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A HOMESTEAD FOR slo!—Thini Division,
tt-310,000 worth of Farms and Building lots,
in the gold reipon of Culpepper county, Virgin
ia, to be divided amongst 10,200 subscribers
on the 7th of December, 1857. Subscriptions
only ten dollars down, or fifteen dollars, ono
bale down, the rest on the delivery of the deed.
Every subscriber will get a Building Lot or a
Farm, ranging in value from $lO to $25,000.
These farms and lots are sold so cheap to induce
settlements, a sufficient number being reserved,
the increase in the value of which will compen
sate for the apparent low price now asked. Up
wards of 1,950 lots and farms are already sold,
and a company of settlers called the "Hanna
h annock Pioneer Association" in now forming
and will soon commence a settli meat. Ample
security will be given for the faithful perform
ance of contracts and promises. Nearly 45,000
acres of land, in ditlerent parts of Virginia, now
nt command, and will be sold to settlers at from
$1 up to $3OO per acre. Unquestionable titles
will in all cases be given. Wood-cutters, coop
ers, farmers, iv. are wanted, and five hundred
Agents to obtain subscribers, to whom the most
liberal inducements will be given. Some agents
write that they aro making 200 . dollars per
month. For full particulars, eubieriptions, a
gencies, are., apply to
Port Royal, Caroline co. Va,
Or, to Ono. BERESTREMER, Ageot, Mill Creek,
Huntingdon county, Pa.
Bap.l 6.-Bm.
40,000 VOLUMES of new and popular
Books, embracing every variety
usually kept in n Philadelphia Book Store, and
many of them at half the Publisher's retail price,
the subscriber now o ff ers to the public.
AU school books used in the county can be
had in any quantities at retail and wholesale
rates. Foolscap, Letter and Wrapping Paper,
wholesale or by the ream.
100 superior Gold Pens with Silver and Gold
Cases, from $1 upwards.
100 Pocket and Pen knives of Rogers' and
others' best manufacture.
100 splendid Port Monnaies and Pocket Books
at 20 cts. and upwards.
the latest and prettiest styles, just received from
Philadelphia and New York, prices from 10 cts.
a piece and upwards.
500 beautifully painted and gold gilted Win
dow Shades at 44 ets. and upwards.
The public 1 ave but to call and examine, to
be convinced that in buying of the above stock
they will be pleased and also save money. Re-
Member the place, corner of Montgomery and
Railroad streets WM. COLON.
r i ri I r
Huntingdon '9l Foundry.
thod of inlorming their triendg and the pub
lic generally, that they have rebuilt the Hunt
ingdon Foundry, and are now in successful op
eration, and are prepared to furnish casting of
all kinds, of the best quality on the shortest no
tice and most reasonable terms.
Farmers are invited Co call and examine our
Ploughs. We are manufacturing the Hunter
Plough, (this plough took the premium at the
Iluntingdon County Agricultural Fair, in 1855)
also Hunter's celebrated Cutter Plough, which
can't be beat, together with the Keystone, Hill
side, and Darshear Ploughs. We have on hand
and are manufacturing stoves, such as Cook,
Parlor and office stoves for coal cr wood.
consisting of Kettles, Boilers, Skillets, &c., all
of which will be sold cheap for cash or in ex
change for country produce. Old metal taken
for new castings. By a strict attention to busi
ness and desire to please, we hope to receive a
share of public patronage.
April 30, 1856.-tf.
~~~~Si ~: ~~,~
A general assortment of Blanks of all de•
scriptions just printed and for sale at the
"Journal (Vice."
Appointm't of Referees, Common Bond.
Notice to Referees, Judgment Notes
Summons, Vendue Notes
Executions, Constabls's Si:les,
Scire Rick's, Subpmnas.
Complaints, Deeds,
Warrants, Mortgages,
Commitments, Bond to idemnify Constable, &c.
THE library will be open every Saturday al
ternoon, at 3 o'clock, in their room in the
Court House. Subscription 60 cents a year.
New books have been added to the former ex.
cellent collection:—Cillfillen's works, Hugh
Miller's, Mrs. 10let's &e.
_ _
By order of the
Huntingdon, Oct. Ist, 1856.
White Lead, (pure)
" " (extra)
Philadelphia Zinc Paint,
Hest Snow White,
$2 50 per keg.
2 75 "
2 40 " -"
268 64 46
Oils, Ste., and 'all kinds of HARDWARE and
building materials in proportion, at the "Hard
ware Store" of J. A. BROWN & CO.
Huntingdon, Apr.8;57.-0,
Cheapest "Job Printing" Office
We have now made such arrangements in our
Job Office as will enable as to do all kinds of
Job rrinting at 2O per cent.
cheaper rat e s
Than any Office in the County.
Give us a call. If we don't give entire satisfac•
Lion, no charge at all will be made.
iaaCYTV D1i.07/[19 D
Attorneys at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Office same ae that formerly occupied by John
Scott, Esq.
Oct. 19, 1858.
VIOICAI. T. Italia PI3E6 le 0
Willattend to all business entrusted to:him. Of
fice nearly opposite the Court House
May 5, '53
Dr. John McCulloch,
Offenhisprofeselonal services to the citizens oi
Huntingdon and vicinity. Office, on Hill et.,
between Montgomery and Bath.
Huntingdon, Aug. 29, 1855.
CLOTHING from me in Huntingdon at Whole
sale, as cheap as they can in the cities, as I have
a Wholesale sl ire in Philadelphia.
Apr.9,'56. H. ROMAN.
BLANKS.-.Always buy your Blanks at the
" Journal Office." We have now prepared avc
ry suieriorarticle of BLANK DEEDS, BONDS,
Dr. Hardman, Analytical Physician.
eau Physician for Diseases of the Lungs, Throat
PU TN IIAI , B MONTHLY. and Heart—Formerly Physician to tho
40,000 subscribers to start with! E CINCINNATI MARINE HOSPITAL, also xtraordi- to INVALIDS RETREAT,
nary oiler ! 'rho Publishers are happy to an
nounce that in the union of these favorite Mag- Anthor of "Lettete to Invalids," IS COMING.
coiner, the best literary and artistic talent of See following Card.
both Publications has been secured, and the I December Appointments
most attractive features of each will be retained
Dr. Hardman, Physician for disease of the
in the consolidated work.
Lungs, (formerly Physician to Cincinnati Ma
lt will aim to present in its pages the choicest
r t i o n . e .,, H a o s sp fo i l t i a . l . ,) .. lvill be in attendance at his
productions of American thinkers and writers,
and the hest efforts of American artists.
Huntingdon, Jackson's Ilotel, Tuesday, Dec. 15,
It will be purely national's its character; in
Lewistown, National Hotel, di 113.
its criticisms it will aim to be just and truthful ” . ..„, , , ays , rs,
~ 1 4.
and will be careful to preserve and cultivate '
Dr. Ilardmen treats Consumption, Bronchi
that welcome moral and religious tone so high
ly cherished by the American public, and so es-
tie, Asthma, Larryngittis and all diseases of the
sential to the welfare of the race.
throat and lungs, by medical Inhalation, lately
We shall endeavor, by a sagacious use of the I used in the Bromton Hospital, London. The
extensive resources now at our command ,to
great point in the treatment of all human meta
make a Magazine that, in the richness of is li-
dies is to get at the disease in the direct man
terary contents, and in the beauty and profuse-
ncr, All medicines are estimated by their ne
nese of its pictorial illustrations, shell outrival Lion upon the crgan requiring relief. This is
any publication ever before produced in this the important fact wit which Inhalation is ha
country. sed. If the stomach is diseased wo take
The new issue commences with the OCTOBER medicine directly into the stomach. If the lungs
number, which is now read It is filled with are diseased, breathe or inhale medicated vit.
the choicest productions of y.
some of the most
[ors directly into the lungs. Medicines are the
brilliant writers of the day, and is embellished antidotes to disease and should be applied to
with forty-four splendid engravings. It appears the very seat of disease. Inhalation is the ap
plication of this principle to the treatment of
in a new dress, embracing an elegant classical
the lungs, for it gives us direct twee. to those
design on the cover, and the entire work ore. the
air cells and tubes which lie out of
scuts the most attractive appearance. It is pro-reach of every oilier means of administering
nonnced by all who have seen it to he the most
, medicines. Ihe reason that Consmnption, and
beautiful specimen a a Magazine over issued .
untry. other diseases of the lungs, have heretofore re
this co
Price, $3 a year. Cish Price, $2 sisted all treatment has peon because they bad
never been approached in a direct mannerby
Single Copies, 25 Cents.
medicine. They were intended to net upon the
luns applied to
The combined issue of "Emerson's Alai:az'.
Their n actioyet wer n
was in e
tended to be the
local, andstomach.—
and Putnam 's Monthly" starts with a circulation
they were so administered that they should not
of over FORTY THOUSAND copies, and we aro
act constistetionally, expending immediate end
determined to spare no expense in any of 11.9410- principal action upon the unoflentling stomach,
partments to place it at the head of Amerleam I whilst the foul ulcers within the lungs were RD-
Magazines. With this view, we now make the
molested. Inhalation brings the medicine in
following extraordinary offer t To any person
direct contact with the disease, without the
who will get up a club of twenty-four subseri- disadvantnge of any violent action. Its quill
tiers, at the club price, either at one or more
cation is simple, that it can be employed by the
post-offices, we will present a splendid library,
youngest infant or feebles t invalid. It doe's not
consisting of FORTY LARGE BOUND VOLUMES, derange the stomach, or interfere in the least d
embracing the most popular works in tit e mar- gree with the strength, comfort, or business of
het. Any one,. with the October number as a the patient.
s p ecimen ' can easily form such a club, in el- Onien D g Tnthizxn.—ln Motion
most any section. A copy of this number, to- to the following dis eases, either when compli-
gather with a list and full description of the Li- noted with lung affections existing alone, I alto
brary, will be forwarded on receipt of 25 cents.
J. M. EMERSON & CO., Publishers, invite consultation. 1 usually find them prompt-
• curable.
No. 371 Broadway, New York. Prolapsus and all other forms of Female com
plaints, Irregularities and Weakness.
Palpitation and all other forms of Heart
Disease, Liver Complaints, Dyspepsia, and all I
other diseases of Stomach nnrl bowels. &c.
All diseases of the eye and ear. Neurnlgiu,
Epilepsy and all forms of nervous disease.—
No charge fur consultation. i
S. D. lIARDMAN, M. D. 1
The essential ingredient of this valuable rem
edy is not new, but is well known in the medi
cal schools of France and Germany, and has
been employed by the females of the principal
courts of Europe, and h? all of the most distin
guished physicians in this speciality for the last
tea years. My motive isnot to offer any pat
ent discovery, but simply, to present to the
mothers and daughters of our own land a simple
but sure remedy for those diseases to which
they are naturally subjected, in such a form as
should obviate the necessity of those medical
consultations, which are justly looked upon by
women as a violation of their most sacred feel
ings, and to avoid which they often risk the
most fearful consequences.
I have therefore prepared this specific in the
neat and simple form of a pill, and put it up in
small flat boxes, which can he safely sent any
distance by mail in a common envelope. Each
box is accompanied with full directions and ex
planations, enabling every woman to understand
her own clove Ulla the proper treatment and the
proper time.
A. NICHOLAS, President, Office, 70 Wall St.
A Perfect ,reunify against all matinee of Frond or
Counterfeiting on Paper. To /'recent Rote-
graphs and Antistatic Counttifi Erasures,
Transfers or Alterations.
Having Imre/meal the Patent for the code
sive right to manufacture and sell the new Cite
intent Paper in America, invented anal ',monied I
in England by HENRY GLYNN, a celebrated
chemist and officer in the British Army, it is
hardly necessary to say that the raper in re-
commended by Mr. Kent, Assayer of the U. S.
Stint, Mr. Leman of the New York Clearing
Douse, and Meade Broalier.a, extensive nod
skilllul photographers, 233 Broadwny, N. T.
The latter any that no imitation can be made on
a cheek or bank note printed on the Safety Pat
per. Below is our list of prices
Bank Checks-35 etc per 11,
Bank Bills—slB for 1000 sheets.
Bills of Exchange—s2s for 1000 sheets.
Promissory Notes-40 etc per Ih.
Sight and Time Drafts-523 for 1000 sheets..
Insurance Policies-40 etc per 16,
Railroad Stacks & Bonds-40 cents per lb.
Bank and State Sucks-40 ets per 11.,
Bonds and Mortgages-40 etc per Ili.
Wills nod Deeds-40 cts per lb.
For wrapping Silks and other tine articles it
is excellent, ns it prevents moths. 40 cts per
For Indentures and Agreements - . 40 cents a lb.
All State and County Records should always
he printed or written on this paper, es the che
micals inserted in the pulp not only prevent
erasure or transfer, hat make it lasting as time.
For Southern Climates it is excellent, and
much superior to any other ; as the moistness of
the climate does not destroy it,—the properties
inserted in the pulp being,a preventive. In all
southern Samos, Cuba, the West Indies and the
Central American States, no public records can
be kept over 20 years, written on the ordinary
The Combination Patent paper, while the oils and othercheinicals insm t-
Portable Upright Steam Saw-Mill. ed in this Paper makes it indestructible by the
This mill is now acknowledged to bo the ravages of time. It is all nroof against moth,
cheapest, mast practimil and efficient lumber rats and other vermin, which feast on and de.-
manufacturing machine in the world. It is the I stroy all other paper now in use.
only portable reciprocating mill that has ever I The Company have now in operation Milli
met with perfect success. Its entire cos*, with lin Morris County, N. J., of about NO horse
fltteen horse-power, warranted to saw from three power, and aro able to till all orders for Paper
to four thousand feet of inch hoards in twelve ' at the shortest notice.
hours, the entire establishment complete, ready All orders for the Paper must be addressed
fur running, is but $1,650. to A, NICHOLAS, President of the Company
Ross , Portable Burr-Stone Mill, No. 70 Wan Street.
for which over seventy premiums have been ' Wm. BREWSTER . , Agent, Huntingdon.
awarded in this country and Europe. It will Aug.5,'57.-3m.'
grind with lees than half the power, and make
The Virgin Pills possesses such powerful,
penetrating properties, that none of the diseases
within the range of their action can withstand
or evade them. They cleanse, purify and in
vigorate every portion of the female organism,
correcting its diseased action, and restoring its
healthy functions. They effect a certain cure
for falling of the womb, whites, painful, sup
pressed end irregular menstruation. diseases of
pregnancy, ell nervous complaints roused by
disordered uterine organs, weakness,&c., the
symptoms of which tire fully explaine d the di
For any of the diseases of the reproductive
organs, they may be taken at all times, except
ing during the earlier stages of pregnancy
when their effect would be such as to produce
miscarriages, which fact is more fully explain
ed in the directions. Their action in the system
will be felt immediately and the flush of rosy
beauty, the true index of health, quickly rising
in the cheek of palor, will at once convince
the patient of these effects.
Price $1 per box, and will be sent, post-pnid
by return mail to any part of the United States
on receipt of the money. The money may be
sent by mail, at the risk of the subscriber.
Broadway near Franklin-st., New York
Oct. 7th
Eester flour and meal than any other mill. It is . --'
il ancioFkuntin•
----. I pin., for the borough county ,
the most durable and cheapest Mill in the mar- is, 25 WITNESSES ; I don. All orders must bo addressed to him.
kit. 1.1 OR TIIE I He will supply dealers at the proprietor's pri-
Prices range from $lOO to $l7O. • ''' rOAc El x convlc TED. ,
- 1 cis,and send the Pills to ladies (confideldially)
Portable and Stationary engines, of all sizes, tliS ,by return mail, to any part of the United States,
shingle machines, &c.
.....'it• Joins S. Dye, Author, ; . receipt of $l, enclosed to him through the
J. M. EMERSON & CO., l'"'" Who has 1.110 years experience as a Bank- ; fluntitigdon post•office. For further victim
Dealers in Improved Machinery, o er and Publisher, and author of "A series of , lan get a circular of the Agents—sold by drug-
No 371 Broadway, New York. .0 Lectures at the Broadway Tabernacle," when o w e ever y w h ere .
Send for Circulars. . Osfor 10 successive nights, over 50,000 People - kW' My signature is written on each box.
:greeted him with rounds of applause, while
THE TRITTn ABOUT KANSAS' Pas he exhibited the manner in which Counter
15V3W. ibI2ALUPgi 0 f s eite r r e s= t . l: f air ie fz t trixl en t i li? sums! and juiy2,,,57..iy 8 . roadway P. 0., New York.
Law 12mo. 348 pages. With a complete Ins- 45-1 h x lie Bank Note Engravers all say
, ',ls the greatest Judge of Paper Money living.l n . ,
that I ' i — JOHN IL ALLEN & CO.
tory a the Territory, until June, 1857. Lin- Nos.., & 4 ,lIERTNUT ST., a'th side below Water
iII Greatest discovery a the present coiiii
bracing, n f ullaccount " its discovery, , g",g" GI for detecting Counterfeit Bank Notes. De- (Tire PHILADELPHIA.
rapay,so,,, c l imate, products, its organaahon , scrihin , every genu i ne hilt in existence, and
as a Territory, transactions and events under , heniiihitTnit at a glance every counter f e i t in I IRAN UFACTURERS AND WHOLESALE
Governors Reeder and Shannon, politica! dis- 'i ) circulation ! ! Arranged so admirably, that MA'
Dealers in Patent Machine•made brooms,
sensions, personal encounters, election frauds, 6
- preference is easy and detection imtanteneous. Patent Grooved Cedar• Ware. warrankd 7i °I to
battles and outrages, with portraits of promi- No index to examine !No pages to shrink, Wood & Willow-ware, Cords, Brushes,
neat actors therein, all fully authenticated, clhunt up ! Ilut so simplified and arranged i
ego of all descriptions. Please call and exam ,
by JOHN H. GIHON, M. D., Private Seey 0
...that the Merchant, Banker and Business man 'hi r Mork,
to Gov. Geay. 1 . can see all at a glance. English, French and Feb.25,%57.•1y•
Carefully compiled from the official documents a a d .
- -, ~
on file in the department of State at Washing-
German. 'Thus each ~,,,.
ton and other papers in the possession of the
author, with a full account of "The Invasion ,
of Kansas from Missouri :" the capture, trial ,
and treatment of the Free State prisoners, the
character and movements of the Missouri Bor
der Ruffians, the murder of Butfmn and others,
, The Controversy between Governor Geary
and Judge Lecompte. The proceedings of the
Territorial Legislature, of the pro•slavcry con
vention, and the organization of the Democra
tic Party, with a "Sketch of Kansas during its
early troubles under Goys. Reeder and Shan
non." It invasions, battles, outrages, murders.
A copy will be sent to any part of the United
States, by mail, free of postage, on receipt of
the retail price. A liberal discount to the trade.
x• 1000 agents wanted. Price in cloth $l.
Paper, 50 eta.
Inquirer Building, Philadelphia.
April I, I 1ti57.-Iy.
June 3, 1837.
American Safety-Paper Mannfaclueg
. Company of New Cork.
Capital, $500,000.
a¢y read the tame in ,
his own native tongue. Most perfect Bank 1 nt I phlogistic Salt.
t Note List published. Also a list of all the This celebrated medicine is for sale at the
4hPtivate Bankers in America. A complete journal Office. For all inflammatory diseases
)summary of the Finance of Europe and A- ,itis a certain cure. Get a bee and try it, ye
medca will ho published in each edition, to- who are afflicted.
ggether with all the important neyscwthe day.
▪ A6o a series of tales from an old blimuscriiit
found in the East, it ' furnishes the must corn
y pima History of "Oriental Life." Dcaerib
''ing the most perplexing positions in which
:the ladies and gentlemen of that Country
have been so often found. These stories will
continue throughout the whole year, and will
prove the most entertaining ever offered to
ish d Weekly to subscribers only
". at $1 a year. All letters must be addressed to
JOIIN S. DYE, Bitounn,Publisher &
:Proprietor, 70 Wall Street, New York .
CD April 22, 1857.-Iy.
DIEG 2111MC)[19 Mlll2[ll o
itittilitLNODON, PA,
June 13, 1857.
Corner of ermantown ott, and ew Market
Streets, on the North Pennsylvania Rail Road,
Constantly on bond or made to older, the fol
lowing.highly approved Flour Mill Macfiinery.
Woodward's Patent Portable Mills and Smut
Johnston's Patent Iron Concave Bran Dna.
Stover's Patent Fuel Saving Corn Kilns.
Pierson's Patent Barrel Hoopand Moulding
Improved Bridge Steps and Bushes for Mill
Spindles. _
The best Anchor Brand Bolting Cloth Burr &
Calico Mill Stones. Corn, Cole and Plaster
! Crushers.
Johnston's Patent Cast Metal Con-
East mid Suuth•East of Ohio and Missiasip.
pi Rivers
Warranted to take out of the offal of every
Bushel Ground, from 1 to 2i lbs, of standard
, flour, which could not be bolted out on account
1 of the electrical adhesion to the Bran.
NOTICE :—I hereby warn all persona against
infringing my rights, secured by Letters Pa
tent as above, us I will prosecute all persons
malting, selling, or using any Bran Dusters
with an Iron or Cast Metal Concave in vie
lotion of the Letters Patent of Joseph Jobb
stor.,,dated April 24th, 1854.
N. B.—State and County Patent Rights for
all the above Machines for Sale.
August 29, 1855. tf
[KIR?' ;s EfsrUEVl22-1-PROOR
- -
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, 1
London, graduate from one of the most eminent
Colleges of the United States, and the greater
part of whose life line been spent in the first Hos
pitals of London, Paris Philadelphia, and else
where, has effected some of the most nstonish
fog cures that were over known, many troubled
with ringing in the heed and ears when asleep,
great nervousness, being alarmed at sudden
sounds and bashfulness, with frequent blushing
attended sometimes with derangement of mind,
were cured immediately. .
Certain Disease.
When the misguided and imprudent votary
of plensure finds he has imbibed the seeds °figs
pein nil disease. it to too often happens that an
ill-timed sense of shame, or dread of discovery,
Of oil disease ; the great, first thuse deters him from applying to those who from oil-
Springs from neglect of Nature's ha es. ' untie. and respectability, eon alone befriend
SIUFFER NOT hitn, delaying till the constitutional symptoms
of this horrid disci.° make their appearance,
WI I' a cure is guaranteed in all stages of such as ulcerated sore threat, diseased nose,
SECRET DISEASES. nocturne' pains in the head and limbs, dimness
Si•lf-Abithe, Nervous Debility. Strictures, Glects of sight, deuffiess, nodes on the shin bones, and
Gravel, Diabetes, Diseases of thealifney nail arms, blotches on the head, lit. nnil extremities,
Bladder, Merced al Rh. matistn, s or „f n i a, progressing with frightful rapidity, till at last
Pains in the Bones and Ankles, Diseases of the the palate of the mouth or the bones of the nose
Lungs, Threat, Nose and Eyes, Ulcers upon fall in, and the victim of this awful disease be. I
the Body or Limbs, Concern,Dropsy, Epilcp- comes a horrid object of commiseration, till
tic Fits, St. Vita's Dance, anl. all diseases ari- death puts a period to his dreadful sufferings, by
sing from a derangement of the Sexual Organs. ' sending him to "that bourne from whence no
Such as Nervous Trembling, Loss of Memo- traveller returns," To such, therefore, Dr.
ry. Loss of Power, General Weakness, Dimness Johnston pledges himself to t•reserve the most
of Vision, with peculiar spots appearing before inviolable secrecy, and from his extensive pea°.
the eves, lons of Sight, Wakefulness, Dyne.- tire in the first Hospitals of Europe tied Ameri
via. iAver Disease, Eruptions upon the Fitee. ' ea, lie can confidently recommend a safe and
Pain in the hack and bend, Female irregulari: ! speedy care to the unfortunate victim of this bet
ties, end all improper ilischarg.frorn both sexes. ,' rid disease.
It matters not from what cause the disease origi- 1 It is a melancholy fact that thousands fall vie
nated, however long standing or obstinate the flint to this horrid disease owing to the unskil
ease, recover), is certain, and in a shorter time fulness of ignorant pretenders who by the use of
than it pernienent cure can be effected by any that deadly poison Mercury, ruin the cons.i
otber thentment, even after the disease has lief- nation, and either send the unfortunate Palterer
fled the skill of eminent physicians and resisted to an untimely grave, or make the residue of his
all their means of cure. The medicines are life mit erahle.
pleasant without odor, causing no sickness and i Take Particular Notice.
free from mercury or balsam. During twenty 1 Dr. J.. effilresses all those who halve injured
years of Pritetteei I have rescue' fr.m the jaws themselves by improper indulgenci es.
of Death many thousands, who, in the last stn- These are sumo of the sad and melancholy
gen of the above mentioned diseases had been ; affects produced by early habits of youth, viz:
Oven up by their physicians to die, which war- 'Weakness of the Back and Limbs, Yams in the
rants me in promising to the afflicted, who may
head, Dimness of Sight, Loss of Muscular pow-
Place themselves under my care, a perfect and
1 er, Palpitation a the heart Dyspqesitt, Nervous
most speedy cure. Secret diseases are the ,
greatest enemies t o health, . they are the fir. 4 '
Functions, general Debility Symptoms of cause of Coneumption, Scrofula and many oth- ,.:...
es diseases, .d Should be a ten.. to the lin- gumption,
man family. Asti permanent cure is scarcely i DIENT.LY—The fearful effects on the mind
are much to be dreaded; Loss of meteors, Con
ever effected, a majority of the clues lolling in- 1 fusion oft inns, Dom.,. of S p i r i t, Evil For
te. the hands of incompetent persons, who not i
bodings, Aversion to Society,Self Distrust
oily litil to cure the diseases but ruin the con- I
• I ose of Solitude, Timidity Sce oftire '
siltation, filling the system with mercury, which ' „ iced. ' '' are some
with the disease, hastens the sufferer into a rat- evils Tti r s ti a ( nds of persons of all ages, can now
pid Consumption.
Bet should the disease and the treatment not
;edge what is the cause of their declining health.
theirvigor,becoming 1 1
cause death speedily and the victim marries, the Losing j . .
cmacints , nave singular ...en. about the
disease is entailed upon the children. who see
born with feeble constitutions, and the current eyeei tough and " thin ' "c " neal "P tia "•
of life corrupted by a virus which betrays itself Dr. Johnston's Invigorating Retie
in Scrofula, Totter, Ulcers, Eruptions . and oth- dy for Organic Weakness.
er affections of the skin. Eyes. Throat and By this great and important remedy, weakness
Lungs, entailing upon them a brief existence of o f the organs is speedily cured and full vigor re
suffering and consigning them to no early stored. Thousands of the most debilitated mid
grave. nervoun, who had lost all hope, have been i-
Sell-abuse is another formidable enemy to mediately relieved. All t
Impediments to Mar
health, for nothing else in the dread catalogue of ring°, Physical or Mental Disqualification, Nor
human diseases mums so destructive a drain yoUS Irritability ' Tremblings and Weakness,
upon the system, drawing its thousands of vie- or exhaustion of the most fearful kind, speedily
time through a few years of suffering down to au cured by Doctor Johnston.
untimely grave. It destroys the Nervous Bye- Young Me
tem, rapidly wastes away the energies of life, n,
causes mental derangement, prevents the proper who have injured themselves by a certain pr.-
development of do:, system , disqualifies f or mar . tine indulged in when alone—a habit ftequently
Hoge, society, business, and all earthly happi- learned freer evil companions, or at school—the
ness, and leaves the sufferer wrecked in body effects Of which are nightly felt, even when n
and mind, predisposed to consumption and a sleep, and if not cured renders marriage lapse
train of evils more to be dreaded than death it- Bible, and destroys both mind and body, should
self. With the fullest confidence I assure the apply immediately.
unfortnnnte victims of Self-Abuse that a speedy What a pity that ayoung man, the hope ofhis
and permanent cure can be effected, and with country, and the darling of his parents should be
the abandontnent of ruinous practices my pa. snatched from all prospects and enjoyments of
dente can be restored to robust, vigorous health, life by the consequence of deviating from the path
The afllicted are cautioned against the use of of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit
Patent Medicines, for there are so many ingeni. Such persons before contemplating
°us snares in the columns of the public prints Marriage.
to catch and rub the unwary sufferers that mil
lions have their constitutions ruined by the vile should reflect that a sound mind and 1 •ody are
the most necessary requisites to promote mina
compounds of quack doctors, or the equally poi
-17011011114 ncstrunts vended as "Patent Medicines." oral happiness. indeed without these, the jour
ney through life becomes a weary pilgrimage,
I have carefully analyzed many of the so-called the prospect hourly darkens to the view; the
Patent Medicines and find that nearly all of mind becomes shadowed with despair, and tilled
them contain Corrosive Sublinffite, which is one with the melancholy reflection that the happiness
of the strongest preparations of mercury and a of another becomes blighted with our own.
, ,
_.,,,—,,„. deadly poison, which instead of curing the dis
ammil.r:A TN DUZIIEI Y.I.SILY/ ~, ease disables the system for life. OFFICE NO. 7, SOUTH FREDERICK ST.,
Three-fourths of the patent medicines now in BALTIMORE, MD.
COI%BIIIII PTION use are put up by unprincipled and ignorant per-
To Strangers.
sons, who do not understand even the alphabet
Alta all Diseases of the Longs and Throat, The many thousands cured at this Institution
AltE POSITIVELY or materia medico, and are equally ns destitute -
within the last 15 years, and the newer.. ins-
CUR A BLE BY INHALATION. onlyy knowledge of the human system. havirtg portant Surgical Operations performed by Dr.
Johnston witnessed by the Reporters of the pa-
Which conveys the remeili. to the cavities i n one of in view, and thut to make men
the lungs through the air passages, and coining eY "g"ithese et . eeneeflueeeee• Para, and other portion., notices of which
in direct eentnet with the disease, noutrillia. Irregularities and all diseases of males and have appea l Oil aga i n and aga i n before the pub.
the tuliereillar matter, unity:it the cough, cu.. finales thee" en principle. established by
twenty years of pratitice, and sanctioned by ,B. There •
11 . are a . ninny ignorant and
its, is a sufficient guarantee to the afflicted.
a free and cosy expectoration , heals the lungs, '
thousands of the most rematkable cures. Medi- 1 11
purities the blood, imparts renewed vitality to the
uervous system, giving that tone and anew so eines with full directions emit to any part of the wet
, less quacks "'mewl; themselves as
Ph 'stela. ruining the health of the already of.
indispensable tor the restoration of health. T
o United Stoles and Cumulus, by patients annum- i iiic i .d. Br : Jowls ,. deems it
lie able to stele confidently that Consumption is htea t tag thets symptom by letter. ' , tentless
curable by inhalation. is to me a source of anal- 'lited with his re u '
correspondence strictly confidential. Address thee. ...Nue. , p ration that his
ley et' pleasure. It is as much under the ei n. J . SUMMSIt V I L L le, M. Li., Diplomas always hang in his office.
, trot of medical treatment as any other formid. Om., No. 1131 Fulmer ST., (Old N 0.109.) sir TAKE NOTICE.—AII letters mat be post
able disease ; ninety out of every hundred ca. I . Below Twelfth, paid, and contain a nonage stamp for the re"
I nee can be cured in the tint stages, and fitly per 7111LADELPHIA. or no answer will be sent.
• reel. in the second ; but in the third stage it is . Aug.5, 1 87.•1y. June IP 1597,-Iv.
3.1 WAratur Sr., DELOW SECOND, PmLADA.
by the public to procure more certain secu
rity irom tire for valuable papers, such as /Thuds,
Morlgagcs, Dads, Notes and Books of A CCOlillig,
CUM the ordinary SAFES harctolbre in use affor
ded, induced the Patentees to devote n largo per
of their time fur the last fourteen years, in Ina
king discoveries and improvements tim this ob
ject, the result of which is the unrivalled
Herring's Patent World's Fair Premium
Fire Prod Sates,
Universally neknowredged ns the CHAMPION
OF THE woutn. Having been awarded
Medals at both the Worlds Fair, London, 1851,
and Crystal Palace, N. V., 1853, ns superior to
all others, it is new •undoubtedly entitled to that
appellation, and • a.ettred with hall's Patent
Powder-ProofLocks—which were also awarded
separate Medals, (on above)—forms the most .
perfect Fire & Burglar Proof Sates ever yet or
lured to the public.
Nearly 300 'Herring's Safes' have been tested
during the past 14 yours, and more than 16,000
have been sold and are now in actual use.
Also on hand or manufactured to order, all
kinds of Boiler and Chilled Iron Book Chests
and Vaults, Vault Doors, Money Chests for
Brokers, Jewellers, Balroads, private
Or., fur Plate, Diamonds, and other valuables.
ARE infallible in removing stoppages or irreg.
ularitesuf the menses.
These Pills are nothing new, but have been
used by the doctors for many yearn, both in
Pranceand America, with unparallelled success;
and he is urged by many thousand ladies, who
have used them, to make the Pills public, for
the alleviation of those suffering from nay irre•
gularities of whalever nature, as well as to pro•
vent pregnancy to those ladies whose health
will not permit no increase of family.
Pregnant females or those supposing them•
selves so, are cautioned against these Pills
while pregnant; as the proprietor assumes no
responsibility after the above admonition, al
though their mildhess would prevent any this
, chief to health: otherwise these Pills are ream,
mended. Pelf and explicit directions accom
puny each box. Price. St per LQX.
Sold wholesale and retail by
JOIIN READ, General Agent•
for lluntingdon Co., Pa.
I have appointed Dr. John Read Sole ageel
for the Aide of ray French Periodical Golder
impossible to save more than five per cent., for
the Lungs are so cut up by the disease as to bid
defiance to medical skill. Even, however, in the
last stages, Inhalation affords extraordinary re
lief to the suffering attending this fearful scourge
which annually destroys ninety-five thousand
persons in the United States alone and a cor
rect ca'culation shows that of the present popu
lation of the earth, eighty millions are destined
to fill the Consumptive's graves.
Truly the quiver of death has no arrow so fa
tal as Consumption. In all ages it has been the
great enemy of life, for it spares neither ago nor
sex, but sweeps off alike the bravo, the beauti
ful, the graceful and the gifted. By the help of
that Supreme Being from whom cometh every
good and perfect gilt, I am enabled to of to
the afflicted a permanent and speedy cure in
Consumption. The first cause of tubercles is
from impure blood, and the immediate effect pro
duced by their deposition in the lungs is to pre
vent the free admission of air into the air cel ls, .
which causes a weakened vitality through the
entire system. Then surely it is more rational
to expect greater good from medicines entering
the cavities of the lungs than those administered
through the stomach the patient will always
find the lungs free and the breathing easy, after
labeling remedies. Thus, Inhalation is a local
remedy, nevertheless it acts constitutionally and
with more power and certainty than remedies
administered by the stomach. To prove the pow
erful and direct influence of this mode of admin
istration, chloroform inhaled will entirely de
stroy sensibility in a few minutes, paralyzing
the entire nervous system, so that a Huth may be
amputated without the slightest pain ; inhaling
the ordinary burning gas will destroy life in a
few hours.
The inhalation of ammonia will rouse the sys
tem when hunting or apparently deed. The o
dor of many of the medicines is perceptible in
the akin' a tow minutes after being inhaled, anti
may be immediately detected in the blood. A
convincing proof of the constitutional effects of
inhalation, is the fact that sickness is always pro •
duced by breathing foul air—is not this positive
evidence that proper remedies, carefully prepar
ed and judiciously administered thro' the lungs
should produce the happiest results I During
eighteen years' practice, many thousands suffer
ing from diseases of the lungs and thrunt,tinve
been under my care, and I have effected many
remarkable cures, even after the sufieters bail
been promomeed in the last stages, which bully
satisfies me that consumption is no longer a tit
tal disease. My treatment of consumption is
original, and founded on long experience and a
thorough investigation. My perfect acquaintance
with the nature of tubercles, &c., enables um to
distinguish, readily, iho various forms of disease
that simulate consumption, and apply the proper '
remedies, rarely being mistaken oven in a single
case. This familiarity, in connection with cer
tain pathological and microscopic discoveries en
shies roe to relieve the lungs from the effects of
contracted chests, to enlarge the chest, purify ;
the blood, impart to it renewed vitality, giving
energy anti tone to the entire system.
Medicines with full directions sent to any part
of the United States and Canedas liy patients
communicating their symptoms by letter. Bat
tire cure would be more certain if the patient
should pay me a visit, which would give me nn
opportunity to examine the lungs and enable me
to prescribe with much greater certainty, and
then the curd could be effected without my see
ing the patient again.
U. NV . GRAHAM, M. D.,
OFFICE, 1131 FILBERT STREET, (Old No. 109,)
Below Twelfth,
August 5, ,857.—1 y.
THE founder of this Celebrated Institution,
1 offers the most certain, speedy, and only
effectual remeny in the ;mid for Gloats, Stric
tures, Seminal Weakness, Pain in the Loins,
Constitutional Debility, Impotency, Weakness
of the Back and Limbs, Affections of the Kid—
neys, Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepsia, Ner
vous Irritability, Disease of the head, Throat,
Nose or Skin ; and all those serious and melan
choly disorders arising from the destructive
habits of Youth, which destroys both body and
mind. These secret and solitary practices are
more fatal to their victims than the song of the
Syr.ns to the mariner Ulysses, blighting their
most brilliant hopes of anticipations, rendering
marriage, &c., impossible.
Young Men,
erpecially, wbo have become the victims of Sol
itary Vice, that dreadful and destrnativa habit,
which annually sweeps to an untimely grave
thousands of young men of the most exalted
talents, and brilliant intellect, who might oth
erwise hove entranced listening senates with
the thundero of eloquence, or waked to °canny
the living lyre, may call with all confidence.
Married persons, or young men eontempla
tmg marriage, being aware of physical weak
ness, organic debility, deformities, &c., should
immediately consult Dr. Johnston.
Ile who places himself under the care of Dr.
Johnston may religiously confide in his honor as
a gentleman, and confidently rely upon his skill
as a physician.
Organic Weakness.
immediately cured, and full vigor restored,
This disease is the penalty most frequently
paid by those who have become the victim of
improper indulgencies. Young persons are too
apt to commit excesses from not being aware of
the dreadful consequence that may ensue.—
Now, who that understands the subject will pre
tend to deny that the power of Procreation is
lost sooner by those falling into improper habit
than by the prudent. Besides being deprived
of the pleasure of healthy offspring, the most sc
rims' and destructive symptoms to mind and bo
dy arise. The system becomes deranged , the
physical and mental powers weakened, nervous
debility, dyspepsia, palpitation of the heart, in
digestion, a wasting of the frame, cough symp
toms of Consumption.
GrOffice No. 7, South Frederick Street, se
ven doors from Baltimore street. East side, up
the steps. Bo particular in observing the name
and number, or you will mistake the plasm.
A Cure warranted, in Two Days.
Dr. 4ohnston,
TIIO"HUNTINGDORJouimAL' I$ published at
the following rates
If paid in advance *1,60
If paid within six months after the time of
subscribing 1,72
If paid before the expiration of the year, 2,00
And two dollars and fifty cents if not paid
till after the expiration of the year. No subscrip
tion taken for a less period than six months.
I. All subscriptions are continued until oth
erwise ordered, and no paper will be discontinu
ed, until arrearages are paid, except at the option
of the publisher.
2. lieturned numbers are never received by so.
All numbers sent us in that war are lost, and
never accomplish the purpose of the sender.
3. Persons wishing to stop their subscriptions,
must pep up arrearages, and send a written or
verbal order to that abet, to the office of pub
lication in Huntingdon
4. Giving notice to a postmaster is neither a
legal or proper notice. . _
Afteir‘i no or more numbers of a new year
have been forwarded, a now year has commenc
ed, and the paper will not be discontinued until
arr :f ra g es are paid. See No. I.
The 'bouts 'have decided that refusing to take
a newspaper from the office, or removing and
leaving it uncalled for, to PRIM♦ rAcis evidence
of intentional fraud.
Subscribers living in distant counties, or lit
other States, will be required to pay invariably
in advance.
eirTho above terms will bo rigidly adhered
to in all casos.
Will be charged at the following rates
1 Insertion. 2 do. 3 do.
Six Tines or less, $ 25 $ 37} $ 50
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Ono stinnre, $3 00 $5 00 $8 00
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i column,
t (10., 800 12 00 18 00
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Business Curtis of six lines, or less, $4.00.
Agents for the Journal.
The following persons we have appointed Agents
for the HUNTINGDON JOURNAL, who are author
ized to receive and receipt for money paid on sub
scription, and to take the names of new subscri
bers at our published prices.
We do this for the convenience of our subscri
era living ate distance front Huntingdon.
JOHN W. Tuompsos, Esq., Hollidaysburg,
GEORGE W. CORNELIUS, Cromwell township.
HENRY Buenos , Clay township.
Davin ETNIRE,CHMISIVeII township.
Dr. J. P. ASIICOM, Penn township,
J. WAREHAM MATTE. ' Franklin township
SAMUEL STEFFEY, Jackson township,
Col. JNO. C. Wamos, Brady township,
Moms linows, Springfield township,
Wee. HUTCHINSON, Esq., Warriorsrnark tp.,
IlEsny NEFF, West Barren.
JOHN BALSBACII, Waterstreet,
Maj. CHARLES MICKLEY. Toil township,
A. M. I.lLaia, Dublin township,
Gaon. WILSON, Esq., Tell township,
:JAM. CLARK, Birmingham.
NATHANIEL LTTLR, iitlq., Spruce Creek.
Maj. W. Moons, Alexandria.
B. F. WALLACE, Union Furnace.
SIMEON WRIGHT, Egg., Union township.
DAVID CLAHKSON ' Coss township.
SAMUEL Wurros,Esq., Franklin township.
GEORGE. SHANK, Esq., Warriorsmark.
Wain Annasnv Esq., Todd township.
Du. J. ALFRED gIIADE, Dublin township.
The “JOIJIINAI, 99 has 300 Subscri
bers more, than any other paper
in this County. .
Mail T. I Ea:T. I Fast T.
Train leaves P. M. A. M. P. M.
Petersburg, 2.20 3.42 9.16
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Mill Creek, 2.50 4.07 9.41
Mt. Union, 3.07 4.20 9.54
Train leaWs P. M. A. M P. M.
Mt. Union, 4.46 6.45 8.24
Mill Creek 6.03 6.57 8.36
Huntingdon, 5.18 7.11 8.50
Petersburg, 5.34 7.23 9.02
H. K. NEFF, NI. D.,
ITAVING located himself in WARRIORNAHR
.... in this county, would respectfully offer hie
professional services to the citizens of that place
and the country anmeent.
J. B. Loden, M. D. Gon. A. P. Wilson ,
M. A—Henderson, " Wm. P. Orbison, isq
J . H. Dorsey, " Hon. James Gwinn,
M. Stewart, " John Scott, Esq,
Hon. George Taylor.
Jacob M Genunill, M. D., Alexantidria. Pa.
John M'Culloch, " Petersburg.
T N. BALL respectfully solicits the attention
•of the farming community to a quality of
Ploughs which he is now manufacturing, and will
have ready for sale in a few days, he is also pre
pared to make harrows, wagons, carts, wheel
barrows, &c., &c., and to do all kind of repairing
at the shortest notice, and in the most substantial
N. W. corner of Montgmery and Wash.
ington stn.
Illarch 27 1855—tf.
A. P. Wir,sox. R. BRUO. PRratßq
Practice in the several Courts of Huntingdon
Blair,Cansbria,Centre, Mifflin and JuulataCoug 7
ties. March 23, 1053.