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    KANSAS has been well termed "the grave
of the Governors." A telegrphic dispatch
informs us that Gov. J. W. Denver, the
latest of the individuals who have figured
in that arduous position, will resig his
office after the August election. No rea
sons are given; but is known that he has
had a difficult and perilous task, with small
compensation. The list of . Governors in
that territory includes Shannon, Reeder,
Geary, Walker, Stanton, and Denver, and
then we have besides the regency of John
Calhoun—What a trouble we shall get
rid of when Kansas becomes a State!
The Kansas Daily ledger says: The
evidence adduced on the part of the prose
cution, so far (rain exonerating Cen. Lane
from culpability, places him in a position
'far worse than we at first sdpposed him to
occupy in the affair. The .vhole tenor of
the testimony goes to show that the homi
-tide teas not committed in the heat of pas•
also, under the impulse J i the moment,
but that it was the settled design of Lane
•to kill Jenkins, should he ever trespass
'upon the property which he (Lane) claim-
The' Buchanan Democracy of Vermont
met yesterday. and nominated Nenry Dey -
es for Goveinor. We venture to add by
guess that they did not pass - Lecompton
resolves, nor approve •in any way the .ne
farious attempt to force an obnoxious and
elected Constitution upon Kansas. They
probably acted on the principal that ".Least
said is zooneat "mended."
Anoint and Modem Beauties.
The progress of art and taste is electic
in our progressive age, and inventions for
multiplying whatever exalts or embellishes'
'civilized life, outstrip the inset vivid
lination. The human hair; in all ages of
the world, has been proper'y considered
the greatest natural ornament to mon.—
: Painters have considered years devoted to
delineating its various lights and shades on
cenvass, as labor worthily bestowed and
tune well spent. Poets hove eulogized it,
and Byron who possessed on this subject
the sentiments of our own times has deco.
ted some of his richest gems to the hair.
How great then the loss, inconvenience,
and annoyance experienced by those who
have from sickness or age, becoiee bald;
and how deserving to b held in grateful
remembrance he ; whose inventive genius
supplies the detects of nature, and with
skillful artifice restores the counterpart of
Nature's handiwork. We were lad to
this. train of thought by paving a casual
visit to the Ilair Dressing Salociis of Otto.
THUROALAND, 1.9 South Sixth St.,
Philadelphia, and exiilllining his exquisite
ly finished "Gossamer W'ig" and Toupee,
'flies,: articles are so cunningly devise.,
that they are worn with perfrct comfort
and ease, giving ventilation to the scalp,
and cannot be detected from the natural
hair. They are of airy lightness; and the
hair used possesses the soft, glossy appear
ance of natural, healthy hair. We say in
conclusion to our readers, when-iu the ci
ty fail not to pay a visit to the tlair-dress
" ,OCJ h_0121"
Premiums atvarde.l the "JOURNAL' Of
Lice at the late County FAIIL, fur the brat
. Having recently received from the En.tern
Cities, a
and a large variety of the must fildhimiable
Printing Material, which makes it one of the
!nog cornpieta Printing Establishments in this
section. Persons in want of any hind of
work, cannot do bettor than favor us with
their patronage. We have facilities for exert,
Ling in a superior manner any kind of
on the most reasonable terms. Those who
tufty wish to obtain any style of
can be accommodated at this establishment at
short notice.
CARDS, &c., &C.,
will be furnished prom ptly, executed in the
best style and at reasonable rates.
W' Orders by express, mail or otherwise,
will receive immediate attention.
AL 'CANARIA, Juno 22d, 1858.
4th Brigade, 14th Division, Pa. Volunteers.
The following persons have been appointed
Staff officers :
Aid-de-Camp, E. L. Everhart,
Quarter• Master, P. McAteer,
Pay• Master, Grafius Miller,
Surgeon, Daniel Houtz,
Judge Advocate, ' A. S. Elarrison,
R. C. McGILL, Brigadier. General.
Huntingdon Furnace, June 22d, 1858.
Ist Battalion, 4th Brigade, 14th Div. Pa. Vol.
The following toped persons have been ap
pointed by the Brigadier•Geneml as Staff offi
Adjutant, John S. Miller,
Quarter-Master, Wm. B. Zeigler,
Surgeon. Jon. M.Stonebraker,
Assistant Surgeon, George Huyott,
Sergeant Major, David R. Wilson,
Q. M. Sergeant, S. A. Cromwell,
Drum Major, John Wallace,
GEO. W. DARE, Major,
June 30th, 1858.
PIIILADIMPUIA, May 12, 1858.
FLOUR—Superfine. per barrel, $4 25(34 3 7
_" s . ( . l qfr! 76
" " family 4 . 4 7565 50
nye Flour and Corn Meal 3 31
IVllent—red, per bushel, I 0501
" White " 1 1.501
Cloverseed 39a1 50 per C 4 pounds
Timothy seed
Flax " per bushel $1 62
CURED— While a Missionery among Chi
Indians or the Rocky Mount
Dins, discovered n RAM?,
CONSUMPTiONPLANT, that proves to he a
certain cure For Consumption,
13rouchitis, Asthma. Liver
UURE.. Complaint, Nervuux.
dons, Coll2llti, Colds, &C.—
CONSUIIIPTIOIIII:IVingnu s 1111IdC bts fordine
and retircil from business, be
,sill ••,coll ti c prescriptious unil
dirCCtluOS lilt' preparing . tI
medicines tdc . hargrrto ail
CoNsUMpAIONwito may desire ir, and will
soul to Ids agent, enclosing
CURED. two swop; (6 -. coots). to pa; .
the 1 . 0111 . 11 letter, %Ott' tt lleS•
eripti. of theirsymptoum—
CONSUMPTIONTIio OW Dotar l e ts cured
more titan 3000 casts of Con-
CUR ED. ,:// fli r t ion alum, and Wipes all
afflicted people will avail
' • • •
. .
themselves or this Op
CONSFAIPTIONTy, us the Doctor wishes to do
all the good he can helore ho
CURIA/. dies. Mike.s all letters to
Box 3531 I'. 0., New York,
Who io his sole agent.
The Warm Springs at the rinse of Warrior'.
Ridge, tine m lee north of Iluntimplon,overlook
big Standing Stone Creek, and enviruned by ro
mantic hills and woodlands, hove [teen leasad
by the former proprietor of the Learner noose.
The extensive Hotel building:, WO, Wines.
&e., erected at great exruce by Go neral A P.
Wilson, have been completed—and the groves
have been beautifully lard out mid adorned.—
The I lutel 'milers and chambers airy and cam •
fortably furnished; and the prospeei, front th e
verandahs for beauty, cannot be excelled.
Far half n century, these Springs linve been
celebrated fur their medicinal qualitin, and the
great nature id the waters in rheumatic and chro
nic elections. The temperature of the water
being Goa Oegrees, retulet, the bathing delight
ful and infigorating. In the surrounding woods
and o m ontains. gave abounds, and the finest
fish are eanght in Stone Creek. Persons in lm.
suit of hi alth 4.1. , leasme, will find rhi.,l most
delightful and healthful retreat; and its nearness
to the I'ennsn Ivania Railroad, and the cheapness
of the rates charged guests, give it a decided
advuntage over any other watering place in the
Proprietor ins had years .4'o,qm:clones in
the business and no pain. , or mutton will he spa
red to make guests ettmnirtable.
Harks run trout I luntingtlun to Warm Springs
on the arrival of the ditrerent Railroad trains—
titre 25 emits. Families accommodated et mo
eral? terms. JOHN It. HEIM,
Warm Springs near
Huntingdon, June 501
The undersigned citizens of the county of
Ilawtingdon, lie. eliy give tioi;et, that they intend
to make appiwation to the I,,,klatara fur
a Charter, in the creation Corporate hotly
with Bunking or DISCO.' ,rivilegss, to he
styled "l'itKlloN.riitoutts COUNTY BANK," to
be located in the Borough of Huntingdon. coun
ty of Illintingdon, and State or Pennsylvania,
with a capital at lint. hundred thousand dollars,
with the specific o jeet of isqting Hank paper,
and doing ad other things ordinarily pertaining
to it Bank of is.ine.
W. IS., B. E. 'AleNlutrrittc.
It.tylu lit. to, A. Je11i.,10,1, •
T111..i.. 11. CREMER, UHArFlus MILLEN,
A. W. BENEDICT, Jso. Aleeto.Loc
11. 111tCCL • l'Eruncix, JOHN WIIITTAKER,
'foostAs I'. CAMPBELL.
• GuOVER & •
GiaY.These Machines 111 . 0 now justly admitted
to be the best in use for Family Sewing, sin•
Icing a new, strong, and elastic stick, which will
sir rip, even if every fourth stitch be cut.—
Circuturs sent on application by leiter.
Agents wanted.
11140zownws NOTIC.r.
Di persons interested that the following named
persons have settled their accounts in the Reg
ister's Office ut Huntingdon, and that the said
accounts will be presented for codlirination and
allowance, at an Orphans' Court to he held at
Huntingdon, in aim] fur the County of Huntinp
dun, on Wednesday the 11th day of August
next, to wit:
1 David S. Ker, Exector, Se., of Henry
Ker, late of the borough of Huntingdon,
dee'd., who was in his life time solo Adminis
trator of his fater the Hon. John Ker, late of
Walker township deed.
2. atvid Snare, Esq., rrustee appointed
by the Orphan's Court, to sell the rem estate
of Jacob Africa, late of the borough of Hun.
tingdon dee'd.
3. Israel Smiley, Executor, &c., of John
Smiley, late of Brady township, dec'd.
4. B. I'. Foust, Executor, &c., of Peter
ipplo, lute of Shirty township. dee'd.,
S. Joon C. Couch, Admtnistrator of Ann
S. Hays, Into of Barroe township, deed.
6. David H. Campbell, Executor, &e., of
Solomon Moyer, late of Penn township, dec'd.
'I. David H. Campbell, one of the Adminis
trators of Thomas Enyeart. late of Pettit tp.
8. Guardianship account of D H. Campbell,
guardian of thetninof children of Adam Gar.
ner, decd, late of Penn tp., dec'd.
Register's Wiee.
litintiligdo)tditly 14 1833.1
Have just received their second stock of
which will be sold of at
It comprises Summer Dress Goods of every
description, Prints, Gingham% Cottons, White
Goods, Hosiery, Mitts, Trimmings, Marseilles,
Patent Extension Skirts, Hoops of all kinds,
Straw Gods, Boots k Shoes, and a largo and
general assortment of all kinds of Goode suf.
table to the wants ~f the community.
Glass Preserving Jars, different sizes, for
ror Nature never kohl more lovely then 'l'lia C nSFI LIFI SEM IN CRY.
at the present time. Old Mother Earth has
put on her best looks and garest, attire, the bald
Places on her ancient .1)A," she has effectual. , THE PRESENT FACULTY.
ly covered from view, with the luxurious gem;
WALII, Principal
tore of Spring. Just so, only substituting Art , Prot or Lanzunm .0 Philosophy,
for Nature, our friend ()rouse THURGALAND, Cites. N. Joann. A. :la ,
of No. 29 South Sixth St., is covering the bald Prof. of Latin. Greek, etc.
W. Hughes,
heads of mankind in general, with his exquisite Prof. at iieuitivs.
ly light, graceful end comfortable "Gossamer Benjamin F. Houck.
Wigs," and Toupees. Our readers, who have of Mathematics
had the misfortune to lose this natural urns- Gov. We Linton,
pra. of
meet, the hair, should call at his dressing rooms
in Philadelphia and examine Pm themselves the
superiority of the articles of his make over
those of any other mauufactured. His LiqUill
Hair Dye continues deservedly popular, being
free from all deleted°. qualities, and import
leg to the hair and whiskers a soft, glossy, life
like appearance. Genyge has ale° tunny other
useful toilet articles, which he offers to the pub
lic, combining two very desirable qualities, to
wit : —excelleore and cheapness. Let all our
readers who vision;; Philadelphia give
him a call,
' l/,
A 130 . Aa TeNS. --)
. 0 1
Dvt. the inventor of 111111SE'S IN
I)IA N 1100" f PILLS, hes spent the grot•
ter part of his ble in travelling, having visited
Europe, Asia. nod .11'rics, its well as North Smolt !hive years attion:.; the lit
diens of our NVtistern country—it was in this
way that tee !runnel Root l'ills were Hest ills
covertiel. 1)1.. Morse wets the first unto to es
tablish the fact that all diseases arise front Im
purity of the Blood—that itur strength, health
and life depended spat this vital Ilithl.
%Viten the verb,u passages become clogged,
and do not net in perfect harmony with the dit
ferce.t functions eel the body, the blood Isees
its action, becomes thick, corrupted and di
ceased; thus causing all pains sickness foul
distress tel every name; our strength is extnt,
ted, our health we are deprived of. and it' na
ture is not assisted in throwing id the stag
aunt humors, the blood will is amigo choked
cease to act, and thus our light of life will
forever be blown out. flow imports., then
that we should keep the various pee.rtears eel
the body free and spelt. And how pleas:tat to
uy that we have it in our power lit poi a meth-
Cis° is year, reach, namely. Morse's 11..11.1,1
limit Pills, manufactured frog illwit,;o.ll rota,
which grow around the motottaitiotts cliffs in
Nature's garden, for the 'militia awl recovery
of diseased man. - Ont. of the roots from whicit
these fills are made is a Sittlorifie. which to
pens the pores or the, skin, and assists Nuoire
tan throwing ont. the liner parts of the corrup•
this with's. The secotel is a plant which is
lice Expectorant, that opens and unclogs th
passage to the lungs, unit thus, its tt suothitt,
manner, performs its duty by thretwitig off
phlegm. and other Manors front the lungs by
copicuS spitting. The third is a Dairen,.
which gives ease and double strength to the
kidneys; thus eitcoutaged, they draw large a—
mounts of impurity from the blood, which is
then thrown ant houtaitlilly by Cut urinary or
water passage, end wliielt could n t have been
discharged in any other way. The fourth is
a Cathartic, and aceumpanies the other prop
miles of the Pills while engaged in purityis,
theltlood; the coarser' particles of impuriry
which cannot pass by the other outlets, ale
Chas taken up ainel conveyed Ml' in great glom
tithes lip the bowels.
From the above, it is shown that Dr. .1.1orsel•
Indian Hoot Pills not only t 111,1 , 1, SlOlllllOl
hot 1.2111....: 111111.1 with the !11,,ni1, for they find
way to evcry part, and completely rest out
and cleanse the i..attitti from all ottpurii, and
the life al the body. which is the blood, be
comes perfeetly healthy; sonsettnently all sick
ties,: mid tome is driven front the system, for
they cannot remain when the body becomes
so ;etre slid clear.
'lice reason why people are see distressed
whoa sick, and why so malty elk, is because
tley do not get a medicine which will pass to
the afflicted parts, and which will open the
natural passages lie the disease to be cost one
hence, a large geeeeeetity of food. need other neat
ter is lodged, and the stomitelt and intestines
ere literally overflowing with the corrupted
mass; thus undergoing disagreeable ferments•
tion, constantly mixing with the Wood, which
throws the corrupt,' nuttier through every
vein and artery, until lite is taken from the
holy by disease. Dr. Morse's Pills have ad
ded to themselves victory upon victory, by re
storing minions or Ilk sick to leloomiug health
and happiness. Yes, thousands who have
been racked or tormented with sickness, psiu
end anguish, and whose feeble frames have
eel score hod ley the burning elements of eet
ging rtver. tout who have been brought, as it
were, within a step of the silent crave, now
stand ready to testify t list they would have
been numbered with the don:!. had it out been
for this and wonderful medicine, Morst.'s
Indian Root Pills. Ifni,- out, or two doses
laud been taken, they wile U01111 . .11011, Allil 1111
sedately surprised, ill 1t1111,,,111, their chars,
ing effects. Not tally flu they give immetli•
ate ease and strength. and take away all sick
eras, pain and anguish but they at ones go to
work at the foundeition of the disease, which is
the blood. Therelbre, it will he shown, o:epee.
ially by those who use those l'ills, that they
will so cleanse and purify, that disease—thal
• deadly enemy—will take its flight, and the
flush of youth need Inanity trill again return
aud the prospect of et long and happy life will
eheresh end brighten your days.
CAU'flON.—Beware of a counterfeit. big,ll.
ed A. 11. Moore. Aid genuine have the 1111111 C
ref A. J. WHITE k CO, on each box. Also
the sit/raw/ire of A. J. C'e.e, All 0111-
era are smirker. ,
A. 3. 11'1. & CO., Sole rap., elnrs,
50 Leonord Street. New York.
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills are • sold lay
all dealers in Medicines
Se . '" ',gents wanted in ercry town, village
and hamlet in the land. Parties desiring the
tigeney will address as above for terms.
ger Price 25 cents per box, five boxes will
be sent on receipt of $l, postage paid,
JOHN READ, Agent Huntingdon, Pa.
December '6's7:—Gm.
The Alexandria Foundry Flasks, Palters, &c.,
have been bought by H. C. Mc The
Foundry is in blast and 119 has ell kinds of Cas-
tigns. Stoves of all kinds. Machines,
Ploughs, Kettles, &e.. &c., which he
will sell at the low— r' est market prices.
MI kinds of Conn• try produce and
old metal tattoo in exchange at market prices.
R. C. I
May 26 1858. 1
SILK BONNETS of avail: variety and priac
offering very cheap by
Nteutsn &
- R OI:GLASS & SIIERWOODS' Putout Ex- xACKEREL of ell Nus., Herring, &c., can
tension Skirts, for sale only by I IVI be hail of the best quality, by calling on
Mrs. NI. 'lc3l. W Ii iVh Precepiress,
'l'.a,•hp, of Volans. II ist"ry, Hewling; etc.
Miss L•'. M Faulkner.
"'earlier or Penis Work. Painting, Drawing,
Miss D. L. • laulrY.
'readier of Piano Music, Wax Fruit, Ficirs,
Mrs. ME. esarwin.
Penehrr or En lisp Branches.
Itlip.s J. 31. Walsh.
Teacher of Primary English.
The recent success or this Neho,il. is extutrit
(Hoary. Besides being the cheapest one of the
kind ever estnitli*•hcd, it is WM' the lat•gest U
this seethe of the State. :111 branch, lir
taught, 1.1,1 students u 11,1., and of 1,4'
,use:, ere rct•eiectl. ' HU! poll i•t 1;11' you
need not he mitre time : 911. ';;wlems can cc
ter thou wi s h. Addr.. s s.
1 Co., Pa.
'U4I , D ron sAL,E.
The subscriber (airs for sale a small fart
in Henderson township. half a mile north ear
of the borough or lItooingtIon,1111j41litill:;,' Mai
of .I.tho Simpson. Colestttek, end °theist, em
taittiog about ninety aeres and 11.11.11111,1V1
tWellty•ii ve or thirty WhiCh are clear°
and tinder good state of ,ahiv.ition. Th
ba., WPII timliested. There are an th ,
property throe nover lailiog springs or goo
water. Tht, of hi two.itor
frame house otol knight, and a b.g smith.;
line pinup apple orchard of grafted fruit.-
Terms made known by appleing ttiiite soleter
01 pha 11S . COIIII Sale,
Reirl Esdate J.9:1/ES
Br virtue of a Florins order ot th. t
(art of Huntingdon County will
to :oae by public outcry, oa the -.
So/witty, the lull. dui/
the hotar,, a 2 awl 4 ,•.:. l'. NI.--
lot or ground in the 11-n,o ~•
trooting on %in Ntreet Aixty 1., owl ex
Int.• 1; !Wales thereto. on hundred nod
forty root i being No. in 1110 pine or ',lid
town. d • joiuing lot of leave Sh.trrer on the
tiorth.tuol hnri •g thereon ererltd n
7,v0 Slory Log flotts,
nolns ttt Sok.—Oto , lhir.l or 11, I ,ireha:o
111011, I. ho IN,hlclu cotqh,inoi,m.a sßfo, awl
th.• halnitet+ in two Komi nuunul .••yooo,ts,
with ioter,t, to ho seeur,il I v tho awl
el' the perelinser.
MAI'S M. t'l,lll.K.
Sulks , is hrrrl.. t!ivt s. ty,tn mon.
tary on lire In,t will or
iAlto.ll tt dm oodot , i2n.l. All 11,1,•11-
t,•,i to the ostut,• ot r01 1 .1..5tp.1
111:llii. ,111 lotving
ogninst it, 101,1,vwit them properly attt
(11\1111N•, t F ,
sTEltal.i. cum I NA, f
ip .1000 23,1. 1858.-61.
E.vhole 11 11 41ct..(1.)
tl in i 1 ,, t tor , A Nil ice.
1; h,•11.1., Otni t.. 6 ,11111.11-
Mr,' Willi the wit: ot .1. hay. I r o
t • the onderAig•ilt.l, ilo ,
Into ofM.r., is tiot \II 1,:i•
snns indebted to said emu', will III•
littintedinte pitylnent. and tliose lin \ill, ,lam,,
will present. Own) duly nilthetitietited Itiv
!Tient. DAVID sTEw.kitor,
And who that in gray wtmlol not have it re
stored to rorttier volor; 1W but would have
tl e growth restored. or unaided with dandruff
and itching. but Wlllll.l It ore it removed or trot,-
loled with scrofula, scull bead, or other erup
tions, lout would he cured, or with sick headache
(neuralgia) loot would be cured. It will also
remove all pimples from therm. and skin. Prot.
Wood's Hair storative will do all this, see
circular and lie lidlowina.
;,NN ARDOR, November 5.1856.
Poor. ). .1. Woott—l)ear Sir. I have heard
ut.di sail the wonderful effects of your Hair
lic•trative, lout having been so often cl.eattr.
by quackery wool tio.strums, hair dyes, &v.. I was
to plat e your Restorative in .{lto game
category with the thousand awl one loudly num
inucd .;sack remedies, uttril I met you in Law-
ITTIM county .1111 t! 111.1111/i, Sllll, Wlllll p/11
gave ants such as-,1,1110•0.:0• 111.111t,1 th t Ci;,l 111
your ReSTIMICIVi. in 71, I . ollloy-Ih, by or,
wife, who, yin, thin awl en- 111 in do , c riii , ented enres ehronio
fireisone rho, in it , not, damns, while Sommer and
large lioitles. Ler hair was ici.toreil nearly to l' 111, 1 111 1 111 1iIi 1 i 111 i• yield almost to the first dose.
original loeaut int] I,rown color. anol hall thicken- ()tie or two .1..-ca env., attacks can. ed by
111101 beco.oe beautiful and glossy anon. and W llllllB in Chii.h , n , Owl" is no ' , o'er or speed
entirely over the Iliad ; she contiiiiies t o. ite , i t , ie.' remedy in the world. as it never rail,
not simply lieeanso of it: heautify l ng etr,ts torgrA 1 .14 w 111111111, cures ddropsy, by c.cciling
on the hair. 1111 r of its healthful lade- floe absorbents.
coax upon the heal anti mind. Others of my I We take pleasure in recommendi tigthis nied
family 4111.1 1 . 1 are using your iteqmutive. 11 Preventive Fever nod Ago , Chill, I
with the balmiest edicts; th.lefore, my skepti- raver, and all Fevers of a Bilious Type. It
cisat and dooln; rethrence to its character me operates with certainty. and thousands ere wit-
entirely remove.] cm] and do mo-t coral- 'ling to. testify !or, its wenderlnl virtues.
ally un.l eunl IcofiuHy recommend its use by a ll All ho use it ave giving their unanimous tes
;rho would have their half restored Irani whit. limony iii
or „y (by ~,,son of sickness ar ' , go o fr4 - 'lix water in the mouth with the Invigo
nal color and beauty. and by all young persons 11101 r, nod ''‘valh'"' both t.gethet•
who would have tho to sir b•atutit 'I. The Liver Invigorator.
Very truly and Frntern ly yours,
n evientille medical discovery and is daily
working cores. too groat to °alter°. It
cur., a.s il' by magic. evert the first dose giving I
.oenelit, and scliloin more than one bottle is re-
tittired to core al, kind or Liver complaint,
11.1,11, the worst jaundice or Dyspepsia to a cool
own Headache, all of which are the result of 0
d.soased Liver.
it. 1. 1 .44.y0uti. Propr.ii.or, 34.5 Broailway.N.r. 1
Sold by 11. IleAlattigill, A J. Road Huntingdon. I
Apr.7.'58.-1 v.
Futnun Wool) : It was n long limo oiler I saw
you et Illisstit Id • elbre I gut 5551 Itottle or -
storative ter which you gay, MI, tin order tin , ,n
your. intent in Dettoit. and when ; got it
concluded to try it Ms Ictir, a.: the test of its power. It has done nd th,tt
you tu.surctl not it would do : and other.: of ofy
fdtnily and trim's, having witne,oled its
ere now and reconttnending 010 to Oth
ers es entitled to the highest couuldcration you
claim li r it.
Again, eery raepec•tfully and truly your.,
eAItLYLE, 111, June 28, 1252.
I hare usedlti's Itestor
wire, 111111 bane 11311111rell it wonderful eirtiets.—
Al) hair was lit:coining, ll` , 1 thmielit, ti,,iiitture
ly gray, but by the mu or ilk I{,,, , tor.itive it ha.
resumed its original color, and, I have nu dunk
pbritianClitly BU.
S. IntESSE. ex Senithir. I:. S.
0. J., W 001) & CO., I'mprivn,,,, 312
was, N. Y., (in due gi . e.d N. Y, 11.1 r, 1l fling
Es..aldjahnagn) unit I (4 Market man, St. Lou
, and told by all good Drugvits.
DEAN Li.: S41:11.; t.
ILLUSTRATED' Successors to Ilecket & Co.
The New York t% eeklv Golden Pile° is one
ranrizvirr•sziw::•.Aem • of the lareett and ,best • Itentry onperg of the
The New York Weekly Press is one of the ges, or forty columns, of the most interesting
hest liternry papers of the day, A large quarto and fcseinating reading matter. from the pens of
containing twenty mei, or sixty colomoe. or , the very first writers of the day,
entertaining !natter ; end elegantly illustrated , ELEGANTLY ILLUSTRATED snotty WEEK.
every week,
A Gift worth from 50 cents to $lOOO 00 will Worth fro A m P s l( 3 l ('! S en E t N s to $4OO 00,
be sent to each subscriber on receipt or the sub. Will ha given to each subscriber immediately
scription money. lon receipt of the subscription money. This is
presented us a meumnto of Friend,hip, and not
ns an inducement to obtain subscribers
I Inopy for 1 vent, $2 00 end I Present.
2 3 50 2 Presents.
; fig 3 o 5 00 5 "
I I: 5 gi 0 00 5 l•
1 ropy 1 year, 0101 I {lilt•
copies " 3 gifts
$2 00
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ill the thllo wing list:
I U S. Treasury Note, $lOOO CO.
00 3 "
00 5 "
15 00 10 "
21 " 30 00 21 "
The articles to be given away are comprised
in the Ibllowing list
2 Parkages of Gold, colig 0500 00 each.
5 do eo do 200 00 each.
10 do do do 100 00 each.
10 Patina Lever Rune,: Watches 100 00 each.
20 Gold Watch. 75 on each.
50 do 50 00 each. 1
100 do 50 00 each.
WO Ladies' Gold Wittelic3 35
200 Silver /hinting Watches 50 30 each.
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1000 (.'ld Gaard, Chains $lO 00 to 30 00 each
Gold Lockets, Bracelets, Brooches, Ear
Drops. Breast. Pins, Carl Pins Sleeve Buttons,
Woes. Shirt Studs, Watch Keys, Gold and
ver'l'lnmbles. and a variety of other articles,
worth from 50 cents to $l5 eitell.
Wemill present to every person sending tts
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sult,crilter will oho receive a present.
Immediately on receipt of the money, the
sul nom will he entered upon our
book ,and tl e present will be forwarded within
one week, by mail or express, post !mid,
eontmm~it•ations should he addressed to
I)EAN & SALTER, Proprietors,
335 Broadway, New York.
cut tit
June 9,'58:--11,1
2 do. do. do.. 500 00, covlt
5 do. do. do. 200 00, each
10 do. do. du, 100 00. ouch
10 Par: Lev. c's 001011 es 100 00, oncli
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3,0 Ludipq 11,1,1 NVoolles,
85 011. Cavil
200 ,iiver loon. f•ai. watches, :10 00, each
row 15.,t(10,, $l5 00 to 25 00, each
1(1011 (101,1 /bll and'
17,1e:11111, 10 (01 to 30 00, each
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()old Locket, Bracelets Brooches, Mo . -aropi
Breast Pant, roll' Pins. Sleeve 13nttons. Rings,
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Thimi.les, tool a variety of other articles, worth
from 50 cents to $l5 tit each.
Ito rereipt of the subscription money, the
set... Owes name will be entered upon our
hied, opposite n miniher, and the gift eurres
ith that number will be forward.'
within one week to hint, by mail or express,
There is neither humbug nor lottery about
every subscriber is sure of II prize
of value. We prefer to make this liberal dis
trilmtbm among them instead of giving a large
cu tom b,b.n to Agents, giving to the snhscri
her the &lumina that would go to time Agent,
and in many cases n hum bell fold more
All communications should I
211 CENTRE ST.. N 1: W YI , IIIC.
llny 26, 1858. ly.
Compottn:7ed entirely of Gums.
13 out• - or the hest purgative end liver ntedi
tines nnn• heiorc the public, that :lets HS it C.,
timrtie, easier, nt Ilc and mere er,'cetital than
;my tier medicine known. It if, not only n
Ilirtic., hat it Liver remedy, acting first on ti,,,
.. -
Liver to fleet it , morbid. Elicit on the stomach
ati.l liowels to carry off that matter. thus
two purtioeen effectually. without nun 0(
thr ii.otirtil feelings experience i in t he operation
imi , t Cathartic , . It stregthen , the system at
the Slllllo time that it purgus it , tool when taken
sloth in moderate il, sen. will streughten
loiiltl it op with unusual rapidity.
. .
i.e r is ont. 011416 e principal regltla
tor , or rile 1111111.1.11 botal 4IV when it pCP
1.1 . ti its functions well the Illneers of the sY4
ithee,t el.t.rtdt - ',eta im the healthy
netiati or the t, the pruner petlorm
nnu•e of Ili , hiliction, trw tf ile. the sinntnch is
it; fault, the bowel, or.• v iitt fluilt tool tint whole
in von. '4; stinence of non °twat
liarii , ,,,' i veLsca to .1,0 i:s duty.
Roc t h,, dh.eas t , tied organ one Of the
proarieiorg e lit his sui,iy. in
mon! on%
. ..ars. to mid route
remedy WhereWitil ;eii.1111,1 . ...t the ninny
tkerntn,etbents to a liichl it is liable.
'l,, !dote that. this at last di:-
COVered atly person',_!`"unfit Liver
in any bas hut to try
a lie eertnin.
TLC. t uni, r.onovcl l.. fell rn.rhiA or loyl
matter thou tho sy , 10111!, I , upply Mg in their
pi, oo hr 1.1 Of hi le, ilivigorutiitg
011111.11 . 11. 1;110 to 41ipx•t well,
purifying the hio , ai,i:El•ving tone owl health
to Ilo; removing theemse
oi end or 7! Ilieetin4 u radiral core.
me. II e" ;
eve front
the food fro
r,„;,,, 4 and ' , wiring. I
~ . .
linlions wracks nre 1 20, cured, nn.l whnt is
Ire :tee, prevented. Ity . the occasional see of
the Liver In vigorator. 4
tin I . y me do, ta-1^ ken before etirin g
prevents Nightmare. ' i.
• • • •
Only one dose taken at night,. 1., ens the
l‘o , ‘ els goal, and cures Costiveness.
One slots taken alter each meal will c c Des
erotic dose or two teaspoonfuls will lau3s
remove Sick Headache.
Ore bottle token for female olretructioure
moves the canoe of the disease, and makes a
pei:cet care.
Only one dose immediately relieves Cholie,
One doge often repeated is a sure cure for
Cholera Morhus, end a preventive of Cholerit.
eiV'Otay one horde in needed to throw out of
the systen, the effects of molitineofter a long
'One bottle taken for .inandieo removes
all sallowness or color trom the skin.
lne !Iwo] taken a slew' tone heloro
givc• vigor to the appetite, atul makes fowl digest
New C a d - Press,
Having tap ,lit - t:411:0 we
are now prepatc,', to print in the prcportion of
lira: cards in th, se:,• , time that any oti ,55
press in the county 515 print one, eonsequent•
ly we can print them else er—il' not done well
we make no charge at all. We ask year pa
I.7IPLF.NDff Line of Dross Goods, end racing
L./ Notes of nil kinds, forages Cholys, Lawns
' °tonal Brilliants, Chintzes. ie.. ran be found
A large assortment at the Hardware Store.
deb•—nn ii perint QUarto. containing! eight pa,
Et 00
15 00
.30 00
3 Copies, I year,
DA. 1 .a., 2 1 11].iin - fi..V&tEr.-13,1
In the "Gold !legion" and other portions of
Virginia, the. Following Farms anti Buil
ding Lots, in gliares. to wit:
rtwa, too on, us, gull mine is 100 sere,
4 Fan. (WO deres . e.teh, are 250 "
•25 " 40 " " 1000 "
70 " 20 " 1400 "
150 " 10 " laoo `•
250 •` 5 44 4., 1250 "
boo " a 41. I{ loon '•
250 iluild'g iota A. its. and sq. 710 "
1350 " " 100x100 " 925 "
2500 " 50x100 " 925 ••
5000 " " 25x100 " 959 "
10,000 :Shares, umoantiug to 10,000 op.'s
Certificates of the above Shares, (with Bonds
for the immediate execution and delivery of the
ieeds,),lnive been enclosed in 111,000 envelopes,
erectly alike, and scaled; which, after being
well mixed up, have been numbered on the MIL-
S, 0 from I to 10.000 inclusive, so thm no one
knows the contents of env particular envelope.
They will he said at $lO eneh, without reference
to w hat they contain, end sent to ith y one ma
king application, Unexceptionable Titles will
in all eaten lie given.
The largest Farm. containing a Gold Mine is
! rained at $lO.OOO, and the smallest sized
mg Lots have heel: oiling at - $lO each.
dreds have al re.ioi bi en sold upon these terms.
Whilst all stand the same chance of ;:eating the
Farms, every purchaser is guarante,sl one of
these Tuts at least. livery other purchaser is
bound to get ono of at heist double its size Awl
ethic. Every Muth purchaser one or at
quadruoie its size and salute. t every
tenth purr lacer will get a farm ranenig in value
from $2OO up to satl,ooo. These farms and
Lots are sold suchen', to induce settlements, a
sufficient number liejcg reserved, t h e increase
in the value of which will compensate roe the
present sserifice. The net proceeds are to be
implied to Meal improvements, such us Schools, Site.
Factories. AIM, be. Any number of Shares A gentleman) of Boston writes to his friend
e au I o taken h individuals to secure a Farm i n N ow Rednnti thus t
ta eat least um shares. The certificates can T„ none inquiries I would reply, tint when r
lie obtuined by paying one-half, and the Deeds I first commenced to use Professor Wood's Hair
by paying theuther half. Restorative, my hair was almost white, and had
C 4 .10,00 0 Acres of band, in large or small i been so for this last ten years and it was very
triers eau else be had at privets tale. and upon thin on the top of my head, and very loose, and
the most reasonable terms. Some of it is high- I relied eat very freely; but I found that hefine
ly implored. Agents aro wanted everywhere I had used ell the second honk., (which Won
to sea these lands. . Liberal inducements will be eight' weeks) my hair was entirely changed to
given. Fur toll particulars imply to
its original rotor, light brown, end is now free
R. BAUDER, and quite moist. I have had my
Port Royal, Caroline to. Var hair eat five or six times since the change, and
have never seen anything like white hair start
. ing from the roots; and it is now as thick as
T . ADI . CS COLLARS, newest styles in ['real it ever was, and does not come out all. It has
sis 4 variety at I Ile I "" nrM ' ITAN. prOVCII iu my also all that I could wish to ask.
BouTsC E 11.\'1'ssIli , S, 's & c.ll's, thel July 1, 1835, Yours, etc,
largest stock suer brought turf/WU. arc ,
rig very diem, hr Fisill,no McMutir [From the Boston Herald.]
P rofessor Wt.od's Nair Restorative, grity hair
iginal color.
Gardiner, Maine, is but one of the many in.
NATIONAL SAFETY TRUST CO. stances that are daily coming to our knowledge
WA LNUT STREET, uf its wonderful elleets
'nem by the 81;11r of
lame or small, and interest paid from the
day or deposit to the day of withdrawal.
The °nice is open every day from 9 o'clock
in the morning till 5 O'clock in the arternatm,
awl on Monday and Thursday evenings till 8
110 N. HENRY L. BENNER, President,
noBERT sELFRIDGE, Tice President,
WM. J. HEED, &cram.,
lion. Henry L. 13enner, F. Carroll Brewster,
'Edward L. Carter, Joseph B. Barry,
Boller, L. Selfridge, Francis Lee,
Send. K. Ashton, Joseph Yerkes,
C. Landreth Munns, Henry Dietlenderffer ,
Money in received and pttyments made daily
without notice.
• The investments are made in Real Estato
Mortgages, 'Ground Rents, and such class se
curities ns the Charter requires.
CoLomit. G. W. CRoCKETT,
HENR' CLAP(', 'lux.,
1)1. VERNON.
Write only for the
sale at this office; it is calculated to born wood
or coal.
To Merchants and Farmers.
GROUND PLASTER can he had et the
Huntingdon Flour and Plaster Mills, in any de
pirahle gnantitv. on ettd niter the let day of
March, 1858. We deliver it ram: or CHARGE
on the care M the denote of the Pennsylvania
and Broad Top Railroad,
Storo dt Dwelling to Itent at Broad
Top City.
The fine large Stone Store and dwelling at
Broad Top Cite is now offered for rent en vor
y nccnmmodnting terms, card is one.of the best
Stores in the County of Huntingdon. • A very
fine business can be done at this place with
the Mines now in operation below Broad Top
City. and also with the surrounding country,
es there in no pond Store within many miles
of this place, and any one keeping a goad
Stark of Provisions and Goods suitable for
Country use can undoubtedly do n very fine
bushiest. To a good Tenant the Store and
IF.volling will be rented on easy terms,
Apply to , -
J. NI, CLARK, A fumt
Broad Top City
Junk: 16, '68.-6t.
QPLENDID RAG CARPET for 3 ets. per
and t rho cheap store of
F/8111,11 &
THE 321Merr
2.1 Z 2.1D.J
those of our subscribers who re
eive their ,m us of those in their
immediate neighborhoods who are subscribers
to the "Journal," and have faded to receive
the same, since the stealing of oar pack-hook,
runisns on the :hi of February.
WIT EA AND CORN wanted ut dna
11. 'JUR,' haring either can divose of the
me I,y ailing soon.
Chambersburg to Mt, Union
91 be undersigned aware that a satspension of
1 the line of Stones over the road between
el.mbershurg and Mt, Union, cannot ho but
dismtrantageons to n large aaection of the coun
try, hna, at a considerable expense and trouble
mode tierangements to run a line of Stages
Tai-weekly between the two points Good
Horses and comfortable Stages have been pla
ced on the route, anal experienced nod trusty
drivers will superintend the running of the
Coaches. The proprietorof the tine is disirous
date it be maintained, and ho therefore calls
upon tho nubile generally to patronize it. confi
dent that it will be fiat their mutual advantage.
Every 'attention necessary will be given, and
the mulling' ot the stages will be regulate.
er Stages leave Mt. Union, every Tuesday
Thursday, and Satui lay evenirgs. arriving at
Claarnberabarg the next day at 0 o'clock. He
mming:. leave Chow bershiirg, the same night
at to clock, arriving at Mc Maenad., next
eveeing in time for the cars. Between Mt, Un
ion anal Shade Gap the line will be daily.
1 ' Fare through S 3 ; tat intermediate points
in proportion. JOIN JAMISON.
Jan. 20th, 1058.—tr.
Grey Hair to its Natural Color.
ngtonishing and um:mulled preparation
has never fined to produce n growth on Bald
II eta, when used according to the direction,
and tarn latch to its original color, after
having become gray, and reinstate it in all its
original Iteulth, lustre, softness and beanty. Re
mves at once all scurf dandruff and unpleasant
itching, scrofula, eruptions and feverish heat
from the scalp. It also prevents the hair from
becoming unhealthy and filling off, and hence
orto as a perfect HAIR INVIGORATOR AND To-
mutt, Maine, June 22, 1955.
DEAR Sin t—l have used two bottles of Prof.
Wood's, Hair Hestorative, and can truly any it is
the' grvutest discovery of the age for restoring
awl changing the hair. Before using it, I was
a wan of seventy. My hair has now attained
its o.lginal color, You can recommend it to tho
world without the least fear, as any case was ono
of the wont kind.
You' s, respect fully,
Professor 0. J. Wood.
BROOKFIELD, Massachusetts, Jan. 12, 185 r,.
DE. Stu :—Having made a trial cif yuur
Flair Restorative, it gives me pleasure to say
that its effect has been excellent in removing In
flammation, dandruff, and a ocaistant itching
bendency, withich l have born troubled fc
childhood ; and Lan alto restored my hairwhich
was becoming grey, to its original color 4. have
used no other article with anything like the
*awe and profit. Yours truly.
Pastor of the Orthodox Choreh, lirookiteld,
Protestor Wood,
[From the Missouri Democrat.]
W OOD'S HAIR DTE.—Th is admirable ar
ticle is rapidly Improving the hair. No article
Sir a similar kind, now before the public, enjoys
a better reputation as a restorative and invigo
rating hair tonic. Its peculiar chemical quali
ties have a leneficial effect upon the growth and
character of the hair, giving a silky and glossy
texture to that which was formerly of a coarse
and dry Data. It has, also, we understand, a
tendency to preserve the youthful color and' ap
pearance of tlio hair, and destroying or coaster.
acting the effects of all age. With such recom
mendations in its favor, we hardly perceive how
anv body or gentleman should he without so val
uable an adjunct to their toilet.
0. WOOD Proprietor v, 310 Broadway
N. Y., & 114 Market st., St. Louis, Missouri.
Sold its Huntingdon by lonia READ, and
MCMAKIO3I.I., and by Druggists everywhere.
Feb. 10,1858.-3 m. Mar.25.'57.- IV.