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    Cheapest eiJob Printing" nice i eon much to say, yet Truth to say it."
Zit WICII 4201X8IFY.
We hare note made such arrangements in our RECOLLECTIONS OF A LIFETIME,
Job Office as trill enable on to do all kinds of OR MEN AND THINGS I HATE SEEN IN EUROPE
Job Printing at 20 per cent. . • AND AMERICA.
cheaper rates •By S. G. GOODRICH. the veritable "Peter Par-
Than any Office in the County. i ley," author of "'Floe History of all Nations"
Give us a call'. li we don't give entire satislac. , Bcc., Sc. In two volumes, 150 pp. large I:MM.
Lieu, no charge at all will be made. ; 25 engravings, including an accuria, Steel
Portrait of the Author. Pi ice, Black or Scar
let Cloth, 13,00 ; Scarlet cloth, gilt edges $4;
Half molt, marble edges. 15,00; (lilt Edges, 17.
This work embraces the prominent public e
vents of the last halt ce n tury. both at home and
abroad ; a complete autobiography of the author
—his early days. education, and literary career;
and an amount of original curious, and veluable
personal incident, anteolute and descroption, sel
dom, if ever, met with in a single work. It is
the author's life-km; work, and nothing superior
if equal to it iii blended amusement and imtrucz
tion, hots ever been published. Mr. Goodrich is
the author and editor of 170 volumes, of which
seven millions of enpies have been sold ! and this
the great work of his life time, embodies the con
densed substance of his ample literary and prac
tical experience: the war with England in 1812-
14, in which Mr. Goodrich was a private soldier;
the Hartford Convention, whose operations took
place under his immediate observation, and with
most of the members of which he was personally .
acquainted. Embracing curious and interesting
details respecting old Jattarsonian Denmeracy,
Old Federalism, and Connecticut Blue bights;
curious and marvellous events connected with
lie rise and progress of religious sects in the
United States; with descriptions of the French
Revolution of 1838, and Louis Napoleuh's Coup
d'Etat, both of which the author witnessed.
Also, a full account of the 'Peter Parley's Tales,'
of ovlach four millions have been son!.
Is the ;course of the work will be found pen
and Ink portraits of over TWO Hundred celebra
ted persons—Presidents, Vit e-Presidents, Kings
Queens, Emperors, Soldiers, Poets, Wits, En
thusiasts, Physicians, Lawyers, Politicians, Dip•
loniatists, described from personal ac
quaintance or observation. Fur sale by
MILL CREEK, Hunt. Co., Pa.
Published by Dlillur, Orton & Mulligan. No.
25 Park Row, N. Y.
The undersigned will attend to drawing Wills,
1 Deeds, Mortgages, Articles of Agreement,
Leases, Letters of Attorney, Bonds, &d. He
will also arrange and state Administrator's ac•
counts and attend to the passing,of them hefote
the Register. All will be done in legal form, I
and good style, and at moderate charges. 1
Huntingdon, 20th January. 1867.—n
4.1101-IAN' COURT
la pursuance of an order of the Orphans'
Court of the county of Huntingdon, there will
be exposed to public sale, on the premises, on
Saturday the 14th of February next,
the following described real estate as the prop
erty of Henry Lightner, late of West township,
in said County, deed, to wit—
Five tracts of land, all situate in said town.
ship of West, bounded &c., as follows:
I. The Manion Farm of said dec'd bound
ed by lands of John Wall, George Wilson, Hi
rain Williamson, Jacob Winters, & others;
containing ninety four acres ai.d 48 perches ,
and allowance ; all cleared and under collies.
tion, and hating thereon erected a two story
frame Dwelling llouse, a Hash Barn and oth. ,
er buildings.
2. One other tract adjoining the above, lauds
of James Porter, the heirs of James Stewart,
John Wall, Jacob Witters, and Shaver's Creek
containing sixty, acres, 57 perches all cleared
and under cultivation.
3. One other tract, containing nineteen acres
one hundred and forty six perches, and alloy.
afire adjoining lands of B. Hartman, Robert
and William Armstrong nod the hanks ot Shil•
oar's Creek. ( About half an acre of thin
tract has been given off the upper end for a
4. A tract of woodland, adjoining land 3 cf
John Wall, Green and Dorsey and others, c
taining 62 acres nine perches and allowance.
6. An Inland in. Sliavet's Creek, near said
nineteen acre tract, containing about two
TERMS OF SALE:—Ono third the pur.
chase money to ho paid au confirmation of the
sale, one•third within one year thereafter with
the interest, and the remaining one•third at
and immediately after the decease or Margaret
Ligkmer widow of said dee'd the purchaser
paving to the said widow annually and reguinr•
ly 'during her natural life, the legal interest of
the said one•third part; to ho secured by the
bonds anl mortgage of the purchaser.'
Jan. 215t,'57,3t.
All persona indebted to Henry C. Walker,
either ay note or book account, will take no.
lice that they ore in my bands and that it will
be a matter of economy on their part to settle
the come in a reasonably short dine.
D. 1101:17, Assim,e
of H. C. Walker.
1110. Enogorga TIEJIMELIp
ittrtirnlg 0.1145 Psks
OFFICE removed to the rooms r , 77" . "44
Undjoining the residence of Dr. titft
R. Allison Miller, near the Pres. -
byterien Church.*
%len. 14, 1857.—tf.
The M. E. Church in Huntingdon will be de.
dicated to the service of Almighty God on Sun.
day, February the Ist, at 11 o'clock, A. M.
Services will be conducted by ilev's Bishop
Waugh, J. A. Collins, Dr. T. Bowman, J. Poi.
sal, and others. A cordial invitation is exten•
tied to preachers and people ofeetaigumis char
ges. D. SUOMI', Pastor.
Huntingdon, Inn. 14, 1867.
..ii. No. 12 Wood Street,
Cooking Stoves, Coal and Wood Stuves,l 4 arlor
Stance, Box Stoves, Hollow Ware, Plain and
Fancy Orates & Fenders, Sad nod Dog Irons,
Portable Forges, Sugar, Ten and Stove Kettles,
Wagon 110.3, &c.
N0v.•26, 1836.-Iy..
-_--Stray Heifer, .
A red heifer, supposed to he 1 year old last
spring, came to the plantation of the sulncriber,
living on the Raystown Branch, Juniata twp.,
Huntingdon County. The owner is requested
to come forward, prove property, pay charges,
and take him away, otherwise he will be dispa
sed of according to law.
IA ( Y.
TUB undersigned owners of the Huntingdon
Mill, heftiest farmers and the public general•
ly, that they now have their new mill in running
order, with all the modern improvements in the
water wheels and machinery.
They have pot in five of the Improved Jon.
val Turbine Water Wheels, and can grind in
all stages of the water, ana during the coldest
weather, any and all kinds of grain.
They are prepared to sell, and have on hand
for sale at all times, at market rates, all kind of
and tartx.ers can have their own grain ground,
and take it back in a return load, or they can
be furnished in exchange at ajuoment's notice
nu equal quantity of Flour 20 Bran or chop•
ped feed.
is ofas improved manufacture; and they will
insure a FULL TURN OUT of superior quail.
ty to every bushel of grain left at their mill.
N. B.—The Buckwheat stones aro not quite
Huntingdon, December 10, 1856.
Window •ash.
J. & W. Saxton have now on hand different
kinds of Window Sash, and at much lower mi
res than can be made by hand. They will be
able also to have Doors, Shutters, Blinds and
evaryikins neconaary for building purposes,
made it the nhorteet notion.
Encyclopedia of Animated Nature,
Lit lag Nature to all its Forms.
rPHE only book of its kind ever published,
I which gives Pictorial Representations and
Popular Descriptions of the History, Habits and
modes of life of all the classes of living beings
on the earth, in the ocean nod in the air. Uni
form retail price.
In One Quarto Volume 1350 Illustrations,
Muslin Gilt Back and Center, $3 00. The
Same—Marble Edge, Embossed Morrocco,
Gilt Bock and Center, $3 00. The Same
—Extra Red Turkey Morrocco, Gilt Edges
mid Fall Gilt Sides, $5 00
Books upon almost every other subject have
been circulated among the people, except those
relating to the very iutertstmg and important
one or Natural History. The books which hose
heretofore been published on this subject, have
been adapted, to mere children, or to those
who made it n thorough study. Hence, very
few or the millions of readers in this country
have, within their reach, anything satisfactory
upon this subject. This indicates a great and
au obvious want, as no subject is mere intense
ly interesting, and none more improving, than
that of the living beings that people the globe.
This want we ore confident we telly meet, in
the work we here otter to the public.
U'" Ibisßook is not for sale in Bookstores
but can he ordered from us direct, or &twined
nom our Canvassing Agents.
Published by Miller, 9rton & Mulligan, New
York, and liar sale be
MILL CREEK, Hunt. Co., Pa.
"So Library is Complete without it.
Testimony of Sixteen Thousand Pur-
Magnificent Work of History! A whole Libra.
ry in itself!
Gust $ll,OOO-70 Maps-700 Engravings.
From the earliest period to the present time,
the hirtory every nation, imeient mid mo
dern, being separatoli given. By S. G. Goon.
mutt, author ul several works of Ilistory, 'l'eter
l'al Ivy's Sc.
it is believed that the above Ivor:: will be re-
ry acceptable to the Atomic., it public. It is the
ninth of years of toll and lahor, assisted in has
researches hy several scholars of known atinilYf
and lies Leen gut up at a great expense by tae
propfieturs. Nu pains have been vpareil hi the
execution of the lilustratiuns and .slaps, which
are prepared expressly Mr thir work. Indeed,
all the other histutical writing of Mr. Goodrich,
sink into insignitieunee, when cuminireil to this,
the result in his riper and waterer yeti's. it is
notation' that one hundred dollars could nut
purchase the sante matter in any other slope
mid the publishers contidenally expect, in cousi
derstion of the great literary value or the wal k,
the large suns expended in preparing it fur the
pre., and the exeeeilingly moderate price at'
whiela it is colleted, that it will be favoring re
ceived by every lover of gosh books. Minty of
our first scholars, divines and gentlemen, who
brave examined the work, have giveu their un
qualified approbtaion end commendation, which
it richly deserves.
Usiii6rm Retail Prices,
In 1 vol. Turkey Mortceo, Marble Edge, Gilt
Back and Sides. $6,00
44 6 •4 fit Full
Gilt " " " 8,00
44 2 44 44 44 sf If 7 , 00
41 46 GI If Gilt "
and Full Gilt Sides, 10,00
. " Heavy Stamped Cloth, Sprinkled
Edge 6,00
!tinny of our Ageing having been told when
soliciting subscribers, shut this work would soon
ho sold in Itookstores, and at a reduced price,
we hereby give notice, es Sole Publishers of it,
it will not be sold in Bookstores at any price,
and will he uttered by our canvassing Agents
only, who have the sole right of sale in their re-
VileeliVO districts, except that where we have
not sppointed an agent, WS will send copies by
mail, postage prepaid, to any part of the United
Stow, upon receipt of thw retail price.
N.B.—The ono volume copies, weighing over
four pounds, cannot be sent through the mail,
but tho two vultune.copies can be mailed as two
Miller, Orton & Mulligan, Pub Halters, No. E 5
Park Row, N. Y. Fur sale by
MILL CELOK, Rum. Co., Pa.
Awl a largo assortment of other books may be
had, very low, by addressin,4
MILL CREEK, Hunt. Co., Pa.
'rho foregoing work, can be had of Goo. Berg
strasser only, who is tho Canvassing Agent for
this county, and wino will shortly call on tho
citizens of llia county.
J. k W. SAXTUN are now receiving their
Second Fall and Stook of
_ _
New and Fashionable Dry Goods!
Enumeration is unnecessary, but what every
body says must be true—and everybody says
the place to find the best assortment of Dry
Hoods, in these parts, is at
J. d.W. S 4 IXTON'S.
IN THE 1 rO . R the last three years I have been engaged
a: in a business k a1 , 79, ,,,, i n1 z.:7
i :xelf, und,
FOR THE THIRD YEAR t te corc b a r rat t i 71y,
h sum few of 8200 each, which a l v n e ' re tr g u e c ti
SEE THE RASE INDUCEMENTS I me at the rate of $2,000 to $3,000 par annum ;
TH N Henee'ere have the p leasure of en ' ii "d th i t t itl r l i iiP l" :a r t r o u" orig e n m g e : " ;„ ' ors t . 3 ...r ir t t r
nouncing that the collection of Works of :less, I am willing to give lull instructions in the
Art designed fur Distribution among the snip art to any person in the United States or Cana
scribers, whose names are received previous to des, who will remit me the sum of $l. lam
the 20th of January, '57, is much larger nod induced, from the success I have been favored
more costly than on any previous year. Among with, and the many thankful acknowledgements
the leading works in Sculpture—executed in I have received from those whom I have instruc.
the finest marble—is the new and beautiful tett, and who are making from $5 to $l5 per
Statue of the day at it, to give any person an opportunity to
Dr, : engage in'thiausine:as, which is easy, p easant,
46 T7CYDE) EIMPIIV" ' and - very profitable, at a small cost. There is
The Busts of the Three Great American States. Positively No Ilumnuo In the matter. Retaren
men, cos of the best class can be given as regards its
character, and 1 can refer to persons whom I
CLAY, WEBSTER, AND CALHOUN, ' hurt in,trurted, who will testify thin they are
Also the exquisite Ideal Bust, making from $5 to $l5 per day at the same. It
"SPRING." in a business in which either ladies or gentlemen
APOLLO AND DIANA, in marble, life size,
can engage, and with perfect case make a very
h andsome meemm s evere ' LA p i , in rations Together with the following Groups and . parts of New York State, Pennsylvania and
Statues in Carrara Marble—of the , Maryland, whom I have instructed are now me-
STRUGGLE FOR THE HEART; ! king from $3 to $6 per day at it. It is a gene-
Venus and the Apple ; Psyche; Magdalen ; re.l business, and but
. a few shillings is required
Child of the Sea ; Innocence ; I to start it. Upon receipt of S I, I will immei-
Captive Bird ;and Little Truant;
I ',rely send to the applicant u printed circular con-
With numerous works in Bronze, and a ccillec-
Wiring lull instructiona in the artwhich can be
perthctly underatood at onee.
ti. of several hundred PINE OIL PAINT- All letters must be addressed (post-paid) to
JAWS, by leading artists. A, T. PARSONS, 335 Broadway, New York.
The whole of which are to be distributed or Dec.24,'56.-4t.
allotted among the subscribers whose names
are received previous to the
when the distribution will take place.
Every subscriber of three dollars is entitled to
a copy of the splendid Steel Engraving, "Sat
urday Night," or, a copy of any of the follow.
ing $3 Magazines one year; also, a copy of
the ART JOURNAL one year, and, a Ticket in
the Annual Distrib u tion of Works of Art.
Thus, for every $3 paid, a person not only
gets a beautiful Engraving or Magazine non
year, but also receives the Art Journal non
year, and a Ticket in the Annual Distribution,
making four dollars worth of reaelina matter
besiues the ticket, by which a valuable painting
or piece of sta.uary may be received in addi
Those who prefer Magazines to the Engraving
'Saturday Night,' can have either of the follow
ing, one year: Harper's Magazine; Godg's
Lady's Bonk, United States :Magazine, hoick.
crbocker Magazine, G raham's Magazine, South.
ern Literary Messenger.
No person is restricted to a single sham--
Those taking five memberships, remitting 515,
ore entitled to six Etigra sings, and to six tick.
eta in the distribution, or any five of the Mag.
seines, one year, and six itekets.
Perseus, in remitting funds for membership,
will please register the letter at the Post Office,
to prevent loss; on receipt of which, a certifi
cate of Membership, together with the Negro
sing or Magazine desired, will be forwarded to
any part of the country.
Fur further particulars, see the November
Art Journal, sent free on application.
Fur membership, address
C. L. DERBY, Actuary C. A. A.,
3.48 Broadway, New York, or Western °dice,
Water Street, Sandutiky. Ohio,
Or WM. 13REWSTER, -Honorary ,Secretaey,
Huntingdon, Dee.3,'56,2m.
The Lost is Found;
RC. McGILL wishes to inform hiS
s friends and the ;Wine generally,
that he has bought the shove-named .4 4 9°,
Foundry, Patterns, Flasks, and all its
contents, and front his long experience in the
business lie hopes to obtain it share of the pniilic
patroit,,ge. As he has the Foundry in fall opc
colon, he can tarnish all cite may give bits a
call with all kinds of Castings ; such as nulling
Mill mid Forge Castilla!, Grist and Saw Mill
Casting, improved Thrashing Machine Casting;
and in a short titan will litre Cook Steers of va
rious tint , and improved patterns for wood and
coal; also ten-plate SOS tes, Air-Tight, Parlor,
n o Bar-room stoves, of all sizes for wood or
coal. Also Castings for house; cellar grates;
such as l.entels. Sills, Sash-Weights, dm, Plows
31 every description of the latest and most im
proved style. Also steel soles, wagon hones,
oven frames, large bells and cast water-pipes.
consisting of Kettles, Boilers, gic.. having turn
ing -lathes, lie will be this to furnish any of the
above-named articles, either wood or iron; and
he has all kinds of Castings tort numerous to
mtention, all of which will he sold cheaper than
ever for cosh Mal all kinds of country produce.—
Also old metal will by taken in excloinge 11...5-ting.
ting. Harry up your old metal end country pro
duce when any articles are wanted.
R. C. AteGILL.
. pr.23,'56.-Iy.
AMETHOD has long been sought for, to in.
sect in a duraile manner, Daguerreotype
Likenesses to Head Stones and Monuments,—
I have been manufacturing these Cases for the
last two years, and can warrant them to secure
the picture for a long number of years.
The outside case is made of Purian Marble
and the box which encloses the picture and
keeps it In a state of great preservation for a
long number of years, is made of brass,—a
sorest' box. It makes a very cent job on a
Bend Stone or Monument. They are used in
Greenwood Cernetry, Mount Auburn, Laurel
11111, and many other Cetnetries in the United
A liberal discount made to Marble Dealers
and Daguerreotypists. Price from $2,25 each
to $9,50. A circular of engravings will be
sent to any address, free, with price list. Ad.
A. L. BALDWIN, Agent of Mausoleum
Dag. Co., 335 Broadway, New York.
Dec. 3d. 1856-3 m.
Val& &BM 7/[10722
A New Assortment Just Opened !
And will be sold 80 per oent.
ROMAN respectfully in'ernis his custo
mers and the public generally, that he has
just opened at his store-room in Market Square
kluutingdon,a splendid new stock of Ready
Clothing for Fall and Winter.
which he will sell cheaper than the same quality
of Goods can be purchased at retail in Philadel
phia or any other establishment in the country.
Persona wishing to buy Clothing would do
well to call and examine his stock before purcha
sing &sew hero. Also,
flats, Caps loots and Mom
which will be sold lower than at any of Os
tabliklimint in the county.
Huntingdon Qrt. 8, 1886.
Has been removed to a large and commodi
ous room in the "Town Hall," and is open day
and evening for the reception of Students.—
The course of instruction, embracing Single
and Doable-Entry Book• Keeping, is accotupa.
tiled by daily Lectureson Commercial Sciences.
A department has also been opened which is
devoted to Penmanship, and is conducted by
Prof. Mouttisolv. of Pittsburg.
Lectures on Commercial Law, Ethics and
Political Economy aro delivered periodically
to the students by members of the Huntingdon
For any other particulars, address personally
or by letter 'l'. 11. POLLOCK, Principal.
Assistance given when required in opening
and closing books. [April 2,1856.-Iy.
VV just us easy tier any one to be around with
a pocket full as not, if thee only think so. I
have got a new article, fro m . whirl' from five to
twenty dollars a day can be made, either by
male or female. It is highly respectable bust.
ness, and an article whirls is wonted in every
family is the United States. Enclose tee two
dollars by mail, at my risk. and I will forward
by return mail a Circular, with full instructions
in the net. The business is very easy. Try it,
if you are out of employment, and you will no•
ver forget it ; for it will he better for you to pay
the above sum, and insure a good business,
than to pay twenty.five cents for a spurious ad
vertisement. This is no humbug. T y it!
75y it! Try it! Address your letters to
I sent one of my circulars to an Editor in
Georgia, and be gave me a notice in his paper
like the following:
"Mr. Monroe sent me one of, his,Circulars,
and I will just say to niy readers that whoever
of 3ou are out of employment thatSlr. Monroe's
business is a good business, and money can be
inn& out of it by ally one who engages in it,
fur it is no humbug."
RZIEIA@ aal2.
TX TE would offer for sole the following pro.
A fatal 'of 90 Acres, of land in Gernmy
Valley, Hunt. co., it being one half of the Fat m
formerly owned by Geo. Eby. Nearly all cleat
ed and in a hoe state „of cultivation. Choice
Limestone Land with House and Stable erected
thereon, with running water. miles front
Shirleysburg and 5 miles front Penna. Canal and
Railroad at Alt. Union.
Also 16 Acres of choice land adjoining the
above, on wide", is erected' two good Houses,
small Barn, Wood House, &c., with u never-fail
ing spring of good water. end tine Orchard, with
choice fruit. This is a very desirable property,
and would ho suitable for u mechanic, or nay
person desiring to retire from active life.
ALSO—A larni in Union Township, Hunt. co.,
containing 66 Acres, one half of which is
cleared, and the balance first quality of Timber
land, situated within one mile of the Penne Ca
nal and Railroad at Mill Creek.
Either of the above properties will he sold
low and on reasonable tertns, apply to the sub
scriliers at Mill Creek, Huntingdon Co., rit.
HESSLER & 13130.
ate Sale that valuable property, known as
Tll4lflaAl v
Situated in Cromwell Township, Huntingdon
County, about ten miles from the Statioe on
the Pennsylvania Railroad at Mount Union,
and the Pennsylvania Canal at the seine point:
In connection with this Furnace, is about SIX
THOUSAND acres of land; mostly timber
.principally rock oak and white oak.
There is a large vein of good Fossil Iron Ore
within 200 yards of the said Furnace ; a large
vein of Heinetite Ore about ono mile and a half
from it, and several veins not working. The
first two veins of fossil and hemetite are in good
working order. The furnace, also, is in excel.
lent working condition, and now in blast. It is
situated on the State nittl leading from Mount
Union to Chambersburg, and within half a
mile of the borough of Orbisonia, in the midst
of a good farming community, where produce
and labor are to be bad at moderate rates. The
stage between Chumbersburg and Mount Union
passes he same daily. This property affords
an excellent opportunity , to make money to any
person or persons wishing to engage in the
Iron business. The property may he purchas
ed either with or without tl.e Stock, and pos
session of the Ore Banks and Wood Cutting
will be given at any time, and of the Furnace
et. nr before the Ist of March, 1857. Turns
will be made easy. Application may be made
to R. B. Wigton on the premises, or John S.
belt at Spruce Creek, Huntingdon County.—
Any persons wishing to purchase arc invited to
come and examine the property, where every
information and satisfaction in tegard to the
same will be given. Any person wishing to ad
dress us by mail will direct to Orbisonia P. 0.,
Hellen County.
* " w North American & United States Ga.
zette, Blair County Whig, Laneaster Examiner,
Chambetaburg Reptalitory, Harrisburg Tele
graph (w,) insert four times and send bill to
this office.
Itssl•• A splendid lot. of Fancy and Striped,
Silks, French Merino,Cashinere, Lyonese Cloth,
Robes, Fan ty and Striped Delaines, Persian
Twills. Also, a handsome assortment of Col
lars, Undersleeves and Mitts, just received and
rm. We cheap, by .1. & W. SAXTON.
thade Gap, Huntingdon County, Pa.
W. H. WOODS, A. M., Proprietor & Prinoipi'.
J.A.SIIADE, Lecturer on.Analonigi llyileana, I RE, J. CAMPBELL, Leoturer on General
SAMUEL CAMPBELL, Au/slant Lifrrature,
JOHN M. CAUSLAND. Teacher in l'raparaiory :Department
THE annual exhibition will take place the hat Wednesday of October. Au address by the
1 Rev. D. X. Junkie, D. D., will be delivered before the Philo and Diaynathian Societies, at 2
is cluck, P. M. The Exhibitional performances will take place at 61 o'clock, P. M. The ex
eminations the week previous. These exercises the friends of education are respectfully invi
ted to attend. The next session opens on Wednesday, the 29th of October. This institution
holds out peculiar inducements to young men seeking an education. The Board of Instruction
is composed of gentlemen of high literary attainments and skilled in their profession. The lo•
cation is very healthy, having the pure mountain air, and free front all noxious vapors arising
from stagnant water and marshy ground. Those subject to ague could not find a more desire
ble place. The course of instruction is such as is best culuulated to prepare young men for
business, for teaching, and for taking a high stand in College. For those desiring to become
Teachers, a Normal Class will be faceted, in which practical inatruction will be given in the art
of Teaching. To this class, lectures will be given on the subject of Teaching. The tempts
tines to vice, idleness and dissipation are few. There in nothing to draw the mind of the Btu
dent from his books, it is quiet nod retired, just such a situation as a young man desirous of
improvement would seek. The societies are in a flourishing condition, and each has a flee li•
brary of choice works. The buildings are large and commodious, an additional building is in
the course of erection, which will be finished this fall. Shade Gap is situuted ou the mail
route between Chatnberaburg and Mount Union Station ou the Penn. Rail Road.
TERMS ,--For Session of five months, $52 50. Washing, light, nod fuel, extra. Students
arc charged from the time of entering until•the close of the Session. Payments half in ad
vance, balance at the middle of the session. For catalogues and further particulars, address
Shade Gap, Hunt. Co., Pu.
September 17, 1856.-3 m.
'46 4.
Colds, Coughs, mid •--
MI1:4111U.D, MASS., 20th Dec., 1815. b.,
Dn. J. C.
Ann:Dn.J. I do not hesitate loony •-•
the best remedy I have over found for 'P.
Coughs. Ifoorseness. Indust", mid the -
concomitant sy:up:minor e, .Id. is your
Cttrnnr l'ArroltAl.. Its constant Ilan Ms ,
my practice and my family for toe lest
ten yours has slioivo it to possess sups. •
clot virtues for the treatme n t of those
... I.,01D•
complaint. ElitlN 001011 T. M.D.
A. U. 31 , 1iTLEY, Leo., of UTICA, N. Y., writes: "I have
mood your PICIORAL myself and lo my family ever since
you Invented It, and believe it the heat medicine for IM
minima ever put ont. With a bed cold I should enamor
ray twenty.fiee dollars for a bottle tium do without it, or
take any other remedy."
Croup, Whooping Cough, Influenza,
'Bll4 - Norm Feb.
litnoru, Aran: I will elmerfally certify yotikycerosAL
I. the bed remedy we pomwm for the cure ortneoping
Ough, Crtmp, awl the chest ilimaames of ehildreo. We of
pour II:Worldly In the South appreeiato your skill, and
f 01,11110111.1 gout meilleitio to our people.
ilod LEE, EN.,Monsual. lA., writes, Jait.,l9L6:
5 1 had n tedlowi laftitimmt, which confined me in door.
wzekst took idea): medicines without relief; finally
h PEPTOttAL by the advice of onr clergyman.
The first done relieved the wearied 15 toy thrimt nod,
Inugn: la. than otie half the bottle made the completely
Your p the as well am the Lest
WU fall hay. and we esteem volt, Poctor , and your rem>
dlem, am the poor man'. Menlo
Asthma or rhthyde, and Bronchitis.
W , ar MANCITI6I , IIicI: PA: Feb. 4,1858.
SIR You . CIIRRIVIr PLITOI:Al. if pet forming marvellous
cures in this section. It has relieved neveral from alarm•
ing symptoms of consumption, and Is now curing n nuns
who ims labored under sa affection of the lungs for the
lad forty yen.. HENRY L. PARKS, Merchant.
A. A. HAMMY, M.D., Ateme, Moan. Co., lows,
writes. Sept. S. 1853: During my practice of nteny yours
I have found 110thIlIZ equal to your PRCTORAL SR
giving ease and rear to consumptive patients, or curing
such us ar, curable."
We might add volumes of evidence, but the most con
vincing proof of the virtues of this remedy Is found in its
effects upon trhtl.
rrobsbly no one remedy has over been known which
cured so many and such dangerous cases ne this. Some
no human aid ran reedit but oven to those the CUM.
PLOTORAL affords relief end comfort.
Anon !loom. Nrw Yong err, hfarsb 6, 1866
Dome AUL LOWELL: I feel It ts duty and a plowman
to inform you what your CURD. PECIOEIL has dune for
nty wife. She h.I been five months laboring under the
&ingot.s sYmptoms of Commtuptiom from which uo wid
we COllld procure gave low much relief. She wee steadily
(ninny,. milli Dr. Strong. of this city. where we have come
for advice, recommended a trial or your medicine. N 1
blew Maintains, a. w e do yesr shill, fl site has rvmr•
tired from that day. She Is not yet as strong as ells used
id So. but Is free front /tor 0,1,41. mad rolls buried( usil.
Yours tt lib gratitude and regard,
ORLANDO 811}}1111', or Eitethrmer.e.
Onmemplivrt. do not despair till you lame Riot Area's
CTIZDRY Petwoont. It In male by one of the beet
chemist'ln the world, and its cores all ground to bespeak
the hie. write of its virtllCS.. PARadrlphia !Adger.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
pint seloneee a Chemistry and }Mich. NMI Leen
taxed their utmost to produce this beat. meet perfect
pergntive which in known to man. lnneuteruldn penufs
.0 /Mown that Untie PILLS haft virtues which wpm in
excellence the ordinary medicines. and that they win un
procedentedly upon the eateein of all men. They aro eon
awl pleasant to Intro, toot powerful to 0110. Their pear.
tinting propertie. ntinin late the vital act rifle. of the body,
remove the obstruction. of ite organs, purify the blood,
and expel titmouse. They purge out the fuel humors which
brood and glow distemper, stimulate eleggish or diner
tiered organs Into their natural action. and impart b welt b y
tone with strength to the whole .) elem. Not only do
they cure the every day complaints of every body, bet
also hernitioble and dangeroun dieewne that have bottled
the hest of human skill. While they produce powerful
effects. they ore at the same limn, in diminished deem. the
mfest end bent physic that can be employed fur children.
Doing sugar-coated, thee aro pleasant to take; and being
purely vegetable, are free from toy Oak of harm. Cure.
have been made which iturpaas belief were they not enb
etantioted by men of such exalted petition and clutracter
as to forbid the mispicion of untruth. 'Many ornincut
otergytnen and pliplelons have. lent then names to feed
fy to the public the reliability of my remedies. while oil,
ern have sent me the oweirance of their conviction that
my Preparation. contribute immensely to the relief of III)
afillcted, sulfuring fellowmen.
The Agent below named im pleased to ferniel, grnti. nay
American Almanac, euetoi Meg direction. for their use and
eortillcate. of their corm, of the following complaints
Coettvenem. Bilious Complain., Ithenntatism,
}northern, Headache arising from a foul Stomach, Noll.
sea. Indigestion, Alorbill !Diction of the Dowels and Pain
tuning therefrom, Vlatulency, Lose of Appetite. All I:41,
on. and Conned. Dienewee which require an evncnant
Medicine, Scronla or King's Evil. They also, by puffy
bog the blood and Mho elating the aysteni, cure mem
complaints which It would not lie sepposett they trout.
teach, such w Deafness, Partial Illindeem, Netunials end
Nervous Irritability, Derangement. of the idver awl lib,
nays. Gout. and other kindred complaint. arising front n
low elate of the belly or oleiftectibe of It. (Unctions.
Do not be pet off by unprincipled dealer. with sooty
ether pill they make more profit on. Aelt for At We
PILL., and take nothing else. No other they eon ate..
yon coMparee with tide in Its intrlnele value or meanie
porters. The sick want the beet aid there in for then,.
and they should have it.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. ATER,
Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Ilan
Puce 25 Cm. en Pin. tom Bona coo $l.
JOHN READ, Huntingdon, awl dealers in
medicine everywhere.
October 15:1856,-Iy.
No. 191 North Third Se., above Wood, TMla.
ary, Jujube Paste, Gum Drops, Chocolate
Drops, Brandy Drops, Liquor Bottles, Jelly
Cakes, Czeam Chocolate, Freuch Tcys, White
Sugar Toys. &c., &c.
Oranges, Lemons, Raisins, Currants, Citron,
Figs. Dates, Prunes, Almonds, Walnuts, Fit.
bees. Cream Nuts, Ground Nuts, Fire Crack
ers, Syrups, Tamarinds, Liquorice; Rock Can.
dy, &c., &c.
The attention of Dealers is roqested to an
examination of my stock, which will be found
equal to any in Philadelphia.
• N. B.—Orders by mail or otherwise prompt.
ly attended to.
A ug.6,'58.—1y.*
500 cb"""cTIVNIIP4°Abi.
Prospectus for 1851.
T 11 E
Establislied August 4th, 1821,
rpliE publishers of this old and firmly
established paper take pleasure in calling
the attention of the public to their progt AMMO
fur the coming year. Surfeited with politics,
[ the claims 0' literature will be more than evet
[ appreciated by the reading world. We have
therefore already made arrangements with the
following brilliant list of writers:
William Dewitt, of England, Alice Cary, T.
S. Arthur, Mrs. Southworth, Augustine Dugane,
M. A. Denison, the Author of 'Zillah,' &c.
We design commencing, in the first number
in January next, the following original novelet:
Tallengetta, or the Squatter's Home. By Wm.
Howitt, author of “Rural Life in Englund,"
"Homes of the Poets,"
This is a st or,. of A'ustrallan Life, Mr. Hewitt
having visited Australia expressly wills the ob.
ject of acquainting himself with the novel and
run:untie aspects under which nature and nixie•
ty present themselves in that singular region.
The following noveleta will then be given,
though probably not iu the exact order here
mentioned :
The Story of a Country Cid. By Alice
Cary. An original Notelet, written expreeelv
fur the Putt. . . .
The Withered Head. An original Nor,:let,
written expressly for the Post, by T. S. Arthur.
Lighthouse Island. An original Wavelet, by
the author of "My Confession," "Zillah, or
the Child Medium," &c.
The Quaker l'rotege. An origival Navelet,
by Mrs. M. A. Denison, author of "Mark, the
Sexton," "Home Pictures," &e. . .
An 'Original Auld. By Augustine Da.
gaunt., author of "The Lost in the Wilderness,"
Se., is also in course of preparation ti r the
Wo have also the promise ct a Short and
Condensed _Yorelet, by Mrs. Southworth, to run
through six or eight numbers of the Pest.
addition to the above list of contribu
tions, we design continuing the usual amount
of Foreign Letters, Original Sketches, Choice
Selections from all sources, Agricultural Arti
cles, General News, Humorous Anecdotes,
View of the Produce and Stock Markets, tho
Philadelphia Retail Markets, Bank Note List,
Editorials, &c., &e., oar object being to give a
Complete Record, as far as our limits will ad
mit, or the Great World.
INORA VINGS.—In the way of Engravings
we generally present two weekly—cue of an in.
structive, and the other of a humorous charac•
The Postage on Iho Post to any putt of the
United States, paid quarterly in advance, at
the office where,' t, is received, is only 26 cents
a year.
Terms (Cash in Advance) Single Copy e 2 a
4 copier, $3,00
" and one to getter up of Club, 10,00
14 " " " " " " " 15,00
20 11 16 16 11 66 14 if .1 20;00
Address, always postpaid,
No. 66 South Third Street, Philadelphia.
scirStlmple Number sent gratis to any one
when requested.
rEditors publishing the above a few times,
will bo entitled to nu exchange ono year.
11'211.6 mirna r-Bck-D3
(; 11 : 1
w N:
3 1 1
s G o A c 1% ,, & d
..t ll oc l . J k li o l j a n n s c lre l v in iv t e e d r
Gout's, consisting of .
Dry Goods, Hard -wale. Groceries,
Queens ware, Cedar-ware,
Hats, boots and shoes.
Crockery-ware, stone and eartkea
Ready Dlade . Clothing always an hand',
and in short overythiug that is usually kept in n
country store.
kept constantly fur Sale. . _
Call and examine our Goods undjedge for
All kinds of country produce token in ex.
change for Goods at the highest marker prices.
The highest market pikes paid for all kinds
of Grain.
Proraptattrontion paid to storing and forward.
ing all kinds of merchandise. pro,luca,&c.
11 untingdon, Nov, 14, i boll. •
Huntingdon ;AM • Foundry.
L thod of informing their friends and the pub
lic generally, that they have rebuilt the Hunt
ingdon Foundry, and are now in successful sp
esekion, and are prepared to furnish casting of
all kinds, of the hest quality on the shortest no
tire and most reasonable. terms.
Farmers are invited to call and examine our
Ploughs. We are manufacturing the Hunter
Plough., (this plough took the premium at the
Huntingdon County Agricultural Fair, in IBM)
also Hunter's celebrated Cutter Plough, which
can't he heat, together with the Keystone, Hill
side, and Harshear Ploughs. We have ou hand
and are manufacturing stoves, such an Cook,
Parlor and office stoves for coal cr wood.
consisting of Kettles, Boilers, Skillets, &c., nil
of which will be sold cheap for cash or in ex
change fur country• produce. Old metal taken
for new castings. By a strict attention to busi
ness and desire to please, we hope to receive a
share of publ.ic patronage.
The Xansas Question. Settle i
D Y latest arrival from the East, the sntscri•
have just received and are now opening
the largest and most judicioualy selected assort.
meat of •
over brought to Huntingdon. Our Meek on,
abate in part, of
Building Material,
nab o bs locks, hinges, screws, bobs, glish oik4
and paints, (White lead, fire proof and tine
Mechanics' Tootle,
in great variety i including many new invea
tions and late improvements.
••• • • • • - •
We invite the attention of Saddlers and
Coach•makers to our large and splendid stock of
Saddlery & Coach Trimming
such as saddle.trecs, gig•trees, self-adjusting
pad trees, haulms, of 20 kinds, latest styles of
buckles, stirrups, &c. girthing flog skins, pa
tent and enameled leather, enameled muslin,
conch lace, hubs. spokes, fellows, shafts, spring',
axles. Ice., Sc.
Ladies and housekeepers generally, will find
it greatly to their advantage to call and exam•
in e our new stock of silver and common spoons,
fine table cutlery, scissors, hollow.ware, lamps,
patent sausage grinders, and all other house
furnishing goods ; including many new and use•
In our recent purchases, we hare bought at
such rates as enable us to sell even lower than
heretofore. No charge for showing goods.--
All orders promptly attended to.
October Bth, 1856.
New Goods t New Goods tt
0. P. GSM'S CtiF tP STORE.
D. P. Gwin has just received from PMWeb.
phia a large and beautiful assortment of
consisting of the mon fealtionable Dress Goods
for Ladies and Gentremen, such ea Black Silks,
Chameleon & Fancy Silks, French Merinos'',
All Wool de Lains, Persian Twills, Coburg
Clai, Level's Cloth, Alpacea, Dobai:, Madon
na Cloth, Wool Plaids, and nny quantity of
Fancy Delains. Prints of any description. .
ALSO, n large lot of dress Trimmings, dress
Buttons, Bonnet Silks, Ribbons, Gloves, Mitts,
Ilosiery, Laces, Veils, Collars, tinderslecres,
Chimusetts, Mohair head dresses. Gum Belts,
Whalebones for Skirts, Silk snd Linen Hose,
French Working Cotton, Fall and Wool Shawls,
and u variety of Fancy Goods ton numerous
to mention.
Also, Cloths, black and blue, black.and fancy
Cassimer. Cassinets, K. Juana, Yostings, Flan
nels, Wt. Red and Yellow, Sack Flannels of all
colors, Canton Flannels, Cotton Drills, Nan
keen, Linsey, Muslim., bleacheland unbleach
ed, Tickets, Checks, Table Diaper, Woolen and
Linen Table Covers,Sheeiing Muslin 2i.yarms
wide, Woollen Coats, Caps and Comforts,
Woolen yarns of different colors.
Silk Bonnets of the latest styles of every color.
Largest assortment in town and at prices that
cannot be beat.
Hats & Caps, of elle lama btylos,
Boots and Shoes, FIAILDWA.RII,
QIIIIENSWAS3.II , Bnekets, Tubs, Bas
kets, Oil Cloths. Groceries, alike best
quality, Salt and all goods usually Isksrt in a
country Store.
My old customers, and as many new Ones as
can crowd in are respectfully request.; to came
and examine my goods No charge for looking.
All kinds of Country produce taken in ex
change for goods, at the highest market prices.
Oct. 8, 1856.
Gas Gas-Lights are Coming
04 bi117C352 0
But with an entirely new and well assorted stock
and every other nyticlo usually kept in a coun
try store. We have one of the best selected
stocks of DIRT GOODS ever otter' d to the
citizens of this place and vicinity, and are deter
mined to sell lower than can be purchased east
ofthe Allegheny. Give us a call and he eatie
fled of the fact. We will sell our old stork at
cost, Don't forget to call at the Metropolitan
before purchasing at any other House. We also.
purchase Ind more Grain, and it is admitted by
all that we have the safest place of unloading in
town. All kinds of produce taken in exchange
for Goods.
Prot. IleGrath% Great Electric 011.
New HAVEN, May 19th. 1958.
Prof. DeGrath—My brother has been dist
three years. After trying tunny things, be used,
your Oil a few times and it cured him entirely.
Ctrs sone It. &sorrow.
Ask Mr. Scranton, who afterwards bought
$5O worth to sell. My Electric Oil reniesell
all pain at once, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, ate.
Afflicted 13 years and Cored its one week!
Read letter from Rev. Jewett Temple
June 9th, 1836.
Prof. DeGrath—l have been afflicted 13
yeara with Neuralgia and other very painful .
complaints, and 1 have been unable to 'leap,
soundly or walk any distance for many pars,
past. Last week I got a bottle of your "Elec.
trio Oil."' The first night I slept soundly and
well, and. to-day lam like a new man. My
wife could not believe her eyes. Your Elec
tric Oil has done in one week what the physi
cian of Philadelphia failed to do in 13 years.
Gratefully, yours, Rev. Jeans TEMPIA.
310 South at.
Call and see other certificates and names of
thousands I have cured for three yearn past.—
The public for safety, must not believe mines
tors and imitators of my oil. My Depot is at
the same old place 39, South Eighth street, and,
not removed, as a base scamp advertiaed, who
is afraid to publish hie real name.
I refer to 3,000 Philadelphians who have
used my Oil—and all real Electric Oil ever
sold has my name blown in every bottle. All
others are cheat.. All orders must be address.
John Read Agent, Euatingdort.
Nov. 26, 1836-3 m.
Cooni Ouse I and Gel Good Bargains II
J. & W. SAXTON hare received from the ere•
tere cities au asNortinent of Silkr, Shari.,, Tal
into, Dicas Goals aid Etubroiderien. They
ha%,• aioploi tbo• motto--"nui.l.. ,elpq an•k