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    teacher asi should do under the various circum
untingan *turnn which be is placed, but he who is
practically acquainted with his ditties.
Abolish the office of County Sup,
and we shall then have thelinsticcessful, the
refuse of every other profession seeking em•
ployment ns teachers, simply for allying; and,
unfoquitately, too many of them will find em
ployment y for there ate always Directors who
will employ almost any person, provided they
will take little wages. As a natural rouse.
quence; qualified teachers, being brought into
campetition with such persons, will leave the
ranks, and seek employment.which will remu
nerate them for their labors. Those persons
who are slow undergoing a course of training
in our Normal schools would either relinquish .
their studies, or prosecute them with a view to
following some other business, for the men who
- - have the energy and talent necessary for good
Wednersday Morning, Februaq 9.1859 teachers, ran and will make a decent, living.—
We have little fears, however. of the office be-
Th e ch. e w a ti on o w ing repealed. It has not met with ns much
lingtion Journal, rea opposition the whole system at first met
ith and give it but sufficient time, and it will
er than the tAlobe and '
so nobly and triumphantly vindicate itself that
erican combined. those win; arc now its most uncompromising
The Huntingdon JOURNAL for one year, and
either of the Magazines for the same period
will he sent to the address of ani subseriber
to be paid in advance as follows :
The Journal and Corley's Lady's Book, for
one year, $3 50
rhe Journal and Graham's Magazine, (or
cite $3 50
SeJournizl and Emerson's Magazine and
Pntnam's Monthly, fur one year, $3 50
Journal and Frank Leslie's Family
Magazine and Gazette of Fashion, fur one year
$3 50
The Journal and Lady's Thole Magazine,
for one year, $2
%he Journal and Peterson's Magazine, (or
$2 75
one Tear,
Tie Journal and Atlantic Monthly, for one
$3 00
The repeal of the offied of County Superin
tendent of Common Schools is now tieing agi•
toted to some extent. I propose to consider
briefly whether the repeal of the law would be
ndvisable, and what the effect would lie sip in
the Cotnmon School system. The main objects
its establishing the law was to guard more ef
fectualiy against the employment of incom pe•
tent teachers, and to establish n better channel
of communication between the State Depart
ment and the various branches of the system.
It is well known than previous to the passage
of the law creating the office of County Super.
intention, our schools were taught, must gen.
entity, lip persons who were tinserably quali
fied to fill the highly retponsible station of ed•
orators of our youth. Indeed, many of them
had not even the rudiments of a common edit.
cation; consequently, instead of developing
the !sewers of the youthful tided, nod cresting
within it a thirst for that which would ennoble
it and raise its possessor to the true position of
remolding, thinking, immortal befog, they
stupefied even the brightest intellects to such a
degree, that no after•training could repair the
evil. This lamentable state of affairs led the
true friends of education to attompt fe.
some meows be which to supply our sehouis
with persons more capable of discharging the
sacred duties pertaining to the office of teach
er. The ether of County Superintendent was
the result of their deliberations. That it has
not answered the expectations f.f its friends, in
every re!pect, no one will deny; but that it
large majority of the most intelligent and zea
lous friends of education out still its ardent
and unwavering friends, does not admit of a
doubt ; in fad, we have never seen stlything
bearing any resemblance to argument, against
it. The other recount suggested, as leading to
the enactment of the Law, was that the depart•
pent had no accurate means of aseertainieg
the operations of the system. It laud to
peed upon School Directors fiir statistical and
other desirable information. ;Nese W,1.• •d11:11
as imperfect and euntradirtury, that it
inlpoB3ibit. to Millie ift them. it is
now the doty or ere!' comity 1,4,1
to collect such ittoritei i, , !5-1101.1 . sand
110 fusiii , it it to the Department
form. . _ .
We will now notice a few of the oljes
that have been made against the A
the tenet prominent One is it. rapcn,e—six
hundred dollars in our county ! 11, we ad
mit this is a considerable amount these hard
times ; but has any of those who Make this ob.
jection ever attempted to make at calculation of
the cost of but one incompetent teacher' We
do not refer merely to Isis wupes , for they are
comparatively a small item, but to the loss of
time, talent and character which might Le sat'
ved to the children, and to the memo anity by
it competent teacher. We bare no hesitation
in saying that the loss sustain, .1 in employing
pu incompetent teacher, fur a single term,
would more than counterbalance the annual
cost of the County Superintendency.
But it is further objected, that the office has
not supplied even a intijorijy of our schools
with competent teachers. ; Admitting this to
Le true, it by no meats follows that the Ake
ehou.d be repealed, for the number of qualified
teachers at the time the County Superiuten.
cy was established was evidently much smaller
than at the present time ; and if proper in
ducements are held forth, their number wi.l
continue increasing until wo shall have such
ant fumy of teachers us shall be ,tit honor to Billies, reo!ic I t rpmp in the Sionsuch
their profeesion, and a blessing to our country. can Ise rcleive.l iu tee minutes, in every case,
A third of is that incompetent per• by using fr.. live to thirty drops of Du Yam. 's
eons are selected to fill the office and cause. Gahvasic Om.
oently tencb evil results therefrom. Now, if
Suffer°. fruits Scrofula and scrofulous Mice
this objection be valid one, we ask, may not
Ulcers,een ;se
I ly w es , r i T y tr
il v u o , et e r s
every office under our government be abolish.
the lilts toset
ed ? Every office, from constable up to Presh cites,
ed out of you by Dispepsin, lii einsissaissis and
dc;;', bath at time heed filled with unworthy in- I Gout? Why stiffer Syphilitic and Mercurial cll.
C6lllhents. The fault lies not in the Wilco, but senses to rot the bones in otir hotly, or the
in those who have the selecting of the office.. flesh off your bones? why let your sluggish blood
The fourth and last objection that we shall 113- drag, and scatter its distempers thuough your
tics at.this lime, is, that the office is unnecessa• I veins? AYER'6 COMP Ex'T of Sarsaparilla ou
ry. It is asserted that Directors might, in most ens these complaints, and cleanses them out of
cases, perform all the duties that the County Sus the system. Use it faithfully and yea will bring
perinteudent now performs, and where they to society a licaltilier, cloanlier, and far more
were incompeteht to do this, they c sold employ I acceptible masuber.—Democrat, Baltimore, did.
some competent person to du it tot them. But
this emirate has beets fully tested and found to Tut; KEW arm STARTLING POEM OF Tin; Bites
be totully impracticable. There ore fur/ Dime- rots TOE HAIR.
tors that have the literary qualifications peers• I cativo t
eery to examine teachers, but even if they were Miss Flom M'Flitusely of Madison Square,
all qualified merely for examining , they wou ld A l a dy of 6ttdou , wealth and of beauty.
fail in the most important particular, that of spent money like water for stuff for her hair"
citation. The ability of the teacher can nowhere And did it because she thought it a duty
be tested as well as in the school-room. But I To paint the fine lily-to perluum the rose—
to judge of his ability here requires a practical To gild relined geld-though few would suppose
.d experienced teacher, one that is acquaint- Bliss Flora APFlintsey, with beauty so rare,
'ed with every duty devolving upon the teacher, lltcquir'd aught to make her more charmingly fair
one who can detect humbug, and appreciate CANTO
true merit. Miss Flues had Heard of a noted Professor,
Some of our ablest County Superintendents IVho dressed Isis own hairs the' eat a hairdresser
hive borne their testimony to the fact that the With l magical, won d er f u l .great preparation,
(N used in vast uan . tst ie ove na
mere examination is nut a euffi o
cient test of a Ti . w
noted r n
roies .
as s
grey r
asthe tion.)
person's ability to teach ; fur some persons aro Atjuvoiale thirty-no older than that
naturally free from embarrassineute on cont. A n amount of poor hair his crown hod upon it,
municating what they know, while sitters are (Though now as black au ravens wing,
retiring itt their disposition, and shrink l'ront the Wit lusted enough fur a ball roam king.)
ordeal of public examination, and while the 'Would not have been accepted, such WAS its
t• ^St goneraily succeed the best on examination harsh and dry character, by any lashionist, how
the latter very frequently surpass them its per. ever bald he might to have been, who ever wore
a hunnet. It' you desire to learn the effect
fuming the duties of teacher. But are not pa. 1
preparation which Miss Flora M'ilmsev
rents able to judge when they are taught cot , I at the
applied to her hair, cull at 3i. Broadway, .4
rectly ? We answer, no. Parents are fie. 'ref NVood't will prove to you that Wood's
quently deceived by persons who make great ' Ilan Restorative is one ut tha best articles for
preteasieus, but who are totally undeserving 1 beautifying the hair,
the name of teachers. None, as we have al- i For sale by (lingua s in the S and Cs
ready said, are fully qualified to judge of what nada.
firmest friends.
Legal Executions iu the United
States during the Year ISSS.
The following in a list of the legal execu
tions which hove taken place in the United
States during the year 18118, compiled from
various newspapers. Of the nutnber executed
by the order of Judge Lynch, we have no
moms of Mating, Besides the list given be
low, there were, nt the close of the year 1858•
several persons who have not all yet been ex.
orated. There and three persons note under
sentence of death in tire Philadelphia County
prison. lint rend the rollowing list
February 2.1111,--At Pittsburg, Pa-, Henry
Fife and Charlotte JOnes, for the murder of
George Wilson and his sister, Mrs. McMaster
near McKeesport. Allegheny county. Monroe
Stewart, who was convicted with Fife and
Jews Ihr the same murder, Wen, after their
execution, pardoned by the Governor. Stew
art a short time after his pardon, was seized itt
jail with the smallpox and died.
March 100,—AtZlient Court Muse, Vu., for
the murder ofMujor Morris, Harvey and Dick
Bradley, (entered).
April Lancaster, Pa., Alexander
Anderson and Harvey Richards ' (colored) for
the murder of Mrs. Gather atol M,s. Ream.
The crime was perpetrated while the murder
' ers were under the bid t eneo of liquor, mud
for the sole purpose of obtaining twelve and
half cents to purchase a quart:if whiskey,
April 1211t—At. Chicago, lIL , Staub, lur the
murder of Latielinan,
April 21,, --Oswego, N. 1.. Dennis
van, for thr murder ofJoehutt Herbert, a He,
olutioniiry :while,
April :ilst not \Via. Williams
(or the muril,r ti llii lit lts iii may, 185'...
. •
Juno 'l5 th--A liozlon, Mass., .lamas MeKee
fur tho murder of !qr. Walker, Deputy Warden
of the Sinie Prison.
June 2atii—At Washington City, 1). C Jn•
mos Pincers.
July 2d—At C,lntubug, C eorgiu, Juli?,
Thompsou, youth, for the warder of J.,1
July 9th—At Genties,tett, N. Y..luntie Wood
fur the murder of his sister•law, Rhoda Wootl.
July - 16111—At Mobile Alabama, Alfred, a
Slave, lipid Id years, for the murder of a child
1 years old, is 1856.
July 16th—At New Orion,t. Ea., James
Nolan, the of Capt. Reno Ma cof
fee house of that city.
Droulilyn N. Y.. James Nol
ly, for the murder of wire.
Atigtibt 12th-• At. Wincheslcr, l'a., James
Cittlifit fine nogrrt, fur murder.
At li'volink, 'tinkle, dale not ~ i v
eu, .lied Fotesting his innocence, nti , l
onitpil Corilie murder or hie wife.
Align:A '2 "ill— Ai I.t,i,ton, Me, Abr.;.:,:.•
awl Poi, ICilliam,, 11. r
tel el, In.nril the brig Alhion
cunt:m4:d their Thid wee the
cation in Maine in '23 yenri. :;t1 —A t heeling. Vit John Burn
for the murder of :tlury moutuny.
September :21—At, Danville. Pa, J.
Clarke, for the tanrier 4f Itiu trill he poison.
lle neni iris immeence on the gallows.
October 21--At the some (deer, MN: MI,
re 'reign:, for the murder of hen linsbana and
Mns Clarke, She protested her innocence even
n• the cap want drawn orer her eyes.
(;sober 2:I;1.--;•.t flochebter, V., Ira
co. La t'•• murder of-Mr.
Net York City, JIIIIII,
ler the murder of Swansion.
.•hi Jacintinto Miss, Wan. II llttras
for the ;word: of McKeefer.
Doventbi, !Tilt—Place not given ' Albert
Myerl. for the murder of Neville in t he State
Prison. •
On the first of August, Samuel Morgan, who
win under sentence of death, and who was to
bare been executed on the 24th of Septette.
her for the murder of his wife, committed so i•
eide in the jail ut Portsmouth, Ohio between
1 and .1 o'clock it. the morning.
Thee hole Amber, including the suicide cf
Morgan is 29, of whom 6 were executed in
Pennsylvimin; 5 in Vii glide; 5 in New York; 2
in Maine; and 1 each in Massachusetts, Dis•
trio of Columhia, Mishissippi, lowa, Alabama
Georgia, Louisiana, Illinois and Ohio; told
whose places wi.ra are given.
FLOUR—Superfine. per barrel, $5 52C0 75
" Extra " G 87
tt stmily 600 to 750 Old Dominion
nve Flour and Corn ;deal
1 35qt 37
I .trt@l 115
GO to 6.±
Wheat --lA, per bushel,
NV Bite
CI overseed
Timm ht seed
Flax, • per bu.ilsel
$5 23 per fel pounds
$2,00 to 212
The"llux rixol,oo Jo e nnAt.' is pub' isheu n.
the following rotes
If paid in advance $1,441
If paid within six months after the :inn: of
subscribing 1.75
If paid before the expiration of the year, 2,00
And two dollars and fifty cents if not paid
after the expiration of the year. No Sllbscripl
tion taken for a lees period than six to oaths.
1. All subscriptions are continued until oth
erwise ordered, sad nopitper will be discontinu
a/oi/ (terra:it/fps are paid, except at the option
of the publisher.
. .
2. &turned numbers aro never received hr en.
All numbers Sent its in that woe nre lost, and
never arcomplish the purpose of the sender.
1. rersons wishing to slop !heir mikeriptions,
must pop Hp atm:rages. and send 0 written or
verbal order to that ellect, to the eflier or po.-
nontion in Huntingdon•
4. (living notice to a postmaster is neither
14 Z
;r onel.l: prop o er r morn notice. numbers of a new year
hove been forwarded, a new year has CO111111elle•
Cd, 11111 i the pew Will not be digeoutioned null
arrenrages ore paid. Seo No. 1.
The Courts hove decided that uefieting totnlce
o newspoper front the office, or removing and
having it uncalled for, is PRIMA FAelti Cvidenrq
I intentional fraud.
It Subscribers living in distant counties, or in
other States, will be required to pay invariably
in advance.
Cr.iit The above terms will be rigidly adhered
t iii all ,11.5e5.
Till h chnigtol at the following rote:
I insertion. 2
Six lines or less, $ 25 $ 37i $ 50
One square, (16 lines,) 50 73 I in)
Too <• (32 " ) 100 150 200
3 mo„ 6 too. 12 )no.
$3 00 $5 00 $8 00
5 00 8 00 12 00
8 00 12 00 18 00
12 On 18 00 27 00
18 00 27 00 10 00
One square,
do., 00 00 40 00 00 00
llusint , ss Cards of lines, or less, *-1.00.
Eyhde 411.11. Showalkr, dec.)
All persons are hereby notified that Letters
of AdminiAration on the estate of A I.aaham
Showalter hue of Cuss township, Huntingdon
Cminiy, dec. hare been granted to the tinder•
all persons having claims or deoutotit
itgamst estate of said dee. arc requested
to too known the entice to the undersign.
od withouf delay, and all owing this estate see
requested to niche immediate puement.
Cw.ville, Feb Nil '5!
LIGHT! LIGHT ! ! LIGHT ! ! ! --
Peters Patent, nonexplosive Gas Lamps
ortjust i4e thing Ivr all being the only
burner having a non condecior tegu
;aim attached—leaving the lamps and flu •
H always cell—nnt like m hers—the being
mit a straight tube eniering the lamps.
;mils at wholesale prices, or 'State or
'ounty rights fur Sale. Address or apply
m D. I. Peters, 422 Broolway, New
L'l I p A Y . .---Caule It, ti,ti sule.,erilieiA in
1 l•raidditi township ribout Hut Ist or 000•
i ber 1 , 1 , 1 ~ i ,, mliite ,iti red .pot- 5 ' . .f.,,,,
tc,l h'eer, suppo,sed tolie about ' ,;.• :2'2;
three p nra old. Tile liner is
, requebted to eOlllO forward prose ....No•tpxy,:v.,,c.
properly pay charges and take it awry or it
will he disposed of as the litw directs.
& J. 11. SI1UEN131..:1101.:11
lintningdon Furnace, Fcb. 2,'39.
(Midi; el ✓ame, filth 1. dec.)
;Tmze.ultOni.o NOTXO:I4.
Notice i 3 berchy given, that letters testamea
tary on the last will of James Black, into of
Jackson township, dee. have been duly issued
to the come d the said dec'e., are requested to
make itnniciliatc payment, aed and all having
claims agaie,t it, present to them properly ntt•
thenticated for ~.•tllemetit to
Ifuey.l I. ecltla • s.
Jane Black. J
‘.1),11 'YZATII32aII'
The Subscriber respectfully informs the Pub.
tic, that he is prepared to receive and unlend
Cars containing Lumber, Burl, Staves, Shin
gles, Coal, Iron, &c.
S.-W. Corner Blond & Cnllowbill StreetA,
.lutt. sth 1859.-50
Ail persons interesled are hereby notified
that hetters of Administration on the estate of
Michael Detwiler late of Clay Township Ilun•
tingdon County deed have been granted to
the undersigned; and till persons haring claims
or demands against ate estate of the said dee'd
are requested lo make known the same to the
undersigned without delay and all owing thin
estate ore requested to make payment. His
Post Oilier lc Dublin Mills Fulton County.
Jan. 12th,
Executor's Notice.
Whereas, letters testamentary on the estate
of Dutton Lane, late of Springfield tp., decd.
have been granted to the undersigned all per.
sons knowing themselves indebted to said es
tate will snake immediate payment and these
having claims present thew duly authenticated
for settlement to.
The undersigned takes this Method of infor
ming the public generally that there is no med
icine Low otlored to the WM that is meal to
1)U VALL'S GALVANIC OIL in re:won't;
mutrering humanity. . . .
1 wa; . uu obser;:er of its effects in a friend of
lame, who suffbred almost everything tram a
nruralgic affection which resisted the best sued- :
ical treatment In Centre county. We applied'
freely the Galvanic Oil to the painful port, and
gave 8011111 lilWardiy, Mid in 20 minutes the pa- ;
neat was asleep, and when awaked was free film
tram pain, and et:wined so.—This is a positive
fact which I ant willing to snake good at any
time. A ease of FULON was oared in nearly the ;
Baum leugth of time.
J. H. HAHN,Centre
Aug. 13 1658-1 y; ':entre county.
Miscellaneous Advertisements.
Coffee Pots,
0141 Dominion
Tea Pots,
Old Dominion
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Over forty ditTcrent verieti, and styles, of
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Tea Pots are now manufactured. Being based,
as Dr. Hall of the :hairnet of Health says, "on
science and common sense," they are rapidly
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ordored thro ugh any storekeeper, or dealer in
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TY - Merchants who have not received our
Trade Cirxidar, gibing prices, terms'. tie. will
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ter, to A !UR, BURNHAM, Si GILROY,
117 & I t 9 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia,
Sole Manufacture I, un or the Paiert
19.02,.etisrev, under tho Pitteht.
Airri , ln, cm,EinzATED Ant-Ticurr
2C. th, '59 It
retint,t those .r sul,eril.terA 11110 re
e:re itaerp,to inform uaet those in their
immediate neighlterittaids who ore subscribers
to the “Jourual," and have faded to receive
the sarne,,ince the stealing of our pack-kook,
ht ruffians 0:1 th,,, ',3d of Felmuarv.
MORE THAW 500,000 BottleN
rp tur, nEsToitATI VI: OF 0..1. \VOOO,
for restoring the hair perfectly and
neatly inn never yet had a rival, volume !tiler
volume might be given frrni a ilparti of the
world and from the most intelligent to prove
that it is a perfect Restorative ; but, read the
circular and con cannot detail g rend alao the
following, •
tlfar.Ttii: Its n.—People have for centariel
beet, afflicted with bald howls and the only re.
tatly, heretofore known, has been those abom
inable wigs. it yit recent discovery of Profes
sor Wood these articles arc, being fast diopcn
sod with, bat a great many persons still palest
size them, because they have been so often
imposed up. flair Tonics of dilfereitt kinds.
To all suck persoo we earnestly make the
request. that they will try once again, for in
Wood's Restorative there is no such thing as
fail. NVe know of a lady who wait bald, who
toted the Article a short tit., and her head is
now covered completely with the tiniest and
tool Islottifol cools imaginahlm. We know of
nullll.l,llA eases where hair was rapidly falling
nut. which it restored in greater perfection than
it 'sir had been before.
IL al, without doubt one of the best Cr ,
tick) hie keeping the hair in gond condition,
making it tetttt glopy, remevlng dandruff and
has promd itself the greatest enemy to all the
ills that lolly i.. an hem In.
It is the duly of every one to improve their
personnl 1.11110 nifty differ
m rra.ste. 'lto ways el doing it; hot every one
Nlill i;dthit that a beautiful heal, of ' 1 ..6 either
u man or woman, ss on object ntlleit tp be
desired, mut there ore, no meany that; should
he left untried to obtain 6neli n consideration.
Woman's Advocate, Philatbdpilia.
NI, IS, 1 tist;
WI, .5, CO.—Gents: As /have
I,en engaged your liestorative
the hut season for one of your local vents,
and having experience.; the Ivnelicial effects
of it thyself, I e•oulti like to obtain an agency
r, t h e 'sh i t, o f Ohio or stone Sotto in tLe
West, should v u wish to male such an ar.
I n tn conviaecti there is nothing
„ gu m t o it i n United States, toe restoring
the hair. 1 h ave lien engaged in the drug
business tin sevcrul pll's, and have sold earl•
nun preparations for the hair, but nave I;Jund
nothing that restores the secretive organs er
ovigurates the senlp as well as yours. bring
folly convinced that your restorative ha what
represent it to be, I w ould like to engage in the
sale of it, fur I ant sa tislied it must sell
Yearn truly,
Wayland, Inss., Fel,
PROP. 0. J. 1i ; 001./.5.: Co.—Gents : Hay.
Mg realized the gcral effects of your Hair Re.
storative, I wish to state, that finding ins hair
growing thin, no soil no gray, I was induced
faun tubed I read and heard, to try the articles
prepared by you, to promote its growth and
change itz color so it %Vito in youth, both of
which it Into effected completely• In the otter.
atiou I hove toed nearly three bottles.
Yours, &a,
0..1. WOO!) C . 0., Proprietors, 312 Broad.
wap, Nuw York, (in the great N. Y. Wire
liniling Establishtneut,) and 11.1 Iforliet St.,
St. I.OIIIH, Mu. John Rend. Agent, floating.
don, and mold by till good Druggists.
Doe. 1,158.4tra.
Advertising and Job Work.
We would remind the Advertising com•
triunity and nll others who wish tn bring
their business extensively before the pub
lie, that the Journal has the largest cir•
culation of any paper in the county—that
i is o instantly increasing;—and that it
goes into the hands of our wealthiest citb
NVe would tiler, state that our facilities
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ING are equal to those of any ether office
inthe county; and all Job Work outrun
ed to our hands will be done. ueatly,
promptly, and at prices which will be
tising Agency, 110 Nassau St., New York, &
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are the Agents j f or the "Jtmaxar," and the most
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are authorized to contract for us at our loves
The Juniata Flour and Plaster Alias, ono
mile east of Alexandria, Hunt. co., have on
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Plaster, fcr which Grain 01 all kinds will Ito
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Miscellaneous Advertisements
This gallery pf Art is now open for public
inspection of speeineni of Ainhrotypes, Crye
talographs, Photographs, Circular and Star
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ti •t in Prunes, Lockets, Rings, Pins or
Particular attention paid to taking pictures
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Perfect satisfaction given, or persons are not
cni:::::ted to take their pictures.
I' :nrvs tv,k,n from sick or deceased persons
it re,idenecl. Copies taken from Da.
p: n i 'ortraits. Also, views of resi•
I. HI, tit otinnien nre invited to call
i• Pictures taken us
~ : .
lion "line d,i the exclamation, when
persons are looking at Portraits—"l would not
value any sum if I could procure the Portraits
of my pnrents,—or deceased children I"
if von are gifted with this ennobling feel
ing of unity, you inure an opportunity to grati
fy tit a small cost, by procuring Portraits,
which, it ix kaetra,xot fad,
thus 'wish to 'learn this beautiful
art can call an see F. Thomas, front Phila.
Pcieen from 50 cuts upwiird.
r Note, Post, Commercial, Foolscap nod
Flatcap--a good assortment for sale by the
ream, half ream quire or sheet, at
Lewis' New Book and Stationery Store,
'Win. A. Batchelors flair Dye!
The Original and Best in the World !
All others me mere imitation, and should
be nvoidud, it you wish to escape
stantly to a beautiful and Natural Brown or
Mack, without the least injury to 114ir or Skin.
Fifteen Medals and Diplomas have been a
ivirded to Wm. A. Batchelor since 1839, crud
over 00,000 applications have been Ina& to
the Ilair of his patrons of his fatnous Dye.
Ilticeo a color not to Pc distinguished from tin,
tore, and 18 warranted not to injure in the Icast
however long it may be rlontinned, and the ill
effects of Bad Dyes remedied ; the Hi it
vigoratedfor life by this splendid Dye.
Made, on 1,1 or applied (in it private rooms)
at rho Whig Factory, 233 Broadway, New
York. Sold in nll cities and towns of the Uni-
tort States, by Druggists and Fancy Goods
tth" The Genuine has the name and address
upon a steel plate engraving on four sides of
each box, of WM. A. BATGRELOR,
233 Broadway, New Yen
John Bead, Agent Huntingdon Pa.
Nov. 17,
( Ethtle Mary Shively, dec.)
A nm Ai•ows NOTICE
',Hers of Administration on the eslaTe of
Macy Shrively, late of Porter township. doe.
haying hero gra md to the undersigned, all
persons indebted to said eitate are required to
make immediate puyment, ane4hose hawing
claims will present them duly uutlientiented for
settlement to -
Jacob W. Shively,kbar. •
N. 13.—The Administrator hill attend in
011 1!” . tit and 13th days of Jan
mar inst.
Porter township.
CACI/ER a :1-I,t<Eß'l
ifl .4
, ‘n.
At. (O . 11-1 rkaT 30 Si.
I . rier $.lO.
N 1 11. BREWS TER fur Hunling(u,
couhly, Pa. Lull ut the "Journal (Mice' and
see the Sluehino•
These Ikfaehines row front two spools, nod
form a seam of unequaled strength. beauty,
and ekstieity, which will NOT rip, oven if eve•
ry fou Ii stitch he cut. They aro unquestion•
ably I c best in the market for family use.
(;rov & Baker's is the Arieul.
Tu i , or which the Tribune rays amen.—K
Y. T••bune.
It IA it.l that it elaitni to hiclepentrt,
R s /bashes it 3 own work; other 4 do nut.—Home
We give it the preference.—Anterican Baptist.
Adopted for woolens, linen or cotton.—Amer.
Mated Mnthly.
Wedlike Grover it Baker's best.—Ladies'
W Itch is the best ?" Grover A: Baker's.—.,N,
r: Dispatch.
Superiiir to ..1! others.—X 3/erony.
N'•!!lhve no hesitation in recommending it.—
X E &pros.
IL requires no re•spooling.—\'. r Erangelist.
For family use they are unrivaled.— \: E
ly News,
They sew a seam that•will nut rip.—N. Cou-
It perllnms nobly mid expeflitiousl—X.
emarkable foe the elasticity of scum.—Mlice
Well adapted to all kinds of family sewing.—
N. 2: ()Weave,
Best wiltiiteil for family use.—N. 1: Day hook
We de not hesitate to recommend it.—N. 1'
It sons strongly and door not. rip.— Lire IItUSI.
The prince of invontions.—Proterdnut Church.
It is woman's best friend. N. Y. Weekly News,
We give our preference to Grover & Baker's.
The meet blessed invention of modern shoes.—
Mother's .11aga:ine.
It 1111,CS a pI eagure of n toil, N, Y. Ern, Post.
The favorite for family um—Brooklyn Star.
We might appreciate their value.—American
Its groin merit is in its peculiar stitch.—Mni• .
ly Circle.
We ottost its simplicity and darability.—Na-
Ilona! Magatina.
Admitted to be the best extant.—rirgiaid Arg.
Is uOt liable to get out of repair.—Veryeants
Citizen. ,
IstoMpled to all home requirementc—Dover
Gtuptir r.
A very pretty piece of furniture.—Mitehia a
Saws with a turty-seamstress power.—ltneklami
Miscellaneous Adterlisements.
40,000 Volumes of Books for Salo.
$500,00 in Gifts for every 1000 Sold.
In order to reduce my extensive stock I will
sell OHO thousand dollars worth of Books at the
regular retail prices or less, and give ($500)
.ivo hundred dollars worth of presents varying
in value from 25 cents to $lOO,OO. Or, those
who prefer can purchase ut wholesale prices.--
My stock consists if every variety and style of
Seheol Boas of every kind, whole
sale and retail. Soh tfl!,lllllnener One. 2 lib.
ILLA 2 7
rplIE subscaiber has commenced the Gm - .
SMITHING business at Pine Grove, Cen
tre comity, where he is prepared to nituadaeture
and repair Guns and Pistols of every deserip•
ti.,n, with neatness and dispatch.
lle will also attend to repairing CLOCKS.
Prices to suit the times.
c•. 22,1858.—tr. JOHN H. J ACOBS::
n the "Globe" Nice Building, Market Square
The subscriber respsslfully informs the cit.',
eeoc of I runtingdon ;tuw udjoining c inntlett,
that he has opened a New Book and Stationery
Store, in the corn, room of the "Globe"
ding, • ultece may be found a general assort
ment of Miscellaneous and School Books and
Stationery, all of which he will sell at reason
able prices. He will add to his stock weekly
all Books and articles in demand, cud expects
in a short time to have on hand as full a stock
of saleable Books, Stationery, .be., as can be
found in any town in she State.
Having mods the accessary arrangements
with publishers, any . Book wanted and not up
on his shelves, will be ordered aniSfurnirdted at
city prices.
As bo desires to do 'a lively business with
small profit,„ a liberal share of patronage is
1)ee.22,'58.•tf. WM. LEWIS.
Scrofula, or King's Evil,
is a constitutional disease, a corruption of
blood, by which this fluid Lecomes vif
weak, and poen Being in the, it
pervades the whole body, and may burst out
in disease on any part of it. No organ is free
from its attacks, nor is there one which it may
not destroy. The scrofulous taint is variously
caused by mercurial disease, low living, dis
ordered or unhealthy food, impure air, filth
and filthy habits, the deprestiihg vices, std,
above all, by the venereal infection. What
ever be its origin; it is hereditary in the con
btitutian, desecoding from parents to children
unto the third and fOurth generation;" indeed,
it teems to be the rod of Hint who bays, 6 , 1
will visit 'the iniquities of the fathers upon
their children."
Its effects commence fig deposition from the
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, is termed
tubercles; in the glands, swellings; and on
the surface, eruptions or sores. This foul cot.-
ruption, which gendersin the blood, depresses
the energies of liti, so ;hat rcrofolotis constitu
tiong not only' suffer front scrofulous com
plaints, but they have far le, power to with
mand the attacks of other discuses; come
()neatly, vu.t numbcrs rrish Ly disorders
which, although not acr,clintis ire tlic!mmture,
aro still rendered fated by this taint in the
system. heat of the exisaciption which de
cimates the human 141;14 ha, i;, origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination ; and many
destractiVe diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed; of all the organs, arise from or
arc aggravated by the scone cause.
One quarter of all our people are turofoloin;
thvir IL:maw are invaded by this in-
K ,', their licon L undermined by it.
To .10Onse it from the syfteto
the Haud by an alterative nielieiue, nod in.
‘l.,ounte it by healthy food and exereiee.
medicine we supply in
AYE 11' S
:Apound E‘tract of Sarsaparilla,
• ' !• ' the medical
this vevy
wikt,o prcvailiog :tad 11,,,a maiudy. It iS COM
-1)11101 fr,,in the most active remcdials that have
been di , eovertd for the expuraution of this foul
disorder from the blood, anal the rescue of the
r•tim front its dest;uctivc consequences.
Ilene° it should Le employed for the core of
not only scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as EatmrtrE
untrl Fans DI6I:ISES, Sr. ANTIIO-Nrel Fate,
Roar, or EItrS,PETAS. P1311,1:6, Pcsruims,
BLoycnas, 111..UN3 Mal BOILs, TPMOI29. Tarr.
and SALT 11.1113,T, SI,LD HEAD, Rniowonst,
LAST,. DROPSY, Dymmeßm, Dunifxrr, and,
indeed, ALL Commsmrs :mum; room VIVA,
T. on 13:rmta Baton. The popular belief
• : ' • ! •,!! ' The
: y i s I, this vital fluid,
! • • .. ' ••!. , , impu.skilde in
. ' •
Ayers Cathartic Pills,
are so emn; , o,ed that disease within, 6,6 range of
their netii,n tan rarely wl:ll';',nii or condo them
peautrstlm: I,olw:tics search, nod cleanse,
1 ,,, d1i.`%!r!...e every portion of the human organ.
tsar ,orreeting it:Ali:eased action, and rostra Mg
its healthy vitalities. As a consequence of these
properties, the invalid who is bowed down with
124i11 or physical debility is nsbndshed to Hod his
icAth or energy reamed by a remedy at once 60
sintplo and inviting.
Not only do they cure the every-clay complaints
of every 'body, but aho many formidable and
dangerous diseases. The agent below neared is
pleased to furnish gratis my American Almanac,
containing certificates of their cum and directions
for their use in the renewie, couspleluts. i;;;;i7;,.
nesa,!leattd disordered
N'tonweh, Ndusta,ltidigest Alen iia owl Morbid
Inaction of the !kneels, Flatutenry, Loss of Appe
-1 fife, Jittemlia, nod other kindred roniphonot,
ttii,:h.e tient a luw ante alike body or obstruction
outs functions.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Coughs, Colds, /nfluenea, Hoarseness,
- Croup, Bronchitis, Incipient Cousurap.
Hon, nud the the relief of Cons ttttt Wive
Patients to advanced stages of the
So wide is the field of its usefulness and so nu
merous are the cases of its cures, that almost
every section of country abounds in persons pub
licly known, who have been restored from alarming
anti even desperate diseases of the lungs by its
use. When once tried, its superiority ever every
other medicine of its hind is too apparent to escatoe
observed., and where Its virtues are known, the
public no longer hesitate what antidote to employ
fur dm distressing and dangerous affections of the
organs that are incident to our climate.
While tunny inferior remedies thrust upon the
community have foiled and been discarded, this
has gained friends by every trial, conferred benefits
on the afflicted they can never forget, and pro
duced cures too numerous and too remarkable to
be forgotten.
•1011'S Hein, Agent linntingautt, Pn.
Nor. I(•,
Miscellaneous Advertisements.
i) surpass all. They arc elegant. light, easy
and durable.
Fitting to a ebarra—no turn up behind—no
shrinking off the head ; indeed, this is the only
Establishment where these things are proper
ly understood and made.
Nor. 17, '58,-Iy. 233 Broadway, N. Y.
nli diseases intiamation mole or le. pre•
1 dominates—now to allay intinination strikaa
at the ruot of all diseases—Lease un immedi
nto corm
aml nothing else, will allay iullamatius at once,
and make a eertnia cure.
lloy's Magical Pain Extractor will cure
the following among ugloat
cutulogue of
discuses: Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Chafes, sore
Nipples, Corns, Bunions, Bruises, Strain.,
Bites, Poison, Cltilseys. Gent, Swelling. ttbau•
Scold Head, Salt Rheum, Baldness,
Krysidelus, Rile , wortn, - Barbers Itch, Sundt
Pox, Ideuslo Rlll, &c., tk.c.
To some it may appe. incredulous that so
many diseases should he reached by one arti
cle ; such an idea will vanish when reflection
points to the fact, that the salve is a cumbina•
non of ingredients,cuch and every one apply
ing a perfect antitode to its apostate disorder.
in its effects in magi Cal, because the time is
short between diseases and a permanent curet
and it an extractor, as it draws all diseases
out of the affected part,, leaving nature an
perfect an before the injury. It is scarcely
ecssary to say that no house, work•nhop, or
manufactory should be one moment without it.
No Pain'Extractor is genuine unless tho
hoe has has upon it a steel plate engraving,
with the name of Henry Dailey, Manufactu
rer. For sale by all the Druggists and.-patent
medicine dealers throughout the United Status
and Canada, Principal Depot,
tif; Chambers St., New-York.
John Read, Agent Huntingdon Pa.
Nov. IT,
Sworn statement of David McCreary, of Na
tierTownship, Bedford county.
In April, 1856, as near as I can reinemember
a small pimple made its appearance on my up
per lip, which soon became enlarged and sore.
I used poultices 01 sorrel, and a wash or blue
vitro!, without effect. Finding the sore extend
ing I called on Dr. Ely, ul Seliellsburg, who
pronounced it CANCER, and prescribed a wash
of sugar of lead and bread poultices. Finding
these remedies of no avail. I called upon Dr.
Shaffer, of Davidsville Somerset county, who
also pronounced the disease Cancer and gavr
me internal and external remedies—the latter
consisting principally of caustic ; but all to no
per pose, as the disease continued spreading to
ward the nose. I next esed tt preparation of or
' scnic, in the form of salve. This fur a time
checked the disease, I tat the inflatumatiou soon
increased. I next called upon Dr. Statler of St.
t. tatrsvilte Bedlind county, who also pronoun
ced the disease to he Cancer, and applied a Salve
slid to be a never-failing remedy, but it bad no
effect whatever in checking the spread of the
sore. In December, of the same year, the dis
ease had eaten away a greater part el my upper
' lip, and had attacked the nose, when I went to
Cincinnati. where I consulted. Dr. IL S. Newton
of the Electic Medical College. He pronoun
ccd the disease ‘.a cutaneous Cancer, gamin
dueed by an inordinate use of mercury." He
applied mild zinc ointment, and gave me inter
nal remedies. Sly face healed up, but the in
!Imputation was not thoroughly removed, In
February, 18:4', he pronounced me cured, and
I left for Lome. 1i; April the disease again re
turned, and Sc, violent was the Dahl. that I could
not rest at night. Late in May I returned to
Cincinnati, and again placed myself under the
charge of Dr. Newton, with whom I remained
un,il September, during which time he used
every known remedy, and partly succeeded in
cheating the disease, but when I rot urned
home there were still throe discharging ulcers
upon city face. I continued using No wtou's
preparations, and also medicine that 1 got from
Dr. Ely, but the Caucer.continued growing un
til it lard eaten off the left side of icy nose, the
greater portion of mv left cheek, and had attack
ea irly loft eve, fliad given rip ell hoor ()fev
er helm; cured, since l)r. Ely said he could only
give inner) but that a cure was impossible. In
March, 1858. "bought a bottle of Seas 4
cher," but I must confess I had no faith in it.
I was very weak when I commenced taking it ;
but I found that I gained strength day by day.
and also that the ulcers commenced drying up.
I confirmed, and when the third bottle was ta
ken sty face was healed as if by a miracle. I
used% fourth bottle rind I have been healthier
since than 1 Lure been far the last seven years.
Although 14 wee is stilly disfigured, I am still
grateful to it benign Providence who has spared
my life, and which has been done through the
instrumentality Of LiNDSEY'S IMPROVED BLOOD
Sworn and subscribed. this 31st day of Au
gust, A. D. 1830, before me, one of the Justices
of the Peace in and for the Borough of Hollidays
burg, Blair counts Pa.
Witness- U J Jones. JOHN GOBLLY
Being addicted with a grovious Tetter on the
arms twat face—atter trying many remedies
which utterly failed to care—l wan pursuaded
by W. M. Barns d. Co. to try Lintisev's Impro
ved Blood Searcher ; and now, six-whcke after
Welling the a rood bottle, pronounce mysel
The tester broke out, somethi,ng over a rear
ago, on the inside Only aims ? coending front
elbows down to the Wrists; also on my
immediately round the month and chin, and con
tined to ben perfect torment to me uxlill awed by
the Mood Seareher. My arms, at times, were
almost Tire less, owing to the cracks and sores
on them, liable to bleed at any time on the
least exertion to lift or work, and sometimes
so itchy dm 1 could scarcely prevent tearing
oil my flesh. I have now been cured six weeks
and feel it due to Mr. Lindsey, and to the pub
lic generally, to make this statement, in hope
that utilers like myself may be beneflited by
using his , alaable medicine,
Sworn and subscribed before me, one of the
Aldermen in and for the City of Pittsburg, this
28th day of Jul, A. D. 1853.
AM) . NciIfASTER Aldermen..
Hollidaysburg, Sept. 22,58
Aa t Iphlogistic Salt.
This celebrated medicine is foe sale at the
,Tournal Mire. For all inflammatory diseases
it is a certain cure. Get abe a and try it, so
who are afflicted.
(Estate of George Krouse dec.)
Notice is hereby givonolat letters testamen
t:lry on the last will of George Krouse, late or
Todd township, dec. hare been duly issued to
the undersigned. All persons indebted to the
estate of the said dec. are requested to make
immediate payment, and all leaving claims a.
gaiiißt it, to present them properly nuthentica•
ted for settlement to
Henry Corcelin, Erecueo ,
Inn. sth. IS:o3.—C!