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, trality laws; but of what consequence is
Nu n tinOon flitritat. the law, provided it can be reduced prat- j
cally to a dead letter? By going on with '
this process—by mollifying one Federal
law tarter another—it is plain that in a
very short period the Union and all the
restraints that it imposes liay, for all pram
tical purposes, be got rid of, In fact, this
new method of dissolving the Union, beside
its superior practibility, has many other
things to reccinmend it. It will give to
the Southern States, at one and the same
time, all the advantages of being in the
Union, and all the anticipated advantages ,
of being out of it. Their citizens may
continue to hold all the principal posts of
the Federal Government at home and a•
Wednesday Morning, January 19,
1859 . , broad. They may still draw their fat sale
-Iri s out of the public treasury. They
The Circulation of the Run- maY have the one of the a rm y and
tingdon Journal, is grea t- N ivy to accomplish their objects. They
er than the Globe and Alll- ' may •enjoya post office system Otis
erican combined. ' tainett for theta at the expense of the North
; at the same time, they can import
CLUBBING WITU MAGAZINES. !Slaves, send out plundering expeditions
, against neighboring States, and figure n
'The Huntingdon JOURNAL for one year, nod
; way in other directions without any res
*niter of the Magazines for the same period
friction upon them from Federal authori
will be sent to the address of an/ subscriber
solTpaidin advance as follows : I 13 *
2'll Journal and Godey'a Lady's Book, for
$3 50
-nw . ,rlurnal and 0;0111111'4 Magazine, fur the shove caption the Warren, Telegraph
Al :mi.!, $ 3 50 renurks on the President's discrimination
- -.
The Journal anti Emerson's Magazine and . .
r a
a,„„a Monthly, fer one year, $ 3 50 to inviting guests to his dinner tal,le, and 1
The Journal and Frank Leslie's Family • suggests the following form of a card of
Magazine and Gazelle of Fashion, fur one your dintri • on .
. $3 50 a
Th e J an ma l an d Lady's Home ma i,;;; ; ;;, ''Presidential Dinner—Alinit the Bea.
The Journal y
and rderson , , mauavn , $:2 j or s rcr.—Gcod for this Any only. Not good
75 to any democratic member of Congress re
nunTLea Journal and Atlantic Monthly, fur one elected against the President's will. Le.
' 44
year, 3 compten members, rejected by their con-
TUN ADMINISTRATION. i stituencics, can obtain first.class ticket on
We take the following from the N. Y. application to the Slate department. No
Tribune. compton democrat who has not gi•
The characteriolic of our present Feder- ven in, allowed to come in, Little Giants
al Administration appears to be
imbecility mititively excluded. Canes, bludgeons,
Except in the matter of collecting tuxes, •
n. weapons, to be deposited at the
making loans, spending% money and
wing the nation into debt, the Federo. Gov door, le guard ngainst accidents. Reserved
liniment, in the Lands of Cass and Bu- seats for these who appear in ocinti of Eng
•ohons., has fallen into a state of sosPon• ! fish manufacture. • Any excess of self4e
den SEinrilio(l. It sulfers under a syn.
•ct beyond forty grains to each person,
cope, which it is nut easy to distinguish
will he rated extra. Character at the sole
from death itself. Everything undertaken
by 'Mr. Buchanan has proved u failure, risk of the owner. No tickets genuine
The great object to which he devoted tle tt ithunt the written signature of
youthful ecergies of tin Adininistiatiun JAMES BUEIIANAN•
was the forcing a Slave-State COSblittl-
lion upon the Territory of Kansas. nit. • Rarey Outdone.
.project, iu split' of aft the " 1 ' 1 '0" o f Au ingenious individual in North
Administration brought to bear upon it lim a has discover d a here etrecl.l meth
-one of the few things to which the
ministration his silo, ti any enerirty--most of of taming a refractory horse than any
signally failed. What little force the heretofore known. If our readers desire
Administration has left after this event, is to manic ore of it, they may learn the “rno
employed in no effort to prevent the re - rperaudi"from the following pare
turn of Air Douglas to the United States •
/tr isles
Senate, it being to hi, defection that the , from t ( 1"' Rakl g h
Kansas defeat was ascribed—at least so On going up Fayetteville street, the
much of it as grew out of the refusill of other day, we saw an apparently fine-spir .
the House of Representatives to join in lied horse following a man who was tap.
Miring un the people of Kansas a State oo , n chino. Tito men did not hold the
Constitution which they had expre•sly re. I
bridle of the horse, but simply tapped tit
pudiated. But the Admiti,tration sue
ceeded na better in Illinois limit it had in drum, and the I orse would hilliPv him hi -
Kansas. it found no supporters in either titer and thither, in all milliner of serpen
except the set of office holders and their tine evolutions. Of course there was
dependants. So it has been in everything •
no deal of •iniiration" expressed by
that the Administration has netlerite , • ,•• • '
tom The 'fill;lite ters laugh alike et the at agars in t h e street, tthe kariaig that sank ,
proclamations of the President and at the of them' would •• bust" if they could not
feeble efforts of the Fed' sal officers to stop solve ithe problem of the otati's control
t hem., Fillibustoring vessels sail now from over t hy h o r,o, we, with our banal amiabil•
Mobilo and now from New Orleans, " 41 ' f mud out nil about it, and told them
-perfect impunity. The only thing new '
ally done to interupt titer operatioos w. the korai , was drilled in a Thmiieralir ran
dom.+ by Cummouere Paulding. Ile i t cos the night blur°. The explanation
praised and thanked by the Government i was so simile and satisfactory, that every
of Nicaragua, but is disavowed at bailie, , flo w s ,,, son of d in specifit „ rs 'vent awQ) ,
and left to defend himself lit his own ex
surprised ;bathe hadn't thought of it hint
pease against the lawsuits which the dis•
appointed filibusters are bringing against
. .
hon. In the face and eyes ola law :if the .
CANA). ENLARGEMENT.—Ic will be seen
States which nobody, till the iie
cession of Mr. Buchanan, Mel dreamed .. by the fallowieg resolution recently adop
vets of evading or violating.; three hundred ted by the 13oard of Directors of the Penn-
African Slaves (ziore or less) have been sylvania Railroad Complinc, the.y design
landed on the coast of Georg, i; and the to increase the capacity of the canal from
whole staff of Federal officers in that Sum, , mlican , o Island to ( columbinein order -
: r_to
and in South Carolina is vuiuly employed
AO endeavoring to get rime clue to their ! furnish greater facilities fur the trunspor
-whereabouts. In fact, the organ of Mr. I teflon of freight:
Buchanan at the seat of the Federal Gov• I Resolved; That in order to furnish great.
ernmont frankly proclaims that, under the er facilities for the transportation of freight
AdtriMistration of Mr. Buchanan, our Fed I
it I en the caual, the Petinsylvuma Railroad
era( ays:ina is a failure. Undoubtedly
is; and it is acrd to day where two or mere Company will increase the capacity of the
years of such Wretched imbecility may canal from the Junction at Duncan's Island
land en. In the cites of Kansas and Ilh - to Columbia, so as to give an untforin
tiois, it cannot be doettat that the Gee.
de depth of eve feet of teeter throughout, and
eminent did the best it could; but, in those i p
two canon they had the disidventege f :
„ that the Resident Engineer be and lie is
the very worst kind of a cause. Oar oiler hereby instrucied to submit an estimate
and more energetic men than even :heir of the Coot of increasing the length of the
paid flatterers ever pretences Mr. Cass or ; locks to pass boats of one hundred and
Mr. Buchanan to be, might naturally l '' ' twenty feet in length on that portion of the
nough have failed in the attempt to sub- :,
atitute themselves in the place of the pee- ca° a `.
plc si . Kansas, or even in the place of the
• • ,, entlemaii iit the habit of enter
pseu.:a.Democratic minority of the people ~....- A, 6
of Illinois, who, under that systein of fraud , tabling very phen, a circle of friends, ob.
which seems to have been regularly adop- served that ono of Own was in the habit
ted as a part of the tactics of the pseudo. of eating something i, s sicire grace was ask
Democratic party throughout the Union,
: ed, and, determined to Care him upon a
usurp for themselves the choice of a major-'
ity of fhe Illinois Legislature• But what he said: "For
' repetition of the offence.
shall we say to the total failure of the Ad : whet we are about to receive, and what
ministration to enforce the laws against fil- James Taylor has already received, the
libustering and the African sin ve •trude Lord make us truly thankful." The ell
and of the headlong pace at which they
feet May be itnagic ed.
are pressing the nation in to private as well
as public public bankruptcy 1 Incapable as this
Administration is, not able, oven with all STOPPED PAYMENT.—A despatch from
the patronage at its disposal, to keep the , Washington to the New Yorlc Tribune,
leadership of the party that placed it in : says that the Government has suspended
power, there is, perhaps somethi g more ayment. 'There is no money in rho
to be taken into account than mere imbe• - •
citify. Mr. Buchanan may he suspected ' Treasury . Let Congress pass a proper
of playing into the hands of that large class Tariff bill, and there will soon be an shun
of his political friends to whom the disol- : dance of funds not only in our "exhausted•
ution of the Union is the first object. De , 'Treasury, but also in the pockets of the
recited in all their attempts at Recession, it ' ,
wo'ald seem that with the connivance of ' P e3 P' e *
Mr. Buchanan, the Nullifiers were now
A HIT AT SUMNER.—ID the Massachu.
bent on a practical dissolution of the Union
a practical destruction of the Federal au. setts House of Representatives, on Tues.
thority by paralyzingall as powers. They day, a motion was offered inquiring wheth
despair of inducing Congress to repeal the or there does not exist a vacancy in the U.
laws against the slave trade, but the prac- : S. Senate for Massachusetts , besides that
tical object of that ropoal is to be ace.,
pushed by setting those laws at defiance : occasi:an
ed by the expiration of Hr. %Va.
and trampling them under foot. They 1 son's tern. Will Mr. Sumner take the
despair of procuring n repeal of the Nell- hint 1
Afrioa has been appointed n clerk to the
l'eunsylvnitht Senate. Thin 'night not
he remarkable, but it is strange that Mr.
Africa shonld turn out to Is litter op. 4,1 ,1
to the black Republicans. —Blair Can
tll Whig.
been organized at Washington for the per
pose of pressing John M, Botts no the Op
positien candidate for the Presidency.
We apprehend that the great tnass of the
people will have something to sly in that
matter when the proper tense cc rives.
l'otvoAmv.--We learn front Washing
ton that a bill for the suppression of po
lygamy In Utah and all other Territories,
will be introduced at an early day; in Con•
green, and be vigorously pressed. So it
should be. It is rather unfair that one
man in Utah should have thirty wise
whilst the ('resident of thus great nation
has none I-•
! L - -plVe learn from the Harrisbyrg Tel
egraph that Governor Pitcher has signed
the bill, paused at the clove of the last tins
sion, granting to the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company the right of way to con
struct a ratlrond front Harrisburg to Dau•
phin. The lull was signed by the Gover-
nor on Tuesday last, and returned to the
Legislature on Thursday Inst. This bill
had a hard struggle to get through the Leg
'stature of 1858, owing to violent opposi
tion from other railroads, interested, and
was among the last acts of the session.
_ _
B ar rho new cent, ordered by the Sec
rotary of the Treasury, is pow vi circula
tion. The obverse presents an ideal head
of America; the droooping plumes• of a
North American Indian. The - head is in
tended or an illustration of 'Liberty.' The
reverse ii plain laural wreath enclosing
the words one cent, weight 7'2 groins, or
three twentieths of a tray ounce—eighty
eight pbr e,m, copper and twelve per oent
is reported that the Emperor of Japed died
so,,n after the American treaty was signed.
II,• died of cholera, ten !eh disease was car
rying off greet numbers.
Deirllon Thaddeus Stevens, of Lan•
Pa , is on a visit to Wit-lime:inn.
1: is not stated wether tie has been asked
to dine e•ith the President.
flarWm. E. Frazer, Esq.,the newly e
lected C nal Commissioner, has beim sworn
ONJ OF THE DOVE .—A lady in Will
hattisport l'a has . a beautiful dove which
was batched Genoa under the roof where
Christopher Columbus was born.
3tur.ler of a whole Mem
ph i,-"lpjualsays, ilium .11r Moore, his wife
dtol mother, were brutally murdered on
t'hrirttnns night. in `,lcNoiry county, Ten
nt,ee. The old lady wo, not quite dead
mm hen the deed was discovered, Ent was
unable to give nay clue 1 , , the tom, erer
only that it was done by negro,. Th, re
was great exc : tettient in the neighl,ml,.. , ,
and several arrests were 'node, hie it
6., wor m . disehiru..d. There were
children ul Mr, red, t
youngest, on itilant, beim! frozen when
NEw ri,vr.r
eourny) paper's ore disees , infr
lion of it new cutlery out of ilittinver
the adjnitiit , g towedups. York Pen
81fivania soya :
_ .
r. ii. nh
o e :or to Mt o;le E Mercury,
W., hoy.. ue Fasitation in recommending it.—
It ofoir. tin re-spooling,—N. Rea/lye/id.
Fm• family use they are unrivaled.—X. Dui.
ly Noce.
'Hwy ..ew a seam that will not rip.—N. E Cow
It performs nobly and extseditieusl—K.
Exam roar.
rood:able for the elasticity of seam.—Pultee
Well adapted to all kinds of fussily sewing.—
N. lily:erree.
Best adapted Iffr family use.—N. T Day hook.
We do not hesitate to recommend
It sews strongly and does not rip.—Lire Must.
The prince of inventions.—Protestant Church.
It is woman's best friend. N. Y. Weekly News.
We g ive our preference to Grover Ss Baker's.
The most Messed invention of modern time,—
Mother's 3lagazine.
ser During our visit to Lowell we were / I makes a pleasure of a toil.—N. Ern. Post.
shown through the Labratory of our celebra- The favorite for family use.—Lirooklyn Star.
led countryman, Dr. J. C. Ayer, scarcely could We might appreciate their value.--clineeican
we have believed what is seen there without Missionary.
proof beyond disputing. Its great merit is in its peculiar stiteli.— , ,ai•
They consume a barrel of solid Pills, about ly Circle.
50.000 doses and 3 barrels of Cherry Pectoral We most its simplicity and durability.—Na
-120,000 doses per diem. To what an incl.. isoo , d Ala g az ""'
coivnble s
the b
d mitte to e et extant.— Virginia Arg.
amount or human suffering does this Ad •
point I 170,000 doses a day Fifty millions Il iti n e o , t , liable to get ant of repute.— ogcnnes
of doses per year What acres .d thousands Is nila . pted to all home requirements.—Dover
of acres of sick beds does this spread before Empire,
the imagination I And what sympathies and A very pretty piece of furniture.—. Urchins Un
w.?el True, not all of this is taken by the ion.
rosy ,Nek, but alas, much of it is. This Cher- Sews with a torty•seninstresspower.—:-Rockland
ry prop and this sugard Pill are to be the Gazette.
companion of pain and anguish and sinking t Nothing eau be more perfcct..—Southbridge
sorrow—the inheritance our mother Eve be- Press.
quenthed to the whole family of man. Here The roost ingenious and useful,—Nantucket
the infant darling has hems touched too early Mirror.
by the blight that withers half our race. Its Has obtained deserved celebrity.—Salem Ob.
little lungs are affected and only watching server.
and waiting shall tell w el ch way its breath The best in the market.—Chicopee fififirmil.
shall turn. This red drop ou. its table is the It does not get out of repair.—Cape Cud Ail.
tallisman on which its life shall bang. There vocate:
the blossom of the world just bursting Into Sews silk or cotton Irons ordinary spool,— 11,
womanhood, is stricken also. Affections most I verhill Gazette.
assidious care skills not, she is still hiding The work it does will not rip.—Ameaburg Vil•
away. The MITI messenger comes nearer and l lager.
neater every week. This little mediciment I Are superior to all others.—lfitighani Journal.
shall go there, their lust perhaps their only , A most admirable invention.—Ruston Courier.
hope. The strong man has planted in his yit• They are enjoying universal favor.--N. 0.
ale, this same disease. This red drop by his Picayune.
aide is helping him wrestle with the inexorable Superior to any now manufactured.—N. 0. Deb
enemy ; the wife of his bosons .d the cherubs ta.
of his heart are waiting in sink sorrw and Will do more work than a dozes hands.—
fear lest the rod on which they lean in this _Washington Union.
world be broken. 0 Doctor! Spare no skill It sewn everything.—Boston Watchman.
nor cost, nor toil, to give the perishing sick, The best of the kind ever invented.--New
the best that humus art can give.—Cal. Tea , !Haves Register.
as 'tetra.Nov.lo,'oB.
In point of population, Hanover alone
surpasses the whole county of Forest
the last county limiied—which into only
211 taxables, and there are at lest six or
eight counties in Pennsyl-anta less pnpu•
lour than the one proposed would be—
rm could one•half of the countie in the
State present a county seat equal to Elan.
g We are not in the habit of petting pa
tent medicines:but when such an article as
lie VALCS Galvanic Oil, which sustains fully
what it claims, is presented to the public, we
feel no hesitancy in speaking the truth free of
charge. 'rho above mentioned medicine has
obtained fo. itself a world-wide name name,
never to go down with the common articles of
the day. It is one of the very best remedies,
for all kinds of pain, that can be produced. It
often gives relief in five minutes.—Troy Blade
Miscellaneous Adverlisemenls
Sate, Post., Commercial, Foe'seep and
Flateap—a gem] nesartmela toy sale by the
am, hall rent quire , tr sheet. at
Lewis' Npw Beal< Mid Stationery Store.
I, ►u. ~11a 10.0 , 101, Mil' Me
The Original and Best in the World !
All others um mere imitation, nal elioull
he ovoidal. if rite wish to e•ientie ridicule.
GIIAY, BED. Olt RUSI'Y If Alit Dial is
stantly to a bemitiliii an .1 Natural Broii a or
Black, willmat the lea,t injury to I fair or Shim
Fifteen Medal. mat Diplomas have beer
warded to \V,e. A. Batchelor since 1839, and
neer mon applications hone been mode to
the Hair of his patrons of his famous Dye.
duceg a (Air not to he distinguished from
ture, and is n mm ali nid not to injure in the Isnot
however long it may be continued, and the in
effects of Bad Dyes remedied; the lb it in.
viaoratedfor lin: by this splendid Dye.
Made, si Id or applied (in 9 private rooms)
at the Whig Factory, 233 Broadway, New
York. Sold in all cities and towns of the Uni•
ted States, by Druggists and Fancy Goods
tar The Genuine has the name and address
upon a steel plate engraving on four sides of
each box, of Wi,!. A. PATCHEI,OIi,
233 Broadway, New York.
John Read, Agent Huntingdon Pa.
Nov. 17, '2B-1 y.
(Estate of Ceorge Krouse dee.)
Notice is hereby given,that letters testamen
tary 011. the In,t will of George
. 11. rouse, late of
Todd township, dec. have been duly issued to
the undersigned. All persons indebted to the
estate of the said dec. are requested to make
immediate payment, and all Icaiing ebtIMR
gainst it, to present them properly authentic!,
ted for settlement to
Henry Corcelius, Exernior .
Jaw. 6th. 1858.—Gt
(Edlale of )Vary Shively,dee.)
Letters of Administration on the estate nt
Nino) Shrively, late of Porter township.. dee.
having been gra its.d to the undersigned, all
persons indebted to said estate are required to
make immediate payment, one those hosing
claims will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
N. B.—The Adininktrater will atteitil in
Alexandria, on the Bth and 15th days of Jan
flary inst.
Putter township, Jon. 5:1559.
cum& 1341(EW8
vkvi# 4V
31/1C.A.4013i11N1 10
WM. BREWSTER rte fn• Huntingdon
enmity. Pa. Call at the Jow,,el ()()ice" 1111,1
•ree the Machine
These Illnehines vow from In /pools, mot
form n SPllni of unequaled atrettoh, beauty,
111111 el oirity, which will NOT rip, oven if eve•
ry too li mtiielt be eta. They nre unquestion
ably t e le-St le the mullet lin• family i.e.
i r the beet.—Amer•.
• • , l'e sacs Ullll4l. —IV.
• • •
IV: 1: Thdripend7,
or% ; ,111-nut.-11./lite
S; J. ,
i ; ,; r Grover &
ltligel!minus Advertisements.
BOOKS ! -, 4 1 1 ;-!{" BOOKS !
49,000 Volumes of Books for Sale.
$500,00 in Gifts for every 1000 Sold.
In order to reduce my extensive stock I will
sell one thousand dollars worth of Books at the
regular retail prices or less, and give ($5OO)
five hundred dollars worth of presents varying
in value from 25 cents to $109,00. Or, those
who prefer can purchase at wholesale prices.--
My stook otoliitott .1 every variety and style of
heeling. Seined Books of every kind, whole
sale and retail. Sales to commence Dee. 210.
Dec. 22,158.
rrIIE mihscuilier has comnwneed the (31". N:
I small:Iwo business at Pine Grove, Cen
t,. county, where he is prepared to manufacture
tool repair lit,, a and Pistols of every deserip
'ion, with neatness and dispatch. •
He will also attend to repairing CLOCKS.
Prim to suit the Gams.
De 0. 22,1858.—tf. JtJItN H. JACOBS::
n the "Glebe" Mee Building, Market Square
The subscriber respectfully informs the citi
zens of Huntingdon and adjoining ctuntiee,
that he has opened a New Book and Stationery
Store, in the corner room of the dGlolie" buil
ding, where may be found a general assort
ment of Miscellaneous and School Books and
Stationery, all of which he will sell at reason
able prices. He will add to his stockweekly
all Books and Articles in demand, mid expects
in a short time to bare on hand as full a stock
of saleable Books, Stationery, &Ay., as can be
found in any town in the State.
Having trade the necessary arrangements
with publishers, any Book wnnted•and not up
on his shelves, will be ordered nod furuishml nt
city prices,. . . . .
- -
As he desires to do it lively business with
small profits, a liberal share of patronage is
W:11. I,EWIS.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
A ~,,poinal remedy, in which we have la
bored to produce the meet effectual alterative
that root be made. It is a concentrated extract
ci Para timseparilln, 1, combined with other
substances of still greater alterative power as
to afford an effective antidote for the diseases
Sur.porilla is reputed to cure. It is believed
that such a remedy is wanted by those who
sorer from Stro mous complaints, and that ono
which will accomplish their cure Must prove
oi humeri, serviec to this large elms of our
atilietesl fellow.eitizens. How completely this
eompound will do it ho. been proven by roper
inimt ou litany of the worst cases to be found
of the following complaints: --
DID/ PITONS AND Niter - rive DISEASES, Ulnas,
Ptmer,as, Burrell., Tuttons, SALT RIIIIIIII,
Sects IL cit, Ijyrun, AND SYPHILITIC Al ,
ractioss, Itlattecitur.Disnssx, DROPSY, NEI,
IIAL•IIA on Tie Doetopaccx, DentraTv. Dv.-
Sr.ox Pint, mid indeed the whole
etas, of complaints arising from lurettryt or
Ttic 111,01..
l'hie compound wlll be, found R great pre
nl4.4 r Id . health, When. ,al,ll in the spring„ to
c::;c.1 till foul human; which fester in the
1.1. , oat that Raison of the year. By the time.
ly cKpol 0, of them many rankling disorders
sr, mppel in the bud. Multitudes can,by
the out of this remedy, spare themselves from
roe co:loran, of foul etuutions and ulcerous
through which the aystem Will strive to
rid self Of corruptions, if not . tiosiistilto do
this the; ugh the natural channels of the body
by un alterative medicine. Cleanse out the
vltiated 1,10 ,1 whenever you find its impurities
limiting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or smel ocean eit when you find it is ob
structed sad ctuggi,h in the veins; cleanse it
whenever it is foul, and your feelings will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
penple enjoy better health, end live
In f, cleansing the blood. Keep the
1 , 1 • 1 licaltliy, and nil ij well; but with this
of life disordered, there can be no
health. Sooner or later something
wrong, and the great machinery of
ii:s • ;,bred or overthrown.
has, mid desertes tench, the
:ta:iou, ueeiiniplishieg these ends. But
litii beer egregioubly deceived by
it, partly because the drug
• • i•, 11 the virtue that is elaithed
r. : • !• . : 1. -,• 1 malty prepuratiene,
er,,,tra,l . extrn-ts of it,
iuiu but little of . the virtue of Snr,,apatrills,
cr any thing else,
Eu'ring k r :lc years the public lie, been mis
led by large bottles,rivending to give a quart
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for ono dollar. Most
of these have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if auy, &maim
lino, but often no curative prorgrties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and pitiful dkappointment
has followed the use of the vitriol:s extracts of
Sureaparillo which !trod the inarkut, until the
namc itself is justly despised, and has become
sym :tcnions with imposition and cheat. Still
we .11 this compound rind inteml
to supply such a remedy as shall recite the
unme from the hoot!of elloony v.hish r.cts
upna it. And we think we have ground for
believing it has virtues which ore irimittible
by the Oldimay run of the dbea.cs it is intend
ed to sure. In order to creme their complete
eradication from the system, the remedy Phould
bejudicionsly taker aecoi ding to din:olio..
the bottle.
DR. J. C. AVI2 l 3 & CO
Price, $1 per Eottle 3 ' Ml:ll°We* for $33.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
las won for itself Furl) it mown for die rue a
duty or Thi
it i, e,tirrly intoc , retr , i, fi r t.s to ieroWt tit;
evident, of ils iirtues, wherocr it has been em
td ved. it blot hal: both in contitaht vet
t.ssur:; tlir t,ople rp . s,li!y is kept up It; the *****
it ever lir. tern. nod that it may lin react' en to
.;..iv rcliat nll it Iles ever been found to do.
l' ' S 'Cathartic Pills,
••, , „' orrelirr, Dysiupsin, Indigestion,
•, ,•; Erysipelas, liter/ache,
hi. I:1111)60M and Skin Di.mrsch
•.• ( ' ;;'1 ' , ropy. Teter'', Tumors and
! Ircrma, Gout, Neuralgia, at a
).;,•• und for Purifying Ms Blood.
't :10 tugnr-roated, so that the most semi
e re , ibke theta .pleinnintly. and they ore the
r•i ni ,!'t la in the world for all the purposes of a
Pica 95 cents per Box., 5 Pone for $l.OO.
Great numbers of Clerg " yme en, khysicians, States
'nen, and eminent. personage, hate lent their
limes to certify the ouparalleled usefult,e,s of thew
remedies, but our space here mill nut pm mit the
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur
nish gratis our AMIMICA r; A rat., N in which they
are.given; with also full deueriptious of the above
complaints, and the treaunent that should be fel
lowed for their ettre.
Do net be pot otr by unprincipled dealers with
other preparations they make more profit on.
Demand Anen's, and take no others. The sick
rrant the best aid there is for them, and they should
have it.
All our Remedies are fur Bale by
JOITN READ, Agent Huntingdon, Pq.
Nov. It, 1858.--IT
Itliseellaneoni Advertisements.
(Estate of John Young, deed.)
Administrator's Notice.
estate of John Young, late of Case tap.,
deed., haying been granted to the undersigned
all persons indebted to said estate are required
to ninke immediate payment, and those har•
ing claims will present them, duly authentien
led for settlement, to
_ _ .
and durable.
Fitting ton charm—no turn up behind—no
shrinking off the bead ; indeed,this is the, only
Establishment where these things are proper.
ly understood and made.
Nov. '58,-Iy. 233 Broadway, N. Y.
In all diseases inflamation mote or less pm.
dominates—now to allay inhumation strikes
at the root of all diseases—hence an iminedi•
me cure.
and nothing else, will allay inflninntion at once,
and make a certain Pure.
Dalley's Magical Pain Extractor 'will cure
the following among a meat catalogue of
diseases: Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Chafes, sore
Nipples, Corns, Bunions, Bruises, Strains,
Bites, Poison Chilseys. Boat, Swelling, Rheu
matism, Soali Head, Salt Rheum, lialdneiis,
Erysidelas, Ringworm, Barbers Itch, Small
Pox, Meanie Rash, &c., Sc.
To some it may appear inereduldus that so
many diseases should be reached by one arti
cle ; such an idea will ravish when relive:ion
points to the fact, that the solve inn comlthan
son of ingredients, each and every one apply
ing a perfect nntitode to its apostate disorder.
iu its effects is magical, because the time is
short between diseases and a permanent cure;
turd it is an extractor, as it draws all diseases
out of the affected part„ leaving nature as
perfect to before the injury. It is scarcely ne
cessary to say that no house, wort -shop, or
manufactory should be ono moment without it.
No Pain Hittractor is genuine unless uhe
box has has upon it a steel plate engraving,
with the name of !Teary Dailey, blamilacto
rer. For sale by all the Druggists and patent
medicine dealers throughout the [`oiled States
and Canaries.... Principal Depot.
)65 Chambers St.,Now•York.
John Rend, Agent Huntingdon Pn.
Nov. 17, 58.-Iy.
814 - (1 LOH 1011 SLY Till CM PHA NI !
Sworn statement elf David McCreary, of Na
pier Township, Botifeirel county. '
In April, 1856, as near as 1 can rmnemember
smnll pimple made its appearance en my up
per lip, which soon became eninrgeel mid sore.
I used poultives of sorrel, and a wash of bine
vitrol, without effect. Finding the sore extend
ing I called on Dr. Ely, of Schellshurg, who
pronounced it CANCER, nod prescribed a wash
of sugar of lend and bread poultices. Finding
these remedies of un avail. I called upon 1)1%
Shaffer, of Davidseille, Somerset county, who
adset pronounced the disease Cancer and gavr
me internal and external remedies—the latter
consisting principally of caustic; but all to no
purpose, as the disease continued spreading to
ward the nose. I next vsed it preparation of ar
senic, in the form of solve. This for a time
checked the disenso, tut the inflammation soon
increased. I next called upon 1)r. Stutter of St.
Reelltod county, who also pronoun
ced the disease to be Cetnerr, end applied a Salve
ssid to be a never-failing remedy, but it had no
effect , whatever in clucking the spread of the
sore. In December, of the same year, the dis
ease tent omen away a greater part of my upper
lip. and had attneked the nose, when I went to
Cincinnati where I consulted Dr. R. S. Newton
of the Eleetic Medical College. He pronoUn
ccd the disease .a cutaneous Cancer, supeHn.
dared by nu Nordin:Re too of mercury." Ile
implied mild ame ointment, and gave me inter
nal remedies. My face healed up, hot the in
Hammation wets not thoroughly removed, In
February, 1857, he pronounced me cured, and
I left for home. In April the disease twain re
turned, and so violent was the pain tbat * l could
not rest at night. Late in May I returned' to
Cincinnati. noel again placer) myself under the
charge of Dr. Newton, with whom I remained
until September, during which time he used
every known remedy, and partly succeeded in
checking the disease, but when I rot terned
home there were still three discharging ulcers
upon my face. I continued using No wton's
preparations, and also medicine that 1 got from
Dr. Ely, hot the Cancer continued growing un
til it had eaten off the left side of tity nose, the
greater portion of my left cheek, and had nttack
ea my left eye, I had given up all hoi,e acr
er being cured, since Dr. Ely said lee could only
give relief; but that a cure was impossible, in
illareb,lBsB. I bought a bottle of "Blood Sear
cher," but I trust confess 1 lend na faith in it.
I was very walk when I commenced taking it ;
belt I fennel that I gained strength day by toy.
nod also that the ulcers commenced drying up.
I continued, and when the third bottle was ta
ken my Ince was healed as if by a miracle. I
used a fourth bottle and I have been healthier
since than I have been fur the hist seven years.
Although toy thee is sadly disfigured. I am still
grateful to a benign Providence who has spared
my life, and which has boon douo through the
instrumentality of LIN1,81;e8 Immo,. Mout>
Sworn and subscribed. this Blst Wa7;i :
gost, A. I). 1858, before me, ono of the Justices
of the Pram° in and for the Borough of Hollidays
burg, Blair county Pa. •
Witness— U J Jones. JOHN GOB LEY.
Being tallicted with it grevious Totter on the
arms and race—after trying many remedies
which utterly tailed to cure—l was parsuaded
by W. M. Barns & Co. to try Lindsev's Impro
ved Blood Searcher ; and now, six-wheks otter
finishing the s cowl bottle, pronounce mysel
The tester broke out, :something over a year
ago, on the inside of my tutus, extending from
the elbows down to the wrists; also on my face,
immediately round the mouth and chin, and con
tined to he a perfect torment to me toddi cored by
the Blood Search, My arms, at times, were
almost useless, owing to the cracks and sores
on them, liable to bleed at any time on the
least exertion to lift or work, and sometimes
so itchy that I could smrcely prevent tearing
oil my flesh. I have now been cured six weeks
and teal it due to Mr. Lindsey, and to the pub.
lie generally, to wake this statement, in hope
that others like myself may be benetitted by
using Iris valuable medicine.
Sworn and subscribed before me, one of the
Aldermen in and for the City of Pittsburg, this
28th day of July, A. D. 1858.
AND Mt:MASTEN Aldermen.
Hollidaysburg, Sept. 22,58+17,
Antiplalaglatic Salt.
- -
This celebrated medicine is for sale at the
Journal Office. For all inflammatory diseases
it is a certain care. Got a t,oc and ire it, se
wit., ore aOlicted•
The Paper for the Times.
The Genesee Farmer.
The Oldest, Cheapest
Establialso4 in 11131
and Best.
The twenty-ninth volume of this popular
monthly Agricullural•Jmrrnal commences with
the January number, which will be issued by
the 18th of Deccml.w. Every one interested
in the culture of the soil, is invited to send for
n copy, and examine it before subscribing,—
Published in one of the finest ngrieultural and
horticultural seetionsol America, with hundreds
of able alai experiee,d correspondents, it
abounds with information interesting and cal.
to every farmer and frui , grower. It is
the timeliest agricultural journal in the world,
and has attained a larger eirculation than any
paper. It is rmphnlicully the paper
liar the 11110+. Each volume contains three
hundred and eighlytfimr pages, and is sent to
tun• address fur fifty cents a year
Great indueetnenni oft'erml to ngenls. Post•
masters, and all friends of rural improvement,
are respectfully ,olicitad to send for a sped.
men. and to net ns agents. Specimen copies
sent free on application. Address
Publisher and l'roprietor,
Rochester, N. Y.
Hammonton Lands,
it mw opoirru.NlTY.
TN a healthy phom, twenty-five miles from Phil
adelphia, on the Camden Atlantic railroad,
New Jersey. An old Potato has recently been
opened for sole, and tit e first division of 10,000
acres divitl.l up into limns of twenty acres up
wards... The coil is dr the best quality for the
production of hulls, grains, hr. The price is
SI sas2o her acre, parable iu easy quarter yearly
instalments, within n term of four years, with.
interest. The terms are made cosy, m order
insnrc the rapid improvement of the land, by en
abling every industrious mint to boy a form. It
in now being extensively improved by good roads
null some of the hest chianti from Now England
mid the Middle Staten ore erecting lingo Improve
ment, It is a scene of the greatest improve
ment out of Philadelphia. Seventy-tive houses
have been built in four months. Practical far
mer, end business men limn the length and
breadtk of the Guinn arc settling there. It is an
important business place, on Account of •its being
in mite midst of a great market. Evary article
raised upon thin laud finds an immediate sale.—
The meter is excellent, nod no such thing as fen
vet. is known.
The soil is a sandy or clay loam, with n clay
hottom and retentive or manures. It is free o
stones and is easily worked. It nhottnds largely
in the phosphates, and such is its fertility that
from the crops produced upon this land and the
large area adjoining under cultivation, it will bo
Mend not to he excelled anyu here in the produc
tionof crop most adapted to its market.
T w
The render may be well aware that the-earliest
and Ow best fruits and vegetables ensue from New
Jersey, widish are annually exported to tho
osseous of millions of dollars. The land, be
sides being in every way 'Accessible tor fertilizers
bas no abundant slimily of the bees quality of
pluck manure.
Lumber and building etnteriols rut be had on
the s, of at a cheap price, from the mills. Other
mill are now being opened, and brick-yards being
started on the ground. A person can put up it
frame tenement for present convenience for one
hundred dollars. On account of the extensive
emigration. this is the hest course to pursue to of
der to get a place to line in at first. Carpentrs
and bni:ders arc on hand to put up houses on the
hest terms.
In senility here the emittrrint has many mien,
tages. tie is within a few hours' rlde of the greet
nines in the Middle Slates New England, he
is near his old friends and llS4oeixtions ; he is in a
settled tnnery, where every improvemant and
vooll'oll or civilization is at hand; to is in n heal
thy place, and is not subject to the certainty of
losing the greater part of his 'amity awl` his own
health by those malignant foyer which make the
graves of so many millions of the young and
Imlay in Far alt reigons away from home and
friend:, Besides, he has a mad climate and an
There are three trains tinily to Philadelphia,
and to all those who km rove the, railroad com
pany gives a free ticket.
The render will at once be struck with the a.l
- here presented, and ask himself why the
property has not been taken up before. The rea
son is, it watt never thrown in the market; and
unless them statements were collect no one would
be invited to examine the land before purchasing.
This all are expected to do. They will see the
land under cultivation ; they will meet persona,
no donbt, from their own neighborhood ; they will
witness the improvements, and can judge of the
character of the population. Persons should
come prepared to purchase, as many are locating
anti locations are not held on refusal.
The Hammonton Farmer, a monthly Literary
and Agri.'ltiirrtl paper, containing full informa
bona Hammonton, will ho sent to each inqui
rer, and can be obtained at 25 cents per annum.
Title indisputable. Warrantee deeds given,
clear of all incuudiranee; when purchase money
in paid. Route to the land i-Leave Vine street
wharf, Philadelphia, tar Hammonton by railroad
at '3, A. M., and 54. M; when there inquire
tor Mr. Byrnes, Boarding conveniences will be
found. Letters and applications can ho addressed
to S. B. COUH II LIN, 202 South FIFTH Street
below Walnut. Philada. Maps and information
eheerthlly furnished.
Aug. 25, 1850.--3 m.
''!'Girl.. Darkness corm the Earth.
' mt Gmss Da dote, the people.
.inclall Other,, will take Notice!
THAT they can supply themselves, in any
quantities with
• Jones' Far Famed Patent
At die and it tnii, HEAT) WAR.
South SECOND Street,
The waif/ph:cc where exclusive Agencies enn
be obtained for the Status of Pcunsylyania,
New Jersey and Delaware.
These Lamps give a light equal in intensity of
flame, nod similariu appuarance to Gas, and
are claimed to he superior to all other portable
lighte, now in ace. Nu fear of Explosion—No
offensive odor. —No smoke.—Very easily trim.
med.—As easily regulated as a Gas
Can be adapted to all purposcs.—And better
than all thr a poor man,--till per cent. cheaper
than any other portable light, now in common
Knopf Patent Rosin and Coal Oil
sorLampA, Oils, Wicks, Shades, toad every
article in the line. S. E. SOUTHLAND,
No. 38 South Second Street, Pkiled&
Da. 8. 2.4 FIELDS
RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of
Cassville and surrounding vicinity, that ho
has again cornmenced the practice of Medicine,
and hopes, by devoting his whole attention to
his proPission, to gain n good sharO of public
favor. My charges will he very low. I re•
cowed two Dipolmas, one from the Mineral
College, and ono from the Eclectic College.-
1 will practice both M.aeral and Vegetable.—
Any person desiring to see my Diplomas, can,
by calling at tuy other, half a mile from Cass
vi Ile.
October IS, 1858.-3 m.
D. P. (MIN'S
1, tension Skirts, for sale only by
Fustian & •1401 on ram,