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New Goods ! New G4POds
.r The " Iltntrtha rtoN JOURNAL' is publishers at
the following rates:
P. P. (MUMS 'II.IsEP STORE. p a id h i . ....... $1,39
If paid within sin months after the time of
D. P. Go in has ins[ veturnd from Philadebi subscribing 1,75
with the largest and most beainiful as- (f , Ni;d before th e expration or the ycnr, 2,00
' And two dollars and fifty cents il' lint pmd
SPRIVG AND sum ij GOODS, t , I After the expiration a the year. No subserip•
Ever broaelit to Huntingdon, ton taken for n less period titan six months.
consisting of the most fashimmide Dress " • All ,Rbserilt.B.... continued until nth'
for Ladies and Gem Imnen, such us Black •SiThs. r ie r"dt in“ n()NIP," will „ ;
mo t h im ., A sy„„i a, L o i ns, ( n il co l ors ) ed, with urrear pa
ayes are to, except at the option
Svc, I w a il, Chant, !Wising. Berages ' (all el the publisher.
L eve n., i•m i l t , m ime , p o p. SI. Returned numbers are never received by us.
lies, Primed troth: r., Prdlimits, plain and fie' All numbers sent de in that way arc lost, and
Loom, nod Prints of every des never accomplish the purpose of the sender.
sei I 3. Persons wishing to stop their subscriptions,
A lar,,e 1 , .t or , lres. Ti•immi ngs , n m ust pay Ur arroorayes, and !Mall a WriNett or
• A m•tp i es. ;;•”1, - , iti Itunong, B rai d s , verbal order to that elrebt, CO the office of pub-
Skirt Cord, Silk • lieatiou in Huntingdon
Nvek ties, Stock,l 4. Giving notice to a postmaster is neither a
',Pm, Linen end legal is proper umico•
I 5. After one or more numbers of a new year
assortment o f C a l_ • have heels forwarded, a new year has comment:-
os, to Bar'd and ,ed, :soil the paw will not be discontinued until
phi,, arrearages are pith), See No. I.
0 rn. Capes, and a ' The Courts hove decided that refusing to take
„,, ~, „ „ nnrerias to men• a mos spaper from the Mike, or remini ug and
Icai rig it unrolled Mr, is PRIMA NACU: evidence
, Delaine Pit ' or intrutional fraud.
Nob,ribers living in distant counties, or is
.• . • -. '3•SiliCt, Twced, 6:.11 er Slates, trill be requirml to pay invariably
. s • ',live Weill, Nankeen% i'r
cg The above terms will he rigidly adhered
.si•ii lima, •, ti, iu nil cases.
t , istrgeSt 1111/1 chce ADVEWEISENIENTS
• Quir AT ,.., Will be chervil at the following rates:
▪ •,, •... 10 , 4,03100. 2 110• 3 do.
;urevs or less, $ 25 $ 371 $ 50
sognr, (If lines,) 50 75 t 00 is (32 ) 100 I 5(1 200
3_mo. 6 mo. Is 1110.
%.. 1 ,~,i i'. I'n
11:.1, ‘V
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a 1,
, (17 81101.!, $3 03 $5 00 $8 00
5 00 S 00 12 00
8 00 12 00 IS 00
12 00 18 00 27 00
do. 18 00 27 00 40 00
• -. .• • '3, hiulit, nu, • .; ..•
DA VI)) 1' 1 l e., 28 00 40 00 50 00
llnsiness Curtis of six lines, or less, $4.00.
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7711171 .N7 • IW 6.43 " 31 Advertising and Job Work,
lt 4 4. Wi! would remind the Advertising con,
' r"."' " l ' ll'i‘N
eat- I II others tvho wish to brinf t , ,
-• ' ' t , !nullity and it
,n„,” it,
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" their business exieti,it ely I eleto the rub
' "' „ia tic, that the Joureat has the hugsst
C u !ion orally paper to the county—that
it i, c etstAnily increasing;—and that it
j ,„ l • , . nia into the hands of our wealthiest citi
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VieVaria laoans. Nam
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A good Aoki; a
CHO( EISIES, Sh is n is 411.1:EN111111E
V . 4):31 and V,
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~.:~ . I t 7 scrit:l , tit .!it• i!petli'd
t\nd will be sold t'A por cent.
ci:i If 'A'SO 4. tio 111•IESTI
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It Holy other
Pat nt Poitatle Fence.
I Fcm 1%.,1 I, Farina
1111.! TOWli••1.11, ( . .1 1J • ,••••1'••1 small sum
t.h.• inzllo.l. CO
mid , cc mudei at unce. It is decidedly
I'm,, cvm. N,. 1 , :t1 . 111Pr should
widmin it, I nunbl be benefit
awl tl , llill, II f•ur
111 NItY COICNPROPS r, Agent
lur Iluiltingdoti County.
GliF \'1 1 ST()ltAil
- Zefeiv - 151 . 1 g and Grceery Store.
Nlll IL "; 1111 d CO, 17111 tibt
„j 0,,• Court 11... 111111titt~dnn.
11.1,1, 1., 111 1 , 1 . 11,.., D\ll Stain),
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1 .111.1, .V.i11,0, 11,1 , 11 v of Ow Boot
1110,101,1 Util.M.1.11,1•••1 Ile for
111:11: 111: ,;•.. 0 , 1 , 00.. M. , theines
cum,. T.,
Salt. l'ravlwrs, Note,
(1,..g, Syr
ull+ 1111111 Lim]. 10,0000, ill a word
evt.r4tltill, 11 , 11:111V Isi Or Grocery
5t..., floe, wl 0 desite 1,1111. 11101 (o.aluioe or
tidos will .1.1 tall by g ivi, uan c.ll.
/14 19. 'sB:—ly.
MACKERECof .41 , &c., can
be bad or the best qua:dy, bs• calling on
e could o 100 :Vale that nur facilities
1,,r ex, (tiling all kiride of 1013
\:C.; are crival In ti,Dso 01 coy other !filet,
caurvy; and all Job Work cotra,
td to air hands will he done neatly,
rrinpily, and at prices which will be
(*dal l)octri).
t ,lily peal: thy name with tears,
'cis very seldom heard—
' I cannot tol mho to careless ears
“That once familiar worcli"
It sweeps aero:a my stritilten soul
As tho Nue Wares unceasing roll
13y geeth, night n•iu 5t11 . 1,1,
A',heu tempest is its wrath
limit ler; el record ur its path.
CAllnat thu the name in crowds,
Tl:nt (ull hlte tret,:ng, dew
T'pon my heart when sorrow's clouds
Were far between and few:
1:1 , 1 Omagh my sky is all o'ereast,
ed griefs come crowding thick A fait,
;,uow the heart is true—
That made my pathway once so bright,
Though shrottd,d now in deepest night.
My heart has closer clung to thee
As fickle friends grew cold,
And dues thine own still turn to me
Fl' in days of old?
Oh ! dearer far the COIISCIOUSIICS3
That one firm friend my way will bless,
Then countless hoards of gold,—
Aye I dearer than the costliest gem
That decks a monarch's diadem.
The briannt light of other days
Will cheer toy way no more,
Yet still there beams same lingering ra;
From ineinoWs treasured store;
A softened ray—benign and rui:d,
Like that Welt guides a wandering
Back to Lis lather's door,
And gently binds him ti his home,
And quells each wayward wish to roam.
My weary soul still turns to Him
"Who never yet deceived,
When all in Earth at.d Heaves looks dim
Ind the wrung heart is grieved—
For, oh I in this dark realm, of tears, .
The treasured trust of weaty years
Fahould not he di dielieved,—
A lolly faith its human worth
Is all that holds the soul to earth.
tlat *tong.
Miss Sally Strong was a peculiar worn
an.--For forty years she had retained her
name, wh ch exactly suited her Lard no
tore, and the man having the assurance to
ask her to exchange it for his own, would
have been a rare companion for ern.
inius in his tiger hunts in th r jungles of
Afriqa. At least no one in the village of
B —would duru to question his mum
She was one of those who seemed to
have been born nn old maid in prospect
ive. Before she had arrived nt the teens,
she used to stone the boys with a fining.
mint delight; and ere she was out of them
her contempt fir the opposite sex was so
strikingly manifest, that nil prutPerot
young men, if accidentally walking up
on the aide walk, to avoid n meeting would
very goiesly cross to the other side, and
allow her the whcle of it.
Yet s'te was a privileged persons and
people would smile at ill natured romarks
from her as though it was a compliment.
Evert thoyoung ministers at the enrich
treated her with marked respect, although
he was certain to have his last serumn
wonderfully critizeo, in answer to kind
inquiry regarding her health. The se•
cret of all this might hoe been written
in three words—she wns rich and even
the clergyman was worldly minded en.
ought to desire to be on good terms with
o ne who was the largest contributor to his
Aunt Sally, its the villagers universally
called her, had received the bulk of her
property Irate a deceased aunt which her
shrewd business qualities had (nibbled her
to invest so advantigeously that sh , in
creased in wealth as she did in years, and
like many other rich people advanced in
life, has scores of affectionate young reit'
tives, who each hoped to obtain a large
slice of the cake of real estate which
would be cut up in the event of her de•
cease.—tier cold gray eyes were ton
shot vd not to see through their eager at
tendons to the very selfishness of then•
Ono nephew, however, did not belong
to this clam or schemers. On the contra
ry. the old indy was very often the victim
of t jo%eA, and.he would dispute wol,
It er jos, f the sa,o of having a hot are=
of nt. Yet for any real service, she wit
oftener apply to him than any one el,.
She had even loaned him a sum saffich,
to stock a Imo st ore..hut still this Fredder
'ck so often annoyed and vexerif her th,t
public opinion—extended no farther, M
course, titan the limits of the village—lvo,
equally divided as to whether lie would h.•
,he favors e heir or be cut off with a sitii
Our eeenittz. upon the meeting of thi ,
;;:trish st.lviqg circle at the house of Ili ,
el,rgy:olu, this nephew perpetrated n
hi. upon his aunt, the result of which.
lie never forgot. She, unlike most mai.
d.•ii [tidies, considered these gatherine
sort of fashionable nuisance, hut usually
was present in order to indulge in her :qtr•
castle remarks. tier nephew was there,
cstensibly to wait upon his aunt, but the
r,,ir Lucy. daughter of the worthy pm,
ti ner, Dr. [flood, particularly allured him
with her charms.
' , Did it ever occur to you, girls, what
you are here for 1'
•To be sor, , , aunt,' answered one of the
neices, , simply to make clothing for the
poor heathen.'
'O, in Slain, Barinah, and other like
pill es.'
, Indeed ! Well, heavy woolen Shirts
are very serviceable garments, upon my
nerd, for the people living under is tropi
cal sun. They will doubtless be Very
grateful for clothing so suited to their ch
in ite,'
'Well done, aunt.' excluitned Frederink,
'a good shot and no mistake. But these
circles are grand aflairs, aft..r
'Grand affairs indeed for young men to
sat soft things, and silly girls to listen to
them ! Grand affairs to dispeit.e the no
oninu'ated gossip oft month I Grand affairs
for scandal moving and for everything but
the purpose they profess
Arid aunt Sally looked about her with
a triumphant glance, ns though her char.
ges were unansnerable
tact, too many felt the justice of her
rebuke to measure words with her. Even
Prederick agreed so touch with her in the
abstract that he was content to remain si•
lent. flaring achieved such a moral vie
tory, the lady continued in unwonted
good. humor during the rest of the even
When the party broke up, ns Freder
iok was taken leave of his young friends
with his aunt upon one arm and the fair
Lacy .upon the o her, the old lady sudden
ly renumbered thut she had left her
'Oh, never mind nun said the young
mon, '1 will get it and send it up to you
in the morning.'
'But I do mind, Fred Strong, for 11 is
not my way to leave things about in ibis
'sooner. But where can it be 1 1 cer
tainly left is with my bonnet nod cloak.'
'Somebody must have token is' cried
q'tiat ntiswi.reil number,
'for wolf is unlike nil others.'
'That is tree,' said Fred laughing., 'an
a harrel in unlike it two gallon keg,' A n d
he !lave Lucy a mischievous glance which
she interpreted to menu that he knew
,he whereabouts of the missing articles
better than any one else
'lt certainly is not with any of the la•
dies things,' said one of the young refit.
.oh, plague upon you nll7 was the
hind reply; •I must him, it up myself, I
.I.)oneon Gray, you have not taken aunts
muff by mistalw, have you?' asked Fred
'Phut functionary drew himself stiffly,
Os though the imputation . woe unworthy
of an answer, and step* aside.
'Well. I never,' tixclaitnyd one of the
young ladies.
Wno could have clone udded an-
you 1' cried the irrita
hie maiden; .or te•II nR., where I can fund
'Why ir. i in Deacnn Clr s ly's bat, prl
svd in u tighily that we cannot remove a.'
.0 lit• upon you aunt lvnt and
the d , itcor. only n roe •nt widower,'
ci:,iutrd the laittthinz nephew
Half 'lose who attempt , o lidvertise
10,,,Hge theiwielveN ht ,erealetent or on
i I.o.vity. We pre.uoie few sensible,
y d„,„. wif e, you umst I,,oll snP. , .rnu 11 pers,,es ever hettd un wlverti,e•
for I pri, It dearly 1,, roociwil a wr.114 of in vst.• ry or QM.
HCC4.11,„ I 1111 , k 1.1 letter rip nut dleo,ll they? If A. 8 ,
runt r"h"vnl" 'h' 'O.!" I,l h 11,0 Le 1111,11,, I.;ift oral irwler,e a
mint. raft,. jo rre.y. 111111 usr.intiocl • amp. pitmo,io_r you a very ad
Aunt !vat hiit
oribyred Ifirl,t it Irt•CliOnlilviy to it 13 ) , on
sinqry wr , ncli It wito lilwintetl no the
hot flow across the entry. pro
the vi t riirons ft,or. of tlto
XV be. it nrrireil ert iii. ter-
sh;ipe. and itA
certinnly hoes bevri writitql
shocli in 1.! bud
1,4 y you for volinv
t rotil,ll. potr,ell.ll,or. nom. So
!..r I inn concerned, you nr entirely
'Yon will ptuirip,t 1,11 int. that you have
had no 11411 in ai i< to.oi,
'Ni. I will tHI you it G,1,4-hod, about
ii; Fut I inttiol,l it is tt j, , kept ,tiff
dvaeon, ae , ionch or mom! then op,. your
.At lenFt it i, but on ill irk* ymi bar
LiCrd orlon ot, nna not, t w i rl; to r wnrd :
1 , •,, iutll IIU!l toto•oli In ,
turbo Ititiget4 of you r
'As you itleitsii, Hoot, sin, you t, o'
it cq st.rionsly; but I didn't tli till, II Silly t ti would litivo thus oiii•ol'o.1 you.' •
nti. mid ymtufz
pored famously in his business. 11 , had
soilieient means oi nahled to
paw hi, aunt the snot s!ie had looms!, but
she I'veol , lo , ji. th tt she
lifeltqr l 10 rOlll.llO 0 :11100`St.
the im amMe• in hot nl,n permaded the
gentle to share hio fortunes.
Aunt Saity, tt singular man i. seemed in
possess tier. In matters of real eq u ia,
stock, Sze, . she Lod t.,come it perfect niche,
ink, turning, all tt gold.
'lke neighbors looked on nod wondered,
but none dared remonstrate with her. She
was often seen hi visit the office o f
A—, and it was rumored that she wan
making the final arrangmuent for the be.
stowal of her property after her decease.
The affair of the muff was not forgolen,
and it was current with the good villagers.
that Fred would have to pay dourly for the
Ono morning the village was all actisit,
During the night the spirit of the redoub
table lady had quietly taken its flight She
was found dead 'n her imin chair, and had
died as she hail lived, 0100 e. She had
storm, d rm one during the sight, nor had
she suffered prvious illnesF. Curiosity,
of course, was intense tm the subject of her
tent, and it ,no produced a ,(1011. deceit
cy would nilew. All h ennnectious wore
present, ami their eager, hopeful, mist ins
countenances would have furolMed a rare
object for the pencil of an artist The
reading of the will pie, e led until it 0 ., 03
except a stii4 le codicil.
her relatives, except! is her nel,h •w, had
been itineuittered—oonie to a gri,ce • ex
tent than others but tome cotto,lemli
At all events, not olio third of her for
tune had been diipensed, nod no the cetli.
cal only fritained, 01l eyes, were turned to
Frederick Strong as the •iteky one after all.
Hut what WRS their stir re., when they
found it only nude low the ol
her old sable mull mind content', l'he ward
..contents" again excited their curiousity
and to satisfy tin the article was produ
ced a n d !•aunt to contain a simple paper
semi: on the !ining. When detached and
opened, 1". the hold haat] writing of Mint
tially were found It ro wards :
Dear Nephew--You have d"ubti•st ap
preciated pps' on a Cu rutin time you re
ineatber. God bless you and yours. Fare•
Pr Aerie; declared he MIS satisfied.
The old lab}' had fairly retorted two him.
and he certainly de,erved nothing th.tter
at her h Luis.
But what had become of Aunt Sally's
noiney I that AVOS the mystery, and it he
came more and more a ••nine day's won.
d r" to the worthy villagers who iihicit,,d
t ott every occasion. She was•lnut,e to
have a large unit/ of money at vo n
banks, het all thin the anxious relatives as
certained was drawn out a few days before
her death. Squire A- was cansultA,
who had drafted the will, but he stoutly
maintained that the will covered the whole
of her property, and he would have
ing for , her to do with it.
One evening about 4io months after the
old lady's death while Frederick was con
versing with his wife the subject of the
mull' was introduced.
'Mat was n oos$11 , 1)1;t• of yntir, dear
Fred.' sob! his h•if,,,
wit the mon at events.
and wlint 1.1 better, no one hies coin.. for
ward to clriin the three thonsand dollars
which she loaned me. I feel confident she
intended to prestos it to nit and tier fore
destrnt•ed rot• note.'
'Ler us have it look at the old relic, Fred,
if the moths hrive not siren it wholly ttit
I will return %yid) it inn 1110111•Iit:
'nu. mull imaA pnsluced, a n d Lacy
wedicrt,l, I6c lining- was woluily
Lucy teini the seissnrs anti corminottc , nil ', L c..., ha r..rann er employment, why NIIOIII
once nn the task. mit exprwit? IVhat is Ihe excuse
•What Can the all lod y hu e.• sin fn•il ria:ili:EV ill moiiy if
I tcnnd
? " Iny, Fr d. inste,nl nl not inteo in,iances, coneenlinent invder,
cotton she Inns wadded it willn dirty ' , raw,' :ittovvry ir ii you linen anything
pis per int ir, lvllt, speak out
pan er.'
. . .
flirts brown nntter, indeed.' Tho sv wing inaclititos of our clay nflor.l
hu-b sprio,i 119: f rom Ids dui, an l i t n>lrafien re•a of what luny be eM , c.
eltrIlLo ! Ler ns she wtis about to
.vd by judicious. 1 brat ndv‘ertising. They
th,aw a bunch in o the grate. r ii hy, it ore now lining node by various concern%
blob macs, or 1 am &valuing: nt tip rote of perhaps one thousand per
Th . ' wy , frry of 'II" trod "coo"ns" wee!: ; nod all 0, good ones ate sold about
" ft " " 01 ' " me n 5 last as they can In made. These no.
,!r, , ,t out until more than th lay thousatiti
rhinos ate pertodic, the country und r:;;-
,I.ll,trs lay on the table t.ef,0.0 then). A , dinionizing the liratich of industry to
""" 1 ""`" 11.1 " ' l "' "I". "' ldEll winch they pertain with n rapiiitty beyond
. Their m e rit is of court one
ess.•lntit I elenteut of this progress, but ea
ram It.
toitsive and persist, tit advertising is nom h.
rids ret elation of Course ertared %Vuitton the aid of tho Press, they
11lilt `l.t . 11,111 pr „ o ,,h,„
la., "wit imtv MIMI' 111 1,1,1,L
giws. Itiit Pretleriek tlllll Ills wire ehme-re that will now be eflectril in ten,
the inn, tenor or This raving in tone maker the difference
for ihein-elves (hie even n; io each ye: r ii!•iitiey and •vettith to the prieci•
they o l oo•eil their splendi.l mansion to itll. ieyentor: thruoqh wit •so achievements
Iti3 n 1../M 4, alLir for the , iihtg , r , , ”tt. l I, t he inachine has been brought to its pros
is known as th • onniversory of "Aunt perieclion. Si it 'night he with other
inventors, if those who work their patents
understood the voluu and wanner of Ad
'. 7rAtfne.
llv , s 'liii
airTlivre. nre same thrm.rands of per.
~,, of v..horn each has it fortune within
i•i, reach. ,vhich he weel:l invvitahlv
if he only comprehended the' use 'Phut first -- baby Was a greiitinotitution.
aml importance e f Advertising. They are A s soon as he came into this "breathing
owners of rooms far the cheap and ready world," as the late W. Shaltspeure has it,
production of articles of general utility. lie intik command in oar house. Every
tuanufncturers under favorable cirecnistan thing Xsus subservient to him. 'lite baby
ces of unpmented articles of like nature. was the balance wheel that regulated eve_
owners of largo tracts of ch e ap un d fertile i rything. llu regulated the temperatitrf,
lands, nod hundreds of oth e r s . Many 0 he regulated the fond, he regulated the
loan who fancies himself shrewd, nod op• servant,, he regulated me. Fur the first
pears to be thrifty, saves ten thousand del- six months of that precious existence he
lor.: a year by refusing to nilvertise, nod ; bud me tip on an averago six tittles n night.
thereby deprives himself of fifty thousand 'Mr B 101; me,' says my wife, 'bring tliat
that lie would °the rwioe make. The li g ht Lore, do ; the. baby locks strangely ;
blindness of ninny to fhb. truth is , nlrilid it will have a fit Of course
Here in the publisher of n veelrly 11 ,- W , till' lamp was brought, and of course the
paper, selling for four ci ler baby lay i,thicing his fist like a little white
who has paid at least COO 000 for Adv., bear,. as he was. 'Mr. 131if1•ins.' says my
tisiiig in other papers du riag the Jest ycl • , wife, .1 think I feel a draught. of tar; I
viii has Mild. , a, least an equal amount by wi .1i yeti would get up and see if the win
eo doing. We think he might have ml dm!, is not open a little, because batty
vertised more jutlimomtly; but hardly might get sick.' Nothing was the Matter
ailveriisinz can be en injudicious es none w kit the winnow, as I knew very
at all. The publisher of young rival •Mr Ilbfkins,' says my wile, just as I ayes
( /lc .I',ll , Their ll' ek , g) in the same line going in sleep ag.niti• tamp, as Init
pays its over *1.500 for nu advertisement hove placed it. shines dir, ctly in the baby's
in one issue of TILE W [may 'I RIBUNE; eyes—str , n...te that y o u have no tin r•• con
,11 . 1 wt . I "'lit've h trill itid , "•oneY by sideintion.' I arrang,l the lamp l Wen.
experiment, Tt e in Inn. imam. Just ne I wits &., iivito
of .4111Pri,1 , 1 1 1115/ tigitiii, BlifliiiiS. • soil iny wile,
iiiat J uly, wh to btweciil 3, , rs e bl. yon fl it to buy that b,rmut to day for
than three thousand t e holy t.ll i dear.' sold I, twill yeti do
e to beliere that I Cetild
ly, within 1 matter on essential to the coin
runuphas it, ciruulati.,i m tie' ,ciney i;i lea,kanit..le child?' She sill.
Thinly Titonsanil I, s very handsomely, but made her atix•
rot d his peri•alical tie iiis.cally; but ibis, niy 'be Oct"ii gnat. I forgave her, and
with., itilvertisiiie. twain., it.: jilrl . t.t:snd wmhtut raying a word miire 10 her lad
this lime to T., Thiins• d myself to sleep.' 'Mr.
and. And he has itiAde by his work the s.iid iiiy wile, nu 1111101 11,4 snort' a), you
10,i1211 lie had lbw, expended, on st ill wake the but y ' Just so—inta sit, '
111:11 the larg.dy increased value of his es- said I. ! to ll asleep, thi n ki ng I was Solos
tatili•liient is on witch clear Shingle. 'Mr. sold me wife,
We miolit multiply Such instances in .will you get up tod ha,td Me the warm
d. timtely. Mr. I'. . Be multi made it gruel Iront the nurse 1 aim ftr bitby ?—the
large fort une in good pait through judi• i deer ohild ! if it wasn't for hit mother 1
dm, and extt , t,ive tolvt•rlkintz, and lost don't know what he would do. Flow can
it Ity , no. If he ev, o uton you stt.ep on , 11r. '1 suspect,
it. it will come as it did I afore, Mr. S. I'. my dear,' said 'that it is because lam
Towase , ul i, another. instance of success Oh, it's very well for you men to
nehitived through nn adeqoate cnmpre-1 talk about beitig tired,' said my wife; I
eensioa of the value of newspaper publir I don't know what you would say if you had
ity Hundreds hive doutit!ens succeeded ito toil and drudge The a poet' woman with
f.r it time through sheer quackery nod a baby.' f tried to combo her by telling
imposture, but These do not invalidate the her she find no patience at all, and got up
rule that he who has anything to dispose for the posset. Ilaving aided in answering
of which it is the interest of others to buy the baby's rr quirements, I stepped into
ought to provide liberally for tasking his bed again. with the hope of sleeping. 'Mr.
wares known. If it be advisahe to pay Bliflotis,' said she itt a louder ken. I said
for a sign over a merchant's done, it is nothing. .oh, dear, said that estimable
equally advisable to take measures to in- woman. in great apparent aneguish, glow
form those who mrght.pass that way it c an 'a man, who ilas arrived at the honor
they only knew the store was there, of a live baby of his own, sleep, when he
don't know that the dear creature will live
till morning ?' I remained silent, and, af
ter a wbiie , deeming that 31 re. lilifkinr
had grit, to sleep, I stretched mp limbs tor
r-pose. How long I slept I don't know,
but I tens awakened by a furious jab in the
fore',ead by some sharp inotrument. I
started ur. and ;qrs. 131ifkirts was sitting
it : , in the I ed adjusting soine portion of the
hobo's dress. SheAnit. hi a state of semi
stanolenoe, mistaken to!, head for the pil
low., w hich she customarily used for a soar
fantail pincushion. I protested against
so.di treatment in , omewhat round terms,
pointing to several perforations in my fore
head. She told tile I should willingly beat
such trifling things for the sake of the
hail. I insisted upon it that [didn't thin
my ditty . d parein io thin young 'minor
ptl required the surrender of my head for
pittetk , ltion. This was one of many
nights pri,sed in lh,ia Way,. The truth was
that tin• baby was what every other titan's
first baby i:, an autocrat—absolute and Ull
- was the story of Wilkins
a, he related it to us the other day. It is
a littl e exagerrated picture of almost every
man's experience.—Saitarday Evening
Of c 0.,. Ailvert'sing, like e verythin;.
eke, hws its 'f'he owner of
corner tuncery in William spnran ordrnr
score ia Newark can rarely alrcird to ad
vertise hi,. Ints t iii'so inn wide,ly circula
ted le•.v-' eiik Dili itt.(7.l9a ninety nine
Ittlinl:cdths these who read that Daily
are roo-t oz.liliely to patrooize that aucer•
v, that drug-storo, no amtier how fully
awn , • or its o,ttsteoce. But if 'here were
it sltet.t cieconninz miry or mainly within
the ' ,tit oral c•rcle his cit , tom, nnd ctrcu•
!ming aet‘orally there, the grocer or drat?:
pia cnu!d w,ll to pay fat rly for od•
rtisirg therein.
Idle Curiosity Cured
On his (Bruit man iranklin's)ffirsit trip
by land to see his father in Boston, he was
worried almost !o death by the nbomina
hle niquisitivenvss of the !New England
tnveru keepers.
Neither man nor beast could travel
mooting them id comfort. No matter how
wet or weary, how hungry or thirsty, the
poor traveller might be, he was not to ex
pect an atom of refreshment from the silly
publicans untii their most pestiferous cu
riosity was first gratified. And Job him
sell mould not stand such questions as they
could goad
him with; such as where he
came from—and where he might be a-go
ing—and what religion he might be of—
and if he was a married man—and so on.
After havjug been prodigiously teased is
this tray for seven.] days until at last the
hare sight of a politic house almost threw
him into an ague, he determined to try the
following remedy at the very next tavern,
Soon us he alighted from his horse ho de.
aired the tavern keeper to collect his whole
family. wife, children, and servants, every
soul of them; for he had something vastly
hapolant to communicate. All being as
sembled and wondering what he had to
say, lie thus addressed theta: "My name
is Benjamin Franklin. lam a printer by
trade. I live, when at home, in Philadel
phia. In Boston I have a father, a good
old man, tt ho taught me when I was a
tiny, to rend my hook and arty my prayers.
I have over since, thought it any duty to
visit and pay my respects to such a father;
and I an, on that errand is Boston now,
This is all I can at present recollect of
myself that I think warth telling you.
But if you cast think of anything elm) that
you wish to know about ine, I beg you to
out with it at once, that I may answer,
and an give you an opportunity to get me
Fvimeiiiieg to eat; for I long to be on 'fly
jiiiiniey IMO 1 may return no anon as pos
sible to my family and business, where I
most of all delight to tie.
Forty thousand sermons ogninst
curiosi , y mould hardly hove driven it so
effectually out of New England as did thip
little squibof ridicule —freern'a Life if
Franklin. •
Misther Postmaster. and is
the re iver n letter here for Dennis O'Fla
herty ?'
. . . _
.1 believe there is; snicl the pnstmaster r
ate, pine hark and producing the letter.
. -
.And will von bo so kind 'a+ to ratio it to
Ins. ,ovite I had the inieortune to be °di
c%l,l over to rude a hie r
he sure,' stud the. accommodating
Ile then opened and rend the epistle..
which trne Iron) the "old country." cancer
mut_+ his rebut inns there. Rm. When he
1.1 tiiiiThed, Dennis observed
, At.d what would you be axing for the
postoo. on that letter I'
'Fifty c.ints.'
'And its chap° enough. yer honor. but
as I 'liver think of am ye to trust, jusi
hope the letter for the pay ; and say, Ma
ther, if I'd call in, one of these daays,
would ye write an answer to it I'