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II Til IL)M,V 2 riliTr 1.0 ri 8r_f.) .. •.?" 2lt Vc,
Anil all Diseases of the Longs and Throat,
Which conveys the. remedies to the cavities in
the lungs through the :fir passages, and coming
in direct contact with the disease, nentmlizes
the tubercular matter, allays the cough, causes
a tree and easy expectoration, heals the lungs,
purities the blood, imparts renewed vit.dity to the
n e rv ou s system, giving tliat tone evil energy so
intlispcuseekle toe the restoration of health. To
be able to state madidently that Consumption is
curable by inhalation. is to Inc a source of until-
Joe ed ple4setre, It is as much under the ci.n.
too of medical treatment els any other formid
dtile diuenso ; ninety out of every hundred ca
ses cap to cured in the first stages, and fifty per
cent. en the second
. ; but he the third stage it is
impossible to save more then five per cent., lee
the Lungs are so cut up by 'he disease us to hid
defiance to medical skill. Even, however, in the
last stages, Inhalation affords extraordinary re
lien° the suffering attending this fearful scourge
AVhiCh annually destroys ninety-live thousand
persons in tile United States Idiom ; and a emir
rect. ca , cplatiun shows that of the present popu
lation of the cattle, eighty millions are destined
to till tl.e Consumptive's graves.
. -.
Truly the gnit•er of death hoe no arrow so fa
tal as (.onsuntption. In nll ogee it has been the
great can ley of lime, lee it MAIMS neither ago nor
nex, but swell, hIl aid, 111 C 1,1,3, the beauti
ful, the er,ettil et h ;Le ;iota'. lty the help of
that :-.'en•rt tee it. torte tvhten r meth every
geed Nal ihnaht . or!, 1 eat challea to offer to
the ,Illit leti a 1:111:1:11“1,1. tel ~ ,,,,...c ell,: itt
Comuinption. 'The Co, eau, ta Inhorele, in
fl,lll 111/jalre 1110011, IL/I,i tho . numcd nee
iate et pro
thnanl by their depreitinu la Ch.: lungs hs . to pre
vea.t tl, free rilnd,ion 111 :tie into the :t it cell;,
NViiivil cense,' a tveaktnetl vitainy thrtugh the
caber t.s..stem. Then farely it IS Illere rational
, e expect glem , :too I trent the,Etancs enterin,, ,
the cavitie, of the lohe, ti. n tlar, ethninhnerett
thrtan,h the ,totraeh ; the pat lent toill always
thal the I[llllgS II Cr 411,1 111, Ll,lliiilig cat-v, !tiler
Illilillillg tellivt]t..S. 'nail, il.LaiiiliL..ll . I, a 1..1
ICMC , iy, lICVCI lilrir,, it :.(.1., C,,,:it1111 , /11,ily 1111 , 1
NCilil nicer 1,0 . ,,..r tort CL'iloiLly tilall 1,11;01E , i
atillillli,lell'll by litrelt/lllllCil. 'i.',l p1,V1., liir pOr,.-
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Clillt (111 . .. l illlillt,llCC tor tiii . llicti, Oratilllill
itill,ii ,lort,ol t hli
o ..i . .,,i , ill cntit•elv de
tarOV li, •ibly in at . .a
.. tn!‘hre,. par tly..hrt
the iutiaew
ths or t ,,1., ,o that a iin.b to . hy he
rthiarnted v i;:a at the .1h,,1.t . t ein ; irhalre;
the orninnr;.. t in,..n..; ~-us trail 12,..ti0N . ', in a
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‘4 . f I', • lAN, ill
. r an.l
~ ~t::!i:~, s~rin,
11e;licit, with full dil LT6.1;4 tu any I,:trt
(s,r the Ut14.24 ,t2tes end ('atv....l, by riiiietas
.! n . ) .11 ,
I , the 1.11 , 11;,i 01 •
to pit:scribe aitlt it tteh ;Ireater certaiity, at tl
}hen the 1.11, ctLeted
lug thu
6 An AN,M.D
rn (old No. 109,)
1111 LA DELPILIA, 1!..1
August 5, *857. -1 y.
Of nll disease the proa, first cause
Spring , ' from negleet of Nature's Is we,
SZwroa, roT
When a cure is guaranteed in all stag. of
Self-Abuse. Nervous Debility, Strictures. GleetA,
tisavel, Diabetes, Diseases of the Nidney and
Bhidder, 11J:reside' Mieumati,m, Serdfula,
Pules in the Pones and Ankles, I) cases of the
Lungs, Tissues, Nose and Eyes, Ulcers ttpun
the Body us Limbs, emteers, Drup.y, Epilep
tic Pits, St. Vit.i's Donee, and all ilise,es ari
sing from a derangement a the Sextrd orgens•
Such-as Nervot, Trembling, Loss of Memo
ry, Loss of Vower, General Weakness, Dim ne,,,
of Vision, with peculiar snots aratearing berme
the eyes, Loss of Sight, Wakefulness, Dyspeu
sia, Liver Disease, Eruptions upon the Face,
Pain in the back and head, Female irregulari
ties, and all improper disehergesrrom both sexes.
It matters net Inotu what cause the disease origi
n:: however long . seeming or obstinate the
,corow is certain, alld in II shorter time
tin. a permanent cure can ho ellected hy any
other treatment, even after the di-case lies baf
fled the skill of eminent physicians end resisted
all their tre:ss of cute. The medicines are
pleasant v. ithout odor, eartiiinu no sickness and
free, iron. mercury ur hal,am. During twenty
years ch,ve
()I I)catl.
buy of IL: t:
!liven up hy their physicians . to die, qltich 1
rants me in promising to the afflicted, who may
place themselves under lay care, a perfect and
most speedy cure. Secret eisea,t, use the
greatest enemies to health, as they are the fir. .t
effuse Conhumption. Scrofula and many nth
or tlis', and should be a terror to the he
nine Mundy. Asa nermanent cure in scarcely
ever effected, a majority of the ca:cs lulling in
to the hands of incompetent persons, who not
only tail to cure the discuses but rote the con
stitution, tilling the system with mcrimry, which
with the disease, hastens the sufferer iutu a ra
pid Comtunptiun.
But ;Mould the disease and the treatmeut not
cause death speedily and the victim murrics, the
disease is entailed upon the children. whet are
born with feeble constittaiens, and the current
of life curvetted by 0 vit us which betrays itself
in Scrofula, Tenet., Ulcers, Eruptions. and eth
er atnetions of the skin. Eyes. Throat and
Lungs, entailing upon them u brief existence of
buffering anti consigning them to an early
Soli-Anse is another formidable enemy to
health, l'or nothing,lse in Me dread cataloged of
Raman diseases cases so destructive a drain
upon the system, dratw lag its thousands eh ric-
Celli through a few years of suffering, down to tut
untimely grave. It destroys the Nervous sys
tem, rapid. wastes away the energies a .ill.l,
causes mental thnangement, prevents the proper
development of the system, disqualifies for mar-
rive, society siness, and all earthly happi- 1
ness, and let the sufferer wrecked in body I
and mind, orAl lisposed to consumption and a
train of evils more to be dreaded than death it
With. the fullest confidence I assure the
unfortunate victims of Self-Abuse that a speedy
nod permanent cure can be effected, and with
the abandonment of ruinous practices my pa-
tients can be restored to robust,vbtorous health.
The afflicted are cautioned against the use of
Patent Mediciees, for there are so many ingeni
ons snares in the colonies of the public print.;
to catch and rob the unwary sufferers that Mil
lions have their constitutions ruined by the vile •
compounds of quack doctors, or the equally poi- !
SOllOll5 ncstrums vended as "Patent Medicines."
I hove carefully analyzed many of the so-called
Patent Medicines and find that nearly all of,
then contain Corrosive Sublimate, which is one ;
or the strongest preparations of mercury and a
deadly poison, which instead of curing the dis-
ease disables the system for life.
Three-fourths of the potent medicines non• in
use arc put up by unprincipled and ignorant per
sons, who do not understand even the alphabet
of matcria medico , and are equally as destitute
of any knowledge of the human system. having
only one olject in view, and that to make mon
ey regardless of consequences.
Irregularities and all diseases of nodes and
females hated on principles established by
twenty years of practice, and sanctioned by
thousands of the most remarkable cures. Medi
cines with full directions sent to any part oldie
United :Rates end Cumulus, by patients commu
nicating theit symptoms by letter. Business
correspondence strictly confidential. Address
.1. SUytMItItVILI, It, M. D.,
()Fn., No. Mil FII.IIIiRT Sr., (Old N 0.109.)
lielOW Twelfth,
..\7011.0V11 cotllrlowzn.
John S. Ltyc, Author,
Who Las lied 11l years experience as a Bank- 1
N. and Publisher, - and author of "A series of!
beet tires at.the Broadway Tabernacle," when
to successive nights, over 50,000 People
o..veeted him with rounds of applause, while
' 7 V. ;', exhibited the Manner in which Counter
^foiters execute their frauds, and the surest and
Or detecting them !
thud: Note Engravers all say that I,
\Atest Judge of Paper Money living.
:L . ., Greatest discovery of the present century
doteeting Counterfeit Bank Notes. lio-
W,,ribing every genuine bill in existence, and
exhititing at a glance every counterfeit in
!! Arranged so admirably, that
.otc, cm, is easy nod tleteetiou instantanebus.
ju'l , to ! No pages to
tint tip ! thit -e .iniolified and arranged
174 t l\l'a'clootr, Itankerana Busine, man
,ce ail ni a glance. French and
may read tho same in
r: „h., tongue. • MO,t perfect Bank
lishoil. Also a • 01l the
r;;', I rii ate - tlankus sit Auariaa. A, complete
;.• of 11, c of Europe ar..l
ii,ll . leii wit( hit ) , 111,1,,i1 ill .ICII tU
,•..,cther with all the important news'orthe clay.
.11 , 0 a series of vile,, fr'', an old Manuscript
,nd in the East, it Ittriii,hes foe most com
eilistony or “Oriental Lire."
.: the 'lust perplexing positions in which
S. ..• iiiilies uutl guidon'. of that Country
io ortut found. ' these stories will
throughout the whole year, :wit will
•• most cittertaiiiing ever oll'eted IJ
'• ' .
.• WceLly .to subscribers only
. II letters must ho addressed to
;I, „Rill:: S. 1)1'E,
l'roprietor, 70 Wall Street, New York.
a Ilk-
:;„st "Job Printing" °lke
made suck areall:muoill in our
.; • • enabl, tt, to az kinds (0'
a? - a - lesting at t 72,0 per cent.
. _
cheaper rate - s
Than any name in the
(live us a call. Ii we don't give entire catislae•
lion, nu charge at all will he mail,
Wi, I. A I' Ic,, .% ~,,
A ftenemt assortment tV . Blanks ult de.
seriptions just printed and 'Ur salt, at the
.. .101t1,1111 gifice."
_ . . ,
Appeintin't of Referees, Common Bond,
Notice to Referees, Judgment Notes
StlllllllOllA, Vendun Notes,
E 3'
xenniim,, Constabls Sales,
Strive Facia::, Subprenas,
Coin plaints, Deeds,
Warrants, Mortgages,
Conuitnienti, Bond to idemnify CorZtnide, dze.
F; Ct FT T I 0 Q.rix,'!xxm.
We this week give the speech of Maim
and fuller particulars of his execution :
At a quarter of 11 o'clock the prisoner
was brought down to the yard, an nscen•
ded the scaffold with a firm and unfaltering
step. Sheriff Port and his Deputies then
aljusted the rope, after which Dr Junkie
announced that M'Kiin wished to address
the people present, and that his wish had
been granted. M'Kim turned around, fa
ced the people assembled in the jail yard,
and said ;
"Well, friends and fellow citizens, of the
United Suites of America, I stand before
your eyes a dying man, but I contend lain
innocent of the murder ni Samuel Town.
s 4 ad Norcross, or any human being. • Be.
lure you all l say that men came hero from
the tt est and swore away my Wu. They
long the Holy Bible from the honorable
Court and swore to tell the truth, but told
everything else, ns wy soul willhe kunch
od into eternity—as 1 out n dying man.
'• I he first of these tnen wits u Air. At
tix. Yes, fellow citizens of the United
States, its I tun a dying mon—t do not ex
pect you to believe it—this Attix,
citizens, came here into Court before the
Honorable Judges, and there took the Holy
Bible and sworn to tell the truth, and I eon.
tend that ho told anything but what wos
truth. He said that I war at his oak , '
with Samuel Townsend Norcross, but, fel
low-citizens, I was never there with Nor-
cross. lie said that 1 telt! Norcross to toko
walling . but American gold coin. 1 never
wits in his office in my life, as I'm a dying
mun. lle ulso said that he asked me if 1
was his agent. Ho never apolce to me, as
I am a dying man ; but I freely forgive him
for the injury he has done me, my loving
wife and child, my brother and my foursis.
ters. I contend that he is one of my mur
derers, who, by his false evidence, succee
ded in getting this rope about my neck;
when he was in the Court, he looked in my
face and told these infamous lies. 'He told
fellow-citizens, everything but the truth.
But little did he think that he must answer
for it before a higher tribunal—not a coin
mon Court, but before God Almighty in
(leaven. If ho does not repent. he will be
damned. Now may God, Almighty have
mercy upon his soul. I freely forgive him
The other man wan Mr. Eaton, from
Dunleith, He said I shaved Norcross with
a razor produced in Court, with which, it ,
is said, I killed Norcross. I never shaved
Norcross in my life, neither was it my ra
zor they had. My razor is at Long Pond
—at least I left it there. I never shaved
myself while there, (meaning Dunleith,) or
anywhere, until I was talc,' to the prison.
May God Almighty have mercy on him.
Rumbold said here that there was not
much the matter with Noitioss, but there
he said ire was a dying man, ts a man now
in this yard (11r. Williams, Postmaster at !
Dunleith,) knows. Ile rode to the depot
,in the wagon with the trunks, and did not -
walk up with Mr. Eaten. He was not able
to walk, as sworn by Eaton, which was a
positive falsehood.
Another gentleman was here from some
miles down the country—l don't remember
his name—the sled man, I never saw him
or rude upon his sled or anybody's. I hope
I may never see the Kingdom of Heaven
if ever I rode on his sled, after I left Al.
t.sona, until I got on the other side of Sb
liauwport, when I rode on a sled fifteen
miles with the landlord. Every word that
man spoke was u positive falsehood—not
a word of truth—but may God Almighty
bless hirn—may he be prepared to go to
!leaven—but he can't unless he repents,
or any of them. I tell you as a true Amer
ican they are riot men—they have no
hearts or principles of meu, and are no
Chits ions. But I forgive thorn all. lan
here an innocent man I care nut whist the
world says. I tell you as a dying man my
fellow citizens of the United :status, I
• would rather die than trample upon the
laws of any country. The rope is around
my neck, and there is my colic, but I ne
t:, murdered NurerseL 1 HOPE 1 Mee all
YE!: ,E 1: Got) it I DID ! 1 keow tills is
out t kouw tli,tt t am inns.
cen!. It is a disgraceful death, but if all
the innocent blood that has been shed were
drawn into a pool, it would be enough to
• drown the false hearted • men who swore
false. Felluwcitizens there were men who
came in here and swore to lies that they
might get something from, Blair Gaiety,—
What would your opinion be of such men
who would swear link after link to take
your life away 1 Can you say they ere
Christians, or true-hearted Atueticans
May God Almighty have mercy on theirs!
They are cry murderers ! Tiwy are the
men who got the rope itlmat
Illy' iresik--
they are the murderers, and not ate.
"A gentleman from Altoona came here
to Court. and said M'Kim took breakfast
with biol. 'This is not so, as I can prove
to his teeth by a man now on the scaffold,
I got my breakfast at a gentleman's who
scorned tho idea of coming into the Court
House and swearing toy life away. [Here
he gave an accurate description of Kearn
ey and Keurney's house; whore he said he
breakfasted on the morning of the murder]
;slay God Almighty bless him and save him
But ho can't be saved without he rep.mts,
He knows that he is one of toy murderers.
am u true American citrzeit, and will
not haul down my colors—l would rather
prefer death, 1 not an innocent roan and
do not fear death. I. ill surrender to what
is right, but will never surrender to whet
is wrung. lam going to be launched into
eternity, and lutist go to beaver) or hell, if
I run guilty. I ant going to street 'Janus.
lum sure IMU going to heaven. lum
standing here an innocent num. I know,
fellow citizens, you do not believe this, ac
cording to the evidence in the Court, and
I do not blame you, but I will contend for
my rights.
'.l was born in Chester county, near the
48 milestone, on the Philadelphia and Lan
caster turnpike, on the farm of Jos. Pax
ton. I don't deny inv county, there are
those here from It. It was at that house
lily mother gave birth to me, though it
were better rite never had. I never done
nothing to fetch me here; those who swore
false shod charged before God us my mut ,
deters Ain't I got a right to speak ? I
say nothing us a dying num, but what is
true. 1 know that I cannot convince you
of my innocence, but that does nvt inst.°
it so. I don't stand before the eyes of tied
a murderer.
tell you us a dying man, follow-citi
zens, that I did not ',larder Samuel 'rows
send Norcross, neither du I know how he
came by his death.
"Fellow citizens, I am a true American
and have fought nud bled for my country,
have pressed forward with the flag of my
country to the muzzles of cannons, among
bayonets ' nod have carried the flag in tri
umph. Now lam here to die a dishonor
able death. I have been a dragoon in the
t./ . 11ite!..! States service, and was wounded.
du nut boast of but it is a dishonorable
death'l not about to meet. 1. was a private
but was promoted sergeant major. 1 have
been with Gen. Scott and Harney. nud
Lieutenant Jenkins. They all knew me;
and know that 1 am an honorable man,
and would not cut a. man's throat with a
razor, - or beat out his brains with a club.
"As a dying nine, with the cuffin before
him—knowing that I will go to hell if 1
any I believe iu the Bible. My aged
mother taught me to read is it, and believe
in it I always prayed. You know how A •
she fetes She knows I was oile who ne. y
VI 5 .0 Clta it it .
ver would give way to wrong. God don't
call upon me to confess and the reason
why is because I inn not guilty. lam not :A IA 'D
the murderer of Samuel Townsend Nor
cross, neither do I. know how he came About three or four years ago, more or
his death, Because the world is down en less, I was practising law in Illinois on a
mu., is that any reason why I should con• pretty large circuit. I was called on one
fess to a murder f never committed ? day in my office, in the town of C
-1 ea, nothing, for the world—l care
by a very pretty women, who, not with what the world says; l ast
out tears, told me her husband had been
t will declare my rights so low lnv
I argue can give them uuter.unco, a n d l arrested for stealing. She wished to re
have t h e will to do it. It is my candid be- fain me on the defence. I asked her why
lie( that some p.•rson else will yet suffer she did not go to Judge a, an en Senior
tor the murder of Norcross. Por L hold
of the United Slates, whose office was in
that murder will not lay. Mark me. Mr.
the same town. told her I. was a young
Hammond, you will some day find out my
innocence. man at the bar &c. She mournfully said
"I go in for hanging a murderer, but that he had asked a retaining fee above
not ua innocent man. I repeat to you that her means, and besides did not want to
the witnesses Mlle in and swore against
me as if it was a sang." touch the case, for her husband was 2U,
peeled of belonging to an extensive gang
'Ling his counsel, who, he said, had done
The prisoner then went on to exonera
of horse thieves and Aounterfeiters, whose
.heir duty; al., the jury, Judge, and offi-
head quarters was on Moore's prairie.
eers. He continued :
I asked her to tell me the whole truth
I Ida., no "tan sworn to do his duty, of the matter, and if it was true that her
husband did belong to such a band "1
me my wouldli fe,"k ao man
it c"
“Ah, sir,' said she, " tuna at
. . .
"I have been here three months chained, heart than my George never lived ; but
and a part of the time handcuffed. Don't he liked cards and drink, and lam afraid
blame anybody Mu ' myself ' and y ou all they made him do what he never would
know the reason why, for trying to cut
have done if he had not drank. I fear
my bobbles.
Here he spoke of handcuffs on his ' that it can be proved that he had the horse
hands being so tight as to Wilke his arm he, didn't steal it ; another did, and parsed
bleed. He then spoke in kind terms of it to him."
those w h o v i s i te d hi m i n hi s ce ll and pray.' I didn't like the case. I knew that
ed for him. He spoke of Dr. Rivkin and there was a grem dislike to the gang lima.
Rev. iVicClean discharging their duty, say-' ted where she named, and feared to risk
ing : , the case before a jury, She seemed to
"They came here and prayed for me &terve my intention to refuse the case
like Christian men, and have been the mit- and burst into tears.
igation of saving My.soul from hell." 1 never could see a woman weep with-
Ile next spoke of the Methodists, and out feeling like a weak fool myself. If it
tic kindness shown him by the people of hadn't been for eyes bright: tied by ~p ea,
Hollidaysburg, and called. upon God to ly tears," (blast the poets that made them
bless them all, to come in fashion by praising them) I'd
"I want you m think lam pleading the never been caught in the lasso of matri
truth. I have scon it in the papers. lum mony, And my would be client was
supposed to be the murderer of two more petty handkerchief that hid her
m: u. They sever said unything about
until wils u Q d streatnaig eyes didn't hide her r
!Oh ,/it ' ll:1,11/ig to soy *••' .l "
h.() WS that
. 1 novvr . killed atuan white gull in a gale of wind at Frn . T
I hope itevor to see the Kiagdo nof ilea- took the case and she gave me the
ven if ever 1 killt d a WWI. Fellow citi
:evils, I act ulso charged with stealing lair- The gang , of wh i ch he was nt,t a
ses. I never stole a horse, or anythiog„
bur, had p ersuaded him to take the hog except fruit, and there ore kw who have 'i
not done that. Never, as lam a dying• •
Fly knew dm horse was stollen, ~li
man, dud l steal anything but Iron. A i n't fool acknow•edged it when he
it hard for a man to he accmsed when he is h a d t r o ut '
,chained in prkon and can't help hitast2ll?
Lit me say God something to say. '`•
-'• evitie and tad to alter his ap! , , ~..ce,
love my fellow man, hot I care not for • and the opposition could prove i .
..vhat they' when false. lum nut the ; The trial came on. worked hard to
man I em repr,sented to be. I can tilt, net a jury of ignorant men, who had more
without a tear, for taco " l li a g t o f e ar , heart than brain. Who, if they could not
God. I have made my election sure.
(„thornthedept h l u h of argument, or follow
Christ I have placed my temt,
I leave this scoff .Id I shall go home to the lahariffiltine mones of the low, could
[leaven, and hope to meet my Clod, my feel for a hollow in a bad fix, a weeping
aged father, who has gone before tae, Ill3' pretty wife, nearly broken-hear:cd, and
mother, wife, chill, sisters and brothers. r distracted. Knowing the use of "ef-
W hat -care I fur this death? My friend, 1
her to dress 111 &op mourn
care, for they have not 0 stain upon th.,ir [tol d
character. It is not my fault, Clod Al- tog, and bring her little cherub of a boy,
mighty knows it." only three years old, into court and to sit
He then made some allusion to his at. as near her husband as the officer would
tempt to commit suicide, and said he was let her. I tried that game once in a mur
instigated to . do it by the devil, but was der case, roil a weep i ng wife and siver
glad he did not accomplish it, for then he made a jury render a verdict against law,
should hove been a murderer indeed and evidence and the judge's charge, and sa
gone to lien. ; red a fellow that ought to have been hung
"ArKim will soon be launched into ' The prosecution opened very bitterly,
eternity, sod his soul trill go to (leaven." , inveighed against thieves and counterfeit..
• A portion of scripture was then read by ere, who had made the land a terror to
Dr Junkin, and the llyinn beginning With strangers and travellers, and who had rob
" Prepare ate gracious God, ; ; bed every farmer in the region, of !heir
To stitud before thy hive," ' finest horses. It introduced witnesses
was sung, in which the prisoner joined.—
A prayer Wan then nmsle by Dr. Junkin, and proved more than I feared it would.
The time canto for me to rise for de
after which the clergy,
his counsel , the of- . fence. Witnesses—l had none. But 1
firers and others, took leave of Lim.
rope teas re-adjusted by the Sheriff and
T he determined to matte an effort.—only hoping
the cap placed over hie face. In a few to interest the jun° and jury as to severe
words he again reiterated his innocence of • a recommendation to gubernatorial clem
ency and a light sentencd. So I painted
the crime for which he was to suffer,mnd-
Mg with "I tell you us a dying man I am this picture : A young man enteaed into
life wedded by an angel ; beautiful in per.
innocent. Tall the Sheriff lilt now ready.'
son, possessing every gentle and noble at-
At 20 minutes of 1 o'clock the Sheriff
drew the rope attached to the prop of the tribute. 'Temptation was before and all i
around him. Ile kept a tavern. Guests
trap, the body fell. A few upheavings of .
the chest and all was over. After hang. there were many; they were well dress-1
ed ;
ing twenty minutes the physicians made large bills and poid promptly.
nounced hint dead, and he was lowered in.
pm' At an unguraded hour, when he was in
sane with the liquor they urged upon
to his coffin. His neck was not dislocated hint, he had deviated Irom the path of rec,
—he was strangled to death. His neck utude. The demon of alcohol reigned in
was a little discolored, but his tongue did his brain ; and it was the first offence.—
not protrude. His face was livid but look. Mercy pleaded for another chance to save
ed natural.
; him from ruin. Justice did not require
There were some three thousand stran- . t h at hi s young w ife should go down sot'
gars in town, and there was some drun- rowing to the grave, and that the shadow
kenness and fighting, but not so much as . of disgrace and the taunt of a felm father
one might have expected, * A party has should cross the path of thitiesweet child.
just passed my house, sin ging in chorus : ' 0, low earnestly did I plead for them.—
"To see McKim the crowd come in,
! The woman wept . ; the husbrind did the
Some drunk whiskey and seine drunk gin."
same ; tho judge fidgeted and robbed hi s
' So that Captain Whiskey Was about.. '
The corpse Was : takeu to the Almshouse eyes ; the jury tootled meltitim. Ii I could
buriovoand , though mokuu wished o o have had Ow cicsu g spee ch he would
be buried it Chetter county. have been cleared ; but rho prosecution
McKim's statement in regarded to the had the close, and threw ice on the fire 1
witnesses was not credited 1;y any of those' had kindled. But they did nut quite put
present at the execution. ' 't eta.
The judge charged according to law and
evidence, but evidently leaned on jliq side
of mercy. The jury found a verdict of
but unanimously recommended
him to the mercy of the court. Nly client
was sentenced to the shortest imprison
ment the court tens empowered to give,
and both jury and court signed a ',midon
to the Governor for an unconditional par
don, which has since been granted, bet
not before the following incident occur
Some three months after this, I receiv•
ecl art account for collection from a whole
sale house in New York. The parties to
collect from were hard - ones. but they had
property and before they had an idea of
the trap laid, I had the property, which
they were about to assign before they
broke under attachment. Finding 1 was
neck ahead and bound to win, they 'caved
a and 'forked over' three thousand sev
en hundred and ninety•four dollars and
eighteen cents, (Per memorandum book,)
in good money. They lived in Shawnee
town, about ris or 40 miles southeast of
Moore's prairie. I received the funds
just after• bank opening, but other business
detained ate until after dinner. . I then
started for• C , intending to go as
far as the village of Mt. Vernon that night.
I had Otte along ten or twelve mile_,
when I noticed a splendid team of double
horses attached to a light wagon, in which
were seated four time,,, evidently of the
high strung order. They swe,u. past as
if to show how easily they could do it.—
They soon sh,tened in and allowed ne
to come up with them, and hailing toe as
ked me to "e et''' or in other 'words, di
minish the contents o' a jug of old rye
they had aboard Lot I excused myself with
the plea that I bud plenty en board.—
They asked me how far I was going. I
told them as far us Mt. Vernon, it mug
bore didn't tiro out. They mentioned a
pleasant tavern ten nt• ttccit•e mtle ahead,
us a liiCe
and then dro,
ttl:e the loot. of tbo,e fellows
nor (hell' aetlollS. Lit I Wit, bound to go
ttlicad. 1 had tt Innen of revolvers and a
uicc kinfo ; iny inouey was not in n tali,
n:y but in a brit around my body
,1%,w in hopes that they would gu
should ,uo them 110 11101 . 0. it
;:tqtrly dark when I saw a t,.ern
all ...;:c1
Ar the smile time 1 saw their
wagon stand before the door. I wouid
have passed on, but my horse needed rest.
hauled up and a woman came to the
door. Sh, turned as pale as a sheet when
she saw me—she did nut speak; but
with a meaning look, the put het • finger
to her lips and' bec4otied rite in; she wan
the wife of my client.
Who. I entered ; the party recognized
me, and haled me as an old traveling
friend,nod asked me to drink. I respect•
friend, and asked me to drink. 1 respect
fully but firmly declined to do so.
"By G—d,
.you shall drink or fight,'
said the noisiest of the party.
"Just as you please, drink I shall not,"
odd I purposely showing the butt of
a cult which kicks six times in succe:..
The party interposed and
quelled the assailant. Ohs• e;;'!..: ,;:e
cigar which I reluctantly refused but a
glance from the woman induced me to
accept; She advanced and profferel me a
light, end in doing so she slipped a now in
toy hand, which she must hare written
with a pencil the moment before. Never
shall I forget the words—.hey were :
' , Beware they are members o f the gang
they mean to rob and murder you! Leave
court ; I will detain them I"
I did not feel comfortable just then, but
tried to do so.
Have yon any room to put up my horse
I asked turning to the woman.
'What —are you not going on to night!'
asked one of the men ; 'tee me."
~ .No," :aid 1, "I shall Ltay here all
stay then, I guess, and make a
night of it !" suid unotli,r of the Cut
, ‘You'll have to put up your own hor,e
—Lore's a lantern," said the woman.
tun used,to that," I said. “Gentle
[nen, excuse toe a minute; I'll join you in
a drink. when I come in.
'.Good on your head. More whiskey,
old gal," shouted they. •
I wont out, glanced at theirivagrin, it
was old-fashioned ; and "linch•pins" se
cured tits wheels. To take out my knife
and pry one from the fore and hind wLeels
wa, but the work of an instant for ine,
and I threw them as Inc oil in the
darkness as I could. T. untie my horse
and dash off was the work of a moment.
Thu road lay down a steep hill, but my
lantern lighted mu somewhat.
I had hardly got under full headway,
when I heard a yell from the party I had
so LINCt ',non iou,ly left. I put whip to
my horse. Thu next moment with a shout
they starred. I threw my light away and
lett my horse to pick his way, A moment
later, I heard a crash, a horrible shriek.
The wheels were off. Thou came the
rush of the horees tearing along with tho
wreck of a wagon. Filially, they seemed
Le fetch up in the wood. One or two
.rig ks I heard as 1 swept on, leaving
diem fir behind. For some time I hur.
tied toy horse—you'd bettor believe I rid
it wr a Rule alter midnight when I got to
Mt. Vernon.
The next Jay I heard that a Mooro's
prairie team had run away, arid that two
men out of four had boon so badly hurt
that their lives were despaired of; but I
didn't cry. My cheats got their money—
and I didn't travel over that rood any
Pro Elution Claims of a Colored Kau
Wcaieutoit, A up. 20—The General Land
u ice to day decided against the pre eruption
claim, of a colored man to three hundred and
sixty'neres of laud in Wkeutisiti. taking; the
ground of the Supreme Court in the 1)r1d
Scott case, shot a "free negro, of African nice
whu:e alko,:or., were brou;zlit lu thiS Country
and :told ,laves, it; not a oititton tri hiu thi;
tocaning of the Cot,tittuitat of the United
This deci,ion or the Land Oiliee applies to
tit, other :;holler eases pending.
We re-puhli , th to dap the above article in our
yeettrday's issue with the view or cnllio
PAU, attention more particular ly to its mow
titre,ity. We ask in the statue or a common
humanity if it is possible that party spirit
ceuhl so far subjugate the glmericrp press as.
to pa, ores, without a revere criticism, this
you our free institutions' A rive
man may bar) his broad to the storm of war
,i 1 1,1k.0d like water upon the field of
le—Sidf, the paito of cuttrtyrdt.m.
..1 . -11e, of 01, gr....1/ea:vatic. of Amer:•
bred:roll around hi.
God is his wisdom has given him a
a c0n1),1,1i,,n laa a sli;ht elude darker than
alvid Paul Brown, he shall be denied all
even won.
th ,a the horse that fixed the flyilfg
:a, a patty ridden Court
that aaeh a umn is not :1 citizen.
Lim, tut ho may n...t havo a Vok,
tu.ty Ii
~ht tho battler of
is ct and t! I' daringly tha home that
avo I birth, bat he may not be nommen,
:0, the Mon that Las c,caped from a fur.
sign hual, and, IwziiAlm, a foreign pri,un.—
:•;!uitiw, oh ,haiLe ! when thy hlu,11!
i, of Ow Fria', of the Dyed Scott deci6lim
\Veil, all we have tk, say tardier is, tile
tide of the ea,
is tt proper one—it is dratqjia
Goa ki,ows.—Phitt. Si
llezceuur.>•r IN 1101.1.1DAY1i111 , 1M.—•••WO
~aiu!g the last ❑umber of
the American pa.
qt,to the t
the /
The !client, meeting in this place on
rvening last was but I,lituly attended,
and mud_ have hens rather disheartening to
the would be•Governur, thou,o he here him•
self very creditably under the circumstances.
making a neat and appropriate speech of
sane minutes dimwit.. lie is a knolook.
jog Illan and a graceful talker, and in all he
said ho was commons and gentlemanly. But
we think he lailgd to convert anybody to the
tot it was wissr and better to throw
away their VOte3 upon Nita — (quintessence or
though he he, and "nothing
else")—t ban to vote for Mr. Wilmot, who is a
ge:sl American also, with a fair prospect of
:teen :tail oho.;c election would hen most
signal det . eat M . the "Irish Brigade" and for•
eigni,in gencrat!iy.
s.e 11,1,11,1 in company with H. B. Swope,
Esq., a Ckarti,l.l county gentlemen, whose
wa, bete before lain; and taking it a. 3 it
pa,tei among,,,t us. Mr. linzlehurst was not
It iitivantnged by the asilociation. Mr.
S. ionde n speech of twice the length of Mr.
litirdohtirst, in I, pitched into the
Aln,rican I'.eTtiblican3 very bravely. But of
hint its n'idnimile.
We emiced a number of Democrats present,
Among them wo may mention was our
I . ..sty neighbor, Major beet, Into Supervisor on
the Penna. Canal, and owner of till unsettled
account, and several oons tho "Green sole."
We Lupe what they heard did them good.
Thu Packer Editors, says the Lebanon
Curvier, are in trouble. Their candidate has
,loam tiro 't•.hite feather" in declining to meet
Wilma before the people, and taxes all their
ingenuity to frame excuses for him. Otto of
the reasons they originally gave for Lis cowl.
nati in Nlas that he was great public debater.'
Where is that quality now ? The people want
to hear him along with Wilmot. Pour Packer,
he want's to get into the Governor's Chair wi
der false pretences. lie and the LocucoM press
will go around howling Le., but
they are afraid to allure a fair and frank discus•
shin between the candidates before the pen.
plc, whir e such gammon would not stand a
moment before the ponderous arguments and
burning eloquence of the able IVilmot. Ltei
theta new hold their peace.
A Novt:t. Suer—"SAM" REPUHISTIM-114
a suit in the Court of Campbell county, ou
Friday, II Shipley L' u'l rO, engravers,
ugniust A. D. Swaney and Maj. Calomel!, fur
studs engraved for the know Nothing Grand
Cui.ell of Kentucky, and other Councils of
the Suite, the couneel for defence contended
that as "Sam" was dead, the suit should him
beon brought against his achninistrators, but
the Court overruled this, sad Messrs. S. Jt c,
hod to toot ho bill, $292 50 and coot*