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    Anntingbin ournal.
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Editor and Proprietor.
Wednesday Morning, Jn• e 1, 1859.
0171 t BOOK TABLE.
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M. D., A. Efutehins, and H. A. Tilden.
The Printer. This is a monthly, published
in New York city, and is more particularly
nsefnl to Printer..
Agriculturist. The June number of this
excellent periodical is now before us It is an
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WarPetereon's Counterfeit Detector, is one
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every one. The June number has been re
The following, which we clip from 1131 ox.
change, expresses our sentiments exactly
118 It Right.
We recently heard a Locofoco edibr boast
"that his best patronage came to him from
the opposite party." "Whig," said he, "the
patronage I receive from my own party. would
not support me; my Job work conger principal.
ly from the opposition I" Now, we ask think.
log men, is this reasonable and right? Can
we contend against the extravagance, corrup
tion. tyranny and general misrule of Locofoco
ism with any rational hope of success if the
best patronage of our party is given to the en
emy It is absurd to attempt it. And shall
the political tories who thus give "material
aid and comfort" to our political foes pass
longer unnoticed ? They shall not. If the
toriea of the Revolution deserved universal de.
testation and abhorance and received it at the
hands of indignant patriots; surely we owe it to
ourself. our party and justice to withhold our
countenance and support from those men. who
strengthen the arms of our enemies, and we
will discharge the obligation. No will hence
forth support no man for office who withholds
his patronage from the papers of our party
and bestows it on those of tho Locofoco organs
nor will we per mit our columns to be used to
promote business interests of such men, unless
paid for it.
Stir Those interested will please take notice
that we have adopted the above as our line of
con duct and will adhere to it. In this wo are
A Correction.
We heard it intimated some time ago that
Mr. Wigton, our worthy and faithful representa
tive at Harrisburg last winter, declined a re
election, or did not want to be re-elected, or
something to that amount. As these repre
sentations were made to us by professed friends
of Mr. Wigton, and supporters of our party,
we felt puzzled, especially as Mr. Wigton's al
most constant absence from town on business
prevented our getting an opportunity of speak
ing to him on the subject. More recently,
however, we have seen and conversed with in
telligent members of the Peoples' Party from
nearly all parts of the county except the north
ern townships, and we find that it is well un
derstood that Mr. Wigton will again be a can
didate and is expected to be thecandidate; and
a number of his most intimate personal friends
have assured us that such is the fact. Indeed,
we did not ascertain, from the whole range of
our inquiries that there will be any other man
put forward by the people to contest the nomi
nation with Mr. Wigton. The Locofocos, it is
well known, carefully as they try to conceal it,
will run a renegade from our ranks against
him ; and it is highly probable that from that
quarter have started the intimations referred
to at the beginning of this article. But, be
this as it may, one thing is certain, there is no
truth in the story about Mr. Wigton's declining
to be a candidate, and none of our readers or
the voters of the county need be deceived by it.
By these remarks we do not Mean to ex
press any decided preference for Ur. Wigton
over other msn of good business qualifications
and of acknowledged political ittsgtity and
private worth. We merely wish to correct a
mistake, or arrest a falsehood calculated to mis
lead unsuspecting voters, and perhap's encour
false hopes iu the minds of those who have
other preferences, and thus cause unnecessary
confusion in our nominating Convention which
is likely to be severely exercised by the hotly
contested claims of an unprecidented number
of aspirants for the other offices.
Virginia Election.
The elections held in Virginia last Friday,
shows considerable gains for the Opposition.—
We give below the latest news received
4' In fifty counties heard from, tioggin's ma.
jority is between eight and nine hundred. A
private dispatch front Wytheville says seven
counties in the thirteenth district have been
heard from. Democrats lose 1800 on Wise's
vote. The contest between Field and Martin
for Congress is doubtful. Three counties in
twelfth district heard from—Democrats loose
SOO on Wise's vote."
A special despatch received at the American
office from the office of the Richmond Whig,
says that the returns from 112 counties give
Letcher a majority of 414. The remaining
36 counties gave Gov. Wise a majority of 1,200.
In these there are considerable gains for Mr.
Goggin, the Opposition candidate.
Kanawha 800, and Mason 150 for Goggin.—
Putnam—reported small majority for Goggin.
Harrison official—three to twelve for Letcher.
The Richmond Engttit er considers that
Letcher baa been elected by a small majority,
not over 5000, and the hest informed parties
estimate the majority at between 2,000 and
air Don't forget to call at the "big altigutt . '
for your Minuets.
Latest From Europe.
The Convention of the People's party SANDY HOOK, May 26.—The steamship Asia
of Cambria County, met in Jefferson, on has passed here, Shefurnishes Liverpool dates
the 18th inst. Hon. George el, King was to Saturday afternoon the 14th.
appointed representative delegate, and the i No battle has occurred,
of Ire Napoleon' has reached Genoa, where ho was
appointment of Hon. Samuel Calvin. received with the greatest pomp and enthusi-
Blair County, was concurred in as Sena-I um. He has issued a stirring address.
tonal delegate. The following resolution , The English government has formally pro
was passed unanimously: f claimed its neutrality in the European War.
st Resolved ; that our Representative del- 1 Count Buol has resigned from the Austrian
egate be instructed, and our Senatorial del. ' Ministry:
egate requested, to favor the nomination r Ft is still lit a i n d!Nd oc i l iit
by the Convention of the Hon. Francis Wheat, and Corn is firm at fitl, advance.
Jordan, of Bedford county, for Auditor Beef is quiet; sales unimportant. Pork
General, and Gen. Wm. H. Keitn, of steady; holders offering freely, but oboist., us
Berke county, for Surveyor General of this dispoetion to press sales.
Commonwealth." The Emperor's departure from France was
The People's party of Fulton County, a perfect ovation, and his reception at Gwent
also met in Convention, at McConnelsburg " Vs t h ill i r r et e t! * tl n te
the 12tt, ,
. vv o r , ,s ,,, r t s i t to co s rdiAl :
on the 14th inst. Col James C. Austin eat discipline, and stated army that his only flare
was appointed Representative delegate, i wore thatlihe,
they would show too much enthusi.
and Dr. B. E. Dufheld was nominated for ; now. He tons expected to proceed to the
Senatorial delegate. Among the resolu- ' army on the 14th. The King of Sardinia vie
lions was the following: i iced the Emperor at Genoa.
.. Resolved, That the Hon. Frank Jor- 'file official Sardinian Bulletins continued to
dun, of Bedford, well known to us as a report
hea t ' M I L in' sWer ni re 'la': V .
b t i, a i e . Austrians e i e
man both hottest end capable, and of un- about midway between Vereilli an , Mortara.
swerving integrity, is our first choice as a , The following is Napoleon'e Address to the
candidate for the office of Auditor General army of Italy.
and we hereby instruct our delegates to " Sold iers —I come to place myself at your
the State Convention to use all honorable
1 head to secoed the struggles of a people now
means to secure his nomination for that i ' ll e" i r.g its independence and rescue it from
office. I f 4 :7eilp . oppre,ssion. This is a sacred mac
Vida Mis the sympathies of the civilized
We take the above from the last issue world.
of the Bedford Inguirer. As Central Penn. "I:need not stimulate your ardor, every step
will remi n d lou of victory.
Sylvania, has an undoubted right to at least l
one of the Stet e officers to be elected this I scription: ' were l X:Tied ' ° t i tp a o n s ci n e i n a t rb i l l e otn re e, ! i n '
tug the people of exulted &eds. It is there to:
fall, and us we do not beer of uny individ.
sal who would be better fitted for the of- Ca Y sligt l etele i ti d lliv i ' I' Mare n L'il '
1 midst of, those glorious recol l e'tTo o n u s, w h i e l ,mianrtchhe
fice used in connection with his Caine,
inVi n i ne a r Th i er .. vie n t i a i c ei r in a o;iifoilrii...,o4
than Mr. Jordan, we heartily acquiesce n
the motion, knowing him to be a man of honor of the ' a la r t m s y tri
There are Lo other enemie s than those who
uprightness and strict iotegritv, and who I figh t
n againstyou in battle. Remain compact.
can command the undivided opposition I ..b.bndon not your ranks to hasten forward.
vote. Beware of a too great enthusiasm, which is the
American State Convention Humbug .
We find the following, relative to the so
called American State Convention, in the lust
Harrisburg Telegraph:
From announcements made in Harrisburg,
Pittsburg and Philadelphia papers we expect
ed that a number of delegates would assemble
this morning in the House of Representatives,
as a State Convention. I u accordance with
announcement we went to the Capitol this
morning for the purpose of reporting the pro
ceedings, but on entering the Hall we found
but two gentlemen present purporting to have i
been sent as delegates, one was a Mr. Coleus of 1
Philadelphia and theiAlier a Mr. Herron of
Newville, and we understood that these two
had agreed to postpone organizing the Conner,- I
ti on until afternoon, when sour e more dele
gates were expected; comequently we vacated
our reportorial desk to be occupied thin after
neon, if occasion should require it. It has be
come manifest that the whole opposition is now
thorough'y united in the " People's party,"
and that all efforts to disorganize it to raise
new factions will prove abortive and futile.
The convention called for to day will satistisc
torily prove that st,re is not in the whole ranksstrong enough to raise a faction or excite dis
con ion. Our union is pertect; our victory ,
P.S.—Just as we were going to press, (3 o'-
clock,) fifteen gentlemen, said to represent
the counties of Philadelphia, Westmoreland,
Armstrong, Washington, Greene, Crawford,
Fayette, Allegheny, and Dauphin, met in the
Hall of the House of Representatives, and ap•
pointed • Mr. J. J. HERRON, of Cumberland
county, us President. and I'. F. Wilson, of
Al egheuy, as Secretary.
After an enterchaage of opinion a pre
amble was passed, deeming it inexpedient uu
der the present circumstances to lake any
definite action in regard to the approaching
State election, and agreed to the following
Resolved, That we still adhere with abiding
faith to the principles of the American party
as enacted in the platform adopted at the
American State Convention in the city of,
meter iu June, 18 57 . and that we pledge to
each other uur united efforts in promulgating
and sustaining these principles.
The Chairman was authorized to appoint a
State Centr .1 Committee; whereupon, the Con
vention adjourned sine die.
present month (March) is likely to prole the
most buoyant in the immigration trade to the
United States that has occurred for the two
past years. Since the commencement of the
month seventeen ships have been cleared by
the government emigration officers at this port,
Laving on board 6750 emigrants, chiefly belied Southern Platform for 1860.
for New York. The numbers carried out by
Senator Brown, of Mississippi, tells us what
some of these reunite are truly formidable.; for
instance, the Constellation had on board 757 I he understands the Bred Seott decision to he
souls, and the Emerald Isle, 770 souls; the fat: I and thus anrounccs his demands for 1860.
ter having sailed on Tuesday, the 19th. Of All Northern dogs and bears had better Icok
the total number 1407 were English, only 81 out, or they will have this dignified Southern
Scotch, while 4640 were Irish, and 437 natives
of other countries. The majority of the latter gentleman looking on with curled.lip and up.
were Mormons,-332, chiefly Danes, having— turned nose :
with 347 English and 8 Scotch, a total of 737 • "What I dory is, that our opponents at the
Mormons,—sailed in the William Tapscott for North, whether Republicans, Americans, or
New York ou the 11th instant. In addition to "National " Democrats, or all combined, can
the above, the ships Great Western and Jet , rightfully take from us the benefit of this de.
emiah Thompson, with about 1400 passengers, eision by "nonaction " or unfriendly legiala•
sailed Gem the Mersey on Thursday, the 21st, tion," or in any other mode known to the Con
and before the close of the month upward of stitution, comity among the States, or to hon.
2,000 more are expected to embark; making esty and fair dealing But that on the con.
the emigration to the States upward of 10,000 trary, they aro bound by every consideration
in one month. We may add that the monster I which a combination of all three can impose,
clipper White Star, belonging to Messrs. li. T. to carry offiwthis decision to its full and legiti.
Wilson and Chambers, has been chartered to Imate conclusion, and thus give fair and ade
convey passengers, and will sail in the early quote protection to our Slave properly in the
part of next month for New York,—Liverpool j Territories. On this platf4rm the Scnell ought
Times. to stand in 1860. The Constitution gives it,
and the Supreme Court has awarded it. If
I any party at the North can he rallied to this
standard .. . the South should stand with that
party. If none can be—if no party at the
North can be found to stand up for the equali•
ty of the States, and the equal rights of the'
South, then it best become. the dignity and
independence of the South to fold her arms
in silence, look composedly on the conflicts be.
Oceen the spoilsmen of the North, and inward.
ly ejaculate,
"Fight dogs, fight bear,
There is no dog of mine there."
Very truly; your obedient servant,
GREAT Anuses.—A letter from Vienna of a
late date, sacs; "Austria can keep 660,000
men on foot;Prussia 400,000 and the other
German States about 200,000. If we suppose
that 250,00 men are in garrison, depot, and
hospital, Louis Napoleon will have to cope
with a million of armed men, whose fathers
proved to the first Emperor of the French that
they could fight well in a good cause."
These facts produce startling interests in
connection with the impending struggle.—
War is a tearful game, and it is played with an
immense cost of treasure, suffering, blood, and
life. Those who venture upon so dreadful an
alternative, except upon the sternest convic•
tion of necessity, assume an awful responsi
bility. It is, indeed, a melancholly spectacle
in this age of science, civilization and know!.
edge, to see several of the most enlightened na
tions of the earth, coolly preparing to hew
each other to pieces. The rapine, the pillage,
the outrage, murder, that will be perpetrated
should no mediating Power successfully inter
fere will be without a parallel in modern
se-At the bait term of tlie Clarion county
Court, Nancy Porter got $ 4 59,00 from John
Click, for refusing to mak,good hie promise
tomarry her. The case was the first ever vied
In the connty.and created more then ordinary
only thing I fear. The new "armee de pryer.
siert" are dangerous only at a distance. They
will not prevent the bayonet from being what
it has hitherto been, the terrible weapon of the
French infantry.
"duldiers—Let on all do our duty, and put
coufblence in God—our country expects much
from you. From one end of France to the oth
er the following word. of happy augury re-echo.
"The new army of Italy will be worthy of her
elder sister."
Toms, May 14th.—The enemy (the Austri.
ans,) are increasing their forces near the Cas
tle of St. Giovanni, on the road from Piacenza
to Stradella.
They have constructed bridges near Vig.
evano and Motta Visconti to protect their re.
Tolley our soldiers pushed forward, in a
strong reconnoitering party, as far no Basel.
di Stra, near Vercelli, and our artillery began
cannonading the enemy, which, however, was
not replied to.
Our troops have retaken their former pow
FKANKFORb.OII,III,.MAIN, Friday.--In the
extraordinary sittingof the Federal Diet, to day,
the proposi ion of the military trinniissi?l to
11 , 41i138feg';''iriaitgitreia
The Hanoverian Representative proposed
that a corps of observution should be placed on
the Upper Rhine, but Prussia protested.
The Prwident of the Diet, the Austrian Am
bassador, who had, in consequence of summons
front the Emperor, to repair to Vienna, quit
ted Frankford without being present at the
The agitation was increasing in the Turk.
ish provincee, especially at Bosnia.
The Turkish government has consequently
increased the number of trooops to watch
The Austrian vessels of war have been advi
sed merely to navigate the Danube and DardeC
The Austrian Government has stopped the
transmission of political news to Constantino.
ply by telegraph. The European inhabitants
of that place have re . qu est ed that the telegraph
at Jamey should be Joined to the Russian tele
graph lines.
Yesterday a sanguinary conflict took place
between the French and Austrians residing
L'Esperanee says the Grand Delco Coruna.
tine has strongly recommended the Greek gov
ernment to keep neutral.
It is affirmed in the ministerial circles of Ber
lin, that Prussia for the moment maintains an
expectant policy and has not bound herself to
any Power to renia!t, neutral.
ermany is disposed to leave initiative to
Prussia, as she wilt have the heaviest burden
to support in the common defence.
SW' The Utica Observer announces the ap
proaching marriage of Mr. John Heenan, the
' Boy," " to a beautiful young Indy of
high position, socially anti aristocratically . , who
has been regarded by the artists of Cincinnati
with much admiration ; who line great talents,
and writes a great deal for variou. eriodicals.
She was born in a soldier's barracks and edu
cated as a Soldier's Daughter .' This was a
case on both sides, of love at first sight. Some
bloodthirsty brothers, however, have sworn to
bar the marriage, and the young lady is closely
watched; but there is nn doubt of the 'Benecia
Boy' and the ' Military Star' berg married, 1
in L nag of all these pugilistic displays by her
Porkopolis admirers.'
Volta Notes.
S' Louis Napoleon completed hie 61st
year onthe 24th of April.
air The notorions 11. C. Pate, is charged
in Kansas, with negro stealing.
167 qt is exceedingly bad husbandry to liar.
row up the feelings of your wife.
Why is the naked truth so seldom spo
ken ? Because it is barely polite:
kr'Little minds are tamed and subdued by'
misfortune; but great minds rise above it.
Writ is rumored that president Buchanan
will visit Bedford some time this summer.
tier The Grand Encampment of Knight
Temp lers meets at Altoona on the 22d of June.
Ver The man who carried the thing
too fur has let it drop. The sheriff was after
*. The celebrated horse tamer Mr. Rarey,
has found a horse at st. Petersburg that won't
be tamed,
,pi' Ladies who use an excess of perfume
must think men like seals—most assailable at
tho nose
bar Tho military encampment at Greens•
burg commenced on Tuesday, and continued
four days, Twontyfire companies were pres•
Atr" Capt. W. 11. Schenley, formerly of
Pittsburg has just been elected to the English
Parliament, as an opponent of the present
'Derby administration.
/Oar In the town of Deerfield, Oswego coun
ty, April 20th, a little girl eight years of age,
committed suicide, because offended on being
corneted for some wayward act.
late number of the Brookville Amer
ican, announced the destruction of the editor's
hat; whereupon the Connerst•ille Times impu•
dently wonders if any lives were lost.
Afer A Lawyer at Lowell having found $O5
and returning the money to the owner, one of
the papers says the Oct may be honest and hon
orable, but is exceedingly unprofessional.
se- Poisoning seems to have become one
of the "institution'," of the age. Some twen
ty eases have been reported by the press, in
different parts of the country, within a month.
Thgt.. There are seven executions to take
place in Caunda in the coarse of next month;
one in Toronto, one in Merrittsville, three at
Branford, one at Coburg, and ono at &divine.
oe-it is marvelously strange how a woman
can think herself contaminated by the slight.
est intercourse with the victim of a seducer,
but covers her face all over with smiles to re•
ceive the seducer himself.
ue- The eldest daughter of Gov. Packer of
Penna. was married on the 19th ult., to Mr.
Clark, one of the editors of The Lycoming Ga
wile. Mr. C. „hold. the office o' Grain Meas.
umber the Governor.
oar It is sithr that all the virtuous mon of
New York will hereafter wear a badge over
the heart in the form of a "sickle." The
wicked will be distinguished from the right
eous by wearing a " koy " on the left breast.
bal - A newsboy was heard to say that he had
given up stifling newspapers, and had gone in.
to the mesmerizing buisness. 'I get five dol
lars per week,' said he, 'for playing.' Playing
what?' asked one of his comrades. Possum'
replied the boy.
SLate accounts from California state that
Messrs Broderick and G win are marshalling
clinic respective forces for the ensuing political
campaign. The indications are that there
will be two Democratic tickets in the field—
Lecompton and Anti-Lecompton.
flePAs Mr. Crittenden has recently made a
speech in behalf of Mr. Bell, the opposition
candidate for governor in Kentucky, who is in
favor of Congressional intervention to sustain
slavery in the territories, it is presumed that
be bas no expectation of being among those
from whom the opposition candidate for the
presidency will ho taken.
1 / 1 511" The Judson girl, of Pontiac, Miclt • ,
whose marriage with a big bleak fellow has
given her much notoriety, and who now dwells
with the negro in a shanty at Windsor, C. W.,
has written a letter to a newspaper, ie. which
she says her parents never mistrusted her in•
tentions of marriage, and decries that her fall•
er taught amalgamation as right.
se- The great race between Ethan .Nlen
and mate, and Lantern and mate, for a purse
of $lO,OOO, came elTon Wednesday afternoon
at the union course, L I. There were, it is
said, nearly 10,000, people in attendance.—
The race which was for the best three in five,
was won by Ethan Allen in three straight
heats, one of which being made in 2.24
said to be the greatest trotting on record.
oe- 1. terrible storm occured in Kansas,
on Sunday night week. At Doniphan, about
thirty houses were blown down. At Lances.
ter, some three miles distant, a number of buil
dings were 'rained fram the ground, including
a church. One man was killed, and two oth
ers severely wounded, About three miles
from Atehinson, a train of twenty wagons was
nearly demolished, and one of the teamatere
MrAn old maid, who has more reverence
for the inspiration she draws front Helicon
than that imported from linvana,"writes in the
following style of the patrons of the weed
May never s lady press his lips,
His proffeed love returning,
Who makes a furnace of his mouth,
And keeps its chimney burning.
May each true woman shun his sight
For fear his fumes might choke her;
And none butlhose who smoke themselves,
Have kiseee for a smoker.
11E1)... llernden, the clerical wife poisoner at
Newark, N. J. the day before his arrest, preach
ed a sermon from the sublime passage "I
would not live always." lie needn't he appre.
hensive of anything of the kind if be gets into
the clutches of a New Jersey jury. Jersey jo.
ries arc death ou verdicts in capital cuss I.
He is a man of considerable talons, and bears a
reput..tion of most extraordinary hypocrisy.__
Ile was ultra in everything, and was especially
distinguished for his bitter antagonism to cap.
ital punishment.
kirThe late Legislature of Pennsylvania
passed an act relating to costs in certain cases,
which provides that in all those cases where
petit juries may by law direct that a prosecutor
or defendant shall pay the costs thereof, any
ouch jury may direct that a prosecutor shall
pay a portion and the defendant or defendant s
a portion thereof and All designate in such
case what portion each party shall pay.
,The Pittsburg Chronicle says that .Taco•
bi, the night before his execution, admitted his
guilt to a gentleman from the Fifth Ward, with
whom he was very intimate. and who evinced
the deepest interest in his case. Tie stated
that he shot his wife because she was jealous of
the girl Suttler, and as if to prove how deeply
he loved the latter, one of his last acts was to
send her $15,00, all the money left him, and
some of his clothing.
gtEr A wan cq'habeas corpus has been issu•
ed ledge Scott, of the Supreme Court of
Ohio, in the case of Bushnell and Langs.
too, the Oberlin rescuers. The writ is returns•
hie on the nth of May. It is understood that
argument will be made on the constitutionality
ofiho fugitive slave law. The plea upon which
this writ is granted differs from the one for•
inerly presented to the same court and denied.
The prisoners allege their unlawful detention
in prison, mid ask the court to inquire into the
cause of imprisonment.
StirWe advise our readers to refuse any
note of the denomination of five dollars hav
ing for a vignette a man feeding hogs, a por
trait of Henry Clay on the upper left, a V in
medallion work on the lower corner, a man
carrying a basket of corn ou the lower right
a figure 5 in the upper corner, a dog lying
down between the signatures and purporting
to be engraved by Wellstood, Hay & Whiting,
New York, This plate was engraved for a
bogus Indiana Bank, and is being altered to
various banks.
Persons laboring under this distressing ;nal.
ady will find Do. Ilsxces Epileptic Pills to be
the only remedy ever discovered for curing
Epilepsy or Falling Fits. Them Pills possess
a specific action on the nervous system; and
although prepared especially for the purpose
of curing Fits, they will be found of especial
benefit to all persons afflicted with weak nerves
or whose nervous system has been prostrated
or shattered from any cause whatever. The
dyspeptic patient, whose stomach has lost the
power of duly converting food into a life sus
taining element, is relieved by a single course
of the extraordinary Pills. The gastric fluid
reacquires its nolvent power, and the crude
nutriment which was a load and a burden to
the sufferer, while his digestive organizaticn
was paralysed and unstrung, becomes under
t o wholesome revolution created in the system
the basis of strength, activity, and health.
Sent to any part or the country by mail,
flee of postage. Address Sirrn S. HA xce, 108
Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Ed. Price—ono
box, $3; two, $5; twelve; $24. I m.
PHILADELPHIA . JuN u ,.' ... 1859
FLOUR—Stiperfina. pea barrel, $7 00g7,50
" Extra " 00®7.50
family " 7 75tu 8 50
Aye Flour and Cum 'Amid
Wheat—red, per banhel,
46 White "
1 574: 00
I 7061 80
Rye 9)
Corn 41 90
Oats 11 50
Cloverseed $5 00®G 13 per 64 pounds
Timothy seed, $l,BO to 2 00
Pax, per bushel $1 75
New Advertisements.
To the Tax CWleetors qf Huntingdon Co.
You are requested to male a special effort
to tiled. the August Interest. Persons holding
county orders will please exercise a little pa.
ticnce, as 1 have already largely advanced be
yond the receipts of the County. As I will bo
absent for a few reecho, persons having busi
ness in any office, will please call on Maj. G.W.
Gr rrottson, at the Banking House of Bell, Gar
rettson & Co. F. IL LANE,
Hunt., Juno 1, IBl9.—tf. ! reasurer.
NOTICE to the Stockholders of the
Sherman%Valley & Broad Top R.
H. Co.; now "Penises.' Pacific Hail
Way Company."
At the instance of numerous Stockholders, a
specialmeetin. of the Stockholders ofsaid Com
pany is called, to convene on Friday, the 1711 t
day of June next, at 11 o'clock, A. M., at the
public house ofJ. Deering, in Waterford. Juni
ata Co., Pa., to take into consider... 4, Lands,
Routes, dm., and all matters 'cif 'ice to
the Company.
The Board of Directors an. :met
at said place, at 10 o'clock r , day.
Punctual attendance is retie
Huntingdon, May 27, I , ' ...4t president.
Brigade Inspector's Orders,
In pursuance of the Fifth Section of the Act
regulating the militia of this Commonwealth,
the Cilium mod Companies composing the
firth Brigade and Fourteenth Division of Pa.
Militia, will meet at the respective places of
meeting, on Monday, Juno Gth, 1859, and on
that day vote for one person for Brigadier Gen.
eral, one Brigade Inspector, one Lieut. Colonel
and one Major, for said Brigade, said shall also
at the same time vote for and elect ono Cap.
taiu, one Ist and ono 2d Lieutenant for each
The Officers of the election will make their
returns to the Brigade Inspector's office atCass
',We, within live days atter the election,
Brigade Inspector 4th Brig., 14th D.,P. V.
May 25, 1859.-2t.cbi.
No. 306 CHESTNUT Street.
PRICE—Each 25 aunts.
SEVEN NUMBERS aro already published.
A n d one will ; n ',mod regularly on every Sat
urday, until t • whole are completed.
One complete eat, twenty-six volumes In all
will he sent to any one, a fast as they are nub
liehad, for five dollars. Single numbers, 25
No. ititi CHESTNUT Straoi
Prot Chas. DeGrailVe Electric 011
This great discovery is now creating a great Huntingdon & Broad Top Railroad.
sensation, among the Medical Faculi i. of Eu
rope and this country. It will cure the follow
ing (not everything):". Warranted to
Curo Fever and Agne in one day, Cure chills ' -, - - • , .
in five minutes. Cure Croup in one night.—
Cure Deafness in two to four days, Cure burns ' ir
and Scalds in ten minutes. Cure Sprains,l . _.—.. .. • ....;- - - - -.. - 1.:...
Wounds and bruises in front one to three days ,
Cure Inflamation in one dry. Cure Neural. 0,, and after Wednesday, April 13th; Pas.
gia, Croup, Tooth Ache, burns, in 10 minutes. senger Trains will arrive and depart as follows:
Cure Henlorrhage, Scrofula, Abscess in ten Morning Train leaves Huntingdon at 0.25
days. Cure Bruises, Wounds, Totter,
in one A. M., connecting with through Eipress west
to three days. Cure Ear Ache, Stiff Mail Train east on Pennsylvania Railroad
Ague in one day. Cure Felons, StifT
Broken Breast running through to Hopewell, where Passer,
Salt Rheum, in three to six days. Cure Quin•ma take Stages for Bloody Run, Bedford,
zy, Palpitation, Pleurisy, in one to ten dap. ' Sehellsburg, Fulton county, &e.
Cure Asthma, palsy, Gout, Ee7eipela„ in re Evening Train leaves Huntingdon at 5.00
to 20 days. Cure Frosted beet,
Chronic Rheumatism, Stiff Joiuts, Sore Throat
: P. M., connecting with Mail train west cn Penn.
to sylvan in Railroad, running to Coalmont and in.
Scarlet Fever, end the l ame ma d e to wa l k b y nictlinte Stations.
0, few bottles. This Oil (Do Grath's) is mild' RETURNING.
and pleaseut, and is a great family Medicine I Morning Train leaves Hopewell at 12.20 P.
for children teething. &e. Ladies should all • M., and arriving nt Huntingdon at 2.32 P. hI.
use it. It always leaves you better than it ; Evening train leaves Continent 7.00 P. 11.,
finds you, and one bottle often cures entirely. Swim 7•.36 P. M., and arrives at Huntingdon
- 9.12 P. AI., connecting. with Fast Trek% east-
Afflicted Thirteen hems sod Cured Its One ward on Pen.. Railroad.
week. These trains will be run strictly Refuelling to
Read letter from Rev. James Temple. time table, and the travellin g public van rely
Philadelphia, June 9th, 1856, uprit being accommodated to the fullest en.
Prof. De Grath: I have been afflicted for tent. - JNO. J. LAWRENP.E,
thirteen years with Neuralgia and other pain Apr.20,'59. Superintendent.
ful complete ts, and I have been unable to sleep .
s.tundly or walk any distance for many years , W. F. lIIONIAS,
past. Last week I got a bo:tle of your "Elec. ANIBROTYPE AND PHO'fOGIAAPH IC
trio Oil." The first night I slept soundly and !
well, and today I am like a new man, My AR r IS T ,
wife could not believe her eyes. Your Elee-
F It 0 it I' If I I, A II t I. 1. /1 I A ,
hie Oil has done in one week what the physi-
CIIIIIII of Philadelphia failed to do in thirteen ,
years. Gratefully your..
, This gallery of Art is now open for public
REV. JAMES TEMPLE, ! inspection of specimens of Ambrotypes. Crye.
310 South street , telegraphs, Photographs, Circular and Star
DEAFNESS CURED. Pictures also, Name, or Age, or Residence, ta-
New Haven, May 19th, 1856. ken on thei Pictures—letters ordifferent colors.
Prof. De Grath; hly . brother has been deaf
three years. Atter trying many things, he used VARIOUS SIZED PICTURES,
T y! . Oil a few times, and it cored him entire- i Set in Frames, Cases. Lockets, Rings, Pins or
There are numerous imitations sprung up Particular attention paid to taking pictures
on the reputation that my article has acquired. of chu m . 'lime, frees sue to four seconds.
The public must beware. They are worthless. Perfect satisfaction giver., or persons are not
For sale by S. S. Smith. Huntingdon. expected to take theirpictures.
May 25 1859, Pittur. taken from sick or deceased persons
- —-- at their residences. Copies taken front Da•
REA D I It N:1 D! I It NAD I I I I guerreotypes or Portraits. Also, views of rest.
ESENWEINN ' dences, dec.
AROMATIC SARSAIV/ Ladies and ficutlemen aro invited to call
Is a remedy not to be excelled for the relief and and examine specimens. Pictures taken as well in cloudy as fatr weather.
cure of those maladies incident to the summer
season, 'VIZ llory c f.en do we hear the exclamation, when
persons aro looking at Portraits—"l would not
Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera or Cholera 'nor
value any stun if I could procure the Portraits
bus, Vomiting, Acidity of the Stomach, Sc.
Its excellent Carminative powers, pleasant of toy parents—or deceased children I" Rea
taste and soothing influence. renders it a val. der, if you are gifted with this ennobling feel.
liable remedy in infantile diseases, peculiar to
i of unity, you have an opportunity to grati-
the Second Summer, viz :—Cholera Infantunt t at a small cost, by procuring Portraits,
etc. It has a reinvigorating and tonic influ-, fy
which, it k """'" ,gr ill " l t' d "
enee on t h e system, allaying i n g ninnt i o „ w h ere SEtrThose that wish to learn this beautiful
it exists in The stomach and bowels—and on art con call nos see IV. F. Thomas, from Phila.
trial will ho found indispensable to the well Prices from 50 cents upwards.
° .59 - c
beitig of every family. It will be found as ueff,]•tali 'I "' •• '
adapted to adults as children. 'Fry it. 010 00
Prepared only by A. 111`;EN W EINE,
Price '25 cos, a bottle. Dispensing Chemist. Pays for a full coarse in the Iron City College,
the largest,most extensively patronized and
Sold by J. Read, Ilan ti tigdon, and Dru ugh , ts best orgitni.ed School in the United States.
and Storekeepers gruerally. [May 25,'59.•15,
35" students attending
1859. si'llt;,' , l . .kusß.'"'" 1859 Usual titer to M eTe e p h le ' te l a fa i t come, from 4
to 10 weeks- lively Student, upon grade The undersigned would respectfully call the
attention of our friends and customets, its well 1° guaranteed I ' Compete" to niannge the
as the citizens of the town and country gnneral- Books of any Business, and qualified to earn a
ly, to our new and extensive assortment of notary of Irons
consisting of every article of gentlemens' fur. Students outer et any tinto—No Vacation—
nishing goods. IVo deem it unnocesstry to I Review rt pleasure.
tootle a being confident that 51 Premiums for best Penmanship
unnl thou to :g n , a t v i oy i s :a f rE o it:i sl.:tx°l°ioll
salianwrrsaarded in ISsS
f,rece nt
‘halfe price. Welting,
riot, and as cheap as the same finality of goods
can bo bought in the county of Huntingdon, close two letter stamps, and address
It is not our desire, as it is not the policy of F. W. JENKINS, l'ittsliftrgh
honest men, to deceive, but this much wo will Apr.20;59.
say:that we will guarantee to all who may Co.
roe us with their patronage, entire satisfaction
fle to quality, lit and price. Should gentlemen
desire any particular kind or cut of clothing,
not Ibutal in our stock, by leaving their mett,
tire, they can be accommodated at short notice
Cull at corner of diamond, Long's new house
111. GUTIIeIN & CO
May 4, UM,
Notice is hereby given that Letters Tes•
tamentary on the estate of John &Idium!
late of Tell township, Huntingdon county, de.
ceased, have been duly granted to the sub
sabers, to whom all persons indebted to said
estate will make payment, and those having
claims or demands against the same, will pre.
sent them, duly authentiouted, for settlement.
. Alex. C. Blair,
Michael Shearer,
May 4, '5O. Executors.
The subscriber respectfully announces
to the citizens of Huntingdon and vicinity, that
he has opened a shop on St. Clair street, in
the east end of the town, where he is prepared
to manufacture all articles in his kokbp.
line, on the shortest notice, and
on reastnable terms. After a long
experience in the Boot and Shoe business, 1
flatter myself that I can please those who give
me their orders. Work dune when promised
in all eases.
Huntingdon apr 27'69. C. WEAVER,
(Eside of Allezancler Steel, dec,)
Notice is hereby given that Letters Tee
tamentary on the. estate of Ale:milder Steel
late of the township of West, in the county of
Huntingdon, deceased, have bees duly granted
to the subscribers, to whom all persons indebt
to said estate will make payment, and those
having claims or demands against the same
will present them for settlement.
Corner of Hill St Montgomery Streets,
This stand is well known as the "McConnell
House." The location is superior to any other,
being in the uninediato proximity to business;
also to the Bank and most Public Offices
It is the determination of the Proprietor, to
keep this House in a style satisfactory to the
public, and it is his desire, to make all who
patronize hint, feel at home, and to make the
'Mansion' rank among the best of fluntitig.
don Hotels. He very respectfully solicits the
public putr.nage. Apr. 13th '59
TACHSON'S HOTEL, Huntingdon,
Respectfully informs his friends and
the truvel'ing public generally, that he ,'':' lR
has leased the ''Jackson House," in see. IV
eral years occupied by Wm. B. Zeigler, and
that he will be pleased to receive the calls of
all who may tavor hiss with their patronage.
His table will be furnished with the best the
market can afford, and every attention will be
given to snake those with hiss feel at home. ,
Huntingdon. March 30, 1869.
No. 308 N. THIRD ST., (3 doors above Vine.)
Mechanical, Farming and Household Hard
ware, is now in store, and will be offered at tho
lowest market prices, to Cask and prompt Six
months buyers. Nails at Manufacturers prices
for Cash.
Orders front new customers will receive strict
and accurate attention and all goods sent from
this house will be us represented.
Country merchants, on their next visit to
our city to make their Spring purchases are cor
dially invited to call and examine our Stock
and Prisms before Purchasing.
Respectfully informs the citizens of Hunting.
don, vicinity, and the surrounding coun
try, that he hos commenced hu siness in
the room opposite M. Outniau's Store in [4oi
Matta. SQUARE, IlurriNanox, and
hopes to receive a share of public patronage.
WATCHES and CLOCKS repaired in the
best workmanlike manner.
His stock of WATCHES and JEWELRY to
of the best, all of which he will dispose of at
reasonable prices.
The public generally are requested to give
him a call and examine his stock.
Mang; 59.
40,000 Volumes of Books for Sale.
$500,00 In Gifts for every 1000 Sold.
In order to reduce my extensive stock I will
sell one thousand dollars worth of Books at U.*
regular retail prices or less, and give 051 ,
five hundred dollars worth of presents var•
in value from 25 cents to 5100,00. Or, tli a
who prefer can purchase at wholeitokr,. que
My stock consists of every variety
binding. School Books of every Ole
sale and retail. Sales to commence boo: 24th.
Dec.22,'58. •
I' 4® fißatTsilitiiiittal
T HE subscaiber has commenced the GUN.
SJIITILING business at Pine Grove, Cen
tre count,', where he is prepared to manufacture
and repair Guns and Pistols of every descrip•
tiou, with neatness and dispatch.
Ho will also attend to repairing CLOCKS.
Prices to suit the times.
Dec. 22, 1858.—1 f. JOHN H. JACOBS.
r Note, Post, Commercial, Foolscap and
Flatcap—a good assortment for sale by tho
ream, half ream quire or sheet. at
Lewis' New Hook and Stationery store.
Mir 1000 AGENTS WASTEII.—For partiau
Jars send stamp. C. Y. WHITTEN,
Mar. 23. '59. Cm' , Lowell, Mass,