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Editor and Proprietor.
NiiAnesday Morning April 28. 1858,
The Circulation of the Hun
tingdon Journal, is great
er than the Globe and Ain
erican combined.
The Huntingdon JOURNAL for one year, and.
tither of the Magazines for the same period
will be sent to the address of an subscriber
to be paid in advance as follows :
The Journal and Godey'e Lady's Book, for
one year, $3 50
_ .
The' Journal and Graham's Magazine, fur
one year, $3 30
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Putnam's Monthly, for one year, $3 50
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Magazine and Gazelle of Fashion, fur one year
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for one year, $2 75
The Journal and Rterson's Migazine, for •
- one year, $2 75
The Journca and Atlantic Monthly, for one
year, $3 30
We have the satisfaction of informing
the tax-payers of the county, that, rifler re
good deal ol dodging, these worthies had
to yield before the firmness of our Caurt
who granted the petition for an investiga
tion and appointed a Board of visitors to
examine into the poor houso affairs, I'he
Board is comptsed of competent men, a
majority of whom are not connected with
active, party politics—are not time ser
ving office holders, or seekers, but men
of probity and responsibility who cannot
.be influenced by selfish considerations,
The following is the Board of visitors :
Mr We understand that Capt. White,
the victim of the murderous affray at the
door of the Orlando House, is lying at
Lewistown in a precarious state, in con
sequence of the injuries he received on
the night of the 13th inst. The sentence
of his assailants has been deferred.
Mr Both houses of our Legislature
have voted to add $2OO to the pay of mem
bers this Session, and to increase the coin
pensation hereafter to $7OO per annum
By what right do our servants vote .to
take two hundred dollars open • out of our
treasury, when they contracted for a cer
tain and loss price when they were eiec
Is this the REFORM promised us by
•the Democracy 1 It is monstrous and un
justifiable. Laboring men are idle with
their wives and little ones at the very point
of starvation; the whole .country almost
bankrupt, and our democratic' (1) Leg
islature coolly vote themselves $2OO ex
tra pay, thus taking at ono grab thous
ands upon thousands of the hard earned
money of the people, drainel from them
by taxation.
Car I'o anothercolumn we would di. A motion to postpone till the accet.d Monday '
rect your attention to the advertisement io M"Y wax ado p ted b Y ' a"' Ye" 100, " 113 a
of Dr. Livingstone's sixteen years in the "5.
Eccairro—The Leecitoptonites are thinidin ,
wilds of Africa. 'rids is one of the must
struck by their defeat to day. The :\ lauiiiis•
interesting publications Df the duy.
amain was perfectly emitideet suee,•..—
Efer The Nlay number of Emerson's Mes,rs. Cobb, Brown. T110111,411/1 and tall, Ca
,Magazine is on our table. The Life
of Moat officers were preeent au the floor with the
ladies of their 11nnilies in the gallery ti? witness
Washington is still continued, and is alone
the expected triumph. 'More men
worth more than the yearly piice of the
never walked out of the Ball of the Ileum! of
Magazine, the balance is 'node up of the nepresentatives than the - Lecompton lenders
most choice literature. See our Ciub today. Their rage is turned particularly
lint. • against Messrs. Qnitman Seldom' (S.
C.) Shorter and itallwurth, (Ala.) and Bill mid
air On Friday and Saturday of l.,vt'
Trappe (Ga.,)who couldlna I Well 01 Ares
I.* •
week we had quite a snow storm, since sodi n t o si ,„ e fi„„i„ g Mr.
which we have frows which we fear will i An episode on the fluor showed the oxen,
injure the fruit. meat among the Southern member. Mr.
Ne have received n copy of the itippe explained his reasons for voting for a
earpostponement in opposition to the majority of
Life of Dr. Mishit Kent Kane, and of his pott y in a man l y „„d
other distinguished American explorers hi s perauunl indupeudence . Mr, Flail
rontaining Narratives of their Resent-I,.•to Malin a similar explanation, oat 7ilr i
clues and Adventures in remote and inier tmrtrell, also of Georgia, objected.
eating portions of the Globe. By Samuel “W k° übjo, to?" lagallad 11,11, Larailig
M. Smucker, A. M., with a fine steel """I him.
Portrait of Dr. Kane. Large 1" inn “1 object." replied Gartrull, turning his head
a very bawdily manner.
Bound in clot h, over 4SI Nm !
00 pages, .
ACTS PASSED HY THE LATE LEG. i•rt here is your graveyard? .
exclaimed Hill
ISLATURE RELATIVE TO RUNT . CO. thing of real importance is omitted. The rw w wg at
thin with gut, fu ry.
Relative to Scott Infantry, general reader will prefer this to the *5 lle was intercepted. however, and Unwell
edition, especially as the cost is so trifling merely said, "We will talk of graveyard, else
Authorizing sale of P. Shoenberger's It is a very popular work. I where."
•••• The Speaker called uplift the Bergeson-at•
veal estate. • ea. In Congress on Saturday. the , conduct Bill to his seat, and order was
orthorizing a lock up at Coalmont. house voted (Yeas JO5, Nays 101)
to soon restored in the Hall.
-e to a Bridge at the mouth of reconsider the vote postponing Mr Eng• Air. Stephens, who prides himself ape. his
fish's Kansas bill till the second Monday fairness and courtesy, of which he boasted opt'.
"ater Company, in May, and to lay that motion on the La ly in debate to-day, was so disturbed by ibis an
'e pent Company. I ble. This motion to postpone having, expected defeat of Leeinaptori, that in his vex
Top Railroad however, been made by Mr Hill of Gear stint, he resorted d to lillihnstering to,c (impel an
gin as an amendment to Mr. Howard's
adjournment an gain tone to wor t:
upon re•
motion to postpone till a week from fractory members so as to reconsider the vote
'll'hursday, and not as an original motion, .r. i s e l r e ae '
t publicans, anxious to go on with the
the question recurred upon Mr. Howard's public business, resisted the motion to adjourn
Proposition. as amended. Pending ade mail the day was exhausted.
'on upon this point, the House adjour Mr. English's bill has been modifieffikom
Had Mr. Howard accepted Mr. day to day and from hour to hour. As finally
.mdinent, when made, the post• presented, it is very different from what it was
1:11d have teen decided: as it two do). ago,
ie to be renewed, and the Men were got to promise tri support it by
being shows a version that would inCt their
views. Some who agreed to go lot it us it was
!ieOrkg several rte will probably decline to vote for it as finally
D e ,,q,ciency bill, presented.
Democrats of Huntingdon, will you sub
.mit to it ?
And these satne men vote to make
Kansas a slave State.
The Closing Scenes.
The undignified closing scenes hi our
own State Legislature were not without
precedent. In the state of Maryland the
closing hours cf the session were decided
ly ludicrons, and the last . scenes in the
Legislature of Ohio. which adjourned on
the 18th inst., consisted of singing Auld
Lang Syne, Oft in the Stilly Night, Horne
Sweet home, and the Star Spangled Ban•
Mill Creek.
Huntingdon NN
Broad Top Impror
Huntingdon and Brom.
Borough of Huntingdon/
To extend certain provisimis of t.
to Walker township.
_.... .
A Hint to our Readers. 1•C•
Our advertisers, sell to the readers of -le '
'he Journal at a less`price than to others nllii d r s am ,
, • mention to them that you have seen
em ,W.
Jun' ' , ortisement in the Journal, and rn----"
their au. • • is, the struggle
• bargain. We advertise for .
you will get ..
tc. ' and thoe can
none but hones. • r e"l'''. - re we Th e s e nate, alter rt
issue i s doubtful.
recommend. mendments, passed t he
say -What did the eat say us she looked out
, e publish- I the window when the Ark gut ugroued7—
The neTv:i. "b '' sp ..4*-- er p,ub-Fis—hers.of T,...e.
t , ' tin u
a pubitc wee- by u vote of 28 to 19.
T i ,„ Hanover Wu./ Snn et e ,°n t ~,:: itt ar a rat"
high county, Pa., I mve 1144
tin g and agreed to sikapt the cash "" tern I t 4 y l a, S w e i t a l uors,,Y Lender, ,iti eta I deceased , ,eat
The Liquor Bill—lts Main Features.
Our readers are aware that the mem
bers of the State Legislature have been
'tinkering,' ever since they went to liar
rtsburg nt a new License bill for the re
tailing of ardent spirits. Every low dein
agog on the people send to the Legislature
must have his fingers in the Liquor busi
ness, but they do not want to, or cannot,
concoct anything of a permonent charac
ter on this question, but keep it continu.
ally before tho public as mere political
The following are the main fewures of
the Liquor Bill, us it has passed both
[louses :
Licenses to he granted in Philadelphia
by the Board of Appraisers, in Allegheny
county by the Associate Judges and Tree_
surer, and in other counties by the Judg
es of the Courts, with a qualified discre
tionary power over the applications.
The minimum prier of licenses. with
sales of over $lOOO to be $25, and under
$lOOO . to be $l5. In Philadelphia and
Pittsburg, the minimum to be $5O —llO.
telt and taverns to be classified and rated
according to the sales. On sales of $lO.
000, the license to be $400; on sales of
$BOOO, the license to be $250; on sales of
$2,000, the license to be $5O.
Retail brewers to be rated as eating
houses. Appraisers to be appointed to
examine and detect adulterated and drug
o•ed liquors, and the sole of such liq .ors
prohibited and punished.
We presume that, after the Governor
shall sign this bill, that it will minim in
force one year and no longer- After the
meeting of the next Leg,islitture, some in
dividual. in hopes of making a •point.'
will concoct something to take the place
of the above, and so it will go on to the
The Last Kansan Scene in Congress.
Ear Burder's Hiatory of an Ilelig. [Curr"P"TiLlence of the N. V. Trimmed'
ions is replete with interest ,and instruc-
WASHING'. ,April 23.
121 P. M.—The K.SIIB Collferellect Cinn
tMn. The reader .1 ill have presented to ,nittee met at 11 o cluck thi d s t i n i orning. Messrs,
him a picture of the religious world, upon
which he will perceive many dark stud• sent, and Meas ' es S ew a r d
Etiglish and .tit ;lid were
pre. et:s 'e a r bst.itt.
distressing shades; he will see in what As a majority of the House Committee ~v' e re
varied end unhallowed forms mankind not present, the Committee was without it quo.
have worshipped the common Parent of ruin. The Committee are still in session. Ihe
all. The work is the best nn the sub Administration claim ten to.filteen majority in
ject we have seen, and must command the the hi ousohie En g lish's hill ' Fourteen or the
Detadas men are firm against it. No vote will
admiration of all interested on the subject. •
probably be taken to•dtty, as after the report ot
See the advertisement in another column.
6u Committee, the printing of the Lill, which,
The publishers of the Batik Note as yet, has only b.,.
Review, published by J. W. Kennedy -slated ott.
Pittsburg, Pa., are so determined to g o
I P. M.—The Committee have tiereed and
will report to•dtty. W,.11 to
ahead or all competition, that they offer be submitted is declared to be an umm.miteet
the Weelcly at $2; Semi-Weekly at $1.50; of the ordinance ndsopted by the Leeonipten
and their monthly at Si; and they have al , c onvent i on ,
so published s book of Fac Similies, and LAW:IL—Mr. English presented the report 01
as new counterfeits make their appearance the Collimates of Conference—Messrs Seward
they give a fac simile of it so that any per. . 11 . 4 fluw.trd disscutiu lie read a heavy
speech i! support. of the rimuct,
son may easily detect the counterfeit.
and moved that it be printed. and assigned
KT. The Little Pilgrim, by GM.' ono to
Greenwood of Phila., for the month of Motte.. 3 were umde it. 1 ,,, t1 "In. ( or e"
May has arrived. It is one of the best er three weeks, , it tilt. l." .
works published for youth, every ' family proposition. ad to take the sea
should suascribe for it, it is only 50 cents ' trS "Im it.
Howard spoke in favor of post poniog fo.
two weeks.
, year
An Obituary Notice.
Died, in Washington. on the Bth i .
o'clock p. tr.., the LECOMPTONTi r, •
aged Bee months.
In tho Presidential campaign ot Ihih. ;he
friends of James Buchanan asserted that he
was married to the Constitution of the United
States. Her friends denied this. but when the•
deceased was horn, his friends assorted that lin.
child was the offspring id that union. We an
opposed to nosing into family affairs, and so we
take it for granted, on Democratic authority,
that the child was legitimate.
A father's lore covered the 'awl ~ lnrie~ alt:
fecta of the child, and it.o simitherii said
it was a sweet babe, and the err bier nee or iis
iltther—which 11,1%,
believed. But thri, WII, WO. 1 , 1 it Catiwy
because several of its liCe herll 1,40
was a monster, nun like ItiAard I he
fore its time, 'cal ugly aceordin,ly. l r'his
meddling, they were turned cut 0. + art
denounced as traitors.
The deceased was the exec' opposite of its
supposed neither, and was sick front its birth.
disease was inward putrefaction. Dr. Can
dlebox Calhoun was die attending physician,
but his skill was not adequate to the case. It
is hinted that if he err retie.. to Kansas,
where the child is said to have bee, I,orn, lie
will he hung for mal-practice. , Rattan
took place at WasLington. (toe , •4 i.,, , the
child hod been removed thrch.e. .• : 4..4! 4101
De. Bigler and milers who teat. • •
exteesive practice.' in tinkering tile health 01
LTi.ititi, assured the anxious "parioat" that
the ehild wits sure to live. “Ilope told a flat.
taring tale, - as Mary llownt observes it, ono
of her poems. The anxious hither gave large
fees to the Doetord. The last consultation took
place on Thursday. when ill pl,sicians said
it would live, mid lilt said it would die—and
it died netairdiugly. The friends of the mother
are glad of it, Ike friends of the lather—a.
Won g whtan we may mention the McKean De.
inners! and its Tioga namesake—are, or ought
to be, in each•eloth and ashes. Requiem,/ in
n nianuAeript, iit.
IlAmr.tx, Friday, April 23, 1858.
1! ,1 \!..i' Arnnishil, Canada, Capt.
:• I.. 1 :, I. Livr•riaral at 4 p on
airiA HI at
I a. In. .” l'amada has
:ir; 1 1 ;II in specie
he Civilian south of Loam, t.,
the riots or ice which were observed in.
The Canada reports, April 11, at :1,10 a. in.
pas,ied steam hip Arabia, front New• York for
Liv,pool g i'2lb. lat. .51°. long. :15°, passed
stramship City of lialtimoro, from New York
for Liverpool.
The steamship North American. from Port
land on the 27th nit , arrived at Liverpool at 6
p. nt. on the Sth inst.
The ship Weser, of Hamburg. (rota New
Ora•aas Mr Liverpool, was driven ashore in a
,ale oft Mulahitle, near Dublin. The crew re
maimal aboard, and the masts were staadir.g
at the latest dates, but the ship was imbedded
its thy• sand,
The ship Exchange, of New York, from
Liverpool to Newport in ballast, went, uslum t
a t 11 icklow out the 5111 host., 101,1 woo expected
t,, licrowe u tr,tal wreck. The crew were
tit w • illt ihe exception of the seernul ante
and cook.
The American bark Victor, Hohnesentl,
from Callao Dunkirk, was abandoned in a
sinkieg condition in lat. 7, lon. :12 W. The
crew were saved,
The bark General, sale, front Sunderland to
New-York, put into Cork when twenty days
oat in IL leaky condition.
The ship Titan, Sears, of Boston, from
Chineha for England, was abandoned at sea.— I
the crew were picked up an d taken to
transient strainer, with Bombay dates of',
Mnr di 18, and Calcutta, March 8, reached Su-
ez on the 29th ult. The latest news from ,
Imeknow is to the morning of March 13, when
nearly all the city was in possession or the
Walsh, hut lea rebels remaining in it. Gen,
()imam having turned the enemy's line of
works on the Canal, the Matintere was stern, !
ed by Sir Edward Lugard. and the line of 1
works seized on the 9th. The Bank House
was also occupied. On the I Ith, of Jung
Bahadoor moved in line, and the 93 Regiment,
suppusted by the 43, stormed the Begunt's
tide. The British less wax less than led
and wounded, while that of the enemy was
511(1. Oeit. Outram on the oasis day, on die
north side of the Gointee seized on the stone
bridge mid cut up 500 more of the enemy.
The buildings in [Wynne!: of the Begin.
Palace were ueeapied on the 14th. • 'l'he
anutharrab was stormed, Cuurkhas assisting.
The littlserbit,,lt wan entered, and alter a tight
lasting all day, wait solidly occupied mid 24
guns taken. Gen. Outran then crossed the'
Iron Ityldge and open fire on the flying enriny.
The Illitish h.:, not known at Boutbay,
but was supposed to be small. The eneni
rushed hy the artillery on the 15th, flying from
th.. city in great numbers. Two columns of
ii i h U
1,1, 11,, s,
the I 'elitritl 11,tliait field force, wa. 1110,1/1 . 4 011
The roballions districts of Sluttgord had
been annexed to the British territory by Sir
Robert Hamilton.
The first brigade is besieged nt
The fugitives from Lucknow were mainly
for liehileund.
In Calcutta in the import market. purchases
continued ou a limited scale. The rates of in•
terest were unaltered. Exchange was 211.
The Arabs in the vicinty of Aden had stop.
pod up the roads nod intercepted supplies on
the way to the fort. The commander of the
,rison attacked them on the IStla of March.
Twenty or thirty of the enemy were said to
hove been killed, without a casualty to the
liritiSh. The roads however, were again in
terrupted, and the Arabs assembled itt larger
numbers than before, but it was reported that
' another successful sortie had been made, that
the Arabs had submitted, and that they were
on a friendly fboting.
Nearly the whole of the mails of the wreck.
.1 steamer Ava had been recovered.
Hong Kong dates are to Feb 27. The bra
%Ph were mustering in large numbers around
Canton, determined on an attempt to retake
the city. The Representatives of the Allied
Powers were peparing for theirdepartu•e noth
wards, but it was said that visiting Pekin this
year was given up
The Inflexible, with Yoh as a prisoner, arri.
ved at Singapore on the Ist of March. Ex
change at [long Kong, 48 o.ld.
SIIANUIIAE, Feb. 20.—There have been very
kw transactions in imports and prices of silk
are nominal ut last quotations. Exchange on
London 0.
Dispatches are said to have reached Paris
from Canton demanding reenforcetnents, as the
Chirese atom,' uo disposition to negotiate fur
' Illinois Political Conventions,
Springfield, 111. April 22.
The Buchanan and Douglas Democratic
Conventions out here to dav, and organized
separately. IRA° former there were 28 coum
ties represented. Resolutions were adopted
strongly endorsing.the Administration.
In the Douglass Convention 97 counties
were represented and resolutions were adopted
endorsing die course of the Illinois delegation S r Yesterday morning, Sheriff Miller
Went on a visit to Pittsburg, taking in his
in CongreNs. W. B. .Foetly wax nominated
(or suite Tieasiirer. and Ex•Guvernor, French core %% in. Williams and an Irishman
tor Supt,intentlont of Public instruction. from Broad 'l'op. Both of whom, it is
The Buchanan Convention postponed their understood will remain there till the times
nominations till the Bth of June. get better.
iforMr. N. P. WILLis is reported to be ly
itig seriously dl at Idlewild, with the biloes ft,
ver and pneumonia.
The Poughkeepsie Girl in a Trance.
The New York Post, of not evening says
On Friday the Pougnkeepsie girl revived a
s tale, and Mr Garrison, who was present advi
sed that she should be raised up, on that the
blood would circulate, when she exclaimed,
"Don't toneh me: see Jesus, see Jesus ain't
he beautiful T he is sitting on a dazzling throne
—angels are giving him praise—and then ex
claimed, "Pin going back again," and ag , tia
swooned. While looking at what she thought
to be hell, she said, "Jesus reached forth his
lily•whitc hand, and dragged me Irwin the pit.
In heaven is a tree—the angles are climbing
pp and down, giving praise. My friends," she
then exclaimed, "get ready, get ready—the
judgement—day is near at hand. Ido not ex
pect to be byre with my friends long; and if
you knew whai I knew, no one would live any
limy, in their sins." She attends meeting
regularly,and is getting tjuite strong. Many
in Poughkeepsie believe that she was laboring
under HUMAN excitement ; but she'll'. lived
the last seven months with Mrs. Garrison, and
,inring that time has never once complained
ol• sickness, and she is also a very strong 111 hi
ded girl, and not at all nervous. Friday night
at the same church, two persons also, while at
the altar, fell back in a trance, but did not re•
main in that state more than two hours.
Duff Green's Opinion of Leeompton
I am now an old man; I have seen much of
dm madness of party leaders, but I have seen
'milting in all my experience, which so forci•
Hy illustrates the force of this saying of Itish•
op Butler, (that nations like individuals go
mad,) as the proceedings of the South on the
Kansas question. * * *
Is there uo member from the South who has
intelligence to See lhis question in its defer
miry, with the independence to speak. and the
net,. to act, as a representative of tut intend
gent, patriotic. and honored constitttency
should act, stud in his idace, denounce the fib
thy thing.
`Let one single high toned Southern tin,
who feels thnt it will disgrace hint, and lit
crmstituents, for him as their representative,
to be a party to the frauds and violence which
have heroine the matters now in issue in the
Kansas question, rise in his place and de.
ninnice them, no an honorable man should do,
anti separate himself from the iirignity. II toe
such there be, may save the South front
ter disgrace:—lrashington Stoke.
Air There are occasions when even the
healthiest people need medicine, the changes
of diet, of the weather, and hundreds of other
causes, produce, a laxity in the system that
needs correcting; or in other words, the liver
lowomes slightly deranged, and needs a stimu.
Intor. Hall who find themselves in this silos:
tion will try Dr. Stanford's Invigorator, they
may be sure of relief, as we can testify to its
efficacy in curing Headache, Indigestioo, Sour
Stomach, and other ills so common in a fain.
ily. It nets as a medicitte, easier and bot...
iLtio any dose of pills we ever swallowed, ami
mild that the smallest infant can take
i.e' Among the many preparations now in
:•- lur restoring, preserving, Hod beautifying
hair, there are none that we cansort
•,d with more conadenee than Prof. W.,
Restorative, now in general use thron :
the United Suites. This preparation p,
,•••s the most invigoratingqlMilik3, and ore
, Emits in.proilacing the most happy results
when applied according to directions. We
refer to the advertisetnent fora few of the
innumerable certificates which have been sent
by parties who have been benefitted by it,
and who feel happy in giving testimony to
its wonderful effects proddeed on them.
The Level of the Great Lakes.
Mk Of
There is said to be a mysterious rise and
fall of the great level of the American Mims,
which has long occupied the attention of many
scientific Men. In addition to the variations
which depend upon the changes of swims
there is also a local, fitful, irregular °win ion
°fa few inches to a few feet, not to he predic
ted, its period of oscillation being from three.
to five minutes, and which continues from oue
to twenty four hours. In the course of sever
al years' observations no wave has been mien
over tune feet in height in stormy weather,
and m calm weather over one and ono half
feet. The average interval hits been found to
be four and one half minutes. Tho waves in.
variably come in from the open sea in a line
parallel with the shore. The phenomenon
has not yet been accounted for; but Mr. Clots
Whittlezbey. of Cleveland, Ohio, who has re:
cently published a pamphlet on the subject,
thinks that the causes are to be sought in the
electro magnetic changes of the atmosphere.—
Boston Journal.
"NaT Quito so Bzu."--The Bellefonte
Demurral eels a good story of Snot Bike, :vim
has been down tho Susquehanna this Spring
with a ran, Returning home, he stopped at a
tureen, ~•here in crowd was discussing the Kan
sas question. Sant had not slept the previous
night, and was about squaring himself out for
a comfortable snooze, when ono of the loudest
turtling to hint, said: nlltre sits a Lecompton
man, I'll bet the liquor for the room." "Done!"
says his opponent, alai was anti-l.ecompton.
"Now, then. friend," said No. I, nitt order to
decide this bet, will you he so kind as to tell us
whether you are a Lecompton mon ?"
”What made you think so?" S..m asked. "80.
cause, Sir, you look like one; I can always toll
them by their looks," replied No. I. Saul au•
awered, "Do I? well, gentlemen, I was on a
rail from Snow Shoe to Marietta; I have been
dunk fCr two weeks; but I hud no idea I looked
ed as hard as that." The Lecomptoner paid
the liquor and sloped.
air Too Marshal Illnotsan announces the
death of Jonathan flicklin, of Clarke co., at the
advanced age of 106 years.
Bills Signed
The Governor Ims signed the bill, an Act for
the regulation of the Militia of this Common.
The Claim Bill has also obtainNl the Cigna•
tare of the Governor.
The bill for the better regulation of Incur.
ante Companies is still bi the hands of the Gov
ernor, and WI hope it will remain there until
the next session of the Legislature, and then
be returned with his veto. As the bill now
stands, it will build up the city Insurance Com•
ponies at the expense of the Mutual Insurance
Companies of the country, which are in a much
beter condition thou those of large cities,
the Lycoming, and other extensive Insur
ance Companies. which have been so long in
existence, will be obliged to go into lipulstion
it' the Governor should sign the bill referred to,
reit- Atnong the "principal" stockholders
in a wild eat railroad out west, is senator 13i;. 1 .•
ler of this state. When he votes to glue away
uiiliooo of neres iiipahlic lands to such eon,
ponies, there's no soil at bottom—sr course
not !
ttiir "David S. Africa respectfully infrm,
the lovers of Confectionaries, Segars and To
hacco, that he lut just received a new Stock
tvAn the East Give hint n cull.
Flaurso.—Fishing ix eQnfildered ft scaly
business ; yet, nevertheless, divers of our youth
are 'Tow possessing thetnitelees of roils. and
'other 'ruins,' necessary on such omi:demand
proceeding forthwith to places pisti
not.riely, all, of course, desirous of tearin g
sundry bites and perhaps, of biting a Lit of
th• bi ters.
summer would he 0110 of the hottt seas , .
ever witnessed in Ireland, Up es this ab,u
report souther woo founded, that the, tiol
Earl kid erected housls for the shelter of
astronom,r, had rollowt,tl Lin c.
ample in pruitAring Itcetttitinn.ltttion to stn
tied their stuck during thin hot so.tsoll. It
a lammdable evidmice I "ven. nt,
Ouw ed,,cated i,om ridic
lons tales were belie,. dby m',. . Bat tla
m'e wow completely disposed oi m tlm
Mg; commtmicatioli which we .harp recent
this moruing from Lord
l'arsi.lita. I), March 2.5
Lord Hasse presents his compliments
the Editor a the Evenin4 Veit, nail. litich
olis,reed a quotation rota the Limerick It
porter in which his name iv asseeiativl
some conjectures ris to the appronehing se
sw, he leg; to say that he h. never I.:pre
,•: subject.
SOFT, lit.os3t, LUSTIt 11.% I It. - •
mit ) . or and TOll reel Illalltlr{l,lll.ll
by Goory, Thurgaltoul. No. 29 south
street, it th. , rich lustrous gloAs of the
rouiliqing tl .10 is the one and tot,ll
::•. t,.,1,e ilttectiou impos,l,lo. fir
I 1.,., '1:•ile long l'Xllol . lellee ill I lie busi•
athl lota perl•ctiil
t;.t. ad:ll,llttion, ruse 11.1
the wearer, has never been 01,11101 by ;icy
other in the country. Our renderg; who, tice•rl
the Ida or foreign ornament, in i hid pm ticmh
mhoulti enta3ult
MARKrrs.—Extra family litter $5a3,25 ; Red
Wheat, I °Gal I I white, Ilt+al 25e. Rye to stem
dy at 71e.
WitiJ”F LA Fil ICA
Dr. Livingston's travcls aml explorations in
tlio wilds of Africa ; klllll th, I.:110,h Edition.
The American Edition is now ready for Can
vassers and Agents. The books is havin., n
very large sale, some Agents ordering 1000
copies at a single order. T:le largest com
mission paid to active Agents. Specimen
copies sent by moil, on receipt of the price
$1.25. J. W. .111 LA DIX, Pub.
No. 4$ North Fourth St., PHIL Pa
The tittentionof the Publisher has been cal.
lxd to spurious editions of this work, put forth
ad `Narratives of Pr. Livingstone's Travels in
Aim': Ours is the only cheap American
Edition of this great work published, and con.
tains all the important matter of the English
Edition which is sold at $6 ; for the truth of
this assertion, we refer the following notices
from sine of the most respectable journals in
the ettnitty
Notices of the P,•ess.
With truth we can say, that seldom is pres.
ted to the readi 1g public, a work containing
such a vast amount of solid instruction an the
one in question. The volume is handsomely
illustrated, and presents that unique appear.
store of exterior for which Mr. Bradley's publb
lications are noted.—Funtily Magazine.
In this volume we have presented to us the
whole of Dr. Livingston's travels, omitting on.
ly scientific details.---Medicat and Surgical
Dr. Livingstone's . travels and Researches in
South Africa.—Appear to great advantage in
this edition, which is undoubtedly the edt.
lino, most acceptable to the reader who reads
fur practical instruction and amusement.— ,Slat.
urday Post.
It is a rich and valuable book for the gener.
al reader, and the admirable style in which the
publisher has issued it will commend it to the
favor of thousunds.--Chrisliatt Observer.
A special value is given to this volume, by
the edition of 'llintotical Notices of Discover
ies in Africa,' and taken altogether it would
be difficult to name any publication which
more compl&ely meets the popular taste of our
time for reading matter which is strange, new,
the scene laid in far off countries, which touch
es the feelings and increases our stock of use•
tul knowledgc.- 7 Neu. . Yorker.
A&' The St. Louis Republican (Dem.) says
it is HMV 'unlace, that the 'election in that
Since, next August, is to turn upon the (pies.
tion of abolishing slavery within its limits,
A number of our subscribers hearing
these sales talked of while in town atten
ding court, called on us for information
respecting them. This informationis rep
resented to us as being highly important,
and such as none but designing specula•
tors would seek to concea I him the people.
As we profess to guard the public inter
est as much as our own, tee feel bound to
publish the list of land subject to sale by
the Treasurer, at our own cost. This will
not only extend the publicity of these im
portant sales three fold, but it will pro.
mote the ends of justice, by reducing the
chances of 'lat bargains' to heartless spec
ulators. We linen gratuitously rendered
similar service heretofore; in this instance
ge do it zheerfully and we shall do so
hereafter whenever the public interest re
quires it, Though this course has uni-
Jormly excited the Ire of 'money grubs'
and their convenient Jackal's, time people
hove nobly sustained us; and enabled ue
to lanai' at the impotent wrath of the
small hungry, dkrippointed pc'. yelping
ry nt our heel,
Witen,te, 11y HI; net cftho General Assent•
hly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
entitled n act emend an act directing the
nmde Vselling naval& lands fbr taxes and
pns rd 13th Match. I lii , and,
the subject, the Treasu-
o!/ter vor
the alwr ts.
rot, of thy sevo,
,• sties withinthis Com•
••••, : •,•••• ,•!, , 1 to commence on the
is Om year 1816, and at
•1 • • ••,, ••• two years thereafter,
'; • ~. to day. if it he necessary
,1.• is sale of the whole or
•• .•-' , unseated land, situ•
•! • ; ,• i• as will pay the nr
ta•a•:::.: •• • ' • :.:: hich slothl then hare rc
mait,,,,i I. ••.• ~;•i f.e the space of one
year bet , . : all costs necessarily
ar,r,C,a 1,. f SII,II Ilellnquenev, &c.
11. f.i,ne.) Tressurer a the
county e:, I ,t,by giro notice
that upon the tracts of unseated
land, sitaate as hereinafter described, the sev
eral sun, stated are tie arrettrages of taxes,
respectively, due and unpaid for one year; and
that in pursuance of the direction of the afore•
said act of Asseinlily, I shall on Monday, tho
1 lth day of June, text, at the Court Hoorn.,
in the borough of Huntingdon, ri)olmence the
Public Sale of the whale or any part of such
tract:; of unseated lands. up. which, all or
any part of the taxes herein specified shall
then hr due nod continue such sale be ad.:
jeurionenl snailell the tracts upon which the
taxes 8141 remain due or unpaid, be sold
F. 11. LANE,
ir • Trees. of limo. cc.,
April Ist., Jib
Amount y. rtiA 'bre ir rl unpaid on the fol.
lnu lag traP.lll,* Unerated Lands, np to and
!par 185 ii.
Wait'ittt .4 ti, ()wilt,. AC IM, Perch. AWV
W. Shannon t.'s: Aih, 397 132 10 97
Citollingham, 433 /..t3 • 11 19
Wm. i !rowittly tr, 150 1 91
.1,4;11 .‘. Wrighi & Co., 350 2 03
lames Firv,
d't ;.J
David Caldwell, 100
Samuel Caldwell, . 400
Sarn9t4 liarmoek, 400 74
Ed wanl Nit,h, 299 98
John No A. 299 110
Henry Sill, 207
Samuel M,,ri, et. 207 135
Juba Fried, 100
Serail Ilarstoek,
..j,. ; 1:0)
Jacob Bernick, 105
Mary Derrick, I ;)t)
Sarah Bernick, 190
Peter llersti,ok, 400
luau,, Ila',tea, 400
Elizabeth Ifiasjoclr, 100
Mary Fried, 400
!legit Mort lean, ' 200
Neal Clark, 157
Atalrew Sell, 207
John Sell, 207
Abraham Wright, 409
Abraham Green. 280 105
lame Green, 332 01
Thomas Green, 244 G 3
John Green, 269 50
John Evans, 219 143
Joshua Cole, 264 140
Thomas Green, sen., 303 108
Zaeharialt Chaney, 252 139
Ephraim Galbraith, 413 126
George (3reen, 283 31
John Dunn, 440
Robert Dunn, 440
Thomas Green, 50
Titus Harvey,
John Forrest,
George Wilson,
415 88
John Canon, 92 20
John Partner, (Gook) 11
.1 APCalian & Petriken, 100
James McClelland, 39 17
Win. Gardner, 30
David Caldwell, 4O
A. P. Knipp,
'enry Gates,
John Fritz,
174 140
John \ti Intehend,
Hopewell Township,
John Herring, •87
Abram Levi, 200
Adorn Levi, 205
Mary Levi, 207
Sarah Levi, 202
David Shaver, 106
Conrad Herring, 200
Peter Herring, 210
Hannah Herring, 97
Peter Wilson, 223
Isaac Wumpler, 174
Benjamin Shoemaker, 202
Samuel Davis, 240
L. Humbler, 180
Conrad Bates, 200
Henry Bates, 200
2 61
2 it;
1 2:1
1 22
4 65
13 30
1 07
19 40
7 34
9 12
ti 04
23 74
9 34
1 50
1 55
1 56
1 50
1 57
1 50
1 58