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It ar r ,
21th of Dee, 1 8 5 7. by the
I:ev. W. Itradidiaw Itnchtell Isaac Dell to
Mis. 4 Matilda Stever, both of Casa township.
On Tuesday, sth of January 1858. by the
lime, Mr. Getirge Stever to NlissSfaigaret Jane
Quarry, I,th of Criss township.
On the :11st ult., by Sinn.. Wright Esq.
Mr. James Snyder of Shade Gap, to Miss Eve
C. Pheasant, of [Mimi township.
~; ~e~,
At Pert Matilda Centre Co., on the 17th of
Lectmber, of Typhoid fever, John Patterson
eon of Robert and Jane Campbell, in the 16th
year of his age
Here,while the streams of sorrow flow,
And flow'rets shed their rich perfume,
Bow soft, It is , sweet is thy repose,-
Dear brother, tenant of the tomb.
Prerd from the fever's burning power,
No more shall throb thy tender breast;
l'cr past is now the mortal hour,
And naught remains but endless rest.
Sleep on, dear brother, undismayed,
Till heaven itself shall bid you rice;
When to thy ravisled sight display'd.
Angels shall waft thee to the skies.
On the 21inet. of croup, Alfred Shade Smith,
elder eon of William and Leah Smith, in the
sth. year of his age. This beautiful verso he
used to !ling:—
We are traveling to the grave,
We aro traveling to the grave my friends,
We are traveling to the grave,
To hay thin body down.
We request those of our subscribers who re
calve their papers, to inform us of those in their
immediate neighborhoods who are subscribers
to the "Journal," and have failed. to receive
the same, since the stealing of our pack-book,
by ruffians on the 11th of October.
New Cud-Press.
Ipu;:lit n flit "CA IiDTRESS," we
w e now prelim c d to print in th prcporiiiin of
three curds in the same time that any other
press in the county can print one, consequent
ly wo can print them cheaper—if not done well
we make tie charge at all. We ask your pa
t ,;..• at this office; it is calculated to burn wood
1.7 CUM.
The Huntingdon Gas Company
At the annual meeting of the stockholders of
this company hell on Monday the 14th inst.,
lomm Scom IVm. P. ()almos t Du. B. FL Mc-
NORTH., Wm. Donate, is., and J. Staroon
AFRICA, were elected managers for the current
M. Moll. Waal Prir.oipal.
This school for young ladies and gentlemen
is probably the cheapest one of the kind in the
country. The expenses per year for board,
room rent, furnitnre, fuel and tuition in common
English two only $BB.
Piano Music is only $5 per quarter. All
the languages and the osnamentals are propor
tionally cheap. For other information address
J o h n D. Walsh, Cassville, Huntingdon CO, Pa.
The next quarter commenced Monday, Jan
uary 18th., 1858.
Jan.13,'57. ,
CAME to the residence of the Subscribe ,
u living it Warriors Mark Township on or
about the 15th of December last,
ONE RED HEIFER, supposed "r - 'O4l
to be two years old.
The owner is requested
prove his property, pay charges, and take it
away, otherwise, it will be disposed of, as law
• lauuary 18th,
- t,i..z . '
to I •AVUNa
ZA ti *a' c7a a: 1 A. 4.3,, .AI
„, I •Avutial,
12.01{K ar}lD
Came to the premises of the
subscriber in Tod town hip
hoot the first day of Deeenmer,
1t457, a red tnuley hull. about
three years old, no mark,
Toe owner is requested to route forward
prove, property, pay charges and take him
Leiters of administration on the estate of
Eliza Donaldson, late or Springfield township,
honing been granted to the undersigned
all persons indebted to said estate are mitten•
red to make immediate payment, cue those ha.
ving claims prevent them to
The Juniala Flour and Plaster Mills, One
mile below Alexandria. Huntingdon county,
Pa. have contst.t,ly hand Ground newer,
of the best quality, for which Grain of all
kinds, will be taken in exchange at market
Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain
Rail Road and Coal Company.
THE Annual meeting of the Stockholders of
this Company will be held at their office,
No, 1109 Walnut Street, on Tuesday, the 12th
day of January next, at 11 o'clock, A. M.—
Winn an election will be held for a President
mid twelve Directors to serve the ensuing year.
J. P. AULSIN, See.
Philadelphia, Dem:1(4'57:20
Illustrated. 1858. illustrated,
The New Ytirk weekly GOLDEN PRIZE, is
one of the largest and hest literary papers of the
day. An Imperial Quarto containing 1:101IT
PAGER, Or forty columns, of entertaing original
matter , nnil elegantly .illnatrated every week.
.1 GO worthlrom . 56 cents to ssou ooi;;;;td,
will be presented to each subscriber immediately on
receipt of the subscription money.
One Copy for I year, $2 00, and 1 gift.
2 . " $3 50, and 2 gifts.
" $5 00, and 3 gifts.
4 . " 5 " sB'oo, and 5 gifts.
. 01
2 copies, 1 year, • $5 UO. arid I gift. •
5 11 $8 00, and 5 gifts.
10 44 14 $l5 00, and Ib gifts.
21 " " $3O 00 and 21 gifts.
The articles to bo distributed are comprised in
the following lint :
2 packages gold, containing' $500,00 each.
5 do. do. do. $200,00 etch.
10 do. do. do. $lOO,OO each.
10 pat. Icy. bun. cas. watches, $lOO,OO each.
20 gold watches, $75,00 each.
50 do. $60,00 each.
100 do. $50,00 each.
300 ladies' gold watches, $35,00 each.
200 silver hunig eas'd watches, $3O 00 each.
500 silver watches, $lO,OO to $30.00 each.
1000 gold guards, &c., $lO,OO to $30,00 each.
Gold lockets, Bracelets, Benches,
Ear drops, Breast-pins, Cuff
pins, Sleeve-buttons, Rings,
Shirt-studs ' Watch.keys, gold
and silver t himbles, and a vari
ety of other articles worth from
50 cents to $30,00 each.
Immediately on receipt of the sahslription
money, the subscriber's name will he entered
upon our subscription hook, opposite a number,
and the gift corresponding with that number will
be forwarded, within one week, to the subscri
ber, by mull or express, poet-paid.
4.11 communications should be addressed ,
to I3ECKETT & CO.,
48 & 49 Molfat's buildiwg, 335 Broadway, N. Y.
•.• Specimen espies sent free.
BLANKS.••Always.huy your Blanks at the
" Journal Office." We have now prepared ave
ry snperiorarticle of BLANK DEEDS, BONDS,
HI %Mi. Sm.
sir COUNTRY zonsianli can buy
CLOTHING from me in Huntingdon at Whole
sale, as cheap as they can in the cities ail have
a Wholesale al tr. lu Philadelphia.
Apr. 9,40. R. ROMAN.
LETTERS of administration on the Estate
of James Harrison, late of West township,
dee'd., having heen granted to the undersigned
all persons indebted to said estate are repute•
fedi() make immediate payment, and those
having claims against the AMP Will present
them to EWAN HARRISON, Adinex.
Jan. 6, 'b7.-6t...
A LL persons inclebt4 on the books, or other.
jl wise, of 11. C. Walker, will take notice that
said accounts are left in the hands of Geo. B.
Young, Esq., of Alexandria, who is authorized
to receive and receipt for all moneys paid du-
ring my absence. D. GOETZ,
7,43;ignee for Creditors of H. C. Walker,
Extaimoits4 zoirlart.
ETTERS Testamentary on the estate of
ji Hugh Johnston, late of Cass township,
Huntingdon county. deed., having been gran
ted to the undersigned, ail persons having
claims against said estate are requested to pre,
sent them and those indebted to the name, to
make immediate payment to
.J. 11. DELL.
COURT Armin.
Trial List—January Term, 1858.
John Savage vs Wm. Smith & Davis.
Geo. W. Wagoner vs Wagithington Dover.
A on Oarmon vs William Fe myna.
'Joseph Ji. Henderson vs John Henderson's Ex,
Christopher Osborn vs P. F. Kessler et al.
Muehette b Ragliel vs Dr. P. Shoenherger's ex,
William Bell vs Simon Walbourn.
Philip Spahn vs Moses Hsilner.
John R. Gosnell no G. W. Speer, garnishee, etc
Coml.!) for use vs Fluids Liberd et al.
Same vs J. G. Lightner.
Bell, Garretson & Co. vs Jas, Entriken.
C. Osborn vs P. F. Kessler.
Thomas Aston, farmer, Springfield.
David Black, carpenter, Huntingdon
John Beck, farmer, Warriorm'lc
Ephraim Baker, mason, Springfield
Jonathan Barnwell, tanner, Tod.
Abraham Carothers, tt Shirley.
John C. Couch, merchant, Barren.
William Coulter, farmer, Tell.
Jesse Dieffenbach, merchant, Brady.
Joh!: Foreman. farmer, Shirley.
Jacob Funk. Penn.
Jackson J. Fee, tt Henderson
George Garner I. Penn.
Benjamin Grave, 't
Janice G. Good Man " If endereon
Gilbert Horning, " Barree.
Henry Hudson, carpenter, Clay.
Jesse ifollingsworth " Shirley,
James Horning, farmer, West.
James ILuey, Brady.
William Johns, `. Shirley.
Hugh•A. Jackson, " Jackson.
Daniel Wyper . Walker.
Nicholas Lynn, II Hopewell
William Livingston, " Oneida.
Jacob Miller, laborer, Cassville.
Jacob Nearhoof, farmer, Warrior.
William Orr Esq., It Tell.
Henry Robison It Dublin.
Tema a Smiley Bailee.
Alexander Scott, blacksmith, Jackson.
George Stevens, Spring'd.
Andrew Smith. farmer, Oneida.
Joseph Shore, Clay.
Philip Taylor, miner, Tod.
Andrew Walker, farmer, Oneid
nB. noasz.go
R. BIORSE. the inventor of MORSE'S IN-
U DIAN ROOT PILLS, hos spent the grea
ter part of his hle in travelling, having visited
Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as North
America--has spent three years among the In
dians of our Western country—it was in this
way that the Indian Boot Pills were first dia.
covered. Dr. Morse wee the first man to es
tablish the fact that all diseases arise from Im•
purity of the Blood—that our strength, health
and life depended upon this vital fluid.
When the various passages become clogged,
and do not net in perfect harmony with the dif
feret fuections of the body, the blood lades
its action, becomes thick, corrupted and di
sensed; thus rousing all pains sickness and
distress of every name; our strength is exhaus
ted, our health we are deprived of, and if na
ture is not assisted in throwing oft the stag
nnnt humors, the blood will become choked
and cense to act, and thus our light of life will
forever be blown out.. How important then
that we should keep the various passages of
the body free and open. And how pleasant to
at that we have it in our power to put a medi
cine in your reach, namely. Morse's Indian
Root Pills. manufactured from plants and roots
which grow around the mountainous cliffs in
Nature's garden, for the health and recovery
of diseased man. One of the roots from which
these Pills are made in a Sudorific, which o
pens the pores of the skin, find assists Nature
in throwing out the finer parts of the corrup
tion within. The second is a plant which is
an Expectorant, that opens and unclogs the
passage to the _lungs; and thus. in • a soothing
manner, performs ifs duty by throwing off
phlegm, and other humors from the lungs by
copious spitting. The third is a Diuretic,
which gives ease and dbuble atrength to the
kidneys; thus encouraged, they draw large a—
mounts of impurity from the blood, which its
then thrown net bountifully by ete urinary or
water passage, and which could ua t have been
discharged in arty other way. The fourth to
a Cathartic, and accompanies the other prop
erties of the Pills while engaged ia purifying
the blood; the coarser particles" of tinpurity
which cannot pass by the other outlets, are
thus taken up arid conveyed off in great qttan•
titles by the bowels,
From the above, it is shown that Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills not only enter the stomach,
but become united with the blood, for they find
way to every part, and completely rent out
and cleanse the system from all impurity, and
the life of the body, which is the blood, be
comes perfectly healthy; consequently all sick
ness slid pain is drives from the system, for
they cannot remain when the body becomes
so pore aqd clear.
The reason why people are so distressed
when sick, and why so many die, is because
they do not get a medicine which will pass to
the afflicted parts, and which will open the
natural passages for the disease to be cast out
hence, a large quantity of food and other mat
ter is lodged, and the stomach and intestines
are literally overflowing with the corrupted
mass; thus undergoing disagreeable fermenta
tion, constantly mixing with the blood, which
throws the corrupted matter through every
vein and artery, until life is taken from the
body by disease. Dr. Morse's Pills have ad
ded to themselves victory upou victory, by re
storing millions of the sick to blooming health
and happiness. Yea, thousands who have
, been racked or tormented with sickness, pain
and anguish, and whose feeble frames have
.ern scorched by the burning Glomerate of
ging fever, and who have been .brought, as it
' were, within a step of the. ailed grave, now
stand ready to testify that they would have
been numbered with the dead, had it not been
for this great and wonderful medicine, Morse's
Indian Root Pills. After one or two. doses
had been taken, they were astonished, and ab
solutely surprised, in witnepsing their charm
ing effects. Not only do they give intmedi•
ate ease and strength, and take away all sick
ness, pain and anguish but they at once go to
work at the foundation of the disease, which is
the blood. Therefore, it will he shown, espec
ially, by those WhO use theie Pills, that they.
will 110 cleanse and purify, that disease—that
deadly enemy—will take its flight, and the
flush of youth and beauty will again return,
and the prospect of a lung and happy life will
cher'eh and brighten your days.
CAUTION.—Beware of a counterfeit sign
ticl A. R. Moore. All genuine have the name
of A. J. WHITE &CO. on each box. Also
the signavre of A. A White & Co. All oth
ers are spur
A. J. WHI T E & CO., Sole Proprietors,
50 Leonard Street, New York.
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills are sold by
all deitli;rs in Medicines
afar Agents wanted in every town, village
and hamlet in the land. Parties desiring the
agency will address as above for terms.
• ,
see Price. 25 cents per box. five boxes will
be sent on receipt of $l, postage paid.
December 9, '67:-6m.
NOTTC - in.
1.11 persons interested that the following named
persons have settled their accounts in the Reg.
eater's Office at Huntingdon, and that the said
accounts will be presented for confirmation and
allowance, at an Orphans' Court to be held at
Huntingdon in and for the Counts of Hunting.
don, on Wednesday• the 13th day of January
next, to wit :
1. Peter P. Kessler, ndministratsir of the es
tate of William MeCartuay, late of Henders,is
township, dee'd.
L. .Inhe Heftier, administrator of the estate
of William Wilson, late of Pulaski County, In
diana, dee'd.
3. John Reed, administrator of the estate of
'Dismiss.; Reed, late of the borough of Hunting
doss, dee'd.
4. Partial administration account of Dr. Hen
ry Orlady, administrator of Joshua R. Cox,
who was administrator of Esther Cox, late of
Warriormnark township, deed.
G. William Stewart, administrator of the es
tate of Jentiet Stewart, late of West township,
G. John Aurandt and Rob't Tussey, execs
tors of the last will and testament of John
Sprankle, lute of Morris township, dee'd,
7. Trust account of George W. Speer, act
ing trustee, appoitited by the Orphans' Court
to make sale of the real estate of Rub% Speer,
8. Trust account of Henry Lightner, trustee
appointed by the Orphans' Court, to make sale
of the real estate of Henry Lightner, late of
West township, dee'd.
9 Trust account of James Saxton, trustee,
appointed by the Orphans' Court, of the estate
of George lieltright, lute of the borough of
10. Guardianship account of Henry B. My
finger, guardian of Rosetta Stewart, a minor
child of Anthony J. Stewart, late of Morris
township. deed,
11. Guardianship account of George Sipes,
guardian of Richard, Elizabeth, Loretta and
Evaline Wharton, minor children of Samuel N.
Wharton. late of Cromwell township, deed.
12. Alfred It. Crewit (now dec'd.) adminis
trator of Dr. Jacob Hoffman, late ot• the bor
ough of Huntingdon, dee'd., as 'stated and filed
by Juno 0. Crewit, executrix' of 'the said A. B.
Crewit, deed. '
Register's (Nice.
Muilinyclon,Dec. 12, 1857. 1
FA 117 TA N ai r lv O i N o T r Eß
to their numerous friendly rand the public,
that titgy ; have just received from the East, a
most beautiful assortment of Fall and Winter
Goods ; embracing every variety of new styles
such as Valencia I'laids, Plaid Dueitla, Oriental
Luntres, Gala Plaids, Tamest Cloth, Poplins,
striped and Plaid, Ombre striped Delaines,
French Merino. Printed Delaines, Bayadere
Stripes, Argentine, Coburg. Mohair, and Ma
domut Clothe. Shepherd's Plaids. C rouch Blan
ket, Bay Mate, Long and Squire Broche Shawl
Gents' Travelling do. French Cloths, plain and
limey Cassimeres, Satinetts, Jeans, Tweeds, &e.
Ribbons. Mitts, Gauntlets, Gloves, 'Palmas.
Cloaks. Chenille Scarf* Dross Trimmings, La
dies' Collars, Brilliants, plain and spriged Swiss,
Victoria Lawn, Nainsooks, and every variety of
White goods. HATS, CAPS and BONNETS.
of every variety and style.
We have a full stock of
Hardware, Queensware
Boots and Shoes,
Wood and Willow-ware,
which will he sold on such terms as will make it
the ii.terest of all to call and examine.
Groceries can he had lower than the high
prices which have been maintained heretofore.
We also deal in Plaster, Fish, Salt, and all
kinds of Grain, and possess facilities in this
branch of trade unequalled by any. We deliver
all packages or parcels of merchandiae MIME Os•
CHARGE, at the depots of the Broad Top and
Pennsylvania Built .,
Onb , $19.40 per Quarter.
M. McN. WALSH. Principal.
Professor of Longua,, ,, es rod Philosophy,
Herr Karl Beckenheim,
P of. of German Language 4 , - Literature.
M. Eugene Chivaut,
Professor of ri,nch and Piano Music,
James W. Hughes,
Puje.sor of Mathematics, etc.
Mrs. M. MeN. Walsh, Preceptress.
Gr. cian Painting, Botany, History etc.
Miss H. Faulkner,
Monochromatic.. Painting, Drawing, etc.
Miss Anna M. Gray, _ _ _
PiaVo Music and French.
Miss Jennie M. Walsh,
Primary English.
into new !wide, and the present owners
are determined to make it a first class Institu
' Hon. The majority of the new faculty are al
ready on hand, and student. will be received as
coon as they wish to come.
Young 'tidies ana gentlemen intending to go
to school will do well to write to on before con.
eluding to go elsewhere. There in no cheaper,
and ire believe there will be no belkr school
flow thrift ours.
Both sexes are received, all branches taught
and students can enter at any time,
For further ittformation address
Caesoilk, Hanlispeion Oa oPa.
December 'A, 1107.,tr.
New Goods ! New Goods !!
• D. P. Gavin has just returnd from Philadel
phia with the largest and most beautiful as
sortment or •
pd aED MC:IIUi
Ever brought to Huntingdon,
consisting of this most fashionable Dress Goods
for Ladies and Gentlemen, such as Black Silks,
and Fancy, All Wool Is Lulu, (all colors)
French Merino, plain and printed, ombre striped
de Lains, barred and fancy de taint, Levella
Cloth, Mohair, Dehaiz, Shepherds' Plaids, and
Prints of every description.
ALSO, a large tot ofdress Trimmings, Frin
ges, More Antique Ribbon, Buttons, Gimps,
Braids, &c. Bonnet Silks, Crapes, Riblionds,
Gloves, Mitts, Veils, Laces, Belts, Rihbonds
ihr Belting, Whalebone, Reed fs Brass Hoops
for Skirts, Silk and Linen handkerchiefs, Silk
Neck ties, Zephyr, French Working Cotton, Li
nen and C.Aton Floss, Tidy Yarn, Wool Yarns,
Also the best and largest assortment of Col
lars, and Undersieeves, in town. liar'd and
Plain Jaconet, Mull Muslin, Swiss, Plain, Fig
ured and dotted. Moreau, and Hoop Skirts,
Irish Linen, Linen Table Cloths, Napkins,
'rowels, &c. Shirts, Shirt-breasts, Undershirts
and drawers, wool coats, !muds, comforts and
Also a large assortment of Waterloo Bay
State Wool Shawls. Single and Tiroelia Shawls.
Also, Cloths, Cassimers, Cuasineta, Tweeds,
R. Jeans, Vesting, Muslins, bleached and un
bleached, Sheeting and l'illcw•case' Muslins,
Nankeens, Ticket, Check, Table Diapers, Cra•h
Flannels, Suck Flannel, plain and figured, Can
ton Flannel, Blanket., Ac.
Also, a large lot of Silk Bonnets of the latest
styles and at very low prices. lints and caps
of all kinds.
boots and Shoes, Gum shoes, the hest
mei cheapest ill town.
WARM, Buckets, Tubs, Baskets, Churns,
Butter Bowls, Brooms, Brushes, cie. Carps ts,
Oil Cloths, Fish end Salt, Sugar, Cufflie,
Tea, Molasses, and all goods usually kept in a
country Store.
My old customers, and as many new ones as
can crowd in are respectfully requester; to coma
and examine my goods
All kinds of Country produce taken in ex
change for goods, at the highest market prices.
October 7, 1857.
NaVoual Safety Trust Co.
Walnut Street S. W. Corner of 3d.
Arrangements tor Business during the Suspen•
shin of Specie Payments by the Banks.
1. Deposits received and payments made
2. Current Batik Notes, Checks and Specie
will be received on deposit.
3. Deposits made in Bank Notes or Checks
will be paid back in current Bank Notes.
4. Deposits made in Gold or Silver will be
paid back in Coin.
HENRY L. BENNER, President.
WILLIAM J. REED, Secretary.
Nov. 26, '37.
FOR 9521-1-OEI.
THE. undersigned, being desirous of removing
from the town of Shirleysburg, hereby offers
fur sale his entire remaining real estate, situa,
ted in and near said town. The property can•
sista of three separate and distinct dwelling
houses, (including the large and cominodi•
in which the subscriber now resides) ; all of
which are elligibly situated in the mostdesirable
and business part of the town. A detailed de.
scriptiott of said property is deemed unnecessa
ry, as any one desirous of purchasing, will, of
course, WlOl to see and examine for himself.--
Two or said houses are admirably located and
calculated for stores and tavern stands, she.
Also, the subscriber offers for sale, ten acres
of rich bittern or meadow land, situated a short
distance above the grist mill of the Messrs.
Heilfeers. This land is well suited, not only
to the rising of. grass, grain, etc., but is also
peculiarly adapted to the production of "Chi
nese Sugar Cane," an article of recent introduc
tion, which seems to promise greater profit,
per acre, than almost any other agricultural
Shirleyelborg, Nov. 18, '57.
DAVID GROVE informs the citizens of
Huntingdon and vicinity, and the public en •
entity, that he has opened a Grocery Store on
•Hill street, Huntingdon, a few doors west of
Wm. Orhison's residence ' where be will at all
times be prepared to supp le customers wills
at wholesale and retail. Sugars, Coffee, Teas,
Molasses, Cheese, Spiv., Confectionaries,
Flatus, Salt, Brooms, Buckets, Segars, Tobac
co, fie., &C.; in tact, every article usually kept
in a Grocery Store.
As I am determined to sell cheaper than the
cheapest, I want everybody to calland examine
my stock and prices. DAVID GROVE.
Huntingdon, July 29, '57.-Iy.
galfirrl SE Z 4413 OEI
9 1 RE undersigned owners of the Huntingdon
Mill, inform farmers and the public general•
ly, that they now have their new mill in running
order, with all the modern improvements in the
water wheels and machinery.
They have put in five of the Improved :ton
val Turbine Water Wheels, and can grind in
all stages of the water, ana during, the coldest
weather, any and all kinds of grain.
They are prepared to se,ll, and have on hand
for sale at all times, st market rates, all kind of
and farmers can have their own brain ground,
and take it back in a return load, or they coo
be furnished in exchange at a nunneries notice
an equal quantity of Flour and Bran or chop
ped feed.
THE 111V1171. scaoinNE
is of au improved tnanufacture; and they will
insure a FULL TURN OUT of superior quail
ty to every bushel of grain left at their mill.
N. B.—The Buckwheat atoned are cot quite
Huntingdon, December 10, 1855.
G5l SHOES, cheaper at B. I'. GWIN'S
than can be had in town. Call and tee
LADIES' DRESS GOODS, of rich style.,
and very cheap at P. P. GWIN'S.
SILK BONNETS in great variety and cheap
at I). P. GWIN'S.
BOUTS & SHOES, she largess and cheapest
assortment Rldowbr at
Prof. Chas. DeGrath%
This great discovery is now creating agreat
sensation among the Medical Faculties of Eu•
rope and this country. It will cure the follow.
ing (not everything) : Warranted to
Cure Fever and Ague in one day. Curechills
in five minutes. Cure Croup in one night.—
Cure Deafness in two•to four days. Cure burns
and Scalds in ten minutes. Cure Sprains,
Wounds and Bruises in from one to three days.
Cure Inflammation in one day. Cure Neural.
gia, Croup; Tooth Ache. Burns, in 10 minutes.
I Cure Hemorrhage, Scrofula, Abscess, in ten
days. Cure Bruises, Wounds, Totter, in one to I
three days. Cure Ear Ache, Stiff Nck, Ague !
in one day. Cure Felons, Broken Breast, Salt I
Rheum, in three to six days. Cure Quitizy,
Palpitation, Pleurisy, in ont to ten dap. Cure
Asthma, Palsy, Gout, Erysipelas, in live to 20
days. Cure Frost.] Feet, Chiblains, Chronic ,
Rheumatism, Stiff Joints, Sore Throat, Scarlet
Fever, and the lame made to walk, by n few
bottles. This Oil (De Grath's) is mild and
pleasant, and is a great family Medicine fur
children teething, kc. Ladies should all use
it. It always leaves you better than it finds
you, and one bottle often cures entirely.
Afflicted Thirteen Years and Cured in One
Read letter from Rev. James Temple.
Philadelphia, June tith, 1856.
Prof. De Grath : I have been afflicted fur
thirteen years with Neuralgia and other pain•
ful complaints, and I have been unable to sleep
soundly or walk any distance for many years
past. Last week I got a bottle of your ”Elee
trie Oil." The first night I slept soundly dad
well, and to•day lam like a new man. My
wife could not believe her eyes. Your Etc
trio Oil has done in one week what the physi
cians of Philadelphia failed to do iii, thirteen
years. Gratefully yours,
310 South street.
New Haven, May 19th, 1856,
, ,
Prof. De Grath My brMher has been deaf
three years. After trying many things, he us.
ed your Oil a fete times, and it cured him en
There are numerous imitations sprung up on
the reputation that my article has acquired:
The public must beware. They are worthless.
For sale by John Read, Huntingdon.
(riaa2ga pull MITT42III
A New Assortment Just Opened !
And will be sold 30 per cent.
ROMAN respectfully in arms his cast,
mere and the public generally, that he has
just opened at his store-roam in Market Square-
Huntingdon,a splendid new stock of Ready
Clothing for Fall and iVinter,
which lie will sell theaper than the same quality
of Goods can be purchased at retail in Philadel
phia or any other establishment in the country.
Persons wishing to buy Clothing would do
well to call and exaMine his stock before purchaa
sing elsewhere. Also,
Hats, Caps,
which will be sold lower than at any other es ,
tablishment in the county.
October 7. 1857
The subscribers have again returned from
the East with an enlarged stock of
OLLO 11',I RE.
011,..5,..k ?MINTS
With an endless variety of modern inventions
and improvements.
Having purchased our goods at wholesale,
chiefly from manutucturers, we are enabled to
sell wholesale and retail—extremely low.
Bank Notes taken at par fur goods.
Sfor All orders receive prompt attention.
Huntingdon, Oct, 28 1857.
a„ - 7 DR. J HUYETT,
- EkiirX Sr;
April 1, 1857.-Iy.
IDLa. al.
IttiNvtriovoi s rA.
June 13, 1837.
The Rev, C. S. BURNETT, while la
bolp ng as a missionary in Southern Asia, dis
covered a simple and certain Care for Cailflffsp.
Hun, Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Ner
vous Debility, and all impurities of the blood ;
also, an easy and effectual mode of inhaling the
Remedy. Actuated by a desire to benefit his
auttering fellows, lie will cheerfully send the re
cipe (tree) to such as desire it, with full and ex
plicit directions for prepariug and spccessfully
using the Medicine. Address
liay. C. S. BURNETT, .
Sal Broadway, N. Y. City,
®Da T AMCPAr ----
Will attend to all profenional business entrusted
to hie care in the nveral Courts of Huntingdon
county. Deed , .., Leases and Articles of Agron.
meet, writt , ln at the shortest notice and ()tithe
Wont terms.
S'nirleysburg, April 2:1, 1837.
uENRY W. OVERMAN, Importer of French
n Calf Skins, and General Leather Dealer,
No. 6 South Third street, Philndelphia._ •
A general assortment of all kinds of Leather
51nroceo, Le.
which much safferitig in families may be
avoided, sent to married men and those
contemplating marriage. Address, en
closing four stamps. DR. G. tV. ADDIS.
COMBS, Brooklyn, N. T.
-. .._ ._
Nov. 25, '37:-6m,
Hoops ned Reed Skins, 'or sale at the
cheap store of D. P. GWIN.
An excellent one for sale at this office. This
Is one of Adams No. I Cam and Lever Press.
in great variety at the cheep store or • •
• • • 1). I'. °WIN.,
Tlried Beef, Hams, Shoulders and Flitch, for
JL/ sale at t h e cheap Grocery Store of
I , mil elrear at *WWI. " P. *WWII
We call-the attention of all, old and young,
to this wonderful preparati 3n, which turns hack
to its original color. gray hair—covers the head
of the bald with a luxuriant growth—removes
the dandruff, itching, and all cutaneous crop
tions—causea a continual flow of the natural flu
ids ; and hence, if used 114 a rex ulat dressing
for the hair, will preserve its color and keep t
from fulling to extreme old age, in all its nein
ntl beauty. We cull then upon the bald. gray,
or diseased in scalp. to ate it ; and surely, the
yonug will not.. they value the flowing locks,
or the witching curl, ever he without It. Ita
praise is upon the tongue of thousands.'
Watertown, Mass., May I, 1855.
Prof. 0. J. Wood: Allow me to attest the ir
tuts and magic powers of your Hair Rest orative.
Three months slums, being exceedingly gray I
purchased and soon commenced to use two bot
tles ; and it soon began to tell in restorspg the
silver locks to their native color, and the hair
which was before dry and harsh, and falling off
now beeaMe soft end glossy, and it ceased fal
ling: the dandruff disappeared, and the scalp
lost all the disagreeable itching. so annoying be
fore, and now I not only look but feel youssg a
gain. Respecthilly yours, dce.
New York, Oct. 2, 1855.
Prof. 0. J. Wood—Dear Sir : After readii.g
the advertisement in one of the New York jour.
tutu, of your celebrated Hair Restorative, I pro.
cured a half pint bottle, and was so navh plea•
std with it that I continued its use litr 2 months
and um natinfied it is decide dly the best prepara
tion belbre the public. It at once removed all
tie dandruff and unpleasant itching from the
seal p, and has restored my hair naturally, and I
have no doubt permanently so. You have per
to refer to me, ull who entertain any
doubt of its performing all that is claimed for it.
11118 FEEKs, 263 Greenwich An.
I have used Professor 0..1. Wood's Hair Re
storative, and have admireil its wonderful effects.
It restored my hair where it had fallen off; it
gleans the heath, and renders the hair soft and
smooth—much more an Muni:oil.
Lookvillo, Nov. I, '55. M. J. ATKINSON
State of Illinois, Carlisle, June 27,'55.
I have used l'rof..O. J. Wood's Hair Restor
ative, and have admired its wonderful effect.—
Idy hair was becoming, as I thought premature
ty gray, but by the use of the "Restorative,.
it lets resumed its original color. and I have no
doubt permanently so.
Ex-Senator United Staten.
[From the Washington Star.]
Among the many preparations now in use for
the restoring, preserving and beautifying the
hair, there ere none that we can recommend with
more confidence than Prof. Wood's flair Resto
rative. now in general use throughout the States.
This preparation possesses the most invigorating
qualities, and never fails in producing the most
happy results when applied according to direc
tions. We refer our readers to the advertise
ment for a few of the innumerable certificates
which have been sent by parties, who have been
benelitted by it, and who fell happy in giving tes
timony to its wonderful effects produced on theta.
U.J. WOOD it CO.,Proprictors,3l2 Broadway
N. Y., & 114 Market st., St. Louis, Missouri.
Sold in Huntingdon by JO. READ, and H.
MuMAttion.h, and by Druggists everywhere.
Sept. 25, 1557.-3 m. Diar.25,'57,1y.
DTI. &'..iAll'friDaLVZ
Is an article that everybody needs who is not I■
a perfect state of health, for the Liver is second
only to the heart in oar human economy. end
when that is deranged the whole vital maLhine-
ry runs wrong. To tel a medicine peouliarir
adapted to this disease has been the study of ono
of the proprietors, in a large and extended prac
tice for the past twenty years, and the result of
his experiment is the Invigorator, as a neve r
thiling remedy where medicine has any power to
help. As a liver remedy it has 110 equal, as all
testify who use it.
A lady writing from Brooklyn, says, "Would
that I could express in this short letter the cal;
no your Invigorator has been to me in raising a
large flintily of children, tot it has never failed
to relieve all affections of the stomach, bowels,
or attacks of norms. If mothers once hail this
remedy placed within their reach, and were
taught how to use it, a fearful and untold amount
of agony might be saved."
One o our prominent bunkers says ? "rive or
nix years since. I found myself running doe,,
with a liver ditlieultv ; resorting to your Invig
orator, was greatly relieved, and continuing tin
a season, was entirely restored.
A clergyman called at oar office the other day
and odd he had given a poor woman a bottle,
who was sulfuring very badly front Liver Com
plaint, and helin•e she had taken the whole of it
she was at work earning bread for her family.
A gentkman recently from the West, says,
while at Chicago, he was attacked with a slow,
lingering leVer, that huttloil the skill of phYsi.
clans, but the Invigorator cared blot •in v few
Ono of onr city merchants said, while n a
visit to Troy, a ti.w . days since, ho was attacked
with bowel and stomach disorders, so as to con
fine him to big room, and he sent to the drug
store lor a bottle of Invigorator, took one dose,
which relieved him so that he was able to attend
his business.
An acquaintance, whale business compels him
to write most of the time, says, he became so
weak as to he unable at times to hold Isis pen,
while at others, sleep would overpower him, hut
tho Invigorator cured him.
A gentleman from Brooklyn called on us
w ee k or two since, !Joking hut the shadow of a
i n ee, with ssin yellow, pale and deathlike. He
l ie d been for a long time suffering kom Jaundice
and Dyspepsia, and unable to attend to his busi
ness. We saw him again a changed man
and to use his expression, ho lots not scan the
bottom of the first bottle, and further adds "it
saved my life, for I was fast going to a consump
tive's grave."
Among the hundreds of Liver Remedies now
°tiered to the public, there are none we can so
fully recommend as Dr. Sanford's Invigorator,
or Liver Remedy.. generally known now Otto ,
out the Union. This preparation is truly a El.
nor Invigorator. producing the most happy re
sults on all who use ,t. Almost innamerable
certificates have been given of the great virtue
of this medicine by those of the highest stand
ing in society, and it is, without doubt, the best
preparation stow before the pnbiie.••• • .
-- •
& CO., Proprietors,34s Broadway
New York. Sold in iluntini,clon by Mawr
Matonoita., and John Read.
Dr. Geo. H. Keyser, Wholesale Druggist,
No. 140, Wood at., Pittsburg, Wholesale Agent,
Sept. 25, '
IVA Linen Shirt Breasts, Ready-made Shirt.,
white and fancy shirte, and collar. ' very cheap
at D. P. OWN'S.