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    Anittingbn *runtal.
For Mc Jounitil.
MESSRS. EDITORS :••••As the public mind is
becoming awakened 'to the necessity of adop.
Ling some plmr to render the system of Com. '
mon Schools inure efficient, and l'er HOMO of the •
citizens of Huntingdon talk of resuscitating the
Academy, I have thought the publication of
the following letter from Wm. V. Davis, Princi-
pal of the Lancaster High School, might throw
some light on the subject, and aid iu directing •
public sentiment in the right channel.
Mr. Davis is recognized by the friends of
ovation over the whole State, no one of the most
experienced, popular nod successful Teachers
in the Commonwealth. Permit 'Me to enquire
whether the amount of money paid annually by
the citizens of the Boning!' of Huntingdon lee
educational purposes, as school tax, salary of
the Jimmie teacher in Seminary, amounts paid
for boys cent out of town to Aeadetnies, by pa•
tents and guardians living in the borough; add
to this the cost of proposed building, Lc., to
start the Acadcmy—would not all this thrown
together Make a fond of nearly live thousand
dollar's a year ; and would not this amount be
sufficient to pat. into sueeesstul operationthe
system of graded schools, such as they have in
Lancaster. Washington and other places. •
Yours truly, .D. B.
LANCASTER, Feb. 11, 1857.
• Dear .4f. .'L--13y a "Union School" in my last
to you, I meant one similar to the High School
of this city, and elsewhere. In such a school,
boys and girls of the proper age and qualifica
tion are admitted, free ,f dative, and who re
vive a good and Substantial education. The
JiTerent languages, such as Latin, Greek,
French and German, together with Music and
Drawing, are taught to the children of such
rents as desire it. Now to ex/at/id/a a school of
this character, in your place, it would ho neces
sary fee those pumons,: who might desire their
bons to study tho languages, or their dp,m_rhiers
to learn ittusie, etc., to agree to pay a sum in
addition to their regular Sehir tax. Besides,
boys front the county or elsewhere might he
Permitted rmitted toent, upon paying a specified stun.
SUM which your citizens would.havc to pay
to keep up a classical 'School it) } - cur , Acade my would t., ouwl, than sulticinat to establish a
“17nion Saliool:' Your .I.ntrotigh tax, I,..dre
sume.,.would justify a salary of 5110 or COO
larxto du! Principal el suet, a.sehool.
'rho great advi:nta;e of a 4 'l:Mon School' IA
that it renmvea that ludividnom distinction be.
tween the rich and poor its a community. and
unites all in the support of wet good s e h ei d.
Our school here werica admirably, and the whole
city is muted in its snpport. The tax here,
hirmer, is satEeient to defray all expensii,i,
witniiat an extra nie, mile, up. alt
111. , 00 or the city. In Wit,liititsai, Pa., and in
loam/ other townaprey hate oro'shtd suitable
building-sand hays a School al this chanteter.
The children pars regularly through the Prim
ary and 'Secondary schools, and those properly
ipmlified then ante!' the ltiglt `'School. Hymn.
citizen; think of coatis_ it new why
not put up in. capable of accommoilming till
your children, :tale teal female, and have them
all carefully trained and instructed,under the
liapervision of ono .head ? .1Y ith three or four
pond female assistants I could teach all the chil
dren you bave.of au ape suitable to study grate
!ear, geography and arithmetic.. 1 say Amide
assiatants, because abetter article as a teacher
can be procured of that sex at a less coat. It
wonld coat, in your Academy, nearly $lOOO to
sustain a small lirllool at' buys. Yon tell me it
ousts $5OO to teach 25 girls!
There is common oort, h
on urged by many
parents against a "Uni en Sch.s.l,” viz: that it
brings into contset withqhcir children the ri
chte and worthless. This is not correct. The
Aaracter of the studies pursued by the different
classes regulahs this matter. A poor man's
son may, for instance, take up the study of La
tin—bat should he do so, he is always such a
boy, that nu person would object to their chit
dres associating with him. The same remark
is applicable to the girls. In all my experi
ence 1 have found this to be the fact. In our
largo school .of 230, mule mid female, every
thing is conducted with more propriety and
greater attention to everything , which the most
fastidious might • demand, than in the private
schools with which have bees connected ; and
.1 am certain, with much more metho. is our
female seminaries.
I have thrown thi,e remarks together in
great haste, and 'written them with a bad pen.
Thanking you for your kind attention to my
lust, I remain, Yours truly,
L 211744
EoucATiusAL.— Editors:—Having
lately attended a meeting or the teachers of
Morris and adjoining townships, together with
a number or other friends of education, held in
Shaltersville, near Water Street, io this county,
commencing on Fridav the 13th inst., and con
tinning in session till Saturday evening follow
ing, 1 have thonght that a short account'of the
same, together with a few thonghts suggested
in the occasion, might not be uninteresting to
your numerous readers, aad theretbra subunit
the same for your ethtsideration ' all tn. a part of
which you ate at liberty to publiSh if you think
The me,ting teas organized by appointing
William Wieman President and MreJohn
Shaffer Viee-Prwitlent, Mr. A. R. Miller being
Secretary of the Association., and opened with
prayer by Rev. S. Reid. An oration was then
delivered by A.R. - Miller, subject, 'lle influ
ence and reward of the teacher,"a copy of which'
was requested for publication; after which rho
us' iect for discussion was anuouneed, !The mt.
duties of teachers, :elm) direetnrs and .
parents. , •
Mr. R. MoDivitt being reqn voted lb . open the
subject, responded in un address (dame length '
and was followed by 1). F. Tussey, Rev. S. 11,
Reid, A. It. Miller, .1. D. Brown, W. 0 utinaN
G. I'. Eldrige and other; the remarks being
somewhat leugthr occupied. th e attention of the
AssOciation untif ' a
late hour, When, - on ditlttin
adjourned to meet at it o'clock on Satarday
Or ,, aniaid by apointing Mr. Win. Walters
to the chair thedispute of thu President.
Sublet of iv:telling Unography, opened by A.
I{. }liller t and continued by Messrs. thethes,
Sharrar, Lat-han, 13. F. ltrotyft, Outman,. \thin,
and MeDiritt. Soule 'very appropriate remarks
were also made by the eintippatr at the t e
of the Session, when the AS,ociaiiou ash
journal to tucettn tit 'adleinutin ut
AIITEI:NOUN 5i.:66165.
'Vito subject of teaching, Atithmetie . was open.
ed by Mr. TosSey, who illustrated his method
of teuching-Mental and written arithmetic, and
as 3to evidence of its efficiency introduced one
or hi 4 pi ilu,, Al4of as
,years uf, ago, wime en.
tire 'readiness in suiting correctly :Lila, almost
instantly all questions proposed, is mental and
written arithmetic, astonished nll present. I
have frequently visited School Exhibitions, so
called, And have seen pupils of almost every
are introduced on the stage r to stammer over,
in a hurried and awkward manner, a "piece,"
which has cost weeks of labor, and tune, to the
exclusion of other more valnableittidiee, *lieu
perhaps that same pupil Lad never been taught
to connect two original ideas and 'commit :them
to paper. and hove been convinced of the fart
that the time so spent had been needlessly and
eritninally. wasted. We are told, howeVer, by
the advocate:l,of this sy;tem,,that they,are i t c.
pessary in Ord* to discipline the mind—to ac
quire habits of self-reliance, and a ready com
mand of language; but here was a boy, a mere
child, before an audience, computed almost en
tirely of strangers, with the most perfect self
confidence, without betraying the slightest em
barrassment, and scarcely pausing for a reply,
solving problems without difficulty, that would
have tested many a atom mature mind, an evi
dence of what . may lie accomplished by a skil
ful and laborious teacher, with an intelligent
rind industrious pupil, far inure convincing to
site the least of it, than any of the popular school
exhibitions I ever witnessed. It must be
remembered also that Mr, T. has received n
course of instruction at the Millersville Normal
School, and this fact speaks volumes in favor
of this Institut*. In the language of his Ex
cellency, Coy. Pollock, ''just so lung as mind
and intellect, with their far-reaching energies
are superior to the things of earth, so lung will
lustittitiunxof this. character be known.aud,ap
The remarks on this subject were participa
ted in by all the teachers present, and a free in
terchange of opinion on the different methods
of teaching suggested, wee elicited, together
with many appropriate and useful remarks,
which want of space compels me to pass by,
but which I should be happy to notice more at
The session on Saturday evening was opened
with prayer by lb, McDivitt. A similar meet
ing wtts then appointed at the "Loop" School
house near Alexandria, to commence on Fri
day evening .20th inst., and one at Mechanics
ville, Franklin tp., on the 27th.
Mr. Tussey tl;en introduced to the audience
Master S. P. McDivitt, (not quite eight years of
age,) the boy previously alluded to, who deliv
ered an oration on wile Character of Napole
on," which for clearness of style, natural elo
quence, and distinct ennunciation, - would have
done honor to many an older and much mote
experienced speaker. A round of applause
gteeted the youthful orator as he resumed his
seat, And many were ready to predict fur him a
splendid car v er. may ho so—in this free
and glorious, and happy laud, the path to fame,
honor, and distinction is open to all—but there
will never arrive a period in his history ulnas he
will not lea: hitch to the faithful, patient and
persevering efforts of that teacher as being
mainly instrumental in laying the untlatain
of Ititurti usefulness, and claiming the tribute
of his gratef u l remendwanee and lusting grati
The subject of the County Septrintentleticy.
it i cite, nod ultieetosas intrOiliteed iiir discas.
sion, 110 opened by Mr. Tosscy, who was ful.
lowed in his retnarks by a number of ether tea.
chore and directors present. At the dose of
digeossionthe follewingresolution . slot Oft,-
ed by R. Mcf)ivitt, and unanimously adopted.:
Pc.volre,l,. That we consider the otlice 61
County Soperinteorlent, properly administered,
as the right arm of our Public School System ;
sod ilia it is the ditty of this Assuriscion to use
all honorable tneutis to secure its continuance,
as well as the election of an experienced and
true man, to that imperious 0111 e:,
The following resolutions we:, uls) offered
and adopted :
That it is the ditty of each and ev
ery member of this Association, to use all hon
or:tide means to seoure a Inure extensive ;intro
s:lgo of the Peawylvania School Jourool, is
his own particular locality.
------ -
That the utility of teachers and
friends 01 education holding township associa
tions for mutual improvement, is now clearly
demonstrated, and that we consider them a ne
cessary acemnpriniment of our school systeth.
.I:,xolecd, That while our thanks are clue, and
are hereby tendered to that portion of thee put
lie press which has from time to than, published
fide and impartial accounts of our, pruceedilith
we regard the occasional efforts made by 11110-
. I.ller portion of the press to injure the cause of
education, by wilfully misrepresenting our pro•
oeedings as an Institute, as beneath the reach
of contempt, and unworthy of further notice,
having already received a sufficient rebuke
front an intelligent community.
. .
Resolved, TGtit t h e thanks of this Associa
tins are deo to the citizens of this place for the
interest and attention shown by them in our
proceeding's, and roe their courtesy sod hespi•
tali!y it: gratuitously entertaining the teachers
during the present meeting.
The meeting was well conducted and inter.
esting throughout, the large and a4teetive
dienco in attendance stench sessio- ; the inter
est and attention in:stilt:stud by the citizens in
all the proceedings, together with the spirit pod
energy shown by the teachers; clearly demon•
straw that the cause of Education is not• retro
grading in that locallity, and that the old fogy
system is rapidly declining is favor of a better.
The degire manifested by every teacher present
evidently was to rise to a higher place iu his
profession, nod why should not this desire be
realized ? It is true that mach yet remains to
be done, but the proper step has already been
taken in the right direction, to 'accomplish this
Important result. We have, in this county, us
good material sot of which to manufacture tea
chers, as can he.found in the State,. and all that
is required is n little, of the right kind of train
ing. Heaven speed the day when our Common
School System shall be so perfect that nu high..
er inbtituticns will he required in our laud—
when the streams of knawledgealiall Sow ttee
us air, and when all classes,' the high and the
low, the pour ss well as the rich, shall comet.
getter . and drink from its streaming fountain,
and enjoy the tall its unfailing beauties.
Touts truly, •
For the , Journal.
MEAN, EtCEEDIN,LY.—The condno6 of the
Professor, at the:concert at NeNburg, on Thurs
day evening the 12th inst. Cod save us from .
that Christianity which consists in disturbing
the peace of the community, iu Paying violent
hands ulon peaceable CiliZell6, 7611(1 in open
Viola4eus of the laws of our country ; and save
I.lle, 'poor, :infatuated and deluded being who
nets thus un.ler the garb of Christianity. how
proposksons.tbr•peNons to profess the religion
of the "meek and lowly Saviour" and be guilty
of such. conduct. • J. D. D..
Feb. 21. 1056.
a ".11essage of the Liorermw, transmitting a
list of the lambiee of the Commonwealth,' we
extract the following statistics of this county :
Barreo township, 300 51urris township, 148
Brady, Ay., 210 Penn , d 0.,, 215
Vans f . du., 126 Porter, do., 313
Ctuisvillu boro', 55 Shirley; do., :172
Clay township, 178 Shirloyshurg boro'•280
(Jr:pitmen .do., , 322 Hpringfield top., 160
Dublin du., . 2(71. Toll do., 212
Franklin do., 205 Tad do., 800
Header:on twp., 122 L'i.ion, do,, 155
Huntingdon boro' 380 Walker, do;, ' 3',21)
liOitewi.,ll top., 183 Warriorsnekdo., 325
441:50u do., 356 WEst township, 402
Whole number of
Par', Thu public works alung the Juniata ri
ver have beeu most seriously injurcd by there•
cent freshet, aid the repairs necessary to be
mode will probably delay the time in opening
them. This will be a serious drawback upon
the receipts, as this sprlug carrying trade must
seek other channels olcommunication with the
t .
List of Outstanding Balances,
Duo at Settlement with the Auditors for the Tear 1856
COileCiOrB . Aiwa,.
Walker, 1844. A. B. Sangarce,
llnion, 1845. James Dampens, •
Franklin, 1847. Juhe H. Stonebraker,
Jackson, 1848. David S. Bell,
Tod, 1851. Jesse Cook,
West, " Charles Green,
Walker, • 1952.' • John Coulter,
Henderson, 1853. Luke Vcioorhces,
Cass, • " Joshua Greenland,
Franklin, 1854. John Import,'
Barr., " William Couch,
Brady, " John McDonald,
Cromwell, • " Michael Myers,
Porter, • " William B. Shaw,
Walker, " Joseph Douglass,
Barter, 1955. John Smith,
Cromwell, " David Etnier,
Franklin,. " Alexander Ewing„
Hopewell, " John Beaver,
Jackson,f " Thom. Osborn,
Morris, • " Abraham Isenberg,
Tod.f " Benjamin F. Baker,
Walker, " Juhn Thompson,
Warrioremark. " William Wray,
Barree,f '1855. Joseph Forrest,
tired y,f " George, Rupert..
Cass,t " Samuel Pheasant,
Cassville, " Nicholas Corbin,
Clay,t • " David Heck,
Cromwellif " Frederick Harman,
Dublimf " Jacob Hunt,
Fr#nklin,f 'Samuel: Wigton,
Huntisgdon,f " William Rothroek,
HOpewell,f " Jacob Summers,
Jatiltsomf " Solomon Darner,
Morris,f " B. F. Wallace,
Pen tt,f
" George Garner,
Purter,f " John N. Swoope,
Shirley,f " Joseph Miller,
Shirleysburg,f " Benjamin Imag,
Springtield,f ." • Jacob Booher,
Telhf • " Sant.' Hackedoru,
Tod,f " A. J. Dunlap,
Union " David Pheasant,
I Walker,f " Joseph Isenberg,
I Warrior ;markt" Henry Grazier,
West,f " William Moore,
*Since, paid its full.
fSince paid in part.
Gives under Seal of dice, 16t15 Janttat•y,
February I I, 1858.
EE FIG IFTH ,1)..1 3' OF ✓.4 ?VF.J.I
in - tsSG. To THE TENTH y 0E
'AEI 1657, including both chlys.
. .
Amount in Ti misery at last settlement 5474 86
1881 Charles (iron. West, 87 00
1853 110: . ,ert Pcler,on. Dublin, 2 00
do, Wilburn Smith, Colon, 09 45
1084 William Cocci, Emcee, 153 62
do. John Import, Franklin, 30 00
• do. Joseph Douglass. Walker, 75 00
do. W. Hutchison, Warriornek, 9 47
1855 John Smith, Barren, mn 00
du. Christian Miller, Brady, 347 .92
do. John Cowman, Cass 139 52
do. Wm. Cunningham, Cass,
5)2 22
do. David Etnier. Cromwell, 310 65
do. Win. Appleby. Dublin. 395 01
do' Alex. Ewing, Franklin, 718 92
And. Decker, Henderson, 23 19
• do. .1.31. Simpson Huntingdon 329 44
do. John Beaver, Hopewell, 250 00
do. Thos. Osborn, Jackson, 640 50.
,10. Alan. Isenitc rg, Morris, ~ 054.22
do. Aim.. Grubb, Penn, 120 20 •
do. Peter Piper, Porter, 722 11
4 9 . John Meliinstrey, Shirley, 559 09
Boned. Stevens Springfield 194 84
do. Samuel Parsons, Tell, 250 32
do. Benj F. Baker, Tod, 578 20
do. William Chileote. Union, 37 05
do. John Thompson, Walker, 601 00
do. Wm. Wray Warrriorin'k, o l4 71
do. Mordecai denry, West, 1320 15 9753
1056 jtempb Forrest, Barrem 300 1111
(;wrge Hopert, Brady, nn,
Samuel Coon, 325 1/11
do. David Heck, Clay, 200 00
do. Fred. Harman, Orornwell, 221 32
do..Jaeob Hunt, Dublin,.2Bo 00
54. Sam'l Wigton, Pralin, 609 no
do. W. Vs Minor, Henderson, 418 12
do. W. Hothrock, Huntingdon, 754 . 61
do. Jacob Snwmrrs, Hopewell 870 48
Solomon Hamer, Jackson. 141 00 - ! .
do. Benj. F. Walhwe, Morris, 461 00
do. Cejago Garner, Pcno, 616 40
do. .lolWtr. Swoope, Porter, 5:16 24
Joveph Miller, Shirley, . 547 08
do. Benj. Long, Shirleysburg. 106 95
do. Jacob kosher; Springfield; 118 80
do., Sitml Dackcdorp, Toll, 200 00 ,
do. And. 1)111111111, pno 00 '-
do. David Pheasant, Union, 225 00
do. Jos. Isenberg, Walker, 347 00
do. 11. Grazier, Warriormark, 815 00
du. • WIT, Moore, West, 710 65 • .
do. Rich. Corbin, eassville, 86 73 649333
Am't of County tax on 'unseated lands,'
419 59
do. School dd. - . do. 200 57
do. Road to. do. 263 76
Redemption Motley ofi on. lands. 1(0 52 1052 44
Fines, Jury tees, Oq., collected by 011 . 11
Greenland, , 584 43
Fine!, eel/6MM by Justice Snare 26 34 590 77
Of Samuel Wigton, to pay oft the Bend
for Poor House farm, 750 00
Seignor Blitz, for use of C. House, 3 00
thane° duo County Treasurer, 1274 58
' 823,427. 62
Atty'lly Gen., Prot'y., Shelf., dud witnesses foes
00 crimiunl Proseeutious, $363 00
Constables for making returns, adver
tisil‘i.4pring Elections, Er., 381 92
Grant Traverse Jurors, Court Cri
er, Er., 2.168 37
Judges, Inspeciors and Clerks of Rice •
liens, 1305 34
Assessors! Orders,-• • 966 25
Inyikitions on dead bodies, 62 69
Road and Bridge Views; 417 00 •
' 4 damages, Jos. Forrest, 100 00
I"4"...igiltal, .10 00 557 00
Bridge Orders
George Q. ouch fur bridge 41. Neirs.:4ll
749 49
Cunninglagin It artioon, for •
bridge across Btopo Creek,. 875 (10
D. Blair, fur bridge at lilac's
Mill. • • 1,60 : ta4
Jobs' Gaghtigau, for repairing
bridge below Alexandria, 266 60
George Lamp, fur securing lum
ber of bridge at Iltmtingdon,
' carried away by ooriii,ll;ll.lde.
• 'heeling it at Huntingdon, 150 OU 2601 09
Thomas Hamer, 206 00
Benjamin K. Neff, 131 00
Jacob Baker, 162 50
lion& Jor MoOtrtity,. • •• •, 18 , at
Auditopi fm• 1655, 46 00
Clerk to Cum's. in full for 1855, 75 00
for isiia, d 25 00
John Bpad Es4.,Att'ily to Cont.
in full for'lBss, 10 00
Do. OIL account for 11856, 20 00 993 50
Interest On County Bonds :.
William, B. Loss, 247 50
William Orhison, Esq., Mu 00
William P. Orbison, Esq., 60 no
Gourgs C. Bucher,• ~ l' '. , 110 00 .
.I.diu R. Guanoll, 105 72
Thomas Fiahor, 114 ou
A.B. Crowet, 15 SD
J. S. litowart, Esq., 7 50 830 22
statetill,' Fin,
15 14
37 81
10 34
123 5G
4 3,
77 0,
70 76
27 07
140 20
225 32
1:15 60
49 73
12:1 01
2+42 07
250 20
117 43
5-1 47
16 OS
104 92
106 26
74 14,
28 81)
$99.1•1 Oti
111. IN 1,. AIM:ARTILY,
County bonds paid as follows:
William B. Le., 2500 00
Jaws 0, Doyle, 532 00 :1092 00
'Ctcasuret• of State Lunatic Asylum,
DsMd Brotherline, . 217 09
.IMIn Madden, 135 12 382 01
For Cool, Wood, Light, 3c,, for Court
Hume iota 173 19
Fisher & MeMortric murehandise fur
Coati !loose and :13 1,2
Sunilre individnak fitr repair to same, 6:1 .:(1
Mediool:,/endaneetm prisoners in jail, o 25
Levi Mtirrels attending sirk in jail, it 00
Samuel Attica. burying' Mrs. Harker, •I on
M. F. Campbell, Esti:, Jitr Patty's re.,
stationary for rear! smF blink books
for . Proty's office, 173 17
Assessment books and Duplieates fur
counn's Unice, and blank bunks fur
llegister's Mike, &e., 27
Joshua Greenland, Sheriff,for sututno
nia.g jnro,o,eonveyingeonricts to Pe
netentiary, hoarding prisoners,
lit. 1110 years 1839 nod 159,, 1154 03
Grafllo4 Mitler, SllOllll, on ts.doount for
same, 0 00
Per flaunty Printing,
William Lewis, thr 1856, 96 50 .
.john A. Nash, • • 129 75
Wm. Brewster, for '55 and '56,205 55 432 20
Postage, William .Lowi, 30 76
Wild Cat and Fox Scalps, premiums of
370 74
School tax on unseated lands, paid in
1856, '254 26
Road tax, on same, 159 76
Redemption Money, on same, 140 52 574 54
Refunding orders to sundry peitons, 122 80
Insurance on bridge at Huntingdon, 7 80
Scrubbing and cleaning Court House,
and Privy, 25 00
Washing for prisoners in jail, 23 00 rat no
Directors of the Poor, for the year 1856. 559:1 as
Treasurer's commission on $.15414 58, 681 22
In testimony of the correctngss of the above
we hereunto subscribe our ensues and nllix the
seal of said county, this Seth day ofJanuary, A.
I). 1857.
. .
H. W. 111m.on, Girth. Commissionent.
We the undersigned auditors of Huntingdon'
County, Penn'a tileefed and sworn•ae6Oiding
to law, report dint we met, didaudit, settle and
adjust according to law, the account of A. B.
Ctewit, Esq., Treasurer of said county, and the
eiders of the Commissioners, and the receipts
fiir the same, for and during the past year, and
find a balance due the said Treasurer by the
County,, of twelve hundred and seveotyfour
dollars and liftymight cents.
Given under our bands at the Commissioners'
attire in the borough of Huntingdon, the 10th
day of January, 1857.
• WM. MOORE, } Auditors.
Feb. 4.1857
191 North 'Third St, above Wood, PUN,
IV! Jujube Paste, Gum Dropsi Chocolate
• Drops, Brandy Drops, Liquor Bottles, Jelly
Cakes, CLeam Chocolate, • Freneh Toys, White
Sugar Toys, Ac.,Ac.
Oranges, Lemons, Raisins, Currants, Citron,
Figs, Dates, Prunes, Almonds, Walnuts, Fil
berts, Cream Nuts, Ground Nuts, Fire Crack.
ers, Syrups, Tamarinds, Liquorice, neck CaM
dy, Ac., Ac.
The attention of Dealers is reqested to an
exam inqual ation ,of toy steels, whichwillbe found
in Philadetphin.
N. 13.—Orders by snail or otherwise prompt.
ly attended to.
COlttliVlrßtrAt StILOOL
Has been removed to a largo and commodi
ous room in the !''town Hall,- and is upeh day
and evening fur the reception of Students.—
The courae of instruction, embracing Single
and .Dottble•Entry Houk-Keeping, is necum pa.
nied by daily Lect uree on Commercial Sciences.
A department has also been opened which in
devoted to ileptuanship,,,and is.coudustml by
Prof. Monate., of Pittsburg. ,
Leeteree on Cornmerciel Law, Ethics and
Political F.conomy urn delivered periodically
to the students by members of the Huntingdon
For auy other particulars, address personally
or by letter T. H. POLLOCK, Principal.
Assistituie given when required in opening
and closing books. [April 2, 12.56.-Iy.
50 0 '"" ulUi4 & DUNN
Receipts and Expenditures
From January 2,1850, uni it January 6, 1857.
County Treasury for ain't drawn to ])ac. 6th,
lly. for tn't drawn on onion:, Jan. n,
To Jas. Murphy, former Steward, sum
dry items detailed in his account,
W. Glasgow, preseht steward, cash
received for lines,
" W. Glasgow, cash received from J.
Lute, oil acc't IL McCormick, 13 77
W. Glasgow, Levi Evan's Due Bill, 12 39
By sundry expenses on form and for farming viz:
By Geo. I'. Wakefield, for eloyerseed and locust
posts, 37 50
" J. 1.. Jitukin, for harness and
repairing, '•
20 00
" 11. Brewster, 1 ton of plaster, 7 121
" Israel Grain. .1 plow, &c,, 14 73
" J. 0. Lightner, fur corn, Oats
and bran, 32 24
" D. Whittaker. 1 yoke oxen, 'JO 00
" Thos. MeGarvev, wheat and
rye for seed, 11 30 '
" * Wm. hleNite, rye and corn for
feed, 14 00
" David Douglass, 1 stock hog, 3 13 '
" Sundry persons blacksmithing 49 301 .
0 D. Myers, bleeks,,,io; tog debt
of 1855 ' 19 93 I
"Jas. durphy steward, sundries
detailed in his account. 380 74 890 20
By T. B. Grids., for 1217 lbs Pork at
7c., debt of 1833, 85 19
" Jno. Jacobs, beef, mutton &c.,
debt of 1835, 49 30
" Wm. Melf ite, ,33, 1 bus. wheat I
125 e. 191 40
" Same, bal. doe, Ist Jan. 1856 3 30
".f. L. Junkin, grids in ground 22 50
' "'l'. McGsrvey, butcher, meat'
through summer, 6G 601
" J. Jacobs, meat till,' summer 31 59
" J. Cres.kell & Co., Lassen, 4e. I U 50
"Sundry P^r•ions 469 , 5 lbs. ht'. 0:53 BO :
" do. 3771 " ph. 240 00
" D. Umbenhoor, bill of meet, '
ballance, 3 86
" J. Murphy, steward,. sundries
• detaik.l is his account, 59 991004031 :
&inky persoasfor Merchundise :
By. Jas. G. Lightner, for merchaudise,
per bills, in turn debt of 'a9 2ID 41
'• .0.•1111 Bare, Mr same. 150 94
" 1 , 41 e, Foust & Co., Same, 109 62
•• Wm. TS. JAWS, ' 4. . 99 43
•• ismancl Matters, " 44 Ito,
•• 1. & W. Saxton, " 15 si - '
Silllllll-1 1.. 11111,401 r, ' ‘• 13 34
`• dole! Long & Cm, " 30 vu '
'• John W. Smith, " . 014 10 .
" Wm. A. Pi akor, " 10 01
" John 11. Lightner, " de'gs 11 291
" Josh. Greenland 1k4.:. • :18 04
" David Enikr, " 16 00
' Lett, Wigton & Co., " bal. 6 23 .1
" T. E. Orbison, " " 39 28
" J. '
Murphy steward, sini. tie • .
demiled in h is account, 22 94 8.17 49
Enterr' for OW Ls,or Pattprrs : . I
By MITI. persons for med. 0, attend: o u,
Oil 1/. 11.1', 224 581
" do. for 11 coffins, &c. for o. p. 53 60
" do. Mr relief and support fur.
....1. p. about 56 eaves, 099 691
"Jas. Murphy, steW., unnary .e,
prunes, for do., por !dunce% 2092911.187 171 1
Remorois to and pogo the lioase : 1
By S. S. Solidi, Iltttingdon, delivering
paupers, at sundry times, 27 47
" J. Graffiti, Petersburg, do. 1.8 35
" A. Isenberg, Morris, 2 pan, 'Ol 12
"J. 11. St onerotal, Bit. 1 " 8 17
" David Kinch, 1 " 7 97
" David Shoup, Tod, 1 ' 6 6 10
"M. Householder Alex. 1 " . 5 77
"A. Isenberg, Morris, I '' 5 17
" Sundry persons, 9 " 38 79 •
" J's. I'. for official fees, orders
of removal, 12 201
" Jas. Murphy, stew., for sundry
charges detailed in his neett., 109 921 253 06
&tic Loofah, ANyloot at Ileirrishierg :
By J. 'Murphy, steward, cash paid Mr
keeping 4 suldeets, as per ttee't. ron., 472 37
held. idol mot Ifiscellaucoos Expenses :
By sum per.. cash Pd., debt '53, 103 55
9 Mrs. S. Bucket, cash pd. sun. 249 121 •
" Sundry persons, printing, 54 75'
" M• S. Harrison, tin-ware, 24 OS
" Jona. Davis, stocking yarn, 18 92
"1). Blair, Esq., leas in procur
ing hind warrants, 20 00
" Sundry persons, shoemaking,4l 09
" Peter Myers, tailoring, 7 481
"D. Bergstrasser, Feather, 38 04.
" W. A. Budsou, lnsu. fees, 10 50
" Jos. Hough, coopering, 10 37
" Eph. Doyle, 111111,1111, on act.
of making coffins, &e., 5 20
" E. Brewster, stove rout, &c. 3 45
" Slur. Mosey, kitchen labor,
hal. on account, 33 22
6 • Sund. persons, repairing, &e. G 53 •
" J. Murphy, stew., sundries as
detailed in ids accoun i
t, 597 801123313
By Dr. J. G. Lightner, liar salary, as
At. Physician, debt of 1859, 52 50
" J. P. * Murphy, 1 year's salary
as -leek, debt of 1855, 40 00
" 1). Blair, Esq., 1 year's sala- .
ry as Counsel, debt of '55, 00 00
" Same for 1856 20 00
, " Dr. W. 0. Bahlwin, 9 mos. as
attending physician, 1850, 150 00
" M. 1. Itleliention, 3 mo. do. 50 00
" J. Murphy, I year, as steward
1836, . 400 00
" 11. Brewster, do. clerk, 50 00
" Samuel Slattern, services, as
Director, up to Out. 7, 1856, 100 89
" J. A. Shade, do. to Jan. 6'57 68 00
" K. L. Green, do. to Jan. 6 '57 59 60
" J. Gibbony, do. to Jun. 6'97 38 40 1055 :10
".1. Murphy. Malance due him
at lust settlement, • 433 02
'‘ Wm. 11;lasgow, believe of his
account to square, : 134 53 503 55
53 00
58 00
$22427 62
1857. January 0, To Win. OfaVg;.;', Ste;:
ard, for bal. of acc't as per contra, $132 53
Steward 44 Statement.
James Murphy, in account with the
Huntingdon County Poor House.
To Co. Treasury; fur orders shown at sundry
times, $2194 17
" Rev. G. W. Stouffer, rent &e., re
ceived from Hint, • 36 70
" Brewster, fus,s6 lbs turd soldhim 7 Ott
" .1. B. Kidder, for 52 Ills ditto, 0 75
'• Rev.: O. Vs'.•Slutitter,for rash rou'd 11 378
Cash received from u pauper, 1 90
" Blair Co.. Altos !louseler cosh ree'll 10 82
" I), W. O. Heidi, in, for pauper lul.or 100
" Samuel Backutt,Fant,eash for Hinz, 369
laincuster Pour !louse, or cash, 25 00
" 1). Bergstresser, cash refunded, er- •
ror in settlement, 11 00
Wm. Giles, Esq., for cash foe fines, 268
" Saxe handles sold him
" C. Wigton, cash for 1 pair gloves, 37,i
" Westmoreland Co, Alms House, for
keeping Susan Davis, 21 50
" al. G. Cellists, for coopering, • 38
" Mrs. C. Fruiter, for cow sold to her, • 29 00
.• Wm. Dell, pauper tor his hunt war
rant, 80 acres, 90e. per were, 72 00
" Abm. Lewis, for horse sold to him, 50 00
Lin,m,l Erp,ml:l arcs. um: Q% , n
By balhince Inc et last settlement, as pur ,atc.
ment, • fiat;:)
" J. Lot; fur bill ',hiring per rcep't,
" A. Lewis, freight on Lamb's goods, .1 2:
" .1 C. Seelders, for charges on do.
" Samuel Bownum, for lot of ratrpent
er,s tools,
" Jone. Davis, for stocking pun,
" McCormack, fi, labor done,
" Isna, Mel )(uttily., fur shoemaking,
" Cash paid for shaving soap,
" Walker S., Sous, for A du; Iron bed
55:103 TE
291 51
Cash'pai.l for use or Ihm.e, 2 Eu.
" E. Lanthjor cash sent to N. y,,d:
to redeem her goods,
" 1.. A. Myers, carpenters work, but.
" Cash paid for use of House,
S7TOS 31
" Mrs, Smith for stone crocks,
" Sam'l Carts, for altering hogs,
" Cash paid for use of house,
" Ellen Smith Mr kitchen labor,
" .fohn Smith Mr removing graveyard,
" Wm. Ph., Mr assisting in do.
" Cash paid for use of Muse,
I. McMundian shoemaking, rash
on account,
" Bergstresser, Mr leather, on art.,
" Ab. Millet, fur elutewa.laing, debt
of 1855.
" Cash paid for use of House,
46 Samuel L. Glasgow, liar printing,
" Cash paid for use of House,
" John C. Sealer, Mr freight,
" Epli„ Coyle, lor cacli paid on sends.
Jaae llagens, fur kitchen labor in full
44 Cash paid for use of House.
if 4 , it 4,
Eph. Doyl, for repairing ftirniture,
" Sarah Bucket, for interest on draft,
" 1. McDonathan, shoemaking . , un tte't.
" tu full,
" Mrs. J. Templet at, fur cash paid in
full, debt of 1855,
" Abut. Caruthers, for cash paid bal
lance of account,
"J• C. Sealer, freight bedseds,
" Cash paid Mr use in Ilonso,
" A. L. Rickets, liar plank per bill,
" Expenses for attending Jinni. Co.
Ag. Pair,
" Cash paid for use of Ilonse,
" J. G. Long, for adrerthing,
" J. C. Sechler, liar fiTight,
" John Linn, Mr Gorse Ointment,
" I. McDonathan, shoemaking on art.
" Samuel limiter, Mr stocking yarn,
" Cash paid for us., of Home,
" E. Doyle., cosh paid liar coffins on an.
" Cash paid for use of House, 2 En.,
" A lloaimee fur raising dead bodies,
" Mrsi. hoover, fur stocking s.,rn,
".lies MeA ite, ditto
" Cash paid for use of house,
" Peter Market, for ballaneo of acre in
full, debt of 155.5,
" E. Doyle , for cash paid on ac. (col.)
" Cash paid for use of House,
Walker & SWIS, bedS'di
fur Pardon's Digest Er.
" CAI paid for use of Ilmeir, 2 Co.,
" Use llogsc E Baggy for use anon.
24 years, &c.,
" sarg't Mosey, far cash'paid at sun
dry times ' kitchen labor,
" James Antlerson, for money paid on
Morse. 1855. •
Lieniamin Euler, fur money paid on
acct. 1855.
" Cush advanced for use of House, in
IR5',; outlined ta lust settlement. 50 Ott
" shoes furnished for use of P., 10 00
" Sunary furniture for use of House,
" -" ' • - -
bouulit "of him at loaning, 12 0"
4 . Allowance made fur use of same, 2,
}'ears, 40 00
r° Woo. riper, farmer, for cash pail him
at sundry times, 159 36
"'No. MrKinstrev, fbr taxes paid him. 195
" A. Shade, for 1 wagon & bed, 55 00
" E. M. Lore, for straw, 1 50
" .1. B. Fostor,for, ensli'paid on It. tax, 500
"A. 11. Lutz, tbr set plough harness, 175
" & Spear, Pitts., for I plow, IS 25
" John Garbo r, for 3 bus. seed potat's, 125
"J. MeSinstry, for hay ladders, 2 50
" .1, Arnold, for labor on farm, '55, 7 65
" John Lents, (Sr school tax, 14 60
" John Foster. " rood taxes 4 23
" Cash paid thr repairing p low, 50
"James Nleliinstry, 9 bus. rye, 4 50
" tleorgo Swine, for I plow, 13 33
" Cash paid, for smut. for one of form, 225
" 11. L. Cook, for 22% hos. earn, • 11 2S
" James WI/O.AI, Kw I horse, 145 00
" Asher )(rake, for labor on Form, 4 25
" Samuel Cuts, for altering hogs, I till
" John (Burns, for labor oil to 1 a t
" Doyle, Foust, & Co., 1 ton Guano,
and expenses,s9 El
John Long dir school and road taxes, 17 70
" 1). slcEi tar making post and rail
• 960
" Bucher & Porter, for keeping Jane
Morgan, O. 1). I'., 4 09
" IVm. Wilister, ditto Mrs. McNeil, 13 50
" George Schwarts, do. the Lion fam
ily. Balletic e, 234
" Lamina Chileote, do. Jac. Emery, 1 25
" J. Luce, for med, and attendance on
Jane Irwin 2 00
'' J. Sally keeping Polls Kelly, o. d. p. 23 40
S:o,i'm Thompson, for dig. grave," 1 00
It. Patterson, keeping Spencer, " 5 20
Susan Yingling, " E. Taylor, " 6 35
D. J. Mite, & Son, fur mod. and at.
per Wilson Meredith, o. d. p., 5 OU
" A. Harrison, Esq., 6w keeping Hicks
and Imuily, 4 00
" Jacob Lane, for digging grave, perJ.
liorkenberry, a. d..p., 1 00
"M. F. Campbell, tbr burying L. Nail, a5O
"J. Gray, keeping aud at. .1. /Bans, '4O 00
" Blair Co. A. 11., for keeping Mar.
Creswoll, o. d. p., 4 29
" Cash pd. for expanses, going to Plans
tingdon, on O. 1). business, 1 64
" do. do. do. do. a 00
do. do. do. to. 2 79
" dm do. do. do. 3 1211
_ ._..
t. do. do. do, do. 2 63
" do To Huntingdon anal l'et'bg., 2 03
" do. expenses attending to o. d. busi. 160
" do. do do du 2 50
" do. do do do 2 05.
In, for visiting 0. 1). Paupers; 1 1211
. do. tar attending to o. door business, 1 ei
" dn. do do I 20
" dm . do. • do 2 20
" do. do 00 3 55
" do. do do 2 Ea., 1 37i
‘‘ do; do ' alp • 150
",;,,,,,, to Hunt., totittelial suit, 2 Co
" do. attending to 0. 1). Business,
. " do. du do • 1 tao
" Win. Christy, fur attending J. ller
-cilia,' . d. p., 2 :,t,
k J. r: Forbes, med. for Crawford o. p. luo
Be Dr. J. McCulloch, for visit to scull.
Chookbers, 0. d. 13.. • 2 30
do Daniel MeDuhey, for keeping It.
Chaunbers,o. d. p. 20 Oa
do IL Fester Mr keeping D. Zent, bal., I 121,
do Rob't Gill, for judgment on Esq'r
Snare's docket,
do John Simpson, for deliVering 3 put,
pers. to Huntingdon 2 03
do Wm. :Jordan, for deli, 7p. to P.ll. 350
do D. Snare, Esq., for otHeial fees; or—
ders Mr relief, Or., 1 SO
du Exp. dcliv. 1 pauper to State L. A., 15 It
do Cash paid for delivering pauper, 50
do do fur deliv. 3P. Walker tp., • 1 0
do du do 2 'Did tp., . 077
do do do P. from Huntingdon. 971
do do for sendingt, away paupers, 325
do do removing Slargi Hays team
Blair Co.•Alans House,
do Exp. for sending away pauper,
do du •do .do
do do for going to Harrisburg,
Its do for mauling away p.p.',
do Mrs. C. Framer for mash paid receiv
ilig and sending sway paupers,.
do F. 3 1 ,51155, 101 . . 01itling 'may proton
$779, , 77
Ily expensec fur sending away pauper, 2 25
.10. Port tor delivering I pauper, 5 5:
do. Expense., for removing i do. 6 -
.10. du. fur 1 raliper 10
die. Ex. Cr removing from Blair Co. A
house Cre.,,wol,
do. I). Teague, Esq., oliieial fees. ord. 44)
do. Ex. for removing pauper to ]louse, 100
do. T. Homey, delivering I pauper. 4 77
do. Ex. for going to Ilarrieldg and Lan ,
caster. &c., !' 17 941
do. A. 11arri,oit,Fs9., for Galan' re
it. EN. finr sending away pniiiier,
do. do.. . - •,
do. • do. 621
' do. Mrs. C. Fraker, stage fare for pan., 25
do. • do, • do. do. I 71,
do. John Grants for removing I pan., 67 , .,
do. St. I.n. As. keeping T. Conaway, (15 3s
do. do. do. P. Henderson, 32 57
do. do. do. W. :Wl:errant, 140 26
do. du.. do. T. Conaway, 44 05
do. do. do. J. Wiser,July 13, 62 19
do. do. do. do. wpm 21, 41 69
do. do. do. McFerran in full, 468
do. do. do. H. Henderson, :14 00
do. do. do. Jacob Wiser, 47 55
do. J. n. Hunter for socks for paupers, 200
do. Waterman & Young, 2 bbl. mock. I 5 50
do. W. Hart for hauling 0100. Isom river, 100
do. S. L. Glasgow, for do. ballance, 1 44
do. Drmbenhour for intllance.on beef. 47
do. David Knepp for beef; bal. debt '55, 4 . 20
do: S. D. Elliott for bacon. 24 Se
do. Samuel M. Eby for bacon; debt '55, 1 (if;
do. C. S. Elliott, bacon and op. batter, 710
do. do. do. per bill, 21 3$
42 (H)
4 56
1 00
OUTS T. , INBIN(; 1 , 1:131. IT TO J.INL
IRV Gth 1857.
1 85
1 3i
5 00
101 bus. wheat, 21 bus. buckwheat, 221 bus.
oats, 470 bus. corn in cars, 221 bus. potatoes,
1.1 ; bus. onions, 2
.bus. beets, Millis pork, 23
loads of hay, .1 loads en , fodder, 200 heads of
2 00
I 85
ARTICLES DIANUFA CT ('/:h'/) by the in
mute, ry'' the Parr Home the nat. 185 n.
47 dresses, 37 (loud., 33 aprons, 23 sun bon•
net, 1;3 pair sort., pair stool:lugs, 20 sacks,
1 , 4 skirts, 20 night caps, 07 shirts, 12 pair !nit.
tens, pair wen's punts, 7 pair
:1 buy a rouilubui,!a, 1 dos. towels, 17 haps, for
beds, 11 ehaff tieks, 21 sheets, 0 fthroxidsHl
has. dried apples, 1311 lbs hard soap, 350 gal.
soft soap, 050 lbs. or butter. 300 lbs. candles,
3 doz. bread basket, 42 split brooms, 15 corn
booms, St; axe handles, 12 real baskets.
~ T o CA: ON //A AP, fawner!, nth, 1857.
Y horses, I yoke of oxen, 7 tnilk cows, 14 Mock
cattle, 2 brooding Sows, 2 , stock hogs, 37 bus.
wheat, 10 lin, corn, 00 bus. oats, 14 bus. buck.
wheat, 120 bus. potatoes, IC tons of hay, 3
loads emit foddor, 1500 lbs. pork, 13110 lbs. bf.,
li tons stone coal, 1 wagon, 1 cart, 3 ploughs, 1
cultivator, 1 harrow, 1 windsnill, CO lbs. lard.
I :II 1:1:11I.11 IN!: IN THE POOl/
flow, 4 , 1! 11(4' 111/: .lawrtiril, IS5i,
.:2 males, 2tt l'enialed, aggregate, Gl. 8 of these
are mult, , r 10 carol age ; 2 tiom 10 to 20 ;
0 from 20 to :to t 10 front 30 to 10 ; 6 from 40
to 50 it from :t0 to GO ; 7 from 00 to 70 ; 11
loon nil 5 front ;• , 0 to 90.
N :,l a 27 were horn in
11untitG,;.lon Col. ; I C he who, in Penn'a ;
T in tito . rnittql Stat.,: .9 in Ireland;
1 in B,ollantl, :Ma 1 in Ans.
In (1 tn•ina•
I nelnded in the aim,: ii3t are I persons of
nix men, 1 woman and I boy.
INtiANJ 9, td:r. : 2 men and 6 women.
110 . 11 ', S. OA : m, , n234 women.
Iu trielitiony of the correctness, of the abov e
ae,ottats, We have hereunto set our hands,
this sth (ley of Febreary, A. 1). 1857.
K. L. 01O?,ENE, IrlittEuTuns
We the undersigned Auditors of the County of
Iluntingdon, do hereby certify that we have
I, Xit mined the orders, Ac., of tho Directors of
the Poor of sushi County, and find the same
together with the vouchers to be correct, as
ohm e stated. Witness one hands, this 5111
Cal• of February, A. D. 1e57.
P. MI MM.:,
WILL! \M Idnotzt.:,
Itch. 11, Disi.
jj-& it.ri
The Lost is Found;
C. McGILL wishes to inform his ..,
• friends and the public generally.
that he has bought the above-named
Foundry, Patterns, Flasks, and all its
contents, and from his long experience in the
business he hopes to obtain tt share of the public
patronage. As ho has the Foundry in full ope
ration, he can tarnish all who may give him at
call with all kinds of Castings ; such as Rolling
Mill and Forge Casting, Grist and Saw Mill
Casting, improved Thrashing Machine Casting;
and in a short time will have Cook Stoves of ra
nk/Ile size. , and improved patterns for wood and
coal; also ten-plato stoves, Air-Tight, Parlor,
itrolliar-room stoves, 01 .all sizes tbr.nood or
coal. Also Castings for house ; cellar grates ;
such as Lentels, Sills. Sash-Weights, &c. Plows
at every description of the latest and most im
proved style. Also steel soles, wagon boxes,
oven frames, large bells and cast water-pipos.
consisting of Kettles, Boilers, &c.. having turn
ing -lathes, he will be able to furnish any of the
above-named articles, either wood or iron ; and
be has all kinds of Castings too numerous to
mention, all of which will be sold cheaper than
crer for cash and all kinds of country produce.—
Also old metal will be taken in exchange ;breas
ting. Ilt u •ry up your old metal and country pro
duce when any articles are wasted.
A p,23,'A1;,1y•
.r. W. SA NTON arc now receiving their
Sv, owl Fall and Winter Stock of
ew and Fashionable Dry Goods!
is unnecessary, liut what ovary.
body say; must be true—anti everybody says
the Flue, to find the best assortment of Dry
(..”s l, in these fart's, is nt
24 :VI
ir hin,‘ Pk
I dee'd. i l
quail: mos,,ijeed Auditor, appointed
by the
j Orphan,' Court of Huntingdon County, to
distribute the balasiec ht the hands of Levi
Evans, Esq. and Samuel Yingling, executors
of the lust will and testament of William Flinn,
late of TA township, dee'd, amongst those
entitled therets, hereby gives notice to all per
sons interested., that he will attend for the pur
pose of snaking suitl distribution, ut the Regis
'ter's' ollice, in the borough of Huntingdon, on
Sati l wav the'lBlle of Alamos?, next, EA
clock, A. U., when and where all persons inter
e,tetl are required to present their claims to the
undersigned auditor or ho debarred from cora •
ing iu upons:;ssidfond,
7 N
1 75
1 or,
'1'111.14). I:I,,t2REMEI:. Atiditur .
I On
6 80
52485 684
$122 93