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    w re. John S. Holland, of Pembroke. Chris-
AttlitMODU ournat. tu.ll county, Ky., offers a reword of $l5O fur
the rupture and return to hits of 'rhos. Whit
lock, a Methodist pteacher, (his slave) 28 years
Wednesday Morning, June 1. 1869. old, and weighing 170 or 180 pounds. If caught
der The inspection of the military compa
nies of the 4th Brigade, 14th Division, came
off at this Wrier, on Friday last, according to
order. There were but three companies pros
sat and everything passed off in a quiet, or.
derly manner. The Orbisonia Artillery, Capt.
Dell, numbered some twenty muskets, and pre
sented a very creditable appearance. The Pe
tersburg Guards, Capt. Johnston, in a splendid
'body of men, numbering near forty muskets,
sad attracted considerable attention. The
Scott lufautry, Capt. Dare, is, decidedly, one
of the largest, best looking and ablest con,
mended military companies in the State, and
we are free to say would give a good accowit
of itself should it ever become ueeessary to
call upon them to defend their country, quiet
insubordination or expel an invader.
On the whole, we were grently pleased with
the decorum manifested by the bald soger
ier,!s," and the proceedings generally.
la- Of all evils, we would particularly call
the attention of parents to that one of permit
ting theit children to attend circuses, nod pla•
ace of like indecent character, whore vulgarity
and obseenity, reign triumphant. The father
who places the money in his sun's hands to vis
it a circus, does as touch to give his soul to Sa
tan, no the wretch who teaches him to scoff at
religion and his God. Ile is as much a mur
derer of that son's virtue as he who plunges a
knife to his heart would be of his buoy, Cir-
cuses are the devil's most effective weapons,
end we tremble for the young man who fro
quotas such places. The best circuses are evils,
but what shall we say of those where vulgar
ity and obscenity form the principal features of
attraction Of this elms we have the author
ity to say, is the one which is'about polluting
our community—a miserable, broken-down,
contemptible humbug. We hope our friends
in the country will not consent to be hum
DROWnD.—An interesting little son of Rev.
Win. McCullom, of this borough, aged about
three years, accidentally fell into the canal oo
Sunday afternoon last, and was drowned. Au
soon as he was missed by his parents, search
wan matte, Lut nowhere could he be found. At
last a lady gave the information the she had
obnerved "something red " floating down the
canal, which gave rise to the suspicion that
he had fallen into the same, and upon exam i.
nation, tho body was tomtit u shalt distance
below town, and rescued by our friend Col.
Harry Wharton. This in indeed a sad occur•
rence, and has cast a gloom over out entire
coniumnity. He wan an interesting, bright-eyed
I ittle fellow, and we mourn with Ins aftlic , .ed
parents in thin, their bereaveract.t.
giarWe find the following :elative to the
Hedfurd Railroad, in the last Inpirer. The
Letting of the Road from Hopewell to Bloody
Run, took place on Wednesday Inst. At the
time of going to press wo had nut yet learned
the successful bidders. A great many vont rae•
tors, have been in town for several days past.
and among them we notice some of the hat
and most reliable men in the State. That Ia t
of ties route will be commenced imineditoeiy,
and there is no doubt of its completion nt a,:
early day to Bloody Run, and from that point
to Bedford. We will publish a full report of
tho lettings in our next.
Just before going to press, we learn that
James bull and James Montgomery of Dar•
risburg, and Thomas Collins of Cambria, have
been allotted the contract for the building of
the Railroad from Hopewell to Bloody Run.
:IQ— The Shirleyshurg Herald says, David
McDonaghy, residing in the neighborhood of
Three Springs, came near losing his life on
Wednesday of last week, in the following mnn•
ner ; in felling a tree for the purpose of bark
ing, in its fall it bent a stout sapling to tl e
ground. In attempting its removal, he in an
uncautious manlier, gave a few strokes with
his axe on 11.1!1 strained portion of the sapling,
when, owing to its tention, it split and sprang
upward with great force, striking the unfortu•
nate tnan a terrible kitty on the forehead,
juring him seriously. 'lke skin and flesh were
much lacerated, and the skull severely frac•
lured, two email pieces of which it was ccund
necessary to remove. At first, fears were en
tertained that he could not survive, but at la.
est accounts he was doing well, and hopes
are entertained or his recovery.
BLAIR COUNTY.—WO Hell the following items
of news in our Blair County exchanges:
The Whig chronicles the disease of a veaer•
able col.' ea gentleman named Tom Shorter,
Supposed to be about 100 years uld.
Toe TYRONE Star says that Joseph Will.
jams caught a pike in the Juniata which weighs
18 Nuncio. What a whopper I.
The Directors of the Phillipsburg and Ty.
rone Railroad hate effected an arrangetnent
with the Penneylvahis Railroad Company
re. which insures the early completion of tide im•
, nvement.
Levi DeArmit, conductor on a freight train
of the Pennsylvania Railroad, was accidentally
killed on Saturday last, o at Blair Furnace, by
hi 6 head coming in contact with the bridge.
a little eon of Calvin B. Jacobs, of Hollidays
burg, by some means got a grain of corn in his
nose. On complaining of pain, a physician
was sent for, who mado an examination, but
tailed to discover the pain. A few days after,
while the child wee lying down Mr. J. thought
he saw the wain, and immediately called in a
physician who came prepared with an instil.
talent to remove it. The child refused to be
operated upon, but finally went to the yard,
where by vigorous blowing the grain of corn
was dislodged, and on examining, it was found
tc have two sprouts upon it.
.... _
kr The Excels ior Braila Band ie having
a new and beautiful wagon built, at the ex•
teueive eetabliehtnent of Mi. 0. Boat.
Ina State the reward is but $lOO,
Has anybody seen a Christian minister loose
in this vicinity, of about this age and weight ?
If so, hero is a chance for speculation, by send•
ing hint back to his "old Kentucky home."
'The last Shirleysburg Herald, is pay.
ing a handsome compliment to the d:scourse
delivered in that village lust Sabbath, by Rev.
Reid, adds: it appears that alma,
or thirty heads of familbs in this neighborhood
.e members of the German Reformed Church
id it is the intention of Mr. Reid to visit thorn
occasionally, and hold meeting., iu the clinch.
os or tho other denominations, which wo hope
will bo cordially opened to him. He is certain.
ly an accomplished and impressive pulpit era.
TH E ELDER Bustt. —A cotemporary says in.
sects never touch elder bushes. The leaves of
the elder. scattered over cabbage, cucumbers,
squashes, and other• plants subject to the roes
gee of insects, effectually shields them. The
plum and other fruits subject to the ravages of
insects, may be saved by placing in the branch.
es and through the tree, bunches of elder
THE Amts CILOP.-If plenty of blossoms
are any indication of a largo apple crop, rte
shall have a great abundance this season. (Jr
every hand apple, pear, peach and cherry trees
are in full bloom, and unless we have a frost—
"a killing frost" we may look fur a large
yield of fruit at the proper time. Everybody
is rejoicing at the prospect at present.
Wednesday evening last, three e“,-
loAds of U. S. soldiers, passed through this
place on their way to Utah. They seemed to
be laboring under a severe attack ofstrychnine
whisky, and were very noisy. One of then,
was gallant enough to empty a imp orcolfee .
a lady staudiug . the platform.
Sror Sumo rascal entered the garden of a
widow lady in town, the other night, and carried
oil all her cabbage plants. We did nut think
we had a mar. ? in town mean enough to steal
plants, and are inclined to think he must b 3 a
hard ease.
re' Captain Whisky had his mail Niurphy
out in mull dress parade last Friday. A slight
skirmish ensued near the cemetery, in which
the “Ethinpium" was compelled to knock un•
tiV- We are iudebtell to our friends of the
String Band, for the delightful music they fa
oared oe with the other e4euiug. It was deli•
cious, and we hope our young friends will "do
it again" and often.
goy- We are again under obligati°ou to two
of our fair friends, fur handsome boquets. La
dies, the printer,' thanks and benedictions be
with run evermore, for your sweet gills.
Hen..—Wo are informed that a very severe
hail sham prevailed hi the vicinity of Water.
street, on 'Thursday lust, doing but little dote
however, to the crups. how far it eA • ..1•
(.11, we tire unable to say.
A,-2.• The Lei Wing of the vaults at the
!louse, is Aoilig on rapidly, and when eouiple
tcd, will keep the records secure. wa3
senaible ireprovenscat.
Strii p'd by T, Smith, (rem his vile disguise,.
Its naked shame, the ass and 161 arises,
In potent, grave u•td reverend " Peter• Punk,
Prince of all asses—living or defunct;
And he who looks no Peter, now will find,
Earl' monster meets his likeness in his mind,
Well may poor Peter dread J. S*B skill,
Well may he tremble, when we draw our quill,
Our magic quill, that, like Ithuriel's spear
Reveal'd Punk'seloven hoof and leugthen'tlear;
Bade the green soap bug take its natural shape,
And show'd in Punk, a fool, au ass and ape ;
Dragged the vile slanderer from hie dark abode,
ill all the demon starts up from the toad ;
Nut quite a toad, and yet no more a 'tad,'
. .
A little of bothLof bath whatever's bad,
"Oh, show! John Smith, why thus
the name.
Of fools and knaves, already dead to shame ?
Know you not, John, the ever truthful verse—•
' The 'knave and fool are their own libellers!'
A gibbering idiot common truth ne'er feats,
And Peter trembles only fur his mfrs."
True, true, my friend, but while we hold a rod
No saapbra hied idiot shall 'blaspheme his God;
No pimp of vice, no prostitute to gain,
Low-creeping in the putrid sinki of shame—
No greasy, sump-locked, pug-nosed braying slave
Shall crawl, unwhipp'd of Justice, to his grave.
A lash like mine, uo honest man need dread,
But pimps, and punks, and asses in his stead
Fur him who hunts a harmless neighbor's peace
Ia long-eared rhyme that stinks of MD al grease,
Maggots half formed, in rhyme exactly mem,
That learn to crawl upon poetic feet ;
Who loves a lie, lame slanders help about,
Who writes it libel, or who copies .t ;
Who keeps no Secret, tolls wbatn'er you say,
And if you trust him.. will as sure betray.
And such is Peter, zany, crazy elf,
Cursed by his neighbors, children and himself;
To apes, and toads,.and asses still a shame,
Think, hew posterity will tteat thy name—
Go. hey a rope, that future times may tell
Thou hest at least bestowed one penny well.
No longer through your muck•cart, Pete, insist,
In 'rhyme run mad' "Peter's a Satirist;"
But boil, and mould, and mix your spirits still,
And munch your oats—or thistles, if you will;
Keep cool, then, Peter, don't get. in a miff,
You'll hear again from—yours in tears
810" Sprained Ankleo end Wrists can be re•
loved of all swelling and pain in from five to
thirty minutes, by the free use of Du Vall's
Galvanic Oil. It acts by imparting electricity
to the part affected, starts up a new action in
that part, and a cure in at once obtained.
° ~.~~~~Yeb.
In this borough on the 24th ult., Rev. James
Reed to Mies Cornelia Ker, both of this place.
- Pitt'.
At Carrick Furnace, Franklin county, on the
25th ult., Alexander Walker, in the 77th
WILIT-.NNATC,CO7J 1LC.43.7:3M/Ler'in
Shade Gap, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.
Principal of Female Department,
Professor of Anal(.44 and Physiology.
Lecturer on Ar! qf 'leaching and Phys. Geog
Teacher of Music, Drawing Creston and lint
ian Painting and Fancy Needle Work.
TIE next session of this Institution will open I
riJr advantages to those seeking an education
psed of those who are thoroughly qualified fc
who wish to place their children in a secure ai
melts A NORMAL SCHOOL, will be forms
worthy County Superintendent, will give lecture,
the Counting Room. TERMS, for seasion of li
sons in Music, French, Drawing, Painting and 1
For further particulars address
N. B.—By those desiring.pluees, curly 'lndic
Cannot rival in attraction the superb St uckof
Spring aud.Stinirner Goods now being received
uiulypened by Fisuna L MuNfunTair.
This sleek has been selected with great care
and the public are cordially invited to call and
examine it.
It comprises all the lato styles of Ladies'
Dress Goods, such as Poil de Cheers,
L., Organdies, Jaconcts, Lawns, Challis, plain
and figured Berages. Crape Harem, Plain awl
colored Chintz., French and En g lish Ging
hams, Amaranths, Valenti., Alpuccas, Debage
Prints, Ste., &c.
A beautiful assortment of Spring fill AWLS,
round and square corners, all colors. A full
stock of Ladies Fine Collars, Gentlemen's
Furnishing Goods, such as Codars, Cravats,
Tien, Stocks, Hosiery, Shirts; Gauze and Sills
l'odershirts, Drawers, hr.
We have a fine selection of Mantillas, Dress
Trimmings, Fringes, Ribbons, Mitts, Gloves,
(iantlids, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Buttons,
Floss, Sewing Silk, Extension Skirts, Hoops
of all kinds, &c.
LSO—'Pickens, Osnaburg, bleached and un
bleached Muslim at all prices, Colored and
White Cambries, Barred and Swiss Musli
Victoria Lawns, Nainsooks, Tarleton and n.ny
other articles which comprise the line of \V bile
and Domestic Goods.
We have French Cloths, Fancy Cassino,,,
Sattinottg, Jeans, Tweeds, Cotton:ales,
Denims and Blue Drills.
a every vedety and style. Ala() all kind,
A good stuck of
BOOTS & 14110111 S,
Wood . and AV ill° wa re,
wiU sold thii,Ap.
We Also deal in PLASTER, FISII, SAL.'(',
and nil ,kinds of GRAIN, mud possess.
.in tlns branch Or trade unequalled by any. We
deliver all packages or parcels of Morebandise,
FREE (IF eIIARGE, at the &pots of the
Broad Top and Pennsylvania Railroad,.
Conic ono, come all, and be convinced that
the "MaTuoPourAst" is the place to secure
thaltionable and desirable goods, disposed of at
the lowest rates.
YI A" F 'acv
' " SAllll'lllO
Act Company.
(immoral ed hy jiieStatenj Pennsylvania.
1. Money is received every day, and in any
amont, large or small.
2. FIVE PEff. CENT interest is paid l'or
money from the day it is put in.
3. The money i always paitrback in GOLD
whenever it is culled for, and without notice.
4. Money is received from Evecidom Admi.
nistrato •e, Clif , rdiUll3 nod others who desire to
have it in a place of perfect safety, and where
interest eau he obtained for it.
5. The money received from depositors is in.
GROUND RENTS, and such other first-elass
securities us the Charter directs.
6. Mice Hours—Every day from 9 till 5
o'clock, and on Mondays and Thursdays till 8
o'clock in lho evening.
HON. HENRY L. BENNER, President,
ROBERT - SELFRIDGE, Vice President,
WM. J. REED, Secretary.
Hon. Henry L. Benner, F. Carroll Brewster,
Edward L. Carter, Joseph B. Barry,
!!obartL.Balfridge, Francis Lee,
titt - ntl. K. Ashton, - . I Joseph Yerl:es,
C. Landreth Menus, Henry Dietrenderffer,
1;11[11a021 , P1111fil.
Wm. A. Batchelors Hair Dye !
The Original and Beet in the World!
All others are mere imitation, and should
be avoided, if you wish to escape ridicule.
stand} , to a beautiful and Natural Brown or
Black, without the least injury to Hair or Skin.
Fifteen Medals and Diplomas have been a
warded to Wm. A. Batchelor since 1839, and
over 80,000 applications have been made to
the Hair of his patrons of his famous Dye.
duces a color not to be distinguished from nu
ture, and is warranted not to injure in the least
however long it may be continued, and the ill
effects of Bad Dyes rg,medied ; the Ht it
viooratedfor life by this splendid Dye.
Made, sold or applied (in 9 private rooms)
at the Whig Factory, 233 Broadway, New
York. Sold in all cities and towns of the Uni
ted States, by Druggists and Fancy Goods
lair The Genuine has the name and address
upon a a.cel plate engraving on four sides of
each boa, of WM. A. BATCHELOR,
233 Broadway, New York.
John Read, Agent Huntingdon Pa.
Nov. 17, '6B-Iy.
Ser 5000 AGENTS WANTED—TO sell 4 new
inventions. Agents have made over $25,000
1 on one,—better than all other similar agencies.
Send Mar stamps and get 80 pages particulars,
! gratis. EPHRAIM BROWN, Lowell, Mass.
,oprietor and Principal.
Teacher of the Eaulish Branches.
Teach, of Illathentalics,
, .
Teacher in Preparatory Department.
the first Wednesday of May. It holds out supe
n. The Huard of Inatructain is large, and corn
or their profession. To Parents and Guardian,
healthy retreat, it hulde out peculiar indoor
ed the preaent session, to which Mr. Gwen, our
!:1 on the Art of Teaching and Physical Geogra•
young men will be thoroughly qualired for
ice months, 5i5.00. Light nod fuel aloe. Lou-
Fancy Needle \Valli, extra,
W. 11. WOODS,
:ation should be mode.
RICH diOiiirHAlß.
Talk of beauty, it cannot exist a taunt a fine
heal of hair, then read the following. and it
you ask more, see circular around tack bottle,
and no ono can doubt.
TIVE.—Wa all the attention of all, obi
and young, to this wonderful preparation. which
turns buck to its original color, gray hair—cov
ers the head of the bald with a luxuriant growth
—removes the dandruff, itching, and all cuta
neous eruptions—causes a continual flow of hc
natural dui' s and hence, if used as u regular
dressing for the hair will preserve its color, and i
keep it from tolling to extinme old age, s nil
its natural beauty. We call then mi. the bald,
tho grey, or diseased in scalp, to use it, and
surely the young will not, as they value the
flowing locks, or the witching earl, ever be
without it. Its praiso is upon the tongue of
The Agent for Prof. Wood's flair Restorative
in New Rayon, received the following letter in
regard to tl.e Hair Rettorative, a low weeks
DLE, ItivER,PONN, July 21, 185 G
Mr. Leavenworth—Sir: I hare been ,
with dandruff or scurf on my head for-morz
than a year, my hair began to come out, scurf
and hair together. I saw in a Now Haven pa
per about "Wood's flair Restorative" as a cure.
I called at your store tin the Ist of April last,
and purchased a bo.tlu to try it, and I found to
I,v dlietiun it was the thing, it removed the
,chit 41‘,1 new hair begun to grow; it is now
two or three inches in hugth where it was all
off. I have great faith in it. I wish you to send
~,a two more bottles by Mr. Post, the bearer of
this. I don't as acy ut the kind is used in this
place, you may have a market fur many bottles
eller it is known here.
YUIITS with respect, RUhUS I'RATT.
P1f11,.1.1.111A, Sept. 9, MAI.
loop, WOOD—Dear Sir : Your' Hair Restor
ative it !roving itielf beneficiol to or. The
front, nod alio the buck port of toy bend ohnost
hot 1. covering—:n tact nAME I hare need
but two half pi7it bottles of' yovr Restorative,
and now the top of my head is well +kidded
with a prothising crop of young hair, and the
front is KW receiving its benefit. I have tried
other preparations without any benefit whatever.
I think from my own personal recommendation
I cue induee many others to try it.
Yours reekcifully, •
1).11. THOMAS, M. 1).,
No. 464 Vine Sc.
1 : %., Juno 22, 1852.
PROF. 0. J. W OOD ; As you are about to
manuraetvre and vend coat recently discover.)
Flair Restorative, I will state, for whomsoever it
tiny concern, that I have used it and known
others to use it—that I have, tier several years,
been in the hal it of using other liair Restor,i
tines, and that I find yours vastly superior to
any other I know. It entirely cleanses the head
of dandruff, and with one month's proper tie
will restore any peroon's hair to the original ci.-
lor and texture, giving it a healthy, suit as l
gltissy appearance; and all this. without discol
oring the hands that apply it, or the dress sit
which it drops. I would, therefore, reconunctal
its use to every one desirous of having a lino
color and texture to the hair.
Respectfully yours,
0. J. WOOD & Co., Proprietors, :112 Broad
way, Now York, (in the great N. Y. Wire
Railing listablishment,) and 114 Market St.,
St. Louis, Mo. John Read, Agent, Hunting
don, and sold by all good Druggists.
REDUCED 'l'o $5 A YEAR I—Prepaid.
The Beet mid Cheupest Periodical
In consequence of the largely increased eir•
eulation, the publishers of
Are enabled to reduce the subscription price
from $0 to $5. The publishers are determined
.that no expense or labor shall be spared to
mac this
And whilst boldly challenging competition,
claim for it, only what has been conceded by
the most eminent teen of this country, 'from
the time of its first publication, (over sixteen
years since) to the present day, vie:-
I.—That it is suitable to all classes of read
ers—Statesmen, Professional Men, Philos°.
pliers, Poets, Students, Merchants, Mechanics
and Farmers, all of whom may derive pleasure
and profit front its pages.
2.—That in it may be found the cream of
all the world-renowned Reviews and I'eriodi•
cafe of Europe, with original articles and se
lections from the best fugitive literature of our
own country.
3.—That. it contains more readicv matter
than any other magazine in the world ; each
weekly somber containing sixtplbur pages and
a fine steel portrait ; making three thousand
three hundred and twenty-eight pages in a
year, with tifty4we steel engravings.
4.—That it is the oldest Periodical of its
kind in this country, having been published
over sixteen years.
. .
s.—That it is the cheapest publication of the
day, whether it is judged by the quality or
quantity of its contents.
6.—That no library is perfect without it.
7.—That to those with limited means, it is
an admirable substitute for a library of min•
cellaneouit books. And finally, that no a Fain.
ily Magazine, it is perfectly unexceptionable,
iu all respects.
Price fire dollars per .11.1, or thirteen
cents a number, sat by mail, poet paid, to any
address in the United Staten. To Clergymen,
Teachers, Students and Clubs, four
508, Broadway, New Yoik,
May 11, '69.-6t.
TWO YOUNG MEN to learn tho Atnhro•
typing business. Instructions given for the
emu of $15.00. For particulars, &c., apply to
WM. F. THOMAS, Ambrolypist.
thratingdon, May 4, 1859.
AvE beg leave to call the atten
tion' of the Trade, and more
especially the Physicians of the
country, to two of the most popu
lar remedies now before the public.
We refer to
Dr. Chas, name's Celebrated
Vermifuge and Liver Pills.
We do not recommend them as
universal Cure-alls, but simply for
what their name purports, viz.:
For expelling Worms from the
human system. lt has also been
administered with the most satis
factory results to various Animals
subject to Worms.
HEAD-ACHE, &C. In cases of
preparatory to or after taking Qui
nine, they almost invariably make
a speedy and permanent cure.
As specifics for the above men
tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled,
and never known , to fail when ad
ministered in accordance with the
Their unprecedented popularity
has induced the proprietors,
to dispose of their Drug business,
in which they have been success- ,
fully engaged for the last Twenty
Years, and they will now give their
undivided time and attention to
their manufacture. And being de
termined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele
brated Vermifuge and Liver Pills
shall continue to occupy the high
position they now hold among the
great remedies of the day, they
will continue to spare neither time
nor expense in procuring the Best
and Purest material, and com
pound them in the most thorough
manner. Address all orders to
FLEMING BROS, Pittsburgh, Pa.
P.S Dealers and Physicians ordering from others
than Fleming Bros., will do well to Write their orders
distinctly, and fake none but Dr. 117.anes, impared by
nem,/ Bros. Pittsburgh, Blrs Te these wisidngto giro
them u
part of 70. 4 ,3".1:I n stroninunn rw:lt p e postage stamps, or mm slat of Vermlfugn for
tonrtews three-cent stamps. All orders front Canada must
lie accompanied by twenty cents mIsS.
Fur saM in iluatingdon by John Rend an,
S. S. Smith, nod dealt re generally through th,
county. [May 11, 1859.-Iy.
The great standard medicines of the present
age, have acquired their great popularity only
through years of trial. Unbounded satisfac
tion is rendered by them in all cases; and the
people have pronounced them worthy.
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Debility of the Nervous System,
Diseases of the Kidneys,
and all diseases arising from a disordered
liver or weakness of the stomach and digestive
organs, are speedily and permanently cured by
The Balsamic Cordial has acquired a
reputation surpassing that of any similar pre
paration extant. It will cure, WITHOUT PAIL,
the most severe and long-standing
Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, In
fluenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient
and has performed the met astonishing fures
ever known of
Confirmed Consumption.
A few doses will also at once check and
curs the most severe =mhoa proceeding
from COLD 114 THE Bowzio.
These medicines are prepared by Dr. C. M.
JACKSON & Co., No. 418 Arch Street, Phila
delphia, Pa., and are sold by druggists and
dealers in medicine, everywhere, at 711 cents
per bottle. The signature of C. M. JACKSON
will be on the outside wrapper of each bottle.
In the Almanac published annually by the
proprietors, called EVERYBODY'S ALMANAC,
you will find testimony and commendatory
notices from all parts of the country. These
Almanaes are given away by all our agents.
For aule in Huntingdon by John Read and
S. S. Smith and dealers generally through the
county. May 11, 1859.-Iy.
For sale at Smith's Drug Store, Huntingdon.
lie VIEY7 s , Wo o
sional services to the citizens of HUNTINGDON
and vicinity.
Residence on Hill street, in the house for.
merly occupied by Dr. R. A. Rifler.
Apr 13, 1849.
493 Broadway, N. Y. 730 Chestnut St.,Philik
These Machines sew from two spools. as pm.-
chased from the shire, requiring no re-winding'
of thread ; they Item, Fell , Gather and Stitch
in a superior style, finishing each seam by their
own operation, without recourse to the band
needle, as is required by other machines. They
will do better and cheaper sowing than a seam
stress can, even if she works for one cent en
hour, and a•e, unquestionably., the best Ma
chines HA the market for family sewing, on ac
count of their simplicity, durability, ease of
management, and adaptation to all varieties of
family sewing—executing either heavy or fine
work with equal facility, and without special
As evidence of the unquestioned superiority
of their Machines, the GHOTER & BAKER &M
-ING MACIIINE COMPANY beg leave to respectful
ly refer lathe following
"Halving had one of Grover & Maker's Ma
chines in my family for nearly n year and a hell
I take plensare in commending it as every way
reliable for the purpose for whi•th it is designed
—Funnily S:wing."—Mrs. Joshua LeaviV, wife
rf Rev. 1h•. Leavitt, Editor .g' \: Independent.
"I confess mt}••self delighted with your Sewing
Machin", which has been in Illy tinnily for ma
ny months. It has always been ready for duty,
re-miring no adjustment, and is easily adapted
to every variety of Sunnily sewing, by simply
',hanging the spools of thread."—Mes. Elizabeth
Strieldend, gl Rev. I h.. Str•icidand, Editor• of
N. Y. Christian Advocate.
"After trying several different good SillthillCß.
I preferred yours, on necount of its simplicity,
and the perfect ease with which it is managed,
as well fts the strength and durability of the
seam. After long experience, I feel competent
to speak in thin manner, nod to conildently re
commend it foe every variety of family sewing."
—M r s. E. Li. wfre Vihe Editor ol Bruok
lya Star.
"1 have UNCIi no Grover & Baker Sewing Ma
chine for two see. and have found it adapted
to nli kinds of family sex ug, from Cambric to
Broadcloth, Garments have been worn out
without the giving any of a stitch. 'Vim Ma
chine is easily kept In order, and is easily used."
—Mx. 21. IL Whinde, tuffe qf nee. Geo. Whir
ph, Sew York.
"Your Sewing Nlachine has been in use in
tiny family the past two 2sears, and the ladies
request me te, give you their testimenialsi to its
perfect ndamedness, an well as labor-saving
qualities in the performance of family nod
household sowing.'--Robot /*won., _N. Y.
"For several months we have Grover & Ba
ker's Sewing Machine, and have come to the
conclusion that every bitty who desires her sew
ing heautifidly and quickly done, would lie meat
fortunate in possessing ono 01 these rubella
and indefatigable 'iron needle-women,' whose
combined qualities of Leant'', strengt and 4nipli
cu p. are invaluable,"—J. 11. .form'' daughter ol
Gen. Geo. P. Morris, Editor of Home Jeuenal.
Extract of a letter from TllO9. IL Leavitt, an
A merican gentleman, :law resident in Sydney,
Naw South Wales, dated January 12, 1858:
I had a tent mode in MellaJurne, in 1553, :a
old -h there wore over three thousand yards of
sewing done with ono of Grover & Baker's Ma
chines, and a single seam of that hos outstood
all the double seams sewed by sailors with a nee
dle and twine,"
"If Ginner could be oallesl op from his mur
ky Mules, he would sing the advent of Grover
& itoker as a more benignant, miracle of art
than was over Vulcan's smith. lie would de
nounce midnight shirt-making ns 'the direful
spring of woes unnumbered."—Prof. North.
"I take pleasure in saying, that the Grover &
Baker Sewing Machines have more than sus•
tained my expectation, After trying and retur
ning others, 1 have [brie of them in operation
in my different places, and, triter four years'
trial, hove e• fault to find."—J. O. Hammond,
Senator ty - South Carolina.
"Mt wife has had one of Grover & Baker's
Family Sewing Machines fir some time, and I
am satisfied it is one of the hest labor-saving
timelines that has been invented. .1 take much
pleasure in recommonding it to the public."—
J. G. Ilarris, Governor of Tenomee.
"It is a beautiful thing, and puts everybody
into au excitement of good humor. 'Were 1 a
Catholic I shuttld insist upon Saints Grover and
Baker having tin amid holidax in commemo
ration of their good deeds for humanity.—Cas.
silts M. atm.
"I think it by far the best patent in use. This
Machine can be adapted from the finest cambric
to the heaviest eassimero. It sews stronger,
tester and issue beautifully than cue can ima
gine. It mine could not be replaced, money
could not buy it."—Mrs. J. G. Brown, Nash.
rifle, Tenn."
"It is speedy, very neat, and durable in its
work; is easily understood and kept in repair. I
.earnestly recommend this Machine to all my ac
quaintances and others."—Mrf. dl, A. Forrest,
Memphis, 'Penn.
'‘We find this meldne to work to out satis
faction, and with plettfurc recommend it to the
public, as we believe Grover & Baker to be the
best Sewing. Machine in use."—Decry Brothers,
.11lisoshr, Tenn.
"If used exclusively for family purposes, with
ordinary care, I will wage• they will last ono
'three score year!). and ten,' and never get out
of tix."—Jolin Erskine, Nasheilk, Tenn.
"I have had your machine for several weeks,
and am perfectly satisfied that the work it does
is the best and most beautiful that ever was.—
Maggie Aimison, Nashville, Tenn.
"I use my Machine upon coats, dressmaking,
and fine linen stitching, and the work is admi
rable—far better than the best hand-sewing, or
any other machine I hove ever seen."—Livy
11. Thompson, Nashville, Tenn
"I find the work the strongest and most beau
tiful I have ever seen, made either by hand or
machine, and regard the Grover 8: Baker ma
chine as ono of the greatest blessings to our
sex."—Atrs. Taylor, Nashville, Thnn.
"I have ono of Grover & Baker's Sewing Ma
chines in use iu toy fa a ily, • nd find it mvalna-
Me. I camconfldently recommend it to all per
sons in want of amachlne."—G. T. Thompson,
Nashville. Tenn.
"I take pleasure in ceitifying to the utility of
the Grover & Baker Sewing Machines. Iha ' e
used ono on almost every description of work
for mouths, and find it much stronger than work
doue by hand."—Mrs. D. IV. Wheeler, Nashville
"I would be unwilling to dispose of my Gro
ver & Baker Machine fur a large amount, could
I not replace it again at pleasure."—Mrs. H.C.
Sweet, Nashville Tenn.
"Our two Machines, purchased Iron you, do
the work of twenty young• ladim. We with
pleasure recommend the Grover do Raker ma
chine to be the best in use."-1% lON. a• Cm
A Perfec obtulltuie
• For the Caiiii.ieeihisiiiiiiiltolers!!!
when the tmdersigned, after a long series of
laborious and costly experiments, hemmo fully
confirmed in his conviction, that the &nth-Ado
; gtstie Solt which he now has the happiness to
present to the American public, was a
• 11:111,4tICT •SU RSTIT
for Mood-letting, Leeches and Miele., his
mind wan so agitated that he could not sleep for
ninny nights. The abuse of his agitation was
the striking lad, that the manner of li operation
' like that of the virus in veceitietton, could not
bo satisfactorittly explained upon env known
pritteiple. How, in what w iv. it so elfertually
sabdued infiantataiorg D* ten and no others,
was et first a holly inexplicable—Lid, on (tether
experiment, it was proved that it rtpuilizos the
Aids o/ etc body, the went lei on ettailibrinm in
which, is the sole mess of itiflammetion: Such
is its potency, thnt like the vaccine, matter, ;it
requires meiely : e at adheres to the point ofa quill
dipped into a solution of it, to effect the entire
system—but must be Instantly used to prevent
deennipos'tion and secure its full virtuo. Three
qu ill s i n Hon s., nod two in chronic dice sec,
every 24 bona, till site heat, pain and febrile mo
tion have subsitibd, and a perfect cure flfected.
When it takes the place of 'distort, ointment
and leeches in local affections. at Brain Fever,
Croup, 'Eoothaelto, Pkurity, its mode of
administration is two-fold. (See rlirectiin of dis
solving. &e.)
The discoverer has Veltilhetttr OM the pub.
tic tilt state, by the advice of a judicious physi•
ciao and vaittable friend whom he consulted—
a gentleman known and felt in the medical
world—and who desired to solintit it to the test
o (experiment. After witnessing under his own
serniiitiring rye. its signal triumph over both
acute end chronic intiammatery disease, in re
panted end re-repeated trials, Ito offered $25.-
000 to come in as a special end equal partner in
the Recipe for Its manufacture, hut the propo
sal was rejected.
The disuse of the lancet and Winters, is de
manded boils by litintanity by humonity and
science. Is it not a mistake, to suppose that
a kettle of boiling water (the inflamed blood)
will cease to boil, by dipping out apart Of it—
or a cask of hod cider (had blood) be made
good, by drawing a portion of it 7 In it not a
mistake, to suppose that blisters and rubefacienta
will remove inflammation, when they virtually
stiperadd ono inflammation to snotlherl The
late Dr. B. Waterhouse, of Harvard l'lliversi
ty, said "I am sick of le.uned quarkery,,' One
of most eminent physicians In New England
acknowledged jest betbre Lis (teeth, that "le
line been doubting for many years, wether blood
letting and Utters did not awl acute rather
time arrant '' Some who stand
high in the Old and Now school, have quite re
cently esponsnd his vice, and stow openly con
fess, they believe the, colons leeches and
blisters'injttre ten where they !meek one—
They think there is a meaning to Dem. 12, 20
—Gen. 9, I—andLevit. it, 14—tnat "run
111.000 le Tule Lire." It is not the excess of
blond (Mere never is ton nitwit) that causes di
sease, but the want of a belance Lomeon the
fluids and solids.
The special excellence of the Antiphlogistic
Salt, is that without the useless loss of blood
And strength, it effectually subdued inflammato
ry.discos), (no others) by producing an equili•
lirtuni of all the flub:, in the hotly And n conse•
tptent uninterrupted circulation. It exert'', like
the vaccine matter, and extraordinaty . influenc,
•tver the wens and uricries—resultingin a grad •
eel decline of influnimation as indicated by the
pulse, which assumei its natural state ns the
n an y 'r
niciil l fewere tispp •
es " offt e •re ' d for sale, are
harked by doubtful eertiflemes, (their cheif vir
tue) and claim to be universal remidies, caring
all nialirlies--n btirlestme on common sense;
As the discoverer of this Salt, solemnly protests
against lutving it placed in the category or
frauds and impotltions. he has resolved tam it
8111111 go forth to the wqrld, like the pure gold
dollar with nu otherpossport then trim
if the public find it genuine, they will re
ceive it—if spurious,. they will reject and con
demn it. Inateadmf being a ill s ,
it has control over hat one be; one sirs
7—accomplishes but on. thing, to wit, ,unnues
INFLAMMATORY MlSEASE—wlinterrr be its form
or locality—wetlier in the bend, throat chest al,
stamen, extremit'es or akin. It is ns!.ed, /ion,
it slues this?—simply by restoring , Tic Ina bal
ance between the fluids and solid,.
The ibllowing different Jarmo which dm un
balanced fluids assume, and many not here men
tinned that hare intim or less heat, pain or fever
(no others)are as perfectly cured by the Anti
phlogistic Salt, as firu is extinguished by water.
I. — Cases where the unbatniCed Mettle affect
the HEAn and 111140AT-40 wl6 , Brain Ester,
Fite, IlEcauche, htflonmed Eyes ' Ears and Nose,
Canker, Neuralgia, Erysipelas, Catarrh. Croup,
Bronchitis, *a.
t. Cases where the unbalanced fluids effeet
the Cite, and ABDOMEN—tO wit : Inflamed
Lungs and Liver, Colic, Pleurisy, Coughs, Dryspep
sea, Asthma, Dropsy, Heartburn, Gravel Piles,
tiono,hea, Venereal, arc.
3. Cases Where the unbalanced fluids effect
the I:NMI:MITI. anal Stirs—to wit; Rheuma
tism, Gait, Scrojif, Ulcers, ehilbains,Chilbains,
Chicken and Small Pax, Salt Rhea:a, with itch
ing and other Cidantaus Affecljon.v,&c.
Tif is Salt greatly alleviates the inflammatory
pains pecular to married ladies, (before and at
the time of confinement) and mono female com
plaints, and is very et:fictitious in l'evor, Ague,
Wounds, Nervous and Spinal Affections and
anyother forms of (mark this) inflammatory di
vase, attended with heat, pain or febrile spiv
far Persons who have a tendency of blood
to the head er heart, or lead inactive lives, or
breath the intpuro air of manufactories and the
poisonous fumes of metals and minerals, or live
is unhealthy climates, are exposed to a panic•
liar vitiation of the fluids of the body, which °tie
time without interfereing with the diet or busi •
ness, once 'its three months, a ould invariably
proven,. It is beleived to afford protection from
Infectious disease, end therefore travellers,
sailors, and soldiers should supply themselves
with it.
dr While runny nostrtint-makers victimize
the good natured and pill-ridden public, ny or
dering "front six to a dozen boxes of bottles,
to ewe any malady." no matter what—the un
dersigned is happy in being able to state, that
the severest forms of recent inflammatory di
sease, tens over come by ono Acute trackage,
and the most obst;nate and long standing by
one Clircnic package. It does just what it
claims to do—and no more, or less—equalizes
the fluids by removing from the system all ar
terial and venous obstrucobns.
414' Pleas let your neighbors read this.
For sale at the Cheap Drug Store of Samuel
8. Smith, Pluntlngdon, Pa.
Feb. 16th 1859.
ALTOONA, Blair co., July 3,'55.
J. I) SToNKILOAD, Lewistown, Fe,
Dear Sin—/Ir.
TuIiNDAVOII, who has been suffering several
years front rheumatism, got so ill that his friends
and relatives were summoned to witness' his
death. I induced his friends to try the virtue
of your preparation—they did so, as the last re;
sort ugd, to their astonishment and joy, he be
gan to improve, got better and better, and now.
so far as I know, he is a hale and stout man,
This is not the only ease where the GAbv.stsiC
Ott has surpassed human expectations. • In
every case where I have recommended the On.,
it has done what it promises to do. Send us
another s2o'e worth.
Your. truly, H. LEHER.
A 18,'58-Iy.
LL aatp.aciit,
The Subscriber respectfully in the Pub
iic, that ho is prepared to receive and unload
Cars containing Lumber, Bark, Staves, Shin
gles, Coal, Iron,&c.
S. W. Corner !dwell S. Callowhill Strcet4.
Jan. sth 1859.—tituw