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    bintingtion ournal.
The reader, of the Journal will remember
that after I had eutiured injury and insult at
the hands of this unprincipled official until en
durance bud become intolerable, I, last .Jana'
ary, entered upon a proper defence of my char
acter, and consequent exposure of his villainy.
Although -hardened in iniquity and dead to
ebame, my first article dispelled his dreams of
impunity in guilt; and quailing under the up
lifted lash, he next day issued a card demand
ing an investigation of his conduct, and,lesuit
like, feigning to desire it! Against this advice
of friend., who predicted what has since been
recited, I accepted his hypocritical challenge
on condition that the investigation should em
"all the charges I felt justified in milking
against his conduct ns post ter;' To this he
conserved in writing, and 11%41te of acceptance
is in my possession. I then drew'up three gem
oral charges embracing a number of particulars,
and sent a copy of them to Lewis by a reaper
table crtizen—whose name can be given if call
ed for--and immediately began to collect the
necessary testimony. In this, I found no diffi
culty, but readily obtained evidence to sustain,
folly and completely, each of my three charges.
At this stage of the case I notified one of my
members of the Committee who lives at some
distance, and was about to serve notice on Leicis
and announce, in the Journal, the time nod
place of meeting, when I discovered that a por
cine of my evidence was liable to technical
jectiorts, and might be rejected on strictly legal
grounds, it not having been taken in accord
ance with the particular forms of law in such
cases required. To obviate this difficulty it was
necessary to obtain Lewis' connect to the mode
of taking testimony; and fur this purpose I ad
dressed to him a respectful note, asking .4whe
thee he would agree to admit, as evidence, offi
cial letters from the Post office Department at
Washington, and the affidavits of witnesses li
ving out of the county of Huntingdon, faker
before as Alderman or Justice of the Pence."
This note, he, at first, peremptorily refused to
answer ; and on being applied to a second time,
and an answer insisted on, he again virtually
refused to accept this, the only possible mode of
taking testiniony in a trial of this kind where
there in no authority to compel the attention.,
of witnesses by legal process! This refusal is
couched in the following words, written by
Lewis on the 9th ult.:
“In the absence of the day of meeting being
named, I cannot say whether I could meet you
with the Nam kind of evidence.” •
In answer to this note I informed Lewis that
he might hare two, three, or four weeks "to
meet me with the same kind of evidence if he
desired it." To this he made no reply, and
here the matter rested len days. Lewis mean•
while discovering that all his artifices had fail•
ed to . conceal his true position, but served en•
thee to make transparent the sole object of his
card to the public —escape front merited expo•
pnwe. Finding himself toiled then fur, but Irr.
silo is expedients to baffle justice, as all exp,ri•
.need transwessorit are, he now tried another
'live more impudent than the first. On the 19th
cit., he sent me a common:cation by his friend,
.I.lex'e Port, saying at its close:
"I accept your propoeition (of the 9th ult.,)
of taking evidener buluu e Althrineu,.luetiers of
the Pence, ,te."
This looks like coining up to the work, rea.
'ler. But, what do you suppose Lewis wanted
me to prove by the evidence thus taken? My
charges, of course; the three general cliel•ges
presented to . him, in writing., when I accepted
his proposition to submit the matter to a Coin.
nilitee. Nay, verily. Not the three ctiiirges I
had promised to make good againit him. No•
thing like it. But he asked me to establish
nine other charges nearly all entirely different
front miss—or forfeit $l2O !! To establish
these charges, by such evidence as he was p!ea
sad to indicate, he agreed that testimony might
be taken before Aldermen and Justices of the
Peace) You will say "is this possible?" It is.
And incredible as it may seem to persons not
acquainted with Lewis, it is the unvarnished
truth—the document is question is in toy pos•
session, in Lewis' handwriting, and over his
signature I Let us look at this a moment.
Lee's rejects the only ineans of tatting testi•
monp to prove the charges I find offerekto
make good against him, and then attempts to
escape the consequences of this refusal by ask•l
ing um to establish three fold as many charges
of his own framing. What would be thought
of a criminal arraigned for trial on an indict
ment containing three counts, if he should re•
fuse to appear or admit competent witnesses,
but insist en writing hie.own accusation it: nine
counts t,. sit his own taste, and then demand
a trial? NI mild not such a culprit be acquit
ted of every charge on a just plea of insanity ?
Certainly he would. But this is precisely what
Lewis has done. Can lte set up a plea of insa
nity ? Not until our locetbee Courts shall rule
that moral insanity is a plea of innocency—"a
consummation devoutly to be wished by such
scoundrels as Lewis ; and one by no means un
likely in view of recant absurd, unrighteous and
infamous decieione of some of our high Judi
cial tribunals. But, however low may sink the
neural sense of locofoco courts, the locofoco par.
ty and its officials generally, thauk God, there is
still virtue in the mass of the people in every
community, and to their sense of right and love
of justice, I confidently appeal for a judgment
on the facts here presented to their considera
tion. Ido not, of course, expect locofoco par
tisans to stake an impartial &Idaho of this
rase. Alen who can knowing/y vote for the ex.
tension of human bondage, tho traffic in human
blood and muscle; who can support and lead a
party that upholds a system of unmitigated ty
ninny, unbridled lust and unrestrained cones.
hinage ; a system which authorizes man to lash
and lacerate the quivering flesh of woman, to
seduce his own diughters or sisters, and tear
their helpless infants, the fruits of his lust, from
their frantic embrace and sell them to the high.
net bidders ; such men, however venerable in
years and respectable in their private relations,
cannot be expected to hare a conscience in unit
ten affecting their party friends or party inter
ests. I do not claim their verdict. Let their
sympathies console, "aid end comfort" Lewis;
and as far as possible, cover up his rascality.
Party fealty, according to pru•Slavery ethics,
both out of the church and in it, requires this
unholy service and subserviency. They must
obey the power they serve or be kicked out of
the communion of dongh•faces. Hard lotl—
But the honest mass of that corrupt and corrup
ting party will yet see the venality of their lea.
ders and aid in crushirg them beneath the
mighty hand of truth, abused confidence, in
jured, indignant patriotism.
But to resume. Lewis' communication of
the 19th ult—substituting his own charges for
mine—fully satisfied my mind, as it must con
vine° every candid mind, that Lewis was and is
determined either to change the issue between
us, or avoid it entirely. I resolved, however,
to make one more honest effort to hold him to
the investigation before a Committee as origi•
sally proposed by himself and accepted by me,
because 1 could not induce him to venture his
case and official character before a higher tri
bunal. For this purpose 1 addressed to him,
on the same day, the following respectful note:
HUNTINUDON, 31arch 19, 1857.
if, Wm. Lewis:
Your letter of today seems to be an attempt
to change the matter in controversy; and by
your introducing charges not specified in our
preliminary correspondence, and requiring me
to establish all of them, looks like evading the
true issue. In answer to my note of the 2•tth
of January, 1857, you any, "name your charges
nod I will undoubtedly accept." Accordingly
I named the charges in my note of the 2d Feb.
runry, and have been endeavoring to make pre.
partition to establish these charges; and simply
wanted you to say whether affidavits taken on
notice as proposed, and Department Letters
should he evidence on these charges Please
answen Respectfully, &c.,
This note he returned with a virtual refusal
written on the margin and closing with these
gentlemanly words :
* * * But as you arc a tol and can't dance,
it is throwing away time in answering your in
sane communications. Wu. Lewis.
With this delectable specimen of his style
and temper, and a little squib having no h•nr•
ing on the questior., our private correspondence
closed ; and after a brief notice of the charges
1 did offer to establish before the committee,
our public correspondence will be closed also,
at' least on my part, unless he shall afford no
the opportunity of proving his official miscon
duct before a court and jury. This I hold my.
self prepared to do at any time, and lie knows if.
My origival charges, three in number, were,
as altendy stated, presented to Lewis, in writ•
fag, at an early stage of this controversy. They
are general charges, the first and sewed each
susceptable of proof by a number of special
facts, each conclusive in itself. The first re.
bites to his euppressing, or attetnpt ing to sup.
press newspapers passing through the mails.—
The truth of this charge is clearly established
by his order on the Postmaster at Coffee Rana ;
mid as every body knows it to be true,' Lewis
• has ceased to deny it.
My third charge declares that Wm. Lewis,
by a false representation of facts in the cese,
e xtorted I'min me a fine of five dollars in a
prosecution before Esquire Snare. Fell proof
of the main facts adds charge are in cry pos.
session. Dui...this prosecution was Lt pre..
of, and not gjliciul net of Lewis, it is of cots
I parutively little consequence. It is not the pri•
vale character of Wm. Lewis, but his condoct
as postmaster. ns the servant and tool of u rut•
ten party, that I felt bound, and still feel bound
us the conductor of a newspaper, to hold up to
public contlemation.
My second charge—in some respects the most
scrim of the three—is in the following words:
I charge you (Wet. Lewis,) with demanding
unlawful postage ou books and other mail mat
t. left at your office for delivery, and of enter.
Ong payment for the same.
This charge I here reiterate with all the 0111.
phasic that conscious truth can inspire ; and
stake my character and my property on my
ability to prove it in a court of justice whenever
called on •to do so. Can any sane nuut , friend
or foe, think me such a fool as to invoke, hi
this unqualified manlier, the pains and penal.
ties of a prosecution it' I did not knew beyond
the. possibility of mistake, the entire, absolute
truth on which my case is Jimmied? Cain any
man, possessing ordinary self•respect, suppose
fir a moment, that Leads is so debased that he
would spare the scorpion lash of the law if he
did not fear its rebound upon himself'? If COI,
Beim guilt did nut make him crouch and cow.
er in helpless terror? Nay, can even the ortho.
don gentlemen who have been slyly endeavor
ing to bolster up Lewis' official reputation, con.
template the present aspect of the case without
some slight ruffling of their pious complacency?
Let every man's reason, common MIRO and
conscience answer to his own heart.
Huntingdon, April 13, 1857.
akar Mr. F. H. Lane, of this borough, has
been appointed County Treasurer by the Cont.
missioners, in room of A. 13. Crowit, deed.
This appointment renders perfect satisfac•
tion to all parties, so far as we can judge. Mr.
L. is a gentleman well•qualified for the station.
16^ The "Sermon to the Young," delivered
on last Sabbath &fiery.. by Rev. Reid, was
an able discourse, and wee listened to by a
largo andintelligent audience.
the beginning of the year, -
and I have found no
reason to regret the change. Until some bold re•
SW The weather has again underwent a ' fernier shall arise and supplant all the present
change, and it now "smells of Spring." • absurd systems of English Orthography and 0r
...,-........----____._ thdepy, and bless the world with a complete
r__ Land Warrants ate in active demand ir. ,Pl
tem than Worcester, umelic oysters, l shalt expect no better
rl , l shall use no other.
New York, but as the market is better supplied Hunt., March 24, 57. J. A. HALL.
the sellers have reduced their asking price one Nom—Worcester's Royal Quarto Diction.
cent per acre. They are quoted as follows : ry is now in press, and scholars who have ex-
Buying price Selling price. i mined the proof sheets seem to agree "that it
per UM. per a I will bo the Meat, most accurate, and most
.10 11 10 $1 12 i , comprehensive dictionary of the English lan
• .801 oo 1 IV"' ever published." I have not seen this
120 95 983
'edition which corresponds with IVebster's Qua,
160 100 102 I to, but there is no reason why it m,,,ila not sus
train the reputation of the several smaller ecli•
Orr The Charnbersburg papers confirm the tints. It will, however aeon be in market and
J. A. H.
report of the safe of the Franklin Railroad to I
I have its merits tested. I
the Cumberland Valley Railroad Company for 1 ser We roll attention to the advertisement
tho sum of $30,000. To repair it and put it I T h il o t o b i e ; c a ' lu t Z'b°l ont tr; u tf ee r o i 4; 0 . 2:
in good running order will require, ft i ,, said, ' ery,' extan t, andwe recommend them to the
from 5100,000 to $170,000. public. Canva.itter , are wanted for this county,
For 11w Huntie9don Joni nat. ,may. Ben Perley Poore. whose a le let.
The County Superintendency fete have appeared in the Boston 'l, has
MESSRS EWTOBS I>een invited to a pertuauef.t place in t io Wash•
jO3ioll Ui‘iO3, but has declined.—Roston
Aa the time approaches for electing a Lleon- yeller.
ty Superintendent, the subject begins to attract We do net wonder, says the Louisville Jos e
attention in this locality, and the importance of nal, at the Major's declining to undertake the
electing a suitable officer is being freely disco., work of the Washington Union. lie acquitted
ed. And whilst we forbear any unfavorable . himself very well in wheeling a barrow of op
notice of other candidates, re wish to express. plea 30 or 40 miles, but he has no idea of wt.,•
through your columns, our preference for MR. I ling what Falstaff calls 'a barrow of butcher's
ROBERT MCDIVEIT, long and well known, in o iy a Lt
th . d (hi dl ' :lOU I
his unit .ie adjoining districts, as a sum
friend of our Common School System; a man se- Court is now in session, and our town
of sterling integrity, modest and affable i .is presents a lively appearance. Our hotels are
pretty well crowded, and our business places
manners, a good public Speaker and a (ens.
tian gentleman. These are all indispensable ! urn doings rushing "skim.
qualifications for that office, and strongly in.
!listed on in an able article in the last School
Journal. We are so well satisfied of Mr. Mc-
fitness for the office and his integrity
as a men that we beg leave respectfully, to re.
commend him to the favorable attention Mauch
Directors ns may not know him, and . carnestly
hope the Convention may select him to preside
over the educational interests of our County fur
the coming three years.
Franklin, April 11th 1857,
get" We republish the following the put..
pose of correcting some ridiculous errors we
made—or rather the types made—in it last
week. We beg our friend Hall's pardon for
the mistakes we so blunderingly made.
For the Huntingdon Journal.
Messas. EDITORS :
About a year ago my attention was directed
to the growing popularity of Woreestee's Die.
tionuries. At first I attributed their rapid rise
iu the public lavor to the enterprise and energy I
of the present publishers, favored by the known
predilection of educationists generally for chan
ging school books, as well SS the methods of us• iearGraliam's Magazine for May in the best
ing them. I had long regarded Webster's Die I number we have seen for some time. The en.
tionary as the standard of accuracy, his Ortho• I gravings in this book arc worth three times the
graphy and Orthoepy as almost universally re. price of subscription ; and it you don't believe
ceived by scholars in the United States. No j it, subscribe for it and judge for yourselves.
ordinary evidence could have changed my opi' ;
nion on that point, or induced me to investigate I
the claims of any rival work. But soon after
the time above referred to, evidence fell into my ;
hands which no reasonable mind could resist.
I found that Bancroft, Prescott, Everett, Quin- I
cy and Washington Irving; lion. John McLean,
Bishop Potter, Professor Hart, of the Philad'a.
High School, and a hoot of leading literary men
and Teachers in the different States, have adop.
ted Worcester's Dictionary as their standard,
and have voluntarily and strongly recent tuend•
ed it to the public! As nothing short blind
prejudice could reject such testimony, I proof'.
rod copies of Worcester and by a patient and
careful comparison with corresponding copies
of Webster, Walker and Cobb, for many years
used in my school, fully satisfied myself of the
superiority of Ileorceskr over any uric of the
others ; and Unit he combines everything vales
ble in all of them, while he avoids some of the
inconsistencies of each. His vocabulary is
more eitensiv6, his definitions equally satistao:
tory, and his orthography more conformed to
present good usage, 0. either Cobb's or if
hr's. His system of notation is equally situ.
Ipie, and more accurate than Webster's, being
founded *on a complete analysis of the 000 ci
i sounds, as every one versed in phonetics will
see at a glance. As one of the principal noes
of a Dictionary in the schaul.rootp is to deter
mine the proper pronunciation of words, a cor
rect system ta notation is of much imp. tance.
On the subject of Orthography I will not pre•
tend to say thatt if Orcester is always right said
Webster wrong when they dater. None but
those who have devoted their lives to the study
of our language can be considered competent,
' in all cases, to decide between theta ; and pro.
liably even such umpires would, in some cases,
• differ as widely as the authors we are consider.
• lug. Bat it requires no great eruilltion to dia•
cover that Worcester's rules and principles of
Orthography are more consistent, .d lose con
fused and contradictory than IVebster's. Of this
%fly intelligent teacher, or other petson tolert,
bly acquainted with the subject of Orthography
eau be fully assured by a very limited exami
nation and comparison of the two authors. The
cause of this consistency in the one case and
confusion in the others is, I think, very obvi
ous. Worcester has evidently taken the lan-
I as Ito 'Mind it used by the best writers in
England and America, and adapted his rules
to that usage. Hence his principles and prae
t/co are consistent .d natural. Whereas
Webse er has, as we all kn., attempted to re
form our Orthography, Be has laid down new
rules which sustain bin innovations on certain
words or classes of words. But his application
of these rules is limited, and his practice fre
quently comes in glaring conflict with his prin.
ciples. This inconsistency his more eandia ad
mirers will admit, and many of them will pro
bably attribute it to the inherent imperfections
of our language, as I confess I did until I ex
amined Worcester. Whether the perusal of
this work will change other minds as it has
mine, I certainly cannot say. I can only speak
for myself and ask others to examine for them
selves. lan now thurouchly convinced that a
consistent system of the Orthography .d Or
thoepy of our language as it is, is preferable to
La partial change which iuvolves contradiction
and confusion. Acting on this conviction, I
supplied my classes with two dozen and a half
of Worcester and excluded all other Dictiona
ries. We have been using the n e w work since
tirQur worthy young friend, Allison, of the
Altoona Tribune, paid no a visit on Tuesday.
We understand he has instituted a suit for li•
hob against the man Lewis, who publishes the
Globe of this place.
11.. V. Head the übtliract of Judges Curtis
MeLenii'd opinkns, on our outside.
der The Schuul Journal 14 April has been
received, and is filled with very interesting read•
lug. Terms $1 per year. Address T. H.
Burrows, Lancaster.
/liar Godey's Lady's Book fur May is already
before us. We cannot, for the life oT us, coo
how people can live without subscribing for
and reading this incomparable book. The pre•
sent comber is bmagniticont one.
Sidi—Peterson's Magazine far May has been
received. It is unnecessary to say anything in
recommendation of this star magazine. If any
one will examine the present No., ho or she will
subscribe at once.
IS, no doubt, the most wouderfal discovery of
this age of progress, the it will restore, per
manently, gray hair to its original color, cover
the head of the bald with a most luxuriant growth
remove at once all dandruff and itching, cure all
scrofula, and other cll ,1111M114 Ortlilti 011,, such as
scald head, etc. It :will cure, as if by magic,
nervons or periodical headache ; make the lode
soft, glossy, and wavy, and preserve the color per-
Melly, and the hair from extreme old
. . .
- The following is from it distinguished member
of the medical professi so ;
Sr. l'Aul., January I, 1855.
PROFESSOR 0. J. Woo.o—
Sin :—Linsolleited, I send pin this cer- , -
titicate, After being nearly bald for a long time , HENRY GLAZIER, Register.
aol having tried all the hair resin rodeos extant, Res/islet's ()(lice. /
and having no with in Any, I was induced on Ibtilinydon, March 14, '57 j
Bearing of yours togive it a trial. I placed en
In the hands ore harbor. nod had my head ! NOTICE.
i.„,,,,,, with a good stiff brush, and the restart-
The following named persons have filed with
nee applied anti well rubbed in, till the scalp :
was aglow.. ')'his I re p c m c d every mornin g , end : the Clerk Or the Celia of Qiinvter Sessions in
in three weeks the young hair appeared and grew and li, the county of Huntingdon, their per
rs,id ly from August lust till the present time, titions for license to keep Dins ur Taverns, and
a itd is now thick, black and strong—soli:nal 1 Eating Houses; and the said petitions will be
pleasant to the touch ; whereas, before. it was I presented to said Court on Saturday, the 18th
lairs' , nod wiry, whet little there won of it. and ! day of April next, &r., to tail f
that little was ,Ikaggearitig very riphily. I sit 111 1 INNS OR TAVERNS i
Andrew Johnstoo, Huntingdon borough.
me your restorative aloft [[vice it week, and ,
shall soon have u good find pericet cr op of hair i Wiiliam 11. Zeigler, do.
Nett, I had mall or these things—.il who has ! joi, S. )Miller
not ! but have not seen hitherto any
i i "'f a i" liara 1 Nat h an i e l Williams do.
nil) . 110,011 . , hair Was really Oelle(ittOl. by anyf
fit' the hair tonic, etc., of the the ; and it really Henry Cornpropst, do.
gives me pleasure to record the result of my ex- i AndrewNlohns, do.
perience. I have recommended your preparation , Urine Hill, Henderson township.
to others, and already it lois a large and general 1 , James K. Ilampson, Brady township.
sale throughout the Territory. Toe people here i Juhn Montgomery, do.
know its effects, and have confidence in if. Tho S amue l G . snit peon, do.
supply you sent us, its wholesale agents for the Henry Helfright, Petersburg borough.
Territory, is nearly exhausted, and daily ingui- Edwin J. Neff ; do.
ries aro made fig It. You deserve er.lit fur James A . B e ll , W est towns hi p.
your discovery; and I' for ono, return you "U George Randolph, Barron township.
thanks for the benefit it has done me, for I cer- ^ • . dens
wilily had despaired lortg ago of ever affec t ing , I . ala* , a 1.-,.lamiag' Jackson , .
such a result. Yours, hastily, TiO mrt m!c'wart, towns hip.
J. IV. BONI), I Samuel Steffy, do. do.
Firm of Bond & Kelley, Druggists, St. Paul. ! Joints Edwards, Tod township.
Jane, Haan, do.
Ezekiel White, do.
John Me,,than, Penn township.
William Templeton, Orbisunia borough.
James Chamberlain, Warriorsmark township.
Marlin Mcsl urtrie, Green Tree, West tp.
Joseph Morrison, Tod township.
Abraham Lewis, Mt. Union, Shirley township.
It. F. Llaslott, Morris township.
Jonas Stettler, Birmingham Borough.
Henry Africa, Huntingdon borough.
George Thomas do.
John 11. Helms, Alexandria borough.
Christian Lutz. Shirloysburg borough.
Rudolph Nell', Petersburg borough.
John Donaldson, Uniou township.
[From the Editor of the Beal Estate Advertise•.]
BOOTON, 17 School St., March 20, 1855.
Dear Sir t Having become prematurely quite
gray, I was induced, some six weeks since, to
make a trial of your Restorative. I have used
l ess than two bottles, but the gray bairn have all
disappeared ; and although my hair has not yet
fully attained its original color, yet the process
of change is gradually going on, and 1 uni in
groat hopes that in a short time my hair will be
as dark as formerly. I hove also been nisch
gratified at the healthy moisture and vigor of the
hair, which before was harsh and dry; and it has
ceased to come out as Mrmerly.
Respectfully yours,
Professor Wood. D. C. 21. RUPP.
CARLYLE, Illinois, June 19, 1855.
I have used Professor Wood's Heir 'Restora
tive, and nova admired its wonderful °fleet. My
heir Was becoming, as I thought, prematurely
gray, but by the use of his "Restorative," it has
resumed its original rotor, and I have no doubt,
permanently so. SIDNEY BREESE,
Ex -Senator United States.
O. J. WOOD & CO., l'roprietors, 312 Broadway
N. Y., & 114 Market st., St. Louis, Missouri,
Sold in Huntingdon by HENRY MCMANIGILL,
and by Druggists everywhere.
Gas f Gas-Lights are Coming I
But with au entirely new and well assorted stook
Cloths. woon, VITILLOWTJVAR33
and every other article activity kept in a coun
try store. Wo have ono of the best selected
stocks of HIRT GOODS over orferettartne
citizens of this place and vicinity, and ure dater
nailed to sell lower than can be purelmsed east
of the Allegheny. Give us a call and be satis
fied of the fact. We will soli our old stork at
cost. Don't forget to call at the Metropolitan
before purchasing at any other House. We also
purchase And store ()rain, and it is admitted by
all that we have the safest place of unloading in
town. All kinds of produce taken in exchange
for Good,
W. 11. WOODS, A. M.,
J. A. ti E AD, A. M., Professor of the Latin J. ALFRED $ll AI)E, M. D., Lecturer
and Greek Lituroutto. tiii Anatomy and* timeana.
Bev. W.B. , t Olt BISON, Lecturer nu Ey. - - Teacher in Preparatory Depart
idences of Christianity
Msistani in Englisli_Pepartment
Ti c next session of this Institution will open
mews are held out by this Institution, to yoi
Instructors is composed I,r gentlemen of high I
sions. The location is quiet, sedated and Imlth
pure 111.11111111 air. There has never a single as
it would find this a desirable location. The coin
prepare young men for husiness, for teaching, am
mat Oros is turmoil fur those desiring to become I
given in the art of teaching, hearing recitations
ting a school. The course of study in the Come
instruction in Single and Double Entry Bookkeel
The time occupied tofinish the course ' will ear
diligence. Students can take up this b runch of
or iterate their whole time to it alone.
Shade Gap is situated on the mail route hetw•e
and Chemin is burg, from which places theta in n
. ..
Terms of session of five months, $52 50. W
try Book-keeping, full course,
time not limited,
limited, $8 On. Payment self in advance, bale
Aeademie Department, studying Book-keeping,
A deduction of ten dollars is made fur ntite
March 18, 1857.-61.
persons interested that the following named
persons have settled their accounts in the Reg
ister's Office at Huntingdon, and that the said
accounts will be presented for confirmation and
allowance, at an Orphans' Court to be held at
Huntingdon, in and fur the County of Hunting.
dun,. Wednesday, the Lith day of April next,
to wit:
1. John R. Hunter and GeorgeP. Wakefield
Executors of the last will and testament of J ohn
Wakefield, late of-Barren tp., deed.
2. Thomas Weston and Martin Weston, Ex
ecutors of the last will and testament of Wm.
Weston, late of Warriorsmark township, deed.
3. Samuel MeVitty, Executor of the last will
the., of James Ramsey, Esq., Into of Shirleys
burg, deed.
4. Benedict Stevens, Executor of the last
Will, &c., of Benedict Stows, Sr., late ofSpriog•
field township, deed.
5. George C. Bucher and Samuel Work, Ex•
eeutors of the last will, Ic., of Joseph Work,
Into of Porter tp., deed
6. Abraham Iliesswell, Guardian of Anna
Mary Borst, a minor child of Jacob Borst, late
if West tp., deed.
7. Thomas E Orbison, Administrator of Da
vid Burke', late of Shirley township, deed.
8. Peter Swoope, Trustee appended by the
Orphans' Court, to make sale of the real estate
of Peter Swoop°. Sr, late of the borough of
If untingdon, deed.
it. George Gellman, Trustee appointed by
the Orphans' Court to make sale, of the real es
tate of Gee. Madera., late of West tp., deeM.
. ,
10. Peter Stryker, Administrator of the es•
tate cf John Stryker, late of West tp., deed.
11. Samuel T. Brows, Esq.,
de bolas non, of the estate of W Buchanan,
late of Brady tp., dee'd.
11. John Wareham Matters and Sus. Mat.
tern, (now Susan Wills,) Administrators of the
estate of Jacob S. Matter., late of Franklin
tp., dee'd.
1:1 Dr. John McCulloch, Administrator of
the minim of Alex. McKibben, late of the bur
°ugh of Huntingdon, dee'd.
11. John 11. Given, Executor of the last
will, Ac., of John Shultz, lute of Hopewell tp.,
Sole Proprietor of Johnson's highly approved
and much improved Smut and Scremung Ma
chine; Improved Iron Concave Bran Duster,
the Premium Machine for Millers.
Residence: No. 64 Queen St., (18th Ward,)
address Kensington Post Office.
Shop: itayduek Street. below Front, Phila.
Cocalico Mill Stones, Mill Irons, Smut Machines
Patent Mill Bush, Portable Mills,
Stretched Belting, Cement
and Screen Wire,
Square Meshed Boltindeloths
Feb. 25 ,1 57,3a1.
Ihe NEW EDITION of this valuable work,
which has long been in preparation is now pub.
lished. It forms one volume, imperial octavo,
of 1365 pages,—and contains an account of
the Lives of about thirteen thousand different
Individuals, more than two thousand of whom
were citizens of the United States.
The number of New Articles in the present
volume exceed two thousand four hundred.
The publishers have determined not to fur.
nish the Work through the general Trade, but
to sell it excbmively bg IlgenlB.
The work is gotten up in superior style—and
as no library will be complete without it, a
most excellent opportunity is offered to any
person who desires to engage ha a pleasant,
honorable and pr. Stable business. Agents
aro wanted for all parts of the country. They
will please address the publishers.
211 Chesnut at., Philad'u.
Proprietor and Principal.
n the first Wednesday of Mar. Peculiar induce
mug men desiring an education. The Board of
literary attainments, and skilled in their proles
; situated among the mountains it enjoys the
ase of Ague originated here, and those subject to
true of instruction is such as is lima calculated to
id for taking a high • stood in college. A Nor—
teachers, in which, practical instruction will ho ,
s, and the proper mode of managin g and comb,
inertial Deportment. is each as to give thorough
;ping, Mercantile Calculations, Penmanship. &c.
ry front 3to 10 weeks, depending on the students
f study either in connection with other tudiee,
ten Mt. Union Station, on tho Petite,. Railroad,
regular lino of Stages.
'ashing and tight extra. Tuition in Douhlo En
, $OO no. In Single Entry, toll counie, time not
once at the middle of the session. Students in
urn only charged half the above prices.
Is' km. For catalogue containing full partieu
g' W. 11. 'WOODS,
Shade Gap, Huntingdon Co., l'a.
LEsiate of 1'1111;p (ut/leon Dec . (l.l
Whereas letters testamentary on the Estate
of Philip Curfinati, Jr,, late of Union town. I
ship, Huntingdon County have been i
granted to the undersigned ' • notice is hereby ,•
given to all persons indebted to said estate to I
make payment immediately, awl those having
claims against the saute, to present them duly
authenticated for settlement.
SARAH A. CURE:ll2lNi, Tomato .
Manufacturer and Dealer in
Nos. 77 & 79, North Second Street.
We are now receiving our Spring Stock which
will comprise a large and desirable assortment
of all kinds of Straw and Lace Bonnets. Our
stock or flowers will be unusually large this
season, and we would invite your special atten•
lion to that department. Please call and esa•
mien them before making your purchases....
11. WARD, Nos'. - 77 Sc AI North 2d St
March It '57.-2m.
UPIEREAS, letters teAtamentary on the (1A•
VV tote of David Jeffries, late of the village of
Shade Gap, dee'd.., have been granted to the
undersigned, NOTICE Ii HEREBY GIVEN,
to all persons indebted to said estate, to make
payment immediately, and those having claims
against the same, to present them duly authen•
ticated fur settlement.
11. C. ROBINSON, )
ALEX. APPLEBY Executors,
`4ll ;1 3'
TIII: undersigned owners of the Huntingdon
Mill, infurinfarmers and the public general.
that they nor: have their new mill in running
order, with all the modern improvements in the
Water wheels and machinery.
- -
They have put in five of the Improved Jon•
cal Turbine Water Wheels, and can grind in
all singes of the water, aim during the coldest
weather. any and all hinds of grain.
They are prepa red to sell, and have on hand
for sale at all times, at market rates, nll kind of
and farmers can have their own grain ground,
and take it back in a return load, or they enn
be furnished in exchange at a moment'a =hie
an equal quantity of Flour and Bran or chop•
ped teed.
is of an improved manufacture; and then will
insure a FULL TURN OUT of lerim quali•
ty to very bushel of grain left at eir
N. B.—The Buckwheat stones are not quite
Huntingdon, December 10, 1856.
owma Sleet!, South-West corner of Third,
Incorporated by the Stale of Penn
lir °pep is received in any aum large or small
n and interest paid from the day of deposit to
the day of withdrawal.
The Office is repro every day, from 9 o'clock
in the morning till 7 o'clock in the evening, and
i on Monday and Thursday evenings, till 9 o'clock
All stems largo or mm 111,11113 paid bark in gold
on demand without moire, to any amou n t.
Hon HENRY E. BENNER, Prominent,
I Woe J Ituram, Secretary.
floury L. Benner, C. Landreth Munns,
Edward L. Carter, F. Carroll Brewster,
Robert Selfridge, Joseph B. Barry,
Samuel K. Ashton, lion. L. Churchman
JIIIIICS B. Smith. Francis Leo.
This company confines its business clitirelf to
the receiving of money on interest. The invest
ments amounting to nearly °Nu LIt•LIOS ANL
A HALF of dollars, as per published report of
Assets, are made in conformity with the provi
sions of the charter, in Real Estate, Mot tgages,
Ground Routs, and such first-class securities, as
will always insure perfect security to the depos
itors, and which cannot fail to give permanency
and stability of this old and well-established
Feb. 20, 1850. Itiart's7
511: 6 18411N4S,
Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Pa.
tike-F. S. delivers work to the cars. He has
alw tys ready made work on hand. All ordera
by mail shall receive prompt attention.
Jan. 28, 1857.-6 mo.
Z. Valmer & Co..
Dealers In Fish & Provisions;
Hove conatantly on hand an assortment of
Mackerel, Shad, Herrings. Codfish, Beef,
Pork, Lard, Shoulders, Hauls, Sides,
Cheese, Rico, Ac.
March Is, 1857.-3 m,
Colds, Coughs, and
Hoarseness. `ll
nnimmt,o, IlAss., Nth Doc., DM. •
Do . .r. C. Area : Ido n o t lit,lll. dewy _ 01.4
tho pourely I have ever found for
Coughs, Iloureroneu. I tbtenvt, and the
rm.otnitnnt myundolux ofa C1A1146 your
euNtarr Pit,ontt.. Itn ouistaitt ume la -
my pranko Anti Illy rib fur
yt'll. mhoWn It to liCalt. qapo
coo. Nino, for thP trooDneols , of them
mplaint, MIEN H.U.
A. D. ItTLEY, of ITirica„ N t., writea "than
ewer P1T1 , 6 triyivilf and In my 6willy ever elute
1011 invoiced It. and believe it the boot medicine Its
purpose titer phi 60. With 6 has 614 I 6110416 sooner
nay twoity.llvo dollars ttir a battle than 6o without It, or
tale any other ren.rly."
Croup, Whooping. Cough, Influenza.
ur.n An, 1 will cheerfully certifyyour PrctuanS
th.• wu p eomen for the Clll3 of irb,,,vog
lb. cheat of children. Wo of
or (1,04.1,11 y in the South /wpm.. your shill, aud
31110,11 d yollr MIAMI:10 1., our Ixxpin.
VI 'IA 1.111,, NIONTEtIf. lA., writes, NI Jrut..lNA;
.• t hn I 3. teJlmis ludo. inzx. old, b ronatt, too iu doors
sir A.. 11, took tunny fu.dielto.s ultlsont re.ft tlaulty
tried your Ptlcronat. Ly tli+ IVIVI.I of our ett.reyuts.a.
rhe firxt dose relieved 'lto xorrrwn M My (hr. auJ
. . . .
11110,3: 1 , 410,a1l 0110 111111 . the ItEmlo nm, mn , omplatoly
aoll. Toni. M001( . 11104 aro the ell.arest nr wt.!! 01 tnel,t
iVn can lely. 111111 we 0 . 111 , 111 on, ',eta, and your row.
p. p.; iwr own a friend.
Aethin4 or phthApic, nadjironokrq.i!i,
MAN, utaraa. bob. 4, ISI.II.
Stu: Yonr rnattnr Pi,rt. la '1.1,11,11;1a niovrellous
eznr, thla n. It h ool a. rell•Ye , l aorend ?rel. skarn•
toptoola nf conanniptiorn and la now curing a MID
nhu it.til.lborOd 1111.1er all all..,tion of the mean for the
but forty yearn. lIENIIT I. PAP M•qrhant.
A. A. lt A.,1 91,V, M. It., Al.ntov, MeNr.oc
writes. Stilt. V. my inmetka of mnn, ioan
have (WIWI Ilutithig equal to yi ,, ir CUERIIf PCCTOIIit for
giving aloe awl relief to CullStilliptiVo 'WWII., or man,
inch as are curia&
We m!ght null of ealence, but the ta,et eon
vincing proof of the virtues of thin rem•dy Is found In Us
effect. upon Wel
Probably no one remedy bee ever been known whirl,
cured Ito many and melt danger., awes ea We Porno
uo human Rid can nvtrh ; but even to Uwe. the C.A.
PIICTORAL affords yeller nut comfort.
Aston House, NRW Sluts User, March 6,19110
DorTon Arch. LORI.: I Mel ft n duty end a p!swouse
to illtbrln yOll whet fair CRE.RT PI,TORAIL. lIM dJae Oat
Illy wild. SIIO hwl Leon fire 1110iltili laboring under the
dangerous symptoms of ConsomptMss, from %WO, no aid
we could procure gars her lunch relief. She ens
failing. until Dr. Strong. of this city. where we here enMsl
for ethic% recommended a trod of yule . !swamp,. WO,
Moss his kindness, no we do your shill. Mr vies has recov
ered from that day. She lo not yet s.t st ran; as oho URA
to la, but is free Ism her cough, awl calls Itersolf well.
Yours with
it till you iIAVO Arr.K.l
Itt ' itd; 11,; 1.14 t nled.
In the V,1 to cum. 011,1110.1 , 041Mi1k
the Illgh ',nit° Itz /AA,.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Tau ch”,,oitry and ?(orlon, hr., Ire.
toxod their utmost produce host. nzo. psrf,
porgalisu will., ix known to 1110.11. 1111111111111,110 priOd
AV°WWII that ther.o l'ati Lnye virtual which ntrpnr in
u.celleuce the ordinary ...toe, nod that 'hay win un•
pre:edontedly upon the emovot of hit 11110. They RIO Nificil
and plomant to but yoneicul to rum. Their paia►
int n proportioa :diondoto th••riutl activi t to, of tLu Ludy,
diti!fiVO Of id Warily 14141
to ho httnkors
kulme alnl;gL•h or <t,r•
.ti.,l), and Impart healthy
and oxrel dleease. Thsy pnrg
brood and grow dixtotnry•r, el
tiered organs into their mama,
tow: w:th etrength to tho nyktoto. Not only
th. 7 corn tho complohlho of ovary hvily,
f.rto;dol,lo and d0n,,,,,0• dh.ologos that have twitted
We Lett of human alio!. While they produce, powerful
effects, the are tit the snme tlme, in diminished dims, Om
safest and Last pilylda 04 .11 tat mayloyad for chr.dron
Doing augur coon.d. they 1310 14.7.1 10 take: an.l. Imam
purely tvplablo, nro fret. trout tiny rNk of Lana. 1,11.
Lore been mad° !Malt surpass imMef welt IMO 1: r 1 suY
/Mutinied by mon of such canned van,' nod
sa to fortifl ths susphlon , trotahth. Macy nmincul
and rhyeiClaw h.° lent II
fy Wthe public in; ty vf my r
The Ageut below named hi tlltMea to Itirnitligaratte my
American Allll4lllll, cmntain log direct Mae for their two mot
ocrtillenten of their curt*, of the following complaint,. -
CoAtlvonoac Bilious Complaints, liltanunolaut. Trop,,
Heartburn, Headache miring ttom n fool Stomach, I,m.
sea. I tclicc.tion. Morbid Inaction of Inc Dowels lid Pant
arkingtncrernon, Flatulcn,y, Lana of Appetite, all I.;lcor.
ns,ntiii Clasps.. DIMP.OO whist, rsqiiire . evacus.
M.sli.,lne.Ferottils or King's Evil. That' W:0.13 pipit,
itio Masi systoui ciao miss,
et:lupin,. Well It svonlil lint suppok.i th, r..nt
Niirvot 4 Polingements uY the I.lvor usi4l
11,00.6111. 21,1L1 1 . 11.:4
lON state of the bodyur o,trnrhuu of it, 1:;[1.,011,
not be put oil l,y Imprioriplvd dea/ers hh K 011.1..
other pill they innhn more profit on. Ack 11 Are i't
I'ILL9. and tall° nethime elm No ohnr they can ,r.
you COMIXWOR with alio in itg Intrinnle value or oorttie”
power, T. Rick want the beat aid time to for limo,
And thoy hare It.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER,
Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell. Nub
PIACI. A 5 Cl/. rim 110 x. PLVX Bozzi FOl $1
JOHN READ, Huntingdon, and dealer. iu
medicine everywhere.
October 15, 1856.-Iy.
assir;Jest as expected, Purdy & Cra
tner, have rented Spruce Creek
,t en 'J ~;;;;;'„ Foundry, and you would be surpri•
ttbed to see what a general assort
ment of castings they are dealing out to the
public. Machine castings of all shapes and
sizes, castings ibr Grist and Saw mills, Forges
and Furnaces, toads to order, ut shortest no
tice and lowest possible rates. A good assort•
meat of Bells, Plough castings, Stoves, Cook
and Parlor, Wood and Coal, &c.,
They am; also prepared to furnish the world'
and 'the rest of mankind" with the well•known
celebrated Keystone Ploughs. And sow they
earnestly solicit the patronage dell their friends
including the former customers of this wall
known establishment.
Just call and see our week if you pleas,
Feb. 4, 1857,-6m. Spruce Creek, Pa.
No. 191 North Third St., above Wood, Phila.
ary, JujuLo Paste, Guns Drops, Chocolate
Drops, Brandy Drops, Liquor Bottles, Jelly
Cakes, Cleans Chocolate, French Teya, White
Sugar Toys, 4:9.,
Oranges, Lemons, Raisins, Currants, Citron,
Figs, Dates, Prunes, Almonds, Welanai, Fil
berts, Cream Nuts, Ground Nuts, Fire Craek
ere, Syrups, Tamarinds, Liquorice, Rook Can•
Thu attention of Dealers. is rogested . to an
examination of my stock, which will be found
equal to any in Philadelphia.
N. B.—Orders by mail or otherwise prompt
ly attended to.
ENRY W. OVERMAN, Importer of French
Calf Skins, And General Leather Dealer,
n. 6 South Third street, Philadelphia.
A general assortment of all kinds of Leather
Morocco, &c.
pm Sack. Cofeo just recalled and fur itle
.t l ,‘liolesale h% CUNNINGHAM & GUNN