Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, February 17, 1858, Image 4

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Huntingdon e e , ll 1°97 . rtusatirY.
thod of iniorming their friend. aid the pub
lic generally, that they hare rebuilt the Heat
ingdon Foundry, and are sow in successful op
eration, and are prepared to tarnish meting of
all kind., of the beet quality an the ehorteet ne
t ice and nest reasonable terms.
Farmers are invited to cell and examine ear
Ploughs. We are nutaufacturing the Hinter
Plough, (this plough took the premium at the
Huntingdon County Agricultural Fair, is 11165)
also Hunter'. celebrated Cotter Plough, which
can't he Mat, together with the Keystone, Hill
side, and Barshear Ploughs. We have on hand
and are manufacturing stoves, inch as Cosh,
Parlor and oars stoves for coal cr wood.
stossew►-W &XIS
consisting of Bailee Boiler., Skillets, &c., all
of which will be sol d sheep far cash or in ex
change for coentry prod... Old metal takes
for new castings. By a strict attention to busi
ness and desire to please, we hope to receive a
share of public patronage.
April 110, 1154.—tf. •
THE library will be open every Saturday all
ternoon, at 3 o'clock, in their room is the
Court House. Subscription 50 cents a year.
New books have beau added to the former ex
cellent collection:—Cillfillea's works, Hugh
Miller's, Mrs. Ellet's lc.
By order of the
Huntingdon, Oct. Ist, 1856.
White Lead, (pure)
" (extra)
Philadelphia Zinc Paint,
Best Snow White,
22 50 per keg.
2 75 " "
240 " "
2 68 " "
Oils, &c., and all kinds of ilL1);AllE and
building materials in proportion, at the “Bard
ware Stern" of J. A. BROWN & CO.
Huntingdon, Apr.8.'57.41,
Cheapest ""Job Printing , ' Office
IN Iffiffiiil
We have now made such arrangements in our
Job Office as will enable us to do all kinds of
Job Printing at 20 per cent.
cheaper rates
Than any (Mice in the County.
Give us a call. If we don't give entire eatiefae•
Lion, no charge at all will be made.
TES largest and cheapest stock of fancy Silk
and colored Straw Bonnets in town, is at
FISHER & MciMunrnin's.
ALL -WOOL, Ingrain, Venetian, List and
Rag Carpet. Also, Cocoa, Jute and Alli
oott Mats, can he had cheap at the store cf
FIRMER & MciCuiiii..
T"greatest variety of the richest styles
Dress Goode and Trimmings can always b
found at the fashionable store of
FisnEn & Malunrnrw.
TAE latest and newest styles Ladies' Collars,
CLOAKS, Talmas, Rigolettes, Victorines and
Head Dresses, are sold at prices which defy
competition by Fianna & MoßluaTnia.
a • largest stock•evar brought to town are sell—
ing very cheap at FISHER & MOlmam.
BLALNMETS, Plaids, Flannels, Linseys, at all
pEic, the mammoth store of
FISHER & 310tunrniz.
MCOLLARS, of - the handsom
oat .
OURRIN, G atyieri, 'eat received by
Fustiest tic McMuarnic.
IDEANUTg.--5000 Pushels Wilmington Pea.
nuts in store and t -°""le by
w , 't. N. SHUGARD,
223 or 191 Na 3d street, Phila.
ONFECTIONARY.—PL lin and fine Con'
tectionary manufactured TJGARD
sato by
323 or 191. North 3d stt'Oet,
0 1 , 1 r A an lr e. E 0 Sai e H m y s tO s r
W9l. N. SHUG. AHD,
923 or 191 North 3d street. , rhHe.
1) AIS . INB.-1,000 Boxes Bunch tuni Layer
It Retsina in store and for solo by.
323 or 191 North 3d street,
Currants, in store and for s.
WM. N. Sli !MAIM,
923 or 191 North 9d Ml' ett,
i kL a M n ( d nilil b S e , rt W s A n L st N or U e Tg,_ CREAM
Wlll. a l. d :1111t1I1 . 1 ,
E1ept.9:57.-Iy. 323 or 191 N'th 3d st.,
friends and the public generally, that they
ham the above Foundry . in full blast,
and are prepared tofurntsh castings of
every description. Stoves of all kind,
for wood or coal. Improved Ploughs,
Threshing Machines, and everything in the cns•
ting line neatly made. We can finish all work
that requires turning, having a good Turning
Lath. All work done cheap for cash or coml.
try produce. Old motel taken for castings. lle•
ing practical and experienced we hope by strict
attention to business to receive a liberal share
of public patronage. McGILL & CROSS.
Alexandria, April 29, 1857.
lICMEILE6 V, [3204111EM,
622 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.,
Have for sale, to consumers and the trade, the
largest assortment of Paper Hangings, Borders,
Decorations, &c., in the United States.
They ask the special attention of the trade
to a new and very beautiful article on pages of
w hich they are introducing..
Attorney's, at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Oates swam that formerly occupied by John
boom,' Esq.
Oct. 19, 1850.
4110. T. aIIIUIPBE6iIa.
Willattend to all business entrusted to:him. Of
ilee nearly opposite the Court Mouse
May 5,'53
Red abeam at D. P. (MOM
TIN Col 181'1108 Patent
PoriableUpriglit , •teoeu Saw-Mill
This mill is now acknowleilped to be the
*beeriest, most practi-al and efficient lumber
•eanfactarint machine in the world. It in the
only portable r.iproceting mill that has ever
met with perfect PUCCI.... lta entire cone, with
Sheen horse-power. warranted to sew from three
te font thousand feet of in, It hoards in twelve
hoar., the entire evteblishment complete, ready
for tanning, is hut $1,650.
Aiwa , Pais - table Burr-Atone Mill,
for which ever seventy premiums have been
awarded ia this country and hurope. It will
grind with Leo Ulan half the power, awl meats
better goat mad meal than any other mill. It it
the must datable and cheaptuet Mill in the meat
Priem' range from $lOO to $l7O.
Portable and St itionary engines, of all sizes,
shia♦la 1,184111269, Le.
Dealers in laiproved Machinery,
Nu 371 Broadway, New York.
arrEd fur Circular..
Ct®W. (§Lta[ll:7,6
Large limo. 348 pages. With a complete his
tory of the Territory, until June, 1857. Em
bracing *full account of he discovery,. grog
ruphy, soil, climate, produets, its orgau [slalom
as a Territory, transactions atol events under
Governors Reeder and Shannon, political dis
sensions, personal cucountere, election frauds,
battles end outrages, with portrait. ot promi
nent actors therein, ail fully autheuticatstl,
by JOHN li. ()IRON, M. D., Privito Sec'y
to Gov. Geary.
Carefully compiled front the official documents
on tile in the department of State at Washing
ton and other papers in the possession of the
author, with a full account of "The Invasion
of Kansas hum Missouri," the capture, trial
and treatment of the Free State prisoners, the
character and movements of the Missouri Bor.
der Ruffians, the murder of Bullion and others.
'The Controversy between Governor Geary
and Judge ',ocotillo. The proceedings of the
Territorial Legislature, of the pro• slavery con
vention, and the organization of the Democra
tic Party, with a "Sketch of Kansas during its
early troubles under Guys. Herder and Shun
non." It invasions, battles, outrages, murders,
A copy will be sent to any part of the United
States, by snail, free of postage, on receipt of
the retail price. A libcial discount to the trade.
WlOOO agents wanted. l'rico in cloth $l.
Paper, 50 cis. •
Inquirer Building, Philadelphia.
House, and Sleatle Brotiters, extensive und
TO MOTHERS AND DAUGHTER& I EkHlOll photographers ,
. 233 Broadway, N.
DOCTOR HUAGG'S 'VIM . : IN PILLS. The latter say that no united, c : ui bp etude on
The essential ingredient of this valuable rem- a check or hank note printed on the Safety Pa
edy is not new, but is well known in the midi- per. Below is our list of prices t
cal schools of France and Clammy, and hes Bank Cheeks-95 cis per lb.
been employed by the funnies of the principal Bank Bills—slB for 10110 sheets.
courts of Europe, and by all of the most distin- I Bills of Exchange—s2s for 1000 sheets.
guisbed physicians in this speciality for the last, Promissory Notes-40 etc per lb.
ten years. My motive is trot to offer any Pat- Sight and Time Dr.itts—s2s for 1000 sheets.
eat discovery, but simply, to present to the Insurance Policies-40 etc per 11,
mothers end daughters of our own lend a simple Railroad Stocks & Bonds-40 cents per lb.
but sure remedy for those diseases to which Bank and State St,ieks-40 eta per
they are naturally subjected, in such a form as Bonds and Mortgages -40 ets per lb,
should obviate the necessity of those medics] Wills and Deeds-40 etc per lb.
consultations, which are justly looked upon by ' For wrapping Silks and other fine articles it
women as a violation of their most sacred feel- is excellent, as it prevents 110.119. 40 ut
ings, and to ovoid which they often risk the poun d.
most fearful consequences. For Indentures and Ae . reements..lo cent: a lb.
I have therefore prepared this specific in the i All State and County Reemds should always
neat and simple form of a pill, and put it up itt he printed or written on this paper, es the clic
small Hat boxes, which can lie safely sent tiny micals inserted in the pulp not only prevent
distance by nail in it common envelope, Each I erasure or transfer, but make it lasting as time.
box is accompanied with full directions end ex- I For Southern Climates it is excellent, and
planations, enabling every Homan to understand much superior to any other ;as the moistness of
her own ease and the proper treatment and the the clintatt4loes not destroy it,—the properties
proper time. inserted in the pulp being a preventive. In all
The Virgin Pills possesses such powerful, t.outhern States, cola, the West Indies end the
penetrating properties,that none of the diseases Central American States, no public records eau
within the range of heir notion con withstand be kept over 20 years, written on the ordinary
or evade then. They cleanse, purify sod in - impel., while the oils and other chemicals insert
vigorate every portion of the female organism s cd in this Paper makes it indestructible by the
correcting its diseased action, and restoring its ravages of time. It is all proof against moths,
healthy functions. They effect a certain cure rats and other vermin, which feast on and de
for falling of the womb, whites, painful, sup- cove y 811 other l aa p er How in use.
pressed and irregular menstruation, diseases of The Company have now in operation Mills
pregnancy, all nervous complaints enured by in Merry County, N. J., of about 300 horse
disordered uterine organs , weakness &e., the power. d are tape to fill all orders for Paper
symptoms of which are lady explaine d die di- '
it dt a shortest notice.
All orders for the Paper must be addressed
For any of the diseases of the reproductive ! to s. NICHOLAS, President of the Company
organs, tbey may he taken at all tiines, except- j• No. 70 Wall Street.
of d uring the earlier "age. pregnancy Wm. BREHM& Agent, Huntingdon
when their cited would he such as to produce
miscarriages, which hid is more fully explain- --
ed in the directions. Their action in the system
will he felt immediately and the flush of rosy
beauty, the true index of health, quickly rising
in the cheek of paler, will at once convince
the patient of these enacts
ince $1 per box, and will be sent, postpaid
by return mail to any part of the United States
on receipt of the money. 'The money may be
sent by mail, at the risk of the subscriber.
Broadway near Franklin-st., New York,
Oct. 7th '57,'-4t.
A 50MESTEAI) FOR $lO. It will uhn to present in its pages Cite choicest
A noillEsTz.kii, FOR slo,—Third Division, productions of . musical' thinkers and archers,
it—3lo,ooo worth Farms and Building lots, and 11 .. 'eat etinno of American artists.
• e er count • Vieille- It will he purely national in its ell.acter •in
in tee gold resin. P )' its criticisms it will aim to be just and ' truthul
to be divide J amongst 10,200 subscribers , and
wii ,
on the ith .of Deeen:ltee, toil B " b " riP6ll 7 ' that welcome moral and P r r e i li=is tone so l i jg a l t i u
only ern dollars down, d , (1 ,1 1 ,„ " ,' 1 „T d . ly cherished by the American public, and SO co
balt down the rest on the de1i5 . .." 1 7 sential to the welfare of the race.
Every sulisetiber will get a Buildirc;i We shun endeavor, by a sagocious use
Farm, ranging in value from $lO to extensive resources now at IHIY coninnind. to
These farms and lots are sold so cheap to inn:" inifk.e a Magazine that, in the richness of is ll
settlements. a sufficient number being reserved, -cry contents, and in the beauty aud profuse
the increase in din value of which wilt comport- ••sf Ito P . ..OHM illuatrat
sate for the apparent low prier new ask.d. Up- " e " , • , atc;ll ism berme produced in this
Wards of 1,350 lots and farms are already sold, any Pan! ,
and a company of settlers celled the “Itappa- nunithees with the OCTOBER
hannock Pioneer Association" is now forming Tireselsree'„
is no.. reftily. It is filled with
and will soon commence a seta meat . Ample num b er , wh i c h "" ' of some of the most
security will he given for die faithful the choicest productions . is embellished
untie of contracts and wunthes. Nearly 45,000 balllimn writers ot ' tho der, s Ito curs
acres of land, in dillertnt parts of Virginia, now with lorry-tour splmrdid mteth.inw dsssicai
at eonunand, and will be sold to settlers et from in " new the " , enthe " 6 .k l "L e . i ekla." ‘ i .), p ro .
$t 11Patu $3OO per acre . Unquestionable titles design t* "" the um"' •ro
will in all eases be given. Woud-cutters, coop- ""1" the must "
" raene a "" eara "
"' la is
era, flowers, 4.c. are wanted, and five hundred I nuanced by all w i
who have seen tto be the most
Agents to obtain subscribers, to whom the most be autiful specimen a a Ma g azine e ' er 1""Ca
liberal inducements will be given. Some agents this country.
write that they are tasking 200 dollars per
$9 a year. Club Price, $2
Copies, 25 Cents.
gencies,- &c., apply to
mouth. For Nil particulars, subscriptions, a-
The combined issue of "Emerson's Magazine
and l'utnain's Monthly" starts with a circulation
of over rotas THOUSAND copies, and we are
determined to spare no expense in aur of ito de
partments to place it at the head of American
Alagazines. With this view, we now make the
following q.traordinary o tter To ally penmen
who will get up a club of twenty-four subseri
bees, at the club price, either at one or more
punt-offices, we will present u splendid library,
embracing the most popular works in the non.-
kin. Any one, with the October number us u
specimen, can easily form such u chili, in al
most any bunion. A copy of its number, to
gether with u list and full description of the I •
limey, will be forwarded on receipt of 2 5 can
J. M. EMERSON & CO., Publishers,
No. 371 Iltuanwii), New York.
Port Royal, Caroline co: Va,
Or, to Gao. BEROBIREESER, Agent, Mill Creek,
Huntingdon county, Pa.
40,000 VOLUMES of new and popular
Books, em bracing every variety
usually kept in a Philadelphia Book Store, and
many of them at half the Publisher's wail price,
the subscriber now otters to the public.
All school books used in the county can be
had in any quantities at retail and wholesale
rates. Foolscap, Letter and Wrapping Paper,
wholesale or by the ream.
100 superior Gold Pens with Silver and Geld
Cases, from $1 upwards.
100 Pocket and Pen knives of Rogers' and
others' best manufacture.
100 splendid Port Monnaiesand Pocket Books
at 20 ets. and upwards.
the latest and prettiest styles, ust received from
Philadelphia sod Now York, prices from 10 eta.
a piece and upwards.
600 Lcautittilly painted and gold gilled Win
dow Shades at 44 cts. and upwards.
The public I ave but to call and examine, to
be convinced that in buying of the abovd mock
they will be pleased and also save money. Mc
member the place, corner of Montgomery and.
Railroad 'drool. WM. COLON.
408E1'11 DOUG LAS, Gunsmith,
IdoCornelivtayni i t
7 P
1,:, 15 WITNESSES;
ir °NOIR tot:We - 7ND.
John S. Dye, Author, •
Who hue bed 10 yearn experience as a Bank
-10 er and Publisher, and author or "A series of
ire Lectures at the Broadway Tahermicle," when
Odor 10 sueressive night'', over 50,040) People
' ,owed him with round. of applause, while
It. exhibited the manner in which Counter
,. teiters execute their frauds, and the mere st and
O element means of detecting them !
X The Bank Note Engravers all nay that t e
the greatest Judge of Paper Money living.
0 Greatest diecovery of the present century
C tar detecting Counterfeit Bank Notes. De
.e scribing every genuine hill in existenee. and
to exhibiting at a glance every eininieiscit in .
eircuisition !! Arninerd stt admirably, that
Frew... is ewe and detention instantsneou,
cr No index to examine ! No Pollee t.,
;paint up ! But so simplified and arrangi , n
..that the Merchant, Ilatiker and Bust.. noel
+' can see all at a glance. English. French and
litrulan. Thus each may read the same in
a his own natite tongue. Most perfect Batik
Note Lint published. Also a list of all the
I.:Private Bankers in America. A complete
outnaturr of the Finance of 'Europa end A.
rcerict, will be published in each edition, to..
...I gaiter with all the important news of the day.
fA Also a series of tains, from an old Almiuscript
mutat in the East, it furnishes the lama 1,0111-
plc. History of "Oriental Life." Descrili
the west perplexing positions iu
*the ladies and gentlemen of that Country
h have been su otten found. These italics will
fat continue throughout the whole year, and s ill
lir. prove the must entertaitling ever uttered to
4 7the gV ' I n i;rnislied Weekly to subscribers only
at $1 a year. All letters Mud he addressed to
e ,101 IN S. DYE, Baounk, Publisher St
a Proprietor, itit Wall Street, New York.
April 25, 1857.-Iy.
Americas Safety-Paper ➢lauufactur'g
Company of New York.
Capital, $500,000.
A. NICHOLAS, President, Office, 71) Wall St.
A Periect Security against all manner of Fraud m
Counterfeiting on Paper. To Prevent Photo.
graphs and Anastatic Counterfeits, ErUSIIrCS,
!rangers or Alterations.
Having purchased the Patent for the exclu
sive right to tuanufaeture and sell the new Che
mical Paper in America, invented and patented
in Englund by Bonny OLvart, a celebrated
chemist and officer in the British Army, it is
hardly necessary to say that the Tapir is re
commended by Mr. Kent, Assayer of the ( 7 . S.
lint, Mr. Jj.zman of t1ijNo'r.i";;;I:Z:le7a;i1;;
PUOlllllll'B 11IONT111.11.
40,000 sul.scribers to start a ith ! I...xtrnordi.
nary offer! The Publishers arc happy to an
nounce that in the union of these favor. Mug.
Reines, the best literary and artistic talent e,
both publications has been secured, and fin
west attractive leatures of each will be retainet
in the ciatselitlated work.
Offers his professional burnt: es to th m
e thens And all Di,eases lite Lungs and TIII
11 untingdon and vicinity. (Mice, on Hill St.,
between Montgomery and Bath.
Huntingdon, Aug. 29, 1655.
Which vi.1%..)b th Ike
LADIES' COLLARS & UNDIMSLEEVES the Reign thruegh the ler pebsego, coulii,
in great variety at the (Moll, Mora in in otrect uoutuct with the thsuusc, iteetral. ,
1). P. LiWIN. the tubercular Metter; allays the conga, causes
a tree tutu cab) expertortumm beak the !Wigs,
T \ried Beef, Hams, Shoulders and Flitch, f or will., the blood, ietpurts l'UlloO ell tillallty 10 the
sale at the cheap Grocery Store of tterVoits syt.tunt, hiving that tune alai energy so
LOVE ar 11eDIV114. indit.,easuhie lot the No...WlWlhcaith TO
Le to s!ate otly that I ,3t.nbtimptiutt is
Antiphlogistic tiull. curable by inhalation. is to Luca sotwee of
toyed pleasure. It is .14 much under the c. n-
This celebrated medici n e is for sale at the trot of medical truittnithit us any other formitl-
JOUrnal Udico. boo ell intim matury diseases able diacusu ; ninety out ot every hundred cu.
it it d certain cure. Oat a box and try it, 3'. b. COO he cured im the hold stages, and fifty per
fri dr* out. in the wand I but in the IWO atop it iv
1112il l i r in e .ArtTOgiNo
Corner of 6,m:into,. Road and New Market
Stra-ets, on the North Pennsylvania Rail Road,
Cowardly on hand or wade tb oider,ihe fol.
lowing highly approved Flour Mill Machinery.
Wondwannt Patent Portable Mills andSniut
Johnston': Patent Iron Concave Bran Boa
Stover's Pstent Fuel Saving Corn Kilns.
Pierson's Psteut Barrel lioopand Moulding
Improved Bridge Steps and Bubiheta for Mill
The hest Anchor Brand lioltin.; Cloth Burr &
Mill Stone. Corn, Cole mud Plaster•re.
.1.041..t0.e. Patent Caht Metid Oon•
EAst and boutieliust ul the (this Wed ,I t uisull
pi Ri
Warranted to tske out of the offal of every
Bushel Uround, front Ito 2 11,4, of standu.,l
Hour, which could not he bolted out on accoubt
of the electrical tones', to the Bruu.
NOTICE 1-1 hereby warn all persons )1,1
iaringing toy rights, secured by Letter
tent as above, as I will prosecute all pe:
making, selling, or using any Bran
with an Iron or Cast Metal Concave in vii.-
lotion of the Letters Patent of Joseph Joh•.-
atou, dated April 2-tth, 1.854.
N. 11. - --State nod County Pat,int Rights f,
all the above Machines forSule.
August 29; 1855. tt
GTii!,l,l2ll'l:o War7ll2
New Assortment Just Opened I
And will be sold 30 per cent.
(4 fr..trl34 '1•11.1N i'Dg tAlel.tPA, ~t
ittiNIAN resiivettiiii, iu oring
1 L triers anii the pulilte .
jinn opened at t. 14 mre•riiiitu in
Huntinudonot spletniw , t , .. Read,
clothing for i A ';
which 1,,
or Goods ean be purei.,,,,
phia or any other establishment in the coo,
Persons wishing to buy l'lothing
Wen 10 call and examine his stock before IMICI:a
sing elsewhere. Also,
whieli will he Will lower than at any other eS
tablishment ill the county.
Iliontingdon, October 7. 1857.
The subscribers have again returned frutu
the East with an enlarged stuck of
U/LS, ti q• I-YINTS,
Coach 7Cimmaajo,d•c:
With an endless variety of modern inventions
ancinaproventents. .
Having purchased our goods at wholesale,
chiefly from tuanufacturt rs, we are enabled to
sell Wholesale and retail—extremely low.
Bank Notes taken at par for goods.
fie- All orders receive prompt attention.
Huntingdon, Oct, 28 1857
„Triz: DR. J R. 111JYETT,
April 1, 1 / 4 57.-Iy.
wr J 4 ,is..
June 13, 1857.
The Rev, C. S. BURNETT, while la
boring us a mis.ionary in Southern Asia, dis
covered a simpl. nod certain Cute for Conmum
non, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Ner
vous and all impurities of the Mood ;
also, an eas. and effectual mode of inhaling the
Actuated by a desire to benefit hit
milli:ring fellows, he will rheertelly send the re
cipe (leee) to such as desire it. with toll and ex
plien directions for preparing and sueecsstitll.
using the Medicine. Address
liEv. C. S. BURNETT,
831 Bmadwity, N. Y. City.
Ju1y29,'57,6m. •
rt, a us
A general if:7.7;IMT/ . ThaTiks of all de
seripliom job/ priuled and lin• hale al 11.
"Journal °film"
A ppointtu'i of Referees, Common Bond
Norio, to Rrferees, J udg ment Notes
Summons, VihidireSures,
lisecutiohs, Consinbk , i's Soles,
Seire Fneius, Subretuts,
Complaints, Deeds,
Warrants, Mortgeges,
Commitments, Bond to idemnify Constable, A,
Nos. 2 s 4 CHF, riuT ST„ s'tli side below Wei,
(2'he Oldest Wool•itare in the eitn.)
DR Dealers iii Pateut Machine•mudp
?Well; Diouved Cedar• Ware, warranted no 1.
shrink, \Vaud & Willow wart:, Cords, Dru,lio,.
&e.,.1 . “11 I'l,u.t call and oxtu,
hie our stock,
1). P. SV t •
impossible to save more than five per cent., for
the Lungs are to cut up by the disease es to hid
defiance to medical skill. teen, however, in the
last stages, Inhalation affords extrnordinery re
liclto the suffering attending this fearful scourge
which annunlly destroys ninety-Ave thousand
persons in the United States alone ; and a cor
rect cit'ettlation shows that at the present pope
' lotion of the earth, eighty millions are destined
to fill the Consumptive's graves.
Truly the quiver of death bane arrow so fa
tal ati Consumption. In ell ages it has been the
great enemy of life, for it spares neither nue nor
sex, but sweeps off alike the brave, the beauti
ful, the graceful and the gifted. By the help o
that Supreme Being from whem cometh every
1:00i1 and perket Fitt, I nm enabled to offer to
the afflicted a permanent and :meetly curs in
Consumpt ion. The first cam, of tubercles is
front impure blood, nut! the immediate effect pro
duved by their deposition in the lungs is to pre
vent the live admissinn of air into the air cells,
which cuuses a weakened vitality through the
entire system. Then surely it is more rations!
to expect greater good from medicines entering
the I.llVitits of the lungs thou those atinitnist,ed
through the stomach ; the patient will always 1
i find the hives free anti the breathing cosy, after
labeling remedies. 'flats, Inhalution i. a local
remedy, nevertheless it tivtn constitutionally anti I
with more newer and certainty than remedies
administered by the .10111401. TO throve file pew
', etlnl and direct influence of this wade of admin
intretion, chloroform inhaled will entirely de
stray .4... Utility in a few minutes, paralyzing
tutire titavotte system, an that a limb may he •
amputated without the slightest pain; Minding
the ordinary burning gas will destrcy Ilia in a
few hours.
The inhalation of ammonia will rouse the gas-
Cift w lien fainting or eppmently deed. Theo
thor of Inst., of the Illititiett, ii perceptible in
'I.- akin a few minutes idler being inhaled, and
mar be immediately detected in the Mood. • A
vottvitiving entitle,' the eonstitutional effects of
inhalation ' in the Suit that sickness is always pro.
towed by breathing Mel air—in not this positive
evidence that proper remedies, earefully prelate
eft anti judiciously administered thy,' the lungs
should produce the happiest results Ifni big
eighteen years' practice, many thousands suffer-
Mg from diseases of the lungs and throat, hews
L ea under my care, and I sieve effected many
reeierke , le eeeesi even alter the sulferers had
been pronottneed in the last stages, which fully
setbdien Info that consumption is no longer a fa•
tat Eliseo.. illy trea.ment of consumption is
tinti Mended tin long experience and a
thorough investigation. illy perfect acquaintance
with tilt. maitre o f tithe reles, &e. enables me to
distinguish, readily, the various eiirms of disease
titer nimulate consumption, and apply the proper
I,tely being tnintnken even in a single
misc. 'I Itin familiarity, in connection with cer
pethological and microscopic discoveries mt
.,: te• mite to relieve the lungs front the effects of
to vuhtrga rho vilest, purit y i
itilpatt to it renewed vitality, giving
err tool tone to the entire system
with full directionfi sent to any part
•i i.e United States and Cana.las by patients
,aimnienting their symptoms by letter. But
,ure would be more certain it• the potient
pay the a visii, which weal give me nn
„pportunity to examiwa the longs and enable me
to prescribe with mach preater certainty, and
theta the cute could be elleeted without lay bon
ing tho patient again.
U. W . ti It A If AM, M. 1) ~
OFFICL, 1131 FILDENT STVELT, (Old N 0.109,)
Bel. Twelfth,
Atigtkst 5, '857.—1y.
Of all disease ; the great, first cause
Springs front neglect of Nature's laws.
NIUFFER NOT him, delaying till the constitutional symptoms
When a cure isguaranteed in all stages of of this horrid disease make their appearance
sock as ulcerated sore throat. diseased nose,
SECRET DISEASES. nocturnal pains in the head and limbs, dimness
Self-Abuse, Nervous Debility, Strictures, Gleets, of sight, deafness, nodes on the shin bones, and
Gravel, Diabetes, Diseases of the Kidney and arms, blotches on the head, face and extremities,
Bladder, Mercurial Rheamatisin, Scrofula, progressing with frightful rapidity, till at last
Pains in the Bones and Ankles, Diseases of the the palate of the mouth or the hones of the nose
Lungs, Throat, Nose and Ulcers open gill in, and the victim of this awful disease be
die B o d y c ancer , D ro p s y, Epit r .p. comes ft horrid object of commiseration, till
tie Fits, St. Vita's I)ance, and all diseases mi. death puts a period to his dreadful sufferings, his
biro; from a derangement of the Sexual Organs. sending Itim to "that bourne from whence uo
Such as Nervous Trembling, Loss of Memo. traveller returns," To such, therefore, 1)r.
ry, Loss of Power, General Weakness, Dimness Johnston pledges himself to 1. reserve the 1111.131
01 Vision, with peculiar spots appearing before inviolable secrecy, and from his extensive prat.
the eyes, Loss of Sight, Wakefulness, Dyspeu- tice in the first Hospitals of Europe and A uteri
sia, Liver Disease Eruptions upon the Fare, no, ho can confidently recommend a safe and
Pain in the hack and head, Female irregulari- greedy cure to the unfortunate victim of this hot
tics, and all improper dischargesfrom both sexes. rid disease.
It 'limners not iron . % what caut:e the disease erici- It is a melancholy fact that thousands ful I vic
noted, however fang standing or obstinate the time to this horrid disease owing to the unskil
'ase, recovery i.e certain, and in a shorter time fulness of ignorant pretenders who by the use of
than a permanent core can be effected by any That dewily poison Mercury, ruin the cons,
ether treatment, even after tbu disease has hat , tell.. and either send the unfortunate, sufferer
fled the skill of eminent physicians and resisted to au untimely grave, or make the residue of his
all their means of C.C. Thu medicines aro i lif t!
pleasant without odor, causing Ito sickness and l'ake Particular Notice.
Ilex trona mercury or balsam. During twenty Dr. J.. addresses all those who have injured
years of practice, I have rescued from the jaws themselves improper ,ndni_encies.
of Death minty thousands, who, in the I,t ate- These are se o f the sa d d melancholy
given to • effects produced by early habits of youtlt.
s' M• theirPhY d ' icisss Weakliest; of the Back and Limbs . , Pains in the
-ota‘tt,:mtsheintn•sercVssinsmdteViin'sy cure, eet and head, Dimness of Sight, Loss of Muscular pow
most speedy cure. Secret niseases are the er. Palpitation of the Heart Dyspepsia, Nervous
greatest enemies to health, as they err the fir..t Irritability, Derangements of the Digestive
Functions, leneral Debility Symptoms of Con
cause et Consumption. Scrofula and many cult
er diseases, anti should he a terror to the h ""i
:\15.N.1 bv—The fearful effects on the mind
mu ' As ' nastiest ruse is 'l' l " . ‘ . " . ale much to be dreaded; Loss of memory, Con
ey, effected, m
ht'nds of ajority of she es , . thhing' ll- il i ,j„„ owlet's, Depression of Spirit, Evil For
only the
Mil to corn elm diseases but ruin the eon-
stitution, filling the system with mercury, which tine ~t Solitude,
with the disease, hasteus the sutierer into a ra
' 1, produced.
pit Consumption. Thousands of persons of all ages, ca n now
But should the if
'mite what is the cause of tit,' dear h
ith.. ..lair declining; -- health.
or should the disease and the treatment not id gew. .. ., their vigor, becoming weak, pale and
cause death speedily and th e victim marries.. the i
. ..., mi, ~.„,,,
s,n,„,,ia„ appearance ~., ~..
disease is entailed upon the childrcis. who are eir" cuu 7_7, ... , ......2 a " o i r consii " in ' pi T o "n' . "` `"'
born with Stable constitutions, and the current elest long. um "Put. , "
of life corrupted by a virus whirls betrays. itself II)... Jobithista. 9 B Invigorating Renn
in Scrofula. Tetter, Ulcers, Eruptions. and oil;- dy for Crgunic Weakness
er aireetions of the skin. Eyes. Throat ma; ' By this great and important remedy, weakness
Lungs, entailing upon them a brief existence .1' of the °rpm; is speedily cured and full vigor re
sallering anti consigning then, to an early w an d. Thousands of the most debilitated and ,
' nervous, who had lost all hope, have been ha- ,
I . :hit-Mie is another formidable enemy to mediately relieved. All Imptaihnents to Mar
health, lire nothing else in the dread catalogue of riage, Physical or Mental Disqualification, Ner
h.., causes So acilreCliVe a dlaill eons Irritability, Trembling. and Weakness,
tqad. ~...ystent, drawing it s thousands of vie: or exhaustion of die most fearful kind, speedily
rims Ilmiiiiill a few years of .ffering down M. , e ar e d by D o ctor J o hn s t on ,
to , i , rlY crave. It destroys the Nervous spa- 1 Young Alen,
teat, rapidly wastes array the energies of rife,
1 Nilo have injured themselves by a certain pr.-
""`" "'" ull denarite "'" t• l'"""ts the proper nice indulged in when alone—a habit ftequently
devetopment of die k , ylitem, disqualifies for mar- learned from
toss, tes ' : e e l i .. i t e '' e . ',.. b e r i t ' iT e l' e i;• er a e l t a i , l . t a e a t r .i t t i• l i Y h l i al ir e t :i i , - . e s te p t , s
a o , t o w l i f ii n e o h , a c t u •e re,i nightly
rea o felt ,
m e tr e r e i n t,
4 1; when
, e n n po a s :
nil" nit ti • °lt. ' 6,° '• ell to ettasuraPti°a soil a e ,hhe , and destroys both ailed and body, sllould
train of et ils more to be dreaded than death it-apply immedi.iy.
self. Wait the fullest confidence I assure the
0 ,,,, What a pity that a young man, t t e e hope ofhis
unforttd.b - vietil. "' l 'l . Sell ' Abits° that ""I country, and the darling of his - fare - nts should lie
sod peimattent cure can lie ellected. and with . • , .
all . t
• • snatched from prospect. and enjoyments of
the abandonment of niiiiutis practices my pie
in a certain secret habit
, i life by die consequence ol deviating from the path
tieitts can be restored to robust, viprons Mind', _
o , t u n c c i thre and
i intle,:, g i ng
The afflicted are cautioned against the use of
Such 1....." ) .5.eibre eontemp ating
Patent Medicines, tie there are so Many iligulii- , .
LitiS snares ill the columns of the public prints 1
to catch and rob the Unwary suircrers that mil- 1 he ~ •
that • ti mind and l'e, I
vile .. tml se atera soun ma t y are
Sol. lam: their constitutions ruined by the :
• .. to most necessary requisites to promote coons
compounds of quack doctors, or the equally pm-
Mal hap piness . Indeed without these, the jour
stinouA mom. vended US - Patent Medicine,. .
1 , th ro ugh life becomes a weary pilgrimage,
1 hacc carefuliy analyzed many of the so - ettlled ie .
thespeet hourly darkens to the view; the
talent Altilleilies alai Sell that lie",,ly all o f
~„„ red p b o ecomes shadowed with despair, and filled
t O " ;:„ .' a, 3 , l ,„ a , i , l , l e e ,,, al e i r .a :„ l , t v , a „ S t i u nt i „ i r e, a n bki „ l i „ s „ - ,"" with the melancholy reflection that the happiness
a. ••••' -...--- - r .---- ater " ar J ""t' a' of another becomes blighted with our own.
,i,... ) pgiSoti, Wllleili instet6 of curing the dis
case disables situ syt.tem our life. OFFICE NO. 7, SOUTH FREDERICK ST.,
Three-lonrllls of the patent medicines now in BALTIMORE, MD.
use me 50i up h'i unprincipled and ignorant per- To Strangers.
~,,,,, ~1, oo out untimmund even the alphabet The many thousands cured M this Institution
.. anmerra malice, and are equally as destitute, w i t hi n t h e l est 15 y ears , and the numerou s i.-
tit' tin know ledge of the human system , having portant Surgical Operations performed by Dr.
' • "'Y °"° t ''' . .'" t" tie", u "' th"t to make tt-t°°- Johnston, witnessed by the Reporters of the pe
e.) regardless of comcqUeuces.
pens, and many other persons, notices of which
vi. i .,,,,i,,riiii, and all diseuses of males and Lave appealed again and again before the pub-,
..'""1" bested on' pti"cipl" established by 1'.., is a sufficient guarantee to the afflicted,
twenty earn •of ,priociee, . and 'sanctioned by ''
thousunes of tile must remath N. B. There are so many ignorant andable cures. Medi-
„ a ., eth.ertiaje„ themselves
ones with full doe' ,ion, sent to any part of the :‘,: - .17:. - ,,,7 8, .i r0i ;,, the h e mi h e et the ait ." ea `,..
Untied Mute:, and Lattudas, Ly patients coml.- L'27 . 7 . „`,.. john ,,t „ urns it ....,„ „, s „-:,..
pirating thy.. symptoms by letter. Business ",` . .."...',..., ateted w i th his te ,,,. t .,,,••2.Z ii r s
correspondence smelly confidential. Address ,T - '''T !,"„71rwaya hang i . his °Ws:: ..."
J. 0 U MAIER VI LL E, M. D., ' Diplom as "
than., No. 1131 NILEEKT ST., (Old No. 108.) ilje TAKE NOTicE.—All hitters must be post
Below Twelfth, paid, and contain a postage dump for the reply,
111.1...4..1).ELYki14 or no answer will be seat.
Aur81 44,7 7 , Pen to nets-d 7,
THE, founder of this Celebrated Institution,
offers the most certain, speedy, add only
effectual remeay in the wotld for Glees, Stric
tures, Seminal Weakness, Pain in the Loins,
Constitutional Debility, Impotency, Weakness
of the Bark and Limbs, Affections of the Kid—
fieys, Palpitation of the Heart. Dyspepsia, Ner
vous Irritability, Disease of the head, Throat,
Nose or Skin ; and all those serious and melan
choly disorders arising from the destructive
habits of Youth, which destroys both hotly and
mind. These secret and solitary practices are
more fatal to their victims than the song of the
Syrens to the mariner Ulysses, blighting their
most brilliant hopes of anticipations, rendering
marriage, fa., impossible.
Young Men,
especially, who have become the victims of Sol
itary Vice, thee dreadful and destructive habit,
which annually sweeps to an untimely grave
thousands of young men of the most exalted
talerci, and brilliant intellect, who might oth
erwise have entranced listening senates with
the thunder; of eloquence, or waked to ecstacy
the living lyre, may call with all confidence.
Married persons, or young men contempla
ting marriage, being aware of physical weak
ness, organic debility, deformities, &c.,should
inimcdiately consult Dr. Johnston.
Ile who places himself under tho care of Dr.
Johnston may religiously confide in his honor as
a get themes, and confidently rely upon hit skill
as a physician.
Organic Weakness.
immediately cured, and full vigor restored,
• This disease is the penalty most frequently
paid by those who have become the victim of
improper indulgencies. Young persons are too
apt to commit excesses front not being aware of
the dreadful consequence that may ensue.—
Now, who that understands the subject will pre
tend to deny that the power of Procreation is,
lost sooner by those falling into improper habit
thou by the prudent. Besides being deprived
of the pleasure of healthy offspring, the most se
rious and destructive symptoms to mind and bo
dy arise. The system becomes deranged , the
physical and mental powers weakened, nervous
debility, dyspepsia, palpitation of the heart, in
digestion, a wasting of the frame, cough symp
toms of Consumption.
11W Office No. 7, South Frederick Street, se
ven doors from Baltimore street. East side, up
the steps. Be particular in observing the name
and number, or you will mistake the place.
A Core warranted, in Two Days.
Dr. Johnston,
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons,
London, graduate from one of the most eminent
Colleges of the United States, and the greater
part of whose life has been spent in the first Hos
pitals of London, Paris Philadelphia, and else
where, has effected some of the most astonish
ing cures that were ever known, many troubled
with ringing in the head and ears when asleep,
great nervousness, being alarmed at sudden
sounds, and bashfulness, with frequent blushing
attended sometimes with derangement of mind,
were cured immediately.
Certain Disease.
When the misguided and imprinter: votary
of pleasure finds he has imbibed the seeds of this
pailful disease. it to too often happens that an
ill-timed sense of shame, or dread of d iseovery,
deters hint from applying to those who from ed
ucation and respectability, can alone befriend
4 0BpyFICE
4 The lar#est and best
211 II 03
411 Aa Cheap as Me Cheapest,
4 5 ,
All kinds of
CO\S . T 11 . AD .
Alta I'. Ex. T. Feet T.
Train leaven A. M. A. M. P. M.
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Mill Creek, 7.50 4.27 3.31
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N. K. NEFF, M. D.,
uAVING located himself in WARILIORALLIM
.1-1. in this county, would respectfully offer his
professional services to the citizens of that place
and the country aajneent.
J. B. Luden, M. D. Gen. A. P. Wilson,
M. A. Henderson, " Wm. P. Orbison, Esq,
J. 11. Dorsey, " Hon. James Gwina,
M. Stewart, " John Scott, Esq.
Hon. Goorgo Taylor. . . _
Huntingdon, Pe.
Jacob M Geminill, M. D., Alexandria.
John M'Cullocb, Petersburg.
N. BALL respectfully solicits the attention
d *of the farming community to a quality •r
Ploughs which ho is now manufacturing, and will
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Shopon N. W. cornarot Montgnmy and Wxel
March 27 1855-If.
A. I'. WILSON. N. Batson Pwristass
Practice in the several Courts of Huntingdon
Blair, Cumbria, Centre, Mifflin and Juniata Cone
__ March 23. 1234.
C n a rig 0
tiManklll4llll3t -
by the public to procure mom certain secu
rity from lire fur viduable papers, such as Bonds,
Mortfingcs, Deeds, Notes and Bnoks of Accounts,
than the ordinary SAFES heretofore in use affor
ded, induced the Patentees to devote# large pur
of their time for the lust fourteen years, in tua -
king discoveries and improvements Ihr this ob
ject, the result of which is the unrivalled
Ilt4Ting's PutentWwld'sTFair Premium
Fite Proof Safes.
Universally acknowledged as the cuasicio:l
SAFE OF Tits WORLD. Having been awarded
Medals at both the World. Fair, London, 1851,
and Crystal Pala., N. Y., 1853, as superior to
all others. it is acre undoubtedly entitled to that
appellation, and secured with Hall's Pat.&
Powder-Proof Locks—which were'''. awarded
separate Medals, (as above)—forms the most
perfect Fire & Burglar Proof Sales ever yet or.
iCrFd to the public.
Nearly 3Oll'l 7 l;;ring's Safes' have heen tested
during the post 14 years, and more than 16,00 U
have been sold and ure now in actual use.
Also on hand or manuliietured to order, all\
kinds or Boiler and Chilled Iron Bunk Chests
and Vaults, Vuult Doors, Money Ches. for
Brokers, Jewellers, 11.1ruttdir, private families,
&e,. fur Plate, Diamonds, and oilier valuables.
A BE infallible in removing stoppages or irreg
ularnes of the menses.
— These Pills are nothing new; but have been
used by the doctors ibr many years, both in
France and America, with unparallelled success;
and he is urged by many thousand ladies, who
have used them, to make the Pills public, for
the alleviation of those suffering from any irre
gularities of a hatever nature, as well as to pre
vent pregnancy to those ladies whose health
will not permit an increase of family.
Pregnant females or those supposing them
selves so, are cautioned against these Pills
while pregnant, as the proprietor assumes no
responsibility after the above admonition, al
though their 'mildness would preveat'any mis
chief to health: otherwise these Pills are recom
mended. Full and explicit directions accom
pany each box. Price, $1 per box. -
Sold wholesale and retail by
JOHN READ, General Agent
for Huntingdon Co., Pa.
I have appointed Dr. John Read Sole agent
for the sale of my French Periodical Golden
Pills, for the borough and county of Hunting
don. All orders must bo addressed to him.
He will supply dealers at the proprietor's pri
ems, mid aend the Pills to ladies (confidentially)
by return mail, to any part of the United States,
on receipt of $l, enclosed to hith' through the
Huntingdon post•offlee. For furthet parties.
lams get a circular of the Agents—sold by drug
gists everywhere.
War My signature is written on each box.
• Broadway P. 0., Vow Turk,