Huntingdon journal. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1843-1859, November 05, 1856, Image 3

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Andrew Carberry, Farmer, Hopewell
Henry Cornprolist r innkeeper, Huntingdon
George AV. Cohel, Farmer, Clay
John M. Cunningham, Carpenter, Huntingdon
John Carman, Fortner, Union
Jacob Dutf, Blacksmith, West
David Dunn, Merchant, Huntingdon
Alexander Ewing, Farmer, West
Samuel Myer, Fanner, Warriorstnark
Nicholas Unshorn, Fanner, Tell
Jacob Goodman, Mill Wright, Henderson
Samuel Hemphill Carpenter, Huntingdon
Henry Isetilicr,z, Farmer, Walker
Nichol:l, Leith, Carpenter, Porter
Andrew Liar, Farmer, Ti,il
John F. 1.0, Farmer, Jackson
Samel W. Myton, Mt:reliant, Batavia
Henry L. McCar.hy, Teacher, Brady
Isaac M. Nell. Fanner, -
Henry Putt, do • Hopewell •
Peter Swine, do Shirley
John Slimy, do ; do
Alexander &Mei...aryl° Franklin •
James Shively, do West
Traverse Jurors.—First Week.
Rudolph Brenneman, farmer, Walker
Abraham Bolinger, of John, farmer, Tell
Elias Brown, farmer, Springfield
Adam Black, farmer, Clay
John Baker, jr., carpenter, Clay
John Cresswell, morehant, \Veit
Soloman Chiluote, miner, Tod
Enoch Chilcote, thinner, Springfield
Samuel Cummins, farmer, Jackson
William Cunningham, jr.. Canner, Clay
William Dysart, farmer, Franklin
John Decker, farmer, Hopewell
Levi Evans, merchant, Tod
John Edwards, farmer, 'led
Samuel Fleming, laborer, Barren
Daniel Fink, farmer, Penn
George Garner, farmer, Penn
George W. Glasier, carpenter, Ilantingdua
John R. Gorsuch, jr., farmer, Cam
John Hutchison, farmer, Warrior:mirk
Frederick Ureter, thriller, porter
William !It - Annan, carpenter, Huntingdon
Henry Err, do
Peter Eerier, U 1,1,11110, Brady
Caleb Kelly, laborer, Cromwell
John I.elmet, farmer, Praoldia
LighttierAtlirer, Deady
ChriLdian Lvog, Groer,, Hatitittgdwi
Adam 1., tb,rt, jr., titrmer, Poiter
Samuel Miliev, of Saml, rennin., livrea
William Mo,re, farmer, We6t
John S. !.; tiler, manaraetarer, Jackym
David It. ;.lung, f armer , tv sr ,i, rinar k
Benjamin L. Magahan, plasteror, Walker
A. B. San:farm., farther, Walker
Benjamin Sprnngle, farmer, Barrio
Irat.iel Showalter, fu cater, Ifeador,on
,fiteult Summer., Jr., farmer llopeatdl
David Shutla. farmer, Hopewell
Abraham Slieerd'elt,l*.rmer, Walker
David S. 'Yancey. l'armer. Partin.
Abraham Weight, farmer, Fratikliti
George Whittaker, termr. Porter
Simeon Wright Esti., farmer, Union
rialto:el Wigton titrmer, Franklin
durden tanner, Uni,m
1 bane Wo!verton, miller, Brady
Daniel Womelsdorf, J. I'., liraliklin
Travorse Jurors.—Second Week.
Jacob Anspah, tutu',,, Jackson
Tt'illiam M. Bell, trommister, Shirley
Samuel Mother, farmer Shirley
George Borst, limner, Shirley
John Brumbaugh, farmer, Penn
Hubert Cunningham, farmer, Barren
Andrew Crotsley, farmer, l'enn
William Curry, jr., manufacturer Franklin
Louis Cornelius, Miniver, Shirley
Samuel Pure!). Farmer, Dublin
John C. Davcs, farmer, West •
Aaron hi'. Evans, merchant, Caaa
Eth ail ti r r, Tod
John G. Gluck, Shriner, Shirley
.James Gifford, Esq., Tell
Samuel Grove, former, Cromwell
James Canoe, farmer, Warribrmark
Walter Galbraith, hunter, Cromwell
John -tieisittger, farmer. Penn
George 'lawn. farmer, Bratty
James llir,a, farmer, Jackana
John llonseholder, .1. I'.. Penn
Andrew S. Harriamt, J. P., Huntingdon
Johu MePhorren J. I'. Franklin
Richard B
son oni, merchant, Cnsa
George litthertamt, farmer Springfield
Itothrock, plnsterer. Huntingdon
Jacob Stover, farmer, Warriursmark
Samuel Shearer, farmer, Shirley
Henry Shaffer, farmer, Cuss
Alexander Stitt, farmer, Porter
Jonathan Testgue, farmer, Cromwell
Francis B. Wallace, blitekatnith, Bunting,
Thomas Weaton, mereleint, Warrior:mind:
John hire, farmer, Franklin
11. B. Wigton, bun punster, Cromwell
TIIIAL LIST.--November Term.
iisry Stecley vs llng,ll Morm's Admr.
Taylor tar use vs David Iltnison's Admr.
John I.tikeus Admr vs 3elat and Robt. Madde
John Savage vs Henry Davis.
John Conrad's adult vs John 11. Stenebraket•.
Alstthews heirs vs G. K. & J. 11. Slinenberge
Caldwell vs Samuel Bolinger.
Charles Walton vs William Corbin's Muir.
Muttliews heirs vs E. S. Plowman.
George Meerut. vo Thos. Wilson.
Gassy vs Shoenhorger.
George Otenkisk vs E. Sellars.
Stirling & Alexander vs Bracken, Stitt & Co.
John 11. Wheeler vs Moses Grdanlaurl•
1. Wolverton vs Irvin, Green et eh
lien wands vs Pcinea R. R. Co.
Jacob 11. Sex vs Silinsel Colds
James Bell vs John S. Miller. WA/
George W Pheasant vs Robert Hare level.
SE(1)N1) WEEK.
Shoenborger's exr es A. P. Wilson et at
A. P. Wilson ea Al. Buoy.
John Lee ra Joseph P. Moore.
31 . ielmol . Quarry ;s Wise & litchansu.
- I;lrri vs Brown & States.
Patrick Kelley VR Penna. R. R. Co.
George vett H
e' awn.
Ine Hairla VS. 'l6O, Jr., and Jacob Wisc.
Jos. W. Riley for tm vs H. & B. T. M. R. R. &
C, Co.
Nieholar C. Decker vs Bost & Buckingham.
G. W,:Wagoner vg, W. Garver.
Kcltt 'l -. 4. Pike & Samuel Beim.
_ muel Spit he ft ier & Son.
Leonard e Lock & Snyder.
Joseph M Care , vs Wm. Foster's ears & h ers
Adolphus Patters• sJ. S, I'. &W. W. Barris.
Fisher & MeMuett vs Shoop & Wharton.
George Conch for vs Couch, Reed, & Co.
Jacob Cresswell'ts, obert liars Poweh
Samuel Beatty vs W. B. Wharton & M. Wharton
Andrew Crownover vs. Wm. Cummins whin. &
Tel. Cummins.
V(THEREAS, by a precept. to ma directed by
v V the Judges of the Common Pleas of the
county of Huntingdon, bearing test the 211 day
of August, 1836, 1 an,commanded to make
Public Proclamation throughout my whole baili
wick, that a Court of Common Fleas will ho
held in the (Mart House in the Borough of Hun
tingdon, ensile third Monday (and 17th day) of
November, A.D., 1858, fur the trial of all issues in
said Court which remain undetermined before the
said Judges, when and where all jurors, witnesses
and suitors, in the trial of all issues are required
to appear.
Dateil at Huntingdon, the 224 day of August,
in the year of our Lord 1856, and the 81st year
of American Independence.
Wit i t: t nr nn at t ry, precept to me directed, dated
I in gdon, the 224 day of August,',
A. 1). 1856, under the hands and seals of the
Hon. George Taylor, President of the Court of I
Common Pleas Oyer and Terminer, and goner
aljail delivery Of the 24th judicial district of Peon- !
sylvan itt composed of Huntingdon Blair and Corn
bruit, and the lion. Thomas F. Stuart and Jona-
I than McWilliams, his associates, Judges of the
' county of Iluntimgdon,justices assigned, appoint-
ed, to hear, try and determine all and every tn
aietmonts made or taken for or concerning all
crimes, which by the laws of the State urn made
! capital or felonies of death and other offences
' crimes mid misdemeanors, which have been or
shall hereafter he committed or perpetrated
crimes C0111111:111 , 1.1 to make pub
insocintrintion throughout my whole bailiwick
Court of Oyer nturienniner, of C.llllOll
Pleas and (Quarter aces oils, will be held at the
Court llott.e in the 'Borough of Ilmitingdon. on
the second Monday (and lath day) of N 31 . 1:mbar,
next, and those .who will prosceutejlie said pH
,' sone. be then and there to prosecute then, us it
shall be just, and that all Justices of the Peace,
Coronets and Constaldes within said counts be
• then and there in tlicir proper persons, at to
o'clock, A. 21. ofsaid day, with their records, In-1
iptisitions, examinations and rementhrances, to
do those things which to their offices respectfully
I •
alppel 11111.
Dated at Huntingdon the 29hl doy of Angttt,
in the vent. or our Lord IS:6, nod the Slit
year of Arnerienn Independence.
Register's Notice.
per - sons interested that the following named
persons have cooled their oemnds iu the He,
ister's 011ie° at Huntingdon, and :hut tho 8341 , r
aCCOIIIItS will be presented for continuation and
allowance, at an Orphans' Court to be 1w hi at
Huntingdon, ill and for the County of Hui:tiro,
dun, nu Wedneaday, the 12th day of Noven,! , ,
next, to wit
I. Benedict Sterens,Esry., Administrator and
Trustee to sell the Real Estate of Ludwick
Keister, late of Springfield township, dee'd.
. .
George Lnng, mirvicing Administrator of
Patrick Lang, lab, of Walker township, doe'd.
3. Henry M. Ker, Administrator of John
Kee, (who was in Hs lifetime one of the Admin•
is . trators of Patrick Lang, dce2d.,) this being
no account of the Administration of the Estate
of Patrick Long, deed., by raid John Ker in
his lifetime.
.1. John Henderson and. Harriet Henderson,
Administrators of George Henderson, .late of
Went township, dee . d.
5. David Thompson and Martha Thompson,
Administrators ofJohn Thompson, we of Hen.
dorm,, township, dee'il.
. . . . .
6. David 11Iuuntain, swing Administrator of
William Dean, lisq, late of Walker township,
R EN RY *6 LAZIER, Register.
Regbder's Offire.
iblittinylon, (0. li, 'SG
Th' Kansas Question Settle'•
DY latest arrival from the East, the subscri•
j.)l,eys hare just received and aro now op nine
the largest and must judiciously selected lISSUrI•
meld, of
ever brought to Huntingdon. Our stork conn
riots in part, of
Building Material,
such ns locks, hinges, screws, bolts, glass, oils,
and paints, (White knit, fire proof and zinc
. .
Mechanics , Tools,
in great variety ; ineltuling many new inven•
and late improvements.
We invite the attention of Saddlers and
Coneh•makers to our large and splendid stoekof
Saddlery & Coach Trimming
inch as saddle trees. t ig-trees, self-adjusting
plot trees, homes, of 20 kinds, latest styles of
buckles, stirrups, &e. girdling hog shins, pa•
tent and enameled leather, enameled muslin,
coach la ee, h As, spokes, fellows, shade, springs,.
axles, &c., &e.
Ladies and housekeepers generally, will find
it greatly to their advantage to call told exam.
inc our otto stock of silver and common spoons,
line table cntlery, vcissors, hollow-were, lamps,
natent sausage erindets, and all other how,
l'urnishing goods; including irony new and use
ful invenlions.
to our recent purchases, we have bought at
such rates us enable us to sell even lower than
heretofore. No chnr; , e for showing goods.—
All orders promptly attended to.
. • JAMES .1. BROWN 3: CO.
October Bth, 1850.
Gas! Gas-Lights are Coming !
€:s CrY ASK`f ( . 3 Tl
But with un entirely new and well te , surte.l , took
QUEEN:II/VAUD ri ABM W. 8.11.11
8001'S & S!tOES, in,tTs to C.9ll'S,
Cloths. WOOD, 1317ILLOW
and every other article serially kept in a coun
try store. We have one of the best selected
stocks of DRY GOODS cver affect d to the
citizens of this place and vicinity, and are deter.
Mined to sell lower than cell be purchased cast
ofthe Allegheny. Give as a cull and he satis
fied of the tact. We will sell oar old stock at
cost: Don't forget to call at the Metropolitan
before purchasing at any other liouso. We also
purchase and store Grain, and it is admitted by
all flint wo have the rudest place of unloading in
town. All kinds of produce taken in exchange
for Goode.
T'Orl X 32112.
I; would . offer for sale the following pro.
V perty, vii
A limo of Acres, of land in Germany
Valley, Hunt. co., it being one half of the Fatm
formerly owned by Geo. Eby. Nearly all clear
ed and in a fine state of cultivation. Choice
Limestone Land with Ilonse and Stable erected
thereon, with tanning water. lb miles from
Shirleysburg and 5 miles from Penna. Canal and
Railroad at Mt. Union.
Also 15 Acres of choice land adjoining the
above, on which is erected two good Hours,
small Burn, Wood House, be., with a never-fail
ing spring of good water, and line Orchard, with
choice fruit. This is a very dosirable property,
and would be suitable fur a mechanic, or any
person desiring to retire front active life.
Auto—A liirm in Union Township, Hunt. co.,
containing 65 Acres, one half of .whieh is
cleared, and the bulan en first quality of Timber
land, situated within one mile of the Penni& Ca
nal and Railroad at Mill Creek.
Either of the above properties will be sold
low and on reasonable terms, apply to the sub
scribers at Mill Creek, lluntingdon co., Pit. husamt 11140.
Sept. 10,'36.-tf.
500 Cll.lllll, Posts for sak by
Colda on C rs ou e g n h e s s.
DIUMPIILD, Mean., 20th Deo., DM.
Dn. J. C. Arca: Ido not heel t,to nay
sh ,Thost ,;;;07; i 11;;e - ev... found for
Coughs, Hoarseness, Intlnense, and the
ooneonsitant symptoms of a Cold, is your
.617(17i . TiCT.inal. Ite c2ns!an . uei in
zni - iractleonint my Monty for tho twit
ten year. has shown It to ponaesa supe
rior virtue. for tho treatmoq of thew
oompleinta. EREN KNIGHT, M. D.
A. D. MORTLEY, DIU., of UTICA, N.Y., writes: "I have
trod your PeCTORAI. myself and lu my family ever since
you invented it, and believe it the but tnodiclne for Ka
purpose oror put out. With a bad cold I should sooner
pay twenty.fl re dollars fur a bottle than do without It, or
take any other remedy."
Croup, Whooping Cough, Influenza.
Senn/emu, Mtn., Fob. 7, 1860.
Boron ATER I will cheerfolly certify your PECTORAL
le the boat stood we laesua for tho cure of Whooping
Gough, Croup, and tho sheet disomes of children. Roof
your fraternity In the South omelet° your skill, and
commend your =Melo to ort '
top e.
AMOS LEE, ESQ., Monate, IA writes, Eld Jan.,1866:
"I kW a tedious Influent, whic h nod nm in doom
Or week.; took Tony medicine. without relief; finally
tried your PECTORAL by the mirk, of our clergymen.
Tho that doe relieved the gooey; in toy throat and
loge; leas tho ono half tho bottle made nto completely
well. Your medicitto are the [imp. BB well na the beet
we can boy, end ens esteem you, Dot, and your rem.
Use, ea the poor man's Mond."
Asthma or Phthisic, and Bronchitis.
%Van MANCHESTER, PA, 14,b. 4, 1856.
Sou Too CHERRY PECTORAL Is performing marvellous
area in this stenos. It has relieved assort from alarm
'wog." r.m.'ll=g ,ciZlrgittP,AnA I o t f " t ' llo W rt r n i g or to tt l e
hut forty roe KENNY L. PARKS, Morchent.
A. A. RAMSEY, MA).. ALBION, Messes CO., lowa,
write, Bopt. 0,1855: "During my practico of moy yeos
I have found nothing equal to you Como l'arroeat, for
giving enAO Mid roller to CORlBulniliro patient., or Curing
Inch os are curable."
We might add volumes of evidence, but the most con
wincing proof of the virtues of this remedy la found In Its
effects upon trial.
Probably no one remedy has over been known which
eared no many and such dangerous easel aa this. Some
no human aid can roach; but even to abase the CHM, affords relief and comfort.
ASTOR Ileum Nair Yeas CITT, Maras 5, 1866
DOCTOR Arm, Lowest: I feel It a duty and a plaumre
to inform you what your Cittnitr Pxgroast, has done for
my wife. Sho had been live maathe laborlug ruder the
dangerous symptom' of Consumption, from which no aid
wo could procure gave her much roller. She was steadily
Kling, until Dr. Strong, of this city, whore we have oome
far advice, recommended • trial of your medicine. We
bleu his kindness, as we do your skill, fur sho hna roma.
°rod from tint day. She Is not yet at strong as she oiled
to I, but Is Doe from her cough, and cans herself well.
Y'turtt with
t 1 1 . 11 1 .1ZO th .4 1 1f2r1 , 11 ; , or Stmorruis.
Mneimpfires, do not d , vondr MI you have tried Avca's
CURRRY Pscroast. It in made by oue of the best medical
,chemists in tho world, and Its cum all mound tut beepoaJc
the high merits Mlle virtues.— Philadelphia Lcd,r.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
THE sciences of Chemistry and Medicine have bean
taxed their utmost to produce this beet, most perfect
purgative which le known to man. Innumerable proofs
are shown that thus hats hays datum which earnests in
excelleuco the ordinary mediators, and that they win un
precedeutedly upou the esteem of all men. They are tufo
and pleasant to take, but powerful to care. Their pene
trating properties t Mullet° the vital octi vi I ies of the body,
remove the •olatrucilune of Its organs, purify the blood,
awl expel diarese. They plagoont the fool humors which
breed and grow distemper, mitnotale sloccieh or disor
dered organs into their natinal argon. and impart healthy
tone alth strength to the who'a etylem. Not only do
they core the every-day complaints of van, body, but
also formidable sad dangerous db•emes that bare battled
the boat of human Alit. While they produco powerful
effects, they are at the some time, In illudulebod donee, tho
safest and best physic that can be employed for children.
Being sugar-coated, they aro pleasant to take; and being
purely vegetable, aro free from any rlek of harm. Corte
have been mode which mumns belief wore they nut sine
shut tinted by man of such exalted position and character
as to forbid the suspicion of ontroth. Matey eminent
clergymen and phyeirinne have tent their names to certi
fy to the public the reliability of my remake, while oth.
ern Intro sent nut tho assurance of their couvlction that
my Preparations contribute immeneoly to rho relief of lay
afflicted, nufferiug fellow-mon.
The Agent below natucd is pleased to furnish gratis my
American Almanac, containing direct ions for their 1190 and
certifiestcs of their cures, of the following COMplal.:—
Costiveess, Bilious Complaints, Rheumatism, Dropsy,
Heartburn, Headache arising from a foul Stomach. Nau
sea, Indigestion, Alorbld Inaction of the Ilowels and Pain
. .
mining therefrom, Flatulency, Lure of Amedito, ell Ulcer.
oue and Cutaneous Maumee which mune au evacuant
egditclite"L=Tni or King's
n tlie T e7Zot " :c:V;n l a;
complainte which It would not be 'imposts' they conk;
reach, such PA Daufnese, Partin' Blindnese, Neuralgia and
Nervous Irritubllity, Derangemente bf the Liver and Kld.
nays. Gout, and other kindred compliante nrinlng from
low etate of the belly or obstruction. of Its functions.
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers with some
other pill they make more profit on. Ask for Arent
Plus, and take nothing else. No other they can glee
you compares with tide in its intrinsic vain° or curative
powers. The sick want the beet aid there is for them,
and they should have it.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER,
Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Maim
P 111472 25 Om. pm Box. Fin Boxu eon $l.
JOHN READ, Huntingdon, anti dealers in
medicine everywhere.
October 15, 1855.-Iy.
New GOods !!
New Goods !
D. P. Gain has just received from Pliilatleb ,
phia a large and beautiful assortment of
tu,r, & larlNTriet gloOrg.
consisting of the most fa6bionable Dress Goods
for Ladies and Gentlemen, such tis Black Silks,
Chatueleon Si. Fancy Silks, French Mertnocs,
All Wool do mains, Persian Twills, Coburg
Ch.ith,Levella Cloth, Alpacen, Debaiz. Madon
na Cloth, Wool Plaids, and any quantity of
Fancy Detains. Prints of any desmiptiom
ALSO, a large lot of dross Trimmings,biess
Buttons, Bonnet Silks, Ribbons, Gloves, Mitts,
Hosiery, Laces, Veils, Collars, Undersleeves,
Chimazetts, Mohair bead dresses. Gum Belts,
Whalebones for Skirts, Silk and Linen Hose,
French Working, Cotton, Fall and Wool Shawls,
and a society of Fancy Goods -too numerous
to mention.
...... .
Also, Cloths,
black ant , blue, black and fancy
Cassimer, Cossinets, K. Jeans, Vesting;, Flan
nels, Wr. Red and Yellow, Sock Flannel, of ell
colors, Canton Flannels, Cotton Drills. ..Nan
keen. Linsey, Marlins, blenched and iniblcaeh
ed, Tieken, Checks, Table Diaper, Woolen and
Linen Table: Covers, Sheeting Sinslin 23 yams
wide Woollen Coats, Caps and Comforts,
Woollen yarns Li ditihrent tailors.
Silk Bonnets el the latest atylos of every color.
Largest assortment in town and at prices that
cannot be beat.
hats & Caps, (dale latest styles,
Boots and Shoes, 111111.7333T.0.11.11,
QIIIIMNSWAREI, Buckets, 'robs, Bas•
kola, Oil Cloths. Groceries, 51' the hest
quality, Salt and all goods usually kept in a
country Store.
My old customers, and as l oony new on e s on
can crowd in are respectfully requostmi to come
and examine my goods No charge ter looking.
All kinds of Country produce token in ex
change for goods, at the highest market prices.
Oct. 8, 1856.
Will commence Its winter cession of five months
on Monday, Nov. ad. It is hoped that the
pleasant situation and salubrity of the village,
the convenience and spaeiousness of the Semi.
nary, and the established character of the In
structors will secure the attendance of a !urge
mambo: of pupils.
'Perms—hoc Board and Tuition per session,
' 02,50
Day Tuition from $8 to 12,00
Apply to J. 13. KIDDER,
Shirleysburg, Bunt. Co., Pa.
35 Sucks Carina just recoil* rind for sale
wholeguln by CUNNINGUADI & DLTIN.N.
shade Gap, Huntingdon County, Pa.
W. H. WOODS, A. M., Proprietor &
.r. &SHADE ! Leciftrer. Anatomy Hygeana.Ray. .1. CAMPBELL, Leturer on General
~a ne Literature,
301LN M. CA I, A ND. Teacher in Preparatory Department.
THE annual exhibition will take place the lot Wednesday of October. An address by the
1 Rev. I). X. Junkin, 1)., will be delivered before the Philo and Diaynnthian Societies, at 2
o'clock, I'. M. The Exhibitional performances will take place at 04 o'clock, P. M. Tim ex•
aminations the week-previous. These exercises the friends of education are respectfully invi•
ted to attend. The next session opens on Wednesday, the 29th of October. This institntion
holds out peculiar inducements to young men seeking an education. The Board of Instruction
is composed of gentlemen of high literary attribonenta nod skilled In their profession. The
ration is very healthy, having the pure mountain air and free from all noincein vapors arising
ftern stagnant water and marshy ground. Thoso subject to ague could not tied a more desire.
isle place . Th e course of instruction is such as is best calculated to prepare young men for
business, for teaching, and for taking a hig h stand College. For those desiring to become
Teachers, a Normal Class will be l'orined, in which practical instruction will be given in the net
of Teaching. To this clues, lectures will be given on the subject of 'Teaching. The temple.
lions to vice, idlenesn mid dissipation are few. There is nothing to draw the mind of the stn•
dent from his books, it in quiet and retired, just such a situntion as a young man desirolin of
improvement would seek. The societies are in a flourishing condition, and each has a fine li
brary of choice works. The buildings are large and commodious, an additional building is in
the course of erection, whirls will ho finished this fall. Shade Com is situated on the mail
runic between Chambernburg and Mount Union Station on the Penn. Rail [toad.
TERMS t—For Session of five month, 522 50. Wnshing, light, and fuel, extra. StAuuts
am charged from the time of entering until the close of the Session. Payments half in ad
vance, hakiace at the middle of the session. For eatnltignes and further particulars, address
Shade Gnp, Hunt. Co., Pa.
Septetnlwr 17, 18,313.-3 m.
virtue of sundry writs of Vend Exp. and ;
BPi. Fa., issued out of tho Court of COllllllOll
PrOllll of Huntingdon County, null to the direc
ted, I will expose to public rule, at the Court
House, in the borough of Huntingdon, on Tars- !
dog Me 11M y/ Nnrenther, Insll, et 10 o'clock,
A. M., ofsnid cloy, the following described Reel ,
Estate, to wit
All tho right, title, interest and claim of the
defendants of, in and to one house and lot in
the borough of PeterAntrg, front sixty font on
Main street and extending back one hundred'
and twenty feet to 0 street, bounded on the east
by Abraham Homier, 011 the North by Abraham
Cresswell, haring thereon erected a twp-story
frame house, pointed white, and a shop .
Seized, token in execution, and to he sold an
the - property of John G. and liebecea Hitter. ;
All the right, title end interest of th o defen
dant of, in and to a certain lot of ground adjoin
ing the borough of Birmingham. containing a
bout one acre more or les4, admining n let of
JoMi Uwe., Esq., on the west, the public road
leading front Birmingham h, Waterstreet on
the north and east. on which is erected a brick
building cent ty 'feet in length end thirty-lire
fart in depth, three stories high, with a stone
b.isement known as "the Mountain Female Sem
Seized, taken in execution, and to he sold as
the property of "the Mountain Female Semi
All the right, title and iatcr,t of the def.-
dant of, in and ton lot of glutted in the borough
of Shirleysburg, lying on the neat .to or plain
street, fronting Iret un out .trot end ex-
tending hack 1.10 feet to trio! of Samuel Caro
thers, bounded on the North by a lot of the
widow Bieket, south by a lot of the heirs of
James Carothern, [We'd., having thereon erected
a two story log house, a small kitchen lug sta
ble, and other buildings.
Seized, token in execution and to be sold as
the property of Jame,. Smith.
All the right, title and interest of the defen
dant of. in anti to the following tenet of land sit
u'. in Shirley township, lluntingdon county,
on•l hounded by John Long on the west, Robert
Bighant on the north, Black Log mountain on
the cast, containing tan hutulted acres morn or
about one Itundrol of which is cleared, ba
ring thereon erected two small log dwelling
houses and a log burn.
••' • •
— Seized, taken'in exeentien, and to be sold ac
the property or David Knepp.
All the right, title and interest of the defen
dont or, in and to two small parcels of land sit
uated in the town of Scottsville, Clay tp., Hun
tingdon county, bounded on tho cast by a lot of
Adam Coffman, north by David Heck, west by
Samuel Smith, south by Pollock road, contain
ing M all one acre and a heirloom or loss, with
the following improvements thereon, a two story
log house.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold us
the property of Joseph Banks.
All the,right, title analinterest of John Don
aldson, one of defendants. in and to all that
messnage, parcel or tract of land situate in Un
ion township, Huntingdon county, on the wes
terly side of the Juniata river,' and bounded by
lands of Matthew If. Campbell, James Hump
soli, John McCembe and °d'art, containing one
hundred and forty acres, be the same more or
less, being the sumo lands mentioned in an arti
cle of agreement, dated Mundt 19, 1850, between
John R. Council, John Donaldson, James Don
aldson and Michael
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property of Quit.) . Taylor and John Don
aldson. .
AR the right, titlo, interest and claim of the
defendant of, in and ton certain lot of ground
Na. situated 'on the corner of Market and
Commerce (now called Lyon) Ste.,in the bee
,ugh of Birmingham, in the county of Ilunting
don, being GO that on Market street and extend
ing hark lee feet, more or less, on Commerce or
Lyon street, adjoining John Grattius on the north
a•oot, haring thereon erected a two story log
dwelling house, plastered, with n brick store—
house, a frame office building, a stable and other
Seized, taken in execution, and to he sold us
the property of lit. J. T. McVey.
All tho • Itt , title, claim and interest of the
defendant 01, in and to a lot of ground in the
village of Shade Gap, Huntingalon county,num
bered 18 in the plan of said village, made;by
.1. W. Matthias, the 14111 day of (March, 1849.
Ding and being on the west side or the road or
Main street of said village, which runs at 121
degrees north ; said lot being 60 feet in front on
said street, and extending hack at right angles
thereto 140 feet to a line parallel to said street,
having thereon erected a small house and other
Seized, then in execution, end to be sold as
the property of Wilson.
ALSO; . .
All the right, titl;,lntere'st and claim of the
defendant of, in and to a nil.: and parcel of land
sitnate on the margin of Standing-Stone Creek,
in the borough of Huntingdon, adjoining a lot
of Georgt Jackson on the north, it'ldt of Wm.
Dorris, Sr., on the smith, another lot of said de
fendant in the same enclosure on the west, and
snit? Creek on the east; containing seven acres
and sixty four perches, bo the same more cr
less. _ .
ALso—A lot of ground situate at the south—
eastern corner of Church and St. Clair streets
in said borough, fronting about saventy-foor
foot On St. Cluir street, and extending back
from the same two hundred teat to the old line
of the said borough, nod western boundary of
the above mentioned and described lot, bounded
on the north by Church street, and on a South
by n lot owned by the widow pawn, including li
the whole of lot No. 172, in the recorded plan of
said borough.
Amio—Four contiguous lots of ground situate
in the said borough, bounded on the north I
and west by the Renner rum, on the cast by
the WarM Spring Road, and on the south by a
lot of Hon. James Owin. Nos. I. 2.8 s 3, as re
presented on a map of said lots, divided on the
16th day of Qetober for the defendant by J.
Simpson Africa, County Surveyor, contain each
four acres, No. 4 containing about 3 acres be
the sante more or loss.
Seteed, taken in execution and to tit told all
the property of Thome% Wallace.
All the right, title and interest of the defen
dant of, in and to the following deseri'.o.l pro.
petty, to wit :—A tract of hind known as the
Henry Ilonpt tract, containing !Ilona 270 Ater.
on 'growl 'fop, Tod tp., adjoining lands of IL
list, Gool,A. P. Wilson, turd other',
having theredtt eietted a two store log hoops,
barn and Other - improvements awl almoq 100
acres cleared thereon.
ALso—A tract of land known on the Corbin
tract; contaitting POO nut, and allowance,
in Micky Ridge, Top tp., adjoining land of Tay
lor's heir. and others.
A Lso—A tract of land adjoining the above,
known as the Comelier tract, containing 395 a
cres, 5 percheaand all°
A hsto—A tract or land adjoining the .1 hove,
warranted in the name of Speer and Martin, con
taining 26 LtCrltb, 153.perchei, and allowance.
ALSO—A tract of land adjoining thc same,
...rimed in the name of Ebel Smith, contain
ing 152 acres, 98 perches, nod allowance.—A tenet ot land sittiate on Broad Top,
Toil tp., unreanted in the armed Spear and
Dougherty, containing 432 acres, 5! percher and
allowance, adjoining the William Stench Coal
Bank 4ottn McLain, Mattel J. Martin
and others.
Ahio—All the interest of tint uef•ndant in
the land of Michael .1, :Martin and Joseph S.
Martin, dee'd., which he holds under certain ar
ticles of agreement for the same, with jail
Dougherty and George W. Speer or otherwise,
as the same ;wpmrs on recited in Huntingdon.
Seized, taken in execotion, end to be sok! as
the property of Getil William 11. Irwin.
All the right, title, interest and eloim of the
defendant, to a lot of ground situate in the town
of Mullett, Tittl tp., lientingdon Comity, fron
ting 60 feet on Iletoilton Street, and extending
beck 140 feet to on allot•, bounded tot the Ka.t
by u lot of Michael MCCalte, end numbered 26
in plan of said town, hoeing thereon erected n
too story log house 16 by 26 feet with other int
; provements. . .
AToney is received in ati sum large or small
iv 1 end interest paid from the .Inv of deposit.
The Otlice is open every day, from it o'clock
in the morning till 7 o'clock in the evening, and
on Monday und Thursday evenings. till C o'clock
All sums Lurks or small, are paid back in gold
On demand without notice, to ttny amount.
President, Hon HENRY L. BENNER,
. r e2l 2IM- Vice President, ROBERT SELFRIDGE,
Secretary Wm J. MA..
CLOTHING ! Henry 1,. Bonn4, lilErre aandreth Minns,
A New Assortment Just Opened Edw ar d C arr"' F. Carroll Brewster,
' Robert Selfridge. Joseph B. Barry,
And will be sold 30 per cent. Samuel K. Ashton, lien. L. Churchman,
CHEAPER THAN TIRE CHEAPEST! James B. Smith. Francis Lee.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as
the property or Thonuty
Sheriffs Office ' 1 - .Siter;e:
Hunt., Oct. 8, 1858.
14HUMAN rospectfuliv in'brms his mist°. • The investments of the Fund now amounting
, mere and the public generally, that he has to more than OXE MILLION of dollars, in [tenor
just opened at his store-room in Market Squnre- dance with the act of incorporation are made in
Huntingdon, a splendid new stock of Ready!. ! Mot tgagcs, Ground Rents , antiin such first-clots
mado ! securities as must alwayti.-msure perfect security
Clothing for Fall and Winter. to the depositors, and tihMe heyOntl all risk th;
which he will sell cheaper than the same quality berllllllleney and stability of this old and well
of Goods can he purchased at retail in Philadel- established Institution.
phis or any other establishment in the country. . Feh. MG.
Persons wishing to buy Clothing would do
well to mill and examine his stock before web&
sing elsewhern. Also,
Hats, Caps, Boots, and Shoes,
which will Le sold lower than at any other es•
. .
tablishment in the count•,
Iluntingdon Oct. 8. 1856.
The subscriber will offer at public sale, 00 •
Tuesday, November 11, his firms aituale I in
Morris township, nod containing 205 acres.-
260 acres under fence and in good cultivation, •
the balance timber laud. This property is di
vided about equally into two farms, with alarge
ishouse situ frame tenant house,
"' 0
a large barn, wagon shed and cornm
crib, carpenter and blacksmith shops oft one,
and a good frame house and barn to the other;
with good water and fruit on both places, and
in a healthy neighborhood.
Also at the same time aid place, I will offer
45G acres of mountain land, in lots of front 50
to 100 acres, to suit purchasers. This land is
well set with thrifty young ehesunt, white and
yellow pine, and oak tinfter, and convenient to
the farms, with good roads to and through the
same. The above property is within 1. mile of
the Pennla it. R. and 2i °film canal at Water Street.
Street. For fuldiar particulars, address
Spruce Creek, I'. 0. Hunt. co. 5ep.3:56-2nt.
Administrator's Notice.
N -
OTIOE is hereby given that letters of Ad
ministration on the estate of Samual Karr,
Into of Penn township, dee'd., have been gran
ted to the undersigned, residing in sail town
ship, to whom those indebted will please make
immediate payment, and those having claims
will present them duly authentieated forsettle
October 1, 1856.-St. Mot' r.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTldirr hereby given that letters of Ad •
ministration on the estate of Thomas Ger.
such, late of Penn township, dee'd., have been
granted to the undersigned, residing in said
township, to•whorn, those indebted will please
make immediate payment, and those having
claims will present theta duly authenticated for
October 1, 1856.—GL Adner.
HAS just returned from the east with a large
and splendid assortment of
Fall and Winter Clothing,
for men and boys, made in the latest fashion nap
in the most durable manner. Who over wants
to be drassed bettor and cheaper than anybody
else In town, tot him call at WM3.000111110/
CHEAP CiOTHINCI Saoan, ono door west of T.
Read & Son's drug store, Huntingdon.
Cull and see for yourselves
Oct. IS, 1854.
Two Splendid Parlor Engravings,
L'N'fITLE "Bolton Abbey in e lden
.r/ Times," , t splendid steel engrav th ing, O from
the eelebrated painting by Landseer ; and the
"Departure of the fraelites from Egypt," a large
and beautiful engraving from a painting by D.
Roberts. The retail price of the above engra
ving is $3, per copy, but will be sent free of '
charge ns follows:
U ifiE Nabscribers have established a Book
Agency in Philadelphia, and will furnish any
book or publiention at the retail price free of
postat.fe. Any persons. by forwarding the sub
seription price of any or the $3 Magazines, noel,
as Harper's. Codey's, Putnam's, Graham's, or
Frank Leslie's Fashions, &c. will receive the 1
magazines for one year and n copy or the above
beautiful engravings, free of charge, or if sub
scribing ton $2, and a $l, Magazine, such as
Peterson's, and Challen'o Ladies' Annual, they
will reek: both magazines and u copy of either
of the above engravings.
Every description of Engraving on Wood ex
ecuted with neatness and do-patch. Views of
Buildings, Newspaper Headings, Views of Ma
chinery, Book illustrations, Lodge Certificates,
B o ,o e ss Cards the. All orders sent by moil
promptly Portent wishing views
of their buildings engraved ran send a Daguer
reotype ur sketch of the building by mail or ex
Persons at a distatme having saleable articles
would find it to their advantage to address the
subscribers, as we would net as' agents for the
at* of the same BY RAU & PIERCE,
51 , .5! • , Pa.
Nov. 2,3, 15:,3.-ly.
liiii(fri.i'iti.J '64 , ' 'dill?. 'O2AG
SebastopoA Taken! !
30,00.0 MEN KILLED
Thw undersigned has just returned from the
city with a large and splendid assortment of
Fall and Winter Goods,
which he is now prepared to dispose Of at ?cry
low mid reasonable rates. Persons desiring to
purchase will find it to their interest to give hint
o call before purchasing elsewhere, as he studios
only to plea.. His stork consists ofa large lot. of
• Dry Goods, Hardware.
0001'..$ &
Glass & Queonsware,
a large and splendid assortment of ready made
which he Ja prepared to F4ti to tots to milt purch
N. B.—Country produce tuhon in exchange
fur good,
3loorsville, Non. 7, I 85.5.—tt,
Of National Safety Company.
Mahar Sire'!, South West Corncr Third 5i,,,?,
Incorporated by the State of Penn-
3EOMMEACTAT4 ac - nooxf.
This school has been opened in.the Hall for
merly occupied by the "Sons of Temperance,"
on llillstreet. .I ho course of instruction em
braces Single and Double Entry book-keeping,
lectureson commercial science. and also lectures
on commercial law, Ethics, aid political econo
my, delivered by members of the Bar.
The student passes through a course compri
sing over four. hundred forms, writing eut, jour
nalizing, postingand closing four entire iota
books, solving problems, &c., precisely us in rc
al business, and in addition to this he has largo
practice in oral and blackboard exercises, in o
pening and closing Single and Double Entry
Books, in Partnership, Administration, Joint,
and Compound Company settlements, in recei
ving at partner into copartnerAtip, and settling
with a retiring one, all of which, together with
various other exercises and calculations cannot
WI to give full satistitetion and profit the learn
er. Students eau enter at any time a day or e
. vetting class or both if they wish, the time is
unlimited, they can leave at unV time .and re
turn tit pleasure without additional charge.
For any other particulars, address personally
or by leuer T. If. POLLOCK, Principal.
,sistanee given when required In opening
and closing hooks. 2, ISL6.-Iy.
The LOst is Pound;
C. McGILL wishes to inform his
.... !
Rs friends and the public generally. t
that he has bought the above-named
Foundry, Patterns, Flasks , and units = 4 .-
contents, and front his long expert,nec in the
business he hopes to obtain a share of the public
patronage. As he has the Fonndry in cull ope
ration, he can tarnish ail who may glue him a
call with all kinds of Castings ; such as Rolling
Mill and Forgo Casting, Grist sad Saw Mill
Ca-ling, improved Thrashing Machine Casting;
end in a short time will have Cook Stones of va
t lour sizes and improved patterns fur wood and
cool; also ten-elute st,tos, Air-Tight, Parlor,
and Bar-room stoves, of all sizes for mood or
coal. Also Castings for house ; cellar grates ;
kach as Leattl p , Sills, Sash-Weights, &cs Plows
at every description of the latest and most im
p.ored style. Also steel soles, wi,4on hoses,
(icon croons, large bells and cast mater-pipes.
ing of Ke ,lee, Boilers, Sc.. baring turn
ing•lathes, Ito will be able to furnish our °fete
o ,irre-named orrcles, either wood or iron; nod
be has nit kinds of Castings ton numerous to
tue m ion, all of 4whioh will be sold cheaper th^n
ever for essh and all kinds of country produce.—
A'so old metal will be tuken in exchange forcas-
Ong. Burry tip your old metal and country pro
duce when any articles ere wonted.
ii. C. McGILL.
A pr.23,'58.-Iy.
Dr. John MoCullooh,
ohers his professional services to the citizens of
Uuntingdonand vicinity. Office, Mr. Mule
brand's, between the Exchange and Jackson's
ltuntingdon. Aug. 20,
Peunsylvania Magistrate Law Libra' y.
w and Sixth Edition, hinging the ra, down to
A Treatise on the office and duties of Alder
men and Justices of the Peace in the C,tunnon
wealth of Pennsylvania, ineltuing all the re
quired Form: of process and Docket Er triad
(cal embraling not only whatever may he denot
ed valembie to Justices of the Peace but to land
lords. Tenants and General Agents; and ma
king this volume what purports to bo a sale Le
gal Guide ffir BUSiIIC4A Men. By John
lute Alderman of Wulont Word, in the city of
Philadelphia. Tho Sixth Edition. Revised,
corrected and greatly enlarged by Frederic C.
Brightly. Esq., Author of "A. Treatise on the
Lute at Cost.," "Equity Jurisprudence." "Ni
si nepmv,” Editor of "Portion's Digest"
&c. In one thick vclume Octavo. Price only
$4,00. • -
Forms of Conceyencln,g . , and of Practice it,
ronrts of Common Pleas, quarter Sessions,
Oyer and Terminer, various Civil officers and
Justices of the Peace. Fourth edition, revised
corrected, 8111141 enlarged, and adapted to the
present state of the law, with copies explana
tory Notes and preferences, and a new, full and
comprehensive Index. By Robert B. Wright,
F.eq. In ono thick Octavo volume.—Priee on
ly $3,50,
A digest of the laws of Pennsylvania, heem
the veer One Thousand Seven Hundred, to the
Eigitt day of May, One Thousand Eight Hun
dred and kitty-five. The first four editions by
the hate John Penton, Esq. The Fifth, Edition
Revised, with Marginal References, root Notes
to the Judicial Decisions; Analytical Contents
a Digested Syllabus of each Title and a tie , .
full end exhaustive Index. By Frederic C
Bright!, Esq.; Author of "A Treatise , n the
LAW of Costs, "
"Nisi Prins" Mitts, •st
Ac. One thick Royal Bvo. Price only
re - The freshness and permanent roluo of
Portion's Digest ere preserved by the fso , lita•
tins annually of n Digest of the lows enamel , r
eneh year. These annual digests sea strange,.
in precise conthrtnity to the plan of Pardon',
Digest. They ore, cech iltalt republish,
annually are connected together by a goner.: '.
Index (prepared anew each year ! ) which embra
eat the contents of the laws of each year Meer
the publication of Purdon's Digest, in one af-
Ottbet ; and are bound up with Purdon's Di•
gest, end also sold separately.
Thus the purchaser of Purdon's Digest will
always be in possession of the complete body of
the Statute Laws of Pennsylvania down to the
very !sour tritest he putt:bases it. Those who
hare already purchas'd Pardon's Digest may al
, treys complete the date the the retell sum of
fAjtg &Ids, the price of value conteinine all the
annual Digests issued since the first pellicetion
of the present edition of Purdon's Digest, as
heretofore stated. HAY & BROTHER.
Law Booksellers and Publishers 17 1 IP;
South Fijih Street. First Store alto, Chesnut'.
WOrders yr letters of inquiry for Lit r Books
from the country promptly attended to.
Sept. 10, 1856.-3 m.
:2 WY6DA
<? "(111CilY.ti:.
IUNNINGIIAM & DUNN liar! jits.
well-selected stock of Spring ft
Go.mis, consisting of
Dry Goods, Hardoirare, Gro,, , ics„.
Queens-Ware, Cedar-ware,
Hats, boots and slums,
Crockery-ware, stone and earthen
Tin-ware, Cane rishit
Ready Made Clothing always ou hand,
and in short everything that is usually kept in a
country store.
kept constantly for Sale.
Call and examine our Goods and judge for
yourselves. .
All kinds of country produce taken in ex
change for Goods at the highest market price..
The highest market pages paid for all kinds.
of Grain. . _ _
IrotnPinttention paid to storing and forward-.
ing all kinds of merchandise, produca,&a.
Huntingdon, ?lay, 14, 1856.
I thod of inlortnin,, ,, their friends and the pub
lic generally, that they have rebuilt the Hunt
ingdon Foundry, and are now in successful op
eration, and are prepared to furnish casting of
all kinds, of the best quality on the shortest no
tice and tuost reasonable terms.
Farmers arc invited to call and examine our
Ploughs. We are maunlbeturing the Hunter
Plough, (this plough took the premiums at the
Huntingdon County Agricultural Fair, in 1655)
also Hunter's celebrated Cutter Plough, which
can't be beat, together with the Keystone,
side, and Barshear Ploughs. We have en hand
and are manufacturing stoves, melt us Cook,
Parlor and office stoves for coal cr wood.
1101.160 W-W atail
consisting of Kettles, Boilers, Skillets, &c., all
of which will be sold cheap for cash or in ex
change for country produce. Old motel taker
fur new castings. By a strict attention to btu ,
nose and desire to please, we hope to receive
shore of public patronage.
April 30, 1856.-tf.
No, 191 North Tiara Si., above Wood,
nry, Jujube Poste, Gum Drops, Chocolate
Drops, Brandy Drops, Liquor Bottles, Jelly
CalfF, Cicam Chocolate, French Tcys, Whit.
Siigar Toys, &c., &e.
Oranges, LemOna, Raisins, Currants, Citron,
Figs, Dates, -Prunes, Almonds, Walnuts, Fil
berts, Cream Nuts, Ground Nuts, Fire Crack.
crs, Syrups, Tatuariuda, Liquorice, Rock Can.
The attention of Dealers is reqested to an
examination of my stock, which will be found
equal to any in Philadelphia.
N. B.—Ordera by mail or otherwiso prompt.
ly attended to.
Cheapest "Job Printing" oMce
ZN HE COUZilint.
We have now made such (Aviv, J .-rnenis in our
Job Wire as will enable us to Rinds of
Job Printing at 2O per rent
cheaper rates
Thau any (Mice in the County.
lii.•e us a call. If wo don't give entire:ati afar-
I tioo, no charge at all will be made.