Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, August 19, 1857, Image 4

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_proposing Amendments to the
Constitution of the Co
Resoleed by Me Senate and 'louse ry .
sentatiees of Mc Commonwealth of Penns!,lva•
nia in General Assembly met :That the follow.
ing amendments are proposed to the constitu
tion of the commonwealth, in accordance with
the provisions of the tenth article thereof.
There shall be an additional article to said
constitution to be designated as article eleven,
as follows t
SECTION 1. The state may contract debts, to
supply census' deficits or failures in revenues,
or to meet expenses not otherwise provided for;
but the aggregate amount of such debts direct
and contingent, whether contracted by virtue of
one or more acts of the general assembly, or at
different periods of time, shall never exceed se
ven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and the
money arising from the creation of such debts,
shall be applied to the purpose for which it was
obtained, or to repay the debts so contracted,
sat: to no other purpose whatever.
.. . . .
. .
SECTION 2 In addition to the above limited
power, the state may contract debts to repel in.
vasion, suppress ii.surrection, defend the state
in war, or to redeem the present outstanding in
debtedness of the state; but the money arising
from the contracting p; of such debts, shall beep.
plied to the purpose for which it was raised, or
to repay such debts, and to no other purpose
SECTION 3. Except the debts above specified,
in sections one and two of this article, no debt
whatever shall be created by, or on behalf of
the state.
SECTION 4. To provide for the payment of the
present debt, and any additional debt contract
ed as aforesaid, the legislature shall, at its first
session, after the adoption of this amendment,
create a sinking fund, which shaP be sufficient
to pay the accruing interest en such debt, and
annually to reduce the principal thereof by a
slim not less than two hundred and fifty thous
and dollars ; which sinking fund shall consist
of thoisct annual income of the public works,
from time to time owned by the state, or the
proceeds of the sale of the same, or any part
thereof, and of the income or proceeds of sale
of stocks owned by the state, together with oth
er funds, or resources, that nifty be designated
by law. The said sinking fund may be increa
sed, from time to time, by assigning to it any
part of the taxes. or other revenues of the state
not required for the ordinary and current ex
penses of government, and sinless in case of
war, invasion or insurrection, no part of the said
sinking f.d shall be used or applied otherwise
than in extinguishment of the public debt, un
til the amount of such debt is reduced below
the sum of five millions of dollars.
Sscrrox 5. The credit of the comm mwealth
shall not in any manner, or event, be pledged,
-or loaned to, .y individual, ccmpany, corpora
tion, or association ; nor shall the common
wealth hereafter become a joint owner, or stock
holder, in any company, association or corpora
SECTIOY G. The commonwealth shall not as
sume the debt, or any part thereof, of any coun
ty, city, borough or township; or of any corpo
ration, or association ; unless such debt shall
Lave been contracted to enable the state to re
pel invasion, suppress domestic insurrection,
defend itself in time of war, or to assist the
state in the discharge of any portion of its pre
sent indebtedness.
SECTION 7. The legislature shall not author
ize any county. city, borough, township, or in
corporated district, by virtue of a vote of its
citizens, or otherwise, to become a stockholder
in any company, association, or corporation ;
or to obtain money for, or loan its credit to, any
corporation, association, institution, or party.
There shall be an additional article to said
constitution, to be designated as article X 11, as
No county shall be divided by u line cutting
oft over one•tenth of its population, (either to
form a new county or otherwise ) ) without the
express meant of such county, by a vote of the
electors thereof; nor shall any new county be
established containing less than four hundred
square miles.
Prom section two of the first article of the
constitution, strike nut the words, "V the city
of Philadelphia, and ql each county respective.
ly ;" from section five, same article, strike out
the words, "of' Philadelphia and of the several
counties ;" from section seven, same article,
strike out the words, "neither Else city qf Phila
delphia nor any," and insert in lieu thereof the
words, "and no;" and strike out "section Jim.,
name article," and in lieu thereof insert the fol.
"SECTION 4. In the year one thousand eight
hundred and sixty-four, and in every seventh
year thereafter, representatives to the number
of one hundred, shall be apportioned and dis
tributed equally, throughout the state, by ilia.
tricts, in proportion to the number of taxable
inhabitants in the several parte thereof; except
that any county containing at least three thou
sand five hundred taxables, may be allowed a
separate representation ; but no more than
three counties shall be joined, and no county
shall be divided, in the formation of a district.
Any city containing a sufficient number of tax•
ables to entitle it to at least two representatives
shall have a separate representation assigned
it, and shall be divided into convenient districts
of contiguous territory, of equal taxable pomp
lotion as near as may be, each of which dis
tricts shall elect MO representative."
At the end of section seven, same article, in
sert these words, "the city of 1 1 / 4 dadelphiashall
be divided into single senatorial districts, of
contiguous territory as nearly equal in taxable
population as possible ; but no ward shall be
divided in the formation thereof."
The legislature, at its first session, atter the
adoption of this amendment, shall divide the
city of Philadelphia into senatorial and repro
sentative districts, in the manner above provid
ed ; such districts to remain unchanged until
the apportionment in the year ono thousand
eight hundred and sixty-four.
There shall be an additional section to the
first article of said constitution, which shall be
numbered and read as follows
SECTION 26. The legislature shall have the
power to alter, revoke, or annul, any charter of
incorporation hereafter conferred by, or under,
any special, or general law, whenever in their
opinion it may be injurious to the citizens of
the commonwealth ; in such manner, however,
that no injustice shall be done to the corpora.
IN SENATE, 1 1 / a rC7i 27, 1857.
Resolved, That this resolution pass. Gnaw
first amendment, yeas 24, nays 7 ; on the see.
and amendment, yeas 23, nays 8 ; on the third
amendment, yeas 24, nays 4 on the fourth a•
Inendtnent. yeas 23, nays 4.
[Extract from the Journal:l
April 25, 1837.
Resolved, That this resolution pass. On the
first amendment, yeas 78, nays 12; on the sec
ond amendment, yeas 57, nays 34; ou the third
amendment, yeas 72, nays 22 ; on the fourth
amendment, yeas 83, nays 7.
'Extract from the :Journal.]
JACOB ZEI(4I.EIt, Clerk.
Filed in Secretury's utlice, May 2, 1852.
Secretary qf Mc Commonwealth.
SE:CHF:T.I.'B Ove'er,
Ibuitimir June 22, 1857.
PEN:VS . I7,VA N. ,SR:
I do certify that the above and foregoing is
a true and correct copy of the original "Resolu
tion proposing amendments to the Constitution
of the Commonwealth," with the vote in each
branch of the Legislature upon the final pas
sage thereof, as appears from the originals on
file in this office.
In testimony whereof I have here.
I L. S. I unto set my hand and caused to be af
fixed the seal of the Secretary's Of
flee, the day and year above written.
Secretory of the Commonwealth,
IN SENATE, March 27, 1857.
The resolution proposing amendments to the
Constitution of the Commonwealth being under
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the first amipdment?
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the provisions of the Constitution, and were as
fellows, VIZ
YEAS—Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Coffey, Ely,
Evans, Fetter, Flenniken, Frazer, Ingram, Jor
don, Killinger, Knox, Limbach, Lewis, Myer,
Scofield, Sellers,Shumfm, Steele, Straub, Welsh
Wilkins, Wright and Taggart, Speaker-24.
NAYS—Messrs. Crabb, Cresawell, Finney,
Gregg, Harris, Penrose and Souther-9.
So the question was determined in the ME,
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the second amend•
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the provisions of the Constitution, and were us
follows, viz :
YEAS—Messrs. 13rewer, Browne, Cresswell,
Ely, Evans, Fetter, Finney, Flenniken, Ingram
J'Crdan, Knox, Limbach, Lewis, Myer Sellers,
Shaman, Souther, Steele, Straub, Welsh, Mk
kips, Wright and Taggart, Speaker-23.
NAYS—Messrs. Collby, Crabb, Frazer, Gregg
Harris, Killinger, Penrose nod
So the question was determined in the
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the third amend.
meet ?
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the provisions of the Constitution, and were as
follows, viz :
YEAS — Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Creswell,
Crabh, Ely, Evans, Flenniken ' Frazer, Ingram,
Jordan, Killinger, Knox, Laulmeb, Lewis, My
er, Scofield, Sellers Shuman Soother, Steele,
Straub, Welsh, Wilkins '
and Wright-2.t.
NAYS—Messrs. CofTey, Gregg, Harris and
So the question was.determined in the tan
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the fourth amend•
moot ?
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the provisions at the Constitution, and were as
follows, viz :
. - -
YEAS—Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Coffey, Coos.
well, Ely, Evans, Flenniken, Frazer, lagoons,
Killinger, Knox, Loubach, Lewis, Myer, Sea.
Said, Sellers, Shuman, Souther, Steele, Straub,
Welsh, Wilkins and Wright-23.
EATS—Messrs. C'abb, Finney, Jordan and
So the question was determined in the attir•
IN T. Hors,: or Ito Po ES TA TI
29, 1057.
The resolution proposing amemlinents to the
Constitution of the Commonwealth being on.
der consideration,
On the question,
Will the House agree to the first amendment?
The yens and nays were taken agreeably to
the provisions of the Constitution, and \mi., as
viz :
Tess—Messrs. Anderson, Arthur, Backhouse
Ball, Beek, Bishop, Bower, Brown, Calhoun,
Campbell, Chase, Cleaver, Crawford, Dickey,
Ent, Eyster, Fausold, Poster, Gibboney, (tildes,
Unmet, harper, Heins, Iliestand, Ilill, nine
pin Hoffman, (Becks,) lmbrie limes, Jacobs,
Jenkins, Jolts, Johnson, Kauffman, Knight,
Kerr, Imisenring, Longaker, Lovett, Manear,
Mangle, M'Culmout, .Wllvain, Moorhead, Num.
an, Musschnan, Nichols, Nicholson, Nunetna.
cher, Pearson, Peters, Petrikin, Powuall, Pur-
cell, Ramsey, (Philadelphia,) Ramsey, (York,)
Reamer. Reod, Roberts, Rupp, Shaw, Shun,
Smith, (Cumbria,) Smith, (Centre,) Stevenson,
'Man, Vail, Vanvimrhis, Vickers, Voeghley,
Walter, Westbrook, Wharton, Williston, With.
crow, Wright, Zimmerman and Get., Speaker
I•lmts,—Messrs. Backus, Benson, Dock, Ham.
Mon, Hancock, Hine, Hoffman, (Lebanon) Le
bo, Struthm, Thorn, Warner and Wintrode--
So dm question was determined in the allir•
On the question ;
Will the House alree to the second aneud•
ment ?
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the provisions of the Constitution, and were as
follows, viz..:
YEA;—Messrs, Anderson, Deckhouse, Ball,
Beck, Bower, Calhoun, Campbell, Carty, Ent,
Fausold, Foster, Gild., Hamel, Harper, Heins
Heistand, Ililieges, Hoflman, (Berks,) Moon
keeper, Imbrie, limes, Jenkins, Johns, .1011.011
Kauffman, Knight, Leisenring, Longaker,
vett, Memoir, Mangle, Itlllvain, Moorhead,
Musselman, Nichols, Nicholson, Nunnemaeher,
Pearson, Peters, Petrikin, Pownall, Purcell,
Ramtoy, (Philadelphia,) Ramsey, (York,) Rea
mer, Roberts, Rupp, Shaw, Sloan, Tobin, Vail,
Voeghley, Walter, Westbrook, Wharton, Zit',
merman and Cetz, Speal.•cr-57.
NAYS—Messrs. Arthur, Augustine, Backus,
Rene., Bishop, Brown, Chase, Cleaver, Craw
ford, Eyater, Gibboney, Hamilton, Hancock,
Hill, Hine, Huffman, (Lebanon,) Jacobs, lien•,
Lebo, M'Culaiont, Mumma, Reed, Smith, (Cain
bria,) Smith, (Centre,) Stevens., Struthers,
Thorn, Vanvoorhis, Vickers, Wagonseller,
Warner, Wintrode, Witherow and Wright -34.
So the question was determined in the affir
On the question,
Will the House agree to the third amend•
ment 7
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the provisions of the Constitution, and were as
follows viz •
YEAH—Messrs. Anderson, Bathhouse, Ball,
Beck, Broom,, Bower, limos, Calhoun, Catop•
bell, Chase Cleaver, Crawford, Lickey,Epter,
Kut, Fausold, Foster, Gibboney, Hamel, Ilar.
fer, Heins, Hiestand, Hill, Hillegas, Hoffman,
(Berko,) Hoffman, (Lebanon,) Housekeeper,
mbrie, limes, Jacobs, Johns, Johnson, Krtufl ,
man, Kerr, Lebo, Longaker, Lovett, Mallow,
Naugle, M'Calmont, Itlootheal, 11 otto eta, Moo
selman, Nichols, Nicholson, Nunnemacher,
Pearson, Peters, Petritin, Pownall, Purcell,
Ramsey, (York,) Reamer, Reed, Rupp, Shaw,
Sloan, Smith, (Cambria,) Smith, (Centre,) Ste.
venson, Tolan, Vail, Vativoorlds, Votgliley,
Vickers, Wagonseller, Westbrook, Williston,
Witherow, Wright„ Zimmerman and Getz,
.5 pea k 2.
NAYS—Messrs. Arthur, Augustine, Backus,
13ishop, Carty, Dock, Gihien, Hamilton, an.
cock, Jenkins, Knight, Leisenring, hi 11.
vuin, Ramsey, (Philudelphia,) Roberts, Stint!,
era, Thorn, Walter, Wuruer, Wharton and Will.
So the question was determined in tho allir
!native. •
On the question, •
Will the fleece ngree to the fourth nmerd•
meat ?
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to
the provisions or the Constitution, and were as
follows, vie :
YEAH—Mesas. Anderson, Arthur, Backus,
Backhouse, Ball, Beck, Benson, Bishop, !low
er, Brown,Calhoun, Campbell, Carty, Chase,
Cleaver, rawford, Dickey, Ent, Eyster, Foss
old, Foster, Gibboney, Gildea, Hamel, Horper,
Hieotaud, Hill, IliSegos, Hotfirma (t.e.
baron,) Holfinan, (Becks,) Housekeeper, lin
brie'limes, Jacobs, Jenkins, Johns, Johnson,
Kauffman, Kerr, Lebo, Leisenriug, Longaher,
Lovett, Manear, Mangle, AFCalmont, ANlvain,
Alumina, Alusselinan, Nichols, Nicholson, Nu
nemacher, Pearson, Peters, Petrikin, Pownall,
Purcell, Ramsey, (York,) Ramsey, (Philadel
phia) Reamer, Reed, Roberts, Rupp, Shaw,
Sloan, Smith, (Catnbria,) Smith, (Centre,) Ste
venson, Tolan, Vail, Vanvoorhia, Voeghley,
Vickers, Wagonseller, Wolter, Warner, West
brook, Wharton, Williston, Witherow, Zimmer.
man and Getz, Bpeaker-83.
NATS—Messrs. Dock, Hamilton, Hancock,
Struthers, Thorn, Wintrode and Wright-7.
So the question woo determined in the affir
HARI..., June 22, 1857.
PCllllBylrMlia, RS
1 do certify that the above and iheegoing is
a true and correct copy of the "Yeas" and
"Nays" taken on the resolution proposing am
entimeots to the Constitution of the Common
wealth, as the same appears ou the Journals or
the two Houses, of the General Assembly of
this Commonwealth fur the erasion of 1H57.
Witness my hand and the seal of
I 1,. S. I said dike, this twenty.second day of
Jump:toe thousand eight hundred and
fifty-seven. A. G. CURTIN,
S,trlary nj the Commonwealth.
MISCELLA7§ Inn:wrist:lll Ts.
Colds, Coughs, I
:Fltti . mpe!.n. 11,4•., 1455.
Pn..l. r:.:U:au I~l~~u,~t ;n ~,rtr ~„,;, ~.
Cnn:L+, Ib. , i.~ .. ie6~ ud Cu.
• .
rolt. , aalant ,airt”lni, a 04 . 1. pi your
Ofr.,!MY l'Ecfollll.. ILS r011.1,111t 11, in
. ........
my ',meth,. and Illy family for Iho bud
ton yearn 811.14 . 11 it tO 1M15.10.14
rlor vlrtiwi for tlin treatment of these
complaints. lIIKI ICS 11l lit M.D.
A. It. Mi/ItTLISY, 1.18,., of UTICA. N.Y.. "1 hose
wed your lismorist myself and In my 11.1lv .•ver since
y. invented It. awl believe it the lie•it ine f, its
purpose ever mit out. IVitli a boil void i should sooner
pity twenty-II VII dollars for n bottle than du without It, or
take any ether reinisly."
Croup, Whooping Cough, Influenza.
Seitixorirt.e, Mist., Feb. 7, 1850.
Dnorrtm Attu: I will cheerfully ..ertity your PxmortAL
le the 11011 t 1 1 1110,11 . Wl l 10001/ 1 1,1 tier 1110 cnro of I{7,a ping
MO, Croup. tuld the ch,•at diseases of children. MO of
your fraternity In the South appreciate your eklll, and
commend your 111011101110 tllollr 1101110.
11111151 CONKLIN, `M. D.
AMOS LEN, ESQ., lIONTFAIST. TA., write., ad Jath,lBs6:
1 e I 11011 n 10(11011S 1111111011 Si, 611011 COlllllllOl 1110 In Jon!
ex W 00110; took many ntedicittea without relief; finally
tried your I . IIIITORtI. by the advice of our clergyman.
The firet dose relieved the moreneits in my throat 01111
101010; best than one half the bottle mule 010 completely
well. Your medicines aro the cheap., well ea tho
we eau buy, tool we esteem pt, Doctor, and your rune•
dies, 111:11110 1100 r 110001 frioll,l.”
. .
Aethma or Phthisic, and Bronchitis.
MANCIZENTER. PA., B • rb. 4, V.I.
SIR Your 011Elirti panformlern Isonmelloits
core. In this section. ft hns ndloserl sovend from l$lllrin•
log Symp.. Itf 1,111511111,. , 11, 1111,1 IM now 1•1111111 n ntnn
WllO 11113 labored under on MD., non of the lungs for the
butt forty yours. II liNitY I. BARBS, Murelwt.
A. A. CAMSKY, M.D., Ault, MoNooll Co., TOMA,
Writ, Sept. 8, 1556: Pitriastay practice .A many years
I bare found nothilig equal to your OMR. PeeronAL for
01:hag “Il , u 111, relief to cots:4ll3llora pullout, ur curlug
such tut are coroblo.”
We might itthl volume, of evhlenee, het the most con•
vinehig proof of the vino. of this remedy le !howl In Ka
effect. upon
Probably no ono remedy 111LN ever been known which
cured so many mol such clangorous CaPCA as this. Some
no human aid can reach; but even to thoso the Mom
PZCTORAL affords roller and comfort.
Aaron Horse. tote Vona CITY, 3fttrelf 6.1,350
DOCTOR AYER. lAIWELL: I feel It tt duty and a pleasure
to Strom you year CREAMY PECTORAL has done for
tny *ire. She had been five months laboring tooter the
danprous symptotne of Consumption, from which 110 11111
WO COlll.ll/011111E0 RRVO 1101 . 'unlit relief. She OILS
falling, until Dr. Strong. of this city, \Shorn we have coat°
for RIIVIC0,110 . 01111111•1111‘..1 R IEIIII of your 111.411C1110. NIO
1 / 1 0/01111/IkIIOIIIOSS. as WOllO your skill, for she Was ITCOV
0111d 11 . 0111 Old (thy. the IS not yet tta stmog tot she used
to be, but is free trout her oouAh.lllld rolls hertelf
Yours Milt grutltnde and regent,
iSit LANDO or 8111:1.11TVILI.17.
Chosumptires, do not despair till you have tried Area's
ettEntlY PECTI,IIAL. It IN 111+1th• by one "r the beat 1111 , 111411
chemists in the world, and its cures oil around tis bespeak
the high fuel its ~r its virtues.— l'ltiltuldphia Letly, r.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills.
7 1 l r 'i f n
11 , ills most port
purgative which Is known to 1111111. Intinmenable proof*
are shown that these 1'11.44 have virtues which surpass In
excellence the ordinttry me,llllllll, mid that they 11111 till.
precedentedly upon the esteem of all men. They are safe
and tdeasant to take, but powerful to cure. Their pen.•
tutting properties stimulate tin, vital activities of the body,
remove the obstrindlotte or WS 01,11, purify the blood,
and expel dine.o.o. 'rhey toirgeont better. Which
breed end grew dblemper, ktinittlatO ehmalch ev al..'
&red Orgallel 111t0 their Itlllurul actg., tool impart Mutt by
tone with hr.:lmill to the whole system. Not only do
they cure the everyslay complaints of every body, bat
ides, formidable and dangerous dinette. that have baffle,'
the best of bunion skill. While they produce isnverfof
eifects, they aro at the same thaw, In diminished doses, MO
safest and best physic that ran be employed for children.
Being sugarcoated, they aro pleasant to take; Mid being
purely vegetable, 01-11 free from any risk of harm. Curam
have been made which surmise belief were they 1101111110
BUM tinted by men ()ranch exalted pmillion and character
tut to forbid the euspiclon of untruth. Ninny emineut
clergymen and physicians have lent their names to curt!•
fy to the public the reliability of toy re:smiths, while oth•
ere have aunt the the toottimitre of their ymtviction that
my Preparations contrihnto inimensely to the milder my
afflicted, suffering fellow•men.
The Agent below named it pleased to furnish gratis my
American Almanac, coutaluitig direction§ for their use and
certilicatee of their cores, of the following 1.111111•1011106:
Cuntlvonoan, 11111 one Complaints, Rheumatism, bropsy,
Heartburtf, Headache mining from it foul Stoma., NllO
mt. Indigestion, Morbid Inaction of the 111101.11/ 1111.1 I'lllll
arising therefrom, Flatulency, Loot of Appetite, all blow
us and Cutaneous Disease. which require an
bledielne. Scrofula or King's Nell. They also, by plo ity
lug the blood and etimulining the system, core many
complaints which it would not be suppeeed they could
reach, such ae Deafness, Partial Blindness, Neuralgia nod
Nervous Irritability, Derangements tg the Liver and
nays, Hoot, and other kith trod complaints arising from
low state of the body or obstruction of its functions.
Do not be pit off by unprincipled (killers with some
other pill they wake more profit on. Aek Mr A VKle/1
PILLS, awl take nothing elm. No other they non give
you comport. 0111111161 In its intrinsic value or connive
power.. The sick want the best old Mere is 11,11,
and they /Mould have it.
Prepared by Dr..l. C. ATER,
Practical and Analytical Cicemiat, Lowell, Maa
Paws an Om con Dux. Pm Sous con $l.
JOHN READ, Huntingdon, ung dealers in
medicine everywhere.
October 15,
Attorneya at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Office same aa that formerly occupied by John
Scott, Esq._
19, 1853.
If i l e t - .K C JiIo [Po LlD.llPri:slll.
ATTOILN7 , :)' .17'
Nyil !attend to ulI bu6iness entrusted tu:ltitu.
lieu nearly uppu.itu thu Vuurt iluu.
May 5,'53
Corner of (tern., e i:wn Road ant, New Market
Streets, on time Nerl'm Pennsylvania Rail Road,
Constantly on howl or mnadc to o“ler, the l'ol
lowing highly approved Floor Mill Machinery.
Woodward's Patent Portable Mills and Smut
Johnston's Patent Iron Concave Bran Dos.
Stover's Patent Fuel Saving Corn Kilns.
Pierson's Patent Barrel Hoop and Moulding
Improved Bridge Steps and Bushes for idill
The best Anchor Brand Bolting Cloth Biirr &
Caw Mill Stones. Corn, Ohio and Plaster
„ ......- „.
Johnston's Patent Cast Metal Con-
East nod South-East of the Ohio and Mississip
pi Rivers.
Warranted to take out of the tail of every
Iltnibel(;round, from Ito 2 lbs, of atantlard
flour, which could nut he boiled out 00 account
dale electrical adhcsiiii. to the Bran,
NOTICE hereby warn all persons against
infringing say rights, secured by Letters Pa.
tent no above, as I will.prosecute all persons
making, selling, or using any Bran Ousters
with an Iron or Cast Metal Concave in vio
lation of the Letiera Patent of Joseph John
stet., dated A pril 21th, IS-15.1.
TiltlliiAS It. WOODWARD, Proprietor.
N. 11.--Stat). and Comity Patent Itights for
all the above Machines for Sale.
August 29, 1835. tf
-- •
fir p 2.
BOOKS! ck,i-j t y BOOKS!
40,000 VOLUMES of now and popinar
Boots, embracingoverY varl"'S
asaully kept in a Philadelphia Book Store, ,sid
many of Om at hank+ Publisher's retail pice,
the subscriber now offers to tic public.
All school books used in the county can be
bad in any quantities at retail and wholesale
rates. Foolscap, Letter and %rapping Paper,
w lj olesale or by the ream.
100 superior Gold Peas with Silver and Gold
Cases, from $1 upwards.
100 Pocket and Pen knives of Rogers' and
others' hest manufacture.
100 splendid Port Monnaiesand Pocket Books
at 20 cis. and upwards.
the latest and prettiest styles, just received !rem
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500 beautifully pointed and gold gilted Win
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The public lave but to call and examine, to
ho convinced that in buying of the above stock
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member the place, corner of Montgomery and
Railroad street., WM. COLON.
Huntingdon 1. 0 :7(;.,141 F0u ,,,11 1*.
I thod of Worming their triewls awl the pub
lic generally, that they have rebuilt the Hunt
ingdon Foundry, and are now in successful 3p•
oration, and are prepared to famish casting of
all kinds, of the best quality on the shortest no
tice and most reasonable terms.
Farmers are invited to cull and examine our
Wo are manufacturing the Hunter
Plough, (this plough took the prem;um at the
nuntingdon Comity Agricultural Fair, in 1855)
also Hunter's celebrated Cutter Plough, which
can't he beat, together with the neystone,llill
side, and Barshear Ploughs. We have on hand
and are ninnuliteturing stoves, such as Cook,
Parlor and office stoves for coal veinood.
consisting of Kettles, Boilers, Skillets, hr., all
of which trill be sold cheap for cash or in ex
change for country produce. Old metal taken
for new castings. By n strict attention to busi
ness and invite to please, we hope to receive a
share of public patronage.
Aprll 30, 1856.—tf.
No. 124 Woo i cl l7 llt
,2, r v e n e t t,
Cookin g Stoves, Coal and Wood Stoves, Parlor
Stoves, Box Stoves, Hollow Ware, Plain and
Fancy Crates & Fenders, Sad and Dog, Irons,
Portable Forges, Sugar, Tea and Stove Kettles,
Wagon Boxes, &e.
Nov. 26, 1855.—1 y..
TilE library will he open every Saturday af
lemon, at 3 o'clock, in their room in the
Court House. Subscription 50 cents a year.
New books have been added to the former ex
cellent collection:—Uilltillen's works, Hugh
Miller's, Mrs. Ellet's Sr.
By order of the
Huntingdon, Oct. lot, 1855.
sp`-"ii fill per month I hero is a rare
` - '•`-'''cliance fern few young men to
make a large salary without investing a capl
taL Th. 1111000 is no 'three cent catch•penny,'
or humbug to iutroluce Patent Medicines,
1100118, 810. For an outlit, enclose stamps for
return postage. .Address T. S. CARTER,
Ilex No. 8, Lawrence, Muss.
June. 3, '37.'-3tri.
uENRY w.oVEIMAN, Importer of French
.11 Calf Skins, and general Leather Dealer,
No. 6 South Third greet, Philadelphia.
A general asmortinent of all kinds of Leather
Morocco, Ac.
Dr. John McCulloch,
n 'Tors his professions.. services to the citizens of
U Huntingdon und vicinity. Office, on hilt st.,
between .Montgomery and Bath.
Huntingdon, Aug. 29, 1955.
eirCOUNTRII" DrALEas can buy
CLOTHING from me in Huntingdon at Whqu
sale as cheap ns they can in the Chi., as 1 have
a Wholesale st He in Philadelphia.
Apr.41,'56. 11. ROMAN.
BLANKS...Aiwa). buy your Blanks at the
"Journal Ullicu." Wu kayo now prepared a ye
ry euperiorurtietu ut BLANK DEMM, BONDH,
Tien, &e.
A vERFEcT sunsTurt7TE
For die Lance!, Leeches and Blisters !
ITS INTRINSIC 1"..11.1"1: TM.: AN
Lira/ TENED co.ll,lli*Nl T 1
„Vol' THE blscor ERE!:
.111 7 ST BE MA JUDGE!
THE founder of this Celebrated Institution,
offers the most certain, speedy, and only
effectual rem.), in the mold for Meets, Stric
tures, Seminal Weakness, Pain in the Loins,
Constitutional Debility, Impotency, Weakness
AN y marines of for sal° aro neat) ._ of the Back and Lim b s, Affections of the Ki e d , -
M puttied by doubtful certi fi cates (their chief nays, Irlirlii:aret,3n, of Hea r t , iiii:Yll7:HulubL,-;
value) and claim to be universal remedies, cu. Nose or Skin ;and all those serious and melan
ring all maladies — n burlesque on common cooly disorders arising front the destructive
sense. As the discoverer of this Salt solemnly habits of Youth, which destroys both body and
protests against having it placed on the catego• mind. These secret and solitary practices ere
ry of frauds and impositions, lie has resolved more fatal to their victims than the song of the
that if. shall go fbrth to the world like the pure Syrens to the mariner Ulysses, blighting their
gold dollar, wit! do oilier passport lban its own most brilliant hopes of anticipations, rendering
true value. If the public find it genuine they marriage, &c., impossible,
will receive it—if spurious they will reject and Young Men,
condemn it. Instead of its being a panacea for especially, who have become the victims of Sol
idi ills it lots control over but one tll—has but itary Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit,
one aim and necomplishes but one thing, to which mutually sweeps to an untimely grave
wit; subdues inflammatory diseases—whatever thousands of young men of the most exalted
be their form or locality, whether iu the head, I talents, and brilliant intellect, who might oth
throat, chest, abdomen, extremeties or skin, I erwise have entranced listening senates with
When the discoverer, after a long series of the thunders ofeloquence, or waked to eestney
leberieus and costly experiments, became fully the living lyre, may rail with all confidence.
confirmed in his conviction that the Antiphlo• Marriage.
gistie Salt, which he now has the happiness to Married persons, or young men contempla
present to the American public,Wan a Ling marriage, being aware of physical weak-
PERFECT SUBSTIUTE nese, organic debility, deformities, &c.,should
for Bloodletting, Leeches and Blisters, his immediately consult Dr. Johnston.
Iwo aces himself' under of Dr.
mind was sonagitated that he could tel sleep
John le
ston h ma pl y religiously confide the
in hie care n
hoor as
fur many nights. The cause of his agitation
a gentleman, and coMidently rely upon his skill
was the strikieg fact that the manner of its op
as a physician.
elation, like that of the virus in vaceinntion,
could not be explained upon any known princi• Organic Weakness.
ph, Bow, is what way, it so e ff ectually sub- immediately cured, and fell vigor restored,
dues inflammatory diseases awl no others, was I This disease in the penally must frequently
those who hove. be come the victim of
at first wholly inexplicable; but on further ex- , Paid by
periment it was proved that, by its power over im P r° l o P ta ind ," t l ty rn e s ie n s e ' s frot n i n n g t P h e n r ,""",", t ".
Going name of
the veins, arteries and ghouls it equalizes the
queue° that luny Ihrid.s qt . the body, the want of an equilibrium Fi t v, l:l N r v e h n o ill res " t u n n ' tl e erstands the subject will pre
which is the sole caner of inflammation. It , tend to deny that the power of Procreation is
."°rin the "eel"' mallet, no lost sooner by thoselalling into improper habit
ry influence over the circulation—resulting in ; than by the prudent. Besides being deprived
it gradual decline of inflammation es Milken.] 1 of the pleasure of healthy offspring, the most se
by the pulse Wiliell 00511 resumes its natural noun and destructive symptoms to mind and bo
state, no the pain and heat disappear. Such is dy wise. The system becomes deranged , the
its potency, that like the virus just mentioned, I physical nod mental powers weakened, nervous
it requires merely what adheres to the point of I debility, dyspepsia, palpitation of the heart, in
, a quill dipped in a solution of it to ailed the digestio n , n wastin g
, of Olin frame , coughsYniP
' entire systen,-but must be instantly used to toms of Consumption,
prevent decomposition, and secure i ts f u ll s i r , CY 011ie° No. 7, South Frederick Street, se
tue. Three quills in acute, and two in chronic e'en doors from Baltimore street. East side, up
disease every 21 hours, till ,the heat and fever i the steps. Be pnrticulnr in obscrcing rho Homo
have subsided and a perfect, cure is elfeeted.— ran d
Cure „„ rr „ ntadi . ;„
Wile " i t ink " th e On" leeches, niini"lll6"g Two D
ointhicas and blisters in local inflammation,
as Brain Fever, Croup, Toothache. Pleurisy, Dr. Johnston,
Ac., its mode of administration is twwfuld. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons,
, London, graduate from one of the most eminent
(See directions for dissolving, &v.) the United States, and the Teeter
/41) '' The peculiar excellence of free g "lt C ,IV:OT - 1 " :11 ( : - )se life has been spen ' in the first Ilos
dint without the useless lose of blood and I Loudon, l'aris Philadelphia, end else
strength, it effeetually cures in fl ammatory dis• where. has w arte d some o f t h e niost astonish.
eases (es others) by producing an equilibrium ing cum that were ever known, teeny troubled
of oil the fluids of die body and a consequent with ringing in the head and ears whet, asleep,
uninterrupted circulation. The following dif• great nervousness, being alarmed at sudden
l.. , rent /orins which the unbalanced fluids as- sounds and baslifillness, with frequent blushing
M. eel many not lucre mentioned, that have I attended sometimes with derangement of mind;
more or less fever and pain, are as perfectly ; were cured immediately,
subdued by the Antiphlogistic Salt, as fire is Certain Disease,
extinguished by water. • When the misguided and imprudent votary
l—Cases where the unbalanced fluids affect .of pleasure finds he has imbibed the seeds of this
the Iliad and Throat—to Wit: Brain Fever, 1 painful disease. it to too often happens that nn
Ilewleche, Fits, inflamed Eyes, Ears and Nose " sense of shame, or dread of discovery, I
Outlier, Neuralgia, Erysipelas, Bronchitis, Ac. ! deters him from applying to those who from ed
2—Cases where the unbalanced fluids affect ! motion and respectability, can alone befriend
him, delaying till Clue constitutional symptoms
the Chest soul Alithenen—to wit: Pleurisy,
Asthma, Inflamed Lungs and Juicer, Colic, of this lwrild disease make their .11".er.m!ei
Ilentiburn, Coughs, Dyspepsia, Gravel, Gout) , such as ulcerated sore throat, diSCLUCtI nose,
rhea, Verwreal, ! nocturnal pains in the head find limbs, dimness
2—Cages where the eithehtheed duide affect I a 0 r i n 1igva t i,e,..i e ri a , 7,, , , , ;,0 0 d,0,„.,7
the ebin bune~, and
rog " oessin,g with
rapiditv fill et les;
the Extretneties end Skiw—to wit : Itheninat ism !
fiica nail extremities
' the palate of the mouth or the hone; of the nose
Gout, Scrofula, Chicken and Small Pox, Salt
Rheum, end all Itching and othenCutaifeous . f e n in, and the victim of this awful disease lue.
Eruptions. comes 0 horrid object of commiseration,' till
Tluis Salt greatly alleviates the iutflammatory ; death puts a period to his dreadful suflevinge, by
pains peculiar to married ladies (before and at I sending him to "that bourne from whe nce no
the time of confinement) and many Fentele ! traveller returns," To such. therefore, Dr.
Complaints ; and is very efficacious in Fevers, ! Johnston pledges himself to ',reserve the must
Ague, Wounds, Nervous awl Spinal affections, inviebible secriTY, and from his extensive
and any other forms of (mark this) inflame. H
. mice in the first ospitals of Europe and Ame'.
tou disease, attended with heal en febrile symp• ea, he can confidently recommend a safe and
toms. speedy core to, the unfortunate victim of this
Person's who have a tendency of blood to the I rid disease.
it is a melancholy fact that thousands fall vie
head and heart, nod who lead inactive lives, or I limo to this horrid disease owing to the unskil
brenthe the impure air of manufactories and fulness of ignorant pretenders who by the use of
the poisonous fuslt., of molds and minerals, or I 'dint deadly poison Mercury, rain the cons.i
live in unhealthy climates toe exposed to a pc- teflon, end either send the unfortunate sufferer
ettliur citation of the jloids ,g* thy body, which to tin untimely grave, or make the residua of his
one dose, without interitTitiz with diet or bust• I life mit Ctlible.
11.4, once iii thne months, would invariably Take Particular Notice.
prevent. It is believed to Oforil protection a- Dr. J.. ..addresses nll those who have ittjered
gainst infectious disc..; and therefbre, it is themselves by improper indulgencies.
recommended to travellers, sailors and sob These are some of the sad and melancholy
diers, effects produced by early habits of youth, vie
Weakness of the Back and Limbs, Pains in the
To protect the community from imposition .
by counterfiits, the proprietor will employ on bend, Dimness °I. sight, Loss Muscnkr
er,yalpitation of the Ileurt Oyspepsia, Nervous Agent, and has made such arrangements that
Irritability, Derangements of the Digestive
he can send the medicine in any quantity, by
Functions, .moral Debility Symptoms of Con
Stoles or foreign countries. Its prime cost to lENTALLY.—The fearful effects on the mind
the discoverer is $1,50 per drachm—price $2 are much to he dreaded; Loss of memory, Con
per drachm—and is put up up in drachm peek- fusion ott lens, Depression of Spirit, Evil For
ages for acute disease (with directions, &e.) tot beatings, Aversion to Society, Self I)istrust,
$1 ; three drachms do., lb , chronic cases, pt ; Love of Solitude, Timidity, tic., are some of the
and 3 drachms do. for I . ..lilies, so—a net profit evils produced.
of Oh cents onlaeli package. Thousands of persona of nll ages, con now
While many nostrum makers victimize the ludge what is the cause of their declining health.
Losing their vigor, becoming weak, pale and
good-natured and pilbridden public by ordering
front six to a dozen box or bottles to cure any ealaaintad, have singular appearance "bout the
malady, no matter what, the underaigned is °Yea, tough cad aYintalas of eaasamiai"n•
happy in being able to state that the severest I Dr* go . r e k a t k.
Invigorating t
forms of meld itillaninintory disease tire over. sly' fur ( Il'y sale
come Lyon,: acute imeliage, and the most obsti- By this great and important remedy, weakness
ludo and long standing eases by one Chronic of the organs is speedily cured anal full vigor re
p. stored. Thousands of the most debilitated and
package. Although thirty days have not ela
nervous, who had lost all hope, have been int
sod since this new tnedimnal agent beeatne
metlintely relieved. All Impediments to Afar
partially known to the citizens of Boston and
few neighboring towns, yet such have beer the ria ''
results of its triad that, during the past week, ru ns exlintastien most'fbal gs and
iful kind, spe . etlll B ;
nearly 401) packages were sold in this city, and
orders received by mail and express for 163 cured by Doctor Johnston.
Family, 347 Chronic, and 385 Acute pa ckages. YOusig Bens,
one inotnnee six persons clubbe d together who have injured themselves by a certain pree
ned wrote for oix packages o f t h e taLi tt i e lice indulged in when alotre—lt habit frequently
learned from evil companions, or at school—the
ant, as they called it,) Co be forwarded to
one effects of which are n i ghtly felt, even „ mil
address, thereby saving expense to themselves sloop, an d if cared net ce d ren d ers ritiwilega i i ; opos :
and the proprietor.
, Bible, anal destroys both mind and body, should
106,1etters from dubs or individuals wit h apply immediately,
money or over $10) should be registered at the What a pity that a young man, the hope otitis
post office where mailed, as it costs but five country, and the darling of his parents should lie
vents, and will insure their still: arrival. snatched from all prospects and enjoyments of
* * *The discoverer now humbly submits his life by the consequence oldeviating front the path
Perfect Substitute for the lancet, leeches and of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit
blisters, to the tribunal of an intelligent public, Such persons before contemplating
reiterating that it does just what it dams to Marriage,
do—no more, no less: subdues hylammatory should reflect that a sound mind and hody are
disease (no others) whatever be its form or the most necessary requisites to promote connu
ettlity by restoring the lost balance between the Idol happiness. Indeed without these, the jeer
thlitls and solids. Family pm:tinges $O, Chi.. ney through life becomes a weary pilgrimage,
Me $5, and Acute $2; to be had (free of ex• the prospect hourly darkens to the view; the
i n v i i i l d tt e m "l e l anely iu t % • v eTle i e w ti j e t nh despa i r , tlatlte 17 anpdp filled
pense) only by addressing dm through Box
322, Boston, Mass,, or at his °dee, No, 3
Winter Street. of another becomes blighted with our own.
Cut out this advertisement mid his comm. OFF
=ideation in another column for the perusal BALTIMORE, MD.
of your llCigllllors turd your own future use. 'l'o Strangers.
F. C000811'11.1,, M. D., The many thousands cured at this Institution
Discoverer and Proprietor. within the last 15 years, and the numerous tut
u. Antiphlogistie salt, is for salq tit the portant Surgical Operations perforated by Dr.
II fINGDON JOURNAL aI•TICE. Johnston, witnessed by the Reporters of the
hers, a nd other persons, notices of which
have appealed again and again before the pub
lic, is a sufficient guarantee to the Militated.
N. 11. Thera are so malty ignorant and
worthless quacks utlvertising themselves as
Physicians, ruining the health of the already atf
'limed. Dr. Johns'ndesms it neeessury to soy to
those unacquainted with his reputation that hks
Diplomas always hang in his ode.
farT,tan NoTion.—All letters must be post
paid, and contain a nostage stump for the reply,
or lIU nuxwur will 1 / 1 3 SOUL
JULIO IS, 1557,-Iy.
Nus. 2 3:4 CucsTrieT ST., s'th side below Water
(The Oldest Woodqvare House, in the City.)
Dettlern in Patent Machinequade Brooms,
Patent (Loured Cudur•Ware. warranted nut to
shrink, Wood A: Willew.mare, Cords, Brushes,
he., or all descriptions. Please cull and roam•
ine our clock,
1 e.
r 4,,,•' 1. .'...'"f.. , , , ' : 1
,-,t...1:' , :.4,1' u "
1 g C `7171..4. 7 7 ? --- :: 14'
.;) II " I: k
4. : ,, 1), OF THE 0 0 I. "
1 ..:A.,
.. : A.,
i ) “HUNT. JOURNAL."O 'sc'..>
.V.j, o: The largest and best ' t ,j l"
` 1 ;; ' , :: JOB OFFICE 1 ':,
' ' .f, 0 0 IN . THE CO (NT]: g C .
4'..j) o JOB-WORK 0 i * 7 '
<1 g OF l ( ) ) ki >
gall girma. t
,:', 2 EXECUTED o wO
40 , ;As Cheap as the Cheapest: o ) fr : $
<Eq ATE) DftruLta gt -
4 ) ., 0 THAN 0 f : 1 >
Cral g ( C '
, ,°, PERFEC A
T STISFACTION IS ( 0 ) (, ..f>
: i .
~1'• 0 WARRANTED. 0 i,. 0 ~
4 . ,` g All kinds of o
1 (°) BLANKS VAi''
<',? ~ . .
<,,, 0
,n I : S . TA . N . TI..Y . OL , nN , I , ) :: 0 (jti t,
4 , . RAfisvpkgkoffkiv6tl
The"linuttrobouJOUllNAl: is pUbliShell at
-the following rates t
If paid in advance $1,50
If paid within six months after the time or
subscribin 1,75
If paid before the expiration of the year, 2,00
And two dollars and fifty cents if not paid
till after the expiration of the year. No subscrip
tion taken for a less period than six months.
I. All subscriptions are continued until oth
ertviso ordered, Ind no paper will be discontinu
ed, until arrmrages arc paid, except at the option
of the publisher.
2. Returned number., are serer received by us.
All numbers sent Its in that way are /04, and
never accomplish the purpose of the sender.
3. Persons wishing to atop their subNrriptions,
must pay up arrearages. and send a written or
verbal order to that effect, to the office of pub
lication in Huntingdon
4. in{!, notice to a postmaster is neither a
legal or a proper notice.
- 5. Aftei: a tie or more numbers of a new year
hove been forwarded, a new year has coalmen,
ed, and the paper will not be discontinued until
arrem•ngra are paid. See No. I.
The Courts have decided that refusing to take
n newspaper from the °thee, or removing and
leaving it uncalled for, to PRIMA FACIE evidence
of intentional fraud.
Subscribers liying in distant comics, or io
other States, will bo required to pay invariably
in advance.
erThe above terms will lie rigidly adhered
to in all eases.
Will be charged nt the following rates:
insertion. 2 clo. 311,1.
Six lines or less, $ as $ 37) $ 50
One square, (1G lines,) 50 75 1 00
Two " (32 " 100 150 200
3 mo. 6 mo. 12 mo.
Ono square, $3 00 $5 00 $$ 00
Two squares, 500 800 12 OU
i column, 800 12 00 18 0))
1 do•• 12 00 IS 00 27 00
I do., 18 00 27 OU 40 101
I do., 28 00 90 00 50 00
Business Cards o 1 six lines, sw less, $l.OO.
Agents for the Journal
The following persons we have appointed Agents
for the HUNTINGDON JoninvAL, who are author
ized to receive nod receipt for money paid on sub
scription, and to tnlie filenames or new subscri
bers at our published prices.
We do this for the convenience of our subscri
bers living nt n distance from Huntingdon.
Joint W. Tnomcsom, Esq., Hollidaysburg,
Gut.. W. CORNELIUS, Cromwell township.
limsav llt '
AmoN Clay township.
Dxvin ETNIRE, Cromwell township.
Dr. J. P. ASIICOM, l'enn township,
J. WAREHAM :11ATTERN, Franklin township,
SA3lm6t. STEPFEY, Jackson township,
Cot. Jso. C. WAvsox, Brady township,
MORIIIB Bltowx, Springfield township,
Wal. IIUTCHINSON, Esq., Waniriorsmark tp.,
Oxon. W. Wnivv.tnEn, Petersburg,
Him, Non', West Barren.
Jour/ BALstmcit, Waterstreet,
Maj. CHARLES Micam,. Tod township,
A. 111. BLAtu, Dublin township,
GEonot, WILSON, Esq., Tell township,
ANIES CLAIM, Birmmghtun.
NATHANIEL LYTLE, Esq., Spruce Creek.
Maj. W. Altman, Alexandria.
B. F. WALLA., Union Furnace.
SIMEON WRIGHT, Esq., Union township.
DAvth Cr „ tmcsolt k Esq., Cass township.
SAMUEL. Wmvolv, Esq., Franklin township.
Gxonox SHANK, Esq., W, rriorsmark.
DAvm ArnAsmr, Esq., Todd township.
Du. J. AM.. Sim 00, Dublin township.
The “.11011tNAL” has 300 Slibseri
hers 11110t . 1', than 11113' oilier paper
iu this
Mail T. 1 " Ex .. . - 1 : . 1 Fast T.
Train leaves P. N. A. M. P. M.
Petersburg, 2.15 3.42 0.10
Huntingdon, 2.32 3.57 0.32
Mill Creek, 2.44 4.07 9.11
Mt. Union, 3.00 4.20 9.54
TRAINS Goixu West.
Train leaves P. M. A. 111 I'. M.
Mt. Union, 4.12 0.34 8.10
Mill Creek., 4.20 5.11 9.28
Huntingdon, 4.15 7.00 • 8.11
Petersburg, 6.02 7.12 8.52
11. K. NEFF, M. 1).,
I.TAVING located himself in WARM , RAI A HK
-LA in this county, would respectfully oilbr his
professional services to the citizens of that plates,
•and the country atutivent.
J. B. Laden, 111. D. Gen. A. P. Wilson,
M. A. Henderson, " Wm. I'. Orbison, hisq,
J. 11. Dorsey, " Hon. James Gwmn
M. Stewart, " John Scott, Esq. ,
Hon. George Taylor.
Huntindon, Pa
Jueob M Gummill, M. D., Alexandr g ia.
Juhu 111'euHoch, ‘ 4 Petersburg.
T N: BALL respectfully solicits the attention
•of the farming community to a quality 01
Ploughs which ho is nuw manufacturing, and will
have ready for sale in a few days, ho is Also pre
pared to mkt, harrows, wagons, carts, wheel
barrows, &c., &e., and to do all kind of repairing
at the shortest notice, and in the most substantial
SliopOn N. W. cornerut Montgmery and Wash.
ington sts.
March 27 1855—tf.
A. P. WlLsox. H. BRUCE PaTwain
Pruetiee in the soveral Courts of Huntingdon
Blair, Cambria, Centre, Mifflin and Juniata Conn!
tins. March 23, 1853.