Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, May 26, 1858, Image 3

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nfleotinn of Merchants in Huntingdon
unty by the A pieraitier of Mercantile Taxes
the year comm.-Awing Ow lot of May, '5B
Alexandria Borough awl Poner Ticp.
Class. License
13' 10 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
.ge C. Bucher,
y C. Widarr,
31 , 1 Hatfield.
all Green & Co.,
It. Gregory,
N. iiwootte,
If I W. Myioll,
C.' C1.11(•11,
I, I'. Wit 14
, 14
firmig rownship,
& Co., 13
rnrd Green & Co.. 14
ry ,Intnison, 14
mei Seehrist, 14
Cassellle and Cass Twp.
les Henderson, 14
tph P. Heaton; 14
Clay Township.
Ashman, 13
et Stevens & Co., 14
. mimed/ Township.
,1111:1 E. Orbison 13
ter & Bs. ket, 13
Dublin . Township.
tes Cree, 14
tt & Swan, • 14
!row Wilson, 14
urge A, Lyon, 14
Franklin Township.
Vareliam Mattern, 13
rb, Stewart & Co., 13
it J. H. Shoenberger, 12
ice Gardner, 14
Huntingdon Borough.
her & McMurtrie, 12
gamin Jacobs, 13
no Strouse, 13
vid P. Gwin 13
rid Dunn & Coy 13
trown & Co., 13
ler & Long, 14
Willoughby, 14
my RoMan, 14
nes Bricker, 14
& .1. Cannon, 14
& 111cDiviti, 14
Westbrook, 14
Ilium Colon, 14
Eliam Stewart, 14
eph Reiger, 14
u. Freish, 14
rid Grove, 14
1111.111 & CO 14
Manigill & Smith,. 14
Hopewell Township.
& S. Weaver, 14
Jackson Township.
!cdoin Iron Company, 13
its Musser, 14
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
12 50
7 00
ert V. Stewart,
. 11. Harper,
ert Melittraey,
Morris Township
, rive 41. Steiavr,
ham Davis,
cph Law.
atlas W. '0
& Greva,
11 7 00
14 7 00
11 7 00
14 7 00
I 2 12 00
(:1 10 00
I:1 10 VO
13 10 UU
13 10 OU
.jrin;;fdd T w ',w,
14 7 00
14 7 00
~. ,
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
.tsmt tit linve,
Walker towneltip.
1.1 7 00
14 7 00
allllll S,
Ito Dutigl.iss,
Warriormuk twp. Birminyham Bor.
men Clurk S Sun,
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
Jrge Buyer, Jr.,
, it. Thompdon,
tr,' (up. and Polersburg Borough
j..• ilartman, 14 7 00
it & Soil, 14 7 00
~. Almon, 14 7 00
, IL. 'finite.. 14 7 00
Patent Medicines.
David Caldwell, 400 9 08
Samuel Caldwell, 400 9 00
Samuel Harstock, 400 78 5 20
Edward Nash, 299 98 4 13
4 5 00 I Nash, John
_...289 110 3 , 94
in Read,
meph JohnNton,
3 10 00
4 5 00
Union township.
ler d, MeMurtrie.
Barrec township.
9 25 00
bee, Hassey,
9 25 00
Huntingdon Borough.
in Fuckler,
9 25 00
Huntingdon Borough.
ter & MeMortrie, 14 7 00
isification of Eating Houses under the 4th
et. of the late License Law.
Huntingdon Borough.
my Africa,
orge Thomas,
rheum Snyder,
Petersburg Borough.
lolph Neff,
Alexandria Borough.
in Holmes,
8 10 00
8 10 00
8 10 00
8 10 00
8 10 00
Huntingdon Borough.
11, Gurretson & Co.,
Billiard Room,
Huntingdon Borough,
illinut Sututnerti,
apponi will be held by the undersigned at
tint, op to the 15th day of July, at tha
Oilier. Persons wishing to
Hesse spelt within the time pre
t ua ~,, t itit4ts any appsal lOW
! I !! M [I,I,ER.
' , so:unite 'foxes.
111 livens. not
•oist Couri.
• . ,•• thP
1.. LANE,
Co. Treasurer.
layi9,'bB.• t.
To Coot,' actors
The Commissioners of Huntingdon County
will receive sealed proposals at their office in
Huntingdon, up to one &clock un Tuesday, the
25th inst., for repairing the Trough Creek
Bridge, near Wilson & Garner's Mill. A new
pier is to be constructed of good hard atone.—
The span on the west side of the river to be
placed in a straight position, and the weather.
boarding to be taken down so as to measure
six feet from the fluor of the bridge. By order
of the Commiesio sere. 11. W. Mims"
May 12;58..3t. Clerk.
9ME-13111 313MISIT
[Ando in walpigtr
We request those or our euscrbe; who re•
eive their papers, to inf,m us of those in their
immediate neighborhoods who are subscribers
to the "Journal," and have failed to receive
the same, since the stealing of our,
b 3 rullians on the 3d of February.
WHEAT A D CORN wanted at this
Ace. Thosa.having either can dispose of the
same by calling noon.
New Card-Press.
Having bought afoot "CARDTRESS," wo
are now prepared to print in the proportion of
three cards in - the same limo that any other
press in the county can print one, consequent.
ly we can print them cheaper—if not done well
we make no charge at all. We ask your pa.
sale nt this office; it is calculated to horn wood
or coal.
A- AMES COLLARS, neweq styles in Crept
4 variety at the MiiTnum.rrAx.
Rheumatism s Last Groan
I will, on receipt Of $l, send a recipe, sim
ple, safe, and easily compounded, which I
warrant to cure the rheumatism in twenty four
Box 274 \Vaupun.
tS BV WI net cfthe General Asses•
Liy of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
entitled 'An act to amend an act directing Me
mode if selling unseated lands fin• taxes and
other purposes,' petrel 111t11 March, 1'7 1 15, and
the other as ts, spots the suhjeet, the Treast,
rers of the several Counties within this Com•
monwealih, are directed to commence on the
2,1 Monday in June, in the year 1816, and at
the expiration of every two years thereafter,
and adjourn from day to day, if it be necessary
to do so, anti make polite sale of the whole or
any part of such tract of unseated land. situ•
ate its the ',roper musty, os will pay the ar
rearegre of the taxes which shall then have re
mained due or unpaid for the space of one
year before, together with all costa necessarily
accruing by reason of such delinquency, &c.
Therefore. I, (P. H. Lane.) Treasurer of the
county al' littiltingdon, do hereby give notice
that upon the following tracts or unsealed
land, situate ns hereinafter described, the sev
eral sum.; stated are tl•o arrearages of taxes,
respectively, due and unpaid for one year; and
'lost in pursuance of the direction of the afore
said net of Assembly, I shall on Monday, the
14th day of Jesse, next, at the Court House,
ill the borough of Huntingdon, commence the
Sale of the whole or any part of such
Imo, of unseated lands, upon which, all or
stay putt of the taxes herein specified shall
slum b,• due. and continue such sale by a;l
-j.,uroue•ut until all the tracts tip°n which the
taxer shall remain due sir unpaid, he sold
1•'. 11. LANE,
10 00
7 80
7 00
7 00
10 0 0
7 ou
Treas. of Hunt. co., Pa,
Treasurer:a Office,'
April Ist., 1858 j
Amount of taxes doe and unpaid on the fhb
lowing tracts of Unseated Lands, op to and
including the year IS :A.
Barret) Township. Tax.
Waelees or Owners. Acres, Perch. Amt.
W. Shannon & Ash, 597 132 16 97
Ceo. Bingham, 433 83 11 19
t:rownovlr 150 1 91
John A. Wright Co., 350 203
C. Newingliant, 400 3 78
10 00
Lewis lgow, 54 2 22
lesse Hawkins, 440 10
Hobert Watson, 379 2 GI
John Watson, 402 2 76
Wm. Watson, 425 1 23
Andrew Bell, 43 39 1 22
.. _
James Fife, . 110
James Watson, 397
Henry Sill, 207 2 67
Samuel Morrison, 297 135 4 31
John Fried, 400 5 20
Sarah Harstock, jr., 430 11 52
Jacob k
.-- 10 94
. -.
Mary Herrick; 190 1 81
Sarah Barriek, 400 10 80
Peter Ilarstock, 400 10 80
Isaac Harstock, 400 10 80
Elizabeth Hatstock, 400 10 80
Mary Fried, 400 5 20
Hugh Morrison, 200 2 91
Neal Clark, 157 7 55
Andrew Sell, 207 5 05
John Sell, 207 5 33
Abraham Wright, 409 18 44
Abraham Green. 280 105 16 52
Isaac Green, 332 61 20 78
Thomas Green, 244 63 14 59
John Green, 269 66 15 88
John Evans,
__ . 249 143 11 27
Joshua Cole, 264 140 13 58
Thomas Green, sen., 303 108 11 65
Zechariah Chaney, 252 139 13 12
Ephraim Galbraith, 413 126 8 09
George Green, 283 31 13 85
John Dunn, 440
.._ 11 78
Robert Dunn,
Thomas Green,
30 00
Titus Harvey, 415 88 1 55
John Forrest, 400 1 50
George Wilson, 17 28
30 00
John Canon, 92 20 13 30
John Partner, (Hook) H 1 07
J M'Cahan & Petriken, 100 19 40
James McClelland, 39 17 7 34
Win. Gardner, 30 9 12
David Caldwell, . 40 G 04
A. P. Knipp,
3 benry Gatea,
John Fritz,
John Whits :head,
174 140
Hopewell Township.
John Herring, 37 29
Abram Levi, 200 1 50
Adam Levi, 205 . 1 55
Mary Levi, 207 1 56
Sarah Levi, 202 1 50
David Shaver, 106 1 57
Conrad Herring, 200 1 50
Peter Herring, 210 1 58
Hannah Herring, 97 73
Peter Wilson, 223 84
Isaac Wampler, 174 65
Benjamin Shoemaker, 202 75
Samuel Davis, 240 83
L. Rumbler, 180 69
Conrad Bal., 200 75
Henry Bates, 200 75
Jackson Township.
Thomas Parmer, 400 1 GO
Jacob Hiltzheimer, 416 1 77
George Steaver, 400 1 GO
Hillary Raker, 413 ' 300
Thomas Russell, 400 0 00
Thomas Ralston, 400 3 00
David Ralston, 400 3 00
Ephraim Jones, 400 3 00
Jonathan Priestly, 437 65 3 31
Robert Johnston, 400 3 00
Charles Caldwell, 400 i 00
James Deane, 422 115 1 15
Henry Callan, 400 i 00
John Adams, 400 i 00
Henry West, 400 i 00
Alexander Johnston, 400 3 00
Hugh Johnston, 400 3 00
Thomas McCune, 400 i 00
John Russell, 400 i 00
John Ralston, 400 3 00
James West, 400 3 00
Samuel Steel, 400 3 00
Wm. Steel, 400 3 00
Samuel Canan, 420 • 24 :1 15
Abi ahem Deane, 395 69 2 96
Saninel Marshall, 400 1 60
Robert Caldwell, 400 3 36
John Fulton, 400
John Galbraith, 400
Joseph McCune, 400
George Vice, 400
Morris Township.
Robert 0. Stewart, 23
Oneida Township.
Mishit Shoemaker, 100
Robert Young, 333
John Kerr, 100
John Jackson, 129 f
Penn Township.
Porter Township.
46 GO
.10,,epli NI Hier,
Jane Sella,
Peter Sluteer,
Huth Green,
Henry Green..
Eleazer Wallasters,
Mary Kennedy & Hugh
Coen, 319
John S. heti, 294
• Shirley Township,
James McMillin, 456 64
Peter Wertz, 411 80
Benjamin Brown, 240 120
Daniel Shindle, 375
Samuel Kennedy, 414}
\V.& Patterson, 175
Springfield Township.
. .. .
Nathan Ord, • 420 102 3 34
J. Ord, (part in Dublin) 450 1 31
Samuel Caldwell, 9 14
Stacy Young, 414. 150 2 07
Tell Township.
Simon Potter, 355 129 2 63
John Pease, 414 10 3 10
Adam Clow, 431 30 3 24
George Truman, 395 113 2 96
John Caldwell, 344 31 1 38
Win. Anderson, 150 4 15
Tod Township,
Jacob Cromwell, 107 86
do. do. 80 68
do. do. 30 1 20
Win. Spring, 400 6 30
Benjamin !'rice, (part) 200 1 60
!lorry Alexander, 400 3 20
Daniel Newcomer, 100 7 00
Said Darkly & Win. W.
Edwards, 400 19 80
do. do. 400 18 20
Isaac Huston, 400 98 18 00
Nancy Davis, 409 13 97
Henry Roads, 55 27 19
Cook & Elder, 133 2 14
John Singer, 436 15 43
A. S. Russell, 76 2 20
Win. Shea', 439 12 82
Philip Wager, 333 10 31
Benjamin Rush, 400 12 06
Philip Stein, • 400 12 68
Jonathan Jones 400 12 06
Owen Jones, 400 12 06
Thomas Denton, 371 11 01
Dr. S. Mown., 456 13 23
Richard Mowan, 432 12 76
Win. Mowan, 418 12 47
James Mow., 336 9 89
Isaac Mowan, 394 10 60
Thomas Mowan, 398 14 70
Francis Mowan. 448 8 05
Sally Chambers, 431 14 64
Robert Chambers, 455 14 48
Nancy Chambers, 369 12 58
Samuel Chambers, 405 10 99
fumes Chambers, 400 13 63
Robt. Callender's heirs, 50 1 90
John Musser, 400 14 12
Robert Irvin, 347 12 29
Neal Clark, (now Amos) 150 6 75
Barndollar & Everhart,
(Anderson & Horton,) 100
John P. Baker, 150
J. S. Stewart. 15
Jonathan Houston, 400
Martin Michael, 27
Jonathan Pew, 100
John Philips, 190
George Buchan., 111
David Lapsley, 153
John Chambers, 400
Joseph Brown, 175
Matthew Atkinson, 400
Henn Davis, 400
James Witer, 400
Samuel Cornell., 395 8
J. Dougherty & G. W.
Speer, 439 51
do. do. 438 40
Speer & Martin, 76 '
Eliel Smith, 152
Sarah Hartsock, 406
Tempy Shaffer, 250
John Freed, 400
Thomas Mitchener, 150 192
John Bien, 400
Wm. Blan, •100 •
John Murphy, 400
Michael Martin, 417
Dougherty & Schell ; 25
Hamilton & Evans, 39
Union Township.
Samuel Caldwell, 300
John 8011, 192 102
Arthur Fes, 435 109
'tobert Bell, 204 77
I homes Bell, 210 110
braham Sell, 400 78
I rederick Sell, 400 78
I' obert Fen, 181 78
I. olomon Sills, 420
1 enjamin Elliott, 37 18
i brans Morrison, 400 78
.1 oseph Morrison, 400 78
Win. Barrick, 200
.'eh,, Covenitoven, 288 69
I .anse Morrison, $7
11 88
6 43
23 74
9 34
Walker Towaahip.
dm Patton, 437 18 16 47
unil. Caldwell, 100 13 3
West, Township.
1 Halm Shoemaker; 183
1. m. Milehenor, 3:17
'I Imams Mitchenor, 428
An Jackson, 1291
The following real estate upon which person•
I I property enough cannot be found sufficient
tt pay the taxes, returned by the several col•
1. etors, is charged with the charged with the
xes thereon assessed for the rears 1835 and
11116, will be sold as unseated lands, in purste
ce of the directions of the thrty-lirst seethe.
of the act of Assembly, entitled at net to re,
duce the Slate Debt, and to incorporate the
Pennsylvania Canal and Railroad Company, -
approved the 20th of April, 1844:
Brady Township.
J. F: Cottrell, 8
Wm. Buchanan's Estate, 26t
JILS. Ross' Estate, 00
Jas. Drake's Estate, 10
Wise & Buchanan, 10
Fisher h NleMtirtrie, 240
Barree Township.
Franklin Township
Allen Green,
Porter Wilson,
Eliza Boise,
Henderson Township,
Wilson & Mifflin, 50
Jackson Township.
John Henry,
Sprit. field Townshir
.T. Mars Heirs,
Rebell Ramsey,
Henderson J. Mania.
Jesse Coale,
A, - Lane's heirs .1. al
Patterson's Hein
Walker Tow.hir
E. B. Pike & Gardner 1100
12 00
2 83
14 91
5 84
xuNTING o ,
uun 13. 1,457.
A HOMESTEAD 1 , 011 $l9.
1 , 1,111 SALE
lit the 'tiold Region - and oiler portions of
—Virginia, the Following larios and Boil.
(ling Lois, in Shares. to wit:
1 1 , ,,rm too ocies, gold mine is 100 m.res,
4 rim.; urtlO acres each, are 230
OS " •111 " " 1000 "
18 09
10 "
I 25ti ‘•
BuUd'g lots lA. sts. avid sq. 710
1350 " 'c1 . 600100 " 925 "
10,000 Shares, amounting to
Certilleates of the above Shares, (with Bond,
for the immediate execution and delivery of tht
Deeds,) have been enclosed in 10,0.0 envelopes
exactly alike, a. sealed; which, after beim
well mixed up, have been numbered on the out
site from I to 10,000 inclusive, so that no eat
knows the contents of any particular envelope
They will he sold at $lO each, without referenth
to that they contain, and sent to ahy one ma
king application, Unexceptionable Titles
in all cases he given.
The largest Farin, containing a Gold Mine is
retool at $30,000, and the smallest size.' Build•
ing Lots bare been selling at $lO each. lieu
&yds hare already been sold upon theme terms
Whikt all stand the same chance of getting tit
Farms, in..p purchaser is guarantend one u
these lots at least. livery other purchaser i
hound to get one of at least double its size an,
value. Every ftoirth purchaser one or at leas
quadruple its size and value. Whilst ever;
tenth purchaser will get a farm ranging in vela
from $2OO up to $30,000. These litres me
Lots are sold so cheap to induce settlements,
sufficient number heit.g reserved, the increasi
in t h e value or which Will CoMponsate, flu
present sacrifice. The net proceeds are to la
applied to local improvements, such as Sehools
Factories, Mills. &e. Any number of Shore
can he taken by halivithials,—V , secure it Faro
[lvo at least ten shares. The certificates eat
be obtained by Nying one-half. and the Deed
by paying theother half.
• fe71.1,000 Acre.; of Lund, in large or small
tracts can also be had at privata sale. and upon
the inns; reasonable terms. Some or it is high
ly improved. Agents are wanted everywhere
to sell these lands. Liberal inducomenti will be
given. For full particulars apply to
Port Royal, Caroline ro. Va,
A 1.142:t•.•:11.
All or the Splendid
with ric•li Gilt Frames, 110 W WI exliihition .it
1311313N11101 DOA it GILL LERY,
NO. 61S
The proprietori or thiQ beautiful collection
of paintings are al demo! s a large tract of
land lying in the flourishing village of Cedar
Creek, Va.,'9o railroad front Wash -
110 , .11. nufl in the innne,liate vicinity or the cel
9 05
9 30
3 23
18 00
Sulphur. iron and Alum %pilings,
notch 11,r their etlieaey in tin, em r , lie,,ntti, la!
and Cutaincons Diseases.
7 1;0
27 34
2! 25
15 50
18 00
78 75
7 60
18 0
18 00
02 53
'llk land. mmn which have hen ureetell A
15 IMVELLINI:S, at an expense or from
5,110 to $5,000 each, they now oar for rule
in alternate lots.
The Price of Each Lot is $lO,
for tt hid. at Won atity Iked, free and ot
invotilloittiee is g [vett, Together with
tia . Oil Whiell
in worth the soot paid, and would adorn
parlor, !. ikt the Lot 'nay elm-
Ltio one of the littihlings mooed
Pamphlets itontailinit,a Alas, expl..iiiing
more lolly the motive, .toll oldeet t o he utotioed
I.y making this apparent sacrifice of a portion
of their property, can be sees at the Ake of
this paper.
. . .
19 7:1
19 75
Ps El remitting by wail will receive their
deeds by return punt, and their Pietures iv
uch convey:wires us thew way direct. They
will he particular in sending their orders is
enure the County and State in which 11,y re•
side, as it is necessary, fur us to forward the
pictures Withoot delay.
A building luau will be triads to thaw desi•
ring tt, equal is one half the rest of the build.
ingtn be erected.
- 11nuk notes should be enclosed in rose nee
of the Post Muster, in order to timid risk.
No. 618 Broadway, New York.
MOD PROPERTY. PROPERTY. benefit, and ;Worn more. than one bottle. isre:
Francis H. Upton, Attorney at Law. 68 'lotted to cure . any kind of Liver complaint,
• tram the worst Jaundice or Dyspepsia to a corn-
Wall street, New York City. nion Ileadache at of which are the result of a
Phillip Williams, Esq., Attorney at Law, di se „ se d Li ver !
E. R. L'Amereau. Attorney at LAM, i DR. Set come, Proprietor, 345 Broadway, N.Y.
Wall street, New Yurlc. I Sold by H. MeMauigill, Huntingdon.
Apr. 7, 18:— . 3m. Apr.7.111.-Iy.
RELIGIONS, with Accounts of the Ceremo
nies and Customs, or the Forms of Worship
of the several Nations of the World. With
large additions, by Joel Parker, D. D.
Complete in one large octavo volume, of
over 700 pages, and illustrated with hand
some Engravings. Price only $3.
16 f 2
24 64
23 13
9 89
• 'This work will be found to contain an im•
partial account of the history and forms of
worship of all religious denominations, both
toodcot and modern. The author has had ne•
et ,s to the denominational publications of the
different creeds, and gives their religious views
nod doctrines without any bins On his part.
This will he the means of rendering the work
teedul for reference, and it should find a 'duce
in the library of every family.*—Chrislian
224 Nth., See'd. St.
rkz-- The above lviolc will h forwa
i • x: tii any permal
ti. thi•
A pril
Taming the most iVild, Vi ' A
n manageable Horses.
A , A1r..1. S. lterey in Europe., end
by myself ut 65 Watts St., New York.
etentig a complete revolution in the manner
of traitlinw the must noble of brute creation.
The public ore aware of the immen, ~cite •
im•ht which now exists in 111 Eitame, in comic-
No matter how vicious or stubborn, he is s
doed just ns ease, and learns to obey in pro'
tiott to his intelligenee ; and it is astonishi.
his high degree el' intellect when
ontplc•te control of roan. 0101 w
nighly (mined he never rorgets it.
I take the most unmamtgenl,lo horn
fifteen tui»ntcs will
~t•e thor
liekilliiini ev..ry Ivsy, e
put t iny' head hetweeii his hind lest ;null in
1 , ..0r. li'm'n I,lln so that it 111/A line
irt 1• 110 Win then L~t,k rcith u 1
1115 llMittl . ,llllllS
Wiii hill) aripv ere.
Ili lie pro,TS‘, he is completely brokei
' H u rohe,, or any other
ject Mails v.da Ode lio,es have been rill
flow :till lives have heel' sacrificed t,i
iiamailagnal to f : ce, T .,
ing i. ei"re d called than an ungovernable
At “ii•ont this: process SI. in V, CI, 1 •1.
lost o Jett rmioell to keep the seeret no. •
it ha, hitherto been to the.
in (grouses in this (unitary, but h,
i,1,.1 in Arabia. I furoish
whole inthrotation in printed forst, so dearly
inottetrated, that any mad coin practice
Into without the lest injury to hinis.tlf or to
nett will tend the same to any address on re,
of th e dollars. It is the saline that Alr. Rare
is Low se lint in England and Franco fo C 0.5
1 wattl,l resneuttully sty, that I cannot nutlet
tike to answer letters which do not contdn tli
shove amount. 11. B. ARMSTRONG,
Apr.1.1,'59 -gm. New YOUK Cyr,
Comp°dulled entirely of Gums.
13 oue al the best purgative and liver medi
eines now !whine the public, that acts as a Ca
thartic, easier, milder, and more effectual than
any ther medicine known. It is not only a Ca
thartic, but a Liver remedy, acting llrst on the
hirer to eject its morbid, then on the stomach
and bowels to carry off that matter, thus neeolll
- two purposes effectually, without any of
the painful feelings eXperietwel in t he operation
a 'oust Cathartics. It stregthens the system at
the same time that it purges it , and when taken
daily in moderate doses, will strengliton and
buil.l it tip With lintiseWl rapidity.
.% . . . .
The Liver is one of .1 the principal regula
tors of the human bo- MI tly ; and when it per-
Ilants its functions well 0 the powers of the sys
tem are tally develop- isit ed. The stomach is
aliens entirely &pen- i gis dent on the Isealdly
action of the Liver for .1 the proper pcifurtn
anee of its funetions. Ni When the stomach is
at fault, the bowels are 0 at fault and the whole
system Stlit6l , ill until- a sequence of one orgun
—the Liver— having.m ceased to do its duty.
For the diseases otl Oss that organ one of the
proprietors 1165 made 0 i t his study, in to prat,
the ill more than twen- 'i, — ,l ty years, to find onion
remedy wherewith till counteract the many
derangcutenti to which g it in liable.
To strove that this „7" remedy is at last (Un
covered any person r. troubled with Liver
Complaint in any of its le" shuns, has hat to try
a bottle and conviction ..!, ,is certain.
' l ' oese glum; remove :ll i all morbid or and
matter from , ni p p iying in .their
by thr , 2 of Idle, i,; , ,ratiog
siomaeli, causi, ,
food to digest well,
the IN wing tone and Lvalth
ti. the whole 11111(1,111, = ry, removing timoilisn
ot ile ilkelso i and Cl Ireetim: a ralli,al cure.
410,C alter eat- ing, 1? stillik:eitt to re
'iv, e 3tomaeli aml prevent the loot
souriint 101
B;Ime , n'tneks ere 1. , owed, nil what i ,,
hotter. preveetea. 11, the oeeaNitei,.l t:o of
the Liver levi,tratar. a*
4 tidy one da , e ta- i t : lien bernre retiring
prevents Nightmare. 1 1 .1
(hay ene i!a.e taken at night. leeien. , the
feet - ein t:entiv. and mires 00,1iVOTIOSA.
I.IIC taken niter curb meal will cure 1)•
(41e (UMre of two iCIISpOOIIneS
Om , bottle token l'or female ob-tritetion rt ,
moves ;he conee or the tli,ease, and mikes a
Fer,et core.
oto. inonedi.ttely relieve.;
• .11.0 often repented is a sure care l'or
ra NI1111 . 111), alai 0 preventive or Cholera.
• tole two battle is nee.ll,l to limo out of
the effects of tawlicina after a tong
I do,. remove,
I ~ • t .1 cubit 11'011111w •kitt.
t • .t . t ht•forti eat ttig
Anti Iti.kkes fot,tl digt,(
ifs Sllllinler and
Ib„rlr , .ntllluil), t,I tir,t dose.
me or two, dose. curs , Attack. , Cawed by
Wt/Ems in Children ; thereno surer or speed
ieu ronoly in the world, as it never tilss.
cr.k •few bottles cures dropsy, by cxeitin:
the absorbents
We take pleasure in rocommendim; tbi• n
seine as a preventive for Fever and Ago,. t. ,
Fever, and all Fevers of 0 Bilious Type
operates with certainty, and thousands are +', ti
ling to testify to its won tenet virtues,
All who ono it aro giving their unanimous tes
timony in it. favor.
155 — Mix water in the mouth with the
rotor, and swallow both together,
The Liver Invigorator.
Is a scientific medical discovery, and in daily
working cures, whitest too great to believe. It
cures. if by magic, even the finest dose giving
/1 7 1 1J
it ti l it o oroca ti o i r r o t l i
t t y t .h
denoten d
of a alter
Pennsylvania s s y t day of i
Ilnving roceiyea the agency of A. Huntingdon Flour and Plaster Mills, in any de
Hazard & Co., Druggists, PULLEN., fur the sale
of the Brandy for Huntingdon county, we con- on 1858 ' We deliver it riui c cliAßriii
d T Railroads.
fidently offer it to the public as a pure and uo•
adulterated article as the following certificate FISHER & X.:IIII2ITUE
will prove
Chemical Ingpector's /Vice,
28 Sixth St., between Without and Vine, SAVING FUND,
Cincinnati, March, 11457.
This will certify that I have this day inn., r tvE pEn, CENT /NTEREcT
ted two separate lots of ClltilWiori Brandy. on,
in Barrels and one in Bottle, manufactured by N ATI DNA I, SAFIITY Till . :- , 1 I', L
Lattritse. Lyons, and sold by his Sole Agent, .i.
Jacob. at the Depot, No. 99 opposite the Bur WA I.N ET STRE El',
net Home, and 143 Went Third Street, Ci111:11, SOUTH-WEST CORNER 01 , 11111,.
nail, and find them both pure and free from P T A Ill ' ilaktlY i llilLiA .)
all poisonous or deleterious drugs. and an such i„„„,.„„,.„,
........,.....ed by the Stole of Pennsylvania.
have marked the same, . the 1; directs. lii•
von undor my hand nt. my office. Isigio.d.] APNEY IS RECEIVED
HIRAM Cox, M. If , . large or small, and interest paid from the
' IhtV Or deposit to the day of withdrawal.
Il.Pec l or 0r melioliclig"".. , , &,.. ! The office to open overt' day from II o'clock
_ in the morning till 5 o'clock in the afternaon,
Yen , Thrki M. , / 28, 1, :il• and on Monday and Thursday evenings till it
Dear Sir :—I have received a bottle of I.yotis o'clock.
Porn Ohio Catawba Brandy, furnished by Mr. 110 N. HENRY L. BENNER, President,
A. Ralston. Jr., of Lockport. N. Y., for :ins', RollEll'l' SELFRIDGE, It,. President,
zution, and I find it to contain only Ills— iii. . 1111. J. REED, Sosoory.
gredients which exist in pure Brand, Tho , DIRECTORS i
proportion of Alcohol obtained from it is .17.00. ' 1, .lenrY L. Benner, F. Carroll Brewster.
I believe this sample to be pute Brandy with. . , 1 ;'' . 1 , ,‘ , ' , T . :', 1 ' . ' 5 ( :i 1 i .: . .: 1 1. ,' Pra"„1:1,!,1' Barry,
oast adulteration—the flavor of it is delicate i,„,,, j ; . . K.
,t ,,,: i ,.''''' 1
. i,, ,, ,,,: ii . ,: r e k '„
and Peltilii" . . .),"1":S It. 121111 1 . . ) N. M. It., C. Landreth M ;toss. i Beery DicfroWderfrer,
_._ 111 ,,,, i , i• I,ilicv it received and payments made dully
The (11110 CATAWBA 1111.1 NI) Y not w i t h„,,, ~, t i re .
on , y ecr.ali, lint even excels the li, , in:ported Th., ii,cstinents ~,, made lit R ea l Estate
fivovi nis purity nod flavor. It is is 1 . 110 the ' 11 , 1 - •:::igi.4. Ground Items, awl such el ass se
lint .'candy koswit. Till.; ntateimmt 1i fully ,: ii, emir the Charter requires.
e; which tievompany this circular. ra Rr. MORSE'S
mod of PURE BRANDY has long s-w
been cc!, in this country, tind the introd u ction N ,
id ', ni•tiele of such quality as to supersede • nil. mon,i:. t h e inventor of MORSE'S IN•
the sale told use of those vile compounds loith• U lIIAN Et)( pii,t,f4, h a; s p en t t h e grea .
ern, sidil under the name of Brandt-, can only ter part of his hi. in travelling,, having visited
rogardeol as a great nubile good. The Co. E nrepe , Asia, nut Af r i ca , as we ll as N ort h
movies lit ;only possesses all Bev good qualities A mer i ca ...d os spent three years smutty the In
e:ai,ned for the best imported Li q uor, and is of 1 diens rd our Western country—it was in this
I , lfeet purity awl superior (tern, It is tiretd , way that the Indian Root Pills were lint dias
lore fully entitled to the patronage of the pule covered. hr. Morse was the first man to (M
-lle. \\'e feel cotilbletit 111111 its reception it , tallish the fact flint nil diseases arise Iron, Im•
State will be as that which it has met with purity of the Blood—that our strength, health
ill the Greet West, awl that th e ti me i s no t far and life depended upon this vied fluid.
distnt, when the superiority of our own la- When the various passtoges become clogged,
'l' l ".. will Pi" an mod to their ii"l".""iiml twin and do not net in perfeet harmony with the dif
ulortnel. In Medicinal purposes thi s Brandy ! fercid f u nctions el the body, the blood loses
has no rival. and has lung been needed. • its action, becomes thick, corrupted and di•
alt is e Sovereign and Sure Remedy for ' , sensed; thus causing all pains sickness and
Dyspepsia. Pletalency, Low Spirits, Languor, ! distress of every name; now strength is exhaus
(;,,,dra! It. ; ted, our health wo ere deprived of, and if na-
A I.SO FOR SALE, tutu is .t assisted in throwit ' er off the stag-
Es:1011,3 Celebrated Still and unto humors, the blood will become choked
Sparkling Champagne. and cease to net, and thus our light of life will
'These If inns are made in the neighborhood forever be blown out. How important then
ot Citit•iithati. end are guarantied to be the l that we should keep the various passages of
1" 11, 1' 1 " , " 1 the Grape, and oreeurincully cal' I the betty free and upon. And how pleasant to
culated for invalids, and persons who require to that we have it in our poorer to pet a medi
a gentle stimulant, stool fit Sacramentnl purposes eine in your reach, namely. Morse's Indian
or as st beverage will be f o und equal, ir not sue ; Root rills, umitufactured from plants and roots
perior. to the !test imported. which grow around the mountainous cliffs in
Retail l'rice for Brandy and Wines, $1,25 Nature's garden, for the health and recovery
per Qiutrt Bottle. of diseased nom. One of the roots from which
VI-O'A liberal discount made to the trade—,M these Pills are made is a Sudorific, which a.
Address JOIIN HEAL), Druggist. pens the ;area of doeskin, and assists Nature
Feb.17.'58.•11m. ; throwing out . the finer parts of the corrup
sTAG}.: LINE ; iim, lie second is a plant which
inu Expectorant, that opens and unclogs the
FROM passage to the lungs, and thns, ill a soothing
milliner, performs its duty by throwing off
Chambersburg to Mt, Union ! phlegm, and other humors fret,. the lungs by
j copious spitting. 'floe third is a Diuretic,
r ' , Le undersigned aware that a suspension of 1 which gives ease and double strength to the
the lino of Stooges over the road between ' kidneys; thus enconi aged, they draw large a—
Chambershurg end Mt, Union, rennet be but I snot ate of impurity from the bleed, which is
disadrantngeons ton large section of the cone- then thrown out boutdifully by the urinary or
try, has, at a vonsiderable expense and trouble ,outer
passage, and which could net have been
swade arrangetneuts to run a line of Stages
it; l o i trs Ab e T s C i k in i
1 , 1 •
choeitnei...eieinabtihoestnttgseos lace hceu pot- !'o Cnuhnrlte, and acenmpnunea
vows id th e Polls slide engaged in purifying
red en the route, and experienced and trusty
drivers will superintend the running of the the blood; the coarser particles of impurity
'Pion proprictorof the line is disirous which cannot pass by the other outlets, ore
diet it he maintained, and ho therefore calls thus taken up and conveyed off in great plan.
upon the public generally to patronize it, cone- thins by the bowels,
dent that it will ho for their mutual advatitage. From the above, it is shown that Dr. Morse's
Every attention necessary will be given, awl , Indian Root Pills not only enter the stomach,
the miming of the Stages trill he regular. ; but become united with the blood, for the,o , find
car Stages leave Alt, noion, every Tuesday j teat' rrrry rurt , uni t completely, rout nut
Thursday, and Saturday
availin g'''. arrivin g M
and cleanse the s 'OM from all impurity, and
Clitenberslturg the next day at 2 o'clock. Ile- . . .
the tile et e lusty, which is the lolood, be
nniring et - mica perfectly Itettlthy; consequently all sick
titT•i:not• 11 ; 1, c
1. 1 e c i l t , v , c s t loi % T; . ,
t t i l n ie joi s i alt e e n ight
°vetoing in time ilor the ears. Between Mt, Coo- mess mid pain is driven from the system, for
ion and shade Gap the line will he daily, they cannot remain when the body becomes
Cr Fare through $3; to iodermetliate points so pure and clear.
in proportion. JOHN JAMISoN. The reason why people are so distressed.
Jan. 20,11,when sick; and why so many die, is because
' they do not get a medicine which will pass to
'TO the afflicted parts, and which trill ,pet the
Pr. Hardman, Analytical Physician. natural passages for the disease to be cast out
hence, a large quantity of food and ether bunt-
Physician fur Diseases 01 the Lungs, Throat tee is ind ,,, ad and the stomach
and intestines
and Ilea—Fortnerly Physician to the 1
me literally overflowing with the corrupted
CINCINNATI MARINE 110SPITAL, also ' masst thus undergoing disagreeable fermenta-
to INVALIDS RETREAT, time constantly mixing with the blood, which
Author of i•Lettets o Invalids," IS CO:MING-1 throws the corrupted matter through every
See following Card. ; vein and artery, until life is taken front the
MAY Appointments. body by disease. Dr. Morse's Pills have ad
' Dr. Hardman, Nov:slid:lu for disease or the ' ; ! t e o d ri T:t e , i i i n Z:M7 o k ie t 7,Y ei : l P l N o i o t i r , Y , : , t b ) Y eet r t n t ;
Cormerly Physicist' to Cincinnati Ma
th, Ilespital,) will he in attendance at his i l t i o n e d e irienePkPei,ireiTtorin.',netteidtitareiliacknwelei'a have
et nos as fellows pniu
• Ilentieetlon. Jackson's Hotel, Monde, :thly reo, and anguish, and whose feeble frames have
Lewistown, Notional Howl, ern scorched by the burning elements of rue
. liellitl. dee', Exenome Hotel, " 27. ging fever, and who have been brought, as it
Dr. Haelnint treats consumption, Broilebi- were, within a step of the silent grave, now
tin, Astlime, Lon neitt is and all diseases of the stand ready to testify that they would have
threat and bongs, et al...heal Inhalation, lately been numbered with the dead, had it not been
used in the limn, si sit.,l, Landon. 'the t er this grea c mu l won d er f u l medicine, Moral's
meal papas it; the treatment of nu to nom, India.. Root Pills, Alter one or two doses
, dies is to get no the disce, in the dire. moon
tier. .%11 medit•ities are e,theated..loy. ' solutr•ly surprised, in w•itaessing their ,Vett
met „,„,„ „ 1 ,,,. 1 , i ; ;„,_ ong elfeets. Not only do they give immodi
tien tt, en the troll 1e1,111111 1 ., ..1 .
,vii. If the Sllllat.ll is diseased „.e nu k e afe ease and strength, and take away all. sick.
‘l%,,eoirk Sloe at t
s, it tedttg nli
o b f the ult
d.: which
0 h
threetly into the lungs, MeitiCilles are the the blood. Therefore, it will be shown, espec
...tient, to disease and should he applied to holly by those who use these Pills, that they
the very scot of disease. Inhalation is to up- will so cleanse and purify, hoot disease—that
the o—tlat
idie in
atien of this principle to the treatment of , dente,. enemy— will tithe i ts f li ght,
the lungs, for it gives us direct access to those e as t, o f „ m o t m m b eam , will again return,
hitriestte air cells and tubes which lie out of mid the prospect of a 104 and happy life will
reach of every other means of administering . , and brighten yeardays.
medicines. 'l' be roams that Consumption, co d
CAI' IP/N.—Beware of a counterfeit Bien
other diseases of the lungs, have heretofore re- l ed ~,n ot. e . Alt genuine have the
ea . e
sister! all treatment has 'wen because they had .
' never been approached us a direct manner by i" '• IIITE 4 CO , c l / 1 . each box- AO
medicine. They were intended to net upon the the aignature qi 4. J. White S; Go. All oth
lngs and yet were applied to tho stomach.— lees are spurious.
Their 11.C11011 was intended to be local, and yes, I A. J. WHITE & CO., Sole. hvprielors,
they were so administered that they should toot 1 60 Leonard Street, New York.
act constisottionally, expending immediate and Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills are sold by
“etion upon the ttnotlentling.stomaeli, a ll d en i ers in Medicates.
e I .oa the bed ulcers within the lungs were tins See Agents wanted in every town, village
-led. Inhalation brings the medicine Oil nod hamlet in the land. Parties desiring the
etatmet with the disease, withoet the
agency will address ns above for terms.
•,y ,adage of any violent action. Its appli- , .
iit is simple, that it can Ito employed by the
gee Price 20 cents per box, five boxes will
t, ••, .
paingest imam or or feeblest invalid- It doss no; be sent on receipt of , postage paw.
derange the stomach, or interfere in the least de- - JOH N ILEA D. ,/ gent Huutengdon,
gree with the strength, condom or business of December ie
the patient.
°Tn. DuniAsEs THEAT..—In relation
to the tidlowing diseases, either when eumpli- MoN. Walsh. Principal. -
clued it II lung affections existing alone, I id.> This school for young ladies and ITentletnen
is probably the cheapest one of the kind in the
invite consultation. I usually tint them prompt
ly curable.
country. The expenses per year for board,
Plaints, li-regularities and Weakness.
Prolapses and all other forms of Female corn
room rent, furniture. fuel and tandemin common
Palpitation and all other Mutts of Heart Elllo l A ate only $/113.
Disease, Liver Complaints, Dyspepsia, and all Piano Jlusic is only $5 ()ere:parlor. All
other diseases of Stomach and bowels, &r. Oho languages and the o.niamentals are propor-
All diseases of the eye unit oar. Neuralgm, tintially cheap. For other inforination address
Epilepsy and all forms of nervous disease.— John D. Walsh, Cassville, Iluntiegdon Co., Pa.
No 'Margo fur consultation. Thu neat quarter commences Monday, Jan,
S. 1). HARDMAN, M. D. nary 18th., 1858.
June 3, 1851
To Merchants and Tamers,
GROUND PLASTER enn lie had at the