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From the 11th Day of January, 1857,
to the 3d Day of April, Including
both Days.
1854 Joseph Douglass, Walker, $BO 00
1855 Alexatder Ewing, Frank. 49 75
Thomas Osborn, Jackson, 174 26
4 ' Benjamin Baker, Tod, 70 19
4856 Joseph Forrest, Barree, 275 00
" George Rupert, Brady, 177 58
Ramuel Pheasant, Cass, 87 91
Frederick Harman, Crom. 327 00
" Jacob S. Hunt, Dublin, 153 00
Samuel Wigton, Franklin 427 00
4 . William Bothrock, Bunt. 529 40
.. Jacob Summers, Ilopew'll 84 91
Solomon Hamer, Jackson, 105 00
". Benjamin Wallace, Morris 285 00
George Garner, Penn, 100 00
John N. Swoope, Porter, 413 00
" Joseph Miller, Shirley, 600 00
" Benjamin Long, Shirl'b'g 123 69
. 4 Jacob Booher, Springfield 100 00
Samuel Hackedorn, Tell, 250 00
" Andrew J. Dunlap, Tod, 340 00
" David Pheasant, Union, 112 00
" Joseph Isenberg. Walker, 200 00
Henry Grazier, i
yG r,roioerre,, West,Wltr'm 4
' k 3 5 75 1
00 00
.‘ Nicholas Corbin, Cassville 28
Amount of County tax on unsea
ted lands.
Amount of School tax on unsea
ted lands,
Amount of Road tax on unseated
Balance due County treasurer
90 5 92
2863 70
Balande due A. B. Crewit, Esq..
County Treasurer at last set'mt 1274 58
Atty. Gen. Prot'y, Stiff. and wit
ness fees on criminal pros.
Constables for making returns, &c.
Grand and Travers jurors, Crier,"
Judges, Inspectors and Clerks of
Assessor's Orders,
Inquisitions on dead bodies,
Road and Bridge Views, 138 00
" damages by John Fry, 275 00
by Ab'm Shenefelt 150 00 563 00
Bridge Orders :
John Ganhagan for repairing be,
460 00
low Aleltandria,
David Blair bridge at Blair's
Mills, in Tell towtship,
A. Wise & Co., for extra work
don bridge at Huntingdon, 225 001045 00
County Auditors: 34 00
Benjamin K. Neff, 40 00
Jacob Baker, 37 00
H. L. McCarthy, 45 00 146 00
Clerk to Commission's Orr 1856, 75 00
" on account for '57 45 00
Att'y to Com's, J. Reed, Esq„ 20 00 140 00
County Bonds paid as follows :
William B, Lean, 517 50
Int. on Co. bonds W. B. Leas, 60 00 577 50
Repairs, Furniture and Anise
360 00
for the C. IL and Jail,
hunt, Co. Ag. Society,
Premium on Wild cat and fox
State Lunatic Asylum for
County Printing, J. A. Nash and
B. F. Miller, 12 75
Blank hooks & dockets for pub•
lie offices, 84 22 96 97
Boarding jurors in case of Patrick
Smith 28 00
♦ • Wise & Co., con. fur jail stable 100 00
.1. F. Ramey, on ncc't for runn'g
and making County line be
tween Bunt. and Mifflin co.,
Elhff. Miller, on acc't hoarding
prisoners. &c.,
Refunding order to C. Mickley. 14 04
Hood tux on unseated lands paid
4 50
15 57 34 11
School tax. do. do
Wabll ing for prisoners in jail,
in full for 1056, 10 00
Scrolling court house and pri-
vy, B'4 in full for '56. • 625 16 25
Director,' of poor in full '56, 1880 95
' part '57, 268 10 2149 05
Amount of Lancaater Bunk
notes received from Coulee ,
tors and deposited in bank
by direction of Com'rs,
Traity's com'n on $12937 72,
Receipts and Expenditures
Of the rowdy of Huntingdon, from the 4th.
day of April, 1857, to the 4th day of Jan.
nary, 1858, including both days.
1854 Joseph Douglas, Walker, $2l 94
1855 John Smith, Barren, 100 00
" David Etnier, Cromwell 198 99
" Thomas Osborn, Jackson, 19 26
a Ahrit'm Isenberg. Morris, 20 00
" John Thompson, Walker, 20 00
1856 Joseph Forrest, Decree, 575 83
" George Rupert, Brady, 185 78
" David Heck, Clay, 228 67
" Fretrk Ilarmtm, trornwell34l 81
" Jacob S. Hunt, Dublin, 168 25
" Samuel Wigton, Franklin, 898 31
Wm. Rothrock, Slant. 656 88
0 Sol. Ramer, .lackcon, 349 93
" B. F. Wallace, Morris, 510 00
" George Garner, Penn, 306 95
" Jno. N. Swoops, Porter, 1125 90
" Joseph Miller. Shirley, 458 81'
" Benj. Long, Shirleysburg, 32 42
" J.llloher, Springfield, 80 96
" Sanel Hackedorn, Tell, 36 27
" A. J. Dunlap, Toil. 269 29
" David Pheasant, Union, 96 09
" •: , 43ph Isenberg, Walker,so4 42
" Henry Grazier, War'm' k, 175 14
. 1 William Moore, West, 1055 97
1657 Alexan.ler Steil, Alex'a, 100 00
" John R. McCarthy, Brady 305 00
1, Peter Livingston, Barren, 3 10 00
" Geo. M. Greer', Cass, 155 00
Joseph I'ark, Clay, 82 40
William Johns, Cromwell, 125 22
" William Bice, Franklin, 513 09
" George Ruiner, Heiblers'n 177 00
" Sant% S. Smith, flutietru 917 37
" Geo. B. Weaver, Hope'll 200 00
" John Jackson, Jackson, 227 60
" Henry Mark, Juniata, 62 Ou
11 Sam'l Harnish, Morris. 95 00
" George Miller, Oneida, 67 83
" Andrew G. Nelf, Penn, 553 00
11 G P. Henderson, Porter, 172 00
" Jan. G. Doyle, Shirley, 289 23
" Chas. Bowersox, Shir'lig 106 63
" Josh. Johns, Sprlngtiuld. 41 50
'"rhoinas Clam. Tell, NO 00
Abra'm Elias, Tod, 90 00
" M. F. Cam hell, Union, 113 11
" Martin Floollof, Walker, 334 80
" Sam'l Lehman, Warm'k, 585 04
" John Thompron, West, 3nl 6514462 34
County tux on unseated lands, 336
School 11 " 1 57
Road " " 70 568
For rent fur Court House, 7 00
Sale of Stray Steer, 64
Fines collected by Joe. Backus 15 00 23 64
Balance due County Treasurer, 1567 00
Atty. Gan, l'rot'y, and
witnesses on .1111. pro.. At I 46
IVlWatittirt for avakier netts
advertising snring elections 297 98
Grand and traverse jurors,
Conn criers, &c., 1690 84
Jnd. Imp, clerks elec. 709 83
Assessor's orders, 306 38
Inquisitions on dead bodies, 24 62
Road and bridge views, 195 50
" damages Rudy's estate, 58 00 253 50
Bridge Orders :
A. Wise & Co., for building •
bridge at Huntingdon, 1859 39
Do. for repairing the same, 946 51
E. E. & A. Ramsey, for re
pairing bridge across the
Black Log Creek, 50 00 2855 83
Building privy at jail, 78 63
" table " 151 00 229 63
Commissioners—B. K. Neff, 90 00
Jacob Baker, 95 00
H. L. McCarthy 62 00
G. W. Mattern ' 10 00
Clerk to Comm'rs. 275 00
Auditors for 1856, 71 50
Atty for Comm. on account, Ile 00 629 50
Interest on County Bonds :
J. R. Gosnell, 41 49
S. Wigton, 45 00
W. Orbison, 135 00
Thos. Fisher, 114 00
Fxrs. of C, Bucher's est. 60 00 395 43
For coal, wood, light,Re. for
Court house and jai, 225 00
Merchandise. Re., for same, 77 92
Medicine and attendance to
prisoners in jail, 40 00
For repairs at court house and
jail, 138 37 481 29
For introducing gas fixtures in
Court house, 235 52
J. F. Ramey for running and
marking !inn between Hun
tingdon and Main cos. 120 00
Pa. StanyLunatic Hosi ital. 92 50
Western penitentiary for sup
porting prisoners, 365 53
Slitr Miller for boarding pris
oners, summoning jurors,
and conveying convicts to
Penitentiaay, 700 00
For gas in Court House, 14 53
For scrubbing and cleaning do 18 75
For washing for pris. in jail, 10 00 43 28
For blank books, stationery, Re. 38 00
Postage: W. Len is & W. Colon, 40 85
Wild cat and fox scalp premiums, 327 04
County Printing :
John A. Nash, 115 50
William Lewis, 85 00
i l Wm. Brewster, 52 25
Africa & Whittaker, 2 45 255 20
S. S. Smith cutting wood, Re.,
at Court House 4 years, 48 00
Road tux on un's'd land paid out:
Gen. W. Cohel, 3 42
James Gillim, 18 00
Daniel Gray, 51' 00
Geo. Al. Green, 25 51 97 93
Treas. Hunt. Co. poor house. 5080 06
Co Treats com on 30,098 74 451 48
5890 91
8759 53
478 22
34 97
826 88
123 09
61 24
26 04
In testimony of the correctness of the above
we hereunto subscribe our names nod affix the
seal of said county, this 4th day of Jan. 1858.
H. L. MoCARTHY, Comers.
Attest: HENRY W. MILLER, Clerk.
We, the undersigned Audito; of Huntingdon
county, elected and sworn according to law, re
port that we met, diC audit, settle, and adjust,
according to law, the accounts of A. B. Crewit.
deed., and F. 1 1. Lana, Treasurers of the said
county, and the orders• of the Commissioners.
and the receipts for the the some, for, and du
ring the past year. and find balance duo Alfred
B. Crewit, of two thousand eight hundred and
sixty-two dollars and seventy cents, and to F.
If. Lane, of one thousand five hundred and six
ty-seven dollars.
159 07
100 00
104 25
81 25
Given under our hands,
at the Commissioner's
office, in the borough of nuntingdon, the 4th
day of January, 1858.
A 0.12VE P,AP22.
70 00
AJOURNAL devoted to the A musemcment and
Interest or Ladies and Gentlemen, entirely
ORIGINAL in all its parts, Light, Gay and
Fast. All this may he furnished without the
slightest immorrality in its tendency in gaining
a place in its colsmns. The lugubrious or
miserable will find nothing congeial in the Slip
per while the Huworist and Bon Vivant may
well enjoy it.
TO CLUBS, 7 copies for • $3
12 " 5
•" 28 " 10
75 00
One subscriber in every seven will be enti•
tied to A GIFT WORTH FROM $4 TO $2OO.
Among the articles to be distributed, are Gold
and Silver Watches Gold Guard and Vest
Chains, Silver Cake and Fruit Baskets, Gold
Lockets, Armlets, liar Drops, Brooches, Pins,
Rin g s, Gold Dollars, &c.
Ahonorable system will be used to deter
mine which one of the seven subscribers shall
be entitled to one of the above GIFTS, which
will he sent immediately on receipt of the sub
scription money.
249 00
194 06
8759 53
Agents Wanted.
Address all communications to
Corner Worth street and Broadway, N. Y
Feb. 17, '57:-3m.
The suescriber will offer at Public Sale at
his re.idence in Brady township, two miles west
of Allanais,
On Wednesday 10th of March, 1858.
The following property to wit : 3 Work Horses,
1 two year old Colt, 4 Milk Cows, 7 bend young
Cattle, 17 head of Sheep, 15 Shoats, 1 breeding
Sow, Plows, Harrows, Cultivator, 1 two horse
Carriage, Harness sad Horse Gears, 1 two or
three horse Wagon, 1 Sled, Winnowing Mill,
Also, Household and Kitchen Furniture-1
Cook Stove, 1 'reaplate Stove, Carpeting, and
a number of articles too tedious to mention.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock A. M. of said
day, when terms will be made known.
February 17, 1858. JOHN RUPERT.
Chambersburg to, Mt, Union
1• Ireundersigned aware that a suspension of
L the line of Stages over the road between
.Chamberstrarg and Mt, Union, cannot be but
disadrentageous to a Jorge Traction of the coun
try, hoe, at a considerable expense and trouble
made arrangements to run a line of Stages'
Tri-weekly between the two points Good
Horses end comfortable Stages have been pla
ced on the route, and experienced and trusty
drivers will superintend the running of the
Couches. The proprietorof the line is disirous
that it be maintained, and he therefore calls
upon the public generally to patronize it. confi
dent that it will be for their mutual advantage.
Every attention necessary will he given, and
the running of the Stages will be regular.
er Stages leave Mt, Union, every Tuesday
Thursday, and Saturday evenings, arriving ut
Clututhersburg the next day at 2 o'clock. He
mming, leave Uhamberahurg, the same night
at to o'clock, arriving at Mt. Union the next
evening in time for the ears. Setween Mt,'Un
km sad Shade Gap the line will be daily.
lir Fare through $9; to intermediate points
in proportion. JOHN JAMISON
Jun. 20th, 1858.—tf.
16058 61
Autiphlogistic Salt.
This celebrated medicine is for sale at the
Journal Odiee. For all inflammatory diseases
it is a certain cure. Got a but and try it, ye
wife wrw wrilWrowt.
All persons having on hand any of tl.e
"ERIE CITY BANK" money, (which failed
last March,) can get a fair price for it, by
sending to, or calling upon the undersigned
within a short time to come. I will buy any
amount on said Bank at a higher rate, than I
know to be offered elsewhere; as I can use it
to advantage.
Feb.l7, '67:—
Having received the sole agency of A. F.
Hazard & Co., Druggists, Philada., for the sale
of the Brandy for Huntingdon county, we con
fidently offer it to the public as a pure and un
adulterated article as the following certificate
will prove.
Chemical Inspector's Office,
28 Sixth St., between Walnut and Vine,
Cincinnati, March, 1857,
This will certify that I have this day inspec•
ted two separate lots of Catawba Brandy one
in Barrels and one in Bottle, manufactured by
Lauritze Lynne, and sold by his Sole Agent, J.
Jacob, at the Depot, No. 99 opposite the Bur
net House, and 143 West Third Street, Cincin
nati, and find them both pure and free from
all poisonous or deleterious drugs. and as such
have marked the same, as the law directs. Gi•
ven under my hand at ray office. [signed.]
Inspector of Alcholic Liquors, &c.
New Fin*, Jrly 28, 1857,
Dear Sir have received a bottle of Lyons'
Pura Ohio Catawba Brandy, furnished by Mr.
A. Ralston. Jr., of Lockport, N. Y., for analy
zation, and I find it to contain only those in
gredients which exist in pure. Brandy. The
proportion of Alcohol obtained from it is 47.00.
I believe this sample to be pine Brandy with
out adulteration—the flavor of it is delicate
and peculiar. JAMES R. CHILTON, M. D.,
The 01110 CATAWBA BRANDY last
only equals, but even excels the best imported
Brandies in purity and flavor. It is hi fact the
Best Brandy known. This statement is fully
corroborated by the certificates of many of our
most distinguished analytical Chemists, 801110
of which accompany this circular.
The want of PURE BRANDY has long
been felt in this country, and the introduction
of an article of such quality as to supersede
the sale and use of those vile compounds hill).
erto sold under the name of Brandy, can only
be regarded as a great public good. The Ca.
tawba Brandy possesses all the good qualities
claimed for the best imported Liquor, and is of
perfect purity and superior flavor. It is tbere•
fore fully entitled to the patronage of the pub
lic. We feel confident that its reception in
this State will be as that which it has met with
in the Great West, and that the time is not far
distant, when the superiority of our own Li
quors will put an end to their importation from
abroad. In Medicinal purposes this Brandy
has no rival, and has long been needed.
marlt is a Sovereign and Sure Remedy for
D:.spepsin, Flatulency, Low Spirits, Languor,
General Debility, &c_
16,058 61
Eshelby's Celebrated Still and
Sparkling Champagne.
These Wines ere nude in the neighborhood
of Cincinnati. and are guarantied to he the
pure juice of the Grape, and are eminently cal.
ciliated tin• invalids, and persons who require s
gentle stimulant, arid for Sacramental purposes
or us a beverage will be found equal, if not su•
perior. to the best Unported.
Retail Price for Brandy and Wines, $1,25
per Quart Bottle.
garA liberal discount made to the trade.4PS
Address JOHN READ, Druggist.
New Card-Press.
Having bought ajust -CARD PRESS," we
are now prepared to print in the prcportioa of
three cards in the same time that any other
press in the county can print one, consequent
ly we can print them cheaper—if not done well
we make no charge at all. We ask your pa
(Estate of Benjamin Fraker, deed.)
The uticle;sTinedYultOr,;politted by the
Orphans' Court of Huntingdon county, to dis
tribute the balance in the hands of Daniel
Grissinger. administrator of Benjamin Frisker,
late of Dublin township, deceased, among those
legally entitled thereto, hereby gives notice to
all persons interested, that he will attend for
the purpose of tanking said distribution, un
Thursday, the fourth of March next, at one
o'clock, p. m., at his office, in the borough of
Huntingdon, wheu and where all persons liar.
log claims upon said fund are requested to
present the same or be debarred from coming
in upon said fund. THEo. H. CREMEPU
Feb.3,'57.-4t. Auditor.
The undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon county,
to distribute the proceeds of the Sheriff's sale
of the real estate of Christian Coots and Mar.
rotret Couto to and amongst those legally enti
tled thereto, hereby gives notice that he will nt•
tend for the purpose of making said diatribe.
lion, on Wednesday, the 3d day of March rem,
at one o'clock, p. tn., whet, and where all per.
sons having claims upon said fond are requited
to present the same, or be debarred front com
ing in upon said food.
THEO. H. CREMER, Auditor.
(Estate of John McCartney, dee'd.)
- ---
Having been Auditor - ay the Or
phans' Court of Huntingdon county, to distri
bute the fund is the hands of Isabella McCart
ney, Executrix of John McCartney. late of
Henderson, township. deeM., and trustee to
make sale of the real estate of said dee'd, I
hereby give notice to all interested, that I will
attend to the duties of said appointment, on
Saturday, the sth day of March next, at (we
o'clock, p. to., at my office, in the borough of
Huntingdon, when and where all person having
claims upon said fund are required to present
the same to me, or be debarred from coming in
upon said fund. THEO. H. CREMER,
Feb.3,'51.4t. Auditor.
Notice is hereby given that Mr. 8. T. Hill
holds the fullowing notes against me:—,:ine for
fifty dollars dated January lot., 1858, to be due
on the first nay of April, 1858; another note
dated January let., 1838, to be due June let.,
1858, for which I received no value, and do not
intend to pay them unless compelled by law.
J4p4aqn tp., Jan.21,'
THE undersigned Executor of the last will
and testament of Ann Stewart, late of the
borough of Alexandria, deed., hetsby gives no
tice to all persons who know themselves to be
indebted to the estate of said deed., to make
immediate payment, and all persons having
claims against said estate to present their ac•
counts properly authenticated for settlement to
Jobs G. Stewart of said borough.
rale at this alto; it it calculated to burn wood
or coal.
F. H. LANE ,
In exchange kir Two BRICK HOUSES in
Philadelphia, Pa., an for Stocks &c.,
Jan., 27, '5B.
Dr. Hardman, Analytical Physician.
Physician for Diseases of the Lungs, Throat
and Heart—Formerly Physician to the
Author of "Letters o invalids," IS COMING.
See following Card
February Appointments,
Dr. Hardman, Physician for disease of the
Longs, (formerly Physician to Cincinnati Ma
rine nospital,) will he in attendance at his
rooms as follows
Huntingdon, Jackson's Hotel, Tuesday, Feb. 16.
Lewistown, National Hotel, 15.
Hollidaysburg, Excnange Hotel, ti 17.
Dr. Ilardnian treats Consumption, Bronchi
tis, Asthma, Larryngittis and all diseases of the
throat and lungs, by medical Inhalation, lately
used in the Bromton Hospital, London. The
great point in the treatment of all liJnian mala
dies is to get at the disease in the direct man
ner, All medicines are estimated by their ac
tion upon the a rpm requiring relief. This is
the important fact upon which Inhalation is ba
sed. If the stomach is diseased We take
medicine directly into the stomach. lithe lungs
are diseaset!, breathe or inhale medicated va
pors directly into the lungs. Medicines are the
antidotes to 4isense and should he applied to
the very seat of disease. Inhalation is the ap
plication of this pnneiple to the treatment of
the lungs, for it gives us direct access to those
intricate air calls and tubes which lie out of
reach of every other means of administering
medicines. The reason that Consumption, and
other diseases of the lungs, have heretofore re
sisted all treatment has heen because they hod
never been approached to a direct manner by
medicine. They were intended to act upon the
lungs and yet were applied to the stomach.—
Their action was intended to he local, and yet,
they were so administered that they should not
act constistutionally, expending immediate and
principal action upon the unofleniling stomach,
whilst the find ulcers within the lungs were un
molested. Inhalation brings the medicine in
direct contact with the disease, without the
disadvantage of any violent action. Its appli
cation is simple, that it can he employed by the
youngest infant or feeblest invalid. It does not
derange the stomach, or interfere in the least de
gree with the strength, comfort, or business of
the patient.
OTHER DIS... TREATFD.—in relation
to the tiillowing diseases, either when compli
cated with lung affections exit ting alone, I also
invite consultation. I usually find them prompt
ly curable.
Prolupsus and all other forms of Female com
plaints, Irregularities and Weakness.
and all other forms of Heart
Disease, Liver Complaints, Dyspepsia, and all
other di:icons of Stomach and bowels , &c.
All diseases of the eye and ear. Neuralgia,
Epilepsy end all forms of nervous disease.—
No charge for consultation.
8.1). HARDMAN, M. D.
June 3, 1857,
, M. MX. Walsh. Principal.
Thin school for young ladies and gentlemen
in probably the cheapest one of the hind in the
country. The expenses per year for board,
room rent, furniture. fuel and tuition in common
English axe only $BB.
Piano Music is only Ski per quarter. All
the languages and the oinainentals are propor
tionally cheap. For other information address
John D. Walsh, Cassville, Huntingdon Co., Pa.
...... —.......
The next quarter commences Monday, Jan
nary 18th., 1858.
Jn i i.l a,':i7,
Only $19.5 0 per Quarter.
M. McN. WALSH. Principal.
Professor of Lsogonges and Philosophy
Herr Karl Bockenheim,
Ps of of German Language 4 , Literatupe.
111. Eugene Chip ant,
Professor of P, inch and Piano Music,
James W. Hughes,
P ryes:tor of Mathematics. etc
Mrs. M. MeN. Walsh, -
Gr. dais Painting, Botany, History etc.
Miss E. Faulkner,
Alanarhromatic.., Paining, Drawing. etc.
Miss Anna M. Gray,
Pia.° Music and French.
Miss Jennie M. Walsh,
Primary English.
into new hands, and the present owners
are determined to Make it a first class Institu
tion. The majority of the new faculty are al
ready on hand, and students will be received as
80011 88 they wish to come.
Young ladies ant gentlemen intending Logo
to school will do well to write to us belore con
cluding to go elsewhere. There is no cheaper,
and we believe there will be no better school
now than ours.
Both sexes are received, all branches taught
and students can enter at any time.
For further information, address
Camille," Huntingdon Co, Pa.
December 9,19117.4 f.
Tsubscrib.r will offer for sale a tract
laud, either by small quartities, or by whole
sale, as may suit the bidders, ou terms as fel
lows :
One third of the money paid on confirms•
Lion of the sale, the balance in two equal pay•
ments, without interest for ono year, by giving
security by mortgage on the property,
This land lies on the hank of the Juniata
River, one mile below Mt. Union, in Shirley
township. There is
in the tract, about twenty five acres of which
is cleared, and in a good state of cultivation.
The balance is timber land. The BOTTOM
laud is chiefly MEADOW.
fhero is a Cabin on it and some fruit trees,
and a never failing spring of water.
This property will be sold on the 18th day of
February, 1858.
Due altendsuce will be given, and a good title
Pant) township, Jan. 27th 18W-3t.
Illustrated. 1858. Illustrated,
The New York weekly GOLDEN PRIZE is
one of the largest and hest literary papers of the
day. An Imperial Quarto containing EIGHT
PAGES, or forty columns, of entertaing original
matter, and elegantly illustrated every week.
A GUI worth from 50 cents to $5OO 00 in gold,
will be presented to each subscriber immediately on
receipt of the subscription money.
One Copy , for ,2 I year, 0
$2 5
00, 0 a
nn n i 2 g I g i f i l t;
" " " 3 " $5 00, and 3 gifts.
" 5 " $8 00, and 5 gifts.
No. 123, Souih Seventh et.,
3 copies, 1 year, $5 00. and 1 gift.
.5 44 88 00, and 5 gifts.
10 41 st
21 " "$3O 00 and 21 gifts.
The articles to be distributed aro comprised in
the following list
2 packages gold, containing $500,00 each.
5 an. do. do. 6200,00 etch.
10 do. do. do. 8100,00 each.
10 pat. Its. hon. can, watches, $lOO,OO each.
20 gold watches, $75,00 each.
50 do. $60,00 each.
100 do. $50,00 each.
500 ladies'gold watches, $35,00 each,
200 silver linneg cas'd watches, $30,00 each,
500 silver watches, $lO,OO to $30,00 each.
1000 gold guards, &c., $lO,OO to $30,00 each,
Gold lockets, Bracelets, Woelies,
Bur drops, Breast-pins, Cuff
pins, 'Sleeve-buttons, Rings,
Shirt-studs ' Watch.keys, gold
and silver tlli.nbles, and a vari
ety of other articles worth from
50 cents to $30,00 each.
Immediately on receipt of the suhslription
money, the sithscriher's name will he entered
upon our subscription book, opposite a number,
and the gift corresponding with flint number will
he ft rwarded, within one week, to the subscri
ber, by mail or express, post-paid.
' All communications should he addressed
48 & 48 Moffat's building, 335 Broadway, N. Y.
•• Specimen copies sent free.
DR. monovs
DR. MORSE, the inventor of MORSE'S IN
DIAN ROOT PILLS, has spent the grea
ter part of his life in travelling, having visited
Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as North
America--has spent three years among the In
dians of our Western country—it was in this
way that the Indian Root Pills were first dis
covered. Dr. Morse was the first man to es
tablish the fact that all diseases arise from Im
purity of the Blond—that our strength, health
and life depended upon this vital fluid.
When the various passages become clogged,
and do not net in perfect harmony with the dif
fereut functions of the body, the blood loses •
its action, becomes thick, corrupted and di
sensed; thus causing all pains sickness and
distress of every name; our strength is exhaus
ted, our health we are deprived of, and if na
ture is not assisted in throwing off the stag
aunt humors, the blood will become choked
and cease to act. and thus our light of life will
forever he blown out. How imporlant then
that we should keep the various plbsriges of
the hotly free and open. And how pleasant to
us that we have it in our power to put a medi
cine in your reach, namely, Morse's Indian
Root Pills. manufactured from plants and roots
which grow around time mountainous cliffs in
Nnmre's garden, for the health and recovery
of diseased man. One of the roots from which
these Pills are made is a Sudorific, which o•
pens the pores of the skin, and assists Nature
in throwing out the finer parts of the ~corrup•
tion within. The second is a plant illhich is
an Expectorant. that opens and unclogs the
passage to the lungs, and thus. in a soothing
manner, performs its ditty by throwing off
phlegm, and other humors from the hangs liy
copious spitting. The third is a Diuretic,
whirls gives ease and double strength to the
kidneys; thus encout aged, they draw large a—
mounts of impurity from the blood, which is
then thrown ont bountifully by the urinary or
water passage, and which could n. t have been
discharged in lilly tither way. Th 4 fourth is
a Cathartic, and accompanies the other prop
erties of the Pills while engaged in purifying
the lived; the courser particles of impurity
which cannot pass by the other outlets, are
thus taken up and conveyed off in great quan•
titles by the bowels.
Font; the shove, it is shown that Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills not only enter the stomach,
but bebome united with the blood, fur they find
way to every part, and completely rcut out
and cleanse the system from all impurity, and
the life of the holy, which is the blood, be
comes perfectly healthy; consequently all sick
ness and pain is drives lions the system, for
they cannot remain when lie body becomes
so pure and slant.
The reason why people are so distressed
when sick, and why so many die, is because
they an not get a medicine which will pass to
the tabled parts, and which will open the
natural passages for the disease to be cast out
hence, a large quantity of fluid and other mut
ter is lodged, and the stomach and intestines
are literally overflowing with the corrupted
mass; thus undergoing disagreeable ferment.
lion. constantly mixing with the blood, which
throws the corrupted matter through every
vein and rt'etery, until life is taken from the
body by disease. Dr. Morse's Pills have ad
ded to themselves victory upon victory, by re.
storing millions of the sick to blooming health
and happiness. Yes, thousands who have
bees racked or tormented with sickness, pain
and anguish, and whose feeble frames have
sets scorched by the burning elements of ra•
ging lover, and who have been brought, as it
were, within a step of the silent crave, now
stand ready to testify that they would have
been numbered with the dead, had it not been
for this groat and wonderful medicine, Morse's
Indian Root Pills After ono or two doses
had beets taken, they were 44tonished, and ab
solutely surprised, in witnessing their charm.
tog effects. Nut only do they give immedi
ate ease and strength, and take away all sick
ness, pain and anguish but they at once go to
work at the Mundation of the disease, which is
the blood. Theretbre, it will be shown, espec
ially by those who use these Pills, that they
will so cleanse and purify, that disease—that
deadly enemy—will take its flight, and the
flush of youth and beauty will again return,
and the prospect of a long and happy life will
cher'sh and brighten your days.
CAUTION.—Beware of a counterfeit sign.
ed A. B. Masse. All genuine have the name
of A. J. WHITE &CO. on each box. Also
the qf A. J. White & Co. All oth
ers are spurious.
A. J. WHITE & CO., Sole Proprietors,
50 Leonard Street, New York.
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills are sold by
all deniers in Medicines
sir Agents wanted in every town, village
and hamlet in the land. parties desiring the
agency will address as 'above for terms.
Nor Price 25 cents IT box. five boxes will
be sent on receipt of sl,„postage paid.
December '6'57:-6m.
,001:7NTILY Dl/415.1114.6 can buy
CLOTHING from me M Huntingdon at Whole.
sale, as cheap as May can in the cities, as I have
a Wholesale st Re in Philadelphia.
kr:llW iwarAx.
LETTERS of administration on the Estate
of James Harrison, late of West township,
dee'd., having been granted to the undersigned
all persons indebted to said estate are reques•
ted to make immediate payment, and those
having claims against the same will present
them to ELLEN HARRISON, Adm.'.
Jan. 6, 1 57:-6t.*.
Tundersigned owners of the Huntingdon
Mill, inform farmers and the puhticgeneral•
ly, that they now have their new mill in running
order, with all the modern improvements in the
water wheels and machinery.
They have put in five of the Improved Jon•
val Turbine Water Wheels, Ad can grind in
all stages of the water, atm during the coldest
weather, .y and all kinds of gram.
$l5 00; and 10 Kifty,
They are preynred to tell, and have on hand
for sale nt all times, at market rates, all kind of
and farmers can have their own grain ground,
and take it back in a return load, or they can
be furnished in exchange at a moment's notice
an equal quantity of Flour and Bran or chop
ped feed.
is of an improved manufacture; and they will
insure a FULL TURN OUT of superior quali
ty to every bushel of grain left at their mill..
N. B.—The Buckwheat stones are not quite
ready, _
liuntmgdmi, December 10, Mil
ALL persons indebted on the books, or other
wise, of H. C. Walker. will take notice that
said accounts are left in the hands of Geo. 11.
Young, Esq., of Alexandria, who is authorized
to receive and receipt for a'.l moneys paid du
ring my absence. D. lIOUTZ,
Assignee for Creditors of H. C. Walker.
A lexand rin,Jan.6;sB.-Gt.
ZxceulgOßtP NOTZ4III.
T ErITHS Testamentary on the estate of
I j Hugh Johnston, late of Cass township,
Huntingdon county, deed., having been gran
ted to the undersigned, ail persons having
claims againstsaid estate are requested to pre.
sent them and those indebted to the same, to
make immediate payment to
New Goods _ New Goods I
D. P. Gwin has just roturnd from Philadel
phia with the largest and most beautiful as
sortment of
AHD TA (60(3M
Ever brought to Huntingdon,
consisting of the most fashionable Dress Goods
for Ladies and Gentlemen, such as Black Silks.
and Fancy, All Wool de Loins, (all colors)
French Merino, plain and printed, ombre striped
de Loins, barred and fancy de loins, Levella
Cloth, Mohair, Debair., Shepherds' Plaids, and
Prints of every description.
ALSO, a large lot of dress Trimmings, Frin
ges, More Antique Ribbon, Buttons, Gimps,
Braids, &c.. Bonnet Silks, Crapes, Ribhonds,
Gloves, Mitt, Veils, Lures, Bolts, Ribhonds
for Belting, Whalebone, Roed & Brass (loops
for Skirts, Silk and Linen handkerchiefs, Silk
Nark ties, Zephyr, French Working Cotton, Li
nea and Cotton Floss, Tidy Yarn, Wool Yarns,
Also the best and largest assortment of Col
lars, and Undersleeses, in town. Bar'd and
Plain Jaconct, Mull Muslin, Swiss. Plain, Fig
ured and dotted. Morons, and Hoop Skirts,
Irish Linen, Linen Table Cloths, Napkins,
Tassels, &c. Shirts, Shirt-bronsts, Undershirts
and drawers, wool coats, hoods, comforts and.
Also a large assortment of Waterloo Bay
State Wool Shawls. Single and Broeha Shawls.
Also, Cloths, Cassisners, Cassinets, Tweeds,
K. Jeans, Vesting, Mullins, bleached and un
bleached, Sheeting and Pillcw-ease Muslins,
Nankeens, Ticken, Cheek, Table Diapers, Craft
Flannels, Sack Flannel, plain and figured, Can
ton Flannel, Blankets, se.
Also. a large lot of Silk Bonnets of the latest
styles and at 'tory low prices. hats and caps
of all kinds.
Moots and Shoes, Gum shoes, the best
and cheapest in town.
H .e1.41D UT R 70, QUEENS
WARM, Buckets, Tubs, Baskets, Churns,
Butter Bowls, Brooms, Brushes, &c. Carps ts,
Oil Cloths, Fish and Salt, Sugar, Coffee,
Tea, Molasses, and all goods usually kept in a
country Store.
My old customers, and as many new ones as
can crowd in arc respectfully requestctl to come
and examine my goods.
All kinds of Country produce taken in ex.
change for goods, at the highest market prices.
October 7, 1857,
FiC>l=l. 5.51.7-.30.
TII►.: undersigned, being (login)ns of removing
from the town of Shirleysburg, hereby offers
for sale his entire remaining real estate, situa
ted in and near said town. The property C3ll.
shag of three separate and distinct dwelling
houses, (including the large and commodi.
in which the subscriber now resides) ; all of
which are elligibly situated in the mostdesirable
and business part of the town; A detailed de
scription of said property is deemed unnecessa•
ry, as any one desirous of purchasing, will, of
course, wish to see and examine for himself.—
Two of said houses arc admirably located and
calculated for stores and tavern stands, she.
Also, the subscriber offers for sale, ten acres
of rich brttom or meadow land, situated a short
distance above the grist mill of the Messrs.
Heiffners. This land is well suited, not only
to the rising of grass, grain, etc., but is also
peculiarly adapted to the production of "Chi
nese Suger,,Cane," an article of recent introduc
tion, which seems to promise greater profit,'
per acre, than almost any other agricultural
Sisirleysharg, Nev. 18, 'B7.
The .1 uniata Flour and Plaster Mille, one
mile below Alexandria, Huntingdon county,
Pa., have constantly on hand Ground Plaster,
of the best quality, fur which Grain of all
kinds, will be taken in exchange at market
prices. SAM% HATFIELD.
Came to the premises of the _
subscriber in Tod township /
bout the lira day of December, a m ,
1857, a red muley bull, about ---,
three years old, no marks.
Tne owner is requested to come forward
prove property, pay charges and take hint
DAVID GROVE informs the citizens of
Huntingdon and vicinity, and the public gen
erally, that lie has opened a Grocery Store on
Hill street, Huntingdon, a few doors west of
Wm. Orbison's residence ' where he will at all
times be prepared to supply customers with
at wholesale and retail. Sugars, Coffee, Teas,
Molasses. Cheese, Spises, Confectionaries,
Hams, Salt, Brooms, Buckets, Sellars, Tobac
co, &c., &c.; in fact, every article usually kept
in a Grocery Store.
An I nm ;intermitted to sell cheaper than tbs
cheapest, I want everybody to entland examine
my Mock and prices. DAVID GROVEL
Huntingdon, July 29,
to their numerous friends and the public,
that they have just received from the East, a
most beautiful assortment of Fall and Winter
Goods ; embracing every variety of new styles
such us Valencia Plaids, Plaid Ducats, Oriental
Lustrcs, Gala Plaids, Tamese Cloth, Poplins,
striped and Plaid. Ombre striped Delainee,
French Merino, Printed Deiaines, Bayadere
Stripes, Argentine, Coburg. Mohair, and Ma
donna Cloths. Shepherd's Plaid., reach Elan
ket, Bay State, Long and &inure Brodie Shawl
Gents' Pravelling do, French Cloths, plain and
fancy Cassimeres, Satinetts, Jeans, Tweeds, &c.
Ribbons. Mitts, Gauntlets, Gloves, Talmas,
Cloaks, Chenille Scath, Dress Trimmings, La
dies' Collars, Brilliants, plain and spriged Swiss,
Vctoria Lawn, Nainsooks, and every variety of
White pmts. BATS, CAPS and BONNETi
of every variety and style.
We have a full stock of
which will he sold on such terms us will make it
the interest of all to call and examine.
Groceries can be had lower than the high
prices which have been maintained heretofore.
We also deal in Plaster, Fish, Salt, and all
kinds of grain, and possess facilities in this
branch of trade unequalled by any. We deliver
all packages or parcels of merchandise FREE or
OnAnou at the depicts of the Broad Top and
Pennsylvania Railroads.
'Jr H, DELL, Eer .
Prof. Chas. DeGratles -
This great discovery is now creating agreat
sensation among the Medical Faculties of Eu•
rope and this country. It will cure the follow.
ing . (not2verything . ): Nyarranted to _
Vire Feve; and Ague in one day. Curechills
in five minutes. Cure Croup in one night.—
Cure Deafness in two to four days. Cure burns
and Scalds in ten minutes. Core Sprains,
Wounds and Braises in from one to three days.
Cure Inflammation in °fie day. Cure Neural
gia. Croup, Tooth Ache, Burns, in 10 minutes.
1 Cure Ilemorrhage, Sernfull, Abscess, in ten.
days. Cure Bruises, Wounds, 'fetter, in one to
three days. Cure Ear Ache, Stiff Neck, Ague
in one day. Cure Felons, Broken Breast, Salt
Rheutn, in three to six days. :lure Quinzy,
Palpitation, Pleurisy, in o n e to ten day, Cure
Asthma, l'alav, Gout, Erysipelas, in five to 20
days. Cure Frosted Feet, Chiblains, Chronic
Rheumatism, Stiff Joints, Sore Throat, Scarlet
Fever, nod the lame'made to walk, by a few
bottles. This Oil (De Grath's) is mild and
pleasant, and is a great family Medicine for
children teething, Sm. Ladies should all use
it. It always leaves you better than it finds
you, and one bottle often cures entirely.
Afflicted Thirteen Rant and Cured in One
Read letter from Rev. James Temple.
Philadelphia, June 911,, 1956.
Prof. De Grath : I have been afflicted fur
thirteen years with Neuralgia and other pain.
fui complaints, and I have been unable to sleep
soundly or walk any distance for many years
past. Last week I got a bottle of your "Elec•
trio Oil." The first night I slept soundly and
well, and to•dav lam like a new man. Div
wife could not believe her eyes. Your Elec.
trio Oil has done in one week what the physi•
class of Philadelphia failed to do in thirteen
years. Gratefully yours,
310 South street.
New Haven, May 19th, 1856.
Prof. De Grath : My brother has been deaf
three years. After trying :many thin" he tia
ed your Oil a few tittles, and it cored him en
There are numerous imitations sprung up ate
the reputation that my article has acquired.
The public" must beware. They are worthless.
For sale by John Read, Huntingdon.
Will attend to all professional businessentrnsted
to his care in the several Courts of Huntingdon
county. Deeds, Leases and Articles of Agree
ment, written at the shortest notice and on th•
most reasonahle terms.
Shirleysburg, April 22, 1857.
HENRY W. OVERMAN, Importer of French
Calf Skins, and General Leather Dealer,
No. 6 South Third street, Philadelphia.
A general assortment of all kinds of Leather
Morocco, Ac.
which much suffering in families may be
avoided, seat to married men and those
contemplating marriage. Address,en.
closing four stamps. DR. G. Oi.A.DDIS,
COMBS, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Nov. 25, 's7:—Bin,
Hoops and Reed Skirts, for sale at the
cheap store of ' D. Y. UWIN.
An excellent one for sale at this office. This
is one of Adams' No. 1 Cain and Lever Press.
Linen Shirt Breasts, Ready-made Shirt.,
white and Wiry shirts, sad collars, vary ohm*
at D. P. GWIN'S.
BOOTS & SHOES, the latest and cheap
assortment in town, as
GUM SHOES, cheaper at D. P. Gwapa
than can be had iu town. Call and aaa
TADIES' DRESS GOODS, of rich_styloo
I ' 4 semi rosy Awe ott W. P. SWARM
GOO_ D!_
Hardware, Queens War e:
Boots and Shoes,
Wood and Willow-ware,
&3. 11,. CLAMCM7f,
D. P. 41WDPII.