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months after the time of
expiration of the year, 2,00
cod fifty cents if not paid
ion of the year. No enhacrip•
as period than six month,
on. are continued until nth
no paper will he discontinu
're pouf, except at the option
Header, you have probably seen many
noble looking men, but never one more so
than Charles Frankly. His looks did not
belie him, for he was all he seemed to be.
He wig the son of an honored and retired
merchant that dwelt for up in the upper
part of the town, away from the hurn of
business and the cares of business life
Ills business he had given up to Charles,
who carried ;t on with much energy and
tact that it could be but thriving and pros.
perous, and bid fair, ere long. to become
the best in the whole great Metropolis.
Many were the temptations which dai
ly beset the path of Charles Frankly; yet
he passed through it with a character an•
blemished and without a spot to mar the
great name he bore. Many a proud belle
bowed low before him and sought to win
his smile, but 'twos all in vain, for be
saw through the thin gauze that screened
them, and scorned them the more for wea
ring. it.
•rs are never received by us.
s in th tt way are lost. and
it pitren4a of the sender.
ig soy. their snhscriptione.
yes. end newt it written or
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now. ntonhers of a new year
.1. n new year has email... ,
111 not he divcolitinued
See NO. I.
rho renisinv
he lave. rem , ivi ue mid
for, is pH. A FACIE e%
wins will be 4,11,e..pd
4 the kol hn,ing ratem
$ 25 $ 8 $ 50
em,) 50 75 1 oir
) 100 1 50 2 00
800. 6 too. /2 0,0.
$8 00 00 $0 00
7, 00 8 00 12 00
860 12 00 IS I.
12 00 ift 00 27
A beautiful bride his father had chosen
for him; gay, dashing and brilliant; they
called her Isabella Leory. Yet, he fan
cied soim times that a false robe shrouded
lb 00 27 00 40 00 10 . r, too.
! Walking slowly up the stelrOvhe Leo. I
ry mansions ems a seemingly old man.— I
It wits Charles Frankly. thus
: disgutaed to
see through the gauze that others wore.
I Ringing the bell, he was answered by
I Lelia in person, with but nue lo •It at
his obi and tattered garments and out
stretched palinothe cried, "Begone, sir,"
and shut the door in his lace. With
curs- upon hisdips lie walked away.
Evening came; the mansion. of James
Lowy tuna brightly lighted, and all was
gaiety and mirth within. Yet tl.ere was
one that joined not the gay throng; in her
room she snt pale nail trembling, holding
in her hand at crumbled note; again she
rend. i 1 q uo. In con al..
YF 1.0 411 4.10 511 110
I i 0,, or less, $4.00.
inias digestion ;
hell is fairly cracked,
!he question.
will ,igli and
the queslimi,
lie holy fhono
-I;ind ur arson—
We mistake
ins a certain height,
Miss LEtnir :—I cannot attend your
party. t wes the poor old man that mood
before you this morning; you remember
your words to me ?
te the person,
ighout the Itossyssooti—
rosy culors—
t• dry-goods tills,
es the dollars.
P. S.—Tt would have been hotter for
you cud the had you been a friend to the
poor. C. F.
..Lost ! lost !" she said to herself.
.'Gone forever! But lho cares 1" And,
suddenly springing up with a forced
smile she entered the presence of her
tr has shown its tail,
the corner, (may
reel it catnip ' t.
gives it brand ,
a baby.
its gastric tube,
is the candy.
Not long after Charles Frankly brought
to his city housit a truly lovely and trap•
scendently bountiful bride. With her
whole soul she loved her noble husband.
and ihat love was fervently returned.
cos that earth can yield,
naive th calm it ;
awn his lips—and then, •
"d—a it I"
is the husband swear—
to be the whipper;
the youngster's heels,
ace the slipper.
"I'len,e, good sir, do come and see my
poor mother, she is so sick," said a little
girl one dark and dismal night, looking
up into Charles Frankly's taco.
weir. next door,
it a season ,
"Yes, I will go,' hoansvred,"go on
and I will follow."
the year is out,
ul his reasou.
Ten years had changei somewhat the
appearance ofßrles Frankly, yet that
bright. shining smile still lightened up
his countenance. Through him the dis
tressed found comfort, and ths poor fond
and rainiest. The poor and rich alike
honored him.
itly, up the stairs,
I, emelt moment faster,
thu underaeath,
;stet the plaster.
rged, little boy,
tin window lingers;
;plied unto hie nose,
;nee the fingers.
..Did you say your mother was very
sick 'V' asked he, taking the little hand
"Yes Fir," she answered, timidly.
then," said he, ..we will atop
and get a doctor."
So, crossing the street and ringing a
door bell, he was answered by a man
with a light.
'.Conte with me, doctor, if you please,"
said Frankly
"Yes, Kr, immediately," and stepping
back into the hall, ho set the light down
on a table, and putting on a large over.
coat quickly followed ou with Frankly
and the poor little girl.
Err long they came to a dark alley
This they entered, and from it passed in
to a room, dark, damp and dismal, while a
faint groan met their ears as they enter
ed. •
the heighborhooti,
lilies are enacted i
le amnion' is nodding him,
goes distracted,
non r FOOD —.Wa learn train
Imes that Mrs. Hayes Or
lay. Saratoga comity, N ,
AS detailed stie time
need nineteen month
died a week or two ago
in&enaible for tilteen month.
,and up to a tew daya olh.r
she seemed to revive, and
!tally. After her death her
,ned, and a boa,. live feet
an inch thick, was taken
tack. It wan alive when ca.
1..(1 5000 alter.
..H.tve you nu lights I" said Frankly to
the little girl.
..No, air," said she
. .
So, giving her u piece of money, he
told her to get some as soon an she could.
She 'went and quickly returned, bringing
a light. On a low couch et straw, lay a
woman, and us the light shone through
the loom, she gazed wildly around.
Walking up to her side. Charles Frankly
told her he was a friend, and had come to
minion and cure her.
—The Alabama Methodist
nnuol Conference has adopt
ing resolutions :—" I but any
guardians ts•luning to our
skull putron , ze that school.of
in school, dy sending their
can's, shall be eillbj , el to trial
suspension or expulsion as
In faint tones she thanked him, yet
with a full and overflowing heart, 'twas
then that she looked back over her past
life and she sighed as she said—
.oh, had I been a friend to the poor I"
Morning came; so seemed new life to
the sick woman. 'render care, nourish
ing food and medicine, h%d done their
work, and she felt revived and better.
Charles Frankly etood by her side, and
gazed earnestly in her pale and wayworn
face; and as he did so he wondered where
away back in lif , he had seen that face;
before long memory came to his aid, and
he remembered.
aaid be.
with a quick start..
.•Do you remember Charles Frankly !"
said lie.
never cheeped to anybody about my feel
ings, But I knowed I was on the right
side of the old folks.'
put down es a settnel fact '' ..8
"1" ; a::
vismns in hie slumber, of an angel Lee I iien ' THING roR p, R , - e
. 'Well, now, nin't it quay,' &maned Ben,
'rue, In
t is i b , , ,, , , , n e his hit u ri f , th h e ad bm i t ri le d . re w d ith be h e e n r
Olic . e . itin for all kinds eflte t r i ns t t a he ncl ve s r eald r s
after a slight pause during which he rolled
'is NI; linen-Thee. application of dry wheat
It 13 weliont controversy, bettef
his quid to a more convenient place in his
lover by het :tide, en , ' the barb still is her
mouth, •how a feller will feel sometimes ?'
Something seemed to say ns I went along, bosom, the heroic maiden dies !
'l3en Purtle, this is a great day for you,' I • _ ..............________ Her name, her sex and her noble d••vo. v. ) '
The Warrior Maiden. an any end all the •healing se tee,' lure
and then my heart jumped and fluttered non soon become known throvehout the
Sometime just before or about the begin • peritines, pile; 'vein kill, rs,' &e 1 that can
about like a jay - bird in a trap And when corps. 'Mere .• as a tearful '
group gait
ning of the revolutionary war, Sergeant be mimed.— We speak pesttive on tide
I got there and seed Kate with her new I ered around her grave; there was not of •
Jasper, of Marlon's Br gide, hnd the goo d i point. hemp , II in one decides by th best
checked homespun frock on, I roily tho't I ' , those hardy warriors one who did not be-
I should take the blind staggers anyhow,'', fortune to save the life of a young, be I uti ful ; dew her !;rave with tours. 'l'. v b uried physicians, rind we have had abundant prime
and dark eyed creole girl, caked St. Clair. nest pooefs of its efficacy.
Ben paused senile to brush the fog from her near t heS ie
river dime., in the green
bier susceptible nature was overcome with Ileat disorganize,. the fl• h, e deaden,.
his eyes and then continued : shady nook , that looked as if it hod been the
'Well, I found the order of the day was gratitude to her preserver, and this soon ri• stolen out of Paradise" cuticle or .
outer skin, emits air which is it
to go muscatine hunting. Joe sharp
and paned into a passion of love, of the most -esee.---- . Timone A e d -... ine a &Air shuts,
Jeep and ferent kind She lavished upon LEGAL TENDER. out the air. soothes the irrbatinn, one dries
his two sisters and Jim Bowles was thar,
him the wealth of the aflections, and the Gold, Silver. axed Copp , e coins, their up the fluids thrown iiiii. It not imagine
I'd knowed a long time that Joe Sharp '
whole depth of passion nurtured by a South.' Composition, Weight, • -1,1 how rat. het •soinething beiteng'
was right after Bate; nod I hated hitn must he applied.
ern sun. When he was called upon to they are a Legal Tender. Not all the eaves in the world can emend
worse than a hog hates to find the way out
of a later patch; but i didn't let on. Sharp join the ranks of his eetin try's defstelers, By the act of Congress, January, 1857, broke,. flesh, Y. u eat stick together bre
had nn white britches and fine shoes and the prospect of their separation almost the standard of gold for coinage , is este., %en glass or hall with w.'n or aloe. You
coat, but everybody !mowed he inaddened her. Their !inning mine; but, fished at nine hundred.theusandths fine, can weld together reared iron. but no each
scarcely was Fhe left alone, Pre her roman. that is. nine parts pure geld, and one pin n pplicution t, flesh disorganized, cut or
wasn't worth a red cent. He walked with
tic nature prompted the meens of remnion. alloy, said alloy being composed of .0, bunted away —Nature, so to speak has a
Kate, and you ought to seen the airs he
Once reeolvet!, and no consideration of P I " sII"r• and nine Pall' a"Pp„., The is av el I t r es( ii, and only one way m re•
put att. It was I .3liss Kate" this, and
"Niles Kate" that, and all such nonsense. danger could dampen her s p irit , nu(' nu gold coil's authorized by law. are as follows Pair a breach in the Ile" The healing
thought of consequenciet could move her vi z : imiterial comes from within. It the hand
After a while we came to a slough wher we
purpose. She severed her long and jetty Double Eagles of the value of $:2O, ea, hbe CIA, I ring the severed parts together.
hsd to cross on a log and I'd a nation to
tieglete, and prowl led h'ersolf and att forth weighing 516 grains. held them there steadily, cover up the part
pitch the sassy good-for-nothing into the
water.' to fallow the fortunes of her lover. , Eaf2les of the value of $lO, each weigh. frill air I rn:" 'It'll:al inlitrY• and
'Why didn't van?' I asked, syinpathi- '' ' Bgoons.
A month fared. beautiful delicate strip. Inge .) the lieeleig will go on as long as there is
zing with the narrator. ling appeared among the hardy. roach and Half Eagle, of the value of $5, each no disturbutice. If from curiosity or mix
- we ighs •nt •
giant frames who countrified the corps to weig . 1-4 grain s• iety, or ~these cause, you disturb the half
'Sing, never mind.' void Ben, giving me ''
a nudge. 'Providence done that all up which boiler belonged. Thecontrast be_ felearts•r Eagles of the v ^ d ue of ifie 50 formed new fleet), a sore wiil be the con,
%down, Nothitie must de but Joe '..,h4rp tavern the vtripling and these' men, in their each svogliteg 61 5 10 groins.
must Lead tells reut , across rust , Ire juin. uncouth gerbil!, their omissive Nees. ern-
Pieces rd the " I " " 1 $II• each neigh
lied on the log in high ele e, nod took Keee browned and discovered by nun and pant, big Si 4 10 eis e,, e .
by the hand, and ofl they put. Just as was indeed striking. But none were Illnet. 1'1,7(.0 of the value of $l, each -neigh
eager for battle, or so indifferent to fatigue mg 22 8 111 grains
they lied got half way acmes, u Carnation
big bull frog jumped off in the water—you ns the fair-faced boy. It woo found that SILVER C,INS.
loner they holler—tetnakes !' screamed the his energy of character, resnlininn and The standard of which is nine parts
blasted fool, sad knocked Kate off up to courage, empty supplied his lark of I by pun" silver and ono pert copper, are t ie fol.
sique- None ever suspected that she was lows, viz :
the waist in the nasty, black , muddy wa- Dollars of the valtie of 100 seats each
ter. And what d've think lie done? Why a ‘ 7° m °l . Not 77en 1"P" himself, °-
though she was often by his side. penetra weighing 9412 5-10 grats.
he run backard and f oreds a lit Ilerin for a
pole to help Kate nut of the water: Kate
to : her disguise. !ler fellow soldiers treat- Ball Dollars of the value of 50 cents, each
ed liar with kindness and respect, find often weighing 1112 gains.
looked at me end I couldn't stand it no lon
ger. Curcbuck I lit ten feet from the bank applauded her heroic bravery. The ro- . Guenter Dollars of the value of :25 cents
. . or nyr plesimn: : ' et. wee'rier-net tent id e s- . inch '''''ieilinst-DS aroma.
in no time. And d'ye think the scamp wi•ieliiiig 38 4-10 grains.
fleet that, unk newn.she inns by his Bide
didn't come up after we'd get out, and ' • ' Ilall MID% al t h e value of 5 tents,
for to watch over him in the hour of dan
said, 'Ar you hurt, Miss Kate ?' • .
each weighing 10-1-10 grains.
ger. `lie v e had fed her s u mum ,
My dander was up. I couldn't stand it, passions • - ' I tee's of the value of 3 cents, each
upon hint in the beer of slionber; hover.
I cotched him by the seat of his white teeeliter 11 P-10d grains•
britches, and his coat collar and gin him a i s n w g bear
t stea n li d ng b,
i, through n. i, the ''
le new cent pieces are composed of
i toss. Maybe lie didn't go clear under wheneight parts copper rind t (eel ve pens
How Ben Pirtle got his Wife. read toavert hunger from his Ite . ad a ‘ll.3's
; ,iglu-
The very climax of ugliness was Ben he hit* the water, I didn't see him out. B Y
~ e 1
I nickel, each piece weighs 7:2 grains.
But gradually sto'e a tlle uncholly pre..
Peale'. Ile was red-haired and hair stood Me and Kate put for the house. When
sentment over the prior girl's mind. She All United State. Geld Coin and the
as if it cherished the supreuiest contempt we started off Kate said : Silver Boller are a leegal tender to any a.
had been tortured with hopes deferred;
for its next neighbor. His face was frock 'Ben jist let me hold on to your arm, my mount. Ball Dollars, Quart/A.,. Dimes,
the war was 'prolonged, end the prospect
led as the most bespotted turkey egg. His knees feel toner weak.' and Hell D Ines, te the mount of five del
of being restored to him grew more and
nose supported at this bridge, a large lump , `Gepeat Jemitny ! I felt so quer when . lars Three Cent silver pi •ces ro the
re uncertain. But now she felt that ' , e ,
while the ena turned viciously to one side. she tuck hold . I tried to say eometiting
dream II h • cou ld never h appiness s ar be re• amount or tinny cries. th•• Cent piece only
ibis mouth bad every shape put a pretty . nice , but my droned mouth would not goto the fractional pert of a dune.
ne s . became convi ctedthat deutb ,
I zed b'he
shape. - His form was uncouth as his face off no how. Bat I felt as strong ns an ele- l'he coins of filo'. Britain, Femme
about to snatch tier away from his
was ugly. The very clineax of ugliness plinAt, and bellied Kate along. Brineby
was Germany. etc., are no longer a legal ten
side; hut she prayed that she might die, der.
Ben Pirtle -- what was mote still, Ben Kato said :
`Ben, that Joe Sharp's a good for nothin, and he never kne w to what length the vi. I
had a handsome, bouncing, blooming wife ' if l ie crei , pi , °fence of her passion lind led her.
sneakin, cowardly nobody ; ,
--such as can only be grown upon a coun. I
1 his head Inside of our house again, I'll , It was the eve before the battle. The
try farm camp had sunk into repose. The watch
1 souse him with dish water, sure.'
'How the deuce,' said I to Ben one day, •
again, but , cuss fires were burning low, and only the slow
.I tried to say something .
'did you get such a wife 1 you uncouth, I
the luck, I couldn't soy nothing but squee. tread of seetmels fell upon the profnimd
misshapen puintessence of monstrocitY.
`zed se's hand and sighed like a cranky silence of the night arr. no they moved
Ben was not at all o ff ended by the Upper- .belles. through the dark shadows of the forest.
tinence of my question, and forthwith be.
'Wed got clean out of sight of the oth- Stretched upon the ground with no other
gan to solve the mystery thus : couch than a blanket, reposed the war
‘Well, now, gala what's sensible ain't ors, and Kate "Ya—
'Ben, I feel that you're my protector, like form of Jasper. Climbing, vines
cntched by node of your party and hifalu-
and . • •
1 believe daddy's right when lie says trailed themselves loin a canopy above
tin airs. I've seed that tried more'n once.
you're worth all the rest o f ,
the boys in his head, thr ugh which the stars shone
You know Katy tans alleys considerable ,
the naborhood.' down softly.. The faint flicker from the
thee puniest gal in these parts and ail the
• •13en Pirtle,' says I, 'this is a mat day expiring embers of a fire fell athwart his
young fellers in the naborhood used to try
for you,' and I made a treinendag effort countenance, and tinged the cheek of one
to etch her. Well, I used to go over to
v mouth off
again,and out it pope whit bent above his couch.
old Saminy's too, just to kinder look on, to get In ' .
pod s ure enough . It was the smooth(' limed stripling. She
you know, and cast sheep eyes at Kate.—
'hate,' says I, trembling, all over, 'I bent low down, no if to listens to his dreams
But Lord sakes! I had no more thought
love you to distraction, and no mistak. I've or to breathe into Iris soul pleasant visions
the: I could get Kate than a Jerusalem
loved you long and hard. My M'art's been of lore rind happiness. But tears traced
cricket could hid in the hair that waste%
almost broken for two years ; and I want down the fair one's cheeck, and fell relent
on old Sammy's bald lend—nn sir-ree. .
you to
. say right straig,lit up and down, ly but rapidly upon the brow of her Inver.
, But still, I couldn't help ring, an' my
whether you're a going to have me or A mysterious voice has told rant tlie hour
heart would 1/Inder flutter, and my eyes'
. would burn all over, whenever I'd go to Knie hung dawn her head and didn't • - ' t i -
n is consummated. 'llir. .3 OM' NM')
talk to Kate. And one day when Kate seer nothing, but I felt ecouraged, for shelong, lin gering
l look, and then the unhap
sorter made fun of me like, it almost killed , kinder sighed. Says I, Kate. of you're
mart en sro to tear herself away from
me sure, I went home with something like '
ri wine to have me, says so, and of you he spot, to weep her sorrow is privacy.
a rock jostling about in my brest and sworeueaze my
don't want to says co, jilt sq • Fierce and trembling is the conflict that
I'd hang myself with the first plow line I hand.' on the morrow rages on that spot. Fore.
found. Well, she spueened my hood right ofl,
most in thnt battle is the intrepid Jasper,
'Did you hang yourself l' Lardy, how I did feel. I felt as if a stream
end ever by his side fights the redefine
'No, daddy bared out to me for not tak- of Vinfin water or saesafrece tea sweetened
warrior. Often duringthe heat and th;
ing old Bull to the pasture in the morning, neth molueses, was runnin g through my
bones I and re lied her in my arm', smoke gleams suddenly upon the eyeso f
and scared me so bad I forgot it.' Jasper the melnechnly face of the maiden.
'Goon,' said I. seeing Ben pause with and kisse the tnott.h and she
In the thickest of the fight, surrounded by
apparent regret that lie had not executed never ter eta get loose,'
enemies the lovers fight side by side.
his vow.' Ben we come with this Roue- Suddenly a lance i 3 leveled at the breast
•We'l, soon on Sunday morning - 0 sec- tine of his courtship, that a pause for breath ,of Jasper; but swifter then the lance is
kin it was about a year after that hanging was necessary. I Sally St , Clair There is a wild cry. and
serape)-1- got up and scraped my face -glow long after that,' said I, 'before you at the feet of Jasper sinks the maiden..
with daddy's old razor; and put on my new were married ?' with the file blood gushing froin her white
copprus britches and a new linsey coat 'Old Sammy was Mighty proud. and so bosom before his breast. Ile heeds not
mammy had dyed with lAutomfrace bark and was the old 'oman, about the thing, and the din or the deneers of the conflict; but
went over to uncle Sammy's. Now I'll we married next fall after the muscadine down by the side of Chu, dying boy he
got to loving Kate like all creation, butt scrape.' kneels. Then, for the lust time, does he
~ Leory, was that once your name 1"
"Who calls me Miss Leory ?" said she
"What, is it you ?" she exclaimed, and
do you come hero now to cheer and cm
fort me—when I turned you from my door
like a dog ? Oh, how I have longed to
be forgiven, and am you now ?"
"4 do, frec"," said he in return.
"Oh, then may the blessings of the
Most High rest upon thee."
"Listen," said he; "I must tell you
something. Your father has forgiven
you for wedding that man, and longs to
take you back to his home. lie knew
well that your !Indian,' was a poor man
and was net wealthy a: you supposed."
Stepping back and speaking in a low
tone to the doctor, he left the room. Ere
long he returned with a white haired man;
if was James Leary. Joy beam,d in Lis
countenance as he beheld and embraced
once again his only daughter and grail
child; and how fervently he blessed
Charles Frankly for his - kind cure over
Ere long, Nliss Leory—for she took not
her husband's name—was duly installed
in the mansion, and, a short time after her
husband, who had deserted her, died, in
But never again from tont door was
drivon the needy. She teaches Nelly,
ever “remember the poor."
Those were too severe lessons that she
had learned ere their import was heeded.
And Oft, readers, whoever you may be,
fur your own gond, now, and in the future
' , Remember the Poor."
.D. you think your wife loves you yet,'
1 tasked.
'Why, lordy, yes. :She thinks I'm the
puniest end best feller in the world. I
tell you. sir. Its no use a talking; hifslutia
airs and quality dressing and colone and
such things ain't a gwina to go down with
sensible gals, sure.'
learn that the atripling in his love; Mitt '
: arnter s t Cirotinitn.
often by the camp fire, and in the swamp,l
she had been by hie side; that the dim
MlrMaler lawf
Matrimonial Disaster. Mille by the mean of the whole number of
I'm getting a m, ravta md," sa id one of result:4 It will certainly enable a former
themak.. d claser cal 'dation of who. his
in dle street. • produce awn he can by guessing
hen P t t :e c t k . 'll ~ '
N o l; whom tries l
a saving lt
ter—a sword of sharpness; she cut. the Catching aul Curing Colds.
throats of my felicity, stabs my happiness. 'Colds are sometimes produced in the
chops of my comforts, freezes toy pro, ',Mowing manner:— When a person in
poet. ruins my reputation, and snips np ~,,
o weather mi. s into the open air, at/Pry
nil my Sunday go to meetings to make q.t. draws in his breat h the cold air
jackets for the boys. Si wees all the ai it i asses through his nostrils and windpipe
and into his lungs, and consequently, diminish
itlieusuptoltilktee children, to ma i l c ce nn n t ie enda
es the hem of these parts. As long as
person continues in the cold air he fens no
my troubles are overpoweling when I come
to add them all up!' bad affect from it. but its he returns home
'Pooh! nenqense—behove nice; don't
mnlce a noise in the streets—be a men, coon
Relied hts friend."
"How can I be a man, when I belong
to snme Lady else? Sly hours ain't my
own; 1 belong to four people liesidiis my
self—the old woman and three children,
l'm a partnership concern; nod an martV
has go' their fingers in the pile that I must
bust. 111 break, end sign ever all the
stock in trade to pu."
Miattuun —At Athens. Pa., on the 30th
ult , Mr. James Bee and Mina Martha Phu
Well Loh this little Bee
Improved lifu'a shining hone;
lie glithore honey one all day
From one sweet chosen Power.
Anil front this hive, if heaven please.
He'll raise a swarm of little Bees.
eirA Dutchman thus describes the
New Yorkers :
"Ene people, dey go abatt de '[reefs oil
day scheming each odders, and dey cull
dat puniness.'
Or A young lady in one of .he lead
ing circles at Washington, was compliiivm
ted by a gentlemen on the biinplieity ana
and rod tmted of her dre•-s at an even
ing party. She replied : .1 am glad you
like my dress; it cost just leVen dollars,
and I made every stitah of it myself I'
0 repeat. for all kind of burns or scalds,
however severe, put on ‘..n/y; thick coat of
flour. If a I,rd crusty mass be formed,
Ott itS to produde irritation, after a day or
two WU,II off the surface carefully with
bleed %%arm water, dry partially, and pat
on more flour. but nevr disturb the actual
suriuce of the sore until. when entirely
hral.•d the scab falls 'oft of ita oun accorci.—
Out word for it, this treatment will best
promote the cure of burns —./Imericart
Flow Ilucu PER ACRE.--..HOW TO ESTiP
of the yield per acre of n growing crop of
wheat, rye. oats. or barley, which he says
has' been found oorrect in England. As it
seems easy of apphontion. and approxi
mately correct, we give the plan. and
hope it will be tried ut the next horve.t.
Promo together four light sticks, meas
uring exactly a foot square inside and with
this in !la.& walk into the field and select
a spot of fair a• erage yield, and lower the
frame sduare over us many heads as it wilt
enclose, and Aril out the heeds thus enclos
ed aprelully, and weigh the groin. It is
Lair is presume that the product will be the
43-nialth part of an acne produce. To
prove it, go through the field and make
1 ten nr twenty similar calculation. and esti-
he iippro,liro ihe to worm himself,
nod very ufu•o makes some worm nod rum.
drinl, its keep nut the cold, no it is
said. 'l•he inevitable com.equetice is that
he will perceii e a glow within tits nostrils
and breast. as well as over the whole body.
SllOll afterwards a disagreeable dryness
mid ImAmes. will be f It in the nostrils
and breast. By nod n , u then, dry tick
ling cough comes on the II els a shiver.
ing u•aieh wakes him draw near to the
tire, 1 , 111 Lliu inure he tries 111 heat himself
ttu• 11111, lie becomes chilled. All the
'nisch ells he me enused by the action of
the tort Such being a frequi lit cause
of cold the following rules for avoiding the
complaint may tie adopted with great ad.
vantage. it hen you coone out of $ very
cod atmosphere, you should not first go
into it risen that has a fire in it, or if you
cannot avoid that you should keep fora con.
enterable time at .1 great distance as possi.
and above all. refrain from taking
warm la 'ignore+ whet, you are cold
•t his rwe t. i.rtider! *rpm the came prin.
eiple. e, the 11,11111 PM Oh soy part of the
body when towlatieu. It it wi re blots: hi
ioltie tire. mm would -001 mortify whams,
nl u hoed with viii w. tut ill elects iirke Iran
it Hewn.' if the folio. log rule was rtrict
ly oloerved, when the whole body or any
pelt ot it to chilled, bring it to its natural
feeling and warmth bydestrees, the frequen
colds we esprit. nee in winter would in a
great ttiett,ire. be prevented.—Dr. Gig.
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