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    Nuntitighn ournal.
Wednesday Morning, 3'nly A. 1869
Tate Ire BROAD Toe.—Last week we took
m trip over the Huntingdon is Broad Top Rail•
toad, to the town of Hopewell, in company
with quite to number of our fellow-citizens
and pesona from other porte of the country.
We started about 10 o'clock, from the depot
too Allegheny street, and to the soul cheering
notes of " Hail Columbia,;' discoureed by our
Excelsior Band, our hearts beat time, and our
spirits rose as we went flying up the valley, as
gently bottle along as a child is wafted to the
land of dreams, in its easy cradle. Whilst we
are on our journey we will the opportuni
ty of throwing in a word or two relative to the
condition and management of this road.
The Broad Top Railroad is one of the moat
substantially built and pleasant roads to travel
on, iu this or any other State. The bridges
are built on the latest and beet plane for dorn•
bility and' strength ; the trestle work is firm as
'the mountains which surround it, and the ex
cavations and embankments all right. At pro.
ant it is enjoying an unusual amount of pas.
senger travel—this being the safest and near•
eat route to Bedford Springs—and the hun
dreds of tons of coal which are daily brought
over it indicate a molt thriving condition. An.
other, and we may say the sign of prosperity is
the promptitude with which the Company pays
off all its employees, etc.
This flattering condition of the road is ow•
ing to the good management of its einem—
It is unnecessary for us to say a word com•
mendatory of the worthy Superintendent, J. J
Lawrence, E.g. The Company have secured
is him one of the ablest, most obliging, and
attentive officers, to be met with any where.
Uuder his supervision, there has not been a
single accident of .y moment, any delaying
of trains, or any matter of serious consequence
occurred. But we must stop hero, as the lo
comotive', whistle sounds for Hopewell, and
our "sound" eounductor Gum Morrison, calls
oat the station. Guru is a prince of good fel.
lowa, and a great favorite with all—especially
the ladies.
After spending an hour very plesaantly, we
started on cur return, stopping at the hand
some little village of Saxton for a crowd of
passengers, among whom was a bevy of fair
ones ; and of course we counted ourself in,
itejoyiug ourself accordingly, in eo u v e r.mi o g,
seta we reached home again.
Wt.' ma Sal VcD FICAL—In our reran'
belittlens through the streets, we see and heal
little matters of news, which we shall string
together like "snits," and give to our readers
to swell on. The music in the Town Hall, the
other evening, by the String Band, was incom•
paralole ; the performers are v ell skilled in the
soothing art.—Soma of the plug uglier of
our village indulged in a free tight on Wednes•
day evening last, near the post office, which re•
stilted in the lodgment cf one of the parties in
prison.---Our Meseta are brilliantly lighted
at night by gas lamps, and our good citizens
appear to be quite pleased with the novelty of
the thing, notwithstanding the hard fioht they
had to got the "town daddies " to adopt the
good and seneikle meaeure.---Our townsman
Cramer, is having a beautiful portion put up at
Die new dwelling. The foundation and steps
are marble, and when completed will be very
bandeome.—We love to see a pretty yard
in which flowers are growing, and vines wind
ing up the porch. Why don't all our citizens
emulate Miss Prue Jackeon, in making their
premises beautiful with sweet flowers.—The
vaults in coarse of erection at the Court House
in which the records of the county will be pia
eed for safe keeping, will be completed about
the latter part of this month.—An individu•
al is town, the other evening when peening
where some ladies were sitting, to chow hie
good breeding, mimicked an expression made
use of by one of the party. We happened to
be passing at the time, and thought, in a stran
ger, we bad never omen a surer token of the
polished—poppy. —Loot Wedneaday won a
remarkable cold day for the season ; some of
our citizens were indulging in the luxury of a
rousing fire. To day it feels very much Hoe a
young Purgatory, and our collars droop to the
withering heat.—We hear some talk of form•
in a new aver company in town, to be called
the Campbell Rifles ; we hope that the idea
will be carried out. We have the material, rill
that ie lacking is some patriotic spirit to talce
the lead.—We saw a couple of fancy choice
on Saturday, manufactured by one of our lead•
log attorney., who spends hie leisure moments
le exerciee in his own carpenter shop. They
are as 11, !some pieces of mechanism as can
be man, .rtured in any place, and are not the
only articles he has turned out.
lerSpring has brought out a new style of
dress. Cloaks and furs have given place to
something else and something else will give
place to some other sort of a thing, probably not
so good and beautiful as the former.
Ladies head dresses are composed of natu•
cal hair, combed to suit the season, generally
with a backward wave and tied up with a rib.
bon at both ends.
The bosom is more exposed than in winter,
bat not more so than is ordinary in well regula•
bed "upper circles."
An erect attitude is encouraged, and hoops
increneed, so as to cast a large shadow in the
heat of the day, for the comfort of the children
who may accompany the flame de la maim on
her promenade,
Cameos representing June bugs are much
SON STROM—The individual we noticed in
our last issue as having died front the effect of
inn stroke. was corned Crum. He had been
working in the field, harvesting, when ho was
struck down.
On I Uses.—When Hamlet expressed the
desire that "this too solid flesh would melt," he
didn't think of such day. art last 'Thursday.
Tula* Ist ie vas ways,
BPROAD—On the fourth page of to.
day's paper, will be found a eplendid song, by
Prof. Drake. It is a striking contrast between
real merit and fourth•of Julyapread•eagleism.
It is fortunate for sophomore orators, stump
'peelers, Congressional declaimers, etc., of
this latter class, that Prosecuting Attorneysare
tolerant men, and do not have them indicted
for outrageous cruelty to the spread eagles.—
This highly respectable bird is compelled to
cut up all sorts of pranks, and appear in the
most ridiculous places without any regard to
the unities of time and place. One orator,
not to be outdone, has this eagle's feet "on the
highest peak of the Rocky Mountains, one
wing laved by the Atlantic and the other by
the Pacific oceans, his tail dipped in the Gulf
of Mexico, and hie beak in the open Polar
Sea." We think our Fourth of July orators
will have to give up spread eagles and take up
sums less pretending bird. If they don't come
down like Capt. SCUT T'S coon after that, they
are utterly hopeless.
ilsayssviso.—Now is the busy time of our
farmers in harvesting their grain. The weath•
er has been very propitious for this important
agricuhural operation, and much grass and I
grain were cut the past week, and front the ap.
pearnncc of the weather at the time this para.
graph is being written, the present week prom.
ices to be everything a farmer cauld wish for
cutting groin. The crop of wheat •ind in fact
all other grain in this county, promises more
than an average yield, notwithstanding the sup.
posed irreparable damage inflicted by the bard
frosts, the hail, the unusual amount of moist
weather, etc., etc. The wheat and rye fields
are rapidly " going under," and although it is
' something unusual, we hear of no complaints
of either fly weevil or blight from our country
friends. The earn is looking up finely, and in
the language of our friend Stewart, bids us
hope for a " stupendous " yield,
forlorn looking Celt. on Saturday last, WOO so
Gar overcome by the heat of the sun or flaming
reiFeye whisky, that he was compelled to lie
down on the railroad track, on the embank•
ment below town, about the time the pnsseu•
ger train was due. We happened to be in that
neighborhood at the time, and observing him
idea vored to get hint off tho trick ; wo got
him on his feet, hut he proved too much for
our physicals, and down he went, thump,
thumping, 'nine twenty feet. Not wishing to
follow in" the footsteps of the Celt," and see•
ing that he wee safe and uninju-ed, we passed
on and "left him alone in his glory," just as
the ears came thundering on.
or. We notice in the Peoria papers, copious
extracts from an oration delivered in that c'ty
on tho Ith inst., by our former townsman, Wm.
McGalliard, Esq., now a resident of the former
city. It is spoken cf RS a masterpiece of elo.
quence, unsurpassed by any oration, delivered
on a similar occasion, in Peoria. Mr. Medal•
ird is s young man of brilliant attainment.,
and commanding talent i here, where we have
had an opportunity of judging, from his long
residence, he stands high, as a gentleman and
scholar. We are not surprised therefore, to
hear the encomium which are showered upon
him, by the press of his adopted home. It is
but a jusVoken of the universal respect gent
no receives tverywhere, in this,our harpy land.
B. SWOOPK, Muftis., Annexes.—Quite a
large meeting assembled in the Court House,
on Monday evening last, to hear Mr. Swoops
expatiate on the "History, Philosophy and Pa
etry of the Bible," notwithstanding, the notice
wait " not published in the Globe," and the
drum and fife were not pressed into service.--
14e are free to say that the" historical " part of
Mr. Swoope's subject, was very eloquent, and
decidedly the best. We thought we had heard
it before, and on examining our files, we find
Almost verbatim, the sawn thing in the address
delivered by B. McDivitt, Esq., before the
Huntingdon county Tenchers' I Institute, Dec.
22, '53, and published in the Journal, Feb. let ,
1854. The curious can see it by calling at our
office. Mr. Swoope is guilty of gross plagiar.
ism, and literary.theft...
HARVEST iIOMIC.—We have been spoken to
by several of our country friends, on the sub•
ject of having a general jollification at this
place, immediately after harvest, of farmers
and all others wishing to participate. The idea
it an excellent one, and we trust our agricultn•
rat friends who have taken the matter in hand
will carry out the project. See to it, friends.
Scow. MAG.—A. highly respectable ? mar•
ried man of this borough, as we are informed
by excellent authority, visited a certain village
not a thousand miles from Huntingdon, on the
4th inst., became Very intimate with ''ye girls"
—passing himself off as an unmarried man—
and " cutting out " single fellows. Oh I
think of Betsey and the babies.
SABBATH Scnoot. Plc Nto.—The Sabbath
School connected with the Episcopal Church
of this place, held a festival on Saturday last
at Beechen Glen. The day was beautiful, and
nothing occurred to mar the pleasure of the ex•
ser We observe, almost every evenirg, ma•
ny of our blooming lads and lassies taking ex•
cursions to the hills, etc. Thih is right; what
matters it how much shoe leather you wear out
provided it improves the health and gives us
MILITARY ELZOTION.-At the election for
Major General. held in this place on the 4th
inst.. the brigade voted tmanimuusly for Gen.
John C. Watson. We did not hear of any
opposition to Gen. Watson, He has filled thtit
office ably for some time.
PCARL.—We were shown a very pretty little
flesh colored pearl, on Saturday, found by NM
ter Willie Dorris, within a mussel. It is about
twice the size of the head of a pin, and is val
ued at two or three dollars.
/or Several of our young men have been
rosecuted for bathing in the canal. within the
borough limits, on the Sabbath day. °The way
of the transgressor is hard."
ter Persons wishing to see the editors will
generally find them at the printing office, In
their absence however, invitations to dine and
challenges to fight should be left either with the
freblieher, or iv oar table drawer,
Shade Gap, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.
W. H. WOODS, A. M. P
bias. F. T. WOODS,
_ •
Principal of Female Department.
Proftssor of Anatomy and Physiology.
Lecturer on Art of leaching and Phys. Geog
Teacher of Music. Drawing Grecian and hat
ian Painting and lizncy Needle Work.
111 HE next session of this Institution will open
I ri n. advantages to those seeking an educatim
posed of those who are thoroughly qualified ft
who with to place their children in a secure a
ments A NORMAL SCHOOL will be forme
worthy County Superintendent, will give lecture
the Counting Room. TERMS, fur session of i
111011. in Musk, French, thawing, Painting and
For further particulars address
N. 13.—Ity those desiring places, early applif
Cannot rival in attraction the superb stock of
Spring and Summer Goods now being received
and opened by Fistsza & McMutants.
This stock has been selected with groat care
and the public are cordially invited to call and
examine it.
It comprises all the late styles of Ladies'
Dress Goods, such as Pole de Cheers, Robes:a
Lez, Organdies, Jaconets. Lawns. Challis. plain
and figured Berages. Crape Maretz, Plain and
colored Chintzes, French and English Ging
, hams, Amaranths, Valentias, Alpaccas, Debage
Prints, Ac., Ac.
A beautitbl assortment of Spring SHAWLS,
round and square corners, all colors. A full
stock of Ladies Fine Collars, Gentlemen's
Furnishing Goods, such as Co.lars, Cravats,
Ties, Stocks, Hosiery, Shirts, Gauze aul Silk
Endershirts, Drawers, itc.
We have a fine selection of Mantillas, Dress
Trimmings, Fringes, Ribbons. Mitts. Gloves,
Gauntlets, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Buttons,
Floss, Sewing Silk, Extension Skirts, Hoops
of all kinds, Ste.
ALso—Tickens, Osnahurg, bleached and un
blenched Mullins at all prices, Colored and
White Cambrics, Barred and Swiss klusli
Victoria Lawns, Nainsooks, Tarleton and many
other articles which comprise the line of Whirs
and Domestic Gent's.
We have French Cloths, Fancy Cessimeres,
Sat tinetts, Jeans, Tweeds, Cottonades, Linens,
Denims and Blue Drills.
of every varjety and style. Also all kinds o
- - -
A good stook of
- Wood and Willow-ware,
which will be sold CHEAP.
We .tlso deal in PLASTER, FISH, SALT,
and all kinds of GRAIN, and possess 'halides
in this branch of trade unequalled by any. We
deliver all packages or parcels of Merchandise,
FREE GP CHARGE, at the depots of the
' Broad Top and Pennsylvania Railroads.
Conic one, come all, and be convinced that
the "Myrstorocivan" is the place to secure
fashionahle and desirable goods, disposed of at
the loWebt rates.
I. a remedy not to be excelled for the relief and
cure of those maladies incident to the summer
season, viz t
Diarrhoea, Dysentery. Cholera Cholera Mor
hue, Vomiting, Acidity of the Stomach, Ace.
Its excellent Carminative powers, pleasant
taste and soothing influence. renders it a val.
noble remedy in infantile diseages, peculiar to
the Second Summer, viz t—Cholera Infantum,
etc. It has a reinvigorating and tonic Min.
cure on the system, allaying infiamation where
it exists in the stomach and huweht—and on
trial will be found indispensable to the well
being of every family. It will be found as well
i adapted to adults as children. Try it.
Prepared only by A. E• I Ii.:NWEINE,
Price 25 cts. a bottle. Dispensing Chemist.
Ninth cf• Poplar ate., Philadelphia.
Sold by .1. Read, Huntingdon, and DruegiFts
and Storekeepers gt nerolly. Noy 25, '59.1y.
11859 SPR ROT & H gill."Eß 1859.
The understened would respectfully call the
attention of our triends and customers, as well
as the citizens of the town and country , general
ly, to our new and extensive assortment of
consisting of every article of gentlemen,' fur
nishing goods. We deem it unnecessary to
make a newspaper flourish, being confident that
a call and an examination ef otir goods, will sa
tisfy all, that our goods are just what no re
commend them to he, well made, of good mate
rial, and as cheap as the same quality of goods
can he bought in the county of Huntingdon
It is nut our desire, as it is not the policy of
honest men, to deceive, but this much we will
say, that we will guarantee to all who may fa
vor us with their patronage, entire satisfaction
as to quality, fit and price. Should gentlemen
desire any particular kind or cut of clothing,
nut found in our stock, by leaving their treas
ure, they coo be accommodated at short notice.
Call at corner of the diamond, Long's now house.
May 4, 1859.
Corner of Hill & Montgomery Streets,
CIIRIS'rA:N CUM'S. Pri)prirtor ,
This stand is well known as the "bicConnell
House." The location is superior to any other,
being in the immediate proximity to business;
also to. the Bank and most Public Offices
It is the determination of the Proprietor, to
keep this House in a style sati.factory to the
public, and it is his desire, to make all who
patronizenhim, k
f a e rn e l o a n t g h ox e e ,
b a p n a d t t o o t, nit
n e t
n th;
Ma don Hotels. Ho very respectfully solicits the
public patronage. Apr. 13th '59
The subscriber respectfully announces
to the citizens of Huntingdon and vicinity, that
he has opened a shop on St. Clair street, in
the east end of the town, where he is prepared
to manufacture all articles in hiv itia.
line, on the shortest notice, and
on reasonable terms. After a long
expel ience in the Boot and Shoe business,. I
flatter myself that I can please those who give
me their orders. Work dune when promised
iu all cases.
Huntingdon apr 27 '59. C. WEAVER.
Note, Post, Commercial, Foolscap and
lateap—a good assortment for sale by the
ream, half ream quire or sheet. at
Lewis' New Book and Stationery Store.
se. All Cade of blab for eal• at the
•oprictor and Principal
Teacher of the English Branches.
Teacher of Mathematics.
7kacher in Department,
the first Wednesday of May. D. hold. out sup
, The Board of Instruction is large, and com•
or 'heir profession. To Parents and Guardians•
sod healthy retreat, it holds out peculiar induce
red the present session, to which Mr. Owen, our
qui on the Art of Teaching and Physical Gemara•
;NT. young men win be thoroughly qualifred for
five mouths, $55.00. Light and fuel also. Les•
I Fancy Needle Work, extra.
W. li. WOODS.
ication should be made.
. ;
. • .
Incorporated by the State of Pennsylvania
1. Money is rereived every day, and in any
amount, large or small.
2. FIVE PER CENT interest is paid for
money from the day it is put in.
3. The money is always paid hack in GOLD
whenever it is called for, and without notice.
4. Money is received (mm Executors. Admi•
nistrato a, Guardians and others who desire to
have it in a !dace of perfect safety ; and where
interest can be obtained tor it.
5. The money received from depository is in
GROUND RENTS, and such other first-class
securities ns the Charter directs. _ _
6. °Bice Hours—Every day from 9 till 6
o'clock, and on Mondays and 'Thursdays till 8
o'clock in the veninz.
LION. HENRY h. 11F.NNER, President,
ROBERT SEI.FRIUGE, Vice President,
%VII. J. It 1 , ,E ), Secretary.
lion. lienry'L. Renner, F. Carroll Brewster,
Edward L. Carter, . Joseph B.
Robert L. Selfridge, Francis Lee,
Semi. K. Ashton, Joseph Yerkes,
6:Landreth Munne, I Henry I)lotteu.derffer,
Vt.1U112Ag 1 210211:11s
Prot. Chao. DeGratit% Electric Oil,
This grunt discovery in now creating a great
sensatir n, among the Medical Facul ion of Ete
rope and this country. I will cure the follow
ing (not everything): Warranted to
Cure Fever and Ague in one day, Cure chills
in five minutes. Cure Croup in one night.—
Cure Dealitess in two to four days, Cure burns
and Scalds iu ten minutes. Cure Sprains,
Wounds and bruises in from one to three days
Cure Inflatnation in one day. Cure Neural.
gin, Croup, Tooth Ache. burns, in 10 mittutes•
Cure Hemorrhage, Scrofula, Abscess in ten
days. Cure Bruises, Wounds, 'fetter, in one
to three days. Cure Ear Ache, Stiff neck.
Ague in tine day. Cure Felons, Broken Breast
Salt Rheum, in three to six days. Cure Quin
zy, Palpitation, Pleurisy, in one to ten days.
Cure Asthma, paley, Gout, Erysipelas, in five
to 2:) days. Cure Frosted beet, Chiblains,
Chronic Rheumatism, Stiff Joints, Sore Threat
Scarlet Fever, and the lame made to wall: be
a few betties. This Oil (De Groh' s) is mild
and pleacent, and is a great family Medicine
for children teething. ike. Ladies should all
use it. It always leaves you better than it,
finds you, and one bottle often cures entirely.
Afflided Thirteen Fears and Cured to One
Read letter fromliev.JaunerTempl!.
Philadelphia, June 6th. 1356,
Prof. De Grath: I have been afflicted for
thirteen years with Neuralgia and other pain
ful complaints, and I have been unable to sleep
iundly or walk any distance for many years
past. Last week I got a bottle of your .1.11ec•
tric Oil." The first night I slept soundly and
well, and to•daJ I am like a new man. My
wife could not believe her eyes. Your Elet•
tric Oil has done in one week what the physi
clans of Philadelphia failed to do in thirteen
years. Gratefully yours.
310 South street
New Haven. May 19th, 1836.
Prof. De Grath t My broth°• has been deaf
three years. Atter trying many things, he used
your Oil a few times. and it cured him entire
There are numerous imitations sprung up
on the reputation that ins article has acquired.
The public must beware. They are worthless.
For sale by. S. S. Smith. Huntingdon.
May 25 1859:
Respectfully informs the citizen. of Hunting
don, vicinity, and the surrounding coon
try, that he hna commenced business in
the room opposite IL Gutman's Store in lc
hopes to receive a share of public patronage.
WATCHES and CLOCKS rt paired in the
beet workmanlike manner.
Hie stock of WATCHES and JEWELRY is
of the best, all of which he will dispose of at
reasonable prices.
The public generally ere requested to give
hint a call and examine his stock.
Mar. 9 '59.
10,000 Volumes of Books for Sale.
$500,00 in GiAs for every 1000 Sold,
In order to reduce my extensive stock I will
sell one thousand dollars worth of Books at the
regular retail prices or less. and give ($500)
five hundred dollars worth of presents varying
in value from 25 cents to $lOO.OO. Or, those
who prefer can purchase at wholesale prices.—
hly stook consists of every variety and style of
binding. School Books of every kind, whole-
sale and retail. Bales to commence Dec. 24th.
A Perfect Netbstifette
For the Lancet. Leeches and Blisters HI
when the undersigned, after a long eerier of
laborious and costly experiments, beenme fully
confirmed in bin conviction, that the ittiplilo
gmtic Salt which he now hoe the happiness to
present to the A merican public, w o s
for 'Moog-letting, Leeches and Blisters. his
mind was so agitated that he could toot sleep for
many nights. The cause of his agitation was
the striking het. that the manner of iv operation
like that of the vir os in vaccination, could not
tor sattefactarialy explained upon any known
Principle. Ilo", in whit wry, it so effectuelly
subdued Inflammatory Disease And no others,
was at first wholly inexplicable—hut, on further
experiment, it wee proved thet it equalizes the
fluids of the body. the went of an equitilorinni in
which, is the sale rooms of inflammation. Such
is Ito potency, that like the vaccine matter, ;it
requires merely not adheres to the pointofa quill
dipped into a solution of it. to effort the entire These Machines sew from two spools. Riper.
system—hut must be instantly used to prevent chased front the etore, requiring no ra-winding
deromposlion and secure its full virtue. Three of thread ; they Item, Fell, Gather and Stitch
quills in acute, end ton in chronic diseases,
in a superior style, finishing each seam by their
every 24 hours. till the heat, pain and febrile ite
own operation, without recourse to the hand
ti. have subtfileol, and a perfect cure effected.
When it takes the place of blisters, ointment needle, as is required by other machines. They
and leeches in heal affections, as Brain Fever, will do better end cheaper sewing then eeran?••
Croup, Toothache, Pleurisy. &e., its mode of stress can, even if she works for one cent an
administration is two-fold. (See directiin of dis
solving. Sc.) hour, and are, unquestionably, the beet Ma
ne discoverer has withheld it tram the pub- chines in the market for family mewing, on ac•
lie till now, be the advice of u judicious physi• count of their simplicity, durability, ease of
chin and valtillile friend whom he consulted—
management, and admonition to all varieties of
a gentlemanknown and felt in the medical
world—and who desired to submit icto the test family sewing—eNeeuting either heavy or floe
of experiment. After witnessing under his own work witn equal facility, and without special
scrutinizing eye, its signal triumph over both tw i n ... tent.
acute and chronKinflammatory diseases, in re
pented and re-reneated trials, he offered $25.- As evidence of the unquestioned superiority
000 to come in as a special and equal partner in of their Machines, the GROTER & BAKER Saw
the Recipe for its manufacture, but the propo- two m ocitige c ogeoge b eg leave to res p ect f u l_
sal w. rejected.
The disuse of the lancet and blisters, is de- I Y ter " ttl the following
TEsTtoioNt A IS.
mended bath by humanity' by humonity and
science. Is it not a mistake, to suppose that "Baying hail one of Grover & Baker's Ma
w kettle of boiling( water (the inflamed blood) chines in my family for nearly a year and a halt
will cease to boil, by dipping out a part of it— I take pleasure in commending It as every way
or a cask of hail cider (bud blood) be made reliable for the for whith it is designed
good, by drawing a portion of it 7 Is it not • —Family le wing."—Mrs. Joshua Leavitt, rife
mistake, tostipionse that blisters and rubefacients of Rec. Dr. Leavitt, Editor of N. Y. Independent.
will remove inflammation, when they virtually 4 ,1 1 confess myself delighted with your Sewing
superedol one inflammation to another ? The Welling, which hes been in e,y family fin me
late Dr. B. Wateratonse. of Harvard Universi- Iny months. It has always been ready for duty,,
ty, said "I am sick of learned qnackery „' this reitt iring no adjustment , and is easily adapted
of most eminent physicians In New England jto every variety of family eewing, by simply
acknowledged just before 1410 death, that “lie ...ging the spoola of thread "—Mrs. Elizabeth
has been doubting for many years, wether flood- s tr i c kl an d, wife of Rev. Dr. Striehland, Editor of
letting and blisters did Rat augrarote rather N . y . ch r igi an
than torero thseme " Sane who stand
"After trying eeveraldifferent good machines,
high in the Old end New school, have quite re-
I preferred yours, on account of its simplicity,
eently espousal his views and now openly con.
and the perfect ease with which it is managed.
fees, they helices the, setons leeches; and
as tole strength and durabi li ty of the
blisters injure ten where they benefit nue—
After long exp erience , I feel competent
They th ink there is n meaning to Deut. 12; 23 '°°°:_,. in this - manner,and to confidently re
-G.. 9, 4—unolLevit. 17, 14 — that "THE t " ~r iety fantii „ nw r itu
at.ooto Is THE LIFE." It is not the excess of everyd it for
blood (there never is ton inn.) that causes di- , ' , '
E.B. Spooner, wife of the Editor BrOoi
sease, but the want of a balance between the 'i' . Star.
fluids .d solids. "I have used a Grover & Baker Sewing Me
llo:I special excellence of the Antiplilogistie chine for two years, and have fiountl it abated
Sett. is that without the useless loss of blood to kinds of family see ng, from Cambric to
end strength, it effectually subdued inflamtnetoo- Brooadeloth, Garment. have been worn out
ry dise. o, (no others) by p ro d uc i ng 1110 giving way of a stitch. The Mot
brium of all the fluids in the body and a cons°• chine is coolly kept In order, and is easily ascii."
quern uninterrepted circulation. It exerts, like —Mos. A. B Whipple, wife of Rev. Geo. Whip
the vaccine matter, end extraordinary influence pie, New York.
over the v ens and arieries—raathingin a grad- I "Your Sewing Machine has been in use in
ual decline of inflammation as indicated by the my family the past two year., and the ladies
Puke. which essuele. it , natural state as the i request me to give you their testimonials to its
heat. pain an t fever dissuppear. parted adaptedness, as well as labor-saving
Many medicines offered for sale, aro qualities in the p erformance of family end
backed by doubtful certificates, (their cheif vie- h o u s ehold
sowing."—Robert B oo rman, N. y.
toe) and claim to he universal I...idles. curing „ For severe , months we have Grover
all maliolies—a burlesque on common sense; I tee's Sewing Machine, and have come to the
As the discoverer of this Sett, solemnly protests
conclusion that every lady who desires her sew
against having itplaced in the entre. ry of
ing beautifully and quickly done, would he most
frauds and impositions. he has resolved that it nominate in possessing one of these relaible
' shall go forth to the world, like the pure gold and in I f utlgahla .irnit nee , ie _ wionten. , whose
doller, with no otherposwert than its true, vul-qualitiesnuseu„re serengt and simitli..
ue. th. puhlie find it genuine, they will re- • are inyoin .. b j e, o — tti
. dlerru., Jaoyhfcr of
ceire it —if s urious, they will reject and con-
Geo. I'. Morris, Editor o/ Home Journal.
dome it. Instead of being a panacea for ell ills, '
it has control over hut one ill,—has but one aim ! Extract of n letter from Thai. R. Lee , iit an
—accomplishes but ono thing, to wit, IIUEDUEB Amulet" , gentlemen, now resident in spiney,
„ too , tog _ w h otoeue b e i ts for. I New South Wales. dated January 1.2, 1858:
or loeitlity—wether in the bead, thr oa t „ et , o b I "I lied a tent made in Melbourne, in 1833, in
which there were over three thousand yet& of
dom.. extrernit es or skin. It is asked, how
it doer this7—ximply by restoring the lust bat- j eewing done with one of Grover & Baker'. Ma
me between the fluids and solid?. I chines, and a single seam of that has outstood
The following different /noon which the ens
all the double scums sewed by sailor. with a nee
balanced fluids assume, awl many not here men ills and twine,"
tioneol met have more or leas heat, pain or fever "If Bonier could be called up from his noir
(no tothers)aro as perfectly cured by the Anti- ky hail., he would sing the advent of Grover
phlogistic Salt, as fire is extinguished by water. ! & linker es a more benignant, miracle of art
I. Cases where the unbalanced fields affect ; than was ever Vulean'e smith. Ile would &-
the HEAD And TUROAT-,0 wit, Brain ll:ever, i ammo midnight sloirt•making as 'the direful
Fits, Headache. Inlictumed Eyes, Ears and Near, spring of woes unnumbered."—Prof. North.
Conker. Neuralgia, ErYuiPelaur eular , h. CruuP,l "1 ache pleasure in saying, that the Grover &
Bronchitis, ye. Baker Sewing Machines have more than b.-
2. Cases where the unbalanced fluids effect wined my expectation, After trying and ruin,
the Cue. end A...gem—,. ' /it/famed fling others, 1 have three of them in operation
Lungs .d Liver, Colic, Pleurisy, Coughs, Dyspep- in my different places. end, lifter four years'
ma, Ihapsy, heartburn,-Gravel Piles, tr i a l, b o y e to to o th t o d ri d,"—../. 11, Ilommond,
Gonorrhea, l'oeterral, we. Senator of South Carofina.
3. Cartes where the unbalanced fluids effect "My wire h. had one of Grover & Baker's
the EXTREMITIER ~1 SKIN—tO wit; Rheum! - Family Sewing Machin e s for sumo time, and
tism, Go 11
ut, Scrofula. Ulcers ' Chilbains,Chilbains,
am satis fi ed it is one of the bust luloonsaving
Chicken and .Small Pox, Salt Rheum, with loth
mean. tout has been iiivented. I take much
ing end other Cittarteous Victiens,&e.
.re in g it to
Phis Salt greatly alleviates the inflammatory pl
r. e „ . u varris, recommondin Gererner renouse.the public."—
pains prettier too married lathes, (beta° end at
the time of confinement) and many female corn. "It it. a beautiful thing, and puts ererybody
plaints. and is very eflicatious in ) , ever, Ague, into an excitement of good humor. Were 7 a
Wounds, Nervous and Spinal Affection. and Cetho.ic I should inei.4 noon Saints Grover und
anyother icons of (meek thie)thflemintitcry di- Baker having an eternal holiday in eominemo
'ease, attended nob heat, psi,, or febrile spa ts - ration of their good deeds for humunity.—C'es
tunic sins M. Cloy.
114 - Persons who have a ten d en c y of blond "1 think it by far the beet patent in nee. This
ht the head h ""' °I. le " "'tire lives, or Machine can be adapted from the finest cambric
breath the impure air of menniertories and the so t i ts h eav i est eoes . e „ . I t 8 ., strinigor ,
poisonous fumes of metals end minerals. or live w its , „it more beau,ii„gy thus•necan
° " 11 " Ith Y °l'm", are "P"." to a parole- gine. If mine could not be replaced, money
liar vitiation of the fluids of tloe body, Which one could not buy it."—Mrs. J. G. Brown, Nash
dose without interfereitig with the diet or bush e w e, n un.
nett., once in three months. weilh: inviolably
1 "It co speedy, very neat, and durable in its
preven,. It is belayed to afford protection from . i • •
infectious disease , and therefore travellers , work ;Y an dere?".
.keptto . .repair.
tad ors, and soldiers should supply themselves earnestly rerr O nmen ' t ' l° ' .l "" ° to all my
with it. quountances and others. Mrs. dl, A. Forrest,
I Memphis, Tenn.
"We find this machine to work to our sidle
, friction, and with ',teaser!) recommend it to the
'; bl tel lie Grocer c Bicker to le
L at ngl i c & .u,..,
A llisonia, Tenn.
"If used exchisiyely for family purposes, with
ordinary care. I will wager Choy will lust one
'three score years and ten' and never get out
of tlx."—John Erskine, Nashville. Tenn.
"I have had y3ur mitohlne for wend weeks,
and eni perfectly satisfied that the work it does
is the bust and most been tifirl that ever was.—
Maggie Aimison, Nashville, Tenn.
"1 nee my Machine upon coats, dressmaking,
and fine Mien stitching. end the work is admi
rable-110 better than the hest hand-sewing, or
any other machine I have ever seen"—Lucy
B. Thompson, Nashville, Tenn
6 1 1- While many nostrum-makers victimize
the good natured and pill-bitten public, oy or
dering "trim six to a dozen boxes Of bottles,
to cute any malady." no matter what—the un
dersigned is happy in being able to state, that
the severest forma of recent inflammatory di
sease, was over conic by one Acute package,
and the most obstlnate and long standing by
one Christie package. It does just what it
claims to do—and no more, or less—equalizes
the fluids by removing Irons the system all ar
terial and venous ohatruc•i ins.
er' Fleas let your neighbors read this.
For sale at the Cheap Drug Store of Samuel
S i Smith, ACo.' Huntingdon, Pa.
Feb. 16th 1859.
No. 906 CHESTNUT Street.
PRICE—Each 25 cents.
El EVEN NUMBERS are already published.
IVA NlittE,
And one will be issued regularly on every Sat
urday, until the whole are cong.leted.
One complete set, twenty/ix volumes in all
will he sent to any one, a • fast as they are nub-
Relied, for five dollars. Single numbers, 23
Re. N 4 CHWATNUT Use*.
/111E.A.CI-3LXIN - 30.
495 Broadway, N. Y. 730 Chestnut St., Mhz
"I find the work the strongest and most beau
tiful I have ever seen. made either by hand or
machine, and regard the Grover & Baker ma
chine as one of the greatest blessings to our
sex."—Mrs. Taylor, Nashville, Thnn.
"I have one of Grover & Baker's Sewing Ma
chines in use in my fan ily, nd find it invalua
ble. I can confidently recommend it to all per
sons in want of a machine."—G. T. Thompson,
Nashville, Tenn.
"I take pleasure in cettlfying to the utility of
the Grocer & Baker Sewing Machines. Iha e
used one on 'tiniest every description of work
for months, and find it much stronger than work
done by haul."—Mrs. D. W. Wheeler, Nashville
"I would be unwilling to dispose of my Gro
ver & Baker Machine fur a large amount, could
nut replace it again at pleasure."—Mrs. lI.C.
&eve!, Nashville Tenn.
"Our two hlachines, purchased from you, do
the work of twenty young ladies. We with
pleasure recommend the Gruver & Baker ma
, chine to be she bees in nee."—N. Stab.. ff. Cc
WE beg leave to call the atten
tion of the Trade, and more
especially the Physicians of the
country, to two of the most popu
lar remedies now before the public.
We refer to
Dr Chas. II Imes Celebrated
Vermifuge and Liver Pills.
We do not recommend them u
universal Cure-alls, but simply for
what their name purports, viz.:
For expelling Worms from the
human system. It has also been
administered with the most satis.,
factory results to various Animals
subject to Worms.
For thecure of LIVER COMPLAINTS%
HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of
preparatory to or after taking Qui.
nine, they almost invariably make
a speedy and permanent cure.
As specifics for the above men-.
tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled,
and never known to fail when ad
ministered in accordance with the
Their unprecedented popularity
has induced the proprietors,
to dispose of their Drug business,
in which they have been success
fully engaged for the last Twenty
Years, and they will now give their
undivided time and attention to
their manufacture. And being de
termined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele
brated Vermifuge and Liver Pills
shall continue to occupy the high
position they now hold among the
great remedies of the day, they
will continue to spare neither time
nor expense in procuring the Best
and Purest material, and corn
pound them in the most thorough
manner. Address all orders to
FLEMING BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa.
P.S and ...Selena ordering from otheelll
than Fleming Bra, win ebi vial to write their orders
distinctly. and &At tow h. Or JFlAtnea, prepared by
Fleming Bros Piff.lnire. A To Mon wishing to give
them a trial, we will forwant war man. prat paid, to any
Part of the United Matra ow bon at fur twelr•
three-cent pobinge 'damps sr .we vial of Verrnifuge for
tonrtemi three-rent stamp. All ardor. from Canada mull
bv accompanied by *weary waste extra.
For snlo in Iluntmgdun by John Read and
S. S. Smith, and dealers genet ally through the
courty. [Mac It. 1859.-Iy.
The great standard medicines of rho presage
age, hose acquired their great popularity only
through ram of trial. Unbounded *misfits,.
lion is rendered by them in alt eases; and sh•
people have pronounced them worthy.
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice.
Debility of the /ferrous System,
Diseases of thovlidneys,
and all disease., arising from a disordered
liver or weakness of the etomaeh and digestive
organs, are speedily and permanently cured by
The Balsamic Cordial has acquired •
reputation surpassing that of any similar pro
paration extant. It will cure, wiTHOuT TOLtn
the most eaters and long-standing
Cough, Cold, or Hoarsens's, Bronchitis, In
fluenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient
and has performed the roue, astonwhing OLT MS
ever known of
Confirmed Consumption.
A feu , doses will aiso at one: cheek aesef
cure the moat severe Manton procewlia,
from Cam, IN TOO BOWILI.
These medicines are prepared by Dr. C. M
JAcaeon & Co., No. 418 Arch Street, Phila
delphia, Pa., and are add by druggists and
dealers in medicines everywhere, at 75 tenet
per bottle. The signature of C. M. JACKSON
will be on the outside wrapper of each bottle.
In the Almanac published annually by the
proprietor:, called ArmArue,
you will find teantnony and commendatorry
notices from all parts of the country. These
Almanacs are given away by all oar agents.
Fur mile in i untingdun by John Read and
S. S. Smith and dealers generally through the
county. [May 11, 1839.—1 y.
For sale at Smith'a Drug Store, Huntingdon
tA CK SON 'S HOTEL. Huntingdon,
Respectfully informs his friend. and •
the traveling public generally, that bei ;1 n
has leased the ..Jacklion Holm," fur sew it
eral years oceupied by Wm. B. Zeigler, aid
that he will be pleased to receive the call, of
all who may favor him with their patronage.
His table will he furnished with the best the
market can afford, and every attention will Ix
given to make thoee with him feel at key*,
Illeatiardtm. M...l ItO, IWO.