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Wednesday Morning, September 303867,
"Once more our glorious banner out
Unto the breeze we throw ;
Beneath its folds with song and shout
We'll charge upon the foe."
Gen. WM. H. KOONTZ, of Somerset co.
LEVI EVANS, of 'rod Township.
HENRY GLAZIER, of Huntingdon.
FRANKLIN H. LANE, of Brady Tow'p.
G. W. lIATTERN, of Franklin township.
PERRY MOORE, of Morris township
PHILIP D. STEVENS, of Cass township.
A Word to Honest Voters.
Can you vote for a man whose political ac
tions have been marked by the lowest cunning
and treachery, whose private character is aut.
lied by crime, or to whom you cannot with feel
ings of security and perfect safety trust your
affairs ? Can you endorse the actions of a man
who has deceived you, who has labored to sell
you, and who is even now engaged in a scheme
to plunder you? If you cannot, read the rec•
ord of an honest man, and if it meets your ids
as, vote for him. Our enemies may tell you
that our candidate for Assembly—Levi Evans
—is a wealthy aristocrat, but it is false. Mr.
Evans has been brought up to bard labor ; from
414?).1984,, , v,AtfidF"7VE k iedirethint ff.' ,
severance and a life of sobriety, coupled wit h
economy, he 'gas amassed a considerable for
tune, but he defies any man to point to a single
instance in whirls he has obtained ono dollar
or one penny of his wealth by dishonesty or by
fraud. He defies any man to point to a single
instance in which he has has stepped off the
threshold of honer and honesty, for lucre. If
he has wronged a man out of a farthing, why
don't his enemies prove it ? If he has broken
any of the civil laws, why don't they point to it?
If he has in ariy manner, shape or form defrau
ded his neighbor. done any act in his public or
private life which was wrong, for the purpose of
gain, ho demands that it should be roads pub
lie. But there is une, and from the manner in
which it is announced, we would be led to sup
pose it to be a serious charge, which the politi
cal enemies of Mr. Evans bring against him.
They charge hint with being a member of the
Methodist church ! That ho associates wills
members of that particular denomination. That
he contributes towards the support of that reli
gious sect. And last, that he is unst•orthy of
public confidence from these causes. To all
these charges, except the last, we plead guilty.
We acknowledge, that, from his mother's knee
Levi Evans has been taught to love and cher
iab old Wesley's faith. We acknowledge that
he is a member of the Methodist church. We
acknowledge that he contributes to the support
of that church—as we have bees informed by
a minister of this church, that, from his own
knowledge, Mr. Evans last year gave 8150 to•
wards its support, besides contributing largely
to other religious denominations. But we do
not believe him unworthy the an pport of good
men on this account, and we can hardly believe
that our good citizens will withhold their suf.
trages from him for this season.
The Methodist Church has taken a more de
cided stand against oppression and human bon
dage, than any other religious body in this laud,
Whilst others have in a measure "set their fa
ces against this abomination of Israel," it has
"cried aloud and spared not" "neither has it
countenanced the oppressor." Jesuitism has
no stronger foe than Methodism. In fact, on
all the great questions which have given a pro
gressive movement to Christianity, the Meths
diet church has been always sound. There is.
therefore, no good nor valid reason for oppos
ing any man on account of his Methodism.
Let it be understood, then, that Levi Evans
belongs to the Methodist Church, and, if there
is a voter in Huntingdon County who, with the
"Huntingdon American" and its wire pullers,
considers it a disqualification for office, he does
not wish his support. He wishes to be perfect
ly square before the people, and will seek no
man's vote through deception. Therefore let
no man vote for him who upholds the Hunting
don American's doctrine.
ser• The new subscribers to the Huntingdon
Journal for the week ending Sept. 30th, 1857,
are James Simpson, George Collins, Alex.
ander Whitney, Georgo C. Ker, James Smith,
Solomon Harnish, Jr, George Devi., Samuel
Devitt, Allen Proke, Pe Witt Hamer, Samuel
Look at This Picture. Can rdr. Evans be Elected?
It has been asserted by the enemies of Levi , This is a question which hits been asked by
Evans, that he is only before the people to in- our friends, and to which we answer, he can.
sure the defeat of Col. Wharton, and the sue. , The contest is now between Evans and Houtz.
cess of Locofocois. Let us see how this will , as is acknowledged by men of all parties. Mr.
agree with the truth. Wharton stands no chance whatever ; lie will
First then, to prove that Mr. Evans, has no not receive five hundred votes in the county.
desire to aid in the election of a Lomfoco, and We do not say this without solid proof to back
that his only object is to maintsitt the honor of iup the assertion. Ie some of the election dis.
his party, lot us make known the fact, that Mr. , trios, we have proof positive, that Col. Whit,
Evans has urged upon Col. Wharton that they , ton will not receive a single, solitary vote! In
both withdraw front the canvass, and that the other districts, he will not receive a dozen votes
Americans and Republicans of the County set- and in this borough there will be a tremendous
the on a new man. If this was not honorable majority against hits. His vote. therefore, we
and fair on the part of Mr. Evans, (seeing that feel confident, cannot, under the most favorable
lie will have two votes to IVlmrion's one) we do circumstances, exceed five hundred, itnd may
not know what honor and fairness means. But not, as is asserted by knowing ones, reach fou r
Col. Wharton refused this proposition, and with hundred. Thin being the ease, let us ask you
r haracteristic eloquence told Mr. Evans he f friends is there not a strong probability, amoun.
"would be d—d it' he did." Now who is to I ting almost to a positive assurance that Levi
blame, or to whom must the charge of disor Evans will be cur next Repri sentative ?
ganization be laid, if nut to Samuel Wharton? Wharton's chances ere hopeless. He, as
But again, Col. Wharton could not have pos. well as his friends who arc urgitig hint to with.
Bible been elected under the most favorable eir• draw from the canvass, know this, hence we
cuinstances, even had there been no third can. were not astonished to note an article in the
didate in the field. He is so utterly, and to use last Huntingdon Globe, the Locators organ of
superlatives, so perfectly and completely obnox• this county, intended to pave the way for COI.
10ns to the people of the county, that his defeat Wharton's declination in favor of Dr. Houtz,
would have been as "sure as fate." I the Locofoco nominee. We warn our A !mei-
Now this is the sensible, reasonable view of can Republican friends to be on their guard
the matter. Col Wharton need not blame Mr. galosh this treacherous manoeuvre, that they be
Evans, the Huntingdon Journal or "a few in. not ''sold to the Egyptians." The language of
dividuals in this here borough," fur his defeat, the Globe cannot be misunderstood, and we
but the votes of the masses, He must blame quote it to place our friends on their guard.—
the honest tax-payers of the comity, who can. This scheme, if carried into effect, its we have
not, and to their credit be it said, will not en. every reason to believe it tnay, will nut be at.
dome a system of Corruption and Bribery, and tempted until a few days previous to the elec.
whose rights cannot be bartered and sold as I tion, to render all efforts to stop the proceed'
common merchandize. ings hopeless.
Mr. Evans is Col. Wharton's superior in ev- But to the language in question. After a
ery respect except in trickery. In point of in. brief panegyric to Aiden W. Benedict, and S.
tellect, Mr. Wharton is an infant. His public S. Wharton. the Globe of last week paves the
character (and God knows that's bad enough) way for the withdrawal of Wharton, as follows:
is only surpassed by his private. Whilst on "Indeed, we should be glad to annontice that
the hornier ) 1 . 11 }, !r. Bett l eacti ) would, i(. A at alt early
the other hand, Levi Evans, ae a public officer
or a private gentleman, challenges the world
o t e ' r
0871h1; courtly in Rdevoltaely.lCofalld
to point to a single instance in which he has •
mocratic us
principles, and the latter [Wharton]
went astray co done intentional wrong. hail declined in favor qf Dr. Iloulz, the regu.
How is it. friends t which of these candidates larly nominated Democratic candidate for the
deserve your suffrages ? Can you have a doubtl .egislature.
after a careful .d candid consideration of their Here then see have the whole matter clearly
public and private characters ? todolded. Col. Wharton, with his friend and
• Squire, Sancho Palma, seeing that his election
Another "Clincher."
hopeless, will attempt to defeat Mr. Evans
by carrying their forces over t 3 Locabcoism.
The enemies of Mr. Evans are trying hard H onest voters w h at d o y„,, any. Think you
to injure his prospects, by a species of unsay• net that Evans' election is a probable event, to
stantiated assertions, of a character calculated native such m anmuver i ng, and wire pulling and
to make him unpopular with certain classes. treacherous bargain and sale among his oppo.
It would be utterly impossible for ne to keep ' mitts. Believe us when we tell you that all
ttpto them in attempting a refutation of all 1 things point to kis triumphant election. All
these slanders, as they follow up one lie as rap. t hat is necessary to secure it is, that you, cid.
idly with another, that the attempt would be as zens of Huntingdon County, who are opposed
foolish as useless. However, from time to time to Bribery and Corruption, to Fraud and Trick
we shall give such clinchers to the boldest of err, to Bargain and Sale, should attend the
these assertions, no will prove them as wicked polls .d vile f or t h e man w h o Opposes these
and bad as their authors.
In the Hutt; ngtion "American" of some
two weeks ago, an article appeared, m which,
after ridietthug the members of the Methodist
church, and declaring in substance that a man
i.l.l l . l May fliakoPrtakThu fitlgi titriAlarj
say, that no honest member of the Methodist
church will sanction the course of Evans," &e.
This is intended for the inetnbe'rs of that deno
minedcn here as elsewhere, who have declared
their prefers noes for Evans, as well as to cast
an imputation against Mr. Evans' character as
a Christian and a gentleman. This vile and
malignant slander has, however, had the effect
we presumed it would have, of arousing the in
dignation of those who know Evans, and who
love the doctrines of the thatch he supports.
We have received f. om Rev. .1. F. PORTER,
pastor of the church to which gr. Evans be•
longs, the following certificate, which we think
will he accepted in preference to the gratuitous
slanders and falsehOoods of such men ns the
editors of the Huntingdon "American," and
. .
their candidate Wharton. To this into we in•
vita the candid consideration and careful attea•
Lion of our friend:
HOPEWELL, SEPT. 2STit, 1857.
This is to certify that Levi Evans, Esq.. k
member in good st a nding to "Goalmid Ci
cult." Also that be is a "Class Leader" and
an efficient circuit Steward is the Methodist
Episcopal Church. .1. F. PORTER,
Preacher in Charge.
There, slanderers of Christian character, you
must invent some other scheme to injure our
candidate. Het ewe have the unsolicited, un•
qualified endorsal of his christian profession by
his pastor. Is anything more required on this
point 1 But perhaps the "American" may not
accept this endorsal, coming as it does from a
member of that persuasion it denounces 7--
How is it ?
"Fire" and Fall Back.
The lost Huntingdon American acco,es us
of having deserted Americanism, of being a
"traitor to the United States," (including all
that portion of territory between Canada and
the Gulf of Mexico, ike.,) "our creed," and the
Lord only knows what else. Why do these im
maculate editors say, this? Is it true that wo
deserted or broke any of the obligations impo
sed upon us by a connexion with that order?
No, we have not, and we defy them to prove it.
We joined that order at special request, and
cod up to all its requirements.. When the oaths
and obligations were abolished, we considered
ourself no longer bound to support, contrary to
our inclinations, unprincipled men, and for that
reason partly we opposed Mr. Wharton. Let
us see whether these editors have lived entire
ly free from blame. We aro willing to be qua'.
hied that these men asserted, in our presence,
that they voted for (bullies Miller, the Locofo•
co nominee for Sheriff, last fall ; and if this
was not a direct, open and flagrant breaking of
obligations, then we don't know what it is,
But they are raising this cry to direct Maen•
tion from the questions we put to them two
weeks ago. When they see proper to come
and take up our wager of $5O that we made
them then, we may condeseerd to notice them
individually again. Till then, fizzle and
freeze, and lie and slander to your heart's Comm.
tent. The people won't believe anything you
say, until you take up our offer of $5O, that wo
can prove you base liars.
Honest Democrat, we have a word fur you.
Can you, in the face of the above evidence
doubt that Wharton and Hoots are a unit on
the questions now at issue. It is a crin,
• J •••• "Jr
Daniel Houtz, you vote to release the I'ollllBo.
vnntu Rnilrond of the "three mill tonnage tax,"
you squander an appropriation of three
millions of dollars on the Sunbury S Erie Rail.
road, yon vote for an increase of taxation, you
endorse a system of political treachery and lo w
cunning. An! now, ne honest men, will you,
can you du it ? The interests of four aunty
demand your earnest attention to this matter.
Alt we ask of you is to examine the platform
ol the two candidates-Evans and Houtz—nod
vote fur the man w - ho pledges himself the stralig•
cot to uphold your interests. To the letter of
Evans on another page, we direct yon attention.
Whilst helms nobly laid down his principles
and marked out the course which he intends
pursuing if elected, ltis opponent, Houtz, fear
fel of offending the individual to whom he owes
his nomination, has nut had the
give his views ; thus acknonled,i, •
charges we have and here make
that --Fir•t, he is in favor of relonsio,,
sylt ania Railroad Company Root the I.:iya,m4
the three mill tax ; Second, that he is in fi t
vor Sunbury nod Erie Railroad Swindle;
and third, as a natural consequence, he is in
favor of increased taxation. Let all voters—
Ametican Republicans, and Democrats—who
are opposed to these measures vote for theca!,
didate who opposes them, turd the result will be
the trintophat election of Levi Evans, by a ma
jority never surpassed in the county.
The Ticket for Freemen.
The ticket for freemen to support at the co.
ming election is one which has never been ex•
celled. A better one was never presented.
.DAVID WILMOT, tho candidate for Gov.
ernor, is and ever has been the poor eau's
friend. It is this sentiment of humanity and
his determined purpose to carry out the princi•
pies of right, which has endeared him tc, tho
hearth of the people. Those who know David
Wilmot personally, and who have watched his
career from his youth, can give us no better ev.
ideece of their appreciation of his honesty of
purpose and goodness of heart, than the sweep.
ing majorities they have given hint and the
principles lie has seen fit to advocate. The
people should consult their interests and elect
him, over Packer, a man who has been plan.
daring the State ever since ho has been able to
handle a dollar. Give him your votes, freemen
if you want a good Governor, honest, just, and
Tim balance of the ticket will be found un
der our tnast•head. It cannot be defeated if
honest men will act consistently and support
honest men for office.
Our Apology.
We believe we owe an apology to the public
for the failure on our pact to lay before our rea•
ders the explanation of the ease "Wharton vs.
G win" &e., published in our last. The fact of
the case is this--we had a full and concise ex•
planation of the matter written out, and partly
in type, when we reconsidered the mutter, and
nt the request of a particular friend, concluded
to drop it altogether. This we have dune not
for the sake of the Col. but to spare the feelings
of his respectable relatives, who of course wed
feel for him.
The Huntingdon "American" of last week,
dares us to show that corruption and (rand,
characterised the Convention that nominated
Wharton. They publish an affidavit made by
one Ashael Corbin, charging Levi Eviufs with
offering him $5 for voting for hint. Now we
have no desire to q ut.stion t hi,, lilit it does seem
strange that this man Asleteh shouul, a week
after the Convention had adjourned. dect•tn+ to
another delegate from this borough that he had
never spoken to Evans, and that he received
no money from him ! But to put a quietus
to these stories, read the following statement,
which we have jest received from THE PRES
minuted Wharf. If "Mr Asa," or Col.
Wharton deny it, we will clinch it with an affi
davit. We have received similar documents
from some of the delegates, but want of room
Collipel6 t, lay them over. The followimr,
coming as it does Irons the ['resident of the
Convention which nominated Whartml, mmu
have a great effect. Bead the astunto I ing de
velopements :
SEPTEMBER 25th, 1857
On Tuesday, the I Ith day of August last,—
the day on which the Union County Conven
tion assembled, over which body I was Presi
dent, I was approached by a certain Ashael
Corbin, a delegate to said Convention, who,
after gratifying me with the intelligence that
he was "devil Asa," proposed to cast his vote,
together with others over whom he had control, (or
Levi Evans, provided I supported a Mr. White
fur Register and Recorder. 1 replied that it
was expected of me by say constituents that I
would support Mr. Glazier, and that I hod not
known that Mr. White wits a candidate until
than. To this, Corbin replied that ho and his
colleague with all their three were going for
Evans, at any rate, and that we should do
something for their titan. He said further that
he could wield a considerable influence in that
body, as he had some twelve delegates to do his
bidding. I had only moved a few feet when I
wits beset by one Col. S. S. Wharton, who, af
ter telling me I was acting rather strangely,
said he was the man that could poll a stronger
vote than any other toms its the comity, by 800
votes ; that lie would receive 1000 Democratic
votes. I replied that he was not the strong
man, that he aright know more of his chance
than I did, but he had no strength its our ;ran
of the county, and asked him how he expected
to get those 1000 Democratic votes. After en
joining me to strict secresy, until the Conven
' ties should adjourn, he, Wharton said, it was
understood between hint and the Democrats that
tf HE was nominated, they would briny out a
influential portion of that party would support
hint; that they would control the Convention
which asseinlikd next day, (else Locofoco Con
vention,) and amongst those who were his
Tare7ste, w~tu, 6`e snag, tuns u Ileuocrnt, and
that the Convention would follow his lead. He
said that Mr. Anderson wanted 801110 Legisla
tive brininess attmided to, and that he (Whar
ton) had promised Mr. Anderson to do this
business up to his views. He said he alluded
to the THREE MILT. TAX particularly ;Hutt
it• should be ;Twined front the
Railroad Company, and 111 , i1 pi.
hiinsell to lie. A iiele.rsnet, 'l' I I .•_
I toil, IN FAVOR OF !
TAX. Ito :Aid further that it
I did nut, nominate him, he u,nl,
next day, and he, wide. II nlt
such arrangement, c.
his strength than I could.
outside itf the semi.
.t1 . ./UUGNA I.
:—lu 0 piece in lice 111 St .1 rarreAllo
0i;11 OW 01011, vaption, the editor); tit that pa
per 010 to drag the Methodist Church
lulu the po!itical 111,100, and array the metill.ers
of that Clore') against Mr. Evans:, who chi y say
is a Methodist. Mow three are Mothedi,os it)
this place who have Indotigial to chat Church
for loony years, who never heard that Mr.
Emus was a Methodist, until they saw him
paraded before the public as one, in the columns
of the American. Is there any crime in being
a Methodist? Must a man be denounced when
he is brought out before the people for office
because he is a Methodist? Some I read the
article referred to in the American, I have
made some inquiry about the matter and find
that Mr. Evans is a Methodist—his father was
a Methodist—his grandfather was sa Methodist
—Lis brother is a Methodist preacher. But
what of that? Is that any reason why the
Methodist Church should be appealed to against:
Mr. Evans? What du the editors of the Amer
ican expect to make by proclaiming Mr. Evans
as a Methodist, and then appeal to the Church
of which he is a consistent member, to ao
gainst hhn ? But listen to them:
"The desperate creatures about Ns borough
need not boast that Mr. Evans will get the vote
of the Methodist Church and he need nut make
any such calculation."
llere the "desperate creatures about this
borough," and the "Methodist Church," are so
connected, that one who did not know the con•
trary to bo the case, might be led to believe
that the membership of the Methodist Church
was made up of the vilest persons that the
community could produce, and that Mr. Evans
and his brethren are a "set of political deeper.
adoes, who have neither respect fur churches
or political parties, ned whose foul mouths are
no slander upon any good citizen where they
are known." But listen again:
"We unhesitatingly say that no honest
ber of the Methodist Church or any other
Church will sanction the course of Mr. Evans,
andgu against Cul. Wharton, because he is a
How is it members of the Methodist Church,
or any other Church, have you Leen opposing
Col. Wharton, "because he id a Preslyfierhat.'"
there is a heavy charge. How is it Methodists?
Speak. Is it true 7 You ure first denounced
as a set of political desperadoes tied look..
thed slanderers, and then you are brought out
in battle array against Col. Wharton, because
he in a Presbyterian. What do you say? Is
it true, or is it false? And besides this, you
are charged with another heinous crime. "You
profess no much love for Mr. Evans and the
Methodist Church." Other denominations may
profess to love their brethren and love their
Church, but you must not dare to do no. It is
horrible and preposterous for you. "Try some.
thing else." Go for Cob Wharton and become
an •'limiest member of the Methodist and oili
er churches."
Thus the editors of the American would ilic
tntv Is the members or the Methodist and other
0101.01101. When have these gentlemen been
clothed in sacerdotal robes, or crowned with
he to pe' Litres, that they should assume the
authority to dictate to churches? As editors
of a political party paper, they may control
their party, they can, but what tight have
hey to "speak to the churches." The members
or the Methodist church have intelligence
enough to take rare or themselves. If the ed•
toes of the American have not sense enough
to pet ceive this the church is nut account abl e
for that. The gentlemen have certainly placed
themselves in the position of the person spoken
of in the tenth chapter of John, and when they
undertake to dictate again to churches it would
be better for them to secure as well the proper
qualifications as the authority for so doing.
On Friday, the 18th inst., we hag the plea
sure of attending a grand cele.
bration, near Marklesburg, a shsrt account of
which I purpose giving you. The celebration
was held in a beautiful grove on the farm of
Mr. Henry Boyer, about a quarter of a mils
from the village, and consisted of the pupils,
teachers and others connected with the Salem,
Marklesburg, Zion's Chords, Coffee Run, and
Branch Sabbathoehools. The scholats of all
the schools formed in procession on the green
surrounding the Methodist Church, and march
ed to the grove in beautiful orderglisplaying
several tastefully decorated banners, bearing
appropriate mottos. In the grove was erected
temporary cloud sad seats for the acconixo
dation and benefit of a large number of
spectators. The audience were than called to
order by Mr. J. C. Bogey, who made an Cim
quest prayer, after which Mr. F. Lane, of Hun
tingdon, was introduced and delivered a very
able address, mainly to the pupils. lie was
followed by our worthy friend, Gen. Jelin Wil
liaison, who was listened to with delighted at
tention by all. There was now displayed no
der the foliage of the giant oaks, a large
table, amply provided with the good things of
the season, of which, after the children had
beets supplied by their teachers, the whole
company present were invited to partake.
The company was again called to order about
1 half past one o'clock, when Rev. Mr. Fletcher
was called on, and followed by Rev. Wm.
Bechtel, both of whom delivered short but plea.
sing and appropriate address.. r. Wintrode
made the concluding remarks, and spoke on
. , .3unettyoenoots, showing
that religious truths i° properly instilled into
the minds of the young must ultimately pro.
duce to the recipients, a beneficial result. This
concluded the programme fur the day, and
we now retraced our way homeward—yet the
pleasing entertainment of the day will hog be
remembered by W. J. G.
,:iri Democrat has WWI this document, in
ll,rence to the October eleetions. It is not
I,ly lengthy but important. Walker takes
.eeption to the opinion of Judge Cato nod
I.111,11:Cy General Wier, that the payment of a
t. totturi:tl tax is a qualification for the right
suffrage, and unless the tax is paid, no per_
sunhas a right to vote. lie declares, howev
er, that all can vote—the only qualification
being "six months' residence in the territory.
tEr. 'file attention dour friends is directed
to the edverti,ement in another column of the
Fall Arrival of goods at Fisher & 111 c t4utrie's
mammoth store. It will be only necessary for
state that the supply is one of the hcavi•
est and Lead ever brought to town, selected by
himself, who, no n polite nail attentive
sforekerpei is S. P., and no mistake. If you
wont to see handsome goods just call around.
A PAHTOR °WM.:D.—Kelly Lowe, pastor of
the African church, Augusta, Ga., wasuriginitl
ly a slave, but his people bought him, some
years ago, and, as Zion's Advocate says, "he is
their servant pecuniarily no well us spiritually."
They allow him a salary of from $BOO to $lOOO
per annum.
PovavoEs.—Thelluatx, N. S , Journal be
lieves that the dreaded potato alight has not
been nearly so prevalent this year as last, and
states that, where it has been severe, its rava
ges have been compensated by unusually good
grain crops.
say- The State of Maine held an election for
Governor last Monday, and the result as fur as
received, indicates a glorious American Re
publican triumph, 111 orrell's (Repub ) major
ity in 201 towns is 9,210. Last year the ite
publican majority in the same towns was 12,-
672. The difference is mom than accounted
for by the fulling off of the vote.
say. The Lady's Homo magazine, for Octo•
ber, a most beautiful number by the way, has
been received. It is a very interesting book
Published by T. S. Arthur A Co., at $2 per an.
ler Wo crave the indulgence of our corres•
potidenta two weeks longer; then, we shall hate
ample room to spare, and shall bo pleased to
hear from them all, often.
Air" The total unnlberol lives lost by the
sinking of the steamer New Granada, n few
days ago, is four hundred and thirteen.
ISO— Our thanks nre due Fowlers St. Wtll6
fin• a copy of their Phrenological Almanac. It
is a useful little affair,
oar Autumn with ItsT'seru and yolluw loaf"
is upuu us.
ter he free State men in Ranson have
held a large territorial convention at. Gras,
hopper Falls, and determined to vote at the
October election. They nominated Morose J.
Parrot as delegate to Congress. Haller, who
has been confined nt Fort Leavenworth on a
charge of having killed James M. Lyle, a Bor
der Ruffian, at the Leavenworth municipal
election, has escaped, in company with two
soldiers Oct to guard him. Woods and Neigh.
ton, the Leavenworth counterfeiters and tour•
dere., are still safe in custody at Delaware.
The St. Louis Republican Boys that the con•
stitution convention, which is to meet on the
second Monday of September, will not submit
the constitution to a popular vote, but will send
it to Congress without such endorsement.
"If you have wrongs, redress them through
the peaceful instrumentality of the ballothox,
in the mode prescribed by the laws of your
We clip the above from Gov. Walker's re•
cent proclamation to the-people of Lawrence.
It reminds us of an illustration in one of Rood's
works, representing a man sitting astride of a
mule on the extreme rear parties,, where the
caudal appendage is attached, and asking a
way worn foot passenger, "Why don't you get
on behind?' After disfranchising the great
majority of the people in Kansas, the sham
Democracy new points theni to "the peaceful
instrumentality of the ballotbox to redress
their wrongs."
Veit 3102, 0. L—The following are the re•
turns of the Governor's election held in this
glorious State it few days sine, We hope to
give a similar report next month of our own
State election :
Fletcher, Republican 250175
Keyes, Democrat 12,014
Scattering, • 220
Fletcher's mnjority,
In the Senate, the kepublicans elected all
their candidates, while in the House there will
be but 38 Opposition members against 180 Ile.
The Panic in the money market, in N.
York and Philndelphtn, is unprecedented.--
Failures among men of business occur every
day. A number of Banks in New York and
New Jersey have failed, nod sown in Pennsyl•
vania have suspended. Among the latter are
some which were considered the most substaun•
tial in the State. Stocks of nil kinds have W
ien 20, 10, and 50 per cent. Our friends should
be very careful in receiving any kind of paper
Se- There are plenty of young gentlemen as
well us old ones, whose beards are turning
gray, which gives the former n great deal of
uneasiness, and exposes the age of the latter.
To avoid these little perplexities.we advise such
of our readers to use Prof. Wood's Hair the.
storative, which will, in the course of is
few weeks, change the hair to its natural color.
It does not dye the hair like most of the hair
restoratives, hut produces a gradual change of
color front the roots of the hair to the final end
and gives it a fine and glossy appearance. We
have seen many persons who have used it sec:-
cm-fully, and pronounced it the only retardy
which has come up to their idea of a 'cure for
co to atnrrl acing tr ,t na,t
trin.l7.4 ". sigg, att~ ti t tee arc any Judgo of
age and beauty, it has minim us ut least ten
years younger ; in feet we are beginning to ht!:
quite young, and feel very much like getting
young wile. The change is miraculous, and it
would be as difficult to find a gray hair !taw an
it would be to find an idea in the head of the
Duke of Buckingham. • We linane several old
tnaids and some young widows, whose locks
are just beginning to assume a silvery hue,
and who have been talking seriously about re.
sorting to this remedy, mid we advise them not
to delay any longer. It never Wis.—P. Lo uis
HURLEY'S SARSAPAI;I7LA,—For nil diseases
of the blood, nothing has yet been found to
compare with it. It clearses the syotem of all
impurities, nets gently and efficiently on the
ver and kidney+, strengthens the digestion, gives
tone Is the stomach, makes the skin clear and
healthy, and restores the constitution, enfeebled
by disense or broken down by the excesses of
youth, to its pristine vigor and strength. Every
prudent person should use a few bottles, parti
cularly during the spring and summer months.
—Wilminylon Suia
1 , 1 li,r onmon ; $5,750:
$6,75 tor rxtro. White Wheat $1,25 to 1,45
Red $1,25 to 1,35 c. Rye, 75c. Corn, SOc.--
Oats. 336f371..
At the “Franklin House," on the 23d inst..
by Rev. R. Fletcher, My. Thomas Beard to
Mrs. Anne Bretton, both of Mifflin snooty, Pa..
to their numerous friends and the public,
that they have just received limn the East, a
most beautiful assortment of Fall and Whiter
Goods ; embracing every variety anew styles
such as Valencia Plaids, Plaid Decals, Oriental
Lustros, Gala Plaids, 'ramose Cloth ' Poplins,
striped and Plaid, Ombre striped Delaines,
French Merino, Printed llelahw®, Bayadere
Stripes, Argentine, Coburg, Mohair, sand Ma
donna Cloths. Shepherd's Plaids, o reach Blan
ket, Has State, Long and Square Bruche Shawl
Gents' Travellingdo, French Cloths, plain and
fancy Cassitneres, Satinetts, Jeans, Tweeds, Ac.
Ribbons, Mitts, Gauntlets, Gloves, Talmas,
Cloaks, Chenille Scarfs, Dress Trimmings, La
dies' Collars, Brilliants, plain and sprigcd Swiss,
Victoria Lawn, Nainsooks, and every variety of
White goods. HATS, CAPS and BONNETS
of ovary variety and style.
We have a full stock of
Hardware, Queensware
Boots and Shoes,
Wood and Willow-ware,
which will be sold on such terms as will make it
the littlest of all to call and examine, •
Groceries can be had lower than the high
prices which have been maintained hemufore.
We also deal hi Plaster, Fish, Salt, and all
kinds of Grain, and possess facilities in this
branch or trade unequalled by any. We deliver
all packages or parcels or nuirchandize Vltne OF
clianuE, at the depots of the Broad Top and
Pennsylvania Railroads.
An (=client ono fur sale at this office. This
Is nun of Adams' No. 1 Can and Lever Preg. '
TEACHERS wanted to take chargc of the
various schools of Hopewell School District,
in Huntingdon County. The examination of
teachers will bo made by tho County Superin
tendent, on the • 23d day of October, nt the
Rough and Ready School-house, at 10 o'clock
of said day. The teachers will be liberally
compensated. D. MOUNTAIN, kkte'y.
[To the lien creditors of:William H. Irvin.]
Auditor's Notioe,
The undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
Court of Cousin. Pleas of Huntingdon county,
to di strilstito the proceeds of the Sherill's sale of
the rent estate of Son. Wm. 11. Irvin, herchv
gives notice that he will attend to the slut., , ;1'
his appointment, at Isis Mike, in the borou 4 i; ~ t
Huntingdon, on Full, t, 30T It or OCTOBER
next, at one o'clock, p. m., when and whore all
persons interested are required to present their
claims before the tinileriigned Auditor, - or be de
barred from coming its uponkaid fund.
TIIEO. 11. CREMBH, Auditor.
5ept.30,'57.-4t. • . . .
iD MY/K.(O'M
This day published by EL
No. 508 Minor Street, Philadelphia, A.Treutisu
On Surveying; in which the theory Mid practice
are fully explained. Preceded by a short Trea
tise on Logarithms, end also by a compendious
system of Plane Trigonometry. The whole il
lustrated by numerous examples.. By SAMUEL
ALSOP, author of a "Treatise on Algebra," he.
In the above named work author has pre
sented the theory plainly and comprehensively ;
has given definite and precise definitions thr
portico; and lies embraced in it everything which
an egtensive business in laud surveying would
be likely to require.
The wcrk will bo mailed at $1.75 per copy,
postcge prepaid.
Se pt. 80,'57.-6 t.
sate at this (Alice ;it is culetilated to burn Wood
or coal.
Male and female,
THE NEXT SESSION of this Institution
will of en the last edday of Oc tohet.
W nes
nit instruction in all thit brunches will ho
thorough and systematic. We want it distinct.
ly understood that we wish - no one to apply for
admittance whose moral character is tint good.
Students will have the privilege of boarding in
the Inttitution ue in private. families. This
Institution is located at Shade Gap, Hunting
don county, no the mail route between Mt.
Union station on Penna. It. It. and Chamber,
burg. For catalogue and further particulars
addresS, 4 W. 11. WOODS,
5ept.:W:57.44. PRINCIPAL.
Will commence on Monday. Nov. 2 and conti
aloe five mouths. Tams—For board and Eng
lish tuition, per session, $62,511; French u u d
music extra. Fur fob titer particulars apply to
Shirleysbarg, Prim ipaL
Auditor's Notice.
TLo n•litor, niqoAnted by the
orphe.i:s' Court of Huntingdon county, to
!Hsu Roth. the I.n!:ince remaining in the hands
of Thmnas Weston and Weston, Ex
ecute, 01 . IYillium Wl'Aiol. dee'd., amongst
those entitled thereto, hereby gives netwe,
that lie will txttend for the purpose of tan
king said distribution. on Saturday the 2.1111
day of October next ne ono o'cloch I'. 111. ut
his oltice in the borough of Ifunt'mgdon, when
and where all persons having ehoms upou
said fund must present them to the atuFttor, es
be thereafter barred from claiming nay put
thereof. JOIIN fl EA D,
Sept. - 23d, 16:Y., --It. .!?,(7ilor.
Ey virtue of authority contain,' bi the lost
will and testament of Do•nor Peter Shoenber
gm deed.. the undersigned, his acting execu
tors will see ut public sale, on Saturday the 1701
day of October ensuing, A. D. Mr at 4 o'clock
P. M. of coil day, at the Court house in the
borough of Huntingdon ' the farm - generally
known by the name of the Lnng farm situate
on the Globs Ran and in the Valley of Shavers
Creek, Huntingdon County, containing One
Hundred and Twenty-Two emit and Eighty-
Two perches more or less, upon which are erec
ted a Stotto Farm House,•a Fulling Mill (on sit
excellent water power) and other building, toul
improvements. Said tract is said to contain a
vein of Ir. ore.
Terms of Sale.—One third of the pnr.haso
money to ho Kid in cash ou tho execution and
delivery of a deed of conveyance, by the core-
Mors, the remainder in two equal b!stalments
at the expiration of ono and two years from
the date of the, deed, with' lawfnl interest there
on from said date. Fifty dollars of the hand
money to be paid immediately 'en the close of
the sale. J. GEO. MILES,
Acting oxe'rs of Dr. Shoenberger, deed.
Sept. linh, 1057.-3 t.
[Estate of William Backman, dee'd.]
The undersigned Auditor, appointed by rho
Orphans' Court of Huntingdon county, to dis
tribute the balance in the hands of Samuel T.
Brown, Esq., Administrator do bonis von of
William Buchanan, late of Brady township,
deceased, amongst those legally entitled thereto
hereby gives notice to all persons interested,
that he will addend for.the purpose of making
said distribution, on Thursday the Bth of Oc
tober next, at one •r'elock I'. M. at his office
in the borough of Huntingdon, when and
where all persons having claims ore required
to Present the same to the undersigned Audi
tor, or else be debarred from corning in upon
said fund. • TIIEO. H. CREMER,
Huntingdon, Sept. 2, 1857.--lt, Auditor.
Tin?, subscriber being desirous of removing to
the. west, offers his farm situated in West
tp., ou the road leadingfrom Potersburgto Mo•
Alavey's Fort, for sale. His farm adjoins land
of William Armstrong, Thomas F. Stewart, and
others, emitaining about
265 Acres,
About, 170 acres cleared, and in a good slate
of eultivatiiin. The - balance is weetimbered.
Poll; improve ments are
a:11 ■
Lumen b 0
r 1 dr;
failiug :4 0 : 13 : ' piped i , laf , ue t oPt e ‘rv :t . b o n al
r ek h rr s . d .a o p Y i n l Lions
highly productive, being good limestone
land. It is situated within 2 miles of Peters
burg where the railroad and canal passes thro'.
The subscriber is anxious to sell at priNato rats
—and if not sold will sell it at public sale, on
the premises, on Saturday, the 17th day of Oc
tober next.
Terms made easy to suitpurchaser.
. .