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Damages for Refusing a Vote•
A suit which has heretofore excited no
little interest has just been decided in War
ren county. At the election for State offs•
cars on tne 14th of October, 1856, a 'col.
ored man" named Jesse Beckley, some
few shades darker than alabaster. offered
his vote at the Fourth Ward polls, and it
was refused by the Judges—Rufus K.
Paine, William 11. Glass, and Michael
Cleary—upon the ground that he was not
"a citizen of the the United States," accor
ding to the meaning of the act of Con
gress. Beckley hod token several friends
with him us witnesses to the tendet of his
vote and•its refusal by the judges, for the
purpose of testing the question in the court s
in case he was not permitted to vote. Up
ton the same day, after his ballot had been
rejected, he commenced suit against the
election judged laying his damages at one
.thous and dollars. The city assumed the
responsibility of the defence, and ihstruc.
f ed the city solictor to contest the claim.
The case was tried three times in the court
of this city, and in each instance the jitry
failed to agree.—Upon a motion by Beck.
ley's counsel, the venue was changed to
Warren county, and the case came up fur
trial on Mondaj morning last. The city
was repres inted by Judge Hart and Mr.
Probasco, and the plaintiff' by Messrs.
Getchell and Chambers. The case occu
pied the attention of the court for ne trly
two days, when the jury returned a ver
dict for the plaintiff of five hawked Al.
Mrs. A new trial 'wits granted by :he
'court.—Cincinnalli Gaz.
Ancient and Modern Beauties.
The progress of . art and taste is elect ic
in our progressive age, and inventions for
multiplying whatever exalts or embellishes
civilized life, outstrip the inert vivid iuiri•
gination. The human hair; in all ages of
the world, bus been proper'y considered
the greatest natural ornament to inan.—
Puinters have considered years devoted to
delineating its various lights and shades on
cenvass, as labor worthily bestowed end
time well spent. Poets have eulogized it,
end Byron who possessed on this subject
the sentiments of our own times has devo
ted some of his richest gems to the hair.
How great then the loss ' inconvenience,
end annoyance experienced by those who
have from sickness or age, become bald ;
and bow deserving to be held in grateful
,remembrance lie, whose inventive genius
supplies the detects of nature, and with
skillful artifice restores the counterpart of
Nature's handiwork. We were bad to
this, train of thought by paving n ensue'
visit to the iluir Dressing Salocns of Oro.
THURGALAND, Ni'. '29 South Sixth St:,
Philadelphia, and examining his exquisite
ly finished “Gossamer Wig" and Toupee.
Thew! articles are so cunningly devise,
flint they are worn with pert et comfort
end ease, giving ventilation to the scalp,
end cannot be detected front . the natural
heir. They are of airy lightnms., and the
hair used possesses the soft, glossy appear
ance of natural, healthy hair. We say in
conclusion to our readers, when in the ci
ty fail not to pay a visit to the I lair•dress
ing rooms of GEORGE TetnioALAND.
"411 i 1J
a - C>l3 C:O3P3P9CIOIO.
Pretniuma awarded the "JOURNAL' Or
flee at the late Comity FAIR, fur the best
Having recently received front the Eastern
Cities, a
el' POWER 13E88,'
and a large variety of the most fashionable
Printing Material, which makes it one of the
most complete Printing EstabliAments in this
section. Persons in want of any kind of
work, cannot do better than favor us with
their patronage. We have 'facilities for execu
ting in a superior !canner any kind-of
on the most reasonable terms. Those who
may wish to Alain any style of
can' be accommodated at this establishment at
short notice.
CARDS, &c.,
will be famished promptly, executed in the
best style and at reasonable rates.
Stir Orders by express, mail or otherwise,
will receive immediate attention.
XANDILIA, June 22d, 1858.
4th Brigade, 14th Diviaion, Pa. Volunteers.
The following persona have been appointed
Staff officers
Aid-dt,Catnp, E. L. Everhart,
Quarter• Master, P. McAteer,
Pay-Master, Grafi. Miller,
Surgeon, Daniel Houtz,
Judge Advocate, A. S. Harrison,
R. C. MeGILL, Brigadier-General.
Huntingdon Furnace, June 22d, 1858.
Ist Battalion, 4th Brigade, 14th Div. Pa. Vol.
The following Hauled persons have been ap
pointed by the Brigadier-General as Staff al-
Adjutant, John S. Miller,
Quarter-Master, Wtn. B. Zeigler,
Surgeon, Jno. M.Stonebraker,
• Assistant Surgeon, George Huyett,
Sergeant Major, David R. Wilson,
Q. M. Sergeant, S. A. Crisswell,
Drum Major, John Wallace,
GEO. W. DARE, Major.
June 30th, 1858.
PHILADELPHIA, May 12, 1858.
FLOUR—Superfine. per barrel, $4 25®4 37
•• " Extra " 4 50®5 75
family 6 4 75(05 50
bye Flour and Corn Meal 3 31
1 03@
1 lE(c3i
Rye II 63
Corn It 71
Oats 4 . 41
Cluverseed $1 33@1 .50 per 64 pounds
Timothy seed -
Flux " per bushel $1 62
Wheat—red, per bushel,
~ White "
while a Missionary among the
CUREu. Indians of the Rocky 'Mount
sins discoveredßAßE
CONSUMPTIONPLANT, Clot proves to he 0
certain cure for Consumption,
Bronchitis, Asthma, Liver
CURED. Camden., Nervous Affec
tions, Coughs,- Colds, fitc.—
CONSUMPTIONHAvhig now mode his fortune
and retired from business, he
n will send the prescriptions sod
"R E.. directions for preparing the
;;li;ines freer' Aurge'to till
coNsumpAlONwho only desire fir, anti refill
tend to his agent, enclosing
ct RED.
r e e t t i n in r i n psen w t i s t ? ;
t t i o d ,ay
letter, e:
eription or their itymptams.
CONSUMPTIONThe Old Dcwor, has eared
more than 3000 cases of No-
CURE.. somption Mono, and hopes all
aftiieted people will avail
theinselveCi of . this opportuni-
CONSUMPTIONtv as the Doctor wishes to do
all the good he can before he
CURED. dies. Address all letters to
Bin 3531 P. 0., Now Yoik,
NA' ho is Ilk sole agent.
The Warm Springs at the mesa of Warrior'-
Ridge, lire to les north of Huntingdon, overlook
ing Standing Stone Creek, and environed by ro
mantic hills and woodlands, have been leased
by the looter proprietor of the Learner House.
The extensive Hotel buildings, bath homes,
Stc., erected nt greet expellee by Ge floral A P.
Wilson, hare been completed—and the groves
have been beautifully laid out and adorned.—
The Hotel parlors end ehtunbers nit/ and com
fortably furnished; and the prosper', front time
verandahs Mr beauty, cannot be excelled.
For half n century, these Springs have been
celebrated kw their medicinal liunliOzs, and the
guest nature of the waters in rheumatic and chro
nic eneetions. The temperature of the water
being 691 degrees, renders the bathing delight
ful and invigorating. In the surrounding woods
111111 mountains. game abounds, and the finest
Mb are caught in Stone Creek. Permt ain pur
suit of Modal or t hat are, will find thi. n most
delightful and healthful retreat; and its nearness
to the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the cheapness
of the rates charged guests, giro it a decided
advantage over any other watering place in the
Proprietor has had years of experience in
the business and no pains or tronieo will be spa
red to make guests eamiti rtable.
flecks run irons Huntingdon to Warm Springs
on the of the different Railroad trains—
litre 25 cents. Families accommodated et mo
end,: terms. JOHN R. IIERI),
W u rni Springs near
Iluntingdoll, Juno sth S
mplersignuil citizons of the county of
Huntingdon, ha ,chy giro notice that they intend
to make application to the, next Legislature time
a Charter, for the creation of a Corporate body
with Banking or Miscounting privileges, to he
styled '•Tun If I:NTT:a:WON COUNTY BANK," to
he located in the Borough of llumingil.n, coun
ty of Huntingdon, and State of Pennsylvania,
whit a capital of one hundred thousand dollars,
with the specific of of inning [lank paper,
and doing ail other things ordinarily pertaining
to a Bank of issuo.
W. B. Ziwit.Hic, B. i.. MeNlrnlnuu.
riu lir, in, A. JOIINSTON,
.1. SLwEl.i. SrEwAnT, ‘Vv. Cot..,
NV,i. c L
A. W. Ilusilnur, ,
H. 1:1:1•CI: I'I,I4IIIEIN, Ir. UN \V
.Ir4Y - These Machines not now justly admitted
to be Om best in use for Family Sewing, ins.
king a new, strong, and elastic stich Which will
tot' rift, even it' every fourth stitch be cut.—
Circulars se at on application by letter.
AgentA walited,
nzo,ls 21.Z81$ Noviox.
.L.N persons interested that the following named
persons have tattled their aceounts in the Iteg.
ister's Office at Huntingdon, and that the said
accounts will he presented for continuation nod
allowance, at an Orphans' Court to he held at
Huntingdon, in and for the County di-hinting.
don, on Woctuesday rho 11th day of August
next, to wit:
1 David S. Ker, eector, &c., of Dear) ,
M. tier, late of theborough of Huntingdon,
deekl., who was kin life tune sole Adminis•
trator of his litter the Hon. John tier, late of
Walker township dee'd.
2. David Snare, Esq., Crtistee appointed
by the Orphan's' Court, to sell the real estate
of Jacob Afritia, late of the borough of Hun.
tingdon dee'd.
3. Israel Smiley, Executor, Ac.,of John
Smiley, late of Brady township, deed._ •
A. B. F. Foust, Exeenior, &e., or Peter
Fipple, late of Shin!) , township.,
O. Joon C. Couch, Administrator of Ann
S. Hays, hap of Barreo township, dee'd.
6. David H. Campbell, Executor, Ac., of
Solomon Moyer, late of Penh township, doe'd.
7. David H. Campbell, ono of the Adminifo
trators of 'Thomas Enyeart. late of Penn tp.
8. Guardianship account of D IL Campbell,
guardian of theminor children of Adam Oar.
tier, deed, laic of Penn tp., dec'd.
Register's (Vice. 1
Iluntingdonjuly 14 1853. J
Hove jitst'received their second stock of
which will be sold of at
It comprises Summer Dress Gooda of every
description, Prints, Ginghams, Cottons, White
Goods, Hosiery, Mitts, Trimmings, Marseilles,
Potent Extension Skirts, Hoops of all kinds,
Straw Goods, Boots & Shoes, and a largo and
general assortmeht of all kinds of Goods sui
table to the wants of the community.
1) and elicap at . D. I'. °WIN'S.
9cdr•Nature never looked more lovely than
at the present time. Old Mother Earth has
led on her best looks and gavest attire, the bald
places on her ancient "poll," she has effectual
ly covered from view, with the luxurious gam.
tore of Spring. Just. so, only substituting Art
for Nature, our friendlt vomit: TRUIWALAND,
of No. 29 South Sixth St., is covering the bald
heads of mankind in general, with his exquisite
ly light, graceful and comfortable "Gossamer
Wigs," and Toupees. Our readers, who have
had the misfortune to lose this natural orna.
meet, the hair, should call at his dressing rooms
in Philadelphia and examine ibr themselves the
superiority of the articles of his !mike over
those of any ether manufacturer. His Liquid
flair Dye continues deservedly popular, being
free from all deleterious qualities, and impart.
ing to the hair and whispers 'a soft, glossy,
appearance. George bas'also•tnany other
useful toilet articles, which he offers to the
combining two vet:) , desirable qualities, to
wit :—excellence and cheapness. Let all our
readers who design visiting Philadelphia give
him a call.
rik WZNA
11.1 4 -"!- V- Vv."% 11'6
the inveat or of MOID;E'S• 1 :‘;'•
DI A N ititt a PILLS, has spent the ;fres.;
ter part aids hie in travelling, having vkited ;
Europe, Asia, mid Africa, as WPii as North
A werica.—lins spent three years amiwg the In.
rif our Western eountry—it wwi in this
way that the Indian Root Pills were first dis
covertol. Dr. Morse was the first Man to es•
tablish the fact that all climeses arise frem Im
purity of the Blood—that out strength, health
and life depended upon this ;vital fluid.
When the various passages become clogged,
and tin not net in perfect harmony with the dif•
ferett functions of the body, tile blood loses
its action, becomes thick, corrupted and di
sensed; thus causing all pains sickness mid
distress of every name. ' oar strength is exhaus• ,
• ted, our health are deprived of, and if iin•
; ture is not assisted in throwing off the stag.
nant 'minors, the blood will become choked
and erase to net, and thtis our light of life will ;
forever be blown out. Ilow important then I
that we should keep the various passages of
the hotly free and open. And how pleasant to
ns that we have it in our power to put atnedi•
Moo in your reach, namely, Morse's Indian •
Root Pills. mai; am:tared from plants and roots
which grow around the umentainons cliffs in
Nature's garden, fire the health nod recovery
of diseased man. 'Clue of the roots from which
these Pills um finale is a Sudorific, which w
pear the pores of the shut, and assists Nature
in throwing out the fitter parte of the romme
thin width'. The second is a plant which is
an Expectorant. that opens and unclogs the
passage to the lungs, and thus. in a soothing
manner, performs its duty by throwing off
phlegm, and other; Iminom from the lungs by
copious spitting. The third in a Dion tic
whielt gives ease and double strength to the
kidneys; thus encomaged, they draw largo a—
mounts of impurity from the blood, whieli ie
then thrown nut bountifully by the urinary or
water possage, and which could 0, t have been
discharged in :toy other way. The fourth is
is Cathartic, and accompanies the Whet prop.
males of tie Pills while engaged in purifying
the blood; the coarser particles of impuriry
whieh cannot pass by the other .outlets, ate
than taken up and conveyed oft in great plan
titles by the hOWels.• •
From the above, it is shown that Dr. Morse'•
Indian Root Pills not °lily enter the stomach
bat become united with the blood, foe they Mel
way to every part, and completely rent oio
and cleanse the system from all imputity. and !
the life of the Maly, which is the blood, be( I
comes perfectly healthy; sonsequently all sick
miss and pale is driven from the system, for
they cannot remain when the body becomes I
Imre and clear.
The rod.e why people are so distressed.
when sick. and why 80 aunty die, is because',
they do not get a medicine which will pass to
the afilieled parts. and which will open the
enteral passages Mr the disease to he east one
honce,la large quantity of Mod and other mat
ler is lodged, sod the stomach and its estihes
tire literally overfl ow km with the corrupted
mass; thus uudergoing'disagreeable ferments(
' tion, constantly mixing with the blood, which
throws the corrupted Matter through every
vein and artery, until life is taken limn the
body by disease. Dr. ,Moue's Pills have ad
led to themselves victory upon victory, by re.
storing-millions or the sick to blooming health
and happiness. Yes, thousands who have
been racked or tormented with sickness, pain
and anguish, and whose feeble frames have
een scare bed by the burning elements of ra•
ging fever, and who have been brought, no it
were, within a step of the silent grave, now
stand ready to testify tied they would have
been (lumbered with the dead, had it not been
Me this great and wonderful tne(licine, Morse's
lialihn Hoot Pills, After one or two doses
had been take., they were astonished, end ale
sultuely surprised, in witnessing their eliarm.
ing (Alec:is. Not only do they give imteedi•
ate ease and strength, and take away all sick
ness, pain and anguish but they at once ), , ,o to
work at the foundation of the disease, which is
the blood. Therefore, it will he shown, espec
ially by those who use these Pills, that they
Will so cleanse and purity, that disease—that
deadly enemy—will take its flight, and the
flush of youth nod beauty will again return•
and the prospect of a long and happy, life will
cher'sh and brighten your days.
CAUTION.—Beware of a counterfeit sign.
oil A. 33. Moore. All genuine have the 08003
of A. J. WHITE bCO, on each box. Also
the signa , nre of J. White & Co. All slim(
ens ure sjourions ,,
A. J. Will B & CO., Sole Proprietors,
MI Leonard Street, New York.
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills are sold by
all dealers in Medicines
SEP Agents wan ted in every town, village
and hamlet in the land. Parties desiring the
agency will addrees as above for terms, •
ear Price 23 cents per box. five boxes will
be dent on receipt of $l, postage paid.
JOHN HEAD, Agent Huntingdon, Pa.
December 'ts,
.~~ ~...
~'~ ~u~e
The Alexandria Foundry Flasks, Patters, &e.,
have been bought by It. C. McGILL. The
Foundry is in blast and he has all kinds of Cos . -
tigns. Stoves of all . kinds, Machines,
Ploughs, Kettles,2. L., &c.. &c., which he
will sell at the low— est market prices.
All kinds of Coon• try produce and
old metal tecen in exchange at market prices.
Muy 26 1858.
tension Skirts, for sale only by
FISHER & Mc:Mutant.
Glass Preserving Jnrs ' different sizes, for
M. McN. , WALiill, Principal,
Prot of Languages .d Philosophy.
Chas. P. Joslin. A. M,
Prof. of Latin. Greek, etc.
James W: Hughes,
Prof. of Mutheinatics.
Benjamin F. Houck.
Adjunct Prof. of,Nintlieniatic,.
GeO. W. Linton.
Prof. of Vocal Music.
Mrs. M. "nc\i. WALSII, Precrptress,
Teacher of if omit, Diatury,Rea(ling; etc.
111 Isa E. In Faulkner,
'Teacher or Pellls Work, Painting, Drawing,
Miss D. L. Stanley,
Teacher of Piano Music, Wax Fruit, l'hYrs,
Mrs. Dr. Darwin
l,her of English• Dranches,
MAR .1. M. Walsh,
'Puncher of Primary English.
'['ha recent sueeess of this school is estrnor.
dinary. Besides heink• the cheapest one of the
kind ever eStititlis,hetl, it is now the largest in
this seetine of the Stain. All "brunches are
Wight, and students of nil ages, nnd et hod,
ore received. The esrenses for rt. year
need nut be more than $9O. Students can mr
ter whenever they wish. Address.
JOUN D. WALSD, engsville,
linsoiNvloo Co., Pa.
1:i tl ;74 ).° .SAItE..
The 'subscriber offers fir sale a small farm
in Heinle:men township, half a mile north cast
of the borough of Huntingdon, adjoining lands
of .I.llm Simpson, Culestoek. awl atheist, eon.
tabling about ninety acres and allowance.
twenty-tive or thirty acres of which are cleared
and 'under P. good state of cultivation. 'The
balance is Well timbered. There are on' this
properly three never.failitt7 springs of goad'
water. The buildings co.it4 of 'll. twotstory
frame' house 'and kitchen, and a to stable ;
fine young apple orchard of grafted
Term s mode known by applying to the subscri•'
Orplaaas' Court Sale,
Mgt, Estqle o/ .1.4.31 ES CL.II RK. der
13v virtue of a plorius Ora, ol
Chort of Ilnotingdon County will l lip ~• I
to ,010 by public outcry, on the pretni,s, on
Saturday, the 101 h doy of Ittlib next,
between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock, P. M.—
A lot or ground in the borough of Shirley:,
burg, 'fronting on Main street siXty foot and en.
bank nt right angles thereto. 1111 I! }Mildred and
forty bet; being No. in the phut or said
town, colj,rining lot of Isaac Sil:lrrer On the
north. and /13Vi thereon erected a
Two Story Log Thodling thmse,
Terms of Salo.—One-third of lie 'pendia,
money to be paid on conCuntion of .le. and
the balance in two equal annual payments.
with interest, to be mecum] by tho Mlt.= and
mortgage of the part±tr.,...
=,hHN M. CLARK, Mer.
Notice is hereby given, that letters testamen
tary on the last will of Robert Cummins, law
of . ..I:lel:sou township, deed.' hove been dolt'
issued to the mulermigned. All pornous boleti•
tel to the estate of said deed. are requested to
make immediate payment, and all haring
riniotn ngiiiiiNt it, to propent ti ein properly Ito•
thentientm settlement to
ST ER II IT CUMMINS, "x"Ii 10 . 0.
Joel:sou t p., June n,1.18514.-lit.
(!::dale of Barba r o Ililemon, ileC(l.)
d 111 ill istratt,es Notice.
N.,1,0 giVl.ll thilt Irttets t..s.tant,i
tnry with the will tir.itt•xetl. have 1,, grulited
to the undersigned. on the l'Staie
!Noun, late or MI IrolS 11,11,111 r. 1. , q•
lots itidt•ltted to snit!
immediate payment, and these intvitigAiliiiino
will present, them duly nalletit it•towl for ~ ,t t le.
motif, - DAVID sTEwAitT,
A neAuTeruL HEAD
And who that is gray would not have it re
stored to Ihrmer color; or bald, but would have
tl a growth restored, or trbahled with dandruff
and itching but would bare it iemorml. or iron
bled with scrofula, scold Jimul, or other twitp
thm, but would be cured, or with sick headache
(neuralgia) but would be cured. It wants°
remora all pimples from the face and skin. Prof.
Wood's Hair Ihstoratire will do all this, see
circular and the following.
Ann A noon, November 5,1856. •
Poor. 0. J. Wooo—Dear Sir. I tort heard
*mul said of the wonderful etreets of seer Hair
Re-torntive, hut having }teen so often theater:
by quackery nod no:trouts, hair dyes, Sze., I W.
disposed to plate your Restorative in the same
category with the thou.,' and one loudly trum
peted quack remedies, until I met yen in Law
ranee courtly some Immtlis • sitice, when yon
gave, me such assurance indnced do trial of
your Restorative in my inmily—first by my good
wife, whose hair had become very thin and en
tirely white. and. before exhausting one of your
large bottles, her hair was restored nearly to Its
original beautiful brown color, and had thicken
edt and ,become benutiful and glossy upon, pith
entirely over the head; she continues to use it,
not simply 'became of its beautify* effects up
on the heir, hoc because of its healthful Milli
on. 'upon the head and mind, Others or my
family and friends are using your Restorative.
with the brim - tick effects I thcrecore. my skepti
cism and doubts in reference to its character are
entirely removed ; and I can and do most cordi•
ally and confidentially recommend its use by all
who would have their hair restored from white
Or gray (by reason of sickness or age,) to origi
nal color and beauty, and by all young persons
who would have their hair licantil
Very truly and t rntefully yours,
FRIEND WOOD : It was a twig time after I sew
you at Bliss&ld hefore I got the bottle of Re
storative for which you gave me en order upon
your agent in Detroit, and when I got it we
concluded to try it on Mrs. Mann's hale, us the
surest test of its power. It has done all that
you assured me it would do: and Others of my
family and triendS, haring witnessed its effects'
are now u•ing Hod recommending its use to oth
ers as entitled to the highest consideration you
claim ft r it.
Again,.very respectfully and truly anur4 '
CARL YLE. 111, Juno. 20, 1852.
I have used Prof. .I,l , ;d's Hai; Restor
ative,' and him admired it wonderful effects.—
My hair was becoming, lrs I thought, remnant
ly gray, hut by the use of his Restorative it hen
resumed its original color, and, I have nu doubt
permanently to.
S. BRESSE. ox Senator. U. S.
_ ...
0. J. wool) & CO., Proprietor., 312 Brood
way, N. 1%, (in the great N. Y. Who Roiling
I Establishment) awl 114 Market street, St. Louis
orMii , and cold by all good Druggists.
MACKEREL of ell Nos., Herring, &c., can
be had of the best quality, by ceiling on
Frew. & MestrnTaTE.
Compounded entirely of Gums. 1
to one of the beet purgative and liver meal l
eines now before the public, that nets as a Ca
easier, milikr, and more effectual than ,
any titer medicine known: It is not only a Ca- •
thartie, but a Liver remedv,.ncting first on the ;
l.iver to elect its morbid, then on the stomach
and bowels to carry off that matter. thus accom- 1
plishine two purposes effectually. without any of
the pamful feelings experienced in the operation
of most Cathartics. It sire gthens the system at ,
the same TRIPd that it purges it . 0111 i when token l
daily in moderate dens, will strenghten mud
build it up with nominal rapidity.
The Liver is one off 4 the principal revile- 1
tors of the human , lio- 1 am tly ; and when it per-
foruis its functions weld: the powers of the sys- ,
;ern are fully develop-lix cd. The stomach is 1
almost entirely depen- 1 ,0 dent nnthe healthy
action of the Liver fur ~—' like proper perform-'
once of its fnuctions. a 1 When the stotmich is l
at fault, the bowels arc 0 Int fault and the whole I
system sulfurs hi con- ,;.p., sequence of or, orgi.n
—the ',leer— having's. icensed to do its ditty.
For the• diseases 010. that organ one of the
proprietors has ninde ~,, if his study, inn prat:- 1
tive ol more then twen-, ,7.1 ty years, to find ..6
remedy wherewith tot counteract the many I
derangement, LO whitin g lit is HOW. • i
TO prove that. this c 7.3 ireinedy is at Itio di, '.
covered any. pernOtt„ —. troubled with Liver 1
Complaint in any o•its , r forms, has lint to try
a bottle and vonvictionl . .,' . ,is certain.
These gums removelm !al morbid or had I
matter from the system ~,., Hpplying in their
place it heal by flit, Inf bile, invigorating 1
the stomach, ceasing R fond to digest well,
purifying the blood,gi- M ,ving tone and health
to the whole machine- .as ry, removing the ennse
of the disease, and of r tlbeting. a. radical cure.
One dose alter eat-'t,.. ing in stithicient to rc-
I lien° the stomach and i - -, I p ee rent,the feed f rom
rising and enuring. 10.
Bilious attacks orel cured, not what is
hotter, prevented, by . the occnsional use of
the Liver Invigorator. 1:4
' (July one dose la-,,,)ten before coining
prevents Nightmare.
'Only one dose token at night, to - ens the
bet,li gently, and mires Costiveness.
. - One dose taken after each meal will e e lits
i.,2_l2.t.•_. . _
nue dose of two teaspoonfuls wiil Nays
.move Sick lictuincise,
()1,, bottle takcn for female oliretractionre
m,•,,•: glni ranee of the disease, and makes
1 ••t"l.•'t cure. •
Only one doge immediately reliereA Cliolic,
One dose often repeated is n sure core for
Cholera Modal., anti A preventive of Cholera.
Cr Only one bottle is needed to throw• out of
thn system the effects of medielne:after a long
he bottle taken for Jaundice removes
nll snllowness or unnatnral color from the skin.
One heat token n short tinie before eating
gives vigor to the appetite, and makes food digest
One dose often repented cores Chronic, Dinr
then in its worst forms, while Summer and
Bowel complaints yield almost, to the first dose.
One or twu doses cores attacks caused by Children; there is no surer or speed
imometly in the world, as it scree Stile.
CiVA few bottles cures dropsy, by exeiling
the absorbents.
We take ideastatie in MOM:1100i Ilgt med.
leine . n prdventive for Fever eel Agee. Chill,
Fever, end ell Fevers or e Bilious Type. It
operates with Illy:minty, end thousands are ell.
ling to testify to its wonderful virtues.
All who use it are giving their unanimous Les-
Oniony in it? favor. . _ .
ei 4 PNlix tenter in the month with the invigo
etc r, end ,wallow both togetbet.
•The Liver Invigorator
Ix a scientific medical discovery, and is doily
working cures, ahnost too great to believe. It
cures as if by magic, oven the firsot do, giving
hearth, and seldom more than one bottle is re-
['aired to core oar kind of Liver complaint,
front the worst jaundice or Dyspepsia run coin
mon headache, nil of which ore the result of a
diseased Liver.
flit. sANt:O HD. 'Proprietor, 345 Broadway, N•Y,
Sold by 11. &:J. Read Ilituritigdott
Apr.7.'58.-I v.
Pr. Hardman, Analytical Physician.
Physicinn for Diseases of the Lungs, Throat.
and Deart—Formerly Mysieinn to the
to IN VA 1 . .11)K RETREAT.
Author of `•Letting IS COMING
See billowing Card.
MAY Appointments
1/r. Ilardman, Physician for di:else of the
I.lngs (formerly Physician to eilleillllllli Ma
rine klospital,) will be its attendance At his
moms as follows
Huntingdon, Jackson, Hotel, Sunday,Tune 27th
Dr. 11. is compelled to make this month's
visit on Sunday or disappoint the sick.
Dr. Denim. treats Consumption,. Bronchi
tis, Asthma, Lairryngittis and all diseases of the
throat and ItingA, by utedicnl Inhalation, lately
used in the liromton Hospital, London. The
:rent point in the treatment of all hymn mala
dies is to get at the disease in the direct man
ner. All medicines aro estimated by their ac
tion 111.01 the r rgan requiring relief. This is
the import...lit feet open which Inhalation is ba
sed. If the stomach is diseased Mite
medicine directly into the stomach. lithe lungs
ore diseased, breathe or inhale meiliCated va
pors directly into the Mugs. Medicines are the
antidotes to disease and should he implied to
the very seat or disease. Inhalation is the np
pliention or this principle to the tteatment
the lungs, Ihr it gives as direct atress to does,
intricate air cells and tithes which lie out of
reach of ever, other means of administering
medicines. 'file reason that Consumption, and
other diseases of the lungs, have heretofore re
sisted all treatment lets heen beimuse they had
never been epproached in a direct manner by
medicine. They were intended to net upon the
lungs and yet were applied to the stomach.—
Their action was intended to be local, and yet.
they were sb administered that they should not
act constistotionully, expending immediate and
principal action upon the untittending stomach,
whilst the foul ulcers within the lungs were un
molested. Inhalation brings the medicine in
direct con toot with the disease, without the
disadveutage of tiny violent action. Its appli
cation it simple, that it cam ho employed by the
youngest infant or feeblest invalid. It does not
derange the stomach, or interfere in the least de
gree with the strength, domfort, or business of
the patient.
o . rittot DISH AtIES TREATED.—III relation
IC. the following diseases, either when eumpli•
rated with lung affections existing alone, I ulso
invite consultation. I usually find theta prompt
ly curable.
Prolapsas and all other forms ofFeinale eeln ,
plaints, Irregularities and Weakness.
Julie 3, 1838.
- •
New Card-Press.
Having bought u Just ''CARD PRESS," wo
are now prepared to print in the proportion of
three cards in the sitine time that any other
press in the county can print bile, consequent.
ly we can print them 'clieapim—if kid done well
we matzo no charge at all. We ask your pa
~ PLENDID Line of Dress Goods, eml racing
L. , Holies of all kinds, Dosages. Chilly!, Lawns
olored Brilliants, Chintzes, &r.. enn he 'burnt
at the nittntorouren.
SOY [ " H E S,
large assortment at the Hardware Store
L L S T TE D .
i)LLIN & I.Ttie;
Successors to pftll‘o &
The New York. Weekly tiulden Thin in one
of the largeni and hest literary papers of. the
day—an Imperial Quarto,
containing eight pa
ges, or forty columns, of the most interesting'
and feseinating rending matter, front the pens of
the very first writers al the day,
Worth from i 3 Cents to $4OO 00,
Will lo given to each subscriber immediately
on receipt of the subscription money. Thin is !
presented an a memento of Friendship, and not
its tin inducement to obtain subscribers
T E 1 M S:
I Copy for) cent, S 2 00 nod I Present.
I " 2 " 1 50 2 Presents.
3 t: 5 00 5
A AO 5
5 00 a
R Copies, I yenr,
10 " 4 . 15 00 10 44
21 " 4: 30 00 21 ' "
The articles to be given nway toe comprised
in the ti)!lowing list :
2 Peeknges of Gold, con'g $5OO 00 me .
5 do t'.o do 200 00.cacli.
li) do do do 100 00 end,
10 Patent Lever tioneg IV:itches 100 00 end,.
00 Gold WUICile3 75 00 each.
50 do 60 00 each.
101) do 50 00 each.
300 Ladies' Gold Watches 35 ( 1 0 each.
200 Silver Hunting Watches 30 00 each.
f.OO Silver Watches i.'lo 00 tv 25 00 etch.
1000 (i'l,l Guard, Chains $lO 00 to 30 00 each
Gold Lockets, Bracelets, Brooches, Ear
Drops, Breast Pins, Cuff Pins, Sleeve ButtooF,
Bingo, Shirt Studs, Watch Keys, Gold and Sil
ver Thimbles, and a variety 'of other
worth front 50. cents to $l5 each.
We will present to every person sending ns
90 subscribers, $2 each, u Gold Watch, worth
$4O: to any one seeding ns 100 subscribers; at
$2 each, a Gold . Watch, worth $9O. liver:
snbscriber will also receive n present.
Immediately on receipt of the money, the
m crilicr's name will be entered upon our
book and tl a present will be forwarded within
one neck, by mail or exprass, post
Icy All e'on6todeations r sitottld be nthit'essed
DEAN dr. SALTER, Proprietors,
335 Broadway, Now York.
-1 m.l v,
D11112F11, )
I , I7UNT IN .0-1) 11,, 'I?
June 13, 1 ti 37.
In "Cold Region" and other portions of
Virginia, the following Farina and Bail
ding Luis, in Shares, to wit:
1 Fce:n 100 aetes, gala 'nine is 100 arras.
4 Forms of 60 acres each, arc 250
fr, " 40 " 1000 ao
70 " 20 .. « 1,100 "
500 64 4, 4 '
250 Bnihrg lota A•A. sts. and sq,
1350 ‘• 00 "
2500 `• • 4 50x 100 • •
5000 • • 4. 25x100
10,000 Shares, amounting to 10,000 tic's.
Certificates of ;lie above Shares, (with Bonds
for the immediate exuention and delivery of the
Deedso have been enclosed in 10,000 envelopes.
exactly alike, anti sealed ; which, alter being
well mixed up. have been numbered on the one
e from' I to 10,000 itichmive, so that no one
knows the contents of any particular envelope.
They will he told at $lO eftell, without releren,
to m hat they contain, and sent to ahy one
king application, Unexceptionable Titles will
In till cases be givon.
'rhe largest Farm. containing a Gold Mine
valued at 030,000, and the smallest sieed
Let, have been selling at $lO each.
&et!, have already been sold upon these term , .
Whilst all stand the sumo chance of getting the
Farms, every purchaser is guaranteed our of
these lots at least. Every etherpnrchaseris
bound to get one of at least doable its a 17.0 and
value. I•;very fourth purchaser one of at
quadruple its size and value. Whilst every
tooth porch.or will get it rani ranging in . value
front S.2OU up to $30,000. These farms and
Lots are sold so cheap to induce settlements, a
sufficient number being reserved, the increase
in the value of which se-ill compensate for the
present tigerlike. The net proceeds are to be
applied to local improvements, such as Schools,
Factories, Mills, &e. Any number of Shares
ran be taken by individuals, — to
secure s Farm
mi.e at least ten shares. The certificates can
ho obtained by paying one-half :ind the Devils
by paying theother half. •
t4' 70;0 0 U Acres of Land, in large or small
triers can also be had at prianta sale. and upon
the most reasonable term, - Some of it is high
ly improml. Agents are wanted everywhere
to sell theNc lands. Liberal inducements will bo
given. For full particulars apply to
Port 110101, Caroline no. Va.
Apr 4
T :MI ES Cu LLANS, Ticnost in or , n ,
Sam.t‘ the
Inempornted by the State of Pennsylvania.
-1- ,1 large or smell, and interest paid from the
day of deposit to the day of withdrawal.
The (Alice Is open every day from 9 o'clock
in the morning till 5 o'clock in the afternapci,
and 'on Monday end Thursday evenings till 8
DON. HENRY L. BENNER, President,
1V M. J. REED, Secretary.
Hon. Henry L. Benner, F. Carroll Brewster,
Edward L. Carter, Joseph H. Berry,
Hobert L. Selfridge, Francis Leo,
Sand. N. Ashton, Joseph yerkes,_ _
C. T;atidroth Mains, I Heti& Diell'en'derffer,
Money is received and payments made daily
without ty tiec.
The investments are made in Real Estate
Mortgages, Ground Rents, and such class se•
clarifies as elm Charter requires. ,
C 61.0,1.1. G. W. CROCKETT,
MiiS. DI. V1•"IINON,
Write only for the
sale at this office; it is calculated to burn wood
or ronl..
To Merchants and Fanners.
GROUND PLASTER can ha had et the
Huntingdon Flour and Plaster Mille, in any de
sirable quantity. 011 end after the in day of
March, 185 F. We deliver it FREE OF imAncla
on the cart at the .tenets of the Pennsylvania
and Broad Top Railroads.
& I'VicittURTRIE.
Fah.24,'5 Z.
store Dwelling to !tent st Broad
Top city.
I.l•nt on ver
0111' of the beet
ih o , `I 11 , 7.1ii), ,, W• A very
II:II, at }llk phlee
1 InOpPratiOn -b1 . 11,W Brend
city, 11111111;40 WIIII eoitht.ry,
ns 111,1, IA 110 j2l/1/C1 Store within tunny miles
out al, unn loopiog a good
~IProvi,iuns nr.d C0r41 , 3 Nuitable for
totintry Ilse ran undo ,, l.tedl_ do a very fine
To n good TPan at are Store Riot
ranted on easy terraN,
\ ppl t
J. M. CLARK, Agrnt
11111.1 lrop Olt!
June 16, '58.-6t.
cIPLENDID RAG CAliPtit for 37cts. per
yarl at the cheep !tyre of
AT T,ll F. I'M:, 1,11:
"VI-3CM 313ME•Wir'
:A 818 iir
We rotTu7t those of our subsere7s v.hors•
vivo their papers, to inf.rin no of those in their
iminwliate neighborhoods who are subscrkbqrs
r- • - • ,-
to the “Journal,' anci him' failed to rfleei o
the aunt, since the'stcaling of our Fuel:A/oak,
ht rullians on the Id of Pehruare.
WIII.:AT AND CORN. - wanted at thin
having either can dispose of the
111 . 11 I.c cgHing soon.
C . hainbersburg to Mt, Union
. _
rpi,c undersigned aware that a suspension of
the line of Stages over the rood between
Chaniliersburg and Mt, Union, cannot be but
disoilrontageotts to a large section of the soon
try, has, at a considerable expense anal trouble
made arrangements to run a line of Stages
Tri- weekly between the two points Good'
llorses ond coinfortalife Stages hove been pla
ced on the route, and experienced .and trusty
drivers will superintend the running of the
.Coaci.e.i. The proprietor of the line is disiroos
butt it 1.. c maintained, *milt° therefore colts
11 , 11 111.. 11111.11 C genet/111Y to patronize it. conli
.,.•ot Coat it sail ha far their mutual advantage.
Every :mention necessary will be given; mid
tier int.:tag of the Soices will he regnlor.
• leave Mt. Union. every Tite , lay
• Thio :,ad Saturday evenings, 1.5
Ci.l•ll' , ,•,!ltll . ff 010 next nay at 2 Welock. RV •
arc Chambersburg, the some night
ti , arrivim% at Mt. Union Ilia next
:e rime for the cots.. Between Mt, Mt •
Gap the line will ho daily.
through $3; to intermediote point,
io regime; iion. .10IIN JANIISON.
.I.ln. 185S.—,tf.
Grey Hair to its Natural Color.
astonishing and nuegnalled preporatiou
has never failed to product: a growth on Ileld
when used 'ricoording to the direction,
niul turn hair hack to its original color, allot
baring become gray, and reinstate it in all its
us iginal health, lustre, softnerls and beauty. Ile
moves at once all ceerl; dantVta and unpleasant
s trusts the e r r a o l l;:tla, it er it tiLtio p n rc s ve it n n t , s l
t r e e ah r
betottling unhealthy and falling off, and hence
ants us it perfect Il.sta INVIGORATOR AND To
; Nie.
. -
A gentlemen of Boston writea to his friend
in New Bedford tints :'
To your inquiries I would reply, that when I
first COIIIIIICIWWI to nse Professor Wood's Mir
Restorative, its hair was almost white, and had
been so for the last ten scars and it was very
thin .On the top of my bead, and very loose, and
pullet out very freely ; but I found that before
I told used ell the second bottle, (whielr woo
right weeks) my hair was entirely changed to
its original color, light brown, and is now free
from 'ilitcdrell and finite inois't: I hays he'd my
hair cat live or six times since the change, and
have news seen anything like white Ilua start
ing from the rents; nnil it is now as thick as
4t ever was, and does not come out all. It hat
I proved in my case all that I could wish to ask.
July 1, 1853. Yours, etc.
[From the Boston lierald.]
Swamimu Wotan KNOWII.7O.—By using
Pro lessor Wood'd .11air Restorative, gray hair
can be permanently restored to its original color.
The subjoined certificate from Johnson & §tone
Gardiner, Maine. is but ono of the many in
stances that are doily coming to our knowledge,
of its wonderful effects.
.. I!CER, Maine, June 22, 18:,!;
.tn Sin t—l have used two bottle; of Prof.
Wood's Hair Restorative, and can truly say it is
the greatest disecvery of the age the restoring
and changing the hair. Before using it, I was
a man of seventy. My lutirlints - tieelattained
its twiginal color, Yon con recommendlt to the
world without the lust fear, us my cueo was ono
of the worst kind.
Touts, respectfully,
Professor 0. J. Wood.
BROOKFIELD, 31aSsachusetts, Jao. 12, 1845.
DEAR Stu :—Having made trial of your
Hair Restorative, it gives me pleasure to any
that its edict has been excellent in removing in
flammation, dandrull; and a constant. iWhing
!tendency, withich I hove been troubleil fe tat
childhood ; nod has also restored my hair ,which
was becoming grey, to its original color!. have
used no other article with , anything like the
pleasure and profit. Yoy's:trulyt
Pastor of the Orthodox Church, Brookfleld,
Professor Wood.
[From the. Missouri Democrat.]
WOOD'S HAIR DYE.—'Phis sdinirable ar
ticle is rapidly improving the lidir.. No article
of n similar land, now before the publib; enjoys
a better reputation as a restorative and invigo
rating hair tonic. Its peculiar choosiest quali
ties have a beneficial effect upeu the growth and
character or the hair, giving a silky and glossy
texture to shut which was forinerly of a coarse
and dry nature. It has, also, ire understand, a
tendency to preserve the youthful color and ap
pearante of the hair, find destroyingur counter
acting the effects of old age. With such recom
mendations in its favor, sod hardly perceive hop
nay lady or gentleman should he without soval
uable paiadjlmet to their toilet.
0. J. NY 0(.11) & CO., Proprietor., 312 Broadway
N. Y., & 114 Market et., St. Louie, Mieeouri.
Sold in Hnntingdon by Joni. %an, and H.
MoManton., and by lernmpets everywhere.
I•eb. In;