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BAD BIM.- We have reteived a communies•
Lion from a fellow-citizen, severely reflecting on
parents who permit their boys to grow up Mutt
restrained vice. It is address° , specially to this
class of individuals in Huntingdon borough.—
We shall tree publlith it at preebut, however.
It is a fact, humiliating as it is undeniable,
and we acknowledge it "store in sorrow than in
anger," that for rude and miserably ildbehaved
boys, this town stands unequalled by any other
in the State, of equal population. We do not
Ray all our boys are bad, for we have some who
are ornaments to us, reflectincgreat credit up-
AI their parents, and who must become useful
°Wiens, but we now speak of our 'fast young
men," those who have never been boys. those
whose business it appears to be to insult stran
gers, stand on the corners swearing, smoking,
or fighting, when not engaged in some other
more wicked sport. It speaks volumes to hear
and see these eight, ten, and fourteen peers old
"fit' young men" swearing at and stoning pas.
arre•by. It lays open the systeni of home miss•
cation under which they have been brought up.
It reveals oftentimes the character of their pa
rents, and tells in-plainer words than we can
use, the species of religious instruction and
training they receive. We would like just here
to give the, names of several of these ringleed.
VA in vice and blackguatdism, but refrain, as
we are seriously impressed with a foreboding,
that unless a sudden and rapid change for the
better soon takes place, we shall sometime be
called on to give them a M'Kint notoriety.
Come es L a sr.—For the past week the wea.
ther has been delightful. The sunshine was as
brilliant as a ballet dancer, and as soft as the
expiring whisper of a zephyr. Such days show
that summer is near, and that the time fur wil
ted shirt collars, prickly heat, succotash and
bobnlinks is fast approaching. We like a warm
genial spring clay—we do, especially after so
inclement a seas. as we have just weathered.
It forms such a contrast to matters and things
in general that it nets upon unlike new wine or
an old violin. Every one has a pen Chant for
something. A portion of the human family
find the acme of mundane pleasure in the gos
titory joys of woodcock and Heidsieh, whih ,
others experience the summit of beatitude
in rambling with a young lady friend to "The
Sulphur Spring," the '•Happy Hollow" or the
"Bach Road." We differ "slightually." Our
weakness is a quiet, sunshiny clay in May—or
April, when providence vouchsafes it. Such
days are suggestive. • They whisper of dirt pies
and schoolboy frolics, "thy days of auld lung
sync," and carry us back to the good old time
on Saturdays when we chucked our school.
hooks in a closet, and tasted the swots connec•
ted with new mown hay and early chipmunks.
We sh;mld like to continue this sulij, , et, bat the
,press i:ppn out c:ulumi,3 comp,l3 tt.l to wind up
etc this point
arywhcre but the right plate. Whilst vie hare
dry and substantial sidewalks to our churches,
places of business, &e.. the pavements lending
so the public sehbol house nod cemetery are in
a wretched condition, rerdering it almost im
possible in to reach either place.
We think our “borough fathers" in tbeir efforts
to improve and beautify the town.
o verlook this actual, crusting necessity ; it no
thing better can he done, let us have a board
walk-"to our salmi house, and no lortrer compel
the tenets of small children who attend there,
to 4vescle through mud and rain" at theexpense
ri* their healths. Scores of chiislren would
'dues tits movement, and all good citizens rail
it as much•nectled and long delayed tire. Will
this be attended to ? We shrill see.
fug IVAGas the murder.
er of the late Samuel T. Norcross, has received
sentence of execution on the 21st day of Am
gust next. it is said that the original reward
of $2500 offered fur the arrest of, hue
dwindled, in consequence of the withdrawal of
a number of pardes'who had offered h.mdsnme
sums fur his capture, down to $5OO. nod for
this there are two claimants. Their names are
KOOllll and Wolf The latter person will not in
any event receive any portion of the amount,
as his creditors have attached whatever may be
hereafter awarded to hint, and which is now in
the hands of the officials, The Governor has
already signed the death warrant of the mut ,
Latest Announcement—Mitt the Globe is the
only paper in the'county devoted in the interest
of the COMMOII School System. How in it thou
that y ro i dulgo so profusely in low alan;t and
v..1,,nr pbratic.y when +speaking of teach. re?
110 w is it that you wilfully and knoteing4 pub•
lish a falsehood in connection with the I recent!.
logs of an educational convention? The as•
sertion certainly does not bear a good face, to
may We least of it, but perhaps you can explain.
Consastencies—To hear an infidel dictating
the course all Christi. gentleman. To hear
a - novice and fool talking about "the higher
branches," and a public (Aker congratulating
himself on his success, and a blackguard hone.
ting of the pti . ri4 of his character and morals.
Insinuated not very Darkly —That tbescrilns
is able to leave his mark. Witness the equir•
ming iu last week's Globe. Better he careful
how you handle edged tools, Billy.
Refined and Geiatlemanly7—The communion.
tion signed "Clive," in hat week's Globe. We
refer the writer to the flattering notice of hie
character in another column. •
Tue LADIES' JOOKNAL—This moat valuable
and intereetiug magazine—the beet of the kind
published iu thia country—!or May, has been
receives. It contains triaguifievut lacbiun
engravingu, &c., and the literary mutter
c.annot be equalled by any other work. The
price per put ia $1,31.1. Published by
good S.
10 our friend,.
‘V tnu .u. s •:ng publicfnuru '32 .n Lca3 I_
fulai44 . vac back - numbers, as we can.
not ken 'heal Is:7 any ..17146,1/1.
For the Huntingdon Journal.
I Mst twain tisk your indulgence and that
of the public, while I occupy a short space in
your columns, an I promise to be as brief as
possible, and am not in the habit of writing
anythirg I ant either ashamed' iv afraid to ac•
knowledge over my own signature. I would
not sully your columns by stooping to answer
the contemptible raillery and low vulgar slang
paraded in the last Huntingdon Globe, but
would simply ma e one or two explanations,
and then reiterate the charges made in my for.
suer coinmuisiration, not one of which has as ;
vet beets answered or refuted. It is somewhat
singular that so insignificant a weapon as a
''pup•guu" discharged "at a venture" by a "en,
cer's clerk," should create so much confusion,
and stir up so much filth, but it seems to have
stirred the sluggish blood in the veins of the
nominal editor of the G'olte, who though unable
himself to write an advertisement fur a stray
dog abbot t hi! s has succeeded in mustering a
bevy of hart nod blackguards fur the purpose
of writing sae down ; consequently, column af
ter column of luw bitingsgate slang, and vulgar
b aeleguardism have been paneled against me,
language which would disgrace the lowest bru
thel belonging the the '•Five Points," which
could orignate only in the dark cavern, of a
I guilty and malignant heart, and which could
not possibly have found its way Lou any re• '
spectable print. I felt suinewhat d.smayed,
must confess, when I learned that "grins vis I
aged war" with all its terrors had beets declar
ed, and that I wan forced into the arena with
such fearful odds against use, without any
means of delLiice but the small pup•gun ellu•'
; ded to. Shade of Leyola and Tutu Paine,
1 what a position to be placed in I Jutl,ing
from the squirming, I must have touched some
vulnerable (?) part in my remarks last week,
but the gravest charge seems to be that I am
' finked with a bout of office seeking politicians
and endeavorhig to injure the character uf one
of our beat and snout learned citizens, and also
the character and influence of the Globe; mid
here allow tne to hasten my disavowal of aiiy
such intention. The urighty influence of the
• Globe and the stainless char tier of "une of
our best citizens" are sacred things truly,
which "common sinners should nut meddle
with." The Globe labors most industriously
to impress School Directors with the idea that
I have made ar. attack on them, accusing
them with being eoverued by impure motives
ke., but it dues occur to tne that the assertion
made by hen that they elected a Irian to the of.
face of County Superintendent, who was totally
unqualified fur the office, "its order to rid the
public schools of an ale house nuisance.," in not
laying a very high compliment to the integrity
of their inctives—and here allow tie to übs••rve
that the assertion alluded to carries•witlt it its
own colidenthation and bears a lie upon its
face; for if I am not much uais•a+ken. the reo•
orde of the order of So•s of Temperance, and
of the Giud of this place will show
that this same individual was a member in
good standim! her,— • • ' • : 11.. L ‘,111.e
• • , ' • e realming
iie to inj,ae bin neighbor? Bet al•
though I ;old strong suspicions. aroused by
seeing certain persons very busily engaged in
wire pilling who I knew had never taken in•
invest. enough in the cause before, to even at
tend an educational meeting ; and who I knew
were incapabie of acting from any other
that singer motives, 1 woo nut fully aware
shot there was anything "r .teen in Denmark,"
until 1 saw the annoimeetuent in the Globe,
heralding it as a Democratic victory and exul•
tiag over my defeat} publishing at the some
time. to willful and malicious lie, concerning
me nod intended to injure me; the man who
would do so, I consider unworthy the nante 01
a Irian or a gentleman ; I believe he was nevi r
suspected for being a Christian. I have cer
tainly no quarrel with school Directors. Io
my iatercourse with my fellow men, I have
through life endeavored to nvu d controversy,
and to treat every one with gentlemanly °our
tray, but when .sailed. falsely and ungentle
consider myself abundantly able to de
fend myself. "Lie is a freeman whom the
truth makes free, sail all are slaves beside,"
and it is my riglia, us 'a !I•eemau to rebuke and
expose duplicity and dishonesty whenever it
comes under my observation, courting the
smiles and fearing the coons of neon°. The
assertion that I Isis Liu ultice•seeker at talse,and
he who makes it lies. There were Schou, Di
restore who voted uki.inst me from pure Lind
hunursble motives, and fur ressmis entirely
satisfactory to um l'iroukt here - take the up
purtunity of assuring them that my feelings to
ward them are of us kindly a nature as they
ever were, the alumni°un of the Cliche to the
contrary notwithstanding; ant venture the pre•
(Ilene') that the day is•t'nut distant or tumeen"
when they will have an opportunity of knowing
who were their true friends. To those iiitec•
tors who come some fifteen or twenty miles
through the storm to vote against me, fur she
very praiseworthy reason that I was an Amer•
icon, a friend of Temperance, and of the Coin
tuna School system, 1 would say they are cer
tainly welcome to their hard-earned honors and
can divide them amongst thetuselves, bitt my
principles remain is all then. renpeetu the
same. •
To those Directors who came to me before
the election voluntarily utering me their halt,
mice and support, on conditiou that I would if
elected, lend toy influence in favor or their In
stitution, and who received the reply they might
have expected from an lamest auto, I must say
I congratulate theta in their success in being
able to lied more pliable trig, in the person of
one ready at all times to promise anything, and
sacrifice everything in order to accomplish his
own sinister outdo; although they were at the
sawn time voting tin a man who had openly as.
Gelled coxeerning them they were us ignorant
as horse.. But to conclude ; I have beet' ac
cused of insinuating ; I thought 1 had spoken
plainly enough ou the subject, but if neeessary
can speak plainer. I lit, Trot:ovum the slate.
a;ent. coutozuivg . t, bt.: a tic
Wm:hoods, and their
author a bat. and unprincipled liar, le that
plain enough? My former eharges are all re•
i+•r►'ed end repentAd :iind the brand will blir
ter on the Hushed and burning forehead till the
f. nil with Inn follies, the liar with hitt lien. the
kinivo with his ktiaveries. nod the infidel with
his creed, nhnll he cott.igoed too WIWu of in.
family, already dug for them, no deep. so dark
and no silent, that the resurrecting trump of
the Archangel will slime be sufficient to pene
trate their gloomy abode.
To answer the sneaking, fyicg, ccsardly,
Jesuitical scoundrel, who writes over a
false signature would be stooping too low.—
Contempt has the property of descending, bit,
she stops fur short of him. She would die be.
fore she could reach him, for he dwells beneath
her fall. That he is a (sof Inv he seen from
his style; and it is equally apps eat that be is
a liar and a blackzuard. That he is a coward
may be seen from his writing over a fictitious
signature ; but this screen is not sufficient to
hide him ; there are too many rents in his man.
tie, through which the well practiced eye may
are the rottenness of his heart. Let him•trare
his doubtful origin mid he need not go hark
many getteratiens to God it emanating Ir. m a
fouler source than even a grocery store. The
mareof The• Beast is tot him; Neture has writ
ten the word “Vitt.iss" its entry line of his
countenance, and the deep, (Les, hopeless
night of infidelity has settled d.writ up.ot his
benighted soul. The essence of his guilty and
depraved nature if bottled up. might be at, d for
"Tyrian dye." Let him go and learn to solve
a plain problem in Simple Reduction, and
write a site of six lines grammatically before
he p ate, about "the higher branches ;" let him
go .d liquidate his just debts before he talks
of honesty.
Let him wipe away the criminal records of
a neighboring county before he talky about
morality and religion—then if be run 811M111011
up as much manhood as will enable hint to
, look au hottest man in the face, I mar cootie.
seend to notice hint, and if need be will weave
him a crown in which he will find more thorns
than roses. Asking panlon of you. Messrs.
; Editors, and of the public, for oft u .ying so
much time and space on such/mil .bjectt. I
now take my leave of them, they may revel unr
disturbed in the mire and filth of their MVII
choosing R. VclllVl.l'•G
Huntingdon, May 25, 1857.
Floor, $7,25 Mr standard brands, and $7,75
for extra family. Coro Meal, $9,7943,02,
Roe $4,75®5,001 bbl.
In Wheat them M very little doing, owing to
the diGrenee in the views of buyers and sellers.
Prime reds are offered at Iooe, and good 11111
rime white at 100(d 105 c, Curn is in steady
demand at 90e. Onta have at dvtomed, and
about 40011 bus Penna. halm been sold at 62e,
afloat i about 601) bus. old also, mold at Ml e.
Iu Clenrfinld county, ou the 4th big., Joseph
Codu•,dlnder, Earl. in hut eighty filth year. Nir.
C. hilly at renident flutitinhdun end
Blair Couto
r‘irlilan. Co. paper; pleme copy.
In ttoo borou g h"). ,ho 2.1i1t Capt. David
Hazzard, 1.. ; . ; ed :Omni 60y. era.
dun. in Huntingdon County. by the Ap•
praiser of Merchant'la Tuxes, for t h e year
emumencing the hi day of May, 1857
Alexandria Borough Por
Georg( C. Bucher,
lloory \\ Riker,
C• arks Porter,
W:I 'Mil Mare,
S 4111111!I Hlolll'l4,
ph Greet, & Co.,
J „lei 11. Gregory,
Barree Township.
tinolual • mptin,
.r , ,hi, C.,
Jones C. walker,
Stamm. Fnntpr,
W. fotineton A Co.,
Silas A. 1 r
Brady ntouship.
Ko,ler Co.,
Ivnia, Green & Co,
Co a Ip., & Caseville borough.
Pet, M Baru,
E.t.a Brother,
.saints Ht~n.letaun,
Clay Townahip.
Richard Ashman A Cu., 13
John Long A C.i.,
CrOM well Township
Trion as E. Orbisun,
Dliviri E pier,
Ge,ge .Sipes,
!sett, b:ton&
DuGlia 7,,,,,,,i1dip.
Blair & 11 , iliisun,... . 13
Andrew Wilson, 4 14
Jtatnes Cree, Jr., 14
Ilunt & Swan, 14
l'roliklin Ibtonship.
J. Wwelina) %than, 13
Sant, el %tril', 14
&writ, Stewart & Co., 13
Samuel Gardner, 14
G. & J. 11. Sinienhergar, 11
Hunliagdon Borough.
Fi.her & Nit:Mamie,
J. & W. Saxton,
B..jumio Jneobs,
M 0....,
Davie' P. Gwin,
Love & Met.hvit,
David Dunn & Co.,
Wm. & Jos. Carman,
Lo ig dt liecker,
Henry [Wean,
A. ,V iII .uchliy,
Lvv Nestbrook,
Hawley & Co.,
Josopli Reicer,
John Frisch,
J. iirowo h Co.,
Da% id Grove, _ .
Hupeweli Town. hip.
D & W. Fi6her k (u.,
Ur id Foster,
L. & S. Wetivor,_
Joel.. Township.
John A. Wright it. Cu.,
Joeriilt Porter,
Eli. Musiuir,
iliurt V. Sirwart,
,11. tl. Writer,
Hubert. MoHurney,
Morris Township.
George H. Stainer.
Reed;* „ 14
Owen & Gregiul, .. • 14
Joseph Law, 14
Irvin & Gpen, ' 14
Joseph A. McClure, 14
Penn 7otcuship.
David H. t:stnpliell, 14
Samuel Wall, 1.1
Shirley linen,hip & Shirleys•
burg Barough.
Belrzhnovrr & osier. 14
Samuel Robison, 14
Oliver El nier, 14
J.&J.Ehc, 14
John W. Smith, 13
J.Mti Bare. 13
Doyle, Foust & Doyle, 13
Wiilinnt 13. Li•Ha, 13
John Lung & Co., 1:1
J, G. Lightner, 13
J. G. Lightner, (liquor.)
Sprin field Township.
Blair,•lmeke & Cs., 14
Geur..e S p.s, 14
leti rownship.
A. C. & .1. H. Biair, 14
George Noss, 14
Amos Clarke, 14
Aaron Sliee.ler,
Levi Evans, 11
Kesslm. Whitney & Co., 1 t
James Dunn, 14
J motes Ed Ner.l.t, 14
Nlaguire & Port, 11
Milker numship.
Meialtan & Nome, 14
J. seph Douglass, 14
Jo eph Uoeslass, 14
Warriormark tp., & Binning.
ham 6°,01,0.
James Clark, 13
B F. Patton, 14
U. Guyer, Jr., 14
S. Fox, 14
Floyd Clarke, 14
Wes: 7'p. & Pb.rebury Bor'o.
R. M. Connie g' a it, 14
Henry Nell', 14
Benj.uniti Hartman, 14
J. Cresswell. & Son, 14
Surnael I Myton, 14
John B. Molter, 14
John Rend. :1
Henry AleMsnagal, 3
Joseph Johnston, 4
J. H. Light: 4
Brady 7'utonsliip.
John MoOnnh,
Barr. Tawnx7,lp.
Robert Matwey,
Sr ewerios.
Isenberg tutd Pip or,
Houtiogdou Borough.
Ilunlingthoi Borough.
Fisbrrk McNltti trio,
.41-xatifiria Boough.
80, ristqh.
Bell, Gat and
BILL! lIrD 11 1) 011.
E C. Slimmer,
ClaßSifiCillioll of Ealing
lgoustook, lt•r 4.1 of
31St f soreli.lB3o.
FT enry
P•hrxbiery :Borough,
A , 'exandria Borouth.
Nuthuhiel okins,
. .
John H. H0111,e4,
Morris township.
Thd Imostyliip.
Thomas AleGillim.
An *winceh will he held by the undersigned
nt nut nine up to the 15th diiy of July, ut thu
Commissioners' Oliiee. wiAing in np
w , II please! pply Within the time preheribed.
tin the law ',minims tiny npipai
10 00
10 II
10 0
Apprrti:er of 3/ficl,l,l:le T.. S.
Notice is )11 , 11.11 giVittl, 11101 all but
lifted previuus to. ttr during 'he A u,ust Court.
will he left in the Init.& of is .111,11,
Peace fur collection. F. H. LANE,
County Treasitrer.
Nay 27, 11457.
g A al PZON
T 00 I
7 001
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00;
10 ou
SA F 1 S.
t1:7:717 - 1
I".'i:2 'O, --•
, „lin
HAL L'B '' 'Ar.a_' 1
t ,
4 ii
pATENT 1 ',•_. 'I,:
10 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
7 00
10 00
F ARRELs 1 1 / 4 iIEICHING, Atikcrs,
34 WALZIUT ST., 131:1.ow Sr:Cu.), 1 . 1111... 1 / 4 1,.
10 00 1 by the ',oldie to proem U more (Titian Feel,.
7 001 rity treat tire for ralii rile papers, ouch on Bonds,
7 00 , Mori grogas. /Ards, ,Votes and Books of Accounts,
7 00 Cool the 'wintery S.irrs hiresoliire to use Whir
.4,l, 0.110 . .41110 Pittentee; t devote it large nor,
10 0 0 of their lisle for V, 11,4 fourteen yours, in Ina •
7 00 I king Oisenveriesi and improvements for this ob-
Jll't, Ile resu t of .luch is the unrivalled
uIU °
l'a rut lVorld's Fair Premium
Fite Proof Safes,
is oil
rnirersolly neknowleilge.l no the ott.turtete
12 50 RAI I.: OF niH. WWII It. 11..Vili0 boon UWNr6II
12 50 I i'l.etlals ut !salt the Worlds klnir, 1 Inn, 1851,
10 00 aim! ( r*f.tal I Wore, N. Y., 1853, on super or to
lU I ollnre it is I.GW uniltiolitedly entitled to flint
~0 0 opindlation, nut beeureil it 11.111's Potent
10 " 'Po.iler-Proot , sere also 'worded
10 00 veimrato Medals, ahove)--torins the most
10 00 titnliet Fire lte !Jingler l'ruut ever) et of
-7 00 lereil iii the polihe
7 00 Neatly 30,11iirring'il Safes' hare keen tested
7 Oil 'forint; the nest 14 worn, owl inure than 16,1010
7 00 ; trove (teen mod and are nu. in demi! lire.
n - r a - 416 u on I..(lur nntuulaietered - toorder,xll
7 00 • kiwis of Bullet...lid Cliille i Inn Bunk Chu.,
00 and Vaults, Vault Doors, /Hooey Cheat, tor
„' B '
ruker. Jeweller, Railroads, private families,
r for Plate, Diatoundb, and oiler valuable..
7 Ou o
u .31a:111 15 7.
- r
Office C. V. M. P. &o,
10 00 I', 1037.
10 00 NOTICE is hereby given, That an assessment
7 00 it i t five per cent. has this day bi en levied by •
the Board of Directors of this Company, on all
premium times lielimeing to said Comany. in
force on the 3rd day of January, A. Li. 1831,
(and not renewed) on which 3 lay cent. is le
vied. cud all premium notes of toLimil
cations taken lament, said dates, 3 per cent..
is levied.
The members of this Comp an y are h ere b y
required to pity the abi,ve prolmin'. or their
premium notes to the Ireasurer of this Compa
ny, or a properly authorized agent of the Batted
within thirty days from this date.
By order of the Board,
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
10 00
7 nn
3.1~f1;Z.1.t.tL44 ;ilf{tiii'Tl'l tT~'l'~,
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
The subscribers have wain returned from
the Rost with an enlarged week of
which they will sell at such prices as shall wake
it the interest of Housekeepers, Builders, Mc.
dimities, and "all the rest ut mankind," to give
thew a cull. Our stock comiwises Buitillne
material, such as Lucks, Hinges. Screws, Nit is,
Bolts, Wass uf all sizes. Putty, Oi.s, Varoisee.,
White Lead and Zinc Paints.
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
10 00;
,50 001
Planes, Handsaws, Mill & Crosscut Saws.
Chisels, Minn's A.'S. fintehets, Spirit Levels,
Files, Stocks nod Dies, Monkey Wrenches,
with au endless variety of modern inventions
and improvements.
Saddlers and Coach Makers are invited to
Cull and examine our extensive sleek 01' Raw
ness Mountings and Oval+ Triminings, Patent
and edinlllll3ll 111lIneS, 30 vni.k.t.a. Oirthinz,
Hug Skins, Patent Leather, Enamelled Len
timer, Oil Cloth tier Carriages, Coach Laces and
Linings Ont. Spokes, Felloes, Shafts, Springs,
Axles. &e., &v.
Knives nod Forks Iron, ni cents; to $5 per
set Silvor Corks, Sitvrr and COMM. , . spoons,
Ladies' Fruit knives, Farriers' knives, razors,
7 on
7 00 i
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00,
Puna.laine, Tinned and Plain I;o'ilers, Tea diet,
ties. Sauce, Frying and Baking Pans, Sink
pridales, Disk euvers, at ananutaetu.
rers' prices.
Tee Hammers, Lemon Squeezers, Butter
Prints, Bolter Ladles, iPort Mmties, Bells at
ail kinds, Guns. Pistols and Revolvers, Paint
Brushes, Wall Brushes. Traces and Chains of
various kinds, Chain Pomp and Metallic
Pampa fur cisterns, Picks. Sledges. &c.
flarllaving purchased many of our goods at
wholesale prima from noinutsourers, we are
enabled to sell both wholesale and retail—ex
tremely low. A liberal share of public patron
age is solicited.
_All orders from abroad promptly atton•
ded to. JAS. A. BROWN & (a.
A 1,1;57.
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 0
7 00
7 00
10 00
10 UU
.A.ZZXO ruirszosx,
rietals owl the pohli a generally, that they
the above Foundry in lull blast, et. ,
are prepared to furnish cti,tio, of . i :1 64
every Stoves of 3111
ror wood or cunt. Improved 1'1.01,,
IThieshing Moeltines. sod everythil: in theca ,
tilt,: line 'molly tundc. \Ve coo finish all work
!hat requires turniog having, to Aloud T
h. All work dove that for cash or C011i:•
try produce. Old torte) taken for comings. Du
'nog practical and experienced we Mimi by atria
attention to lat loess to receive a liberal chore
or public pa iron oge. Mel.) & CROSS.
‘ , .‘vandri, Apeal 29, 1857.
50 00
50 00
60 00
LO 00
t:f jam Sproikle, Dee'd.l
EAr_t_..'C.filfdtal , ..l ECn111,,2.
Leti.ers 'testamentary having been grunted
to the undersigned on.tite EistateofJohn Sprem
kie, I ra te of Nidris township, dee'd., tiotieu is
hereby given to all it,delitt d to said
lestate. to tie Mrvistrd and make ',attn.!,
; anal ant ret.sutis haying chinas *against the
I same, are requested to present them in prop
t i e o r d er f ur iu,prct:•.,.,
1,14 u, u t I.llt. Cu.
J1111.:C 1)T,
Catharine ww...ltip, Blair Co.
May ti. 1857.—ht.
30 00
30 00
20 00
20 00
20 0
20 00
20 no
20 00
Will tOillilleill,l ice Summer Or live
AtoildaV, May 4th. 'Flit, same ex.
tended euttrse of instruction, has been
pursued by the present pinteipal during the
past two years. is offered to yottug lathes, who,
while pridited by their /dasha a, will tomhere
find a mitre healthful ur delightful lountinn.
The building is spiteitnis and convenient, and
1110 yields at' instruction in useful and urea•
mental branches is un a liberal settle. Shirley,'
burg has doily vointnutileation by stay, with
the eastern and western until train uf the Peon
:liven is H. It and three times per week with
the southern pan id the State.
20 00
20 00
For flonrd, light, &c. with English tuition,
per sussion, $62,50
Slavic, with use of Piano, extra, 2(1 ,110
Ltuy English Tuition, from $5 to 12 . ,00
Apply to .1, B. KIDDER. Principal, Shit•
ley.iturg Huntingdon Co., Pa.
Solo liropTieor ul Johoson'd highly flpproced
ood mod; ool.n.vrti Smoot aid Screttoing Mo•
chine; Improved Iron C0111 . 11V44 Brun Du6ter,
thu• Pretnioni Muchi , •P for NSllors.
Roshknee: N. G 4 Queen SI., (18th Ward,)
address Keio,inoon n.t 01Ike.
Shop: Sirept. 111.1,1 W Front. Phil,
Coca. Stone, Mill 1,0119.5101 it Nhichines
rnteht dill Bosh. Portable SHIN,
Stretched Belting, Cement
loud Screen Wire,
Square Nlethed Bulling Clutha.
white $2 50 per keg,
(i•Xlr.l) 2 75
Philadelphia ,Zme Paint, 2 49
Best Snow White, 2 OS "
01 s, &c., and all kinds OL-11A111/WAItE uud
haildine nistrrisls in proplinion, at the Ile rtl
wa re Stare" 01 J. A. Illioll'N
S. Palaver di. Co..
.1./.4 !WET STREET II HAW; PI///.'A.
ealtrs in Fhb & Provisions;
Have constiodly on hand an /Dolor n.ent
Mackerel, Shad, Herrin,. CodflAh Reef,
Pork, Laud, Shoulders, Hams, Side.
Cheese, Him
10. 10.17.-3 in.
Aufipklogisfic Salt
This cei.l;;tot moieise IA for sale at the
Journal of Fur all inflammatory
it is a certain cure. Get ahr c and try it, ye
who arc afflicted.
Nothe lit herettv Riven !lint the cononi4on.
et. (tithe "Ewa Broad Top Raiirond and C.•sl
C.ropany," will open Books to receive sults. r' p.
tint.% prep.rntory to the orgnnisation of said
Contnnny its follows:
At the Rt. ',Um.. Hate}
F. hi,. 19th of Jame ; at th e Hotel of .Itrnin
Lewis. in Monet Union, on Sntureay, 20th of
The friends of the enterprise are invited to
Aire their tittpolino to th e , meetings.
. „ .
A' :Arm Letris. Soh P.m.,. 1: W. Srrer,
Cr.:m.ll. T. P. Comphdl John
Jan R. GAmtell, Wm. Adler, J. J. APRA:mg
Bin. IL fruits, Win. R.. d, A. Gibl.,,
A. W. .f.'rans, Lurid Clurkam &snivel Miller,
Jacob 11. Miner.
!lbw Y 7, 1P57
.OEn•E•ATI - rgixiscria
_ • ,
.1 • •
C II Felt It Y
HE undersignedo;e; ofthe Huntingdon
1. ) 11.Cr()11 A.l, _
Trn,Min. 411111111 thrillers and the puliliegeneenl. Din ht.
ly, that they iiiiw have their new mill in running C ONY,
C auks , . and
order, with nil the modernise pruvelents in ihe fe ra ' ava "-- „" ra . - a "
water wheels and machinery.
They have put in 11,. a the Improved Jon• p li a.T.o. l . 4 4;:r. m iti!, 2° iii t it il li nsc inatrtts'so rio
cal Turbine %%titer Wheels, and can grind in I ale wet rea.iy I ism erne fn,uta fe lA , "
all Alves of the wioer, null during the coldest I r.lllO
oon.dnfraat oyaiptoootot a (Ad. is ',our
weather. any and all kinds gram. ?OR,. cosonatt I noo n, 7:40
They are prepared io sell, and have. hand .^7 Pr..? am , ta.Y.Daant.l t-tr tats
for sale at all times, at market rates, allhull tr=l7. - ,
STUFFS oplonno. Eltu, hNtotrr.
FLOUR: FEED AND , 6..",1 11.141,t1/1U1rI; n•
A. t):/'17,4,
arid have their own grain ground, tM it; ri fullers it t,
allid lake it bark in a rut urn toad, or they can I ' roty ) tant . tt;;lro ' dollat . o for a tottro Matt do arll ' lnat nJ t=r
be furnished in exchange at a moment's Istit.t, owir•ly."
an equal quantity of Flour and Bran or chop , i efonP, Whooping Cough, Inillienpa.
,R11:1111111., Pelt. 7, le6Cr. ,
ped feed.; pr,111.1 Aria: orlll .urtify your P. clollAt
Tun SMUT witAcgirrirE rte p.m. , . 6r Mc Care or I,..ririg
r th.• Ow. of chil.ii,n. Of
in ittlpf,,Ved Inall ill!, tin.;they rotr natortuty to tho ionth ititvrociate your teal!, add
insure a FULL TURN OUT Of .}wrior quah• ii‘r
ty to nvery bushel 4 grain left at their mid.lll)lAM OUNKLIN M D
FISHER & SILMURTIOE. Cut a nottkno lAnottat,rfalrh " rontit . :.,.l door;
N . B.—The B aa k a l iaat atmaaa are quite too. rasey 1:10 liriuea With°. Inns liUlll.,
hied your Inerottot Iry tho ion... of our olor,non.
ready. Ti,., floe .two roliover. ',rel. ill HI , and
Huntingdon, Dee,ruber ID, 1858. i tau,: visi ch. ono half the bottlo • made tn - o othopletoono
o Yourllll,llollollarp tie amine, ao wo, n, tho bort,
I we tan hay , swat wu iatutin y...
AGENTS ILI the pOor tilan'i Mond."
pLAiln.B UNIVERSAL BIOG. Asthma or Phthisic, and. Bronchitis.
R A IC A 1. , I ) I UT! 0 I s ; Alt Y••— YOlir 01 , 1111 16 ; Pr.: 7 7 l :ll7Ll:7lo,l ' Prl i ts .‘ g b llll,if , .i.
ne NEW EDITION ul this valuable work, I assails this ss,ni. It has tallursd several toot canp
wuiell haf' g brmll in i" Pub' 1 ',:ta.n..nSi'Zr.%'tri'ss;'.'ser""g,"sl:.•;.'ili a saw ValSis;";;T:sine.
iishcci. It forms ono volume, imperial mine, ! Text fully years. PA HIS, Merchant.
1361> pages,--atiti contains an Remount uf i A. A. RA 11.0., Aust., Herein. Co.. lour..
the! LiVeh (dnhfltit thirteen thousand different
Individuals, more duns two thousand of whom R ß eua au,t ral;4 to coismouptiNv patieuts, or cult,
WPM elliZi•lis of the I; Oliva ,Inles.l etw au ere cambia."
The 01 New Articles in the pr,,e etch
,‘`,..igh' f 'd,',;-::,";',.?„..",;v,t 6 ,„7„;';:;;''..'n: a ",- s .:.;
v 01... expect! two thousand four iitialed. t :;Z: u ."'„ r po r '.."" tr ° ,",:"" "-
The plitills)Pre hare deivrtilloed tint to fur- ' Consumption.
itish the 11 wit through the etmeral Trade, but I Probably nn toe rri.trd, tins aces been tumwp Nld,h
to sell it exclusively by agents. cored so tunny mud such drown - mu cuaw ri• OM boll.
The work is gotten op its superior style—and "n bat r " to the" the C"""
PWI.O6AL, RAxrde rOlaill 111111‘,...11.
Ili no library rill be complete without it, a - Axton limo,. NO - A - boicx Orr. March 6. Mil
exeenunt opportunity id oireltd to any Dome' Am,. Love!, t fuel it a duty and n t.leafaie
prraOti who desires to engage in a pleasant,
11141.11101 e pr liuujiiess. Agent; lipi,ro; She haft
is symptoms of tlaisiiitiptloti, (Ann which no .it
e wonted I,tr all parts tlO country. They we vats is,rotvaive Isar snorts !Oleg , no was
will please eddy's publi4Pre. mall lir. Strung of tide city. where
ri.aitunietaled a trial of yunr modlcitiu. ire
H. CO ly PERTH WA IT As r:udn ydisr4dil. tor .11.
2 " ehem'ut at., rbil.".
Yours with araidtuila and maar4.
WiLAN1,5116.1..115•. or rmirifrtm..r..
tilt y-d. have
1 . 41.rat.t. It Id road. by diw into Lest
•is.,hl ti,e world. and Ito CM!, alt arou n d iw berynch
rate larva.* of :Le vii oda. I'.•itaddyis. Lai?,
Walnut Strew, t, , outh- Wool earner 01' Third,
re11.:25:5 7.-5 ni
Incorporated by the Stale of Penu
1N,4110.0 the ordinary, me,lb•luea. ampthat the, oh) nu.
jj ) ,l " itYil ' tv r i .' e ' s ' l l y ' a e i l tl i ;ll, " ill ' th ' o " l l ; l ol P de l p " u:Tt a t ' u l
the tiny 1.l mating p!opertlee dinuilxte thu vital atlivitirecDf the 1.,.`v
'fliel/thee ih lipen every diiv from 9 d'elovk r'"".th° " 1 ... L i ... °I . I. the
• 4111.1 expel dimmed. They pugs old the 111411 Minsoll whirl,
in the 'twining till 7 n'eliii•kin the evening, and
breed and
gro w distemper, stimulate llminsh or dis
-011 end Thireibit evening,. till &cluck,sr, .1,11 , 1 , 4 t • natsrn , art on. fl• i• t Leniti.p
INTEitEsT FIVE. PER CENT. loss w:lit rtrength to the whole system. Na only do
All isms Ling.: in. ill, atre paid hurl. in guld caro the o ‘ ers yli q com pl g i e t. o f ere,
otl delllittiti Wi11...11 sot jru. to nny litnt,nitt. also fortni.lattle nod dangerous disemes that Into haft'
list I ENRY 1; BENNER.. President, the le, of human skill. Whims they 111 . 0.11K11
sElalt I Mit:, Vice,, 01,ets. they are at the 14140114 time. is distisiOnd t)..3
. ,
Wet J .Ic.m. 5i.,,,,,m.}.y. ! ~,,, m.a I,rt phys, that can la: etnpleyet 1
I,lifiXi ORS. ; nail, hopr.c...atwi, (low are pleasant 10 take; ,110. 1.1
Henry L. lintifler, i . ~ un, oh Munn,. . i eoeo, vegetable, are free town any risk of haul. Cm
, hare ',to tool,. whi•l NO
E.lwurd L. c„,tor, I f' C" , "l ,' "„"'''', .n , i of such exalted paltion awl f r .---- -• •
Hobert Sollii.lo. . ....I" , ..• "'"T.'• ' to tis f fr r i l i'tt. mull
sus I to of""ten th, ftl
• 011111110 K. Ashton, Mo. 1.. Churchman ' 7., ' , '", P , -d , . . """.
1,2,1000 01.11,eit•0110 ..1 . 1.• 0'0( 1',.., 01.11./..
Jamey H. titian. rt . :tr , i* 1.e,. I) to the p1,1.1k the 1,111.1,110 y of my rentwlich. 1.
Th.,, ..n i .,llllV 1 - 011fincs Ito httsilless entirety to ern have eent me the rneer „„ ce 0 , ( p a p e „„,,,.,..
1 ..ho reet.i,ing ointimey too illtOtests Vie invt,..t- ' my Prt•paratlons cowl ibute h01m... I; to the talc
tisent?. . 444 Ulltilig to nearly ONE 0111,1.11INANII salieted , suffering fell
I A 1101.1' a doh fort, UM IMF I :Uhl iNheil rep,: o f . TII ,, Agent below mood Is pleanwl to tool gratis my
1 A , ..11.1, fore ...le in 00,11 torte it,' wit', the pro.- ; American A Imam, rants' oh, threctio, ft,r tht It ere en.l
, 4t y e t . t h e e h e p tep, i n R e m 1.. , ,,, te, 5i,,,,, g , c,:f0i1..,...e. ~, i flick cure.. of the tono.lo,..nnonts.--
Ground Boots, tool such first-class pecorities. It , , ~ C"'.'''...'s• title C... ' 0 " .. . ' .1 " ...... ' . • '' .l. ''' ,. •
1 ' , II taw+ l ‘t , ill'.. P. 110,3 . ... ,,, IIS 1,, filo .: ( 1..5 . ....... ' i t :Zg l :..stiTt7 l :l . :;tirl i tZfti ' : i n7lt ' « 'l l4::::',Wci k " : : .
I Rot too t. toil toleich call./ rail I" givf nerfoononvy Ri i,l , tiivrarol3l, Flotolency. Loss of Appoil:l. all 1 . .1,1•
( 4,4 amhjlity et thia tad nn d w oi. este l, i i e l n .,l • ~• '. I Cutaneous Phonwer which regehe 11:1 1,10,.•.,..
, 11..,,, "11,. evolfula or King's 1:,11, They shat. 0, ,1•2,41;` ,
' 111.11litioll, '' i • 140,4 01.1 stimulating the ay-tat.., cur« •:,.,
' Felt. 20, 1856. M. '.......•:' ,- 1,1311ibl Which it ~ 0 11itt nut be stippow.l they ,l,
.. I, •. •i: kIICII /Li Deaf... Partin[ Windt..., Neoritlgia 01, I
l 't ‘‘ r. 111 SK E i? . ;1 N1)(1,
Nervous Inltobilit. Derangements of the ,rer o+,l li!,
0,0. ,:out. nod Oh, 1i10.1,04.1 COMpinlith a , ,lng fs., :.
low state of the herby or obstruction obits
La Salle's Original. Do toot toe put t2ff by unprlnciPled dealers aOa rwmt.
other pill they mtsky , moro profit on. Ask for A r.p.,
( 4.)212 IDC:0112111, A 3 1.. 1 ...t.> " l', and tslis twilling else. No other they v. ,P ..
1 fil,.( airs; ir.11, - .1 alr I Full Cullipitruil %alit thin ili . itltt - iltie Iltille ,e , rat . .•,
0 1 powers. The sick want the foot there is fa . 41,0.
- -
Prof. Geo. H. be Bar has recently returned ! Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVIA:.
from Europe, and whsle there fr"in the Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Mc,
e,luhratrt: French ehendat, I.a S.tHe, at no On • pc) cu. pie outs . F r , Bp), rva 41.
tortuous outlay, the receipt. and cxclusite . SOLD BY
I t hl.l Vait , ii.itatei an I C 1.131,, to initnulnc j o u N i tEA D , n o „ t i og d o „ , i n
tare aotl cell 016 I:eh:tamed prcparmi.ei called „,,,diej„e everywhere.
••rimakker i•do." which haa never hers wn Octo b er h i , 1836.-4 r.
rail to cause IV lii,lters and Nloustitrln, Is p.m,'
~„m,„„„ .
,„, 1.1,33 tiro itAhr and ,ry it r, , c- _
ommetids itst:lt: A ft.,. ttpplietition, ren- SPRUC
~,r it hat, thick Fu CREgIVOUNDRY
Fuld krettehlliVll ay.c
;toted for their bettittitul Whiskers and N1011..t:. . _
- . - .. .. ..- ..........
tit a, which notify of them attribute to the ex• pi .- Just as expected, Purdy .4: Cra•
celletwe of La Salle's WM.:hernial.. Price $1 ; , Li... /I'll, mer, have rented Spruce Cre.•k
per box ,• scot t.ii any part Ur tiro u.itta s,itt,, , e i lm4 , „ ~;,„Fontalrv, Mill you would lie surpri•
or Cantidas per mail, up,, , i the receipt of $l. .• • -.., .sed to see what a general assurt•
A,1,1„„ 3, p r a . c,„O, 11, D e B„, meat of castings they are dealing out to the
April 1, 1857,--lifn. , No, York. public. Machine coatings of all shapes and
- sizes, castings fur Grist and Saw mills, Forge.
, , - 7 - •
vp i papyb 4 , ,,, 1 1:0 I, , Ernirjy - 23,1 and Furnaces, made to order, at shortest nu.
U_IA(YI.II. ING- ! rice and lowest possible ruty. A giNgi asflOrt•
mei. of Bulk Hough emililigif. ShiVes, Couk
and Parlor, Wood mid Coal, &e., &c.
A New Assorlint ill Jti , t Opened i ! Thee arc also prepared to furnish the world
. nod t h e rest of matikind" with
And will be sold :;0 per cent. the well khown
CIILA I . "'" I 21 " 'V" * 111 " 11.1 " 11 e e: i r " . l e " h 'i t t l; 7 l, l u l lit t :it .6 l ' h ' e ne lin i t ' r i t i :l n t h, to . fall i t i l l ie l i t ile i t t :i y it
it ()Al AN respeet in lly
itdi.. his e.' o6- including the. formerH • customers of this well
H. wet.. null tht• public reuernlly, flint be ha, known establishment.
jam opened at his store•rwon in Nlark.t Syntre- . Just tall and gee our stook if yen please.
lliitingdon,a splendid 11...1W 61.1, 01 lieady.'
Feb. -1, 1557.-Gm. Spruce Creek. Pa.
I e thing for Spring and Summer.
which ha wilt null Lbcoper onot tie home y unlit , co:) - Fec 77 0
. v . lit r al . FRITZ? STORE
°fall/11S .111 1 ,e purchased at retail it, l'hiladel-
MILL. AM 11. Slll GAUD
phut ur 1111,) •.ther c,Ll.lh.lonent in tho country.
st 0 11,S111t TO
l'el,llllli 11'1,11ing to I/11, Clothing WUIIIII 110
Welt W.lllllllll examine his stock bufure purchu- . THOMAS FRY,
.in thew het c. A h., ; . Wi1t11.118.1,1.1 111NF..1 . 10,4141t a VitUIT&RER,
Caps, B oo t s, an d sh oes , Nit. 191 AVM Third St., above Ww; I hal.
whith win 1,, th„„ ut ouy other II Is: UFA trruitEß OF CONFECTION.
t.61.1,11.,11t in the rtittuty, airy, Juj.l. Otim Drop'. Chn.late
fhunihedun 411.1 . 11 29. 1957. Drops, Brandy Drum Liquor &gars, Jcllr
- - ! Cakes, Cieuni Chocolat., French Tcy4, White
SASH. 111.1110, DOORS, s 1111TTEHS : Oranges, Lemons. Raisins, Currants, Citron,
lid 0 111.13 1 PIGS, ,rigs, Dates, Prunes. Almonds, Walnut*, Fit
berts, Cream Nuts, Ground Nuts, Fire Crack.
Vijy I.llj .. , . / y 1 - 2 .,2 11 .,u. ers, Syr Tamarinds, Liquorice, Ruck Cam
„ r•
Illechaidc. burg, it. tub, rlaud Co., Pa. : d b • 11. " ' • . • .
i Ihe noontime+ of nesters is retkeitfed to 5.. 1 .
tker. S. delivers work to the CUB. He has ...hook." of my sleek, tvliteh will be found
Mw aye ready made work on band. All orders I equal to tiny i n l'biladu l ehik
tv mail shall reeeiee prompt attention. . N. ll.—Orders by mail or otherwise prompt.
J.. 21), 1ft57.-6nia. , ly attetidedto.' '
I 1 EN RV W. OVERMAN, Importer of French
:‘, l,l ,. C ti a s ll u, S it k h ia i s ini ttd tre O u t t i , n p e i r i t i t i l ., L h e l a ith h i e ur Dealer,
CO., PA.
outdid assortmettt of all kinds of: Leaiher
Ike' A splendid lot or Fancy and Striped Mor"i'eu. itc•
Silk., French Mernio,Cttalanere, Lyonestelutlt ; RE • AND OAR SOLE LEATPIEC,
Itolna, Fans; and Striped Delionos, Peraian Marehd,..i7,ly.
Tv•ills. Also. a handsome B:s.ortosont of Col.
1„ ; „, n pat received as iI EA I.PlPfi for Bele et the Hardware Store of
It. DOet4r, sad yvltr regi;
'1 ti:174 " t:2 " , " „1 1 :t
is kllOl.l to 1113.11. 1111111111,Mbie IS
tit. tilt.. Paw lime virtues which elapse. I%
.1 tig.6;54.- I
, 11!1, OS,