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o f G t E h E i A s l wor kR E I P SU BI I L O I I C Y— .b: L h r ee. A
are sorry that we have not room to give
Wednesday Morning, Marsh 3 O, 1869 it a deserving notice. We think it sur.
•- - -= i passes any of its pr:dieessors. Published
The Circulation of Ilse lin AP. by Oaksmtth & Co. 112 & 114 Williams
tingdon Journal, is great- street New York, at $3 per annum.
er than the Globe and Am.
erican combined. AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST.—The April
number of this valuable companion of the
farmer is on our table. This is one of the
best Agricultural publications to the Cut
ted Stuted. They also publish the same
in the German language. Price $1 per
Tho people composing the party opposed to
he present national administration, will meet
in their respective districts, in the county of
Huntingdon, at the usual time nud place of
holding delegate election, on Saturday the Oth
day of April neat, to elect two delegates from
from each township, boreragh, and seperate
election district, to coropole a county conveu•
lion, to he held in Host ingdon, on Tuesday,
the 12 day of April neo t, for the purpose of ap•
pointiog delegates to Vue ens sin, State convan
lion to take place io nomination a State ticket.
iSp order of 'ho County Conimittee.
B. F. PATTON. Chaim..
Ike Ltuntingdon JoroOAI. for ono year, and
either of the Magazines for the same period
will be soot to the address of any subscriber
to be paid in advance as follows :
The Journal and Godey's Ludys Ece7c, for
ORO vear, $3 50
Vito journal and draliants Mizgavine, for
000 year,
7%e Journal and Emerson's Magazine and
Putnam's Monthly, fur ono year,s3 50
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Magazine and Gazette of Fashion, fur one year
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27te Journal and Lady' a Home Magazine,
".ivh S'' 75
a e l e t a i%al and relereon's Magazin!, for
cue7e`,2 75
Journal and .1 , for ore
year, $3 50
The . Joten4/ and Gcre^ce
0.8 year
TIP! Lady of the Isle. By Mrs. Potato D.
E. N. Snuthworth, Author vi the lust
Heiress,' Deserted W
Bride,' 'lndia," Wile's Victory, qtetri.
bution,' .Discarded Daughter,' 'Car, c .. 1
Clifton,' etc., etc. (templet,: ft. mte
large volume ; neatly bound in r; ter
One Dollar and 'Pwenty.five ; • r
tins volumes, paper cover, for 0, I :
T. B. Peterson & Bro , :
This work will prove to be the too,: n.
tractive one ever written by Mrs, ~i.•
worth, for she is excelled by no iiv fe-
male writer. Whoever rends the first page
is sure to be carried on to thu last. tier
style is free from insipidity on one hand,
and bombast on the other; and though we
meet with forcible, we ate never startled
with inflated language. Fier characters
are rarely under, but never overdratvn.--
Her scenes are fire pictures, her incidents
found 'd on facts, and her sentiments are
characterized by u singular purity both of
conception and expression
JUST PVDLISHED."- Opportunities for
Industry and the Inuosintent of Capital;
or, .1 Thousand Chances to make Alon,g.
Prefaced by letters to a Victim of the
Panic. on, Is Money Getting a lost Art ;
How foramol were u.ltie in Ancient tun s;
How Fortunes have been made in Madura
Times; flow to get the First Thousand
.Dollars, and in what consists the Art of
Economy. With an appendix, containing
valuable secrets and manufacturing, re
ccipts, collated from reliable sourc s, and
including come, that, it is said, have been
cold, at various times, for coamideroble
The result is en original, comprela naive
review of all kinds of profitable busines , ,
and the most valuable collection of practi
cal suggestions ever presented to into deal
roue of improving their fortune, Chance
after chance is given, illustrating the op•
portuoities in stock-raising, in stock-job•
bing, in planting, in farming, in shipping
goods to foreign countries, in manufactu
ring, in inventions, in commercial specula
tions, in mining, chemical manufacture's,
and wherever tr,elers have found an ope
ning in the United States, South America,
the East Indies, Europe or Asia. The ap
pendix of valuable secrets and receipts is
alone worth the price of the volume. The
one peculiarly suitable for presen
--especially from a father to his sons
—a merchant to his clerks—a titan in good
circumstances to his less fortunate neigh.
bor. It will also prove interesting to those
who are satisfied with their present busi
ness, by giving them information shout
other kinds of business, 420 pp. hand
some Cloth Binding, good paper. Price
$1,25. Published by J. B. Lippincott &
Co., Philadelphia, and for sale by William
Lewis, Huntingdon.
Ladies' Home Magazine.—Th is capti-
vating periodical for the month of April is
on our table, and contents noticed. We have
no hesitation in saying that it will compare
favorably with the best two dollar maga
nines now published.
Send $2 to T. S. Arthur, Philadelphia,
and try it.
Peterson's Bank Note List—for the
month of April is now on our table, This
excellent and most reliable Counterfeit De.
rector le much enlarged and improved, and
is now the best Detector published in Phi
ladelphia and we would highly recommend
it to every person. Price Monthly per an
num, $1; semimonthly, pet annum, 42.
A:Clergyman Arrested for Counterfeiting•
The Cleveland Plaindealer says :—"Un
last Monday afternoon, ns the Rev. Win.
Watson, the pastor of the Methodist church
in Glenwood, was preaching a funeral ser
mon, he was arrested by officers of an ad
joining county, for passing counterbit !no
sey. The people in attendance at the fu-
neral were so incensed at the officers, that
they thrust them front the house, and they
concluded to retire until the obsequies were
concluded. The officers had previously
searched his house, in the cellar of which
they found Inks, presses, papers, rolling
machines, anti the entire apparatus for the
I manufacture of connterfeit bank hills.—
l'hey also found about $l,OOO in counter
feit bills, $3OO of which were slO's on the
Forest City Bank, of this city, and about
Is2oo in ss's ott the State bank of Ohio,-
1 The clergyman made a clean breast of the
matter. Ile became connected tvith sense
counterfeiters about two years ago, and us
he had been in early life an engraver, lie
had been it very useful nod hard-working
member of the gang. 11, has preached
in Glenwood about three years. lie is
about forty years oiLl, a man of fa rally, and
has hero very generally esteemed and rb.
spectod by tits congregation and neighbors.
I lie said ho joined the counterfeiters to get
money.'.to do good with." This explana
tion was not very satisfactory to his pari•
siiioners,'however, and they discarded him
i at once."
SI R7i
Three Thousand Lives Lost by the
Ih;enking tater.
Neer Tsranrog• en the tea of Azofi, a
cat ,trepine occurred, shout the beginnin g
of Iktrunry last, which involved it loss of
Isle unparalleled except by memorable
earthquakes of volcano eluptions. It ap
pours that some three thousand inhabitants
of Taganrog, relying upon the promise of
fair weather made by genial atmosphere
and cloudless sky, proceeded to the
Sea to indulge in the spelt of fishing be.
neath the icc—it favorite plstnile of that
region. The atmosphere continuing on.
retie, the party were lulled into a le.:ling o (
security, and ventured further than usual
upon the ice, in the hope or obt,itung
good haul. Suddenly in breeze sprung up
front the east, which, growing boisterous
by degrees, whirled the loose snow and fine
particles of ice in all directions, and before
loot; succeeded in detaching the ice from
the thole.
'nu large ica field .hen broke into nume
rous piecos, which, with their terrified and
helpless human freight, drifted towards the
open sea, No assistance could be render
ed the unhappy beings by their frantic re.
latices and friends on share, and within
two hours act n sign of life was visible on
the surface of the sea, On the following
day a cake of ice drifted on shore, upon
which we re hve of the unfortunates—three
of them dead, and the other two numb and
insensible. The two latter—a girl and an
old man—were restur d by means of the
usual appliances; the girl, however, sur
vived hat a few hours, the man recovered
but lust the use of his tongue—a conse
quence. probably, of the fright caused t.y
the B,elle he had peered through. Ile pre
pared a written narrative of the occurrence
of the fearful night on the Azofi. By this
catastrophe at least three thousand persons
found a watery grave.—New York Post.
The next House of Representatives
will copsi,t of 237 Alembers-119 con
stituting a majority, 01 these, there have
a!ready been elected as foliows :
New Hampshire
New York
New Jersey
South Carolina
Total, so far • 112
rice States yet to choose
Connecticut 4 California 2
Rhode Island 2 Oregon 1
17, Minnesota 2
Would make
120—or a clear mai
Ex President Pierre.—lt having been
charged, that this gentleman, now absent
in Europe, wan anxious to secure the De
mocratic nomination (or the Presidency, he 1
has written a letter to a friend in Boston,
in which he declarer that under no
ble circumstances will he again permit the
use of his game to connection with any i
rublie office.
11 .
For sale nt Smith's Drug Store, Huntingdon.
Talk of beauty, it cannot exist without a fine !
head of hair, then read the tiillowing, and it
you ask more, see circular around each bottle,
and no ono can doubt.
TIVE.—We call the attention of all. old
and young, to this wonderful preparation, which '
turns buck to its original color, gray bair—
ers the head of the bald with a luxuriant gr,,,
—removes the dandruff; itching, and all chi.,
neous eruptions—causes a continual How of the
natural flair 8: and hence, it used as a regular
dressing Mr the hair will preset., c its miler, and '
keep it from e .
to ext.
me old age, all
its natural beauty. We call then stint the ball,
the grey, or tasett end in scalp, to use it ,
surely the young will not, as they value the
flowing locks, or the ,itching curl, ever be
without it. Its price is upon the tongue of
The Agent for Prof. Wood's Hair Itecturative
in New Ilaven, received the following letter in
regard to the Hair liettorativo, a few weeks
DEnr Rain, CONN., July 23, 1856.
Leavenworth—Sir: I hare been trir: ; hi e d
with dandruff or scurf on my hen.', for mutt
than a year, my hair began to i•unie out, scarf
I and hair togidher. I lilaW is a Now H aven pa .
per about "Wood's I', cilia.
1 I .1 1 0 1,11 p). ..:ure on the lit of April last,
and purchitsoi; it ho tle to try it, end I found to
my eadeection it was the thing, it emoval the
sear , f and new hair began to grow; it is now
two or three inches in length where it wan all
I oft'. I hare great faith iu it. I Wish you to semi
me two more ',office; by 31r. lot, the hearer of
i this. I don't as cry in the kind is used in this
place, you may hares market fur ninny bottles
idler it is known here.
Yultri With respect, RUFUS ITA'rr.
PuthAontaiut.t, Sept. 9, 1 .856.
Peor. IVooo—Lau• Sir t Your Hair Rester
' ative is proving itself beneficial to me. The
front, and also the back part of my head almost
lost its covering—in fact umm. 1 have used
I but two half pint bottles of pm. Restorative,
i and now the top of toy head in watt maildvil
with a promising crop of young hair. and the
j front is ,t receiving its benefit. I lave trial
, other preparations without tiny Benefit whatever.
l think from my own personal recommendation
I can indium tinny (Alters to try it.
Yours respectfully,
D. R. TIMM 19, M. 1).,
No. 464 Vine St.
VI! I : t., Jimu 22, 1953.
PROF. O. J. WOOD As you ere about to
manufacture and vend you' recently discover.]
Hair Restorative, I will ',tate, fur uttomsoever it
may concern, that I have used it and known
others to use it--that I have, ter several years,
been in the hal it or using other (lair Restore
] tives, and that I find yours vastly superior to
any other I know. It entirely cleanse; the !uto
of dandruff, and with one month's proper e . .-e
I will restore any perstas hair to the original ee
-1 lot and texture, giving It a healthy, salt and
glossy appearance ; and all this. WitillAlt
tiring the studs that apply it, or the dres4 uu
Wilk!t it drops. I would, therefore, rocotontend
its use to every one desirous of having a line
1 color and texture to the hair.
Itespeettally yours,
0. WOOD & Co., Proprietors, 312 Broaj•
away, New York, (in tho great N. Y. Wire
Establishment,) no. 11.1 MaCLUt
1 St. Louis, Mo. John Head, Agent, Denting.
don, and sold by r2I good Drug,;.4tti.
VTII.; 5j.1.17,)
Fri 1i,5 V.11.17A111.1.: PATENT. Portable,
self-generating orrered to the
pdolie, in full confidence ot its positive superi
ority over every other 'mini-light in existence,
for tintrt,rciTy, SArurv, ECONOMY, and BIIIL.
LIANCY o f light, in any temperature,
It is tiSVOjI ' of SiELI., SSW.: Ur 1010000
giving a steady, cheap and
requiring :to trimming ''
or other attention, ex
cept simply tilling the l ampo
with cmnmn littrn•
ing fluid, one quart of the fluid giving ism Li.,
and CU:Annan., eighteen 110111. H. This
light is under complete control, being regulated
by a sittiple - pr0,..,.
The burner con be readily applied to all styles
of ()IL, KEROSENE, Cute . ONE, and Iltutarmo
FLUID LAMI-3;111S0, to Gas-fixtures, in all their
It is admirably adapted for lighting churches,
dwellings, lecture-rooms, has, shops, steam
boats, and railroad ears, or wherever a good
light is desired Parties 11,SirOUN of securing
the right of territory bur a valuable article that
will commend itseli; should make early applies
tiet, only to the untlersignal.
Burners. Lamps, &e., supplied in any quatiti•
ty, with promptness—litrwarded by express to
all parts of the United States, payable, cash on
delivery. BUTLER, ill/SPOIL!) & CO.
Mar..9,'59.-10w. No 2 Court St, Brooklyn.
:he following rates:
IP paid in advance $1.511
lf paid within six mouths after tins time of
sat:se:lo.l.g 1.75
. . . _ .
If paid before the expiration of the year, 2,00
And two dollars and fifty cents if not paid
after the expiratioit of the year. No subscript
don taken for a less period than six month,
I. All subscriptions are continued until oth
erwise ordere4, sod coroner will be discontiins
. .
until orrearages are paid, except at the option
of the publisher.
2. Returned numbers ere timer received 1!,. es.
All numbers sent SA in th it way are /Ost, nod
linear aecomplidi the purpose of the sender.
3. Persons wishing to stop their suln.criptions,
Joust pay up arrsorayes, and send a written or
verbal order to that effect, to the office of pub
lication in Huntingdon.
4. Giving notice to a postmaster is neither a
lege or a proper notice.
5. After ono or more numbers of a new year
have been fol'w.rded, a new year has commune.
ed, and the puper will not be discontinued null
ar2uraf!rs are paid. See No. I.
i !
1 I
6 I
The Courts have decided that refusing to take
a newspaper from the office, or remori ng and
haring It uncalled for, is PRIMA VACIE evidence
intentional fraud.
Subscribers living in distant counties, or in
other States, will be required to pay invariably
Cir The above terms will bo rigidly adhered
tom all CaACS.
Will be charged at the following rates
_ .
I insertion. 2 do. 3 Jo.
Six lines or less, $ 25 $ 97i $ 50
One square, (16 lines,) 50 75 1 00
Two " (32 " ) 100 150 200
3 in°. 6 mo. 12 itio.
$3 00 $4 00 $6 00
4 00 6 00 10 00
6 00 10 00 14 00
IS 00 p 2 00 25 00
One square,
Two squares,
I column,
IS 40 27 00 40 00
do:, 22 00 86 00 45 00
Basin's' Card. of six liras,, or 0445, s4.oe.
(kaiak cif Michael Fetterlsool; doe.)
Notice is hereby given that Letters - Testa
mentary on the estate of Michael Fetterhoof
late at Morris township, dec., have been grau-
led to the undersigned. All persona indept
ed to said estate are requested to make intone-1
diute payment, and those having claims to pre
theta properly anthentiented tor beide•
Morris Lisp. Feb. 16,'59.-6t"'
CriLla vanoaaa.
The Subscriber respectful)) , informs the Pub
lic, that ho is prepared to receive and unload
Cars containing Lumber, Bark, Staves, Shin
gles, Coal, Iron, &e,
S. W. Corner Broad & Callowhill Street,
A Perfec grislitute
For the Lancet. Leeches and Blisters !!!
when the undersianell, niter a long series of
laborious and costly experiments, became hilly
eimfirmail in his conviction, that the
gistie Salt which he now has the happiness to
Present to the American public, ova'' , a
for Blood-letting, Leeches and Blisters, his
mind was so oginitcd that he could not &lei, r m r
nary nights. The cause of his ngitatien was
the striking fact, that the man m;,, or lie operation
like that of di. m vaccinntion, could not
be satistlictorialy explained open nay known
principle. How, in what w iy, itso effectually
htflomporpry Dicta. and no other,
was at first wholly inexplicable—but, on further
experiment, it was proved that it equali:rs tie
fluids of Cite body, the want et an equilibrium in
which, i. 4 the sole rcpt.,: of inflammation. Such
is iii potency. that lice the vaccine mutter, it
requires merely sv at adheres to the point °rattail!
dipped into a solution ut it, to alGiet the entire
system—hut must Isa instantly used to prevent
decamposlion and secure its still virtue. Three
quills in °cute, and two in chronic Ciseases,
e vet v 14 hours, till thel:rot, pain and folfrile ac
tion * have Subsided. and a perfect cure eflheted.
When it takes the place of blisters, ointment
and leeches in local affections, as Brain Fever,
Comp. Toothache, Pleurisy, le., its mode of
administration is twe-fold. (Sec directiin of dis
solving. &.c.)
'rim discoverer has withheld it front the pub
lic, till now, by the advice of a judicious Pl , Ysi*
elan and valuable friend whom he consulted—
a gentleman known and felt in the medical
work—and who desired to submit it to the tact
of experiment. After witnessing under his own
scratiniiing rye, its signal triumph urer both
acme and chronic: iljhusoodurg diseases, la re
pealed and re-repeated trials, ho offered $25.-
000 to corm, in as a special end equal partner in
the Recipe Neils manulitcture, but the propo
sal was tvjected.
"• • •
The dis'use of the lancet and b!ktors, is de.
S mended both by humanity by humanity and
science. It it not a mistake, to suppose that
a kettle ut boiling water (the inflamed blood)
will CI:1100 to boil, by dipping out a part of it—
or a cask of bad cider (Ismd blood) be tondo
good, by drawing a portion of it 7 Is it not at
mistake, too ouppo.oe that blisters and rubeliteietsts
will reninva ',amniotic, when they virtually
superadd our intlammotinn to another? Thu
llnto B, Waterosuwse, of Harvard liniversi
' ty, said "I not sick of learned 9nuaerg„' One
a the must eminent physicians In New England
acknowleolgeol just before Ito death, that "he
has been doubting fur many years, wether I loud
! letting nod blisters did nut uggrarctic rather
Ithan arrest diset, " Sumo wits stand
high in the Old and New.sikkool, have quite re
cently evoustal Isis views moil now openly C6ll
- they believe the lan. et, setuus leeches stud
blisters injure ten when,' they beordit one—
They think there is a moaning to Dem. 12, 23
—Gen. 9, 4—andLecit. 17, 14—toat "nisi
'moos, Is THE Lira." It is net the excess or
blind (there never is too mauls) that catisoi di-
scone, lout the want of a balance between the
I fltt!ds and solids.
"'ho' spec`...!! excellence of the Antiplolugistic
Salt, is stoat !rithoom oboe useless less of blued
nail stretigii, it e n e ,::!:tily
ry . disens, (stn by
lasoun of all sloe fluids in the body ato. 4 .
aspent uninterrupted circulation. It exerts, like
' the vaccine matter, and extraortlinaly iallUenCa
ever the v cue and nrieries—resulting in a grad-
, ussl decline of inflammation as indicated by the ,
pulse, which assumes its natural state as the
ht, t, pain mho fever olissappetor.
C.;7' Many Inedieines oflered for sine, are
by doubtful certificates, (their elicit vir
tue):and elidni to be universal remidies, curing
all malidics—a burlesque on common seas,
As the discoverer of this Salt, solemnly protests
against having it placed in the eategyry ut
frauds and impotitions. he has resolved that it
shall go forth to the world, like the pure gold
dollar, with no other inissport than its true val,
us. If the public find it genuine, they will re
ceive it—if spurious, they will reject and con
demn it. Instead (dhow it panacea for all ills,
it has control over but one 111,—has but one aim
—accomplishes but one thing, to wit, SWIM'.
INFLAMMATORY umanst—whatever he its form
or locality—wether in the head, throat chest oh
lumen, extremit•es or skin. It is asked, how
it does 6M—simply hr restorink , the lost bal
ance between the fluids mud solidr.
The Ir,lloning l it crp. Alma which the un
balanced fluids assume, and many not here men
Oohed that Intro more or less heat, pain or lever
(no others)are as pet feet ly cured by tho Audi
phlogis, ie Salt, us thin is extinguished by water.
I:6ses 1lf:,;u the utibuluncul fluids aft 'vet
th•s TIEao and runoAT—to wit , Brain &'vcr,
File, Headache. hylenaned Eyes, Ears and Nos.:,
canker, Neuralyia, Erysipelas, Catard, Croup,
Broorpitie, ?sc.
. .
2. Cases where the unbalanced fluids effect
the CHEST Red ABDOMEN—ILI wit; Inflamed
Lungs and Lirer, Colic, Pleurisy, Coughs, bppep
ssa, Asthma. Dropsy, Ilearibunt, Greed Piles.,
Gonorrhea, Venereal, ire.
3. Cases where the unbalanced fluids effect
the EXTVL-311TIEs tint tjK ae—to wit; Rheuma
tism, Goat, Sere: Tula, Perrs, Chilhains,Chigains,
C.:icken mu! Small Pox, Sall Moan, With itch
ing and other Cutaneous Affections, &c.
This Salt voratly alleviates the inflammatory
pains veculim to married ladies, (befure and at
the time of eantinement) and many Inmate rum
'lianas, and is very alratious in Fever, Ague,
Wounds, Nal - vela; and Spinel Affections end
anyuther forms of (mark this)if:flanitnatory di
mmer, attended with heat, pain or febrile symp.;
IS.l' Persons who haven tendency of blood
to the head or heart, or lend inactive lives, or
breath Via impure air of manufinctories and the
poisonous fumes of metals and minerals, or line
is indica:thy climates, are exposed to a poetic
liar vitiation of the fluids a the body, which one
dose witlioat interfereing with the diet or bus'
noes, once in three months, would invarinlily
proven,. It is belpived to atford protection from
infections disease, and theretbre travellers,
sailors, and soldiers should supply themselves
with it.
eir While ninny nostrom•mnkors victimise
the good tottered and pill-ridden public, ny or
dering "from six to a dozen boxes of bottles,
to core any malady." no :natter what—the un
dersigned is happy in being Ale to state, that
the severest forms of recent inflammatory ei
seaso, was over come by one Acute package,
and the most obstinate and long standing
one Chrinie package. It does just what It
claims to do—and no more, or less—equalizes
the fluids by removing from the system all ar
terinl and venous obstruc'ims.
egT Pleas let your neighbors read this.
For sale at the Cheap Drag Store of Satunel
S. Smth, !tontine., Fa.
Feb. 16,11 MO. -
All MEI NT ID' TllO7/149,
ETRA CIIARGL or S 5 FOli 11101 M! IM A R TIST ,
491 Broadway, N. F. 730 Chestnut St., Phila.'
• These Machines sew from two spools. as ;me-; AT THE C OURT HOUSE.
chased from the store, requiring no re-winding
of misread; they Ilem, Fell, Gather Mill SIAIOh ; Tits.. gallery of Art is now open for public
its superior style. finishing each seam by their',
ewe operation, without recourse to the hand.N o r ne, P or . Age, or Re , idunce,
sterile, as is required by other machines. They 1 ken on le Pielures—letters of different colors.
will do better and cheaper sewing than u seam
stress can, even if she works fur one cent an l
and are, unquestionably, the best Matt Set iu Fusions, Cases. Lockets, Rings, Pins or
chines to the market for family sewing, on ac- i Bracelets.
count of their simplicity, durability, ease of j Particular atientiou paid to takittg picturel
Imanagement, and adaptation to all varieties of ;of Children. Time, from one to four seconds.
; family sewing—executing either heavy or find Perfect swilraction gi,v, or persons are not
to take ;
mirk thetures. with equal facility, and without speei4
Pictus taken fro eir nick sick or deecased persons
niljustuticnt. at their residences. Copies taken from Da
As °vide:nee of the unquestioned superiority guerreotypes or Portraits. Also, views of resi•
' of their Machines, the Gitornit St,- I dences, Ate.
I too 'Maculate, COMPANY beg leave to respectful- Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call
ly refer to the following I nod examitte specimens. Pictures taken as
TESTIMONIALS. well cloudy no fair weather.
! How often do we hetar the exclamation, when
"Having had one of Grover & Baker's Ma- :
y for near
it scar and nhall persons are looltiog Portraims—"l would not
ct:inc; in lay ti commending it as every
lle ashy stun if I could procure the Portraits
rehittlde for the purpose for which it is designed 50 :1' Intheithi — or deee"ind ellildre" l" ithnt
—Family St-wing."—Ma. Joshien Liarin, wife I der, if you are gifted with this ennobling feel.
of lice. Dr. Lewitt, Editor QIN. Y. Indrpendint. ing of unity, you have an opportunity to grafi
; tI confess Myself delighted with your Sewing fy it at a small cost, by procuring Portraits,
Maeltins: which lots been in my titmily fin. ma- which, it is known, wilt not lade.
Iny ininitlis. It has always been ready fur duty, j eisY"'rhose let wish to learn this beautiful
I moiling no adjustment, and is easily adapted art enn call ana see W. F. Thomas, from Phila.
a t 7tatu v i e t7 , tl ' ;e ar s i t e st?„ . ls o rt f irre " titl!'"M. b ;:ii, " 2„ l 7l I friers ""
" """
Sfrickland, rf Rev. Dr. Strickland, Editor ( I f
): Chriritiun Advocate. DAPER! PAPER!!
I "After trying several different good nit:dines, r Note, Post, Commercial, Foolscap and
I preferred yours, cm account of its simplicity. Flatcar —tt good to:sort:nen , tor sale by the
, and the. perfect ease with whlelt it is managed, ! renal, hall roam quire or sheet• at
ns well as the strengths and duraltility of the I Lewis' New Bock stud Stationery Store.
eosin. sifter lung experience, I heel competent De c.:!2;58. tf.
Ito speak in this monitor, and to confidently lis•
I commend it for every variety of fitfully sewing." I HAIR DYE? HAIR DYE??
-Mrs. E. B. Sr w'the Ed,' Brook. I
lifur 01
ipooner, wife
lyn Sian
"I have used a Gruver & Baker Sewing Ma. t The Original and Beet in the World 1
Ode, far two years and here tumid it adapted!
to all kinds of foully sees ng, front Cambric to All others tare mere imitation, and should
Broadcloth, Garments have been worn out Ihe avoided, if you wish i•, . ,1110 ridicule.
without the giving way of a stitch. The Ma- : t; 1 y,!: . D , p . y HAIR rhea in
chive is entity kept In order, and is cosily aged." • • :uit „,„i or
— Mrs. 11 VW', wife ( V . h.. least in' ,ry to Hair or Ski..
pie, ..Vrte York. • ' d Diplomas have brier L•
"Your Seeing Machine has been in use in w ; :a niece 1839, oil
toy family the past two years, and the Indic., ;
request etc to give yen their testimonials to its
preteen adaptednesa, as well ALS ki/lir-Sarillg w.,1 . A . BA I L: dr - .1,.)1c6 HAIR D E y p,.
qualities in the performance of family and
household sewing"—Robert Boorman, y ""ces a color nut to bo diatiu t luiubed nom list'
and is warrant , d nut to injure in etc least.
" Far several months we hay° Grover 6 ' Bit.l turn,
hung u :tin, ae
ker's Sewing Machine., and have come to the I
e—e"•it may bcm n e
;d th e ridh
conclusion that every lady who desires her sew
ing beautifully and quietly dune, would be most vigarat'ailur by title splendid 1/Ye•
f0r,„,,,,,e i n po ,„„i„ g one o f t h em , r 0.„1 . 4 0 Made, sad or applied (in 9 private rooms)
and indellitlgable 'iron needle-women,' whose et the Whig Factory, 233 Broadway, Now
combined qualities of beaubi, strength and sinudi- York. Sold in all cities and towns at the I.7ttb
eit:q, aro invalueble,"—./. IV—Morns, drugilder e/ • lad States, by Druggists and Fancy Goods
Gen. Geo. P. Morris, Editor el Herne Jew nal. Doik,
• _ ..... i -,.......
Extract of a letter from Thos. It. Leavitt, an I ...ri - Th., Genuine has the name and address
American gentleman, cam resident in Sydney, I upon a steel plate engraving on four sides of
New South Wales, dated January 12, 1850: I each box, ref IV M. A. BATCHELOR.
"I had at tent made in Melbourne, in 1853, in I 233 Broadway, Now York.
whirl, there were over three thousand yards MI j, i },,, iz,, a d , A g „-„,!/.,! Rg d oR p a.
sewing done with one of Grover &Baker's Ms- N0v.17. '5B-Iv.
deletes, and a sit/gist seam uf that has outstuod I -•-- • -- _ . .
all tan doable seams sewed by sailors with a nee
dle and twine," BOOKS I al BOOKS I
. . .
"It Homer could be culled up (rein his mur
ky Mules, he would sing the advent of Grover • 40,000 Volumes of Books for Sale.
Ss. Baker os a more benignant, tniravlo of nil , 1 $509,00 in Guts for every 11100 Sold.
man i 7 ,m ever ‘, ' "' ee "'' '''" ith ' lie 't h e l e ; ; let order to resit., my exteneeve steel: 1 will
nouti:e midiliget s hi rt-mak i ng „ m ' :. t 'V ''','""' sell one thousand dollars worth of Beisks ist the
spring of wets untimit" ,,r m'' ''— ' ee '• '''''''' , I regular retail prices or less, and i .:we ($300)
the , Ger ' vee '' i five hundred dollars worth of presents varying
"I take
Baker Sewing Machines hat . : more •:I„ee sus-. in value from 25 cents to $lOO.OO. Ur. those
pleasine in ea' lug, the
rained Tus expectation, Alter tryuta P.m re t 9 N ; who prefer ran purchase at wholesale prices.—
Mug others, I have three of them in uperni:tm !m y ~,,,o ',resists of e very variety and style of
in my different places, and, after four ears' 1 -,. -.
~, ~,_%,„.., eL5 ,.,....,.
ovary kind,
trial, have co fault to fital."—J. 11. llantozond, 1 bnia ,,, ...,'.::, -, , .;""
I aid, and ret z,,. Sul,u 1.0 commence Dec. 24th.
Senator of &alt Carolina.
"Sly wile has had ono of Grover & Baker's I Wil. COLON.
Family Sowing Machines for some time, and I ! Dee.22,'59.
am satisfied it is one et die beg I:dam-saving I 7.1 yd r , ;..,
____ nry] , 4 r.,......_Vrt, -. Ci.l
inaehties that has been invented. I take much ! , , i i j rz . , l v . cus, - . 1 vj u e. : 4 _, o
pleasure in recommending it to the public."—
J. U. !lams, Governor of Tennr.ssee. DATCIIELORS WIGS AND TOUPEES
"IL is a beautiful thing, and puts everybody 1 J surpass all, They arc clegaut. light. easy ;
into an excitement of good humor. Were I a and durable. •
Catholic 1 should insist neon Saints Grover and Fitti ng t o a cheerio—no turn up behind —no
Baker fluvial; on eternal holiday in consomme- shrinking off the head : indeed, this is the only
sine their M. y.
Iv undethtood and made.
"I think it by tar the best patent in use. This , • Nov. 17, '50.-Iy. 233 Broadwest, N. Y.
',Machine can be adapted from the fi nest cambric I - _
• - • . • --- _ •
to the heaviest etissiincre. It sews stronger, ' DALLEPS MAGICAL PAIN EXTRAC:
flister and 010:0 bcalicifully than -ne can ima
gine. it mire could not be replaced, money I TOR.
build jou buy it."-llrs. J. G. Brown, Nash- I f n all diseases inflaination wee or less pt.,
rifle, Tenn.
1 1 dominates—note to allay intlaination strikes
"It i• speedy, very neat, and durable in its t at the root of all diseases—hence an himedi- I
work; is easily understood and kept in repair. 11 Hie cure.
c"; ! . l .slY rc-egill'eud 1116 M ' whin° "I all I", a c - I DALLEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRGTOR !
sinaintanees and others."—Mrs. M, A. Forre st , .
Memphis, Tenn. d • tl ' .• will allay inflatuation at once,
I no Id) 1,111, else,
• ' and milli i u certain cure.
"We find this inedible to work to our sat.- Halle , m ag i ca l p a i„ I,:tractor will corn
faction, and with pleasure recommend it to the
public, is we believe Grover & Baker to be the the following among a went catalogue 01'1
best Sewing Machine in use."—Deary !bothers,
131?, .Bruises, i B , t; , l: l , ls i tCtts,Cll a tt
Ailisonia, Tenn.
h Bites, Poison, Chilseys. (loot, Swelling, Mien.
"If use 'l , " I "si'el, for fatally "'f i r, I '," n 1 ;;;, ; ni :idea', Scald Head, Salt Rheum, itnid.,.,
ordinurY a , I wil l wager t h ey w ''' ''. -''"
'throe score years and ten,' and never get out ,
i Krysidelas, Ringworm, Barbers Itch, Stnitll
Pox ',gees!, Hush, &c., &g.
of fix."— ,Juba Erskine, Ausheille, Tenn. i ,'
i la some it may appear incredulous that so
"I hove had your machine for several weeks, , many diseases should bit reached by one esti-
end am veiledly satisfiedthat the work it dues i ete such on idea will tallish when reflection
is theheatoil ill'. be ".iii i. " l t ha t e'e r was.— poicts to the fact, that the salve is a cuinitina• j
Maggie Allinson, Nashville, Tenn, dos of ingredients, each nod every one apply. ,
"1 use too M I
,chine upon coats, dressmaking, big a perfect tot bode to its apostate disorder. 1
and tine linen stitching, Anil the work is admi- ! GALLEYS MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR
rabic—lair better than the lust land-sewing, or I in its effects is magical, because the limo v .
.y other marital° I have ever scen."—Lucy short between disemies and a pertuaneitt cure;'
11. Thompson, Nashville, Tenn I and it is an extractor, as it draws all diseases i
I out of the affected part., leaving nature as
"I find the work the strongest and most beau-
It •is scar cely ne• I
tiful 1 have ever seen, made either by hand or ; Perfect as before the injury.
machine, uud regard the Drover & Baker ma- ; cessary to sit' s • i t io lu t i , t l no
e o to e use, works hop ,
nt t i l t r .
chine as one of the greatest blessings to our I manufactory , I b mom witho ut
Sex."—Jfcs. Taylor, A'ashville,7 l / 4 nn. No Pain Extractor is genuine unless the
stl h ove one or Grover & Baker,s Sewing m o , ! box has has upon it a steel plate engraving,
, with the name of Henry Dailey, Manufactu- I
chines in use in my fa it sly, nd find it invalua
• I . " 1' T . medicine dealers throughout the Coiled States
blO I can confidently recommend it to all per- ; lc, ; For sale by all the Druggists and patent I
sons in want of a machine. —s . T h omps on,
Nashville, Tenn. and Canadas. Principal Depot,
0 1:. P C . HASE.
ICS Chambers St., New York, 1
"I take pleasure in ceilifyin to the utility of
Read Agent Huntingd
the Grover & Baker Sewing Machines. • I ha•e i
used one on silliest every description of work : `'''
Nov 17, 'iB.-ly
for mouths, and fi nd it much stronger than work , • •
'—.lll.s. D. IV. nester, Nashville
ihme by Itanl.".
Came to the residence of the
subscriber, living in Tod twp., m INSI I / 4,
"I would he unwilling to dispose of my Gro
ver & Baker Machine for a large amount, could
bout the first part of June last, a 4 _
I nut replace it acain at pleasure."—Urs. H. C.
heifer, about one year old, darliSns=
State!, Nashville Tenn.
"Our two Machines, purchased from you, do red color, with a slit in the left ear and the
right ear cropped. The owner is requested to
the work of twenty young ladies. We with
pleasure recommend the Grover h Baker ma. .me ( .ward, prove 1 , ..P0r' , . rav charges and
(thine to be the hest in nse."—Y. Svii/Noos 4- Cts take it away. 11. PI.UMMICEI
nom. I Ms.* it. 10,4 t.
Miscellaneous Advertisements.
Peters Patent, nonexplosive Gas Lamps
arejust tile th ing for all being the only
: burner having a non conductor and regm
later attached—leaving the lamps and flu•
id always cold—not like others—the being
7, but a straight tube entering the lamps.
Goods at wholesale prices, or State or
County rights for Sale. Address or apply
to I). P. Peters, 422 Broodway, New
l'oh I .
Win. A. Ratehellors Hair Dye !
Miscetianeons Advertisement&
Advertising and Job Work.
We would remind the Advertising com•
munity and all others who wish to bring
their business extensively before the pub
lic, that the Journal has the largest cit . .
euletion of any paper in the county—that
iis omstautly iucreasing;—and that it
goo into the hands of our wealthiest oiti•
e would also state that our facilities'
fur ex..cuiing aft kinds of JOB PRINT
ING are squid to those of any other office
inthe county; and all Job Work outrun•
ei/ to our hands will be done ueetly,
promptly, and at Nice: whioh 'rill be
Using Agency, 119 Nassau St., New York, &
10 State St., 13ostut.. S. 01. Pettengill & Co.
ore the Agent:, for the "JOVltliat." and tho molt
fitittentittlald largest lireulating Newspapers
in the ljnited States and thu Canadas. They
are rath , ..ziud to contract for no at Car !owe*
- -
The undersigned takes this Method of infor
ming the public generally that there Is no med
icine now otleied to the Odic that it eqeal to
! VALL'S GALVANIC OIL in rehoesleg
buffering humanity.
witi on obsei , er of its effects in a friend of
mute, who sallercd Almost everything from a
nraralgie affection which te.siated the best med.
icol treatment Centre county. Wo applied
freely the Galvanic Oil to the painful part, and
gave some inwardly, and iu 20 minutes thepa
; beet a,lecp, end when awaked was free tree rain, and conti.ied so.—This is a positive
fact uhieh I are willing to make good at any
I time. A case of I , ot.qtr was cored in nearly the
saute length of time.
J. 11. HALlN,Centre
' 'entre countr.
1658—1 y
New nrrg and Grocery Store.
SAMUEL S. SMITH, llill St., 2 doors west
of Mont,toine!y, St Huntingdon. Dealers la
ChoutiruN. Dye Storrs, Paints Vandal,
es, rm.:, Sm. 'Turpentine, Fluid, Alcohol, Wino
and firmly of the lest article fur medical par
pence, Concentrated Lye flu. InMsing Soap, Glass
Putty Patent Medicine's also Coffee, Tee, Cho
colate, Sugar, Moltutves, Vinegar, Fish Salt
Flour, Ural:Yrs, Nuts, Candies, Figs, Raisins,
To',ueco, Cigars, Syrups of all kinds for sum
mer drink, in a word every thing usually kept
in a Drug or Oro,yry Store, those who daubs
pure and Genuine articles will do well by
us a call.
Sept. 29,
1.11.00 D SEARCHER
Sworn etamment of David Mt:C.oth of Ni•
pier Tkiw,hip, Bedford county,
In A pail, 1856, as near as I can rememembst
a small pimple made its appearance on my up-
Per lip, %hick soon became enlarged and core.
I used poultices of sorrel, and a wash of blue
vitml, without effect. Finding the sore extend
, in t ; I called on Dr. Ely, of Schellsburg, who
pronutinced it CANCER, and prescribed. Wll4
of sugar of lead and bread poultices. Finding
these remedies of nu avail. I called upon Dr.
Shaffer, of Davidsville. Somerset county, who
' also pronounced the disease Cancer and garr
me internal cud external remedies—the latter
consisting principllle of canstic ; but all to no
put pose, as the disease continued spreading
ward the u4s. I next rand u preparation of or.
seine. In the form of salve. This for a turfs
checked the disease, I ut the inflammation loon
increased. I next called upon Dr. Starlet of St.
Clairsville. Bedford county, who also pronoun
ced the disease to be C•tncur, and applied& Salve
said to be a uevcr•failing remedy, but it bad no
effect whatever in clerking the spread of the
sore. In December, of the scene year, the die.
rune luta 00100 away a greater part of my upper
hp, D ud attacked the nose, when 1 wont to
Cincitinati where I eonstilted De, R. S. ,N e „ too
oft o hectic Medical College. Ile ptonoun
eed the di.aso 'a cutaneous Cancer, superin•
doted Ity an inordinate 1.0 of mercury.' Ile
applied mild tire ointment, and gave me inter•
! nal remedies. My face healed up, but the iu
Who not thoroughly removed, In
Febrettry, 1857, he pronounced tile cured, and
1 left for home. In April tau discase again re, and so violent was the pain that I could
not ft .! a t e;ght. Late in May I returned to
Cincinnuti, and qta:n placed myself andFr the
charge of D i .. sewton, trill whom I remained
un,il September, during winch time he used
corer known remedy, and pirtly succeeded in
checking the disease, but when 1 rot urned
home there were still three discharging ulcers
upon my face. I continued using Newton's
preparations, and also medicine that I got (coat
Dr. idly, but the Cancer continued growing un
til it had eaten off the left side of on nue., the
greater portion of my left cheek,UlPlicad attack
ed my left eye, I hud given tip all hoee of ev
er being cared, since Dr. Ely said lie could only
give reliel'; but that a core was imprnslble. In
March, 1858. I bought a bottle of "Uluud Sear
cher," but I must confess I 111111 110 Path in it.
I was very weak when I commenced taking it ;
but I found that I guided strengtu day by Say,
and also that the ulcers commenced drying up.
I continued, and when the third bottle was ta
ken ray lace Was healed as it' by a miracle. I
used a fourth bottle and I have been healthier
nice than I hare been fur the :oat seven years.
Although my face is sadly disfigured 1 am still
grateful to a benign. Providauce who has rpm•e4
my life, and which has brat, dune through thu
instrumentality of L/MI.SEI'S lntt•aovcu BLOOD
Smart and subscribed. [lds 31et day . of Aa
gust, A. B. 1858, before me, one of the Justices
of the Poser in and fur the Borough of Bollidaps
burg, Blair county
Witness— U J Jones. JOHN 1-1013T.EY
Being afflicted with a greviniis Tatter on the
arms and face—after trying many remedies
which utterly failed to Core—l was persuaded
by W. N. Burns tic Co. to try Lindsey's linpro
vnd Blood tienrelter ; and now, six-wheks after
finishing the s end bolde, pronounce myael
The tatter broke out, something over a year
ago, on tne Meld* of toy toms, exteadiag froin
the elbows down to the wricz.i; also on toy fare,
immediately round the :neaili and chin, and roe
titled to be a per', 4 ior , ,:inat to me wain mired by
the Blood Searehe, .M.y.anne, at liaise wore
almost eerie., owing to the ernebn and cores
en them, liable to bleed at any time on the
least exertion to lilt or work, and sometimes
so itchy that I could scarcely prevent tearing
oil my flesh. I have now been cured six week,
nod feel it due to Mr. Lindsey, and to the pub
lic generally, to make this statement, in hope
that others like tnyaelf may be benefited by
using his valuable medicine.
tiwurn and subscribed before me, one of the
Aldermen in and for the City of Pittsburg, this
28th day of July, A. D. MU.
AND hiohiASTEP I 'fieems ,, ,,,
iiiallidayshare t Sop. 91141111-I.r.