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Wednesday Morning, Aprills, 1857.
Once more our glorious banner out
Unto the breeze we throw ;
Beneath its folds with song and shout
We'll charge upon the foe."
.01 VI I ) WILMOT,
U. 8. Supreme Court.
ile recent , decision of the U. S. Supreme
. iurt is attracting attention throughout the
,antry to the peculiar construction of that
Court. It is composed of nine members, four
from the North and five from the South—that
It to say 6,000,000 of white men in the South
hove a greater preponderance in the judicial
.lecisione of the country than 12,500,000 in
the North. The following figures show this
matter to a nicety, and demonstrate. clearly
vain effectually and surely the Slave Power has
ent7enehed itself behind the whole machinery
of our Government to control and direct its
White No Mem's
population. H. Rep's
lot , Cirevit—hfaine, New
Hampshire, Massachu
setts, Rhode Island . .
2nd Circuit—Vermont,
Connect irut, New York 3,724,896
3d Circuit—New Jersey,
Pcnnaclvsuia. . . . 2,723,669
47 Circuit—Delaware, Ma.
ryland, Virginia.. 1,383,912
illt eircuit—Alabama, Lou
isittna 682,005 20
2,028,504 22
61/1 Circuit—North Caroli•
us, South Carolina Geor•
gin. . . . . . . 1,394,163
II nuis, Michigan, _
WI. Circa it—lieutucky,Ten ,
riesgpe, . . 2,110,253 27
Dth Ar•
457,907 7
On Monday last, on motion of A. W. Bone
diet, Esq., Geo:Houtz, Esq., was admitted to
the practice of law. Mr. H. sustained a most
creditable examination, and evinced talent of
the highest order. It is the intention of our
friend Houtz of taking up his residence, per•
manently, in Kansas, whither• he intends s renic,
ring in the course of a few weeks, carrying
with him those principles of truth and justice
which are eternal, and which we feel confident
must eventually triumph over wrong.
The talents and ability of the gentleman are
of the highest order, and fully warrant the pre
diction winch we make with lull confidence in
its fulfillment, that he will be an ornament to
his profession, and will become a leading men•
her of it. We wish him all the success imagi
nable, and that he may eventually electrify Sen.
nates and win the pre•emincnce which men a.
ward to the majesty of genius.
fonte (Pa.) Whig says:—The hands at the dif
ferent forges in this county have 'struck," not
far higher wages, but for better pay. At
the Convantion of Forgeman, held at Tyrone
in the early part of the winter, they resolved
not to work any longer than the first of April
for "truck or trade," but thereafter to demand
the "cash" for their work. Accordi ugly, when
the first day of April came, the hands at the
forge. where the proprietore were not willing
to comply with their terms, quit work. At
some of the forges the difficulty has been set.
tied and the hands are at work; but at oth
er places the terms have not been complied
with, and, consequently, the worke are stall.
ding idle.
ear We have on our exchange list all good
and well-conducted papers with one exception;
and as we have Ito desire to exchange with a
sheet destitute of news, &c., and whose pub.
lishers are of that easy virtue displayed in 'side
door' interviews, we do with this number close
that exchange. Henceforth, the Lkne.ister Cit.
izen, "shall see our face no more, forever," as
an "a." Please send no more Citizens to this
office. We have a dread of the cholera, and
we wish to keep our office free from polluting
Bins DOOR Timm—The miserable clique
of politicians in Philadelphia, having for their
organ the Daily News, are trying to get up a
"eide•door" Convention to nominate candidates
fur Governor, Canal Commissioner, &r. The
speculation will probably not "pay" quite a e
well this Fall as it did last. There are precious
few who will consent to be humbugged a second
time by these "aide door" factioniets.
mir We ere pleased to learn that our excel.
lent young friend McDivitt, is a candidate for
County Superintendent, and that he is highly
recommended for the office by prominent indi•
viduale in all parts of the county. It is our
bumble opinion that no better selection could
be made for the important and responsible of.
Bee of County Superintendent, and we hope he
may be the choice of the Convention of Dime.
a■ The tided etuTiistion to the West from
this county, *WU natolon. There ii gill a
Oro* curia
State Debt to be Liquidated.
We live in an age of progress and gi
gamic financiering on the most approved
basis of judical morality and constitu
tional ethology. As an evidence of this,
says the Times we learn from the Venus-
go Star that a large and enthusiastic meet. 1
ing of the Democracy of that county was
held, at Riceville (named after the editor of
Pennsylvanian, we presume,) on Monday
of last week, for the purpose of endorsing
the decision of the Supreme Court in the
Deed Scott case. Eloquent speeches were
made, which are not reported, and must,
therefore, be lost to the world, but James
F. 11 nod offered a resolution "that the
Black Republican party, by its malignant
rinse of the venerable members of the
Court, has shown that its real aim and ob.
ject is to subvert and destroy the very
foundations of this glorious Republic,"
and Col. Holland immortalized himself by
presenting another, that "the State Legis
lature be requested to inquire into the ex•
pediency of liquidating the debt of the
State by the sale of persons of color stow
residing in Pennsy'vania." The Star
tells us that Col. Holland, in supporting
this resolution, said that although this prop
osition might seem to be a Startling one,
yet a little reflection would convince every
thinking man that the plan was not only
perfectly in accordance with the declaims
of the United States Supreme Court, but
was also perfectly feasible. He spoke at
considerable length, developing the details
of the proposed plan. His remarks were
listened to with profound attention, and at
1 1 their conclusion the meeting adjourned
until the 27th instant, when final action
will be taken on the resolution. IVe shall
await final action with some anxiety, but
in the meantime suggest to Col. 11. the
propriety of modifying his resolution, so
that the surplus cash shall go towards buy.
ing every white wan a farm, and should it
fall short, let us include it] the sale all nth- j
er persons whose complexion is of the
~ b urnish livery of the inn"—the white
40 I slaves who hove to work for their livings,
to the great disgust of the South. We
30 ee cheering signs of the speedy advent
20 'of ' , the good time coming "
All the accounts from Kansas teem with des.
criptiona of the vast tide of free emigration
rushing into the territory. But moat of the
letters to northern papers also mention that
thonsandspf the well known Missouri border
ruffians have made fraudulent claims on the In
dian lands, in order to vote at the ensuing
elections. The somber of these spurious vo
ters whose residence is in Missouri, is said to
be 3500. A person who has recently come
from Leavenworth, informs the editor of the
Pittsburg Gazette that the census of that place
under which the voting is to be dune, is being
taken in the following manner. The ce n sus
taker, a drunken ruffian, has his quarters at a
tavern, where it would be unsafe list any free
State man to venture. He does not go round
to the houses, but only sets down the names of
such as apply at the tavern. A mob of ruffians
is always there to take care that too many "ab•
olitionists" are not down, so that, from w seru•
tiny of the list, the itnformant of the Gazette
thinks, it is mostly composed of bogus vo.
In some of the border districts, where there
are not 300 residents, not less thou 3000 votes
are said to be inscribed on the census. All these
lists aro to be completed before Gen. Walker
get. out, as • ho is not going before the Ist
May, and his instructions being to enforce the
territorial laws at the election, he can do no
thing to remedy the exclusion of the free State
citizens from these voting lists. The popular
sovereignty inaugurated in Kansas is beautiful
to contemplate. Pome persons are undef the
impression it is sheer fully for the antislavery
voters to abstain from taking part in these elec.
tions, if they are, as is alleged, so largely in
the majority. This is allowing too much sincer
ity and good intent to the pro slaveryites.
Indeeed it is asserted that at some of these
bogus elections the latter have returned no less
than 6000 votes, when they never had, at any
time, in the territory, 500 real voters Now, if
each of these GOOO votes represented a man,
and if all were armed as it is well known all
were who went front Missouri, it would be Wily
for the scattered Free Sailers to attempt to
measure strength with them. If on the ether
hand, every man voted two or three times over,
it is plain that the election officers were Mil as
no honest men ought to trust. The latter is
pretty clear in any ease, or else these election
frauds could never have been perpetrated.--
With no chance of a true return of votes, or of
a rejection of dishonest voters, what induce.
mem is there for the Free State party to vote?
So far as we can now see, the election under
the law passed by the bogus legislature will be
held with the sanction of the U. S. authori
ties, will be a fraudulent affair from beginning
to end, will be entirely managed so as to re
turn none Lut pro-slavery men, and a State
constitution legalizing slavery will he formed.
No provision has been made for submitting
such a document to popular vote, but if there
bad it would not amount to much, as the
same fraudulent lists of voters used for the
election of members of the Convention would
serve the purple of excluding all votes against
What the consequences of these proceedings
are likely to he we are unable to geese. Ono
thing is clear. No such imposition as this will
be submitted to by the bona fide majority of
the territory. Should Congress admit this bo
gus State into the Union, the State officers can
look to the national government for no further
aid in the enforcement of their designs. They
must then fight the battle with such forces as
they can get from Missouri, and once more
Kamm wit 100 plantindintassivil +Par.—Mod
Throwing Sand in the 1 üblio
Th. following is a paragraph telegraph•
ed all over the land, by which the adminie•
tration hopes to get credit for acting fairly
in Kansas :
'•lt having been repeatedly asked how iudo
pendent suffrage can he exercised. if the laws
of the Territory are to be regarded as valid,
the reply from the best sources of inthrmation
is, that the law providing for the election is a
fair one, in explicitly declaring that all free
white male citizens of the United States, over
21 years of age, residents of the territory on
the Ist of April, shall be entitled to vote for
delegates to the Constitutional Convention.—
This law is to be administered without regard
whatever to any test oaths."
This is portly true, but it suppresses the
material part of the truth. The law or
daring the Kansas Convention, declares
with a mocking effort to be just, that "all
free white male citizens of the United
States, over 21 years of age, residents of
the territory on the Ist of April, shall be
entitled to vote for delegates ;' but it itnme•
diately proceeded to nullify this declaration
by providing that not one of those residents
shall vote unless his Caine is upon the poll
lists, and as it confides the framing of these
poll lists to a pack of irresponsible, pro
slavery officers, who have neither motive
nor obligation to be just, they both can and
will disfranchise all who are obnoxious to
their own views and purposes.
Gov. Walker is instructed to enforce this
law—not in parts, but as a whole, and its
enforcement in the spirit of its enactment,
cannot fail to make Kansas a Slave State
in the very teeth of the wishes of the in
As a further evidence of the persecut
ing spirit of the administration towards the
free State men of Kansas, it is to be noted
that Whitfield has been appointed Register
and Woodson Receiver of the principal
Land Office. No step more hostile to the
Free State men could possibly be taken
than Oda. Both are unprincipled Border
Ruffians, and can do more wrong to the
Free State men in the land office than in
any other position in the Territory, by an
noying Free State settlers in regard to
their claims, by deciding all cases against
them, and 'by favoring the Border Ruffian
settlers. That they will do this, unscrupu
lously and unyieldingly, their previous
history leaves no room to doubt —Gazette.
much impure in regard to the stock of Flour
and Grain at the West, and on this point we
condense the following from a private letter to
a leading house of New York, dated Chicago,
March 21. There one in store at Chica,:t, 37,
000 barrels Flour, 730.0011 bushels Wlwat, 150,.
000 bushels Corn, and 144,000 bushels Oat,
At Milwaukie, 50,000 bible. Flour, and 503.000
btishels Wheat. At Kenosha between two and
three hundred thousand bushels. Wheat nt
Racine about the same quantity. The writer
also expresses the opinion that half the wheat
crop of Wisconsin is not yet marketed, while
the quantity in Illinois, is much larger than is
generally stated. At Chicago, corn was taken
at 43a44e for June, and 50c for July. The
crop of Wheat on the grotmd is also said by
the same authority to be very promising.
Flow THEY RECEIVE IT.--The Lancaster
(Pa) Express says, that when the news of the
confirmation of Gov. tseary's resignation, with
the appointment of a sonthern pro-slavery man
in his place was received, the Democrats of
Honesdaleplaced their flags, with the Buchan. I 11N@Vnt.
an steamer, at half. mast. This was one of the ! filo the School Directors of Huntingdon co..
counties in which Senator Bigler "was author. 1 ty. i
iced to say that Mr. Buchanan was in favor of I GENTLEMEN :In pursuance of the 43d see.
freedom in Kansas." tins of the Act of Bth May, 1854, you me here.
by notified to meet in Convention, at
A loose WITH A Cons Leu.—We take 1 the Court House in Huntinedou, on the first
I: l l4id l a i v i i ke n h n l i tt o y . , , A 4 lp o U..s ,2 7 i b i e n irg e cht , ilrf n is
the following from the Adelaide (Australia)
Register i We have recently seen Mr. Collin's and select, viva core, by a majority of the whole
Mare, Jewess. It will be remembered that number or Directors present, .e person of lit.
she broke her near fore leg on the race course in easy and scientific attainments, and of skill
April last, while mining for the town plate.— ~,,d e a P i e i ; :i 7 bl ir " C i t i e n T M ili s n u t ee a e s d ( i : i r, lit y ' Y ea S r 11) :::
Amputation was performed by Mr. Grabb, an• I Lorraine the amount of compensatirit . for the
der whose care she has completely recovered. 1 same, and certify the result to the State Super.
Her condition is excellent, and the cork foot I intendant at Harrisburg ins required by tho
seems to answer admirably. i 39th and .10th section of said act.
--.......-.....-- - - i County Superintendent of Huntingdon County.
Michigan Election. Huntingdon, April 8, 1857.
DETROIT, April 8. . Always Get the Hest ! !
Incomplete returns which have be. re ce ivA HOUSEKEEPERS IN PH I L'A.
indicate the election of the Republican State 4 000 have in constant use that most valu•
Judicial ticket by at least ten thousand majori- able manual for ladies—
ty. Six or the eight Circuit Judges, and the ,
Regents ut the State University elected are Re• COOKERY A S IT SHOULD His ;
and trots one and the other we are constantly
publicans. Not mere than two thirds of the
lull vote was polled. receiving testimony to its great usefulness; but
we are noxious that it should be in envy house
CONNECTIUET ELEUT....—As far as heard in this city, as we are sure good, substantial
from, the vote for Governor stands thus
foorFailds greatly to the health of the household,
In no way cat this so certainly, so cheaply be
Holley, Republican, 27,969 ; bighorn, Dem., I secured, than by using the sensible receipts in
26,953. The vote tor Congresa in the First I thin book. The pricer of it—only one dot lar—
District is, Clark, Republican, 8413; Hubbard, I will speedily be saved in the doctor's bill, the
Democrat, 7957; Clark's majority, 456. In
cost of . t he ingredients, and the pleasure derived
from tickling the palate with the good things of
the Second District, gydney Dean, Republican, , ~,,,, L .,.
is elected by a large majority. In the Third
.District, us far as heard fro\n, Arno'd, Dem.,
, has 353 majority. The Fourth District is in
again. The Legiolature is largely Republican,
Ai" The Portland, Maine, municipal else•
lion indicates a great popular change thero. A
year ago the yolk for Mayor stood 1837 Repub.
lican to 1530 anti. The City Council last year
was four Republica. to 24 ai.tis. This year it
will stand 24 Republicans to four antis.
*'The Emancipationists in St. Louis
bave swept everything before them in the Into
municipal election.
Ifir England has finally obtained the open.
ing of the four great powers. A battle had
been fought between the British and Persians,
the latter being routed.
JI:DWI4L APPOVTMENT.-000. I'oll.4lms
appointed James K. Arrustong, Esq. of Ly
coming county, to fill the vacancy in the Su.
preine Court of Pennsylvania.
ger Chas. 13. Penrose, member of the Log.
ielature from Philadelphia, died in llarrisbu re
lest week. Ile was an able and eloquent man
and hie death will be keenly felt is many part
of the Commonwealth.
• 7tIIRIOA 00, Tuesday. April 7, 1857.
Scattering returns •from Wisconsin, indicate
the reelection of Whiten, Republican Its Chief
Justice, by a decided to4],,rity.
The Remedy of the Age .
At this season of the rent, it is prudent, if
not necessary, to tune a tenable and good mod
'tine for the purification of the blood and slit.
notch, and among the numerous compounds le.
titre the public (all claim to possess this virtue)
flarlels Sarsaparilla is the only one which
can he depended upon.-St. Louis Herald.
Sold by Sehieftlier Brothers & Co., N. Y.,
Dyott & Son, Philadelphia.
BEAUTIFUL Crium.ExtoN—can be acquired by
using the "Balm of a Thousand Flowers."—
What lady or gentleman would remain under
the curse of a disagreeable breath, when by w
ing "Balm of a Thousand Flowers" as a den
tifrice, would not only render it sweet, but leave
the teeth white as alabaster ? Many persons
do not know their breath is bad, and the sub
ject is so delicate their friends will never Mem
tion it. Beware of counterfeits. Be sure each
bottle is signed. FETRIDGE S Co., N.Y.
Fur sale by all Druggists.
On the 12th inst., bb Simeon Wright, Esq.,
Mr. ROGER SHAVER, of Juniata township,
to Miss SARAH EYLEIt of Union tp.
Flour—The market is rather firmer, in eon'
sequence of the falling olf of the receipts mid
increased export demised. The sales for ship.
meat comprise 1500 barrels extra fatally at
$0,50 pep barrel. For standard brands most
holders now refuse $5,75. Rye Flour is firm
at $4, and Corn Meal dull at $3,12 per barrel.
There is more inquiry for Wheat, but prices
are unchanged. Sales 1500 bushel prime
Southern mid Pennsylvania red at $1,40ti1.42
per bushel t 1100 bushels white at $1,55 and
15110 bushels to arrive on private terms. 800
bushels Rye sold at ii2ao;k•., at which figures
it is wanted. Corn is in demand, and we ad•
%mum our quotations one cent per bushel.—
Sales of 8500 bushels new yellow at tine, afloat
sod 2000 bushels do ist store at 64e. Oats arc
in demand—sales 2000 bushels Poinsvlvania,
800 hush. Is Delaware, and 100 bushels Wes
tern at 48e. per bushel.
To the Collectors of Iluntingdon
Whereas, there are quite a number of Ciders
and the expenses of the 'present Court to be
met by the County Treasury, (in which there
are no available fluids at present. ia rouse.
quenee of the dh•eth of the late Treasurer, A.
H. Crewit) you are called upon to be prompt
in your returns. F. H. LANE,
Huntingdon, April 15, '57. Co. Trees.
NEW - G 1033
The undersigned announces in the pni,lic that
he has npennd anew Wire in Prirtstown, near
Ca; old Juniata bridge, and has just received
nee nf the
Dry-Goods, Groceries, Queensware,
Hardware, Roots Lk Shoes,
Hats di. Caps. dtc.,
_ .
ever brought to this place. Almost every arti•
de usually.kept in a country Store always on
band ; all of which will be sold cheaper than
the cheapest.
WY" country produce taken in exdotoge fur
goods. • WM. J. GEISSINUEII.
Portatown, April 15, 1857.
We also publish this day a truly valuable
companion to the above ; a new edition, price
50 rent, of
The Economical Cook and house
Book ;
The mbject of which is not to elaborate the
art of Cookery, but to give simple and mamma.
Mal receipts fur Cookery, applicable to every
meal and every OCUIUitIII j Mr everyday use in
all the duties or a housekeeper, both useful and
ornamental. the above two books us
their companion and guide to Imiteliold dui ics
in the parlor, the dining' room and the kitchen,
the veriest tyro may rival the oldest and best
of housekeepers.
Price or the two volumes $1,30, in cloth ; or
bound in strong sheep, with blank paper inner•
tad for addles your own family receipts. $ 2 ,00.
Copies of• either book soil by mail (free) on
receipt of the prier.
190 Cheatuut St., below Eighth
A pr.15,'67..
14 . 4 ••••
April 1, 1857.--ly.
Porcelain Boilers and Pans , of eve
y do.criptio% for stile at the S toreUardffort of
4. A. BROWN & CO.
. ,
A large assortment of Fruit trees, such as
Apple, Peach, Pear, QUilleC, Cherry, Plum, Nec•
toner, Apricot and Almond, of the choicest vs.
Hades. Also Isabella and Catawba GRAPE
VINES ; Currant, Raspberry and Strawberry
plants. Also Shade and Ornamental trees—
Evergreens, and Osage Orange for hedging
At the Huntingdon Nurseries of
Huntingdon, April 8 1857.-3 t.
A meeting of the "Huntingdon Gas Compa
ny" will be held nt the Court louse, on Smut ,
day, the 25th day of April, inst., at 2 o'clock,
P. M., for the purpose of electing. five mans:
gore for said Company, who nre to serve until
the first Monday of January, 1858.
The stoelcholders will be - Ontitled to one vote
for each share of stock, bona fide held by hint,
her or them at the time of holding said election.
James °win, James Saxton, A. P. Wilson,
David Blair, Win. Lewis, John Scott,
Alex. Port, . B. E. McMurtrie J. S. Africa,
W. P. Orbison, Wm.Dorris,Jr., David Black
April 8,1857.-2 t
The School Directors of the Huntingdon Bo
rough District will sleet six teachers lbr the
three male and three female schools, in said
district, on Saturday evening, 25th April, inst.
Teachers wishing to apply must present their
applications by that time. Good teachers are
desired andkwed salaries will be given. The
schools will be kept open ten months, commen
cing on the let of May.
M. P. CAMPBELL, Pres't.
A. W. BENED ce, Sec'y.
April 8,1857.-3 t.
Will commence its summer session of five
months, un -Vonda.t h May •tth. The same ex-
tended course of instruction, which has been
pursued by the present principal during the
past two years, is offered to young Indies, who,
while profited by their studire, will nowhere
find a more healthful or delightful location.
The l uildiog is spacious and convenient, nod
the imams of instruction in useful and aeon•
mental branches is on a liberal scale. Shirley;
burg has doily communication by stage with
the eastern and western mail train of the Penn.
sylvania R. it., and three times per week with
the southern part of the State.
For Board, light, &c. with English tuition,
per session, $62,50
Mndie. with use of Piano, extra, 20,00
....''.. l•
Day Lug isl t Tuition, from ils to 12.00
Apply to .1. B. KIDDER, Principal, Shir•
leystutrx Huntingdon Co., Pa.
Le e , ( (pu t re)
Philadelphia Zinc l'ttint,
Best Snug White,
$2 50 per keg•
275 " "
2 40
2 63
&e., and all kinds n! ILA DWAHE and
building: materials in proportion, at t "Hard
ware Store" of J. A. 1311OWN#. CO.
Iluntingtlou, Apr.8;57.41,
C. G. trusser C. WELL
Wholesole Dealers in Provisions,
ser Agents for Fairbanks' Scales.
, On Allegheny Street, between
11 Pa. R. R. &N. &D. T. R.% Depots.
March 25, 1857.—0ne Proprietor,
Administrators Notice.
Noticieis hereby given, that letters of admin.
intention on the estate of Jenuet Stewart, late
of West township, dee'd., have been granted to
the undersigned. All persons indebted to said
estate, aro requested to make immediate pay
meet, and those having claims against thesame
will present them duly authenticated for settle.
went to WIL STEWART,
April I, 1837.—Gt• Abler.
Administrators , Notice.
Notice is hereby given, that Letters of Ad
ministration on the estate of George Borst, late
of West township, dee'd., have been granted to
the undersigned. All persons indebted to said
estate, are requested to make immediate pay.
meat and those having claims against the same
will present them duly authenticated lilt settle.
meat, to W. B JOHNSTON,
March 25, 1867.-6t*
Za Salle's Original•
Irtav Vida
Prof. (leo. 11. 1)e Bar has recently returned
from Europe, and while there obtained front the
celebrated-French chemist, La Salle, at an en:
minims outlay, the receipt and exclusive right
of the United States and Cumulus, to numulac•
tutor and tell this celebrat6d preparation called
“whisher-,0d0,” which has never been known to
Mil to rause IV hidiers and Moustaches io prow
luxuriantly and heavy, even on beardless faces
111 two months alter first application. To those
persons whose beards are light and wiry it reir
women& itself. A few applications will rea
der it soft, thick and pliable. Frenchmen are
noted tar their beautiful Whiskers and'Alonstm
ohms, which ninny or them attribute to the ex
cellence of La Ssttle a Whiskerandm Pkic,
per box ; sent to any part of the United States
or Cauudas per Mail, upon the receipt of St.
Address, Prof. Geo. 13. be Bar,
April 1,1837.--3 m. New Yorh.
[ESTATE , 1,1
Administrator's Notioe.
NOTICE is hereby given, that letters of admin
istration en the estate of John Wilson, late of
Coss township, Huntingdon county, deed., have
been granted to the undersigned. All persons
indebted to said estate are requested to Make
immediate payment, and those having claims
against the same, will present them duly aa•
thenticated lbr settlement.
tp.. March 1
I troubled with Liver Complaints, unless the
most desperate of cases, when the SECOND bot
tle will, with scarce a single failure, restore the
patient to vigor and health. We wish to cull the
attention of all to these lacts, that the Invigor
ator is compounded by a physician who has used
It in his practice for the past twenty years with
a success most credulous, and that it ts entirely
vegetable, being composed wholly of guise.
Some ides of the strength of these gums may
be formedwhen it is known one bottle of the In
vigorator contains as much strength us one hun
dred doses of Calomel without any of its delete
rious effects.
One bottle is the surest thing known to carry
awoy the bad effects of mineral poison of any
Only one bottle is needed to throw out of the
system the effects of medicine after a long sick
Ono bottle taken for Jaundice removes all yel
lowness cr unnatural color from the skin.
One dose after`eating is sufficient to relieve
the stomach and prevent the victuals from
rising and souring.
Only one dose taken before miring prevent.
One dose taken at night loosens the bowels
gently, and cures costiveness.
One dose taken after each meal will cure
One dose of twp tea-spoonsful will always re
lieve Sick Headache.
One bottle taken for felhale obstruction re
movee the canoe of the disease, and makes a
perfect cure. . . .
Only one dose immediately relieves Cholle,
One dose often repeated is a sure cure for Cho
lera Afortius, and a sure preventative of Cholera.
Ono dose taken ulten will prevent the recur
rence of bilious attacks, while it relieves all
painful feelings.
lie°ae or two doses taken occasionally is
ones the best remedies fur a cold over known.
Thousands of eases of inflammation noel Weak.
miss thelungs have been cured by the Invig
One dose taken a short time before eating gives
rigor to the appetite and makes food digest well.
One dose ones repeated cures Chronic Dia,
rime in its worst ibrms, while summer and bowel
complaints yield almost to the first dose.
Ono or two doses cure utteeks caused by
worms, while for wines in children, there is no
surer, bider and speedier remedy in the world, as
it never Wis.
There Is no exaggeration in these statements,
they are plain and sober facts, that we can give
evidence to prove, while all who use it are giv
ing their unanimous testimony in its favor.
We wish nil who ere skit and debilitated td
try this remedy, and test it thoroughly, and any
who arc not benelitted by its use we should like
to bear bony as we have yet to hear from the
first person who has used a bottle of LA:orator
without receiving benefit, for there ore such as
tunishing medicinal virtues in it, that all, he
mutter how long they hove been afflicted, if their
complaint arises trout a deranged liver, will be
hem:tined, if not entirely cured.
SANFORD & CO., Proprietors, 345 Broadway
New York. Sold in Huntingdon by llnnov
MUMANIOILL. and Druggists evcrywlure.
Dr. Um 11. Keyser, Wholautle Druggist,
No. 140, Wood at., Pitthurg, Wholesale Agent.
The subscribers have again returned Boni
the East with an enlarged stock of
which they will sell at such prices as shall make
it the interest of Housekeepers, Builders, Me.
chart eu, and "all the rest of mankind," to give
them a call, Our stock comprises Building
material, such as Locks, Hinges, Screws, Nails,
Bolts, Dims elan sizes. Putty, Oita, Varnish.,
White Lead and 'Zinc Paints.
Planes, Handsaws, Mill & Crosscut Sans.
Chisels, Mann's Axes. Hatchets, Spirit Levels,
Files, Stocks and Dies, Monkey Wrenches,
with an endless variety of modern inventions
and improvements.
Saddlers and Coachliakers are invited to
call and examine our extensive stook of Hai ,
seas Mountings and Couch Trimmings, Patent
and COMMOII Humes, 30 varieties ;
Hog Skins, Patent Leather,
Enamelled Let,
thee, Oil Cloth for Carriages, Coach Laces rind
Linings 1 lobs, Spokes, Felloes, Shells, Springs,
Knives and Forks from 371 eeuts to per
set. Silver forks, Silver and common spoons,
Ladies' Fruit knives, Farriers' knives, razors,
&e., &e.
110110 WAVARIi t
Porcelains, Tinned and Plain Boilers, Teaket
tles, Sance, Frying and Halting Pans, Steak
Griddles, Dish Covers, &c., &0., at inanufactu•
rers' prices.
Ice Hammers, Lemon Squeezers, Butter
Prints, Butter. Ladles, Port Mosaies, Bells of
all kinds, Cutts, Pistols and Revolvers, Paint
Brushes, Wall Brushes. Traces and Chains of
various kinds Chain Pumps and Metallic
Pumps fur cisterns, Picks, Sledges, &c., atc.
pay.flaving purchased many of our goods at
wholesuM prices from manufacturers, we are
mailed to sell both wholesale and retail—ex
tremely low. A liberal share of public patron
age is solicited.
'All orders from abroad promptly alien.
ded to. JAS. A. BROWN Ji Co.
Apr.l,*s7. •
it all A1E14.)
A New Assorttueut Just Opetiedl
And will be sold 30 per cent.
LT ROMAN respect:oily Worms his Costa.
mars and the public generally, that he has
just opened at his sture-rourn in Market Square
fluntingdon,a splendid new stock of Ready
, made
ilollilugfor Fall and Winter.
which ho will sell cheaper than the 551110 quit tiY
of Goods con he purchased at retail in Philadel
phia or tiny otker estublishment in the country.
Persons wisMig to buy Clothing would tlo
well to canoed examiue his stock before purcha
sing .21sewliero. Also,
!las,. Caps, Boots, and Shoes,
which will be .1,1 lower than at any other ea•
tablishment in the county.
Huntingdon Oct. L. 1 kin.
All persons interested are hereby notified that
Letters Testamentary have been granted to the
• undersigned, Executors of the last will nod tea.
tamest of Julat illeCaltati, late of Walker tp.,
Iluntingdon county, deed., and all persons ha.
clog olai,ns or demands against said estate aro
requested to present them without delay,—and
those indebted to said es tate, wi.l pay the came
to John K. MeC'aban, Birmingham, or Jut 4.
NoCahan, Hollidaysburg.
.101 IN K. AIaCALIAN, Birmingham,
.148. A. ItIr'CABAN, Ilullidtkushurg,
TA ti. K. MOREIIEAD, Pittshurg,
,JORN OBESSIVEI.I. I Petersbur g .
• March 81. 1857.-lit
• For Ilie Lancet, Leeches and Blisters I
ANY medicines offered for sale are augg{{rrnr•
partied by doubtful certificates (their Filet
value) and claim to be universal remedies, ca
ring all maladies—a burlesque on cbromou
sense. As the discoverer of this Salt.soleronly
protests against having it placed on the omega.
ry of frauds and impositions, he has resolved
that it shall go forth to the world like the pure
gold dollar, wit nu other passport than its own
true value. If the public find it genuine they
will receive it—if spurious they will reject and
condemn it. Instead of its being a panacea fur
all ills it had control over but one ill—has but
one aim and accomplishes but one thing, to
wit ; subdues inflammatory diseases—whatever
be their form or locality, whether in the head,
throat, chest, abdomen, extremeties or skin,
When the' discoverer, after a long series of
laborious and costly experiments, became folly
confirmed in his couvicti.m that the Antiphlo.
gistie Stilt, which he •now has the happiness to
present to the American t•ablie, was a
for Bloodletting, Leeches and Blisters, his
mind was so agitated that he could not sleep
for many nights. The cause of his tikitation
was the striking fact that the manner of its op•
eration, like that of the virus in vaccination,
could not be explained upon any knownprinci•
ple. How, in what way, it so effectually sub
dues inflammatory diseases and no others, wits
at first a holly inexplicable; but on further ex•
periment it was proved that by its power over
the veins, arteries and glands, it equalizes the
fluids of the body, the want of nn equilibrium
in which' is the sale cause or inflammation. It
exerts like the vaccine matter. an extraordina•
ry influence over the circulation—resulting in
a gradual decliae of inflammation as indicated
by the pulse which soon resumes its natural
state, as the pain and heat disappear. Such is
its potency, that like the virus just mentioned,
it requires merely what adheres to the point of
a quill dipped in a solution of it to elle& the
entire system—but meet be instantly used to
prevent decomposition, and secure its full via
tue. Three quills in acute, and two in chronic
disease every 24 hours, till the heat and fever
have subsided and a perfect cure is effactcd.--
When it takes the place of leeches, stiniulttting
ointments find blisters ie local itiflammation,
as Brain Fever, Crony, Tout!:tiche. Plaurisy,
&c., its 'node of administration is ten-fold.
(See directions fur dissolving, &c,)
Sfalt`..The peculiar exceflettue of this Salt is,
that without the useless loss of blood and
strength, it effectually cures inilatntnatory dire
eases (no others) by producing en equilibrium
of till the flehis of the body and a consequent
uninterrupted circulation. The folios M.•
trout forms v. hid' the unbalanced fluids as
sume and many not here mentioned, that hone
more or loss fever and pain, are as perfectly
subdued by the Antiplalogistic Salt, as fire is
extinguished by , water.
I—Caves where the unbalanced fluids affect
the Bead and Throat—to wit: Brain Fever,
Headache, Fits, inflamed Eyes, Ears and Nuts
Canker, Neuralgia, Erysipelas,'Bronchitis, dc.
. ,
2—Cases svhete the unbalanced fluids effect
the Chest and Abdomen—to wit: Pleurisy,
Inflamed Lungs and Liver, Colic.
Coughs. Dyspepsia, Gravel, Oonor
rhea, Venereal. &e.
3--Cases where thir unbalanced . fluids affeet
the Extretneties and Skin•—to wit :Illieutuatisin
Gout, Scrofula, Chicken and Small Pox, Salle
Rheum and all Itching and other Cutaneous
This Snit greatly alleviates the imilammatory
pains peculiar to married ladies (before and at
the time of confinement) and nanny Female
Cotnplaints ; and is very ellierteious in revers.
Agne, Wounds, Nervous and Spleal affections,
and any other fbrins of (mark this) in In
PAT disease, attended with Lent or ktrilc symp•
Persons who hare n [mkt, of bloat to as
head and heart, mid who lead inactive lives, or
breathe. the impure air of inanufactorica and
the poisonous fumes of metals and minerala, Or
live in unhealthy climntas are exposed to it re•
cuther rile/ion of the fluids of Me botty,'whwh
one dose, without interlerinet with dint or busi.
nest, once in three menthe, would invariably
prevent. It is believed to afford protection a
gainst infections diseases; and therefore, it it
recommended to travellers, sailors and del.
To protect tho Collllllllllily from imposition
by counterfeits, t h e proprietor will
.employ tut
Agent, and hair mad.- nrranrenients 'that
he can Send the medicine in any quantity, by
mail or express, to !any part of the :United
States or threw. countries.. Its prime cost to
the discoverer is $1,50 per drachm—price $5
per drachm—and is put ti t , up in drachm pack.
ages for acute IIiSCW (with directions, &c.) at
$1 ; three drachms do., fir- chronic eases, $5 ;
and 5 drachms do. for fsmilies,sB—a net profit
ofAM, rents on each package.
IVbile many rostrum makers victimize the
good•natured and pill-ridden patine by ordering
tnm six ton dozen box or -bottles to cure. any
UltilUdy, 110 matter what, the undersigned is
happy in being; able to state that the severest
forms of mom Inflammatory disease ore over.
come by one acute package, and the most Obsti.
oat and long startling cases by one Chronio
package. Although thirty days have cot dap
tied niece this new medicinal 14,mit became
partially known to the catmint' of Boston and
few neighboring towns, yet such have boon the
results of its trial that, during the pist week,
nearly 400 packages were sold in this city, and
orders received VI mail and express for 163
Family, 347 Climate, and $B5 Acute packages.
In one instance six persons clubbed together
and wrote for six packages (of the "Little Oi•
art, us they called it,) to he forwarded to one
address, thereby saving expense to themselves
and the proprietor.
filirLetters from clubs or individurls with
money (if over $10) should be registered L. the
post office where mailed, as it costs five
cents, and will insure their safe arrival.
***Thosliseorerer now humbly, submits his
Perfect Substitute for the lancet, leech, and
blisters, to the tribunal of•an intelligent public,
reiterating flint it does just what it °Minis to
do—no more, no less r 4utdircy inflammatory
disease (tto others) whatever be its form or lo
eality by restoring The loot balance between the
fluid, and solids. Fatuity packages $B, Chro
:tie $5, and Acute $2; to be had (free ex•
pensel only by Addressing him through B.
.t 22, Boston, ifasc, or at his Office, No. 't
Winter Street.
' Cut put this advertisement and his vomtnti•
munication in tutothor column fork osal
of your neighbors and your own future ase.
Diseovgrer and Vroprietor.
The Antiphingistie salt, is for sale et the
Nos. 2 .t 4 eftgarsi, ST., s'th side below Water
(The Oltiest Wood•ware House, in the City.)
Dealers in Patent Machine.rmle Brooms,
tent Out:awed Cedar• Ware. warranted 'lot to
Aria, Wood & Willuw•ware, Cords, Hruabe6i
&c., dull description,. Please call and 47 , ..41
lice our stoek.