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but is neith to the
Romans, butattr ihutub that the er
The Convention of Delegates, assets- were made acquttined with it by the Scy
bled in pursuance of a call addressed to thians, Thracians and Prygians, and the
the People of the United States, without latter by the people of Germany. It ap
regard to past political differences or diets- pears, says Beekman, that when they had
ions, who are opposed to the repeal of the
learned the art of making it, they employ-
Missouri compromise; to the policy of the I
present Administration; to the extension edit only as an ointment in their baths,
of Slavery into Kansas ; and in favor of ' and particularly as a medicine. It is never
the admission of Kansas rs a Free State mentioned by Galen and others as food,
of restoring the action of ihe Federal Gov- though they h ave spoken of it as applica-
eminent to the principles of Washington
ble to other purposes. No notice is taken
and Jefferson ; and for the purpose of
presenti'l candidates forthe offices of Pres- of it by Apices, nor is there anything said
ideut sod Vice President, do resolve as in that respect by the authors who treat
follows: on agriculture, though they have given
RESOLVED, That the maintainance of
accurate information regarding milk,
the principles promulgated in the Dec
laration of Independence, and embodied cheese and oil—This may be easily ac
ts the Federal Constitution, aro essential counted for by the fact, that the ancients
to the preservation of our republican insti- were entire ly accustomed to the use of
tutious; and that the Federal Cons, itution good oil. In like manner, butter is very
the rights of the Sttes. and the union of ,
the States, shall be preserved, little used at the present day in Italy,
REsoLYED, That, with our Republican I Spain, Portugal, and the southern parts
Fathers, we hold it to be a sell-evident •of France, bat is sold in the apothecaries'
truth that all tnen are endowed with that- I shops for medical purposes. During the
tenable right to "life, liberty and the par- ages of Paganism, butter appears to have
nit of happiness," and that the primary
oh been very source in Norway ; mention is jvct and ulterior designs of our Federal ,
Government were to secure these rights made by historians of a present of butter
to tit, ,orsons within its exclusive juris- so large that a man could not carry it, and
diction ; that as our Republican Fathers, which was considered a very respectable
when they had abolished Slavery in all our
gift.—{Farm,r's Magazine,
national territory, ordained that no person
should be deprived of property," without
the•procees of law. it becomes our duty to
maintain this provision of the Constitution
against all attempts to violate it, for the
purpose of establishing Ste very in the ter.
mums of the United States, by • positive
leg:slation prohibiting its existence or ex
tension therein. That we deny the au
thority of Congress, of a Territorial Leg
islature, or any individual or association
of individuals as to give legal assistance to
Slavery in any territory of the United
States, while the present Constitution shall
be maintained.
RESOLVED, That the Consti.ution con
fers upon Congress sovereign power over
the Territories of the United States fur
their government, and that in the exercise
of this power, it is both the right and du
ty of CoLgress to prohibit in the Te.ritor
ies, those twin relics of barbarism, Poly
piny and Slavery.
REsoLvED, '1 hat while the Constitution
of the United States was ordained and es
taiaished in order to forts a more perfect
weer). esta hush justice, insure domestic
trampiiity, priori& for the common de
fence, and secure the blessings of liberty,
and contains ample provisions for the pro
tection of -life, liberty tied prasperity"
of evgry citizen, the dearest constitution
al rights of the people of Kerala have ,
been fraudulently and violently taken from I
them—their territory has been invaded
b) en armed force, spurious and pre
teieb-d legislative judictith.and executive
-ffieers have been set over thorn, by
show usurped authority sustained by the
ni:itary power of the government ; tyran
teal nod unconstitutional laws have been
et acted end enforced ; the rights of the
pe tpie to keep and bear arms have been
iniringed ; test oaths of an extruordtn.try
and entangling nature have been imposed
as a condition of exercising the right of
suffrage, and holding office ; the right of
an accused person to a speedy and public
trial, by animpartial jury, has been de
nied ; the right of the people to be secured
in their houses, papers and effects against
unreasonable sear :hes and seizures, has
been violated ; they have been deprived of
life, liberty. and property without due pro
cess of law; that the freedom of speech and
of the press has been abridged; the right
to choose their representatives has been
made of no effect; murders, robberies and
arsons have been instigated and encoura
ged, and the offenders have been allow
ed to go unpunished; that all these things
have been done with the knowledge, sane
thet aad procurement of the present Ad
mistrittion, and that for this high crime
against the Constitution, the Union and
humanity, we arreinge the Attain' -trution,
the President, his advisers, agents sup
porters apologists and accessories, either
befit, or alter the facie, before the country
and beton• the world; and that it is our fix
ed purpose te bring the actual perpetra
tors of ih se atrocious outrages and their
accoo-plaiee to a sure and condign punish.
me,t he 'eater,
Rnso •Lhat Kansas should be im
mew., utimitted as it ~tate of the Un
ion, woo aer present free constitution, us
at unc, the most elit ctual way ul securing
to her citiz , n , the enjoyment of the rights
and privikgrs to which they are entitled
aims of ending the civil suite now raging
in her Trxrdory.
ittuoLvi.u. That the highwayman's plea,
that 'might makes right, - as embodied
in the Ostend Circular, was in every res
pect unworthy of American diploma.
cy, and would bring shame and dishonor
upon any government or people that gave
it their sanction.
BEsoLven, That a Railroad to the Pa-' ,
cific Ocean, by the most central and prac
tical route, is imperatively demanded by
the interests of the country, and that the
Federal Government ought to render int
mediate and efficient aid in its construction
and as an auxiliary thereto, the inntwdiate
construction of an emigrant route to the
line of the ruilr ad.
It soLven, That appropriations by Con
g.°, 'or the improvement of Rivers and
..uroors, ol a national chlraoter, are do
iiimmi•d ior the accommodations of our
X tog coin tierce, and Congress is au•
t r.a...l by the Constitution, and institieri
uts government, to pro. &dams & Co.'s Express.
time live, and property of its onixi-ns. T. R. SIMONTON, Agent, Huntingdon.
ItusoLvxo, I hat we invite the atfilitt. Money, Packages, rod good. ofall kinds, re.
,ion and co up. ration of the men of all par. ceived and forwarded at the risk of the company,
ies however differing iruin us in other to all the eisiesand principaltowns in the United
• ispects, in support of the pr;nciples here- mats May 1,'52.
dolured : and believiog that the spirit
our institutions, as well as the cionstitu. aza 7:5
our country, guamnte..B liberty of ATTORNEY AT lalW,
let:fence and equality of 'igitta among willattend to all bu3iness entrusted to,bim
zoos, we oppose all legisiution impat. , tics nearly opposite the Court House
.1g their security. I May 5.'53
The History of Butter.
From the various sta eau•uts in history,
it may be safely concluded that th• discov
&dist, in an article on the proper under
clothing for winter, recommends flannel
or linsey.woolsey, and closes with this ad
vice to the ladies; 'No hoops! no funnel
sleeves for the cold air to rush up to the
arm-pits, and chill the chest. The under
clothes, as well as the dress, should be
made to cover the shoulders and collar
bones, close around the throat. By this
means you will be prevented from throw
ing additional weight Upon the shoulders,
in the shape of extra shawls and cloaks,
and thus diminish the labor of breathing.
Also cover the top of the head. Beware
of catarrh and neuralgia.'
In the healing art. Those afflicted with all
kinds of Tumors, Wens, Cancers, Fungus,
Heimated., &burros, Goiter. Polypus, Sc.,
or any growth or Sores, no matter on what port
of the body, can be cured by an entirely new
method, without cutting, caustic or pain, (if cu
rable). Those afflicted with Blindness, Deaf
ness, und other Diseases, no matter what their
acme may he, can rest assured of finding relief,
and therefore should not delay a moment.. Write
disease and symptoms full and you can receive
an +mower by return moil ; to insure on answer
enclose the small sum of Twenty-fire Cents, t o
warrant him in spending his time for your bene
fit. All other letters must have a post stamp en
closed to pre-pity answers. N. B—Dr. K. is a
regular Graduate.
!'here is no need to visit distant plaQcs, to
undergo a painful operation, and spend a fortune
when you can be cured with little expense, and
without suffering, near home.
Address, DR. C. L. WELLING,
i ii i i i iiiiiiiiiiiiii i Cumberlund county, Yu .
No. 20, South Second Street, Philtulelphi
MTmporter, Manufacturer, and Dealer in Drugs,
'Medicines, Chemicals,
and American White ZINC,
Glassware, Varnishes, Brushes, Instruments,
Ground Spices, Whole Spices, and all other
articles usually Inept by Druggists, including
Borax, It.digo, Glue, Shellac, Potash, &c., &e.
All orders by mail, or otherwise promptly at
tended to. Country merchants are invited to
call and examine our stock before purchasing
elsewhere. Goods sent to any of the wharves
or railroad stations. Prices low and goods war•
HAS jest returned l'rum the east . with a large
and splendid assortment of
Fall and Winter Clothing,
fir men and heyr, made in the latest fashion anp
in the must durable manner. Who ever wants
to be stressed better and cheaper than anybody
else in town, let him call at W•Luoubully s
Citusr CLOTHING STGEE, one door west of T.
Head & Sun's drug store, Huntingdon.
Call and see for yourselves
let. 18, 1854.
Are you suffering with the Piles, inwardly
or outwardly?
If su, use Dr. Dupries' Celebrated Remedy.
Warranted to cure in all cases. .
The above is the only remedy that has ever
cured effectually. City referenced and testi
monials given.
If you have the Piles inwardly, ask fora box
of Dr. D.'s Pills—only 50 cents.
If you have the Piles outwardly, ask for a
box 'of Dr. D.'s Ointment—only 50 cents.
For sale by Jona Rea°, Huntingdon, Pa.
June 4, '3li.
Amp& Offices on Hill Street, opposite
the Court House, end North East
"UMW. Corner of Hill and Franklin its.
Two Splendid Parlor Engravings,
L/A TITLED "Bolton Abbey in the Olden
Times," a .splendid steel engraving, from
the lelehrated painting by Landauer ; and the I
"Departure of the (mates from Egypt," a large
and beautiful engraving from a painting by D. I
Roberts. The retail price of the abovii engra- '
ring is $3, per copy, but will be sent free of
charge as follows t
riIEIE sAseribers have established a Book
1 Agency in Philudelphi.t, and will furnish any
book or publi,ation at the retail price free of
postage. Any persons. by forwarding the sub
scription price of any of the $3 Magazines, such
as Harper's. Gofley's, Putnam's, Graham's, or
Frank Leslie's Fashions, &e. will receive the
magazines for one year and v copy of the above
beautiful engraving., free of charge, or if sub
scribing to a $2, and a $l, Magazine, finch as
Peterson's. and Challen's Ladies' Annual, they
will recive both magazines and a copy of either
of the aliere engravings.
Every description or Engraving on Wood ex
ecuted with neatness and dispatch. Views of
Buildings, Newspaper Headings, Views of Ma
chinery, Book Illustrations, Lodge Certificates,
Business Cards, &u. All orders sent by mail
promptly attended to. Persons wishing views
of their buildings engraved can send a Daguer
reotype or sketch of the building by mail or ex
Persons at a distance having saleable articles
would find it to their advantage to address the
subscribers, as toe would act as agents for the
sale of the same BYRAM & PIERCE,
50 South Third St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Nov. 28, 1.55.-Iy.
PUIO@IIngiZi Ca TM Vilagl.
Sebastopol Taken! !
The undersigned has just returned from the
city with a large and splendid assortment of
Fall and Winter Goods,
which he is now prepared to dispose of at very
low and reasonable rates. Persons desiring to
purchase will find it to their interest to give him
a call before purchasing elsewhere, ns he studies
only to please. His stock consists ore large lot of
Dry Goods, Hardware.
21001051 &SHOES, IHAVS
Glass & Queensware,
a large and splendid assortnlnt of ready made
which he is prepared to sell In lots to suit
N. B.—Country produce taken in exchange
for goods.
Moorsviiie, Nov. 7, 1835.-0.
Of the National Safety Company.
Walnut Street, South West Corner Third Street.
Incorporated by the State of Penn
A/Toney is received in any sum large or small
iViendinterest paid from the day of deposit.
—. The (Mee is open every day ' 'from 9 . o'elock
in the Intuiting till 7 o'clock in t ie @Yellin, null
on Mendel' and Thursday evenings. till u o'clock
All sums largo or small, aro paid bark in gold
on 111,1111111/111,11t cotta, to any amount.
President, lion iIE.NIII' L. BENNER,
Secretory. Wm J. REED.
Henry L. Benner, C. Landreth
Edward L. Carter, F. Carroll Brewster,
Robert Selfridge. Joseph B. Usury,
Samuel K. Ashton, lien. L. Churchtnan,
Jame. B. Smith. Francis Lee.
The investments of the Fund now amounting
to more than one MILLION of dollars, in accor
dance with the act of incorporation urn made in
Mot tgages, Ground Rents, and in such first-class
securities as must always insure perfect security
to the depositors, and place beyond all risk the
permanency and stability of this old and well
established Institution.
Feb. 20, 1856. •
00WitittROZ/LIN 6 1 / 1 0014.
This school has been opened it. the Hall for
merly occupied by the "Sons of Temperance,"
on Hill street. 'I he course of instruction ant
hraces Single lino Double Entry !wok keeping,
lectures on commercial science, and also lectures
owconimercial law, Ethics, and political econo
my, delivered by members of the Bar.
The student passes through a course compri
sing over fonr hundred forms, writing Out, jour
nalising, posting and closing four entire sets of
books, solving problems, &c., precisely as in re.
al business, and in addition to this he has large
practice in oral and blackboard' exci vises. in o
pening and closing Single and Double Entry
Books, in Partnership. Administration. Joint,
and Compound Company settlements, in recei
ving is partner into copartnership, and settling
with 0 retiring one, all of whiel, together with
various other exercises and calculations cannot
fail to give full satisfaction and profit the learn
er. Students can enter at any time it day or e
vening class or both if they wish, the time is
unlimited, they .n leave at anv time and re- I TIMMOVAta
turn nt pleasure witbout additional chairge•
undersigned w isle, to inform his friends
Fur any other particulars, address personally
and the 1,1 c g •rall v that he has moved
or later T. l'U ' L°CK ' Pthici, " ll * his shop to d ' :
building intl. Harrison, for-
Assistance given when required in opening mi.& but, "
by him as Collector , s ollice,
and closing books. [April 2, 1856.-Iy,hill
Where I e intends carrying on the Tailoring
g3Txt[ail, ndvaut, business on such terms aa will not fail to give
sati,lartion to all that may favor him with their
The Lost is Found; .CUSIOM.
THE DEAD DAVE COME TO LIFE. Ile wishes to return thanks for the pa
tronage heretofore received and hopes by strict
ALELNDHIANUNDRY a t tenti o n t o 171 u: EIS 7tome r i Vvi , f t,3rec m i a
RC. McGILL wishes to inform his
s friends nod the public generally,
that he has bought the above-named
Foundry, Patterns, Flasks, and all its
contents, and from his long experience in the
business he hopes to obtain a share of the public
patronage. As he has the Foundry in full ope
ration, lie can furnish all who may give him a
call with all kinds of Castings ; such as Rolling
Mill and Forge Costing, Grist and SAW Mill
Casting, improved Thrashing Machine Casting;
and in a short time will have Cook St a ves of va.
Hour size, and improved patterns for wood and
coal; also ten-plate stx tog. Air-Tight, Parlor,
and Bar-room stoves, of all sizes for wood or
coal. Also Castings for house ; cellar grates ;
such as Lentels, Sills, Sash-Weights, &e. Hows
at every description of the latest and most im
proved style. Also steel soles, wagon boxes,
oven frames, large hells and cast water-pipes.
consisting of Kettles, Boilers, &c. hissing turn
ing -lathes, he will be able to furnish any of the
above-named articles, either wood or iron ; and
he has all kinds of Castings too numerous to
mention, all of which will be sold cheaper than
ever for cash and all kinds of country produce.—
Also old metal will be taken in exchange for cas
ting. Hurry up your old metal and country pro
duce when any articles are wanted.
Dr. John McCulloch,
(lifers his professional services Co the citizens of
Hontingdonand vicinity. Office, Mr. Hi.
brand's, between the Exchange and Jackson's
Huntingdon, Aug. 29, 1830.
Olfikt3o344A, ',li i- i;
0......0.....00 o
i) e
• OF THE 0 1 ,
o The largest and best o 4:
t o ) JOB OFFICE (,),
( 0 ) IX THE COUIYTT: g f p
o o
Greatest Medical Discovery of BALTIMORE LOCK HOSPITAL.
Dr. Kennedy, of Roxbury, ha, discovered in frHE founder of this Celebrated Institntion,
w o 1 our m ill common a pasture n jit
o weeds
l a
a ; fi te remedy that a :
toc ; ffriticiss o teiu ff i
at e :: :
et s nrrcnom t kin l i n: e t:ilnyr m i
~ certain ,
ve o Lnb s ei t inkittecs ,:wsi ogArlmpotency,
iiprdpeoc c tooii p rnno e enu e iys d n: s .e .
trl , ohytt a esho t ; Ls d
kr;t o ,n i rni i
de ; ;
i t n at ; io n o d f l i l li e etni s Heart, fit,ir l i
ie ) o y l it ii: p ia e wn p , s d it h li... „
p ft i v o i . n the worst scrofula down to a common pint
i t
st Heys,
i Irritability, " B l P
c rnii h ni ct i;, l( l,..
orr su disorders eih;e F l ) e it t li , g zi f s 'i t,t s or n il i 3;: t r h t i vr cl ,it e le, s t. t o r i,,,i t cy i e , t,
andir ee
, d i l i
tried e
in d
. 1 n c :Le:.
(both lloo eases, i n
a rr i
i t
u l n
i never or.)
1 1. 3. 1 risen the !Le i i
He has now in possession over two hundred
centre ten a its virtue, all within twenty' miles
S moreee f s " ta t
to tcl t
It t e hei r
mariner vic"in ; n so h n ting of their the
Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing
sore mouth. most briliiaut hopes of anticipations, rendering
One to three bottles will cure the worst kind marriage, &c• . , itnpossible.
of Pimples on the face.
Two or three bottles will cure the system of Young Men,
Biles. especially, who have become the victims of Sol-
Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst Rory Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit,
case of Erysipelas. which annually sweeps to an untimely grave
One to two bottles are warranted to cure all i thousands of young men of the most exulted
humor in the Eyes. talents, and brilliant intelteet, who might oth-
Two bottles are warrnnted to cure running of crevice have entranced listening senates with
the ears and biotite§ among the hair. the thunders of eloquence, or waked to century
Fuur to six bottles are warranted to euro the living lyre, may call with sill confidence.
corrupt and running ulcers. Marriage
ono bottle will cure scaly corruption of the h i •
arned persons, or soling men eontentpla
skin. tang nminee, being aware of physical weak-
Two to Otto° boutes are warranted to cure mesa, organic debility, deformities, &C., should
the worst ease of ringworm. immediately consult Dr. Johnston.
Twn to three bottles are warranted to cure Ile who places himself undcr the coreof Dr.
the most desperate case of rheumatism. Johnston may religiously confide in his honor ne
Three to four betties arc warranted to eure a gentleinn„, and confidently rely upon hia skill
the salt rheum. eIS a physician.
Five to eight bottles will cure the worst ease I
of scrofula. Organic Weakness.
1 Agents for the Journal.
A benefit it always experienced from the first immediately cured, and full vigor restored,The followingpersons we hove appointed Agent ,
bottle, and a perfect cure is warranted when This disease is the penalty must frequently fur the 111,1.1E01/ON elounNAL, who ere Author.
the above quantity is token. paid by those who have become the victim of l ized to receive end receipt for money paid un sub.
Header, I peddled over a thousand bottles improper indulgencies. 17t.ung persons are too scription, and to take the names of new suitors
of this in the vicinity of Boston. I knew the apt to commit excesses from not being Aware of bers at our published prices.
effect of it in every case. So sure as water will the dreadful consequence that may ensue.- We do this for the convenience of our sulfur'.
extinguish fire, so sure will this cure humor.- Now, who that understands the subject will pre- bees living at a distance from Huntingdon.
I never sold a bottle of it hut th a t so ld ano th er; tend to deny that the power of Procreation is i Jolts: W. Taompeosi, Esq, Hollidaysburg,
after a trial it always speaks for itself. There i lust sooner by those billing into improper habit I GEORGE W. COIINELITS. Cromwelrteanshie
are two things about this herb that appear to than by the prudent. Besides being deprived Unsay Ilensox, Clay township.
toe surprising; first it grows in our pastures in of the pleasure of healthy offspring, the most SC. DAVID Ensues:, Cromwell township.
some places quite plentiful and yet its value I noun end destructive symptoms to mind and ho- Dr. J. P. Asucost, Penn township,
tins never been known until I discovered it in I dy arise. Tim system becomes deranged , the J. WAREHAM ,lIATTERN, Franklin township,
that it should cure all kinds of physical and mantel powers weakened, nervous S.,SHIEL STEFFEY, Jackson township,
humor. I debility, dyspepsia, palpitation of the heart, in- Col. Jso. C. WATSON, Brady township,
In order to give some idea of the sudden rise digestion, a wasting of the frame, cough symp- Mounts BROWN, Springfield township,
and great popularity of the discovery. I will toms of Consumption. Wit. Hirreunssox, Esq., %Varriorsmark tp.,
state that in April, 1853, I peddled it and sold a - Office No. 7, South Frederick Street, se- Gsonou W. 11Ruerr men, Petersburg,
about six bottles per day-in April, 1854, I sold ten doors from Baltimore street, East side, up Ileteny NEFF, West Berme.
over one thousand per day of it. the steps. Be particular in observing the name Jon& Bansnacit, Wdterstreet,
Some of the wholesale Druggists who have and number, or you will mistake the place. Maj. CHARLES blicxnEY. Tod township,
been in business twenty and thirty years, say A Cure warranted, in Two Days. A. M. BLAIR, Dublin township,
that nothing in the annals of patent medicines NO MERCURY OR NAUSEOUS DRUGS. GEORGIC WILSON, Esq., Tell township,
was ever like it. There is a universal praise Dr. Johnston, JAMES CLARK, Birmingham.
nl• it from all quarters. NATHANIEL LeTras, Esq., Spruce Creek.
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons
In my own practice I always kept it strictly , Tins.W 510'one, Alexandria.
London valuate from one of the most eminent i . s;
for humor-hut since Its introduction as a gen- B. F. u'annacE, Union Furnace.
ern! family medicine, great and wunderlul vie-
I C ,i o ta ll i e s ts i o ,o f iu t i li o e n, U; , :t r e is d : h t i a L t i e d s a , ip a i n i and
,thieingdrCeiti:ecr. SIMEON Willem., Esq., Union township.
DAVID Cf..xsom Esq., Cuss township.
tees have been, ound in it that 1 never suspect- pert of whose life has been spent in the first flo
WARRANTED, ed. SAmtet. Wuerost,l 7 .sq., Franklin townshi
~ arnorSITIOT
GEORGE SHANE, F...q 117 ' k
1 Several eases a epileptic fits-a disense where, has effected some of the most astonish
ing cures that were ever known, many troubled
The best Anchor Brand Bolting Cloth 13urr tt.
Itich wits altarsconsidered incurable, have 144,1) Auussrov, Esq., Todd township.
Calico null Stones. Corn, Colo and Plaster l ;Len. cured h iso , i , ~,ins 0, shut „ mercy wRh ringing in the head and ears when asleep, Da. J. ALFRED SHADE, Dublin township
ALSO SOLE OWNER OF if It will pro . ; e a Cffe . et ' inl - in . all cures of sill(tit greet nervousness, being alarmed at sudden
dreadful malady-there are but fete who have sounds, and bashfulness, with frequent blushing c
attended sometimes with derangement of mind,
Johuston , s Patent Cast Metal Con- more of it than I have. were cured immediately.
case I 1 know of seventh ewes of Dropsy, all of ,
A Certain 8. isease.
r lia An - t j .Li Zl ' ir ._4 ("- A 9 1 whom aged people cured by it. For the vsri- I
Is, - I When the misguided
, ous diseases of thu Liver, Sick Budd the , lts K. NEFF, M. H.,
liaNt and south-n.l oldie Ohio and Mississip. pspsia. Asthma, Fever and Ague. Pant itttse , of pleasure finds . ht.l:liint l he i d in rie ni'le t.:=lYs
vu Risers. Side, Diseases alb. Spine. end parttsu si is pH:lel diseuse. It to too often happens that an HAVING located himself in Wantutfasts..
in diseases of the Kidneys, &e., the dist., ei . ill-wined sense of shame, or drool of discovery, In this county, would respectfully oiler his
Warranted to take nu t o f th e off a l of terry has done at oil then . ' any medicine ev.... him from applying to those who from ed- professional services to the citizens of that satire
Bushel Ground, from I to 21 llos, of stmoLird known, more - iiesi ion and respectability, can alone befriend I and the country adjac rut.
flour, which could not be bolted out ou account No change of diet veer necessary-cat the • hi m d e l a yin g tot the constitutional symptoms REFFERENCES:
'Jr lbe electrical adhesion to the Bran. hest you can get and ell.lllO of it. of this horrid disease make their meantime, 'J. B. Ludes, 111. I). Gen. A. P. Wilson,
DuteeefoNs FOR 4'..-Adulrs one table such its ulcerated sore throat, iliFemeil nose, I 31. A. Henderson, " Wm. P. Orbit..., E,,,,
NOTICE t-I hereby warn all persons against ' spoonful per day-Children over ten years Ile,- notiturnitl pains in the bend and limbs, shininess .1. 11. Dorsey, , ' Hon, JIM.. ywi,,,„
infringing my rights, secured by Leiters pa. Ben spoonwli-inihlren from five to eight year of sight, deafness, nodes on the shin bones, and : Al. Stowell, " John Scott, Es q ,
tent as above, us I will prosecute all tersons , teuspuottfull. As no directions c. be applica- units, blotches of head, lace :11111 extremities, Don. George Taylor.
making, selling, or using any Bran esters i hie to all constitutions, take satfleient to open- progirssieg with frightful rapidity, till at last , !hinting*, Pa.
the palate of rho mouth or the bones of the ..,.. Jacob 31 (tommill, Al. D., Alexandria.
with an Iron or Cust Metal Concave in vie. ;ate on the bowels twice a day,
Alenufactured by - fall in, and the victim of this awl'ul disease br . ' John !Wen Hoch , '‘ A f ers burg.
Intioa of the I.ettere Patent of Joseph John-
DONA DONALD KENNEDY, conies a horrid object of commiseration, till . tp7,s2•tt.
star s dated April 24th, 1854.
' No 120 'Warren .51. , Roxbury, Mass. death puts a period to his dreadful sufferings, 1,, ---
THOMAS IL WOODWARD, Proprietor. : sending him to "that bout. from whence no JOHN MOREHEAD.
N. 8.-State .d County Patent Rights fur
all the above Maehines tarsals. T. W. Dy ' ett, Se r t i t ' e ' r!l M g e ent for Peunsylva• traveller returns," To such, therefore, lir.
Johnston pledges himself to l.reservo the 1110, SUCCESSOR TO KING & MOREHEAD .
August 29, 1855. VIIOLESALE GROCER
tf 1 min. Johnston
Agents.-N. Y. City, C. C.V.V. Click- inviolable secrecy, and from Ilk extensive press
- : ner, at Barclay Street-B. H. Ring, 192 Broad- lice in the first Hospitals of Europe and Ante. i- AND
: wity.-Eushton and Clark, 275 Broadway.-A, ea, he can confidently recommend a safe and
& 11. Sands, 100 rotten Street. speedy cure to the unfortunate victim of this I.- ffailtEU-c..l.lPO t h EI,?2III,ATIV D
For sale by G. W. Brelinum, 111eVeytown ; rid disease. I AND DEALER 1N
hlrs. 11ary Marks, Lewistown; 'l', Read & Son, It is a melancholy feet that thousands fall vie- . 1 , 7y9, Neon, a ,,,,,, , brie , ~,,i i, turd, r,,,,i
White Lead, Pig Lead, Win-
And sold by Agents generally. tuns en this horrid disease owing to the unskil- ! Oil, /,,ed Oil,
fulness of ignorant pretenders who by the use of 1 (7 • (7. . i i
i ,lain 1 USA , J (Mil aI • C, I'oll and Nails, ,or ous
May 28,'56.-Iy. that deadly poison Mercury, ruin the cons.i- Tallow Candler '
l'itriegeful and Rosin Scup, a.d
tut ion, and either send the un f or t una t e sufferer Pittsburg MUM fia dares generally.
i t i o r :n rn i i t ‘ n o t r im ub e i l o y . grave, or make the reside, of his
No. 21 WoodSt,
Take Particular Notice.
Metal rnl.t . i i e n u d l a i r li a o t o t
i c ii n s t , io . a . 1 given
liberal to theßd
o i f , i Pug e
Dr. J.. addresses all those who have injured
themselves by improper indulgencies.
Those are some of the end and melancholy tiler "'
Fein 13, 1856.-ly.
effects produced by early habits of youth, viz t
Weakness of the Backend Limbs Pains in the
head, Dimness of Sight, Lo of Illuscular pow- I RAILROAD lIOUBS.
or, Palpitatiun of the Heart Dyspepsia, Nervous TRAINS GOING Ease.
Irritabilityy Derangements of the Digestive Mail 'l'. I Ex. 'l'. I Fest 'l'. I E. T.
Funetions,llleneral Debility Symptoms of Con- Train leaves P.M. A.M. I',M. P.M.
gumption, &c. Petersburg, 2.19 4.18 9.45 12,30
MENTALLY-The fearful effects on the mind Huntingdon, 2.31 4.34 10.01 1.05
are much to be dreaded; Loss of memory, Con- I Mill Creek, 2.49 4.44 10.11 1.3 a
fusion of ideas, Depression of Spirit, Evil For- i Mt. Union, 3.07 4.57 10.25 ,"
bodings, Aversion to Society, Self Distrust, Timatts Goixo WEST.
Love of Solitude, Timidity, tte., are some oldie Train leaves P.M P.M. P.M. A.M.
evils produced.Mt:Union, 4.4 G 6.45 8.10 5,2.,
Thousands of persons of all ages, can now Nlill Creek, 5.03 6.58 8.22 5.50
fud g e what is the cause of their declining health. Huntingdon, 5.18 7.12 8.35 6.15
1,„...1„, their vigor, becoming weak, pale and Petersburg, 5.34 7.25 6.47 6.4.
emaciated, have singular appearance about the 1
oyes, tough end symtoms of consumption.
for. JOilllStOlefi Invigorating Reuse- ' -
dy for organic Weakness
By this great and important remedy, weakness
of the organs is speedily cured and full vigor re
stored. Thousands of the most debilitated lied
nervous, who had lust all hope, have been im
mediately relieved. All Impediments to Mar
riage, Physical or Mental Disqualification, Nee.
MOOS Irritability Tremblings and Weakness, .
or exhaustion of Ate most fearful kind, speedily
cured by Doctor Johnston.
:young lien, •
who have injured themselves by a certain prac
tice indulged in when alone-a habit rtequently
learned from evil companions, or at school-the
effects of which ore nightly felt, even when a
sleep, and if not cured renders niarriege impos
sible, and destroys both mind and body, should
apply immediately.
What a pity that a young man, the hope ofhis
country, .d the darling of his parents should be
snatched from all prospects and enjoyments of
WC by the consequence of deviating from the path
of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit
Such persons before contemplating .
• Marriage.
should reflect that a sound mind and body are
the most necessary req albite, to promote connu
bial happiness. indeed without these, the jour
ney through life becomes a weary pilgrimage,
the prospect hourly darkens to the view; the
mind becomes shadowed with despair, and filled
with the ntelancholy reflection that the happiness
of another becomes blighted with our own.
To Strangers.
The many thousands cured at this Institution
within the last 15 years, and the numerous im
portant Surgical tepertitions per'fu'med by Dr.
Johnston, witnessed by the Reporters alike pa
pers,and many other persons, notices of which
have unpinned again and again before the pub
lic, is &sufficient guarantee to the afflicted. I
N. ii. There are so many ignorant and
worthless quacks advertising themselves as
Physicians, ruining the health of the already af
flicted. Dr. Johns'n deems it necessary to any to
those unacquainted with his reputation that his .
Diplomas always hang to his office. I BLANKS..-Always buy your Blanks at De
4 1 5 TAKE NOTICE.-All letters must be posti "Journal Office." We have now prepared a vat'
paid, and contain a postage stamp for the reply, 1 ry superiorarticle of BLANK DEEDS, BONDS'
or no answer will be scut. JUDGMENT NOTES, SUMMONS', EXEC l; -
June la, 1856,-ly. . TIfINS. &c.
4 , . ( 0 ) EXECUTED
0 As Cheap as the Cheapeat,
4 • g allE) DiEtrTEta
4. .1
4, 0 THAN tt.;'
i : .
0 All kinds of • ‘6 , 1 , .
cd. : BLANKS 1,- :'0
: 270%.."1 1. 1'c T. nc...Ai rit.
t"'#'1111 BURR
Corner of Germantown Road and New Market
Streets, on the North Pennsylvania Rail Roe;'.,
Constantly on hand or made to order, the fol.
lowing highly approved Flour Mill Machinery.
Woodwani'S Patent Portable Mills and Smut
Johnston's Patent Iron Concave Bran Dun.
Stover's Putont Fuel Saving Corn Kilns.
Pierson's Patent Barrel Hoopand Moulding
Improved Bridge Steps andHusbes for Mill
40,000 oTIC s U l' e t m E b S r n o ci i n t g e and ‘evver y popularr y
usually kept in Philadelphia Book Store, and
many of them nt half the Publisher's retail pricu i
the subscriber now offers to the public.
All school books used in the county can be
had in any quantities at retail and wholesale
rates. Foolscap, Letter and Wrapping Paper,
wholesale or by the ream.
100 superior Gold Pens with Silver and Gold
Cases, from SI upwards.
100 Pocket hod Pen knives of Rogers' .d
others' best manufacture.
100 splendid Port Monnaiesand Pocket Books
at 20 et,. and upwards.
the iuteq and prettiest stylen,just received from
Philadelphia anti New York, prices from 10 ems.
a piece and upwards.
500 heatatifully painted and gold gifted Win
dt.. Shades at 4.1 etc. anal upwards.
The public I aye but to call and examine, to
be convinced that in buying of the above attack
they wII he pleased and also save money. Re
member the place, corner of Montgomery and
Railroad streets WM. COLON.
A pr.23,'56.
Wholesale Dealers in Provisions,
NO. 325 Llnuirry STREET.
Commercial Row,
May 21, 1826.-Gm.
JN. BALL respectfully solicits the attention
•of the farming community to a quality of
Plough which he is now manufacturing, and will
have ready for sale in a few days, he is also pre
pared to make harrows, wagons, carts, wheel
barrows, &c., &c., and to do all kind of repairing
at the shortest notice, and In the oust substantial
N. W. cornerui Muntgmery nod WaBll
iugtun bts.
Alureli 27 1855—tr.
J 01124 Scorr, SAMUEL T. BuowN
Attorneys at Law,
Huntingdon, Pa.,
Cacesamea.thatfonuerly occupied by John
Scott, Eaq.
Oct. 19, 1853,
No. 6, South Third Street,
Importer 01 Preach Cali' Skins ;
liallAVMlll IDLUllittr2.
Has Constantly on Hand, and Always
Finishing, all kinds of
Leather, Morocco, Calf Skinsahe op
skins, &e. &c.
The attention of Country Merehantg and Man
ufneturera, is solicited.
January 2, 1826.-Iy.
covEN BOAT, thankful for past iitvors, re
1. /spectrally inlorms the public in general that
he is prepared to manufacture at his shop on
Washington street, on the property litte:y and
for many years occupied by Alex. Cartoon,
and in short every kind of vehicle desired.—
Rockaways and Buggies of a superior manufac
ture and finish always on band and for stile at
fair prices.
Repairing of all kinds done at the shortest no
tice and most reasonable terms.
c. wet.t.s. I Huntingdon, May 28,1856.—1 y.
Hill Street, Huntingdon, Hunt. County, Pa.
MBE proprietor would respi.ctfully an
nounee to all his old easterners and the 111
"rest of mankind," that he has refitted his
house, and is prepared to accommodate strangers
and travellers, and the public generally. He has
also attached a
and be will hire horses, carriages, Am, on the
moot reasonable terms.
April 9 1856.—1 y.
Something lew at Huntingdon.
The celebrated Centre County Iron but sale
at the following prices:
Four cents per lb for common assorted from
I inches square and round up. 41- cents lie.
Horse•shoe and Spike•rods, including i and I
inches square, and ii cents fur Nuil•ruds, ahthe
cheap store of
egr COUNTRY DEALERs ex. buy
CLOTHING from mu in Huntingdon ut Whole
sale, as cheap an they can in the cities, as ! have
a Wholesale st ire iu Philadelphia.
Apr.n,'s6. 11. ROMAN.
L EA D PIPE tot sale at the Hardware Store of
The "If ouvuonoN Jonnamt." is publishonat
ho following rates :
If paid in advance $1,50
If paid within eix months after the time of
If paid at the end of the year 2,110
And two dollars and fifty cents if not paid till
after the expiration of the year. No subscription
will be taken for a loss period than six months,
sad no paper will be discontinued, except at the
option of the Editor, after it has went ever the
time of subscribing, until the cod of that year.
Subscribers living in distant counties,or in other
States, will be required to pay invariably in
T The above terms will be rigidly adhered
to in all eases.
Will be charged at the following rules
1 insertion. 2 do. 3 do.,
Six lines or Ices, $ 25 $ 37i $ 50
One square, (16 lines,) 50 75 1 00
Two " (32 " ) 100 150 200
Three " (48 ) 150 225 5
Business mon advertising by the Quarter, IC II
Year or Year, will be charged the following',
3 mo. 6 mo. 1„2
One square, $3 00 $5 OU
Two squnres, 500 650 12
Three squnres, 750 10 00 IC
Four squares, 900 14 00 23 90
Five squares, 15 00 25 00 Xi du
Ten squares,
25 00 40 00 60 ;
Business Cards not exceeding six lines, one
year, $4.00.
the “JOII , IIINAI.P , has 300 Subscri
bers more, than any other paper
in this co t y.
Xtel GYAIt.
11'ERS. SAKAI! KULP wishes to inform the
1,1 - ladies of Huntingdon end the surrounding
country that she has moved next door to Charles
tfsove the Presbyterian Church, Hill St.,
where she intends carrying on the fancy. and
straw Millinery busitioNs. Ilaving received thu
latest city fushion, she is prepared to attend t
all that may favor her with their custom.
April 10 2. S. A. KULP
A. P. Wan.
Practice in the govern' Comic of Huntingdon
Clair, Cumbria, Centre, Mifflin and Juniata Coun
ties. March 23, 1853.
TII E library will lie opfigiept y Saturday af
ternoon, at 3 o'clockmr n t heir ' room in the
Court House. Subscription 50 cents a yea
New books have been added to the former e
reflect wake & ug
Miller's, Mrs. Ellet's &e.
Br of
. the
- irrestdent.
Huntingdon, Oct. lat er 56.
14 : 716
TH" partnership herclonwe existing.betwitcn
Myton and Mosscr is by mutual consent dis
solved, and all persons knowing themselves in
debted to the said firm, will please call and set
tle their accounts without delay.
Banishers, April 2, 1555:0
Dissolution of Partnership.
The Partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned, is this day by mutual consent
dissolved. The business will be curried on
hereafter, by Jolt, Huyett, Jr., at the old stand.
JOHN nuYErr, Jr.
Ont. 31, 1855.-tf.