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    .Who's there ?' demanded Harry Bed.
man.. as he strode to the spot.
Brady,' replied the same voice. Hoist
the window, Bodman . ; you have no time
to lose,
Harry, threw up the sash, and the man
outside• sphing into the apartment. He
was full six feet high, dressed in a a hun
ting chin of deep blue, and carried a long
rifle in his hand. For an instant he ga
ud ,fttolitid him. and then exclaimed :
•You intm all leave the house at once.'
Marna, been defeated, then 1 as
ked Mary. in breathless alarm.
• , No, but a portion of the flogged
will make this house a place of de
fence, and in a case of that kind you are
belier out of it.'
Put ice can fasten them out, said Steele,
'Nay. better let them trap themselves
in it; replied Brady, calmly. 'There is a
ladder at the window by which you can
go down, and in my opinion the sooner
the better. I hear the British coming al.
Asi he finished speaking, the distant
tread of heroes' feet was heard coming
down the road toward the house.
'Be it so,' replied Steel, passing through
the window on the ladder. 'Let Mary
curve down first.'
The maiden followed her father, and
the two soon reaohed the ground.
'Stand close to the house in the dark
sbnile there.' said Brady, speaking to those
below; and as they obeyed him the fOU rid
of the advancing horseman drew fearfully
Down with you Harry—be quick!' ex
claimed the scout; and hurried thus by
his companion, Bodman soon stood beside
Mary and her father.
Brady followed, and upon reaching the y
ground, hurried forward to a large log ly
ing in the yard directly in front of the
window, behind which he ensconced him
self, painting the muzzle of his rifle to
wards the house.
This had scarcely been done before
the troopers reached the house, sprang
from their horses, and in a few moments
the scout saw the head of Langsford thrust
feces the window. To level and fire,
the effect already noted, was but the work
of natant;: and as Captain fell heavi
iy k iiptvi the floor, the tramp of more
. .
w;is heard, and the rebel band of
Marion galloped to the spot.
The noise of barring doers and secu•
ring the first story windows of the dwel•
ling was heard for a moment after the ar
rival of the Americans in front of the
house, and Caen all relapsed into'silence.
The ni,n of Marion had dismounted and
surnmorted the house, but the shade of
the night was so gloomy where Bodman,
Steel and Mary stood, that they remained
rbed by either friend or roe.
Ben Brady, the scout still crouched
behind the log, with the muzzle of the
gun drected towards the window out of
which he had escaped within mom ar,
which the light was still burning.
Suddenly the moon was covered by a
cloud and diirkness rested like a pall up
on everything around. Then the voice of
Brady rose gradually on the air, as he ex
claimed :
Mist, Badman—come this way, and
bring the girl and her father with you.—
Quick as the moon will soon make its ap
pearance again.
Boilinen grasped Mary by the arm, and
glided from the shade of the house, but had
scarcely proceded twenty steps when the
muzzles of two carbines were thrust
out of the window and pointed ' , ..yard
them in the gloom, while the dusky hg.
urea of the troopers who held them were
plainly discernable within the apartment.
The rifle of Brady was raised in the
twinkling of an eye, and the three pieces
belched forth their contents together. A
wild shriek instantly rang upon the air,
and that voice of agony was recognized
by every rebel soldier as belonging to Ma
ry Steel.
There was an instant of deattplike si
lence, again broken by the avails of the
wounded girl, but this time they were
drowned by the cries of vengeance which
burst from the lips of Marion's men, as.
like so ninny blood hounds, they rushed to
the assault. . .
'Spare not a man!' shouted a well-known
musical voice, rising high above the din
and tumult of the conflict. •Death to our
'Down with the Britkh—on !'
And the sound of heavy blows falling
upon every door las mingled with the
sharp crack of rifles and the curses of the
combatants, as the assault progressed.
In the midst of the conflict, and ere an
entrance had been gained, flurry Bodinan,
followed by Ben Brady, suddenly appear
ed before Marion. .
4 A. dozen of mon ! said Iho youth,
'For what7'
''There is an unguarded way into
cellar by the spring house.'
A shout Iroin Marion brought the requi
site number of inen around him ; and they
followed Bottum' and Brady to the place
of entrance. a harrow passage led Iron'
the spring house to the cellar, and in a
few minutes the party stood within the
building. It was the work of but an in
stant for Bodutan to find the stairs, up
which they carelully ascended to the cel
lee; it was not fastened, and passing thro'
it they stood in the hall which led to the
outer door of the building. It was as mirk
as pitch, and they could net discover a
man, but could hear the amps of several
besides themselves near the raid of the
halt, where crash after crash the Lluws
came the door, fairly making eve•
rl thing creak as the heavy blows descend
ed to the panels
'Fallow me to the second story,' unut
tered Bodtann in a low lone, and silently
they groped their wny up :Pairs.
As they reached the top of the stairs.
the light shone out from the room where
the carbines had been discharged, and they
hurried to the dour. Five troopers stood
prepared for conflict within the apartment,
whale two bodies lay null on the flour.
To discharge a volley into the room
which killed every trooper was the work
of a moment, and then rushing forward
Brady thrust a candle into the window,
and uttered a loud well-known shout It
was answered by twenty men, and in a few
moments several of :Marion's men had
mounted the ladder into the roots.
The remainder of the contest was of I
short duration. The British fell to a man,
while scarcely on American suffered in
the strife. The wound received by Mary
Steel, turned out not to be mortal ; and
shortly af er her recovery, which happen
ed subsequent to the attack, she became
the wife of Harry Rodman ; and for many ,
years afterwards, two old tin panniers stir- I
mounted by a black cap. could be seen up
on the mantel piece of their front room—
being the same carried on that memorable
evening by the REBEL PEDLER.
Anntinghn fiurnal.
--, \,..._\
,// /. , .-...-
„,„,,,,,,,r ito; „ ~,,,,,.,
--*--=‘,- .4‘ •_::,.,..:-..--
4if: -, 4k(1- tx;-‘, * . i , t4„,
• - • , ‘-'n-- I = - r - <NZNAN. ---,
Wednesday Morning, November 11,1967,
j The Student and Schoolmate, publish
ed by Calkins la Co., Boston, at $1 a year. has
been received for the present month. It is a
good little work.
Hicks' majority,
*The School Journal for November is on The vote for President last fell was, F2l.
our table. T. H. Burrows, Editor, Lancaster, more 10,900; Buchanan 9,771. This shows
Pa. Terms $1 per year. an actual change from cne side to the other,
instead of mere diminution of the Democratic
atirThe St. Paul Times gives the majority vote of 1,742; and the gain in the American
for Ramsey; Rep., for Governor, at 612, and the 1,757.
Minnesotean makes it 574. A number of the The Congressional delegation will probably
seats of the members of the Legislature will be stand as follows First District, Jude Stewart.
contested. Our Minnesota exchanges come to Democrat. Second District, James B. Rieaud,
us filled with the details of enormous nod dis• American. Third District, J. Morrison Her.
graceful frauds all over the border. The Incli. ris, American. Fourth District, Henry Win
ans plied with whiskey by Government 017, ivi: .T Davis, American. Filth District, Jacob
and others on the day of election, and set h Kunkle, Democrat. Sixth District, Thus.
voting the Democratic ticket; starved-out Irish- F. Bowie, Democrat. As far as heard from,
men were placed on circuits, (with the proceeds the Americans have elected ten Senators, and
of the Fort Snelling swindle, doubtless,) to can the Democrats five; while to the House there
ears half a dozen precincts, and vote at each; are chosen 32 Americans .d 13 Democrats.
returns were openly marufactured ; and finally, i
Pembina county, with a voting population of Leeisiene Elediee'—ilew Orleans, ' N°; ' 5 '
The Democratic State Ticket has been elec.
less than one hundred, has brought in six hun•
died Democratic majority! ted. Miles Taylor, anti•Sliclell Democrat, has
been re-elected to Congress from the Second
THE PinLmrs MVIIDLIt TRIAL. -The case of ' Congressional District. Geo. Eustis, Jr.,
Charles D. Phillips, tried at West Chester last American men er of the last Congress, has
week, before Judge 'Haines, for the murder of also been re•ele...ed for the First District. In
J. Cleaver Bartholomew, near Paoli, Chester ' the Third and Fourth Districts the Slidell
co., resulted in a verdict of manslaughter. The Democrats are probably elected.
trial attracted great attention, the murder of The Legislature is Democratic.
Bartholomew being committed in blay last, Itit
der circumstances and in a manner, which, at
ti..: it, commission, produced a great
sensation. The prisoner was defended by
Thaddeus Stevens, Joseph J. Lewis, and John
Hickman, Esqs.; and the proseetaMn.was eon
ducted by Wm. Butler, the Prosecuting Attor
ney. The jury were out seven hours, tit the
end of which they returned a verdict of man.
slaughter. Ho has not vet been sentenced.
The penalty is imprisonment nut less than two
nor more than six years.
THEQuisrrioN O' Cusp.—lt is intima•
ted that President Buchanan has not yet aban•
dotted the idea of acquiring Cuba; and a
Wuahiugtm• letter says that the subject is like
ly to he discussed at considerable length in
the forthcoming Message. The day may
come when Spain mod feel disposed to sell the
island, but to all appearance, such an event
will not occur for years. It will he remem
bered that on a former occasion, our Goren .
meat offered $150.000,000 for the island of
Cuba. An immense sum—so large, that it is
not likely to be offered again fur some time,
or not at least, until the condition . of the Treas.
ury greatly improves.
letter says
"Oil Coe. Walker's return from the precinct
of Oxford he halted at Lawrence, and taking
out of his portfolio a large roll of paper, said to
the crowd that he would show them a curiosity .
if/ they promised not to destroy it. He then
unrolled the returns of the precinct of Oxford,
which contained 1,601 names, all written in the
same handwriting, and which measured exact.
ly 54 feet in length I All the names, except
120 were copied from ‘,Villianuf' Cincinnati
Directory," those commencing with the some
letter following each other as regularly as they
do upon the pages of that book !"
rear Mr. Woodman, the lady who was con.
fined in a private madhouse by her husband
for her peccadilloes, was known at Saratoga
as `the lady with seventy-five dresses: Such a
history of vanity and weakness, which her alll•
davit discloses, is rarely written. The man
who it is alleged plundered her purse, by the
power which he had acquired over her in con
sequence of her indiscretions, is said to be an
applicant to Government fora foreign mission
of sonic kind.
Scurf' AND Pim.ow.—General Scott has pub
iuhed another card in repiy to General Pillow.
He Nip that in consequence , •t th, ill•advised
publication by Congress of ti,v •port of hie
exper.ditures of secret service Ilkulltly during
the Mexican war, live highly rebpectuble citi
zens of Mexico, utterly guiltless of bribery, but
liable to suspicion under those designations,
have, through a distinguished channel, made
application to him for exoneration.
JUL. CATO.-A man named Ford, arrested
for stabbing Bailey, a Free State man, at Le.
compton, Kansas, has been allowed to escape
by Judge Cato, who refused to call a Grand
Jury, and so suffered the case to go by de.
fault. 'The Herald of Freedom says Cato is
such an habitual drunkard that lawyers of all
parties, as well as the people complain loudly
of hint. Ile is often too drunk for a whole day
to attend to businesc
Oregon to be a Free State. Murder of a Bards President in Phila.
A letter in the Boston 'loaned, from Ports I delphia.
land, Oregon, bearing date September 2 let, The quiet and good order ofthe bs St ih L o a:r u nc e e r
confirms the statement before published, that
the Constitutional Conventidh had finished its
cite Bitnk of Schuylkill county, by a man na•
Olt. wliiisdis'arrlearutPeti', yesterday by
the Ant lira
labors and adjourned, and the slavery queation teed Thomas Washington Smith, who is a tear
is to be decided by the people themselves veiling agent for De Bow'itßeview..... ' e ll , e r. affair
choosing between two clauses,• the one fur eta . was one of extreme e e su f d ro d
h e l lu s e i s tng l Z i n i t= r e
very and the other against. On this subject
s th i u nP d lY ee:a n tied was seated in convemtion with
the writer says t his nephew. No other persons were in the
Here let tee say that there is no doubt in re- ' room at the time. The nephew retired upon
gard to the result. Slavery will never exist in hearing i theapietooeormreer:satrirr
Oregon—you may set. that down as a settled
l' i l i s er u :l i r c e:: a revolver and fired at least four bul
fact. My business relations in this country
throw me in contact with men from all parts of tired with a single groan, his heart being cum
l'ets into Mr. Carter's body. The deceased ex-
Oreg., and I have mode it a point to find out pletely perforated by a bullet.
to inquire and learn frotn persons their own in
ls' followed and arrested. When this occur.
dividual opinions and the feeling of the coin- ,
t wa
red, he surrendered to the officers a revolver
munity in which they reside, and I tied not stem
and bowie knife, and suffered himself to be led
in five, to make a rough estimate, in favor of t very it i u e :et s ly r
formidable weapon.
Police Station.
slavery in this territory or State that is to be. IThe
1 ten k jelie%s l inViigth. It Ts a teesed in a red
We very often see the fact published that Ore• :orocco sheath, up. which is wrltten—
gon is certain to come in as a Slave State; rhos. iirnwh. Smith, De Bow ,. Review, N. 0.,
that her inhabitants are mostly from the Sou ; La., and IMuahinglon, D. C.
there and Western States, and that the tnajor- ! The pistol has i
every appearance of being
ity are in favor of the introduction a slave Ili. new. It is a superior six shooter of Cult's pits
bor here. I admit that a large portion of, tent. But .e bull remained its tat the time
of its surrender.
people of Oregon are from Missouri and other I At 7 o'clock he was brought before Alderman
Western States, and a very few from the South- Elmo for examination. A crowd of eager spec
ern States. 1 find that a great many of these tatore . th . ro n y s e a d l i s i e e rs t r e t roust
w to ns si w it
same people owned slaves ; that they are disc entire, and the
make their wee r
gusted with the institution of Slavery, and hate to the stand. At its conclusion the prisoner
the presence of a negro bond or free. A great requested leave to make a statement, saying
many are from the Western States, where alto- 1 that Is had committed the homicide, anfl o s , houal
very does not exist, who always have beets, and , The 111,1Tr R „ t i e iffi th h e ir„ re e l 7e7 s de " S l i i r Y ec i l i lii n I s not to say
tail continue to be, opposed to slavery. ' I anything which might further commit himself,
I and said that he preferred not to hear it.
. The Mormons. Upon searching the, noshing was
The Philadelphia Bulletin of Wednesday I (cued upon him excepting a small key. He was
lust, its speaking of the Mormons, says it is then committed and taken in a carriage to
hardly fair to trust toile vague reports brought
M' ll a le ine d i el i i ' l g ts P e r d i ,lir. Richard Carter wan is
~ b y c"ua,istra"ersar stragglers from Marina " member of the mining firm of It. &J. Gorier,
sffit, atie many of our most recent sources Or , us , T R .,,,,,, ushers they ~w , , extensive cool
information l'rum that quarter have been of: mines, a store, etc. Ile was also president of
that character. From the Desert News Reel',
I the Taliagi. baik• lie wasall'l4lisiali'.
anentirelyairie ! dsource,Wa g atherihahihel3 : "ihttd° T lei(,t'ei, ; -;l% p)eal"r :s lai•nin;iier, stunt whic h ,s,°
utmost exasperation against the United Siutra , ',rose to his preSent standing. Ile was a MOO
government was prevailing in the land ut the ' in remarkably fine personal appearatice, mei
Saints two months ago, and all information w. ighed over two hundred pounds. He was
hi ffily n
brought together gives one point with the uts r•
where respected, and well know
halted purchased pods for in this city,
many yea,
most clearness—that the Mormons will not ex• He was en honored cu,tumer of Messrs. lida'd
ist as a community with any other government ! Lewis & Co., hardware dealers, and of Bank,
or body of men. They will be us is. Lied as Brook & Repplier, jobbers of dry goods.
Chinese or nuthing. They will flee if' it must Ilia Pala' was always leek'): upon as a l ' ° '
I, and his word as good us his paper. His wife
be, Of fight if it must be. but they will not be ~,,s i n t h e h a bi t of coming w i t h h int w h et , par.
meddled with or influenced. With such Odell c ,:using his dry goods, and usually selected the
now; mitt &elm goods in person tor him : 1;1'-
tut ideas combined with Oriental institutions,
they have, during many years of exclusiveness, ! p i , l , ' ., g t t „ 1 e : i . l t l e a ti l i e : x h V iti t i t e nt % a i r i te t : e p r ot r i t , , s ie n i ;n y iii i - ;, , a i m e ,
acquired all the vanity and sensitive use which upper clittniber of the St Lawrence, a consider.
maternity result risen seclusion and a continual ;ill,• loonier of iriends, including a brother of
(..„„cious„,„„ of themselves „l one . We have Hai deceased, were preasingin their d e ma n ds
no doubt that the majority of them are willing ' took " (1 . 1 , a1u """.' , The b . relll e r e l "terrea to
took cnar n e of tile effects of the deceased.
to be martyred, and have very little doubt•thist
! a community which has made such strong inili• Indian Citizens.
! tary preinsrations will fulit desperately. In Our Congressional legislators have long
I ; short, trouble of a very serious nature is rapid- la en discossing the subject of allowing the In
M o na to become citizetta of the United States ly brewing in Utah, and unless the Utffied
••n attaining civilized habits and manners of
Slates troops finding themselves tso weak. I ! t;,. It hen been as yet undetermined at
! stm•ild await further reinfereement••, there can ! Wasiiiiigton, the final settlement of the in out
!be no dtiebt that in us few us h., the ii •as eil noon wing reserved pima probably until
Irvin the Moments will be the great abAtr, i. w f resch . thequestionof organizing the leer'-
ty of Neosho. But the folks entrusted w.ili
topic of the day. .
• the got ernment of seine of the western tte•-
---..........--. ! i it••rie.s have got over the difficulty without
Pennsylvaaia Railroad. I asking for legislative assistance . In one or •
The reensylvaitia Railroad company suave ! more of the elections in liamsaa a year or so
rillepted the following in regard to the redue•silica the Sin wnee amid Delaware Indians score
thin of wages : induced to vete the Proslavery ticket by their
! agents and missionaries none 'of when were Resolved, that the salaries and wages of offi- . eittelhlates Mr office Its Minnesota the same
even and employees of the Company he rode- . thing
has been done lately. In Pembitio,
vett in the following proportion viz:
'where there are en. but half breed and It.di
' All persons receiving an annual salary or
; tee an election was held, ill - which six hum
wages exceeding in anemia $2,000, a red.. deed majority wits given fur the Democratic
thou of 25 , per cent t
ticket. Om the Winnebeir ne
o reservistien, o
All persons I.I.COIVIOg an usenet salary
. or
heeded Indians ')lad in 0 .- vie bar paint, breech
Wag. Or $2.000, and between $l,OOO and $2,-
c offis leggitig blankets etc., were march.
! 000, including that of $l,OOO, is reduction of
e•I up to the polls and voted. the agent at,d
!15 per cent: int,!rpreter ollieiating at the ceremony. New
I All persons receiving an annual salary or ii strikes us that this is a matte: deserving of
wages under $l,OOO, a reduction of 10 per the attention of the authositiers at Washington.
! cent; flue Indiana, of course would never have
1 The said reduction to take effect on and al• thought of participating in an election had it
ter November the Ist, 1857, and until further sot been lbr the agency of these white men
orders of the Board. , whom the national admieistration had sent. to
be their guides, instructor., and proprietors.—
Resolved, That all extra compensation for The Superintendent of Indian Affitirs ought to
good conduct a• d satisliwtory performance of have this matter promptly investigated, and
duty as How allowed by the General Superhe all the officials concerned its lie outrage effict-
Mildew, be submitted to the Board for their
ed from the positions which they . have disgra•
•;etl. The offence is the more !tenuous as these
approval h ')'ore being paid. fraudulent votes may decide the eteeteral Cu,,
[Signed] EDMUND SMITH, See y. , test in Minnesota, the result is no close.—U.
All per:ons in the service of the Penna. 1 S. Gazelle.
Rai road Company, who are included in the Banks Accepting the Relief Law.
above order, ore hereby notified that its pro-
We give below a list of the Hanks whose ne
vi-ions will go tutu effect on the first day of eeptance of the provisions of the Relief law has
November next, and the Division Super• liven certified to the Auditor General and re•
iutendepts, President Engiveers, and the Sias coined by that officer up to this date. We will
I ter of Machinery are hereby directd to Bee it add to the list from day to day, as the accept
curried out in their respective departments.— antes are received at the Auditor's General
1 By order of the President.
i office:
• H. J. LOMBART. I Name ,.
Date of acceptance.
ALTOONA, Oct. 211, 1857. Geal Se P g ' ! Farmers' Bunk of Schuylkill Cu., Oct. 29
A GALLANT WAGER PROMPTLY PATIL—ct 1 Philadelphia Bank, Oct. 31
• Consolidat i on Bank, Nov. 2
t beautiful and lovely woman, the wife of a pro. • Hank tut chumbersberg,
Nov. 2
: raiment Republican politician of Toledo, arrived Kensingtoti Bank, Nov. 3
in this city yesterday, to pay a wager of a kiss partners' Baal , of Reading, Nov. 3
that Chase would be elected by a majority of Lebanon Biffik
Lam:aster Gaun tly Nov. 3
Biffik, N.. 3
five Rimmed, which bet she made with anvell. theurd Bank, Nov. 3
known democrutic lawyer residing on Fourth Easton Baulk, Nov. 3
street. According to the agreement, the loser .11Ientown Bank, N.. 3
was to come or go all over the way to the oilier Ratak ?I'Lawree" County, NOv. 3
u tumor Bank ilkesharre, Nov. 3
and pay the indebtedness by the first of No- C•i l inniercial Batik of Petals, Nov. 4
veniber, which conditi• a alto fulfilled by ter- Bank ot Germantown, Nov. '
riving and proffering pestilent yesterday—thus Fartsier'a Bank of Lancaster, Nov. 4
anticipating the specified peeled by a day. Merchauts' and Manufacturers' Ban. of
----es-essss---. ! Plusher'', Nov. 4
DISEASE AMON. PINE Tr.E. , —lt is stated ' Mechanics' Bank of Philadelphia, Nov. 5
in the French papers, that itsthe southern pur• Iffirriaburg Bunk,
Bank ul the Northern Liberties, Nov. 5
Nov. 5
lion of the province of Helsingland, in Sweden, _______.,......._____ ____-
a most singular disease has manifested itself SW The members of the Kansas Constitu.
in the pine forests. l'he leaves and blanches [Meal Convention, in session at Lecomptott,
of the trees gradually change their ordinary have held a caucus in which the majority re.
--•eeassese-- color for a reddiah brown. Life censes at the solved to submit the C•inatitution to a popular
PENN'S. R. 11. Co.—The Directors of this BMe liens, ii mi one after another the trues die. vote, with two clauses to be separately voted
Company met in Philadelphia yesterday, and The disease wits firer emitted a c of y• a•••• evil, for and agaiest eltivery. The ultras were
resolved to declare no dividend for the past age, since when it has apread over the whole ao biter against this that it was suppusad they
six month. Of course this decision has beet district. It .4.08 such alarm among the in- would go home before the work was done, and
induced by the prevailing business derange- hubitants. .
thus leave the Coevmition without a quorum.
mute of the country, and is no indication of
Tut; Out CENT.—Pume days ago, a produce• Lane has resigned his commission as Dotterel
instability on the part of the company. It is a
dealer in une of our markets sold a customer ~ of the free State militia. The official certili•
mere measure of precaution. The company
half peek of potatoes fur a levy, and its taking cuter issued to the members elect of the new
I"' paid nix p er "fa' upon ifs stock frau ', the his pay from a quarter dollar, returned twelv„ Legiblature, show that thu House will stand 24
commencement of its operations, and its throe
coma change. This the cuatotner declined to Free State to 15 Democratic, and the Council
last semi annual dividends have each bees at
receive, claiming thirteen cents as his due. 9 Free State to 4 Democratic. All rho come
the rate of 8 per cent. per annum.
I A dispute ensued, which ended in the custo• ty
. and township officers chosen at the recent
_____ .........-
mar' The Costnopoliten Art Journal for the mar getting out a warrant for the odd cent, and election have come forward and taken the oath
, of office, so that fur the firat thee, Kansas has
present quarter has bete received, It is a good I the case being tried, be received it.— Watthiaff• everywhere local officers of recognized authori.
acetate , , 0011 RR, ty.
The Elections.
New Fork Election.—Albany Nov. s.—The
Albany Journal's looting of the election re•
turns do not alter the result in the State from
the neighborhood of 10,000 Democratic ma•
Wheeler, American, is elected to the Senate
from the 9th District, instead of Tuthill.
The Journal's figures for the Senate, 16
straight Republicans, claiming Hathaway in
the 14th and Loveland in the 15th ; which
claims are disputed by the Democrats. Two
Democrats, two Americans, and one Indepen
dent. They now claim 67 Republican, inclu
ding nine Americans to 61 Democrats, in the
New Jersey.—The election in this State has
resulted in favor of Locofocuisin by about the
same vote as lad year.
Wisconsin.—Returns come in slowly, and
nothing definite. Ton counties give Randall
(Republican) 800 majority for Governor.
Massachusetts.—Banks, (American Rtpub.
lican) is elected Governor by some 20,000 plu.
rarity. The Americana also sum a straight
out ticket, for which they polled a heavy vote
beside that cast for Banks. The Foreign
Democracy are no where. In all but four
towns the vote stands—Banks (Amer. Repb.)
61,407; Gardner (Amer.) 37,644; Beech (Lo.
cofoco) 31,000 I
Maryland Election.—The vote of Baltimore
city is at length received in full. It is as fol.
I ws for Governor:
Dicks, American, 17,810
Groome, Democrat, • 8,215
Minnesota Elerlion.—The latest accounts
uf ttie recent election for Governor in this Tern
ritory go to show butt the Reptibl.minn hove
triumphed. St. Paul papers of the 28.11110,,
1001 up the returns for Governor an follows
Ramsey, (Republican,) 18.110
Sibley, (Loeolbeo,) 17.225
Ramsey ahead,
There is but one or two counties to come in,
among which is Pembina, which is said to have
given a large Locofoco majority, Precisely a.
Locofoco majorities are giyen in Kansas.
Ohio (Vidal Vole.--The official majority fur
lion. Salmon P, Chase, the Republican caudi•
dale for Governor of Ohio, is 1585. All the
nmendtnents proposed to the State Constitution
have been adopted by enormous majorities.
They provide fur single legislative districts. an.
noel sessions of the Legislature, the equates.
Lion of bask and individual tat:Latium general
acts of incorporation.
lowa Eledion.--From lowa, we hate Du
buque papers to •Oct. 30. The Tribune has
majorities for Governor in 68 counties, giving
at least seven•oighths of the votes of the entire
State. The majority for Gov. Lowe, (Republi
can) is 2,621. Tho few small counties to be
heard from officially are more likely to
ish than increase this, but they can hardly re
duce it to 2.000--which is the latest estimate of
the Express and Herald (Gem).
The Legislature is fully conceded to the Re.
Georgia Election.—Milledgeville, Nov. Z.—
The Democratic nominees arc all elected.
Toombs is reelected Senator; Watkins, Secro.
tary of State ; Thweat, Controller ; Tripp,
Treasurer; Greene, Surveyor General; and
Lutniikin t Judge of the Supreme Court.
N tin RED TO NARY Bruizza.—The devices
of the banks in the West to save specie, the
coinmodity so scarce with them, are original,
to say the least of them l
Tho Springfield (Ohio) Nonpareil says the
citizens of that town last week adopted a new
plan for protecting their banks from being run
by the brokers. Learning that a broker had
reached town from a neighlaning city to run
the batik for coin, they promptly placed a hue
ket of tar on one side of the bank entrance and
a brush and a long, rough-looking rail, bearing
this inscription, "Nary red to nary broker,"
upon the opposite. As the broke, approached
the bank he read the inscription, glanced at the
tar bucket and retreated. The bank went on
as 11.118.1.
tutit Potts.
A Alen; twiny ye Lakin' notes.
And lila, he'd yrent it.
ay- Gov. Walker is en his way lo Washing.
Z Bayard Taylor was married in Sweden
last month.
le r We have had most delightful weather for
the pant week.
, Mar Better die an old maid than marry a
drunkard, girls.
Corn is sellingln sonie parts of Illinois
at 13 cents per bushel.
ger The poetry headed "The Lost," shall
appear in our next issue.
. .
Hope—A sentiment exhibited in a dog's tail
when waiting for a bone.
a The elections in the new States have
resulted in Republican victories.
Wor Twentytwo persons were burned to
deuth in the late severe Gre in Chicago.
Viiir We would have it understood that prin
ters require money in hard times as well us oth•
or people.
1 }lntake& of working men who have
been thrown out of employment in the emit, are
going West.
Loughnbk—To hear things who would sell
themselves to a negro tur $1.50 tolls of priori.
pie! Pt.von.
Stir Several of our enterprising neighbors
have made small quantities of molasses from
Sugar Pane, as experiments.
scar A Democratic Prothonotary bat been
elected in Lareaster county by a majority of
10 votes. His election is to be contested.
"Hoops and the Equator."—Crino-line and
the Equinoctial-line—God bless 'coil The one
encircles the earth, the other the heavens.
air We are intbrined that the story invent
ed or n man nt ift. Union persisting in sitting
in his house "till judgment day!" is a hoax.
Ser Arrangements are in progress at liar.
risburg fur a grand Military and Firemen's Pa
i'ade un the occasion of the inauguration of
Governor Packer.
air Shares of Pentsylvania Bank Stuck
sold on Monday at the Stock Board to Phila
delphia fur $lO per share. Six months ago
they sold for $llO.
lior Some of the Locofuco leadees in New
York City have been trying their best to get
up a bread riot among the Dutch and Irish pt.-
plaint, of that place.
fitir When you call upon a man of business
in the hours of business, transact your
then go about your business, and leave hint to
attend his own business.
aiiif• ltrop by drop falls into the clear well.
spring of youth the bitter venter of experience;
and there is no filterer this side of the grave
that can restore the old purity.
Se' According to the most recent style of
ladies' dresses, it will take twenty-two yards to
make anYthing Ile a protean, hereafter.
is such a fool as to get married at this rate.
The other day a Jow was quizzing an
Irishman, and kept at him until aggravated he
replied: "Yea, data yer anal, if it hadn't been
for the likes of gees, the Saivior would a bin
alive now, and doin' well."
Ca ".A company of twelve men with nim,loni,
turool out in Philadelphia last Satnrilay, bear
ing a limner with the inscription "We will pro •
teet the poor tarn," also the representation of a
loaf of bread. thereon. They were "caged" by
the police.
The two greatest curiosities of our vil
lagi- are Cornprobst's big pig, and the editor of
to little apple butter daub up street. One's a
pig by nature, and the other by nature, and
I met ice of piggish acts combined. Both, tl.e
largest of their kind we have seen for years.
1115 r Mr. John Wells was tuarried ut Litch.
field, Kentucky, on the 2tl ult., to Miss Eme
line Jeanes. The bride is 28 years old, 30 im
ches high, and weighs 45 pounds, The bride•
groom is 6 feet high, weighs 100 pounds, and
is 32 years of age. The patents of the bride
are stealthy.
firar It must be gratifying to the ugly mor
tal who headed the miscreants who broke into
our office, to have earned for his pains the con
sciousness of being looked upon by the con,
Inanity as a housebreaker, and thief. We shall
give this scare-crow of humanity a rough road
to travel before we are done witlaitn.
OREGON AND SGAVEIIY.—Five of the eight
Democratic papers published in Oregon have
come out in favor of establishing Slavery in
that Territory. Among the advocates of the
policy is General Lane, the Democratic dele
gate to Congress. The Convention-to form a
Constitution chose a pro-slavery man for Presi
kir On Saturday, in the Court of Common
Pleas, a writ of domestic attachment was is., I
ed at the suit of the Directors of the flank of
Pennsylvania, against the late President of
that institution, Thomas Allibone, charging
him with being debtor to the amount of $200,-
000, alleging that he had gone abroad to de
fraud his creditors and attaching all his private
otir We have no words to bandy with the
idiot of the Globe. His assertion that we had
our fancy work which drew the premium at the. ,
fair executed in Philadelphia, betrays his utter
disregard of truth. We score him a liar. We
had thought that the castigation we adinittister
ed this fellow Some weeks ago, when be attack
ed us on the street, bad stopped his foul mouth
but we fear we shall be compelled to admitftetr
another dose of the same sort ere he ceases his
slang. He tnay rest assured that should we tt•
gain take him in hand, he will not get off with
a black eye and slap across his red jesuitical
tar John Schmi t is a German banker iu
Louisville. He suffered a run, was obliged to
suspend, but did not close his doors. He sim
ply stuck up a notice in high Dutch ho was
going to have money pretty soon. Two days
after he took down the notice, and put up an
other, stating he had $l5OOO on hand. There
was another run and the $l5OOO was soon gone.
John put up the old notice again, and next day
he was again in funds, when, in accordance
with his old plan, he changed the notice. At
the last accounts there was no run on Schmidt
and his depositors had all come back to hitn.
That was straightforwardDutoh pluck and hon.
Thanksgiving Proclamation.
In the name and by the authority of the Com.
monwealth of Pennagrania, JAMBS POL
LOCK Governor of the said Common.
Fellow Citizens t—To render to Almighty
God, who controls the destinies of nations and
Men, the homage of devout gratitude and
praise for His goodnesit and mercy, is the ap
proprinto and solemn ditty of a free ar.d high
ly favored people. As the Giver of every good
and perfect gift we should over recognize His
hand in our merciee, and acknowledge our de
pendence upon His providence; and though
adversity may throw its dark shadows across
our pathway, yet we should be assured of this
that "the Judge of all the earth will do right."
During the past year the bounties of a kind
Providence have not been withheld front our
Commonwealth. Our free institutions have
been preserved, and our rights and privileges,
civil and religious, enjoyed and maintained.—.
The arts and sciences, and the . great interests
of education, morality and religion, have claim
ed the attention mid necked the encourage
ment of an intelligent end :Theral people.—
Honorable industry in its varied departments
has been rewarded ; and although recent and
severe financial revulsion has filled with gloom
sorrow.and distress, the hearts end homes of
many of our citizens, yet no fear of famine,
no dread of impending public or social calam
ity, mingles with our emotions of gratitude
for past blessings, or weakness or trust for the
future, in _the providence of Him who wounds
but to heal, and "whose mercy endured' forev
er.' A plenteous harvest has erowlicil the la
lion of the husbandman—pence with its gentle
and reforming influences, and unwonted healtlt
with its benefits and mercies, have been vouch
safed to us.
In ncknowledgement of these manifold bles
sings, we would offer unto God thanksgiving
and pay our vows unto the most High ; and
call on Him "in the day of trouble; He will_
deliver thee and thou shall-glorify
• Under the solemn conviction of the proprie
ety of this duty, and in conformity with estab
lish, d Custom and the wishes of many good
citizens, I dines PutA, etc, Governor of the
Conunonwealth• of Pennsylvania, do hereby
recommend 7htu•sday the Twenty-xS'ixtb dub of
November next, us a day of general thanksgiv
ing and praise throughout this State, and ear
nestly request the people that, abstaining from
avocations and all worldly pursuits, they as
semble on that day according to their religious
customs and unite in offering thanks to Al
mighty God for his past goodness and mercies
and while acknowledging our transgressions,
and imploring His forgiveness, beseech Him,
with sincere and earnest desire, to return and
visit us again with His loving kindness, make
us worthy of His bounties, and continue to us
the rich blessings of His providence and grace.
(liven under my hand and the Great Seal of
the State at Harrisburg, this nine
teeuth day of October, in the year
t.- s- of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and fifty-seven, and of the
Commonwealth the eighty-second,
By the Ouvenor.
licpuly Secretary (f the Contmcnirealth
Stir Official despatches have been reecivcd
by the War Department at Washington, con.
firming the watenifin that the Moireons are
bent on resistance hl the I. S. Trotp,
—ln our advertising cultuna is to be and an
advertisement of this popular rettrativ We
knew nothing of its merits save what we - '•• 1 .
hot that is .114:lent, particularly when we its
such testimonials' of its efficacy th-follouing•
elii.)l we clip from the Ottowa Free Trod,:
• - Having tried successively sundry highly
recommended 'heir tonics' on our own huff &-
mulct! (Town, we about lost nil Confidence is
lit, t. outs of that. sort, until a week ago we met
distinguished politician of this State when,
we lied seen three yeses ago with thin hair.
and no 'gray as a rat,' but now dponsting of as
tine a head of hair as one could wish. We
demand the secret .of his improved appearance
when he really accounted fur it by ascribing to
the virtues of Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative,
We shall try that next.—lluc!• Direr Demo
and Fever.—Thid distt•essing disesse
often proves obstinate and of long duration in
this climate, and not unfregnently resist almost
every mode of cure; also by the extreme dc•
bility, thereby induced, often give Effie to other
chronic complaints. Farr's Ague Tonic or
Quinine Substitute, munullictured by Thos. A.
Hurley, is the most reliable remedy extant.—
Record WedlehMer, 1;t.
We request those of our subscribers who re
ceive their papers, to inform us of those in their
immediate neighborhoods who nre subscribers
to the "Journal," and have failed to receive
the sane, since the stealing of our pack-book,
b 3 ruffians on the 1 tth of' October.
New Card-Press.
Having bought afoot "CARD.PRESS," we
are now prepared to print in the proportion of
three cards in the flame time that any other
press in the county can print one, consequent.
ly we can print them cheaper—if not done well
we make no cliarge at all. We ask your pa
The demand for Flour is less active today
and the market is unchanged and rather qui
et, the sales only reaching some 1100a1200
bbls at $5 37i for good superfine ; $6 for se
lected Ohio extra and $7 per bbl for fancy
family Flour; the bulk of the sales were of
extra; there is some little inquiry fur standard
brands at 03 25, but holders generally refuse
that figure, and the market closed inactive;
the prices for home use range at from $5 37i
$7 per bbl for common to extra and fancy
family brands, according to quality.
There is steady demand tor Wheat to-day,
and prices. under very moderate receipts, arts
fully maintained; sales include about 4300
bushels Southern and Pennsylvania, taken in
lots for milling at 123a128c for reds—the lat
ter for strictly prime—and 130a135c for white,
as in quality. Rye is unchanged, and a small
business doing in Pennsylvania at 75c. deli,
ered. Corn continues scarce and firm at the
late advance, and about 1500 bush. old South
erh, part white, have been Bold at 75c, afloat;
some 1500 bushels new corn has been taken
by the distillers at He, toarrive. Oats aro
scarce, but rather quiet to•day at 33c for good
Notice is hereby given that tt.e co partner.
ship heretofore existing between the undersign.
ed under the name of Young .k Owen, has this
day been dissolved by mutual consent. ht. R.
Young has purchased and taken sole posses•
sion of the firin's property and books, and he
has assumed the indebtedness of the same.
All debts due are to be paid to him.
Broad lop City, Nov.ll, 1857..