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    Nuntittgbou iontuaL
Wednenday Morning, May 11,1868
The Circulation of the KlM
tingdon Journal, is great
er thnn the Globe and Am
erican combined.
The Huntingdon JOURNAL for one year, and
+Adler of the Magazines for the sane period
Will be sent to the address of any subscriber
to be paid in advance as follows
The Journal and Gudey'a Lady's Book, for
one year, $3 60
The Journal and Grannies Magazine, for
ono year, $3 50
The Journal and Emereon's Magazine and
Putnunt's Monthly, for one year, $3 50
The Journal and
litUgazine and Gazette of Fashion, fur one year
$3 50
, The Journal and Lady's home Magazine,
for,thie poor, $2 75
The Journal and Peterson's Magazine, for
ond $2 75
The Journal and -Illantic Monthly, for one
$3 50
We r, ./ournal and Grresee Farmer
one year R7i
Oar are has been raging on the ridge
abou t three miles front town, for the past week.
ter Why is a drummer the fastest man in
the world ? Because Time beats all men, but
the drummer beatu time,
Nip A law recently passed in Blaine °stab.
fishes the annual salary of the members of the
LeiesMiura at $l5O. They can sit twelve
months if they please, for that princely sem.
ifrif-Wnt. Andrews was sent to the peoiten•
Cary last week, horn Troy, N. Y., fur rtealing
au umbrella—the first man, it is thought, ever
sent for an offence of that character.
AV' About thirty feet of the sheeting (says
the Lewistown Democrat) ou the Juniata, nt
the Two Locks below town, has been torn off
by the regent high water.
ma. A borough election in Kittanning, Pa..
on Monday Mkt, resulted in the election oft he
whole Republican ticket, over the combined
forces of both branches of the democracy.
See. Puddling Furnace No. 15, at the Cam•
lain iron Works, ,xploded on Wednesday coo•
ring last, severely if not fatally injuring a man
named nager Mcßride, who was at the time
employed in the ash pit of the lurnnce. The
unfortunate man complains of internal injuries
which be fears will terminate fatally.
Star A Nebraska paper says that slavery is
already established in the Pike's Peak region
—that the Mexicans are there with peons, and
the Southerners are on their way there with
slaves tram every Southern State.
may -An Indian has been discovered in Cali-
Amnia, five feet and a half high, and weighing
only serenteen pounds, being a mere skeleton,
but in good health and lively. He is supposed
to be the veritable .` Lo, the poor Indian."
seer A breach has occurred in the North
Irrinieli Cleat of no serious a nature .that it
will be several weeks yet before the canal will
Le in proper order for boatmen to enter upon
without danger of being detained five or sic
days at a time, by the banks giving way.
tel.. (inc. Modary of fiances, has Llsited his
proclamation for theelection of delegates to the
constitutional convention, which is to asseteble
at Wyandotte, in dune. There is a perfect par
ty organization in the Territory, and efforts are
being made to consolidate the opposition to the
tlemoeracy, and both parties will make strenu
ous efforts to obtain the control of the cousti.
tulle.' convention.
Or Ile editor of die Lewistown Democrat
has bees shown ryys-traordinary specimen
at a doulde egg, the production of a hen owned
by a gentleman of Lewistown. It is nothing
more nor less than a fully matured egg nicely
ensconced within an egg. The external egg is
of a remarkable size, nod the internal about
the dimensions of a common Guinea egg."
bur The Presiding Elder, Rev. Mr. Gore,
announced on Sunday last, that the annual
Camp Meeting of Lewistown Circutt, M. K
Church, will be held on the old ground near
Wesley McCoy's, in Granville township, about
five miles west of Lewistown, to commence on
Friday, 12th of August, and close on the fol•
lowing Thursday.
ear The body of a man was found in the
Juniata, below Jack's creek, on Tuesday lust.
An inquest was held, and a verdict rendered
Rug tiva deceased came to his death by acci
dental drowning Ho was Fr, m Cumberland
tier The late flood on the Susquehanna did
considerable damage. Twenty-lour rafts es.
raped over the dam at Lock Haven, and were
completely wrecked. The high water on Lar
ry'. Creek was unusually severe in its effects,
carrying away 11:11118, bridges, and large quail
titles of timber.
ger Au endowment of $lOO,OOO is being
made up by the Lutherans, for Pennsylvania
College at Gettysburg. The York _Pinwale
says that Charles A. Morris, Esq., of that bor
ough, has,ooo to the fund, and with
Pie liheraiity and wealth in the Lutheran
phureh, we presume the entire sum will speed.
ily he taised, and the institution put upon a
perpappet basis.
lar A Ch.einnati paper says that upwards
of nino thousand adventurers have passed
through that city this season, by river alone,
bound Cos Piker, Peak. It estimates, that by
all the routes, no lees than 100,000 people aro
now en route for the gold regions, and adds
Nine•tentlis of these, at least. instead of for
tunes will encounter hardships, starvation and
Weir A now counterfeit $lO note on the Far
mere and Drovers' Bank of Waynesburg, Pe.,
has been put into circulation. his altered front
the Farmers and Drovers' Bunk of Petcresburg
Irdiana. Vig.: Indian Family, Plough and
Sheaff of Grain, with a cabin and mountains
in the distance ; lower right hand corner, fe
male sitting, leaning on horn of plenty; lower
left, female representing justice ; on the back
is the letter X, in red, ten times. The general
appearance of the pule ia gaud, and calculated
to deceive.
g The following resolutions were passed
at a Democratic meeting held at Cahawba,
Dallas county, Ala., on the 10th ult. :
//, That we utterly repudiate Stephen
A. Douglas, and his Abolition heresy that a
Territorial Legislature may prohibit Slavery
by native legislation.
Resolved, That under no circumstances will
we support Stephen A. Douglas, for the Presi
dency, if nominated by the Charleston Con
Seir The new Canadian cent pieces, which
have lately been thrown off at the British Mint
possess peculiarities which give them a value
additional to that of their currency. They are
not only tokens of yak., hut alsostandards of
weight and measure-100 cents weigh exactly
oar pound, and one cent measures one inch.
Thus, in the common transactions of life, the
buyer will have a ready check upon the die.
honest dealer.
Kr' Two centuries ago, not one in ono hun•
dead wore stockings. Fifty years ago, not a
boy in a thousand was allowed to run at large
at night. Fifty years ago not one girl in a
thousand made a waiting maid of her mother.
Wonderful improvements in this wonderful
A6' Judge Vondersmith, of Lancaster, who
was tried in the U. S. District Court at Phila
delphia, on the charge of forging pension
claims, has been convicted on two indictments.
Four other indictments were barred by the
statute of limitation. Ile has been sentenced
to twenty years imprisonment, a fine of five
th ousand dollars, and make restitution to the
Government to the amount of thirty thousand
dollars, Vontlerstnith is fifty six years old.
Sreti' The Legislature of Connecticut passed
a resolution a few days ago, against allowing
extra compensation to their clerks and under
officers, as had been the practice for years in
that Sate. The same custom exists in Penn•
Sylvania, and the sooner our Legislature abol
ish it the better.
WE beg leave to call the atten
tion of the Trade, and more
especially the Physicians of the
country, to two of the most popu
lar remedies now before the public.
We refer to
- Pr that 91'Lnor'a felebrnted
Vcrrnifugc and Liver Pills.
We do not recommend them as
universal Cure-alls, but simply for
what their name purports, viz.:
TI I:11.11.1ITGE,
For expelling Worms from the
human system. It has also been
administered with the most satis
factory results to various Animals
subject to Worms.
For the cure of Lives COMPLAINTS,
HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of
preparatory to or after taking Qui
nine, they almost invariably .make
a speedy and permanent cure.
As specifics for the above men
tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled,
and never known to fail when ad
ministered in accordance with the
Their unprecedented popularity
has induced the proprietors,
to dispose of their. Drug business,
in which they have been success
fully engaged for the last Twenty
Years, and they will now give their
undivided time and attention to
their rmnu facture. And being de
termined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele
brated Vermifuge and Liver Pills
shail continue to occupy the high
position they now hoid among the
great remedies of the day, they
will continue to spare neither time
nor expense in procuring the Best
and Purest material, and com
pound them in the most thorough
manner. Address all orders to
FLEMING BROS. Pittsburgh, Ps.
nicirdo. f.rderitla
Iltutt Hewitt:, P 00... gill do well to write thvii t.rerd
.I,4litelly. mid 1..1 r hla ltr .117..te's, prqgirra by
Ph. ,0 11 1 b , 0. l'ithboryb. lb 7. 0,1
Ilitmw n triad. we will torword per mall, prrr pad," oily
part u 1 filo Uttitt.l slotes. ..tto box 1.1 1 . 1114
litrol,ollt P. 111.1, or ono tint toll..r.oltup for
. .
iurloonilti r m-••;;t simitis • All ;.I . , b•lVl s nal li;;l;.aupt
Ur .0.11111114 A Jueniy
. .
For sale in Huntingdon by John Read and
S. S. Smith, and dealers generally through the
county. [May 11,1859,-Iy.
Dayid W. Madara & Jas. S. 'fumy,
EisAND Agrarglit
cr,INr.N, KANSAS TEgttnoitY,
WiLL locate Land Warrants, pay Taxes, buy
and sell lauds, and attend to all business
entrusted to theirpare, with promptness and
fidelity. We will locate 40 acre warrants for
$6 ; 80 acres,slo ; 120 acres, $l5; '6O acres,
$lB After the grunt land sales at Lecorapton
inJuly next, over a million acres of land will
be opened to private entry. Never lit the his
tory of our country has there been such au op
portunity to ablaut beautiful homes, and to
speculate in land. We refer to !.1. McDivit, J.
A. Hall, Huntingdon : David F. Teeny, Alex
andria •, Dorsey Silknitter, Minor Hill,and T.
Clark, Newburg. Address,
May 11. '69-30 , Clinton, 4. T.
Sia . 1000 AGENT 4 WANTEW—For particu
lam scud stamp. C. I'. WRITTEN,
Mar. 23. %)9: Lowell, Macs.
ti 1121% &ED gi'MIAIL% LIGSgIiTMES.
Shade Gap, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania,
IV. 11. WOODS, A. M.
Mtts. F. T. WOODS,
Principal of Female Department.
Professor of Anatoniy and Physiology.
Lecturer on Art of Teaching and Phys. Geog.
Teacher of -Mak, Drawing Grecian and (tat•
inn Painting and Fancy Needle Work.
rpm: next session of this Institution will open
I riar advantages to those sbeking an education
posed of those who arc thoroughly qualified ft
who wish to place their children in a secure ni
meats A NORMAL SCHOOL will be forme
worthy County Superintendent, will give lecture!
thelCounting Room. TERMS, for session of fi
sons in Music, French, thawint!, Painting and 1
For further particulars address
N. n.—l:y those desiring places, early applic
The subscriber respectfully announces
to the citizens of Huntingdon and vicinity, that
he has opened a atop on St. Clair street, in
the east end of the town, where he is prepared
to manufacture all articles in hiso bs.
line, on, the shortest notice, and
on reasonable terms. After a long
experience in the Boot and Shoe business. I
flatter myself that I can please those who give
me their orders. Work dune when promieed
in all costa.
Huntingdon npr 27 '3O. C. WEAVER,
(Eviale..-11Luanda Steel, der.)
NLCce is hereby given dint lAtt4s Tee.
tamentmy on the estate of Alexander Steel
late of th., township of West, in the county of
I f antingdun, deceased, have been duly granted
to the subscribers, to whom nit persons idebt•
to said estate will make payment, and those
kiwi,. claims or demands against the same
will present them for settleneot.
JOHN RUNG, 1 F .I's'
Apr. 27 's9—Gt*
ti ) %M ) lrt
TN Z'INI 1 cV ANTrilk•
- 0 --
A. large size, double shed,
All interested are requested to Subscribe
TERMS-82 a year, or Four Copies 87 ;and
Ten Copies for 815.
Address, RI TBEN G.ORWIG, Publisher,
_ . .
N. L. sth and Chestnut Sts., Phihula.
,Q 'An .►gent wanted in every
OFThe undersigned would give notice
to the patrons of the 'Mooresville
Male and Female Institution," that
he has agreed to take charge of the 811 Me. The
next session will commence on
Monday, f'he 2d day of May.
Mr, Thompson is a graduate of. Jefferson
College, and is recommended as a thorough
eltolar, IA pr.20,7,9..3t.*
COO 00
Pays fur a full course in the iron City College,
the largest, must extensively patronized'and
best organized School in the United States.
357 students attending daily,
March, 11459.
Usual time to complete a full coure, from 6
to 10 weeks. Every Student, upon graduating
Is guaranteed to be competent to manage the
Books of any Business, and qualified to earn a
salary of from
*l5OO to *lOOO.
Students enter at any thee—No Vacation—
Review at pleasure.
51 Premiums for best Penmanship
awarded in 18513.
10;i5-:%Iiiiihiters' Son received at half price.
For Circular and Specimens of Writing, it,
close two letter stamps, and address
F. W. JENKINS, Pittsburgh.
A pr. 2 0;59.
k g t - National
, .
Incorporated by the State of Pennsylvania.
I. Money is received every day, and in any
amount, large or mall. '
2. FIVE PER CENT interest is paid for
money from the day it is put in.
3. The money is always paid back is GOLD
whenever it is called for, and without notice.
•1. Money is received from Executors, Aduti•
Waled° ^s, Guardian., and others who desire to
have it in a place of perfect safety, and where
interest can be obtained for it.
5. The money received from depositors is in•
GROUND RENTS, and such other first-class
securities as the Charter directs.
6. Office Hours—Every day from 9 till 5
o'clock, and on Mondays and Thursdays till 8
o'clock in the evening.
lION. HENRI - L. BENNER, President,
W3l. ,I. REED, Secretary.
Hop, Henry L. Benner, F. Carroll Brewster,
Edward L. Carter, Joseph B. Berry,
Hobert L. Selfridge, Francis Lee,
Sarni. K. Ashton, Joseph Yorkes
C. Landreth Munns, Henry Hiefienderirer,
Notice is hereby gives that Letters Tee
tem.:wary on the estate of John Stushard
late of Tell township ,
, Huntingdon county, do •
ceased, have been duly granted to the sub.
(=hers, to whom all persona indebted to said
estate will make payment, and those having
claims or demands against the same, will pre.
sent them, duly authenticated, tor sottlemeut.
Aids. C. Blair,
Michael Shearer,
roprietor and (Principal.
wan) M. BUTTS,
Teacher of the Engliskpranches.
Teacher of Mathematits.
Teacher in Preparatorsgtepartment.
the first Wednesday of Mn.y It holds out cope'
n. The Hoard of Instructien is large, and corn,
'or their profession. To Pkrents and Guardians
led healthy retreat, it holdtt out peculiar induce.
ied the present session, to Ohich Mr. Owen, our
es on the Art of Teaching Stid Physical Geogr.
VT, young men will be thOroughly qualieed for
five months $35.00. Light and fuel also. Los.
Fancy Needle Work, extra....
!alio!' should be made.
H untingdon at Broad Top Railroad.
On and after Wednesday, April 13th, Pas.
senger Trains will arrive and depart as follows:
Morning Train leaves Huntingdon at 915
A. M.. connecting with through Express west
and Mail Train east on Pennsylvania Railroad
running through to Hopewell, where Passau.
gers take Singes for Bfbody Run, Bedford,
Schellshurg,,Fulton county. he.
Evening Train leaves Huntingdon at 5.00
P. M., connecting with Mail traMwest cn Penn.
Sylvania Railroad, running to Coahnont and in
termediate Stations. ,
Morning Train leaves Hopewell at 12.20 P.
21., and arriving at Huntingdon at 2.32 P. M.
Evening train leaves Coahnont 7.00 P. M.,
Saxton 7.36 P. 21., and arrives at Huntingdon
9.12 P. M., connecting with Fast Train east•
ward on Penna. Railroad.
These trains will be ruitstrictly according to
time table, and the travailing public can rely
upon bckg accommodated to the fullest ex.
tent. _ _ JNO. J. LAWRENCE,
The public are hereby cautioned tut to pur•
chose, or in any manner Meddle with, a certain
farm or tract of land, formerly belonging to
John Lee, on which the said . John Lee now
resides, situated in Penn township, Huntingdon
count•, adjoining lands of James Moore, Lad.
wig Hoover, Isaac liutz, and others, contain•
iug 190 acres also 19 acres of woodland, con•
tignons. as 1 am the legal owner of the same
which by a reference to the records of said
county will more plainly appear.
Curlsville, Clarion Co. J. T. LEE.
April 20, '59..3t.*
That the land mention d in the advertise
meat immediately above, •headed "Caution s "
is owned by the undersigned, and any . portion
buying or meddling with the same will have
to wade through the law. JOHN LEE.
MeConnelstown, apr. 27 '59-3t.
No. :los CHESTNUT Street.
PRICE—Each 25 cents.
FIVE NUMBERS aro already published.
And one will be issued regulurly on every Sut•
urday, until the whole ore completed.
One complete set, twenty-six volutnes in all
will be sent to any one, a, that as they are Dub
'lobed, for five dollars. Single numbers, 25
No. 306 CHESTNUT Street.
No. aoa N. Tomo ST., (3 doors above Vine.)
.12-4 Mechanical, Farming and Household Hard
ware, is now in store, and will he offered at the
lowest market prices, to Cash and prompt Six
months buyers. Nails at Manufacturers prices
lor Cash.
Orders from new customers will receive strict
and accurate attention and all goods sent from
this house will be as represented.
.ountry merchants, on their next visit to
our city to make their Spring purchases are cor
dially invited to cull and examine our Stock
and Prices before Purchasing.
Respectfully informs too ckizens of Hunting
don, vicinity, and the alirtogmling eoun
try, that lie has commenced bu siness in
the room opposite M• Guttnan's Store in 14,0
hopes to receive a share of public patronage.
WATCHES and CLOCKS rrpaired in the
best workmanlike manner.
Ills stock of WATCHES and JEWELRY IS
of the best, all of which he will dispose of at
rewnable prices.
'llia public generally ,are requested to give
hits a cull sad examine bin stock.
rarzlaatEM * -
THE subscaiber has commenced E'GUA ,
S MIMING business at Pine Grove, Cen
tre county, whore he is prepared to manufacture
and repair Gun p and Pistols of every descrip
tion,with 'motet'ss end dispatCh.
Ho will also attend to repaifigg CLOCKS.
Prices to suit the times.
De o. 22,1858.—tf. JOHN 11. JACOBS.
Life Inburanee Company.
A dividend of TWENTYTIVE per cent. on all
the cash premiums of 1838. and Six per cont.
on all sertp_iesued by flip Company, has been
declared. The underyined is ready to pay
Cush and deliver scrip toldl entitled to them.
a. , as uaaoan.
The Subscriber respectfully informs the Pub
-Ik, that he is prepared to receive and unload
Cars containing Lumber, Bark, Staves, Shin
gles, Coal, Iron - , &c. •
S. W. Corner 'hoed S Callowbill Streets .
Ph iladeldh ia
Jan. Fth 18:19.—Gni*
_ .
A Perfec sbillititutte
For the Lancet. Leeches and Blisters
when the undersigned, after a long series of
laborious nod costly experiments, became fully
confirmed in his conviction, that the &Rapid,
gistic Snit which he now has the happiness to
present to the American public, vial:.
for Blood-letting, Leeches and Blisters, his
.mind was so. agitated that he could not sleep for
many nights. 'rho cause of his agitation was
the striking tact, that the manse, of ite operation
like that of the virus in vaccination, could not
be satisfactorialy explained upon any known
principle. How, in what way. it so effectually
subdued Inflammatory Disease and no others,
was at first wholly inexplicable—but, on further
experiment, it was proved that it equalizes the
finial 01 the body, the want of an equilibrium in
which, is the sole rause of inflammation. Such
is its potency, that like the vaccine matter,
requires merely oat adheres to the pointer a quill
I dipped into a solution of it, to effect the entire 1
I system—but must be instantly used to prevent
da.mtuposlion and secure its fait virtue. 'Throe',
'mills in acute, and iwfl in chronic tlitleasea.
every 24 hours, tiii the heat, pain anti febrile ae-
tion have subsided, and a perfect cure effected. 1
When it takes the place of blisters, ointment
and leeches in local affections, us Brain Fever,
Croup, 'toothache, Pleurisy, &c.,its mode of
administration is two-fold. (See irectiin of dis
solving. &c.)
The discoverer has withheld it from the pub
lie till now, by the advice of a judicious physi
c lan and valuable friend whom he consulted—
a gentleman known and felt in the medical
world—and who desired to submit it to the test
0 fexperiment. After witnessing under his own
sertitiMaing rye, its signal triumph over both
acute and chronic inflammatory diseases, in re
peated and re-repeated trials, he offered $22.-
000 to come in as a special and equal partner in
I the Recipe for its manufacture, but the propo
sal was rejected.
The disuse of the lancet and blisters, is de
manded both by humanity by Immonity and
scionce. Is it nut a mistake, to suppose thud
a kut4le ot boiling water. (the inflamed blood)
will cease to boil. by dipping ow a purl of h—
ot a cask of had eider (bad blood) be made
gond, by drawing a portion of it? Is it not a
mistake, to suppose that blisters and rubelacients
trill remove inflammation. when they virtually
superadd one inflammation to another '1 The
late Dr. B. Waterhouse, of Harvard Universi
ty, said "I tun sick of learned quackery,' One
of the most eminent, physicians in New England
acknowledged just before his death, that "he
has hoe,, doubting for many years, teethes- flood
letting mid blisters. did not aggravate rather
than gaitai diseass.” Roma who stand
high to the Old and New school, Intro quite re
cently aspousnd his views and now openly' con
fess, they believe the lan eel, scums leeches and
blisters injure ten where they benefit one—
They think there is a moaning to Dem. 12, 2.1
—Den. 9, 4 —andLevit. 17, l4—taut “1 . 11 k:
01,0011 IS also LIFE." It is nut the excess of
blood (there never is too mach) that causes di
sease, but the want of a balance between the
fluids and solids.
'rho special excellence of the Antiplilogistic
Salt, is that without the useless loss of blood
nod strength, it effectually subdued inflamiatos
ry disease, (no others) by producing an equili
brium of all the fluids in the body and a coast
quest uninterrupted i.ircullition. Inexertc , like
the vaccine matter, and extraordianty influence
over the viens sod aricries—resulting in a grad
ual decline .of intlatninstion as indicated_ by the
pttlse, which assumes its natural stow as the
heat, pain anti fever diss.PPear•
tF, Many medicines offered for sale, are
backed by doubtful certificates, (their chcif vir
tue);and claim to be universal muddies, curing
all mslidies—a burlesque on common sense;
As the discoverer of this Salt, solemnly protests
against having it pieced in the categcry ol
frauds and impotitions. he has resolved that it
shall go forth to the world, like the pure gold
dollar, with no otherpasspore than its true val
ue. f the public find it genuine, they will re
ceive it—if spurious, they will reject and con
demn it. Instead of being a panacea for all ills,
it has control over hut one 111,-11es but ens: also
--accomplishes but sac thing, to wit ' SUBDUES
INFLAMMATORY DlBEABE— whatever IM its form
or locality—wether in the head, throat chest nh
domen, extremities or skin. it is asked, how
it does this?—simply by restoring the lust bal
ance between the fluids and solidi.
The lbflowing different /arms which the un
balanced fluids assume, and many not hero men
;jotted that have more or less heat, pain or fever
(no others)are as perfectly cured by the Anti.
phlogistic Salt, as tire is extinguished by water.
I. Cases where the unbalanced fluids affect
the HEAD and TilltOAT—to Wit , Brain Eeeer,
Fits, Headache, Inflemmed Eyes, Ears and Nose,
Canker, Neural:Pa, Erysipelas, Catarrh. Croup,
Bronchitis, Se.
2. Cases where the unbalanced fluids effect
the ClienT and AnDomux—to wit; Inflamed
Lungs and Liver, Calk, Pleurisy, Coughs, I4spep,
ass, Asthma, Dropsy, Heartburn, Gravel Piles,
Gonorrhea, Venereal, ac.
3. Cases where the unbalanced fluids effect
the EXTREMITIE. and Nate—to wit; Rheuma
tism, Gold, Scrojida, Ulcers, Chard., Chillmins,
Chicken and Small Pox, Sale Rheum, with itch
ing and other Cutaneous AlActions,&e.
This Salt greatly alleviates the inflammatory
. . •
pains peeular to married ladies, (before and ut
the time of confinement) and many female com
plaints, and is xery eflicatious in Fever, Ague,
Wounds, Nervous and Spinal Affections and
anyother forms of (mark this) iellUnimmory di
sease, attended with heat, pain or febrile symp
OW Persons who have a tendency of blood
to the bead ur heart, or lead inactive lives, or
breath the impure air of manufactories and the
poisonous fumes of metals and minerals, or live
is unhealthy climates, are exposed to a pantie
liar vitiation of the fluids cf the body, which one
dose without interfcreiug with the diet or busi
ness, once in three months, would invariably
proven,. It is heleived to afford protection from
infectious; disease, and therefore travellers,
sailors, and soldiers should supply themselves
with it.
CT While many nostrum-makers victimize
the good natured and plll-ridden public, oy or
dering "front six to a dozen boxes of bottles,
to me any malady." no matter what—the un
dersigned is happy in being able to state, that
the severest lOrms of recent inflammatory di
sease, was over come by one Acute package,
mid the most uhst'nato and long standing - by
one Chronic package. It does just what it
claims to do—and no more, or less—equalizes
the fluids by removing from the system all ar
terial and venous obstruoions.
fir Pleas let your neighbors real this.
For sale at the Cheap Drug Store of Samuel
8, Smith, &Co.' fientigdon, Pa.
Feb. 16th 1859.
ALToons, Blair co., July
J. D. STommoso, Lewistown, Pw,
Dour Sir—Mr. Win,
WolinAvon, who has been sujtcring aecerel
years from rheumatism, got so ill that his friends
and relatives were summoned to witu F ss his
&Oath. I induced his friends to try lite virtue
of your preparation—they did so, as the last re;
sort ag 1 , to their astonishment and joy, he be
gan to improve, got better and better, and now.
so fur as I know, he is a hale and stout scan
This is not the only case where the CIALvAxiC
Ott. has surpassed human expectations. Its
every case where I have recommended the One,
it has done what it promises to do. Send us
another 520's worth.
Tours truly, 11. LEMAL
730 Chestnut St., Phila.
These Machines sew from two spools. as pur
chased front the store, requiring no re-winding
of thread; they Ilem, Fell, Gather and Stitch
in n superior style, fltaLhing each seam by their
own operation, without recourse to the hand
needle, as is required by other machines. They
will do better and cheaper sewing than a seam
stress can, even if she works for one cent an
hour, and are, unquestionably, the beat Ma—
chines in the market for family sewing, on ac
count of their simplicity, durability, ease of
management, and adaptation to all varieties of
family sowing—oxecutiug either heavy or fine
work with equal facility, and without special
As evidence of the unquestioned superiority
of their Machines, the Georr•.it & BAKER Sew
n. MACHINE COMPANY beg leave to r,ealtectful
ly refer to the following
Vxoadway, N. Y
"Having had one of Grover & Bakcr's.Ma-
chines in my family inr nearly a year and a hall
I take pleasure in commending it as every way
reliable Mr the purpose for whi,h it is designed
—Family S:wing."—Mrs. Joshua Leavitt, wife
Dr. Learitt, Editor of N. Y Independent.
- - - - • • -• •
"I confess myself delighted with your Sowing
Machin', which has been in my fittrajf fm„ ma
ny months. It has always been ready for duty,
requiting no adjustment, and is cosily adapted
to every variety of family sewing, by simply
nhanging the spools of thread."—Mrs. Elimbeth
Strickland, ovi, of Rev. Dr. Striddand, Editor of
N. Y. Chrigtion Advocate.
"At . ter trying several different good machines,
1, preferred years, on account of its simplicity.
and the perfilet, case with which it is managed,
as well as the strength and durability of the
seam. After long experience, 1 Ebel competent
to speak in this mapper, and to confidently re
commend it for eveq variety of family sewing."
—Mrs. E. B. Spoongr,wfleOf the Editor o/ Brook
lyn •S'ior.
"I have used a Grover & Baker Sewing Ma
chine for two years, and have found it adapted
to all kinds of family sex ng, from Canilajo•to,
Broadcloth, (laments have been worn out
withoht the giving way of a stitch. The Ma
chine is easily kept in order, and is easily used."
—Mrs. .1. B. Whipp.'e, relic rf Bet, Gee. 1174
pie, New York.
"Your Sewing Machine has hem in Wie in
my family the past two years, and the ladies
request me to give you their testimonials to its
perfect adaptedncss, as well as labor-saving
qualities in the performance of family and
household sewing."—Robrrt Boom., N.
"For several. months we have Grover & Ba
ker's Sawing Machine, and have come to the
conclusion that every lady who desires her sew
ing bsantiji://g and quickly done, would be most
fortunate in possessing one ul these enable
and in:lel:algal:10 'iron needle-women,' whose
combined qualities of beauty, strew( end simpli
city, ore invaluablei.—J. Morns', daughter 0/
Gm. Geo. F. Minils, Editor of Ikane Journal.
Extract of a letter from Thoe. R. Leavitt, en
American gentleman, now resident in Sydney,
New South Wales, dated January 12, 1858 :
"1 had a tent made in Melbourne, in 185:1, in
which there were over three thousand yarde of
sewing done with one of Grover & Baker's Ma
chines, and a single seam of that bee outstood
all the deulde scams sewed by sailors with a nee
dle and twine,"
'lf Homer could be called up from his mur
ky hades, he would sing the advent of Grover
& Baker as a more benignant, miracle of ari
thou was ever Vulcan's smith. He would de r
nounee midnight shirt-making as 'the direful
spring of woee unnumbered."—Pro/.
"I take pleasure in saying, that the Grover &
Baker Sewing Machines have snore Oars sus
tained my expectation, After trying and xetur
niug others, I hose three of then: in operatimi
in me di ff erent places, and, after four years'
trial, have to fault to find."—j. fl. P'uoauaysl,
Secular ,;( South Caroling.
"My wife has had one of Grover t Baker's
Family Sewing Machines for some ,time, and I
am satisfied it is one of the best labor-saving
modules that has been invented. I take much
pleasure in recommonding it to the public."—
J. U. Harris, Governor of Tennesvee.
"It is a beautiful thing, and puts everybody
into an excitement of good 'rumor. Were I a
Catholic I should insist upoTA Saints Grover and
Baker having an eternal holiday in commemo
ration of their good deeds for liumanity.—Cas.
sins all. Clay.
"I think it by far the bast patent in use. This
Machine can be adapted from the finest cambric
to the heaviest enssimere. It sewn stronger,
faster and more beautifully than , ne can ima
gine. If mine could not be replaced, money
could not buy it."—Mrs. J. G. Brown, Nitsh-
Lille, Tenn.
"It is speedy, very neat, and durable in its
work; is easily understood and kept in repair. I
earnestly recommend this Machine to all my ac
quaintances and others."—Mrs. Forrest,
Asemp,iiB, Tenn.
"We find this machine to work to our satis
faction, and with pleuturc recommend it to the
public, us we believe Grover & Baker to be the
best Sewing Machine in use."—Deary Brothers,
"If used.exclusively for thmily purposes, with
ordinary cure, I will wager they will lust ono
'three score years and ton,' and never got out
of lix."--John Erskine, Nashville. lens.
"I have bad your machine for several weeks,
and am perfectly satisfied that the work it does
is the best and most beautiful that ever was.—
Jtnygic dindsvn, Nashville, Ttnn.
"I use my Machine upon coats, dressmaking,
and fine linen stitching, and the work is 41rnt
rable—far better than the host hand-sewing, hr
any other machine I have ever seen."—Lney
13. Thompson, Nashville, Tenn
"I find the work the strongest and most beau
tiful I have ever seen, made either by hand or
machine, and regard the Grover & Baker ma
chine as one of the greatest blessings to our
sex."—Mrs. Taylor, NashOille, Tdaa.
"I have one of Grover & Baker's Sewing Ma
chines in use in my fa wily, nd find it invalua
ble. I ran confidently recommend it to all per
sons in want of a machine."—G. T. Thompson,
Nashville, Tenn.
"I take pleasure in cettitj•ing to the utility of
the Grover & Baker Sewing Machines. I have
used one on almcst every description of work
fur mouths, and find it much stronger then work
one by hand."—Mrs. D. Ir. Wheeler, Nashville
"I would be unwilling to dispose of my Gro
ver & Baker Machine for a large amount, could
not replace it again at pleasure,"—Mrs. ff.C.
Score!, Nashville Tenn.
"Our two Machines, purchased trom_you, do
the work of twenty young ladies. We with
pleasure recommend the Grover & Baker Ina-
Ohm trt be the best in usc.'—N. Ststhnen 6. Co.
Ilikellaiteous Advertisements.
Corner of Hill & Montgomery Streett,
C IiRISTA:N C OUTS. Pi9rietor,
We stand is well known as the “NieConnell
Tholocation is supe . rior to any other,
being in the Inunwlinto proximity to business;
also to the Benk.atulluost Etiblib Offices
_ .
It is the determination of, the Rropriotor, to
keep thie House in a style eatisfactory to the
public, and it is his desire, to, make all who
patronize hiM, feel at. home, andlo make the
American rank among the best of Heating.
don Hotels. Ile very respectfully solicits the
public patronage. Apr. 13th '53.:
Cannot rival in attraction the superb htock of
Spring and Summer Goods now being received
and opened by F.i.s.amt L McMottrate.
This stock has been selocted!witk great care
and the public are cordially invited to call and
examine it.
It comprises all the late styles of Ladies'
Dress Goods, such as Poil de Cheers, Robes a
Lez, Organdies, Jaconets, Lantos,Ohallis, plain
and figured 13erages. Grape Marelz, Plain and
colored Chintzes, French and English Ging.
hams, Amaranths, Vulentias, Alpaccas t Dsbago
Prints, &c., &c.
A beautiful assortment of Spring SHAWLS,
round and scpare corners, all colors. A full.
stock of Ladles Fine Co'Jays,. C.eatlemen's
Furnishing Goods, such. as Uhler., Cravats,
Ties, Stocks, Hosiery, Shirts, Gauze and Silk
Undershirts, Drawers, &c.
We have a fine selection of Mantillas, Dress
Trimmings, Fringes, Ribbons, Mitts. Gloves,
Gauntlets, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Buttons,
Floss, Sewing, Silk, Extension Skirts, Hoop,'
of all kinds, &c.. . . _
A tso—Tickens, OsnalLtrts, blpch odUnd an
bleached Mats at all pat., colored and
White Cambries,. Barred and Swiss-Busli
Victoria Lawns, Naiusooks, Tarleton and many
other articles which comprise the line of White
and Domestic Boot's.
We have French Cloths, Fancy Cassimeres,
Sat titiett9, Jeans, Tweeds, Cot tonades, Linens,
Denims and Blue Drills.
or every verjety and style. Also all kinds
A good stock of
Wood and Willow-ware,
%illiell will be sold Case'
We Ilse deal in PLASTER, FISH, SALT,
and all kinds of GRAIN, and possess facilities
in thus branch of trade unequalled by any. We
deliver all packages or parpela of, Merchandise,
FREE OF CH.A,B,G4, nt tip depot* of the
Broad Top and. Feunsylvania lseilrosds.
Come one, awns sill and be convinced that
H,e• "Nly..rnorouTau"' is the place to secure
fashionable and desirable goods, disposed of at
the lowest rates.
A pral a,"•9.
A It T T ,
This gallery of, Art is now open for public
inspection of specimens of Amihrotypes, Crys.
talegraphs. Ph litographs, Circular and Star
Pictures, also,, Name, or Age, or Residence, tar
ken on the Pictures—letters of different colors.
Sot hi Etnines, Civics. Lockets, Rings, Pins or
Brace) its.
Particular attention paid to taking pictures
of C'sildrcu. Time, from one to four seconds.
Periect satisfaction giver., or persons are nut
ex 'looted to take their pictures.
Pictnres taken from sick or deceased persons
ea their residences. Copies taken from Do.
guerreotypes or Portraits. Also, vietts of resi•
' dunces, Sc.
Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call
and examine specimens. Pictures taken as
well in cloudy as fair weather.
How of en do we hear the exclamation, when
persons are looking at Portraits—"l would not
value say sum il• I could procure the Portraits
of my parents--or deceased children I" Rea
der, if you are gifted with this ennobling feel.
lug of unity, you have an opportunity to *grati•
fy it at a small cost, by procuring Portraits,
which, it is known, will not fade.
JAW-Those that wish to learn this beautiful
art can call arts see IY. F. Thomas, from Phila..
Prices Iron; a 0 cents upwards.
la. A. natchelors Hair Dye I'
The Original and Best in the World
All others are mere imitation, and should
be avoided, if von wish to escape ridicule,
staidly to a beautiful and Natural Brown or
Black, without the least injury to Hair or Skin.
Fifteen Medals and Diplomas have been a
warded to Wm. A. Batchelor since 1839, and
over 80,000 applications have been made to
the Hair of his patrons of his famous Dye.
duces a color not to be distinguished from na
ture, and is warranted nut to injure in the least
however long it may be continued, and the ill
effects of Bad Dyes remedied • the Ha it in
vigeratedfor life by this splendid' Dye.
Made, aid or applied tin 9 private rooms)
at the Whig Factory, 233 Broadway, New
York. Sold in all cities and towns of the Uni
ted States, by Druggists and Vow Goods
tar The Genuine has the name and address
upon a steel plate engraving on four aides of
each box, of 'WM. A. BATCHELOR,
233 Broadway, New York.
Julie Read, Agent Huntingdon Pa.
Nov. IT, '5B-Iy.
10,00 Q Volumes of Books for Sale.
$500,00 in Gifts for every 1000 Sold.
In order to reduce my extensive stock I will
sell one thousand dollars worth of Book. at fhe
regular retail prices or less, and give ($500)
five hundred dollars worth of presents varying
in value from 25 cents to $100,03. Or, those
who prefer can purchase at wholesule'prices.—
My stock consists of every variety and style of
binding. School Books of every kind, whole
sale and retail. Sales to commence Dec. 24th,
Proposals will be received at the Commis
sioners Office, up to two O'clo4 on the Bth day
of May, for building a bridge across Stone
Creek, at the head of Shoemaker's dam. Plan
and specification can be seen at the office.
At tho same tune and place proposals will
be received for building vaults in the Prothon.
ots,vy'v and Register's offices. Plan and epee•
ifications seen at Conn's.: office.
By coda of the Commiasiosers.
Nyi. 27 '5?