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The Apple Harvest of 1857 has arrived,
And if you wish to make money, please your
customers and save canvassing agents (who can
maks one,
two mod even three hundred dollars
per month) from supplying the goods in your
town and county whirl, you ought to sell, you
con do it by sending ten dollars for a sample co
py containing six - of Pratt's Apple Parer's
(250,1)0ti already sold) and Prati's Apple :Slicer,
(0 new article,) and one thousand printed circu
lars to distribute in your town or county. By
so doing you will find no trouble in ordering
and selling at a very large profit ten, twenty or
oven a hundred dozen machines during the SCR
PRArr'S APPLE PARER was patented in
1853. Having a loose head or knilb carrier so
arranged as to readily adjust itself to the ine
qualities of the SU rfaCe I,l* apples, or other fruit,
Oa working qualities of which have proved to
excellent and udrantngeous to the community,
that the munufacturers, Messrs. Sargent & Fos
ter, have already been called on to supply more
than hall a million machines. •
company the Purer, was patented in 1855. It is
a small neatly constructed machine, and like its
ccinipnniou, the Parer, dues most excellent
work, cutting is about ll , c seconds, ouch apple
into twenty-two equal perm, leaving, without
winds', only a small core to bo 111110Ved, A
child con readily work either Parer or Slicer at
a speed preheat three bushels per hour.
Retail price of each $1,50. All orders by
mail Of othciwise should, to meet p rom pt at m,
tion, he addressed to E. L. rIiATT,
617 Stinson' St., Philadelphia, Pa.
All persons indebted to the undersigned by
note or book account, are requested to call and
make payment on or before the lot day of No.
vember !text. All notes and book accounts
remaining unsettled after that date, will posi
tively be sued out without respect to persons.
.1. N. SWOOPE.
Alexandria, Aug. 12, 1857.
V.E.RY supzaron trria:z.
Persons desiring a rcry superior while lime
can new obtain it of the subscriber, ns be has
just put into operation, a large drawddln, built
upon an improved plan, and producing daily,
lurFe 9nantities of the very bcul quality. With
facilities unsurpassed, and limestone pure as
any found in the state, he feels confident that
he can render coat plete satisfitetion to those
who give him n call. The attention of Buil.
deco, Farmers and all wishing to buy lime, is
respectfully invited no well to his low runes, as
to the quality of his lime.
c o tr e , Run, September 2,157.-2 m.
If It
D l7 virtue of direction the last will of Ho
p bert Allison, late of the borough of Hun•
tingdon, deceased, the undersigned as Adm'e
with the will annexed, will self at public sale
the following described rein estate, as fellows,
On Salurday, the 10th of October, 1857,
at the Diamond in said borough, Two and a
half lots of ground in the borough of Hunting.
don, fronting on the northern side of 11111 st,,
and extending to Washington street, having
thereon a two story brick dwelling, A. , 4
st (Alice, carriage house. stable,
. ' &e., being numbered in the plan or said
town, 1110, 101, stud western half of 90, and
each subject to the one dollar ground rent.—
T wo o th er l o ts in said lioroughiet the corner of
Washington and Smith sts., extending from
Washington to Mifflin St., being Nos. 1311 nod
137 in said plan, enclosed by a fence, one ha.
sing a stable, and the other a blacksmith's
shop thereon, on which the ;pound remit is re•
tensed. ALSO:
Two other adjoining lots in said borough, at
the corner of 511111i0 and Franklin sts., each
fronting 50 feet on Mifflin, and extending to
Church sh, being Nos. 208 and 20!) in said
plan, enclosed, and subject to said ground rod.
A tract of land situate in ffenderson tp., flan•
ii nA nl eii county, toljtiinitig lands or John Mc
Cuban's heirs, of Dr. William Swoope, of Mrs.
Colas, of Jacub Foci:ler, of George Taylor and
land of others, c•nilaiuing
• 390 Acres,
mere or less, of shich about 120 acres are
cleared, with a dwelling house, frame bank
hum, orchards and other improvements there
on, now in tenure of Andrew Decker.
'On Friday, the 2Mh day of Sepkmber, 1857,
nt Altoona, Blair County, a tract of patented
land, situate in Alegheny township, in said
county, adjoining• land of- Glass; - Allen
McCartney, Elliot Bahr and others, contain.
244 Acres,
more or less, of which about 70 acres are
cleared, with a house and barn thereon. lying
2} miles from Altoona and now occupied by
Anthony Swiers, as tenant.
Ott 2'hursday Me 241/ of September, 1857,
at Ebensburg, in Cambria county, ainilf lot of
ground in the borough of Ebensburg, situate
on the south side of Iligh st., it being the nor•
them half of lot No. 139 in the plan of said
borough, having thereon a twthstory frame
dwelling and other improvements, now occupied
by Mrs. 11.1Iuteli:son.
On Wednesday, the 23t7 of t%ptetaber, 1857,
at Chest Spring I'. 0., in Cambria county, a
tract of lane situate in Allegheny. and Clearfield
townships, in said county, adjoining lands of
Thomas Adams, Joseph Athens, Michael Fitz.
gibbons, dames McMullin and others, containing
180 Acres,
nu, or less. of which 30 acres are cleared,
with a small log house and barn thereon, now
occupied by William McKinzie, nod within
about one, mile of Chest Spring, part of a tract
surveyed in the name of William Hodge and
One•fourth of the purchase money to be paid
on the lot of January, 1858, to the undersigned
at Huntingdon, when and where he will deliver
a deed, upon the purchasers paying as afore
said, and giving their judgment bonds and
mortgages to secure the balance of the pur-
chase money in three equal payment.; viz:
ono on the lst April, 1859, one lot April,
1860, and the other on let April, 1861 ; the
whole balance to bear interest hem let April,
1858, payable yearly. The purchasers to have
possession as landluds nn Ist January, 1858,
subject to the rights of tenants and to be end•
tiedto the rent falling due after that date.
Administ aloe de boas non.
Change Of Time.
On and after Thursday, September 3d, Pas
seuvrer Trains on the 11. & B. I'. R. R. will
Leave Huntingdon at BA. and 4P. 11.
Arrive nt " 2.30 P. hI. A 8.40 "
Messrs. Breinstee d Whittaker
By request of uutnerous friends, I respectful.
ly offer myself us a candidate for the Legisla.
Coalmont, August 13th, 1857.
splendid assortment of Stout, Crocks for
e by 1). GROVE.
[1%,1"!r „J ' IU i/lirtill tit ell.]
The undersigned Auditor, appaihted by the
Orphans' Court of Huntingdon county, to din..
tribute the balance in the hands of Samuel T.''
Brown, Esq., Administrator de bonia eon of
William Buchanan, late of Brady township,
deceased, amongstlhose legally entitled thereto
hereby gives notice to all persons interested,
•that be will tattled for the purpose of making
said distribution, on Thursday the Bth of Oc•
tuber next, at one o'clock I'. M. at his office
in the borough of Huntingdon, when and
where all persons having claims are required
to ;resent the same to the undersigned Autli•
tor, or else be debarred from coming in upon
said Nfld. THEO. H. CBEMER,
Huntingdon, Sept. 2,1857.-4 t, Auditor.
VIE subscriber being desirous of removing to
j the west, otters his farm situated in West
tr., on the road leading from Petersburg to Me.
Alavey's Fort. for sale. His farm adjoins land
of William Armstrong, Thomas F. Stewart, and
others, containing about
265 Acres,
About 170 acres clamed, and is a good state
of cultivation. The balance id well timbered.
iThe improvements are is , 4
Mi 't 1.}, , House, and a small t,1 ,4 c '
;;E; r it e tr . :, .. B ., ol;:g ur ba.,k
Iliere is also On the premises a young or
chard, and water is piped to the door Irons ft
never failing spring of winter. This plantation
is highly productive, being good limestone
Inn& It is situated within 21 miles of Peters
burg where the railroad and canal passes Ours'.
The subscriber is anxious to sell at private sale
—and if not sold will sell it at public sale, on
the premises, un Saturday, the 17th day of thr.
toiler next.
Terms made easy to suit purchaser;
F 9.11, ►
In Porter 'l'l► , Huntingdon Co., Pa,
The subscriber will ull't•r ut l'ohlie Sale, en
the premises, on 'Tuesday the 20th of October,
1857, the farm on which he now resides, cun•
265 Acres and 139 Perches.
with allowance. 180 acres of which is cleared
and inn good state of cultivation, the balance
is well timbered.
„, , i4l!f The improvements area large frame
i 1011.3 and new bank barn, with all.llWit
” ' the itecessary outbuildings. It is very
well watered, and is a very desirable location;
three miles southwest of Alexandria, in whet
is con e d the Loup. For further particulars
enquire of the owner on the
Administrator's Notice.
IVidice is herehy given, That Letters of Ad•
iniiiktration on the estate of Isabella it. Stitt,
lam if Dublin township, dee'd., having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons indebt•
ed lu said estate, are requested to make inime.
dime payment, and those having Maims agaimt
the same will present them duly authenticated
for settlement, to A. D. STITT, Adm.
Aug 213,'57:6t..*
Administrator's Notice,
',tit,. of ~hui,,istratithn or the estate of
Win. Rutter, late of the village of Orhisonia,
dee'd., having been granted to the undersigned
all persons indebted to said estate are required
to make immediate paytnent, and those having
e:aims against the same will present them du
ly autheuticated fur settlement.
Executor's Notice,
ETTERS Testamentary on the estate of Ca.
tharine M. (i win, late of the borough of
Huntingdon, dee'd., having been granted to
the . undersigned, all persons indebted to said
estate are hereby notified to rile payment,
and those having claim to present theta fur
W. I'. OR BISON, Ex,
The store of J. & W. Saxton is now open liar
sale, by wholesale and retail of the entire im•
incline stock of goods at grcat ly reduced prices.
Deiders and all others who hare the cash
can he accommodated at auction prices. Terms
x• 100 Socks Ground Alum Salt and 60
to. Plaster to be disposed of.
Att'ys for Creditors.
DAVID GROVE: informs the citizens
Huntingdon and, vicinity., and the public go:
ernlly, that he has opened a Grocery Store c
11111 street, Huntingdon, u few doors west
\V,n. Orhison's residence, where ho will at r
times be prepared to suvplr customers with
at wholesale and retail. Sugars, Coffee, Teal
Molasses, Cheese, Spisos, Confectionariei
flatus, Salt, Brooms, Buckets, Segara,
co, .I:e., &.e.; in fact, every article usually het
in a Grocery Store.
As I am determined to sell cheaper than flu
cheapest, I want everybody to calland ft:maim
my stock and prices. DAVID GROVE.
Huntingdon, July 29, '57.1y.
\riYEIMI t ,
Wholerale Dealers iu Prorisions,
coituticuciA ROW,
sEr Agents for Fairbanks' Settles.
Porcelain Boilers and Pans, of eve.
ry description, for sale at the Hardware Store of
The undersigned offers himself to the median.
ice and working men of Huntingdon County ;
as an independent candidate for Assembly.
Morris tp., Sept. 2,'27. JAcou %Veto..
$130.0 Oe i h e u 'r tiL lut fo u r h a l few l }T;u c il i g 3 t a ue r trt:
make a large salary without investing a capi
tal. the above is no 'three cent catch-penny,'
or humbug to introduce Patimit Medicines,
Books, Sc. For an outfit, enclose stain'. for
return postage. Address T. S. CARTER,
Box No. 8, Lawrence, Bias%
June. 8, '67:-Bm.
TO he awardcd tin
Agricultural Society.
held in Huntingdon, on
of October next.
at XI Fide. 111 be
tte 14111,15thaud liith,
Best Ship., $7 00
2d best, '4 00
3d best, 3 00
131,412 or 3 yr colt 5 00
Best under 1 yr., 2 00
Rest braod mare, 5 00
24 best do., 2 50
Pair draft horses, 5 00
2tl best do., 3 00
Best riding horse 4 00
24 best do., $2 00
Best mod. h's, 0 00
24 hest .10., 400
Bent trotting It's, 3 00
2.1 best, do., 2 0.0
Best lion ilr horse 3 00
24 hest do., 200
Best mole, 4 00
Best pair 40., 600
24 best do., 3 00
Judges—Dr. J. S. Griffith, Huntingdon;
Morrow, Franklin tp.; Alex. Oaks, Barna ;
Gen. J. C. Watson, Brady; Peter Stryker,
Best work oxen, 6 00 Best row, 4 00 i
2d nest do., 4 01) 124 best to., 300
3d best do., 300 Best 3 y'r heifer, 300
Bent boll, Et 0024 ()Vol do., 2 001
2d best do., 3 00 Best colt; 2 00
Itobt. Ttinsq, Morris ; Pater I.ivin,st , iti.
Barret; Alex. Port it tiotiogdoo : I idk id Po
pert, Henderson ; U. W. Sitter, siii,ey.
Best boar, 5 002t1 1;0, :;
2d best do., 3 00 I 11.
34 best do., 2 00 I
Best sow, 4 ;.
Jno. Colder, Porter; ~;••• •.' •.
ion ; Baal Teague, Cr,.tow.,]
Walker; H. 1.. *ceq rthy.
Best fine-w. b'k ,5 00 N
2d heat do., 300 2d b.., . 1
Best Southdown 5 00 Be,. !, ,
2d best do., 3 001
Best lone-wooled 5 01) I 2 Best 10.1,,, 2
2d . best . ditto, 3 .. 00 I
- -
W. Hutchison, Warrh
tal, Penn, John Sharer
Franklin; Daniel Good
orsmark ; Isatit•
r, Shirley ;. .la 6.
Inifin, 111,01,r:do,
4 no
3 00
2j best,
:1,1 (Jest, 2 0,)
dill best, 1 00
.1. S. (sett, ;
Jobs Garner, Penn
Jun. Galbraith, Shirk
Ismte Martin. Porter.
Rest subsoil plw, 3 00
Best harrow, 2 MI
Best cattiest or, 3 00
Best Hill Side, 3 00
Best Windmill, 3 00
S. 11. Bell. Sl id er ;
ter; 11. Hamilton, (V
Franklin ; B. x:
'Y9 IL 11. 31iiier, 11
Best Wheat drill. :t 0 , )
Best t'oropliiter 3 00
Best Horse nil, 2 00
Itexper a Mower, 0 00
Jacob littrocanw, I'or•
ira:uark ; John Lyon,
Best *bite wire, 3 60
2d best do , 200
3:1 best do., 100
Best red wheat, 3 00
2:1 best do, 2 00
3(1 best do., 1 00
Best yellow corn, 1 00
2:1 best do., 50
Best barley, 1 00
Best sugar cars, 1 00
Thos. Fisher, Huntingdon; T. T. Cromwell,
Cromwell ; John Neff, West ; Thos. F. Stewart,
West; G. M. Thompson, Franklin.
Best bread, 3 00 2(1 best do., '5O
'‘:(ll:est do„ 2 00 Best hard soap, 1 00
3d best do., 1 00 2d best do., 00
Best pound cake, 1 00 Best candles, 1 00
2d be st do., 50 Id best do., 50
Best sponge do., 1 00 Best carpet, 2 00
Id best do., 50 2d cot do., 1 00
Best butter, 300 Best hearth rug, 1 00
2.1 best do., 2 00 2d best do„ 50
3,f b e st do., 1 00' Best flannel, 2 00
Bent domes. sitg'r 2 00 2d best' do., 1 00
2d best, . do., 100 Best quilt, 2
30 best do., 50 2(1 best do., 1
Best apple butter 1 00 I Best wool sock,
2d best do., 50 Best worsted do.,
Best tote. ketchup 100 Bea nrnnmar tal
Best honey, 1 00 needle•work, 1
Best jelley, 1 00 2:1 best ditto
2d best do., 50 Best silk enii:rn'y t 00
Best preserves, 1 00 2d hest, dn.. 50
2d best do., 50 Best shell work, 1 00
Best pickles, 100 2.1 best do fill
Best bbl. flour, 2 00 .Cornmies.l,soll: 31 00
2(1 best do., 100 Suit honteapun, 00
13nel:wheat meal, 1 00 Shirt, 1.110
Ist. Eatables:
A. W. Benedict, 11 un
Jackson, Huntingdon ;
stub ; Mrs. J. S. Iseti
Hamilton. Warriors:nal
2d hog 50
Bost while corn, I 00
:Id best do.,
Best Rye, lon
2d best "do., 5,,
Best liat,4, 1 W)
2d best do., ,lo
Best buckwheat, 1 cu
2d best do., 50
niingdon ; Mks I'm:loner
; Mrs. IL Gemini'', Alex
t, Franklin ; Mrs. Bap
2d. Wearing Amore
John Porter, Alexa
Huntingdon ; 11. A. Fite
Melissa Green, Clay ; M
tiny don.
ibb Fancy, .Nice((' at
Mrs. Henry Neff,
Stiles, Huntingdon ;
Huntingdon ; Miss Jo
burg ; Mrs. Ann Masse
Hest 2 hoe. ear . ge 2 00
Best bug,ty, 1 0 0
do. sett ein. liar., 1 00
do. do. limn. do., 1 00
do. bridle sad. 1 00
do. pair boots, 1 Oil
do. pair shoes, 50
do. side sole lea., 1 00
do. kip S calfskin 1 00
do. har. A upper, 1 00
do. 2 horse w g, 2 00
Ftarrent'raeru'r 2 00
do. shovel, 50
do. hay link. 50
do. manure do., 50
do. parlor do., 2 00
do horse power, 5 00
do. window sash, 2 00
andria ; Jacob Snyder,
Ltliiirst, Franklin ;
fis ,Nlary
ml Ornamental Work:
Al •xatillrin ; Mks .11114
11iss Nlary Ann Afriett,
in,, Shir
.y, Hunt
10t rub. W
and iltt
Vat'. iiu W3rt., 1 In,
v:1111111 Ston, 1 04
do. niishin In:
Brat chlirn,
Best 1.1,1 hill., :;I)
lot In:irbil•Wolk 2 00
Best mink stove, 1 00
do. eutting.ens, 2- 00
do. sp..tle, 20
do. hoe. 511
do. horse Isar, 200
do. cook stove. 200
211. hest do., 1 00
do lotael door, 200
do. rifle, 2 00
, Porter; Geo. J ; ,,h 5 ,,,,,
nn, Cromweil ; 1,,, .I.A.
ho Nylon, \Vest.
Gen. S. Mile;Green,
Jackson; It. It. Wiga
Shade, Shade Gap ; Jo'
2,1 bill do., 1 00
Best quitives, 100
Best and greatest
variety . grapes, 2 00
Best nut:ve do., 2 00
2d best do., 1 00
Beat duo. peach, 1 00
2d beat do., 00
Best doz. plums, 1 00
2d beat do., 50
ingdon ; Israel Gil:flies,
i. Scott, Huntingdon ;
ilaxandria ; Mrs. T. H.
Best and greatest -
varied,' apples, 3 00
2d heat do., 2 00
Best duz. fall do. 2 00
2d heat do., 1 00
Best doz. whiter, 2 00
2d best do., 1 00
Best wint'r pears 2 00
2d beat do., 1 00
Beat lid do., 2 00
R. B. Petriken, Huni
Alexandria; Mrs. Joe
Mrs. W. D. Shaw, J
Cromer, Huntingdon.
Beat potatoes, 2 00
24 best do., 1 00
3d best do., 50
Best Aleshannoe, 1 00
Beat Menicati, 1 00
Best Pink Eye, 73
Best white pota., 75
Best red do., 50
Best blue, do, 50
Best sweet do., 1 00
Beat tomatoes,, 1 00
2d best do., 75
3d best do., 50
B Bvat Purple Eggs 5 6 g
Bat }fete,
do. beets, 50
do. parsnips, 50
du. carrots, 50
do. turnips, 50
do. onions, 50
do. celery, 50
do. cabbage, 50
2d best do., 25
Best pumpkins, 50
Best piepump. 50
do. squashes, 50
do. water melon, 50
do. musk melon, 50
do. ben., ' 59
do. peas, atl
A hdrolv Al!ism, /I,
riltinwo.ll; .1n,•;;lo
t;lay; David E,o
: E. ()I.!1i.
1)...,5,%.1•11. ;
nit., (Iron:m.l].
3 , ,IitTmENT
Best display flow.
do. var. dailli;ls, 1 00
ars in . idt . aan, 2 00 2I hest do..
2d hest du., 1 00 lie.t bnyn:t
livst dis. plants, 2 00
Creinor, Ilnutin rlrti ; T L
luiltit4loll ; J 111.3 1.. ,
Nish Susan Nyll; .• . • • .•
Curtney, Franklin.
Best pr. turkeys, I MI 2.1
2,1 In,t (IS., 51' I'.
21.1 Lel 11;;.. 501 I, •
Bestid'ilucks, 00 2.1
F. Ilitslett, .Iforris; Ii 1 .;•
ley; *lobo Porler, Alexandr: :, ~,•,,
tingdou ; Jos. Ilendersost, Cassville.
Best blanks, 100 I fi,it card pri:leg 100
do, handbills, 100
ILIA, in nil, 2 00 24. best In., :0
2 .1 biiit ilo., 1 00 Iti,t in w. color, I ,
(10. oil lithogr S I PO 2t.1 i:. , ilii.,
2,1 hest do.. 00 I ilii. i• -:i lin ,lii, i 1 ~
4, Ilia• 11:r
...i •.:l f.~~l'~~:~
... ..
~~ ~ ...
1... .
iiti tir:l.F i .<<i' : :.
111:1:st‘ !.
Chihli"! 1,
grsloo A
A headier of gentl,awn Wall.' 10 yaw—
two or three colitis cash in an :teem,
insuree tho,e properly tie:l.lll'oA the •••
e , aapensatioa. They should be (Immure 11.,
ttiious ; and they
. .
will make twice us much us iti teaching, clerk.
ing, or tiny oilier business. Address, (i.tanip
enclosed,) C. ALLEN :lurri•Lnr ; r. Ps., or in.
quint tit the Ail.ou's
li rill, t.
Agent for the purchase and salt! at Real Es
tale .Farms atnl Cily Property lmullhl, soh, and
~ banyed. Also money invested end /Total., d
on it:lunge. Titan having' Farina or Land
Air Sale will In well to call or send description.
No. Ott, Doek Street, Philadelphia.
15th, 1857.-3 m.
Monday, Atgust
Tuition ror t m months. $25.
higher rat,s chltrp,l fin• pupils rrinnining
Nit,l A ,i,t; :,pplicatiotis army
'• • ;;r I'. ()Oil;
i I
The Rev, C. S. BURN TT, while la
boring ns tt missionary in Soothe.' Asia, dis
covered asimpl. nol certain Cure Constm.p
non, Asthma, Bronellitis, Coughs, Cold, Ner.
rains Debility, anti nil impurities of the blood ;
also, un easy 111111 of mode of Minding the
Remedy. Atitnited a desire to bendit his
r:iifli:rin~! Iblb~a 3, lie gill c . ..lleprfully soul tl
ripe (free) to such us desire it, wii r h full and ex
plirit direetions for preparing and sueeessfull;
using the Medieht, Add ress
.„. ......
Ruv. c. S. BURNETT,
R3l Broadway, N. Y. City.
Amtricau Safely-Fapli Manufaeureg
Compam Of Now York.
Capital, $500,000.
A. NuCiI ,, I.AS, `!.
.1 111,
,~ n ;. ~,
. .
~tllOll. [f M,. f. Pr "I Ow
..Atr. 1,•.t, t 11.1. Now Yuri:
lioit•et, !.. ttior:, 03; 0,...,i n „, ; ,1
hot., 1'.r0n.1%,v., N. Y
The Lott, ..t Ito 1,4.1(1,11 ran Ill.rff .11
It l'l•ret. nr 1...0k t,te 1.3.‘16t
Itt.low 1. our .1' :
lit, It. pc, Ve,
'• I ni)l,
1it11..,i F.Xt•'..1,0•—525 f'..r 1000 sheet,
No!,--•11 , ets per lb.
.e.,0,—,1125 lur 1000 accts,
limte.inee ets per
lietilro..,l tit, t k , 0 Ilmots-41) vents per lb.
Sttu sl.eks-40 cis per Ib.
Bine!, tind Moripi,e•—.4o cis per 11 - 1,
Wills and heals--4u et , per
For wrapping. Si ks and other line articles it
is excellent, its it prevents moths. 40 eta per
For Indentures and Agreements. 40 cert.: a lb.
All State and County Itecotds should al ways
he printed or write non this paper, as the che
adults itnerted in the pulp not only p: . evurit
erasure or transfer, hat 11111iin it as ?hill'.
For Southern Climates it is excel hint, and
much superior to any other; as the inuisine,, of
the climate does not destroy it,—the tutu:ernes
inserted in the pulp being a preventive. In All
southern Plates, Cuba, the West Indies end the
Central American States, no public records can
be kept over 00 years, written on the ordinary
paper, while the oils and othercbemicnl., insett
ed in this Paper makes it indestructible . by the
ravages of time. 'lt is all moot again.t moths,
rats aunt other vermin, which least on rind de
stroy all other paper now in use.
Tlta Corupaity r hare now in operation Mille
in Morris County, N. J., or about 300 horse
power. and are Ono to till all order. tor rupee
at tit a shortest notice.
All orders ler the Paper least he addressed
to A. NICHOLAS, Prosidout of the Company
No. 70 Wall Street.
11'11. BREWSTER, Agent, Ituntiugdon
I . .EAD PIPE tin sale at the llardwate Store o
4 4
IR t. 01)76 4. 0 9 S (:01.1)C:N
A k itt rt•lttotit.,2, ot• nit
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Sold whaksale nail retail
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1 , I
yll.l.lA:\ I B. HULING,
tie icing partncr or ow firm
..; , , July S,
To iNvAt.ios._r_z
Dr. liailtutan, Analytical Physician
l'hsicittn for ])isenses of the Lungs, Throw
and Ile,trt—Fortnerly I'llysittittn to the
ciNZ - iiK',i'i' . l - _ - _;AilVil . ikElfi . iiii , :i4:i,"‘i."," .1,,
Author of "Legtrer to Invu/Iriv,'• Jot COMINO.
Sec lidlowing Card.
September Appointments.
1)1. 11:Iranian, l'ltysteam ttr di•ease of the
Imet., (formerly 11 . 11y,ieitit to Cincinnati :Ma
rine 11.eittitel,) will . nt attendance at Iris
maw: ag
Ilunlia,loa..ladison'A lintel Friday Sept. 4,
Letci,t. wn, Nacunut 5.
:Mifflin, Patter,. Clouse, g; 7 .
11011111:1 . , li'aurg, ti
" 2.
.1. linstou
1)r. Ilartlman treats Clammiption,
t iF, :I,thma, LarrvagittiA and all tlisca,e, of the
throat and r‘y Imely
in the lirmaton London. The
great point in the treatment of all It mum mai,
lies iv to get at the disease in the tlirerr man
tier. Alt medicines arc estimated hy their ac
tion in on lit e t it 1., quill, elief. is
the iteptatant ['Act linen whieh ' ltiltalation is ha
sea. It' the t.temach is tliFeasel no take
metlieine directly into tl:c stomach. lithe Ittinti
.o . etidote9 shoot! he a'eplied to
1.4 prin.i,ole in 11 , ‘• rie:itn:cr.Cor
the 11.1),. , . 11, it ,tse. us direct 1 , 1 tht , ,,,
oir eel!. owl itthee r,r
15 1111 TI:EATL D.-111 relation
to I he id, I vith, %lieu
'S Ittug atio•timis ,t , 0115. 1
C. , 15,1115515i011. l 1.1,11,113 . tilenl I
Mot all Other rorlto: Vellinte eOlll
- irregularities find 41'eal:TI,:.
au•l all otherroll 11•. at
Liver I)3 . speps . iti,. tttul 3il
distoses eSe 1,11111 car.
El. dei•liy 11114 Al 1 . .11 . 111i 01 lleretellS
Nu cilarge for consultation.
R. 1). 11ARD.MAN. M. P.
Ju . ne 3, 1857. •
[l:l4l l lMVff 2.41L1MW21.
GvocERIEs, cuNrEcTiuNdthms,
uovis lONS. just received and for sale at the
wholesale and retail Gr , ,cery & Provision St o re
of Love & McDivitt. Consisting. of
& TOBACCO, of the It quality and every
grade. OILS, CANDLES, FLI:ID, e,km-
P 11555 , nos, Figs, Raisins, Ihnes, Tama
rinds, Rice, Sage, Tapioca, Cake, Crackers,
Cheese. Itlaccaroni r Pickles of all I: inils,
dines, Candies and Conlectionurics. All or
which will he disposed ol on the most rcason-
able terms, fbr cash or country prods,.
Purchasers wilt find it to their hum, to calf
and examine our stuck before purelm,inu cf•t
where, as we arc prepared to sell evert . tlatog in
our line of business A Lirr LE LOWER illaa
any other esialdishniftnt of the kind in this lo•
May in, 18.57. - LOVE & McDIVIrr.
Ivied Ilea, Hams, Shoulders and Flitch , far
jj sale at the cheap (tracery Store al
.11,1)1 \
ik~f::sia,l~ k:ui'Ri[i~ ~: ki`i kr'"„1:,:'~". .
Discoirerea at
is Ihr. Irorl,l for Pain
of. Chas. PeGI :Mem
E ; 1 ( 1 () ! 1,.
1,1111,1, 2 ,• , . awl
Tic ) , 210,11.X
111 . 111,,, I Illtd :1,1111,
SI I :;e1,C111;1,
Bren,t, lluin 3. s!.i.
( .
• I
~ , ~.
;~~ .:~
i 0 cetazi :ma SI por
riill ii;":.G'S LIT i:.:...,T
J' ~J..~
T '
4 \\r BELOW :.',1.1:11N1,,
: , iIE
I' Val 10
lit, 1;1
V.ll .
the te•;, t :
Universally iirlill..tiviviigc,l its tn. - , 4•111,1'•047,
S. 1 1 ,1: 01 , 7111, 11:0,114 1”,11 10,11,4 11
A 14,111111111 111101 5'4 . 01 . 1 , 1,1 1 . :111 . , 1.1 , 1,!011, I
11114 Cry,t.ll N. Y., ie.,. a: t,i
1111 DOWN. it is entnia.i tiait
nt,l st=ettreil , itii Ikik': I
1't,t1,1.-Prnor !Arks—which wt're uls , t
Mullahs, Cos it! tw.e)— dr- 11
rrril.,:hll. P 1, 4. r
I:•rett in the pe kite
•Ilt•rrihg's S
during the peer 1•1 vettr,,
L;,' Leen :43,1 and ere now in tte
1161.1 an 11,1111 or inizimhtettly
anal Vat , I t t , i.
nol.i rs , t• t. I i \ it t
C. • fir 1 . 10.1 V, 1)i ',MU,
'l'llo Tltt:Til AIROUt
Leif .
Large 12mo. :148 p o pe;. Wi7ll rt complete los
iocy of the Territory, until Jane, 10,7. Em
-I,,,ing a full account of its di,overv, ,rog
11. (;111(,'N, I), r
I :.I:i
11. V. ill
‘,1i ,,, 111. flit
A et,py
l;11.'tll.1.1::; C. 1:1i()14..ti, I'i lilisli: r,
T T 0 Z. 3:4 111,` L W
Win attentif , ) : 01 i ruf t:sit...l 1111,i,, C 11,1.1,,,
comity. llecik, Loa
written tit the t
/OA tcl.
.Ipril 22, 1
M. 111. 2A_LL . I:I::.(IiI iiIIiLLIZA:(4,
Jut. 1:,
whits Lend, (purr)
'• " (exint)
PA14416a Zinc Paint,
lira[ Snow White,
and all kinds of lIARDWARE . amI
building routerinln in proportion, at the "littnl
wore Store" of .1. A, iIItOWN Ft CO.
- Pc2. DR• R. HUHU
r; t
April 1,
Aittiphlogistic Salt.
This eclOirated ineW,ine
.].ruin t Irioe . nll iifilmnnint,ry
it is a eemiii
ove ailbutcJ.
!EOt JTi
RI:t1; ANS:I
:1' ,
.11 rind exam
nvss Mminting
I';\ 1;1
tii!,~~r ~~i.
1111 , 1
11 , 11P11:11..1, 1,111011 natter
I'l'lll, 11111t01 . Llllll,, furl M11:1:1;C::; o'
II owl Itev,,lvcr.:, Pain:
awl Chains of
LI Metallic:
- Li
"71 , 7
PP 0 0
i' ,:i.ln,, FEED. id , ';D STUITS
I,lg ,
11 T
3,1 . 1 - .
I I . I,is .. rID iii.
VT 1 1 L)
•, ; ";',;0)1i1),INV,
; 7, . - of Pczta-
11'1. I
lie (..)
11 ,1 1:!.1,11t- , I 1 FP, ( 1 1:N
1,. I;J:NNEI:
IV!t REED, Secroniry,
tiitutucl K. Ashton .
James B. Smith.
ownpaiky c.
, •; 4
Ow provisions oltliu Ali
A New Assortment Just Opened
And will be sold 30 per cent.
TT 1;;)\1:1N ro:peeLfullv isC;Jrn.
11,0 put , li ,
opotie,l :a, hi,
and Shan
.I.t I.! Mi . :. paII t•I Ow UN. ,
A t
1:1(11:illg for Sl:ring and Su;niner.
!I:, s:wie r i naniv
van Lr part.;.::-:,,1 nt taThal int
in the e‘tetttri.
to Ltty Clothing t‘ftelil
alldtel LL: ,teLL Pura.- t
ni~~l .1~ i
taps ). Boots, and Shoes,
Azrar.ivnia.a. FOUNDIW
11 . ;feti ILI. ClloSSlNFottl
:tint tin public thut t: I, Y
tlll, F,t111,11 . ) 111 full
flllll are preparea t r;,:regt ofit4
every tle,riptiett. cf all Lied,
litwood or coal. I"..rt
Tint.. -Ling Nlitchitit, 11,1 it,
neatly \Ve can
that rciptirc, turning, baying a good
levi 11l work done cheap for cash cr cnu
try pri:dree. Old meld taken for enstin;7,. Be
ing practical and experienced we hops by strict
attet:t:oe to lov,ittess to receive a liberal _horn
off Ntettll.l, CrLOSS.
2 Iseg,
'2 7.1 " • •
it :TEL
On Allegheny Street, between
tt . l4 Pa. , &IL& 13. R, R. Repots.
-; 7 - ...• Proprietor.
"land :141.W
Acts, Spirit Lev
Monkey Wrenel
rui,l 1)
nil CL/M-11
, tics; Girthing.
.:nanielled Lea.
~ . ;i~ „ i. i 1 I ~~.,.
ra,l I;al.ia g Pans, Steal
Wa:l 1; re
bind, l'h
, , ,
•Ila purtl.,eil molly ot rmi• goods
from 111,1,ii r .act,rers, at.
pcompiv al.toa;
1N: l'..
Ind mud'
11 they wilt
'1 f;
~ 1
il:lr Ir-r~.~
~t;il~', fiii ~.
11 L. I
11,12 E.. C 3 ll;;;Clin:au
Frattri, Lee.
Itil`l - 1:1 J.Vhil •.J.E'llidli:i.i,
Cl,o'll LING !
tha: lid.
11 in Mari,t
;my OtiII:I . CS.
. . ,