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    AuntingVon critrit at.
%I'M. lIIIEWsren,
Editor and Proprietor
Wednesday Morning May 26, 1858.
The Circulation of the Hun
tingdon Journal, is great
er than the Globe and Am
erican combined.
The Huntingdon JOURNAL for one year, and
either of the Magazines for the same period
will be sent to the address of any subscriber
to be paid in advance as follows :
The Journal and Godey's Lady's Boob•, for
one year, $3 50
The Journal and Graham's Magazine, for
one year, $3 50
The Journal and Emerson's Magazine and
Putnam's Monthly, fur one year, $3 50
The Journal and Frank Leslie's Family
Magazine and Gazette of Fashion, fur one year
$3 50
The Journal and Lady's Home 'Magazine,
for one year, $2 75
The Journal and Petersons Magazine, for
One year, $2 75
The Journal and Atlantic Monthly, fOr on
A Prize for Everybody.
Foundry.—R. C. McGill.
Cloth-Cleaning .—Zachanah Johnson.
List of Retailers.
Portable Fence—H. Cornprobst.
Drugs.—McManigel & Smith.
Orphan's Court Sale.—G. H. Stewart
Wigs & Toupees.—Geo. Thurgaland
Sewing Machine.—Grover & Baker.
To Contractors.—H. W. Miller.
Cook Stove.—Call at this Office.
Sale of Unseated Lands.
Burders History of all Nations.
Dentist.—Dr. R. A. Miller.
Horse Taming.
Oil Paintirgs to be given away.
Catawba Brandy.
Liver Invigorator.
To Merchants and Farmers.
Saving Fund.
Stage Line.
Dr. Hardman.—To Invalids.
Gunsmi thing.
Dr. John McCulloch.
Cassville Seminary.
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills.
Burr Mill Stones. 111
H. Roman.—Clothing.
Dry Goods.—Fisher & McMurtrte.
Nicholas' Bank Note Reporter.
Hardware —J. A. Brown.
Dentist.—Dr. J. R. Eluyett.
Attorneys.—Scott & Brown.
Paper Hanging.—Howell & Bro's.
Letter Coppier for snle.
Electric Oil.
Lindsey's Blood Searcher.
Dry Goods —D. P. Gwin.
Antiphlogistic Salt.
Books.—W. Colon.
Huntingdon Mill.
Foundry.—Cunningham & Bro.
my Goods &c•—David Grove.
Attorney.—T. P. Campbell.
Consumption.—G. W. Graham.
Suffer not.—l. Summerville.
Lock Hospital.
Railroad lime.
Dr. H. K. Nell.
Attorneys. -Wilson & l'etriken.
Duponco's Golden Pills.
The Citizens of Philadelphia and of the ses ,
eral counties of the Commonwealth opposed to
the 'Lecompton and the despotic pol
icy of the National Administrsticn in forcing
upon the people of Kansas a Constitution in
defiance of their known wishes, and in subver
sion of the great right of self government; and
in favor of a Sound American policy in orpo•
sition to the policy and intrigues of foreign
governments, ar, requested to send Delegates,
equal in number to their Representatives and
Senators, in the State Legislature, to meet in
Convention, at Harrisburg, in the Hall of the
House of Representatives. on THURSDAY,
THE BTH DAY OF JULY, A. D., 1858, at
2 o'clock, P. H. to nominate State Officers,
and transact such other business as the exig•
caries may demand. -
By order of the State Committee.
LEMUEL TODD, Chairman.
Attest :—EnwAan 111'PHERSON, Sec'y.
j Each reader of this paper is re
quested to procure a ne or subscriber and
eend the name and money to this office.
Recollect only one dollar and fifty cents a
year, and may be sent in postage stamps
Address, WM. BREWSTER, Huntingdon.
Of John Hicks, who left hirleysburg,i
ogo to Huntingdon, on the first day of
January last, and has not been heard of
since. He is between 30 and 35 years
of age; slender made; about 5 feet 0 or 8
inches high; fair complexion; and is a pot
ter by trade. Any person knowing Of
his whereabouts will confer a favor to his
wife, with two small children, by giving
information to Samuel Backus, Shirleys•
burg, Huntingdon county, Pa. Editors
East and West please publish the above,
and serve the cause of humanity.--Shir.
we We have received from the en•
terprising Publishers, T. B Peterson &
Brothers, a copy of A Tate of Norway, by
James A. Maitland. This work has re
ceived the unqualified approbation of
WASHINGTON IRVING, a detailed ac
count of which we gave in the Hunting.
don Journal, on the 24th of March. A
perfect facsimile of th, letter that Wash
ington Irving (under date of December
12th 1857,) did write to the author of .Sar.
taroe,' is now bound in every copy of the
Book, for the inspection of the curious, so
that nosy all persons can obtain a perfect
tac•simile of one of the letters of this great
author. It is published in one large duo
decimo volume, bound in cloth, for $1.25.
Send to T. B. Peterson & Brothers, No.
306 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.
Mr The June number of the SIMI?
tie Monthly.—This stands at the head of
ell literary Monthlies. The contents of
the June number is : Chesucco,,k; La-
Cautatrice; Gottfried Wilhelm; Von Lei,
bnitz, Lon Leo; Letter Writing; The rat.
°combs of Rome; Bentrce; Metempsy
chosis; Crawford and Sculpture; Asirva•
dam the Brahmin; Whet are we going to
melee; Shipwreck; The Autocrat of the
Breakfast Table; The President's Prophe
cy of Peace; Literary Notices.
l'rom the Maths., Patriot.
Reconstruction of Parties.
The New York Commercial Advertiser, one
UNITED STATES POLICE GAZETTE. amongst the soutalest and most conservative
We have received the first number of journals of the North—a paper whirls, through
the first volume of a paper of the above all mutations of parties, claimed to be Whig
name, published in Philadelphia by F. A. only—has given its attention to the above sub.
Drovin & Co. It is as its name imports. ject. In an editorial on Saturday last the ad.
to be devoted principally to the Police an• " r " tiser sa Y ss
nals of this country and Europe. We have more than once remarked that
there can be only two great permanent point-
Reports of extraordinary arrests and cal parties in the United States—the party of
criminal trials will, of course, form a lea. the Administration, and the party of the op
ding feature. Lawyers will be attracted pOsition. Wore glad to see this sentiment
by dissertations upon important legal ques. gaining ground in all sections of the country
nod that there is a manifest disposition to
turn it to practical account. The Richmond
State Convention. Whig, a few days ago, put the truth in a very
clear light, declaring that a reconstruction of
Our readers will observe that the tippet. parties—in other words the formation. of a
nen ts of the National and State Adminis- new party—was the great and permanent tte-
Orations design holding a State Conven• cessity of the times; and boldly affirming that
lion on the Bth day of July next, for the 06 a party, uniting holiest and good men in
purpose of nominating a candidate for the all parts of the Union, would find abundant re.
Supreme Bench, and we presume also one crabs i n th e south as well as in the North and
person to fill the office of Canal C RIM iS. East and We'n•"
sinner. Although the latter office is en- The editor then introduces some well.timed
timely usele - ss, yet, as the Senate refused remarks of the Buffalo Advertise', also a pure.
to abolish the same, no doubt with a view l i Y n
o , c° u l p is o e i r i v t a h
e tinesa niAe American journal, ail:a:ell:re:Lt..
of keeping a few men at the expense of fore given publicity to these comments, but
the State, it might be well also for the op- there are some points which may be appiopri
ponents of the measure to nominate a man ately introduced on the present occasion.
for that office. Our I3u ffalo contemporary remark si—The times
-- are propitious for the movement. The action
The State Canals. • of the Republicans in congress, on the Critter
The Governor has transferred the re. den amendment, has freed that party from the
main ing portion of the Public Works to harsh imputations of sectionalism, and it can
appeal no longer to the passions of a section.
the Sunbury and Erie Railroad Comps. -
ny. The State has therefore divested tt•
On that ground they were frankly and consis
tently met by the South Americans and Doug
self of all her public property, and we las Democrat a. Out of this united action has
hope it will be a I ing time ere it lends grown a spirit of harmony, North and South,
its aid to any old or new improvements. and it only remains for the people to sustain
Let us now be careful and appropriate their Congressional representatives in the pu•
the revenues of the State towards the liq• aitiun they have taken, and reward them for
uidation of the State debt, and we shall the sacrifices they have made. What is need.
very soon be relieved from the payment ed is an tir g unizatiun s p ringing fro! " the yes.
of Stale taxes. plc without regard to old putty differences.
, There is no good reason why the antipathies
- 04.41. Ar • -
of the past should cumber the action of the
A Fatal Casualty by Fare.
On Saturday morning, the 15th lust„ a ' A
future. The work should begin at home, and
each locality
should assume the responsibility
sad accident occurred in the family of tot itself.
Joel Tompkins, of this village. A child "All that is Heeled is a union in good kith
of about 1.1 months of age, was left in the on the platform of opposition. Affirmative
room in care of an elder brother, between measures will arise in due time, bet they should
6 and 7 pence old, while the mother wa s ho left to the Inn mouialog influences • of unto.
absent attending to matters in the garden. elation and a large charity should be exercised
The clothing of the child, by some means ° , l lut im u d r :::
, I , ) , ' , il : l l ' e r ,,,, d l l , fi l l ' i, r , e a n e c ie e s . iii N t 7 i l e n '''' ,, . , : . "' i l i i
not precisely known. but supposed ,to i this case as in all others. Wine good iii 3 e . as ' •
hove been occasioned by a Pine splint ems have been defeated by the attempt to
with which it was sporting with fire at construct panty I ,: a tio rm , than by :env eifier
the store, became ignited, and before re menus.
lief c• tilt be i• fiord ed it teas sn horribly “Simple opposition is not tanfreq,und I, ..1,
burned us to terminate its life in a few ailirmatiou. It ~s 10 m ( ~ , i -, • -•1;,, , , 1,. l: ,
hours after. The elder child, on seeing slam!' tax, nod `d"" 1 " 1 ' ""'"''''''''' ''' " . '
the fire, ran to summon the mother, but units g rew ou be i " d ei"'" l ''''' ''''" '• •'' iii. : .il er . to ee ,i,i imposition
build up a posi ive polio,, eh. h ~,,.. ~,e, u . it ,p, ,tioilv yours,
she only arrived in time to witness the
a . m .,. . ". t•• A NIVEL ‘‘ sterner , Mayor.
u i ton ot the 'voila.'
mangled condition of her affectionate off The New Yolk Advertiser, alladwg to the Since the Al. , ' oils in type, we observe that
spring. The grandmother' of the chile. above , caps: 'old Siii,ds or I.i'e' has suddenly'run out' from
ter . from Ow a' I ''.
.s. leaving behind him a
the wife of Esq. Backus, who reside in aWe most heartily subscribe to these wise the '''''''e s ''' ' ' '
iscoese , , . . , unhealed world. Not
all apartment of the same house, hearing and patriotic suggestion. We are tar more d '''
eveu 10.. . Ce :., Indica, or East In
screams of the su ff erer, was the fiat concerned about the thing titan time name, and
to come to its aid, and, in the effort to ex• are perfectly willing to exercise a largo charity di '', 11 """ ' •.'
' ' ''''' yed his only daligh'
is able to arrest the mys ,
' • on minor points of difference. While those
linguist' this fire, and divest It of its burn terms prowess ty which . grow
who u ',it'd would limn no irresistable app „-
fragments of clothing, had her hands mid less, Instil it entirely disappeared. His
salon to thin party despotism under which the
severely burned. The little sufferer en.
coun ry buffers, ore disputing. soil indulging 'saints of life' he has, however, converted into
dured the most excruciating agony untilgold, and the possession a one hundred thou.
in jealousies one of the other, an Adiniatistra.
death Caine to its relief in about 8 hours lion that has proved false to true democratic nand dollars consoles him for his compulsory
after the occurrence.—He was the youn• principles is strengthening itself, and consoli. flight limn the gaieties of New York. There.
gest of the faultily. This casuality should' dating its party, by any unscrupulous use of its tired physician' is not the only masquerade in
tend as a warning to mothers and nurses immense patronage, and unless all who oppse which bl. the ed deTted . B . ro a w l ;i— H his m real name—
to be cautious in absenting from children name—
y rui l t j t r iZ P i t i l iflue ra e l e l es "r o i fte a it u d t M " i e n d - taught ns Igu tl ' "e peop le low to me r cury who
they can have access to fire, a s istration's tactics will produce a political deg- gold' he was Prof. Jas. T. Horne, who adver.
accidents therefrom so frequently occur. radation from which it will take the country lines that he will show anybody the way to
—Shirleysburg Herald. years to recover. It has become the iinperativo make $l,OOO a year, if not more, upon the re
duty of every patriot to forego every personal cuipt ur a certain sum in postage stamps,
sr About the first of April a notice consideration and everything but subtsant!..l which, coming duly to hand, the applicants are
/vas inserted in the Journal of the dissolu• principles, in order to check this downward bent a recipe for the manufacture of artificial
honey, and the right to sell it in any county
lion of the partnership under the firm of progress of the Government,
here the du ic ma •• select the two costing $5. time is eminently propitious for the w I ) a- •
$1•Gill & Cross. Our workmen misun• •
commencement of such reconstruction of mu, 'rho enterprising Brown is also Madame Julie
derstood the arrangement, and instead of
ties. It is not a thing to be accomplished in a Mellville. whin lies lately received from France
inserting Geo. M'Gill's advertisement, theday. It is not desirable that the new party
some splendid cosmetics. These facts have
old advertisement was continued should be hastily constructed. But it is time just been brought to light by the New York
Gen. McGill euntinues to carry on the fur the matter to be di s cus se d by Oh o p eo pl e , Police, who are now in eager pursuit of the re.
Foundry business at the old stand, in all and by the presses which rep:esents th e ale. hired and retiring physician. It appears that
its various operations, and will be pleased
meats °couch an opposition party." there w. nu Cannabis Indies in the medicine
he "By such diseusstbn alone can the people of Brown. but merely a compound of liquorice
to accommodate all who limy give him a
slippery elm decoction, and honey, costing six.
call. See his adv ertisement in another ,eC„ P r " r: ' , f actio . ira ' r e r l i l v w . "" l„ti u m "' „ " ,, l u7;
teen cents, bottle and all, and for which he
column. efficiently act in. concert in the Presidential charged $2. His 'Regulating and Purifying
1 .• . struggle of 1868, must understand each ether Pill,' and 'Excelsior Ointment of India,' were
err lion. J. Covede has our thanks 1 and have no reservation or concealment in made on the same' '
principle, and sold for as
for Public Documents. ' their mutual alliance. This state
,of feeling ' many dollars as they cost him cents. The most
Bar- We publish to day a number of
excellent extracts from leaning Journals
North and South.
The sentiments contained in them .mi.
nently recommend their consideration to
men of all parties, who are opposed to
Slavery extension, and we cheerfully trans
fer them to our columns.
That the vote and mnnly adherence to
principle, nod nationality. of the Repub.
licans nnd Americans. manifests the same
liminess to fraud and Shivery, is abun
dantly manifest. The vote of both' these
parties on the Crittenthm Amendment
against the Lerompion iniquity, and swin
dle. shows conchisively that there is but
one great object to he obtained, (Tr.,
tlOO to the extetition of Slavery. This
vote dkcloses the greet fact, that Republi
canism and Americanism is the gertn of
freedom. and Nationality And that Lo
color() Denincrpcy aloe,. is sectional We
endorse heartily the moon ,i 1 ;,11 rame•
opposing this Sectional Deinceracy. snd
Slavery propogandisin and mernr till tai
nor considerntions to so d , sirable
mitten. Let the people discuss thest•
sentiments. They make parties, and they
are opposed to Slavery. Let us have no;
on ! Are we not all Republicans and Am
ericans ?
can be brought about, not by conference be
tween leaders alone of the parties to be uni•
ted, by discs scion among the people themsel.
ves—he cordial agreement of the "tank and
tile," which are the strength of all political
parties. Leaders are apt to have ambitious
projects and personal interests in which the
r ank and file do not participate, and we be.
lieve in the popular voice in the formation of
a party as well as the election of a President."
It cannot t,o denied that the democratic is
truly a sectional party. In proof of this, one
of its papers, now at baud. in an article upon
the "growing unity at the South" remarks:
"We think our friend of the Richmom7 ex
aminer does not make an over estimate, when
he ,,es Imo the three fourths of the peo
ple of Virginia are now indontificd, or co-ope
rating. with the Denoteratte party. The same
is true throughout the South. Indeed it zooid I
not be otherwise. From no othcrtparty at the
North do our rights receive any recognition or
i s d o t e portlier', Whig, there
rthern American, in Congress, who
:!! . fully and completely will the
. . • ,1;, and oth
i the t.,( t remains that
.rn ~ i ven in Con•
by a Demo.
1.1 lbl , 1.01 , 1 , , • • I'l . this. fiwy see more.
1 is begot by
ownion i . 1 1• , .11,111,1 opposition, dis
poses the. ex i- )ennwratie partizans
of tlw south. • : • ...ttiou with the anti.
and betrays them
tb theoreetiettl and
lieinocran, ~r
into fearful
Herein exists
1. The people of this
country want no sectional Dein 4.iracy united
to protect the South, and no Northern combs.
nation to guard the North. Nor do the inter.
est of our great nation require ouch lines of
d istinction They have already had their evil
day too palpably mode manifest. and thanks
be to Providence, sober, reflective judgment is
coming to the rescue. The masses in every
quarter and of all parties—those in whom re.
ally exist power—are sickened with agitation,
and anxious fur the formation of a Union pro
tectorate, conservative in its aim and end. This
must be so, and henceforward all factions or
parties arraying themselves against each oth
er, bounded by geographical lines, are certain
of defeat. There must be a harmonious, lib•
oral, conservative unity, looking to paramount
leading principles of truth, in whose embrace
rests the good of all, the safety and perma
nence of our institutions, regardless of parti.
zan minies or local differencea.•
Such an organization would soften and fi•
nally do away with, embittered sectional strifes
it would afford an opportunity for all good
citizens every where to see and realize their
own best interest, place our Government in a
stronger position by inaugurating an admints•
Ustion consonant with honesty and suited to
the whole people, The time is near at hand
demanding such a movement, and not so far
distant when it will assume commanding pro
Ontral Dttus.
The Quaok Impostor.
'Old Doctor James'—'whose sands of life
are nearly run out,' and who advertises so ex•
tensivtily, is thus shown up by a recent letter
to a New York paper :
Onandaga Co., N. Y,,
April 23, ISSB.
I noticed in the Tribune of the 22nd inst.,
on advertisement purporting
to be from Old
in, dames, of Jersey City. As the whole mat
ter is an imposition, 1 hope you will expose it.
Ms following is his wily of operating :—You
enclose hits one shilling, and he will send you
a recipe; but after you have got the recipe you
will discover one article in it that cannot he
hod ; in that case you have to send to him for
the medicine ready prepared, at $2 per bottle.
Some or my costomeis having rend his adver-
tisement, requested me io send for some of his
medicines. I sent, and at the same tane wrote
to Mayor Westcott, to line oat about the con
cern. He sent me an answer, a copy of which
1 enclose for pobliention, hoping you will ex
pose the concern at as early a day as possible.
A. ilmnit.w.
Map - Ws ?glee, Jersey City.
March 15, 1858
A Mini., l .-11,+nrSir ;—I am in re
pi of yd, laver, and in reply wnuld nay
.• •i• is 1-0 ',Non its tild Dr. James
• :I, •.,.•• I :Iv, hio an old !DIM in employs
• t, • hiin. Tin whale matter is well
magnificent of his cosmetics, 'The Milk of Ro• A Snon.—Thackeray thus daguerreo GROVER & BAKER'S
sex and Extract of Elder Blossoms,' turns out types the animal Snob, in speaking of En-
CEMIII It rren
to have been n mixture of magnesia andmlecs• , glisb society : FAMILY SEWING MACHINES.
hol, costing him about eight cents—price s'4 a i
t.)l snob is that :nen or woman who is 495 BROADWAY, NEW YOBK.
bottle. It remains to be seen under what new
always pretending to be something better 799 CHESTNUT ST.. l'llll.A DELPIIIA
disguise the retired physician' will make his „ ~,, „-„
especially richer or store fashionable—
giirThese Nlnchines • ore c.
. next appearance before the public.
End of the Mormon Rebellion. %:
than they are. It is one who thinks his to be the best in use for litt:
• king it new. strong. and Oast',
The news of the termination of the ormon own position in life contemptible, and 1 N OT even
„or, bombM
always yearning and striving to force ci rei d a P r ' s setrt 0,, n pp lirntion by I,
rebellion without bloodshed will be hailed with
himself into one above ,
joy all over the country. It juts cost a 1arg 0 Fe11.17;58.4 without the edu- Agents wawa.
anm of money anti net a link
on the cation or characteristics which belong to
part of the forces at Camp Scott in prepare- lit ; one who looks down upon, despises -
tions to put down this rebellion; but it has 1 and overrides his inferiors, or even equals
shown that the Government is capable of ex of his own standing, and is ever ready to
' traonlinary efforts and of punishing insubordi. worship, fawn upon and flatter a rich to
nation even upon its remotest frontier. The titled man, not because he is a good mans
news will, so soon as it is :authenticated, put a wise roan, or a Christian man, but be
, a stop to further military movements in that
cause he has the luck to be a rich or con ,
direction. Supplies may lie needed, .d
probably be sent forward, for the subsistence se q uential man
of the troops now in Utah Territory; but all
other preparations will be suspended, and the
troops which have been concentrated at Fort
Leavenworth and Jefferson Barracks will again
be distributed to their old posts. Vast expen
ditures have been made in getting ready for
i this expedition; but the supplies of provisions,
munitions of war, horses, and animals will not
, be lost to the Government, and a tremendous
draft. upon the Treasury will be stopped. The
early termination of this expedition will make
a material difference in all Mr. Secretary Cobbs
estimates for the demands upon the Treasury
for a year to come. It will make also a very
material difference in the calculations by in.
dividuals of their profits under contracts will,
, the Government; Lut they will have to submit
to this disappointment. We take it as certain
also that the President will not avail himself
of the power given to him to call into service
the three regiments of volunteers authorized
by a law of the present Congress; and here
will be a saving at once of 54,500,000. These
t I curtailments in the anticipated demands upon
the Treasury came moat opportunely, and IF ill
make, in the aggregate, a difference in the
year's expenditure of at least fifteen millions
of dollars.—Sf. Louis Republican.
ligirNature never looked more lovely than
at the present time. Old Mother Earth has
put on her best looks and gavest attire, the bald
places on her ancient "poll," also has effectual
ly covered from view, with the luxurious gar.-
tore of Spring. Just so, only substituting Art
for Nature, our friend V FOsua THUIWALAND,
of No. 29 South Sixth St., is covering the bald
heads of mankind in general, with his exquisite.
ly light, grac dui and comfortable "Gossamer
Wigs," and Toupees. Our renders, who have
had the misfortune to lose this natural orna
ment, the hair, should call at his dressing rooms
in Philadelphia and examine for themselves the
superiority of the articles of his make over
those of any other manufacturer. His Liquid
Hair Dye continues deservedly popular, being
free from all deleterious qualities, and impart.
ing to the hair and whiskers a soft, glossy, life
like appearance. George has also many other
Useful toilet articles, which he offers to the pub
lic, combining two very desirable qualities, to
wit :—excellence and cheapness. Let all our
readers who design visiting Philadelphia give
him a call.
Pius *ems.
Struck by Lightning.
On Saturday morning last, a violent thunder
shower raved in the upper end of Cumberland
county. The thunder and lightning is said to
have been the severest experienced in that sec
tion of the country for many years. In Ship
pensburg, the barn of Mr. Anderson, was fired
by the lightning and consumed, with twit Other
barns adjoining the same. The stock confined
in the stables, and the principal contents
the buildings, we are pleased to state, were
saved. The gable end of a large brick duel.
ling house, in the same place, was struck by
the lightning and considerably damaged. The
streets and roads were entirely flooded with
the rain.—liar. Telegraph.
The Dead Returning to Life
Last week, a colored man — named Jas. M' .
Ginty, in the employ of Col. Jamison, of Blairs.
vile, went to the country and while there took
sick, and to all human appearances died. Grave
clothes were procured, and every preparation
was made for his burial, when lo I symptoms
of returning life appeared, and his attendants
for his interment ceased their arrangements.
After having lain in a trance for over an hour
without any perceptible motion of the heart,
lungs or pulse, he again returned to conscious.
ness and feeling, and is now going about, at.
tending to his accustomed business. He states
that while he was in this state, he could hear
all that was going on, but was entirely unable
to speak or move. Here is another case for
scientific investigation.
The new District Attorney sf
Kansas, Mr. Davis. turns out to ben whol.
ly untrustworthy person, jut as was sus•
pected when the change was made.
GETTING ALARMED.-A recent letter I
from Washington to the N. 1. Tribune,
says :—.The Philadelphia election has so
alarmed the Democratic managers here
that they have made arrangements for
sending into Pennsylvania under frank,
curing the coming Summer. one million of
Democratic speeches and documents. The
Republicans should take early and efficient
steps to counteract Ibis Immense infusion
of falsities'
At Chambersburg, Pa., on Thursday
night, fire was seen to issue from a stable of
James M'Kesson, immediately in the rear of
the new public school house, and upon the
alarm being given, fire companies were .soon
on the ground, and succeeded in arresting the
flames before they had gained much headway.
After the fire was extinguished, a disgraceful
riot sprung up between the two companies,
and for some time, lists, stones and spanners
were freely used, and cut heads and bloody no.
see was the order of the night.— lrar.Tel.
Tremendous Hail Storm.
We gave notice on Monday of the hail storm
that visited Fleming on Saturday the 12th.
The Hon. John L Brinkerhoff of Owasco, in.
forms us that the storm passed over that town
with great fury and doing great damage. In
Owaseo village the two churches were badly
damaged; in one over two hundred lights were
knocked out, and the building was very seri•
ously injured. Several small barns were taken
from their foundations; two or three dwellings
were unroofed, and orchards in many places
were uprooted. Fences were leveled, and in
one instance a heavf rail was taken up in the
strong arms of the storm and carried twenty
rods fr h in its former position. The storm on
Saturday was the heaviest that has visited this
county in years. [Auburn Advertiser.
Gang of Horse Thieves.
From information received, we are induced
to believe that tl.ere is a gang of horse-thieves
and counterfeiters organized in the counties of
Lancaster, York and Cumberland, and that
there are some members of :he gang within a
short distance of this placo, on the opposite
side of the river, from the fact that several hor
ses have been stolen in the neighborhood on ,
the Cumberland side, and taken to Maryland
and Virginia for sale.—Harrisburg Telegraph.
Death of Gen. Pereifer F. Smith.
ST. Loris, May 19.
The Republican has received a despatch an
nouncing the death of Gen. Persifer h' Smith,
the commander of the Utah forces, at the head
quarters at Port Leavenworth, at half-past 12
o'clock on Sunday night.
The officers of the steamer Dickey, just ar.
rived at Booneville; report that the remains of
Gen. Smith were at Leavenworth for the East
on Wednesday. General Harney succeeds to
the command.
Dar The Legislature of Wisconsin, in obe•
dience to the expressed wish of a majority of
the people of the State, has passed a bill re•
establishing the death penalty for murder.
5 The New Comet, discovered three
weeks ago at the Observatory in Cambridge,
Moss., is found to be rapidly receding from
both the sun and the earth.
On the 4th inst. by Rev. 0. B. Thayer, nt
the residence of Dr. John B. Porter, Cherry
Grove, Carroll co., 111. DR. J. K. EBERLE
of Amboy City, Lee co., 111. formerly of Hunt•
ingdon en., Pa. to Miss MERAB SHIPLEY
formerly of Baltimore, Md.
On the ltb inst., JULIA MART/lA, youngest
dnughte if Samuel and Rebecca Smith. aged
one y r, nine months and twentylve days.
PIIILADk:LPIIIA, May 12, 1838.
FLOUR—Superfine. per barrel, 84 25(834 37
" Extra " " 4 5000 75
" family 4 87a5 50
Rye Flour and Corn Meal 3 25
Wheat—red, per bushel, 1 00®1 08
" White " 1 15®1 25
Rye 66
Corn 41 71
Oats 14 38
CI everseed $4 38®4 50 per 64 pounds.
Timothy seed
Flax " per bushel sl 50
Stanford & Delisser, New York
In noticing the recent enlargement and oth
er itnprovents in Lillelre Living Age, we glad
ly take the opportunity to commend this ster
ling work to the especial attention of our read.
ers. Money spent for the "Living Age" is well
spent ; for it is unquestionably both the best and
cheapest periodical ever offered to the public.
This is not merely our individual opinion, it is
the concurrent testimony of tile Press through.
out the country; it must, therefore, be the true
estimate, The work is issued every Saturday,
eighty pages, double columns, 12 cents each,
or $5 per annum, post paid, to any address. It
is a work that supplies the very marrow and
essence of all the renowned British periodical
literature of the day, consisting of the clubs
rate and stately essays of the Quarterlies, the
masterly criticisms of Blackwood, and the
lighter articles of Dieken's "Household Words"
and scores of 3ther popular Journals; its can
tents being not only of interest to-day, but of
imperishable value. The numbers for the
; year, forming five large octavo volumes, pre.
sent a complete Encyclopredia of Literature,
reflecting the spirit and genius of the age in
which we live. To sac that such a work is in-
dispensable to every library, is not enough ; it
is an essential to every intelligent finnily cir
cle, to professional men, .d to all who are ed-'
nesting themselves. Hoping that what we
have said will awaken a fresh and deeper pram.
field interest in this long-established and excel.
lent work, we shall content ourselves with sim•
ply referring to the fact that many of the rep•
resentative men of the country have bortrr the
strongest testimony to its superiority; among
them, J. Q. Adams, Henry Clay, Daniel Web.
ster, Chancellor Kent, Prof. Sparks, Justice
Story, W. 11. Prescott, Geo: Bancroft, Geo.
, Ticknor, Bishop Potter, Rev. Dr. Bethune,' Ile, Albert Sorties, kc.
ih• 81.11 . 111,. 11 , f,
he 'Alt.—
1,110 St!MCKIM A FOR TM:
NEW TOR 1( WEE tir i RES",
I r, 1, ri s T 1? A Tb: I)
FATS LTA 157331.:V5P.4.2 1 311 R,
The Now York Weekly - Press is ono of the
best literary paper: of the day. A loran quarto
containing twenty pages, er Sixty colmnas, of
entertaining matter; and elegantly illu strum ,
every week.
A Gift worth from 50 cents to 11000 00 will
be sent to each subscriber on receipt of the sub
scription money.
1 copy 1 year, nod I gift $2 00'
3 copies " 3 gifts 5 00
5 if o 5
10 " " 10 " l5 00
21 21 " 3OOll
The articles to he distributed arc comprised'
in the following list:
1 U. S. Treasury Note. $lOOO 00.
2 do. do.' do.
5 do. do. do.
10 do. do. 410,
500 00, each
200 00, each
100 00, each
10 Pat. Lev. li'g c's watches 100 00, each
20 Gold Watches, 75 00, each
50 " " 00 00, each
100 " " 50 00, each
309 Ladies Gold Watches, 35 00, each
200 Silver hun. cas. watches, 30 00, each
500 Silver watches, $l5 00 to 25 00, each
1000 Gold , guard, fob and
Vest eclair's, 10 00 to 30 00, each
1000 Goldl'ens &Pencils 5 00 to 15 00, each
... .
Gold Lockets, Bracelets Brooches, F.aifilrops
Breast fine, Colt Pins, Sleeve Buttons, Rings,
Shirt Studs, Watch Keys, Gold and Si lier
Thimbles, end a veriety of other articles, worth
from 50 cents to $l5 00 each.
On receipt of the subscription money, the
subscriber's name will he entered upon our
books opposite a number, and the gilt corers
pondihg with that lumber will be forwarded
within one week to him, by mil or express,
There is neither humbug nor lottery about
the above, as every subscriber is sure or n prize
of value. We prefer to make this liberal dis•
tribution among them instead of giving a lore,
commission to Agents, giving to the subscri
her the nmount that would go to the Agent
and in many cases a hundred fold more.
All communications should be sent to
DANIEL ADEE, Publisher,
May 26, 1558.•1y.
The Alexandria Foundry Flask, MittriN, &f.
have lwen bought by lt. C. Me 'rho
Foundry is in blast and he has al Ildrob, ol Cas
tigns. Stoves of all kinds. Marhia , ,,
Plough., lan
will si ll nt ti, kw—" est nouliet
All kind,. of Coan• try prolio‘, ....
old metal omen in exchange at market mire..
R. C. McGII.L.
May 26 1818.
Orphans' Court Sale
THEM?, will he exposer] nt Public Sale on
SAI'URDAY, the sth. day of Ines neNt,
on the premises. all hut certain lot
situate in Porter township near th
of Alexandria. otljttiniwz ten '.• ..r p
lough on the North awl It o u. 1:111 , 1
Welkin. MI ill.. South Vt'io.t. hold ot - C. ti
nish on the south Itlosi owl the I bost. • I n
ing ground nn the South ettnlitutitt.-.
Acres ho the stone more or less. To
iu pursuance ~ 4 an ()else of the orplitt
Court of Huntitiztlon County. 113 010 pr.,
of Ann Stewart hue of the sail
Alexandria deceased. Stile to ettannet.ce
two o'clock P. NI. said flay.
Terms Se to he intide kte;wo o n th e d•,n of
sale. 1.1 CO IL S f EIV Alt f . &cm/ for.
May 12. '58:.-3t.
Has opened a room No. 110 Chnrch Street
near the German Reformed Church, where ha
can be found at any time, prepared to clean
clothes in the hest style. He can make old
garments look like new. Also white.washing
done with neatness and dispatch. He will also
attend to public and private waiting. Anr per-
son desiring his services can leave their address.
May I 9,'58,1m.
Auditor's Notice ,
Tha undersigned Auditor. appointed by the
Orphans' Court of Huntingdon county, to dis
tribute the balance in the hands of Thomas &
Martin Westoe,. Exectors of William Weston,
deceased, amongst those having claims there
upon, hereby gives notice to all ',croons inter
ested, that lie has appointed Friday, the 18th
day of June next, at ono o'clock in the after
noon for the hearing of parties, &c., at his of
fice in the borough of Huntingdon, at which
time and place all those having claims spots
said balance are requested to present them to
the undersigned, or be thereafter barred from
receiving any part of said fund.
JOHN REED, Auditor.
Patent Portable Fence.
The rights of Hunt's Patent Portable or Per
manent Fence and Gate Post, for Lots, Farms
and Township, can be secured for a small sum
by calling on the Agent at Huntingdon. Go
and see the model nt once. It is decidedly
.the best Fence ever used. No Former should
be without it. Call ye who would be benefit
ted and examine it for yourselves.
for Huntingdon County.
- Now Drug and Grocery dlore
1101ANIG11.. SMITH & CO., Hill St., &
doors west (tribe Court House, Huntingdon.
Dealers in Drugs, Chemicals, Dye Stuffs,
Paints, Varnishes, Oils, Spts. Turpentine,
Fluid. Alcohol, Wine and Beastly of the Best
article thr medical uses, Concentrated Lye for
making Soap, Glass, Putty, Patent Medicines
also Coffee, Tea. Chocolate, Saga, Molasses,
Visitor. Fish, Salt, Flour, Crackers, Nate,
Candies, Figs, Raisins, Tobacco. Cigars, Syr
ups shall kiwis for summer drinks in a word
every thing mistily kept is a Drug or oesorry
Store, those who desire pure and Genuine ar
ticles will do well by giving us a call.
May 19.
MACliEltlif. of II Nos., Herring, &c., can
be bed of the beet quality. be eelling on
Fraftrll . & MCMCATRIR.