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UMPUITOST DAB 0 5 ,12[11
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And all Diseases of the Longs Throat,
AnE to:urn-Er,
Which convoys the remedies to the cavities in
the lungs through the air passages, and coming
in direct contact with the disease, neutralizes
the übercular matter, allays the cough, causes
a free and easy expectoration, heals the lungs,
purifies the blood, imparts renewed vitality to the
nervous system, giving that tone and energy so
indispensable tor the restoration of health. To
he able to state confidently that Consumption is
curable by inhalation. is to me n source of
loyed pleaqire. It is as meet) under the n
trol of medical treatment as any other formid
able discos° ; ninety out of every hundred ca
ses can be cured in the first stages, and fifty per
cent. in the second ; but in the third stage it is
impossible to save more than five per cent.. for
the Lungs are so cut up by the disease as to bid
defiance to medical skill. Even, however, in the
last stages, Inhalation affords extraordinary re
lief to the suffering attending this fearful scourge
which ennuellv destroys ninety-five thousand
persons in the bilked States alone ; and a cor
rect eideulation shows that of the present pope
;, lotion of the earth, eighty millions aro destined
to fill the Consumptive's graves.
Truly the quiver of death has no arrow on fit
tal os Consumption. In all ages it has been the
great enemy of life, for it spares neither ago nor
sex, but sweeps off alike Iho bravo, the beauti
ful, the graceful and the gifted. By the help of
that Supreme Being from whom cumeth every
good and perfect gilt, I am enabled to offer to
the afflicted a permanent and speedy cure in
Consumption. The first CPUS° of tubercles is
from impure blood, and the immediate effect pro
duced by their deposition in the lungs is to pre
vent the free admission of stir into the air cells,
which causes a weakened vitality through the
entire system. Then surely it is more rational
to expect greater good from medicines entering
the clarifies of the lungs than those administered
through the stomach ; the patient will always
find the hugs free and the breathing easy, after
Inhaling remedies. Thus, Inhalation is a local
remedy, nevertheless it acts constitutionally and
with more power and certainty than remedies
administered by the stomach. To prove the pow
erful and direct influence cfthis mode ofailmin
istrution, chloroform inhaled will entirely de
stroy sensibility in a few minutes, paralyzing
the entire nervous system, so theta limb lusty lie
geminated without the slightest pain; inhaling
the ordinary burning gas will destroy life in a
few hours.'
The inhalation of ammonia will rouse the sys
tem when feinting or apparently dead. Thio
dor of many of the medicines is pence ptible in
the skin a few minutes after bring inhaled, and
mny be immediately detected in the blood. A
convincing proof of the constitutional effects of
inhalation, is the fact that sickness is always pro
doted by breathing foul air—is not this positive
evidence that proper remedies, carefully prepar
ed rind judiciously administered thru' the lungs
should produce the happiest results t During
eighteen years' practice, many thousands snlrer
ieg tram ai1.... of 1111(platout•
been under my care, and na v e e meted many
remarkable cores, even after the stiflerers bad
been prononnced in the lest stages, which hilly
eatislies me that consumption is no longer a fa
tal disease. My treatment of consumption is
original, and founded on long experience and in
thorough investigation. My perfect acquaintance
with the nature of tubercles. &c., enables me to
distinguish, readily, ilie various limns of disease
that simulate consumption, and apply the proper
remedies, rdrely being mistaken oven in a angle
ease. This familiarity, in connection with cer
tain patliblogical and niicroseopie discoveries en
ables tne to relieve the lungs finis alto gllinno
contracted chests, to enlarge the chest, put*
the blood, impart to it renewed vitality, giving
energy and tone to the entire system.
Medicines with full directions sent to any part
of the United States and Caned.; by patients
communicating their symptoms hy letter. But
the cure would be more certain if the patient
should pay me a visit, which would gincilia un
opportunity to examine the, lungs and enable sic
to prescribe with much greater cerisiiity, rind
then the cure could be effected without my see
ing the patient
OFFICE, 1131 FILBERT Stitt:Er, (Old, No. 109,)
Below Twelfth,
August 5, 'Bs7.—iy.
Of all disease ; the great, first cause
SpringS front neglect of Nature's laws,
When a cure is guaranteed in ull stages of
Self-Abuse. Nervous Debility, Strictures, Meets,
Drivel, Diabetes, Diseases of the Kidney anti
Bladder, More uri di Rheumatism, Scrofula,
Pains in the Bones and Ankles, Diseases of the
Lungs, Throat, Nose and Eycs, Ulcers upon
the Body or Limbs, Cancers, Dropsy, Epilep
tic Fits, St. Vita's Dance, and all diseases ari
sing from a deranePment of the Sexual Organs.
Such as Nervous Trembling, Loss of Alamo
ry, Loss of Power, General Weakness, Dimness
of Vision, with peculiar spots appearing before
the eves, Loss of Sight, Wakefulness, Dyspep
sia, Liver Disease, Eruptions upon the Pace,
Pain in the buck and head, Female irregulari
ties, end all improper dischargesfrom both sexes.
It n•e tiers not from what cause the disease origi
nal, however long standing or obstinate the
ease, recovery is certain, and in at shorter time
titan n permanent cure can be effected by any I
other treatment, even after the disease has baf
fled the skill of eminent physicians and resisted
all their means of cure. The medicines are
plentimit without odor, causing no sickness land
freu Irons mercury or balsam. During twenty
years of practice, I have rescued front the jaws
of Dc ath many thousands, who, in the last sta
ges of the above mentioted diseases bad been
given up by their physicians to die, which war
rants me in promising to the afflicted, who may
place themselves under my core, a perfect and
most 'meetly cure. Secret eiseasee are the
greatest enemies to health, as they are the fir..t
cause of Consumption. Scrofula and many oth
er diseases, and should be a terror to the hu
man family. Asa permanent cure is scarcely
ever effected, a majority of alto cal es falling in
to the hands of incompetent person., u•ho not
only hint to cure the diseases but ruin the con
stitution, filling the system with mercury, which
with the disease, hastens the sufferer into a ra
pid Consumption.
But should the disease and the treatment not
cause death speedily and the victim marries, the
disease Is entailed upon the children, who are
born with feeble constitutions, and the current
of life corrupted by a virus which betrays itself
in Scrofula, Tester, Ulcers, Eruptions. and oth
er affections of the skin. Eyes, Throat and
Lungs, entailing upon them a brief existence of
suffering and consigning them to an early
- Nil-abuse is another formidable enemy to
health, for nothing else in the dread catalogue of
human diseases causes so destructive u drain
upon the system, drawing its thousands of vie
titus through a tow years of suffering down to uu
untimely grave. It destroys the Nervous sys
tem, rapidly wastes away the energies unite,
ciausos mental derangement, prevents the proper
devolopment of the system, disqualifies for mar-
-- -
Hoge, society, business, and all earthly happi
ness, and leaves the sufferer wrecked in body
and mind, eredisposed to Consumption and a
train of evils more to he dreaded than death it
self. With the fullest confidence I assure the
unfortunate victims of Self-Abuse that n speedy
and permanent cure can be effected, and with
the abandonment of ruinous practices my pa
tients can be restored to robust, vivorous health.
The afflicted are cautioned against the use of
Patent Medicines, for there are so many ingeni
ous snares in the columns of the public prints
to catch and rob the unwary sufferers that mil
lions have their constitutions ruined by else vile
compounds of quack doctors, or the equally poi
sonous ncstrums vended as "Patent Medicines."
I hove carefully analyzed many of the so-called
; Patent klialicines and find that nearly all of
them contain Corrosive Sublimate, which is one
of the strongest preparations of mercury and a
(lousily poison, which instead of curing the dis
ease disables the system for life.
Three-fourths of the patent medicines now in
use are put up by unprincipled and ignorant per
sons, who do not understand even the alphabet
of materia medics, and are equally us destitute
of any knowledge of the human system. having
only one object in view, and that to make mon
ey regardless of consequences.
Irregularities and all diseases of males and
females treated on principles established by ;
twenty years of practice, and sanctioned by
thousands of the most remit kettle cures. Medi
cines with full directions sent to .y part of the
United States and Canadits, by patients
nicating Shell symptoms by letter. Business
correspondence strictly confidential. Address
OFFICE, No. 1131 I , II.IIHRT r., Ohl No. I 09.)
- -
• -----
GI the first place then, there eletuld be it already exists in the States. That we ! 111 , • , .... .If . CA ',,.• man nettled Robison. To his spiritual I and the men went on as follows : "We
are told, fellow citizens, that Gineral Har
between us a full, frank and perfect un• hove no more right to attack slavery t ban iii ij p
,a i ar.,,, A , Tr advisers he said, that he got ofl at the first 1
derstanding. I appear before you as a total Virginia has to attack our common schools. C- - .. , ' ' ' seinen west of Altoona, thinking it was . . . .
neon is a mighty great gineral ; but I say
stranger. There is not one among ten That slavery is under the control of lo- --r Altoona, and expecting Norcross to follow. '
thousand of the citizens of this great me- sal State law, but in the Territories the case teems:men BY REQUEST.] When this discrepancy of these statements he's one of the meanest sort of ginerals.
teapot's with whom [ have the honor of ais widely different. There we have its TEM POOR OLD SLAVE. vois pointed out to him he had nothing to We are told here to-night, that he defend.
personal acquaiiitanee. And, as such good a right to dictate as they have. The tTwa,,, just one year ago
today any.
prigs ; but I tell you that on that °cert.
ed himself with great bravery at Fort
stranger, it would be impertinent in me 'Territories are the common inheritance ofA visitor asked him whether, when he
That I remember well,
left Gallitzin for.Altoonn, he took the rail
mon, he was guilty of the Brnall Tail
to ask or expect that nu should award the country, and in determining the char-I
walked out by my Nelly's side,
me your votes. I myself candidly Con- ncter of the governmet we have as much road or the country road. He 'mated'_ •
fess I have no claims upon you. But, right to our opinion and free_ action as A story for to tell;
ntely answered °the country road." N o e , Movement, and I challenge the orator here
fellow citizens, I stand before you this they. 'Two of a poor old darkey slave, the fact is that no road leads to Altoona present to deny it!'' The speaker decla.
. ,
evenin as the representative of certain And now allow ins to say st nething Who toiled for many near y ; but the, railroad. He might have reach- ed his utter ignorance of what ilia intruder
meant V 'Small Tail Movement.' l
fixed g ad deeply cheri s h e d principle s about the Wilmot proviso, [Cheers.] But now she's dead, and in her grave, ed Altoona by going down Sugar Run to
which are regarded as essential to the [The speaker then occupied Seale time Na master does she fear. Allegheny Furnace, but that is a road no
tell you,' said the man 'l've got it here in
welfare of the country and of each indi- in a history of the measure, with which. That poor old slave has gone to rast, stranger could find in duylight, much less
black and white. Here is Gritushaw's
vide among tie. If therefore, I can our readers are of course familiar.] That We know that she is free; at tw o or three o'clock in the morning.—
i n , i l t l ed ro ! d tate rv e l ,: a b t o i l t din sa g y u s p :
prove The variety of this position, if I can proviso, gentlemen has now grown into Disturb her not but let her rest,
a t man anni
ht,wouldg an
k throu gh eepa the
n t g a , n r - :
book, of t er he nd U
show to you that such truly is the case, reason, and I should be almost afraid to be Way down in Tennessee.
then I have a right to present myself to tried upon such a charge, even in your busy to find his way over tunnel hill.— '
She took my aril?, we walked awhile ' , At this critical moment; Gen, Harrison Har
you for your su ff rage and support in the own city. For, under the charge of con- Once on the oilier side, no person but one ,
preient contest. For then, fellow citizens structive treasin, it 18 made of anything. Oat in the open field, . exceedingly well acquainted with the executed a novel movement P Does the
in stonding by me, and you stand by your Treason is the aiding and assisting the And AS we walked, she paused awhile country could fi nd the Remington road ; , gentleman deny that ?"No, go on.' 'Well
selves; you preserve your own interests and '
enemy of one's countr3r in time of war And to his grave did steal ; and even if found, one who did not know he executed a nom/ movement. Now r here
the interests of your children. And I but in I,IIIICIIBIOr and in Kansas they c an She knelt down by that little mound, the path and footlogs, would soon lose iti is Johnson's Dictionary,' taking
the book
here assert plainly before you that I ask make treason out of anything. And softly whisper.l there— for tit places the waggon track is directly !
' out of •
his pocket and holding it up, and
no men's support—no man's vote—unless \\`t on the proviso tuns brought up in "Olt I Father deur, come take thy child r in the bed of the rivulet. i h . . , ,
he believes that in sustaining. me he SUS. Collgre,S, Douglass, of Illinois, and Mc- And wiped away a tear. During the trial, NicKim told one of ! en, it sa y s . • Novel—a mad tater—
tains his own best and highest interests.. Chem:it'd of Illinois, were the only two That pour oil
5i0,,..c has gone „ rest, s i c. the Illinois witnesses that the first time • And this was the kind of movement Gen.
We are told by most of the people of men of the North, who did not volt. for it ' - he sew Attix in Dubuque, he looked up-1 Ila7rison was guilty of. Now, I'm no so.
But since that time 110,11 6111;0 have changed,
the Democratic terry, by its press uni. In the Senate, the day precedi n g. tie: ad- on him us a man who would swear nnoth- : ger, and don't know much of
Poor N a ll y that was toy bride,
verstilly, by its politicians and statesmen jeurnatent. this bid was brought tip. Th e er's life away, and yet en the gallows lie • ,
PIIILADDLPIIIA. 1 everywhere that lye have no right to Ills hour of ailjourinunin was fixed for 12. At' Now shit is dead and hi her gnsve, declared most emphatically that he' never ticirtacka—but this Ido say, a man who,
Aug.s ; 's7.sly.
Chme to the old slave's side ;
S the face of an enemy, is guilty of a
cuss the slavery question. The friends al.. and at half past 11 John Davis of sate Attix until be saw him in the Court
241 WITNESSES j of tny antegonWs in this canvass maintain alassachu,etts, rose to speak ageinm it.— And nilin> " ' then 1 ' num ' lin Cl°4 House of Blair comity ! iardl Ta,l Movement, is not fit to be
Zi Oft TOE , the seine ground, and assume the seine He continued s itakin .. until
rightfdeciding• ' The meadows far and wide,
; I,the hour of , .
o upon the great question, adjournment, and defeated the bill. And I ' l ' ll I "e" but 1 " "'''' grave, Auuther cum, in point, end lam done. President of the United States, dIC
His bitterer[ invectives were against 11r.'' tates, an e
t .. 1 :: o :.ii t a - . II R r 0 NATI er•lt'rne 1 anaPhrter t• h -
viii • • • . • ' • .' 'd
a line, ler nps, they , ex• when the hour of adjournment arrived Close by lily dnriiiiS side. shan't "et in vet i'
3 , •
Fleck, who tt stifled to McKiin's takinrs ' "'' -' '
John S. Dye, Author, tend their requirements still further, and fell ow ciiize ne , Gen, ci es , rAt.p i ,,,l up t o Now tlmse dear ones are all at rest,". The relater of the anecdote se s t
breakfast nt his house en the morning or ! y hat it
Who fins had 10 years experience as a Banks dictae to us tyke[ books we must read Mr 0 vi nod told h• that I •I•
d been the murder. 'This "McKim denied and was quite Impossible for him to overcome
_ , . 4., MI at le la We know that they are free ;
der and Puldisher, and author of "A aeries of d d •
an n pit we mu st reject. (Applaus , s) the instrument of defeating the most un- gave an accurate description of Kearney's the effect of this speech and we are left to
..I', Lectures at the Broadway Tabernocle," when
Disturb them not b ut let Mein rest
Afor 10 successive nights, over 50,000 People But this ground is false and 00.1118 t, nut portant bill before the Senate. Such gen. Way down in Tomes:tee. house as the place where he breakfasted. c onc l u d e that ilia vote of that vicinity was
Cermet] him with rounds of applause, while basil either upon rea-on or upon right.— ti cmen , was Gen. Cass !
.......,____------....-.............. It may be that Ficek lens mi''',"". and given to Van Buren.—Recolicetions of a
Gi)lie exhibited the manner in which Counter- No question should be shut out from di, All the loliticiane of Pennsylvania TO•
"' ll i'• i yel. it is not at all uttlikely that *he was at . .
®!chars execute their frauds, and the surcst and co, iit nor from n't ti I '' II • I I I
Lvettine. By 8. G. Goodrich (Peter
in gt I on, am es y ter , inn every man upon the floor of the
„,,,,, !
,4 . •, .e c r il a iiji . , both place, The evidence duly went to
3 sh or tes t
~, n o i t i e a tr i s ts o i f e
s detecting
establish the murder's presence in Alton. Prrrlcy.
~,,, gravers
say thao e e s , when it is a question upon the correct llmise was instructed to vote against the 1 ,--:>`-'' . i'..l '
. the greatest Judge of Paper Afenov living , solution of which such important inter extension of akivere In the Seuete 'I r : — na, and yet in almost the same breath with I
ClI) Greatest discovery of the present century eats depend. Upon this particuTar sub. : Bigli • his ' '
~ .I. recorded sentitnenrs for all .
, " !
THE .LATE DAVID B. DIOXIDE; which he denounced Fleck, he twice ac. How the Devil Lost.
0 for detecting Counterfeit Bank Notes. De- i i h . .si• I I
[As everything relating to Alclitto is of knowledged being, in Altoona on the new. 'The following is too good rob e lot. We
+'a scribing every genuine hill in existence, anti I: c ; ' ,,, --t
9 it., ton n human elavery—it conins , tines by voting in the a ffi rmed. e,
i i i . exhibitin g at a glance every counterfeit in '" - "P' ssibk '''''"l' d i l ;enssin •• limnistiss and ed the ayes and nays to verity the , '"'''''''''s t h e following article addressed to nine, of the tragedy ! ~ , clip it from an exchange papr, and re.
E!", s , circulation 1! Arranged so admirably, that applause.) Abu), sit Inn gishe is moll, fact. 'Tit, Dentocra,:e party ' , Mee that ' the Philudelphia Bllllelill Will aid in throw- But it is usslos to purstie this subject spectfully call the attention to it Of certain
relcrence is easy and detection instantimeou s . will resist opprt•ssinn 'when t
he is its vie ea •h , •I , ' ' '' ' '
- . beige... i , , t •,--- ,• e.ot t o the
. tog light on his conduct before his execu• , yin ,
further. Ili a cnrt•er in Reading, Pon's- ' 1 ,,,,,,,, ) „, who f ee l disposed to spread in the
No index to examine !No pages to I • II'• l' • ' •111 I I- '
• and Long rmal proves that he was
„lima up f But so simplified and vet • e. 1"'"' n ' '''' ' gn ' ''' '' " "1 ''' a ' '`' ell ' ' l "' " •''' l '''' ' : ' ''''''''
newspaper line:
oil that the Merchant, Banker and Busitles'eniteM kindled who. ht. heholds his fellow sub: t h. . ,
~ ; ~ . . , . . , - villa
an untintigattd liar, and there was not a
i‘lesers Editors :—The grave
tetin see all at a glance. English,Frencli and jeeted to the ,11111 e itlditZtlitieß. W.. wad i n ; . .
•'''' . 1 l''' 'ers" over alcKun, and his soul hits„ winged its I d
ou pretentious of inhocence, but what wealth, wns visited by his Satanic males,
Al i Germaut. Thus each may read the •
te same in of n vain and presunt,tunits prince who , i ' n •• 1, 6 ,, 1 i ,,„,, dn.. :nun.
Olds nun native tongue. blast perliicr Bank in his renal arroaence 1 .,5 il te as LI '. ,-, • ' ' .
t e statements he 'mud, ty, who tempted him ttsta - f'
?Note List published. Also a list of all the - . ,_,
..... i . 1,• I ,tt er . tie weignml the chences and preferred crete of the heart are known—whew lie ` • '
=Private Bankers in America. A complete to beat latch the heaving, of stir of °cern the former, find let m e here say that that , ' ' e were lies, indignant .d black us hell f , •., •
and dr ceptton avail not. Far be it frown ;we'. . fur all the money he could use.
's.,?sittnutary of the Mono of Europe and A. from the shore, Th e . t os s taken upon inan will be a rarity who after twenty
. „,
int. to are or dn nuything to h arr ow up if t
The bargain was concluded, the devil gave
merges will be published in each edition, t o - thernselv es by those wh o attempt to rir- years of pubtienl life, will ellen, - those whe..- 1 1PYR ti7o - lone and ener- '
„:, ,icther with,!ll , !l L e ,
. i!ti p_e Tait off . m . s .3 f tha day. . reNt ... !!!" . l
. !liS .. O . a . BBiorl
... slit , yery
! will he
.ee . ht.. nc0 . ',, i ,,,,t . et, 111, i i , 1a ~ A.,,,,,,A pt ,'..,( t rho f ee In ° , 1 . t . h .. e. respemable relatives I
firra 11:hick - it was delivered, and then • the inoney, and was at last to have the
literate in the Lot s ft furnishes the moat corn- ''' - r - 1 - t` .1, .
15 '
._ ..• • kod, rent th, .o,trttrat MOO .1., 1.............__ ~,,„
d int
iiktory or "oriental 1 ire ” De.erii,- King : ( Winn , . (Applause.) noun I •.'"d II"' c ''''' l i l • l 'in". tie rend it, !them " Neither have 1 any thirst for no.
. . g iv en on t he trial, an wmf ft? -6,-- -"'• more money than the devil could lurnish.
r • ilia the Must perplexing positions in which . This, felloWEllii,lg• i 8 nn .:I'`l. ,, let Tr .... t sips. au•l then mit up •t conveni e nt dodge ' Lonely ;but, but, actuated by a sole desire to written the conclusion must have foreed .
Odle ladies and gentlemen of that Country lion. It 1113'8 ,11, the foOrldallell 0( 111,11103 f or th e deveh,p..iii-ut 01 squatter sower !Hive jostler done to the witnesses who • . ~ .
.. . _ , Years passed away ; the man married, was
itself upon their minus no • .ucu an ,
~..have been so often found. These stories will and virtn, It san ettnint•tolv practical ~i.t, , T • •tc-, rd., to the muds shown in -. ' db ' 1 't•r t • h' living, b '1 1
,ex ra, ugan in is at t enlaces
ri continue throughout the whole year, tool will
~- .
net , _
_,._,..• _ .
..-' •.) • . ' ' - , . ••• . were teeloiged and Ira uced y the cu etra th e criminal ever expiated crime
sierove the must entertaining ever (afore,' to 9.. 0, 0'...—a ( 1 1 .° 11 " 4 "" "I.° of us hi, Ntcholson letter. I hts wits the parts. prim but a sae minutes before he appeared lii on the
,gallows in this or any other coun. I speculated widely; lost and gave away
the public. .is called upon to mil ve—a question that Hues of that ilea -- popultp• sovereignty. h,f„,, the bar of the Alinightyel have try, -
I fin:tunes, and yet his co ff ers were always
onerously upon tie all. It is n 'Now lam a poor man, but I will put u
~ tf. . l . '. i xislAl N e f t ; ee e , k s l i i i lt s o t s esu c i a eo t s • ss to „ t i l y, bears alike on
P concluded to make a statement such aB, • I conoulted Mr. Alcelttre in mord to 1 .. •
. ,' tre- than of immense importance whether $l,lO, mid pay it too, to any roan who•will I hope, will remove any doubt as to the , this
mat, . , ,
._ , full. He turned politician, and bribed his
JOHN S. DYE, BROKER, Pabiellier ,-; q .
statement, rind he is willing to certify ,
this fair domain shall be controlled by s h ow in ,. that s l t •
~ tatter sovereignty few guilt of 11cKim, if any such doubt may way to power and fettle, without reducing
:Proprietor, 70 Wall Street, New fork.
' to the entire truth of what I have sla
p April 22, 1857.-ly. those who would suppress the right of ever heard of until that Nichols. letter ave been raised by the soleinn assert,. led, if necessary. U. J. JONES. his "pile'' of gold. He became a fillibus
spe. ch or not, ' !nee that a pectin! was mule public Even by the South h
ens o f a dying man
itol , t ') 1g57
I c Hollidaysburg, A , , _ , ! . ter, and fitted out ships and armies but
CbeapeSt "JOb Printing" 01111C0 . questien ? It is a questioti between two this was denounced as a humbug--even shortly . ' •
, y ate r the arrest of N cl lin, on _.______...........--
his banker honored all his drafts. He went
IN TIE:F.I C_OUINIT'Va s y s e ens ef lalmr. ~ hether labor shall by the ,oath it received no countenance the day lie was expected to arrive at ILA- A Deaf Hans Appreciation of Eloquence.
. . .
• he rt. , d ,t ,ble, laudable, h nornhle or
-•.-- -•••••••• ;-• at the Molds of their politicians--they , II ..1 ) I ll.d D. •sh.l , I.
Ire hen',, now ~,,,le ~ ,, ,,h ,,,,,,,111,ment8 in our • , , 1 ... . • Il,ay s urg, ca r upon t he splay 0111 V Ot 3re ttlOS an an e c d ote oa .
J o s r i,e, s „ . ., „ell cantle „ s ,„ do tin ia m b, I t whether it shall beer the bra nu et i isgrace even, preferred the proviso, Sheriff, John McClure, Esq., and inade a man's being present on nn occasion when rates of Interest for all the money he could
Jots Printing at 20 per eekat. of servitude, rind of dishonor. Isn't that In the history of this proviso fellow cit. propesition to him to go into partnership
n elm tient South Caro'ina orator was borrow; but though the devil made wry
, a prectical question ? (Cries of ..Yes i.— w en s you will read the decline of the
• • •, -• • and publish n life, trial und cot& ssioit of a 1
ciaeaper rates
faces when he came to pay the bilk •
bills, 'Than any Oltatee in
! the County. yes l'') Demscratic party. but who has abandoned the murderer, if the latter could be had , speaking, und after many e ff orts to catch
they were all paid. One expellent after
Gire es e sell.' 11 we den' , gt , etairesncl'lee - But there is a question of even higher that party, they or I ? We were togeth- ,11 r, alcClure expressed a fyillingness to something of what was said, exclaimed at
tion, no charge at all will he made. _ - - .. ,
importance thon this: a question of civil'. e r tit that Bute, where are they now ? I enter into such an arrangement, and t lust: another hulled; the devil counted the time;
b• ! , sf,j„„zugs T zation nr :barbarism Whether civi iza• will read you a speech delivered by Mr., gave him the necessary instructions how 'Who is that speaking?' only two years that he must wait fur the
BLANKS) BLANKS! hall carry the beautiful standrd of Broadhead, which will find in the Con
over the teeming plains of the gr..ional Glebe, Feb. Dtb, 1847, It was •
i to proceed.
The week before the trial was to take '\\ 'then' C. Proton,' was the reply. in ! soul, mid mocked the efforts of the despai.
a loud tone. • ring man. One more trial was resolved
61.azial. wide West, or whether it shall sink into delivered before the treaty with Mexico place, McClure celled upon me and sta.
.Who did you say ?' persisted the unfor- upon—the man started a newspaper ! The
A /peered astmenierti of Blanks of all de • degri.dation nod a semi-civilized condition wes m a de and the subsequently acquired ted that the Alcicsasmatter wile fixed, and ,
eeriplions fuse printed and lir sate at the akin to barbarism. Whether a civilize. territory came into our possessian. He that he promised a confession, in case 01• ultimo would-be listener. devil growled at the end of the first guar •
esemead wee."
free oflaw and justice—a civilization of rep. i•lf n bill of that kind were before conv.ction, for 850, which sum he wanted .well, well,' returned the querist. .I ter, was savage in six months, melancholy
A itpointin't of Referees, Common Bond, ' free epeech, a free press and free labor, l h., n on I
se would vote for the exclusion to enable hills ke fee another lawyer, A can't hear a word he or • •' ' • d broke , "de a d bk "
you are raying., in nine, nnbroke," e, at the
Notico to Referees, Jutlttlnent. Notes :
• shall prevail in the fertile west, or wheth• o r slavery from such territory." day or two after we went to his cell and ,
summons, Vend. Notes •
Jericho' don't he !Rake the mo. end of the year. So the newspaper went
er the bowie knife and revolver shall reign After a while Nie erritory was acquired there tallied the matter over. McKim but, great • •
Net:cull:ma, ConstithHe Sales,
&ire Farina, Subpoenas, supreme over th e Fair country; whether wl,en Mr. 11. said the proviso wits on stated that he had received a remittance dons splendid.' down, but the soul was saved.
Co:mil:Mils, Deeds, greet questions of human right shall b . co sser y ;it (the territory) would he free and paid his lawyers, and had use only This anecdote reminds us of a scene
Warrants, Mortgages, . calmly and with dignity discussed sipon edits therefore heap restriction. The fur isss; tlett if we would ',drums, him that took place in a New England court,
Commitments, Bond to ideinnify Constable, &e. the fleor of Congress, or whether Con- thil'il dodge was that the proviso was un- , tins sum, in case of a conviction, he would ,
when p • 1 , 1 ,., ,
twiny years ago. Prentiss . tut.n,
' l tt'''."`'''''''''''''''' -- '''''''''-- ---- - 1, - , gresional issues are to be deters mss b
Y constitutional, and Ibis eats what might • furnish us with a confession; and, tf ac
_ (afterwods Chief Justice of Slatne,) was
tioluttral. the bludgeon. (Prolonged applause,) ,
! Are not these practical questions ? (cries have bean expected. I bow to the decis•
ion the Court, when y say Deed Scott , quitted, he would refund the money.
With this understanding we left. The I practicing at the bar. He was counsel for
of yes ,yes ! while per centre, a number i s no t ae, though I clo t h e t believe it, yet conversraiint, of course, was confidential, the phlittlifl in a case, in which the defen
- • - -- -----'-------- -----'
of persona in the ml•ent•l and at the let him be slave; but there is no tribu but 1 iolerined A. F. Osterloh and 0. A. dant, who was present at the trial, was
bark of the nuchence below left the Hall) mil nod, hoven to which I subtnit nly . 'Tiaugh before the trial, nod Wm. A.
The American Republican mind:date
'me deuf as Ailsa crag."
Then let tile proceed too a practical dis- •
.Igetent and conscience. flow are we
Stoke,, ES, Orle of the counsel for t he ,
As the counsel warmed in his argumen,
for Governor, addressed a vast audience OUSsion of the minter. But fi rst i take j to u judge 1 1)o not our Courts beak down Commottwei j ilth, mimed; ttety alter the ;
on last 7,londay evening, in Philadelphia. the opportunity to repel the slanders voin• front their decisions ? 1' d e it is a 1 r
trie s of the rrant - lemma we had meths and was "making the motions splendid,'
se_ out against me by a venal and pane['.
011 the fi rst
of court I. toll Ale' 'lore ' the defendant who knew that he was the
at Jayne's new hall Chesnut street.— i . 1
coomion custom to revise the decisions of
f rho tuted press of this city—fur I tell you that our Suprem«. Court every five years ! to pay Meliiut the money, a m l 1 ~,,uld theme of all this impassioned eloquence,
Long previous to the appearance o
this slavery poisons all who come within ••
.... It r , rt vet that W e Ore unable to print reimburse Min the week felowing—
speaker, the floor of the Hall was fully . .
c " made many effors to hear what to . go.
its influence—the organ of the Umnoera
iliaremainderr the " ,, "1" ninn's very "I which he agreed. As he never called up
occupied by a multitude, whose imatience lislewhich h 6. 4 , i
~, ,
•res on. This lasted same time, the lawyer ,
cy, as a .in out t s els sin
speech. We have full nines, but on it, for the money, I. was at a less to ' !
could scarcely be checked by sho t s piritedomient
Glance of truth. prams. and rectitude, a must terminate hero. The remainder of knew whether McKim refueed to take it, . gettmg more noel 'noes earnest and de-
Strains of a fine band of music. The hall
P ress which h. parted with every part: : s
toe reworks couststed ~r on ulli,etja.g ex 01• hed taken it mid returned it itgam, but monstrative, and the un f ortunate party get
was brilliantly lighted, and by the time
cle of whatever Inn,: and cher ter wi. po-ition of slavery US it 110 W exists, and his speech in the court. houee, before Eon- !
! ring nearerand nearer to the speaker, hol-
Mr. Wilmot presented himself, the gallon.
Imparted to , it by , its earlier matingers. [a of the views entertained towards it by tenet: was passed tneggered my belief that '
ies arid passage ways were completely
ding hi hand to his ear, in assiduous but
voice 'allot s so and hearty applause.] such
patriots as Jefferson. Washington, : he ever would make a confession of any
n . .
crammed with people. Among the sea of ,
b I 'II •fl ts tocatch a word or two of
God for give then), I say, tor e min., Patrick Henry, the 'Masons of Vir- kind. I took tin early opportunity to IIIi." . " - •
upturned faces , we recognized many of .
attired menditcity towards me [the 1111111 a• ginin. The gentleion sat down amid communicate my suspicions to Mr. Ale- the phillipic. , ! !
those of our most prominent literati and
gars of the paper referred to] and for their
• Clure, but be informed me that McKim At last his patience failed h i m, and tit- !
professional men, who are, beyond the are. the heartiest applause. ,
perversion of all that is right into rill dint . 5 ,
, still told him that it ems ..all right." On tarty forgetting all considerations of time, •
na cg, pol.tio, and whose presence lent
wrong Everywhere the press 18 venal-- 1 INIVOCEN'r .131 USEM --e
ENT.—Bishop sney, the strength of this, 1 even wrote to 11. B , place c„4 propriety, he burst out as fol.!
dtgnity to the occasion. ,
paid for advocating the mit.e of slavery, of Totinesse, is not opposed to the c!ultiva. Aslinumil for the estimated cost of 10,000 , :
Mr. Wilmot made his entree, conduct.
ed by R. D. W s ilkinsoti, the band playing . 'I hat particular res i s t c a n, tabs a matt . wed-' [ion of innocent innuseuteti ) t. 1118 pleasant pamphes. Two weeks later, AlcChire '''",
' ..r. can't beer a work of [what you're sey•
ded to impracticab e ant u grata !dens, disposition is y The following could get no setisfitction out of him. no .
ee the Comfbering Hero Comee."—
mg Squire Mellins, but I swear you
is incessantly aspersing tie. . Linen ad reitirk flus :illustrates !
. dvclared his innocence of the crime most
Hon. Chas. Gilpin President of the meet- '
'ne and tr. i Ihr y a g T t vehemently to the very man whom he
m i ensu
. 8
. u . iter y ..:. t t :ears n ss . ea _0 ,. ; h
ing, then stepped forward end announced . Y""'„'_,l,
o ,.l'P' in g,.
A Crushing Exposure.
beingapple, to pia r i ce ~,, With 1111' Wife 111 • fiddle an a horse Onfession !
Mr Wilinot's presence, after which Alex- incapable ~„ , • ) promised a c
speech maker, in the western part of Clir Why is a vain young lady like a
The eon me '''. i.".""rnet — a r adie"'; I R.. 1.1 horse and balkev nre It will thus he seen that he had a con- A
ender H Freeman sad thirteen other gen . . , ~ . , , , . , tne sit ,t 3. , y ,
1 he State of Vir inin during n Preside. confirmed drunkard ? Because neither of
ham. , nut a single wen, ann that uteri
tleman were appointed Vino Presidents, ~ . , t o , ,
:1 , lo ng since gone, bill illy tv,1..• and fiddle fission ,',) make. The reason why he did t g i . . . . .
unconstitutional a melon in s a, ery.
mit make ais evident. bulisequent events • tial canvass, has given us the following, them is ',imbed with a moderate use of
and Mr. Enoch Taylor and a number of
remain as good as new ?"
other gentlemen Secretaries. Mr. Gil- . This is a gross slender. find I here pub
_ ______.......sene—s—• prove that he had inns. up his mind to . anecdote. Ile was holding forth upon the the glass.
pin then gate 'daces Mr, Wilmot to the ' Italy challenge any one to nide-site it set • s,.
sow A pa: er giving an account of •Tou- e as e the gallows by either omit - ring from
merits of General Harrison, and especial
" What is f T.l brio • " •
v its ceyging? in
audireace, as "our chosen standard bearer 0" act in my career, which testifies to oily , 0
.„. France,
"It is a law loon, prison or committing suicide, and under
upon his courage, tact, and success as a
such assumption. There is a respect,' bit. ' ' .
this hallucination he labored up to the day 'I . ! quired a dealer in that article. ..Bringing
during the present Gubernatorial contest. ''
i .
• military commander. Wl •1 '
ii e in the
volume of lay speeches and p olitical pa. contanitng friss.
H'a"'"uls Inhabitants on which he was executed.
men to the gallows!" was the reply.
Mr. W., amid hearty cheers then said ;
. . .
w ith pets in print, let any one examine it who ,bail entir , ly rf brick:" This is equal- : Hut if there is any other evidence wan • of bus discourse, a tall, gaunt inan—whe ________.„...-....—......_
I as -ear before you, fellow citizens,
inuch di ffi dence, fully conscious that 1 cht.oses, and it he find oily ground for such led Ollly , bye known description of Alba- ring not elicited at the trial, look at his in ems probably a schoolmaster in those parts cer.H.w is it,' said a man to hi s
an assertion, I um willing to retire from
To his counsel he • _
cannot meet your expectations, I invoice, •
ny which runs thus :—"Alballoy is a cite mil:ruoos statements.
arose from the crowd, and said, in a neighbor, ghat our pardon, the laziest man
ki n d this canvars I. fellow citizens, am a prac. .
staled, that on tl.e. Illumine. Norcross was 1
therefore, your indulgence and your
of eight thousend houses. and twenty- fi ve . h f I voice which penetrated the whole assem. l living, can preach such long sermons l'
est consideration for the few unpremedita. Beal States Rights man.
I murdered, lie got off the cars a out omen ,
I want to nx you a 'Why,' said his neighbor, 'he hi too le_
thousand inh n bit an t s , issia moat o f their kniles nest of Altoona, in order to meet n I hiy, "Nlister, Mister!
red and unprepared remarks which [shall I I hold that we have no power under
make to you this evening, 1 Congress to meddle with slavery where ruble ends to the dtrort !" 1 friend, leaving Norcross in charge of a question." 'l'o this the orator (resented, zy to stop.'
VOL. XXII. NO. 37.
How he Lost Hie Hair.
A Norfolk paper tells the following sto-
i Uri Osgood and Jonathan Aiken were
on opposite sides of politics in Grundy
county last fall, and the fight between
them—they were running for Congress—
grew warm and desperate. One day,
when they met on the stump, Uri, whose
head was bald, and should therefore have
bees cooler, in the midst of his indignation
turned upon Jonathan, and said :
.1 think, sir, you have but one idea in
your head, and that it is a very small one
and if it should swell it would burst it."
Whereat Jonathan got very red in the
Ince, and looking for &moment at the bare
and venerable head of his °Refloat asked
if h e should say what he thought of him :
'Say on; said Uri.
.Woll, I think you haven't one in your
head and never had. There's one scratch
ing around on the outside, trying to get
in, till it has scratched all the hair off; but
it's never got in and never will.'
Uri was silent.