and without notice.
4. Money is received from Executors, Mali.
nistralo .8, Guardians and others who desire to
have it in a place of perfect safety, and where
interest can be obtained for it.
5. The money received from depositors is in
GROUND RENTS, and such other first-class
securities as the Charter directs.
6. Office Hours--Every day from 9 till 5
o'clock, and on Mondays and Thursdays till 8
o'clock in the evening.
HON. HENRY L. BENNER, President,
ROBERT SELFRIDGE, rice President,
WM. J. REED, Secretary.
binEcabas :
Hon. Henry L. Benner, F. Carroll Brewster,
Edward L. Carter, Joseph B. Burry,
Robert L. Selfridge, Francis Lee,
Sarah E. Ashton, Joseph Yerkes,
C. Landreth Munns, Henry Dielfenderffer,
Prof. Chas. DeGrath 9 s Electric Oil.
This great discovery is now creating a great
sensation, among the Medical Filell ks of Eu
rope and. dd. country. L will cure the fallow
ing (not everything): Warranted to
Cure Fever and Ague in one day, Cure chills
in live minutes. Cure Group in one night.—
cure Deafness in two to four days, Cure burns
and Scalds in ten minutes. Cure Sprains,
ArVconds and bruises in from one to three days
Cure Inflaination in one day. Cure Neural
gia, Croup, Tooth Ache. burns,
in 10 minutes
Cure Hemorrhage, Scrofula, Abscess in tell
days. Cure Bruises, Wounds. Totter, in one
to three days. Cure 'Ear Ache, StifF neck,
Ague in one day. Cure Felons, oken Breast
Salt Rheum, in three to six days. Cure Quin
zy, Palpitation, Pleurisy, in tine to ten days.
Cure Asthma, palsy, Gout, Erysipelas, in five
to 20 days. Cure Frosted Feet, Chiblains,
Chronic Rheumatism,
Stiff Joints, Sore Throat
Scarlet Fever, and the lame made to walk by
a few bottles. This Oil (Do Grath's) is tnild
and plerisent, and is a great family Medicine
for children teething. &e. Ladies should all.
use it. It always leaves you better than it
finds you, and one bottle often cures entirely.
.4fflieled'Tkirleen Jears and Cured In One
Read letter from Rev. James Temple.
Philadelphia June 9th. 1856,
Prof. Do Grath: I have been afflicted for
thirteen years with Neuralgia and other pain
ful complaints, and I have been unable to sleep
s :undly or walk any distance for many years
past. Last week I got a bottle of your "Elec
tric Oil." The first night I slept soundly and
well, and I am like a new man. My
wife could not believe her eyes. Your Elec
tric Oil has done in one week what the physi
cians of Philadelphia failed to do in thirteen
years. Gratefully yours.
310 South street
New Haven, May 19th, 1856.
Prof. Do Grath r My brother has been deaf
three years. Afiertrying many things, he used
f o . ur Oil a few times, and it cured himentite•
There are numerous imitations sprung up
on the reputation that my article has acquitted.
The public must beware. They are . worthless.
Fur sale by S. S. &abb. Huntingdon'.
May 25 1859.
Respectfully informs the citizens of Hunting
don, vicinity, and the Aurrountling coon
try, that ho has commenced business in
the room opposite M. Gutman's Store in
hopes to receivn a Share of public patronage.
WATCHES and CLOCKS repaired in the
best workmanlike manner.
His stock of WATCHES and JEWELRY is
of the bent, all of which lie will dispose of at
reasonable prices.
The public generally are requested to give
him a cull and examine his stock.
40,000 Volumes of Books for Sale.
$500,00 in Gills for every 1000 Sold.
In order to reduce my extensive stock I will
sell one thousand dollars worth of Books at the
regular retail prices or leas. and give ($500)
five hundred dollars worth of presents varying
in value from 25 cents to $lOO,OO. Or, those
who prefer can purchase at wholesale prices.—
My stock consists of every variety and style of
binding. School Books of every kind, whole.
sale and retail. Sales to commence Dec. 24th.
A Perfect Substitute
For the Lancet. Leeches and Blisters!!!
when the undersigned, after a long series of
laborious and costly experiments, became fully
confirmed in his conviction, that the 4.1101,-
gis ti6 Salt which he now has the happiness to
present to the Ainericen piddle'. Was a
for Blom-letting, Leeches and Blisters. his
mind was so agitated that he could not sleep for
many nights. The cause of his agitation was
the striking fact, that the manner of its operation
like that of the virts in vaccination, could not
lus satisfactorialy explained upon any known
principle. Ilow, in what w ty, into effectually
subdued Inflammatory Disease end no others,
was at first o holly inexplicable—hut, on further
experiment, it was provad that it equalises the
fluids of the body, the want et an equilihrinm in
which, is the sole cause of inflammation. Such
is Its potency, that like the vaccine molter, :it
requires merely win adheres to the pointers quill'
These Machines sew from two spools, as par
dipped into a solution of it, to effect the entire
system—hut must be instantly used to prevent chased front the store, requiring no ra-winding
decompos*tion and secure its full virtue. Three of thread; they Hem, Fell, Gather and Stitch
quills In acute, and two in chronic diseases, in a superior style. finishing each seam by their
every 24 hours, till the heat, pain and febrile ae-
lion have subsided, noel a perfect core effected. own operntion, outhout recotiese to the hand-
When it takes the place of blisters, ointment needle, as is required by other Machines. They
and leeches in local affections, as Brain Fever, will do better and cheaper sewing than a imam-
Croup, Toothache, Pleurisy, Bte.,. its mode of I stress can, even i f she „ orbs for one cep, an
administration is two-fold. (See &recta,' of dis
hour, and are, unquestionably, the best Ma
soking. &e.)
The discoverer has withheld it from the pub- chines in the market for family sewing, on ac
lie till now, by the advice of a judicious physi• ; count of their simplicity, durability, ease o
elan and valuable friend whom he coneulted—
management, and adaptation to all varieties o
a gentlemen known and felt in the medical
world—and who desired to submit it to the test I family seaillft — executing either heavy or fine
of experiment. After witnessing under his own I work with equal facility, and without special
scrutinizing rye, its signal triumph over both t adjustment.
acute and chronic inflammatory diseases, in re-
As evidence of the unquestioned superiority
;seated and re-repeated minis, he offered $25. ,
000 to come in as a special and equal partner in of their Machines, the GROTER & BAKER Saw
the Recipe for its manufacture, but the propo- nsa filacunin Comearrr beg leave to respectful
sal was rejected. ly refer to the following
The disuse of the lancet and blisters, is de-
mended both by humanity by humanity and
science. Is it not a mistake, to suppose that 1 "Having had one of Grover & Baker's Ma
a kettle of boniest water (the inflamed blood) ! chines in my family for nearly a year and a halt
Will cease to buil, by dipping out a part of it— I 1 take pleasure in conmiending it as every Way
or A cask of had cider (bail blood) be made reliable for the purpose for whish it is designed
good, by drawing a portion of it ? Is it not a , —Prithify S.weing."—Mrs. Joshua Leavitt, wife
mistake, tosuppose that blisters and rithefacienta I of Rev. Dr. Leavitt, Editor of N. Y. independent.
will remove inflammation. when they virtually "I Confess myself delighted with your Sewing
euperadd one inflammation to another 1 The Machins, Othich has been in my family for ma
late Dr. B. Waterhouse, of Harvard Universi- ny months. It has alwaye been ready for duty,
ty, said "I am sick of learned quackery„ One requiring no' adjustment, and is easily adapted
of the most eminent physicians In New England s o every variety of family sewing, by simply
acknowledged just before his death, that "he elionging the spools of thread."—Mrs. Elisabeth
has been doubting for many years, wetter ?Mod- Strickland, te;fe of Rev. Dr. Strickland, Editor of
letting and blisters did not aggravate rather N. 1. a r i a /mo i s t / car o m
than arrest disease " Some who stand "Aster trying severa l moron, good rooehines.
high in the Old and New school, have quite re- I preferred yours,
or, u,,Owit , it. simplicity,
1 cently espouind his Views and now openly con- and the perfect ease with which it is managed,
fess, they helieve the, setons leeches and , as well as the strength and durability of the
blisters injure ten where they benefit one— ; seam, After long experience, I feel competent
They think there is a meaning to Deut. 12, 23 oss
tpeak in this manner, and to confidently re
-Get' 9 ' 4— " dLevit * ", "—Ca" - "Tan ' commend it for every variety of family sewing."
nl.OOll IS TUE meg." It is not the excess of ; —M rs. E . E. Spooner, wife of the Editor of Brook ,
blood (there never is ton much) that causes di- • f ,, s star.
seam, but the want of a balance between the .
fluids and solids. "I have used a Grover & Baker Sewing Ma-
The special excellence of the i
Antiphlogistc '
chine for two years, and have found it adapted
Salt, is that without the useless loss of blood ! Cu all hinds of f'l.4 se .v .
o nf . , , frCambric to
ry disco., (no allures) by producing an equili , I whim.' the giving way of a stitch. The Ma
and strength, it effectually subdued inflommato- I Broadcloth, garments n • . bees worn
Mitsui of all the fluids in Clubody and a ammo- I chine is easily kept in order, and is easily used."
Fork. quota uninterropted circuletion• •
It exert , ' like 7.11c5.,et0 : st. , ? B..Whipide, wife of Bev. Geo. II hip
the vaccine matter, and extraordinary influence pie,
over the v ens and arieries—resulting in a grad- "Your Sewing Machine has been in use in
ual decline of inflammation an indicated by the ' my family the past two years, end the ladies
' pulse, which assumes its natural state as the request me to give yon their testimonials to its
heat, pain an's fever dissappear. 1 perfect adaptedness, as well as labor-saving
Of' Many medicines offfired for sale, are , qualities in the performance of family and
backed by doubtful certificates, (their cheif vir- ; household sawing."—Robert Boorman, N. Y.
tee) and claim to he universal rem idies, curing I "For severarmonths we have Grover & Ba
al' haamles — a burlesque on ...moo sense; ' leer's Sewing Machine, and have come to the
As the discoverer of this Salt, solemnly protests conclusion that every lady who desires her sew
ragainst baying it placed In the category of log beautifully and quickly done, would be most
frauds and impositions. he has resolved that it : fortunate in possessing one of thee relmble
shall go fbrth to the world, like the pore gull and indefatigable 'iron neeillewometi,' whose
dotter with no otherpasspor oni
t than its true vol- , cbined qualities of beatify, strengt and sing:li
n.. if .}. Public find it fieiiiiiiicr they will no - city, are invaluable,"—.i. Ir. Morris, daughter of
calve it—if spurious, they will reject and con- G m . um, P. North, Editor of ll ama Jo ur n a l.
damn it. Instead of being a panacea Mr all ills,'
I Extract of a letter front Thos. R. Leavitt, an
it has control over but one ill,—huts but one aim
American gentleman, now resident in Sydney,
—accomplishes but one thing, t° wit , !t n..... ; New South Wales, dated January 12, 1858 t
INFLAMATOR DlSEASE—whatever be its form
„.„ „, " M
I bad a tent made in elbourne, in 1853, lb
oe locality— list'— n•
wetter in she head ' throateh—
domes, extramit•es or skin. It is asked, how whic : h th ere were over three thousand yards of
, s
it does this?—simply by restoring the lost bal. 1", "Ink du ne with one of Grover & Baker'
ance between the fluids and solid, mimes, and A single and of that has °m Ma
d twi ne, '
The following difterent/ornis which the an- ne
all the double seams sewed by sailors with a nee
balanced fluids assume, and many not here men dlo an '
tioned that have more or less heat, poin ce fever , "if Ilomer could be called up from his mur
(no others)nre as perfectly cured by the Anti- , by bathes, .1m would sing the advent of Grover
'II d
plilogi L itie Salt, as fire is extinguished by water, ' & Baker - as a more benignant, miracle of art
where the unbalanced fluids affect than WAS ever It ulenn F se t tle. e woulde
! tlic h ll ' lt l AT, and THROAT—tO writ, Brain Bever, . nounce midnight shirt-making as 'the direful
Fits, Headache, Islllcutmed Eyes, Ears and Nose, : spring of woes unnumbered."—Prof. North.
Canker, Neuralgia, Erysipelas, Catarrh. Croup, I "I tithe pleasure in saying, that the Grover &
Bronchitis, ye. - Baker Sewing Machines have more than sus
2. Cases where the unbalanced fluids effect ! trained nty expectation, After trying and retur
the CREST and AnDOMEN--U, wit; blamed I niug others, I have throe of them in operation
Lungs and Liver, Colic, Pleurisy, Coughs, hyspep- 1 in my different ploces, and, after four years'
sea, Asthma, Dropsy, Heartburn, Gravel Piles, , trial, hove to fault to tind."—./. H. Llammond,
'Gonorrhea, Venereal, me. , . Senator of South Carolina.
3. Cases where the unhaianced fluids effect "my wife has had one of Grover & Baker's
' the EXTREMITIES anti SRIN—IO Wit; Rheum, F am i ly s aw i ng M ac hm aa f or ion , e time, an d I
[ism, (;out, Scrofula, L7cers,
Chilbains, Chilbainsi 1 am satisfied it is one of the best lahomeaving
Chicken and Small Pox, Sall Rheum, with itch- •
muchnes that has been invented. I take much
ing and other Cutaneous Affections, &c. Mur
ease in recommending it to the public."—
This Salt greatly alleviates the inflammatory I J . G . H arr i s, G ee .„..„ or o f r es ,,,,, re .
pains pecular to married ladies, (before and at
"It is a beautiful thing, and puts everybody
the time of confinemen) and many female conti
plaints, and is very efficatious in Fever, A gue, into an excitement of good humor. Were .? ti
Wounds, Nervous and Spinal Affections and , Ctitho:ic I should insist roan Saints Grover and
anyother forms of (mark thie)inflammatnry di- Baker haying an eternal holiday in commetno
sense, attended wttli heat, pain or febrile syrup- ea" .
on of their good deeds for humanity.—Ctrs
toms. anus M. Clay.
air Persons who bares tendency of blood "I think it by far the best patent in use: This
to the head ar heart, or lead inactive lives, or ' Machine can he adapted from the finest cambric
breath the impure air of motwitactories and the re the heaviest eassimere. It sews stronger,
poisonous fumes of metals and minerals, or lists f as t er a nd ~,,,,, beauffibily ;Imo -fte can j 0,,,.
Is uulteatlthy climate'', are exposed to a partic- OM,. 11 mine could hunt be replaced, money
liar vitiation of the fluids of the hotly, which one could not buy it."—Mrs. J. U. BrOWII, Mish
dose without interfereing with the diet or Ansi rile, Th m ,
nese, once in three months. would invariably
"It is speedy, very neat, and durable in its
proven,. It is beleived to afford protection from work; is easily Understood anti kept in repair. 1
infectious disease, and thereline travellers, earnestly recommend this Machine to all my ac
sai•ors, and soldiers should supply
with it.
with quaintatices and others."—Mrs. .11, A. Forrest,
ar IV li iI e manly nostrum-makers victimize 1 31 ` te r his ' Teen ' .
the goOd natured and plil-ridden public, uy or- "We Errol this machine Cu work to our sutts
diming "tram six to a dozen boxes of bottles, t faction,' and with pleasure recommend it to the
to cat e any !milady." no matter what—the un- I public, as we believe Graver & Baker to he the
does igned is happy in being AM to state, that best Sewing Machine in use."—Deary Brothers;
the severest forms of recent inflammatory di- Allitionia, Tenn.
mese, was over come by one Acute package', off used eirdasively for family purposes, with
and the most obdtlnate and long stnntliug by . ordiosr y care, I will wager they will last one
one Chm Mc pack a ge. It does joss what it / t h ree score y e ars and ten,' and never get out
claims to do--and no more, or less—equalises of fix."—John Erskine, Nashville, Tenn.
the fluids by removing from the system all ar ,
terial and venous obstructis.. 'U have had your machine for Several weeks,
Pleas let your neighlsord read this.. and am perfectly satisfied that the work it does
F. COGGSWELL, M. 1)., ii the best and Most beautiful that ever was.—,
totems: an AND PROPRIETOR. Maggie Aimison, Nashville, Tenn.
sale at the Cheap Drug Store of Samuel "I use my Machine epee coats, dressmaking,
S. Smith, &Co.' Huntingdon, Pa, and fine linen stitching, and the work is admi-
Feb. 16th 1851 Y. table -tier better than the best hand-sewing., or
MHE WORLD-RENOWNED any other machine I have ever seen."—luny
-I. WORKS OF SIR WALTER SCOTT. B. Thowon, Nashville, Tenn
PUBLISHED, BY "I find the work the strongest and most beau-
PETERSON & BROTHERS, tiful I have ever seen. made either by hand or
No. 306 CHESTNUT Street. machine, and regard the Grover & Baker ma-
PETERSON'S CHEAP EDITION OF THE • chine as one of the greatest blessings to our
WAVERLEY NOVELS. sex."—Mrs. Taylor, Nashville, Thnu.
PRICE—Each 25 cents.
ELEVEN NUMBERS are already published.
IVANHOE, 0 1 have one of Grover & Baker's Sewing Ma
chines in use in my fan ily, nth and it 'arable-
GUY MAN NERING; ble. I can confidently recommend it to all per-
ROB ROY, sons in want of a machine."—G. T. Thompson,
KENILWORTH, Nashville. Tenn.
QUENTIN DURWARD', "I take pleadure in certifying to the utility of
THE ABBOT. the Grover & Baker Sawing Machines. Iha e
BRIDE OF LAMMERMOOR : used one on almost every deboription of work
OLD MORTALITY. for months, and find itstnuch stronger than work
THE ANTIQUARY. done by hand."—Mes. D. W. Wheeler, Nashville
And one will be issued regularly on, evert Sat
urday; until the whole are completed.
One complete set, twenty-six volumes in all
will he sent to any one, a , tau as they are Dub-
Relied, for five dollars. Single numbers, 25
cents. T. B. PETERSON & BROS.,
Fe. 306 CHESTNUT Sweet
493 Broadway, N. Y. 730 Chestnut St., Phila.
"I would ho unwilling to dispose of my dro
ver & Baker Machine fora large amount, could
I not replate it anain ut pleasure."—Mrs. H.C.
Scovel, Nashville Tenn.
"Our two Machines, puichased from you, do
the work of twenty young ladies. We with
pleasure recommend the Gruver & Baker ma
chine to be the beet in nee."—N. Stillman 6- Ca
WE beg leave to call the attene
Lion of the Trade, and more
especially the Physicians of the
country, to two of the most popu
lar remedies now before the public.
We refer to
Dr Chat !'Cape's Celebrated
Vermifuge and Liver Pills.
We do not_ recommend them as
Universal Cure-alls, but simply for
what their name purports, viz.;
For expelling Worms from the
human system. it has also been.
administered with the most satis
factory results to various Animals
subject to Worms.
HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of
preparatory to or after taking Qui
nine, they almost invariably make
a speedy and permanent cure.
As specifics for the aboVe men..
tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled,
and never known to fail when ad
ministered in accordance with the
Their unprecedented popularity
has induced the proprietors,
to dispose of their Drug business,
in which they have been success,
fully engaged for the last Twenty
tears, and they will now give their
Undivided time and attention to
their manufacture. And being do ,
termined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele
brated Vermifuge and Liver Pills
shall continue to occupy the high
position they now•hold among the
great remedies of the day, they
Will continue to spare neither time
nor expense in procuring the Best
and Purest material, and com
pound them in the most thorough
manner: Address all orders to
FLEMING BROS. Pittsburgh, 'Pa.
P.P Dealers a n d Phyelciant teetering from Mittel
than Fleming Brim., will do well to write their olden;
distinctly, and
Afrmmy Ora. A2l;u7g.t.l'o j ib i r4ser " 4 L e gg
them a trial. wo Will forward per wail. prat raid, to any
part of the United Eton, ono buw d 'Mlle for twelia
three-coot postage stomp., or ow vial of Vermifege for
tonnemn threo-eent stomp, All OniOni *Mt Canada mug
be accompanied by twenty coma nu,.
Fur sale in Huntingdon by John Read and
S. S. Smith, And dealersgenerally through the
county. [May 11, 1859. 7 1,.
; P;kkkkk
The great standard inedientee of the 'must
age, have acquired their great popularity ma.
through years of trial. Unbounded eatiefaen
lion is rendered by than in all emu; and Oa
people have pronounced them worthy.
Laver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Debility of the Nervous System,
Diseases 'of the Kidneys,
and all diseases arising from a disordered
liver or weakens of the stomach and digestive
Orgasm are speedily and permanently cured by
The Balsamic Cordial has acquired a
reputation surpassing that of any similar pre.
paration extant. It will cure, WITHOUT TASK,
the most severe and lonl-standing
Cough, Cold, or Isar ..... s, Bronchitis, Lk.
dusura, 'roil), Pneumonia, Incipient
and has performed as moat astonishing OW*
ever known of
Confirmed Consumption.
A few doses will also at once cheek and
cure the most severe Dierrhans proceeding?.
from Co. ix Tel Bonn.
These medicine* are prepared by Dr. C. M.
JACKSON & Co., No. 418 Arch Street, Phila.
delphia, .Pa, and are sold by druggist. and
dealers in medians, everywhere, at 75 cents
per bottle. The signature of C. M. JACKS());
will be on the outside wrapper of each bottle.
In the Almanac published annually by tbo
proprietors, tolled EVERYBODY'S ALMANAC,
you will find testimony and commendatory
notices from all parts of the country. These
Almanacs are given away by all oar agent.
For auto in Huntingdon by John Road and
S. S. Smith and dialer, generally through the
county. [May 11, 1859.—1 y.
Fut sale at Smith's Drug Store, Iluntingdoo.
JACKSON'S HOTEL, Huntingdon,
Respectfully informs his friends and
the traveling public generally, that ho
has leased the' Jackson House," for sev•
oral years occupied by Wm. B. Zeigler, and
that he will be pleased to receive the calla of
all who may favor him with their patronage.
His table will be furnished with the beat the
market can afford, and every attention will b.
given to make those with him feel at imam
Tiontingdon. March Ift, 11109,