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PLAN OF THE CREATION, or Other Worlds and
who Inhabits Them; by Rev. C. L. Hequem
A new, original, deeply interesting work.
Commencing with the infancy of Creation; the
Author treats o f the Mission of Christ as rela
ted to the Subject; considers the existence of
Evil; the indication afforded in the Savior's
Humanity of the beneficial design of Evil;
Duration of the Probationary System: The
Resurrection; The Duration of the World; The
Wisdom of God in the Concealment of these
Events; Termination of Evil; Destiny of Man
etc, etc. 1 Volume 12mo. 400 pp. Price
$l. Philips, Sampson & Co., 13 Winter
street Boston.
THE GONESEE FaamEa.—The June number
of this popular agricultural and horticultural
journal is received. It is unnecessary to com
mend the Fanner. It has been published for
twentreight years in the heart of the " Gee
esee country," and its friends and renders are
The publisher offers to take subscriptions
for the coming six months (July to December)
for 25 cents. A specimen of the paper can
be seen at this office, and we shall be happy to
receive and forward subscriptions.
War Prof. T. McCauley Ballintine, A. M. of
Cumberland College, Ky., is expected to deli,
er a course of lectures at the Cassville Semina•
ry in a few weeks.
Virginia Election.
The correspondent of the New York
Tribune comments thus en the election which
has just passed in the Old Dominion: "The
result of the election in Virginia occasions
neither surprise nor regret. Both wings of
the Democracy had an important stake in se
curing success—Hunter, to confirm his posi
tion as the leader of the party, and to strength.
en his aspiration as a Presidential candidate,
and Wise to relieve himself of the odium of a
factionist, who Would be held responsible for
defeat. The Administration seems to have
been repudiated by all sides and divisions.—
Letcher distinctly condemmed the whole poli
cy of the President. Wise fired a thirty col
umn broadside on the very eve of the battle,
and Goggin denounced it from the first to the
last. Indeed, there was none so poor as to do
it reverence. In other respects, Goggin con
ducted the canvass badly, and dwarfed a great
Opposition contest down to a controversy as to
Letcher's opinion on somebody's pamphlet;
twelve years ago, and his vote on Kessath's
board bill. Nothing would really have been
gained by the election of Goggin in a repro•
sentative capacity, and very little interest is
felt for a success in Kentucky under the ti c .
cumstances. The Opposition in Tennessee
have laid down a very different plat'orm, in
which no such miserable concessions are
made, and no suck small expedients are con
sulted. Let Virginia go, as Mr. Clay once
said of the "Senator in the corner," where she
Utah Affairs.
Late advees from Utah show that the State
of affairs is not at all improving. There has
been for some time a disagreement between
Gov. Cumming and Gen. Johnston, the com
mander of the U. S. troops, and an actual col•
lision prevented only by the superior power of
the troops. Of late, however, things hove
been approaching a crisis, until at last the
Governor has called out five thousand of the°
Mormon militia, and placed them under the
command of Gen. Wells, to aid him in the en.
foreenient of his orders. Gen. Johnston, in
the meantime, is acting under the request of
the U. S. Judge. A collision is feared, but
/nay be avoided. Affidavits that have been to
ken, indicate a corruption, deep.seated, and
veryading the entire Mormon Church, from
the leoder Young down to the lowest menial.l
The Times appropriately remarks: It is cvi. I
dent that there will be no lasting peace in the
Territory between the Gentiles and the Mor
snons. Tho liue of demarkation is too strong
ly drawn between them—the interests and the
sympathies of both aro alike divided; and wo
question whether any amount of armed force the
government can send there will have any cther
effect than the total demolition of Mormon
rule in Utah, and the exodus of that fraternity
tone of the Islands in the Pacific. It is pos
sible that the present difficulty may end in
this way, and if such is to be she result, the
snooper it comes about the better.
The Two Great Parties
To those who are in the habit.of regarding
the Democratic as the dominant party in tho 1
Union by numbers, as it is by apportionmeht
we commend the following table, compiled
from the United States census. It will be seen
that the white inhabitants of the Republican
States is in proportion of two to one:
Republican States, 13,530,750
Democratic do., 6,462,418
Democrats are fond of applying to their op.
-patents the epithet of "Black Republicans," as
if they in come way derived their strength
from the African race. We suggest to them n
careful examination of the truth contained in
the statement, winch show pre eminently that
the Opposition to party of the white men of
the Union, while the Democracy only main
tains its power at all by three million blacks
held in slavery, which
.it represents iu Con.
gresa and the Electoral College, although it
'll not allow them to vote either for eleetors
The first battle has been fought. at Monte
hello. It took place on the 21st ult. The
French accounts say that the Austrians, 15,-
000 strong, under Geu. Stadion, attacked the
advanced posts of Marshal Baraghay
ere, and wer3 driven back by Gen. Foray's di
vision after a fierce combat of four hours dura
tion. The allies, including some Piedmontese
cavalry, carried Montebello, but did not pur
sue the Austrians,
The loss of the latter is estimated by the
French at 1,500 to 2,000, and that of the French
at 500 to 700, of whom many wore officers I
-200 Austrians, including a colonel, were taken
The Austrian account simply states that Gen.
Stadion pushed forward a reconnoissance by
a forced march towards Liglie and Montebello,
but after a hot fight with a French force of su.
perior strength, retreated behind the Pa in per.
feet order.
The actual strength of the French is not sta
ted. Reports say they numbered from 6,000 to
7,000, besides a regiment of Sardinian cavalry.
A Sardinian bulletin announces that the ex
treme left of the Sardinian army, under Gene
ral Cbialdni, forced a passage over the Sesia,
putting the Austrians to flight.
Other trifling engagements are reported.
General Garibaldi had entered Gravellona,
on the Piedmontese side of Lake Maggiore,
with 6,000 men, his object being revolutionary.
His purpose is to push into Lombardy.
It was rumored that six Etglish men of war
had entered the Adriatic.
TURIN. May 24,—General Gyulai has re
moved his headquarters to Garlmmo, and has
everywhere ordered the people to give up their
arms, under pain of being shot for disobedi
ence.—General Garibaldi has made forty sev
en more prisoners.
ALEssANDRIA , May 24.--The wounded at
Montebello have been brought here.
MAROEILLIER, May 25.—Some Austrian pris
oners have arrived here.
BERNE, May U.—Revolutionary movements
are reported in Lombardy.
licr The following news, was received
by steamers last week.
SAcitvtr.-. u, N. 8., June 2.—The express
from Halifax having arrived with the desnatch
es for the Associated Press, we are enabled to
transmit the advices by the America. The
dates front Liverpool are to the 21st ult.
No battle had occurred. The retrograde
movements of the Austrians are still condo.
Their head•onarters are now at Garlest°,
about ten miles East of the Ticino. It is twen•
tythree miles Northeast of Novara, and is a
place of about 6000 inhabitants. The Aus
trians crossed the Po near it in their invasion
of Philmont, March 1848.
The Austrian troop! have been withdrawn
from Vercelli, which is now occupied by the
The steamship city of Washington, from
New York, and the Circassian, from Quebec,
arrived out on the 19111, and the Ariel, from
New York, reached Southampton on the 20th.
The news from the cent of war to the latest
moment states that no collision had occurred,
and the retrograde movements of the Austri•
ens had carried their head-quarters to Gallas.
co, within ten miles of the Lombardy boundry.
The town of Vercelli, formerly occupied by the
Austria., had been abandoned and re•eccu
pied by the allied troops.
The position of the troops on both sides wee
such that an engagemert was looked for at any
A blockade of many of the Austrian ports,
especially along the Adriatic, had been effect
ed by the French squadron.
There are a largo number of vessels enga
ged in enforcing the blockade.
Vague reports have reached' London that the
Emperor of Austria, accompanied by Gan.
Hess, has reached Milan and left there for Pa
via, which is near the Austrian headquarter:,
Later advices from India by the Overland
mail, had reached London.
The trial of Tautia Topee had ended in his
conviction, and he wan hung in pursuance of
the sentence of the Court.
The London Money Market was slightly ea
sier. on Friday, the 20th ult.
The decline in cotton seas i@id. for fair
and middling qualities, but for inferior grades
prices had declined still more.
Rumors front other quarters state that a bat
tle is considered eminent, but the London
Tillie" considers it almost certain that June
will bane begun before any greet blow is
The organization of the army is now going.
on actively. The repairs of the damage by the
Austrians to the roads, bridges and railroads
are going on rapidly, and will soon bo complo•
It is reported that Gen. Gyulai had sent word
to the Austrian government that the supply of
provisions were beginning to fail in Piedmont
and that ho would be unable to retain the posh.
Lion he occupied more than fifteen days.
The French government, it is said, has re•
reined information- that four Russian corps•
d'armes had moved towards the Austrian fron
A Norwegian barque bound to Venice had
Nen stopped by n French frigate, and informed
that all tno APPldun netts. except Trie , te and
Ancona, were blockaded. 'The commander of
the fortress at Venice had received no notice
of the blockade.
A French fleet was before Venice, and had
already captured twenty vessels.
The London Times correspondent its the
Austrian camp says that a naval attack on Vers
. ice would have no chanci of success. livery
channel to the port being quite blockaded by
sunken vessels, ships laden with stones lying
close by, ready to be sunk at a few minutes
notice, and thus close up the small remaining
passages. Guns of large calibre are placed in
p aitions to command the channels thus oh
The Paris correspondent of the Times says
that the French squadron is not to attack Yen •
ice, but merely to blockade the port for the
*fit" There is a Man in Galena, ill., who in.
sista that every night, about 10 o'clock, a
ghost in woman's garb appears in his chamber,
looks at him with a stare that appals him, till
he turns In terror to his wile, who, it seems,
cannot see the apparation. Ho bolts the doors
and fastens his windows, but it is all of no use
the intruder comes. Ono of his old sweet
hearts, no doubt.
ear At Columbus, Ohio, lust weeTY, a loon.
tic, whose insanity was of a wild type, killed a
comrade who roomed with him, cut him up in
small pieces, ornamented them with bits of
ribbon, and then proceeded to dispose of thetn
to the other occupants of the ward as Christ.
man beef. When the terror stricken keeper en•
tared the room several of the lunatics were
eating the remains, and :he butcher told him
with a leer, that the nest time he killed, he
should reserve him a choice cut.
;;:entit lintes.
kr. A. J. Icalback, n tailor of Pottsville,
shot himself on last Friday.
ser The Grand Jury of Alachua county,
Fla., has presented Gov. Perry, of that State,
as a " nuisance."
a^ Some writer calls Niagara the pride of
ill the rivers. Saabs thinks that pride has
tremendous fall.
Dar The world should have its docket ca 1-
led, and sluggards all defaulted, and those
should be the' upper ten' whom labor bath ex
It is reported in New York that Gen.
Scott ban made a bet of five hundred bottles of
champagne that Louis Napoleon will never re•
turn to Paris.
Der A certain ventriloquist out west lately
had his voice cracked whilst throwing it, on
account of it coming in contact with a gen.
tlernan's dwelling.
$ Some genius has conceived the Of
liant idea to press all the lawyers into military
service, in case of war, bec.use their charges
are so great no one could stand them.
fier A whole military company in Dayton,
Ohio, fell in love with a young lady—a Jewess,
and as they couldn't all have her, they compro.
mined the matter by selecting her as their
eft•A discovery boo been made by a mod.
ern writer, that, without a mouth a man could
neither eat, drink, kiss the girls, nor chew to.
bacco. He wns a gifted genius who made
that discoveri!
par By a telegraphic dispatch to the Lon.
don Racing Times of May 9, we learn that
Mr. Ten Broeck's mare Prioress won the
Que.'s Plate of $5OO, on the New Market
Course, that same day.
,Citr. A ZOIJAVE,ou stepping on board of a
vessel at Marseilles, bound for the seat of war,
was stopped by the colonel of the reigment,
who recognized in the soldier's dress a young
girl, who had assumed the uniform in order
not to be separated from her lover.
kr Out in Calhoun Co., ON a body with
a head severed from the trunk wits found re.
cently. A coroner's jury was empanneTed, and
rendered the following verdict i " Kerener's
Verdick.—Wee, the jurors find the deseezed
cum to his death by the Hands of sum Parsee
anion with unlawful weeping naimed ax.
la_ Whoever walks through the streets of
Japan, town or village, will be s urprised to no
tice the number.o f books exposed fur sale in
almost every shop. On looking inside he will
probably fiud one or more of the attendants, if
otherwise disengaged, busily engaged in read.
log or listening to something being read by
one of the company.
isieTwo old maids coaversisg with a young
lady, who was about to be married, one ex
claimed, petulently, well, you must bear the
responsibility if you will do it. "Certainly,"
modestly replied the young lady, " I expect to
bear several responsibilities." Old maid ker.
it6r On Friday last, after two days' intone •
coastal ballotings, in the New Jersey Protes•
tart Episcopal Diocesan Convention, the Rev.
Dr. Odenheimer, of Philadelphia, was elected
Bishop in the place of Rev. G. W. Doane
deceased. The Convention was held at Bur.
ler A child seven years old, and weighing
two hundred andfifty pounds, passes: up
Cumberland Valley Railroad the other day,
accompanied by his father and soother. The
boy enjoys exellent health and in every respect
is in good condition. We learn that he was
born somewhere in the northern region of this
serrn the case of Miss Castrang ngt.
Shaw for breach of promise of marriage, in St.
Louis, the jury on Thursday last rendered a
verdict for the full amount of the petition of
plaintiff, $lOO,OOO. It is understood that
counsel for the defendant will file a demand
to have the verdict set aside, and also a peti-
tior. for a new trial.
pa' At the late session of the Des Moinse
(Iowa) Conference of the United Brethren, it
was "resolved that we recommend those sis
ters, who have the grace and ability to preach,
to act as colaborers with us." According, to
this action, Phccbe Benton and Elizabeth
Flankhouser, were granted recommendations
to labor as preach ere.
see A correspondent of 7he Battle Creek
(Mich.) fourtua states that Mr. George C.
Rogers, a distinguished Douglas Democrat of
that city, in speakLig touching the probability
of s anion or the hostile elements of the "um
terrified," for the contest of 1860, shrewdly rc.
marked as follows: " I suppose we shall got in
, bed together again, but we shall be sure to
keep our drawers on. " •
Stir The opinion of the Supreme Court of
Pennsylvania, in the case of the Delaware and
Hudson Canal Company cc. John Torrey, will ,
be of interest to all persons owning mills, foe.
tories, and tanneries by the side of streams.
The Court decides, in substance, that it is in.
entnbent upon the manufacturers to keep the
dust, shavings and tan bark out of the streams,
and any deposit of these, or of clam, renders
them amenable for damages.
EARNING THEIR IN'Aocs —The editors of
the papers in the employ of the Buchanan fac
tion. Show no n paper justifying the treach
ery and proscription of Buchanan, Bigler,
Black & Co., and we will in every instance
show you a paper brought up by Govern.
ment patronage."—Ritstingdon Globe.
flowerer commendable it may be, and satin.
factory to the opposite party, yet the world has
ever looked upon the proof of crime adduced
through the means of "States' Evidence,"
with a disdainful eye.
tar The General Assembly (0, S. P.) which,
met ac Indianapolis located the now College at
Chicago and appointed Dr. Rice one of its
professors. The financial affairs of this body
are in a flourishing condition. So is its Edo•
cationul branches. A. Resolution was passed,
urging a more strict observance of the Sab
bath. Decided that Catholic Baptism was .t
'valid. A motion to mitt° $500,000 as a fund
fin esperommted Minister's and families, by
each giving 25 cis. per annum—decided not
ready to take action ou it,
VIRGINIA ELECTtoN.—Enough6aeßowbeen
heard to settle the question as to " who
is Governor." The Opposition have knocked
Democracy into pi, and in 1860 they intend to
"set it up revised and corrected and let the
world see that Virginia can get along without
Hgto ernee Of,,^ , dey and Frank P. Blair Old in Dublin and Springfield townships, bowl•
are both lions in Ranee-1"° ded by John Minich on the north, land of Mitt. ,
ich, Long A; Peterson and others, on the cast,
political excitement in the territory ;;ecatt;:." 4 and Stacy You rg on the west.
the new preparations fora State government, i j;,' a:710 of la'_din
me of `'alley, being
and the organization of polkignl parties, in a part of a sZve.t
correspondence with those of ihe country, for adjoining land a u.reen •
e ß —v Ramsey and ell:-
the elections under it. lleretofbre ' parties I °"' Ole
4.40 Mo .•
have been Free State and Slave State ; now name acres of land on Shade
of James McMullen, adjoining land it;
they are dividing into Republicans and Demo- the name of Jacob Weaver,on the south by land
crate. of Samuel Bolinger, John Boling's! and others,
nteff•A destructive and fatal tornado occur- on the west, and" Sad of John klumpftey on
red at lowa City, on Tuesday last, by whirls the north.
61 acres of land in Shirley township, AM. ,
houses, barns and everything movable was sag land of A. P. Wilson on the north. land of
swept off. The track of the whirlwind was in Brewster on the west and north, .d land
a southerly direction, and extended ten or called Cornelius' land, on the east. Warranted
twelve miles before its force was spent. •As in the name of Samuel Caldwell,44 acres of land in Fr a nklin .
n witship, war.
far as heard from, four persons were killed and ranted in the name of I). Caldwell, adjoining
twelve badly injured. Of ono ffimily, named land of John Canna on the west, Shoenberger's
Morgan, the father , son and grandson were all land on the north, and land of William M.
Lynn it Co.
instantly killed. 'rimless by the calamity bas Lyus' on the east.
100 nut of land in Wolper l
township, n
not been ascertained. joining land of Brenernan, land cf Dan iel Al.
Ate' Lancaster City in this State, is built rice and others. Warranted in the name of
over a subterranean lake. A leak in the new I Samuel Caldwell.
citybasin has been probed to the depth of' .o,l!"Zin of land t e a ,: BILDir town ship,
e t ,lt
twenty feet, and found to lead to a sublerranc- ' itat i cl n l i a g nd of John S. Isett mi lna tl i t l e West, and
all cavern sufficient to hold or conduct away i north, and otters on the south.
all the water of the Conestoga. There is an 12 acres of land its Union township, adjoin.
100 land of Thomas Irvin on the west and north
arched vault in Lechler's hotel, where the 6-
aid land of HampsEnt's on the east and south.
sing mid falling of the waters in the Emblem,. Warranted in the name of Samuel Caldwell.
nests lathe are as perceptible as the rising .d 440 acres of land in the name of William
falling of Conestoga creek. Watson, situate on Ste. Mountain, adjoining
SO s r A serers hail stern" risked th e region i ti n ti n d d Ja in ras
n e n Tea n u f o j n tnhillie Watso niortl on the south,
of the country lying between Wheeling and 40p acres of land warranted in the name of
Washington, Pa., Friday evening last. which Hobert Johnston, situate in Jackson township
did a vast amount of damage. The apple, adjoining lands warranted in the name of
John Work, Charles Caldwell, Henry West and
pear, plum trees, km, were beaten to the ground William Johnston.
by force of the descending hail. In some lo• 400 acres of land warranted in the name of
cantles, trees were torn up by the violence of Charles Caldwell, situate in Jackson township
the wind, in others, branches were cut Mr b y adjoining land warranted in the name of Hob
ert on e Robert d
the hail, which descended in lam n the
east, ll
Alex. th Johnst north.
on on the southMcCle llan,
in quantities sufficient to cover the ground Robert Johnston on the west.
from three to four inches deep. I 400 acres cf land in Jackson township, war
MODERN INVENTIONS . lands warranted in the name of William John
ston, Henry West, Andrew Boyd .d George
IVe know of no invention of modern times
that deserves or is destined to occupy a high. Wien. ."
er niche En the temple of fame, than the diem. 400 acres of land in Jackson township, war.
ery of invention of the Vegetable Epiletic ranted in the name of Samuel Steel, adjoining
Pills for curing E p il epsy, or Falling Fi ts ; land warranted in the name of Jonathan Bees.
sly, Win. Steel, John Geibraeth and others.
Spasms, Cramps, and all the various modifica
thine of Nervous Disease. Dr. Seth S. Entice, 'rlie undivided one-fourth of 400 acres of
of 108 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md., the
land on Broad Top Mountain, warranted in
inventor, is certainly entitled to the best wish. thoname of ll'illiam Spring, adjoining lands
les of all the benevolent portion of mankind, of MeCattless and others.
who experience a pleasure by the alleviation 1.15 acres of land in Cromwell township,
of b ornan su ff er i ng. wh en D r. mince first warranted in the 11111110 of Joseph Grub.
prepared these Pills, he intended them solely TERMS 01 ? SA LE . 0 00 - how of stn Puy
for Fite, Cramps, and Spasms ; but subsequent chase money to be pied on confirmation of
the sale, and the balance one year thereafter,
experience satisfactorily proved to him, that
in addition to their remarkable sanative prop- to be eccured by a judgment or mortgage.
orties this class of diseases, they exerted a per. By Order of Orphans' Come.
feet ebntrol over I'4 entire. nervous system. D. CALDWELL.
He was then induced to tryibem in cases of ' Adm'r of Samuel Caldwell dee'd.
Neuralgia, Tic-Dolorcaux, Nervous Headache, Huntingdon, Jose 8 , 1838 .- 3 t.
Palpitation of the Heart: Incipient Paralysis,
Hysteria, Muscular Debility, and Et host of mi
nor diseases, springing from a lack of nervous
energy, in all of which his anticipations were
crowned with the most sanguinary success-
Persons at a distance, by writing and sending
a remittance to Dr. Hance. can have the med
icine forwarded by mail to then' post office ad.
dress, he paying the/ postage. prices aro.
for a single box, $3, two boxes, $3, or s2.t per
dozen. We have given his address, above. lin.
Strumous or Scrofulous nffeetions are the
curse, the blieht. the potato rot of.mankind.—
They are vile and filthy as well ns fatal. They
arise front contamination and impurity of the
blood, and are to be seen all mound us every
where. Ono quarter of all wo meet are tainted
with them, and one quarter of these die of
them die foolishly too, because they are cura
ble. Ayer's Sarsaparilla cleanses out the Scref•
ulous corruption front th r blood, renders it pure
and healthy, and effectually expurges the foul
contamination front the ,yitent. No longer
groan under your 'Scrofulous disorders, since
the irresistable Apr has providotl his masterly
combination of curative virtues that he calls
Sarsaparilla.—Demooral, Waterbury, Ct.
fflarricb . .
On Thursday, 2d inst., by Rev. S. H. Reid,
Mr. Henry S. Wharton to Miss Anna Moilfur.
Iris, both'of Huntingdon.
3'IULADEI.I9I... JUNE, 8 1859
FLOUR—Superfine. pee barrel, 86 75( 7,00
" Extra ". 7 00(7.50
family 7 75t0 8 50
Rye Floor and Cori Meal
Wh°.:lt—rerl, per bushel,
,s WWI(' 14
Oats it 02
Cluverseed $5 00(!nG 15 per 64 pounds
Timothy seed, $l,BO to 2 00
Flax, per bushel $1 75
New Advertisements.
% iiiii
"--' Came to the residence of the
subscriber, living in West town- ' ' sin , f
ship, Huntingdon county, on Sat.
urduy, the ;11st day of May I asyra,;;ZZ.Z -
a heifer between three and four years old, of a
bright brindle color, without murk% The ow•
tier is requested .to come forward, prove prop.
erty, pay charges and take her away, otherwise
she will he disposed of according to law.
West township, June 8,1859.-4 t.
No. 306 CHESTNUT Street.
PRICE—Each 25 cents.
SEVEN NUMBERS are already published.
And one will be issued regularly on every Sat
urday, until the whole ore cothfloted.
One complete set, twenty-six ;ninnies In all
will be sent to uny ono, fast us they ere ugh.
'lobed, fcr five dolluru. Single number'_ _5
No. 806 CHESTNUT Street,
Will be sold at public outcry,
On WI nesday, 22d day cf June next,
At the Cont Ilimsoin the borough of Hunting.
don !he following described Real Estate, to wit:
4SO acres of land, in the name of James
NT C ,
_ To The Tax ClllogorB of Hituti:titinn
Yen are requested to mac a special utlort
to meet the August Interest. Persons holding
county orders will please exercise tt little pn
tionee, L already largely advanced be
yond the receipts of the County. As I will be
absent Mr a few weeks, persons haring busi
ness in my office, will please call on
G: rrettson„nt the Banking BMW of 8..11. Ger
rettson At Co. F. 11. LANE,
• 'Bunt., June 1, 1859.—tf. :treasurer.
NOTICE to the Stockholders of the •
Sherman's Valley Is. Broad Top It.
H. Co.; nosy "Penn's Pacific Rail
Way Company."
At the instance of numerous Stockholders, u
special meeting , of the Stockholders orsaid Corn.
patty is called, to convene tut Friday, the 17th
day of Juno next, at 11 o'clock, A. M., nt the
public house ofJ. Leering, in Waterford. Juni
ata Co., Pa., to take into consideration Lands,
Routes, Ac., and all matters of importance to
the Cele puny.
The Board of Directors . are requested to meet
at said place, at 10 o'clock, A. M. of said day.
Punctual attendance is requested.
Huntingdon, May 27, 1859.-31 President,
Noticetis hereby given that Letters Tes
tamentary on the estate of John Stuokard
late of Tell township, Huntingdon a-suoty, de
ceased, have been duly granted to the sub.
sabers, to whom all persons indebted 'to said
estate will make payment, and those having
claims or demands against the same, will pre.
sent them, duly authenticated, for settlement.
Alex. C. Blair,
Michael Shearer,
May .1, '5O. Executors.
.1.,) Vie subscriber resu,,t u il y antiouneci
I 62(1u1 f:2
1 70(a ; ! 7,-,
. .
m cluntanguou RIM vientiv, tnat
he has opened a shop on St. Clair street, in
the east end of the town, where he is prepared
to manufacture oil articles in hieo hm.
line, on the shortest notice, and
on reasonable terms. After a long
expetienee In the Boot nod Shoe business, 1
flatter myself that I can please those who give
me their orders. Work dune when promised
in all eases.
Huntingdon apr 27 '59. C. WEAVER,
(Roiato of Allexander Steel, dec.)
Notice is hereby given that Letters Teo.
tamentury on the estate of Alexa Oder Steel
late of tit., township of West, in the county of
Huntingdon, deceased, have been duly granted
to the subscribers, to whom all persons iudabt•
to said estate will make payment, and those
having claims or demands against the same
will present them for settlenent.
• JOHN RUNG, Fx i n
Apr. 27 '5940
. .
ITlCorner of Hill Si Montgomery Streets,
This stand is well known as the "McConnell
House." Thu location is superior to any other,
being in the immediate proximity to business;
also to the Bank and most Public Offices
It is the determination of the Proprietor, to
keep this House in a stylo satisfactory to the
public, and it is Ins desire, to make all who
patronize hien, feel at home, and to make the
Manion' rank ntnong the best of Hunting
don Hotels. Ile %cry r,spectfully solicits the
public patronage. Apr. 13th '59
r Note, Post, Commercial, Foolscap and
Flatenp—a good asaortinent for tale by the
ream, hull ream quire or sheet. at,
Lewis' New Book nod Stationtry Store.
Prof. Clans. DeGratles Electric 011.
This great discovery is DOW creating a great
sensation, among the 3ledical Faculties of ru
rope and this country. It will cure the fellow
tog (not everything): Warranted to
Cure Fever and Ague in one day, Cure chill,
in live minutes. Cure Croup in one night.—
Cure Deafness in two to four days, Cure burns
and Scalds in ten minutes. Cure Sprains,
Wounds and bruises in from one to three days
Cure Intimation in one day. Cure Mural.
gin, Croup, Tooth Ache. burns, in 10 minute,
Cure Hemorrhage, Scrofula, Abscess in ten
days. Cure Bruises, Wounds, Totter, in one
to three days. Cure Ear Ache, StilT neck,
Ague in one day. Cure Felons, Broken Breast
Salt Rheum, in three to six day,. Cure Quin
no, Palpitation, Pleurisy, in one to ten days.
4atbina, palsy, Gout,
20 day, Erripelas, in five
. Cure Frosted lent, Chiblains,
Chronic Rlieumatlol, Stiff Joints, Sore Throat .
Scarlet Fever, and the lame. made 4o
walk bt
«1 la mild
a few bottles. This Oil (Do titTo“-
and pleasent, and is a great family
for children teething. &c. Ladies should all'
cee it. It always leaves you better than it
finds you, and ono bottle often cures entirely.
Afflicted Pirteen tears and Cured In One
Read letter from Jamee Temple-
Philalphia, June 9th, 1856,
Prof. De Grath : I We been afflicted for
thirteen years with Neuralgia end ether pain
ful complaints, and I have Item: able to sleep
soundly or walk any distance for ....I'M.
past. Last week I gel a bottle of yoti."
trio Oil." The first night I slept soutui2;
well, and to day I am like a new man, It
wife could not believe her eyes. Your Ele,
trio Oil has done in one week what the ifflysi:
cians of Philadelphia failed to do in thatten
years. Gratefully yours.
310 South street
New Haven, May 10th, 1856.
Prof. De Grath My brother has been deaf
three years. After trying many things, he used
your Oil a few times, and it cured him entire
There arc numerous imitations sprung w
on the reputation that my nrticlo lts'acqnirerr.
The public must beware. They are worthless.
For sale by S. S. Smith, Huntingdon.
May 25 1039,
1859. PI It 1859
The undersigned would respectfully call tho
attention of our friends and customets, as well
as the citizens of the town' and country , general
ly, to our new and extensive assortment of
consisting of every article of gentlemens' fur
nishing goods. We deem it unnecess try to
make a newspaper flourish, being confident that
a call and an examination °four goods, trill sa
tisfy nil, that our goods are just what we re
commend them to he, well made, of good mate
rial, and as cheap as the same quality of goods
can be bought in the county of Huntingdon.
t is not our desire, as it is not the policy of
honest men, to deceive, brit thin mach we will
say, that we will guarantee to all who may fa
vor us with their patronage, entire satisfaction
as to (polity, fit and price. Should gentlemen
desire any particular kind or cut of clothing,
not found in our stock, by leaving their meas
ure, they can be accommodated at short notice.
Call at corner of the diamond, Long's new house.
Play 4, 1859.
READ? It E.l D!! HEAL!!!
R 0 :IVLA A 2% S A, IV(
Is n reinrdy act ta de excelled I', the r.diel'and
cure of ill°se maladies iuciueut 1.. tdo slimmer
t.asoa, r ix 2 .
bus, V'omiting, qlint
Its excellefir Carminative powers, pleilsiint
taste and 811oillitig influence. reielerA it a
noble remedy in infantile dism,es, peculiar to
the Second Smaller, viz :—CholeraNation,
etc. It has a reinvimif sail tonie
race on the system, idlityiag. inflamittiom •.
it exist 3 in the 5tOlllllCll Illid bowels— oil
trial will Le found imlispersalde to Ilse me:;
being of every family. It will be found as aril
adopted to adults as children. Try it.
Prepared only by A. bI`IENV MM.],
Price 25 eta. a bottle. Hispeming Chemist
Sold by J.ltead, Huntingdon, and Driiugivii
nd Storekeepers generally. [May 21,'50. ly
No. NM N. 'inure ST., (8 doors above Vine.)
PHILAD El. Pll lA.
IL. Mechanical, Forming and Household Hard
ware, is now in store, and will be offered at the
lowest market prices, to CasY and prompt Six
months buyers. Nails at Manufacturers prices
for Cash.
Orders from new customers will receive strict
and accurate attention and all goods sent from
this house will be as represented.
tilif'Country merchants, on their next visit to
our city to make their Spring purchases arc cor
dially invited to call nod ex.uninn our Stock
and Prices before Purchasing.
INT ar,U,'59.-3m.
MEN WATell d . JEWELRY S'r( ~t:.t
Respectfully informs the chisel. of Hunting
don, vicinity, and the surrounding noun
try, that be has commenced bu siness iu
tbe room opposite M. Gutman's Store in
blsnitET Ilusrinnnort, and
hopes to receive a share of public patronage.
WATCHES and CLOCKS rrpaired in the
be!tworbinanliko manner.
His stock of WATCHES and JEWELRY is
of the best, all of which he will dispose of at
reasonable prices.
The public generally are requested to give
bins a call and examine his stuck.
. _
40,000 Volumes of Books for Sale.
$500,00 in Gills for every 1000 Sold.
In order to reduce my extensive stock I will
sell one thousand dollars worth of Books at the
regular retail prices or less, and give ($500)
five hundred dollars worth of presents varying
in value from 25 cents to $lOO,OO. Or, those
who prefer can purchase at wholesale prices.—
My stock consists of every variety and style of
binding, School Books of every kind, whole.
sale and retail. Sales to commence Dec. 24th.
Dec.22,'58. WM. COLON.
TACKSON'S HOTEL, Huntingdon,
J. Pa. J. 8. - MILLER, Paoynnivon.
Respectfully informs his Wendt' and
the travaing public generally, that he IR
has leased the ''Jtielisou House," fur bOV- 11J 1
oral years occupied by Wm. B. Zeigler, and
that he will be pleased to receive the calls of
all who may favor hiss with their patronage.
His table will he furnished with the best the
' market can afford, and every attention will he
given to make these with him feel at home.
Huntingdon. 'Numb 30, 1E,59.
A N n
WE beg leave to call the atten
tion of the Trade, and more
especially the Physicians of the
country, to two of the most popu
lar remedies now before the public.
We refer to
Dr Wm N 'Lane's Celebrated
Vermifuge and Liver Pills.
We do not recommend them as
universal Cz:fe-alts, but simply for
what their name p oports, viz.:
For expelling Worms from the
human system. It has also been
administered with the most satis
factory results to various Animals
subject to Worms.
For the cure of LIV ER COMPLAINTS,
HEA .o-ACHE, &c. In cases of
preparatory to f)r after taking Qui
nine, they almost invariably make
a speedy and permanent cure.
As specifics for the above men
tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled,
and never known to fail when ad
ministered in accordance with the
Their unprecedented popularity
has induced the proprietors,
to dispose of their Drug business,
in which they have been success
fully engaged for the last Twenty
Years, and they will now give their
undivided time and attention to
their manufacture. And being de
termined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele
brated Vermifuge and Liver Pills
shall continue to occupy the high
position they now hold among the
great remedies of the day, they
will continue to spare neither time
nor expense in procuring the Best
and Purest material, and com
pound them in the most thorough.
manner. Address all orders to •
FLEMING BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa,
P.B bashes and Physicians ordering from others
than Fleming lime., will do well to write their orders
distinctly, and I,lse none but Dr. Ai'Larie's, prepared by
Fleming Bras Pittsburgh, Pa. To those wishing to glen
them a trial, we will forward per mall, post paid, to any
part of the United States, ono box of Pills for.tweloce
three-emit postage stamps, or ono vial of Vortnifuge for
fourteen threocent stumps. All orders from Canada moat
be accompanied by twenty centa extra.
halo iit feat,,g doh by Jahn Read sad
s, s Swiih, :gad dealt rs generally through tho
Mtly 11, 1859.-15,
The great standard medicines of the present
age, have acquired their great popularity only
through years of *pl. Unbounded satisfac
tion is rendered by7lent in alt cases; and the
people have prosianneed them worthy.
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Debility of the Nervous System,
Diseases of the Kidneys,
and all diseases arising from a disordered
live or weakness of the stomach and digestive
organs, are speedily and permanently cured by
The Balsamic I:maim has acquired a
reputation surpassing that of any similar pre
partition extant., ft will cure, WITHOUT Ma t
the most severe and long-standing
Cough, cola, or Hoarseness. arnahius,
nuenza, urn•-•
• .nennionia, ineipient
and has performed the most astonishing toted
ever known of
Confirmed Consumption.
A few doses will also at one, check and
cure the moat aevere Dtarrhasa proceeding
These medicines are prepared by Dr. C. M.
JACKSON & Co., No. 418 Arch Sired, Phila
delphia, Pa., and are sold by druggists and
dealers in medicines everywhere, at 75 ante
per bottle. The signature of C. M. JACKSON
will be on the outside wrapper of each bottle
In the Almanac published annually by ti
proprietors, called BMW/10DV. ALmass , .
you will find testimony and commendatm
notices from all parts of the country. The :
Almanacs are given away by all our agents.
For sale in Huntingdon by John Read and
S. S. Smith and dealers generally through the
county. [May 11, 1859.-1:.
For sale at Smith's Drug Store, Huutiugdou
au. Igatti v 104 i,
Menai services to the citizens of Ho rrisnaex
and vicinity.
Residence or. 11111 street, in the fcr
merly occopied by Dv It. A. Miller,
April 13. LAO.