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    `Amithionn if °m at
Wednenday Morning, Awil 20, 1359.
The Circuiation of the Run-'
gingdon Journal, is great
er than the t,ilobe and Ant-,
erican combined.
The linntingdon JOUUNAI. for one year, and
either of .I,lle Magazines for the smae period
will he Abut to the address of•any sohoeriber
to be paid in admit- as follows :
Site Journal and Godey's Lady's Rook, for
one year, $3 50
The Journal and Graham's Magazine, (or
ono yenr, $3 50
The Joni and Emerson's illitgazine and
Pntnam's Monthly, for one year, $3 50
'lie Journal and Frank Leslie's Famit,y
Magazine and Gazette r±f Fashion, for one acne
The Journal and Lady's Itaine Mitgazine,
ter one year, $2 75
'The Journal and Peterson's May.,;ne.
• 2 5
. Ir Journal r' nod Atlantic Monthly, for one
The jornal end Gere, , , Ytint,l
ono year
The Murderers Executed.
On Friday last, at, twelve minutes before
eleven o'clock, Marion Crops, livery Own
brill, Carrie and Stephens were hung' at beta.
more, for the of officer Flint°u.
All of his unfortunate associates declared
themselves innocent, to the last. The follow.
fog notes were written by Crops on the morn.
ing of the execution:
"It was me that shot Rigdon, but I have re.
pented of it." MARION CRO PPS.
7111 Fellow Modal.,
Dear Friends—Within a few hours of the
moment when lit'e and I shall part, and feel•
ing the awful position in which I now stand
and knowing that I shall NOwn appear in the
prciieen of the Almighty,l desire to say o few
overdo in taking final lens ,•1 yon, by woo
enprcosibg my sincere sour , r pail act,
admonition towards those
hcpit associated.
IVitli regard lie lie, •
tee to yield to Or r :
tore, I wish to 1. ,
etiarity it sit itti t
re •vo •
which led me into my pre.: d
my former complaints I oi•'a to H•.• • cc ad
vice, and eh, that it may be conci:l red ns
%mice nom the grave, exhorting and in ,
them to avoid what hus bratught Inc to this,—
L igner and bad t1.950C::1110413 am. the bone which
ha fC ruined them it veil cc me ; and, lilt! 1,,
one entreat 5101 I • dbcr the l'ate
has tutlua•r. rmy
stand cot, in alter r . •
nittg ether.; irritt the wl:mg. :,,,, , liet•. !Id •
one and reminding them, whcn dispocc .
ye en aged in smtilar acts, or_what linty ea.:it
L.,' tlefttit witi,l) 1 Ina
rind by tlao 111,2;iig huaria of ,!.: 1
itha Illy companious I,n.rq
y o u t i.l) to fly from deeds which I 11,1
• •
1 wish in tutuilositai, to rxprosa far thtti:la
to tta wavdeti and hit 11,pliti,s, for th,ir Limb
nest], awl to Ituliort Prunsey awl to
Pryur, who ha, been :•
we. Filially gir,ti by, to all; GOO fl,•.
A Groat Rail Storm
The N a tchez Con rier of the :25th t,h.,
gives the following particulars of
extraordinary bad
had storm ever known in
passed over Natchez yesterday u.
between five and six o'clock.—Forti, ,,, -
fy it was unaccompanied with wind, nod
was bur of some fifteen minutes, durationi o
but during thnt time it resembled more n
pelting of ice bans than n fall of hail. The
ice literally caste in solid chunks, some
times iu oval shape, but generally circular
But few .pieces fell 'hot we re not the size
of a hen egg.—Some that we saw a half
Lour after they had fallen, during a part
of which time they had been handled,
measured six inches to circumference,
We saw several at least three inches 'in
diameter the largest way, and two
three quarter inches the shorter axis.* It
wits certainly-the most extraordinary fall of
hail we ever witnessed, and must have
done great damage to the tender fruit and
vcgetabl , :41 the gareens near the city.
The was succeeded by n shower of
rain, but without any other indication of
severe storm.
We have since heard that in other pans
of tbo city, especially near the river. hail
of still larger dimensions fell.• Pieces are
spoken of us over six inches in length,four
in width, and three in thickness—much
larger, because longer, than a large orange•
Some wero gathered weighing six and
eight ounces each.
The storm came the southwest, and in
the neighborhood of Natchez Island, a very
few miles below the city, must have been
very destructive. The roaring of the storm
was heard all over the city resembling a
distant steamer blowing off, and reminded
all who heard it, of the noiso of the greet tor
[indoor 1840.
A REMARKABLE SAFE —At one of the
express offices, on Third street, i yeeterday,
ye saw a small iron safe, still in tiSe(which
lay at the bottom of Lake Erie, containing
$20,000 in gold, for six years. The safe
belonged to an express company at the time.
was on a steamer that blew up and sunk,
and was raided by a diving bell after the
lapse of time mentioned, —Cincinnati En
•-•-- -- • •-•-• —=--- ----- --
otir Among the re: of itions adopted by NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. PRICE. 11.1.11.) CUEI) O\l Iltk LF I! ! :
the Democratic Convention•at Harrisburg, ' ~,,-...________-_,- _ _==.- ,,-,.7 - --,= =- -: - --: PrEW MEDSCAL SALM' I '.. ktl2[ll T(2IIW,AIi.,
JOHN A. NEFF. i TIIC Subscriber respectfully. informs the Pub- ;
on Wednesday, was the subjoined : 1 '''''' P. Ann''' FOR . i tie, that he is prepared to reveive and unload .
Resolve,?, That we recommend the op- : ABBEY &-. NEFF. 'INIeI.AM M AT On Y D ISEASE S, , Cars containing Lumber, Bark, Staves, Shin-; :V ';
1 1 \- 111 C IE or R ne i r C o A lI N il li Prtntgotnery Streets,
pointment by the President of this Conven- I No. 303 N. THIRD ST., (3 fours above Yine) I g irt , Coal, Iron, &c. 67, HUGTINGDON, PA.
• TRY IT I : I..V'siN ,•• • CIIRIS'PAIN COUPS. Proprietor,
lion of r Democratic State Committee, to 1 PHILADELPHIA. E. SCHREINER,
• .l.11;--.'' .."'
ONLY ONE DOLLAR. i ' S. NV. Corner Broad C Callowhill Streets. ' .es' L „- e , -,e_ This stand is well known as the ".NkConnoll
consist of fiftv six members; and that the TIM OLD II A ILDWAUE STAND, V 2,
••- !• ! i CIIIIONIC I'ACIIAGE $2 501 Philadeldhitt.- , 1-- ' e ...,.- - "Leesfeee%* . e s e e. , House." lie location ie superior to any outer, •
question of nominating a democratic State ; ESTABLISHED TWENTr-TOljg YEARS. , ....... • 1 ,1: ' 0 18'9 f .
E ADVER TISETIIE T ' J un. ''—'l'n i • ~.,:-," ~•- - , , '4,;,..,- .. .., - .., , ,,,i :, • _-: . being in the iinmadiato proximity to business;
ticket, and the call of another democratic F ylny-DESCRIPTION OF :BUILDING ; 5 'l', I '-e, 4".1e,i - N! , 1; :' •lk . • '•••• ../. ' also to the Bank and most Public O ffi ces
' --11:;4 ''''' ' • !;- ; ''''' '....) ! It is the, determination of the Proprietor, to
State Convention at the earliest possible -, itl . echanial, Farming tied Mesehold
1 her sale al:Smith', Drug Store, Huntingdon.
N I.
10111P81.001110 tIALT,+' - s , •
._ .. __ ..____ .._ ..
day, be referred to that Committee; and that :save, is now in store, and will he offered et the . 1 ' A Pollee shi Mit tole keep this House in a style satisfactory to the
lowest market pr.ces, to ashtand Prompt Six , .TOY `PO THE ADMIRERS OP ' '
n meeting of said ,;, :. ~ ,jAt , ,, , '- ';.:0 • 1 : „ ...: public, foul it is his desire, to make all who
Central Unn"i llen n"Y inentlis buyers. Nally at Manufacturers prices ' „ • , ; For the Lanett. LeeCllBB alit! Blisters ill
A PINE 111,1/ OP !. patronize him, feel at bottle, and to make the
he called by the chair:mm.or any five mem- for Cash. ' ! when the undersiened, after a long series of .
bets thetreof. . I Orders from new customers will receive strict ' RICH GLOSSY HA1R.'1,0,..i....t0 costly experiments, became Oilly ;
. don Hotels. He very respectfully stilieits the
I accurate attention and all goods sent from ; et:Mimed in his conviction, th at the Antiphlo- ; ivill_4D3E3E3Erla - .
The Republicans have carried Mbany;
! this house will be as represented. I Tell: of beauty, it cannot exist without !lune 1 Vis 6" S."! which ha How has the 1111Pifincee ..I 11311 S• I public patronage. Apr. I3th '59;
et the municipal election, by 350 majority. I eill'flountry merchants:. on their next v i s it to , 1,,,i,i o r halt, t ic, tea t c it e imiee-ine, oil i f , present to the American pu blic , was a 1 NEW s'rvLES—PRICES FROM $5O to 81113 : Ti , eteccek JuttouBrees , ; ,.,,,,, w ,, , ,,„ ,
1 r city to mike their Spray , purchases are car- 1 k . ~, e •, e • • , , , ,
Sprang ~ . vet as k loose, 0,0 cut u,..a• Ileum. , eac h b as t e, PERFECT SUBSTITUTE I EXTRA COAEoI, or F.;:i VI , . 11.3...• ' Jneolt Barnet, farmer,' Cass,
They have also carried Springfield, Ills
- invited
, to call and examine oar .hock 1 for Bl o od-letting, Leeches mid Blisters, his
and no one eau doubt. i ' 495 Broadwey, N. Y. 7 ..... 30 .. Ch estnu4t., Phil:. Y . ti t „,"i i i , d 3 , e k t ! , , lr t ' ,;, , b s i e ",":e t s n in ec it c l i i i , n i ' n i t " , " i3l
'lois, a striking victory, right in the strong- , turd Prives before. Purchasing. 1 1_)11101`. 11 . 00/It'S mein pEsToitA- 1 111E1.1 Ott so et:hated that he could tint sleep for
I Mar 9 '59.-3m. 1 ;
- 1 - JIVE,—Vic cell the attention of all, old 1 :mine nights. The cause of his egitatien WAS 1 N l yill . illEl Couch, farmer, BfirreO C . i arb : n•
held of Dollf,rlilSiStn, The Republicans of . .... '..'. ..... _ These Mechines sew from two spools.. per- 1
- - - 1 and young, to this wonderful preparation, which ' the :triking fact, that the mennei of its operation i
Davenport, lowa, elected their whole city ' lr D riii2Elfi:Tllll2l,, i turns back to its original itelor, gray hair—etfv- Itke that o r the vires in veccination, could not 1 chased from the sMre, requiring no ~..winaing I N r .',V i ine ( y nn ",;,;"" k7Pert Jr: ,
ii . a
1., the head of the le:1(171th a lexuriatit growth ii,, SatisfoEtoriillyexplained tie. any . known lof thread ; th ey Ilem, Fell, Giulier and Stitch I i. /e it i e ; r p r e c e7Z l ,.,,'„ 4 „. e Tt e ' e l , e n ,%', i c i ll, '''''
ticket, and four of six uldertnen, by a ve- rill] re eubscaiber has commenced the G I,W.
ry handsome ninjorit v, on Saturday last.— 1 SMITH [NG busiii , s .1 Pine Grow , ' Cen- 1 —ite remotes
pt t i l tf le nst " e ( e r ts " e t ; n 't e t' nTrnit i trlle n e l • l o " f !' t t li t e - i f : t r i i l:t i l e iTit i l e. ,/„/( l , ° „ ‘ t v „:„T„r; l A: Y r - .?;e ' and n t o n" o l t t l i t ' e li r i g ' , I in " 'P eri ' . eqle'"i'hing each seen by their 1 . 1111 ! Duff, favi ,,, , •In ' ok , ail,
ire county, w . here lie is i , yep,tred,to ma:Manta. 1 ~,,,,,,,i p a p,: nod hence, it mood as a re g ular was et fi rst w h o lly i nee plienble—lint, on f ar th er 1 own operat i on, without rec.,. to the hand- ; L evi
, Evans, J• P., Carbon,
Ebenezer COOk, for Mayor. los a majority
.`: in aliont Fultz, carpenter, Brady,
and repair GO, Bnu Pi. 01 every desert 1 d res sing for the hair will preserye its color . , mid ex p er im en t, it wag proved that it uperlkes the needle, as is required by o ther machines. They L. 1 , • Everhart, Wes, Huntingdott,
of some 200 10 Indianapolis, at an elec. tion, with 'teatimes anti diepeich. i keep it from falling to ext.einCold age , tit all
. tb i eis 01 the bodg, the want ol nn et t ailihrinni in 1 will do better and cheaper sewing than a seam-
Ile will nitto mired to l'oPairin::: CLOCK S. it , iiat nral beauty. 'We cell then up en the belt! Whia, is the sole cause of infleminet am. Stich '
lien for town o ff icers, the Republicans elec.
, Prices to suit the run.. I the g reve or diseased i n e ,,,,i te to ese it , and ;is its potency, that like the vaecine inatter, !it ; stresscan, even 1e I - "r one ce nt ' 1 " Robert Green farmer , Oneida;
.I:inies Groin, 'gentlelMtn, Butingdon,
ted their ticket by an overage majority of D u , 22,;s5s._tr. ,i 011 N 11. 3 ,‘cons. I surtily the youtig will not. as they val. the requires mer ely teat adheres to the point ore q uill 1 hour, end are, nneuestiorably, the best Ma -
1;:',5. •Thi4 is ancther , hlemocratic" strong- --------- i flowing l o cks, or the witcl:ing earl, ever be dipped into a soltition or it, to lifte nittti , awes in tho market for family sewing, on tie- Devid Grove, merchant, Huntingdon
, ,
CH - JEWEI RN: ST( /RE without it. Itg Pre is, is upon the tomtit. of systeni—hut must 1,, instantly titted to prevent count of their siinplieity, durability, ease of 1 John Hire, farmer, Barree,
hold republicalliZtfd. lit'Carondolet, Mo., N EW IV AT-- 4 " ' ' ' ' ' ' thousands. decompos'tiod end secure its ilillvirtue. Three
- , The Agent fur Prof. Wood'A Ile ir Restorative q uills in acute, l i fit. , -. id Ifieelehle' r, ,, lalmier,, , Wa , ll,cm : ,
!he th , pabllcans elt , cted their Mnyor, :Ind J. Dr. DUTCHER, „„a t „.„ i n ehron i e eas ,,, s ,„ , : mem:gement, and adaptation to all varieties o f Aiehard D Heck farmer Cromwell
iin NOW liiirelli received the llowitte, l et t er i n every 24 boars, till the heat, pain and fel rile ac- 1 fil th ily rowan;—executing either heavy or line
St Ferdinand, in Missouri, afro elected a ! regard to tle It Itotturatire, a tow w ee ks lion have subsided, and n perfect cure ol'eeted. I work wi th equal facility, and without special t ' - ul o! """ ."1"-""g't farmer, Ife.nloini
IV el rCILIIAKER (C. .1 f.' IF ELL ER, 1 „1,,,,, When it tali. the place of blisters, ointment , ~,,, ,t,„,„, 1 John Ingrain, farmer, Franklin,
Republican 'Mayor. These results. inn
Dime Himut, CONY., :Tidy ee, 1856. and leeches in local alfeetious, . Brain Fever. ' !!',''' ''''" ' 1 Henry Jamison, grocer, Brady!
Slave State, are signs of the times. At Respectfully informs the CiiNCllf , of hunting-' I Me. Leey enworth—Sir : I here been t.teubled C ro up. T o othaelie, Pleurisy, he., its mode of -, evidenee of the unquestioned superiority ' John ICtiode, farmer, Henderson
;len, vieinity,end the surroundiiie etitte- , ,.. e eiee t .„ , with dandruff or rcurf .my head for more a d m inistration is 05,-I . ol'l. (SC, l irecCiii of die- :et their M ac hines, th e G e oren & Batten SEW- John Killer, farmer, Franklin,
the election of the town of fi cers in the city _ -
y. that be has commenced l o n eines, in rri ' than a year, my ban . began lii come too, ,ctid . enfeiity. &c . ..) 1 • , ,i eftcuiete Colley,. beg leave te respectful- : John Low, farmer, Hariee,
of Imlay cue, Ind., the llepublicans elected the room opposite el. Gutman's Store in 1 ;, , !:;:,: 4 •! ' a n d hair tog.-they. I saw in a New Haven pe - I The discoverer has withltehl it None the int h. 1- ' ' ' '' . lA. J. McCoy, miller, Franklin,
i lv refer to the followinet
SQEARE. 111.,, , iscat?e, sal e' per ; the m e Weee's Hair Restorative" ti, e cure. 1 lie till n ow, by the advice o f ,t
,i,,,,, , ,1 e ic,„ s 1 ,4,1. , • .
all their candidates except one trustee.-- Imnd'ltiartin, farmer, Porter,
yes to receive a share o f public pieronitge. I called at your store on the Ist of April 1:15t, , i .ii.i, :mil VOlthible, friced ee een 1, 0 consu lt e d— 1 TESTIMONIALS. Jan Montetomere, mechithie
Hticitio, Wisconsin, elected the Republicnn WATC.IIES and CLOCKS ',paired in the e nd purchased a ittetle to tr y it, mid Ilbuelto 1 ti geetleman known Red felt in the medical 1 "Having bad one of Grover & Maker ' s Itla
best workmanlike numner.
, ~
~ , , , , , ,
~ my s eigietiee e %,,,,, t e e th ing, it reetesed the 1 w.trlti—aff4, who desired to submit it to tho test 1 chines in my family lbr nearly a year and a hall John Morrgw, throe, Dublia.
city ticket by 850 stn grit
Ilm stock of NN AI C 111,S a:l4 ,11. NI , 1t.1.1.11 is James Nrttee, fanner, Dublin,
scut! end wee hair began to grow ;it is raw o Ue. , :peritnent. After witneseing under his oWn I I take pleasure in commending It . every way 1 ,• • '-' . • • ,
Thos.N illiam , Oaks . , termer, Barret,
The telegraphie reports of the Wiscon- of the hest, all of with:l,lle will di,!POSC of et i two or three inches in length whore it wos all , •t e rptimii ng cyo, its signal t r iumph over both re litdde for th e purptige 11-ir which it is designed
sin State election for Judge of the Supreme re 'Tr e '" l ' l° i'F lees • • ,oIL I have great faith in it. i
I w-s , . Yon . send I ; elite and chronic hyhonomrerp diseases, • in. re- —Family S:wing."—.ll4l. .losbuu Lraequ,' err e.
, ~,I , t e Orhis .. o , e, merchan t, Cromwell,
imbhe • genernlly ore requested to give Imo two more bottles by m Post, the hunt-, of . pc: feel ofd re _ r epe.,ted t r h e offered 825,- n en,. Le, L em ett Edit o r ef.v. F. Iptkpeinktit. Joan flc , "l l tltttl"rinert ,B toiti
Court, wore marvellously incorrect. Wo him a eau and ext. - nine his steel, I this. I detie as eity of lite t 1d. ,. .. 1 i. • '.:,,ea ii;,tii,. , Lo';') to c ar ne in as it . special taut equal Parti;er in ' •tr con f ess ' , se ll' delighied with your Sewing Val:f4tine Sin . it tle, far,mer, Te l l'
Mar 9 '',9 Levi Smith, fernier, L eon,
have returns fr, - In thirty•eigh: counties, ': '': : ; Place, Y. , "m•l' bay , i'l ma'' , ;tor many bottles i the Recipe f ur its ninnatitetnre, but the ProPo - 1 elechine, which has been in my family for ma-
-•-- - • e ' after it is known here, 1 sal was rejected. ity months. It has alwave be. ready for daty, I George Wakefield, farmer' Shirley,
show' ter; the lie publican candidate to be PHILADELPHIA MARK•ETS• I Yours ~:ti, 1 . ',:pe: , . , 1, RUFUS PRATT. The disuse of the lancet nod blisters, is de- l I.w:tilting no adjustmeni, .d ig eas il y adapted 1 Ititoli Woceleock, grocer, Carbo.
ft II thousand ni: end, with more of the 1 oit-id,:a Loth by humanity Icy hunionity 1
il,"' I to every variety of family sewing, by simple
seienr.e. Is it not rt mistake, to suppose t hat 1 ,i mn ,i, j ,, t e e spool, of o „. e ,ei,o_li, e , Efe e e,„ t e LlGriTt LIGHT ! t LIGHT !! !
a kettle of boiling wafer (the inflamed blood) f 5 , , , , ,,, hi ' , 7, 7. ~ ,,,,,,..q . ,,,,: , .. ~. 5h.,,,,,,,,,, Editor
,li. Peters Patent, nonexplosive Gas Lamps
will,,ease to bulb, by flipping out 0 port of it— I 2,-. F. ce „. ee e ee eldeee,,,,c , art' jusi the thing' for all being the only
1, 11 .sk orA b. oiler (h.l 1,, r 1 ) hn.
e ,10 t
1 "After trying severaldifihrent good MaLltines, burner bovine a - non conductor and reg
i u
mod, by drawing n pertten of t is net a
• i iirekrred yours, on acc ount or its simidicity,
eistake, to suppose that blisters mel miliefacients ; Inter attached—leaving the lam dfl
lamps an u
'id I • 11 like
a Iva)•s co , —not others—thebeing
but a straight tube entering the lamps.
Goods at wholesale prices, or State or
County rights for Sale. Address or apply
to D. P. Peters, 422 Broodway, Nov
Feb I,'sll.dlin. •
salllk. sort to CMIle Its
• In Nlichigan the Republican majority at
the lam Smte election is between 15,000
!?.,APE Or PRI,ONrIIi, + s 7ln:lQ tin• du
ay It of last week, Sam
,djam,. 7,1,Neal made a sue
. • I county
•: i" jail. :Ind bare
• were con
•••' : ~n the weans
d it i ! that tilt! esenro 1v11!
Cott,,,ctod and consniiiintitvd.—
it bt,l :crew•, and it 10i it tore
the brick pnrtition eparating tltc
is Its !root the corridor of it size Hifficient
Were the n enabled to unfasten the
!he door. After obtaining egress
• ,elbt, they unscrewed the
,,i h!ing to the yard. ,„,••• :n
d • :,ey placed n Guard on C• ;',,,
n the rear of it, cud clambered
,oit of the wall, and from thence
1,1 to terra reruns by menus of n bed
On the prey ding Tuesday they
'clod d convicted on separate
larct ny , and I y escaping front
r.O doubt. OV, tied a residimce for several
year, in tbe eastern peninmtiary.
Duni,. y.-0,1 Saturday evening
between lire and six o'clock, our citi. •
ws were hastily sommoned from their sup-
per tables, by the cry of 'firer and the tplich
tiintag of the shop bell. The locality of ,
the fife wits readily perceptible, it being in
the centre ti( the RIWIi and deuce smoke
issuing, from it. Oa repairing to the spot
we found it to be a stied used by the Nail.
road company fur storing waste, situated
between the large round house and the loan
dry. A number of buckets and the host,
of the company were iaar•d lately brouglti
into use and the tire soon extinguished,
without in any way damaging the buildings
in close pro:delay. • The tire it is suppos.,
ed, etas occasioned by spontaneous coin.
I bastion.
BEDFOaII COUNTIT.-0a the 10,11 inst.
as Mr. Samuel Barnhart was driving his 4
six-horse team with a very heavy load o f
flour and groceries front Clunbersburg,
through the 'Narrows Bridge," about !
two miles enst of Bedford, the umbers
which supported the bridge gave way,
and the wept), with four of the horses, I
was precipitated into the Juniata. The
height from which they fell is about twen
feet, and the water at that place is about
eight feet deep, The driver was walk
ing near the middle lender and by urging
them on, the fifth chain broke,' and they
were saved. The driver narrowly escaped
Assistance was immediately at hand, and
I succet-ded in saving the horses and a con
siderable quautit v of flour in a tolerably
sound condition. About four barrels of
flour and several boxes of tin, are all that
I remained in the bottom of the river.
Mr. Barnhart's loss cannot be less than
five hundred dollars. Four fine horses
are much injured, probably for life.
Mgr An equestrian performer on west
bus caught a man named Foster, who bed !
personated hint in public, and forced him
to sign a document in which occurs this
candid acknowledgement: ~W hereas, Mr
Richardson, hearing of my false assump
tion of his name, has cowluded me. I
hereby release him from any cause of ac
tion I nay have against him by reason of
such assault and battery, and promise nev
Sr again to
1'iti:.,,,..,r, A ~t. 20 1050 1 1'1iii.,,D2:1,11., Sept. 9, IF•511.
FLOUR--Siii•.•;!:•• ;• c ....,•;.,!, ;T. l'I,; ! ,150 1 puo, Av„„,,.._D e; ir Sit: y„ un th. t ,•,. 11„,,„,...
ENI,I " " 6 75(,-,7.00 ativo ii l• 4,111, iliVir b,,,cliCial to Mo. TIM
f.11,i111 . " 7 25 ,6 7,50 front,•and also the tmek part of my heo.! :nine et
..,7, :‘,7,.„1 ,lost its coverittg,--in fact BALD. I :MN, ...,1
Usti Fleur qaa (,'
. hilt tWO half piii, bunk, Of cove Ile,torativc,
nipl now tho top of my oo,1,1,(1
50, tr , trill. it promising crop of young hair. all4l the
6' , front is alsr receiving its benefit. I Mire tri,ll
other preparations without any hem:6;lolo,er.
137 I think from my own personal recommendation
56 I eon Manes Tally others to try it.
:',OO 110 po
(10 sO4 Immo', Yours respectfully,
to 27.0 IY. R. THOMAS. M. D..
N. 464 Vine St
a, po,
What the Press Say,
Ente:„..i.,„t,— ," ; "d v
T e"'!„- •
m.lics .by clearing hon,es .;1' sur, or ver. "" 1 "' '•"""'
nin. conll.lenve wt.; remnruenil them.
other , to
tt , o it—that ha-re, rot . , etterai year , ,
Y. Dail", Sl,*9ithr. •bc.o in the hal it of niing other Hair Itestora
""sTAl's""lns,, °i' lur all tlumestic pests, tiveq, anti that I yours vastly superior to
nos. lioacne '" 1 " t, 2 '' , any tither I know. It enti ely cleanses the heat!
ara ; tru can speak front actual
el and vi ith 01:0 tnontli's proper ttie
litiow'.e.lizu of thrir merits. Dgt:ciiis is
will reinore any person's hair to the on co-
Dcm , "' ` l "'ul d se "' for and giving it a healthy, soft nail
: iti i inre trai.e. la „ p , e.„ ,•,• • ,11,11 t,llthis.WithOlt
01,111 write sotwetliin;,
I eau 4.:0 su wil;.;
sulliag rapidly bore mid destrayil%
'• !Immo," Fitgette, Mo.
"Death to all iriß."
,c iii
PO,: C.,/1110
In Mlt I: and RA , t,
tally alum,
Itt•tts Lite
Yen, in the
As on the bed
• While IssEers
l'in•o' chamber and !•.•11,
lu squads %%idiom
V!, CI ! !! ! 0,0, • Itats, Wet., ,
; •oton` ice, Ants, Moths, Mos
y I,as, Insects on Animals, in short
of - vermin, are utterly destroyed
~m 1 csimo,inated by
'Costar's' Rat, Roach, &c Exterminator.
'Costar's' Bed-Bug Exterrainator,
'Costar's' Electric Powder for Insects.
',plied 1/io et, by Mali, to any address in the
- United States, as follows:
On receipt or $l,OO, a hex °Nita RAT, RoAcit,
ice. Ext. ;
On receipt 01'5 2,00, n box each of the RAT,
tic. Ext. , and Et... ono Pownant ,
(gem postage paid) sufficient to destroy the vcr
, min eon any wetniscs.
bold by Druggists and Dealers crery where.
.CosTmis" PnixotrAL DErtir, 4 . :!1) BUOAD-
P. S.—Circulars' terms, tic., sent by mail on
f;_';' Wholesale Agents for Pennsylvania t
..Norihe.;t corner Fifth and Aril Street,
And Wholesale Dealers generally.
Mtn•. 23,
51109 AonxTs WaNTEn--To sell 4 now I ,
inventions. Agnnts lows made over $25,000
tint on ,—_hotter than all other similar agencies.
Scud cow stamps out get 00 paces paruenlara,
;gratis. EPIIILAIN: IiILOW • , Lowell, Moss.
,G.E.)- 1000 Aaaxr.3 WANTEIP.—FOr partien
!ars scud stamp. • C. P. WHITTEN,
Mar. 23. 'M. Gin* Lowell, M 1.,.
(Estate of Chriskaa Clniitr, der.)
Letters Administration on the Estate of Chris•
term Climer, Into or Penn Township, dee'd.,
hove been issued to the subscriber, residing in
same Township. All persons basing claims a
gainst said Estate will present them fur settle•
meta. and those indebted will make payment
March, 22d. 1859—Gt.
Life insurance Company.
A. dividend of TIVENTY•FIVE per cent. on all
the rash premiums of 1858. and Sts par cent.
on all scrip issued by the Company, has been
declared. The undersigned is ready to pay
Cush and deliver• scrip to all entitled to them.
TACKSON'S HOTEL, Huntingdon,
Pa. J. S. MILLER, Puomurron.
Respectfully informs his friends and
the travelling public generally, that he Oil;i
has leased the ...Jackson House," fur sev•latjg.
eral yeast occupied by Was. 13. Zeigler, and
that lie will be pleased to receive the calls of
all who may laver him with their patronage.
His table will be furnished with the best the
market can afford, and every attention will be
given to make those with him feel at home.
Iltudingflett. March as, 18.59.
CO:Ur Ulla LCX1.11 , .. r
Proprietors, 312 13rott•I.
`: • .. k, (in the great N, V. Wire
• ' .lunenl,) and lid Market St.,
. •. John lintel, Agent,
': all good Druggists.
. •
. .
; : c•, ,;; ; JA;ill-1-11[ezai'Le,
, i; - • ...I !: i!ATENT,
utfered tu the
: o 'elicit of it 3 positive supai
, ,• ,• , , , , , . '',cr hmul-light in ext , tence, ;it lists control over 10.1 t one tre.--itas uill um., ~,,,,
: ~; : , : :. : . •;•: ,; . 1;:coN 0 IN', mid Ili.- 1 --accompliNhes but on, thi nob to Wit, RUIII/1:1,
, • • . • . - , •,.
~ temperature, I 11,1,..131 11,1,111 l. 1.151,511-111111 0 VCr he its tbrnt
~, -,.. ,:, ..,,,,: .', skm m„ snottti or rucKun, , or i„,,,,ii t y_ we ther in the head, throat chest al
giving a steady, Cll,l p anti I. dimwit, extremire, or skin. It is asked. bow
natILLiANT G j ts-LIG, , HT, li, does this?—simply by restoring the lost bal
' • mice betwetm the fluids and solid,.
eat airing no triminitig..n . other attention, cs:.- ,
rhe 111 1 100 illg (1111:CITIlt /01,0 S which the an
cept simply Jilting t .,, 0 h oop Wi11„,,,,,,,,, I will • Leblanc,' fluid.; assume, and many not here men
jilt ' . hthi.l. mu ' (o'll of till, li"i'l giving .' t I ' t ' i '' tlOllOll HMI have 11wee or lc, heat, pain or fever
Imo. and 1,1,1,AR flame eighteen 111.111 CS. 1 1 111,4 iffm ~,,,,i . s )„ r e „s perfectly cared by the Alai-
light is under complete euntrul, being regulated • '
phlogktie tta 1,, as tire is extinguished by water.
by a simple process.
1. Cases tel the unbalanced fluids atfeet
The burner can he readily applied to till styles tit, matt sal nut , 50—lii wit, lli ., iii , ' , reit,
of (lit., KI '""'""" , II " I ' ."'"' ' 1 " 1 r t""' in " t7i, 11,,,,bieh, 1, ; 11,,,,,,,ed Egt,, Ears ti ntl 1 . 0.•::, ,
, l'1.1; it, I,Amt, ; itko , to Gas-fixtures, in all their 1 ~,,„k.,,,., Neun d yi „, E r Catarrh, „,,,, Catarrh, c,..„ l ,,
varieties. i li..wivhilis, VC.
It is 11,111111 . 111/1y adapted for lighting churches, 1 2. Cases where the unbalanced fluids circa
(I"eiti"gs' lecture-rooms, halls ' ' h " , ”' steni " - ' the Cnuscr and Annougst—to twit; inilamcd
boats, and railroad earn, or wherever a glad I Liit ,,,,
,iiid direr, Cali,, p h , m .i . , 3, coullh , 1,9 9 , i , -
light k desired Parties desirous of securing
: ,, , , , , , . , , iiiiiiii , i, Dittv,,,,, lit (:rued l'iles,
the right of territory liar n valuable article that , , ;‘ , hoitit , a, t . eiteita i, at ,.
will commend itsel',', shoaid make early implicit 1 3. Cases where the unbalanced flails etrect
tion, only to the underFigm.d. the ExTuEstrrtus 01111 81C1X—t0 Wit; lihconue
j Ihn , ler , • LitnV, &,.., "uPP II2 ' .I ill ;any 'P ant "' /km, (101 d, .!ierVithr, Ocere, L'hiThitias, Chino; lig,
ty, with I.""ll'l"'s'''—rm.wa'kti by "xl".'B to i Chick,. mid Small Pox, sari Rheunt,:with itch
till pacts or tile lloite.l State:4,l,l),Mo, ea,li on m , , ,
g 11T0t other ,:litrintous .I . lfecliona, de.
delivery. IIIITLEIt, 11 OSTORI) & CC). This Salt greatly alleviates the intlaintantory
Alar.tt7-Inw. Nu 2 C -' ourt t
S Bri r ki S n ' pains peenhie ato married ladte3, (before and lit
'''''-" -',"--• , ""'.'x' , ". , ""'.. -- the time orconlineincnt) and many female coin-
TERMS OF THE JOURNAL. I plaints, and is very eflicatious in Fever, Ague,
I W o unds, Nervous and Spinal Affections and
TERMS • , anyother forms of (mark this)inflummatory di-
TiIe"ITLISTINODON Jot:IMM) is publishou at 1 cit.°, Ititonded with heat, pain or febrile sYmll
the following rates t 1 toms. • I
if pnid in advance $1.40 i a:, , ,F Persons who have a tendency of blood
If paid within; six months after the time of Ito the head ar heart, or lead inactiic lives, or
subscribing 1,75 I breath the impure air of manufactories and the
If paid before the expiration of the year, 2,00 1 poisonous fumes of metals and minerals, or list
And two dollars and fifty cents ii . not paid 1 is unhealthy climates, are exposed to a parties
after the expiration of the year. No subscript 1 liar vitiation of the fluids of the hotly, which one
tiou taken for a less period than six mouth, dose without interfacing with the diet or Mod
I. All subscriptions aro continued until oils- i 11003, once in three months, would invariably
env'. ordered, end no paper will Ito discontilit- , proven,. It is belcived to utlbrd protection from
soil/ Orrearlf 1, s are paid, except at the option infe ctious disease, and therefbre travellers,
of the p u bli s her. , saeors, and soldier should supply themselves
2. Returned numbers are serer ',deed by u,i. whit it.
All numbers sent no in that way aro lost, and er While ninny nostrum•makers victimizo
never accomplish the purpose of tho sender: the good natured and pIII-ridden public, op or
3. Persons wishing to stop their sithserirtirov:, daring "from six to a dozen boxes Of bottles,
must pay up arrcarages, and send s written or is Ili, e any malady." no matter what—the un
verbal order to that allots, to the otliee of pub- ilersigned is happy in being oblo to state, that
'Motion in Iluntingdom , the severest forms . of recent inflammatory di
4. (living notice to a postmaster is neither a sense, was over come by one Acute package,
/cyst or a proper notice. i and the most obst ;limo and long. standing by
5. After ono or more numbers of a new yeor ' or Chrtflie package. It does just what it
' Lace been forwarded, a now year has counnenc. , claim; to do—nod no more, or less—equalizes
ed, and the paper will not be discontinua anti the fluids by removing from the system all ar
-4,, ~,,,ws arc paid. See No. 1. • • wrist and venous obstrumims.
'i Le Courts hove decided that refusing to tube i * 6' fleas let your noighbors rood t h is.
a ee'v, , poper from the office, or removing and i F. COGGSWELL, M. D.,
I intentional frond., For sale at the Cheap Doug Store of Samuel
, .
h Subscribers living iu disbud counties, or in S. Smith, &Co.' fluntingdon, Po.
taller States, will be required to pity invariably. Feb. 16th 1859.
in udVillleC. ALTOONA, 131.0 r co., July 3,'58.
arrhe above terms will be rigidly adhered I J. D STONEROAD, Lewistown, Pm,
to in all cases: Dear Sir—Mr. Wm.
- - • , TenxnAvon, who has been suffering several
A DV ERTIME3I ENTS years from rheumatism, got so ill that his friends
Will be charged at the following rates: turd relatives morn summoned to witness his
I 'interim. 2 (10, 3th.t. death. I induced his friends to try the virtue
Six lines or less, $ 25 $ 37} $ .50 ,of your preparation—they did in as the last re;
Ono square, (lii lines,) 60 75 100 sort agd, to their astonishment and joy, be be
' Two .. (32 " ) 100 150 200 ' gnu t o improve, got better and better, and now.
3 mo. 0 too. 12 mo. ', so far as I know, he is it hale and stout man,
Ono square, $ 2 0 0 $0 0 0 86 0 0 This is not the only ease whore the GALVANIC
Two squares, 400 600 10 00 Os,, has surpassed human expectations. In
i t coltizi , t, 600 10 00 14 - 00 every ease where I Lure recommended the Ott,
18 00 22 00 25 00 ;it has dose what it promises to do. Send tto
1. do., 18 00 27 00 40 00 another s2o'o worth.
I I do., 22 00 35 00 45 JO 1 Yours truly, 11. 1.1:111:11.
Desineo, Cards of nix lines, or less, $4.00. A lii, '3B-Iy. •
win remove inflammation, AVIICII trey ;
to me; „h er , Th e lIS Well as the strength end dor:twiny ot tne
late lir. 11. NV. our
..1.1am,, of 1 - l:; Univers.i- " am • ,_ Arter l on g exp erience, I red competent
ty, "1 eta sick a I, arla II j et ry,' thle in Mi.; manner, and to coundently re
thr td, In New I::eglend commend it roe every variety M mil y 'e whi g ."
tel.idp.,ledged just hefoie Ids death, that ••ho 7sl/P , E. 13., w;ji; qf thc I.llllor lieonk-
Ims been doidding for ineny years, v. - ether I lood- 6 t ilr.
letting . end did ;lot towarrtla retl,'r "I have need a Grover & linker Sewing
;i ti," ;soma stand abler fee two yen], and have found it adaptcd
in the Old end New school, have quite re- to ell kinds of fmaily sex ng, from Cambric to
e , pon•nd Ids views awl now openly can- , Broadcloth, (temente have been worn set
they heti., the len ',tens leeches and , without the giving way of a stitch. The Ma
ehine is cagily bent in order, and is eerily used."
think tlterr, iR it thettittn„
--Get, 9, 4—ntitlLevit. 17, i.k—tnaL
111.001 , IS TIII; It IS not tut;
bbrlkl (there never is too mach) Hurt vans, 41-
sea , e, but the want of a balance between the
and solids.
The speuial excellence of the Antiphlegistie
that Without the useless loss of blood
and strength, it effectually subdued inflammato
ry iliSeaS 3. (no tubers) by m'odneing an equili
brim. of ell the filth - . in the body and a conse
quent uninterrupted eireulation. It exerts, like
the vaccine matter, and extraordinaty influence
v vvs end .!; ivries—resulting in a grails
o LI d.,!! iv!! ! !!intindicated by the
,e, v 1.•1., ,, .!!! its centrel state as the
•!.i, gain fvver di:sappear.
( - ',4*l ;Maur medicines offered for sale, arc
Imeked by lloubtful certificates, (their eheif vir
tna)lrand claim to be universal muddies, curing
milidics—a burlesque on common sense;
\ ,liscoverer of this Salt, solemnly protests
Navin;; it placed in the eategcry of
l!!!!mk; an,i impotitions. he has resolved that it
en forth to the world, like the pure gold
with no other riissport than its true•vals
oc. If dui pnlllie find it :!ennitie, they will re
! it—if,; 111 . 4711 5 , they Will reject and con
; demo it. Instead of being it panacea lur all ills,
COVER & BAKErva miscellaneous Advertisements.
\'c c 1k
'I'II 1: I ('(~
my Inmily the post two years, and the ladies I
request me to give pelt their testimonials to its ~
perieet ndoptedness, as well os labor-saving !
qualities in the petibrmance of family and I
household sitsing."--llobrri Boorma,i, N. 3'.
"For several tnontlii we have Grover .1 Da-
ker's Serving Machine, and have come to the ;
coneinsion that every lady who desires her Me- I
1 ill',: he.mdifillig awl vuirkly done, wonhl be most
fortunate in possessing one of these reliable
and indefatigable 'iron needle-women,' whtem
emnbined qualities of bewail, strength rind iiiiiii.i i
vitg. are invaluable,"—J. fr. ,11,,-., daayhtee 01
tic:. G.. P. Morris, Editor of Home Journal.
Extract or a letter from 'rhos. It. Leavitt, an
American gentleman, now resident in Sydney,
I NI, South Wales, dated January 12, 18)S :
"I hail it tent made in Melbourne, in 12)3, in
which there were over three thousand yards of
I sewing done with one of Grover SI Li n ker's Ma
chines, :mil o sinylc seam of that has outstuod
all the dmirdi. cc tins sewed by sailors with a ore
. , die and twine,"
._ ..
"If Butler could be called up from his mur
ky looter, he would sing the advent of Grover
& Baker es a ntree benignant, miracle of art
" "
. .
titan was ever Vulcan's smith. Ile would de-
nounce midnight shirt-making on 'the direful
spring of woes unnumbered."—Prof. Neetit.
"I take pleasure in sa}ing, that the Grover &
Baker Sewing Machines have more than sus
tained my expectation, After trying and rotors
ning others, 1 have dim of them in (*mitaon
in my different places, nnd, after (bur years'
trial, have to fault to 11. liamounifl,
Senator ry Smith Carolina.
"My wife has hod note of Grover k 11,,kerf,
Fetidly .flowing Machines for comb time, and I
am satisfied it is one of the host labor-saving
mac:linos that has been invented. I take much
Pleasure in recommending it to the public."-
-1. C. Harris, Coroner of rename,
"It is a beautiful thing, and puts everybody
into an excitement of good humor. Were I a
Catholic I should insist anon Saints Grover and
Baker having an eternal holiday in commemo
ration of their good deeds for humonity.—Cas
sues .1/. My.
"I think it by far the best patent trt use. This
Machine can be adapted from the finest cambric
to the heaviest easstmere. It sews stronger,
faster and more beautifully titan , ne can ima
gine. If mine could not he replaced, money
coald not bay it."-.'.lra. J. G. Brows, Nit,h
rine, Tenn.
"It is speedy, very neat, and durable in its
work ; is easily understood and kept in repair. I
earnestly recommend this Machine to all my ac
uaintances and others."—Nrs. Forrest,
MenAphis, Tess.
• _
"We find this machine to work to our satis
faction, and with pleasure recommend it to the
pablie as we believe Grover & Baker to be the
best gewin4 Machine in use."—Dearg Brothers,
"If used exclasively For tinnily purposes, with
ordinary care, I will wager they will lost one
'three score yours and ten,' and never get out
of tix."—John Efskine, Aaslu•illc, Tenn.
"I have hail year machine for several weeks,
and ant perfectly satisfied that the work it dots
is the best and most beautiful that ever Ml,
Argyle Aimisnu, Nnskrilte, Ton.
"I use my Machina upon costs, dressmaking,
and line linen stitching, and the work is admi
rable-Ihr better titan the hest hand-sewing, or
any other machine I have ever some."--Laeg
Thompson, Nushcitic, Lena
"I lint the work the strongest and most beau
tiful I have ever seen, made either by hand or
machine, and regard the Grover & Baker nut
chino 116 ono of the greatest blessings to our
scx."—_l&e. Taylor, Nashville, Thnn.
"I have ono of Grover & Baker's Sowing Ma
chines in use in my fa if ily, nd find it invalua
ble. I son confidently recommend it to all per
sons in want of a machine."—G. Muspson,
Nashville, Tenn.
"I take pleasure in certifying to tho utility of
the Grover & Baker Sewing Machine. I lure
used one on ahnest every description of work
for months, and rind it much stronger than work
done by hanl."—Mrs. D. IV. Wheeler, Xtewilh
Man. .
"1 would be unwilling to dispose of my Gro•
nor & Baker Machine fur a large amount, could
1 not replace it again at pleasure."—ifts.
Scone!, Nashville Run.
"Our two Machines, purchased tram you, do
the work of twenty young ladies. We with
pleasure recommend the Grover & Baker ma
chine to he the best in nse."—N. .'7;llllnittn
I' It 0 NI l' 11 1,1. A P r. Lr II 1 A ,
gallery of Art is now open for public
inspection of specimens of Ambrotypes, Crys.
tillographst Photographs, Circular and Star
Pictures, also, Name, or Age, or Residence, ta•
her. on the Pictures—letters of ditTerent colors.
Set in Frames, Cases. Lonlcotii, Rings, Pins or
Particular attention paid to taking pictures
of Children. Time, from one to for seconds.
Perfect satisfaction given, or persons are not
reipocted to take their pictures.
Pictures taken from sick or deceased persons
at their residences. Copies taken from Da•
gucrreot vpcs or Portraits. Also, views of resi
dences, &c.
Ladies and Gentlemen nee invited to call
and examine specimens. Pictures taken as
well in cloudy as fair weather.
How often do we hear the exclamation, whets
persons are looking at Portraits—'l would not
value any BM if I could procure the Portraits
of my parrots—or deemed children !" Rea•
der, iT you are gifted with this ennobling feel
ing of unity, you have an opportunity to grati•
ly it at a small cost, by procuring Portraits,
which, it is known, trill not.fade.
ri;D — Those that wish to learn this beautiful
art can call nos see \V. P. Thomas, front Phila.
l'eices from 30 cents upwards.
r Nok, Post, Commercial, Foolscap and
Flutcap—a good assortment for sale by the
ream, hall roam quire or sheet. at
Lewis' New Book and Stationery Store.
Wm. A. Elatclie'tors Hair Dyne
The Original and Best in the World!
All others are mere imitation, and should
avohlvd, if you wish to escape ridicule.
stantly to a beautiful and Natural Brown or
Black, without the least injury to Hair or Skin.
Fifteen Medals and Diplomas have been a
warded to Wm. A. Batchelor since 1838, and
over 80,000 applications have been muds to
the Hair of his patrons of his famous Dyo.
duces a color not to be distinguished from na
ture, and is warranted nut to injure in the least
however long it may be continued, and the ill
effects of Bad Dyes remedied • the Hs it in•
vigoi•atcdfor life by this splendid Dye.
Made, st Id or applied (in 9 private rooms)
at the Whig, Factory, 233 Broadway, New
York. Sold in all cities and towns of the Unit.
ted States, by Dreggists and Fancy Goods
*kr The Genuine hostile name and address
upon a steel plate engraving on four sides of
each box, of WM. A. BATCH ELOR,
233 Broadway, New York.
John Rend, Agent Huntingdon Pa.
Nov. 17,'28-Iy.
.10,000 Volumes of Books for Sale.
$500,00 in Gifts for every 1000 Sold.
In order to r Aloe() my extensive stock I will
toll one thousand dollars worth of Books at the
regular retail prices or less, and give WOO
five hundred dollars worth of presents varying
in value from 25 colts to $lOO,Ol. Or, those
who prefer can purchase nt wholesale prices.—
Mystock consists of every variety and style of
binding. School Books of every kind, whole
sale and retail. Sales to commence Dec. 24th.
'YJIIJ:II' -- V7EI4A —.- V7116Z.
) surpass all. lihey are elegant. light, easy
and durable.
Fitting to n charm—no turn up behind—no
shrinking off the head ; indeed; this is the only
Establishment where these things are proper
ly uml• i t nnl and uutde.
N v. 233 Broadway, N. Y