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Statement of the affairs of thilioringh
of Huntingdon, for the year 1856.
DR. •
To amt. of cash rec'd from Collectors, $1348 24
" circa, and exhibition licenses, 200
{I rceil from Catholic Church, 83 08
By amount paid out on orders of the
Burgesses. No. 123 to 220, 1388 43
Amount of receipts over disbursein'ts, $54 89
To amount of cash received from Col
lectors from the 9th April. 1853, to
the let Jan. 1857,
By balance due Treasurer, 9th April,
1859, 16 71
By amount paid out on orders
No. I to 220, including Trea
surer's salary to 9th Jan. 18-
57, 3 years and 9 months. 2361 37 2377 78
Balance in hands of Treasurer, Ist Jan,
John Snyder. Collector, amt. of his
Duplicate for 1855, $lOl2 74
Amt. paid on uce't. of some, 733 70 279 04
J. M. Simpson, Collector, amt, of his
Duplicate for 1856, $1571 70
Amt. paid en ace% of same, 557 08 1014 62
Total amount duo on Duplicates, $1293 66
Expenditures during the year 1536.
For labor done in 1855, $324 34
For material furnisli'd in 1854
and 1855, 29 56
For labor done in. 1856, 95 901 449 801
For labor done in 1855, 15 94
Far Prothonotary's fee for en-
tering lien, &c.
On account of purchase of addition to
Oravo-yard. 1855. 207 76
'W. P. °Thistle, Esq., for draw-
1 22} 17 16i
ing deed for same. 1855. 4 00
Win. K. Rnhm, for making
fence. 1850. 2 25 214 01
For repairing Plieenim Engine, 1854,
30 70
72 00
Same, 1855,
For rent of Phenix Engine
house, 1856. 7 92 110 62
On account of Ire es planted in Smith
street in 1855. 77 50
For hauling, lumber, plan—
ting and boxing said trees, 74 75 152 25
T. K. Simonton, for freight on Hay
Scale. 9 50
.1.51. Simpson, for keeping bore' bull,
up to llith March 1856. 35 00
John A. Nash. for 1855 and 1856, 5 75
Wm. Lewis, do. do. 6 00
John F. Ramey on net for 1855, 55 30
John H. Easton, chainbearer, do. 6 25
Samuel Coats, do. do. 8 50
K. M. King, flagman, 6 25
Peter C. Swoope, Regulator, 400
Samuel S. Smith, 500 S 5 30
Thomas Cannon, Ass't Assessor for
1854, 1 00
T. Cannon, Assessor for 1855 9 33
A. U. Crowit, Ase't. As, 1855, 300 13 33
S. S. Smith, Town Clerk, 1854, 20 75
John Africa, Supervisor, 1854, 15 18
John Bumbaugh, do. 1835, 84 37
J. Murray Simpson,do. do. 7 87i
Wm. Steel (on sc't),lo. 1856, 10 00
Judge and Clerk of election, 1856. 2 00
A. S. Harrison, Esq., for administering
oath of Gillett, 1856 2 00
John Scott, Esq., for professional ser
vices, 1854 100 00
A. Willoughby, balance due him as o
verseer of the poor,
Dr. J. IL Dorsey, salary as Physician
up to April let, 1855.
For carpenter's work, 1855,
Eergans and Grim, blacksmithing, '5l
For merchandise, 1855 & 1856,
$l3BB 43
To A. Willoughby balance on grave
yard, 1855 200 00
To W J. Young for surveying
instruments, 1855 170 00
To Abbott & Co., for bay scale 140 00
On orders issued and unpaid, 358 89i
To Taylor & Cramer for hedg
ing & planting trees in grave
yard, and sundry persons for
labor. Amount not known. 00 00
$B6B 89
JACOB MILLER, Treasurer.
J. StatreoN AFRICA, Secretary.
Thuningtion,January Ist, 1857.
.... _ .. .
The fallowing named persons have filed their
petitions in the office of the Clerk of the Court'
3f Quarter Sessions of Huntingdon, for licenses
to keep Taverns and Eating Houses, &c., to be
presented on the second Monday and twelfth
day of January, for the consideration of the
said Court to wit:
Inns or Taverna.
Patrick McAteer,
Mary Ann Huey,
Ealing Houses.
•Christian Snyder, Huntingdon Boro'
John Holmes, ,• Alexandria Born',
Moses Heilner, Tod Tp
Clerk's tYke, 1 M. F. CAMPBELL,
Dec. 17, 1856. J Clerk
Of the National Safety Company.
Walnut Street, South West Corner Third Street,
Morrie Tp.
Alexandria Bor.
Incorporated by the State of Penn-
Money is received in and corn large or small
audinterest paid from the day of deposit.
The Office is open every day, from 9 o'clock
in the morning till 7 o'clock in the ay/tiling, and
on Monday and Thursday evenings, till 9 o'clock
All sums large or small, are paid back in gold
on demand without notice, to any ;mount.
President, Hon HENRY L. BENNER,
Secretary, Wm J. REED.
Henry L. Benner, C. Landreth Manus,
'Edward L. Carter, F. Carroll Brewster,
Robert Selfridge. Joseph B. Barry,
Samuel IL Ashton, Ben. L. Churchman,
James B. Smith. Francis Lee. •
The investments of the Fond now amounting
to more than ONE MILLION of dollars, in accor
dance with the act of incorporation are made In
Alm tgages, Ground Rents, and in such first-class
securities as must always insure perfect security
to the depositors, and place beyond all risk the
permanency and stability of this old and well
established Institution.
Feb. 00, 1856.
Ai'failrE ---.. 1T -...."...
Willattend to all business entrusted to:him. Of
fice nearly opposite the Court House
May 5, '53
DR. D. a. GOOD,
Haying located in Petersburg, Huntingdon c 0.,,
Pa— respectfully otTers his professional services
to the citizens of that place, and surrounding
November 19, 1896.—m..
L EAD PIPE rot gale at the Hardy/rue Store of
Perfidy of no Accountwitit a Jesuit!
$1443 a 2
The most startling developments are being . "
brought to light in different sections of our
country, showing the manner in which the so
called Democracy have eected their President
and the means resorted to. The mails have
been stopped, votes illegally polled, &c., &c.
In this county, the lowest and most startling
tricks have been perpetrated, and the system
of mail depredation carried to an alattning en
tent. The postmaster in Huntingdon Borough
—William Lewis—has been playing a high.
handed game in one matter, and wo hope, for
the sake of justice, that sympathy will not so
far work upon the feelings of the gentlemen
who have his case in hand, as to induce them
to let hint go unrebuked and unpunished. We
give below a copy of one of his letters, now in
possession of one of our, most excellent citi
zeus. We copy it verbatim. ,Read it
2391 81
$l4 03
Post Office, Huntingdon, Pc.
Nov. 3d, 1856,
P. M, Coffee Run.
You will give Mr. - ALL
office for the (Jim beyond it.
Paradise Furnace, Dlittblenseille Three Springs.
Tho story invented, that it was to hasten on
the American newspaper's circulars, urging all
Americans to vote the semi yhtout Fillmore
tickets is simply untrue ; Mr. Cillam informs
us that according to these instructions to deli
ver "all printed mail matter," he gave up all
in the office, and all "printed mail matter" was
taken, with the exception of a bundle of the
American newspaper's circulars! Now, if the
circulars were the articles William Lewis the
Postmasters, wished to have sent on with speed
why, should they be the only articles left?
The note as published in last week's Hun
tingdon Globe, is not correct, as will be seen
by comparing it with the eriginal. The above
is a correct copy as taken from the order note
in good hands.
The laws of the United States speak in cm
phatic terms. Hear t
"If any person employed in any department
of the pout office shall improperly keep, detain
or delay any newspaper, or permit any other
person to do it, or permit any other to open
any mail, o• parka qf newspapers, NOT DI
13 EMPLOYED, for every such offence he
shall forfeit fifty dollars. And if any person
shall take any mail of newspapers from or out
of any post office, or from any person having
custody thereof, he shall he imprisoned at hard
labor for a term of three mouths."
11 75
"ir any person shall take with or without the
consent or the person having custody thereof
any packet from any post office,* * such of•
fernier shall be imprisoned for not less than 2
nor exceeding 10 years."
" Every person who shall advise or assist in
perpetrating any nets by this Act forbidden.
shall he subject to the same penalties an if he
were the actual transgressor.
"The Huntingdon Journal was issued as ta.
sual on Wednesday."—Hunt. American u/ the
12th inst.
"The Journal and Globe editions were mail•
ed in the Huntingdon office, on Wednesday af•
ternoon."—Hunt. Globe 12th inst.
30 00
I 75
5 55
5 391
Now this proves the old adage, one lie pro.
duces another. To prove these gentlemen mis
taken, we have only to produce the following :
hereby certify that a part of the edition
of the Huntingdon Journ al was worked otf on.
Monday, November 3d. and mailed the same
day. The remaining part of the edition was ,
printed on Tuesday morning, and put in the
Ace of Huntin don, in time for both mails.
Huntingdon • Nov.'lB, 1856. W. MILLER.
Now this certificate proves conclusively that
Mr. Lewis has criminally kept back the Journ•
els in his office, for one day—after the election
or, that he is telling a deliberate untruth ; we
cannot say which, but it must be one or the
•other. Here is the law, relative to this case,
which we give without charge.
"If any person employed in any of the de.
partments of the Post Office Establishment
shell unlawfully detain, delay, or open, any let•
ter, packet, &T., with which he shall be entrus•
ted, or shall come to his possession, and which
are intended to be conveyed by post, ' 1
every such offender, being convicted, shall be
fined not exceeding three hundred dollars, or
imprisoned, not exceeding six months, or both
according to the offettee."
. -
"It any postmaster shall unlawfully detain
in his office any newspaper, &c., with intent to
prevent, the arrival and delivery of the same to
the person or persons to whom such newspaper
&c., may be directed, or if any postmaster
give preference toany newspaper over another
forwarding the one and retaining the other, on
conviction thereof he shall be fined not over five
hundred dollars, and imprisoned for a term not
exceeding six months, and shall forever. there•
after be incapable of holding said office in the
United States."
No. 26, South Second Street, Philadelphia.
Impovter, Manufacturer, and Dealer in Drugs,
Medicincs, Chemicals,
and American White ZINC,'
Glassware, Varnishes, Brushes, Instruments,
Ground Spices, Whole Spices, and all other
articles usually kept by Druggists, including
Borax, It.digo, Glue, Shellac, Potash, Ac., Ac.
All orders by mail, or otherwise promptly at
tended to. Country merchants are invited to
call and examine our stock before purchasing
elsewhere. Goods sent to any of the wharves
or railroad stations. Prices low and goods war•
Are you guttering with the Piles, inwardly
or outwardly?
Rao, use Dr. Duprieg' Celebrated Remedy.
Warranted to cure in all cases.
The above is the only remedy that has ever
cured effectually. City references and testi
monials given. •
If you have the Piles inwardly, ask fora box
of Dr. D.'s Pills—only 50 cents.
If you have the Piles outwardly, ask for a
box of Dr. D.'s Ointment—only 50 cents.
For sale by JOHN READ, Huntingdon, Pu.
June 4, '56.
A lir.. of Anthricite Coal just receive an d
`tfor sate by Cunningham & Dunn.
Robert Wilson vs William Foster's Ex'rs.
1). I'. Shoenberger vs A. P. Wilson ' Esq., et al.
Stevens for use of Myton vs Smith & henry.
John Fleming vs B. Blair. et al.
John Miller vs Andrew Smith.
Thomas Clark's heirs vs Brison Clark.
George McCrum vs Thomas Wilson,
jsabella Ilirst vs John Rim & J. Carmont.
)avid Grow's Adners. vs Abednego Stevens.
David Whitesel vs Andrew Walker.
George Otenkirk vro E. Mien.
Sterling & Alexander vs Bracken, Stitt & Co. I
Jacob 11. Sex vs Samuel Caldwell.
John 11. Wheeler vs Moses Greenland.
Isaac Wcolverton vs James Irvin, et al.
Marquands vs. Peun'a R. R. Co.
Landis & Molson vs John Snyder.
James Bell vs John S. hillier,
John Savage vs Reed &
John Penn Brock vs John Savnge.
John G. Orlady vs John Gahbs•
Anthow P. Wilson vs M. Buoy.
John Leo vs Joseph P. Moore.
Geo. W. Pheasant vs R. II: Posed.
Michael Quarry vs Wise & Buchanan.
Patrick Kelly vs l'enn'a R. R. Co.
George Lane vs Michael Hawn.
John Penn Brock vs John Savage.
Nicholas C. Decker, vs Boat & Buckingham.
Henry D. Moore, et al vs John Savage.
Elizabeth Keith vs Price & Keith. -
Leonard Weaver vs Lock & Snyder.
A Patterson vs J. S. P. & W. W. Harris.
Saxton for use vs Couch, Reed & Co.
Jacob Cresswall vs R. H. Powell.
Crownover vs Cummin's Adm'rs., et al.
John Dougherty vs Abraham Taylor.
Weiler, Kline & Ellis vs Christeiu Coats.
Miller & Rinehart vs Burns & Bogle.
tioshorn & Eby for use vs Dr. Robert Baird.
George Couch vs Parmer's Mutual Insu. Co.
James Stewart's Adm'rs. vs Jelin S. Miller.,
Jenkins for Goodfellow vs John Montgomery.
Joseph Ake vs Thus. Clerk.
James M. Stunkard vs Glasgow & Bro.
David Aurandt, J. P. Tod,
A. C. Blair, merchant, Tell.
George Berkstresser, saddler, Brady.
David Bare, mereltnnt, Clay.
Thomas Covenhoven, farmer, Berme.
William Christy, Esq., surveyor, Putter.
Henry Davis, blacksmith, West.
Joseph Douglass, merchant, Walker.
John Davis, Jr., Morris.
James Fickle, tarsier, Union.
Benjamin Gradius, tinner, Huntingdon.
William Goiter, laborer, Brady.
John B. Given, contractor, Huntingdon.
Abraham Grubb, furnace, Penn.
Samuel Harvey, Shirlevsliurg.
John Hampsim, harmer, Union.
John Lutz, Sr., gent., Shirley.
Samuel Lemon, liu•mer Warriorsmark.
Joseph Miller, farmer, Shirley.
John McPherran, merchant, Clay.
C. W. H. Moore, 111. D., Tod.
Thomas Schell, tailor, Warriorsmark.
John Si',inborn, farmer, Tell.
David 'Thompson, farmer, Henderson.
David P. Brumbaugh, farmer, Hopewell.
Jacob E. Hare, farmer, Springfield,
David Boring, farmer, Union.
Brice S. Blair, tanner, Dublin.
John Booker, former, Shirley.
Charles Bowersox, carpenter, Shirley.
Samuel Caldwell, farmer, Cromwell.
Valentine Crouse, mechanic, Cassville.
John Dean, farmer, Walker.
Samuel Ever, farmer, IVnrriersmark.
Oliver Ender, merchant, Shirley.
Alexander Ewing, teacher, Franklin.
Samuel Friedley, butcher, Henderson.
Samuel Grove, thrmcr,
James Galbraith, farmer, Shirley.
Amos Harper, limner, Franklin.
John Hildebrand, gentleman, Huntingdon.
David hicks, blacksmith, Cromwell.
Joseph P. Heaton, farmer, Penn.
William Menial', farmer, Morris.
John Hight, sr., termer, Henderson.
John 'limper, J. I'., Murree.
Samuel Isenberg, carpenter, Porter.
Joseph Johnston, druggist, West.
Samuel Rerr,wagoninakcr, Peon.
Abraham Lias ' firmer,
Lewis Knode, forums, Porter.
George Lens, merchant, Shirley.
Jonathan Murphey, carpenter, Shirley.
Charles Mickley, manager, Tod.
J. Wareham Mattern, mechanic, Franklin.
Henry B. Mytinger, gentleman, Morris.
Nicholas Miller, farmer, Cass.
John Minnick, tinner,
Hutton Madden, merchant, Brady.
Robert IllcHttrney, merchant, Jackson.
Jacob G. Park, farmer, Cass.
George Quairy, farmer, Cass.
Geo. W. Speer, gentleman, Camille.
David Stever, farmer, Cuss.
Robert Stitt, clerk. Franklin.
Samuel A. Sprankle, farmer, Porter.
Benj, E. Stitt, farmer, Dublin.
Williarn,Thompson. saddler, Shirley.
Edmund Trumbeth, sr., miner, Cromwell.
John C. Wilson, clerk, West.
Henry Zimmerman, Esq., farmer, Hopewell.
John Vandevunder, Esq., \Volker.
Henry Barrick, merchant, Walker.
David Brumbaugh, farmer,Hopewell.
Samuel Coen, gentlemanßarren.
William 11. Chilcote, farmer, Cromwell.
Christian Coats, sr., inn-keeper, Huntingdon.
Gilbert Chaney, J. I'., Burree.
Frederick Crissman. farmer, Franklin.
David Campbell merchant, Penn.
Jonathan Cree, farmer, Dublin.
John Eyer, farmer, Warriorsmark.
Michael Funk, firmer, Warriorsmnrk.
Isaiah Fleck, firmer, Cromwell.
Abraham L. Funk, farmer, Shirley.
James E. Glasgow, J. I'., Clay.
Ilenry S. Green, farmer, Tod.
John Grove, farmer, Cromwell.
Adam Heater, larmer, Tod.
Thomas Blooper, Jr.. farmer, Cromwell.
William Harper, mason. Cromwell.
Jacob Hunt, J. P., Dublin.
Maize S. Harrison, tinner, Shirleysburg.
Samuel Garnish, farmer, Morris.
William Lyons, farmer, Toll.
Henry Lee, limner, Jackson.
George W. Mattern, farmer, Franklin.
Samuel Nell, farmer, Porter.
Gearge W. Patterson. firmer, Berme.
Elliott Ramsey, farmer, Springfield.
Jesse Rutter, firmer, Springfield. •
Samuel Stewart, farmer, Cromwell.
Benjamin Sprankle, (armor, Burris.
Jacob Stover, farmer, Cass.
David Tu,sey, farmer, Morris.
George Wilma', Esq., J. P., Tell.
Daniel Woutelssioi t, J. P., Franklin.
James McCracken, farmer, Henderson.
December In, ISS6.
JN. BALL respectfully solicits the attention
*of the farming community to a quality of
Roughs which lie is now manufacturing, and will
have ready far sale its a few days, he is aloe pre
pared to muke harrows, wagons, carts, wheel
barrows, &c., &e., and to do all kind of repairing
at the shortest notice, and in the most substantial
Shupon N. W. cornerot Montgmery• and Wash•
March 27' 1855—tf.
13310WIRI D
Attorneys at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Office mimeos that formerly occupied by Jobs
Scott, Esq.
Oct, 19, 1853.
*Abtettkl.443Aett. l ,
,` i (
0) ... z ....,... ,; ...0 0 ,
• :, €0) JOB OFFICE 00
. o o . ~
44 o The largeet and best 0 `'?
:"' : JOB OFF/CE (,)) t'
. '()) IN TILE COUNTY. 0 O.
i 4 . ~.) 0 .1011-WORK t LA ,
, 0
0 OF •
4 ' ) o 2E61 LtllinVo) f "
.-, : EXECUTED 0
. 4 . OAs Cheap wt the Cheapest,: .
3 (°) my) D 27 7 1212. R Is'
'., 0 THAN o'O•
3. 1, 0
. ~....... g Erl 4.
% ( 0 ) WARRANTED. o ...
o All kinds of t o )
4 ( 0) BLANKS g (..,
, 1 .
0 ~ 'sa
..) °o0O.0000.00C041 ) 01
fiPC ' SriZAr \- 31,... • •• ;W O7, VV C Q
24!.') Y Tr V AVA v
..4,1111 STONE,-,14)-
.1 ( :11 - 1:11.r@ItY)
Corner of Cermantown Road and New 'Market
Streets, on the North Pennsylvania Rail Road,
Constantly on hand or made to order, the fol•
lowing highly approved Flour Mill Machinery.
Woodward's Patent Portable Mills and Smut
Johnston's Patent Iron Concave Bran Dus•
glover's Patent Fuel Saving Corn Kilns.
Picison's Patent, Barrel Hoopaud.Moulding
Improved Bridge Steps nod Bushes for Mill
' Several cases of epitomic fits—n disease
The best Anchor Brand Bolting Cloth Burr ,t ' wiii , wits
considered incnride, hare
Calico Mill Stones. Corn, Cole and Plaster' b
i Len cured a ew o ett. . a C.
b tti 0 what mer v
Crushers. ! it it will prove effectual in all cases of that
ALSO SOLE OWNER OF ' dreadful malady—there arc but few who have
Johnston's Patent Cast Metal Con- aim.° of it than I have.
cave . I know or several eases of Dropsy, all of
whom 'Tedpeople cured by it. Fur the Aui
-ft Aln D r r a. ..TY k r iL OUA diseases of the Liver, Sick Headache,
n,Astl Dys
: and ue, Pain in e
East and South• East of the Ohio and Mississip
'S'iTe, Oiseases ii of the ever
SMne. g and particularly
h ly
pi Rivers. in diseases of the Kidneys, &c., the discovery
Warranted to take out of the offal of every has d one more good than any medicine ever
Bushel Ground, from 1 to 21 lies, of standard h,,,,,„
flour, which could nut be bolted out on account ' No change of diet ever neoessary—eat the
of the electrical adhesior, to the Bran. , best you car: get and enough of it.
Dutacnoss FOR Um—Adults one table
NOTICE :—I hereby warn all persons against spoonful per day—Children over ten years des
infringing my rights, secured by Letters Pa- sert spoonfull—Children from live to eight years
tent as above, as I will prosecute all persons teaspoonful!. As no directions can ho applica
making, sling, or using soy Bruit Dusters lie to all constitutions, take satligiunt to °per
with an Iron or Cast Metal Concave in via-
a Manufactured by
ate on the bowels twice a day, .
Intent of the Letters Patent Joseph John- , DONALD KENNEDY,
nor., dated April 24th, 1854. I No. 120, Interen St., Itoxlntry, Mass.
THOMAS IL OODWARD, Proprietor. Prieo $l.OO.
N. B.—State and County Patent Rights for i T. W. Dyott, General Agent for Pcnnsy Iva
all the above Machines for Sale. nil.
August 29, 1835. tt
BOOKS !4-Tk% -1 BOOKS !
40 000 VOLUMES of new 81111 popuhir
Books,embraeinevery variety
usually kept in a Philadelphia Book Store, and
many of them at half the Publisher's retail price,
the subscriber now offers to the public.
All school books used in the . county can be
had in any quantities ut retail and wholesale
rates. Foolscap, Letter and Wrapping Paper,
wholesale or by the ream.
lOU superior Gold Pens with Silver and Gold
Cases, from $1 upwards.
100 Pocket and Pen knives of Rogers' and
others' best mantifficture.
100 splendid Port Monnaiesand Pocket Books
at 20 cts. and upwards.
3,000 ruilcus WALL PAPVIR, of
dm latest and prettiest styles, just received from
Philadelphia and Now York, prices from 10 ets.
a piece and upwards.
500 beautifully painted and gold gilled Win
dow Shades at 44 cts. and upwards.
The public I aye but to call and examine, to
be convinced that in buying of the above stock
they wll be pleased and also save money. Re
member the place, corner of Montgomery and
Railroud strata WM. COLON:
THE undersigned nishes to inform his friend.
I and the public generally that he has moved
his shop to the building of Aud. Harrison, for
merly occupied by him us Collector's ollice.
Bill St.
Where he intends carrying on the Tailoring
business on such terms as wlll not fail to give
satisfaction to all that may favor him with their
lie wishes to return thanks for the liberal pa
tronage heretolbre received and hopes by strict
attention to basiness to merit R continuance of
the seine,
Aprillo, 1855-tt
In the heeling art. Those afflicted with all
hinds of Tumors, Wens, Cancers, Fungus,
Ilainuttodes, Schorr., Goiter, Polypus, &c.,
or any growth or Sores, no matter on what part
of the body, can be cured by an entirely new
method, without cutting, caustic or pain, or cu
rable). Those of with, Blindness, Deaf
ness, find other Diseases, no matter what their
name may be, eau rest assured of finding relief,
and theretbre should not delay a moment. Write
disease and symptoms full and you eon receive
an uuswer by return mail; to insure an. answer
enclose the mall sum of Twenty-tire Cents, to
warrant him in spending his time for your bene
fit. All other letters must haven post stamp en
closed to pre-pay answers. N. B—Dr. K. is a
regular Graduate.
There is no need to visit distant places, to
undergo a paintul operation, and upend a fortune
when ;you can be cured with little expense, and
without suffering, near home.
Address, Du. C. kIiELLING,
. .
blecinnUestmrg, — Cumberlantl county, Pm
Adams & Co. , s Express.
T. K. SIMONTON, Agent, Huntingdon.
-Money, Packages, sad goods of all kinds, re
ceived and forwarded at the riak of the company,
to all the cities and principaltowns in the United
State May '59.
Dr. John McCulloch,
Offers his professional services to the citizens of
Huntingdon anti vicinity. 011ie°, Mr. Male
brand's, between the Exchange and Jackson's
Huntingdon, Aug. 29, 1855.
Greatest Medical Discovery of
the Age.
Dr. Kennedy, of Roxbury, has discovered in
one of our common pasturo weeds a remedy that
ETEET 2[15113 @V INDl®% v
from the worst sarofula down to a common pim.
lie has tried it in over HOU cases, and never
failed except in two cases. (both thunder humor.)
He has now in tile possession over two hundred
certificates of its virtue, all within twenty utiles
of Boston.
Two bottles are warranted to core a nursing
sore month.
One to three bottles will cure the worst kind
of Pimples on the fate.
Two or three bottles will cure the system of
Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst
case of Erysipelas.
One to two bottles are warranted to cure all
humor in the Eyes.
Two bottles are warranted to cure running of
the ears and blothes among the hair.
Four to six bottles are warranted to• core
corrupt and running ulcers.
One bottle will core scaly corruption of the
Two to three bottles are warranted to cure
the worst case of ringworm.
Two to three bottles me warranted to cure
the most desperate case of rheumatism.
Three to four bottles are warranted to cure
the snit rheum.
Five to eight bottles will cure the worst ease
of scrotal.
A benefit it always experienced from the first
bottle, and a perfect cure is warranted when
the above quantity is taken.
Render, I peddled over a thousand bottles
of this in the vicinity of Roston. I knew• the
effect of it in livery case. So sure as water wilt
extinguish fire, so spa will this cure humor.—
I never sold a bottle of it but that sold another;
after a trial it always speaks tisr itself. There
are two things about this herb that appear to
me surprising; first it grows in our pastures in
some places quite plentiful and yet its value
has never been known until I discovered it in
184 G—second that it should cure till kinds of
In order to give some idea of the sudden rise
and great popularity of the discovery. I will
state that in April, 1853, I peddled it and sold
about six bottles per day—in April, 1854, I sold
over one thousand per day of it.
Some of the wholesale, Druggists who have
been in business twenty and thirty years, say
that nothing in the annals of patent medicines
was ever like it. There is a universal praise
is; it from all quarters.
In my own practice I always kept it strictly
for humor—hot since its introduction as a gen
!. end Slimily medicine, great and wsaiderful vir
tues have been found in it that I never suspect-
Wholesale Agents.—N. Y. City, C. V. Click
ner, 01 Barclay Street—B. H. Ring, 192 Broad
wity.—Rnsltton and Clnrk, 275 13ruatlway.—A.
& 1). Sands, 100 c apon Street.
For sale by G. W. Brelunan,.McVeytown ;
11 rs. Mary Marks, Lewistown; Read & Son,
And sold by Agents generally.
May 28,'56.—1y.
No. 6, South Third Street,
Importer of French Calf Skins ;
Has Constantly on !land, and Always
Finishing, all kinds of
shins, &c., etc.
The attention of Country Merchants and Man
ufacturers, in solicited.,_
January 2,1856.—1 y.
(rpeEl,7lTo;."rttfuplur,veptst g efinTriT,;,•°. - ,
be is prepared to mantheture at his shop on
Washington street, on the property lately and
ler many years occupied by Alex. Cartoon,
and in short every kind of vehicle desired.—
Rockaways and Buggies of g superior manufac
ture and finish always on hand and for sale at
fitit prices.
Repairing of all kinds done at the shortest no
tice and most reasonable terms.
Huntingdon, Slay 28,1856.—1 y.
HAS just returned from the east with in large
and splendid assortment of
Fail and Winter Clothing,
for men and boys made in the latest fashion anp
in the most dual() manner. Who ever wants
to be dressed better and cheaper than anybody
else in town, lot him call at W . LLGUOULVIS
CHEAP CLOTHING STONE, one door west of T.
Head & Son's drug store, Huntingdon.
Call and see for yourielves
Oct. 18, 1854.
Something New at Huntingdon.
The celebrated Centre County Iron tin sale
at the following prices :
Four cents per lb for common assorted from
niches square and round up. 41 emits for
Horse-shoe and Spilie.rods, including and ft
inches square, and 5 cents for Nail•rodl;'at the
cheap store of
direaurarTicir DEALER. can buy
CLOTHING 6om me in Huntingdon at Whole
sale, as cheap as they can in the cities ail have
a Wholesale at tee in Philadelphia.
Apr.ti,'sn. H. ROMAN.
T[ ar; founder of this Celebrated Institution,
.1 offers the most certain, speedy, and only
effectual remedy in the wollil for Glcets, Stric
tures, Seminal Weakness, Pain in the Loins,
Constitutional Debility, Impotency, Weakness
of the Back and Limbs, Affeltions of the Kid—
neys, Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepsia, Ner
vous Irritability, 'Disease of the head, Throat,
Nose or Skin ; and all those serious and melan
choly disorders arising from the destructive
habits of Youth, which destroys both body and
mind. Theee secret end solitary practices are
more fatal to their victims titan the song of the
Syrens to the mariner Ulysses, blighting their
most brilliant hopes of anticipations, rendering
marriage, &0., impossible.
Young Men,
especially, who have become the victims of Sol
itary Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit,
which annually sweeps to an untimely grave
thousands of young men of the most exalted
talents, and brilliant intellect, who might oth
erwise have entranced listening senates with
the thunders of eloquence, or staked to ecstasy
the living lyre, may call with all confidence.
Married persons, or young men contempla
ting marriage, being aware of physical weak
ness, organic debility, deformities, &c:,should
immediately consult . Dr. Johnston. . _
Ile who pieces himself under the core of Dr.
Johnston mny religiously confide in his honor as
a gentleman, end confidently rely upon his skill
as a physician.
Organic Weakness.
immediately cored, and full vigor restored,
This disease is the penalty !oust frequently
paid by those who have become the victim of
improper indulgencies. Young persons ore too
apt to commit excesses from not being aware of
the dreadful consequence that may ensue.—
Now, who that understands the subject will pre
tend to deny that the power of Procreation is
lost sooner by those falling into improper habit
than by the prudent. Besides being deprived
of the pleasure of healthy offspring, the most se
rious and destructive symptoms to mind and ba
ds. arise. The system becomes deranged , the
physical and mental powers weakened, nervous
debility, dyspepsia, palpitation of the heart, in
digestion, a wasting of toe frame, cough symp
toms of Consumption. .
- la - Office No. 7, South Frederick Street, se
ven doors from Baltimore street. Past side, up
the steps. Be particular in observing the name
and number, or you will mistake the place.
Mean ...rented, in Tw2:pay::_..__
Dr. Johnston,
Membet of the Royal College of Surgeons,
London, graduate from ono of the most eminent
Colleges of the United States, and the greater
part of whose life has been spent in the first Hos
pitals of London, Purls Philadelphia, and else
where, has effected some of the most astonish
ing cores that were ever known, many troubled
with ringing in the head and ears when asleep,
great nervousness, being alarmed et sudden
contain and bashfulness, with frequent blushing
attended sometimes with derangement of mind,
were cured immediately.
A Certain Disease.
When the misguided and imprudent votary
of pleasure finds he has imbibed the seeds of this
painful disease. it to too often happens that an
ill-timed sense of shot., or dread of discovery,
deters him from applying to those who l'rom ed
aviation and respectability, can alone befriend
him, delaying till the constitutional symptoms'
of this horrid disease make their appearance,
such as nlcerated sore throat, diseased nose,
nocturnal pains in the head and limbs, dimness
of sight, deafness, nodes on the shin bones, and
arms, blotches on the head, Nee anal extremities,
progiessing with friglithil rapidity, till at last
the palate of the mouth or the honee of the nose
full in, and the victim of this awful disease be
comes a horrid object of commiseration, till
death puts n period to his dreadful sufferings, by
sending hint to "that boutne from whence no
traveller returns," To such, therefore, Dr,
Johnston pledges himself to preserve the most
inviolable secrecy, and from his extensive prate•
Hee in the lirst hospitals of Europe and Ameri
ca, ho can confidently recommend at safe and
speedy cure to the unfortunate victim of this hot
rid disease.
It is a melancholy fact that thousands fall vie•
thus to this horrid disease owing to the unskil
fulness of ignorant pretenders who by the use of
that deadly poison Mercury, ruin the cons.i
tulion. nu& either send the unfortunate sufferer
to an untimely grave, or make the rubidato of his
life mit erable.
Wake Particular Notice.
Dr. J.. addresses oil those who moo injured
themselves by improper indulgencies.
These are some of the sax and melancholy
effects produced by, early habits of youth, viz
Weakness of the Back and Limbs, PAM in the
head, Dimness of Bight, Loss of Muscular pow
er, Palpitation of the Heart Dyspepsia, Nervous
Irritability, Derangements of the Digestive
Functions, :leneral Debility Symptoms of Con
MENTALLY—The fearful effects on the mind
are much to be dreaded; Loss of memory, Con
fusion oft leas, Depression of Spirit, Bei; F or .
hodings, Arersion to Society, Self Distrust,
Love of Solitude, Timidity, tic., are some of the
evils produced.
Thousands of persons of all tips, can now
. .
;udge what is the cause of their declining health.
Losing their vigor, becoming weak, palo and
emacnitad, have singular appearanco about the
eyes, tough and symtunis of consumption.
Dr. Johnston's haTigoyaqng nettle
dy for SirganiClVeaknebs.
By this great Find important remedy, weakness
of the organs is speedily cured and fall rigor re
stored. Thousands of the most debilitated and
nervous, who had lost all hope, hare been im
mediately relieved. All Impediments to Mar
riage, Physical or Mental Disqualification, Ner
vous Irritability, Tremblings and Weakness,
or exhaustion of the most fearful kind, speedily
cured by Doctor Johnston.
Young Men,
who have injured themselves by a certain prac
tice indulged in when alone—a habit ftequetill
learned from evil companions, or at school— ha
effects of which are nightly felt, avow when a
sleep, and if not cured renders marriage impos
sible, and destroys both mind and body, should
apply immediately.
What a pity that a young man, the hope of ilk
country, and the darling of his parents should be
snatched from all prospects and enjoyments of
life by the consequence otdeviating from the path
of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit
Such persons before contemplating
should reflect that a sound mind and l'ody are
the most necessary requisites to promote connu
bial happiness. Indeed without these, the jour
ney through lire becomes a weary pilgrimage,
the prospect hourly darkens to the view; the
mind becomes shadowed with despair, and filled
with the melancholy reflection that the happiness
of another becomes blighted with our own.
To Strangers.
The many thousands cured at this Institution
within the last 15 years, and the numerous im
portant Surgical Operations Dr.
Johnston, witnessed by the Reporters of the pa
pers,and many other persons, notices of which
have appealed again and again before the pub
lic, is &sufficient guarantee to the afflicted.
N. B. There are so many ignorant and
worthless 'quacks advertising themselves us
Physicians, ruining the health of the already af
flicted. Br. Julins'n deems it necessary to say to
those unacquainted with his reputation that his
Diplomas always hang in his office.
torTaue Nance.—All letters must bo post
paid, and contain a postage stamp for the reply,
or no answer will be sent,
June 18, 1856,-Iy.
------ -
The "HurtnroDort Jamul." is published at
he following rates :
If paid in advance $1,50
If paid within six months after the time of
If paid at the end of the year 2,00
And two dollars and fifty cents if not paid till
after the expiration of the year. No subscription
will be taken for a less period than six months.
and no paper will he discontinued, except at the
option of the Editor, after it has went over the
time of subscribing, until the end of that year.
Subscribers living in distant counties,or in other
States, will be required to pay invariably in
The above terms will be rigidly adhered
to in all eases.
Will be charged at the following rates:
I Insertion. 2 do. 3 do.
Six lines or less,s 25 $ $ 50
One square, (16 lines,) 50 75 1 00
Two " (32 " ) 100 150 200
Three " (48 ) 150 225 300
Business men advertising by the Quarter, halt
Year or Year, trill be charged the following rates:
9mo. 6 mo. 12 mo.
One square, $3 00 $5 00 $8 00
Two squares, 500 .6 50 12 50
Three squares, 750 10 00 15 00
Four squnres, 900 14 00 23 00
Fire squares, 15 00 25 00 38 00
Ten 89uares, 25 00 40 00 60 00
Business Cards not exceeding six lines, one
year, $4.00.
Agents for the Journal.
The following persons we have appointed Agents
for the HUNTINGDON JOURNAL, WIIO are author
ized to receive and receipt for money paid on sub
scription, and to take the names of now subscri
bers at our published prices.
We do this for the convenience of our subscri
bers living eta distance from Huntingdon.
Jose W. Timersos, Esq., Hollidaysburg,
GEORGE W. CORNELIUS, Cromwell township.
HENRY Hunsoe, Clay township.
DAVID ETNIRE, Cromwell township.
Dr. J. P. ASIICOM, Penn township,
J. WAREHAM MATTERN, Franklin township,
SAMUEL STEPFEY, Jackson township,
Col. JNO. C. WATSON, Brady township,
Mounts BROWN, Springfield township,
We. Ilvvcstesoe, Esq., Warriorsmark tp.,
111.1 RY NEFF, West Barre.
JOHN BALSRACH, Wetcrstrect,
Maj. CrtznzEs bites., Tod township,
A. M. BLAIR, Dublin township,
GEORGE WILSON, Esq., Tell township,
JAMES CLARK, Birmingham.
NATHANIEL. LYTLE, Esq., Spruce Creek.
Maj. W. Moone, Alexandria.
B. F. WALLACE, Union Furnace.
SIMEON WitIGIIT, r. sq., Union township.
DAVID CLARKSON, Esq., Cass township.
SAMUEL Wpm., Esq., Franklin township.
GEORGE SHANK, Esq., Warriorsmok.
DAVID AURANDT, Esq., Todd township.
Dn. J. ALFRED SHADE, Dublin township.
The "JOITIINAIP has 300 Subscri
bers more, than any other paper
in this county.
H. K. NEFF, M. D.,
AVING located himself in WAnnionm A IIK
in this county, would respectfully oiler his
professional services to the citizens of that place
and the country adjacent.
J. B. Loden, M. D. Gen. A. P. Wilson,
M. A. Henderson, " Wm. P. Orbison, Esq .
J. H. Dorsey, " Hon. James Gwinn,
M. Stewart, " John Scott, Esq
Hon. George Taylor
Huntingdon, Pa .
Jacob M Gcmmill, M. I)., Alexandria.
John M'Culloch, 4 . Petersburg.
®MilleillMlNCA EELilailliVEL
Fish, Bacon, Cheese, Dried Fruit, Lard, Lard
Oil, Flaxseed Oil, White Lead, Pig Lead, Win
dow Glass, Ghtsstrare, Iron and Nails, Star and
Talon, Candleg, Variegated and Rosin Soap, and
Pittsburg nattayacturee generally.
No. 21 Wood St.,
Particular attention given to the sale of Pig
Metal and Blooms, and liberal advances made
Fob. 13, 185t1.—ly.
Mail I'. I lix. T. I Fast T.
Train leaves I'. M. A. M. I'.
Petersburg, 3.14 3.38 9.36
Huntingdon, 3.31 3.64 3.82
Mill Creek, 3.44 4.04 10.01
Mt. Union, 4.01 4.17 10.14
TRAINS Gotan West.
Train leaves I'. M. A. M P. M.
Mt. Union,
4.46 7.05 8.05
Mill Creek, 5.03 7.18 8.17
untingdon, 5.18 7.32 8.30
Petersburg, 5.34 7.45 8.41
MRS. SARAH KULP wishes to inform the
ladies of Huntingdon and the surrounding
country that she has moved next door to Charles
Miller above the Presbyterian Church, Hill St.,
where she intends carrying on the fancy and
straw Millinery business. Having received tho
latest city fashion, she is prepared to attend to
all that may favor her with their custom.
April 10, 185.1—tf S. A. KULP.
Practice in the several Courts of Huntingdon
Blair, Cambria, Centre, Mifflin and Juniata Coun
ties. March 29, 1853.
T mE library will be open every Saturday of. ternoon, at 3 o'clock,• in their room in the
Court House. Subscription 50 cents a year.
New books have been added to the former ex
cellent collectiont—Gillfillen's works, Hugh
Miller's, Mrs. Ellet's dm
By order of the
Huntingdon, Oct. Ist, 1856.
THE partnership heretofore existing
Myton and lilosser is by mutual cones
solved, and all persons knowing themselves in
debted to the said firm, will please call and set
tie their accounts without delay. •
Saulsbarg, April 2; 1855.—ti
Dissolution of Partnership.
The Partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned, is this day by mutual consent
dissolved. The business will be carried on
hereafter, by John Htlett ' Jr. at the old stand.
Oat. 31, 1855.—tf.
BLANNI.S.--Always buy your Blanks at the
"Journal Office." We have now prepared a ve
ry superior article of BI,ANK //BEDS, BONDS,
TTONS, &c.