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Tee New MILL.--It is said that the first
grist mill ever erected in this State is yet in
existence. It is a quaint old building, and ;
bears data about 1680. It is situated on a
small stream near Germantown, and some of,
•the machinery imported from En gland is still
retained in the mill. This would make a, fun.
.tty appearance contrasted with the beautiful •
building lately erected is this place by Messrs.
Fisher it MeMurtrie, on the site of the old mill.
We made a visit to this improvement last Sat.
urdity ; examined the building, machinery, &c.
have room only for a brief description.—
The building is of brick, three stories high, and
'put up in a substantial and excellent manner.
The machinery is all of the latest and most
improved patterns, and so far as tested, works
'admirably. We examined the work done, and
unhesitatingly pronounce it unsurpassed by
.any other mill in the Commonwealth. This is
an improvement long needed in this place, and
tho enterprising gentlemen who have seen ou r
want in this line and supplied it, deserve the
universal thanks of the community. The mill
has been erected in the short space of six
months, and when entirely completed will com
pere favorably with any other in the State ; it
having been the aim and object of the proprie•
tors to make it a perfect model, without regard
to trouble or expense. And we believe every
one who examines the same will acknowledge
they have succeeded beyond the most sanguine
expectations. Farmers and others no longer
will be under the necessity of waiting and wiii
tins fur their grid!, hut ran have it at an hour's
notice. Take it all in all, we look upon this
improvement as the most beneficial and uni.
sersally needed to the town and surrounding
, chuntr_y that we.cau name, and as inlets, we
deem tut.right and proper that we should in•
nlulge in a jubrate item, over its approaching
Completion. The railroads and canals benefit
m id vastly, but an improvement calculated to im
prove anti cheapen the "emir of life," is of is
calculable adeautage.
Long may it VitlN4
hlrttovssitsTS.—The now Methodist Church
is almost completed, and is a magnificentstrue.
tore ; an ornament to the "ancient borough."
We understand it to be the intention to hold a
meeting in the basement, on Christmas night.
Seurat new buildings have just been completed
in the new town of West Hunting,tn, and
l'ortstown. “T:p town" is looming into mpor•
lance, and bids fair to otitstrip tardy and coo.
iervatire "lower end." The gulley between
Fast and West Huntingdon in about being fill
ed up, which will be as improvement of impor
tance.—Mr. Will Saiclon'n now brick edifice on
Hill street, is approaching completion, and will
add greatly to the appearance of the "Diem-
Miller's new house on Hill street,
is also completed.- I Mr. Z. Yenter, has put op
a handsome brick front on Mifflin street.—Mr.
Ihive liwin is havirg the store remit formerly
occupied by Cul. ("win, fitted up in good style;
it being his intention of removing his mam
moth store into that r,ont, on account of the
great increase of busineas.—Col. Jo I'. Ander
son has also just completed important improce•
mould on bin lot on Franklin street, in shape
of a handsoine addition to his mansion, and
brick slatting. Who • says we are not a pro.
gingiva people Y
gar It is a fact, settled beyond cont,v'ic
tion that the Huntingdon American is a Loco
loco sheet. Its aims and objects being th
elevation of Locofocoism, by a system of frets.
sonnble, treacherous and ignoble bargain and
sail. The publishers are both graduates of the
"Globe" office, have always been noisy, bread
and butter "canal" patriotic Locofocos, and we
believe have only been "Americanized" for
the purpose of aiding the plans of the Lecofo
co leaders in making our county a Locofoco
stronghold. There is no man of sense or who
possesses discriminating powers, but will see
the truth of this—plaiu and undnbitable. We
khan notice this further hereafter. In the
mean time compare the "sow and the litter.'
You all kuow Lewis, (if you don't, read the
article on the 4th page, and you will) and as
"like begets like,' you may judge whether the
litter is improved stock. But' Barr—poor fel
low, we forget him. Read what the Blair Co,
Whig says of him :
"When friend BARR of the Huntingdon
American forks over the amount due as for
"checking" him home from Philadelphia, it
'will not be necessary to consult TIIADDECS
8-cacaos, or any body else. You remember
who stuck to our coattail for a whole, day and
complained that the Au erica!, party had trea
ted you badly, because FORNXY had neglected
to fill a check large enough to pay the expen
ses at , Lo nun= editors he had called
to Pli..adelphia to get instructions. That's
CEIRISTMAS is COMING.—In anticipation of
the rapidly approaching festivity, we heartily
wish all our readers .•A. Merry Christmas."
"Then welcome, old Christmas, to every heart
Sing to old Christmas, {dear
Happy old Christmas,
►Vith'hearts blithe and warm may he long find
us here."
The commemoration of the Nativity of uur
glorious Redeemer should be a universal cue.
torn. Ages pant, upon the plains of Bethel.'
were first divulged to the shepherds' listening
ears those "glad tidings of great joy" which
have echoed and reaoheed until the whole world
is filled with the wondrous sound. While wo
revel amid comforts and abundance, to fulfil
our mission of "good will to men," let us re•
member those who languish in want and ead
NATURALIZATIUN.—The number of natural
tuitions iu Punuaylvania beta/eel:October 1865
and November MG, is as far as beard from,
as follows, as appears by the Prothouotary's
records in the several couuties :
Blair, 315Cambria, 385
Adams, 15 Carbon, 322
Dauphin, 77Centre, 42
80 Huntingdon, 35
We find 35 for old Huntingdon by tho rec.
Xci` , Aleaderi if you were to mingle
"Fillet of a fenny-snake,
In a caldron boil and bake,
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of frog,
Adder's fork and blind worm's sting,
Lizard's leg and owlet's wing,
Witch's mummy, maw and gulf,
Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf,"
into a gruel "thick and slab," you might have
a mixture which approaches something akin to
Wm. Lewis' heart. We have been in the habit
of sending our "circulars," to advertisers, with
in cur papers, as is done by other editors; but
this gentleman, magnanimous us he is, sued us
for the same—done it to get up a counter-cur.
rent, to shield himself from the honest indigna
tion of the people of this place. We were un.
der the belief that we were permitted this li
berty "according to law," and knew no better
until the editor of the Globe sued. Well, we
forgive him his petty attempts to injure us, well
knowing that "Shame is lost when all virtue is
lost." Wo would not have sorb a heart in our
bosom for the dignity of the whole world.
DREADFUL MURDER 1 -It becomes our pain
ful duty to announce the death of that old and
respectable citizen of this place, Mr. 11. og, by
the most dreadful means imaginable. His
throat was cut from "car to ear,' by a butcher.
knife, in the hands of an individual, (whose
name we withhold for the present) on Wednes
day last. This was one of the most unprovoked
and bloody deeds on record. The victim was a
peaceable citizen; quiet and retiring, and be
loved by a large circle offrien4.l and acquain•
tasters. He gave no cause for the bloody deed;
the perpetr..tor of which is still at large. His
remains were consigned to the "family vault,"
on 'Thursday, where we presume they will re•
main in pick/a until ready for the smoke (not of
the infernal regions) but of the smoke-house.
SeV" Wm. Lewis, the editor of the Globe,
says, Mr. Gahm denies having said that Snare
took all the printed mailable packages in his
post ace, according to Lewis' order, and that
we lied. The galled jade winces. We dop't
believe Mr. Gillnm ever said so. For we have
witnesses, good and reliable, who will be quail•
fled any day or minute, that, Mr. Gillam used
these precise words :—"Mr. Snare took all the
printed mil matter in the office, except, I be•
Neve, a bundle of extra American." This we
are reedy to arm before any Justice, and this
we can prove by those witnesses who were pro.
sent when the expression was used.
A cell in the penitentiary, looming, up iu the
mind's eye, is no very agreeable prospect. This
may (Leonia fur the +whom° resorted to by is
dividuals to "clear their skirts," by a foolish
system of "lie upon lie."
Bann Tot , 'rm.—A ball will come off at
'the Blond Top City Hotel, on Cm 30th of the
present month. The list of managers presents
a formidable appearance, numbering some 41
names, among which we notice 11. D. Moore,
and Juu blanigen, of Philadelphia; Win. P.
Schell, Alex. pig, Bruce Petriken, A, P. Wil
son, Cut Wharton, Ac., Ac. "Oh, success to
the ball, may it roll and roll on." This, no
doubt. will be a brilliant anal!. The Hotel is
one of tiie best in the State, and the whule•soul•
ed, gentlemanly proprietor, Mr. Morrison, Mc
nom to get up a sling affair.—Game continues
plenty on the mountain and hunters are making
havoc among deer, wild turkeys, &e.—All the
mines are doing a good business.
Lsruuru s.-11'o hupc none of our readers
will forget the exhibition proposed to be given
on Christmas eve, in the emir' House, by the
Male School No. 1. under the superintendence
of the worthy and excellent teacher, Mr. Frank
Lane. We will insure you n rich treat. The
boys are training, and will do their very best
to please and instruct you. Besides this, the
services of the Huntingdon Excelsior Band,
have been secured, and the music in itself is a
sufficient inducement. Don't miss it.
3fainnuoth Pictorial Doublo Brother Jonathan
is already in the field, and is filled as IMO,
with large and spirited Picture:3 for the Christ.
man Holidays. Published by B. 11. DAr, 48
Beckman street, New York. iced 12 cents
(postage stamps or money) and you will get
this elegant picture sheet free of postage.—
Nine are sent (post paid) for Ono Dollar ; or
Eleven if not post paid.
Brewster, Journal Office, is the authorized A
gent for this Association, for Huntingdon coun.
ty. Pemous purchasing tickets from him will
not only secure their reading matter for 1867,
but stand n chance ofdrawlng n valuable prize.
See advertisement in another column.
CURRI;CTION.—We beg to correct the rumor
that we have engaged Klossoff the Giant as
Fighting Editor on the Journal, in view of the
threatened attack of the lewd ass of the Globe;
but we shall an soon as we can haven partition
torn down to Make room for him.
Tug Nuw BRIDGE.—We notice that some of
the timbers for the new bridge over the Ju
niata at this place, are on the ground. It is
thought that the bridge will be crossable in
the course of a few weeks.
WET YOlll those of our readers
who burn Broad Top coal, would wet the fine
part of it before putting in the afore, they will
find a great improvement in it. I. burns much
better and makes a stronger fire. Try it.
LIRGE; Blocs.—The hogs killed in this Yid.
pity this season are unusually large, ranging
from 3 to 6 hthulred.
A LARGE FA.' Y.—There are at present eon•
fined in our county prison, seven individuals,
fur various crouces.
Duna,--Leaf weak a deer was auen running
by Meoahan's barn, near thin borough, closely
Pureue4 by "1,10910._
HOLD On.—We will tFy and mawo room for
several communications in our next.
0 vr.—Several editorial articlesare crowded
lerWill the editor ofthe Globe, being post•
wester, tell us what m.g.i.1.r.0.b.b.e t Neaps ?
Du tell
pencil gutts.
A ehiers amany ye tag:in' notes,
And faith, he'll prent it.
se- oen . Welch the great circus man is dead.
.Riyid 'tailed—Juror on a murder ease fast
gay- The sheriffs in Rhode Island wear uni•
Arrested—Some of our Whop' last week, for
faking turkeys.
Politician—A fellow that culls all his know!•
edge from borrowed newspapers.
Benevolence—to take a dollar out of one
pocket and put it into the other.
far We hope our readers, will read our •Ith
page. Villainy must be exposed.
Hard Times—Sitting on a cold grindstone
and reading the President's message.
*far Senator Sumner is not improving in
health. He cannot go to Washington.
Lox c—A little world within itself intimately
connected with a shovel and a pair of tongs.
Soldude Sweetened—Going to jail and living
on molasses. That's for William Lewis' corn•
se- It is n very common occurrence to beU
snakes in this borough. The effect of rot•gut
• We didn't think a man professingto be
an editor could become a mail robber. It too
bad, too bad.
Our neighbors of the Centre lierichter
propose S. A. Douglas for President in 1860.
Set ish not gout.
Ate' Christ.. is near at hand, and we have
no turkey yet. Who of our patrons will help
us out of this dilemma!
Skir The soul of Lewis of the Globe is so
small, that it can throw a somerset through the
eye of a darning•needle.
se: r y- Queen Victoria is going to have ano
ther baby. The common but interesting event
will transpire in FebruMy.
&a- As both the Locofoco. papers of thin
place were devoted to Franklin Pierce's Men.
sage last week, wo "let it slide."
giiir If you wish to know what are the "ups
nod downs of life," get drunk some day when
the sidewalks nre covered with ice.
Searlo double sour pleasures share with a
friend, to other words, never partake of wood•
cock without asking en editor to `•Join dun."
'•flow mane kinds of axes aro there ?
Brood axe, narrow axe, poet axe, axe of the .
Le,gistature, axing price and axe of Apostle.
5 Young Arthur Spring, whose testimony
convicted his father of murder in Philadelphia
some years since, died iu Washington City loot
lovely Women—An article manufactured by
"Whn'wants but little here below,
And wants: that little liar a show.
Gay- Lucy Stone Blackwell has, it is said,
become, within the last few days, one of the
mothers of America. This is, unquestionably,
one of "woman's rights."
Dar The wearing of hoops by the ladies has
int rea,cd coopers' wages filly cents a day. If
they lay aside "artificial blushes," vermillion
would full in value use half.
,Herbert, M. C., (Murderer Congression•
ul) takes his seat in the House of Represents.
tires during this session. There are a few play
cell vacant for waiters is Washington, and if
Herbert remains any time, there will be more.
Chinese Lore Song:-
0, daughter of the great Ching Chum,
Whose eyes with diamond lustre glow,
And wilttit'ou love thy Fee Paw Fain,
My own, my lovely I3o•nng-ho.
siar The editor of a down east paper, a ha
chelor, says the reason why the women do not
cut themselves in two by tight lacing, is because
they lace around the heart, and that is so bard
they cal.not affect it.
Are Poetry is said to be the flower of liters.
ture ; prose is the corn and potatoes ; satire is
the aquafortis ; wit is the spice and pepper ;
letters containing remittances are the dump
lings. We "go in" for the —.
~The Globe main goes in for While Sla•
very ; no does a prominent dinie•ocrat in Alex
andria. This is a safe proposition for both of
them ; they would both remain freemen under
these circumstances—since no man would risk
investing in them.
Papal Folly.—At New lork last week l'adre
Baldassare, in a melange and prose, which he
delivered as a lecture on the present condition
of Italy, told his hearers that one of the most
treasured of relics of Naples, was a groan of
St. Joseph, carefully secured in a small bottle!
Pretty Good.—At a Bissell and Wood glen'.
fication, held at Camp Point, near Quincy, a
bonfire was made of old whiskey barrels, where.
up sn the Herald comes out as follows
"Shameful proceeding! Cal. Richardson her.
ned in effigy at a.lllssell celebration I"
Denweratic Grottl/i.—Prom thin day forward
we shall increase in number and strength.—
This growth is inevitable.— Vermont Patriot.
rite growth of the Democracy in Vermont of
late is indicated thus: In 1850, for Van Buren
18,018, in 18112 for Pierce 13,041 ; iu ISSG for
Buchanan 10,577. It will continue to grow as
it has done, down hill, like a calf's tail.
stir We hope to God the Post office of this
place will have a competent officer the next 4
years. We have never heard so muds com
plaining us at present. Scarcely a day passes
that wrong letters are net given out ; it is ve•
ry ar.noying. Give us a man whose stupidity
is not proverbial. Or, if we must have a jack
ass, give us one with shorter ears.
Yore Truth than Poetry.—The New Hemp
shire 7klegreph is of opinion that au editor who
cannot stop one of the finest trains of thought,
that he is putting on paper, to minute the di
mensions of a large pumpkin, write an adver
tisement ibr a lost hog, enter the name of a
new subscriber, or receive pay for an old one,
or to take a cowhiding for something he has
said, and after all resume the thread of his din
course, and carry out the idea in its,origiaal
force and beauty, is next 01 no edttor at all.
by Keith Luray, M. D.,
is such a book
that no lamily
should be with•
out. It contains
a complete treat•
ise on Anatomy
and Physioloey,
as well as a com
plete system of
Medicine. It is highly
recommend'd by the fac
ulty, as well as by more
than 300 of the leading
newspapers of the . country. Some few
reasons why every family should own it:
iteontains rule which if followed prevents
one half of the sickness that now occurs. It
contains directions for treating& nurs
ing the sick. It contains suggestions
which will greatly diminish the suffer
ings of the si ek room. It contains reel.
pee for the preparatio n of nutri•
meats, drink a, washes, lotions, &c.
It contains di cordon s how to act
in cases of euddo a emergency,
such as drowr ning freezing, poi
soning &c. It roots ins directions for ap•
placation of lePclies bli store draught pout.
nicer .te. It contain directions how to ad
minister medicines in manner to make
them least offensive and most etree•
tual. It contains plain and commun•
sense description of diseases their mode
of treatment with prescriptions fur them,
It contains such information rela.
tine to diseases, that the read
er may know his danger when
sick, and avoid such -prac
tices a uxposurcs as Would prove
injurious. It contains descriptions
znediciotT th cir properties,
their uses, their dosCs, 'Ste. It
shows the im port.ce of a
voiding exposer eto coil, or by
eativg and otherwise while under the op•
oration of med'en. It will lend to a just
*high appreciationof medical science
and skill and a due re speet for the
physician. It
information that
every well qualiti'd
judicious practioner
desires his patrons to
possess. It teaches how -
to treat ens esof slight in•
disposition and show the
importance promptly coning
medical advice in bad cases. It
shows the necessity of strictly fol
lowing the di rectious of the
7,hv.ician. It con's'.. t iutnv
by which any On(' at a giant o linty
know the dose of the nnalielne in common
ate. It is a deeply intereeting knelt fat
gen'ral rending lade pendent 0 1 I to praoti.
cal character. li, fact it contains all that
a lamily need know as to their medical
treatment. twills domestic medicine,
is the best end cheap cat work of the
hinderer pub 'hilted. Price
only S 2 50, sent free of ex
pense all over tie country,
nut with stand ing it contains
more 611'1850 01 good print
pages, octavo. Re•
tail by mail at our
phlets giving a
of the BOOK
sent upon' application,
to the Publishers.—
N. B.—Liberal terms
made with AGENTS.
C. Shepard & Co., Publishers, -
No. 102 Fulton—st, N. Y.
Register's Notice.
.1. 1 4 persons interested that the following named
persons hare settled their accounts in the Hew
:gees Office at Huntingdon, and that the said
accounts will be presented for confirmation and
allowance, at an Orphans' Court to be held ut
Huntingdon, in and for the County ofklunting•
den, on Wednesday, the 14th day of January
next, to wit :
I.' Moses Robison, Executor of the last Will,
of Johu Watt, who was the Administrator
of Mark Yocum, late of Barree township, de.
2. Moses Robison, Administrator de bouts
non, of Mark Yocum, late of Barren tp., deed.
3. Alexander Mugee,Executor of the last
Will, &c. of Elizabeth arsons, late of Tell tp.,
4, Daniel Africa, Esq., Administrator of
Elizabeth Swoope, late of the borough of Hun
tingdon, dee'd.
5. John Owens, Esq., and Peter Burket,
Guntdians of It. Patton Cox, one of the minor
children of Joshua Cox, late of Wurriorstuark
township, deel.
6. Joseph Law, Esq., Guardian of Perry
Crain, one of the minor children of Evan Crain
lute of Morris tp., dee'd.
7. Brice Blair, surviving Administrator of
Rev. J. Y. 51cU Innis, lute of Dublin tp., dee'd.
8. Benedict Stevens, Esq., Administrator of
Samuel N. Wharton, late of Cromwell twp.,
9. Andrew M. Chaney and Anna Chaney,
Executors of the last Will, ace., of John Chancy
late ofßairee tp., dee'd.
19. Peter Stryker, Administrator of Joseph .
Reed, lute of West township, deed.
11. Henry Roberts, Guardian of Thomas
Benton Reed, a minor son of Joseph Reed,
lute of West tp., deed.
12. Daniel Peightal and Joseph Norris, Ad•
mi nistrators of Peter Peightal, late of Penn tp.,
13. James Hemlcroti and Joshua Greenland,
two of the Executers of the last will of Dr.
Jesse Wright, late of ettssville, dec'd.
Regi4er's (Vice.
Huntingdon, Dec. 17, '56
A fiTous of Authricite Coal just received and
for sale by Ctinuinghem & Duna.
Stray Heifer,
A red heifer, supposed to be 1 year old last
spring, came to the plantation of the subscriber,
living on the Raystown Branch, Juniata, twp.,
lluntingdon County. The owner is requested
to come forward, prove property, pay charge.,
and take hint away, otherwise he will be dispo•
sod of according to law.
Cheapest "Job Printing" Office
We have now made such arrangements in our
Job (?A,e as will enable us to do all kinds of
Job Printing at 20 per cent.
cheaper rates
Than any ham to the County.
Gi‘e nu a call. Uwe don't gire entire mishit
tion, no charce at ell trill be matt.
The Kansas Question Settle
BY latest arrival from the East, the subscri
bers have just received and are now opening
the largest and most judiciously selected assort
ment of
II a r 4144 a re,
ever brought to Iluittingtion. Our stock con.
silts in part, or
Building Material,
such as lucks, hinges, screws, bolts, glass, oils,
and paints, (White lead, lire proof and zinc
- -
Mechanics , Tools,
in great variety ; including many new invon
tions and Into improvements.
We invite the attention of Sndillers and
Coach•makers to our large and splendid am:1(0f
Saddlery & Coach Trimming
such us saddle-trees, gig -trees, srlfridjusting
pad trees, hams, of 20 kinds, latest styles of
buckles, stirrups, the. girdling hog skins, pa
tent and enameled leather, enameled muslin,
coach litee,h tilts, spokes, fellows, shafts, springs,
axles, the., Ste.
Ladies andlinusekeepere generally, rill find
it greatly to their advantage to call and exam•
ine our new stock of silver and common spoons,
tine table cutlery, scissors, hollow•oure, lamps,
patent sausage grinders, and all other house•
furnishing goods; including many new and use•
ful inventions.
In cur recent purchases, we have bought at
such rates as enable its to sell even lower than
heretofore. No charge for showing goods.—
All orders promptly attended to.
October Sth,
New Goods ! New Goods ! !
D. P. Gavin has just received from Philadel•
phis a large and beautiful ossortmeut of
VALA Wrfrfrit 000110.
consisting of the most fashionable Dress Goods
for Ladies and Gentlemen. sock as Black Silks,
Chameleon & Fancy Silks, French Merino.,
All Wool de Loins, Persian Twills, Coburg
Clash, Levella Cloth, Alpacco, Debalz, Madon.
nit Cloth, Wool Plaids, and any quantity of j
Fancy Delaing. Prints of any description.
ALSO, a large lot of dress Trimmings ' dress
Buttons, Bonnet-Silks, Ribbons, Gloves, Alias,
Hosiery, Laces, Veils, Collars, Undersleevcs,
Chimagetts, Mohair head dresses. Onm Belts,
Whalebones for Skirts, Silk and Linen Hose,
French Working Cotton, Fall and Wool Shawls,
and a variety of Fancy Goods ton uumerons
to mention.
Also, Cloths,. black and blue, black and limey
Cassimer, Cossmets, li. Jeami, Vestings, Flan
nels, Wt, jlcu a „ ; : yAllow.Sack Flannels of all
Guiana. Canton Flannels, Cotton 1::!!!' ,1 C 11 .*
keen. Linsey, MoNIIoP, bleached and unbleach
ed, Ticker, Checks, Table Diaper, Woolen and
Linen Table Covers, Sheeting Muslin 24 yards
wide Woollen Coats, Caps and Comforts,
Woollen yarns a different Mors.
Silk Bonnets 01 the latest styles of every color.
Largest assortment in boleti and at prices that
cannot be beat.
Hats a. Caps, or the Idlest styles,
Boots and Shoes, HARDWARE,
QUEENSWARAL Buckets, Tubs, 13as•
kels, Oil Cloths. Groceries, ~f i 1 best
quality, Snit and ull goods usually kept in
country Store.
dly old customers, and as many new ones as
can crowd in are respectfully requested to coma
And examine my goods Nu charge for looking.
All kinds of Country produce taken in ex
change for goods, at the highest market prices.
Oct. 6, 1856.
Gas ! Gas-Lights are Coming
do Y 3 Ufo MAVOIED,
But with an entirely new and well assorted stock
and every other article usually kept in 0 coun
try store. We have one of the hest selected
stocks of DRY GOODS ever °Werra to the
citizens of this place and vicinity, and are deter
mined to sell looser than eau be purchased oust
ofthe Allegheny. Give us a call and he satis
fied of the fact. Wo will sell our old stock at
cost. Don't forget to call at the Metropolitan
before purchasing at any other House. We also
purchase and store Grain, and it is admitted by
all that we have the safest place of unloading in
town. All kinds of produce taken in exchange
fur Goods.
Prof. DeGraties Great Electric Oil.
'New HAVEN, May 19th, 1856.
Prof. DeGrath—My brother has been dint'
three yours. After trying litany things, he used
your Oil a tew times and it cured him entirely.
Ask Mr. Scranton, who afierward.r bought
$5O worth to sell, My Electric Oil removes
all pain at once, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Ac.
Afflicted 13 years and Cured in one week!
Read letter from Rev. James Temple :
Part.ana., Jane 9th, 1836.
Prof. DeGratli-1 have been afflicted 13
years with Neuralgia and other very painful
complaints, and I have been unable to sleep
soundly or walk any distance for many years
past. Last week I got a bottle of your '•Elec
tole Oil." The first night I slept soundly and
well, and to•day 1 one like a new man. My
wife could not believe her eyes. Your Elec
tric Oil has done in one week what the physi
cian of Philadelphia failed to do in 13 years.
Gratefully, yours, Rev. James TNuei.E.
310 South at.
Call and see other certificates and names of
thousands I have cured for three years past.—
The public for safety, must not believe impos
tors and imitators of my oil. My Depot ikat
the same old place 39, South Eighth street, and
not retnoved, as n base scamp advertised, who
is afraid to publish his real name.
I refer to 3,000 Philadelphians who have
used my Oil—and all real Electric Oil ever
sold has say name blown in every bottle. All
others are cheats. All orders must be address
ed to Peer. CHAS. DEGRATII,
John Read Agent, Huntingdon.
Nov. 26, 1856-3 m.
ao [ll. ®AIEDIIEEZ,
WILL send to uny one, for one dollar in yold
a recipe for making honey as glad as that
made by bear, and whieb der y au/ enet over sir
midi per pound.
Lade Gap, Huntingdon County, Pa.
W. H. WOODS. A. M., ProprptOr & Prinoip - tv.
.1. A.SHAUR , berturer on Anatomy (.1". Hygealta, l REV. C.IMPBELL, .4eittrer on Go' Herat
SAMUEL CAMPBELL, Assistant _ j Literature,
JOHN M. CAUSLAND. Teacher in Preparatory :Department.
THE annual exhibition will take place the let Wednesday of October. An address by the
1 Rev. O. X. Junkin, D. 0., will be delivered before the Philo and Diaynathisn Societies, at 2
o'clock, I'. M. The Exhibitionsl performances will take place at o'clock, I'. M. The ex.
aminatione the week previous. These exercises the friends of education ate respectfully inei.
ted to attend. The next session opens on Wednesday, the 29th of October. This institution
holds out peculiar inducements to young On seeking an education. The Board of Itistrue:ion
is composed orgentletnen of high literary attainments nod skilled in their trollmalon, The In ,
cation is very healthy, having the pure mountain air, and free from all noxious vapors arising
from stagnant water and marshy ground. Those subject to ague could not find a inure desira
ble place. The course of instruction is such as is best calculated to prepare young men for
business, Sir teaching, and fur taking a high stand in College. For those desiring to become
Teachers, a Normal Class will be formed, in which practical instruction will he given in the art
of Teaching. To this class, lectures will be given on the subject of Teaching. The tempts.
Sons to vice, idleness and dissipation are few. There is nothing to draw the mind of the stu
dent from his books, it is quiet and retired, just such a situation as a young man desirous of
improvement would seelc. The societies are in a flourishing condition, and each has a fine li
brary of choice works. The buildings are large and commodious, an additional building in in
the course of erection, which will be finished this fall. Shade Gap is situated on this mail,
route between Chambersburg and Mount Union Station on the Penu. Rail Road.
TERMS :—For Session of five months, $52 50. Washing, light, uud fuel, extra. Studeats.
are charged from the time of entering until the close of the Session. Payments half in ad
vance, balance at the middle of the session. For catalogues and further particulars, address
W. 1 1 . WOODS,
Shade Gap, Hunt, Co., Pa.
September 17, 1556.-3 m,
(..athartte Pills
'invalid., Fut hens, Mothers, Phyotielono
Pillinnthropixtr, re•tll their Effeet,
noel Judge of their Virtots.
Ifeaditche, Sick Ilentlache,Foul Stomach.
1M.3.C.A ran. Fir: I Imo 1,04 n I.r powedly cured of
the wont hondotho any holy tun low° n dove or Iwo
of your Pills. It 141.1111 tunll.l n.nuai.nll,h touch, which
lluy ..10111S0 nt 0111 . 1.. it they rill run. othera PS they dc
11, 1, 01
YtAtib I, It It glut r.opect, ED. W. PREIII.E.
Clerk qr &gainer 0111 . .1.
lilillons 11)iborderb and Liver Complaints.
IntrAßTmcnT or TnE INTERIOR,
WI.IIISIITON, e.. 7 Yvb., 145.
SIE: I line. nnul your nts pnn.rol nod loopitnl
plunk, 4 lei .4;1104 ~,111,!4, tlll.lll. :Ma MI 311. hesitate tc
ear lher ore the I.t.pi enthattic ire employ. Tloolr irgu•
!enjoy ,;t . ti, a oa. ,tit .!.....,.1.,v1.11` , 1111.11i.
ly I ii.itoti . 4l.l, , remedy for dolt that
1 have 1.11/11q31 Multi r/14. ,diohms
that it , 11:1 uut retulily 31,14 to them
Yratt . riallly your, L 0 1 ,21) 11.11,1. 31. 11.,
Phydithot 1//' the .I,tri , ut fr , vital
I)vnentery, Relax, and Vkarals.
tlrt 11 tn,.%., IAT. rn., 31tett., Nev. IC, 11 , 53.
l`lt. A rru : Y. , ur I . llls ttre Inotlttlue.
Thy 11/11, all.. 111, wile 11111111 gl ll .ll 11:1111 I 1,111 tall
She 111111 3outt *irk and pining away 1,11101111 M. Uotit
elf to I e dor totl,l grant exueue , .., 1 , ,t pot Ito I....tier. 611 e
thrtt ...11111P1Ire4 taking your PHIB wltn . h .. 1 11 C,1,1 Itor,
I:trt:.• q11:1,111. worm , ' Ittetur, Taub hor
Tlu.y aft, u . a . .ti4 h , , 11114 our twin children
of 1,14.1 y ,I), , mitcry. Ilur td un r .1 6 1,6.1.1 11 1.I:n71.1
my wit,. rum' him with two tLn.v wf yrmr I,lls, Itllllo
Milers 111,1,11,1 wx ~,11.1 frmo rt., to twenty tloll.ow thulium'
I,llls, awl 1.1 murli tan, without being coral entiroly
OT. 1111 . 11. Such n iwr . yot, whirl, le itoittally
good and hullo., will 1 Ili lavi burn.
G gO. .1. GIIIIFFIN, /17shna,kr.
Imligeetien nod Impurity of the Illood.
pr . 3„, Rimer, ltttfor of Adv<l,l Mark
DA. Mint: I Iwo ao.i yont. utlle with ‘ . .trno , • ll, :nrY
Merl.% in my fondly end 11111011. 111111
In dionn,... To ri.gulAto the org,om ..:460 , 9n0n eu l I.urit) -
the blood illOy are lt.0 e.Q . I.vo r....41y I I.a. e‘or
known, and 1 can collfl.lllly reromil,ml 11:1,1 to my
Yon, J. V. MMES.
WrratiNo Co.. V.. Oet. 24. 18.55.
DEM Sill: I inn *wing your Cu%lot,
tire, mei Ii m 1 them an r.n , pent viirg,rolve to the
nystent an, pnrify the finintolie, the blood.
JOUN ti. yl E.ICIIAM. 'I. D.
Erysipelas. Scrofula, nines Evil, Tatter,
Tumors, and Katt Rheum.
from n B.rwarding Nerd,. L,,.1, Mb. I. MO.
Dn. Ann: Tour Pillt - nre Its istragtm all OW la
great in mmilelne. They have cured my llttle danglitei
of ulereotr.....iren tip. hop Nimbi and that had proved
ineunthle for years. Hew mother Nu 3141 lohy z.l vioia
Ir allete.l with lilotalt. and pimple. r,n her nkln awl in
her huh. After our child R. 61$e alte. triol your
NHL nn.l they Lore cured hur. ASA MOID.IIDIDDr.
Itheumntime, Neuralgia, and Coat.
Four !Av. 10r. Pe. Epie.
FAvA,..,;,...,u5. 6,
ilosoitEUFlk : I 011.1411 N r 5.11.4 your
skill lois 14,ught Ilke it 1 did not IC,Orl lily ems+ lo you.
L cold settled ii. 110 s Ought on szsisuiati,
ueurnlgie ruins. • .chirp t•iolvd fu ehronle
Notsvidodundiug I huh rbyslehius. elks 50...
RIVIV Won. Worse, 111101. 1,. t h e yl.lll' ems+
kid ~,,,kLus.k. I :tied yvait
W.•re OtaW, 1.11 1 , , 1;ernt,1121III, iii Illf
Übe nt then, I ,tni w. hi.
SENATE Co ,mart, 14,T0x Rom, 1.4., M 1 IsNn.
Mt. AVER: I INl•lipultsas 1,7,1 by your "1
Rhettnintie (km; —al ai acw diarm.e that Lad ;It'll, lIIP
for you o. "VINCENT 1 , 4111, LL.
For ITropsy, iletborA,•or kindred
I'll 11,11, 1 , 11,, ill, 111 e 1111
loot rrmn3y.
For Contivroc•N or l'ourtipatioo, nod Os
DOmor ni,.,14,10,1v
• •
Fits, Suppression, PitttlEsis,
111.1 °sett Denine,.. end Poet Inl 11111.11.
miens, 11.01.0,1 cored 1., tilt tato/lase at li. of them:
Mont of the pine lo ono 1...1 I,lllhllll 11,111, nl
-11 ‘oloololt• trot...!y in 4111,1 blind, 114 J 111.01.11/
lu n public Lill, from the .Iterolfql ...o.tootoneue thnt fre
quently f,llott lit 111VM1.11,.11. too. 'theme ru it. 110 ores-
curs or mlocrol eta. gin.a
at, l fur thr rrlirf of 0:1141111,t, • •,..14 Ex. nucull
etuger of Mu ilioPme.
We heed nut fe. , enk In ft: 011 , 11 e fru elrtuee.
Throughout ettuy tou 11,10 td/11.9 kolit.e Of the
Alllerialll M.detfol et t• 1 pulmottary corot
plait. have made It olreol, Ntt, tea aru lite
aitillloo In any clrlliraJ rut nit y an ttle role Inert without
wme pmwmtil oreete: and fewer yet the
communities am where aril ii hero 14 , 41 L 411.111, them
mote Ur!. trot 1, of It. vi,hory et. 1.110 .d dee
gerous tl,enees of the owl lungs, Ithlle It In the
tumetltnticlute net I tem. to man for the formi
dable tool tlettgeetne .Ileea^es of [Pe pithuottary organs, it
IA oleo the plemuntle,t un I oofeel renauty 11ir.L van he uni.
nod ),,oft at newt. 1 arcade should
'anaa It it .alunt the lonelionn onteny that 'teals
upon them 1111,11,1 , 4 t. hone al - 01111114 to
believe the rum..., Pit:team...tyre utum Lbws by tilt CO.
nlullllinnn It Ir•e 110 • .. OHM it 1,104. Knott It by
1 . 011. 11111 C 1113• yollr told, while they rare tlarnble, nor 110,
01011 lIIOU 110 1111110111 Ain 0111 maser at' Immo:111de
ranker that, tostened tan the Nand., rot. your llfo tawny.
All know the arcolnal istaallay M Inns illl.ol‘, owl ma
thoy know too the rirnye of title remedy, we nerd tint do
111011. 011111 101.111 V It le WM DM. Ohl bellt It can
he. IV,. ,1•111 n 1 coat. HO care. no toll to pavaltico It the
tram( Keefer( and great tin.. who rely on
It the Lett awn oar kid!! u.l nartalsla for (Leh rum
Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Nam
JOHN READ, Huntingdon, and dealers in
medicine everywhere.
October 15, 1856.—1 y.
No. 191 North Third St., above Wood, Phila.
ary, Jujube Paste, Gum Drops, Chocolate
Drops, Brandy Drops, Liquor Bottles,
Cakes, Cream Chocolate, French 'Aye, White
Sugar Toys. Ac., &c.
Oranges, Lemons, Raisins, Currants, Citron,
Figs, Dates, Prunes Almonds, Walnuts, Fit
beets, Cream Nuts, Ground Nuts, Fire Crack.
ers, Syrups, Tamarinds, Liquorice, Hook Can.
dy, &e., &e.
The attention of Dealers is reqested to an
examination of my stock, which will he found
equal to any in Philadelphia.
• N: 1.1.-'—Orders by mail ue otherwise prompt
ly attended to.
3m Sacks Cirtfee just received and for sale
tJwlialesale by CUNNINGHAM & DUNN.
tralft Che.ut Nolte lbr side by
Pennsylvania Magistrate Law Library.
New and Sixth Edition, bringing the Law dawn en
A Treatise on the oilier and ditties of Alder
men end Justices of the Peace in the Common
wealth of Pennsylvania, including all the re
quired Forms of process nod Docket Emil. ;
and emhoding not only whatever may he deem
ed valuable to Justices of the Peace lint to land
lords, Tenants and General Agents ; and. ma
king this rolumo what purports to be a sate Le
gal Guide for Business Men. By John Mins,
Into Alderman of Walnut Ward, in the city of •
Philadelphia. The Sixth Edition. Revised,
corrected and greatly enlarged by Frederic C.
Brightly, Esq., Author of nA Termite on' the
Law of Costs," "Equity Jurisprudence," "Ni
si Pries Reports," Editor of "Purdue's Digest"
Ac. In one thick yclunto Octavo.. Price only
A Lao,
Forms of Conveyancing, and of Practice in
courts of Common Pleas, quarter Sessions,
Oyer and Terminer, various Civil officers and
Justices of the Peace. Fourth edition, revised
corrected, and. enlarged. and adapted to the'
present state of the law, with copies explana
tory Notes and preferences, and a new, full and
comprehensive Index. Dy Robert E. Wright,
Es q. In one thick Octavo volume,—Price on.
ly $3,50.
AL9t; ~
DIGEST—I7OO to 1855.
A digest of the laws of Pennsylvania, from
the year One Thousand Seven Hundred, to tho
Eight day of May, Ono Thousand Eight Hun
dred and Fifty-five. The first four editions by
the late John . Purdun, Esq. The Filth, Edition
Revised, with Marginal References, Foot News
to the Judicial Decisions ; 'Analytical Contests
• a Digested Syllabus of each Thin and a new,
full and exhaustive Index. By Erederic C.
Brightly, Esq., Author of "A Treatise on the
Law of Costs," "Nisi Prins" Editor of Binit's
Justice, &e. •ne thick Royal Bro. Price only
CrThe freshness afar permanent value of
Putlun's Digest are preserved by the publica
tion annually of a Digest of the laws eneetad iu
each year. These annual digrgg are. arranged •
in precise conllermity to the plan of PurelMr's
Digest . They are, each of them republished
Annually are connected together by a general
Index (prepared anew each year.) which embra
ces the contents of the laws of each year since
the publication of Pardon's Digest, in one al
phabet ; and are bound up with Pardon's Di
gest, and also sold separately.
Thus the purchaser of Purdon's Digest will
Always be in possession of the complete body of
the Statute Liens of Pennsylvania down to the
very hour when he ',releases if. Those wh,
have already purehas'd Pardon's Digest/may
ways cotnplete the data for the small. sum of
Filly Cents, the prise of value containing all the
annual Digests issued since the first publication
of the present edition of Pardon's Digest, as
heretofore stated. KAY & BROTHER.
Law Booksellers nod Publishers 'l7 & IA
South Filth Street. First Store above Chesuut.
'Orders or letters of ioquiryforlawßoaks
from the country promptly attended to.
Sept. 10, 1856.-3 m.
Nlll 2111 D T./UTNE/I t0t.0.3
C U uNN N ;il l l l ‘l:s t ic i l"ii h tud., - ,11 1 17:rf
Goth's, consistin g if
Dry Goods, Hard-ware, Groceries,
Queens-ware, Cedar-ware,
Huts, boots and shoes.
Orockery•ware, stone and earthen
Ready Made Clothing always on hand,
and in short everything that is usually isvpt l n a
vonntry ?torn.,
BA eoN, rt.idrEn,
kopt constantly- fur Sale. _
Call and oxlmine our Goods and judge for
Allkinds of country produce taken in ex
change for Goods at the highest market prices.
The highest market Fires paid forall kinds
of Grain.
Promptattsntion paid to storing and forward•
ing all kinds °linen:band's°, preiluce,&u.
Huntingdon, Nov, 14, 18.3.
GPI I se
Hun tingdou .14 Foundry.
La GU.
I shod of informing their friends and the pub
,lie generally, that they have rebuilt the Hunt
ingdon Foundry, and are now in successful 3p
eratio"nd urn prepared to furnish casting of
all kinds, of the beat quality on the shortest no
tice and most reasonable terms.
Farmers are invited to call tind.mointine nor
Ploughs. We arc manufacturing the Hunter
Plough, (this plough took the premium at the
Huntingdon County Agricultural Fair. in 18th)
also Hunter's celebrated Cutter Plough, which
can't ho beat. together with the Kaystono, Hill
side, and Parsbear Ploughs. We have ou hand
land arc manufacturing stoves, such as Cook,
Parlor and office stoves for coal cr wood.
consisting of Kettles,
Boilers, Skillets, Sr., all
of which will be sold cheep for cash or in ex
change for country protince. Old metal taken
for new castings. By a strict attention to hue,
nose and desire to please, we hope to moire a
there of piddle patronage.
April ?O. 121,,P.-r1