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Wednesday Morning, Septenibei 9,1857.
"01lee more our glorious banner out
Unto the breeze we throw ;
Beneath its folds with song and shout
We'll charge upon the Jim."
Gen. IV3I. 11. KOONTZ, of Somerset co.
LEVI EVANS, of 'Pod Township.
JAS. McELROY, of Porter Township,
HENRY GLAZIER, of Huntingdon.
FRANKLIN IL LANE, of Brady Tow'p.
G. W. NATTERN, of Franklin township
PERRY MOORE, of Morris township
PHILIP D. STEVENS, of Cass township,
One of the largest and most enthusiastic
meetings ever held in our borough, convened
in the Court House on Friday evening last, to
hear our able and eloquent candidate Judge
WILMOT. It was one of the most powerful,
eloquent and convincing appeals we have ever
listened tc, and aroused the audience to the
highest pitch of enthusiasm.
From some unaccountable reason or motive,
the Secretaries have not given us the proceed
ings to publish, but we hope to lay them before
our readers next week.
Everything passed oil well with the sweep-
rims of an attempt made by a few Hazlehurst
Straightout blackguards, and scoundrels, the
MAO. of Wharton, to create a disturbance by
having a resolution passed denouncing our pa
per, and to cheer for Straightoutism. This
however was confined to a circle of Imeofocos
and other Ishmaelites.
runt "M U." TAX+
Levi Evens, our candidate for Assembly, ilaS
come out boldly and honestly to opposition to
the removal of this tax from that great monop'
oly—the Pennsylvania Railroad.' He comes
out honestly in opposition to the plundering of
$3,000,000 from our Treasury, proposed under
the garb of aiding a railroad. Ile comes out
honestly in opposition to an increase of taxa
tion, and declares hitnsplf "first, last and all
the time opposed to any scheme which will in•
crease the State debt, or place a heavier load
upon the already overburdened shoulders of
tax•payers." His supporters are those who are
in favor of promoting the interests of the pm,
ple and the consequent prosperity of our good
old Commonwealth. Here you have his plat
form. Taxpayer what think you of it ? Do
you wish more taxes? Then oppose him. Are
you in favor of plundering the Commonwealth
and placing unbounded power its the hands of
mammoth corporations 7 Then don't vote for
Levi Evans, for ho is not the man for you. But
if you are in favor of keeping on tire three mill
tax, Bc., vote for Levi EMT.. There is not a
single individual in the county who is in any
way connected with the Pennsylvania Railroad,
so tire as our knowledge extends, but who 9ppo.
ses Evans and supports Wharton or Houtz I
Why is this? Why simply because the latter
gentlemen aro favorable to taking off the three
"mill" tax and Mr. Evans is not. Is anything
more required 7—then here it is t Dr. Houtz
would never have been nominated had it been
thought he was trot in favor of taking off the
taxi because the Convention which nominated
him was controlled by Anderson A Co., and
Anderson is the Railroad personified.
Now it is only necessary to look at those who
support Wharton, to see that he "is tarred with
the same stick." Who are they ? Those COLI•
needed with the Railroad. Aides Benedict
supports hint, and Alden is employed by the
corporation; in fact ho is a mere "pimp" of Mr.
Anderson. We believe this is the gentleman
who holds the doctrine that "poor men have
no business to own a cow," and ilkilled by the
railroad "the Company has no right to poy da•
AP . ' Such is the character of the opposition to
Mr. Evans. It behooves the honest voters of
the county to look at both sides and vote for the
right. The issues are presented, the position
of candidates defined, and you are called upon
to decide. Taxpayers, ponder. Think belbre
you act • examine this matter thoroughly, and
do not, by opposing Mr. Evans commit an act
for which you will ever afyer have cause to re
•@'•l, W. BEAR, the Buckeye Blacksmith,
w,ll uddrees the friends of Wilmot and others
on lliutsrlay evening.
It lo but right and proper that the people of
the county should .know something of the
men (1) who, violating every principle of honor
and trampling upon every law of justice and
common decency, presented and acted upon
the .resolution" published in another place, in
the meeting held in this borough, on Friday
evening, intended to annihilate us, and do oth•
er serious damage to the world at large.
The individual who first originated the move
was Samuel S. Wharton. The creature who
wrote and presented the pope' was Aiden W.
Benedict, (let Antold behis alias,) and the
tools who acted on it, in the yelling and blow.
ing way were the publishers of the Huntingdon
American and some half dozen other Locofocos
disguised in the garb of Straight-out Ameri
cans, in this borough. We claim it as a right
and feel it to be a duty to enter a brief notice
of these "worthies."
Samuel Wharton has won for himself an un
enviable reputation. His course, ever since
he has appeared upon the political stage lips
been marked by every species of low cunning,
(which passes for tact among his admirers,)
and political debauchery. He was, is, and
ever will be, at all times, all things to all men.
He is a man, who, to carry out his selfish ends
and accomplish his selfish objects, would stoop
to almost any depth of political knavery. He
was once, when the material of the county was
worked up, nominated and elected by a small
majority to ropnesent us in the Assembly. His
course, whilst there, was marked only by
schemes and plans for sellaggrandixement,
and, through his instrumentality, bills were
passed which defrauded and cheated the citi•
zees of the county out of thousands of dollars.
He was instrumental in procuring the enact.
ment of certain laws contrary to the expressed
desires and in conflict with the interests ors
majority of his constituents, and boldly, in de•
fiance of every principle of integrity and con•
reel and fair dealing suppressed the true senti
ments of his constituency in numberless in.
stances. But time and space forbid mention of
hundreds of other cases of like nature, in which
lie misrepresented the people. Enough has
I been shown to convince any sane man, that he
is an unsafe person to trust with the interests
of a community whose every official act has
been in direct conflict with the desires ola nca.
jority of his constituency, With such a course
of legislative action, and such unparalleled
treachery to his party and former friends sta•
ring him in the face, Col. Wharton sought,
after his term had expired, a re-nomination.
His line of conduct was then fresh in the minds
of the people, and with a unanimity which did
honor to the hearts and heads of the free and
intelligent voters of Huntingdon county, they
spurned his claims and thus openly and unrms
takably repudiated him and his official actions.
NO9OOllBl. was this well-merited rebuke admin
istered to him by the Whig ;may of the comity,
than he, S. S. Wharton, came out an indepen•
dent candidate in opposition to the regular no
minee of the party which had formerly elected
him ; and, in conjunction with the very Locofe.
eon whom he now declares we are aiding, en.
dentoted to defeat the Whig nominee and
I cure a triumph of Locoibeuism. Nor is this
all. At that very election Samuel S. Wharton
Wed the entire Locofoco tic!.•et ! Yes, freemen,
he who now denounces us as aiding Locofoco
ism—knowing that through the fale.e passage
of his throat he lies—endeavored to defeat the
Whig ticket and voted openly for the Locofoco
candidates! Nor in Ws all, although it is suf.
ficient to damn him forever in the eyes of him.
est net, for as late na last fall we find him nr•
rayed against union and harmony, openly cour
ting the smiles of Locofocos, and acting in
such manner as would best promote the inter•
ests and secure the triumph of Border Ruffian•
ism. Thus is familiar to you ;we need go .o
farther And now, honest voters of Hutting•
don, this is one of the men who tell you we are
seeking to aid the Loeofoco party. Where,
think you, as men of intelligence, me the con
science of such a creature ? With the most
audacious effrontery, after thus•time and again
resorting to the lowest cunning to aid the Lo•
cofoco party, he had the impudence to offer
himself as a candidate, this summer, for the
Assembly, "subjeet to the decision of a Union
County Convention !!" Impudence unparal
leled 1 Effrontery without a precedent ! How,
how honestly, how, in the name of all that is
consistent, and all that is good, could such a
man, who has shown front his past action that
he is at heart a Locofbco, be nominated as the
choice of the auti•Locnfsea voters of Hunting-
I don? Wharton had no claims on them ; rc
i more Oahu than has James Buchanan. We
know all this, and you, fellow.citivlis. it y,,a
are not wilfully blind and deaf, must know it
Such is the political hishry of the man who
is the prime mover in this 'fresolution."
you, citizens of Huntingdon county, apart from
all considerations of character, support such a
man ? How can you, after twat a course,
place any confidence in the man who can
tray you with a .kiss," who can he capable of
treachery to his party and disloyalty to his
friends, only equalled by an Arnold or a Herr
who has sacrificed your interests and and spit
upon and done violence to your principles?
Will you not, as freemen, who love your coun
try, your party and the laws of society, teach
him that lesson he so greatly needs, that your
rights are not to be jeopardized by incompe•
tent, unprincipled and had men.
We are content to abide your decision and
shell with confidence look forward to your an.
swer at the ballot•box.
The next character in this "farce upon farce"
is one Alden W. Benedict, a fourth-class law
yer of this borough, and a man of undoubted
ability—in his own estimation. There are
two reasons which induced Alden to drag him
self from his seclusion, and unbury the Nded."
dy tomahawk : Ills unquenchable thirst tor no
toriety and his bitter personal animosity to our
selves individually. We had once intended to
let Mr. B. rest, and, like a dead mackerel by
moonlight, "shine and stink, and stink and
shine" to his heart's contest, but "second
thoughts is beet," and we are content to notice
him briefly.
We hare never knoan a political campaign
to puss over, tint this gentleman did not do
something desperate "to get his name in the
papers." He once took umbrage at us, and
coming to discontinue his paper, found an ac.
count of some ten or fifteen years standing, for
subscription, against him, and because we
charged hint full rates, "plead the limitation
on the Account." He next attacked us in the
Globe and Ametiran of this place, and in lan
guage which shocked decency, indulged in low,
vulgar abuse of us. We retaliated, bttt in pro
per language, and the result has been seem
Mr. B. has been interred—politically—never
again to enjoy the pleasant sunshine of puliti•
cal prosperity.. So much for the latter reason
fur his conduct now. His "unquenchable
thirst for notoriety," Vie second, often gets the
better of his judgment, an as a consequence,
often places him in unenviable positions. We
pity him for this, and cannot but trent him less
severely than others. Mr. B. has a peculiar
mode of defence ; we have never yet known him
to engage in a newspaper war in which he did
not drag his Christian profession into the ere.
on, and seek to profit by representing himself
in the character of an injured Christian. Nor
should we be at all astonished should he appear
next week in his old assumed character. Mr.
B. accuses us, in his resolution, an seeking to
aid Locofueoism. Mr. B. is a chnrcl:•stemher,
but we have no hesitancy, whatever, in telling
him that he lies—under a mistake. But this
stereotyped islander in too ridiculous to merit
our notice, and as we had merely intended on
commencing this article to give the antecedents
of the indi +ideals who are attem piing to saddle
upon us this cloned and cursing crime, we pen
seed to take a retrospective glance at A iden,
the wine. Mr. It's political career has be, ti
checkered. At one time here, another th:::e
like the little joker, "tiow yon see him. 41.:i
now you don't." 'ow did Mr. Benedict steed.
politically, in 1853. A rewnlar Whir ;iek.t
1111:1 nominated, James Maguire headie
the candidate for Assembly. The nominations
were made fairly and honorably, and without
doubt were the hottest expression of the voters
of the county. Was Mr. Benedict in favor of
those nominations? No sirs ! He opposed
them; he opposed them bitterly; he opposed
them with all his abilities; and he travelled
through the county to secure the defeat of the
Whig candidate, Mr. Maguire, and the success
of the Locofltco candidate, Samuel S. Wharton.
Dare be deny tr. ? We challenge him. Is this
al!? Nu ; he voted against the nominations
made by that Courention ; and yet, such at man
with such a political character staring him in
the face, before a respectable cult Inanity, could
perpetrate as cool, deliberate, debasing, iucott
sistent, an action ns to charge us with "aiding
Locofocuism," when his whole past history,
since 1853, has been one continued and con.
tinual endeavor to aid Loeofocoistn. Olt !
shame! where is thy blush. Oh 1 hypocrisy,
thy Elaine is Aiden Benedict.
We know full well Mr. Be.' tender spots.—
Elow may a man Lelittle himself, by cultivating
vindictive feelings in his heart. The conduct
of Mr. B. clearly evidences the Met, that men
will sacrifice any sentiment, however just or
noble, or honorable, if they can thereby ostru.
else [boss who hare outwortertilled them in po•
!hien! tactics by a course of honesty. He has
made sad 'mistakes in his political manceuvres,
owing to a want of fairness, and now envies his
superiors, and has determined that if he cannot
reign, he will try to ruin. But he has exposed
his errors, and satisfied every reasonable mind
that he dwells among the "departed spirits" of
the political world. Fur the good of our
cause, we pray that his next resurrection may
he in the Lueofoco party, fur which his princi•
pies lit hint, for which he has so long been la•
boring, and where he justly belongs. This is
the past history of another of the poseys who
charge vs with seeking to aid L0C310.6111.
Now for the third class. The American
publishers and seine liall.duzen Straight•uuters
ita this borough. We have here great room to
`spread ourselves" but we canuot occupy
much space with inferior objects. We shall
go back one year, and where do we find them ?
Honest opponents of locofocriisin ?
union meu ? True American
Oh, no, What then were. they?
firm, as open, as anaai.itskable Loiuullcne
any one who noted fir Buchanan. We
heard them time . proclaim on the
street. that they : • ,•.ppirt rmictiao.
an than Fremont, . :itch, rote eor
the devil than a a`. Did not e.icn ris it
tees of the honest of the: c.,l4nty
tat upon them, and in,.t a
p:eari with them to rapport the Us
fa: Ticket? Oh, yea, honest artert. ain't
this. Bat they votevl for a 1..c.:f0e0 last tali
at least we heard them so e•:lace immediately
after the election Dottc this savnr anything .v
"aiding Locofocoism 1.),f4 thti IOOk
honest and consistent action? But 'Lit Ste
lest, • cis bay and worse than folly to follow Lp
their other actions. IS not what we ha,e a:•
ready given sufficient? Here then ce
The evidence is too overwhelming already t ,
give at a single fear that you will fail to at re
c'ate their designs, and see through their h.te
In concluding this article, let us infrirat I,llr
friends thatthese are the men who are snot is
takable friesds of Locofocoism. These are ILe
men aho are selling you without your ki.owi•
edge, who have controlled you against your
will. They hesitate at nothing to aeccanpliih
their base purposes; lies and slander are their
familiar weapons. But we wish it here
tincily understood that we are not to be deter
red Isom the discharge of our duty or intimidu
ted by threats or even injury... A - whiny, no
nothing shall prevent us from properly discharg•
lug the obligations which rest upou us, and we
know and feel that there is honesty enough left
in the good citizens of the county to sustain us
in our courae. If truth, justice and honesty will
prevail, we shall next year be represented by
Levi Eva., and Samuel S. Wharton will be
the "worst licked" man that ever ran for office,
Mark it.
gerThe September No. of the Ladies' Jour•
nal is before us. Published by Scattergood &
Co., Inquirer buildings, Philadelphia, at $1 30
per year. It is an excellent work and deserves
psublic pittrinabe,
Why Do We Oppose Whar-
ton's Election ?
For his sake wo would prefer passing this ques
tion by in silence. For though his past career
—ph rate and poll ti rad —elm not be forgotten
while he persists in forcing himself on public nt
tendon, we feel no d ipoeition to exhibit him in
his true cheroot. and colors, in our columns.
Barely, everybody in the county knows his his
tory ; and knowing t hat, should not usk why on
honest itereddlenn aim. refuses to flatter his
presumption oust honor his iniquities. But as
portion of his shortsighted supporters impru
dently, us we think, press this question on our
attention, we have concluded to commence, this
week, with fhe least odious count in thetiong and ,
dark list of reasons why we will not, can not
support Mr. Wharton fox tiny office, anti why the
great mats of disinterested, independent fi•reamee
q/ the county cannot support him under oily eir
omelette.. But to our reasons for our course.
1852, after twelve or fifteen
y ear.' ttuitless seeking after office, accident ob
tained for Mr. Wharton what his merits never
had and never could—a nomination for Assem
bly 1 The next year the people took care that
"accide iit".should not repeat its folly. In in 1101
eanvention of intelligent, honorable delegates,
chosen by 11 very large vote. Wharton was re
jected, and a capable man of unblemished moral
character received, as lie deserved, the vote of
the Convention. What did Mr. Whartea do 1
After having heen nominated by accident and
elected by mere int leraitce the year before, how
did lie act now, when accident Weil to favor and
common sense and mg-respect ruled him 01l the
ticket} Need ce tell the voters of
don county 100 lie :feted 7 They have not tol.-
1,0)1(.11 his int n.r ty to tfie tick , his r
lent ilittitmcimion Oa,
t , at I,a vs, 813 nyt sq.l i; •
Inc : ,
Vt P1..11
etatt+ing. w into, ,11.1 ti
frl,lllNlouti, , ,'• . -
curt. a ( ; ;
ambition are: 1;3,, ; ;II
over a col. , i,letit •
11111 it , 11.1 ail. 'll e 11,a, .
man Whntoil. (hiring at , 111(.1/, • _
of 1853, SIIMVeII 10i tinly.
weakness of 1;i: 11,11 et.t. 1:t I :; ;
tile power lie would ILI VC MI , •
crush his antagonist and ,
sought. Anil eau any one tit.Q
Thay ore kno,n to carry III:111 that
county papers, and •ti.o painfully fresh in ti,c r, -
mem bronco of multitudes Of wir purest and lie,
citizens. And if Mr. Wharton .I,ink.m.timrwisc
.ho will be undeceived on the second Tumql,ty of
October. if not sooner.
Now we put it to the candor of honest, think
log men, without distinction of party, whether
it Is not a metal as well us politicolduty to pro
tect the honor of our comity from the deep hu
miliation and degradation of electing to a re
sponsible office, a man possessing such princi
ples, pursuing such a course, and perpetrating
such acts, which have not since been repented
of; displayin such arrogant and tyrunical feel
ings, whiehitave not :Mice been modified or sal
toned? We say Ilk acts of 1853, aro nut repen
ted of, but gloried in and defended ; and we
shall show in our next issue that his course last
fall was equally treasonable and disorganizing,
and if possible, more infamous than in '53. We
say the (panics/ spirit of the man lots not changed
for tho better since 1853. Ile is going about
even now breathing threatenings and curses up
on all who dare oppose him. Nny, he is even
silly, as will as vindi et:sue enough to threaten
and tell us, to our face, that he "will crush Ifs if
we do nut stop this here thing;" that is, if we do
not smother our convictions of right, abandon
our duty to the grouse majority of sine-re and •
steadfast American Republicans, lay our man•
hood in the dust, and advocate his election ! !
We mention this merely to prove what we
above. Wo are not so cowardly as to
from our duty if we thought he Mel the pow. r.
as he has the will, to put them iitu executi
On the contrary. se tell Mr. Wharton an I la:
new-found lhulchnrst friends, time his threats to
injure us in our business, or personally, "pass
u• as Ills wind, which W 3 respect not ;" a ntl
elite if every other difficulty iambi he removed
iron! our mind, tit ese threats—which savor more
of Popery and the Inquisition titan of Anierieon
: iern and jessdom, would hold its to our position,
keep us firm in our integrity to truth. justice,
the fair fame of our country and the true inter
ests of the party whose organ we have been and
• are ; and who will all see before long, if they do
not realize it now, tliat our position is COR
11ECT as well as impregnable.
theca ar.d
We have given fteo i( in :,ns • t •*.,•
9 , 1,.twn which head', „
f rtot to um - belt t, mid the tl
.110 pt.itit , /4 fell ,1,111 “re, per
twt2w;,tit tiviicatu to tlit,t, Ilttfut putt.
THE CKIn M 1 men
for the t•lvut;on ot • oar nt,ble
an , :io,ati , Lori EVIL., tirt• that ex-
The an.j.l,lin,, in
.11., rollout. Of allot V,o;.ry," and v., hro
rejoiced tit their waking Truth nil NirlA 01
rim comity we are receiving the most cheering
imcili.zence. From the lower mid oki, ciao,
ty we have t h e as:ter:mar that all is right for
Evans. From the upper mid we have
news. A ~itntleman who has travelled through
several of the townships, informs us that all
the people are for Evans, and that the other
candidates wilt have to take, the “tail end." So
it is everywhere, The following is an extract
from a letter just received from a reliable gen.
deman wrhia man 'Tod' who writes for the
Ameriean, must he one one meat despicable
tool and notorious falsifier. Ido not think he
has any respect for truth at all Mark the pro•
diction t Tod, Ihipewell and Cass townships
will give Evans 400 majority over Wharlonand
Houtz combined." Then let us shout, boys,
shout, and make the welkin ring.
sta.- Shipment. of coal over the Broad Top
Railroad for the 'week ending Thursday, Sept.
3d, were nl7 tons; (or the season, .09,009 tons.
When the interests of a political party are
committed to the special care and keeping of
political prostitutes, knaves and scoundrels, it
should be a matter of no surprise if such par.
ty becomes dismembered, disorganized, or die•
banded. From this cause can be traced the die
rupture of every political scheme and urgent.
eat ion that has had a being and that has passed
sway. No cause, however just, and no party
however correct its t rinciples can live and tri•
sinph under the dictation and guidance of men
devoid of principle and honor, whose. sole ob•
Yeets and aims are selfishly confined to their
own elevation. To these facts, wit would rend.
estly yet nevertheless earnestly direct the atten•
thin of the members of the American and I'.e•
publican parties of Huntingdon County. Es
pecially in view of the late action of a han d -full
of desperadoes, minions of one of the political
vett ares adds eounty, on the occasion ofJiadge
Wilmot's visit to our borough, is this note of
warning particularly seasonable. But to be
brief, let us come at once to the pe•ot,
Samuel S.Wha•ton recei,9ll nomination for
Assembly. how that nomination ovas brought
about, is known to every one, wo have already
shown. It was partly through a pipelaying,
cunningly devised scheme, dishonoral,le and
da'stardly, and partly by smooth t• noke•
like impudence. These are
facts, to prove which would requite no extraor
dinary exertion on our part. The penplo of
oar county were thus grossly insulted, the purl•
ty and honor of our party smined and sullied,
with this humiliating spvctucle before us,
• . inept:llea to endorse a damning fraud
nit 7 'bill hot nu llont,t voter
otPily al;
Wo arrayed ourAelves .1 .1 o n t naqi vajost.
~ , iA dial,lical net, rvgardlesi °fall consequot,
an t when the Ire• , , intleiwndent and vit.!i:•
I , a the eettelyhreu ittforwar.l :kll
Upri.;lll Mall, elidurSed 111111.
Leeame very ohnex•
t r--IVhartoli. IVo were warned, pvr.iotial•
[ll,l Slip in the proposed ‘'crash" tvs i n .
formed that it resolution would he offer , 1
Inemim; which *lodge Wilmot. was
whirls, to use the Coin ownelassie
With tiles
''inFC.:.• he,e parr
`'l,lti".tly intentions, NV' V..,•1` fl , 'lll ,Irpri
sed to find him rril ri
I.3oncdiet —Arnolri it 51...).11.1
"Ralolved, That the COMse of the Jourout
is calculated to uid Loculbeoism."
As we before stated, we were aware week,
ago, that this resolution would be offered, by
inl'ormation from Wilms. himself ; and we
and our friends had determined on offering no
opposition to it. Accordingly when presented,
it is needless to say it reeeivtgl the endorsal of
Wharton's creatures. We are perfectly willing
to abide by flee decision of the people howovedy
in preference to political prostitutes.
At the same time, a County Committee was
formed, by a Committee consisting of the two
publishers of the Anzerielza, and others. The
Amelicitu and Republiena County Committees
were diosolteel , nod a new one both partied
appointed by these men, without a shadow of
authority. Here was a cool and deliberate ns.
sum ption of power decidedly and emphatically
refreshing. Real Louis Napolennisk. Who •
gave these men (who last fail wee., tltritilit out
•11-,••,? , , and '•pitehed 10t,." the '•lllack the
f•ti 1414 , 4 s" with as much gusto as the filthiest
-4.heet) authority to dissolve the Ile
publican County Committee? NVlos delegate d
theta ? Where are the credentials ? When
were they appointed, how and by whom? We
can hardly believe that men could become so
foolish, so perfectly and absolutely ridiculous
as to engage in so complete a piece of nonsense.
What do our Republican friends throughout t:te
county think of it? It would be outragous if
it was not so perfectly and inconceivably ridie.
talons. It tallys well htwever, with tie former
Resolution, and is in prrect keeping wills it.
I Just think of it. A new men (?) abalone of n
candidate for office, hold a meeting, pass ro,u.
lotions denouncing: all who don't believe, us they
I.C.ieve: and dissolve the County COMM of
~rty which they have time nod main de.
of have
r • ;‘,..wory ; ,aid them
v. oh 11.1. o .I.otte.• rorr'rfri:/!;.'0tt.'1.1),, tLCrr it Ito party but Strtti,fotistn mid
Pi Lartou i.i its lowltte.
,•re , ...1, lip n
wvre ,thi,i,lo , (l that tloy, I,:tring the
aninawiti, an .1 the; spirting their venom at us
under disgeise. And yet smut tf these very
men are proieising and have sat nt
the Lord's Table with a raecour in their hearts
and a hate towarda their fellow-men that could
plang,o the's kailb intu their vital,—
Pity the pour creatures.
Let the honest voters ut our county but look
at those who oppose . t he election of Levi Evans,
and they must be satisfied that it is a deep and
well formed sidle= of the Ponn'a Railroad, to
impose upon them. • Anderson & Co. secured
the nomination cf Houtz, ai.d such men as A.
Benedict, over whom Andersou has unbounded
power, if not complete control, were the wire•
pullers in Wharton's nomination. The Rail
road is perfectly safe no matter which (Wharton
or Houtz) is 'elected.
I,oolc - OUT !
Let our friends and the friend of Mr. ?vans
throughout the county be on their gua•d. Let-
ters, and documents, and mer. will and have
been scut out from this place, to prejudice your
minds. Be watchful, be vigileut, and trent
these slanders and slanderers as they desire.
WHO ARE L0W0.103 ?
' If illitors wish I.) I the I.nenr,
COS, they shor..lii Collie ttnt opt Ms. so limt the
American itopai.itcatlS orlhe oplulty will himw
t heir true position. - -lillid..l,,Tic , it. Sept.
That is cool absolutely terwhiti,•• f,
dog days. 'gillo oat °licitly, eh, eighbur
We have no doubt it world be very pkosio g to
you and gratifying to your own inclinations, if
we Acerb/ come out "openly" anti rampantly in '
favor of Loeolitcoism, as the A etel'iCan has too •
anti again, and is now doing in supporting Ss,.
uel S. Wharton ; for, we do pronoure
gentleman at heart 01 head a real, genuine
Louotoco. To prove this, it is unnecessary for •
US to go bock limiter than the election of 1858
when, wo are informed by one of our best eiti•
cons, that S. S. Whatton, voted an open and en
tire Lot ofoco ticket. This fact it in believed.
should it beeeme necessary, eon be stistaint. ,
by the affidavit of II prominent member of
Democratic party in this borough. Ilad our
neighbors orate American not d Inn,gnage ainti•
far to the following, although it might not have
jing.gltd exactly with their present no ti on , of
''l6o duty of the opposition," world, tmverthe•
less, be more in acemdance with their past ac
tions and views :—"lf the Jimmie! editors with
" to aid the I.oeorocos, they shred,' come out, as ee (IN lent nil!, when we opposed
the Union Electoral 'fiekig, awl did such ex
" edlent service for our Lecuroca brothers, but
" for we were au amply reamer:mi.
They 111,411 come out °peal:, a; we did
" when we voted for Mr. Orallius Miller,
the Loeofoen oomi, • ' !•, • ti !! i
preference to Then I,y (I 11:, (..1110, ;•„ro 7
" and proelnimed it on the street, Or.
should nome out openly, an we Om now, in nt.
pp rtctl I " nor of in men who votel th (rot:, Loeortico
,1 , 1 Den,ocrt:c lnrlrii
pacing Om deck of the
" and rubbery I" Stich hingtm;re ...
priately and in fact e , asistently he u led by our
worthy American neighbor., Hut tho fact i.
our nc:Abors must °sense us if we f‘il a•
dela their :mggistions and follow 'heir example.
It would minim a stretch of co . nseienpe and
sacrifice of principle, of self respect, and dr.
coley which we ire not prepare•! to make, and
which a life•time of uprightne, could scarcely I tAir Tim att,litimi of the public is invited
repair. But were our principle 3, our notions of to ties advcrti, tl.cut in this column, of
right, and oar integrity hung no loosely an 123, North :id
crH we wr t of, we could find no inrourenionco
in clinn,lon; our garmenlA fur any kind Or . %WO:
iher. in onr du:;.
We hay, Vi,1,1 a I.
I • •,
, o - -.•I conscience 1,,
‘. v. I, 'cnrocsn, , ll WIN,
I , 1,, 'll,lm, Loco
drrov it ;hie c' And yet.
ore buy . analluunatize
ua bee:Lump, rursooth, • dumb oN•
en bend our necks to trainid:
upon 1110 right.;of n ± upon
people and insulting. tho ho.lor •
our party and offering din ct nl i,
tellect of our county, and decent and '•,
ble society, lend our strength to draw fr.•..
of political corruption, slimy, fishy, comhiot. ,
of dishonesty and ignorance, and carry tlu
with all their filth and corruption into our
lie offices. No, sirs, we can't do it, and v. L..•
is more, we won't do it ; toe
-"Not for chin nor 1:M..111,1's elms,
Will we depart from honor's laws."
lint, "sink or swim, live or die, survive or per
we shall first do riy!,l; for what is belle]
than an approving conscience.
Our neighbor the Amtrivrn, contai,-I a let
t; r last week. pnry•rtirn.7 I:ave been \vrilt n
from Calvia tort --I with it cc start,
in which tde writer says I, r, taros - The Journal
and wishes the American C. nt in it, place !
Out ollect is lin o octing ato•otion to this letter.
end noticing it, is simply to ascertain from our
nei,Abor ttho the writer it. We are very cer•
tall% ti.nt we have received ito such notice,—in
deed the truth Is there has been b u t a sing'e d's
continuance of our }atper ler the past 0. re or
forar months, and not six since S,pkinberlBs6.
On the other hand, we have reecived one kun•
drat and new anbsel:ilgra vino', the
Ha day V September, 1/fnl. Now these are
the simple tact=, which we can prove to thr sat.
israetion of any one, by all rXalliillatien of our
Cangiii i neighbor show tv, prosrrous
and healthy aißlitlition? We loupe so, but in•
deed we doubt it very mud,
If such a later was, in reality, received by
ur neighln,rs, they have bees imposed upon sr
110 txed. Within the pa-it two woeks we have
rewired tWO new ,111,4,rjbet, trots Calvin, vie
Richard Chileott and Levi tool per•
haps the "Crushing out Man" l'as voi,trued
this into a discontinuance! Ea, !a. a
Postmaster eloquently ',mirkv.
But our neighbors odd, they 'that, received
many suet letters within the pus! two wrih,
and if it be true, they nmst knew how t,:kny
eubseribt rs we have Inst. Therefore wo makty
the following proposition : We will place fifty
dollars in the hands of any gentleman of honor
our neighbors may select, they doing the same,
and on examination of the books, or by allida.
vit of the publishers, the paper having the least
number of discentinuances within the period
stated, shall take the whole inn Otis Fifty dol.
lass in the AMC manner, to be proven in tho
same way, to the paper which has received the
greeted. number of new subscribers, within the
stone period. What saj. you neighbors ? Will
you accept this proposition—as an honorabl e
means of proving your assertions—or trill you
ignominiously, after publishing a statement or
assertion calculated to injure and "bear false
witness against your neighbor," refuse to give
us nn opportunity of nailing your assertions to
the counter as palpable, ungentlena4ly, wilful
nod base fabrications ? We are Kay and wil•
ling any moment our neighbors may see prop•
er to wait On as and accept the plan proposed,
to prove all we say. Until they do this, wo
in ant look upon them as publishing what they
I know to be untrue, when they say "we are re
ceiving many such letter," Ohl tlhamel where
is thy hinsh
stilllitr"r 111:101 . 0 ,
I,olth ! The viii mind
:11:enot1,0te(1" since we have
s 1.00( 1 010 in (:/.1:0..1t1:01 .1:, I irr favor
the ierx,,yoy I I t
(The, (ilia one mil:, 0,1 iv: , ',Helot tell if
V.. 11 I 1:1t. (tingle 1,110 " :11,11110 , 1 hiv pi t io , r'' on po•
.1 ;:rolui,l,. ~tic! '.lyers I , lShir•
00.,z. in,pose ptil.tli,hing n list of (.01,
...ohseribers until rifler 11:e election, 'very
. Suppoize onr (101011:0N (10 Tho,ollo,
100, •, 0 ee kr, out iu our hit er "
1. : it ninetolod
'4o.Tht/Ohn/./i3O 11(0
:” •I . ' tb 2 , /, 1.67.
••. • .
1 1 sa«c i
Geolv . o Leith,
Jahn 1.11..
M. Tale, 10L 1.,10,
George .1:01'at,
W. 11. \Violet, i.
.1. M. Clavii, J. than,.
sntseribow fu the
9111,11: 1 37.
1:(1:yard Pool,
livid 111,1(1 liny0(0,
Thuteni J:1.111,4 If:trine,
, , ,
0,0,1 1 . 1(00 1, S. 11. 1)(0101,0tt
Andrei,. iJuttel,,,
1301(,, (,1:0(
.A.tireiv (.100,1,
Philip Hawn.
If they
.i~ : ~~
' I I
.rth!,llw. - 1.1
thi,st alai most itlflmaitil tm, in 11, vmo.
:11, liVe
may be
E.tglo Von
hst ril.ith, Esq
:mli: , ,tt., ~r;,d
l'ioclair.l it iowl I i I,
"I he WlllCillVol,l all IIDII
"E... 1.115 awl Via( v.! !"
Win. N. N
Plil!a. IL is w:th
dl:3 11(111,,
sitt,h th,
!)," .111 gcu to
pie bell VUllle
A Piunk---1n
men havo no
uwn ilonest I:u•
~..; --A
,„ • .r , ig -- The discussion ut the thrn
'mid' tax to the “hatt Isunto member."
f Tipp, and lon, um?
of the couldy for our tiehet.
Tit Dvr,Pae. trs -- ft is nu admirable prac
tire to tat, it kble spoonful of “Ifurlcy's .
Saranpardia. ore Lour b.rl'ore diailen, to ifi%igo.
rat e the sta.-mei., and ar other an Lime or two
idler to tranquilize irritability, and neutralize
! any .ttd(l3 guncrated ditruttr n. It this
plan be strictly adhered to fur a brit p...viod,
pedant:at. ear, if Ow invariable cc
•• •
VA, A TIP, Torn cr.—Si
powerfully nlroll cot is the
loot u t r00m... yore ,
SO 01 , tar o:te la; may, a tc; ).,,, ~1.
ly vateica, tt per,on, rt, if it had
lancet into the arm."
bays our medical friend. De. f'o,;;,.aell,
of Huston, the discoverer of the Aotiphlogistie
Salt. uhich he intredneeo into the splint M.,'
the longue, thereby subduing ihirationatitins of
every I'ol'lll, tko ha claims it trill do.—York.
MARRIED:OII the Ist inst., at Mi/kr's Mo •
ltee. O. O. McClean, Mr. Win. Marlin to
Mks Nancy Shriner, bell, of Woodcock Valley.
T)EAINUTB.-!,100 Bushels Wilmington P,a.
nuts i n atom and tiur sale by
11? . 1. N. S.111:(11111).
393 or 191 North 3,1 street,
CI O l ' e : t l i ' t . i E uf::: k r; l •Tli ' in l it r i . i — ttil l e l ci li ti ll mi li ft i r s o lo by
:19:1 or 191 North ttil street, Phila.
Inges and Lemons in store and for sale by
128 or 191 North 3d street,
) AIF;INS —l,uoo Boxes Bunch a,..1 Laye
Haisius in sturu and fur sale by.
WM. N. SIRIGA111),
323 or 191 North 3,1 s trees. Phila.
ummt s, in store nod for man he
323 or 191 North 3d street, Phila.
nod Filberts in store and for sale by
5ept.3,'57.-iy. 323 or 191 N'th 3d st., Phila.
: Mouvr.ox Ft:MAL,: SEMINAR:I', 1311011.11..
Thu undersigned Auditor, appointed by the
Court of Common PICM of Huntingdon county,
to distribute the proceeds of 'the Sheriff's solo
of the rcal estate of the Mountain Female Sc. ,
tninary to those legally entitled thereto, hereby
gives notice to all persons interested, that be
will attend tor that purpose at his office in the
borough of Huntingdon, on Saturday, the 10th
! day of Octolmr next, at 3 o'clock, p. to., when
and where all persons are required to present
their claims before the undersigned Auditor,
or be debarred from coming in upon said fund.
'THEO. 11. CHENIER, Auditor.
joSEPH Gaumnitli,
Mc.Connellgown, Pn
o oid