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W3l. IFlREwirrEn,
Editor and Proprietor.
Wednesday Mornmg August 18, 1.868,
The Circulation of the Hun
tingdon Journal, is great
er than the Globe and Am
erican combined.
The Huntingdon JOURNAL tar one year, and
either of the Magazines for the same period
will ho sent to the address of any subscriber
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Oulry;10, r..,1u • 0 floL. frir
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Scientific American.
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Administrator's Notice.
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A Card.
A. El, C. Brocken.
Agricultoml Meeting.
Register's Notices.
Cheap Goods.
Consumption Cured
Warm Springs.
Bank Notice.
Dentist.—Dr. R. A. Miller.
Oil Paintir gs to be given away.
Novel and Extraordinory.
Administrator's Notice.
ilrir Restorative-
The Golden Prize.
Hair Restorative.
A Prize for Everybody.
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*Reed the pew Avertisements in tu.
day's paper.
This was, in many respects, the most
important Nominating Convention held in
this county for some years; and it is conce
ded to have been one of the most intelli
, gent, prudent, independent, and honest po
litical bodies ever associated in the county.
It was just such a convention as we expec
ted from the solid yeomanry and warking
men of Old Huntingdon; it was composed
, of just such men as the crisis to our local
polltice demanded. The proceedings were
harinsneoua and dignified; and out of a
number of highly respectable candidates
put in nomination for the several offices
by their respective friends, there was no
difficulty in forming a good ticket. Such
a ticket has been presented to the Peoples
party for their suffrsges; a ticket entirely
' disconnected with any past or present fac
tion either in town or country; a ticket that
will receive the undivided, cordial appro
bation and support of all candid opponents
of Locofoco misrule and extravigance.—
A very few extra Republicans may. per
haps, ruurmer a little because three•fourths
of the candidates put in nomination hereto.
fore acted with the American wing of the
I united party. But these few, if there be
such, will be reconciled by the reflection,
that names are as nothing when principles
and interests are identical. If, then, the
nominees are sincerely opposed to the
slave labor, free-trade policy of the Locofo
cos and unreservedly in favor of a sound
American policy— if they are above suspi
cion on these vital ; oints—no true Repub
lican will refuse his vote or influence to se
cure their election. All a Republican re.
qnires in a candidate, is integrity to these
cordial principles of his political faith, nail
respectabl. business and moral fitness for
the office. Honesty and capacity being se
cured. he cares nothing for by-gone names
and mere party distinctions. No iotelli
gent man will pretend to douflt the position
of the People. ticket on these questions;
no reasonable man can take exceptions to
the capacity or character of the nominees;
therefore we guarantee nn undivided Re
publican support for the ticket, though
principally composed of Americans. •
-But, on the other hand, it is rumored
that some drnericans are dissatisfied be
cause the Republicans are represented at
all on the county ticket ! This rumor we ' ,
consider unreasonable, absurd, and a clan-,
der on the Americans. We do not believe
it, We know, indeed, that in the guise
of Americanism, unprincipled men, here
the enemy at every elecfon . . These - are
of the lowest order of Locofocos, the scav
engers who do the dirtiest work of the par
ty Jar a consideration. There are now
precious few of these Judases in the glori
ous American camp, and these few are de
prived of their leader. We care little for
their opposition. We never counted on
their support. They hove no principles
or feelings in {lemony with the paaintic
masses that compose the People's party.
They are wool-dyed, or ruts-bought Loco
locos, every one of tnem. Their instincts
are selfish, sordid, and render them Inca
pable of any other political connection than
that in which they are found. Here we
are willing inlet them remain. For eve•
ry vote their Jesuitism can seduce from
public interest and the right, five honest
Democrats will shake off the shackles of a
once noble, but now corrupt and degraded
organization; and rally to the rescue of the
people from the fangs of the politician.—
In every aspect of the case our ticket must 1
be elected.
The people have done their duty well
at the primary election, the convention has
nobly done its duty, and the whole work
will be ratified on the second Tuesday of
October by such a majoritp as will make
the servitors of Slavery and Popery “trem•
ble in their boots." An extended notice
of our candidates will be found in another
The names of Messrs. Williamson,
Blair, Stewart, Benedict and others were
presented for Congress; and on the first
ballot tbe Convention declared its prefer
ence for Mr. Williamson. The ninnies.
lion was afterwards made unanimous, and
the nominee appointed Gen. Watson, Dr.
McMurtrie and P. C. Swoope, Bsq., his
conferees, who were confirmed by the Con.
DROWNED. -M r. George Householder
waa drownea in Plummer's Dam, Trough
Creek, near Newinarg, this county. on
Tuesday, the 3d inet, lie and another
inns had been fishing, after which he went
in to take a wash. After being to the we
te.r some time, his companion heard him
calling for help, but before he could ren
der him any assistance, ho sank, and was
not found for more than an hour afterward
He is said to have been a gdod swimmer,
and must have been seized with the cramp.
He was about twenty five years of age,
and had been married about two months.
sarl'he Cosmopelvtan Art Journal for
March and June, double number, is on our
table. This is a large quarto periodical
containing 160 pages of choice literature,
published by the Cosmopolitan Art Asso
ciation, at the following rives : To one ad
dress for one year $2 strictly in advance.
Single numbers 50 cents. Three copies
one year $5. No deviation from these
terms, except to subscribers of the Cos
mopolitan Art Aisociation. Address all
communications to I'. L. Derby, Actuary
C. A. A., 5.18 Broadway, Now York.
It is one of the most widely received of
aphorisms that union there is strength."
It was in the knowledge of its infallibility
that our Revolutionary fathers, the people
of the old colonies of 1776, united them.
selves in their opposition to the encroach
ments of their common enemy. It was
in the light of its truth that the framers of
our constitution brought forth that great
charter of human rights, under which the
government of this vast Union of States
and interest is now so happily conducted.
Its froth, no individual has yet had the
hardihood to deny ; the light cf reason and
of common sense reveals it in all the na
kedness of its truthful importance to the
world. It applios to the perpetuation ut
the po.ver of political parties as well as to
that of governments.
Then Americar. Republicans of Hun
tingdon county, let us appropriate the full
measure of its importance to ourselves;
let us join our hearts and our hands in the
accomplishment of a common end to all of
us pregnant ,with importance; upon cur
success depends the triumph or defeat of
what every man, above all things else,
should hold dear, and which every man.
who retains the full exercise of reason, va-
Then, in the face of this truth, Ameri
can Republicans, shall we yield to the sag.
gestions of the disaffected low, who, as e
have said before,.are indirectly affording
their influence to the Locofoco party, and
madly trail the banner of our principle in
the dust, or shall we unite in its elevation
to the highest point to be attained by hon•
orable victory, by the support of the tick
et which our Convention has submitted tc
To our candidate for the Legislature, no
unprejudiced individual can raise a single
objection. Ile is brought directly from
the ranks of the people at the urgent soli
citations of his friends Ile is no profes
sional office seeker, who, at the firs: op
pearance of disappointment upon the hori
zon of his prospects, has turned, Arnold
like, traitor to the friends who hitherto
supported him, and to the principles which
he may have professed to have held ; but
a man who has ever preserved the integri
ty of his avowed principles, and who hos '
ever vindicated them to the best of his
ability. Unfortunately, our Legislative
bodies have sadly degenerated within the
last fetv years, by the election of men as
our representative, who are so lost to all
to n r . "irC i o"nA7l4a i ror a nkt t e c tPo not
widt to be understood as referring to any
,iaiticuliir case) and even now, in this age
of hglit and knowledge, the finger of scorn
i, to lug pointed at our Legislators. Citi
zen, of Pennsylvania! shall this state of
tiii,'es continue I Shall we vindicate our
by sending honest men to Harris
bur We hope, we know we can. Mr.
tg,:m is just the twin to vindicate the
hun , .iv of the people, and whose elevated
tone of character will at once repudiate
sulticion at his Integrity. We feel the
tank unbounded confidence in Mr. Wig
ton, and we trust that the suffrages of the
hon. at votes of Huntingdon county, on
the secon.l Tuesday of October will pro.
claim!o toe world mat they are cast in ap•
preciation of his integrity Mr. Wigton has
lw..ys oppii,ed Locorocoism —has never
idet.tified hilusell with the support of their
principles. In him then, American Re
pul,iicuns, there is no cause for dissatisfac
tion, lle an American Republican firm
ly attut,lied to sound principles, and above
all else, be is an honest man. The possi
bility at complaint then being avoided by
the nominalon of Mr. Wigton, we will
see who her our tastes and requirements
are so hell met in the other nominations of I
our Convention.
JOHN FLENNER, who is our nominee fur
County Commissioner, who lives in Heti
d.:rioti township, is fully competent to ful
fil the duties of the office tor the following
reo•nns : First, Ho is a strictly honest
man ; second, he is and always was an in-
telligent business roan; third, He is a
goad financier in conducting his own busi•
and the interests of our county im
peratively demand the election of just such
a man ; and he is entitled to the vote of
every American Republican in the coun
ty fur the following reasons, as well as
those which we have just stated: first, he
has always been identified with the inter
ests of opposition to Locofocoism : second,
he is a sound American Rupublicar. ; third,
two yearn ago he was the regular nominee
of the American party for the same office,
but was sacrificed to the intorests of the
party, to which he submitted without a
a murmur. Surely, then, no objection is
made to bim.
David Clarkson. Esq., of Cassville, our
candidate for Poor Diroctor, is equally ho
nest and competent and has nearly parallel
claims upon the party.
The same may be said of William. K.
Rahm, our candidate for Coroner.
In the selection of Thomas V. Grffius,
of Franklin township, for Auditor, the
Convention evinced a feeling of regard for
the interes. of the county. A strictly ho-
nest business man, a ready acceuntaat, can
never fail to command the suffrages of his
With ouch a tkket in the field, against
not a single individual upon which can
there be raised a solitary objection, in the
support of which there is no reason why
we should not unite. can there be the
slightest doubt entertained se to our suc
cess. No, not at all.
mg:rho Pennsylvania School Journal
for August is before us, and should be in
the hands of every teacher and lover of
learning. Published in Lancaster at 81
per annum.
Dar Godev's Lady's Book (or Soptem.
ber is on our table, which contains one
hundred pages of choice reading matter
every month, with the newest style of ta.
shions—Godey spares no pains or expense
to make it one of the besrliterary
fildrErnersou's Magazine for August is
now before us. This popular Magazine
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ding matter for the family circle. See
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ear Nterson's Magazine for Septem
ber is now before us. This magazine still
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mouth and shut your eyes." is a beautiful
steel engraving. This number contains
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For the Journal.
Ir. Editor
Flaring been present at a Sabbath School
Celebration near Saltine, Clny Township
on the ith inst, and believing you to he a
lover of such things as well as myself. I
thought it would not be altogether wino
ceptable, perhaps, to yourself and roe•
ders, to give a pssing notice of it.
Let me say t'n•as quite a grand affair.--
If you could have seen the Saboath Schools'
of that vicinity to the number of six, in
one procession bearing tasteful banners
appropriately inscribed approaching the
beautiful grove previously selected and
fitted up for that occasion, you would have
said so too,
The exercises were opened with pray•
er by the Rev. Mr. Elderdice, who then
.....ntor,niiaina address. anti who
was followed by Mr. Miller, showing th,
advantages and blessings resulting from
the Sunday School cause.
Then came the dinner. This to me
was the most interesting part of the exer
I think Mr. A PEOPLE HOAXED. r. Editor, if you come up to I
The good people of Martinsburg, Vir•
this table so heavily ladened with the sub
and neighborhood had quite a joi
stantials of life, under the depressed spir
ous time of it, on Thursday last, in cele•
it of the general cry of •.bard times,' i
; kitting the transmission of ihs first rues
the sage between Queen Viotoria and presi
would have forgotten it all Really
display, and quantity of rakes and pies.;,lent ouch.. The printers had brniglit
exhibited nit that occasion did great credit, I
to the Fair Ones of Clay Township. out with speed extras rnounsing the great
eveet, and all business was cuspentled.
Front the I?,publican we learn that—
W hen all had fully regailed themselves, I
and were again seated, we were entertain _ despatches were addressed t•,
ed with a very appropriate address deliv•
Mayor Anthony S. Chambers, Esq., wh o
erect by Rev. Mr. Ilpyde, followed by
immediately made arrangements to have
Messrs. J. B. Moreland, Jns. 'Turner, Dr.
a public demonstration in honor of the
13. D. and F. Baird, D. Heck.
success of the enterprise. The county
The cheerful countenances of all res•
court being then is session, the despatch
es were laid 4efore that body, who orde.-
cut evidently betokened the joy and satis
faction experienced upon this festine oc
ed them to be spread upon the minutes
• thereof. John Blair Rage, Esq., made
I think. Mr. Editor, you could scarcely,
an elequent speech, and the court immedi
find a more beautiful and romantic spot ately ad journed. The courthouse and
than this Saltillu Grove
the various church bells in town tolled
for fifteen mimes, and we poor deals
Terrible Affair .
Bin, boys shot by an Obi 11fan.-1 he
Pittsburg Journal of Saturday has the fol.
lowing particulars of an unfortunate affair.
Mr. Robert McC urdy, an old and well
known citizen, resident on Carpenter's al
ley, on the east side of the Trinity church
grounds, was married yesterday afternoon
to a young lady of some 23 or 24 years of
age. This disparity in the ages of the
cople excited remark amoung the neigh-
Fors, who expressed their feelings with
out reserve, at what they considered an
unnatural union. It seems that the boys
fully sympathised with the feelings of the
older people. In the evening a number
of them, perhaps fifteen or twenty, gash
' ered about Mr. Men] rdy's residence, and
commenced pelting the house with brick
bats and stones, some of which were thrown
through the windoweand doors. Mr. Mc-
Curdy went out and remonstrated with
them ' warning them to go away, but they
paid no attention to him. The company
present were much alarmed, fearing per
! gond injury from the mob without. Mr.
' McCnrdy then seized a pistol, heavily lon
' ded with shot, and fired upon the crowd,
wounding, as we are iniormed,eight of the
Two of these are named David and
Sims, sans of Mr. David Sims, on Virgin
alley, Their feet, legs and thighs are liter
alley covered with shot wounds,• and their
injuries are very severe. Six other boys
were slightly wounded.
The affair is nn unfortunate one, and will
bring regret and anguish to all concerned
nit that the boys commlted a great ontrage.
in nssailing the house ns they did, no one
will deny; that Mr. McCurdy did right in
taking the law into his own hands, we
will not affirm—but no one will regret the
occurrence more than he. He has been
I resident of this city for nearly forty years
and has borne the character of a peaceable
citizen. He was for many years the sex-
ton of Trinity Church.
Sales of Public Lands in the Teritory
of Kansas.
In pursuance of law, it is hereby de
clared that public sales will be held, as
made known in the notice of postponement
dated May 27. 1853, at the undermention
ed Land Cffices in the Territory of Kan
sas toAvit:
31 the Land tre at Lecomplon, corm
mencing on Monuay the first day of No.
vember !text.
St the Law? Office at Lecompton, com
mencing on Monday, the fifteenth day of
N Ivember next
.1t the Land Office a Kick pro, con
fleeing on Monday, the first day of No
vember next.
St Me Laid Office at Kiekapoo, com•
moving no Monday, the 19th day of No-
vember next
Land oppropriated b 3 low for the use
schools, m ilitary and wher purposes, will
be excluded from sales.
The flinging of the sbove lands will be
rommeneed on the days appointed, and
will proceed in the order in !vhict they
are advertised until the whole sl ell have
bet:u offered, and Cie mks thus c!osed ;
but no sale shall be kept open longer than
two weeks, and no private entry of any
of the lands will be admitted until after
the expiration of the two weeks.
Given under my hand, at the city of
Washington, this twenty first day of July,
By order of the President :
Commissioner of the Ge.neral Land Office
Every person entitled to the right of
preemption to any of the lands within the
townships and parts of townships above
enumerated is reqired to establish the same
the satisfaction of the register and receiv
er of the proper land office, and make pay
ment therefor es soon as practicable after
seeing this notice, and' before the day up
potnted for the commencement of the pub.
tic sale of the binds embracing the tract
claimed; otherwise such claims will be
'l'llo3, A. HENDRICKS,
Comtnissierer of the Generul Lent Offic,
put out extraa all in
genius and English enterprise,"
It won not until joy had exhausted itself
that the trick was discovered.
ionor of
"It steins that some wags, tired of the
humdrum quietness of the the town, wish
ing to raise a public demonstration at the
expense of our city farhers and the print
ers. penned the despatches and placed
them on the take of the telegraph opera.
tor, in his to nipornry absence, whn going
is his office shortly after, and seeing the
letter addressed to the Mayor lying on his
table, and thinking some one had left a
note to be seta to that gentleman, prompt
ly sent it to him and thus caused all the
PALACE. AT LONDON, August 12. 058
'Pt. Ilea JAMES BUCHANAN, President Uni•
ted Slates:
Conte let 119 talk together. American
genius and English enterprise have this
tiny joined together the Old and the New
World. Let us hope that they may be as
closely allied in the bonds of peace. liar
mony and kindred feeling. VICTORIA.
I BEDFORD SPRINGS, August 12. 1858.
To VICTORIA, Queen of England;
New England accepts with gladness
the hand of fellowship ptoffered by Old
England; and if even discord or diversity
of interest should threaten this alliance, let
our tannage be, "entreat me not to leave
thee or return from following thee." for
the interests of thy people shall be the in
terests of my people, and "thy God shall
be my God."
IllirNlerchants,lTusiness men, inven
tors, and dealers of every kind, tvill be
suppliers off hand with advertisements, no
tices, cards, or any article desired.
hire advert,sement ..Literary Bureau'
in another column.
Skeleton, of Men Ten Feet High.
Mr. William D. Frazer writes — to The
Cincinnati Gazette from Winchester, Tnd.
that a half a mile north west of that place
there is an old fort, including about thirty
six ncrei of ground within the fortification
The mound in the centre is about twenty
five feet high, while the fort or breastwork
is only abcut fifteen feet. Directly east
and west atilt. mounds are open or gate
ways, around which are other forts. A
quarter of a mile northwest of the fort is
the burying ground, where bones have
been exhumed of men that were perhaps
ten feet tall. Any one who doubts the
latter statement, he says,- may call at his
office and see the evidence.
Atlantic Telegraph Cable !
Last evenings mail brought us the as
surance of the complete success of this
unparalelied nchieveinent of science, to
gether with Queen Victoria's message to
the President and his reply. The news
threw our vs:laity quiet village Into nt
blaze of exciteitient: bells were rung, sa
lutes fired, and bonfires kindled. An ist.
prompts meeting of many hundred nssem.
bled in the Dimond where speeches were
made by Messrs. Campbell, Stqwurt and
IVidnisson, ens several of the clergy.
he utmost enthwin;:s pervaded the vast
:milt:tilde present The addreses were
appropriate to the great and joyous occu
sine and the meeting closed with a hymn
of praise and an eloquent pra yer. We
have not room for store extended reinorks
this morning, hut we hope to be able to
give our renders a synopsis of :he prncee.
dings next week.
Dr. Coggswell 'Still Lives
In our last number, we stated that the
Autiphlngistic Salt, the great remedy for
rheumatism, had been on sale at the drti..;
store of Mr. Illanding—bia that his sup
ply had become exhausted. In reply u•
our inquiry. whether 'l3t. C. still
and if co, whether he intends to
our citizens with his confessedly valuable
medicine we have received the following.
Front this interesting article, we infer that
his popular medical Salt will soon be for
sole in every town in this State . —Prot•i•
(1, nee ddveri iser.
Medical News --The following com
munication from Mr. Raymand a gentle
man well known in this community, we
most cheerfully lay before our readers.—
He has just relinquished a lucrative voca.
lion to become the. State Agent for a new
end popular Medicine. His greet reasons
for changing his business, present a strong
to:Omni:nal in favor of the article. Suc
cess attend him.—Manehester (V. 11.)
111 i, rat,
alter:int. or the delegates elected to attend
you olio.,
meetiiig of the Farmers' High School in
uquare or two, briefly to state why I re- ease of their inability to attend.
linqUish tt good business, and enter upon
al nn untried one—viz : the General A gime! , parpu lur
se uf r mak ruw
in; ri:rther - arranpv•
for the State of New Hampshire and Cr.e 0. bon on motion - •
moat. for the sale of Dr. Doggswell's i iINO, C. WA] ,d./N,
R. Mei), re v , Medical Salt. Previoaly, however, let int,
say that in consequence to the great de• .
mand ler this extraordinary tactlicine from WEDNIN,AY EVESINIi, 11th inst.
I , ,,,etive committee met plirsilant io
all parts of the United States find Provin • 011 , Ve d orptudzid by rippoitii
ces, Dr. C., (contrary to his original in- (leo. Jiteksim, Esq ,to the chair, and . J.
tendon) has found it necessary to appoint
F. t' '
, 'l l 'he un h,ll, s- ns 'cre
i ' itg t ;e7 .
responsible agents in the
sons were namml ap.
differ.' Sates . a Committee of Arraneele:ito for the
throughout the Union. ; coming A ticnlharal Fair, wish pucrer to fill
Ist. My own pers.onol recovery front a n.l. Simpson Alrica. Henry Cur Decor , viz:
inflamatory disease of many years stand- M. F. Griffith,oinipbell and Alex. P.n.!, Esq.
tied !rem, ems for the
Mg; which lend defied the power a all
win, also appoint •
other medicines, and baffled the skill of ed, which will be published, with the list of
the best physicians induced me to appiypremiums, as early as possible.
for this agency
I Resolved, That .r Annual Fair commence
yer na edday. 6th of October next,
2d. l am confident that its pecuniary lanthisd con a tinue W three nes days.
advantage to rte will nut be lees than the 1
tin t i : s . ; 7 l Z l . , , n;fli ti . „ l , l ,
business which I gave up. ed, and on the Fair grou he
nd by 12 u'vbfel:
Thursday of the second day of the exhibition,
I know that this medicine is wot• - 1
in order to be admitted to competition.
thy the confidence of the public. I have I
personal knowledge of a severe case of J. F. Rester, SecO. JACKSON, Pres't. 'y.
Neuralgia and Scrofula, of several years
standing, which was entirely cured by
merican I chronic Pn . c . k4g. O . know
of n case of
.41r. r. 1:i.
_. .. ...... - ... .
sudden cold, with every prospect of n ra- / 0 LURIE FOURTEEN
ging fever. when after the usual remedies BEGINS SEPTEMBER II ISIS.
had been applied without the slightest re.
lief, my personal application of this medi I DIE CIIAN I C S. NVENT 0 R 8,
eine effected a complete cure in twenty-
Manufacturers and Farmers.
. four hours. I know of another instarre
n 1 headache, which had afflicted the inch.
The Scientific American has reached its
vidunl periodically for the
fourteenth year, and will enter upon a New
past twenty Volume on the 11th of September. It in the
years. which was cured by this medicine. only weekly publication of the kind now ism,
These truly wonderful cures, together ed in this country, and it h as a very extensive
circulation in all the States in the Union. It
iuot, h.truso m uo rt r i i i , g ( l ,, t , s t u e rs i o n s i e ci f t r i o , T ei !ts title
with others of which 1 have personal
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hp l n u il m a n m ti n s i m at , io s it
r o v f sip th e e
;he column., it so deals with the, grearei:et ° i[;
going on fit the scientific, mechanic:lml and
industrial worlds, as to plense and instruct en.
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n v o e r a y .
bore mentioned, induced me to accept cry one. If the mechante or adiwan wishes
this Agency. to know the hest machine in use, or how to
t itka any substance employ ed is los business
if the House -wife wishes to get a recipe Agencies solicited on liberal commission
Application Mr County and 'fawn
main. a good eblor, &e.—if rho Inventorterms.
wishes to know what is ping on in the way
'l'ruly yours, G. F. Raymond. of improvements—if the Manufacturer wishes
Manchester. N. 11. June. 1858. to keep posted with the (hues, and to employ
-.....--.....-....... the best facilities in his Im:iness—if the Man
familial'. with the progress made in the chemi,
BELLEFONTE —The military of of Lcieure and Study wishes to keep himself
cal labrittory,nr in the construction of tele.
Centre Huntingdon, and adjacent districts
instead of participating in the Willimns
port enenmpment, have made arrange-
a g tid P it ' iliii „a s:titelrner a m li rli dfl ' la r
ma ' w"a
c Ines 1111 applican
builtofand II h d'd
ces, peace war—alt 1 eui eBl er•
tnents for a camit at Bellefonte, to corn- 1
manta on the 20th of September. ate eau lie foetid in the Scientific American,
--...........---- and not elsewhere. They are here presented
Many cases of Dysentery., in its most severe in a reliable and interesting forms, adapted LI
form, have been cured by the administration tie comprehension or minds unlearned in the
of Du Vam.'s GALVANIC GIN. Cholera For- higher branches of science and art.
has mid all diseases of the bowels are relieved TERMS :—Ono copy, one year, $2; One
in a short time by a few drop, of GaLvANIC am, SIX months, $l. Five copies, six months
--.......—____ 84 ; Tea copies, six months, $8 ; Ten cop.
ies, twelve months, $l6; Fifteen copies,
ENGLAND AND AMERICA. twelve months, $22; Twenty copies, twelve
THE CONNECTION Cl tiI , IPLE lE. months. $2B, in advance.
THE QUEEN'BMESEACE. Specimen copies sent gratuitously for in
i speetion. Southern and Western money, or
I Postage stamps, taken :or subscriptions.
REPLY OF THE PRLSIDEN'I'. le. Letters should be directed to
The following dispatch, received Mon-
MUNN & Co, 128 Fultomst., N.Y.
doy afternoon, announced to the public that , Kir Messrs. Munn & Co. are extensively
engaged in procuring patents for new invert•
the labors of the electricians at Trinity Bay 6 0 ,, an d w ill a d u i aa i nven t or ., witho u i t h ine
was crowned with success, end tne first :in regard to the novelty of their improve
men sage from the Queen to the President ' mente.
of the Unitod States had flashed moss the
Atlantic cable.
Jug 16 —To the directors of the Atlantic
Telegraph Company :—Europe and Amer.
ica are united by telegraph.
'Glory to God in the highest. On earth
peace, good will toward men."
Signd by the Directors of the Telegraph
Company of Great Britain.
Thu inessage from Queen Victoria to
the President can follows:
To the Honorable. the
President of the United States,
“Iler Majesty desires to congratulate ihe
president upon the successful completion of
his great intesnutional work, in which the.
Queen lies taken the deepest interest!'
WAIIIHNO rox, Aug. 16.—The Presi—
dent of the United States cordially reeiproca•
tea the congratulations of Her Majesty, the •
Queen, on the MCCss of the great mtermstion•
al enterprise accomplished by the science, skill ,
and indomitable energy n the two countries.
It is n triumph more glorious, because more
useful, thou was ever won by the conqueror
of the field of battle. May the Atlantic Tele
graph Company, under the blessing of Ben.
yen, prove to ben bond of perpetual peace and
friendship between the kindred nations,
and an.
snstrument destined by Divine Provid ence to
dittote religion, civilization, liberty and law
throughout the world. In t his view, will not
all the tuitions of Christendom spontaneoualy
unite iu the declaration that it shall be for
ever neutral, and that its communications shall
beheld sacred in passing to the places of their
destination in the midst of hostilities.
Agricultural Meeting.
A regular meeting of the Hu7tingdan Co..
Agricultural Society wns held in the Court.
House in this place on Tuesday evening the,
10th inst. President Jno. C. Watson in the
chair, The minutes of the last meeting were
rend and approved.
The Society then proceeded to nppnint elec
tors to represent this county at a meeting of,
ihe Farmers' High School, to, be held in Sep.
tember next. The following persons were np.
pointed said Conitnittee Gen. S. Miles Green,
Gen. Gee. W. Speer and Theo. Melva:cr..
The Committee appointed at the list meet.-
ing to prepuce premiums for the coming Agri,
col t oral Exhibltion presented n list which wan
rt,tl by the Secretary, and after some alteration
awl amendment was ndopted and ordered for
publication in the county pipers as hereto.
The following resolutions were offered and
edopteg : _
Resolved, That the Treasurer be hereafter
authorized to supply all per Sons wishitg to do
so with a copy or copies of any of our van..
dard Agricultural Journals, to he selected by
themgelves, instead of the cash premiums
Resolved, That Iron. Jona. McWilliams,
lute. President of this Society, be requested,
it consistent with his private arrangements,
to attend the next meeting of the Penn'a
State Agricultural Society, as the Reprossentta•
tire of the Huntingdon County Agricultural
Society, end note whatever may be deemed of
interest in n Report to our next regular meet.
lug, and that Gen. S. Miles Green be his alter
Res°la 1 , Tim VA met Grnllius, Esq., George.
Jeekson. and Him. JO.. McWilliams be thet
5(11.3(ENT1363i znietuctiy.