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,tOuntthgbon (i)ourttai.
Pic lirc.--We bud the plemure of attending
II pie nic over the Broad Top to Hopewell, Bed_
ford county, on Saturday hut, It was gotten
up ,
Li the wholeaonled members of the "Excel.
Efasv Band," and wan one of the pleasant
st and Lest managed affairs of the kind it has
ever been our luck to attend. Although we
'•took no notes" a brief mention might not be
i:nintcresting to our readers. We started from
home at ft O'clock, and after a very pleasant I
ride, during which tee passed through a rich,
well watered and highly cultivated country, the
esuberAnt vegetation promising it most magnif
irtent harvest, and thee' some very pretty little
towel and villages, we arrived at our destina
tion. The place selected was a beautiful spot
at tie fuot of a noble bill, near the river. Here
upon the springy velvet of the 'flossy clumps,
:timing the broad-leaved songuinaria, the star
like liverwort and the blue-eyed daisies, the
rosy II:lieel;c1 fair ones spread. the sumptuous
repeat. It was indeed a lovely spot, and as we
our gone to the canopy above, and greet
ed as old, familiar awl endeared companions,
noble trees in their spring splendor, their
brilliant hues glowing in the sunshine, like the
.mined windows of an old Gothic cathedral,
we telt that it was as true to fact as to poetry
that "the groves were God's first temples."—
ftet'we are forgetting the table. It was such as would have delighted the eye and grat
ified the taste of the most "fastidious," groan.
ia t • ns it was beneath its load of provisions.
Alter dinner the party "went in" for amuse.
meat ; some fishing, some sailing, some explo•
ritg the mountaios and valties, and others in
various sports and amusements. It was a day
of unalloyed pleasure, and it was with duels re•
gret that we heard the shrill whistle of the loco.
uutive warning us to return. At 7 o'clock we
stsrted for house, and after a two hour's ride
%sere •'home again." Long may the noble•
hearted "Excelsiors" flourish, a credit to our
town, and may they ever rank, as at present,
one of the best bands its the State.
We.had almost Ibrgut to mention the excel•
lent hotel in Hopewell, kept by Mr. Smith.—
t (atm of. the best matinged hotels in thit part
the State, nod we recommend it to the pub.
11'e have been informed that anew• Lo
coil). paper is to be started in this place, as
~,111 as the necessary funds can be raised. A
prominent Democrat informs us that s4oohave
Lem subscribed by one individual. It origin.
ales with those Democrats who do not feel like
bowing their necks in meek submis,ion to the
dictation and leadership of one or two tools of
at corporation. We do not think however, that
the scheme will prove successful, as one of the
cardinal principles of Imeotbeoism is satonis.
hot, nod lot a paper hove but the word Demo
cracy at its mastkeud,—nu mutter who controls
* its columns, whether the Pope, Bishop ffughes
or the Devil—it will Co supported in preference
la a free spoken and honest ptblienn among
the Democracy. It is a fact.
Mir A terrible accident occurred last week
in Wtiodcock valley, about ten miles front this
place. The neighbors ofa Mr. Grubb were en.
gaged in raising his liars, and were putting up
the last stick oftimber, when by sonic accident
it fell, the end ofwhich striking Mr. IVus. Nor
ris in the face, knocked him down nod injured
hits in a most shocking manner. Ile is now
in a most critical situation, but hopes are en
tertained of his recovery.
IIK" On account of the rain, preaching lost
SaLbath afternoon was held in the new bridge.
quite a large crowd of people were present,
and the remarks of Hers. , kteCiean and Shwa
were listened to with marked attention. Next
Sabbath a week there will be preaching from
th• corner opposite Johnson's Hotel.
gxer The shipments ofcoal from the Broad
•I•op Mines, for tho week ending Thursday,
one 4th, were 2412 tons, for the year, 34,625
.18?&Ii Can't be beat—The girls who managed
the Hopewell pic nie. Every one of them is
worthy a "miner of good fellows."
itiir Good at a puff—The young lady who
;tunked our pipe. IL was worsts than the smoke
•tall: of the "Meteor."
ks'• Moro flowers•—Our thanks to Mollie
n• that handsome
For the Huntingdon Journal
-Out t'roni your holes ye codlings creep,
And wag your tails about."
As the editor of the Globe, together with the
contemptible scribblers who write his dirty ed•
its cials seem to manifest a disposition to sushi•
an.• this paper war, I have 'mother alternative
but to load up the "pop gun" and give them art•
other stray shot ; not that I have any disposi•
tion to
"Skelp and shawl such dogs as these,
And hear them squeal,"
but I consider it my right and duty to defend
joy character, actions and motives, whenever
assailed by envy, slander and malevolence. The
Globe makes an attack on me in the lust issue,
with a sort of Jackass•ltycitanistn, which would
be terrific if it were not so ludicrous, and which
was intended no doubt to annihilate me. Ne•
vertheless "I still live," and am still able to de•
tend myself whenever attacked ; acting entire•
ly on the defensive, seeking no occasion to guar•
rel with any man ; but, when forced into the a
rena, laying about me as lustily as possible.—
] hiring my past life, I have endeavored to avoid
contention, and live at peace with my fellow
men ; I have not always been successtul, he.
cause I allow no man with impunity to question
my motives or misstate my position, both of
which have been attempted by the Globe, and
this has induced me to correct the misrepresen
tation and resent the injury. If any man will
show mu wherein I have over intentionally
wronged or injured him, in word or action, I
will promptly make the acknowledgment and
olfnr the necessary apology. But whilst not a•
shamed to acknowledge my error when wrong,
I MID nut afraid to detend mysell when falsely,
libelously, and maliciously attacked ; that the
editor of the Globe has done so, I assert, aid
no man has snore richly deserved a rebuke at my
hands, and no man has received it more prompt
ly. Be may rant and vilify and abuse; he may
call me a "self•coneeited, arrogant pedagogue"
—and there was a time whon the "idle acrib•
ti.ngb" of this same "arrogant pedagogue" wore
very acceptable with the aforesaid editor, and
by no means discreditable to the columns of the
111°1,e—but have any of my charges or asser
tions ever been met or answered, exbept by the
argument alluded to? Let us see. In the last
issue he accuses me with hypocrisy, quoting
Scripture an reailily though not quite no accts.
rately as an illustriotts friend of his did of old,
on a certain occasion, and to about as much ,
purpose, to prove that I am not a Christian.—
Now I do not know that I ever asserted
was one, nor do I think it likely that I would
assert for a fact, a matter which admits of such
serious doubts with myself; yet, nevertheless,
I claim to have enough Christianity to prevent
me front slandering and vilifying my neighbor,
without .y pretext whatever; and if he will
read that Book which is the foundation of the
Christian's hope, he will find that "all liars" are
there denounced and condemned also, in far
stronger terms than I have used. lie also
claims to be the author of a certain chaste,
gentlemanly and respectable effort at witticism I
in the shape of an advertisement ; I do not I
know, however, that his claims have been fully
substantiated ; in point of vulgarity, blackguar
distil, and cowardice, it really resembles him,
but that part of it which has evidently drawn
most largely on the imaginative faculties, and
which seems to have been written with the most
spirit is more readily attributable to the eaves
dropping propensities of some one of his petty I
tools, who, when his "fever is up" and hi, via
ion beclouded, sees strange sights and hears
strange sounds, and who might very readily at
such a time have mistaken his own image re- !
fleeted in a glass for that of the animal, ailed- 1
ed to; the resemblance heire so strong that it,
would have 'required no very great stretch of
the imagination ; however, if the editor assures
us that he is the bona fide author, he of course
is entitled to the credit ? but I rely much fear
that the effort on the part of his mental fami
lies has been too strong for hint to survive it.
"Speaking ora certain assertion of the Globe
ho soya—'lt bears a lie CM its face.'"
Most certainly I said so and proved it too ;
nuking no other evidence O. the documents re. :
forced to. It certainly is the last resort of sub
terfuge to refer to the proceedings of a
Convention held ul most (i e years ago in order
to prove that I ant 71010 an office-seeker. Any
school-boy is familiar enough in this enlighten
ed' day, with the rules of grammar, to detect
'this error. A Mall must truly ho hard run for
arguments when compelled to resort to such
false reasoning as this.
The hired Clackyaard who writes aver the
signature of "Clive," still continues to belch !
curt!' his bastard spleen from his place of con
cc:Linton', well knowing that he DARE not meet
um like a man. I had thought that perhaps
there might have been a spark of manhood left,
and shut Iliad said enough to torture the reptile
from its den, but like all other cowards and
haus he prefers concealment, the 1110r0 secure•
ly to slander and vilify hit neighbors; perhaps
it is as safe, fur like some Mis: blackguards le
might find out to his cost that such a course is
not always pursued with impunity. Does he
suppose that he can persuade gm intelligent
community to believe that any &loot Director
in this county could be as mean, low, abject
and grovelling as he has proven himself to be?
Or does he think that I can condescend to an•
swer his vulgar slang and cowardly abuse ?
Why no consideration would ever induce tne to
even tread ou so vile, and loathsome a Oleg.—
He says I call him a coward—so I do ; and a
liar also, and sin able to prove it if he dare
meet me. He knows that his nntne is a stench
in the nostrils of every honest man, and there.
fore he withholds it. I prefer lensing him as
I would soy other animal of his species, that
he may crawl back umbolested to the hidden
recess of his filthy den ; there to batten on le
, his own vileness, or feed on the poison of his
depraved heart, and finally Wo TOi " Will WU.
they amid the foetid miasma emitted from his
I filthy carcass. The alphabet which writes the
name of ordinary blackgulols, squalidly vets.
ses her letters for hint; but may not something
of Ilk true character be traced even trout the
signature he has chosen ? C
stands fur cowardly ;L foe lying ; I for ignorant;
V for vain; and If for egotist—a cowardly, ly
ing, ignorant, vain egotist; how suggestive the
title ! hid he choose it himself, or was it ce t t.
I ferred upon him in apressing manner by means
of a hot iron?. Let us sec—he has given me
the credit of scribbling "silly verses" occasion.
ally—suppose I make an effort at description;
he or some of his friends may be able to un•
derstasd the following
C-onceitcd upstart ! despicable tool !
L-ow sneaking coward—self important foul!
I-a form n human, but at heart a fiend l
V-ile loathsome reptile, filthy and unclean,
L'-arth well might blush to own a thing so menu.
1 must again ask pardon for occupying so
much time and space on a subject su vile, HO
contemptible, and so grovelling, but when as•
sailed, by such characters, it is sometimes ne•
cesstiry to be provided with the proper means
of defence, and as they cannot be treated like
gentlemen, there still remains "n whip for the
horse, a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the
fool's back." It. McDIVITT.
Huntingdon, duce 8.,1837.
GiuNti.—The beautiful hills around Hunting.
don are looking magnificent. The trees, with
their new snits, look us gny as, as—Bruce's
white hat,
ser Forrester's Playmate, published by W.
Gould & Co., No. 166, Washington street, l3os•
ton, at $1,25 per year, is on our table. Wo
recommend it to the favorable notice of pa.
rents and teachers. _
fiCarr. li'ennedy's Bunk• Note Review for July
has been received. Published by Kennedy &
Bro., Pittsburg, at $2 per year. It is the very
"WoomAND Ctu,tu" --A Pomade for beau
tifying Hair—highly perfumed, superior to
any French article imported, and fur half the
price. For dressing Ladies' Hair it has no
equal, giving it a Lriglit glossy appearance.—
It MISCH Gentlemen's Hair to curl in the most
natural manner. It removes dandruff, always
giving the Hair the appearance of being fresh
shampoo:led. Price only fifty cents. None
* t ee unless signed
lIDGE & CO. N. Y. Proprietors of the
"Balm of a Thousand I'lowers."
For sale by all Druggists.
There is very little demand for Flour to-day
and only about 800 bbls have found buyers at
$7,50 fur standard brands, and $7,75a8 per bbl
for extra, the latter for good Ohio. For home
use prices are as above for common to choice
brands and extra, and $8,25n8,50 pro bbl fm
fancy lute. Rye Flour and Corn Meal are qui
et; the termer at $5, and the latter at $4 per
--- There is rather more doing in Wheat, to-day
and prime lots aro scarce and wanted ut full
rates. Some 3000 bushels good reds were sold
at IYOc, and Inno bat,lfels spring du on terms
not made public. White is quoted at 100a195e,
with but little offering or selling. Rye is, dull
today, and only about 200 bushels have been
disposed of at 110 cis, which into is now hard
ly obtainable. Corn is also dull and unsettled,
with sales of only about 1200 bushels yellow to
notice, at 92c; most holders, however, ask
more. Oafs are steady, and about 1000 bush.
els Pennsylvania have been sold at 61.
chants in Huntingdon County, by the Ap•
praiser of Merehantile Taxes, for the year
commencing the Ist day of May, 1837.
Alexandria Borough d Porter
George C. Bucher, 13 10 00
Flenry C. Walker, 13 10 00
Charles Porter, 13 10 00
William Moore, 14 7 00
Samuel Hatfield, 14 7 00
icTepti Green & Co., 14 • 7 00
John R. Gregory, 14 7 00
Barra nrcnsh ip.
Samuel W. Myton, 14 7 00
John C. Couch, 14 7 00
J ames C. Walker, 14 7 00
Stewart Foster,l4 7 00
Geo. W. Johnston & Co 14 7 00
Silas A. Creaswell, 4 7 00
Brady Township.
Kessler & Co.,
Irvin, Green & Co.,
Cass tp., & Casselße borough.
Peter M. Bare,
Evans & Brother,
James Henderson,
Juseph P. Heaton,
Clay Township.
Richard Ashman & Co.,
John Long &
Cromwell 7bwnship.
Thomas E. Orbison,
David Etnier,
George SipeS,
Isett, Wigton & Co.,
Dublin Township.
Blair & Robison,
Andrew WilSon,
James Cree, Jr.,
Hunt & Swan,
Franklin Township.
T. Warelilllll Ma tt ern,
Samuel Mottern,
Shorb, Stewart & Co.,
Samuel Gardner,
G. & J. H. Shoenberger,
Huntingdon Borough.
Fisher & NleMurtrie,
J. &W. Saxton, •
Benjamin Jacobs,
Moses Stress.
David P. Gavin,
Love & MeDivit,
David Dunn & Co.,
Wm. & JO5. Carman,
James 13ricker,
Long & Decker,
Henry Roman,
A. N illough by,
T.evi Westbrook,
illiam Colon,
& Co.,
William Stewart,
Joseph Reiger,
John Frisch,
J. Bronco & Co.,
I William Geissinger,.
I David Grove,
Hopewell 'township.
D.& W. Fisher & Co,
David Foster,
L. & S. Weaver,
Jackson Township.
John A. Wright & Co.,
Joseph Porter,
Elias Musser, • .
Robert. V. Stewart, '
Wm. H. Harper,
Magill & Duff,
Hobert. Mellorney.
11101,i3 Parnship.
George i. Steiner,
William Davis,
Reed & Hammer,
Owen & Grattios,
Joseph Law,
Irvin & Orem
Joseph A. McClure,
Penn Township.
David H. Campbell,
Samuel Wall,
Shirky Township & Shirley.
burg Borough.
Beltzhoover & Boaster,
Samuel Robison,
Oliver Etnier,
J. & J. Eby,
John W. Smith,
John Bare,
Doyle, Foust & Doyle,
William B. Leas,
John Long & Co.,
.1, G. Lightner,
J. G. Lightner, (liquor.)
SprlnVield Township.
Blair, Lockii& Cu.,
George Sipes,
Tell Township.
A. C. & .1. H. Blair,
George gess,
Tod Township.
Amos Clarke,
Apron Sheeder,
I.evi Evans,
Kessler, Whitney & Co.,
James Dunn, •
James Edwards,
Maguire & Port,
11"alker lbwnship.
Megahan & Moore,
Joseph Douglass,
Joseph Douglass,
Warriormark tp., & Biruniny
ham bin ough.
James Clark,
B. F. Patton,
G. Guyer, Jr.,
S. Fox,
}level Clay„ke,
Wes: Tp. sPetersburg Boeci.
R. M. Cunningham,
Henry Neff,
Benjamin Hartman, 14
J. Cresswell, & Son, 14
Samuel D. Myton,
John R. Hunter,
John Read, •
Henry McManagal,
Joseph Johnston,
J. H. Lightner,
Brady Township.
Jolts McComb,
Bargee Township.
Robert Massey,
Alexandria Borough.
Isenberg and Piper,
Huntingdon Borough.
John Fockler,
Huntingdon Borough.
Fisher & AleMultrie,
Alexandria Borough.
John Germinal,
" Huntingdon Borough.
Bell, Uarrettson atql Co.,
Flumtinydou Borough
la 10 00
11 700
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 Ou
14 7 Ou
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
13 10 00
50 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
3 10 00
3 10 00
4 5 00
4 5 00
9 50 00
9 50 00
9 50 00
9 50 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
E. C . : 811111111 M,
Classification of Eating
Booties, under Act of
31st of xarcb,ll336.
Huntingdon Borough.
Henry Alrica,
George Thomas,
Christian Snyder,
Petersburg Borough.
Rudolph Neff,
..41exandtia Borough.
Nathaniel Watkins,
John H. Holmes,
.IVOITIB (OtonBhip.
Samuel Beagle.' 8 20 00
Tod touniship.
Thomas MeGillim. 8 20 00
An appeal will be held by the undersigned
at any time up to the 15th day of July, at the
Commissioners' Office. Persons wishing to ap•
peal will please apply within the time prescribed,
as the law prohibits any appeal after that time.
Appraiser of Merehantile Taxes.
Notice is hereby given, that all Licenses not
lifted previous to, or during the August Court,
will be left in the bands of a Justice of the
Peace fur collection. F. 11. LANE,
County Treasurer.
May 27, 1837.
15 00
10 00
wrni r ; POWDER
10 00
10 00
10 00
I'o 00
7 00
10 00
by the politic to procure mare certain secu
rity from lire roe valuable papers, such as Beside,
Mortgages, Deeds, Notes and Books of• Accounts,
than the ordinary SAFES haretothre in use Ain.-
induve.l the Patentees toidevote a large per
of their bate fur the last fourteen years, in ma
king discoveries and improvements for this ob
ject, the result of which is the unrivalled
Herring's Fluent World's Fair Premium
Fire Proof Safes,
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
15 00
Universally acknowledged as the CIIAMPION
SAFE OF MU worth. Having been awarded
Medals at both the Worlds Fair, London, 1851,
and Crystal Pautee, N. Y., 1853, as superior to
• all others, it is now undoubtedly entitled to that
appellation, and secured with MIN Patent
Powder-Prouf Locks—which were also awarded
.separate Medals, (as above)—forms the most
perfect Fire & Burglar Proof Soles ever yet of
fered to the public.
Nearly 300 'Herring's Safes' have - been tested
during the past 14 years, and more than 16,1100
have been sold and era now in actual use.
Also on hand or untuulhetured to order, all
kinds of Boiler and chilled Iron Bank Chests
and Vaults, Vault Doors, Money Chests for
Brokers, Jewellers, Balroads, private families,
&e., for Plate, Diamonds, and taller valuables.
Dr. Hardman, Analytical Physician.
Physician for Diseases of the Lungs, Throat
and Ilcart—F ormerly Physician to !he
Author ut ...Luau's to Inv:1114118 COMING.
Sec following Curd.
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
June & July Appointments
Dr. Dardtnan, Physician fur disease of tho
Lungs Lungs (formerly Physician to Cincinnati Ma
will be in anemia nce at his
rooms as followi
Huntingdon..Taeltson's Hotel Wednesday July I
l,c«iotoen, National Hotel July
Mifflin, Patterson House Jiily 3.
llollidaysZnirg June SO.
Altoona June 29.
Johnstown judo 21,
Indiana JupO 26.
Ureensburg June 26.
Pittsburgh June 19 & 21,
Dr. !Yardman treats Consumption, Bronchi
tis, Asthma, Larryngittis end all disease; of the
throat mid lungs, fly medical Inhalation, lately
used in the Bromtun Hospital, London. The
great point in the treatment of all b man mala
dies is to get at the disease in the direct man
ner. All medicines are estimated by their ac
tion lit on the t igen requiring teliell
the important fact twit which Inhalation is ba
sed. If the stomach is diseased wo take
medicine directly into this stomach. If the lungs
aro diseased, breathe or inhale medicated va
pors directly into the lungs. Medicines are the
antidotes to disease and s ho u ld ho applied to
the very scat of disease. Inhalation is the np
plication of this principle to the treatment of
the lungs, or it gives us direct access to those
intricate air cells and tidies which lie out of
reach of every other means of administering
medicines. The reason that Consumption, and
other diseases of the lungs, have heretofore re
sisted all treatment has heen because they had
never been approached in a direct manner by
medicine. They were intended to act upon the
lungs and yet were applied to the stomach.—
Their action was intended to be local, and yet,
they were so administered that they should not
act eonstistutionally, expending immediate and
principal action upon the unuttending stomach,
whilst the foul ulcer, within the lungs were un
molested. Inhalation brings the medicine in
direct contact with the disease, without the
di-advantage of any violent action. Its appli
cation is simple, that it can be employed by the
youngest infant or feeblest invalid. It duos not
de n the stomach, or in terfero in the least de
gree with the strength, comfort, or business of
the patient. _ _ .
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
(Alin% otsuases Tneancti.—ln relation
to the hillbwiug diseases, Dither when compli
cated with lung affections existing alone, I also
invite consultation. I usually find them prompt
ly rumble.
Proldpsus and all other forms of Female com
plaints, trregutaritics and Weakness. •
Palpitation and all other forms of heart
Disease, Liver Complaints, Dyspepsia, and all
other diseases of Stomach and bowels, &c.
All dioceses of the eye and ear. Neuralgia,
Epilepsy and all forms of nervous disc:dec.— ,
No charge the consultation..
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
Juno 3, 1857,
LVIM Allegheny Street, between
IPa. R. R.& IL & B. T. R.R. Depots.
March 25, 1857,-61u . Proprietor.
A LL persons knowing themselves indebted ei
ther by note or book account to H. C. %Vol
ker, will save costs by paying the same to, or
making arrangements for the future payment
by note, with security, with the subscribe!, by
or before the 15th day of June next. All per.
sous having claims against said Walker will
present them properly authenticated.
D. HOUTZ, Assignee
for Creditors of H.C. Walker.
Alexandria, May13,'57.-it.
@<, tfil2aKT/ f)
{VIII attend to all professional business entrusted
to him earn in thn sevontl Vto, r t c nf H unt i nB j oi ,
county. Deeds, ',eases anti Articles of Agree
ment, written ut the shortest notice and on the
most reasonable terms.
30 00
30 00
Shirloysburg, April 22, 1857. •
IF you want cheap goods just go up to Heigh.
1 gore New Store, near the Juniata Bridge,
Went Huntingdon. He bar a full assorttnent.
20 00
20 00
20 00
20 00
8 20 00
8 20 00
Of Spring and Summer Goods
& W. SAXTON, have just received
from the east a splendid assortment of
goods, such as
And in fact everything necessary top lease the
moat lastideous ms Such as
Variety of HOSIERY, MITTS, •
&c.. &c., &c., &c., Ac.
We are determined to sell as low, if oot low
er than any other h oust ant of the A Ileghe -
ny. Our Motto shall be "QUICK•SALEs
SMALL PROFITS." Give an a call and he
satisfied of the fact that this is TILE HOUSE
to purchase cheap goods.
We have on hand
ESALIV4 *ran A .5, T. E .
ALSO—Glase, White Lead, Linseed OiL Tur
pentine and all kinds of Paints.
May, 6, 18b7.
New Goods I New Goods !I
D. P. fia•in has just 'Tumid from I'hiladcl•
phiu n•itlt the largest and most beautiful as•
sortment of
PER.I I b <! &)I_llfilleilAT.t I.eAriii ta.'s
Ever brought to Huntingdon, •
consisting of the most fashionable Dress Goods
for Ladies and Gentlemen, saris as Blurb Silks,
and Futter, All Wool do Lains Challia de
Loins, 13 . 1 (dB. colors,) Vratize Robes,
'Brilliants, (dh. colors,) Brilliant Robes, Lw
Rubes, Chintz Robes, Ducats, Plain and Fun
cy Drees Ginghtns,ll3 Cloth, Sdk
Warp Levens Cloth, for travellinudres: es, Mo
hair, Debaiz, Lawns and Prints of any descrip
ALSO,a large lot of dress Tritninings, Frin
ges, Buttons, ti imps, Bonnet Silks, Bonnet
Crapes, (all return,) Ribbonds, Gloves, Mitts,
Veils, Leers, Hosiery, Gem Belts, Ribbonds
for Betting, Whalebone and Brass Hoops fur
Skirts, Silk and Litton handkerchiefs, Silk and
Gingham Cruvitts, Zephyr, French Working
Cotton, Linen and C,tton Floss, Tidy Yatu.
Also the hest and largest assortment of
and Undersleeves, in town. Bar'd and
Plain Jaeunet, Mull Muslin, Swiss, Plain, Fig
ured and dotted. Crinoline, Moreen and Grass
cloth for skirts, Book Midi], Irish Linen, Li
nen Table Cloths, Napkins, Towels, &e.
Also a line assortment of Spring Shawls, Silk
and Bunke Mantillas, end a variety of Dress
and Fancy Goods too numerous to mention.
Also, Cloths, Cassimors, Cassinets, Merritt
Cassimer, Tweeds, K. Jeans, Cotton Drills, Mr
pan., plain and fancy Linens, Marseilles nod
Silk Vesting, Muslins, bleached and unbleavh
ed. Sheeting and Pillow-case Mush., Nan
keens, Ticken, Check, Table Di triers.
Hueti'•s of the latest styles and at •er,
primes, Moleskin, Fur. Wuul and Summer flat,
latest styles. ALSO;
Boots and Shocs,._IZARDW.A.RXI,
c l uximrasur.ficalo, Buckets, "fiats. Is..
I.ets, (Sher., Butter Bowls. Browns. Brushes,
&e. Carp.. ts. Oil Cloths, oil Blinds, Fish
and Salt, allll nil goods usually kept in a coun•
try Store.
My old customers, and as many new ones as
can crowd in are respectfully requested to come
and examine my goods.
All kinds of Country produce taken in ex
change for goods, at the highest market prices.
April 29, 1857.
THE Proprietor of the Mercantile
Guide, would respectfully call the atten
tion of the Merchants, Partners and Meehan.
ics residing out . of this city, to the moderate
toms fur a yearly subscription to the Guide,
being in Mail subscribers only 50 cents per
annum, making it the cheapest Family News
paper in the United States. The columns of
the Guide will contain the usual variety of mi.
ginal and spicy articles, written not only to
please but to instruct. In rapid to politics,
the Guide will maintain an independent tone,
and from time to time, will advocate measures
as conducive to benefit the greatest number.
Postmasters and others ore respectfully re•
quested to net us agents fur this paper,
whom we will forward specimen copies free
when desired to do so.
PuEmtums. —As an inducement fin persons
to interest thetnselves to obtain subscriptions
for the MERCANTILE GUIDE, wo oder the
following premiums. Upon the receipt of the
names, pay in advance, we will forward them
by express or otherwise it' ordered to the ad.
dress of those entitled to them:
Fur 300 subscribers, cash, $35 00
For 250 subscribers, we will give a splen.
did fine gold watch, (warranted) 30 00
For 200 subscribers, an elegant gold
locket 4 glasses, worth - 13 00
For 150 subscribers, 1 elegant bracelet
worth 11 00
For 100 subscribers, ouo gold vest chain,
... ......
worth . .10 00
For 75 subscribers, one gold peu and
bolder, handsomely engraved, 'worth 8 00
For 50 subscribers, one gold pen and hot.
der. worth
For 4t) subscriber's, one gold pen and hol,
der, worth
Fur 15 subscribers, one medium gold
pen and bolder, worth ' -
For 12 subscribers, onegold pen and hol.
der, worth 1 50
An communications should be addressed to
W. Illtskeatey, editor and publisher or the
N. Y. Mercantile Guide, No. 163 Greenwich
St., N'ew York.
ier Newspapers throughout the Union by
publishing the above appropriately displayed,
including this notice, 2 months, and calling
notice editorially to the same and sending us
the paper, will be entitled to an exchange and
receive a gold pen porch $l2 N.
Now York, May 6,1.857.-2 w. •
alMin7 WC IL/W.l
Wholesale Dealers in Provi,vions,
Icy" Agents for Fairbanks' Scales.
J._ Palmer. & Co..
MA RtiEFS7iiai r TFll.l7i, 111 11.' A.
. Dealers lu Fish & Pros isious ;
Have constantly on hand an assoriment.of
- Mackerel, Shad, Herrings. Codfish, Beef.
Pork, Lard, Shoulders, Hams, Sides,
Cheese, Rice, dc.
March 18, 1857. -3m.
The subscribers have again returned from
the East with an enlarged stock of
HARDWARE, CUTLERY, PAINTS, he., T u ir i E ll :T i d ir l. ': i i i v i ' a e l o z e a r n 7Ll p ie u tru; o tE e d ra 'il
which they will sell attach prices as shall make I '"
ly, that they now have their new mill in running
it the interest of Housi,keeners, Builders,
and all the
man",,, to
give zr at e c r i:
~it ai 9
1 0, 1.1LT , :) ,, il hi T :i d; . provetnenta in thr.
them 11, call, Our -stock comprises Building Th, hate put in five of the Improved J o ,
material, such as Lod., Hinges, Serews,
val B
White Wer Wheels, and grind olts, Glass
Lead and f all Zinc Paints. sizes, Putty, O V
ils, arnishes,
all stages Turbine
of the water, and during a.
the rol,t
lIIECHANICW TOOLS. weather, any and all kinds of gram.
They are prepared to sell, and hare 011 bawl
Planes, Handsaws, Mill h. liniment Saws .
for sale m a!' times,t market rates, all kind of
Ma n n's Axes. Hatchets, Spirit Levels,
Sleeks and
with an endless variety of modern inventions
and improvements. ,ind farmers can have their own grain ground,
Saddlers and Coach-Makers arc in, d ;lot take it back in a return load, or they ran
call and examine our extensive stock of liar- furnished in exchange at a moment's notice
Item Mountings end Coach Trinunings, Patent equal quantity of I lour and Brun or dial,
and Common Humes ' 3o varieties; Clirthing, Fed feed.
Bog Skins, Patent Loather, Enamelled Lee TIIM SMUT WZACI-Elrg
then, Oil Cloth fur Carriages, Couch Laces,:':uti„,,„ved „„,„„r aetu „. ' and will
Lndogs Hubs, Spokes, Fellues,Shafts, Springs, .itte a FULL TURN OCT of superior quail
Axles, he. he. t r to evory bushel of grain left at their mill.
Knives and Forks from :171 cents to ltir , per N. I;.—The Buckwheat stones are not gaits
set. Silver forks, Silver and common spoons, i .„„d y.
Ladies' Fruit knives, Farriers' knives, razors. Hntingdon, Deceinber to, MC,.
he., he.
Pomoltd., Tinned and Plain Boilers, Te„•ket• ,
ties, Sauce, Erving and Baking Pans, Sbotk B LAKE'S UNIVERSAL 13 loG•
RAPIIf C A 1, D 1.0 T 1 0N AB Y.---•
Griddles, Dish Covers, &c., &c., at manufactu
rers' prices. ! The NEW EDITION of this valuable work.
' „kid, has long Leen in preparation IS MON pele
MISCELLANEOUS. , i fished. It forms one volume, imperial OCILIV,
Ice Hammer, Lemon Squeeze., Latter : or 136 pages,—and contains an account of
Prints, Butter Ladles Port Monaies, Bells of the Lives of about thirteen thousand dill:crew
all kinds, Guns, Pistols and Revolvers, Paint I Individuals, toure than two thousand of when.
Brushes, Wall Brushes. Traces mid Chains of i were (Ill.!. Or the :United States.
various kiwis, Chain Pumps and Metallic The number of New At-tiele, in th, pr, on:
Pumps for cisterns, Picks, Sledges, Ste., Ste. volume exceed two thousand four huvalt,..d.
Wir liavin g 11 ' 1 ' n " man y of our goods at : The publishers have determined not to fur.
wholesale prices f rom munt a uc ip rors , we are nosh the \Void: through the general Trade, but
enabled to sell both wholesale and retail—ex- ! to bell it i , 3 „ 1 „, i ,,, iii by age „,
tramely low, A liberal share of public patron- The work is Fatten tip ill mi ii,,, ~),,,...,aud
age is solieited., : as no library will be complete without it, a
Xl32)' - All orders from a broad promptly latent I most. excellent opportunity is offered to „ay
dud to. JAS. A. BROWN & Co. ~. desires t , in a pleasant,
person w ho l engage
Apr.l;s7. i honorable and prditable business. Agents
ate wanted for all parts of the country. They
will please address the publishers.
211 Chesnut st., PhilurVa.
;;., 25 WITNESSES;
t soa. a E a , C ONV I C T 3.1-p,
Joni. S. Dye, Author, , 1'eb.25;57.-51n
l‘ nullas had 10 years experience as a Bank- LI I' i NT I '1
fer tital Publisher, and author of "A series of ' , "
I V r I, - -I
- .
=Lectures at the Broadway Tabernacle," when S I s‘ - N(1 . i. ,_, I_ , i ,
Attor ill successive nights, over 50,000 People OP THE
4t' g ...-.(e'l Ha With 'Ma" of aPPlaiSe• while I NATIONAL SAFETY TRUST COMPANY
Cif)he exhibited rho manner in which Counter
, feiters exe••ute their frauds, and the surcst and . tr. " ( ' °,lo ''''' , Souill - Iresi comer of l'hird.
"'''' slaortot .0,1), or detecting thein ' PHILADELPHIA.
'''' Th B 3 'at Io , Incorporated by the State of Penn
e ank Note Engravers all . sa • I
®is the greatest Judge of Paper Money living, i
! ylvauia.
•I:> Greatest discovery of the present century 1
* fur detecting Counterfeit . Batik Notes. H e - i • , , , ,
.Iserilting every genuine bill in existence, and' I \l °. Y.' s I.e.'''. i n all) sant large toe small
and interest paid from the day of deposit to
to exhibiting at or glance every counterfeit in i i
Peir6ioation !! Arranged ao admi r ,,tay, the, I the day or witiolrawol•
;reference is easy a n d detection instantaneous. I '
, Iter'No index to c.0.d.. I No Pages to i fire (tiller e is open every clay, Train 9 o'clock
n the morning till 7 o'clock in the evening, anti
'A hunt up ! lint so simpli fi ed rind ,wrrongotl on Montlav until humbly evenings, till 9 o'clock
,Z that the Merchant, Banker and Business man I
.....'ettn see all at a glance. English, French and All sums large or stuall, are paid back in gold
German. 'rhos each muy read the same in ',
an "'ttu' without s ' ati " , to "Y amount.
Hun HENRY L. BENNER, President,
17 6 1 I N ti , s )t o e tt i m ,id i t ia p t i i i a b , li t q t? i ule.
A lt ls l o os n t
li i s te t rf o e f et ß l i l i a l l e , !.
.t. Private Bankers in Anierien. A complete! Wst .0 IZEED ' Seorelary.
‘ i - d summary of the Finance of E uro p e . an d A., 1 f'd RENCI'O/IS.
merren will be published in each edition, to- i He n ry 1.. l-li'an!", C. Landreth Muni,.
. goiter with all the important note, Orthoth,Edward L. Caller, F. Carroll Brewster.
; Also a series oftales, aunt an old Manttscriitt t Hobert Scifridge , .Joseph B. Burry,
w found in the East, it furnishes the most aim- ,' Samuel E. Atdao . a, Ilen. L. Churchman
illllete History of "Oriental Lite." DeNcrils- ! Jame. B. ,•tnitli. Francis Lee.
r'lai. l ag t h e 11 , 0 , 1 perplexing positions i n w hi c h ! This company comities its business entirely to
a the ladies and gentlemen of that Country i the receiving dmoney on interest. .The invest
, have been so often found. Thear stories will . 'orals amounting to nearly O.' MI/ I. lON sat '
0 Conlin. dirmigh.t the whole year, and will A us. , of dollars, as per Published report of
ts•t prove the most entertaining ever uttered to Assets ' ore made in conformity with the prom.
S tile public. • sions of the charter, in Real Estate, Mot tgagcs,
, ' Er F iiiii i s h od w eek i y is , sii i,,,,,,Th ei , ai d, ! Ground Dents, and such first-class securities, as
^at $1 It yea, All letters must be addressed to ' will always insure perfect security to the dcpos
<l,l JOHN S. DYE, Buott ...P /s üblisher' trot's, and Mae!' cannot fail to eive hermattencv
a Pr.priotor, 70 Wall biro., A et,. 17,r1:. ~,,t stability of this oil and well-established
0 April 22,1857.—1 y. ht,titst 1..
. ro!•. 2,!, i 056. Nlar4':..
G-REAT 1 . 3 A tic+ AI . NS : it AV' 11 I Sli E RAN DO.
NEW GOODS La Salle's Original.
i Jffk l a aD1,121 2 1
itr.: l'A - lir,
W.g.S.V T (a) 0 IV.
The unde,ignedBllllollLlCtli Is ill. Iltlitnethat f ..
7 7 :--:- -
he has opened a new store in l'ort,,, n, near 1 l'r,.. t;,,.. 11. De Bar has recently returned
the old Juniata bridge, and has just received from Eer,po. and while there obtained from the
one of the edits ated French chemist, La Salle, at au en.
LARGEST, CHEAPEST, AND BEST urinous outlay, the receipt and exclusive right
STOCKS OF or the United . States and Cattadas, to manta.'
u 1 sell this celebrated nrcnsrstion trilled
Dry-Goods, Groceries, Queensware, I 1,-,1,Ti11.:1,%,„,„4„., which lion ne ver been k , w ,',.„, 1 , ,
Hardware, Deets & Shoes, I fail to cause Whiskers and Moustaches to grow
Hats & Caps, &c., I loxuriantly and heavy, even on beardless tacos
ever brought to this place.- Almost every sea to two months after first application. To those
etc usually kept in a country store always on persons whose beards are light and wiry it rec.
hand ; all of which will be sold cheaper than ommeuds itself. A gin applications trill reit•
the ehem,est, der it soft, thick and pliable. Frenchmen are
KV" Country produce taken in exchange for ' noted for their beautiful 'Whiskers and Mounts.
goods. \VM. J. GEISSINGEB, elven, which ninny of them attribute to the ex•
Pottstown, April 15, 1857. , cellence of La Salle's Whiskerando. Price : , 5.1
per box ; sect to any part of the United States
`WAR IN HAN.SAO, 1 or Canada: ler mail, upon tile reeio of.til.
I _ _ ___ --- _ Address, Prof Geo. 11. De Bar,
ALIOXANDHIA FOUNDB.In April 1, 1ti37.-1.. * New k.
Alctlll.l. & MUSS INFORM THEIR OLD z am
lifpriends and the public, generally, that they .t•II —.th
bath the above Foundry in fall blast, CIATHING
and aro prepared to furnish castings ot
every description. Stoves of all kind, A New Assortment Just Opened
for wood or coal. Improved Ploughs,---
And will be sold 30 per cent.
Threshing Machines, and everything in the cas
ting lino neatly made. We can finish all work CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST!
that requires turtling, having a good Turning - - ROMAN respectfully iII'OFDIS his custo•
Lath. All work douo cheap for cash or coml. I , mers and the public generally, that he has
try produce. Old motel taken for castings. Be. just opened at his store-room in Market Square
log practical and experienced we hope by strict • Huntingdon, it splendid new stock of Ready•
attention to liminess to receive a liberal share m 1 1"
of public patronage. hI (I & CROSS. I Clothing for Spring and Summer.
Alexandria, April 2J, lti37. which he will sell Cheaper than the some quality
_ • of Goods can be purchased at retail in Phdadel•
LEstale , ! f John Spenkle, Dec.W.J ' ,ld a nr an y other cutuliiklinient in the country.
wAttq.;;VllVlll'i Rirffif[lLE,'''A.
J.., Persons wishing to buy clothin g would d o
well tu cull and examine his stuck before patella-
Letters Testamentary having been granted
sing el,e, hero, Also,
to the undersigned on the EstateofJoh.Spreinl liats. Caps, Boots, and Shoes,
kle, late of Morris i ownH hip, d e cd., notice is which will . 1111 sold lower than at any other es •
hereby given to all persons indebted to said tablishment in the comity.
notate, to come tbrwarl and make payment, Huntingdon April 29. 1857.
and allpero i o u n e s ste h d a t l o ing pre e s l e a n it t n t hoin
pp ot r t o he . _
er order tbr Inspection, settlement and allow. MANUFACTURER OF
Morris township, Hunt. Co.
JOHN AURAUNDT, NI 0 7:f l ID 13k; - 3, S ' ,
- 1
. :ii
Catharine township, Blair Co. \ , : t y L lid IQ) vi j -2,,, i , i15,,,4
May G. 1857.-6 t.
Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., l'a.
White Lead, (pure) $2 50 pee keg. WWI?. S. de item work to the cars . lie has
tt (extra) 275 fig alw tys ready made work on hand. All orders
Philadelphia Zinc Paint, 2 40 ,‘ by mail shall receive prompt attention.
Best Snow • 2 68 inn. %S, 1557.-6 mo.
Oils, ilte., and till kinds of HARDwmin and, _ •
Within; materials in proportion, at the "Irani- : .40 -
ware Store" of J. A. BROWN 4: CO. ~....,,, DR J R HUYETT,
Huntingdon, Apr.8,'57.41, a lIIINWNST;
Aotiphlogislic Malt. , ALEXANDRIA, AUNT. CO., I.A.
This celebrated medicine is fur sale at the April 1,1857.—1 y.
Journal Office . For all inflammatory diseases I
it is a certain aims. Get a box and try it, ye air A ,pieudid lot
of Fancy
.0 Striped
who are afflicted. i Silks, French Merino, Cashmere, Lionose Cloth
Porcelain Boilers and pans , of eve• , Robes, Funt•y and Striped Delatnes, Persian
ry description, for sale at the Hardware Store of Twills. Also, a handsome assortment of Col•
,1. A. BROWN &CO 1 lays, 'Coder:times and Mitts, just received an.)
lltr ,ole cheap. by J. t W. SA X TON.
Apr.8,'57.-1 v