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c 1"ro IN vA, 1.11)5....1 - ,
Dr. Hardman, Analytical Physician. i
Physician for Diseases of the Lungs, Throat'
and Ileart—Formerly Physician to the
Author of "Letters o Invalids," IS COMING.
Scare Crows. I See fbllowing Card. ' -
I have tried for years in succession all I MAY Appointments.
of the nostrums to prevent birds from put. , Dr. Hardman, Physician for disease of tko
ling, worms from eating, and steeps of va- I I r l i u l :glig`; l 4 l Y,37 l3 t i l t : : ( 42=1: L N I :1;
rious kinds to stimulate its growth, and rooms as fellows t '
llt&ti . nf i tlo i n N , „ J o i rn ic p k: l i i n e :ii I , l o ute in l, a Sandg .,; ,Ju n ti , e2 , 7 h t , li s
find that tarring the seed makes it distaste- I
Jul to birds; they will pull and oat but a I visit on Sunday or disappoint the sick.
little; but as to worms eating it, they seem ! tls ih.
st i l l i t ti ii i . a d" 7,loVr r ;„ ", :iZ„ " n s :tt i o i n i ii.t n ens u es r" o n t ' the
to relish it equally well. The steeps to i throat and lungs, by medical Inhalation, lately
stimulate growth, rolling it gypsum, .CC , ; l o t " iYe t i l ot ii Po t i l t l i c t il l i m tl t i l e )) t r u c a t i t i t'i ) c s i l i ) t i l o dl e itlrh il i d in ci t ' in in ' t 1 1 . 1 1 :1!
amount to but little. You cannot make ! !Alois to get at the disease in the direct 'min
i Lion
..A po ll u n tTe lici t n ig cs . u i T eci t..•s i t r i i tz r tc r t e l li l3: . tbt i . , i i i: is ati ;
enough adhere to the seed to make any
perceptible difference, and unless the soil I the important fact open which Inhalation is Inl
and season favor, the corn will not come so l' sod. If the stomach is disciised we take
medicine directly into the stomach - . If the lungs
well as if planted dry. For instance, if arc diseased, breathe or inhale medicated va
you steep the seed, and after planting ii is I ePXdielitreesaiti; into
cloluintionll,ll,lo6loetspilitecd the
very wet and cold, it will not grow as well, . the very sent of disease. Inhalation is the an
or if it is very dry, it will not come as well; i [Mt ii i n e , n ,,, e l i u '
i th it is r r i e n s ci n pe d l r e ee t t li , c ice r s e s at t ri o ic t i i i i t . o o r
tarring it will retard its germination at any I intricate air coils and tubes which lie out of
case. For the last five years I have plan. r i .f i nl i l ei : e rra o 7, ll L' o n e C t s co ° , l ,.:.": n n i l ::? to i l i t , " i n
ted the seed dry, recently hand shelled other diseases of the lungs, over heretofore re
from the cob. sisted all treatment has 110.1 because they had
never been approached In a direct manner by
For scarecrows, the best I know of, is a medicine. They' were intended to net upon the
few orows shot and hung up by the legs, Tiuitrrallor,ivannc taePnitieieddtottetctsr„niVoL,T,
or bait and catch them in steel trsps. In they were SO administered that they should not
my younger days, these scarecrows were 'Accip":l6ate"ttioi°ltmotatiL'oextnn'ilniloTiei!Ti':i)gedsitanttc.roiol‘i:',
ample to keep off birds. Every Yankee whilst the foul ulcers wit Lin the lungs were un
farmer should have a good gun and ainniu• i d n ir o e l c erc e d uitt 2 t iti t ttioLbT is ig e s ,s he
, I , tt o c t iAte d i i i e t
;Aden, and know how to use ,t, Find all disadvantage of any violent action. Its appli
cation crows' nests in your immediate neigh- 7otgl.,l::,li:irgliet,,.::',l.',ei,,,::teiilii,!,ol.l'l'jyte,`,l,,i,,lY t h e
boyhood, break up their nests, seize their 'derange the stomach, or interfere in the least de
young, and then is the into to shoot some t. t i r i e c e pa w ti i e i n t , tthe strength, comfort, or hminess of
of the old ones. I once secured sixteen in thunit Disnasits TnitaTuo.—ln relation
two hours. Go over your corn field daily, c w at t c h oio l r ' il i t * . I . „ i i " i . ' : l t i tt ( o: ' t t i s „ c n% c ' s j itg w , l oTi t st n " o i t ' l l s i o .
and if the crows have drawn any, be there invite consultation. I usually find them prompt.
the next morning by three o'clock with!, ro
' ;
i'at '° l l t e s • its and all other forms of Female coin
your artillery, or the - crows will be there plaints, Irregularities Had Weakness.
before you, and salute the first comer with S. 1). lIARDMAN, M. 1)
'Atha: by the plough would thrive,
llimse?f, 2/1713‘ eitherhold or drive."
cold lead from your early morning gun and
if you do not succeed in togging him, he
and his neighbors will come to the couclu•
sion that they had better I.,ave that tnan's
corn alone. Another way of keeping'
crows from your corn field is by twining.
String cool twine from stake to stake once
in fifteen rows,directly over the row. You
can cultivate the first time, and let it re.
main. Do the twining immediately after
planting, and it would he rare to have a
crow light on the field while the twine re.
Crows grow bold by the cry of their
young for food, and by man being slack
and easy; instinct teaches them whose corn
it will do to pull. The fields for which
crows have such a taste are generally hall•
manured, shallow half-ploughed, bordered
round by bushes, briers, and weeds, and
enclosed by a mere apology for a fence,—
Years ago one of your peace men had a
field with one of those ugly • borderi, which
always have a great tendency to widen ; nt
hoeing, none wanted to hoe the outside
row; the altercation between the boys was
finally settled by the old man saying, ..Let
tho devil take the outside row,' and in n
few years he had the whole field.
Should the above mentioned scarecrows
fail to keep the cro on from pulling the corn
soak other corn in runt or whiskey and
staychnine, and scatter broadcast vn the
field. They, like humans, will like the
taste, but as certain as they eat of it they
die. You will, in most of the liquor on
sale, find enough strychnine, without ad
ding more, to do the work for crows. H.
W. Lester, Rutland, Vt.—Country Gen
The Eliler Bush,
It is not known to many persons that the
common elder bush. of our country is a
great safe guard to plants against the de
vastation of bugs. I? any one will notice
it will be found that worms, ties, bugs, or
insects never touch tho elder. This fact
was the iniatml point for the experiments
of an Englishman in 1794, and he commu
nicated the result of his experimeafs to a
London Magazine. Accident exhumed
this old work, and a Kentucky correspon
dent last year communicated to the Dollar
Newspaper a copy of the article. The
practical results of the experiments us as
serted by the English experimenter are :
That the leaves of the elder, scattered over
cabbages, cucumbers, squashes, and other
plants subject to the ravages of insects, of
fec:ually shields them. The plums and
other fruits subject to the savrges of in
sects, may be saved by placing upon the
branches and through the tree, branches of
elder leaves. Will not seine of our friends
try these experiments ?
Cure for Mange in Hoge.—“Agricola"
inquires what will cure the mange art swine
and I reply, take lard and s alphur in equal
parts, melt and mix together; anoint liber
ally and thoroughly all over; at same time
give a dose or two of sulphur in their slop.
The application in some cases must be re
peated. The remedy is sure and speedy.
—Baltimore Sun,
Remedy for Lice on Calves.—Toke
some low priced oil, put some Scotch snuff
in it, and oil the animal along he backbone
from head to tail, and also a streak around
the neck an inch or two wide. Two or
three applications will expel them.--Coun
try Gentleman.
'ieSalt on wheat is said to make ten
acres slyorior to eleven acres unsalted.
' lune 3, 1058
LIS 1 , o
Ts the most correct and reliable wed: of the -,, f ! '• ,,,, ,/ ! ,,, ' ,11, ‘ ,., 0' •, f/ . ni, ,,, A . .. , q . silt de
l. kind ever published. It is the only Repo, • ,,,, 1. , .. ,.
~,...,/ i,,iiii.,l and p , ,. retie a/ the
ter published in Wall street, and contains a "., , .. , ,.., , f1 /?/•//c,..
list or all the Banks in the United States and Al velninCt of Referees, Common Bond,
Canada, N.tiee to Referees, Judgment Notes
1 summons, vont'. Notes
Monthly Reporter (with Coin Cleat and Pos- • Executions, Constables Sales,
tag° pre-paid) SI 00 ; Seirc Faeias, Subpoenas,
Senn-Monthly 2 00 ri.mpleints; Deeds,
'to every yearly subscriber is given a wag- It :sends, Mortgages
nificent ' t.'f.mmitinents, Bond to idemnify Cousinlrle, &c
Coin Chart of Thirty Six Pages, . ...
which contains. heantit'ully engraved lite similes ' ii,(2j, i ,...... „..,
~,:, ,
.. „5, ~ ..r_Lt„..4, ,, ,, ,
• " ,- ,11 ,,, 1 1 ' r, [sl' ( DV' rriv - -'
of all the coins in the world. ,I kNI•1,1•11•I.1:1,..\ NI, IM1,1,1,1:s I, .
Ir:23 — Numerous Frauds...el •
I- '':' '''\ •'` .l V ..' f . L'il Al` e t
1 0 1 Ti
having been practised upon the eunituunit), i ..1 ..r.A ..c
.. t.-1 ..1, a . ~, , _ 0
the publishers of certain Bank Note Reporter, ._\ ~. i,22 Chl4lllit NI CU, .1 ht,,, ,,, this la,
having quoted as good, numerous fraudulent Hare for
~,..„, ,_
„.,,, , , o,
~,, , e
~, _
and swindling a ff airs, miscalled Banks, the , o "„ , r,' , l'l ,'''''''‘.';`''''''',;" 'l' ' . 11 ;l ` f LI!
publishers of this,
The Only Relinble Reporter,
call attention to the following Rest class I rC.SI, LISWILITICHL Of Paper llung.g,, Border s ,
Decorations, Ac., iti the United 5,t,,,..
rhey ask the special attention of the trade
REFERENCES. to a hew and very beautiful article on palm of
Stew Yotm.—Daniel Drew, flanker; Morris GGLD IVINDOII' BILIDE,S
Ketchum, Marino Bank, U. S. Life Liman. , lila they are ietralucing.
Company, J. Eddie, Secretary; Howard Fire I 5ept.10,1;f7.4 2m.
Insurance Company—J. T. Skidmore, Pres, 1 -
Caleb 0. Balite:A Pros. Manhattan Bank; 11THALEBONE, REED AND BRASS
Manhattan Life Insurance Company, C. V. , VV Hoops and Reed Skirts, tor sale at the
Wemple, Seely; Mechanics' Bank, G. De An- cheap store of D. P. GAIN
gelis, Costlier; (leo. Field, Cashier Williams.
burgh City Bank.
N.B.—We buy at our office all money at
the prices quoted in the Reporter. We also
pay special attention to the purchase anti sale
A. NICHOLAS & CO.. Bankers,
No. 70 Wall street, New York Cit y
Apr. 7, '2B:-31n
All of the. Splendid
with rich Gilt Frames, now on exhibition at
The proprictori of this beautiful collection
of paintings are also owners of a largo tract of
laud lying in the flourishing village of Cedar
Creek, Va., 90 miles by railroad from Wash
ington, and in the hnumiliate vicinity of the cel
Sullibur. Iron and Alumni Springs,
uotcd for their efficacy in the cure of Bronchial
and Cutaneous Diseases.
This land, upon which have been erected A
wrosE FLOUR MILL, 2 SAW MILLS and Tinto the
la DWELLINGS, at an expense of front new hands, present owners
$5OO to $2,000 each, they now oiler for saki ore determined to make it a lirst class Institu
in alternate lots. tine. The majority of the new faculty are ak
The Price of Each Lot is $lO, ready tie hand, and students will be received us
80. us [hey wish to come.
fur which a Warranty Deed, free and clear of Young 'tidies nia gentlemen intending to'go
ineunibrance is given, Together with one or to school will do well to write to us Mere eoli
th° Oil Paintinge on Exhibition which alone
eluding to go elsewhere. There is no cheaper,
is worth the sum paid, and woul'il adorn any
and toe believe flare will be .110 baler school
gemleman's parlor, whilst the Lot may con
tain one of the Buildings above named. 71010 Man ours.
Pamphlets containing a Mop, and explaining Both sexes are received, all breeches taught
more dully the motive, and °ldea to he attained and students can enter at any time.
by making this apparent sacrifice of a portion For further information, address
of their property, can be seen at the Wilco of JO ' llN 1). WALSH,
this paper. Cassville, Ilantintalon Co, Pa.
Parties remitting by mail will receive their December 9 1857 .t.f .
deeds by return post, and their Pictures by --
eels con,yanecs us they may direct. They I 111,ANIK,S,-Always buy your Blanks at the
will be particular in sending their orders to "Journal Office." We have now prepared nve
name the County and State in which they te• ry seperiorartiele of BLANK DEEDS, BONID3,
side, as it is necessary, for us to forward the ,1 1.1 1 1 , 14 6 1% , 1 . E a N c. T NOTES, SUMMONS', EXEC
pictures without delay.
A building loan will be made to those deal. p_UCES IN GLOVES & mnrti ebea
ring it, equal to one half the cost of the build. -1. , ]). P. GWIN'S
ing to be erected. . JOSEPH DOUGLAS, Gunsmith,
Bank notes should be enclosed in 'presence MeConnellstown, 10.
of the Post Master, in order to avoid risk.
No. 618 Broadway, New York.
Francis H. Upton, Attorney at Law, 68
Wall street, Now York City.
Phillip Williams, Esq., Attorney at Law,
Winchester, Va. .
N. It. I:Apure:in. Attorney at Law, 68
Wall street, New York.
Apr. 7,
in great variety at the cheap store or
D. I'. GWIN.
s m UINC
The best chases !bra lady or gentleman to
maim money ever offered, without interfering
with their regular business. We will seed full
particulate free. Address
Bus 138 Columbus, Ohio.
MILL STONE ` . "P A ' I4
Corner of Germantown Road
and New Marltet
Streets, on the North Pennsylvania Rail Road,
Constantly on hand or made to order, the ful•
lowing highly approved Floor Mill Machinery.
Woodward's Patent Portable Mills andSinut
:lol;;Coa's Patent Iron Concave Bran Dos.
Stover's Patent Fuel Saving Corn Kilns.
Picrson's Patent Barrel Hoopand Moulding
Improved Bridge Steps and Bushes for Mill
The best Anchor• Brand Boltin,4 Cloth Burr &
Calico Mill Stones. Corn, Cole and Plaster
JohltstatiVratent Cast Metal Con-
DILL - P:1 - 6 - tnl2,
East nod South•linst of the Ohio and Mississip.
pi Rivers.
Warranted to take out of the offal of every
Bushel Ground, from 1 to 2.!` lbs, of standard
Hour, which could not be bolted out on account
dila: electrical adhesion to the Bran.
'4OTICE4-1 hereby warn all persons against
infringing toy rights. secured by Letters Pa•
tent as above, as I will prosecute all persons
to:thing, selling, or uhing any Bran Dusters.
with au Iron or Cast Metal Concave in vio-
lation of the Letters Patent of Joseph John
stor„ dated April 2ith, 1851.
THOMAS It. WOODWARD, Proprietor.
N. It.—State and et/linty Patent Dights•for
ail the above Machines for Sale.
August ill, 1555.
(I,' 64T 4 . .$ DEII@TrYTI D . '
Attorneys at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
oil;ve same as that formerly occupied by John
Sc.:, I.:s u .
19, 1,4r,n.
An excellent one for stile at this oilier. This
is ono of Adams' No. I Cato Lever Press.
Only .919.5 0 per Quarter.
E NEW rActlurv.
111. Mel% IVALSIII. Principal.
Professor of Languages inid Philosophy
Herr Karl Hockenlreim,
o/ ; o/' German Language § Literature.
M. Eugene Chivaul,
l'i4essor of Frelich and Piano Music,
James 'IV: Hughes, _ _ .
Priesso; of Mathematics, etc.
Mrs. M. Ma. Walsh, Precrptress.
Grecian Painting, Botany, History etc,
Miss E. Faulkner,
. .
:41amehromatics, Painting, Drawing, etc.
Miss Anna 111, Gray,
Piar:oFc and French.
Miss Jeanie M. Walsh, .
Dr. John McCulloch,
nfikre his professional services to the citi4ens c
UHuntingdon and vicinity. Oflicti, on Hill st.
between Montgomery and Bath.
untingtlon, Aug. itit, 1855.
CLOTHING from me in Huntingdon at Whole
sale, as cheap as they can in the cities, asl have
a Wholesale at ere in Philadelphia.
Apr.O,'s6. 11. ROMAN.
M. MoN. Walsh. Prir,oipal.
This school for young ladies nod gentlemen
is probably the cheapest OHO of the kind is the
country. The expanses per year for board,
room rent, furniture, fuel and tuition in common
English eat: only $BB.
Piano Music is only $5 per quarter. All
the languages and the olnamentals are proper
tionally cheap. For other information address
John 1). Walsh, Cassville, Huntingdon Co., Pa.
The next quarter commences Monday, Jan.
nary 18th., 1858.
Prof. Chas. DeGrath%
This great discovery is now creating agreat
sensation among the Medical Faculties of I:Itt•
rope and this country. It will cure the follow
ing (not everything) : Warranted to
Con; Fever and Ague in one day. Cure chills
in five minutes. Cure Croup to one night.—
Cure Deafness in toe to four dove. Cure horns
and Scalds in ten minutes. cure Sptains,
Wounds and Bruises in from one to three dam
Cure Infitunmation in one tiny. Core Neural. I
gia, Croup, Tooth Ache, Burns, in 10 minutes.
Cure Hemorrhage, Scrofula, Abscess, inn ten I
days. Cure Bruises, Wounds, Triter, in one to I
three days. Core Ear Ache, Stilt Neck, Ague
in 000 day. Cure Felons, Broken Breast,Sult
Rheum, inn three to six days. 'lure Quinzy,
Pnlpitntien, Pleurisy, inn out to ten days. Cure
Asthma, Palsy, Gout, Erysipelas, in five to 20
days. Core Frosted Feet, Chiblains, Chronic
Rheumatism, Stiff Joints, Sure Throat, Scarlet
Fever, and the lame made to walk, by a few
bottles. • This Oil (De Grath's) is mild nod
pleasant, and is a great family Medicine let
children teething, ke. Ladies shouhhall use
it. It always leaves you better than it finds
you, and one bottle often cures entirely.
A f flicted Thirteen Years and Cured in One
Rev. James Temple.
Philadelphia, June 0th,•1850.
Prof. De (tenth : I have been afflicted for
thirteen years with Neuralgia and other pain
ful complaints, and I have been unable to sleep
soundly- or walk any distance for many years Last week I got a bottle of your -Elec
trie'Oil." The first :right 1 slept soundly and
well, and to-day 1 inn like a new man. My
with could not believe her eyes. Your Elec
tric Oil has done in one week what the physi•
clans of Philadelphia failed to do iu thirteen
years. Gratefully yours,
310 South street.
Ilaren, May
. 1911), 13511
Prof. De Grath: My brother has been deaf
three years% lino trying many things, he us
ed your Oil a few times, and it eared him en
There ire numerous imitations sprung up on
the reputation that my article has aentured,
The public must beware. are worthless,
For sat - • John Read, Huntingdon.
Lml i i:TE7:"'SL7.7SS
Mt LINDSEY has discovered a remedy that
HI will cure all discuses arising from impure
blood, which is the toundation of all diseases.
1 will warrant it to cure all the within•muued
diseases, such as
Chronic Scrijitta, llnniors 'lithe Mein, Tumor
Uteers on the Head or Body, and ell
Breale-on ts on the Face.
And it will also cure all Indolent Ulcers of
many years standing ; Sore Month, canned from
using Tammy, nod will eradicate mercury,
from the unclear. When the IMPIW 1 . E
111,001) SgARCIIHR operates on merrury,
all other impurities of the blood mill be sweet
from the system, and it purities the blood as
pure as vegetable tuelicine can make it ; and
when the blood is pure, the nuts women or
child, will lake no disease, for the impure blood
which in the cause of disease, is gone. It will
also cure all Debilitated Iliseases, such as
drive from a derang,ement of the liver ; it will
bring the liver into a healthy action, and will
restore the patient to health.
. _ - .
FOR SALE BY John Read, Huntingdon.—
Jos. P. Beaton, Cassell!. Jos. Johnston, Pe
tersburg. Silas Creswell Manorhill. Wm.
Davis, Shaverseille. Freedom Iron Co. Greens
burg Furnace. If cddle & Stewart, West Bar- •
ree. Sarah W. Myton, Snulsburg. R. Me-
Burner, McAlaves fort. Elias Musser, IdeAl
ayes fort. Joseph Douglass, MeConnellstawn.
.1. IL Rothrick & Co. Marklesharg. Wm. B.
Letts, Shirloysburg. ThOs. Urbi.o t, Orblso
ma. H. H. Morrison & Co. Blairs Mills. M.
A. 'Robison & Co. Shade Gap. Lycn Short
& Co. Buldengle. H. C. Walker, Alexandria.
Jas. Clark & Son, Birmingham. F. 111, 801 l
& Co. Warriormark. G. 11. Stiller, Spruce
Creek. J. W. Mnttern, Moehanickseille.—
Sand. Mattern, Mechanicsville.
Iluntingdon, hb. 24th, 1258.-6 in,
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with more power and certainty than remedies
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23 or 101 North Sri street, l'hilit, I stroy sensibility in o few 'ninnies? Pn l,ll .Yzing
the entire nervous system, so that a limb may be
amputated without the slightest pain ; inhaling
'the ordinary burning gas will destroy life in a
few hours.
The inlinlation of ninmonia will rouse thel3VS
tem when 'hinting or apparently deed. The o
dor el' teeny of the medicines is perceptible in
the skin a few minutes after being inhaled, end
may be immediately detected in the blood. A
convincing 'woof of the constitutional effects of
inhalation, is the fact that sickness is always pro•
(eed by breathing foul air—is not this positive
evidence that proper remedies, carefully prepar
ed and judiciously administered tin,' the lungs
should prisince the happiest results 3 During
eighteen years' practice, many thousands suffer
ing from diseases of the lungs and throat, have
been under my care, and I have efffleted amity
remarkable cures, even alter the offiereix had
been pronounced in the lust stages, which telly
satisfies me that consumption is no longer a Ili
tal disease. Sly treawnent of consumption is
original, mid founded on long experience and n
thorough investigation. My perfflet neffitaintance
with the tenure of tube cries, &e., enables me to
distinguish, readily, ilie various forms of disc.*:
that simulate consumption, end imply !Improper
remedies, rarely being mistaken even in a single
ease. 'this flunilierity, in eol,lletlil/11 with cer
tain mitholegical and mieroscopie discoveries
elites me to relieve the 11111 p limn the effects of
contracted clients, to eillarga the chest. pneify
the Wood, impart to it renewed yitality, giving
energy and tone to the entire system.
Aleilicines with full directions scut to any part
of.'tlie United States and •Catindas by patients
cominunicethig their symptoms by letter. But
fiat care wculnl lie 111.1 e t•e11:1111 if the ' ,Acta
should pay me a skit, minceliii give me au
opportunity to examitie the lungs and enable me
to prescribe with much ',eater certainty, and
then the cure could be eflected without my see
ing the plaint again.
.W. It AII A 'AI , St.
CIONFEUTIONARY.—PIain and fine Con.
b,ctionary tunnalbetured and for sale by
323 or 19l North 3d street, Phila.
.rinises oil Lemons in sture and ror solo by
WM. N. SI1U0A111),
323 or 101 North 3d street, Phila.
I) MS:MS.-1,000 Boxes Bunch and Layer
t Raisins in store and ror solo by.
Wlll. N. SiIIiGAIM,
an or 191 North 3d street, Phila.
rims, DATES, PRUNES, CITRONS,_I Currants, in store nod for sole by
313 or 191 North 3d strati', Phila.
II and 11Ilwrts in store and for sale lby
:323 or 181 N'tli 8d st.,Phila
.2114 TT N 1,7 N
11i )
c , •
Mini undersigned owners of the Huntingdon
.1. Mill, inform farmers and the public general.
that they now have their new mill in running
order, with all the modern improvements in the
water wheels and machinery.
They have put in live of the Improved Jon.
val Turbine Water Wheels, and can grind in
all stages of the water, ann during the colde,t
weather, any and all kinds of grain.
They are prepared to sell, and have on hand
for sole at all times, at market rates, all kind of
and farmers can have their own grain ground,
1111,1 take it back in a return load, or they can
be thrniahed in exchange at a moment's notice
an equal quantity of Flour and Bran or chop.
pea feed.
is dam improved manufacture; and they will
insure aISULL TURN OUT Of superior quell
ty to every bushel or ! pain left at their mill:
N. 13.--I'he linelmhent stones are not quiu
Ilunlingdon, December 10, 1130 G.
Inunflingdob _Zoundry.
1 Iliad or Worming their triends and the pub
lie generally, that they hare rebuilt the Hunt
ingdon Foundry, and are now in successful 511
eration, and are prepared to furnish Casting
all kinds, of the best quality on the shortest tic
lice and most reasonable terms.
Farmers are invited to call and examine nor
?loughs. We arc manufnetdring the Hunter
'lough, (this plough took the premium at the
.luntingdon County -Agricultural Fair, in WO
List, Hunter's celebrated Cutter Plough, which
sat he heat, together with the Keystone, Hill
ride, and Barshoar Ploughs. Wo have on hand
and nro Inanufacturing staves, such as Cook,
Parlor and office stoves for cool cr wood.
tonsisting of Kettles,Boilers, Skillets, &c., all
,f which will be sol cheap for cash or in en
ehango for country produce. Old metal taken
rue new castings. By is strict attention to busi•
ness and desire to please, we hope to receive a
thare of public patronage.
April 30, IBsl.—tf.
DAVID GROVE informs the citizens of
Huntingdon and vicinity, and the public gen
erally, that he has opened a Grocery Store on
Hill street, Huntingdon, a few doors west of
Ww. Orbisofi's residence, where he will at all
times be prepared to supply customers with
at wholesale and retail. Sugars Coffee, Teas,
Molasses, Cheese, Spiges, Sugars, Coffee,
Hams, Salt, Brooms, Buckets, Segars, Tobac
co, &e., &e.; in fact, every article usually kept
in a Grocery Store.
As 1 ant determined to sell cheaper titan the
cheapest, I want everybody to callat,d examine
my stock and prices. DAVID CI ItO VE.
Huntingdon, July 29,'57:1y.
Linen Shirt Breasts, Beady-made Shirts,
white and fancy shirts, and collars, very cheap
at D. I'. °WIN'S,.
Q11.,1( BONNETS in great variety and cheap
nt D. P. GWIN'S.
Willattend to all business entrusted to:him. Of
flee uearly opposite the Court House
May 5,'58
tiE r i i @n - ABT DMCPII.E2V.
And all Diseases of the Lungs and Throat,
Which conveys the remedies to the cavities in
the lungs through the air passages, and coming
in direct contact with the disease, neutralizes
the tubercular matter, allays the cough, causes
a free and easy expectoration, heals the lungs,
purifies the blood, imparts renewed vitality to the
nervous system, giving that tone and energy so
indispensable tor the restoration of health. To
be able to state confidently that Consumption is
1 curable by inhalation. is to men source of unal
loyed pleasure. It is as lunch under the colt
trul of medical treatment as any other formid
able disease ; ninety out of every hundred ca
ses can be cured in the first stages, and fifty per
cent. in the second ; but in the third stage it is
OFFICE, 1151 Mimi,. (01(1 no. 109,)
Below Twelfth,
August b,
Of all disease ; the vent, first cause
Springs from uegleet tit' Nature's hi ws,
When n cure is guano teed ht all stages of
• a
Self-Abuse. Nervous Strictures, Gleets
Gravel, Diabetes, Iliscescs of the Kidney and ,
Bladder, Marcerial Iflietatuntism, Scrofula,
Pains in the Bones and Ankles, Diseases of the
Limos, Throat, Nose opal Eyes, Ulcers moan
the Body or Limbs, CancerS, Dropsy, Epilep
Fits, St. Vita's Dance, and all diseases itri
sing'from is derangement, of the Sexual Organs.
Sorb es Nervous Trembling, Loss of Memo
ry, Loss of P. - ..wer, General Weakness ? Dimness
oI Vision, with peculiar spots appearing before
the eyes, Loss of Sight, Wakefulness, Dyspep
, sin, Liver Disease, Eruptions upon the Fame,
Pain in the back and head, Female irregulairi
tias, and all improper discharge:4min both sexes.'
It manors not from what cense the disease origi
nated, however long standing or obstinate the
case, 'waver!, is ,ertuin, and in a shorter 111,10
than n permanent cure Coll be effected by nay
other treatment, even alter the disease has
fled the skill of eminent physicians and resisted
all their nicans.of cure. 4rhe utedieines pro
pien.nt odor, causing no sickness and
the troth niecenry or balsam. During twenty
years of prnetive. I have rwomed from the jaws
of Death niany tiionaanal, who, in the last sta
ges of the shove nientioli cal diseases had boon
given up by their iihysieimis to die, nbieli war
11111tc me in promising to the afflicted, who may
place themselves under toy care, n perfect and
most. speedy Cure. Secret eiseases are the
greatest enemies to health, as they nee the tir..t
cause of ednsimption. Scrofula mid many oth
er diseases, and should be at terror to the hu
man family.' Asa permanent cure is scarcely
ever effected, a majority of the cares falling in
to the bands of incompetent persons, who not
only fail to cure the diseases but ruin the con
stitution, filling the system with mercury, which
with the disease, hastens the sufferer into a ra
phl Consumption.
lint should the disease and the treatment not
cause death speedily and the riesos marries, the
disease is entailed upon the children, who are
born with feeble constitutions, and the current
f of life cornipted by n virus 'Aid) betrays itself
in Scrofula. 'letter,Ulcers, Eruptions. and elk
, er a f fections of ie skin. Eyds. Throat and
r Lungs, entailing upon thaou a brief existence of
suffering and consigning than to an early
Sell-abuse is another formidable enemy to
health, for nothing else in the dread catalogue of
hulas; diseases "causes so destructive taruin
upon U. qystem, drawing its thousands of vic:
tines through a few years of suffering down to au
untimely grove. It destroys the Nervous sys
tem, rapidly wastes away the energies satire,
causes mental derangement, prevents the proper
dui clopmens of the system, disqualifies for mar
riage, society, business, and all earthly happi
ness, and leaves the sufferer wrecked in hotly
and third, predisposed to consumption and a
train of evils more to be dreaded than death it
self. With the fullest confidence I assure the
unfortunate victims of Self-Abuse that a speedy
and permanent cure can be ellected, and with
the abandonment of ruinous practices my pa
tients can he restored to robust, vigorous health.
The afflicted are cautioned against the use of
Patent Medicines, for there are so man, ingeni
ous snares in the columns of the public prints
to catch and rob the unwary sufferers that mil
lions have their constitutions ruined by the vile
compounds of quack doctors, or the equally poi
sonous ncstrums vended as "Patent Medicines."
I have carefully ainalyzed many of the so-called
Patent Medicines and find that nearly all of
them contain Corrosive Sublimate, which is one
of the strongest preparations of mercury and a
deadly poison, which instead of curing the dis
ease disables the system for life.
Three-fourths of the patent medicines now iu
use put up by unprincipled and ignorant per
sona, who do not understand even the alphabet
or materia medic., and are equally as destitute
of soy knowledge of the human system. having
only one object in view, and that to make mon
ey regardless of consequences. . .
Irregularities and all diseases of males and
females treated on principles established by
twenty years of practice, and sanctioned by
thousands of the most remarkable cures. Medi
cines with full dire,,jons sent to any part of the
United States and Cunadas, by patients commu
nicating thou' symptoms by letter. Business
correspondence strictly confidential. Address
OETICE, No. 1131 FILBERT Sr., (Old 110.109 o)
Below Twelfth,
A ttg.5,'37..1y.
Mira Oinso E.taT.
Mail T. I Ex. T. I Fast T.
Train leaves I'. M. A. M. I'. M.
Petergburg, Lon 4.02 8.05
Huntingdon, 1.22 4.17 8.20-
Mill Creek, 1.33 4.27 5.33'
Mt. Union, 1.47 4.41 .5.47
'RAINS Gomi West.
Train leaves I'. M. A. M P. 31
MI. Union, 4.32 6.45 8.2 a
Mill Creel( 9.98 6.58 8.337
11 untingdon, 5.03 7.11 8.45
Petersburg, 5,.0 7.23 8.5114
H•. K. NEFF,.lll._ft,
jjAVING located himself in IVAn'utortmAnu
.11 in this county, would respectfully offer his,
professional services to the citizens °Nina piece,
and the country atijurent.
J. B. 'Emden, M. D. Gen. A. P. Wilson,
M. A. Henderson, " in. P. Orbison, Esq.
J. 11. Dorsey, " lion. James Gwinn,
M. Stewart, " John Scott, Esq.
lion. George Taylor
don, Pa,
Jecol, 1%1 Gennuill, M. D., Alexanth •
John Arettlloch, Petersbur g
% p 7
A. P. Wit.soN. H. Bnodu Perniui;
4770RIVEYS .4T L4W,
Practice in the several Courts of Iluntingdon.
Blair, Cambria, Centre, Mifflin and Juniotu Coon-.
es. March 23, 1853.
A RE inrallible in removing stoppagei or irrcg•
ulnrites Uf iho torus..
— Them: Pills are nothing new, but have been
used by the doctors for many years, both in
France and Anterien, with unparallelled success;
and he is urged by many thousand ladies, who.
have used them, to 'mike the Pills public, for •
the alleviation of those suffering from any irre
gularities of a ludever nature, as well as to pre-'
vent pregnancy to those ladies whose health
will not permit an increase of
Pregnant females or those supposing them-'
selves on, are cautioned against these Pills
while pregnant, as the proprietor assumes no
resimnsilolity after the above admonition,
their mildness would prevent any min
alert,. health: otherwise these Pills are recore•
mended. Full and explicit directions accom• •
pally Niel, box. Price. $1 per box.
Sold wholesale and retail by
JOHN HEAD, General Agent
for Huntingdon Co., Pa.
I have appointed 1)r. John Read Sole agent
for the sale of my French Periodical Golden
Pills, for the borough and county of Hunting
don. All orders must be addressed to him
Ile will supply deniers at the proprietor's pri
ces, and send the Pills to ladies (costfidentially
by return mail, to any part of the United States,
on receipt of $l, enclosed to him through the
Huntingdon. postiAlice. For further parieu
hus get a circular of the Agents--sold by drug
gists everywhere.
lace' My signature is written on each box.
Broadway P. 0., New York.
White Lead, (pure) $2 50 per keg.
" " (extra) 275 " "
Philadelphia Zane Paint, 240 " "
Hest Snow White, 260 " "
Oils, &c., and all kinds of HAnnwAns and
building materiels in proportion, at the "Hard
ware Store" of J. A. 131dOWN & CO.
Huntingdon, Apr.8,'58.41,
Cheapest "Job Printing" Nike
' IN T outurr.
We /lace now made such arrangements in our
Job Tiles as will enable us to do all kinds of
Job Printing at 20 per cent.
cheaper rates
mall any Office in the County.
Give as a call. If we don't give entire satisfac
tion, no charge at all will be made.
9 , 11 E largest and cheapest stock of fancy Silk
± and colored Straw Bonnets in town, is at
FISHER & McßtuaTina's.
ALL -WOOL, Ingrain, Venetian, Lid and
Rug Carpet. Also, Cocoa, Jute and AIR.
colt Mats, can he had cheap at the store cf
THE greatest variety of the richest styles
Dress (tooth and Trimmings can always
found at the fashionable store of
T ll t E latest and newest styles Ladies' Collars,
PIIIIER & MoMunrata's.
CLOAKS, names, Itigolettes, Victoria. and
Head Dress., are sold at prices which defy
coinpetitiou by FISHER & MOMUKTRUS.
largest stock over brought to town are sell—
ing very cheap at notice & McMuivrais.
BLANKETS, Plaids, Flannels, Linsey., at al
prices, at the mammoth store of
Flamm & McMunrata.
.= Oct styler,just received by
April 1, 1857.-Iy,