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Por the Lancet, Leeches and Blisters I
111 ANY medicines offered for sale are accom•
panied by doubtful certificates (their chief
value) and claim to be universal remedies, cu
ring all maladies—a burlesque on common
senee. As the discoverer of -this Salt solemnly
protests againnt having it placed on the catego•
ry of frauds and impositions, he has resolved
that it shall go forth to the world like the pure
gold dollar, witl no other passport than its own
true value. If the public find it genuine they
will receive it—if spurious they will reject and
condemn it. Instead of its beluga panacea for
all ills it has control over but one ill—has but
one aim and accomplishes but one thing, to
wit; subdues inflammatory diseases—whatever
be their form or locality, whether in the head,
throat, chest, abdomen, extremeties or skin,
When the discoverer, after a long series of
laborious and costly experiments, became fully
confirmed in his convictian that the Antiphlo
gistic Salt, which he now has the happiness to
present to the American public, was a
for Blood-letting, Leeches and Blisters, his
mind wan no agitated that he could not sleep
for many nights. The cause of his agitation
was the striking fact that the manner of its op.
'ration, like that of the virus in vaccination,
could not be explained upon any known princi
ple. How, in what way, it so effectually sub
due. inflammatory diseases and no others, was
at first wholly inexplicable ; but on further ex
periment it wan proved that by its power over
the veins, arteries and glands, it equalizes the I
fluids of the body, the want of an equilibrium
in which is the sole cause of inflammation. It
exerts like the vaccine matter, an extraordina
ry influence over the circulation—resulting in
a gradual decline of inflammation as indicated
by the pulse which soon resumes its natural
state, as the pain and heat disappear. Such is
its potency, that like the virus just mentioned,
it requires merely what adheres to the point of
a quill dipped in a solution of it to affect the
entire system—but must be instantly used to
prevent decomposition, and secure its full vir
tue. Three quills in acute, and two in chronic
disease every 24 hours, till the heat and fever
have subsided and a perfect cure is effected.—
When it takes the place of leeches, stimulating
ointments and blisters in local inflammation,
as Brain Fever, Croup, Toothache. Pleurisy,
dc., its mode of administration is ten-fold.
(See directions for dissolving, &c.)
elarThe peculiar excellence of this Salt is,
that without the• useless loss of blood and
strength, it effectually cures inflammatory. din.
eases (no other.) by producing an equilibrium
of all the fluids of the body and q consequent'
uninterrupted circulation. The following dif
ferent lorms which the unbalanced fluids as
sume and many not here mentioned, that have
more or less fever and pain, are as perfectly
subdued by the Antiphlogistic Salt, as fire is
extinguished by water.
I—Cases where the unbalanced fluids affect
the Read and Throat—to wit: Brain Fever,
Headache,'Fits inflamed Eyes, Ears and Nose
Canker,Neuralgia, Erysipelas, Bronchitis, Ac.
2—Canoe where the unbalanced fluids affect
the Cheat and Abdomen—to wit: Pleurisy,
Asthma, Inflamed Lungs and Liver, Colic,
Heartburb, Coughs. Dyspepsia, Gravel, Goner
rhea, Venereal, &c.
3—Cases whore the unbalanced fluids affect
the Extremeties and Skin—to wit: Rheumatism
Gout, Scrofula, Chicken and Small Pox, Salt
Rheum, and all Itching and other Cutaneous
This Salt greatly alleviates the inflammatory
pains peculiar to married ladies (before and at
the time of confinement) and many Female
Complaints ; and is very efficacious in Fevers,
Ague, Wounds, Nervous and Spinal affections,
and any other forms of (mark this) in/lamma.
tory:disease, attended with heat or febrile symp.
Persons who have a tendency of blood to the
head and heart, and who lead inactive lives, or
breathe the impure air of manufactories and
the poisonous fumes of metals and minerals, or
live in unhealthy climates are exposed to a pe•
culiar citation cf the fluids of the body, which
one dose, without interfering with diet or bust.
nese, once in three mouths, would invariably
prevent. It is believed to afford protection a•
gamut infectious diseases ; and therefore, it is
recommended to travellers, sailors and sol•
To protect the community from imposition
by counterfeits, the proprietor will emplOy no
Agent, and has made such arrangements that
he can send the medicine in any quantity, by
mail or express, to any part of the United
States or foreign countries. Its prime cost to
the discoverer is $1,50 per drachm—price $2
per drachm—and is put up tip in drachm pack
ages for acute disease (with directions, Ac.) at
$1 ; three drachma do., to , chronic cases, $5 ;
and 5 drachms do. for families, sB—a net profit
of fifty, cents on each package.
While many nostrum makers victimise the
good-natured and pitl.ridden public by ordering
from six to a dozen box or bottles to cure any,
malady, no matter what, the undersigned is
happy in being able to state that the severest
forms of meet inflammatory disease are over
come by one acute package, and the most obsti
nate and long standing cases by oat Chronic
package. Although thirty days have not clap
tied since this new medicinal agent became
partially known to the citizens of Boston and
few neighboring towns, yet such have been the
results of its trial that, during the past week,
nearly 400 packages were sold in thin city, and
orders received by mail and express for 163
Family, 347 Chronic, and 385 Acute packages.
In one instance six persons clubbed together
and wrote for six packages of the "Little Gi
ant, as they called it,) to be forwarded to one
address, thereby saving expense to themselves
and the proprietor.
W(jLetteris from clubs or individuals with
money Of over $10) should be registered at the
post office where mailed, as it coats but five
cents, and will insure their safe arrival.
...The discoverer now humbly submits his
Perfect Substitute for the lancet, leeches and
blisters, to the tribunal of an intelligent public,
reiterating that it does just what it claims to
do—no more, no less: subdues inflammatory
disease (no others) whatever be its form or lo
cality by restoring the lost balance between the
auide and solids. Family packages $B, Chro
nic $5, and Acute $2; to be had (free of ex
pence) only by addressing him through Box
392, Boston, Maas., or at his Office, No. 3
Winter Street.
Cut out this advertisement and his comma
munication in another column for the perusal
of your neighbors and your own future use.
Discoverer and Proprietor.
This Antiphlogistic salt, is for sale at the
Nos. 2 a 4 CHESTNUT ST., e'th side below Water
(The OklestTia;7l-ware House, in the City.)
Dealers in Patent Machine-made Brooms,
tent Grooved Cedar-Ware. warranted not to
shrink, Wood r Willow-ware, Cords, Braille.,
4e„ of all descriptions. Please call and exam.
ma oar stock,
V p
cip c 1 0 ESSe
IS, no doubt, the most wonderful discovery of
this age of prog?ess t for it will restore, per
manently, gray hair to its original color, cover
the head of the bald with a moat luxuriant grow th
remove at once all dandruff and itching, cure all
scrofula, and other cutaneous erupti one, such as
scald head, etc. It will cure, as if by 'tingle,
nervous or periodical headache ; make the hair
soft, glassy, and wavy, and preserve the color per- '
Melly, and the hair from falling, t., extreme old
The following in from a distinguished member
of the medical profession t
ST. PAUL, January 1, 1855.
DExa SIR :—Unsolicited, I send you this cer
tificate. After being nearly bald fora long time
and having tried all the hair restoratives extant,
and having no faith in any, I was induced on
hearing of yours to give it a trial. I placed my
self in the hands of a barber, and had my head
rubbed with a good stiff brush, and the restora
tive applied and well rubbed in, till the scalp
was aglow. This I repeated every morning, and
in three weeks the young hair appeared and grew
rapidly from August last till the present time,
and is now thick, black and strong—soft and
pleasant to the touch ; whereas, before, it was
harsh and wiry, what little there was of it. and
that little Was disappearing very rapidly. I still
use your restorative about twice a week, and
shall soon have a good and perfect crop of hair
Now, I had read of these things—and who has
not? but have not neon hitherto any case where
any person's hair was really benefittod by any
of the hair tonic, etc., of the day ; and it really
gives me pleasure to record the result of my ex
perience. I have recommended you' preparation
to others, and already it has a large and general
sale throughout the Territory. The people here
know its effects, and have confidence in it. The
supply you sent us, as wholesale agents for the
Territory, is nearly exhausted, and daily inqui
ries are made for U. You deserve credit for
your discovery; and I, for one, return you my
thanks for the benefit it has done me, for I cer
tainly had despaired long ago of ever affecting
such a result. Yonrs, hastily,..._
J. W. BoRD,
Firm of Bond & Kelley, Druggists, St. Paul,
[From the Editor of the Real Estate Advertiser.]
805T0N,27 School St., Starch 20, 1853.
. .
Dear Sir t'llaving become prematurely quite
gray, I was induced, some six weeks since, to
make a trial of your Restorative. I have used
less than two bottles, but the gray hairs have all
disappeared ; and although my hair has not yet
fully attained its original color, yet the process
of change is gradually going on, and lam in
great hopes that in a abort time my hair will he
as dark as formerly. I have also been much
gratified at the healthy moisture and vigor of the
hair, which before was harsh and dry and it has
ceased to come out as formerly.
Respectfully yours,
Professor Wood. 1). C. M. RUPP.
CARLYLE, Illinois, June 19, 1855.
I have used Professor Worid's Hair 'Restora
tive, and have admired its wonderful effect. My
hair was becoming, as I thought, prematurely
gray, but by the use of his "Restorative," it has
resumed its original color, and I have no doubt,
permanently so. SIDNEY BREESE,
Ex •Senutor United States.
O. J. WOOD & CO., Proprietors, 312 Broadway
N. Y., & 114 Market st., St. Louie, Missouri.
Sold in Huntingdon by Hsnnv 1110411.14W1LL,
and by Druggists everywhere. .
JOll,l G. Grimly vs Gable's En'rs.
John Penn Brock vs John Savage.
Same vs Same. —
John M. Walter vs David Varner.
Cutout Trans. Co vs Penn. & Ohio Trans. Co.
Leonard Wttver vs Lock & Snyder.
Samuel Caldwell vs Michael J. Martin.
John Dougherty vs Taylor, Wilson & Petriken.
Weiller, Kline & Ellis vs Christian Coats.
George Couch vs Far. Insurance Co.
Matthew Truman for use vs. Robert 11. Towel.
Peter Long & wife vs Daniel Roberts' Adner.
Juice & Baugher vs James Bricker.
Mary E. Trout vs Martin Flenner et al.
Matson Walker vs Andrew Walker.
L. & S. licethl vs John Jamison.
Ettinger & Theedman vs lluyett &Seeds.
Burcroft, Deaver & Co. vs Josh. R. COX.'h Ad,
Isaac M. Ashton, vs. Same.
Same vs. Same.
Jamesliell, farmer, Warriorsmark.
William Cramer, farmer,Tell.
James Cree, fernier, Dulin. •
Hugh Cunningham, farmer, Porter.
David Colw•tock, farmer, Huntingdon.
John Duff, farmer, Jackson.
Thomas Duffer, farmer, Springfield.
John Eberly, farmer, West.
Martin Fleming, fanner. Brady.
David 11. Foster, merchant, Ilopowell.
John Gaghagan, carpenter, Porter.
Joshua Green, farmer, Barree.
. .
John G ruflus, laborer: West.
Caleb Greenland, farmer, Cass.
George Hight, farmer, Tod.
John Hewit, farmer, West.
Jacob H. Knodc, fitrmer, West.
Hugh King, fennel, Shirley.
James Kerr, fanner, Brady.
Jot n P. Murphy, shoemaker, West.
George klyerly, farmer, Springfield.
Franklin B. Neely, farmer, Dublin.
John A. Nash, printer, Huntingdon.
Henry F. Newingham, geinloman, Huntingdon.
Christi. Peightal, tailor, Barron.
Jacob Spanogle, farmer, Shirley.
John Simpson, farmer, Huntingdon.
Henry W. Swoopc, farmer, Porter.
Samuel Smith, farmer, Union.
Valentine Smittle, fender, Tell.
James Stevens, farmer, Clay.
William P. Taylor, carpenter, Clay.
John Weston, farmer, Union.
John Whittaker, gentleman, Huntingdon.
Richard Wills, cabinet-maker, Warriorsanark.
Michael Ware, farmer, West.
Huntingdon, March 25, 1857.
J. & W. SAXTON arc now receiving their
Second Fall and Winter Stock of
New and Fashionable Dry Goods
Enumeration is unnecessary, but what every
body says must be true—and everybody says
the place to find the best assortment of Dry
Goods, in these parts, is at
[Magi. G11111,1418 .. A!. Elia&E110
sawaysaosott. Pa.
O FFICE removed to the
adjoining rooms
the residence of Dr.
R. Aliaon Miller, near the Preto
byterian Church.
Jan. 14, 1857 -41*
500 '"'"`SIZMILIII & I)UNN.
An Bushels Cloverseed, just received and
%Vier sale by J. & W. SAXTON.
r t il TONS Broad Top Coal jolt recelverand
VI- , fel We by Main; G lAM dc DUNN.
The Lost is Found;
C. McGill wishes to inform his
it* friends and the public generally,
that he has bought the above-named
Foundry, Patterns, Flasks, and all its
contents, and from his long experience in the
business he hopes to obtain a share of the public
patronage. As he has the Foundry in full ope
ration, he can tarnish all who may give him a
call with all kinds of Castings; such as Rolling
Mill and Forge Casting, Grist and Saw Mill
Casting, improved Thrashing Machine Casting;
and in a short time will have Cook Stoves of va
rious sine and improved patterns for wood and
coal; also ten-plate sum's, Air-Tight, Parlor,
and Bar-room stoves, of all sizes for mood or
coal. Also Castings for house; cellar grates ;
such as Leutels, Sills, Sash-Weights, &c. Plows
or every description of the latest and most im
proved style. Also steel soles, wagon boxes,
oven frames, large bells and cast water-pipes.
consisting of Kettles, Boilers, Sc., having turn
ing -lathes, he-will be able to furnish anv of the
above-named articles, either wood or iron; and
he has all kinds of Castings too numerous to
mention, all of which will be sold cheaper than
ever for cash and all kinds of country produce.—
Also old metal will ha taken in exchange for us.
ting. Hurry up your old metal and country pro•
duce when any articles are wanted
New Goods ! New Goods !!
D. P. Gw•in has just received from Philadel•
phis a largo and beautiful assortment of
VAX& & 41000,0.
consisting of the most fashionable Dress Goods
for Ladies and Gentlemen, such as Black Silks,
Chameleon & Fancy Silks, French Mermoes,
All Wool de Lains, Persian Twills, Coburg
Ch:th, Level's Cloth, Alpacca, Debaiz, Madon
na Cloth, Wool Plaids, and any quantity of
Fancy Delsins. Prints of any description.
ALSO, a large lot of dress Trimmings,
Buttons, Bonnet Silks, Ribbons, Gloves, Mitts,
Hosiery, Laces ' Veils, Collars, Undorsleeves,
Chimazetts, Mohair head dresses, Gum Belts,
Whalebones for Skirts, Silk and Linen Hose,
French Working Cotton, Fall and Wool Shawls,
and a variety of Fancy Goods too numerons
to mention.
Also, Cloths, black and blue, black and fancy
Cassimer, Cassinets, K. Jeans, Vestings, Flan
nels, Wt. Red and Yellow, Sack Flannels of all
colors, Canton Flannels, Cotton Drills, Nan
keen, Linsey, Mullins, bleached and unbleach
ed, Ticken, Checks, Table Diaper, Woolen and
Linen Table Covers, Sheeting Muslin tti yarns
wide, Woollen Coats, Caps and Comlbrts,
Woollen yarns cf different colors,
Silk Bonnets of the latest styles of every color.
Largest assortment in town and at prices that
cannot be beat.
Hats & Caps, of the latest styles,
Boots and Shoes, .HARDWARE,
QUIIENSWARD, Buckets, Tubs, Bas
kets, Oil Cloths. Groceries, of the best
finality, Salt and all goods usually kept in a
country Store.
My old customers, and as many new ones as
can crowd in are respectfully requested to come
and examine my goods. No charge for looking.
All kinds of Country produce taken in ex
ch.. for maul, at tin h1g116131 market prices.
Oct. 8, 1856.
Huntingdon RR 91 Foundry.
I thod of inlorming their friends and the pub
lic generally, that they have rebuilt the Hunt
ingdon Foundry, and are now in successful op
eration, and are prepared to furnish casting of
all kinds, of the best quality on the shortest.-
tire and most reasonable terms.
Farmers are invited to call and examine our
Ploughs. We arc manufacturing the Hunter
Plough, (this plough took the premium at the
Huntingdon County Agricultural Fair, in 1855)
also Hunter's celebrated Cutter Plough, which
can't be heat, together with the Keystone, Hill
side, and Barshenr Ploughs. We have on hand
and are manufacturing stoves, such as Cook,
Parlor and office stoves fur coal cr wood.
consisting of Kettles, Boilers, Skillets, &c., all
of which will bo sold cheap for cash or in ex
change for country produce. Old metal taken
for new castings. By a strict attention to busi
ness and desire to please, we hope to receive a
share of public patronage.
April 30, 1836.—tf.
D'Allb LIED 71,1 affirlill @QOM
UNNlkllAs D UNI just r iice d C aweli iectod
tock o
Fall an winwr
Goods, consisting of
Dry Goods, Hard-ware, Groceries,
Queeus-ware, Cedar-ware,
Hats, boots and shoes.
Crockery-ware, stone and earthen
Ready Made Clothing always on hand,
and in short everything that is usually kept in a
Country store.
kept constantly for Salo.
Call and examine our Goods and judgo for
Al!kinds of country produce taken in ex
change for Goods at the highest tnarketprices.
The highest market pukes paid for all kinds
, of Grain.
Promptattantion paid to storing andforward.
lug all kinds of merchandise, produce,&c.
Huntingdon, Nov, 14, 18a6.
The undersigned will attend to drawing Wills,
Deeds, Mortgages, Articles of Agreement,
Leases, Letters 01 Attorney, Bonds, &c. Be
will also arrange and state Administrator's ac
counts and attend to the passingof them before
the Register. All will be done in legal form,
and good style, and at moderate charges.
Huntingdon, 20th January, 1857.—*
Window Sash.
J. & W. Saxton have now oTr'hand different
kinds of Window Sash, and at much lower pri.
ea than can be made by hand. They will be
able also to have Doors, Shutters, Blinds and
everything necessary for building purposes,
made at the shortest notice.
se.. A splendid lot of Fancy and Striped
Silks, French Merino, Cashmere, Lyoneoe Cloth
Robes, Fans.) , and Striped Detainee, Persian
Twills. Also, a handsome assortment of Col.
lore, linderaleeves and Mitts,jest received and
for sale cheap, by J. L IV . SAXTON.
Eganroamma - tr.
Corner of Germantown Road and New Market
Streets, on the North Pennsylvania Rail Road,
Constantly on hand or made to order, the fol.
lowing highly approved Flour Mill Machinery.
Woodward's Patent Portable Mills and Smut
Johnston's Patent Iron Concave Bran Duo.
Stover's Patent Fuel Saving Corn Kilns.
Pierson's Patent Barrel Hoopaud Moulding
Mach ices.
Improved Bridge Steps and Bushes for Mill
The best Anchor Brand Bolting Cloth Burr &
Calico Mill Stones. Corn, Cole and Plaster
Johnston's Patent Cast Metal Con.
Danz mtvlar,
East and South-East of the Ohio and Mississip•
pi Rivers.
Warranted to take out of the offal of every
Bushel Ground, from 1 to 21 lbs, of standard
flour, which could nut be bolted out on account
of the electrical adhesion to the Bran.
NOTICE t—l hereby warn all persona against
infringing my rights, secured by Letters Pa
- tent as above, as I will prosecute all persons
making, selling, or using any Bran Dusters
with an Iron or Cast Metal Concave in vio
lation of tie Letters 'latent of Joseph John
stor., dated April 24th, 1854.
N. 11.—State and County Patent Rights for
all the above Machines for Sale.
August 29, 1855. tf
40000 VOLUMES of new and popular
Books,embracing every variety
usually kept in a Philadelphia Book Store, and
many of theta at half the Publisher's retail price,
the subscriber now offers to the public.
' — AllsavoriZks used in the' county can be
had in any quantities at fetal' and wholesale
rates. Foolscap, Letter and Wrapping Paper,
wholesale or by the ream.
100 superior Gold Pees with Silver and Gold
Cases, from $1 upwards.
100 Pocket and ren knives of Rogers' and
others' best manufacture.
100 splendid Port Monnaies and Pocket Books
at 20 cts. and upwards.
the latest and prettiest styles, just received from
Philadelphia and New York, prices from 10 eta.
a piece and upwards.
500 beautifully painted and gold giltod Win
dow Shades at 44 cts. and upwards.
The public 1 aye hut to call and examine, to'
be convinced that in buying of the above stock
they will be pleased and also save money. Re
member the plate, corner of Montgomery and
Railroad streets WM. COLON.
GRJ.kIiF & CO.
6 4 N0. 124 Wood Street,
Cooking Stoves, Coal and Wood Stoves, Parlor
Stoves, Box Stoves, Hollow Ware, Plain and
Fancy Grates & Fenders, Sad and Dog Irons,
Portable Forges, Sugar, Tea and Stove Kettles,
Wagon Boxes, &c.
Nov. 26, 1856,1y.*
Are you suffering with the Piles, inwardly
or outwardly?
If so, use Dr. Dupries' Celebrated Remedy.
Warranted to cure in all eases._ .
The above is the only remedy that has ever
cured effectually. City referenced and testi•
monials given.
If you have the Piles inwardly, ask for a box
of Dr. D.'s Pills—only 50 cents.
If you have the Piles outwardly, ask for a
box of Dr. D.'s Ointment—only 50 cents.
For mile by Jolts RUN Huntingdon, Pa.
June 4,'56.
Adams & Co.'s Express.
T. H. SIMONTON, Agent, Huntingdon.
Money, Package., end goods of all kinds, re
ceived and forwarded at the risk of tho company,
to all the cities and principaltowns in the United
State May 1,'52.
Dr. John McCulloch,
Offers his professional services to the citizens o
Huntingdon and vicinity. Office, Mr. Hilda.
brtuld's, between the Exchange and Jackson'.
Huntingdon, Aug. 20, 1855.
Coon Ousel and Get Good Bargains I I
J. L W. SAXTON have received from the eas•
tern cities an assortment of Silks, Shawls, Tol
man, Dress Goods and Embroideries. They
have adopted the motto—"quick sales and
small profits." Give them a call. •
Greatest Megoal Discovery of
the Age.
Dt. Kennedy, of Roxbury, has discovered in
one of our common pasture weeds a remedy that
1w 110E1041 D
from the worst scrofula down to a common pim
He has tried it in over 1100 cases, and never
tailed except.i.p two eases. (both thunder humor.)
lie has now in his possession over two hundred
certificates of its virtue, all within twenty miles
or Boston.
Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing
sore mouth.
One to three bottles will cure the worst kind
of Pimples on the face.
Two or three bottles will cure the system of
Two bottles are warranted to eure the worst
case of Erysipelas.
One to two bottles are warranted to cure all
humor in the Eyes.
Two bottles are warranted to cure running of
the ears and blothes among the hair.
Four to six bottles are warranted to cure
corrupt and running ulcers.
Ono bottle will cure scaly corruption of the
Two to three bottles are warranted to cure
the worst case of ringworm.
Two to three bottles are warranted to cure
the most desperate case of rheumatism.
Three to fOur bottles are warranted to cure
the Halt rheum.
Five to eight bottles will cure the worst case
of scrofula. . _
A benefit it always experienced from the first
bottle, and a perfect cure is warranted when
the above quantity is taken.
Reader, I peddled over a thousand bottles
of this in the vicinity of Boston. I know the
effect of it in every case. So sure as water will
extinguish fire, so sure will this cure humor.—
I never sold a bottle of it but that sold another;
after a trial it always speaks for itself. There
are two things about this herb that appear to
me surprising; first it grows in our pastures in
some places quite plentiful and yet its value
has never been known until I discovered it in
1846—second that it should cure all kinds of
In order to give some idea of the sudden rise
and great popularity of the discovery. I will
state that in April, 1855, I peddled it and sold
about six bottles per day—in April, 1854, I sold
over one thousand per day of it.
Some of the wholesale Druggists who have
been in business twenty and thirty years, say
that nothing in the annals of patent medicines
was ever like it. There is a universal praise
of it from all quarter.
In my own practice I always kept it strictly
for humor—but since its introduction as a gen
eral family medicine, great and wonderful vir
tues have been found in it that I never suspect
Several roses of epileptic fits—a disease
which was always considered incurable, have
been cured by a few bottles. 0. what a mercy
if it will prove effectual in all cases of that
dreadful malady—there are but few who hove
more of it than I have. _ _ _
I know of several eases of Dropsy, all of
whom aged people cured by it. For the vari
ous diseases of the Liver, Sick Headache, Dys
pepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Pain iu th e
Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly
in diseases of the Kidneys, &c., the discovery
has done more good than any medicine over
No change of diet ever necessary—cat the
best you can get and enough of it.
Dinacviona Fon UsE.—Adults one table
spoonful per day—Children over ten years des
sert spoonfull—Children from live to eight years
teaspoonful!. As no directions can be applica
ble to all constitutions, take sufficient to oper
ate on the bowels twice a day,
Mantasotua orl
No. 120, Warren St. ' Roxbury, Mass.
Price $l.OO.
T. W. Dyott, General Agent for Pennsylva
Wholesale Agents.—N. Y. City, C. V. Click
ner, 01 Barclay Street—B. H. Ring, 192 Broad
wey.—Rusliton and Clark, 275 Broadway.—A.
& 1). Sands, 100 r ulton Street.
For sale by G. W. Breliman, MeVeytown ;
Mrs. Mary Marks, Lewistown; T, Read & Son,
And sold by Agents generally.
May 28,'56.—1y.
OW.P c E e
i N rui ß iy o
f T 4 at%kefuplu pa in
blics t
general fav r
he is prepared to manufacture at his shop on
Washington street, on the property lately and
for many years occupied by Alex. Cannon,
and in short every kind of vehicle desired.—
Rockawuys and Buggies of a superior manufac-
turo and finish always on hand and for sale at
fair prices.
Repairing of all kinds done at the shortest no
tice and most reasonable terms.
Huntingdon, May 28,1856.-ly.
'ETAS just returned from the east with a large
.1-1. and splendid assortment of
Fall and Whiter Clothing,
for men and boys, made in the latest fashion .p
in the most durable manner. Who ever wants
to be dressed better and cheaper than anybody
else in town, let him call at WILLOUGHBY s
Cita" , CLOTHING STORE, one door west of T.
Read & Son's drug store, Huntingdon.
Call and see for yourselves
Oct. 18, 1854.
irtairif a MOWE D
Attorneys at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Office Samoa, that formerly occupied by John
Scott, Esq.
Oct. 19, 1853.
4110. P. aniEPEAII.
Willattend to all business entrusted to:him. Of
fice nearly opposite the Court House
May 5, '53
Something New at Huntingdon.
The celebrated Centre County Iron fot sale
at the following prices:
Four cents per lb for common assorted from
I inches square and round up. 41 cents for
Horse-shoe and Spike.rods, including and I
inches square, and 5 cents for Nail-rods, at the
cheap store of
DR. D. 3.. GOOD,
Having located in Petersburg, Huntingdon co.,
Pa.. respectfully offers his professional services
to the citizens of that place, and surrounding
November 19, 1850.-tu.•
THE founder of this Celebrated Institution,
offers the most certain, speedy, and only
effectual remeay in the world for Gloats, Stric
tures, Seminal Weakness, Pain in the Loins,
Constitutional Debility, Impotency, Weakness
of the Back and Limbs, Affections of the Kid—
neys, Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepsia, Ner
vous Irritability, Disease of the head, Throat,
Nose or Skin ; and all those serious and' melan
choly disorders arising from the destructive
habits of Tenth, which destroys both body and
mind. These secret and solitary practices are
more fatal to their victims Than the song of the
Syrens to the mariner Ulysses, blighting their
most brilliant hopes of anticipations, rendering
marriage, &c., impossible.
Young Men,
especially, who have become the victims of Sol
itary Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit,
which annually sweeps to en untimely grave
thousands of young men of the most exalted
talents, and brilliant intellect, who might °til
-1 erwise have entranced listening senates with
the thunders of eloquence, or waked to ecstasy
the living lyre, may call with all confidence.
Married persons, or young men contempla
ting marriage, being aware of physical weak
ness, organic debility, deformities, &c., should
immediately consult Dr.- Johnston.
Ito who places himself under the care of Dr.
Johnston may religiously confide in his honor as
a gentlemen, and confidently rely upon his skill
as a physician.
Organic Weakness.
immediately cured, and full vigor restored.
This disease is the penalty must frequently
paid by those who have become the victim of
improper indulgencies. Young persons are too
apt to commit excesses from not being awiire of
the dreadful consequence that in9' ensue.—
Now, who that understands the subject will pre
tend to deny that the power of Procreation is
lost sooner by those:falling into improper habit
than by the prudent. Besides being deprived
of the pleasure of healthy offspring, the most se
rious and destructive symptoms to bind and bo
dy arise. The system becomes deranged , the
physical and mental powers weakened, nervous
debility, dyspepsia, palpitation of the heart, in
digestion, a wasting of the frame, cough symp
toms of Consumption.
(FrOflice No. 7, South Frederick Street, se
ven doors from Baltimore street. East side, up
the steps. Be particular in observing the name
and number, or you will mistake the place.
4 Cure warranted, in Two Days.
Dr. Johnston,
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons,
London, graduate from one of the most eminent
Colleges of the United States, and the greater
part of whose life has been spent in the first Hos
pitals of London, Paris Phijadelphia, and else
where, has effected some of the most astonish
ing cures that were ever known, many troubled
with ringing in the head and ears when asleep,
great nervousness, being alarmed at sudden
sounds, and bashfulness, with frequent blushing'
attended sometimes with derangement or mind,
were cured immediately.
A Certain Disease.
When the tuisguided and imprutlect votary
of pleasure rinds he has imbibed the seeds of this
painful disease. it to too often happens that an
ill-timed sense of shame, or dread of discovery,
deters him from applying to those who from ed
ucation and respectability, can alone befriend
him, delaying till the constitutional symptoms
of this horrid disease make their appearance,
such as ulcerated sore throat, diseased nose,
nocturnal pains in the head and limbs, litnness
of sight, deafness, nodes on the shin bones, and
arms, blotches on the head, time and extremities,
piogressing with frightful rapidity, till at last
the palate of the mouth or the bones of the nose
fell iu, sad Om ricilin of 1010 awful disease be.
comes a horrid object of commiseration, till
death puts a period to his dreadful sufferings, by
sending him to "that bourne from whence no
traveller returns," To such, therefore, Dr.
Johnston pledges himself to preserve the most
inviolable secrecy, and from his extensive prac
tice in the first Hospitals of Europe and Ameri
ca, lie can confidently recommend a safe and
speedy cure to the unfortunate victim of this hot
rid disease.
It is a melancholy fact that thousands fall vic
tims to this horrid disease owing to the unskil
fulness of ignorant pretenders who by the use of
that deadly poison Mercury, ruin the conga
tution, and either send the unfortunate sufferer
to an untimely grave, or make the residue of his
life miserable.
Take Particular Notice.
Dr. J.. addresses all those who have injured
themselves by improper indulgencies.
These are some of the sad and melancholy
effects produced by early habits of youth, via
Weakness of the Back and Limbs, Pains in the
head, Dimness of Sight, Loss of Muscular pow
er, Palpitation of the Heart Dyspepsia, Nervous
Irritability, Derangements of the Digestive
Functions, leneral Debility Symptoms of Con
sumption, &C.
MENTALLY—The fearful effects on the mind
are much to be dreaded; Loss of memory, Con
fusion oft lasi, Depression of Spirit, Evil For
bodings, Aversion to Society, Self Distrust,
Love of Solitude, Timidity, &c., are some of the
evils produced.
Thousands of persons of all ages, can now
fudge what is the cause of their declining health.
Losing their vigor, becoming weak, pale and
emaciatod, have singular appearance about the
eyes, tough and symtoms of consumption.
Dr. Johnston's Invigorating Reme
dy for Organic Weakness.
By this great and important remedy, weakness
of the organs is speedily cored and full vigor re
stored. Thousands of the most debilitated and
nervous, who had lost all hope, have been im
mediately relieved. All Impediments to Mar
riage, Physical or Mental Disqualification, Ner
vous Irritability, Tremblings and Weakness,
or exhaustion of the most fearful kind, speedily
cured by Doctor Johnston.
Young Men,
who have injured themselves by a certain prac
tice indulged in when alone—a habit ftequently
learned front evil companions, or at school—the
effects of which aro nightly felt, even when a
sleep, and if not cured renders marriege'impos-
Bible, and destroys both mind and body, should
apply immediately.
What a pity that a young man, the hope of his
country, and the darling of his parents should be
snatched from all prospects and enjoyments•of
life by the consequence ofdeviating from the path
of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit
Such persons before contemplating
should reflect that a sound mind and body aro
the most necessary requisites to promote connu
bial happiness. indeed without these, the jour
ney through life becomes a weary pilgrimage,
the prospect hourly darkens to the view; the
mind becomes shadowed with despair, and filled
with the melancholy reflection that the happiness
of another becomes blighted with our own.
To Strangers.
The many thousands cured at this Institution
within the last IS years, and the numerous im
portant Surgical Operations performed by Dr.
Johnston, witnessed by the Reporters of the pa
pers, and many other persons, notices of which
have appealed again and again before the pub
lic, is a sufficient guarantee to the afflicted.
N. B. There are so many ignorant and
worthless quacks advertising themselves as
Physicians, ruining the health of the already af
flicted. Dr. Johns'n deems it necessary to say to
those unacquainted with his reputation that his
Diplomas always hang in his office.
"TAKE NOTICE.—AII letters must he poet
paid, and contain a postage stamp for the reply,
or no answer will be sent.
Juno Cr, 1856,-ly.
. _
The "fluxTiNo no N Jou RNAI' is publishea at
the following rates
If paid in advance 111,50
If paid within six months after the time of
. . .
If paid bac.; the expiration of the year,.2,00
And two dollars and fifty cents if not paid
till after the expiration of the year. No subscrip
tion taken for a less period than six months.
1. All subscriptions are continued until oth
erwise ordered, and no paper will be discontinu
ed, until arrearnges are paid, except at the option
of the publisher.
2. Returned numbers are never received by us.
All numbers sent us in that way are lost, and
never accomplish the purpose of the sender.
3. Persons wishing to stop their subscriptiong,
must pay up arrearages, and send a written or
verbal order to that effect, to the office of pub
lication inHuntingdon
. .
4. Giving notice to a postmaster is neither a
legal or a proper notice.
5. After o ne or more numbers of a new roar
have boon forwarded, a new year has commenc
ed; and the paper will not be discontinued until
arrearages are paid. See No. I.
The Courts have decided that refusing to take
a newspaper from the Wilco, or removing and
leaving it uncalled for, is t a int FACIE evidence
of intentional fraud.
Subscribers living in distant counties, or in
other States, will be required to pay invariably
ill advance.
erThe above terms will be rigidly adhered
to Mall cases.
Will be charged at the following rates
1 insertaon. 2 do. S 110.
Six lines or less, $ 25 $ 37} $ 50
One square, (16 lines,) 50 75 1 00
Two " (32 " ) 100 150
.... 2 00
3 mo. 6 mo. 19 'no.
$9 00 $5 00 $8 On
5 00 6 50 12 50
8 00 10 00 16 00
15 00 20 00 30 00
20 00 25 00 40 00
One square,
Two squares,
1 column,
3 40.,
do., 25 00 30 00 50 00
Business Cards of six lines, or loss, $4.00.
Agents for the Journal.
The following persons we have appointed Agents
for the Iluwzminots JOURNAL, who nre author
ized to receive and receipt for money paid on sub
scription, and to take the names of now subscri
licaiatour published prices.' •
We do this for the Convenience of our subscri•
bers living at a distance from Huntingdon.
Jo. W. THOMPSON, Esq., Hollidaysburg,
GEORGE W. CORNELIUS, Cromwell township,
'HENRY Mows, Clay township.
DAVID ETNIRE, Cromwell township.
Dr. J. P. Asncom, Penn township,-
J. WAREHAM MATTERN, FrankIin township,
SAMUEL STEFFEY, Jacson township, .
Col. JNO. C. WATSON, Brady township,
Mounts BROWN, Springfield township,
WM. HUTCHINSON, Esq., Warriorsniark
GEou. W. Witimuttn, Peterstc,g,
HENRY NEFF, West Barren.
Maj. CHARLES MICKLEY. Tod township,
A. IV. BLAIR, DOWN township,
GEORGE WILSON, Esq., Tell township,
JAMES CI.ARK, Birmingham.
NATHANIEL LYTLE, Esq., Spruce Creek.
M. W. Moo., Alexandria.
B. F. WALLACE, Union Furnace.
SIMEON WRIGHT, Esq., Union township.
Amp Ci.s.sort, Esq., Cass township.
SAMUEL Wwrox, Esq., Franklin township.
GEORGE. SHANK, Esq., Warriorsmark.
DAVID AURANDT, Esq., Todd township.
Dn. J. ALFRED SHADE, Dublin township.
The "JOURNAL" has 300 Subscri.
bets snore, than au other vaster
In this t Y.
IL K. NEFF, ft!, H.,
AVING located himself in WAnniousumt
in this county, would respectfully otter his
professional services to the citizens of that place
and the eountry adjacent.
J. B. Loden, M. 1). Gen. A. P. Wilson,
M. A. Henderson, ' 6 Wm. P. Orbison, Esq,
J. IL Dorsey, ‘' lion. James Owinn,
M. Stewart, John Scott, Esq.
Hon. George Taylor.
• Huntingdon, Pu.
Jacob M Gemm ill, M. D., Alexandria.
John M'Culloch, ' 6 Petersburg.
Mail T. I Ex. T. I Fast 'l'.
Train leaves P. M. A. M. I'. M.
Petersburg, 2.46 3.38 9.36
Huntingdon, 3.03 3.54 9.52
Mill Creek, 3.16 4.04 10.01
Mt. Union, 3.33 4.17 10.14
Train leaves P. M. A. M A. M.
Mt. Union, 4.46 7.05 12.34
Mill Creek, 5.03 7.18 12.48
Huntingdon, 5.18 7.32 1.02
Petersburg, 5.34 7.45 1.13
JN. BALL respectfully solicits the attention
•of the farming community to a quality of
Ploughs which ho is now manufacturing, and will
have ready for sale in a few days, he is also pre
pared to make harrows, wagons, carts, wheel
barrows, &c., &c., and to ao all kind of repairing
at the shortest notice, and in the most substantial
manner. '
ShoponN. W. corner ot Montgmery and Waah
in ton ats.
March 27 1855—tf.
Practice in the several Courts of Huntingdon
Blair, Cambria, Centre, Mifflin and Juniata Coun
ties. March 23, 1853.
THE library will be open every Saturday af
ternoon, at 3 o'clock, in their room in the
Court House. Subscription 60 cents a year.
New books have been added to the former ex•
cellent colleetium—Gillfillen's works, Hugh
Miller's, Mra. Ellet's
By order of the
Huntingdon, Oct. Ist, 185 G
THE partnership heretofore existing between
Myton and Mosser is by mutual consent dis
solved, and all persons knowing themselves in
debted to the said firm, will please call and set
tle their accounts without delay.
Saulsburg, April 2, 1855.—ti
Dissolution of Partnership.
Tho Partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned, is this day by mutual consent
dissolved. The business will he carried on
hereafter, by John Buyett, Jr. at the old stand.
Oat. 31, 1855.—1 f.
CLOTHING from me in Huntingdon at Whole
sale, as cheap as they can in the cities, as I have
a Wholesale el are iu Philadelphia.
Apr.9,'56. H. ROMAN.
BLANKS.--Always buy your Blanks at the
"Journal Office." We have now prepared aye
ry superiorarticle of BLANK DEEDS, BONDS,